Son in law chapter 11-20

Chapter 11
Ella’s greatest wish was to find an opportunity to kick Stanley out of Evans’s house. Now that Jessica helped Stanley speak, and also accepted the marriage to Stanley, he was not angry.

“Jessica, I warn you, don’t have real feelings for her, if you follow this kind of uselessness, you will not have a good life in the future, I will be your lesson.” Ella said angrily.

During the three years of staying with Stanley, Jessica’s feelings have been imperceptible. Even if there is no such thing as a weak water property, she will not divorce Stanley. What’s more, it is Stanley who can facilitate this cooperation. help.

The reason why Ella’s attitude towards Stanley was so bad was entirely because she believed that Stanley was not promising. As long as she told her about the weak water property, she believed that she would definitely be able to change her attitude towards Stanley.


Jessica sighed, why didn’t you let me tell them this?

“Mom didn’t lose my temper with you, Mom just didn’t want you to follow in my footsteps.” Ella noticed that his attitude was a bit too aggressive, and softened a little bit.

“Mom, give him a year, and he will definitely not let you down.” Jessica knew that Stanley was changing for her. Although she didn’t know the specific changes, she believed that Stanley ended up One day people who look down on him will look with admiration.

“Humph.” Ella snorted coldly, and said, “It’s a waste like your dad. What if you give him ten years? Look at your dad. Are you promising now?”

“Mom, for so many years, although Dad hasn’t He’s great, but isn’t he treating you bad? He has never been to Jessica either. Look at those people like the uncle, who is out there without women. Happiness is not measured by money.” Jessica said.

Although Ella is angry, she also knows that Jessica is telling the truth. Matthew Evans is indeed poor and has no prospects, but he has never been outside. Compared with many men, he is very good.

“Okay, I will give him one year to see how promising he can be, but I warn you, you can’t let him touch you.” Ella said.

Jessica nodded. Although she faced her feelings for Stanley squarely, she was not ready to talk about that.

When Ella walked from Jessica’s room to the living room, only Matthew Evans and Stanley were seen.

“How about Finn and his son? Didn’t you ask us, how did you leave?” Ella asked.

Matthew Evans glanced at Stanley, with a trace of jealousy in his eyes.

At the door just now, Stanley had a strong attitude to make Finn get out. Matthew Evans had never seen Stanley’s straight-up and fierce look, which resulted in him simply not having the courage to stop Stanley.

This married son-in-law has been useless for three full years. Why did he suddenly change today, and even Finn dared to fight!

“I let them go. Since grandma changed the person in charge, she should solve it herself.” Stanley said lightly.

This sentence was like a thunderstorm, blasting Matthew Evans and Ella out of their souls.

Let the old lady come out in person, this is simply a toad yawning.

“Stanley, are you crazy?” Matthew Evans stood up suddenly.

Ella also looked scared, and said, “Stanley, does this family have your voice? Do you know the consequences of doing this?”

The old lady is like Empress Cixi, although Ella She was a shrew, but in front of the old lady, she didn’t even dare to breathe.

“She will come.” Stanley walked towards the kitchen, calmly unreasonable.

Suddenly, Ella felt that he couldn’t see through the uselessness. Did he take the wrong medicine today or was he suddenly nervous?

“Matthew, this…what’s going on, taking the wrong medicine?” Ella whispered.

Matthew Evans shook his head and said: “I don’t know, but he is not the same today.”

Ella was puzzled, thinking of what Jessica said before, could it be that he really has any real skills?

“You said, will Mom come?” Ella asked.

Matthew Evans smiled helplessly and said, “How could Mom come to this place? Except for her old man staying in her own villa, when did she go to other places, and whoever wants to invite her to the house, unless she lives in the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure.”

Ella nodded. The old lady always wanted the Evans family to have a place in the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure. For so many years, she had never been to any relatives or children under her knees.

the next day.

Jessica has the habit of running in the morning and wakes up at 6 o’clock every day.

After changing her clothes, Jessica walked to Stanley’s floor and said, “Pretend to sleep?”

Stanley sat up awkwardly. She didn’t expect to see Jessica getting off work every day. She knew that she even followed the morning run. know.

The two went out together. For the past three years, Jessica had taken the same morning jog every day, and they would definitely pass by the Lanzarote leisure Villa area.

After arriving on the road in the Lanzarote leisure villa area, Stanley asked Jessica: “You look here every day, why?”

“If you can run on this Lanzarote leisure road in the morning, the air will definitely be better.” Jessica Said with a face yearning, besides the residents in the villa area, no one can enter the gate at the foot of the mountain. Jessica knew that this was a place out of reach of her, so she would be satisfied to look at it every day.

“My grandma has always wanted to live here, because only by living here can she truly enter the upper class. This time the cooperation with the weak water real estate is likely to bring such opportunities to the Evans family, so she will be attitude. So tough, let Finn come to me.”

Stanley looked at the Lanzarote leisure villa and said, “I heard that the Lanzarote leisure villa is going to be auctioned. The former owner went abroad many years ago, so he probably doesn’t plan to return home.

” What do you think.” Jessica looked at Stanley helplessly, and said: “In the entire Lanzarote leisure villa area, the villa on the mountainside is the most expensive and best reflects the status. This time, there will be a lot of money. I heard that the transaction price is estimated at 60 million, do you know how much it is?”

Sixty million is indeed a lot, but… it’s really not that much.

“Let’s go.” Stanley said with a smile.

Before returning home, the two ate breakfast together. For the first time in three years, Stanley found an excuse to leave the house shortly after returning home.

Weak water properties.

Boss office on the top floor.

Stanley stood with his hands in his hands, standing in front of the French windows.

Blake stood behind Stanley respectfully.

“The auction of the Lanzarote leisure villa area, you find someone to help me take it.” Stanley said.

Blake said with a dilemma, “Little Master, the Shaw family’s money can only be used to develop the company. This…”

Stanley smiled coldly, threw a bank card on the desk, and said: “From the time I was twelve years old, I knew that the Shaw family belonged to him, so I used the connections of the Shaw family to help me earn money. I had my own company when I was sixteen. Cooperation?”

Hearing these words, Blake suddenly became short of breath.

“Freya Wood, the chairman of Frivom Company, has been with me for many years.” Blake said.

“Chairman?” Stanley raised a wicked smile at the corner of his mouth: “It’s nothing

more than puppet.” Blake’s heart was shocked, and he looked at Stanley’s back inconceivably.

Freya Wood turned out to be the puppet of the young master of the Shaw family. For so many years, Stanley controlled Freya Wood. Is he the real boss of Frivom Company?

“Do you know why it is called Frivom?” Stanley asked.

Blake was so scared that he didn’t know what to say.

“This erection is a sword hanging on the head of the Shaw family.”

Blake’s forehead was sweating coldly. He couldn’t believe that when Shaw was three thousand and twelve years old, he was paving the way for himself. That shouldn’t be a worry-free youth. Is your age? This scheming city mansion is by no means comparable to the Shaw family eldest master.

Who could have imagined that when the young master of the Shaw family spent time and drink, the young man in front of him had already hung a sword on the head of the Shaw family.

With a cool breeze on his back, Blake said: “Young master, don’t worry, I will never tell anyone about this.”

“This villa, help me take pictures of this villa at all costs. She wants to run on the Lanzarote leisure road in the morning.”

What you want, even in this world, my Stanley will try my best to give it to you.

Chapter 12

The old lady of the Evans family is out!

The old lady of the Evans family seems to be going to Matthew Evans’s house!

After the news spread in the Evans family, every relative was shocked beyond words. For many years, the old lady would never go to the place where his children lived. She even said that she wanted me to go to your house unless you Eligible to live in the Lanzarote leisure villa area.


“Grandma really wants to go to Jessica’s house.”

“No, who’s rumored the news, how is this possible.”

The WeChat group of several younger generations of the Evans family was very lively, and everyone said that they were right about this. unbelievable.

But when a picture of an old lady getting off the car was posted to the group, the group suddenly became quiet.

They all know that grandma’s personal appearance this time is considered to have sold Jessica’s big face, and Finn’s position in the company will inevitably be affected.

Matthew Evans and Ella were shocked to speak for a long time after they learned about this. They thought it was impossible for the old lady to come, but they didn’t expect her to actually come forward.

The cooperation of weak water real estate is very important to the Evans family. Whether they can squeeze into the first-line family of London depends on how to grasp this opportunity. The biggest wish of the old lady in her life is to let the Evans family live in Lanzarote while she is still alive. Villa area, so when she heard that Jessica was ill, she was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. In case Blake found another partner, there would be no way to recover the matter, so she had to come and see in person To be at ease.

The old lady is very old, and climbing stairs almost killed her.

Matthew Evans and Ella had been waiting at the door for a long time, and when they saw the old lady, they hurried forward to help.

“Mom, why are you here in person? If you have something to call, let’s go see you.” Matthew Evans said.

“Yes, mom, just call if you have something to do.” Ella also said.

The old lady was out of breath, her face paled from exhaustion.

“I came to see Jessica, I heard she was sick.” The old lady said.

Matthew Evans was shocked, Jessica was simply pretending to be sick. Would it be enough if the old lady knew?

Stanley glared fiercely, it was all his bad idea.

Stanley looked indifferent, and after inviting the old lady in, poured her a glass of water, but the old lady didn’t even look at it.

“Where is Jessica?” the old lady asked after sitting on the sofa.

“I’m sick, so I’m in the room for fear of infecting you,” Ella said.

“She is not sick.” Stanley said suddenly.

Thunder on the ground!

Stanley’s words made Matthew Evans and Ella almost urinate in fright. They tried their best to conceal this matter, but Stanley admitted to it.

“Stanley, what nonsense are you talking about, Jessica Mingming fell ill.” Ella looked at Stanley angrily, pretending to be sick was suggested by this guy, and now he actively admitted to pretending to be sick. He is doing harm. People!

“Mom, don’t listen to Stanley’s nonsense, he doesn’t know anything.” Matthew Evans said in a panic.

The old lady looked at Stanley dissatisfied, and asked: “What do you mean when you say you are not sick?”

“Jessica is the project leader. She won the cooperation with the weak water real estate. No matter what Finn said, change the project. You made the decision of the person in charge. Finn is responsible for this matter, but there is also your fault, right?” Stanley said calmly.

“Stanley, what kind of thing do you dare to question grandma?” Finn said with a runaway face.

Lucas was also so angry that his scalp was numb. He was just a son-in-law. He even dared to question the old lady and was impatient.

“Stanley, there is no place for you to speak, you’d better disappear in front of me, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude to you.” Lucas said.

“Grandma, now only Jessica can handle this cooperation, don’t you think?” No matter how excited they are, Stanley always looks calm.

The old lady took a deep breath and said, “What is the advantage of doing this? If it angers me, I am not afraid that if I am angry, I won’t want this cooperation and I will drive you out of the Evans family?”

“Of course it is also possible. , But the loss facing the Evans family is too great, you won’t do this.” Stanley said.

“You will eat me like this?” the old lady said.

“Grandma, I just want you to pay attention to Jessica, nothing else. If there is something that makes grandma angry, I will apologize for you.” Stanley said.

The old lady laughed, slapped a candy, this method is really good.

“Is this your idea? Don’t be impressed for three days.” The smile on the old lady’s face was gradually replaced by gloom. Jessica would never dare to play such tricks with her. As for Matthew Evans and Ella, She didn’t even dare to breathe when she saw it. Apart from Stanley, she couldn’t think of anyone else who could come up with such an idea.

“My original intention was just for the good of the Evans family.” Stanley said.

Evans’s family?

It is hard to say whether it is her old lady’s Evans family or Jessica’s Evans family.

“Where is Jessica?” the old lady asked.

At this time, Stanley’s phone just rang, and after answering the phone, Stanley pressed down the PA building.

“Three thousand, I just talked to Blake, he is willing to continue to cooperate with the Evans family.” Jessica’s voice came from the phone.

Both Matthew Evans and Ella were dumbfounded. They didn’t even know when Jessica left home.

“Grandma is at home, she must be very happy to hear this news,” Stanley said.

The old lady reluctantly squeezed out a smile, and said: “Welcome Jessica, thank you very much, come to my grandma’s for dinner in two days.

“Thank you, grandma.”

The old lady stood up, looked directly at Stanley, and said, “Stanley, if you have a little covetous heart for my Evans family, I advise you to put this idea down. I will never let it go. You succeed.”

“Grandma, don’t worry, I am not interested in the Evans family’s property.” With the weight of the Evans family, Stanley didn’t pay attention to it. Just a second-rate family, how much oil and water can he have?

After the old lady left, Ella, who was kept in the dark, questioned Stanley: “Stanley, is this planned by you and Jessica? Do you know how dangerous this is.”

“Mom .” , Didn’t you breathe a sigh of relief? After so many years, don’t you want to vent the humiliation you have suffered in the Evans family?” Stanley asked back.

Ella was taken aback, and what happened today was indeed a sigh of relief. If it weren’t for Stanley’s arrangement, how could the old lady come to their house.

“And in the future, relatives of the Evans family will not dare to underestimate you anymore. The projects in Jessica’s hands can at least make her and Finn on the same level.” Stanley continued.

Ella was speechless, even if he wanted to pick the bones in the egg, he really couldn’t find a reason.

This incident caused turbulent waves among the relatives of the Evans family. Jessica got the status of the project leader, and his status in the company will definitely rise. Several women who have always looked down on Jessica were angry and angry for a while. They didn’t want to be Jessica. Ride on the head.

“Do not worry, we have the opportunity to marry into the wealthy do, so much dowry, if not the Shaw, and certainly not a small family.” “Yes,

we can say a few good sisters, unanimously, no matter who can After marrying into this Shaw family, you must protect your sisters from now on, and you cannot get too close to Jessica.”

“She is always a woman, and the Evans family cannot fall into her hands alone. Don’t worry too much. Finn will have ways to deal with her in the future. “

A group of sisters who did not have Jessica set off a crusade against Jessica for no reason.

Jessica returned home, Ella secretly called Jessica back to her room.

“Jessica, you tell mom honestly, is there anything else you are hiding from me?” Ella asked.

“No, why would you suddenly ask like that?” Jessica was panicked, but on the surface it was calm and steady.

“How do I feel, Stanley seems to be a different person. You haven’t seen the calmness that he had when he talked to your grandma today. The entire Evans family, who would dare to use this attitude to talk to the old lady?” Ella Said.

Jessica smiled. Although she didn’t see Stanley’s strength, she was very scared when she learned about the plan from Stanley, but she chose to believe in Stanley, and the facts proved it. , I believe he is right.

“Mom, no matter what, it’s good for us.”

Chapter 13

Three days later, the Evans family villa.

The old lady hosted a celebration banquet for Jessica, and all relatives of the Evans family arrived.

During the dinner, Jessica specifically talked about the cooperation with Miyonika Real Estate. The old lady was very happy to hear it, while the relatives of the Evans family were horrified. Jessica’s leadership has become an established fact, and Jessica’s future status in the company is inevitable. B.

After all, the weak water real estate needs to build the west of the city into the main urban area, and this project must take a long time.

If the project is not over, who can shake Jessica’s status?

Finn’s complexion is very ugly. He is the highest-ranking young generation in the company, and he is expected to become the successor to the chairman of the Evans family. Now Jessica is in power, which will virtually weaken his influence in the company, but he is fortunate. However, Jessica is a woman after all, and Finn believes that grandma cannot give him the entire company.

In addition to the celebration banquet, there is another major event happening in Cloud City today, the auction of the villa on the top of the mountain and the villa on the mountainside.

Although the Evans family dare not think about this kind of fantasy, they still pay much attention to this matter.

“The Lanzarote leisure villa is going to be auctioned today. I don’t know who can get it.”

“Cloud City has the strength to bid, but it is just three families. It depends on who is willing to spend more money to prove themselves.”

“I heard the estimated transaction price. It is floating at 60 million Pound. This is living in a pile of money.”

“These top rich people, for the sake of their face, who cares about this little money.” Sarah Evans, Jessica’s cousin, last time the Shaw family When giving the dowry gift, she showed very strong self-confidence, thinking that the Shaw family’s dowry gift was given to her. At this time, Youran said, “Maybe, this villa will be photographed by others.”

“Sarah, You mean…”

“Didn’t the Shaw family give us a betrothal gift. It hasn’t revealed his true face for a long time, and he doesn’t know what he is pretending to be a ghost. Maybe he just wants to give me a big surprise.” Sarah smiled, looking confident, as if It has been determined that the Shaw family came for her.

The other female juniors of the Evans family were a little unhappy when they heard this.

But Sarah is indeed the most beautiful among them, and she is most likely to fall in love with her.

“If this is the case, wouldn’t our Evans family have the opportunity to live in the Lanzarote leisure villa area?”

Hearing this, even the old lady was a little moved, although the cooperation with the weak water real estate is likely to promote the Evans family to London The first-line family, but if this Shaw family really bought the Lanzarote leisure villa, the Evans family can also follow their faces, and join forces. The status of the Evans family in London is likely to surpass the existing three major families. This is something the old lady dare not think about.

“It’s a pity that he hasn’t shown up until now.” The old lady sighed. After sending such an expensive betrothal gift, the host was late to show up, and the old lady couldn’t understand it.

“Such a man must be a blockbuster. When he is ready, he will come to pick me up.” Sarah said.

At this time, Stanley immersed himself in eating and did not participate in this topic.

Finn took a scornful look and said, “Stanley, no one is robbing you. Have you never eaten such a good dish?”

This sentence made many people sneered. They dare not follow suit. Ran Jessica casually, but this married son-in-law still doesn’t need to save face.

“This kind of delicacies, I’m almost tired of eating.”

“Some people are poor . It’s normal if they haven’t eaten them.” “I don’t know what it’s like to be poor.” The old lady coughed, and the sarcasm stopped. Come down.

Lucas received a call and said in shock: “So high! Isn’t it about 60 million?”


won the bidding?” Hearing Lucas’s words, the Evans family knew that he was talking about the Lanzarote leisure villa auction, and they all looked at Lucas attentively.

“I see.”

Lucas hung up the phone, sighing on his face.

“Dad, what’s the transaction price?” Finn asked impatiently.

“Eighty nine million.” Lucas said.

This number made everyone present stunned, and the old lady was also unable to calm down, far exceeding the estimated price of more than 20 million. I can imagine how fierce the auction is. The most important thing is that the actual value of the villa is simply not worth it. Many, 89 million, all spent on face.

“And it really made Sarahright. He is a mysterious buyer, I don’t know who it is.” Lucas continued.

Sarah Evans’s heart was surging, she just said casually, but she didn’t expect it to be true!

If it was the mysterious Shaw family who bought it and she was the one who was valued, it wouldn’t be as simple as flying on a branch and becoming a phoenix.

“He should appear soon.” Sarah said with a look of expectation. Although he didn’t know what the other party looked like, Sarah could accept such a big deal even if he was an ugly monster.

“Grandma, our Evans family, we really have a chance to live in the Lanzarote leisure villa area, and it is still the most luxurious Lanzarote leisure villa.” Sarah said to the old lady.

The old lady is getting older, and her heartbeat speeds up at this time. I don’t know who bought the villa, but the bride price actually went to the Evans family. No matter if he fell in love with the woman from the Evans family, he would treat the Evans family. It’s all a great thing.

“I hope he can come forward quickly. During this period of time, I have been insomnia for this matter for a long time.” The old lady said.

After a meal, Stanley and Jessica went for a walk in the back garden of the villa, one meter apart, respecting each other as guests.

“Will you be envious?” Stanley asked Jessica.

Jessica knew that Stanley was talking about the bride price, nodded and said: “I am also a person, of course I would be envious, but it is not necessary. For me, it is already very good now.”

Jessica’s candid answer made Stanley smiled softly. If she said she didn’t envy her, Stanley would still think she was hypocritical, but Jessica certainly couldn’t give such an answer.

“To spend 89 million to buy a villa, what do these people have to do with money?” Jessica asked Stanley curiously.

Stanley thought about it very carefully, and said, “Perhaps, it’s just his pocket money.”

Jessica blinked and was faintly surprised. Wouldn’t the 89 million pocket money be too exaggerated?

“You said, is it really possible that the person who bought the villa was the one who made the offer?” Jessica said.

“Perhaps, after all, the bride price is really not small.” Stanley said.

“It seems that Sarah will be the best person in the Evans family. I don’t know what kind of life it will be to marry such a rich person.” Jessica didn’t have the slightest envy on her face, she was just pure curiosity.

“Do you also think it will be Sarah Evans?” Stanley smiled.

“Even if you don’t want to admit it, she is indeed the most beautiful person in our generation. Such a rich person can only look at her.” Jessica said naturally.

“You are more beautiful.” Stanley said.

Jessica glared at Stanley fiercely, and said, “Are you crazy? I’m already married. How could this matter have something to do with me.”

Stanley smirked and said nothing more.

Not long after, Jessica was called away by the old lady. There should be something to explain to her.

Stanley was alone in the garden, with flowers blooming in the early summer.

“Stanley, you have not forgotten about you hitting me.” Finn walked behind Stanley and said in a gloomy tone.

Stanley turned around and looked at Finn alone, disdainfully said: “If you want revenge, I advise you to find two more helpers.”

Finn shook his head: “How could I be so careless with you, you are The son-in-law of the Evans family, don’t you know what your identity is? Why should I lower my identity for you.”

“Then why are you looking for me?” Stanley asked in confusion.

Finn said: “I just want to tell you, don’t think that Jessica is on the throne, you can fake it. You will always be the son-in-law of the Evans family, a waste in our eyes.”

Stanley smiled faintly, and brave his tongue , He is really not interested in this.

Seeing that Stanley was not angry or refuted himself, Finn gritted his teeth and said: “You are a waste of money, you can only swallow your voice when I scold you, and see what kind of dog you look like.”

“Finn, want to arouse me, let me Hit you, and then go to the grandma to file a complaint. This is your promise? And can you be smarter, this little trick is useless in front of me.” Stanley said.

Finn gritted his teeth, but he did not expect to think of a way to deal with Stanley, but he would be seen so easily.

Moreover, this rubbish, dare to say that he is not promising!

“By the way, I want to beat you, no matter where you are, not to mention the Evans family villa, even in front of grandma, I am still not afraid, do you want to be hospitalized?” Stanley stepped forward.

Finn was so frightened that he took two steps back in a row and was completely confused.

Stanley smiled and left the back garden.

Finn was so angry that he stamped his feet on the spot. He hated himself for taking two steps back. Why was he afraid of this waste? Even if Jessica has a status in the company, it does not mean that this waste also has a status.

“Stanley, I will definitely let you kneel down and kowtow to me.

Jessica talked with the old lady for less than half an hour, and Stanley didn’t ask anything, but judging from Jessica’s expression, he might be able to guess something.

The old lady told him before, let him not covet the Evans family’s property, I guess she is also worried about this now.

“Is there anything in the afternoon?” Jessica asked Stanley.

“No, what can I do?” Stanley said.

“Come with me to go shopping, I have an appointment with my sister, let you be a coolie, okay?” Jessica said.

Stanley replied, “Of course there is no problem.”

Chapter Fourteen
In front of the department store.

Saskia’s beautiful figure has attracted the attention of many men, and in just a few minutes, three men have talked to her.

The printed T-shirt plus a pure white coat, and the pleated white skirt on the lower body exposes the slender legs. I don’t know how many men are dazzled by it.

As Jessica’s classmate and best friend, when she saw Jessica walking far away with a man next to her, she opened her mouth slightly in surprise.

Jessica had been married for three years, and the legendary son-in-law had only seen her once at the wedding, and Jessica brought him out today.

Is this dazzling wrong?

“What’s wrong, what surprises you so much.” Jessica asked Saskia with a smile after approaching.

Saskia pulled Jessica aside, and asked in a low voice: “Jessica, this, the famous Stanley, I am not mistaken?” The

entire London, even if you haven’t seen the appearance of Stanley, it is more or less. I’ve heard his name, because three years ago, the incident was too loud, and Finn deliberately fanned the flames, some ordinary people knew about it.

“En.” Jessica nodded and said.

Saskia was even more surprised by Jessica’s confirmation. When Jessica got married, she was full of grievances. She also took up the injustice for Jessica. Although three years have passed, this matter is still being mentioned as a joke.

“Are you crazy, how could you bring him out?” Saskia said.

Jessica knew that her sister was very close to her, but it was already a fact that Stanley was her husband, and after facing her own feelings squarely, Jessica felt that Stanley should truly integrate into her life.

“I’m not crazy, you will see him often in the future.” Jessica said.

“You…you, don’t you accept him?” Saskia seemed to have heard a ghost story, with a face full of horror and often met. Doesn’t this mean that Jessica would often bring him out?

Jessica nodded without hesitation, and said, “Although I don’t have everything yet, I’m trying my best.”

Saskia rolled her eyes and wanted to say something, but swallowed again when she reached her throat.

“Be happy with you, who makes you my best sister.” Saskia said.

Taking a peek at Stanley, Saskia was surprised to find that if he were to exclude his status as a son-in-law, he would still look good, at least the whole person was still very handsome, and the temperament was outstanding, but it was a pity that his reputation was too bad.

After the three of them entered the mall, the two women started shopping. They said whether to buy or not, each store had to try the clothes they liked.

Stanley was also very patient. After all, it was the first time to go shopping with Jessica. For him, this feeling was very good.

Every time Saskia puts on sexy clothes, she will deliberately look at Stanley. She is confident about her figure and appearance. Every time she goes out, she will be accosted. Men are visual animals. In her opinion, Stanley is certainly no exception.

But after trying several times, Saskia found that Stanley only smiled when Jessica changed into clothes. As for her, she didn’t even look at it.

Isn’t this guy a blind face? Isn’t he trying to be beautiful?

Saskia didn’t believe in evil, and deliberately wore a particularly revealing dress, a tube top and hip skirt, which almost showed her good figure, and she deliberately walked in front of Stanley.

“Do you look good for me?” Saskia said.

Stanley looked up and down, her figure was indeed good, her lordosis and back curled, she said: “It looks good.”

The next moment after saying these two words, Stanley put his eyes back to Jessica. On the body, there is no moment to stay.

For men, Saskia asked herself to have a deep understanding. Stanley looked at her eyes without any desire at all, she was extremely clear, this could not be pretended to be.

So Saskia was convinced of one thing. Stanley was definitely a face blind. In his eyes, there was no beauty or ugliness at all.

At this time, a man and a woman walked into the store, the woman dressed in enchanting, and the man had a thick body, with a thick gold necklace hanging around his neck, full of nouveau riche style.

After a woman enters the store, she doesn’t even try any clothes that are important to them, and just asks the shopping guide to install them.

“I want this one too.” When the woman walked in front of Jessica, Jessica just took a piece of clothing and planned to try it, but she did not expect to be taken directly by her.

For such a bold customer, the shopping guide is generally a service that licks his face, and Jessica has tried several items, and has no intention of buying, naturally, Jessica is not in his eyes.


“What’s going on, my friend took a fancy to this matter first.” Before Jessica spoke, Saskia took the lead and asked the shopping guide.

The coquettish woman looked at Saskia proudly, and smiled disdainfully: “I buy clothes and never try them on, because people like you try them and don’t know how many germs they have.”

“Buy .” You can’t try clothes too much. How can you know if you don’t try them?” Saskia retorted.

“Inappropriate?” The woman said with a smile: “Throw it away if it doesn’t fit. A woman buys clothes, looking for the feeling of spending money. Sorry, you don’t understand.”

Saskia was so angry.

Jessica said: “I want to buy this dress.”

The woman looked at Jessica contemptuously: “Ask her, do you sell it to me or to you?”

After that, the woman looked at the shopping guide and continued, “If You want to sell this dress to her. I asked you to wrap it up just now, so there is no need to trouble.”

The shopping guide said without hesitation: “This lady said to buy it first. You should pick other ones. “

“Do you want such a force, she is a guest, and we are also guests.” Saskia said unconvinced.

The shopping guide raised his mouth and chuckled: “The guests are divided into different categories. Is this young lady’s purchasing power comparable to you?”

Upon hearing this, the coquettish woman smiled triumphantly and said: “Don’t give I am embarrassed. I weigh the weight of my wallet and see if I can compare

it with me.” At this time, the man wearing a gold necklace walked up to the coquettish woman: “What do you do with so much nonsense, money is king, do you have it? I want to be a god, and bring some real money out.”

Saskia’s face was livid, and she saw that this coquettish woman was a small third, she was not convinced by this kind of woman’s head, but the weight of her purse, how can it be? Compared with this upstart?

Although Jessica was born in the Evans family, she has always received the same salary as ordinary employees, and her family background is not strong. Although she is now the project leader, it has only been a few days, and her status has not been converted into money.


Before Jessica had finished speaking, Stanley stood up suddenly and said: “Whoever buys more, sell to whom?”

The upstart cast a disdainful look at Stanley and said, “Why, you Want to play with me?”

Jessica hurriedly walked to Stanley and said in a low voice, “Stanley, don’t know them.”

She didn’t want Stanley to act for a while. This upstart is obviously a wealthy owner. , How can it be compared.

Stanley gently said to Jessica: “As long as it is what you like, I will let you get it.”

Jessica listened to Stanley’s firm tone and shook her for a while, just like Stanley texting her. That time, it was like when Stanley said that grandma would come in person, she chose to believe in Stanley, and Jessica felt the same today.

Saskia didn’t think that Stanley was really richer than this upstart. He also walked up to Stanley and reminded him: “Pretend to be struck by lightning. You are richer than him, so forget it.”

“Young man, I advise you to listen to your friends, otherwise it is yourself who is embarrassed.” The nouveau riche said triumphantly.

The coquettish woman was a little interested in Stanley’s looks, but it was a pity that she was a poor ghost, but she did not meet her criteria for mate selection.

“Aren’t you chasing out these obtrusive people? It disturbed my mood, be careful I didn’t buy it in your store.” The coquettish woman said to the shopping guide.

The shopping guide doesn’t want to lose such big customers, and would rather offend Stanley.

“Please leave, our shop does not welcome you.” The shopping guide said to Stanley.

“I want all the clothes in the shop, but you also helped me get rid of these two obtrusive things.” Stanley said.

Jessica was shocked when she heard this, she wanted it all! How much does it cost? How could Stanley be so rich?

“Three thousand, are you confused, do you know how much these clothes cost?” Jessica said quickly.

Saskia also thought that Stanley was crazy, he was just a son-in-law, even if he hid private money, he couldn’t have so much.

The nouveau riche laughed aloud when he heard this, and said: “Okay, I watched you pay the bill. If you can really spend so much money, how about I get out of this store by myself?”

The coquettish woman laughed beautifully. Shaking around, like watching a joke: “I haven’t seen someone like you who is poor and face-saving. Do you know what the bragging end is?”

The shopping guide does not believe that Stanley has this kind of strength, because she has seen so many. Rich people, Stanley was a dick in her eyes.

“We just took inventory today. If you want to buy all the clothes, you don’t have to forget it. The total is 463,800 Pound. I will give you a discount. I will pay the 800 Pound. How about?” The shopping guide said this like a joke.

Stanley sneered coldly and said, “All the achievements are on her head.”

The other shopping guide that Stanley pointed to, she was the only one who didn’t show a look of despise from beginning to end.

When Stanley walked to the front of the bar, Jessica and Saskia were in a daze. The nouveau riche and the glamorous woman looked at Stanley so confident, and they were also confused.

He won’t really have money to pay the bill, will he?


The bank card was given to Blake!

Chapter 15
Seeing that Stanley could not take out his wallet for a long time, the nouveau riche breathed a sigh of relief, with an arrogant look on his face again.

“It’s over, it’s blown out now. The wallet doesn’t carry such an excuse. If you say it, it will be a joke.” The nouveau riche said.

The fascinating woman laughed strangely and said: “Poor, can you not bother me buying clothes, get out of here, and be embarrassed.”

Saskia quietly tugged at the corner of Jessica’s clothes and whispered: “Let’s go, don’t Shame with him, I can’t bear this kind of humiliation.”

Jessica looked at Stanley in confusion , bragging for the sake of face? Stanley is not such a person, but why would he do this?

Jessica shook her head and walked to Stanley and asked, “Forgot to bring your wallet?”

Stanley looked embarrassed, but he took the wallet, but the card was given to Blake, and he completely forgot about it just now. .

Hearing Jessica’s words, the nouveau riche laughed and said, “You really have the face to say such things, who believes it?”

Saskia’s pretty face was hot and red to the root of her ears. She wanted to leave, but Jessica was Her sister, if she left like this, she wouldn’t be loyal.

“Jessica, listen to me and follow me. His bragging rights made him embarrassed.” Saskia walked to Jessica and took her hand.

“Sir, if you have no money, you still have time to leave.” The shopping guide didn’t have the patience to continue wasting time with Stanley, and directly ordered the eviction.

At this time, a panting young man ran into the store. When he reached Stanley, he handed a bank card with both hands and said, “Mr. Stanley, this is your bank card.”

Stanley was surprised. He glanced at the young man in front of him. The bank card in his hand was indeed his own. It seemed that Blake had been sent to him by someone.

The nouveau riche wanted to tease a few more words, but when he saw the appearance of the young man giving the bank card, his face instantly turned pale.

He went to join in the fun today and looked at the auction of the Lanzarote leisure villa. Isn’t he the one who bid for 89 million today?

Everyone at the auction site knows that the mysterious buyer is unwilling to show up, so I found an errand guy. Now this young man passes the bank card to Stanley. Even if the upstart is a fool, he can guess Stanley. Stanley is the mysterious buyer that everyone in London wants to know.

Legs trembled and trembled, and the fat on his face throbbed like an electric motor. He bought a Lanzarote leisure villa at an amazing price of 89 million Pound. The identity of this young man can hardly even think about it!

The nouveau riche now has only one idea, go! To be precise, it was escape, because he knew that the person in front of him was not something he could provoke.

“Go.” The nouveau riche whispered to the coquettish woman beside him.

A coquettish woman has a good face, and she doesn’t believe that this card can really make money. Maybe she just found someone to act in a play, and said, “Where are you going, the show hasn’t been finished yet, I’d like to see it. Is there any money in this card?”

The nouveau riche can’t wait to choke the coquettish woman to death and make enemies with this kind of rich man. Isn’t that just looking for death?

When Stanley handed the bank card to the cashier, Saskia was so nervous that he clenched his fists, his palms were sweating, and Jessica also became nervous inexplicably.

“Please enter the password.” The cashier handed the POS machine to Stanley with trembling hands. She was also a little nervous when seeing such a large order for the first time in her life.

Stanley looked at Jessica and said with a smile: “Why don’t you come to enter the password?”

“Ah?” Jessica looked at Stanley in astonishment. How could she let her enter the password? She didn’t know what the password was.

“Try it.” Stanley said.

The first number that Jessica thought of was the wedding anniversary of the two of them. Could it be…

“Hey, you can be ashamed of yourself, do you have to be ashamed of Jessica with you?” Saskia looked at Stanley dissatisfiedly .

Jessica stretched out her hand and entered a few numbers in her mind.

Credit card successful!

The shopping guide who looked down on Stanley just now looked dazed, really… really paid!

The nouveau riche is not surprised at all, because he has bought all 89 million Lanzarote leisure villas, and more than 400,000 Pound is considered a shit.

The coquettish woman had no body, and waited to see the joke, he actually paid.

“Jessica, you…how do you know the password?” Saskia couldn’t believe that there were two points. The first is that Stanley is really rich, and the second is that Jessica obviously doesn’t know the password. Why did he enter the password correctly?

Jessica lowered her head and said, “It’s our wedding anniversary.”

Saskia’s face flashed with unconcealed envy when she heard these words.

“Who said I was going to get out of here?” Stanley said suddenly.

The nouveau riche and the coquettish woman just walked to the door and were about to slip away quietly. Hearing Stanley’s words, they immediately froze in place.

“What about money, I am not a poor man, why do you let me go?” The coquettish woman looked at Stanley unconvinced.

Stanley smiled without saying a word.

The nouveau riche looked at Stanley with a smile, and his hair stood up. He knew that if he didn’t do what he just said today, Stanley would definitely not let him go.

Such a person can’t afford to offend!

The nouveau riche walked into the shop again, and then rolled out like a meat ball.

“Sorry, I was wrong just now,” said the upstart.

The coquettish woman felt that she couldn’t keep her face, and shouted at the nouveau riche: “Are you crazy? You can do what he wants you to do. Are you a dog?”

The nouveau riche flashed a trace of hideousness between the eyebrows and slapped her face Coquettish woman’s face: “Where the hell are you nonsense, what kind of thing, what is it?”

Jessica and Saskia were dumbfounded, and it was enough to get out of the nouveau riche. Now they are still having such a big fire, are their brains cramped? Although he said that Stanley would get out of here if he could pay, but if he broke his promise, no one would dare to do anything to him.

The coquettish woman covered her face, not daring to talk any more nonsense. She could lie in the arms of the upstart and act like a baby, but she also knew that she was just a junior. If he was really angry, he could kick her away at any time.

“I’m sorry.” The coquettish woman said to the nouveau riche.

“Mr. Stanley, if there is nothing else, I will leave first?” the nouveau riche asked Stanley in a clear questioning tone.

After Stanley nodded, he left with the coquettish woman.

Saskia swallowed and told her instinctively that this matter was not just as simple as Stanley paid. This upstart was obviously afraid of Stanley.

However, he is London’s famous son-in-law, who is a wasteful son-in-law. Everyone treats him as a joke. Why would anyone be afraid of him?

“Mr. Stanley, I’m sorry for the attitude just now, it’s my fault.” The shopping guide bent over and said to Stanley.

Stanley took a cold look and said to Jessica, “These clothes are yours, what are you going to do with them?”

Jessica still seemed to be dreaming, but she was not immersed in how much Stanley spent on this one. It was the bank card password. The wedding anniversary was coming soon. She didn’t care about it, but Stanley used it as the bank card password.

“I…I don’t know either.” Jessica smiled bitterly. When will I finish wearing so many clothes.

“Aren’t you two of the same number?” Stanley glanced at Saskia, judging from the body, the two should be of different sizes.

Saskia nodded.

“Separate the size of clothes that suits them both, as for the rest, don’t take it.” Stanley said to the shopping guide.

No… no more!

This sentence made the shopping guide dumbfounded. This is the real rich person. After paying the money, she said that she didn’t want it. She actually looked away.

“Well, how can this work? Give me the rest of the size.” Saskia was excited to say this, and it was revealed that Stanley had paid, and he was qualified to control the ownership of these clothes. , Weakly asked Stanley: “Okay… OK?”

“No problem.” Stanley said.

After handling the clothes, the store will deliver them to the door, so that Stanley will not be a coolie. This is a great blessing, otherwise it will be exhausted today.

I bought the whole store, and I don’t have to go shopping for the rest. When I was about to leave on the first floor of the department store, Saskia took Jessica to the bathroom. I didn’t know if I was going to the bathroom. There must be something private to say.

Stanley was waiting on the first floor, and there happened to be a piano training class enrolling students, so he went up and watched the excitement.

“Sir, our school also has adult classes. Are you interested?” A promoter walked up to Stanley and handed an advertisement to Stanley.

Stanley looked at the piano with an inexplicable impulse. This was his biggest interest when he was a child, but after leaving Shaw’s house, he hadn’t touched a piano for three years.

“Can I try it?” Stanley asked, pointing to the piano.

“Of course you can.”

Stroking the black and white keys, the familiar feeling came to my heart, pressing the next key, the action was slightly jerky.

As the sense of familiarity slowly recovered, and gradually improved, the intense and high-pitched notes of the melody jumped out from the fingertips, and more and more people stopped, all attracted by the sound of the piano, even for several piano training classes. The teacher was stunned.

The crowd onlookers soon became crowded. The inside and outside three floors watched the excitement, and some people used their mobile phones to take small videos.

Croatian Rhapsody is Maxim’s masterpiece. The music uses a bright rhythm to describe the ruined walls in the ashes of Croatia after the baptism of war, and the tragic picture of the setting sun reflected in blood, tears and dust.

Stanley also used this song to ignite the passion of the people at the scene.

After the song was over, a wave of applause rang out.

“What’s the matter, why is it so lively over there.” Saskia asked curiously when she came out of the bathroom.

Jessica also felt strange, why those people were crowded together.

At this time, Stanley squeezed out of the crowd and quickly walked to Jessica and said, “Let’s go.”

Chapter 16

When Stanley left with Jessica, a beautiful figure rushed out of the door of the department store and looked around. He didn’t find Stanley’s figure before returning.

At three o’clock in the morning the next day, Stanley was sleeping on the floor beautifully, Jessica’s phone rang suddenly.

In the middle of the night, very few people would call, Jessica looked at the teledisplay and looked speechless.

“Are you still trying on clothes and not sleeping?” Jessica said helplessly.

I was too lazy to take the phone, so I turned on the amplifier, and Saskia screamed through the sky.

“Jessica, I’m in love, and I found my Prince Charming.”

Jessica couldn’t help rolling her eyes, and said: “It’s midnight, what are your nerves.”

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Saskia cried again, and Jessica didn’t bother to take care of it.

“I shouldn’t go to the bathroom yesterday, otherwise, I won’t miss my Prince Charming.”

“Do you know what those people were watching yesterday? It turned out to be a handsome guy playing the piano, you don’t know, now that person is there. The short video is already very hot, I must find him, I want to get someone else out.”

“What a handsome short video, you don’t sleep in the middle of the night, what are you doing? If you don’t say it clearly, I can hang up and go to sleep. “Jessica said.

“Wait, I’ll send it to you right away.”

Soon, a video was sent over. After Jessica clicked it on, she could only see the back of a man sitting in front of the piano, playing really well, but Jessica didn’t feel anything.

“This must be some Internet celebrity hype, when have you been so irrational.” Jessica said.

“No, no, I have to find him and marry him. He is my prince charming, a little fairy like me, only he is worthy of me.” Saskia seemed to be crazy, she had already moved the video back and forth. Looked back more than a hundred times.

“Go to sleep, maybe there will be a video again in a few days. This kind of influencer will become active sooner or later.” Jessica didn’t want to take care of this crazy girlfriend.

“Jessica, I am so worried now that he has a girlfriend. What’s more serious, what if I get married, I will lose hope in my life…”

Before Wang said it, Jessica had already hung up the phone mercilessly. .

Stanley listened to the conversation between the two silently, but he didn’t expect that his skills would cause such a strong response.

It was still at six o’clock to get up on time. After the two went for a morning run and returned home after breakfast, Stanley sent Jessica to work.

As the project leader, Jessica’s workload is much greater than before. When Stanley left on a small eDonkey, Jessica subconsciously glanced back.

This back…

Jessica shook her head. Isn’t it normal to be familiar? It’s been three years, how could it be unfamiliar.

During the lunch break, Saskia called Jessica again. This woman was completely obsessed with yesterday’s Internet celebrity and couldn’t help herself.

“Jessica, my heart is no longer in my body, can you save me?” Saskia said.

Jessica said angrily: “I think you are really crazy, just an internet celebrity, do you want to be so crazy.”

“Are you free now, I come to the company to find you, I need you to save.”

Jessica looked at it. Looking at the time, she took a two-hour break at noon. There was still time. She was really afraid that her sister would be devilish, and said: “Come on.”

Soon, Saskia arrived at Jessica’s office, and the short video was still playing on her phone. I stayed up all night, haggard as if he was ten years old, and the dark circles on his face were almost comparable to national treasures.

“My dear, I have completely fallen.” Saskia was lying on the sofa in the reception area, looking like death is better than life.

Jessica grabbed the phone and was about to turn off the video. Saskia sat up and said: “Don’t turn it off, I can’t hear the sound of the piano, so I feel empty in my heart.”

Seeing that back again, Jessica’s mind instantly emerged. Stanley’s figure is like, so alike, just exactly the same.

“What are you looking at, this is my male god, you are married, do you still want to grab a man from me?” Saskia said vigilantly.

Jessica frowned, and said unsurely: “Do you think this figure is very familiar?”

“Of course it is familiar. I have watched it all night, can I be unfamiliar?” Saskia said naturally.

“No.” Jessica shook her head, and said: “Look at his clothes.”

Saskia looked at the phone, the clothes are handsome, nothing is wrong.

“What’s wrong with the clothes?” Saskia asked.

“It’s exactly the same as the one that Stanley wore yesterday.” Jessica was slightly startled, she didn’t really notice this if she didn’t look closely, not only the back image, but also the clothes. The person who doesn’t know the video is Stanley. Thousands.

“Stanley?” Saskia looked at the clothes. It was true, but she was not familiar with Stanley’s back, and she believed that the man in the video belonged to her. If it was Stanley, wouldn’t the dream be broken? ?

“How could it be that it wasn’t him. The clothes were just a coincidence.” Saskia hesitated and continued: “Does Stanley play the piano? When have you seen it?”

“That’s not true, ” Jessica said.

“That’s not right. He plays the piano so well. If he doesn’t practice every day, can he have such proficiency, how could it be Stanley.”

“That’s true.” Jessica nodded, the ability to play the piano is needed. Over the past three years, she has never watched Stanley play the piano. Even if he did it before, after these three years, she is almost deserted.

When the two girlfriends were chatting hot, there was already a title on the Internet, Little Prince Piano, countless women wanted to dig out his identity, and the Internet became popular for a while.

And Stanley rode his own little eDonkey and appeared in the Audi 4S shop, which is known as the light field.

Now I have to take Jessica to and from get off work every day, and if he is still riding a small electric donkey, it doesn’t matter if the wind is blowing, the sun is raining and the rain is raining. Stanley doesn’t care, but he can’t treat the fair and beautiful Jessica.

“I’m grass, now the new trend, riding a battery car to see Audi?”

“This guy is not in the wrong place, right? We don’t sell Yadi electric cars here.”

“Who is interested in receiving him? , I’ll have a big customer coming later.” When

Stanley released the car, several salespeople in the store laughed teasingly.

When entering the store, no one was willing to get up. Stanley walked around by himself. What he wanted was an A6. In addition to sending Jessica to and from get off work, he could also use it for business talks in the future. After all, what she said now is also from Eilicon. Project leader, the Toyota at home is also time to be eliminated.

Of course, Stanley is also able to buy a more luxurious car, but Jessica is too high-profile to explain, and bought the entire store yesterday, but Jessica didn’t ask much, otherwise he really didn’t know how to explain it.

Stopped in front of a new A6, and soon a salesperson walked up to Stanley.

“We have an entry-level A3 here. If you are interested, I can introduce it to you.” said the salesperson.

“When I pay the money today, when can I pick up the car?” Stanley asked directly.

The salesperson looked at Stanley dumbfounded. He thought that Stanley would just take a casual look. After all, he was a master who came by riding a battery car.

“You… do you want to buy this one? This is an A6.” The salesman stammered, not sure.

“Isn’t it written, I can see it,” Stanley said.

“Brother, have you read the price?” The salesperson still doesn’t believe it. Every customer who buys a car has to go through a careful inquiry, and the price is the same for performance testing. But he is too happy. real.

“Ah, yes, is there a discount on the price?” Stanley asked.

“This is a top-of-the-line hybrid version. Because it is a new model, there is no preferential policy yet.” said the salesperson.

“Well, can you drive away today?” The

salesperson couldn’t laugh or cry. This is a fairy guest, isn’t it a joke?

“Brother, if you needed it, I can now help you complete the procedure.”

Stanly three thousand took out a bank card, said:. “As soon as possible, it is best able to get four points, I have a very important thing,”

four I went to the commissary at half past three and waited for Jessica to get off work.

The salesperson’s eyelids jumped, if he really didn’t brag, today’s order is a waste of money, and he won’t waste his tongue at all.

When going to get the contract, other salespersons asked him: “How about it, this guy looks at A6 when

he comes, is he frightened by the price?” “Go and ask him if he wants to go to the Yadi store. It turned out to be in the wrong place.”

“We have four wheels, not two wheels.”

The salesman raised the bank card in his hand and said, “Shut up, this is a big customer. Today I have to mention the car. Let the manager know about this, and you’re done.”

The expressions of several people all changed.

“No, he didn’t make a joke when I mentioned the car today?” “This is the bank card he gave me. Could it be a joke?”

Walking towards the financial room, several other shopping guides followed behind, thinking about what happened.

The result was of course obvious. Several salesmen who had despised Stanley before suddenly felt regretful, as if they had missed a hundred million. Such a relaxed list floated in front of them, and no one reached out.

Less than four o’clock, the formalities were completed, and the insurance was also effective immediately, which meant that Stanley could drive away directly.

Stanley does not need such fancy things as the delivery ceremony. When he left, he asked the salesperson: “Can the battery car be left here temporarily? Today is more urgent, I will ride tomorrow.”

“Yes, maybe you can give it. My address, I can ride it for you,” the salesman said.

“No, I’ll come tomorrow.” After

Stanley drove away, several salespeople in the 4S store looked at each other, showing a bitter smile.

Chapter Seventeen One More

“Change the car?”

The boss said with a smile as soon as Stanley walked to the canteen after he parked the car on the side of the canteen.

“It’s almost summer, the sun is big.” Stanley said.

The boss subconsciously took a pack of cigarettes that Stanley usually smokes. However, he looked at A6 and found that it did not match Stanley’s current status. He asked, “Should I change my cigarettes?”

“Save a little bit and save gas. “Stanley said.

The boss smiled bitterly and shook his head: “This car’s gas money is not something that can be saved by smoking.”

“If you accumulate less, you won’t be scolded.” After Stanley opened the cigarette, he handed a cigarette to the boss. .

The boss extended the lighter at the same time, and the two actions cooperated with each other, and this was all settled by time. After all, it has been three years.

The boss took a sharp sip, spit out a faint smoke ring, and said: “I have long seen that you are not an ordinary person. Why is the dragon swimming in the shallows just soaring into the sky?”

Stanley didn’t expect the boss to say this. Wen said with a smile: “Boss, you are not gifted, why are you willing to guard this commissary for a lifetime.” The

boss shook his head again and again, and said: “What talent do I have? Every family has hard-to-read sutras. You are for women. , Me too.”

Stanley nodded without saying a word.

After smoking the cigarette, Stanley moved the car to the door of the company.

After get off work, the brand-new unlisted Audi attracted a lot of attention. Stanley stood by the car and was regarded as a young Junyan. Of course, this was on the premise that those people did not know his identity. It was the son-in-law of the Evans family, and he might have shown disdain for a long time.

“Stanley, this…” Jessica walked out of the company’s door and looked blank when he saw Stanley and the new car behind him.

“It’s almost summer. The sun is big, so I can’t always pick you up on a small eDonkey.” Stanley said.

An untimely voice sounded: “Jessica, you can do it. You changed your car a few days after you became the person in charge. You are so blatant, you are not afraid of grandma checking you?”

“Don’t do bad things during the day, and don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night. , If you have evidence, you can expose me.” Jessica looked at Finn coldly. Since she became the person in charge, Finn has caused her troubles, and they are all imaginary things.

Finn sneered coldly and said, “Don’t worry, when I have evidence, I will go to grandma without you reminding me. You’d better be careful, don’t let me catch the opportunity, or I will kick you out of Su. Home.”

Jessica sat in the co-pilot and didn’t bother to talk to Finn.

Stanley never looked at Finn from the end.

As the car drove towards home, Jessica suddenly asked Stanley, “How much private money do you have?”

Stanley knew that sooner or later he would face this problem, so he had already thought about it and said, “I used to save money. For the money I paid, I didn’t pay a penny for marriage, so I have some.”

Jessica turned to look at Stanley. How much are some of them, right?

Yesterday spent more than four hundred thousand, plus today’s, it is already over one million! This is more rich than their family.

But think about it, Jessica did not continue to ask. Although she is Stanley’s wife, the two of them have been financially independent for so many years, and they have not asked each other about money matters. There is no reason to delve into it.

Back at home, Ella knew about buying a new car, and couldn’t wait to take Matthew Evans downstairs to see it. This made the old couple happy.

Sitting in the new car, I feel that my pores are all opened, and I feel very comfortable.

“Matthew, this car can’t be driven for Stanley, my daughter has finally made a living, so we have to come and enjoy the blessing.” Ella said.

Matthew Evans replied repeatedly: “Yes, but you have to tell Jessica about this matter. If Stanley bumps into such a good car, he is suitable for riding a small eDonkey.”

“Unexpectedly, I have Ella today. Next time I return to my family, I can finally exhale.” Ella said excitedly.

When the old couple returned home, Ella called Jessica into his room.

“Mom, what’s the matter?” Jessica asked.

“This car, starting from today, your dad will drive.” Ella said.

“Why? This is…”

Before Jessica had finished speaking, Ella couldn’t wait to interrupt: “What else is there, you are good now, can’t we let the two elders enjoy the blessing? And such a good car? , If you drive Stanley, he doesn’t know what to do, how much money it will cost to repair it.”

“Mom, this car is Stanley…”

“It’s alright, don’t talk about it.” Ella waved his hand impatiently and said: “I know he recently picked you up to and from work, but you don’t always stare at him and ask him to drive such a good car. In case he is impure, use this car to cheat. What about other women, let’s give him the Toyota at home.”

Jessica was speechless. Stanley bought this car and has nothing to do with her.

“By the way, you changed the car within a few days of becoming the person in charge. Will your grandma check you? When you do the billing, you have to be careful.” Ella reminded the other relatives of the Evans family why Being able to live better than them is because of the high position in the company and the many opportunities to fish for oil and water, so Ella took it for granted that Jessica paid for the new car in the company.

Jessica sighed. She knew Ella’s character, and she couldn’t explain this at all. Even if she said that Stanley bought it, Ella would not believe it.

“I’m going out first.” Jessica had to explain this to Stanley.

When he came to the kitchen and looked at Stanley who was skilled in cooking, Jessica said apologetically: “I’m sorry.”

Stanley turned his head to look at Jessica in confusion, and asked, “What’s the matter, for no reason, why did you say it? I am sorry?”

“My mother thought I got the money to buy the car at the company. She has to drive the car to her father now.” Jessica also felt that Ella was a bit too much, but Ella is her mother after all, and she can only let the elderly be willful. .

“I still wonder why it’s okay.” Stanley said indifferently.

“Do you really mind? This is the car you paid for.” Jessica said.

“They are my parents too. I respect them, of course.”

Jessica heard this, and her heart became more and more injustice for Stanley. He has not been wronged less at home for the past three years, but there is no complaint at all, but instead she has been wronged at home. The parents are so nice.

“It’s almost dinner. If you are okay, help me get some bowls and chopsticks out.” Stanley said.

Jessica helped with the work. The old couple didn’t know when they would go downstairs to study the new car again. Only Jessica and Stanley were at the dinner table.

“Do you know how to play the piano?” Jessica asked Stanley, although she thought it was impossible, but the back was so similar, Jessica felt it was necessary to ask clearly.

“Are you right?” Stanley said with a smile.

“Yesterday, it wasn’t you?” Jessica looked at Stanley suspiciously.

“Yesterday? You don’t think that the internet celebrity in Saskia’s mouth is me?” Stanley said.

“It seems that it’s really not you.” Jessica felt a little lost in her heart. She didn’t know why she hoped that the person was Stanley yesterday. Maybe every woman has a princess dream, and she also hopes that she has a princess dream. The eye-catching prince.

After eating, the two watched TV on the sofa for a while and went back to the room on time at half past nine.

The next day, Stanley drove Jessica to work in Toyota. The commissary owner watched from a distance, and a trace of doubt arose in his heart. Didn’t this just buy a new car yesterday? Why did you drive the old car again today?

After sending Jessica, Stanley drove Toyota to a used car dealer, sold tens of thousands of dollars, and then took a taxi to the Audi 4S shop.

Yesterday, the salesperson got up to greet Stanley immediately after seeing Stanley. They just talked about this topic. Many people thought that Stanley would not come to ride a bike, but he did not expect that he would actually come.

“Brother Stanley, I came so early.”

“Are there still cars on the A6?” Stanley asked.

The salesperson was overjoyed and asked, “Also, does Brother have any friends who want to buy a car?”

“Then give me another one,” Stanley said.

One more… one more one.

The salesperson was confused. Didn’t I just buy it yesterday? Why do I want it again today? Although the car is a consumable item, it won’t be consumed in one day and the wheels are gone!

“Brother Stanley, do you want another one?” the salesman asked incredulously.

“Well, that car was given away yesterday.”

The salesman looked at Stanley, hundreds of thousands of cars in shock, and said that they would be given away as a gift! This is too arrogant.

He couldn’t imagine what kind of person Stanley was. How could such a rich and tyrant couldn’t tell at all.

When the other salespersons learned that Stanley had given away his car yesterday, and when they wanted one today, they were shocked that they were tender on the outside and tender in the inside. They regretted that they were guilty. If they were willing to get up to receive Stanley yesterday, they would not As for missing such big customers!

“It’s useless to be jealous now. I can only blame myself for not having any fortune.”

“What does it mean to have no fortune? This is a lesson. If there are guests coming in the future, you must not look down on people casually. How about it, but people can give away A6 casually, this is the rich person.”

“Hey, Brother is too low-key, and we don’t blame us for taking a wrong look.” It

was another money transfer, yesterday. The same steps were repeated today, but before Stanley, there was a very serious problem.

That is this car, how to explain to Jessica.

In three days, it spent more than one million Pound. To say that he just had a little private money, Stanley didn’t believe this kind of nonsense.

Before leaving, the little eDonkey stayed in the 4S shop.

In the afternoon, Stanley also went to the canteen first.

When the boss saw Stanley’s new car, he didn’t know that he had changed it again because it hadn’t got a license. The doubt in the morning was dispelled.

But today’s Stanley is obviously a little different, and he is very nervous.

“What’s wrong, I was very nervous today. Did you prepare some surprises for your wife?” the boss asked.

Chapter 18 Reserving the Dining Room
Hearing what the boss said, Stanley was embarrassed. There was no surprise, but there was one trouble. How to explain to Jessica clearly was a big problem.

“Boss, do you have the experience of hiding private money? If it is discovered, how do you explain it?” Stanley asked the boss.

The boss laughed blankly, and said: “You are asking the right person. The issue of hiding private money is to pay attention to skills. I have no experience in this aspect.”

Stanley rolled his eyes directly, and he listened to it. To be so serious, I didn’t expect that the boss was just playing around with him.

The boss also showed an awkward expression on his face, and continued: “What do we men do to make money? We spend it for our wives. How can we do such a rebellious thing like hiding private money? Like me, I don’t have any thoughts like this. . ” “

Fortunately, Fortunately, struggling for life, not just to a woman happy?

Stanley took a deep breath and said, “You are really out of your realm, disrespectful and disrespectful.” The

boss smiled. , Wiped his face awkwardly.

When it was time, Stanley drove to the door of the company.

Jessica went out of the company and saw Audi again with a look of surprise.

“You… why did you get the car back?” Jessica asked incredulously, but she knew Ella’s temper. She decided to change the car, and ten cows could not be brought back, and Stanley was in Ella. His status is very low in his mind. How could he do this? There are miracles in the world, but this kind of miracle can never happen to Ella.

“Let’s talk about it in the car.” Stanley said.

Jessica felt like she was dreaming. Did her mother suddenly figure it out and start to value Stanley?

“What’s going on, tell me quickly.” After getting in the car, Jessica couldn’t wait to ask, if Ella really changed Stanley, she would be very happy.

“Ahem.” Stanley cleared his throat and said, “Do you believe in luck?”

“Luck, luck can’t handle my mother.” Jessica said.

“I bought a car yesterday and there was a lottery in the 4S shop. I happened to be the lucky winner. Buy one and get one free.” Stanley said seriously.

Jessica first looked at Stanley in astonishment, and then his expression became gloomy. Then, she looked at Stanley with admiration and said: “Oh, you are so amazing, you won the prize, buy One for one.”

Stanley felt guilty, with cold sweat on his forehead, and staring straight ahead, and said, “It’s true.”

Jessica raised her white thighs and said with her hands on her hips, “In this case, I’m going to draw a lottery too?”

Stanley suddenly looked bitter and said: “It’s better to stop it, other people’s activities are over.”

“Stanley, do you treat me as a fool? I can do such nonsense. Believe it?” Jessica ran away instantly, her chest trembling with anger, and the ups and downs were violent.

Stanley himself knew that this reason was ridiculous, but he really couldn’t think of other ways to attract him. The only fluke left was torn apart and he could only admit: “I bought another one.”

“It’s really rich.” Jessica Pouting her mouth, she became more and more curious about how much private money this guy has, but she still told herself in her heart, curiosity turned curiosity, his wealth is his business, what does it have to do with herself.

When I returned home, I didn’t tell Ella and Matthew Evans about buying a car again, for fear of frightening them.

After dinner, Jessica went back to the room and started talking on the phone with Saskia. The topic was about the little piano prince popular on the Internet. Stanley lay on the floor and listened quietly. He also secretly checked on the Internet with his mobile phone. The sensation of Stanley was really not small. A large number of fans clamored to dig out the little piano prince, even someone called her husband, making Stanley speechless for a while.

Early the next morning, after the morning run, Stanley sent Jessica to work as usual, and then went to the Minglowy Building, which is also called the flying saucer building by the locals. The roof of the building is shaped like a giant disc. The shape also resembles a mushroom, which belongs to the iconic building of Cloud City.

The disc on the top floor is the Crystal Restaurant, the most famous western restaurant in Cloud City. If you want to eat at the Crystal Restaurant, you must make an appointment at least one week in advance.

The restaurant is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the entire cloud city, and the glass at the foot is also made of special technology, which can project different environments. When dining, there are also courageous people who will let the restaurant remove all special effects and intuitively see A hundred meters below the foot of the abyss, hanging in the air for dining.

When Stanley arrived at the restaurant, he asked the front desk to find a manager.

The manager is a middle-aged man in his forties. Unlike ordinary people, he is very agile and wears formal suits, just like a noble housekeeper.

“Sir, what do you need?” the manager asked Stanley.

“On the 22nd of this month, I want to cover the entire restaurant. Money is not a problem.” Stanley said.

The entire restaurant was contracted, and it has only happened once. Two years ago, a rich man chose to marry him at the Crystal Restaurant. It caused a huge sensation at that time. I don’t know how many women I envy, and this incident is also related to Stanley. The Evans family’s affairs are in sharp contrast, and many people compare these two things.

“No problem, do you need any special arrangements?” The manager agreed happily, opening the restaurant to make money. Since he has said that money is not a problem, other aspects are naturally not a problem.

“Can you provide me with a piano in the center of the restaurant?” Stanley asked.

“No problem, no matter what the demand, as long as the money is enough, we will try our best to help you.” The manager said.

After staying to discuss some details, Stanley left after paying the deposit.

The waiter in the restaurant couldn’t help but think of the sensational thing about London two years ago, and some of the little girls showed idiotic expressions.

“I wish I could meet a rich man too. If he could take the whole restaurant to show his love to me, he would be

so happy .” “Hey, I don’t know which woman is so happy, and how many people will be envious this time. Ah.”

“You guys get to work, just dream of this kind of thing.” The manager said disdainfully when he saw the waiter committing a nympho.

The foreman ran to the manager and asked, “Manager, which rich young master is this?”

The manager shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I looked at the face, but the deposit of hundreds of thousands has been paid. There will be no problem. Starting on the 21st, we will not receive guests and help him set up the scene. This can’t go wrong.”

The foreman nodded repeatedly.

The fact that someone had booked the restaurant was quickly leaked out by the waiter, causing a lot of waves in Cloud City. After all, it had already made a sensation two years ago, and this time it will inevitably be envied by countless women again.

Evans’s company.

During the lunch break, Saskia went to the company again to tell her heart. After the little piano prince appeared, she didn’t know how to eat and couldn’t sleep at night, and the whole person changed.

Jessica had been persuading Saskia’s obsession for so many times, but Saskia was like a stubborn donkey, unable to pull it back.

“Jessica, there are too many competitors in this palace, what should I do if I can’t match those coquettish goods?” Saskia looked at Jessica sadly.

Jessica looked at Saskia and said, “How can you lose to them with your figure and appearance, but this little piano prince, you have only seen his back, so you are not afraid that he is an ugly monster?”

Saskia was supporting her with both hands. She gestured big and small, she suddenly looked fierce when she heard Jessica’s words, and threatened: “I can warn you that Prince Charming in this palace will not accept any slander. If you say more than half a word of him is not good, I will tell you…

” How about me?” Jessica asked with a smile.

Saskia gritted her teeth, and said grimly: “I will cut Jinlan with you and break my love, and you will completely lose me in the future.”

Jessica was speechless for a while, and said: “How do I hear these words familiar to me? It seems that someone told me when I was in school, but later, I didn’t hold my leg and cried and cried, saying that I was blind, and I liked a scumbag. . ” “

cut. “Pielep, said:.” he sorted out how the piano than the little prince, now this slag man also contacted me, regret to cry, look at this house too lazy to look at him “

during school Saskia can only be regarded as a medium-sized person. She said that the eighteenth woman has changed from an ugly duckling to a swan. The boys who did not like her in the past would show her kindness to her every time the classmates meet, and they can’t wait to bow down to her. Under the pomegranate skirt.

“I advise you, don’t put too much emotion into it. He is just a back view to you. You don’t know anything about his appearance, personality, and family background. There is a saying that the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment, don’t you Don’t you know?” Jessica reminded.

Saskia bowed her head. She had thought about these problems herself, but she couldn’t resist the charm of the little piano prince. Every time she saw the video, all her worries disappeared.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as he has never been married, and I don’t hit the south wall or look back, my life will always be crazy once.” Saskia said.

At this time, Sarah suddenly arrived at the office, holding a stack of documents in his hand.

“These documents need to be signed by you.” Sarah said with a displeased face. Since Jessica became the project leader, she has become Jessica’s subordinate, which made her very unconvinced. In any case, she is also the most hopeful of marrying into the Shaw family. The person who was actually a subordinate to Jessica.

“By the way, have you heard that someone has booked the Crystal Restaurant again.” Sarah said.

“Crystal restaurant?” Saskia became excited when he heard this, and asked, “Is it the crystal restaurant in the UFO building?”

” Are there other crystal restaurants in London? I don’t know which rich young man wrote it. “After that, Sarah glanced at Jessica with a mocking look, and continued: “I remember, you were married on the 22nd. You are all human beings, so why is the gap so big.”

Chapter i9
Seeing Sarah Evans’s mockery of covering his mouth and chuckles, Saskia didn’t get angry.

“What about the 22nd, what can it represent on the same day?” Saskia said.

Sarah deliberately mocked Jessica with this matter, and since Saskia took the conversation, of course she would not let go of the opportunity to continue to ridicule Jessica.

“It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a gap. After all, it happened on the same day. Even if I don’t say anything, I can’t stop outsiders from remembering the 22nd three years ago.” Sarah said.

“There are so many things that happened on the same day, so you can only watch it blankly. Does it have anything to do with you?” Saskia retorted.

Sarah cry, and said:. “It does not matter to me what, at least I do not have such a wimp of a man, and I’ll marry people, you simply can not imagine how rich his family”

Jessica pin thing Saskia heard Jessica mentioned that gold and jade cash is a very amazing betrothal gift, and the other party’s family background is certainly not small, and Sarah is indeed the most promising person.

“Have you never heard of the rich and deep like the sea, wait to be a deep-seated woman.” Saskia said.

Sarah didn’t care about these words at all, and said triumphantly: “Even if a deep boudoir resents a woman, I would rather be a resentful woman in a house full of famous brands than marry a man who has a disciple who wants to eat soft food. “

Jessica really couldn’t listen anymore, and she said coldly: “Sarah Evans, there’s nothing else, you can go out.”

“The 22nd is really a good day, but for some people, it’s a tragedy.” “Sarah took the document and said as he walked, full of mockery.

After Sarah left, Saskia looked at Jessica with an ugly face and comforted him: “Jessica, don’t listen to this bastard’s nonsense. This kind of woman is just a mean mouth.”

Jessica smiled bitterly and said, “The twenty-two of three years ago No, I’m really desperate, she’s right. But now… I already want to drive.”

“I don’t know which bastard it is. I have to choose it on the 22nd. Isn’t this aimed at you deliberately?” Saskia looked angrily. Such a sensitive time would inevitably cause some long-tongue women in London to start discussing Jessica. When the time comes, the wedding will have to be compared again.

“This is someone’s arrangement. On the 22nd, it doesn’t belong to me. How can it be said that it was deliberately targeted at me.” Jessica smiled bitterly. Her sister, her elbow was turned in too badly.

Saskia was just talking angry. She knew that this incident would not really be directed at Jessica, but this time Jessica was gossiping about it was inevitable.

“Forget it, it’s been three years anyway, your heart should be very strong, even if someone deliberately mentioned something three years ago, don’t care.” Saskia said.

Jessica nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I can withstand any blows, and now life is very good for me.”

After work that day, there was a red Ferrari parked next to Stanley’s Audi. Both Comparable to make a judgment.

And the man standing next to Ferrari, although not worth three thousand in terms of length, but in a society where money is the rule, a Ferrari is enough to surpass any appearance.

“Brother, are you coming to pick up your girlfriend from get off work?” the man asked Stanley.

“Wife.” Stanley said. He knew this man. During these three years, he silently watched Jessica get off work. He also appeared frequently, and the person he was waiting for was Jessica.

The man’s name is Chad and he likes Jessica for a long time. Even after Jessica got married, he did not give up because he knew that Jessica was married to a wasteful son-in-law. He once told Jessica that as long as Jessica was willing to divorce, he could remove all obstacles. Marrying Jessica, gave Jessica a sensational wedding in the city.

“Yes, I got married at such a young age. I’m not very lucky. The woman I like married a trash, but I know that she hasn’t let that trash touch in the past three years, so as long as she wants to, I will always You can marry her.” Chad said.

Stanley raised his eyebrows and said nothing more.

When Jessica appeared after get off work, Chad couldn’t wait to walk to Jessica’s side.

“Welcome to summer, I have booked a restaurant, let me have dinner with me.” Chad said.

Jessica has no interest in Chad. It’s good for Chad to like her, but it’s just an unobtainable commotion. Chad is a well-known playboy. He has changed many girls. Companion is just like changing clothes.

“Chad, haven’t I explained to you clearly, I’m already married.” Jessica said.

Chad smiled faintly, and said: “That trash, what is the right to own you, and you haven’t let him touch it for three years, and there is no relationship between the two of you, why should you embarrass yourself?”

“I know you are afraid of it.” The old lady of the Evans family disagrees, but don’t worry, I can assure you that as long as you agree, I will persuade the old lady.” Chad said.

“Sorry, my husband came to pick me up.” Jessica said coldly, and walked towards Stanley.

Chad was taken aback for a while, the person who was talking to him just now turned out to be Jessica’s rubbish husband!

“Brother, I didn’t expect you to be the trash in the legend. It’s really not as famous as meeting.” Chad sneered and looked at Stanley.

Stanley said in a flat tone: “I didn’t let you down.”

Chad sneered, it turned out to be a trash, and when someone pointed at his nose, he could only swallow his anger.

“I can give Jessica a better life, what can you give her, the acquaintance will disappear by itself, why bother to delay her.” Chad said.

“Oh? What can you give her?” Stanley asked curiously.

Chad glanced at Ferrari triumphantly, and said: “Do you have this kind of sports car? I have three in my garage. I can also cover the entire crystal restaurant for her. Can you do it?”

As the news broke today, Chad took it out to mock Stanley. Of course, with Chad’s economic strength, he could do it.

“Three thousand, stop talking nonsense with him, go home.” Jessica, the co-pilot, urged.

“Have you heard, we are going home.” Stanley smiled slightly.

Watching Audi walk away, Chad was so angry that Stanley’s words were a serious injury to him.

“Waste things, I will get Jessica sooner or later, even if I can’t get her heart, I will have her flesh, you rubbish waiting for me to cuckold you.” Chad gritted his teeth and said.

When they returned home, Matthew Evans and Ella’s expressions were not pretty. They also knew about the Crystal Restaurant. This sensitive time point was too unfriendly to Jessica. The jokes from three years ago will obviously be mentioned again.

However, in front of Jessica, the two elders did not mention this matter. They did not want to uncover Jessica’s scars, but looked at Stanley’s eyes even more dissatisfied.

After eating, Matthew Evans called Stanley up and said that he was going for a walk.

“Stanley, the 22nd three years ago, remember?” Matthew Evans said dissatisfiedly.

Stanley nodded and said, “The day I married Jessica .” Matthew Evans snorted coldly, and said, “You also know that on this shameful day, our family’s face was lost on that day. “

Stanley remained silent and waited for the following.

“The Crystal Restaurant was packaged on the 22nd, and there is still half a month away. The shame of our Evans family will definitely be mentioned again. I don’t want Jessica to be sad. You find an excuse to take her out to play. To play, just leave the city.” Matthew Evans said.

Stanley took a deep breath and said, “Jessica is now in charge of the Eilicon project, and she has a lot of work every day. Even if she goes out to travel, it’s not a good time.”

“Traveling? Did I let you travel? I just don’t want to face this incident in Jessica. You can be useless and swallow. Why should my daughter suffer with you?” Matthew Evans said, the more angry and emotional Getting more and more excited, the old man of the Evans family passed away shortly after Jessica got married. He complained a lot about why he couldn’t leave a good thing for his family even before he died, but such a disaster came instead.

“I know you are for the good of summer, but please believe that I won’t let her be bullied by anyone.” Stanley said lightly.


Ella took Jessica’s hand and said distressedly: “

I’m all haggard , I’m busy during this time.” Jessica smiled and said: “It’s very busy, but very fulfilling, and I have to work hard. Don’t let those relatives look down on you.”

Ella touched Jessica’s head and said: “I’m a good daughter, but I can’t make myself too hard, or my mother will feel distressed.”

“Let’s go out in a few days. Have fun and relax?”

Jessica guessed what Ella wanted to do when she heard this, and said with a smile: “Mom, you don’t want me to go out to play during the 22nd.”

Ella Knowing that Jessica is smart, since she has spoken everything, she stopped hiding and said, “Mom just doesn’t want you to hear those people gossiping, and you haven’t left London for so many years. Now the family conditions are better. , It’s time to go out and meet the world.”

“Mom, there are a lot of things in the company waiting for me to deal with. And don’t worry, I don’t mind if anyone talks about me, they can’t hurt me.” Jessica looked blank. Carefully said that this matter is worthy of the envy of many women, but she will not. After becoming the project leader, the future is promising. As long as she works hard, she can get everything she wants.

As for Stanley, Jessica knew that he was changing for himself, and perhaps one day in the future, he would no longer be a waste of those people, which made Jessica full of expectations for the future.

“Moreover, if I leave at such a critical time, what if Finn becomes coveted for my position again?” Jessica continued.

Ella sighed and said nothing more.

Chapter Twenty Twenty Two Arrived
Ten days later, things in the Crystal Restaurant became more and more intense. Since the person who booked the restaurant was not exposed, countless people became very curious about this matter. They even guessed a lot of the local wealthy sons of London. After the rich elders dispelled the rumors one by one, this matter was cast into even greater doubts.

As for the Evans family, it was not surprisingly mentioned again, and it became a joke for many people after dinner, because this time is too coincidental, and it is difficult not to recall it.

The relatives of the Evans family were all angry. If it weren’t for Stanley, they wouldn’t have become other people’s jokes. Almost everyone in the family had turned away all recent dinners. Even the old lady of the Evans family stayed behind closed doors and planned to wait for the limelight. Then go out again.

“It’s really irritating. What does Stanley’s trash have to do with us? Those people have a Evans family, making it as if we are embarrassed.”

“Why didn’t Stanley die? We are dead a hundred. We There is no need to be ashamed of him.”

“Jessica is also a lost star. Without her, where did these messes come from.”

Several Jessica Clan juniors gathered together, and everyone had anger on their faces.

Finn was different from the others, with a faint smile.

“Finn, why are you laughing, aren’t you angry?” someone asked Finn.

Finn looked indifferent and said, “The bigger the noise, the better. It is good

for Jessica to lose the face of the Evans family.” Others looked at Finn in confusion, and Sarah said with a smile: “You Carlos of brainless things Jessica lost face, Grandma will not let her become the successor Jessica ah, she became west project leader, managed to save a little goodwill grandmother, after this incident, estimated that the grandmother has tired of her. “

other After hearing this, people suddenly realized, and sighed again and again.

“And our Evans family will not always lose face. When I marry into the Shaw family, who else would dare to say that ours is not.” Sarah proudly said.

Finn glanced at Sarah and agreed: “Yes, Jessica’s shameful face, you still have a chance to help the Evans family get it back. Although Sarah has the best chance, you also have a chance.”

Sarah smiled disdainfully and didn’t say anything else. In his eyes, he was already convinced that he was the candidate for the Shaw family.

“You’d better give up this idea, so as not to be disappointed in the future. Who can be better than me?” Sarah smiled.

If Jessica were not married, Sarah would not have such a strong self-confidence, but it is a pity that Jessica had already been married to a useless person, so why would Sarah put others in his eyes?

“In five days, the real answer will be revealed.”

“By the way, are you going to see it? I heard that the high-rise housing of the nearby hotel has been booked out, and those people are just trying to find out who the restaurant is. . ” “

I must go, there is not this kind of excitement every year. ” “

Shaw also, you want to go? “

Sarah already set a good room, but the location is the best, most want to see the restaurant what’s happening. However, she has always looked high, and she claims to marry the Shaw family. Isn’t it a loss to join in the fun, and said: “I will not go anymore. When I marry in the future, I will definitely be better than this one. Things are sensational.”

For Saskia, who has not heard of the little piano prince for more than ten days, her life is very tormented, as if she lacks spiritual food, she is depressed. Recently, she has stayed at home and did not go out. She is unkempt and completely. There is no attitude that a beauty should have.

Lying on the sofa like a puddle of mud, wearing silk pajamas, her figure is drawn vividly and exquisitely. A pair of slender legs is what she is most proud of. Even if she hasn’t taken a bath for several days, she still exudes a sense of extremeness. Strong temptation.

The phone rang, and Saskia stretched out her hand and grabbed it on the coffee table aimlessly. She really didn’t touch it, so she was willing to raise her head and open her eyes.

At first glance, it was a strange number, and he hung up mercilessly, and continued to be mud.

Not long after, the bell rang again, and Saskia, who looked impatient, picked it up and scolded: “I don’t have a loan or buy a house, and I don’t have a car to buy insurance. I will bother me to rest. I will follow the signal to kill you believe it or not.”

“Eating gunpowder?” A familiar voice came to my ears.

Saskia asked puzzledly: “Who?”


When Saskia heard these three words, he was slightly astonished, and then showed a hostile sneer. He tried Stanley before and regarded him as blind, thinking that He was not interested in his beauty, and he did not expect that he would call in private.

Sure enough, men don’t have a good thing.

“It’s the fox that always shows its tail, you finally can’t help it?” Saskia said coldly.

“I want to ask you to do me a favor.” Stanley said, Saskia would have expected this call to be misunderstood, but after explaining his intention, he believed that the misunderstanding could be solved.

“Stanley, Jessica has suffered so many wrongs with you. You are now thinking of her girlfriends. People like you are going to be slashed.” Saskia doesn’t believe that Stanley is looking for her. It must change. I want to ask her out.

“Don’t worry, I am not interested in your beauty. I find you related to Jessica.” Stanley said.

“It has something to do with Jessica?” Saskia wondered if she really misunderstood and was passionate, and asked, “What do you say about it.”

“On the 22nd, you took Jessica to the Pearl Tower, but this matter can’t be done. Let her know in advance.” Stanley wanted to give Jessica a surprise, but how to trigger the surprise was a problem. After thinking about it, Saskia could only come forward.

“On the 22nd? Go to the Pearl Tower. Are you crazy? Don’t you know what will happen to the Pearl Tower?” Saskia suddenly exploded. Now everyone in London is discussing this matter, and it will take another three years. In the previous wedding, Stanley didn’t hide away, but he even got up to beat others.

“The 22nd is my wedding anniversary with her. I prepared a little surprise for her, so I will let you help.” Stanley said.

“Brother, even if you are preparing for a surprise, can you choose another place? With so many restaurants, what do you have to do in the Pearl Tower.” Saskia said silently, although it means that the Pearl Tower has several other high-end restaurants besides the Crystal Restaurant. It’s the best choice for Cloud City, but it’s not the best at this time.

“Rose Restaurant, or Grand Hyatt?”

“I’ll know at that time, you do me a favor, I will introduce you to the little piano prince, how about it?” Stanley said.

Saskia was stunned for a full three minutes, and then went crazy.

After a few screams, he asked Stanley, “Stanley, do you know the little piano prince? You who kills a thousand swords won’t lie to me?”

“I really know, as long as you help I, I’ll introduce it to you.” Stanley said.

“Okay.” Saskia said without hesitation: “Don’t worry, I promise to complete the task, but if you dare to lie to me, I will make you the last eunuch of UK.”

“That’s it. Don’t show your feet and let her know .”

“After Stanley hung up the phone, Saskia bounced around on the sofa, and finally learned about the little piano prince, and also had a chance to get to know him. For Saskia, she couldn’t be excited by herself.

Five days later!

The day of sensationalizing the whole city finally arrived. At seven o’clock in the evening, the night has not yet completely fallen, but the crystal restaurant is already the brightest star in the whole cloud city.

The nearby streets are full of crowds. As long as you can see the Crystal Restaurant’s hotel this night, the rooms are all full, and these people want to see the crystal restaurant’s grand occasion and see which son brother made the courtship. With such a big movement, who is the enviable woman who has such a privilege.

“Saskia, what are you going to do and let me put on a dress. Even if you are a very important friend, you don’t need to be so formal?” At home, Jessica wears a red evening gown, noble and elegant, with a charming atmosphere.

Saskia has done a good job in concealment these days, and Jessica didn’t even notice it.

“Anyway, you are right to listen to me. My friend will surprise you, and you know you too.” Saskia smiled, excited for Jessica and at the same time excited for herself, because after tonight, it’s all right. Meet the little piano prince and meet the male god she dreams of.

“I know it too?” Jessica was puzzled. Saskia’s friends, she probably knows, but they are all acquaintances. They only have dinner together. How can they wear a dress to meet people?

“Saskia, you tell me the truth, is there something that is hiding from me?” Jessica suddenly looked at Saskia suspiciously.

Saskia was too guilty to look into Jessica’s eyes, and quickly dodged, saying, “No, how could I hide it from you?”

“What new tricks have you come up with? I have played pajama parties and beggar parties before. It won’t be a dress party this time?” Jessica said.

Saskia was taken aback, and then said with a smile on his face: “You little clever ghost, I can’t hide anything from you, am I worried that you don’t want to participate? Last time the beggar party, you vowed not to join me again It’s a party.”

Jessica glared at Saskia and said, “Eating leftovers from a bad meal, you can’t figure it out.”

Saskia called haha, and after the two changed their clothes, they finally went out.

The car drove all the way to the basement of the Minglowy Building. Although Jessica was a little surprised how Saskia would hold the party here, she seemed to mind when she asked, so she resisted asking.

A woman stood in front of the elevator in the basement. When she saw Jessica and the other two, she stepped forward and asked: “Is it Miss Evans?”

“I, I am, may I ask you?” Jessica asked suspiciously.

“Please follow me.” The woman said with a smile.

When they got on the elevator, Saskia thought that although Stanley was useless, it was good to think carefully, and there were still people receiving them.

But when Saskia watched the woman press down the top-floor elevator, she suddenly panicked and said, “Beauty, did you press the wrong floor?”

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