No. 1 Supreme Warrior By Moneto Chapter 1468

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 1468

“Don’t worry. The Four Ancients Clans have an unwritten agreement with us reclusive families, and we don’t interfere with each other. It’s highly likely they won’t truly do anything against us,” spoke Nash after thinking through the situation, more so when he saw how anxious the First Elder was. “However, not too many people can attend the wedding this time, though we’ll need to be careful as well. The members of the other ancient clans and families would also attend the wedding, so I’m sure they won’t try anything funny there.”

Nash paused momentarily before he added, “Nonetheless, we need to be careful on our journey back as I fear they’d ambush us on the way home. After all, it wouldn’t be a big hustle if they only kill a couple of us. They would have nothing to be afraid of if they got rid of the bodies!”

Fane nodded in agreement. “Father, it’ll only work if you, me, and the First Elder attend the wedding this time. If there are too many of us, those with lower fighting prowess would be sacrificed on the spot if those people ambushed us. We’d have a much better chance of outrunning them if they chose to attack anyway, and coupled with the fact that all three of us have quite the strength and fighting prowess, they can’t take us down easily!”

“That’s right. Many people don’t know that Young Master Fane’s flying sword is an ultimate-grade spiritual tool. With that item, it wouldn’t be easy for them to catch up with us. Hence, we wouldn’t need to be fearful if they try to ambush us on the way back!” First Elder’s eyes immediately lit up. “They wouldn’t dare chase after us to kill us in the Woods family after we’ve flown far away. They won’t dare amplify this, will they now?”

“Yes, the three of us would do. It’d be much more difficult to escape with too many people. Apart from that, too many people will affect the speed of the flying sword!” Fane smiled. “It so happens that the three of you don’t need to train much recently. Let’s start our journey in three days—we should be able to make it in time. The others only need to focus on training at home!”

“The three of us are masters with strength comparable to the peak stage of the true-god level. The current Woods family will not be so easily bullied!” Nash’s expression hardened as his heart was filled with anger. “I’ve never thought of wiping out the Lagorio family before; she and I were once a married couple after all. Who would’ve thought that members of the Lagorio family would come at us in such an overbearing way? It looks like we can’t let go of the Lagorio family so easily when we have the chance in the future!”

Fane turned to the Second Elder and the current Third Elder after thinking about it and said, “Second Elder, Third Elder, the two of you are now at the final stage of the true-god level. Let me cultivate some second-grade pills for you guys within these two days and try to give two pills to each of you. Although the two of you have stopped at the final stage of the true-god level for only a short while now, you can try speeding up. What if you succeed?”

Second Elder was delighted when he heard this and immediately gestured politely with his hands as he spoke, “Thank you, Young Master Fane!”

The new Third Elder was Lancelot, the previous branch family master. His fighting prowess had always been rather impressive, being in the intermediate stage of the true-god level previously. One month ago, he had achieved the final stage of the true-god level, and he followed it up with constant training with never taking extensive rests.

There was a slight possibility of success as the realm might be unstable to give him pills and let him try pushing his fighting prowess instantly to the peak stage of the true-god level. Although they seemed to be in a rush, it was a great opportunity for Lancelot nonetheless.

After all, Fane was willing to give him two second-grade elementary pills, and such a good opportunity was hard to come by so often.

Together with Fane and the two others masters, the combat power of the Woods family’s masters in the peak stage of the true-god level would be so powerful that they need not fear the Hunt family, if even both him and Second Elder, Weston Woods also broke through.

“Thank you, Young Master Fane. I’m willing to give it a try!” Lancelot also stepped forward to gesture with his hands as he thanked Fane. Such an opportunity made all the other elders in the intermediate stage of the true-god level extremely envious.

“Alright, come find me in the morning three days later. I’ll pass the pills to both of you before leaving with First Elder and my father.”

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