My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 99

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 99

Hera felt slightly diffident due to the woman’s penetrating gaze, but she held her head high, warning, “Dr. Berry, I’m warning you to stay away from Lucas because he’s my boyfriend. We’re going to get married in the future.”

In return, Ashlyn stared at her quietly as though she couldn’t be bothered by Hera’s warning at all.

“You’re such a gorgeous doctor. I’m sure you can get yourself an equally exceptional man easily. You should stop wasting your time on Lucas. He’s the president of Nolan Group, the captain of South Star Airlines. He won’t fall for an ordinary woman from an ordinary family like you. You don’t deserve to be his wife at all!” Hera warned.

“Don’t you dare to try to hit on him just because old Mr. Nolan had passed on! Things will never work out between both of you! I’m aware of the existence of women like you in Lake City. In fact, I have come across countless of them before. I will never allow any one of you to get your hands on him because I’m Lucas’ only woman!” she said.

Although she tried her best to put on a confident front, her worried tone betrayed her. Obviously, she felt threatened by Ashlyn’s stunning appearance.

“Are you done?” Ashlyn looked at Hera in the eyes casually, asking.

“Huh?” Hera couldn’t grasp the situation due to Ashlyn’s blunt response.

“If you’re done, it’s time for you to leave my office.” Once she finished responding, Ashlyn reached for a medical journal, occasionally highlighting some paragraphs on the book, as if taking notes for future references.

That’s it?

Hera gulped and made her way out of Ashlyn’s office as instructed. Actually, her mind was all over the place because she brought up all sorts of things in front of Ashlyn, and yet the latter paid no heed to her words.

It felt as though she had completed a stand-up comedy on her own in front of Ashlyn because the latter neglected her words altogether.

In the end, she couldn’t figure out the sort of relationship Ashlyn had with Lucas.

Judging by her response, perhaps they don’t have any intimate relationship? If that’s the case, why did Lucas spend such a long time in her office when they’re not related in any way?

Hera thought for quite some time but decided to brush it off since she couldn’t link the missing pieces of the puzzle together.

Perhaps they aren’t related by any means. I should forget about her for the time being because the one that matters the most is Lucas’ wife! Lucas has promised me he will file for divorce with his wife as soon as possible.

In the end, Hera decided to neglect Ashlyn for the time being. Instead, she had her eyes on Lucas’ wife.

In the meantime, Lucas returned to his car right after he departed from Ashlyn’s office.

Spencer went after him immediately. He ran into Hera after he walked out of the washroom previously. She seemed to be so full of herself, yet he couldn’t decipher the exact emotion behind her expression.

He wanted to tell Lucas the odd expression Hera had on her face once she walked out of Ashlyn’s office, but he couldn’t bring himself to break the silence.

Deep down, Spencer was worried Hera would pick on Ashlyn. After all, women such as Hera had a lot of tricks up their sleeves.

They would resort to whatever plausible method to gain the man’s attention. In short, Hera wasn’t much different from the villainous antagonist of a soap opera because she would resort to everything at her disposal to win Lucas over.

I’m pretty sure Ms. Chapman is not a match for Ms. Berry at all! Ms. Berry has never once behaved pretentiously in front of us! She’s such an exceptional woman. I can’t figure out the reason Mr. Nolan decides to file for divorce with her.

Erm… We have been sitting in the car for half an hour. What exactly is Mr. Nolan up to? Isn’t it about time to get going?

Once Spencer thought about it, he broke the silence, asking, “Mr. Nolan, are we heading over to the office, or are we going home?”

“We’re not going anywhere for the time being.” Lucas wasn’t in the mood to engage himself in anything because he was irritated since Ashlyn had chased him out of her office.

Spencer remained silent thereafter upon hearing Lucas’ reply.

Does that mean we’re waiting for Ms. Berry to get off work? Perhaps Mr. Nolan wants to give Ms. Chapman a ride home?

Eventually, time flew by and it had been a few hours since then.

Hera heard her bones crackling once she tried moving around because she had spent half of her day in the hospital. Initially, she wanted to prove her sincerity and be the first to show up in front of Mr. Chapman once he regained consciousness.

However, it was a futile effort because Mr. Chapman showed no signs of regaining consciousness at all. Therefore, Hera decided to leave. Once she walked out of the elevator on the first floor, she saw a Bentley parked in the parking lot nearby.

Isn’t that Lucas’ ride?

The overjoyed woman put on an innocent front and sprinted towards Lucas’ car ostentatiously, leaning over, knocking on the window of the man’s ride.

The man’s gorgeous face could be seen once he winded down the window of the car. He stared at Hera with an indifferent look.

“Lucas, are you waiting for me?” Hera leaned over and asked coquettishly.

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