No. 1 Supreme Warrior By Moneto Chapter 1471

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Novel By Moneto Chapter 1471

“You’re right. Although the other party might be jealous that you have this with you, they might be more afraid of your combat power. Apart from that, your combat power must be extremely strong after you’ve broken through. I think some of those masters at the peak stage of the true god-level won’t be able to fight against you!” Helena also nodded after she heard this. They had witnessed Fane’s combat power personally—killing others of another realm did seem possible for Fane to do.

Sure enough, their journey was absolutely smooth. The next morning, Fane and the others spotted the mountain top where the Skies Pavilion was located.

“Goodness, Master Woods. Long time no see!” Not far away, another flying sword flew toward them as they greeted Nash.

Nash was delighted when he realized that it was the flying sword of their allied first-class aristocratic family, the Lancaster family. He gestured at them with his hands and replied, “Haha…! It’s been a long time, Master Shirley!”

“Aren’t there too few of you? The Woods family only sent three people?” commented the upbeat Shirley when she saw that only three masters from the Woods family were present. Compared to the over-20 people from their side, it was obvious that there were too few people from the Woods family.

“Well, what to do? We don’t have as many people as your family, especially those in the semi-god level and grandmaster level. We might go into the seven dangerous areas after some time. I asked them to train themselves for their own safety, with hopes that they can improve their strength!” replied Nash.

“Brother Fane!” Randall came flying over from their flying sword and stood in front of Fane before saying happily. “Brother, you’re really enjoying yourself, and I envy you for that! You’ve got two beauties accompanying you, even though you’re just making a casual journey!”

Flustered at Randall’s comment, he blushed as he coughed dryly twice. “Cough, cough! They just happened to be traveling this way, too!”

As she noticed the amicable relationship between her son and Fane, Shirley turned to Nash and beamed, “Master Woods, I need to thank your son for the previous competition. If it wasn’t for him, my son would’ve died inside too. Fane’s strength really is the strongest among the younger generation. My son, Randall, had told me about all his doings!”

“Haha…! We’re all acquaintances, and we should help each other! It’s nothing!” chuckled Nash happily.

“You guys are here too? What a coincidence!” At this moment, members of the Hunt family flew toward them on a flying sword from the other direction.

Nash’s and Shirley’s expressions faltered for a moment when they noticed it was Quentin Hunt from the Hunt family, but they recollected themselves and gestured with their hands politely to greet him.

Quentin maneuvered his flying sword to fly next to the Woods family’s flying sword. He could not help but look at the flying sword underneath Fane’s feet and frowned. “Young brother Fane, this flying sword seems to be an ultimate-grade spiritual tool. Am I right?”

“Yes, Master Hunt. This flying sword of mine is an ultimate-grade spiritual tool, and I happened to find it along my journey,” replied Fane as he gestured with his hands.

“Oh! You’re quite lucky to have gotten such an item!” Quentin smiled, but his suspicion of both his sons killed by Fane and Helena working together increased.

After all, he had never imagined that Fane would take such an item out. This item was able to increase a person’s combat power.

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