Son in law chapter 1-10

Chapter One I just want to be a waste

“Young Master Stanley, you must go back with us. The Shaw family now needs you to take charge of the overall situation.”

“Your father is critically ill and your brother is in jail. Now only you can support the Shaw family.”

“Your grandma said, let us Bring you back.”

Stanley carried a gift box on Carnaby Street in London, wearing clothes bought from a street stall, with an indifferent expression.

“I didn’t know how to speak bluntly and couldn’t please her. My brother is very much loved, and my grandmother is afraid that I will take my brother’s heir position and drive me out of the Shaw family.”

“I have been in Penham’s family for three years and suffered humiliation. After a few words of concern. It was she who forced me to leave Stanley’s house, and now she wants me to go back again with one sentence, when I am Stanley a dog?”

“I just want to be a slapstick in peace now, who the fuck are you?” Don’t bother me.”

Stanley walked away, leaving a group of people staring at each other.

The Evans family, a second-rate family in London, three years ago, Stanley was ashamed as a dog. It was the Evans family’s father who personally referred to the marriage contract. At that time, a wedding shocked the entire London, but the cause of the sensation was that Jessica married an unknown person. The waste was reduced to a joke for the entire Cloud City.

The true identity of Stanley is only known by the Evans family father, but two months after the wedding, the Evans family father passed away due to illness. Since then, no one knows Stanley’s identity, and he has also become a useless son-in-law. Identity.

In the past three years, Stanley has been ridiculed and treated coldly. However, compared with the incident of being kicked out of the Shaw family, the latter is even more chilling.

He has recognized it, and it has become a habit to be poked at the spine for a long time.

Today is the birthday of the Evans family’s grandmother. Stanley has carefully selected a gift, which is not of high value and is destined to be laughed at.

As for the incident that happened just now, Stanley was calm inside, and even wanted to laugh a little.

His brother is a clever tongue, although he can please his grandma, he is arrogant and domineering, his private life is corrupt, and accidents will happen sooner or later.

Maybe, this is the day to destroy the Shaw family.

But what does it have to do with me? I’m just the door-to-door son-in-law who was spurned by the Evans family.

Back at Evans’s villa, a beautiful figure stood at the door, anxious.

Jessica, a very beautiful woman, Stanley’s nameless wife, is also because she is good enough, so the wedding three years ago would be a joke.

Stanley took two steps in three steps, trot to Jessica, and said, “Jessica, who are you waiting for?”

Jessica glanced at Stanley boredly, and said, “Are you ready for your grandma’s gift? “

Stanley raised the gift box in his hand and said: “Ready, I took a lot of thought to choose it.”

Jessica didn’t even look at it, and didn’t know that grandpa sent it three years ago. What kind of nerves, she had to marry Stanley, and also let Stanley be the son-in-law.

What made Jessica even more puzzled was that before his death, grandpa still held her hand and warned her not to look down on Stanley.

For three years, Jessica couldn’t figure out what this rubbish was worthy of grandpa’s special consideration. If it weren’t for the reputation of the Evans family, she would have wanted to divorce Stanley.

“Wait later, don’t talk nonsense, all your relatives will be there today, and you will inevitably be ridiculed and ridiculed. You bear with me. I don’t want to lose face because of you.” Jessica reminded.

Stanley smiled and nodded, looking nonchalant.

Seeing Stanley’s expression, Jessica couldn’t wait to kill him. He has no background and a little real ability. But for three years, he has never done anything at home except sweeping the floor, washing clothes and cooking.

Stanley was not at all dissatisfied with Jessica’s attitude towards him, because the two got married without any emotional basis, and it was a very unfair thing for Jessica to marry him, so he can understand Jessica. .

The two of them walked into the living room, and almost all the relatives of the Evans family were there, which was very lively.

“Jessica, you can be regarded as coming.”

“Today, grandma’s birthday, why did you come so late.”

“Isn’t it going to prepare some surprises for grandma.”

Relatives warmly greeted Jessica and completely ignored them. The existence of Stanley.

Stanley, who is accustomed to being a background board, doesn’t care.

However, there are always people who are dissatisfied with him. Jessica’s cousin Finn, every time he meets, he will inevitably make things difficult for Stanley, and he will be worthless. Even the name of Stanley’s abandonment in London was promoted by Finn, and he often said bad things about Stanley outside.

“Stanley, what you are holding in your hand, isn’t it a gift for grandma?” Finn looked at Stanley with a smile. Such a big thing was wrapped in gift paper. It’s cheap.

“Yes.” Stanley admitted openly.

Finn sneered and said: “What is this thing, wouldn’t it be bought from a roadside stall?”

Stanley shook his head and said, “I bought it from a gift shop.”

Although he was sincere, what he said was true. It caused a roar of laughter, and Jessica’s expression was frozen. She didn’t expect that she would be ashamed of Stanley just when she arrived home.

But usually at this time, Jessica didn’t speak. She treated herself and Stanley as a family member. She didn’t care how embarrassed Stanley was, as long as she didn’t talk about the topic.

“Are you here to be funny? Grandma is celebrating her 80th birthday today. Are you so careless about preparing gifts?” Finn walked to the coffee table in the living room, filled with all kinds of expensive gifts. Compared with Stanley’s gift box, it is simply a difference.

“Look at what I gave to grandma, aged Pu’er, do you know how much this cake tea costs? Eight hundred eighty thousand Pound.” Finn said triumphantly.

“Haha, that’s great.” Stanley glanced at Jessica. Jessica had warned him before, and talked less, so he also answered like gold.

Finn made it clear that he wanted to show off his superiority in front of Stanley with his gift, and continued: “The dregs from this cake and tea are more expensive than your gift, don’t you think so, scum.”

Stanley Laughing but not speaking, the whole living room was filled with sneers.

Although Jessica made up her mind not to participate in the affairs of Stanley, in the final analysis, Stanley is still her husband, and has a wedding with a certificate, even if she has never let Stanley touch him in the past three years, there is no real husband and wife. But Stanley was embarrassed in front of so many relatives, and she couldn’t make it through.

“Finn, it’s almost done. It’s your business if you have money. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is to give. You don’t need to show it off.” Jessica said with a displeased expression.

Stanley looked at Jessica in surprise. This was the first time Jessica had helped him in three years.

“Showing? Jessica, you are wrong. Do I have to show up in front of a trash? I just think he doesn’t value grandma’s birthday, and you, he is ignorant and has no money to give gifts. I don’t know how to help. Anyway, this waste is also for soft rice. Or is it because you don’t pay attention to grandma’s birthday?” Finn sneered.

“You…” Jessica’s face is red, her family has the lowest status in the Evans family and also the worst living conditions. She really can’t get hundreds of thousands of gifts at every turn.

At this time, Stanley stood up suddenly, walked to Finn’s side, and sniffed on Pu’er.

“What are you doing? This is a gift to grandma. Can you smell it?” Finn said angrily.

Stanley frowned and said, “The more old Pu’er is, the more fragrant it is. For this reason, the longer Pu’er on the market, the more expensive it will be. Because of this, many vendors use the vintage to deliberately increase the price.”

“Pu’er is also divided into raw tea and cooked tea. The tea in your hand is mainly green and dark green, which can be judged as raw tea. Raw tea has an incomparable taste to cooked tea, but the newly made raw tea has tea caffeine, which is harmful to the stomach and intestines. It is very irritating and needs to be aged for a long time. The longer the aging period, the less the content will be.”

“But the cake tea in your hand, because it is deliberately aged, the aging period is far from enough. After drinking, it must be It will cause harm to the body.”

“I am a scumbag, but you are shoddy, and even endanger the health of grandma, isn’t it more

scumbag than me.” Stanley pointedly pointed at Finn, the entire Evans family The villa is silent!

Chapter 2 Reverse Black and White

“You fart, grandma has stopped drinking tea for the past two years, how could I harm her.” Finn said with a panic expression, anxious to defend, but it made people think he had a ghost in his heart.

“Oh, it turned out to be like this.” Stanley nodded and said with a sudden realization: “So you know that grandma doesn’t drink tea, so you deceived her with a shoddy old man. Eight hundred and eighty thousand Pound came into you. It’s your own pocket.”

Finn’s eyes were erratic, with a guilty conscience, because Stanley had said everything. He was really shoddy and wanted to earn some face for his family, and his grandma didn’t drink tea now. It certainly seemed impossible for him to discover this.

Unexpectedly, I wanted to show off in front of Stanley and let the relatives look at Stanley’s jokes, but Stanley broke his lie!

“What you rubbish said is just like making up a story, do you know tea?” Finn said super calmly.

The relatives who were suspicious of Finn just now realized that they were almost fooled by Stanley when they heard this sentence.

How can he, a guy who eats soft rice, understand these high-end products?

“Stanley, shut up if you don’t understand, don’t slander Arlo.”

“Yeah, don’t look at what kind of stuff you are, or pretend to be a professional, can you tell what is good or bad?”

“You only Distinguish between salt and MSG, after all, it is a family cook.” There

was another roar of laughter, especially ear-piercing.

Stanley did not excuse him. When he was in the Shaw family, he had met a tea ceremony professional and also a tea cake collector. His understanding of tea was not comparable to anyone present.

But every other line is like a mountain, and it’s useless to explain to these people who don’t understand anything.

“What is so lively?” At this moment, an old voice came, and the old lady of the Evans family finally appeared.

A group of relatives got up one after another with a respectful attitude.

Since the death of the old Evans family, the old lady of the Evans family has been in control, and her status is like that of Cixi. Any matter of the Evans family must go through her decision. The Evans family’s relatives can survive today, and they are all controlled by the Evans family old lady. In hand.

Some people are hoping that the old lady of the Evans family will die quickly, so that they can share the real power, but the old lady of the Evans family is physically strong, and in recent years it may not be able to meet those people’s wishes.

“Grandma, Finn gave you a cake of aged Pu’er, you can see if it is true or not.” Jessica glanced at Stanley, not knowing what was going on, actually believed Stanley’s words, perhaps in her heart, I also hope to be able to expose this lie.

When Finn heard this, he panicked.

Others can’t tell the authenticity of this tea, but grandma has been drinking tea for decades, and she can definitely tell it. Let her tell the authenticity. Wouldn’t it be a guillotine?

“Really? Take me to see.” The Evans family old lady said.

Finn looked tragic, as if he was on the execution ground, and handed the tea cake to the old lady.

Jessica wanted to claim some credit for Stanley, and quickly said: “This is what Stanley can see.” The old lady of the Evans family wrinkled her face and showed an unhappy expression. Finn’s desire to die is gone, and his parents are also pale, this If the old lady is not happy to remember a fake product, I am afraid they will get less fortune in the future.

Jessica glanced at Stanley, thinking that he finally did something for the family. If grandma praised him, his attitude towards him in the future could be a little more kind.

But what the old lady of the Evans family said directly poured a basin of cold water on Jessica.

“This is true, why are you slandering Arlo?” The old lady questioned Stanley, looking directly at Stanley.

Stanley was stunned. There was obviously a problem with this cake tea. He knew that the old lady was a person who knew tea very well. How could he not see it?

Finn was also stunned, did he pass the level by mistake? Could it be that grandma is too old and her old eyes are dim?

“Grandma, take a closer look at this tea…”

Stanley wanted to explain, but the old lady sternly interrupted: “You mean I am old and my eyes are not good. I can’t tell the truth from the false. It’s true. I said it’s true. It’s true.”

“Stanley, grandma said it is true. What are you talking nonsense.”

“Mom, don’t be angry. People who don’t understand, pretend to be expert in front of you. I don’t know what to say.”

“Stanley, you still don’t apologize to Arlo.”

Stanley looked at the old lady, and suddenly a wry smile appeared on his face.

It’s not that she didn’t see it, but that she didn’t want to expose her grandson.

Yes, I’m just an outsider, a waste in your eyes, how could it hurt Finn’s face because of me.


A loud slap sounded.

Jessica gritted her teeth and looked at Stanley and said, “I shouldn’t have the slightest hope for you.”

Her face was hot and painful. Because of Jessica’s long nails, Stanley had several blood marks on her face.

Stanley clenched his fists abruptly, but watched Jessica tears in his eyes, and then let go.

Isn’t she just because of herself? Is there any reason to be angry with her.

In the past three years, he has endured a lot of infamy and humiliation, so why not Jessica?

It was hardship for him, but for Jessica, it was a disaster from heaven.

“Sorry, I missed it.” Stanley said.

Jessica felt that her face had been lost by Stanley, and she wished to find a place to get in. If he hadn’t talked much, things wouldn’t have been so embarrassing.

“What’s the use of apologizing to me? Apologize to Arlo.” Jessica said.

Stanley took a deep breath, walked to Finn, lowered his head and said, “I’m sorry.”

Finn smiled, and whispered in Stanley’s ear, “Do you think grandma didn’t see it? But I am The grandson of her old man, and you, are just a wasteful son-in-law. Even if it is a fake, she will help me.”

Finn’s proud tone was particularly harsh to Stanley, but the old lady turned black and white and took a mouthful of tea cakes. It’s true, Stanley was helpless.

The occurrence of this episode did not make Stanley’s status in the Evans family lower, because he was a waste in everyone’s eyes, and his status was already the lowest.

It’s just that for Jessica, this matter was very difficult to accept, but it was not that Stanley made her ashamed.

When Jessica calmed down, she discovered a problem. The authenticity of the tea is not important at all. The important thing is that the old lady cannot help Stanley speak, which means that even if Stanley really sees the tea There is a problem, and the tea is indeed fake, and grandma will also protect Finn.

When it was almost time for lunch, Jessica walked to Stanley and said, “I owe you a slap. You can take it anytime you want.”

” You have to pay me back every slap ?” Stanley smiled bitterly.

“I don’t want to owe you anything, you know, we are destined to divorce, it’s just time.” Jessica said.

Stanley looked at the back of Jessica walking towards the restaurant, not knowing where his courage came from, and said, “Do you want me to change? Only you can make me change in this world.”

Jessica smiled and turned her head, smiling, very sad. .

“Don’t forget what your identity is. In the Evans family, you will never be reused. What’s more, you are not an unsuccessful person.” At

lunch time, the restaurant was seated as a family.

The identity of Stanley as a son-in-law was naturally assigned to the smallest table, which was also the furthest away from the old lady of the Evans family, and the people at the same table with Stanley were all servants and cleaners of the Evans family. work.

While eating, a person ran into the restaurant in a panic.

“Grandma, someone is giving a gift.” That person said to the Evans family old lady.

The old lady of the Evans family did not invite outsiders on her birthday, and this has been the case throughout the years. What’s more, the Evans family is only a second-rate family in London, and no one will deliberately please them.

“Who is it?” the old lady of the Evans family asked.

“Say yes, I don’t know what Shaw family, I haven’t seen it before,” the man said.

Shaw family?

Only Stanley was the only one with the surname Shaw, but except for Jessica’s glance at Stanley, the others did not associate the surname Shaw with Stanley at all.

Chapter Three

Listening to the gift list, the Evans family looked at each other. How could this be a gift to the old lady of the Evans family, it was simply a bride price!

“Cash gift, 8.88 million.”

Everyone in the Evans family was dumbfounded.

When the bright red one-hundred-Pound bill was placed in front of them, the entire restaurant was silent, and only a little rapid breathing was heard.

At 8.88 million, for a second-rate family like the Evans family, this kind of gift money is almost an astronomical figure.

The old lady of the Evans family got up on a crutches, walked staggeringly in front of the presenter, and asked excitedly: “Excuse me, who are you, and which girl from the Evans family are you in love with.” As

soon as I heard this. Several unmarried younger women from the Evans family were flushed with excitement. Although they don’t know who the other party is, they must be a wealthy family to marry a wealthy family, but they all dream about things that they can offer such an amazing betrothal gift.

Jessica’s face was pale, she was the only woman from the Evans family who had married, that is to say, everyone else had a chance, but she had no such possibility.

“I’m only responsible for giving gifts. I don’t know anything else.” The giver came and went fast, leaving no information.

Everyone in the Evans family looked at the golden gold jade and the red and gorgeous 8.88 million cash. Many people had begun to drool. If their daughters were valued, wouldn’t it be that they flew on the branches and turned into phoenixes. From now on, the entire Evans family, You have to rely on them.

“This must be me, but I am the most beautiful woman in the Evans family.” At this time, a woman with a very sexy figure said.

“Yo yo yo, where’s the self-confidence, right now, the Lord can tell who it is, or should I be so impatient.”

“Yeah, we all have the opportunity, how can it be you? I think, this rich young master , Deliberately show off mystery, maybe you just fell in love with me.”

Several younger women competed, and the family fell apart.

“Don’t fight, you all have a chance, but it’s a pity, someone can only look at it eagerly.” When Finn said this, he deliberately glanced at Jessica.

Everyone present knew who he was talking about and all laughed.

“Yes, yes, we have one less competitor.”

“Stanley, thank you for that.”

“If it weren’t for you, we would have one more opponent.”

Stanley lowered his head with an expression. Gloomy, even with a trace of hideousness, these people didn’t know who the Shaw family was, but he knew very well.

Make up?

It’s been three years, do I need Stanley?

“Don’t fight, I’ll keep these things first. After the gift-giver personally shows up, I know who is in his favor and I will give these betrothal gifts to whom.” The old lady of the Evans family made a final decision. No more disputes.

After lunch, Jessica’s family of three drove away without waiting for Stanley, because this incident made them lose face.

I think that when Stanley joined the family, not to mention the bride price, he didn’t even have the money for the bride price. How could they not be jealous in their hearts when they saw such a large sum of money today?

Back at home, Jessica shut herself in the room.

Jessica’s mother, Ella, yelled at Matthew Evans with a look of anger: “Look at people and then at ours. This is the gap.”

“If it wasn’t for you, how could the father let Stanley join our house.”

“My old lady, I was really blind back then. I thought I could live a good life by marrying into the Evans family, but I didn’t expect to fall into the hands of your waste. The old man never thought of giving you the right to inherit the Evans family.”

“Look at others .” People, live in villas, elevator apartments, and I’m still squeezing you in this broken stair-climbing neighborhood.”

“The Evans family’s daughter-in-law said it would be nice to say, but you have such a useless rubbish, and the ghost knows what I’ve been through. What bitter days.”

Matthew Evans lowered his head and did not dare to refute. He was a typical strict wife, and knew that he was useless, so he didn’t dare to lose his temper in front of Ella.

Ella’s strength made Matthew Evans even more useless.

“I don’t care, let

Jessica divorce this waste right away. The face of your Evans family has nothing to do with me. I just want to live a good life.” Matthew Evans said weakly: “Dad warned me that they should not be divorced, and this The whole London knows about this. Isn’t it a joke to let them get divorced now?”

Ella started to roll around, sitting on the ground with tears and tears, crying bitterly: “Matthew Evans, you useless thing, I How could you marry you such a wasteful waste? What kind of sin did my old lady commit in her previous life? Are you going to ruin our family and ruin Jessica’s life in the second half of her life for the sake of the Evans family’s face? Jessica runs the construction site every day, don’t you just Don’t you feel bad? She is a girl’s house, but dirty and tiring work. All your relatives let her do it. You don’t feel sorry for me, and you should feel sorry for your daughter.”

The Evans family is in the building materials business, and it’s common to run construction sites. The reason why all these activities fell on Evans.

Jessica ’s head was indeed because their family had the lowest status in the Evans family. Matthew Evans could not hide his pain. He knew that it was indeed because he was the most useless. Three thousand plugs are given to them, and he has to bear most of the responsibility for all this.

But the divorce, he didn’t count, the old lady would rather let Jessica and Stanley be useless for the rest of their lives, and it would never be possible to embarrass the Evans family because of this incident.

The wedding was already a joke that year. Three years later, this incident is gradually forgotten. If divorce, this incident will inevitably be used as a joke after dinner. How could the old lady allow this to happen.

Stanley walked to the door and heard the cry from home. Sitting on the stairs, he took out a cigarette. The rising smoke could not erase the coldness in Stanley’s eyes.

After smoking a cigarette, Stanley was about to enter, but Jessica’s voice came from inside.

Jessica, who shut herself in her room, suddenly walked to the living room, looking at the troubled Ella and Matthew Evans with a painful look, and said, “I won’t divorce him.”

“Daughter, are you crazy? Are you going to follow This uselessness has been spent a lifetime?” In Ella’s view, Jessica should be the one who wants a divorce the most, but she says so now.

“I’m not crazy. For three whole years, although he didn’t make a difference, he didn’t complain at home during these three years. He didn’t do anything about sweeping and cooking. Even raising a dog would have feelings. Let alone a person?”

“I look down on him, but I don’t hate him. Grandpa decides this matter. Even if I hate it, I only hate grandpa.”

“And grandma won’t let us divorce. The face of the family is more important than anything else.”

At the door, Stanley took a deep breath and smiled. It is not until today that he knew that he was in Jessica’s heart. It turned out not to be so unbearable. At least this woman had something to him. feeling.

It turns out that the extreme of hate really produces love.

“Welcome to Jessica, I have wronged you.” Matthew Evans said with a sigh.

With tears on her cheeks, Jessica shook her head and said stubbornly: “I am not wronged.”

For a long time, Jessica also felt that she would divorce Stanley, and even told Stanley today that they would divorce sooner or later.

But when the question was really put in front of Jessica, she realized that the useless man had actually entered her heart in the past three years. They had never held hands, and even kept a certain distance in public. .

But this man, who slept under her bed for three full years, was a relationship that couldn’t be erased.

“I just didn’t live up to it, so I would really like him.” Jessica said, biting her white lips.

At this time, Stanley opened the door, walked to the living room, looked at Jessica, who was raining in Ewha, and reached out to wipe away the tears on her face.

“Stanley, you said that only I can change you.”


“I don’t want to be looked down upon anymore, I don’t want to be a joke of others anymore, I want all those who look down on me to regret.”


Stanley answered concisely and turned to leave.

Chapter 4

Peninsula Hotel, a presidential suite.

Opposite Stanley sat a woman with exquisite makeup, wearing gold and silver, showing a ladylike temperament in her gestures.

“Stanley, you are willing to come to see me, I am very happy.” The woman’s name is Maryam, Stanley’s mother.

Facing his biological mother, who had not seen him in three years, Stanley had no fluctuations in his heart, and he didn’t even look at her.

“Who would have thought that my neglected Shaw family’s youngest son would have one day to come in handy? I didn’t expect it, neither did you.” Stanley raised his mouth with a faint smile.

“Three thousand, I know what happened three years ago was very unfair to you, but it was your grandma’s decision, and I can’t help it.” Maryam said emotionally.

Stanley shook his head and said, “Three years? So in your eyes, unfairness was only three years ago?”

“Thirteen years ago, he was twelve years old, and his name was only on the birthday cake. You all Happy for him, but you forgot, I was only five minutes younger than him. Since then, injustice has come to me. For thirteen years, he has conquered all of you with one mouth. What about me? No matter how hard I work, no matter how good my school grades are, you have never seen it.”

“If he wasn’t in jail, would you come to see me?”

“If it wasn’t for the Shaw family to inherit, Do you still think that there is someone named Stanley in this world?”

“She is not worthy of being my grandmother, and you are not worthy of being my mother.”

Maryam hid her face and wept when she heard these words that she couldn’t refute.

“The Shaw family owes me too much, and I will take them back one by one.”

“She said, she doesn’t want to be looked down upon, and she doesn’t want to be a joke in the eyes of others anymore.”

Maryam took a deep breath and calmed her down. Emotion, said: “Cloud City will set up a new company, and you will be solely responsible for it.”

“Hehe, is this her test for me? Even if Stanley doesn’t answer, she still doubts my ability?” Stanley looked at Maryam, the new company, and let Stanley speak nicely. Boss, but Stanley knew that this was just a test set by her grandma for him. Only by doing a good job in London’s company can he have a chance to inherit the Shaw family.

Maryam nodded and said nothing.

“Okay, I will let her know who is qualified to inherit the Shaw family, and let her know the consequences of underestimating me. However, I did not do all this for the Shaw family, but for her.”

When Stanley left the hotel After the room, Maryam took out the phone.

“Mom, he agreed.”

“I hope he won’t let me down, otherwise, even if I donate all of the Shaw family’s property, I won’t leave him a penny.”

Maryam stopped talking, but finally didn’t. Speaking out, because it’s not just the old lady of the Shaw family, even if it is her, he also values ​​Stanley’s older brother. If it weren’t forced to do so, she would not come to London in her entire life.

The next day, a heavy news set off stormy waves in London.

Shaw family wants to establish a new company in London. As a giant in UK’s real estate industry, it will inevitably be able to vigorously promote the development of London. Countless eyes are staring at Stanley’s new company, hoping to seek cooperation.

Three days later, the Shaw family officially listed in London, a weak water property.

Just as people were wondering why the name of the new company in Shaw was so weird, a huge rock fell again.

Weak water real estate bought all the undeveloped wasteland in the west of the city. To create a brand new urban area, no one would doubt the strength of weak water real estate. Even when the news came out, many people believed that the future cloud city, the west of the city would be It is the most prosperous place.

Suddenly, the company gate of Weak Water Real Estate was almost broken. Numerous cooperations came to the door, hoping to get a share in the west of the city.

The Evans family runs a building material business, so naturally they want to divide a piece of cake, and some people suspect that the Shaw family is the Shaw family who gave the bride price.

This made the unmarried women of the Evans family so happy that they were so excited that they didn’t sleep well for days and nights. After all, the temptation to marry into the Shaw family was too great.

It’s a pity that this matter was quickly denied, because the Evans family came to seek cooperation, and no matter who came forward, they were rejected by Weak Water Real Estate, and the rejection was very gratifying.

On this day, all relatives of the Evans family arrived and held an internal meeting in the company.

Sitting on the board of directors, the old lady of the Evans family looked at her distressed relatives, and said: “This time we have a lot of competitors, but you should be aware that once you can cooperate with the weak water real estate, how much benefit will it be for the Evans family,” It may even make us a first-line family in London, so we must not miss this opportunity.”

“Mom, all of us have tried it. We haven’t even seen the owner of the weak water property.”

“Yes, I don’t know. Is it incompatible with the weak water real estate.”

“It seems that the Shaw family who gave us the dowry is not the Shaw family at all.”

Everyone was downcast, and the old lady of the Evans family said angrily: “Now you have pushed incompetence to Is the horoscope inconsistent with such nonsense? Weak Water Real Estate did not decide on a partner in one day, and our Evans family had the opportunity. If we didn’t see it, we went to the door of the company and waited. Everyone took turns for one day. “

Everyone takes turns for one day. Standing at the door of the weak water company, isn’t this a joke for others?

All of the Evans family relatives present are face-saving people, and they are not willing to do such a shameful thing.

Jessica lowered her head, this scene happened to be seen by Finn, she sneered in her heart, this kind of hard work did her right, and still want to hide?

“Grandma, Jessica hasn’t had much work lately, we have a lot of work in our hands, or let her go alone.” Finn suggested.

This sentence immediately aroused the echo of others.

“Yes, Jessica has nothing to do anyway.”

“You can’t let her be a rice bug in the company. Since you have to rely on the company for food, you naturally have to work hard for the company.”

“It’s most appropriate for her to do this.”

Jessica lowered her head and was not hiding. But the phone vibrated and someone sent her a message.

The message was sent by Stanley, and the content is very simple.

Strive for opportunities and negotiate cooperation with weak water companies.

Jessica didn’t know why Stanley had sent such a text message to her. Everyone else felt ashamed. Could she come forward and make a deal?

“Jessica, are you willing?” The old lady of the Evans family didn’t squint, she didn’t even glance at Jessica.

Jessica has become accustomed to this kind of hard work, and she didn’t do all the tasks that could not be completed or the culprits.

“Grandma, I am willing.” Jessica said.

Finn smiled triumphantly and said, “Jessica, don’t be lazy. If you miss the opportunity to meet the owner of Weak Water Real Estate, you can’t afford it.”

“Yes, this is an opportunity for our Evans family. Don’t promise. It’s a pleasure, but she’s actually lazy.”

“Why don’t you do that, find a security guard to follow her, lest she doesn’t take this matter to heart.”

Jessica gritted her teeth with hatred. She is also a member of the Evans family. But sitting in this conference room, she was treated as an outsider, and she wanted someone to watch her?

“In view of her previous unfavorable record, I think it’s good to find someone to follow her.”

“I think so.”

A bunch of relatives all nodded, and the old lady of the Evans family agreed and said, “If this is the case, you just Bring someone by your side. If you have anything, you can share it with you.”

Jessica squeezed her fist and was very unconvinced. Thinking of the message Stanley had sent her, she blurted out impulsively: “Don’t worry, I won’t I’ll be lazy, I’ll talk about this cooperation.”

As soon as the words came out, the entire conference room fell silent for an instant, but soon a mocking voice sounded.

“Jessica, you won’t be convulsed in your brain, are we things that we haven’t done, can you do it?”

“Hahahaha, this is the biggest joke I’ve heard this year, I’m going to laugh at me.”

Finn’s eyes Yiliang seized the opportunity to kick Jessica’s family out of the game.

Although Jessica’s family is not taken seriously, she is the Evans family after all. In the future, if her grandma dies, she will surely divide some of the family property. But if Jessica can be kicked out of the Evans family, there is only one less person who can divide the property.

“Jessica, you said this yourself, what if you can’t do it?” Finn said.

Jessica actually regretted it when she said it, but now she regrets it, and it will definitely become a joke.

“If you can do it, I will serve you tea and water from now on and call you Sister Jessica. If you can’t do it, get out of Evans’s house, how about?”


Chapter 5 Sorry
“Boss, come and pack cigarettes.”

“You are so punctual every day.” At

the canteen across the street from Evans’s company, the boss looked at Stanley with a sigh.

One day three years ago, this young man would appear here very punctually, three years as a day, rain or shine. The boss felt strange at first, but gradually realized that whenever Jessica left the company, he would leave too.

Regarding Stanley’s identity, the boss has a general guess, but he didn’t point it out. The family has scriptures that are difficult to recite. The Evans family’s son-in-law was treated as rubbish by the entire London. Maybe he didn’t want others to know his Identity.

“I’m idle anyway.” Stanley said with a smile.

The boss is a middle-aged man, and he admires Stanley’s persistence very much. For three years, he has appeared on time at 4:30 every day, just like this silently guarding Jessica.

“When do you plan to pick her up from get off work? It’s not the same thing to watch this every day.” There were no customers in the store, and the boss chatted with Stanley.

Stanley looked at the door of Evans’s company and smiled faintly: “It’s not time yet.”

“Little brother, I have a word, I don’t know if I can say it.” The boss asked.

“Of course you can.”

“I think you don’t look like an ordinary person. Why… why did you join Penham’s house?” Although the boss is not very eye-catching, he contacts many customers every day. In his eyes, Stanley is different from others. , I can’t say what it feels like, the boss just thinks that he shouldn’t be a waste among those people.

“There are flesh and blood, like eating, drinking, and sleeping. Of course, they are ordinary people.” Stanley said.

“You know what I mean is not what I mean.” The boss hesitated for a while, and continued: “Tolerate so many criticisms, if I changed to me, I would have collapsed.”


Stanley smiled. As a trash and abandoned son, he entered Penham’s house, and Jessica did not collapse. He was not qualified to collapse.

In the eyes of others, Stanley endured the humiliation.

But in the eyes of Stanley, Jessica was ridiculed more seriously than him.

“What I endured is nothing compared to her.” Stanley said.

The boss sighed and said nothing more.

After Jessica got off work, Stanley bid farewell to the boss as usual and rode away on the small battery.

Jessica stood at the door of the company until Stanley disappeared.

For three years, Stanley waited for Jessica to get off work every day.

And Jessica also waited for Stanley to leave before getting on the bus.

Back home, when Matthew Evans told Ella what happened at the meeting, Ella seemed to be crazy.

“Jessica, are you crazy? Have you ever thought about how we will live after being kicked out of the Evans family.”

“Finn deliberately agitated you, don’t you know what he is comfortable with?”

Jessica looked on. Said indifferently: “He doesn’t want us to divide the property of the Evans family.”

When Ella heard this, his face was pale with anger, and shouted: “Since you know why you want to agree, they didn’t get things done, so why should you? Can do it.”

Jessica is in a very complicated mood now. She believes in Stanley, but she doesn’t know if she is right or wrong in doing this.

Although their family’s status in the company is very low, but the old lady died, and how could she get a sum of money, if she was driven out of the Evans family, she would have nothing.

Believing in Stanley with the future destiny as a bet is a great price, but if the words are spoken, can they go back?

“Mom, don’t you believe me so?” Jessica said.

Ella thumped his chest and feet with anger, and said: “How can you make me believe you, those relatives of the Evans family, all of them have touched their noses, so why can you do it?”


Jessica really didn’t know why, because she agreed to this matter because of that message from Stanley.

At this time, Stanley returned home, walked to Jessica and said to Ella: “Mom, you should believe her, Jessica will definitely be able to do it.”

Ella glanced at Stanley impatiently, and said coldly. “What does this matter have to do with you, if it weren’t for you to join our house, my daughter is so beautiful, she will definitely be able to marry into a wealthy family in the future, you ruined us, what qualifications do you have to speak.”

Stanley was silent and went to the kitchen. Cooking.

“Stanley, can I believe you?” Jessica said to Stanley suddenly.

Stanley turned his head and said with a smile on his face: “

Yes .” “What’s the situation?” Ella saw that something was not quite right, and quickly asked Jessica, this matter, can’t it be this waste that Jessica promised. .

“Come here and make your words clear. Have you gotten into this matter too? You asked Jessica to agree?” Ella questioned Stanley.

Jessica knew that if Ella was told about the short message, Ella would definitely embarrass Stanley, and might even drive Stanley out of the house.

“Mom, this matter is decided by me, it has nothing to do with him.” Jessica said.

“It doesn’t matter. I think you are fascinated by this waste. Can you believe what he said? Jessica, are you crazy.” Ella grabbed Jessica’s shoulder, because of his emotions, he grabbed Jessica’s shoulder. It hurts.

Seeing Jessica’s painful expression, Stanley’s expression was as cold as frost. He grabbed Ella’s wrist and said coldly: “If Jessica can do it, I will know tomorrow, why don’t you trust her.”

Ella Anxious, when is it the turn of this trash to speak.

“You let me go, our family does not have the qualifications for you to speak.” Ella said.

Stanley looked at Ella coldly and refused to give a step. This was the first time he showed such a strong presence in the Evans family.

Looking at Stanley’s eyes, Ella suddenly felt a little guilty, as if he was about to kill himself.

Seeing that something was not right, Matthew Evans hurriedly came up to make the rounds: “You let go first, things are already like this, what’s the use of making trouble, now I can only find a way to make

Jessica complete this thing.” After Ella let go of Jessica, Stanley let go. , Said to Jessica: “I’m going to cook.”

Ella gritted his teeth with hatred, looked at the red wrist, and said viciously: “Sooner or later I will figure out a way to get you out of our house and useless.”

During dinner, Ella did not go to the table. Matthew Evans said a lot about the weak water property at the dinner table. He was also very scared, because if Jessica fails to do it tomorrow, Finn and Jesica’s relatives will never let them go, if they are really driven out. When they left the Evans family, they were finished.

After dinner, Stanley took a shower and returned to the room to find Jessica sitting on the bed, looking straight at herself.

Stanley lay on the ground floor and said to Jessica: “The boss of Weak Water Real Estate is my classmate.”

“Oh.” Jessica responded simply and did not continue to ask.

The room was so quiet that needles fell, and it hasn’t changed day after day for three years.

But today Jessica’s mood is a bit strange, especially when Stanley grabbed Ella’s hand just now, Jessica had never seen the look in his eyes.

“Don’t wait for me at the company in the future.” Jessica said suddenly.

Stanley was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Jessica to know about this.


Jessica turned her back to Stanley, bit her lips tightly, and her heart rippled inexplicably.

She always thought that she could divorce Stanley very freely, but when Ella raised this matter yesterday, she realized that she could not do it.

This man, no matter how useless or useless he is, he has been by his side for three whole years.

No matter how bad the outside world is about him, no matter how cold his attitude toward him is, he always smiles brightly in front of him.

The human heart is made of meat, and Jessica has no iron heart, and she now knows that she has actually been used to having him by her very early.

“Go to the door of the company and pick me up.”

Stanley was struck by lightning, looking at the back of Jessica lying on his side, his dumbfounded expression slowly became full of happiness.

Jessica couldn’t see Stanley’s expression, and he couldn’t hear his answer for a long time. She thought he was unwilling, and said dissatisfied: “If you don’t want to, then forget it.”

Stanley sat up, excited. He said: “May…Yes, I do.”

Jessica felt Stanley’s excitement, and the two lines of tears fell like pearls. It turned out that he didn’t want much.

“These three years, I’m sorry.”

Chapter VI Signing the Contract
The next day, Finn was sitting in the office, and a phone call made him turn his head with a smile, and he almost burst into tears.

There are also a few of the Evans family’s peers, watching Finn laugh inexplicably, puzzled.

“Finn, what happened, is it so funny?”

“Don’t care about laughing at yourself, hurry up and tell us about it.”

“It’s not Jessica who escaped in battle, right?”

Finn clutched his stomach: “Damn Jessica is really a fucking pen to make Daliah laugh.”

“What the hell is going on, you can tell me quickly.” The Evans family’s peers were anxious like ants on a hot pot.

“This mad lady actually asked Stanley that waste to use a battery to drive her to the weak water property. She has a convulsion in her mind,” Finn said.

Hearing these words, a hearty laugh broke out in the office, no one could hold back, all laughed so loudly.

“Hahahaha, she went to talk about cooperation like this, can Weak Water Real Estate take care of her?”

“I think she has given up, too, we haven’t discussed the cooperation, how can she do it.”

“Finn, you This trick worked well. Jessica was dead this time and was kicked out of the Evans family. When the property is divided in the future, she won’t have her share.” A

few young people were angry, and no one believed that Jessica could do it. At this point, even they are ready to watch jokes.

“What if she repents and regrets it?” someone said worriedly.

Finn sneered coldly, and finally found a chance to kick Jessica out of the Evans family. How could he give Jessica a chance to repent?

“Don’t worry, I have a way to get her out of Evans’s house. Then you just have to stand with me.” Finn said.

“Don’t worry, of course we are on the same front as you.”

“Jessica did not lose face to our Evans family. This time we kicked her out of the Evans family, so we won’t have to be laughed at by outsiders in the future.”

“Yeah, Stanley’s trash, how many times I can’t lift my head, now I can finally get rid of him.”

Weak Water Real Estate.

After Stanley put the car in, he looked at Jessica with a nervous face and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I have already agreed with my classmates, and just sign the contract.”

Jessica didn’t ask much about Stanley’s classmates, and This time the Evans family has many competitors, and the Evans family does not have any advantages. Can it really be possible to exchange such a big cooperation by relying on a fellowship?

“Your classmate, don’t you play around with you?” Jessica said.

“Of course not, he and I are iron buddies.” Stanley said.

Seeing Stanley’s confidence, Jessica also let out a sigh of relief.

Although the conversation last night did not quickly heat up the relationship between the two of them, some of the gap has been eliminated. Jessica also knows that no matter what her mentality is, this matter must be faced.

Before Jessica entered the company, the front desk staff walked up to her.

“Are you Miss Jessica?” The tall woman in a professional dress with a professional smile.

Jessica looked flattered and said: “Yes, it’s me.”

“Please follow me.”

The elevator went straight to the top floor of the weak water property. Jessica felt that her heart was about to jump out. Although she has not signed a contract yet, it is like this. Her treatment has already made her see the light.

When the elevator door opened, a middle-aged man had been waiting for a long time.

“Hello, Miss Jessica, my name is Blake, the person in charge of the Eilicon project, and I am also responsible for the cooperation with your company.” Blake introduced himself.

Jessica was at a loss where she was.

Blake smiled and continued: “The boss has a lot of socializing, so he usually doesn’t come forward. If Miss Jessica has any problems, you can just tell me.”

Jessica shook her head repeatedly and said in a panic: “No, no, I have no problem. It’s just… we haven’t started talking about cooperation yet.”

“According to the boss’s instructions, the contract is ready, and I have signed it. After reading it, if Miss Jessica finds it’s okay, just sign it…” Blake said.

“Ah!” Jessica looked at Blake in astonishment. Although the owner of Weak Water Real Estate is a classmate of Stanley, Jessica never dreamed that it would go so smoothly. Weak Water Real Estate had already prepared the contract!

“Brother Blake, you… didn’t you kid me?” Jessica asked incredulously.

“Of course not, this is all ordered by the boss himself, please come with me.” Blake said.

Following Blake into the office, Jessica looked at the contract and found nothing wrong, and this contract was very profitable for the Evans family, and it was impossible for any real estate company on the market to make such a big concession.

“Brother Blake, are you sure you didn’t make a joke with me?” Jessica felt like she was dreaming. If she could bring this contract back to Evans’s house, who would dare to underestimate her, and who would be qualified to say she was useless ?

Blake handed his pen to Jessica and said, “Of course it’s not a joke. If Miss Jessica thinks it’s okay, just sign it.”

Jessica’s dry mouth is dry, and everything went smoothly. It seems that Stanleyhe The relationship between his classmates is really not shallow.

But how could he know such a powerful person.

With the contract completed, Jessica walked out of the weak water property, as if she had lost her soul.

A sneaky guy in the distance saw this scene and quickly took out the phone and reported to Finn.

After Finn received the news, he was very happy, and planned to hold an internal meeting immediately, during which he would expel Jessica from the Evans family.

“What’s the matter?” Stanley walked up to Jessica and looked at her desperate look, wondering if Blake didn’t entertain her well?

“The contract is signed.” Jessica looked at Stanley and said in a dull tone.

Stanley smiled, and said, “Since you have signed the contract, why are you looking so desperate?”

Jessica was not desperate, but this feeling made her too unreal, like a dream.

At this time, Jessica’s mobile phone rang, and after seeing the three words Finn, she said helplessly: “Finn really can’t wait.”

“But this time he must be disappointed.” Stanley said.

“This is all your credit, if it weren’t for you, our house would be finished.” Jessica looked at Stanley gratefully.

“Don’t let anyone know about this matter except you.”

“Why?” Jessica looked at Stanley in confusion. This incident was enough to change Stanley’s status in Evans’s family. Why did he hide it?

“You will know in the future.” Stanley said.

Jessica nodded.

Riding a small eDonkey, Stanley sent Jessica to the company, and then went to the canteen.

He looked at each other and smiled. Although he didn’t say a word, the boss knew that the time had come for Stanley.

In the meeting room of Evans’s company, all relatives were present.

“Unexpectedly, the bull blown yesterday will be revealed today. I really think she has some abilities.”

“What can Jessica have? We can’t talk about cooperation, how can she do it.”

“Arlo, before your grandma is here, I have to remind you that Jessica must pay the price, and she must not be fooled.”

“Yes, we must take this opportunity to drive Jessica’s family out of Evans’s family.”

The relatives talked about each other, and they all closed their mouths after the old lady of the Evans family arrived.

The door of the meeting room opened and Jessica walked in.

“Jessica, you haven’t forgotten what you said yesterday?” Finn couldn’t wait to say before Jessica sat down.

Jessica looked indifferent, looked at Finn and said, “What you said, haven’t you forgotten?”

“Hahahaha, of course I have not forgotten, but what does it matter? You didn’t talk about cooperation. What I said is not important at all. “Finn said triumphantly. The news received from her eyeliner is enough to show that Jessica has failed. If she succeeds, how could she be lost?

“Grandma, I have already negotiated the cooperation, and the contract has been signed. You have reviewed it.” Jessica handed the contract to the old lady.

The Evans family’s relatives suddenly showed expressions of disbelief.

The old lady of the Evans family also raised her eyelids and said, “Have you signed the contract?”

Chapter VII Willing to Gamble and Conquer
The old lady finally looked at Jessica squarely and asked her assistant to bring all her reading glasses.

The Evans family’s relatives craned their necks and wanted to see the content of the contract, because they didn’t believe that Jessica could really negotiate the cooperation. Almost all the people present showed up, and they didn’t even see the owner of the weak water real estate. Jessica Why?

She has a humble status in the Evans family and has always been unwelcome. No one really treats Jessica as a relative. But if she negotiates cooperation, what if she is valued by the old lady?

Among them, the most unwilling to believe is Finn, because Jessica talked about cooperation, which means that he will give Jessica some tea in the future, and he will have to shout Sister Jessica, which is a shame.

“Jessica, you just drafted a contract by yourself. Who believes it? I think you haven’t even seen the owner of Weak Water Real Estate.” Finn said sarcastically.

“Yes, I did not see the owner of the weak water real estate.” Blake is solely responsible for the Eilicon project, and he also said that the owner is very busy, and Jessica can understand this.

When Jessica said this, the Evans family’s relatives became restless and all stared at each other.

“Jessica, you dare to make a fake contract to lie to us.”

“Unexpectedly, in order not to be kicked out of the Evans family, you actually did this kind of thing.”

“Do you treat us as idiots? Take a fake contract. Come to lie to us.” All of them were

angry, as if they were treating Jessica as an enemy, and everyone gritted their teeth with hatred.

Finn’s super nervous expression instantly relaxed, looking at Jessica like an idiot, and said: “You can also use this method. Are you worried about being driven out of Evans’s family? Also, your family of three, plus The last trash son-in-law, it would be difficult to eat without the Evans family. But don’t worry, I won’t be too unfeeling, I’m really hungry, and I’ll give you a meal too.”

Others laughed when they heard this. , And then echoed: “Yes, we can still give a meal.”

Jessica was not angry, but smiled and said: “It is not your decision to determine whether the contract is true or not. Although I did not see the owner of the weak water real estate, the person in charge of the Eilicon project is Blake. The contract is also his autograph.”

“I’m not a fool, let alone treat grandma as a fool. Do you think I will do things like fake contracts?”

Finn’s heart sullen, his face pale as paper.

Falsifying the contract really doesn’t make any sense. On the contrary, it will anger grandma. How could Jessica do this?

Could it be that she really talked about cooperation?

“Jessica, what we didn’t do, why are you…”

Finn didn’t say anything, the old lady raised her hand.

Looking up at Jessica,

she asked, “This contract is really signed by you and Blake. We are the supplier of all materials for the Eilicon project?” “Grandma, I have invited Blake to our company tomorrow. The true and false will be known at that time,” Jessica said.

The old lady smiled and said three good words.

These three good words sounded in the ears of the relatives of the Evans family, like a bell hitting the chest, making them very uncomfortable.

Jessica actually got the praise of Mrs. Lai, let alone driving Jessica out of Evans’s house, Jessica is likely to be reused in the future, they don’t want Jessica to step on their heads.

“Jessica, I didn’t expect that you were lucky enough to let you do it.” Finn had to admit the fact that people with weak water real estate would come to the company tomorrow, even if he didn’t want to believe it, he didn’t think Jessica would say This kind of meaningless big talk.

“You haven’t forgotten what you said?” Jessica said.

Finn gritted his teeth and said: “Jessica, this time you are just lucky. Even if I go, you can do it. Do you really want me to bring you tea and water?”

Finn is absolutely unwilling to do this kind of shameful thing, because he is the most powerful person in the Evans family, and he is also the most hopeful to inherit the position of chairman. How can it be possible to hand Jessica tea.

“Jessica, don’t go too far. You think you can ride on Finn’s head with some good luck.”

“Yes, you really regard yourself as a hero. Maybe I can go and I will do it.”

“Jessica, I am The elders say, let this matter go, you are indeed lucky.”

Several relatives of the Evans family stood up to speak for Finn. Seeing them leaning on the old and selling the old, Jessica smiled impatiently, really shameless. People, obviously it was something that Finn had agreed upon, but she was wrong now.

If there is no talk about cooperation, when Finn wants to drive her out of Evans’s house, will these people stand up and speak?

“I am willing to bet and lose.” The old lady said softly.

As soon as these words came out, those relatives who had been fighting for Finn’s injustice were just like Shuangda’s eggplant, and they didn’t dare to say any more nonsense.

Finn’s expression was as uncomfortable as if he had eaten shit. Although there were ten thousand unwillingnesses in his heart, his grandmother had spoken, no matter where he dared not do it.

Honestly brought Jessica a cup of tea, and shouted very reluctantly: “Sister Jessica.” With his head down, Finn’s eyes were sinister, and he thought: This time I am proud of you. Don’t think about having a good life in the future, I will He is the most powerful person in the company. He wants to play with you. There are many ways to do it. Sooner or later, he will return this shame to you.

Jessica took the tea, but did not drink it. Instead, she put it on the conference table and said to the old lady: “Grandma, I will go back and prepare the materials first, and I have to talk to Blake tomorrow.”

The meeting ended, and Jessica and the old lady left the meeting. After the room, other relatives were still reluctant to leave.

“Finn, you have to find a way to kill Jessica’s spirit, but you can’t let her be reused.”

“Yes, if you really let her be responsible for cooperating with Weak Water Real Estate, maybe it will affect your status.”

Finn’s face is gloomy, as these relatives said, if Jessica really cooperates with Weak Water Real Estate, his status in the company will inevitably be affected.

“Don’t worry, I will never let this bitch succeed.”

Jessica and Stanley returned home.

Matthew Evans and Ella sat nervously in the living room, because their family will face the key to life and death. Matthew Evans didn’t even have the courage to go to the meeting, and was afraid to see himself being driven out of the Evans family.

“Jessica, how is it?” Ella asked with a guilty conscience.

Seeing her parents panicked and frightened,

Jessica smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we won’t be kicked out of the Evans family.” Matthew Evans looked at Jessica in amazement, stood up and asked in disbelief: “You…you really Did you talk about cooperation?” “Jessica, did you do it?” Ella also had a dumbfounded expression.

Jessica nodded and glanced at Stanley. Everyone thought it was her contribution. Only she knew that it was Stanley who contributed to this matter and he was the hero.

“Yes, the negotiation is complete, and even the contract is signed.” Jessica said.

Ella walked to Jessica excitedly, pushed Stanley away, and said excitedly: “Jessica, my good daughter, it’s all wrong with my mother. Mom should believe that you are.”

“Jessica, your grandma said What’s the matter, did Finn bring you tea and water?” Matthew Evans suddenly regretted not attending the meeting and missed the scene of witnessing Finn shouting to Sister Jessica. It is a shame.

“Grandma said three good words, Finn also brought me tea and handed water.” Seeing her parents happy, Jessica was also very happy.

Jessica is happy, and Stanley is naturally happy too.

However, when Ella saw Stanley’s smile, she was dissatisfied, and said coldly: “What are you smiling? This is the credit of our family Jessica, what does it have to do with you.”

Jessica just wanted to help Stanley talked, but saw Stanley shook his head and could only sigh.

“You can rest assured now, no one can drive us out of Evans’s house.”

“Relax, rest assured, I didn’t expect my daughter to be so promising. Mom is so happy.” The

family is happy and harmonious, but Stanley Rejected, I can only go to the kitchen in silence.

That night, Finn and his father went to the Evans family villa. He did not allow Jessica a chance to stand up and had to stop Jessica’s development momentum.

Chapter 8 Change of Responsible Person
“Grandma, are you really responsible for this matter to Jessica?” Finn said to the old lady of the Evans family in the living room of the Evans family villa.

The old lady took it for granted and said: “Since this contract was negotiated by Jessica, it will naturally be handed over to her. Is there any problem?”

“Mom, you have to think about this matter carefully, Jessica After all, she is a woman. Once she has established prestige in the company, it is not a good thing for Arlo.” Lucas said.

The old lady of the Evans family looked at the two with a dissatisfaction and said: “Just tell me if you have anything, don’t play dumb puzzles with me.”

“Grandma, although Stanley joined our Evans family, in the final analysis, he is a foreigner, and For three full years, nothing has been done with this waste. If Jessica takes control of the company, wouldn’t you be afraid that our Evans family’s property would fall into the hands of this foreigner?” Finn said.

“Jessica and this waste have no feelings at all. If I hadn’t cared about the face of the Evans family, I would have divorced them a long time ago. The situation you are worried about cannot happen.” The old lady said.

Finn gritted his teeth and continued: “Grandma, who can tell the future, we have to be just in case, and since the contract has been signed, it will not affect the change of a person in charge. Do you want to use the Evans family? Will you gamble on the relationship between Jessica and Stanley in the future?”

Hearing this, the old lady’s expression became serious.

Although Jessica and Stanley are nameless now, no one can guarantee that in the future, if the pillow wind blows, the two will suddenly become better again?

The Eilicon project is very important to the Evans family. The ability to promote the Evans family’s status in London means that the person in charge of this project will also have a better position in the company in the future.

If Jessica wins the hearts of the people, the Evans family might actually fall into the hands of a foreigner named Stanley.

“Grandma, Stanley has endured for so many years, I suspect that he is purposeful at all, maybe he is just waiting for this day.” Finn continued to add more energy and jealousy.

The old lady snorted coldly, and said, “With this rubbish, I dare to covet my Evans family’s property, foolishly dreaming. Then, you will be responsible for the project, and I will call Jessica immediately.”

Hearing this, Finn She was delighted, but on the surface she still pretended to be calm and said, “Grandma, I don’t want to take credit for Jessica, I just do it for the sake of Evans’s family.”

The old lady is happily adult at her age, Finn in the end. How could she not know what she thought.

“You don’t need to say anything that is superfluous. I know what you think. Also, don’t falsify in front of me in the future. You will feel embarrassed to feed that cake Pu’er to pigs.” The old lady said harshly.

Finn nodded repeatedly, and said, “Grandma is right. From now on, Arlo will do things steadily.”

Jessica was preparing information, and the phone call from grandma made her struck by lightning.

Although this cooperation was easy to negotiate, she was the one who negotiated it. How could it be handed over to Finn for no reason?

“Grandma, I…”

“Okay, I have already decided, you can give yourself a vacation tomorrow.”

Listening to the busy tone on the phone, Jessica gritted her teeth with hatred, she knew that Finn must be doing the bad thing behind her back. , Will let grandma change the person in charge.

After a while, the phone rang again, and it was from Finn.

When I answered the phone, I heard Finn’s proud voice: “Jessica, you don’t think that the opportunity for the salted fish to stand up is here, I tell you, you will live under my feet in this life.”

“Finn, you despicable little People, I negotiated this cooperation.” Jessica said unwillingly.

“So what, grandma asked me to be responsible, do you dare to have any comments? Logically speaking, I should say thank you. Without you, I would not be responsible for this project. But who made us our enemies? You This life is destined to be nothing but a waste of nothing. In fact, this is also very good. You don’t need to eat and die, you don’t need to…”

Before Finn finished speaking, Jessica hung up the phone, her hairs standing up all over her body with anger.

This matter was grandma’s decision. Jessica knew that she couldn’t change much, and Finn showed off in front of her, and she was helpless.

“Ah!” Jessica snarled angrily.

The movement alarmed Matthew Evans and Ella, who ran from the room to the living room.

“Jessica, what’s the matter? Did Stanley bully you?” Ella said nervously. Although Stanley and Jessica were married for three years, Ella knew that Jessica hadn’t let Stanley get married in the past three years. She did, and she didn’t want her baby girl to be ruined in the hands of Stanley.

“What’s the matter?” Matthew Evans also asked nervously.

Jessica just vented, because the facts were doomed, and said: “Nothing, I am depressed, I want to vent.”

“What are you depressed? You have even negotiated the contract for the weak water property. You will be responsible for this project in the future. The status of my family in the company will definitely get higher and higher, so I should be happy.” Matthew Evans said with a smile.

“Dad, grandma changed the person in charge and didn’t let me be responsible. Finn replaced me.” Jessica said dejectedly.

“What!” Matthew Evans said in shock. The contract was clearly negotiated by Jessica, so how could Finn be held responsible?

Ella jumped with anger and cursed: “Finn, this basta*d, must go to your grandma’s place to splash your dirty water again. No, I’m going to talk to him.”

Seeing Ella was about to rush out of the house, Matthew Evans hurriedly took it. She grabbed it and said: “This matter was decided by my mother. What use is it for you to go to Finn now?”

“What is the use? It is a compromise every time. Should we be riding on his head.” Matthew Evans, do you have a bottom line?” Ella roared hoarsely.

Matthew Evans was too afraid to speak again, so Jessica had to say: “Mom, Dad is right, it’s useless for you to make trouble.”

“Don’t forget it? You worked so hard to negotiate the cooperation and made Finn’s wedding dress, are you willing?” Ella said.

How could Jessica be willing? But the company is the grandmother who has the final say, even if she is not reconciled, she can only swallow her breath.

At this time, Stanley appeared at the door of the room and said to Jessica: “Don’t worry, no one can be responsible for this project except you.”

Ella was already in anger. Seeing Stanley was even more angry and cold. Said: “This is our family’s business. It has nothing to do with you. If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as a dumb.”

Jessica was anxious, and the cooperation was done with the help of Stanley, but Ella’s attitude towards him was this way. bad.

“Mom, go to bed, I will figure out a solution for this matter.” Jessica said.

Ella was upset, and she was dragged back to the room by Matthew Evans.

Jessica returned to her room, closed the door and said to Stanley: “I’m sorry for my mother, she doesn’t know anything, so…”

“If I minded, I would have ran away long ago. “Stanley said indifferently.


For Jessica, these four words hit her heart directly. Did he actually consider this place as his home?

“Every day I laugh at it and ridicule it coldly. You really don’t care at all?” Jessica asked.

“You have to bear more than me, what right do I have to care about.”

Jessica stood up on the spot in a daze, covering her face with her hands, tears bursting into her eyes.

You… because of me to endure all this?

The next day, Finn wore the most expensive suit in his closet, standing at the door of the company like a dog to welcome Blake’s arrival.

Although the contract has been signed, today’s meeting is just as important. The most important thing is to let Blake accept the person in charge to change this matter.

Finn is confident that he can replace Jessica, because he has a higher position in Jessica’s company than Jessica, and he has a more right to speak. It will definitely make Blake feel that the Evans family values ​​this cooperation.

When he saw Blake from a distance, Finn couldn’t wait to walk up.

“Hello, Brother Blake, my name is Finn, and I am the person in charge of the Evans family of this project.” Finn stretched out his hand and the gentleman introduced himself.

Blake stretched out his hand, and Finn was overjoyed. It seems that Blake has accepted the change of the person in charge. Jessica really only negotiated this cooperation by luck. It doesn’t matter whether she has her or not.

Chapter 9

“Where is Miss Jessica ?” Blake asked seemingly casually.

Finn thought that Blake was just asking casually, and he was able to fool around with any reason, and said: “I am sick, and I will be responsible for the follow-up cooperation with your company.”

Blake nodded and said, “In that case. , Let’s talk after Miss Jessica recovers.”

After speaking, Blake turned and left.

Finn froze for a moment, and quickly caught up with Blake, and said, “Brother Blake, I am responsible for this matter too. Don’t worry, my ability is stronger than Jessica, and the cooperation with your company…”

Finn said did not finish, good bell in the car stopped:. “want a lot of people Weak real estate cooperation, since Jessica so is not sincere, I will reconsider this matter,”

looked at the clock good car and Advantage Go, Finn stood there blankly, thinking that Blake didn’t care about this at all, but he didn’t expect his attitude to be so tough.

Think again!

This sentence made Finn’s scalp numb. The Evans family was originally a company with medium strength among many competitors. It is already very rare to be able to get this cooperation. If it is destroyed in his hands, the old lady can’t kill him?

What should I do?

Is it possible to let Jessica that bitch come forward?

Finn wasn’t reconciled. He only showed his power to Jessica last night. If he asks her to clean up this mess, what face does he have?

At this time, Finn’s phone rang.

“Finn, your grandma has already arrived at the company, isn’t Blake here yet?” Lucas asked. This old guy is also very proud now. The opportunity he seized from Jessica can establish Finn’s position in the company. As long as Finn accomplishes this matter, becoming the chairman of the Evans family is basically a solid matter.

“I’m coming to the meeting room right away.” Finn said solemnly.

In the meeting room, relatives of the Evans family were all present. After all, it was such an important cooperation. In order to show the sincerity of the Evans family, no one dared to be absent.

The old lady of the Evans family sat on the board of directors and saw Finn alone in the meeting room and asked: “Has Blake not arrived yet?”

“Grandma.” Finn lowered her head and said.

The old lady of the Evans family condensed her eyebrows and asked: “What’s the matter, you didn’t offend Blake, did you?” As

soon as these words came out, the Evans family relatives cast worried eyes at Finn, especially Lucas, in his heart Still proud that Finn got this opportunity, if Finn messed up, he would have little hope of sitting on the board of directors in the future.

“Finn, what’s the matter? Is Blake not free today and changed the time?” Lucas said.

“Because Jessica didn’t show up, Blake was very angry. He said…he said…”

Seeing Finn overwhelmingly hesitated, the old lady slapped the conference table and said sternly: “What did he say.”

Finn was silent. , Hurriedly said: “He said he would reconsider cooperation with the Evans family.” The

old lady was so angry that she was blowing her beard and staring. If Finn hadn’t called for her last night, the person in charge of the project would not have changed at all, and Blake would not have changed. May be angry.

How many companies are coveting this cooperation, and how many people want to get a handful of wool on this fat sheep. The Evans family had already got this opportunity, but they might have missed it because of Lucas and his son.

“Finn, Lucas, if the Evans family can’t cooperate with Weak Water Real Estate this time, your father and son will get me out of the Evans family.” The old lady gritted her teeth.

When the father and son heard these words, their faces paled for a while, and they never thought it would cause such serious consequences.

Moreover, the old lady has always said that she must do it, and she will never stay if she lets go.

“Grandma, the contract has already been signed, can he go back on it?” Finn said unwillingly.

The old lady sneered: “Who is the backstage of Weak Water Real Estate, don’t you know? With the weight of the Evans family, what can you do with Weak Water Real Estate? Even if he sends the liquidated damages in front of you, you dare to reach for it. Is it?” The

old lady’s words made the Evans family’s relatives dare not breathe, as she said, the liquidated damages were delivered to the door, who would dare to get it? Behind the weak water property, but the Shaw family!

“Only Jessica has a chance to save the situation. You can do it yourself.” The old lady left this sentence and left angrily.

The eyes of other relatives of the Evans family looking at Finn have slightly changed. They know that after this incident, Jessica’s position in the company may rise soon, and it may threaten Finn.

In the past, they fawned on Finn because Finn had the most hope of becoming the chairman of the company, but now, Finn has made a mistake in this matter, and his image in the heart of the old lady will inevitably drop.

“Finn, you can only think of a solution for this matter, and we can’t help you.”

“Yes, we can’t help. The old lady is getting angry. You should think of a solution as soon as possible.”

“We have other things. , Let’s go first.”

A group of relatives scattered in birds and beasts.

Lucas and Finn were left in the conference room.

Lucas’s face was green with hatred, and he said viciously: “I don’t know what kind of medicine Jessica gave Blake. Talk to him with your position in the company, but he still doesn’t give face.”

Finn almost broke his back molars. , Then raised a sneer and said: “Jessica is very likely to put a green hat on that waste. I didn’t expect that Jessica is really a bitch.”

“Anyway, this matter, only let her come forward. Your grandmother. If you say it, you never break your promise.” Lucas sighed.

Thinking of this Finn had a headache. He had known that he would not call Jessica last night, and now he had to ask Jessica to come forward in person. This slap was too fast.

“Only I can call her.”

Finn took out his cell phone and dialed Jessica’s number.

I dare not delay this matter. If Blake really chooses another partner, there is no room for recovery.

Jessica was ordered to rest at home today, and she became depressed with anger. When she was watching TV at home, her mobile phone rang.

Just getting up to get it, Stanley reached out and got the phone.

“Finn fought, I’ll pick it up for you.” Stanley said.

Jessica didn’t know what Stanley wanted to do, but since he said so, Jessica would naturally have no opinion.

“Jessica, you come to the company right away.” Stanley opened the PA, and Finn’s voice came through the phone.

Hearing Finn’s voice, Jessica was so angry that this guy didn’t show off enough last night. Should she be humiliated by the company?

Just about to speak, Stanley made a silent motion to her.

“Jessica is sick.” Stanley said.

Hearing Stanley’s voice, Finn became very impatient, and said, “Give the phone to Jessica, you are not qualified to talk to me.”

“Oh.” Stanley replied indifferently, then hung up, and Shut down.

“What are you doing?” Jessica asked puzzledly.

“Finn is here for your help. It must be Blake not talking about cooperation with him, so he wants you to come forward.” Stanley said.

Jessica was taken aback and asked: “Really?”

“Of course it is true.”

Jessica stood up and said impatiently: “Let’s go now.”

“Even if you are in a hurry, it is not your turn to be anxious. The one who should be anxious is him. I think grandma must be very angry now. Finn is asking you for help. He tried to take away your identity as the person in charge. You just do so easily. Go and help him?” Stanley said.

Jessica still doesn’t understand what Stanley meant. This cooperation is very important to the Evans family. If she can do it, she can improve her status in the Evans family. If the delay makes a mistake, Finn will definitely be punished, but She didn’t get any benefit either.

“Then what should I do?” Jessica asked.

“Wait, wait for him to beg you, this time is a good opportunity for you to take revenge.” Stanley smiled.


“Don’t worry, you forgot, is the owner of the weak water real estate my classmate? Even if it is delayed for a few days, there is no problem.” Stanley explained.

Jessica suddenly realized that, looking at Stanley with his eyes rolling, lying on the sofa and faintly said: “Stanley, I didn’t see that you are still a chicken thief.”

Chapter 10 Strong
Finn, who was hung up, was so annoyed that he threw the phone on the ground and smashed it to pieces.

“This rubbish, dare to hang up my phone, what qualifications do you have!” Finn said angrily.

Lucas’s heart sank. If Jessica didn’t show up, they would be over.

“Finn, what’s going on, isn’t Jessica willing to come forward?” Lucas asked.

Finn sneered on his face and said, “Stanley answered the call, saying that

Jessica is sick.” “Sick?” Lucas spat, disdainfully said: “I think she is pretending to be sick and she deliberately shirks.”

Angry. When I was angry, Lucas’s IQ was still online. No matter what, they had to ask Jessica to come forward. The cooperation was small, and was kicked out of Evans’s family affairs.

“Finn, go, Dad will accompany you on a trip.” Lucas said.

Finn looked cold, and was hung up by Stanley. Now he was agitated, and of course he wanted to find Stanley to settle the account.

When he came to the community where Jessica’s family was located, Lucas looked disgusted.

“Sure enough, he is the least promising person in the Evans family, and he still lives in this kind of place.”

“Dad, it’s not bad for them to have a doghouse. With a salary of several thousand Pound a month, can they still live in Genting? Mountain villa?” Finn laughed.

Being able to live there is a manifestation of identity. The old lady of the Evans family’s biggest wish is to allow the Evans family to move into the Lanzarote leisure villa, because only by living there can they really touch the gate of the first-line family.

When the knock on the door sounded, Stanley asked Jessica to return to the room. Since he wanted to pretend to be sick, he needed a full set for acting.

Opening the door, Finn looked at Stanley full of anger.

“Stanley, you just hung up my call?” Finn said.

“Not bad.”

Finn suddenly raised his fist and waved it towards Stanley’s face.

“You rubbish, what right do you have to hang up with me.”


Stanley kicked Finn’s abdomen in a thunderous manner.

Finn’s fist hadn’t fallen yet, and he banged against the wall.

The sharp pain from the lower abdomen made Finn’s expression distorted and squatted on the ground.

“Stanley, you dare to beat my son.” Lucas was furious when he saw this scene.

Stanley stared at Lucas coldly, and reprimanded: “If you talk nonsense, even you will beat you.”

Lucas’s heart was shocked, and the useless look in his eyes made him feel scared.

Isn’t he the soft guy who has always been bullied? Why did you suddenly become stronger today.

“Stanley, you fucking dare to hit me.” Finn gritted his teeth and said.

“Since I’m here to beg, I’m begging for help. Didn’t grandma tell you clearly the end of the lost cooperation?” Stanley said.

This sentence made Lucas and Finn’s anger subsided instantly, cooperation could not be restored, and they would have to be driven out of the Evans family.

“Stanley, does this matter have anything to do with you? Let Jessica come out.” Lucas said.

“It doesn’t matter to me, Jessica is my wife. She is sick now, and I am in charge of the family affairs for the time being,” Stanley said.


Lucas and Finn laughed at the same time when they heard Stanley’s words.

“Stanley, do you still have the dignity of a man, and the uselessness of relying on women to eat, do you have the right to speak?” Lucas said.

“You said that, did Jessica agree? And you didn’t know that Jessica gave you a cuckold, how do you think she talked about cooperation in weak water real estate?” Finn looked at Stanley mockingly.

Stanley frowned. How did Jessica talk about cooperation? Of course he knew that Finn’s remarks were obviously malicious insult to Jessica.

Walking to Finn, the condescending Stanley showed killing intent.

Finn shrank his neck, frightened inexplicably, and stammered: “You…what do you want to do.”

“You dare to say something ill of her, I want you to die.”

Finn’s Adam’s apple squirmed and swallowed. , There was no doubt about Stanley’s words.

“What are you doing?” At this moment, Matthew Evans and Ella happened to come back and ran into this scene.

“Matthew, your son-in-law is so talented that even my son dares to fight.” Seeing Matthew Evans, Lucas resumed his arrogant appearance, because this younger brother has been squandered since he was a kid, grabbing sweets and reading books when he was a kid. At that time, he grabbed textbooks and grabbed his girlfriend. Lucas never lost, so he has a natural sense of superiority in front of Matthew Evans.

Matthew Evans was bullied since he was a child, and has a psychological shadow, and when he saw this elder brother, he was scared.


Stanley , are you crazy, even…” Matthew Evans was caught by Ella before he finished speaking.

Although Ella didn’t like Stanley in his heart, Finn snatched Jessica’s project leader last night. She couldn’t find a place to sneer. Finn was beaten and it was too late to be happy.

“Big brother, your son was beaten. He asked for it. If he did something wrong, he would naturally get retribution.” Ella said.

“You…” Lucas was extremely angry, pointing at Ella with trembling fingertips.

“I am what I am, what are you doing when you are pointing to me, what are you doing when you come to my house if you have nothing to do, I don’t welcome you here.” Ella was originally a shrew, she hurled her anger, how could Lucas be an opponent.

“Yes, brother, how come you come to my house, you have never been here.” Matthew Evans is also surprised. Relatives of the Evans family never come to their home. Is it possible that the sun has come out from the west today?

Lucas and Finn were embarrassed and couldn’t say a word.

Stanley said, “The people in the weak water real estate refuse to talk to the new person in charge, so they came to Jessica for help. I guess my grandma is not less angry.”

Hearing this sentence, Ella burst into laughter.

“Brother, you also have today, and you will also come to us for help. It’s really a feng shui turn.” Ella said.

Lucas’s future is now in Jessica’s hands. Although he is very unconvinced, he dare not refute what Ella said.

“Matthew, we did not do the right thing this time, I apologize to you.” Lucas said.

Matthew Evans grew up so old, and he had only seen Lucas’s strong side. When did he apologize to him, he was a little confused for a while.

Finn lowered his head and felt ashamed of his face, but he could only accept this situation.

“Big brother, the punishment mom gave you is not small, otherwise you can’t apologize to me.” Matthew Evans curiously asked.

“This time, you must help me, or I will be kicked out of the Evans family.” Lucas didn’t hide it. Anyway, he was embarrassed. As long as he could keep his position in the Evans family, he would have a chance for revenge, but he was kicked out. After leaving Evans’s house, there was nothing left.

Stanley was also a little surprised when he heard this. Although he had thought that the old lady would put pressure on Lucas, his driving out of the Evans family was far beyond his imagination.

“No, how can I help you? You used to make things difficult for us.” Ella rebuffed.

“Brother sister, why bother to do something that hurts others and disadvantages yourself? Being able to cooperate with the weak water real estate is also good for your family. I was kicked out of the Evans family. What else can you get besides having fun?” Lucas said.

Ella thought about it carefully. It was the same reason. Lucas’s removal would not affect her status in the Evans family, but it would have a completely different meaning to let Jessica take charge of this cooperation.

“Where is Jessica?” Ella asked Stanley.

“I’m sick and resting.” Stanley said.

“I’m sick, how come I suddenly become sick.” Ella ran into the house nervously, shouting as he ran.

When I arrived in the room, I saw Jessica, who looked as usual, and did not look like he was sick, and asked: “Jessica, why are you uncomfortable?”

Jessica chicken thief smiled and whispered: “Mom, I’m not uncomfortable, yes. Stanley made me pretend to be ill on purpose.”

“Intentionally?” Ella was taken aback, and then understood Stanley’s intentions, and said lightly: “I didn’t expect this wasteful and careful attention is quite a lot.”

“Mom, you can do it in the future .” You can’t stop using one bite at a time.” Jessica said dissatisfiedly.

Ella glared at Jessica and said, “Although he did a good job of this matter, this kind of careful attention is not a real skill. You can’t like him because he did these things, right?”

“Mom, I and him I have been married for three years.”

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