Son in law chapter 21-30

Chapter 21 The Roses Float and Make a Sensation in Cloud City
“No, it is indeed the top floor.” The reception woman said.

This sentence made Saskia’s eyes straight.

How can it be! How could Stanley’s uselessness celebrate his wedding anniversary at the Crystal Restaurant.

And today, the Crystal Restaurant is clearly reserved.


A crazy idea exploded in Saskia’s mind like Chunlei.

Could it be… Could it be said that Stanley was the mysterious figure who undertook the Crystal Restaurant?

At this time, Jessica also looked sluggish. The Crystal Restaurant on the top floor was taken down by someone half a month ago. Even if Saskia had a lot of face, it was impossible to hold a party in the Crystal Restaurant.

“Amelia, does this matter have something to do with Stanley?” Jessica thought of a possibility, her breathing became inexplicable.

Saskia’s brain has lost the ability to think. Although she finds it unrealistic, besides this explanation, are there other possibilities?

“Jessica, it was indeed Stanley who asked me to bring you here.” Saskia admitted, an inexplicable feeling of envy was born in my heart. If it was really Stanley who prepared this great surprise for Jessica, today, Jessica Isn’t it the happiest woman in the entire Cloud City?

At this time, the elevator reached the top floor and the two were led into the restaurant.

In front of the piano in the middle of the restaurant, a man in black clothes was sitting, only his back could be seen.

But this figure is too familiar to Saskia, the strong visual impact made Saskia grow up!

The little piano prince, Stanley!

With the sound of the melodious piano, the sound reinforcement effect of the crystal restaurant almost calmed all the people watching the excitement. The crowd of tens of thousands of people was quiet at this moment. Everyone’s eyes were on the UFO building. Even if they couldn’t see clearly, they still Can feel the happiness of the heroine tonight.

The surrounding floor-to-ceiling windows are rippling with special effects of red rose petals, dancing with the sound of the piano.

Jessica smiled happily at the corner of her mouth, but tears fell from her cheeks like pearls that were broken.

Saskia also started crying. If this figure belonged to her, it would be a happy thing.

Stanley turned around and made a gentleman’s salute to Jessica.

Jessica walked towards Stanley step by step with pear blossoms to bring rain.

Every time you take a step, a gorgeous rose grows under your feet, and this scene makes those who watch the excitement dumbfounded.

They can’t see the heroine’s appearance, but they can see the picturesque special effects.

At this moment, all the women felt uncontrollable envy. In the hotel rooms, those who could see this scene more clearly became mad with jealousy.

Sarah frowned. The room she was in was the best place to see, but because of the distance, she couldn’t fully see the appearance of the two in the crystal restaurant, but she had a familiar feeling, especially the woman. , Seems to know.

“Jessica!” Sarah suddenly flashed a picture in his mind, and couldn’t help exclaiming.

“No, how could it be her? I must be dazzled.” Sarah shook his head. Jessica married Stanley’s trash, and Stanley was qualified to take over the entire Crystal Restaurant. Isn’t this a joke?

Although they are very similar, they are just like.

“Did you prepare?” Jessica asked when she walked to Stanley in the Crystal Restaurant.

“Didn’t you say that you can’t play the piano, you lied to me?” Jessica suddenly looked at Stanley with a cold expression that was supposed to be a warm scene.

“It has been three years, and you have suffered a lot of wrongs. Starting from today, you are my woman. No one can bully you anymore.” Stanley looked at Jessica sincerely.

Teacher Jessica’s expression of questioning was full of tears, as if all the grievances had erupted at this moment.

“Do you know, they all say that you are useless.”

“Do you know how uncomfortable I heard these words.”

Stanley put Jessica in his arms and said softly: “I know.”

aside Saskia was already moved like a tearful person. At this moment, she felt that the grievances suffered by her girlfriends were worthless. No matter how Stanley did this thing, at least for now, Jessica is happy and can let her All the women in London are envious.

Just, why, why are you the little piano prince?

Saskia knew that her dream had been completely broken.

This night, the rose petals of the Crystal Restaurant floated all night. Compared with the sensational courtship two years ago, the only drawback is that until the end, people watching the show do not know who the protagonist is.

That night, when Stanley slept on the floor, Jessica on the bed suddenly asked, “Is it cold?”

This is already the season of early summer, and the woman with white legs on the street is like a bamboo shoot after the rain, how can it be cold.

Stanley blurted out subconsciously: “It’s not cold.”

After saying these two words, Stanley was stunned for a moment, and then he felt regretful. Sending propositions is hopelessly stupid.

Stanley couldn’t breathe with a heartache. He missed this opportunity and didn’t know how long he had to wait.

“What did you say just now, I didn’t hear it clearly, do you want to ask again?” Stanley said.

Jessica’s face with her back facing Stanley had already gritted her teeth, and finally got the courage to ask this question, but she didn’t expect Stanley, a stupid pig, to answer her like this.

“Go away.” Jessica said coldly.

Hearing this word, Stanley covered his face in despair, even more uncomfortable than missing a tens of billions of business.

When Jessica arrived at the company the next day, everyone looked at her with weird eyes.

“She’s not crazy, how could she be so happy.”

“Maybe it is. Yesterday’s events must have been very exciting to her. It is also on the 22nd. Look at her and then look at others. Goodbye. “

Who made her so unlucky to marry a door-to-door mess.”

The events of last night have already caused a sensation in the entire Cloud City. The rose crystal restaurant has gone viral on various social apps. Some people envy them at the same time. Making fun of Jessica.

Most people in the company even thought that Jessica might find an excuse not to come to work today, but she didn’t expect that not only was she here, but she was also very happy.

Sarah had the documents handed it to Jessica, came to Jessica’s office, looked at the corners of Jessica’s mouth raised unconsciously, and despised in her heart.

“You can still laugh. Do you know how embarrassed our Evans family was yesterday.” Sarah said coldly. Looking at Jessica now, she is indeed very similar to the figure of the woman in the crystal restaurant last night. It’s a pity that this kind of good thing will last forever. It is impossible to fall on Jessica, because her man is a trash, a joke for the entire London.

Jessica was in a very good mood today, too lazy to care about Sarah Evans, and said: “Today you go to the west of the city to inspect, see the situation, come back and report to me.”

Hearing this, Sarah Evans’s face is very ugly. Jessica did it, when was her turn? Moreover, the current ultraviolet rays are so poisonous, she doesn’t want her skin to be tanned.

“If you want to go by yourself, do you really think you can order me when you become the project leader?” Sarah said.

“It’s okay if you don’t go, I will ask my grandma to change me an assistant, and you can go home and rest.” Jessica said lightly.

“You…” Sarah pointed at Jessica with a green face, and went home to rest! Although the Evans family is rich, everyone works in the company. Those with higher positions are paid for their jobs, and those with lower positions rely on wages. Sarah is the latter.

In the eyes of outsiders, they are Miss Evans family, but the old lady Evans family will not give them any chance to idle.

If this matter really spreads to grandma’s ears, Sarah won’t want to have any good feelings in front of grandma in the future.

“Jessica, do you really want to do this to me?” Sarah gritted his teeth and said.

Jessica is not targeting Sarah Evans, but this matter really needs someone to do it.

“It’s just running on the construction site, and it’s not very tired. I used to run a lot. Except for heat, sore feet, tired like a dog, nothing else.” Jessica smiled.

“Jessica, you remember it for me. When I marry into the Shaw family, you will feel better.” Sarah finished speaking, and left the office angrily. She believed that one day she could ride on Jessica’s head. Just wait for the man from the Shaw family. Just show up.

Chapter 22 The Sleeping Tiger
Magic City Nightclub.

It was three poles in the day, and there were a few people who looked like bast*rds standing at the door, smoking cigarettes and chatting. It is not until sunset, this kind of place is usually not open, but at this time an Audi stopped at the door.

Stanley got out of the car.

Several bast*rds saw Stanley and stood up one by one.

“What are you doing? It’s not business hours yet.” One of them said to Stanley.

“I’m looking for Ekon.” Stanley said lightly.

Hearing these words, several bastards looked at Stanley with a sneer.

Ekon is the boss of Demon City and a big figure in the gray area of ​​Cloud City.

“What kind of stuff are you? You need to see our boss when you speak. It’s not a small tone.”

“If you want to find something, don’t ask how many fists your brother has.”

Several people began to lift up their sleeves, as if they were about to hit someone. .

“Tell him, Stanley is here.” A

few people were taken aback, and this guy looked like he was really strong, maybe it’s still a human being, but looking at the face, he doesn’t look like the boss’s friend.

One of them dug his ears and said with a face full of confusion: “Stanley, why does this name sound so familiar?”

Someone immediately answered, “Isn’t the trash son-in-law of the Evans family the same as Stanley? Are you?”

“F*ck, here is a celebrity from London? Disrespectful and disrespectful.”

“No, you can also drive Audis with soft rice. You look like you, brothers are not bad for you, what method do you use? Married to Jessica?”

Several people burst into laughter, treating Stanley as a joke, and marrying Jessica was full of ridicule.

Stanley’s eyes condensed, and the corners of his mouth raised toward the door.

“Stop, if you’re f*cking funny, just get out, don’t let the brothers take a shot.”

“If you don’t understand people, let you stop.”

“F*ck, don’t give you some color, you don’t know. How hard are your fists?”

Several people rushed forward, planning to teach Shawthree thousand lessons.

At this moment, Ekon ran out panicked.

“Stop, stop!”

“What are you doing, do you want to die?”

Ekon scolded several of his men with a panic expression and a deep fear in his eyes.

“Boss, this kid is looking for something.”

“Fuck, a trash son-in-law of the Evans family dared to make trouble on Brother Ekon’s site.”

“Boss, leave it to me. I let this kid lie in the hospital for at least half a month. “

Ekon looked at some of his subordinates furiously, and hit them with one punch.

Walking up to Stanley, he said respectfully, “Brother Stanley, why are you here?”

Three years ago, Ekon was just a rogue bastard. He suddenly became the owner of the Magic City Nightclub, and even got caught up. Many thugs have gradually developed their own forces in the past three years and have become not small figures in the gray area of ​​London.

The sudden fortune that year aroused many people’s suspicion. After all, Ekon’s leadership was too fast, and it was full of weirdness. There were also many people who investigated Ekon secretly, but they couldn’t find out the truth. There was nothing except Ekon himself. People know how he became the boss of Magic City.

Several of his subordinates were shocked when they saw Ekon’s attitude towards Stanley.

Ekon, Brother Ekon!

This is one of the best people in the gray area of ​​London, how could he be so respectful to the trash son-in-law of the Evans family.

“You guys, don’t apologize to Brother Stanley!” Ekon gritted his teeth and looked at his men.

“Brother Stanley, I’m sorry.”

Seeing Stanley’s silence, Ekon paled with fright, and continued: “Kneel down and apologize.”

As the saying goes. You still have to look at the owner to beat the dog. Several of his men were completely dumbfounded. Kneeling down on him, isn’t it just to lose Ekon’s face? Doesn’t he care about his own face at all?

Face is very important to people like Ekon, and sometimes they will fight because of a little bit of contradiction. But in front of Stanley, face is nothing but clouds for Ekon, and life is the most important thing. .

Three years ago, Ekon was living on the street. It was Stanley who found him. It was also because of Stanley that he has the status he is today.

The entire London treated Stanley as rubbish, but Ekon knew that Stanley was a sleeping tiger. Once he woke up, he was bound to be a blockbuster.

And now, this tiger is obviously awake!

“Are you going to break your legs to know how to kneel down?” Seeing some of his subordinates stunned, Ekon continued.

As soon as this sentence came out, those people panicked and hurriedly knelt on the ground begging for mercy.

Stanley walked straight into the nightclub without seeing a few people.

“You guys, I’ll settle the account with you later.”

Ekon’s words made a few people tremble with fright, but they couldn’t understand why Stanley was treated like this. He is a famous trash. How could you let Brother Ekon be so polite?

In Ekon’s office, in the seat reserved for Ekon, Stanley sat there, while Ekon stood aside respectfully.

“I heard about the Eilicon project. Someone wanted to make trouble recently?” Stanley asked lightly.

Ekon nodded and said, “I know, besides me, several other big people are very concerned about this matter. They should be trying to make a fortune.”

London is not in Ekon’s world alone. Although he is a big man in the gray area, he is not a powerful person to cover the sky with one hand. In addition to him, there are several people who can be called.

There are too many eyes staring at this big piece of fat. If the Evans family is not related to the Eilicon Project, even Ekon wants to get a share.

“I gave you three years to prepare. I hope you won’t let me down. Those few people are dead.” Stanley said.

Ekon’s eyes condensed, and he asked excitedly: “Brother Stanley, what do you mean…”

“Didn’t you want Cloud City a long time ago? Sitting on an equal footing with those people, you have long been reconciled.” Stanley Looking at Ekon with a smile.

Ekon felt all his hairs stand up. He had been waiting for this opportunity. He had long been uncomfortable with those guys, but without Stanley’s order, he dared not act for a long time. He didn’t expect that the day would finally come.

“Brother Stanley, don’t worry, I won’t let you down.” Ekon said.

When Stanley left the magic city nightclub, he ran into Chad at the door.

Chad was a little surprised when he saw Stanley, but he was more disdainful and hated.

“What kind of blood mold was poured today? I saw a pile of rubbish when I went out. It was really bad luck.” Chad sighed and said.

Stanley smiled, and instead of paying attention to Chad, he got into the car directly.

Chad curled his mouth and said with a sneer: “Trash, I don’t even dare to talk back. It’s really boring. But your good days are over, wait for Daliah to give you a green hat.”

Entering the nightclub, Chad directly When they arrived in Ekon’s office, the two had made an appointment yesterday, so Ekon was not surprised to see Chad.

“Master Amare, I’m really sorry. I was delayed yesterday, so I can only see you today.” Ekon said with a smile. Ekon always treats rich children like Chad, because nightclubs, if there is no Chad If this kind of wealthy people consume it, one month’s running water simply can’t hold up.

“Brother Ekon, I came to you today because I wanted to trouble you and do me a favor.” Chad said.

“Helping words is too polite, Young Master Amare said, I will help you handle it right away.” Ekon said, patting his chest.

Chad shook his head, and said, “It’s just a small matter. You don’t need Brother Ekon to go out in person. Just lend me a few people. You have to be brave enough to fight.” It’s just

a big man like Ekon. Well, Chad didn’t think so much about Stanley.

“No problem, people here, you can choose whatever you want.” Ekon said.

“Thank you Brother Ekon, then, after the matter is settled, I will invite Brother Ekon to drink.” Chad said.

“You don’t need to drink, I may be busy these days.” Ekon thought that he would be able to take all the sites in London soon, his excitement couldn’t be controlled, and with Stanley assisting in secret, Ekon was not at all. worry.

Back then, Ekon also felt that Stanley said that it was a fantasy for him to become the owner of the Magic City Nightclub, but did Stanley manage it with ease?

“Oh, what’s the big move of Brother Ekon recently?” Chad asked curiously.

This matter can’t be revealed casually, Ekon can only say: “Go and choose people.”

Chapter 23—Trouble Comes

After Chad picked someone to leave the magic city, he sat in the car for a long time.

Just now Ekon said that he would be very busy recently. Obviously there was some big move, and he would not disclose anything. This matter must be no small thing.

Chad received the news that there have been many people in the gray area of ​​the Eilicon Project who want to get involved recently, and some have even organized a wave of workers to intervene in this matter as a foreman, but Ekon has been silent on this matter. .

Before, Chad felt that Ekon had no ambitions and didn’t want to participate in this matter to avoid injury, but now it seems that Ekon clearly has other plans.

Is it possible…

Chad was shocked. If Ekon really dare to deal with other people and take all the gray areas of Cloud City into his bag, then Ekon is a person worthy of his attention.

“It seems that you will have to build a good relationship with Ekon in the future. Once this happens, Ekon’s power in London is unimaginable.”

At the same time, a certain clubhouse.

Finn hugged two hot women on the left and right, and there was a rough man sitting in the same box.

“Brother Carlos, how are you thinking about what I told you.” Finn said to Carlos.

Carlos is also a figure in the gray area of ​​London, between the power and Ekon.

Carlos looked at Finn with a smile on his face, and asked, “Finn, you don’t know how to play with me? You are from the Evans family, but now you want me to deal with the Evans family secretly, how can I trust you?”

Finn coldly He smiled and said, “Brother Carlos, you have misunderstood me. Although I belong to the Evans family, I am not in charge of the Eilicon project. The woman Jessica wants to be in the Evans family. If she is really allowed to do it, she must It will threaten my status. How can I make the Eilicon project go smoothly?”

“Jessica is your sister.” Carlos said.

“Sister?” Finn’s expression turned gloomy, and said: “I can’t wait to kick her out of the Evans family, what a shit sister, how much she loses our Evans family because of the humiliation in her family, if we can’t find an excuse, she would have been It’s time to get out of the Evans family.”

Carlos smiled faintly, and the incident in the Crystal Restaurant revealed the scandal of the Evans family three years ago. To the Evans family, it was really shameful, but Carlos did not expect it. , Finn didn’t even care about blood friendship.

“This wastefulness is really amazing. I have been in the Evans family for three years. I heard that we do housework every day. It really humiliates our men.” Carlos shook his head with disdain.

Finn never missed the opportunity to speak badly about Stanley. Carlos brought up Stanley, which undoubtedly gave him a chance.

“Brother Carlos, what you know is only superficial. I know exactly how wretched Stanley is. He is at home and has to wipe Jessica’s feet with water. What a man’s dignity, he doesn’t have a cartilage at all. Understand. And there is no place for him to eat at home, he is not qualified to go to the table, so he can only hide in the kitchen.” Finn said with a smile.

“Bah, he’s a fucking [email protected], if I run into this kind of person, I can kill him with one punch.” Carlos said cursingly.

“Hey.” Finn sighed, and said: “He is not worthy of being a man at all, and there is no second person in the world who is so useless as him.”

” Right .” Carlos suddenly looked at with a smile on his face. Finn said: “You said, this three years of marriage, can Jessica let him touch it?”

“How is it possible.” Finn shook his head confidently and said: “Although Jessica has accepted her fate, her relationship with Stanley has always been cold. , It is absolutely impossible for Stanley to touch.”

Carlos touched his chin, obviously thinking about something, and a lustful smile gradually appeared at the corner of his mouth, and said: “I haven’t been touched, it’s kind of interesting.”

Finn frowned. It suddenly stretched out again. Everyone was a man. He knew what Carlos was thinking.

Although Finn is very disgusted with Jessica, from a man’s point of view, she is a beautiful woman with a very good figure. She is definitely a stunner on the bed. Finn and Jessica are related by blood. He doesn’t dare to do this kind of thing.

If Carlos really had a relationship with Jessica, wouldn’t it be possible to drive Jessica out of the Evans family in the name of corrupting the family?

After thinking about it, Finn said to Carlos: “Brother Carlos, if you are interested in her, I can help you.”

“Yes, good enough, hahahahaha, don’t worry, what you said, I must Help you do it.” Carlos laughed.

The project in the west of the city has been officially launched. As a supplier of building materials, the Evans family must not only ensure the materials used, but also ensure the safety of building materials during the construction site.

Three days later, a group of people rushed into the construction site to make a big fuss, and they beat people when they saw it. They were very arrogant. Moreover, the transportation of Evans’s building materials was forcibly blocked. Although the alarm temporarily solved the problem, those people were like guerrilla warfare. They might meet at the next intersection. The Evans family was very troubled by this.

On this day, the Evans family urgently convened an internal meeting of the family, and even the old lady attended, because it was related to the Eilicon project, the old lady did not want to make any mistakes.

“Do you know who the other party is? These people are making trouble for money.” At the meeting, the old lady asked Jessica. She is the project leader. Now that something goes wrong, the responsibility naturally falls on Jessica.

Jessica shook her head and said: “Grandma, I have asked someone to check it for me, but there is no news yet.”

“It hasn’t been found out yet, Jessica, you don’t have the ability to check it?” Finn and Amare said strangely.

Sarah has seen Jessica displeased for a long time during this period. Now there is a problem, it is the opportunity to fall into trouble, and said: “Jessica, you are the project leader now. It has been several days. You haven’t solved it. You have been with you all day. Is your girlfriend wasting time in the office?”

In recent days, Saskia often went to Jessica. After learning that the little piano prince was Stanley, Saskia gave up the idea of ​​using Stanley as her husband, but after all she had been thinking about it for so long and couldn’t let it go for a while. , Can only ask Jessica to complain.

Hearing Sarah Evans’s words, the old lady asked with her eyebrows: “Jessica, what’s the matter? Are you doing other things during working hours?”

Jessica is very responsible for her work, and Saskia is also very sensible and never works. Time to disturb her, Sarah Evans’s words are slander.

“Grandma, I receive friends during the lunch break. You can ask my colleagues in the company about this,” Jessica said.

Sarah was not convinced, this incident could not seriously hurt Jessica, and could only change other topics.

“How long have you been a responsible person? The family has changed cars, but apart from negotiating the contract, what else have you done? Have you ever thought about how to solve such a big problem now?” Sarah said.

Jessica’s change of cars had long been spread in the Evans family, but many people were jealous behind their backs. When Sarah said this, everyone became angry.

“That car is not cheap, hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s really rich.”

“Change the car in a few days, it seems that the change of

houses will be fast.” “When will we invite us to congratulate the new house.” The

old lady’s face sank like water. She has always felt that although Jessica has nothing to do, she is honest. After knowing that Jessica changed cars, the old lady was also surprised, but thinking of the benefits that Jessica can bring to the Evans family, this little profit is not a big deal. So she didn’t care.

But if Jessica can’t solve this matter, it’s a different matter.

“Jessica, I don’t care how much benefit you make in the company, whether you change a car or a house, it’s fine, but the premise is that you have to do your current job well, and you have to do everything possible to solve all the troubles. “The old lady said.

Jessica was anxious when she heard this. She was not greedy for a penny from the company. The car was bought by Stanley. But if she said this, no one would believe her.

“Grandma, don’t worry, I will do it as soon as possible.” Jessica said with her head drooping.

At this time, Finn stood up and said triumphantly: “Grandma, I had expected that Jessica would not be able to deal with this matter, so I have already asked someone to check it out. I also know who caused the incident, but Jessica Since it is a project leader, I am not good for her to come forward and let her talk about it. “

Chapter 24 is coming soon, happy
After hearing Finn’s words, the Evans family relatives looked at him with admiration.

“It’s still Arlo who has the ability to find out who did it so quickly.”

“Sure enough, Arlo has to do it. If this Evans family doesn’t have Arlo, the future will be worrying.”

“Jessica, you have to follow Arlo learns a lot, and the Eilicon Project has nothing to do with him, but he still cares about this matter. You have to thank him.” The

old lady nodded and said affirmatively, ” Finn , you have done a lot with this matter. Not bad.”

“Grandma, although I am not the person in charge of the project, I am your grandson. The Evans family’s business is my business. How could I leave it alone.” After being praised, Finn pretended to be humble and said to the old lady. .

“Jessica, since Arlo has already found out for you, you can come and talk. If he asks for money, he can agree to it within one million,” the old lady said.

Jessica replied: “Don’t worry, grandma, I will handle it properly.”


Finn’s eyes were filled with a smile, unless he was washing and lying on Carlos’s bed, otherwise, this matter would not be easy to solve.

“I will make an appointment for you tomorrow, the specific time and place, and I will inform you.” Finn said.

After the meeting, Jessica returned to the office, full of grievances and nowhere to tell that she did not take half of the money from the company for the money for buying the car, but it was impossible to explain this matter clearly, and even if they said it, they did it. It will only be treated as a joke.

Who can believe that Stanley, who has joined his family, can afford an Audi A6?

And regarding the recent troubles, Jessica also felt a little strange, how could Finn kindly help her, there must be something tricky in it.

After get off work, Stanley came to pick up Jessica as usual.

When Stanley found Jessica’s gloomy look, he curiously asked, “Who made you angry?”

“At today’s meeting, Sarah said that I had bought a car within a few days of becoming the person in charge. He stated that I had embezzled the company’s money. Even my grandma thought so. I couldn’t explain it.” Jessica said helplessly.

“What nonsense to these people, it’s fine when they are farting,” Stanley said.

Although Jessica understood this truth, the harsh words entered her ears, and she wanted to treat her as if she hadn’t heard anything. How could it be possible.

“You didn’t hear those relatives saying that I would change cars in a few days, and I will change houses soon. You also asked me when I would ask them to congratulate the new house.” Jessica became more and more angry, innocent, and dignified. , Did not take a cent of money that shouldn’t be taken, but was slandered but couldn’t explain it.

“Almost.” Stanley said lightly.

“What’s coming?” Jessica turned her head to look at Stanley in confusion.

“Ahem, I mean, you have to be happy.” Stanley said.

Jessica rolled her eyes, and was suffocated to death for how happy she was when she was misunderstood.

“By the way, a group of people have caused a lot of trouble to the Evans family recently, and they have also caused a lot of trouble on the construction site. I asked a friend to check for me, but nothing was found, but Finn pretended to be kind. At the meeting, I had found out who did it. Let me talk about it tomorrow. Do you think there is something tricky about this matter?” Jessica asked, and her instinct told her that there must be a problem with this matter. Finn is right. Her attitude is a blessing for not harming her, how could it help her.

Stanley frowned. He also heard about it, and asked Ekon to inquire about it. He even arrested two people and tortured them for inquiries, but he didn’t ask anything. The other party obviously did a good job of secretive work. How could Finn know.

“When will we go to talk tomorrow?” Stanley asked, there was obviously a problem with this matter, so he was not relieved that Jessica was alone.

“I don’t know yet, Finn will notify me tomorrow.”

“Let me be your assistant tomorrow and go with you.” Stanley said.

Back at home, Stanley cooks as usual, but in the past there was usually only Stanley in the kitchen. Recently, Jessica will help a little bit and try to fry a dish, but Jessica’s dishes usually don’t make it to the table. , Because it is really unsightly, it’s so dark, you can’t see the body of the dish at all.

In the living room, Ella asked Matthew Evans: “Matthew, did you notice that my daughter is different recently.”

Matthew Evans also noticed that Jessica never used to go to the kitchen, and his relationship with Stanley , Is like a stranger, but now, she will learn to help Stanley, and there are more conversations with Stanley.

“Maybe my daughter is slowly accepting him.” Matthew Evans said.

This is the answer that Ella is most reluctant to hear. He twisted Matthew Evans and said, “Accepting a fart, is it possible for my daughter to stay with this

wimp for a lifetime?” Matthew Evans himself is a wimp, so he really is not qualified. Go to comment on Stanley, and the situation now seems to be a good thing for Matthew Evans. There is no need for a divorce, and the old lady will not be upset about this matter.

“What does it matter? Anyway, now our daughter is promising, it doesn’t matter if we raise a stalemate at home.” Matthew Evans said nonchalantly.

Ella glared at Matthew Evans, and said: “I have you in the house, and this is not enough, and I have to come again. Do you know how my mother’s family talks ill of me secretly?”

Matthew Evans moved his butt in embarrassment and said: ” Your mother’s family are all long-tongued women, just don’t listen to what they say, and now Jessica is on the rise, are you going to force her to divorce? The old lady knows this, can you let us go?”

Ella sighed. The biggest resistance to this matter is the old lady. If she doesn’t agree, no one dares to call the shots.

Moreover, Jessica finally gained a position in the company, and divorce at this juncture is obviously impossible.

“One year, I see what he can do after one year.” Ella said.

“What year?” Matthew Evans looked at Ella suspiciously.

“It’s nothing, it’s not a major event.” Ella disdainfully said, she doesn’t think that Stanley can have anything to do in a year. Now she is not doing housework at home, it’s just that there is more to take Ella to get off work every day. Is it possible that being a driver can still counterattack, Ella does not believe it.

“By the way, let’s go downstairs. In the past few days, another Audi has been added, and it is also a new car. Do you know who it is? Stop with us.” Ella doubted. No one had ever bought a new car before. Why? As soon as I bought it, I got the same one more.

“Also, once I opened the wrong door. Both of these were new cars without a license, which confused me, but I really don’t know who owns it.”

Ella asked casually. No further investigation.

After dinner, Stanley took the lead in taking a bath, and then filled the bathtub with water. During this time, Jessica worked very hard, so he would take a bubble bath to relax.

After laying on the floor for less than half an hour, Jessica returned to the room after taking a shower.

The snow-white bath towel wrapped in a tube top dress, faintly revealing an abyss. The crystal water droplets on the skin are visible to the naked eye, like a beautiful roll of watered hibiscus.

Stanley watched his nose, his nose watched his heart, the season entered the midsummer, and it was another difficult day.

“Saskia came to me again today and said he wanted to snatch you from me. What do you think?” Jessica lay on the bed and said to Stanley after applying the mask.

Stanley couldn’t laugh or cry. He never thought that unintentional actions would cause such consequences. Of course, Saskia’s words were just a joke.

“She was just joking,” Stanley said.

“Of course it’s a joke, do you still hope it’s true?” Jessica’s tone obviously changed.

Stanley smiled and said, “The weather seems to have turned cold recently.”

“No, I think it’s quite hot. If you feel cold, go to the sofa.” Jessica said.

Stanley looked at the beautiful legs lying on the bed, knowing that the missed opportunity would have to be brewed for a long time, and changed the subject, saying, “I suspect that the Evans family’s recent troubles are related to Finn.”

Even Lin Lin Finn would know that it was something that Ekon hadn’t investigated. This was a flaw in itself. Stanley thought about it, the only possibility was that Finn did it all.

“No, although he is dissatisfied with me, he won’t do anything to harm the Evans family. If grandma knows about it, he won’t be over.” Jessica said in surprise.

Stanley smiled coldly and said, “Is it right? I will know tomorrow.”

Chapter 25 The Insidious Plan
That night, Finn and Carlos met.

Carlos was so excited that Jessica wanted to come forward to discuss this matter with herself.

Three years ago, Stanley had not entered Penham’s family. The man who pursued Jessica was like a crucian carp who had crossed the river. Countless people wanted to kiss Fangze. This is why the Evans family’s wedding was a sensation in the City. The desperate man was shouting, I don’t know how many people scolded Stanley for eating swan meat.

Now that there is a chance to be upset with Jessica, and Jessica has never been touched by Stanley, how could Carlos not be excited.

“You did a good job with this matter. If you have any trouble in the future, even if you come to me, I will definitely help you solve it.” Carlos said.

Finn’s eyes were sinister. As long as Jessica was resolved, what trouble would he have? No one in the entire Evans family could compete with him for the position of chairman.

Thinking of Jessica’s triumphant appearance as the project leader recently, Finn’s anger fell out of nowhere, and even changed cars. He really didn’t know how to converge.

“Brother Carlos, I have a ruthless please.” Finn said.


“Do you mind letting others know about Jessica’s relationship with you?” Finn asked.

Carlos was taken aback, and immediately understood Finn’s meaning, and said, “Are you trying to use me to drive Jessica out of Evans’s house and completely ruin Jessica’s reputation?”

Seeing Carlos’s expression was a little serious, Finn swallowed, fearing. Said: “If Brother Carlos is unwilling, I will think of other ways.”

“Hahahaha.” Carlos patted Finn on the shoulder and said, “Why don’t you want it? I wish everyone knew that I was on Jessica. , This is glory, and it can also show Stanley’s soft guy. The woman he can’t even touch with his hands is so showy under my crotch.”

“You can rest assured to expose, Jessica is completely stinky in London. Because of her fame, she might be willing to let Daliah raise him and be a canary for Daliah.”

Finn smiled faintly and said: “Brother Carlos, then I will do what you want. After tomorrow, there will be countless men envy you. Jessica is a big beauty.”

Carlos licked his lips, apparently already. Looks like he can’t wait.

The next day, Finn arrived in Jessica’s office.

“The time and place have been set. I have finally contacted the person. Don’t shrink back. If this matter is not handled well, you should know what will happen to grandma.” Finn said to Jessica, thinking that Jessica will be complete tonight. With her ruin and fame, she can finally get out of the Evans family completely.

Jessica is wary of Finn’s kindness, and Stanley mentioned this matter last night that it is likely to be related to Finn, so in order to avoid exposing his feet, Jessica just responded indifferently: “Don’t worry, I will go and it will be resolved. This trouble. If you want to see my jokes on this matter, you may be disappointed. “


Finn sneered, he won’t be disappointed, there are still a lot of good shows waiting to see.

He had even imagined that after Jessica’s affairs were exposed, the tens of thousands of people in London spurned it, and the Evans family’s grace was cut off.

At that time, Jessica is a mourning dog, and the Evans family will not wait to see her, the entire London will treat her as a slut.

And Stanley’s uselessness will become the object of the National Games City’s ridicule.

He hadn’t touched his wife who had been married for three years, but got into Carlos’s bed. Such an insult, I don’t know if the insult is acceptable.

“Don’t be late, he is impatient.”

After Finn left the office, Jessica called Stanley and told Stanley the time and address.

In a suburban farmhouse, it was obviously fraudulent to talk about things in such a place. Stanley called Ekon and asked him to make arrangements.

No matter who the other party is tonight, Stanley will make him regret doing this.

Soon after Finn returned to his office, Sarah appeared sneakily.

“What are you doing?” Finn asked in confusion.

Sarah didn’t quite understand why Finn wanted to help Jessica in this matter. With such a good opportunity, he didn’t even seize the opportunity to get into trouble.

“Arlo, are you confused, why do you want to help Jessica?” Sarah asked.

Finn smiled and leaned against the back of the chair, and said, “You are a very smart person, why are you confused about this matter.”

“What do you mean?” Sarah looked at Finn incomprehensibly.

“Do you really think I will really help her?”

“You mean, this is a trap?” Sarah asked.

Finn thought for a while, Sarah also regarded Jessica as an enemy, even if she let her know about it, she couldn’t tell anyone else.

“I’ll tell you the truth, I know the person who is causing trouble for the Evans family, and I also instigated it.” Finn said.

When Sarah heard this, he looked at Finn in surprise: “You ordered it! If grandma knows about this, grandma won’t let you go.”

“How could grandma know? I believe you will make this Let me tell you. And after today, Jessica will be completely ruined, and without us saying more, grandma will drive her out of Evans’s house.” Finn’s expression was happy, and this nasty breath finally found a chance to vent, and waited until Jessica was driven away. After leaving the Evans family, he can become the head of the Eilicon project naturally, and he can kill two birds with one stone.

“What the hell is going on, don’t sell it, tell me quickly.” Sarah said impatiently.

“Carlos, have you heard of it?”

“Carlos! Isn’t it a figure in the gray area of ​​London?”

“He has a crush on Jessica. As long as Jessica shows up tonight, he can’t escape Carlos’s claws. I told him that after Jessica was fucked by him, the whole city would expose this matter.”

Sarah Evans’s mouth grew wide, dumbfounded!

Carlos is about to have a relationship with Jessica, and this matter has to be exposed, that’s huge news.

Jessica is a married woman, but she slept with Carlos. This is not enough to cause a sensation in London.

“Hahahahaha.” Sarah covered her mouth and laughed, and said, “If grandma knows that Jessica has discredited our Evans family, she will only be kicked out of the Evans family.”

“Yes, this is my plan, it’s perfect enough. “Finn proudly said.

Sarah nodded his head in recognition. Although it was a bit poisonous, it was a fatal blow to Jessica, and not only would she be driven out of the Evans family, there would be no place for her in the entire Cloud City in the future.

“Retribution, this is retribution. Jessica actually sent me to the construction site to inspect, and she really regarded herself as a commodity. I want to see what she will do tomorrow.” Sarah sneered.

“The thing I want to see most is the face of Stanley. After three years of uselessness, his wife has been fucked by others. It must be uncomfortable.” Finn said with a look of yearning.

Sarah hooked the corners of his mouth with disdain, and said, “This is a waste, even if it is let him know, how can he still dare to trouble Carlos.”

That afternoon, Stanley came to pick Jessica from work as usual, but when he arrived at the commissary, I found out that the commissary was closed today.

In the past three years, Stanley has been working hard, and the commissary has never closed. Is it possible that the boss has something to do today?

Stanley didn’t think much about it. It’s normal to open the door to do business and close the door occasionally.

After receiving Jessica, Stanley drove directly towards the farmhouse in the suburbs.

Jessica was a little worried, and asked Stanley: “Stanley, nothing will go wrong, right? I always feel that something is not right today, as if something is going to happen.”

“Don’t worry, no one can hurt me with me. You.” Stanley said faintly, with an imperceptible killing intent in his eyes.

After listening to Stanley’s words, Jessica was a little relieved. It seemed that as long as he was there, all the dangerous factors of instability would be resolved.

After arriving at the farmhouse, there were already people waiting at the door. At first sight, they were not good people, evil spirits, dragons and phoenixes.

Chapter 26 How to Write Dead Words
Brother Carlos, people are here. “In the

restaurant, one of his men ran up to Carlos. Carlos, who was

knocking peanuts, brightened his eyes, clapped his hands, and said, “Miss MeiJiao is finally here, I have to meet him personally.” “

Brother Carlos, followed by a man.” “The subordinate reminded.

“Man?” “Carlos paused, then laughed, and said: “It’s not that uselessness, right? That guy has lost all of our men’s faces. If he dares to come, I will let him leave on his knees today.” “

Stanley and Jessica were taken to the restaurant. Carlos’s lustful eyes flowed over Jessica. He was indeed a stunner. I don’t know what it is like after going to bed.

Look at Stanley and Carlos. Jokingly said: “This is…”

“My husband, Stanley. “Jessica said.

The word went out, including Carlos included, everyone laughed. Have to say, three thousand Shaw reputation really loud, hardly unknown in Cloud City.

” Tut tut, bigger way Yes, how can you be a waste, you will not be a eunuch, are you? “Carlos teased.

“Brother Carlos, this guy has humiliated our man, let me teach him a lesson.” “

I’ll come and see if he can take my punch.” “

I can handle this kind of weak chicken with one hand.” “

Looking at the group of angry little brothers, Carlos waved his hand and said, “What are you doing, people are timid, don’t frighten them, in case you get urinary incontinence, the scene is so ugly.” “

Hahahaha.” “There

was another roar of laughter.

Jessica gritted her teeth and said to Carlos: “I am looking for you to discuss business matters, not for you to humiliate my husband. “

“Well, let’s talk about business, let’s talk first.” Carlos sat back in his seat and stopped looking at Stanley, because this kind of uselessness was not worth his attention at all.

“How can you refuse to trouble the Evans family?” Jessica asked.

Carlos peeled a peanut, threw it into his mouth, and said, “Well, I’m just asking for money, and I just give it a billion. Not only will I not trouble the Evans family, but I will also protect you, how about? “


Jessica’s expression changed, and the total assets of the Evans family weren’t that much. He spoke loudly, obviously there was no talk.

“Why don’t the Evans family have so much money for you, what on earth do you want to do, the Evans family has no grudges against you, why do you want to target us?” Jessica said.

“Why? I’m making trouble for you, but I have to give you a reason. What is the Evans family?” Carlos frowned, looking at Jessica with an unhappy expression.

Jessica took a deep breath, tried to calm her emotions, and said, “I am looking for you sincerely, and I hope you can show your sincerity.”

Carlos nodded and said, “Here is one. The room is nice, I have asked someone to put the bath water for you. Whether you are sincere, it depends on whether you are willing to go to the room.”

Upon hearing this, Jessica turned pale in an instant, and she did not expect Carlos to suggest this. Unreasonable request.

“Carlos, you can’t target the Evans family for no reason. Someone secretly instigated this matter?” Stanley asked.

“What kind of stuff are you, what qualifications do you have to talk to me?” Carlos looked at Stanley with disdain, and said, “I made it clear. If you want to solve this matter, your wife has to let me go. , How useless, do you dare to say half a word?”

Carlos’s voice fell, and the little brothers behind him took a step forward, looking like a threat to Stanley.

Jessica was taken aback by this scene and unconsciously hid behind Stanley.

“Hiding behind this wimp, can he protect you? Follow me, I’m Carlos in London, I’m covering you, absolutely no one dares to touch your hair.” Carlos said.

Jessica clutched Stanley’s clothes tightly, and the farmhouse was from Carlos. It was obviously too late for them to run now.

“You let me go, I’ll give you as much money as you want.” Jessica said.

“Let me tell you this. Since you walked into this farmhouse, you were destined to be taken by me. I wanted to leave, but there was no door.” Carlos dug his ears and asked the little brother: “I have a sentence to say. Rebel against something or something.”

“Since you can’t resist, then learn to enjoy.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Carlos looked at Jessica with a smile and said, “You must learn to enjoy. After three years of marriage, you are like a widow. , I have never tasted what it is like to be a man. I will make you feel comfortable today and make you satisfied.” At

this time, Stanley was already full of murderous intent and sat down directly in front of Carlos.

Seeing this situation, a certain little brother immediately exploded: “You are so useless, you are also qualified to sit in front of Brother Carlos?” As

soon as the voice fell, the fist wind rushed towards Stanley’s face.

An icy smile was outlined at the corner of Stanley’s mouth, Danfeng gently stretched out his hand, and directly grasped the menacing fist.

The fists came to an abrupt end, and the man was taken aback. He didn’t expect Stanley to catch his fists so easily.

Before I came to remember the time to reflect to him, Stanley kicked out abruptly, and the man retreated dozens of steps and fell to the ground.


“Fuck, is this useless so bad?”

“How is it possible, isn’t he a waste!”

There is a huge contrast between Stanley’s strength and his waste reputation at this moment, and Carlos can’t help being cautious. When I got up, I didn’t dare to underestimate Stanley.

Jessica had grown up with her mouth. She had only seen Stanley being bullied, and when she was resigned, she had never seen Stanley still have such a strong side, and she was stunned.

“Stanley, do you know that this is Daliah’s land, the person who hurt me, don’t want to leave here alive.” Carlos gritted his teeth and said, although Stanley’s strength surprised him a bit, but I have to say I’m afraid, I can’t talk about it. After all, he has enough people, no matter how much he can fight, can his two fists be more than four hands?

“Give you a chance to explain this matter clearly, and I will save you for your life.” Stanley said lightly.

“Hahahaha.” Carlos looked at Stanley grimly: “Are you fucking laughing at me? Look at these people around you, but they are all my subordinates. I let you die. Can you live? Threatening me brazenly.”

“Oh? Then look at it again.” Stanley said.

A series of rushing footsteps came, and hundreds of people crowded in from all directions in the farmhouse, instantly squeezing the restaurant.

Carlos’s face changed drastically, these people, aren’t these people today’s guests, how could this happen?

At this time, Ekon walked out of the crowd.

When Carlos saw Ekon clearly, he asked coldly: “Ekon, what do you mean, these are your people?”

“Carlos, your fucking brains are so funny, anyone dare to provoke me. ?” Ekon said lightly.

“What do you mean?” Carlos looked at Ekon puzzledly. Could this guy collude with the Evans family? But Finn obviously cooperated with him. If the Evans family moved, how could Finn not know?

Ekon walked to Stanley’s side. Before he could speak, Stanley said, “Bring my wife back to the car.”

Jessica grabbed Stanley’s clothes and refused to put them. She was completely embarrassed, why suddenly So many people came out again, who are they and what do they do?

“Wait for me in the car, I will come soon.” Stanley said.

Jessica bit her lower lip and refused to let go.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine, don’t you believe me?”

Jessica only let go of Stanley when he heard these words.

After Jessica left, Ekon asked respectfully: “Brother Three Thousand, how do you deal with Carlos?”

Carlos laughed suddenly, and still laughed loudly, and said: “Ekon, are you crazy, such a waste of money? , You call him his brother, you are a damn person with me anyway, don’t you know that he is the trash son-in-law of the Evans family.”

Ekon’s body did not straighten up, just raised his head and sneered. He said, “Carlos, do you know how to write dead words?”

Carlos didn’t care. Although Ekon had a lot of people, did Ekon dare to move him? If you dare, you would have moved.

“Ekon, you fucking don’t scare me, I don’t know that there is someone at the top of me. If I have a long and two shortcomings, you will not end well. I advise you, don’t be nosy, this is Daliah’s business.” Carlos said with disdain.

Chapter 27 is really useless?
In the past, Ekon did not dare to move Carlos. Without Stanley’s order, and because Carlos did have some background, he moved his whole body. Without Stanley’s protection, Ekon could even kill Carlos. , He can’t escape the charge.

But now it’s different. Stanley is going to London. Ekon puts all his considerations behind him. He believes that Stanley’s ability is spurned by the tens of thousands of people in London, but Ekon knows that. This son-in-law has a lot of background.

Ekon stopped talking because he was not qualified to speak here.

When Carlos saw Ekon not speaking, he thought he was scared, and said proudly, “Ekon, since I know that I have a background, and if you don’t bring people like you, do I have to blast you out?”

Stanley Suddenly stood up at this moment and walked towards Carlos.

Having seen Stanley’s skill, Carlos took two steps unconsciously, and asked vigilantly: “What do you want to do?”

Several of his men stood in front of Carlos, looking like they were ready to go.

Stanley kept walking, Carlos’s men took the lead, but no one could keep Stanley’s pace, even for a second.

Looking at the unstoppable Stanley, Carlos scolded in his heart that it was the fucking bastard who said that Stanley was rubbish. If his skill is rubbish, wouldn’t all of London be rubbish!

Several of his subordinates were knocked to the ground and wailed. Carlos said to Stanley with a pale face: “Stanley, compared with my backstage, the Evans family is a three-year-old kid. I advise you… …”

Before the words were finished, Stanley punched Carlos at the door.

With nosebleeds gushing, Carlos covered his face with his hands and screamed in pain.

If this scene were seen by the Evans family, all of them would have their eyes widened and couldn’t believe it. After all, in their perception, Stanley was a useless person who could not fight back or scold him. How could it be so powerful?

At this time, Carlos even suspected that the Stanley in front of him was not the same person as the Stanley mentioned by the outside world.

For three full years, Jiaz’s son-in-law Stanley was buying vegetables, cooking, and washing clothes. He was scolded in person and didn’t dare to refute. How could he be so tough.

“Did someone instruct you behind the scenes in this matter!” Stanley asked.

Carlos shook his head and said falteringly: “Stanley, you have the ability to kill me, otherwise, tomorrow will be your corpse on the street!”

“Call me, fight until you say it.” Stanley sat back to himself Said to Ekon.

Ekon raised his hand, and a few people walked up to Carlos, punching and kicking.

Carlos’s men were already scared and stupid. They looked at Carlos who was beaten, and then at Stanley, who had an indifferent expression. Is he really useless? Whose rumors spread the news, how can there be such a powerful method for squandering?

“Ekon, remember to Daliah that my backstage is not something you can provoke.”

“Ekon, are you not afraid of my revenge at all? If you let them stop, I don’t need to pursue it.”

“I… I said. , I said, don’t fight anymore.”

Carlos’s tough attitude was still unable to withstand the pain of fist and fist, and he compromised in less than two minutes.

Ekon smiled coldly and said, “I don’t have to endure the hardship before, so why bother.”

Carlos looked at Ekon with sinister eyes and said, “Ekon, are you really afraid that I will settle accounts after the fall?”

Ekon said indifferently. Waved his hand and said: “If you have a chance, you can come to me, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance.”

“Let’s talk about who is planning this thing behind the scenes, without leaving a word, there is a little bit of concealment, let Your backstage will help you collect the corpse.” Stanley said coldly.

Carlos was not afraid of Ekon, but he had a strange feeling. He was afraid of Stanley, as if Stanley was more terrifying than Ekon.

After a trembling, Carlos said, “For the Evans family, it was Finn’s idea, and he came to me.”


It really is him!

Stanley had guessed that this matter was related to Finn, otherwise, how could he help Jessica kindly?

“There’s more.” Stanley continued to ask.

Carlos lowered his head unconsciously, because he didn’t dare to look directly at Stanley, and for Jessica’s plan, if Stanley knew what would end up, he didn’t dare to think about it!

“If you don’t say it, just keep playing.”

“I said, I said.” Carlos said in a flustered tone: “Finn also wants me to have a relationship with Jessica, and then expose this matter in London. He wants to use this matter to Jessica drove out of the Evans family.”

Stanley suddenly clenched his fists!

Only for the Eilicon Project, Stanley could let Finn go, but he used his thoughts on Jessica, which was a capital crime.

The scales are untouchable!

Stanley did not allow anything to hurt Jessica.

“Close it.” With these three words behind, Stanley left the restaurant.

Carlos clamored for offending him, but after a few fists, he calmed down.

Back in the parking lot, Jessica sat in the car nervously. After seeing Stanley, she couldn’t wait to get out of the car.

“Three thousand, how are you, are you okay?” Jessica looked at Stanley nervously, and looked up and down to confirm that Stanley had nowhere to be injured before he was relieved.

“It’s okay.” Stanley said with a smile: “Unexpectedly, you still care about me.”

Jessica blushed instantly when she heard this, and quickly stepped back and said: “I…I’m just afraid of wasting medicine. It’s just a fee.”

Stanley nodded, did not delve into the matter, and said: “Let’s go, go home.”

“Go home?” Jessica asked puzzled: “But the trouble has not been resolved. Go home now, tomorrow How to explain to grandma.”

“It has been resolved, let’s go.” Stanley said.


Jessica looked at Stanley with weird eyes. Carlos was not a good person. How could it be solved so easily, and who was the sudden appearance of so many people just now?

After getting in the car, Jessica seemed hesitant to speak, and wanted to ask what was going on.

Stanley saw her doubts and said, “It doesn’t matter how the process is, what is important is the result. You can tell your grandma that it has been solved tomorrow, and I will take care of the rest.”

Finn, Shaw Three thousand will not let it go, but he will find an appropriate time to expose everything Finn has done.

Jessica nodded.

That night, Finn was holding his mobile phone at home and walking around the room, looking a little nervous and excited.

The phone page is Carlos’s number. As long as he dials out, he can know the current situation, but he is a little worried in his heart. What if this fails?

After hesitating to ten o’clock, Finn finally couldn’t bear it anymore and pressed the dial button.

No one answered the phone, could it be that Carlos was busy?

An uncontrollable smile appeared on Finn’s face. At this time, Sarah called him.

“Finn, how is the situation?” Sarah asked impatiently.

“I called Carlos just now, no one answered, so I should be busy.” Finn said.

Sarah on the other end of the phone couldn’t stop laughing, thinking that Jessica was being ravaged by Carlos at this moment, which was very pleasant.

“This time she’s done, she’s really a slut. A man went outside to steal someone. Tomorrow, she must let her grandma know.” Sarah said with a smile. Even if she knew the facts of this matter, she still gave Jessica something unnecessary Accusation.

“There will be a family meeting tomorrow morning. I will tell my grandpa about this. She will just wait to be swept out.” Finn hung up the phone and lay in bed comfortably.

This day has finally come. From then on, there is no need to see Jessica in Evans’s house anymore, and the person in charge of the Eilicon Project will also fall into his hands.

“Jessica, I still have to thank you. Without your help, the cooperation of weak water real estate is not

easy to get. But who made you offend me Finn, this is the end.” Early the next morning, Finn arrived very early. The company, sitting in the conference room waiting for other relatives to arrive, now he can’t wait to tell others about Jessica’s scandal and ask the old lady to drive Jessica out of Evans’s house.

Relatives of the Evans family showed up one after another, even the old lady came, but Jessica did not show up for a long time.

“Jessica, why haven’t you come yet.” the old lady asked.

Sarah fiddled with the nails he had just done, and said, “Maybe it’s on which wild man’s bed, I haven’t gotten up yet.”

Chapter Twenty-Eight Defile
Stanley, what are you talking about? “

Grandma is here, how can you talk nonsense.” “

It’s really nonsense, nonsense.” “

Although the relatives present do not have a good impression of Jessica, they know how much the old lady pays attention to the issue of family style. It is normal to run against Evans.

Jessica , but it is not good to talk about this kind of thing . Sarah also knows the attitude of the old lady towards this kind of thing. I didn’t dare to make a joke about this before, but now, Sarah thinks he has evidence, and Jessica must have been planted in Carlos’s hands. What’s wrong with

you ? ” What’s wrong with you ? Can you make a joke about this kind of thing? “Sarah said faintly. Upon

hearing this, the other relatives were so surprised that they

couldn’t close their mouths from ear to ear. No joking, is that true?


Jessica actually did such a thing with a wild man! “Sarah Evans, what can you say clearly? . “The old lady asked Sarah with a gloomy expression. She would never allow such a depraved person in the Evans family. If Jessica really does such a thing, even if she does not want to cooperate with weak water real estate, she will Jessica drove out of the Evans family.

“Finn also knows about this, and knows better than me. If grandma wants to know, just ask Arlo. “Sarah said.

Upon hearing this, everyone’s eyes focused on Finn. This is not a trivial matter. Once it is confirmed, the Evans family will definitely sever ties with Jessica. “Finn

, what’s the matter?” “The old lady asked.

Finn glanced at Sarah . He should have started this matter, and it would be better to wait until Jessica to raise it. I didn’t expect Sarah to expose it so quickly.

“Grandma, actually dealt with us . ” The person in the Evans family is Carlos. It took me to get through Carlos and let Jessica and Carlos talk about reconciliation, but I heard that Jessica stayed at Carlos’s farmhouse last night and did not return overnight. “Finn said.

Who is Carlos? He is a Carlosster in the gray area. If Jessica stayed at the farmhouse and didn’t return all night, it would be self-evident what happened.

The Evans family’s relatives were all surprised. They didn’t expect to see a serious Jessica, they would do such a thing.

“Finn, have you checked this out?”

“Yeah, you can’t talk nonsense about this. This is the reputation of our Evans family.”

“Yes, yes, before you are sure, it’s better not to talk nonsense.” “All of my

relatives seem to be helping Jessica to speak, but in fact they are changing to remind the old lady.

It was such a good opportunity to drive Jessica out of the Evans family, they wish it were true.

The old lady said in a deep voice: “Finn, are you sure?”

“Grandma, I don’t know what she is doing at the farmhouse, but she didn’t return overnight, and she was still with people like Carlos, this…” Finn deliberately said. The deputy hesitated and stopped.

The old lady slapped her teeth on the conference table with anger, and gritted her teeth and said: “If she really does something to discredit the Evans family, I will never forgive her!”

“Unexpectedly, Jessica would actually please Carlos in this way. It’s really hateful.”

“In the past three years, how much she has made us lose face. I didn’t expect to do this kind of thing now. It’s really unfortunate for the family.”

“This matter should be solved by Arlo, with Carlos. The temperament of this kind of person, maybe they will publicize this thing, and the Evans family will become London’s joke again.”

Hearing these words, the old lady’s face became more and more ugly, and her face was already pale.

At this time, Jessica finally arrived in the conference room.

“Grandma, Brother Blake asked me to sort out some documents and send them to him, so he came late.” Jessica said.

“Is it to sort out the files, or to sort out the others? Have you taken a bath? It’s a bashful smell.” Sarah looked at Jessica disdainfully, and deliberately fanned her hands in front of her nose.

“Sarah Evans, what do you mean?” Jessica looked at Sarah slightly angrily.

Sarah chuckled and looked at Jessica for a while and said: “What do I mean, you know it well, but you didn’t expect that you are such a nasty woman. Can’t the man in your family satisfy you? You even went outside to steal someone. “

Steal people!

Jessica suddenly became angry, unnecessarily slandering, and still insulting her innocence.

“Sarah Evans, what did you eat with this mouth, your words are stinking.” Jessica said angrily.

Sarah stood up and looked straightforward and confident, and said, “Dare to do it or not? Then you just talk about it, has the trouble been solved?”

“Of course it is solved.” Jessica said.

“Huh.” Sarah smiled coldly: “How did it solve it, how much

did it cost?” “No…no money was spent.” This matter was handled by Stanley. As for how it was done, Jessica himself I don’t know, but what is certain is that I didn’t spend a penny.

“Hahahaha.” Sarah laughed and said, “You can solve it without spending money. You are really capable. You used other tricks.”

“Jessica, the other party is Carlos, a person in a gray area, no You can solve this with money?” Finn can be sure of what happened to Jessica and Carlos last night, otherwise she would not have the ability to solve this, but he did not expect that Jessica is really a bitch in his bones, and Carlos When I just got into bed, I can still treat it as nothing happened.

Poor Stanley, the green prairie above his head is really a personal tragedy.

“Jessica, what is going on, you can tell me clearly.” The old lady said in a deep voice.

Jessica looked at Sarah Evans, and then at Finn. Before she came, it was clear that something happened. The old lady’s attitude towards her was bitterly cold!

“Grandma, the trouble has been resolved.” Jessica said.

“How did you solve it? Just tell us.” Sarah said impatiently.

“You didn’t leave the farmhouse last night, we can’t control who you want to sleep with, but the reputation of the Evans family cannot be corrupted because of you.” Finn rebuked coldly.

Jessica didn’t get angry after hearing Finn’s words. They thought they had just slept with Carlos, so they solved the trouble.

“Finn, where did your news come from? Is there any evidence? I went home very early.” Jessica said.

“Go home, what evidence do you have to prove that you went home?” Finn asked back, falling into Carlos’s hands, he didn’t believe that Jessica could leave unharmed.

“There is a lot of evidence. I went home and bought water at the commissary downstairs. I also ran into my neighbors. If you don’t believe me, the commissary still has monitoring to see.” Jessica said.

Finn saw that Jessica was so right and arrogant. Could it be that Carlos really let him go? How could it be possible? With Carlos’s character and methods, the fat sheep in hand would definitely not let Jessica fly.

“Jessica, you didn’t go to the farmhouse at all. I finally found someone to get through the relationship, and you were wasted!” Jessica did not fall into Carlos’s hands. There is only one possibility, that is, she didn’t go at all. .

“Finn, are you confused? Did you forget what I just said, have I solved the trouble? If I don’t go, how can I solve it?” Jessica smiled.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!” Finn said in disbelief. In his heart, there were only two endings to this matter. One was that Jessica was fucked by Carlos, and then the matter was resolved. The second is that she did not go and the matter was not resolved.

“Jessica, how did you solve this matter, tell me honestly.” Seeing the trouble, the old lady couldn’t tell, so she had to ask herself.

Jessica looked embarrassed, she didn’t solve this matter at all, and she didn’t know what the process was like.

“Are you still hiding from me? Or, you and Carlos are sleeping together.” The old lady said coldly.

Jessica was shocked. If she was misunderstood in this way by the old lady, she couldn’t explain it clearly with ten mouths.

In desperation, I had to tell what happened yesterday.

But Stanley came forward to solve the trouble, and no one believed that Finn’s face even showed a sneer.

“Jessica, do you treat us as fools and just push a trash out as a shield, thinking we will believe it?” Finn said.

The old lady didn’t believe it, but at this time, the door of the meeting room was kicked open!

Chapter 29 Partiality
Two people walked into the conference room, one of them was Ekon, and the other was with a sack, and I couldn’t see who it was.

Although the Evans family is not a big family in London, it never allows anyone to make trouble in the company. He asked in a cold voice, “Who are you who dare to come to my Evans family to make trouble.”

Ekon watched. After a glance at Jessica, he said, “Old lady, my name is Ekon, you must have heard my name, right?”


In the meeting room, the relatives of the Evans family became agitated. This guy is not a small figure in London, and he can’t afford to provoke him with the ability of the Evans family, but how could he come to the Evans family to make trouble?

“It turned out to be Brother Ekon. I don’t know what’s the matter when you come to our company?” The old lady’s tone changed suddenly, and she called Brother Ekon in awe.

Social status is not determined by age.

The old lady is highly powerful in the Evans family, but for people like Ekon, it is not worth mentioning. The old lady is very self-aware.

“I helped the Evans family solve a problem, by the way to get some oil and water.” Ekon smiled.

“If you really helped me in the Evans family, I would definitely not let you come here in vain.” The old lady knew that this kind of person was difficult, thinking that Fang had a lot of excuses for asking for money, and Ekon personally today Come forward, how can the Evans family avoid the disaster if it doesn’t go bankrupt.

“Old lady, this money is definitely worth your money.” Ekon finished speaking and tore off the headgear of the person next to him.

When Finn saw that person, his face instantly turned pale. Isn’t this Carlos? How could he fall into Ekon’s hands!

Ekon kicked Carlos and said, “What have you done, don’t tell the old lady.”

Carlos’s nose and face were swollen, and he was served on the table last night. After a few severe beatings, he was already very afraid of Ekon, so hurry up. Said: “Old lady, Finn asked me to do everything.”

“You are talking nonsense.” Finn stood up abruptly and pointed at Carlos angrily, “Don’t slander me, I don’t even know you.” .”

Carlos raised his head and looked at Finn grimly. If it weren’t for this bastard, would he have fallen to his current end? Although he didn’t know why Ekon dared not take his backstage into consideration, his backstage has not appeared since yesterday’s incident, which shows that he is likely to be abandoned.

If you want to survive, you can only do what Ekon said.

“Finn, you fucking open your eyes and talk nonsense to Daliah, if it weren’t for you, how could I target the Evans family for no reason.” Carlos said.

Finn panicked completely. Once this matter was known to the old lady, his future would be ruined, let alone coveting the position of chairman, it would be difficult to stay in the Evans family.

I was thinking about sweeping Jessica out, but now it’s him who is sweeping out!

“Jessica, this is all your ghost, isn’t it? You made him slander me.” Finn pointed at Jessica, his face full of anger.

Jessica said coldly: “This is Carlos, but you helped me to contact me. How could I collude with him, Finn, is it not clear what you have done yourself?”

“Grandma, don’t listen to her nonsense, this matter is related to me. It doesn’t matter, I don’t know anything.” In a hurry, Finn walked up to the old lady, looking aggrieved.

The old lady’s face was as sinking as water. She knew that Carlos would not slander Jessica for no reason, and she also asked about this. No one knows who is targeting the Evans family, why Finn knows and can help Jessica. connection.

I thought that this incident might just be Finn’s luck, but I didn’t expect it to be like this!

“He also asked me to attack Jessica, and then expose the incident in London, so that you could embarrass the Evans family and drive Jessica out of the Evans family.” Carlos continued.

These words made Finn face ashamed. He never thought that the seamless plan would make Ekon come halfway, but how could Jessica know Ekon!

The Evans family’s relatives knew that Finn’s affairs were revealed, and the old lady would definitely not be merciless. If he was still on the side with Finn at this time, it would be death.

“Finn, you are really too much, how can you do such a despicable thing?”

“Why is Jessica also a member of the Evans family, how can you harm her.”

“I still believe you so much. It turns out that everything is wrong. It’s your ghost.”

Sarah Evans’s face was so good that she couldn’t see where she went. She had known this matter a long time ago. Although she didn’t do it, it is a sin to know not to report it. If she was blamed by her grandma, she would not have a good life.

“Grandma, I don’t know anything, this matter has nothing to do with me.” Sarah said to the old lady.

“Mom, this matter is a momentary confusion for Arlo. Don’t blame him too much, I will educate him.” Lucas doesn’t want to see Finn lose power in the company. Other relatives dare not speak for Finn, but he Can’t help but.

The old lady’s expression is stiff, and the matter is so violent, how should it end? If she didn’t give Jessica an explanation, it seemed that she was too partial, but she really wanted to drive Finn out of the Evans family, the old lady couldn’t do it.

Although Jessica has brought a lot of benefits to the Evans family, in the eyes of the old lady, Jessica is no better than Finn, and the future Evans family can only be inherited by Finn.

“Brother Ekon, this matter is within our family. I am very grateful to you for helping me. Please speak as much as you want.” The old lady said to Ekon.

Ekon’s fishing for oil and water was just an excuse. This matter was ordered by Stanley. He was just acting on orders and said, “Since the old lady is so upright, I’m not a ignorant person, Ekon, waiting for you to deal with this matter. Okay, I’ll come to you again.”

After that, Ekon took Carlos and left the company.

There was silence in the conference room, and Finn knelt in front of the old lady, not daring to breathe.

Other relatives also kept silent. After all, Jessica is the person in charge of the city west project. What kind of height the Evans family can develop in the future depends on this cooperation with Weak Water Real Estate. Finn did such a despicable thing at this juncture. , Even if the old lady is biased, she may also teach a lesson.

“Jessica, since he killed you, it’s up to you to decide how to deal with this matter.” The old lady said to Jessica.

Jessica is smart. If the old lady really wants to punish Finn, how could she make the decision? She was obviously unwilling to say so.

And Jessica knew that if she made an excessive request, grandma would not carry out another statement, and she would definitely remember it for her.

“Grandma, it’s up to you to make the decision.” Jessica said, even if she was unconvinced in her heart, she could only bear it.

The old lady nodded logically, and said to Finn: “You won’t be using the company during this time. Go home and reflect on it.”

Finn lowered her head, and the corners of her mouth gradually showed a smile. Such a serious matter was caused by grandma. Just let him reflect on it, it seems that my status in grandma’s mind is still unshakable.

“Grandma, I know I was wrong, I will definitely reflect on this during this time.” Finn said.

“This matter is not allowed to be mentioned by anyone in the future.” The old lady said to other relatives.

Naked and guarded, and without the slightest concealment.

Jessica took a deep breath and looked at the old lady of the Evans family and thought in her heart that one day I will prove to you that Finn is definitely not the best candidate to inherit the Evans family.

After the old lady left the meeting room, the other relatives showed their smiles.

“Finn, don’t mind what we said just now. In that case, if we speak nice things for you, it will irritate the old lady.”

“Yeah, you don’t know the temper of the old lady, the more we help you When she speaks, the more she can’t pull her face down.”

Finn stood up, there was no sign of reflection on his face, and looked at Jessica proudly and said: “Jessica, this time you are lucky and let you escape, but next time you absolutely It won’t be so lucky.”

“Grandma is partial to me. Are you angry? No way, who makes me the person that grandma values ​​most? This is the gap between me and you.”

Listening to Finn’s super proud tone, Jessica squeezed her fists, the mud bodhisattva was also three-pointed angry, let alone her.

“Jessica, haven’t you noticed it? You just use tools at Evans’s house. If it weren’t for the cooperation of weak water real estate, you don’t even have the qualifications to enter the conference room. You want to fight with us and save yourself.” Deliberately walked to Jessica, Yin and Amare said strangely.

Chapter Thirty Amare
At 4:30 in the afternoon, Stanley showed up at the commissary, but the commissary still did not open. This gave him an inexplicable premonition. Could it be that something major happened at home? Otherwise, how could the door be closed silently.

After receiving Jessica, watching Jessica’s cheeks bulging like goldfish, she was obviously sulking, and she smiled and asked: “What’s wrong, the trouble is solved, didn’t grandma praise you?”

Jessica snorted coldly and said: “Today Ekon brought Carlos and exposed all the things Finn had done, but grandma only asked Finn to go home and reflect on it.”

Upon hearing this, Stanley sneered.

In his opinion, although grandma would favor Finn, she must be demoted no matter what. At least she had to show it to others. The two words of reflection on this matter seemed too ridiculous.

Moreover, the old lady is not just being partial to Finn, she has not put Jessica in her eyes at all, because she has never considered Jessica’s feelings on this matter.

After eating Jessica, he is not afraid that she and the Evans family will tear their faces? What an arrogant old thing.

“By the way, I only found out today that the person yesterday turned out to be Ekon, why did he help me?” Jessica looked at Stanley questioningly. This matter was clearly related to Stanley.

“Uh… I spent some money, please Ekon to come forward.” Stanley said with a natural expression.

“How much did it cost?” Jessica asked curiously.

“One hundred thousand.”

“One hundred thousand!” Jessica exclaimed and looked at Stanley. This prodigal man actually spent another one hundred thousand! This must be her salary for a whole year.

But if I don’t want Ekon to come forward, she may have fallen into Carlos’s hands yesterday, and she will be tarnished by Carlos, and she feels a little better.

“Rich people are really rich.” Jessica’s mouth narrowed, with a sour taste.

Stanley smiled helplessly. What is this trivial little money? If Jessica knows the string of numbers in his card, he won’t be scared of heart disease?

When he arrived downstairs in the community, Stanley had just parked his car and happened to ran into Ella and Matthew Evans who were about to go out.

Seeing Stanley driving an Audi, isn’t this the one parked next to their car?

I guessed who bought it before, but it turned out to be my own!

Ella walked up to Jessica a little angrily and said, “Jessica, would you not buy another car?”

This matter will be revealed sooner or later. It is only a matter of time. After Jessica glanced at Stanley, he nodded. Admitting: “Mom, I…”

“You’re really not afraid that your grandma would know, and why do you have to drive such a good car when you buy two cars?” Ella glared at Stanley and continued. “Isn’t it what he asked for you?”

Jessica waved her hands again and again, and said: “This matter has nothing to do with Stanley, it is my idea.”

Ella didn’t believe it, and asked Stanley: “You give me What kind of ecstasy your daughter has given, do you know if the old lady suspects her, once the account is checked, how serious the consequences will be, are you doing it for your own face and not welcoming Jessica’s safety?”

“Mom, don’t talk about it. Don’t you want to go out, don’t leave yet.” Jessica said.

Ella looked at the time and the movie was about to begin. Then he said, “When I come back, you will explain this to me clearly.” After the

two elders left, Jessica sighed and looked at Stanley complainingly. “Why didn’t you tell them about buying a car?”

“Even if you said it, would they believe it? And I don’t care about other people’s opinions.” Stanley didn’t care about it, saying that he was responsible for these two cars. Stanley, Ella and Matthew Evans would also not believe it, so why waste your words.

In the past three years, Stanley has never cared what others think of him. The most important thing is how Jessica thinks of him.

“It seems so.” Jessica looked helpless, even telling them the truth would be useless, and would never believe it.

Back home, Stanley said to Jessica: “I have to go out tonight, can it?”

“If I say no, won’t you go?” Jessica asked back.

Stanley nodded without hesitation.

“If you have something to do, just go, but…” Jessica’s words stopped abruptly.

“But what?” Stanley asked curiously.

“Nothing.” Jessica hurried back to the room, she wanted to say don’t let Stanley go to find a woman, but this kind of words made her feel a little strange.

Although the two are husband and wife, they are not as true as husband and wife. Jessica is still not used to getting involved in Stanley’s private life.

Sitting on the head of the bed, Jessica opened the pillow, hiding a pair of scissors underneath, which was placed here three years ago.

In the first year, Jessica would sleep with the scissors every night, until later did she gradually relax her vigilance, and now, she felt that it was time to put the scissors away.

“I really don’t know how you endured facing a big beauty like me.” Jessica said to herself, unaware of her red cheeks, and then put the scissors into the closet.

Standing in front of the mirror, Jessica looked at her figure, with slender and white legs, a proud and tall upper circumference, and a delicate and flawless face. Could it be that he was really not tempted?

“Bah, what am I thinking about.” Jessica’s face was red, and she was embarrassed.

There were only two people in the family at dinner. Since Jessica became the project leader, the family’s economic conditions were ample, Ella and Matthew Evans often did not eat at home.

But this was also a good thing, and provided Stanley and Jessica with a space to be alone.

After dinner, when Stanley was preparing to clean up the table and wash the dishes, Jessica stood up and said, “If you have something to do, go out first. I’ll wash and come back early.”

Stanley was stunned, and he was immediately happy, and said, “No, I’ll get it done soon.”

Jessica glared at Stanley and said, “Let you go, there is so much nonsense.”

Stanley smiled, put down the bowls and chopsticks in his hand, and said, “Then I will go, and I will be back soon after the matter is over.”

After leaving home, Stanley dialed Ekon’s number when he got in the car. .

Since the commissary has not been opened for a few days, Stanley intuitively felt that something might have happened to the boss, so he asked Ekon to check it out. When he got home just now, he received a message from Ekon, so Stanley would tell Jessica that there was something tonight. Need to go out.

“What’s the matter?” Stanley asked.

“Brother Stanley, this matter is unclear on the phone, shall I come to you?” Ekon said.

“No, I’ll go to the magic city right away.” After

arriving at the magic city, Stanley and Ekon met, Ekon said directly: “Brother Stanley, the person you asked me to check is named Amare.”

“Amare?” Stanley frowned and asked, “This name sounds familiar.”

Ekon nodded and said, “There used to be a boss in London called Amare, but five years ago, he suddenly disappeared. The sound disappeared, and his power collapsed overnight. No one knew what happened. I suspect that he was Amare five years ago.”

Stanley looked surprised. The owner of the commissary turned out to be five years ago. The sensational Amare!

With Amare’s status at the time, how could he become the owner of a small shop.

Stanley suddenly thought of a sentence Amare had said, for a woman. It seems that he, the hero, had to let go of everything because of his beauty.

Being able to forsake everything for a woman at his peak, this kind of courage is admirable.

“Have you found out what’s going on with him now?” Stanley asked, dating for three years. Now that he knew about this, Stanley would not ignore it.

“It is reported that I have seen him in the underground casino, that is, Oliver’s site.” Ekon said.

Oliver, he owns half of the illegal casinos in London. He does not have Ekon more than his subordinates, but he has more financial resources and contacts. Oliver can crush Ekon, but because Oliver is only engaged in the underground casino business, yes. I don’t dabble in other aspects, so I rarely conflict with others in the same way.

“Brother Stanley, this Oliver is not easy to provoke. Although he is not well-known in London, I heard that he has a deep friendship with many big people. I think it is better not to interfere in this matter.” Ekon reminded.

“When is it your turn to make a decision?” Stanley said coldly.

Ekon hurriedly bent down to apologize: “Brother Stanley, I didn’t mean that.”

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