Son in law chapter 31-40

Chapter 31 One person is enough
Longmen Recreation Club, under the banner of massaging feet, in fact, the entire Longmen Recreation Club is a cover, and people who know how to call it Longmen Underground Casino.

On the first floor of the clubhouse, there is a casino with a large venue. Gamblers from all walks of life are immersed in this place. There are people with haggard faces and some are red, but most of them are the former. After all, ten gamblers and nine losers want to win in the casino. The probability of money is not much higher than buying lottery tickets.

At this time, there was a loud voice in front of the baccarat table, a young man won ten in a row, and the chips in front of him were piled up like a mountain, and many people watching the excitement were cheering for him.

This young man was Stanley, followed by Ekon, who was already sweating coldly.

If they win in this way, they will definitely attract the attention of the casino. If Stanley is found out, their lives will be accounted for here.

Ekon didn’t know where Stanley had the courage. He didn’t even bring his little brother. The two of them came to the casino and had an accident.

At this time, a monitoring officer hurriedly walked to Oliver’s office.

“Brother Oliver, there is a situation.”

Oliver was smoking a cigar and kneeling in front of him with a blood-stained man. He was seriously injured, so he could barely see his appearance.

“What’s the situation?” Oliver asked.

The monitoring personnel showed Oliver a section of the monitoring he had called out.

After reading it, Oliver frowned and said, “You have won a lot, do you have such good luck?”

“There must be a problem.” The supervisor said without hesitation.

Oliver put his cigarette butt on the kneeling man’s shoulder, making a sighing noise, then kicked the man away, and said to the monitoring personnel: “Please come to the VIP room, let me see how capable he is.

” Yes.”

After the surveillance personnel left, Oliver stood up, tidyed up his clothes, stretched out his leg and said to the man: “Lick my shoes clean, or your wife’s life will be gone.”

The man crawled with all his strength . In front of Oliver, just sticking out his tongue, Oliver raised his foot on his face and said disdainfully: “When I was with you back then, you never thought about today’s situation, so many brothers, you just leave. It’s all because of this eight-woman, do you really think I will spare her?”

The man raised his head, vaguely able to see that he is Amare, the owner of the commissary, and said in a flustered expression: “Oliver, I used to be there. You are not thin, if you let her go, any dissatisfaction is directed at me.”

Oliver was with Amare back then, and he was a second-in-command, like the sky, but because Amare left without a word, his subordinates disappeared. , Oliver was unwilling to be destroyed by Amare’s own efforts, and since then he vowed to stand on his own feet, and he will definitely be more powerful than Amare back then.

In the past few years, Oliver’s development is really good. He started his business by relying on underground casinos and is now the most powerful underground casino owner in the entire Cloud City.

After becoming rich and powerful, Oliver didn’t forget to find Amare, dug three feet in London, and finally found Amare.

He not only wanted to retaliate against Amare, but also let Amare take a good look, he had a stronger ability than Amare.

“Unfortunately, she is dead.” Oliver said mockingly.

“Oliver, how can you do this?” Amare looked at Oliver with crimson eyes, and roared: “If she dies, I will let you be buried.”

Oliver was not afraid of Amare’s threat, and said lightly. “Just relying on your trash, what to fight with me, you are like an ant in my eyes, I can pinch you to death at will. But don’t worry, I have not played enough, now let you Die, it’s too cheap for you.”

After speaking, Oliver left the office, and Amare was beaten up again by his men.

After Stanley was invited into the VIP room, Oliver appeared soon after.

When Oliver saw Ekon, he laughed and said, “Who am I supposed to be? It turns out that it was Brother Ekon who came here, so how come I have time to relax in this small place?”

Ekon dare not speak, because This is Oliver’s site, if Oliver is annoyed, no one knows where he died.

Stanley has great expectations of Ekon, but his appearance is too disappointing. With such a courage, how can he achieve great things?

“Who are you, sitting in front of Brother Ekon, your background is not small.” Oliver looked at Stanley and asked.


“Brother, your name is unpleasant. Why do you have the same name as that rubbish in London? It’s not uncommonly misunderstood.” Oliver couldn’t help laughing, although he had never seen Stanley, but The reputation is too loud, even if you don’t know it.

“I am the trash in your mouth.” Stanley said with a calm face.

“You… are you the deity of Stanley?” Oliver looked at Stanley in amazement, and was surprised: “Oh, yeah, I didn’t expect it, it really looks like a little white face, and his skills are good. Do you know what is going to end up with me?”

Oliver raised his hand, and the younger brother behind him said: “Brother Oliver, the last time the old man had left the field, there is not a finger left.”

“I heard that, there is not a finger left. I didn’t expect you to be quite courageous as a trash.” Oliver said.

“Did you catch Amare?” Stanley asked directly, too lazy to talk nonsense with him.

Upon hearing this, Oliver frowned and said with a displeased expression: “Which green onion are you, who did I catch, do you still have to explain it to you?”

“I just want to know, is Amare in you? Here.” Stanley said.

“Yes, I caught him. How? Is it just you trash, do you still want to save him?” Oliver looked at Stanley contemptuously, thinking that this trash is not as unbearable as the legend, at least now. Didn’t you come, dare to come out of his place, and come for Amare’s business, waste will not have such guts.

More importantly, he won money in the casino and deliberately attracted attention, and his courage was not small.

“I have a condition, how can I let him go?” Stanley said.

Oliver’s eyes condensed, and with a big tone, he came to him to beg someone.

“Stanley, do you see me as someone who lacks money? And you, this onion, I Oliver didn’t take it seriously. I want to use the Evans family to suppress me. Just try it.” Oliver sneered. He didn’t put the Evans family in his eyes, a second-rate family, as long as he was willing, he could play it in less than a week.

“The Evans family naturally has no deterrent to you, but I have three thousand and one people.” Stanley said.

“Puff, hahahaha. Sorry, I can’t help it, you fucking tell jokes.” Oliver laughed loudly, laughed for a while before calming down, and continued: “Your reputation for trash is really scary. Yes, no one in the entire London knows, no one knows.”

“Brother Oliver, I heard that he was in the Evans’s house, and he rubbed his back for the old man in law and gave his mother-in-law to wash his feet.” Oliver’s men sneered.

“Tsk tusk tusk, it’s a glorious deed, I admire Oliver. But I want to ask you, you’re still a damn man, to this point, is it fun to live?” Oliver said.

Stanley stood up, and at the same time, Oliver’s subordinates stepped forward and stood in front of Oliver.

“Want to hit me? You are not just a trash, but your mind is not right. Don’t you know whose site this is?” Oliver looked at Stanley like a fool.

Ekon was already in a cold sweat. If Stanley really dared to mess around here, the two of them would not want to go out alive today.

“Brother Stanley, calm down, this is Oliver’s place.” Ekon reminded Stanley.

The three thousand brothers made Oliver look surprised, exactly the same as Carlos’s reaction after hearing it.

“Ekon, you actually called him Brother Three Thousand? I heard that right, right.”

“You heard that right, I’ll give you another chance and let Amare go.” Stanley said coldly.

“What stinky thing to go to Nima, I don’t have time to waste with you, so I interrupted my hands and feet and threw it out.” Oliver said impatiently, and then stood up to leave.

The sound of fighting came from behind, but it soon stopped. Oliver didn’t even bother to take a look. He didn’t think Stanley could beat his men.

Stanley started to collect money for himself after he was twelve years old. At the same time, he also learned from the bodyguards at home, because he knew that money is only a foreign object, and he must truly protect his status and safety, except for money. In addition, there is strength.

Oliver, who had just taken a step, was suddenly choked by someone from behind!

Chapter 32 Cloud City, I’m Back

Oliver didn’t know what happened, but Ekon saw it really, with a dull face, completely frightened.

Oliver’s thugs were in front of Stanley, like paper, they had no combat effectiveness at all, and Stanley brought them down after three times.

Is that human being?

“Did I let you go?” An icy voice came from my ears.

Oliver was frightened, tilted his head, Guang saw that it was Stanley, and he couldn’t believe it.

“Stanley, what the hell you want to do, if you mess with me, the Evans family will be ruined, let alone you.” Oliver said.

“Take me to see Amare, or I will kill you.” Stanley said coldly.

“Dare you!”

The strength of Stanley’s hands gradually increased, and Oliver felt that it was more and more difficult to breathe, and finally panic flashed in his eyes.

“You…you let me go first, I’ll take you there!” Oliver said.

“Go.” A

group of three people left the VIP room. When Oliver’s men saw this scene, they surrounded them.

“Stanley, you are looking for death, I will not let you go, and the Evans family, the entire Evans family will be affected by you.” Oliver threatened.

With a sudden force in Stanley’s hands, Oliver felt that his neck was almost cut off by him.

“Your life is in my hands. One more nonsense, I will keep you from seeing the sun tomorrow.” Stanley said.

“Don’t tell, don’t tell.” When he

came to Oliver’s office, Stanley let all of Oliver’s men get out.

When he saw the bloody Amare, he threw away Oliver.

“How is it?” Stanley asked when he walked to Amare’s side.

Amare raised his head vigorously, and when he saw Stanle, his face was puzzled: “Why are you here.”

“Seeing that you haven’t opened the door, I’m afraid that you can buy fake cigarettes elsewhere.” Stanley said with a smile.

Amare smiled ugly, and said, “Go away, I don’t want to hurt you. Oliver is not something you can provoke.”

“I am a person and don’t like to smoke fake cigarettes. If you don’t open a shop, would I have to quit smoking? What’s the difference between this and killing me?” Stanley helped Amare up.

Only then did Amare see Oliver being subdued, and suddenly became nervous when thinking of his wife.

He walked to Oliver tremblingly, and asked, “Oliver, where is my wife?”

Oliver was caught by Ekon, unable to move, and after a vicious look at Stanley, he said, “Die, catch you. Come, I will kill people.”

Brodiet crazy, grabbed Oliver’s hair, and kept knocking with his head, yelling: “Where is she, where is she.”

“You Calm down first.” Stanley grabbed Amare’s hand and kicked Oliver away. He didn’t care about Oliver’s life or death, but Amare was already severely injured, and if he knocked down like this, he himself would not feel good.

Oliver squatted on the ground clutching his abdomen, gritted his teeth and said to Stanley

, “I am going to kill you, and the Evans family will not stay.” Amare took a few deep breaths and said to Stanley, “Let me go. .”

Looking at Amare’s crazy eyes, Stanley released his hand.

Instead, it was him. If Jessica was arrested, he would not be calm.

“Oliver, I will ask you one last time, where is my wife?” Amare’s voice was extremely cold, his bloody face was like a devil.

Oliver still looks like he doesn’t know how to live or die, because he believes that no matter it is Amare or Stanley, he doesn’t dare to do anything to him.

“I haven’t made it clear yet, she’s dead, she has been dead since you were arrested,” Oliver said.

Amare was not as crazy as before, but was unusually calm, but Stanley could feel that Amare’s whole person had been wrapped in murderous intent.

“Call your subordinates and call them as many as you want.” Stanley told Ekon that if Amare really killed Oliver here, it would be impossible for them to retreat. .

Ekon took out the phone in a panic and quickly dialed his number.

“Since she is dead, you can walk with her on

Bruce Castle Road. She is afraid of the dark.” Amare said.

Oliver looked at Amare disdainfully, and said, “Do you dare to kill me? Do you know how much a chain reaction my death will cause? Not only you, but the three of you will be buried with me, and the Evans family.”

Ekon secretly wiped a cold sweat on himself. He knew that Oliver’s words were not bragging, unlike Carlos. Although Carlos had a background, it was nothing compared to Oliver. The annual income of Oliver’s underground casino is amazing. I don’t know how many people have been bought. If not, he would have been put through his prison for so many places. If something happens to him, it will affect the interests of too many people. Is there a place for them?

“Amare, calm down, he is not good for us if he is dead.” Ekon persuaded the appearance.

“It’s still Ekon who knows himself, Amare, are you fucking courageous?” Oliver looked at Amare disdainfully.

“Amare, you can do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter how strong his background is.” Stanley said.

Ekon was shocked, Stanley didn’t even see Oliver in his eyes. Then what he said just now, wouldn’t he appear timid and fearful?

“Bah.” Oliver looked at Stanley mockingly, and said: “You’re a trash braggart, do you know who is behind Daliah?”

Stanley didn’t even look at Oliver, but he looked at Amare. He said, “I’m waiting for you outside.” Before

leaving, Stanley called Ekon.

The office was already surrounded by Oliver’s men. Seeing Stanley and Ekon walking out, no one dared to act rashly.

“You disappoint me very much.” Stanley didn’t even pretend that he was in a dangerous situation, his face was light and breezy.

Ekon lowered his head. He did show cowardice in this matter, but in his opinion, Oliver deserves to be jealous. The people behind him should not be underestimated. They move his whole body. Who can guess Oliver? After death, what kind of turbulence will it cause?

“Brother Stanley, are you really fearless?” Ekon said incredulously. He didn’t know why Stanley could be so unscrupulous.

Stanley smiled faintly, how could just a London make him fearful?

Before Amare came out of the office, Ekon’s people arrived first. All the gamblers were driven out, and the casino was full of more than two hundred Ekon’s men.

Only then did Ekon regain some confidence, no matter what happens afterwards, at least he is safe now.

It took half an hour for Amare to walk out of the office, bloody, his eyes dull.

Stanley knew that his wife might really have died in Oliver’s hands.

“Can you do me a favor?” Amare said hoarsely.

“No problem.”

“I want to take her back to PingAmare Village. I need a car.” Amare said.

The casino interrogation room, this is a torture room set up for Stanley, Amare found his wife’s body in it.

When Amare walked to the casino lobby carrying the corpse, he suddenly stopped, and said silently, “London, I’m back.” At

this moment, Amare, standing tall and tall, is no longer a small shop. The boss’s market image seems to have returned to the invincible hero five years ago.

Stanley personally drove MoAmare back to PingAmare Village without cremation. In the backyard of MoAmare’s old house, Stanley and Amare dug a pit together.

A simple tombstone erected Amare’s life’s grief.

Squatting in front of the grave, a small smile hung from Amare’s mouth.

“Eight years ago, she said she wanted to see how beautiful Cloud City is. It took me three years to reach the top of Cloud City. Five years ago, she said that she was tired and wanted to rest. I put everything down and stayed with her. Live.”

If you want a cloud, I will give you a cloud.

If you want the tide to go down, I will let the tide go down!

This is Amare’s courage, willing to ebb and flow for the beauty.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking wayward.” Even with Stanley’s disposition, after hearing Amare’s words, he couldn’t help cursing.

Amare smiled bitterly and looked at Stanley and said, “If you are you, you will do the same.”

This question made Stanley think deeply, but soon he shook his head and said, “No. , Can only protect her if it is strong enough.”

“If I could figure this out earlier, things might not have developed to this point.” Amare claws into claws, sinking into the mud.

Chapter 33 A Wonderful Family of Three

After Stanley left, Jessica appeared a little restless, time passed by, and Jessica lying on the bed was not sleepy.

Holding the phone, watching the passage of time after second, it turned out to be eleven o’clock very quickly.

Normally, Jessica had already gone to bed at this time, because she had to run in the morning the next day, but today she couldn’t close her eyes.

It wasn’t until then that Jessica realized that Stanley in her life was already an indispensable part, even if he just slept under the bed, it turned out to have occupied such an important position in her heart.

Jessica wanted to call Stanley and ask when he would go home, but when Stanley left, he made it clear that there was something to do, and Jessica didn’t want to disturb Stanley.

After that night, Jessica heard the sound of opening the door when it was lightly bright, and hurriedly closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

Stanley didn’t expect that it would be so long last night. He tiptoedly walked into the room and found that Jessica was still asleep. He was relieved.

However, seeing Jessica’s eyelashes trembling slightly, and the bags under her eyes were obviously heavier, and dark circles on her face, Stanley smiled bitterly and said, “You won’t stay up all night, right?”

Jessica felt her heart when she heard Stanley’s words. Surprised, she didn’t want Stanley to know about this and continued to pretend to sleep.

Stanley knew that she pretended to be deliberately, but did not reveal it, and lying on the floor, she said to herself: “Something happened to a friend, so the time was lost.”

Jessica couldn’t help but ask curiously. Something happened, but she was still pretending to be asleep, if she asked, wouldn’t it be a break.

“Some people are worth protecting with their lives. He taught me a lesson that I will not allow this to happen to me.” Stanley said lightly, Amare’s stupidest decision was to retreat, he thought he thought It can be exchanged for a peaceful life, but I don’t know the reason why I can’t help myself in the rivers and lakes for a day.

Jessica couldn’t help it anymore, pretending to be lazy just after waking up, complaining: “I’m still asleep, do you keep talking and want to be kicked out of the room by me?”

Stanley both hands On the pillow, looking at Jessica on the bed,

she said softly: “Take a leave of absence and rest at home today.” Jessica felt a guilty conscience. Could he see through it? This is so embarrassing.

“For no reason, why did you ask for leave, and there is still an important meeting to be held today. I can’t do it without me, but I won’t run in the morning today.” Jessica said.

Stanley smiled and stopped talking. If Jessica is really exposed, maybe he will have to sleep on the sofa in the next few days.

After getting up at eight o’clock, Stanley made the porridge, and only after letting it cool did he wake up Jessica, trying to let her sleep for a while.

While Jessica was eating breakfast, Ella walked out of the room and wanted to question Stanley about buying a car last night, but the old couple got a little passionate, so the opportunity was delayed.

“Jessica, today your uncle and the others are coming to London, you ask him to pick him up at the station at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.” Ella said.

Jessica looked at Ella helplessly, Stanley was not there, why did she have to tell her?

“Mom, what are you doing.” Jessica said.

Ella glanced at Stanley, not angry, and said: “I don’t care about buying a car. After all, things have happened, but if the old lady knows about it, you can take the initiative to admit it. If you make a mistake, you just let Jessica buy it. It has nothing to do with Jessica, lest the old lady punish Jessica.”

“No problem,” Stanley replied.

After having breakfast, Stanley sent Jessica to the company, and the commissary opened for business normally, but there were obviously more guests coming and going, and they did not look like ordinary people.

“What are you going to do?” Stanley asked Amare.

“Oliver is dead. Someone must clean up the mess he left behind.” Amare said.

Stanley nodded. It seems that Amare is ready to come back out of the world. This is a good thing, because Ekon’s courage can’t do great things, Stanley no longer regards Ekon as the object of cultivation in his heart.

“If you need anything, just speak up.” Stanley said.

Amare smiled and said, “Oliver is dead, and London hasn’t moved yet. Your help is enough. But you, if you want me to help in the future, just speak.”

“This sentence is for me. But remember, a man-man, his words count.” Stanley smiled.

Amare drew out a cigarette and handed it to Stanley, and asked, “You have been dormant for three years, what are your plans?”

Stanley waved his hand and said, “There is still a task to go.”

Amare He smiled helplessly, and said to himself: “The surprise you can bring to me, I am afraid it is not small.”

Stanley casually ate at the roadside stall at noon, and driving the Audi to eat the roadside stall is also attractive. I got a lot of eyeballs, and after eating, I went to the station early.

For the past three years, I have returned to Ella’s natal family once a year, and Stanley is very familiar with Jessica’s uncle.

Benjamin, The name is Benjamin, is actually a person who can only brag about himself. He is a typical dream giant who brags about himself with other people’s deeds all day long.

As for his son, Stanley didn’t have the slightest affection. His name was Bandile. He was a nasty person. He had the same virtue as Benjamin, except for bragging. He had no real ability.

As for his wife Iminathi, it is a real strange work, more mean than Ella. Stanley still remembers going back the year before. Bandile talked to someone and asked Iminathi for money to go out on a date. Iminathi said why he spent his own money. , Directly subverted Stanley’s three views.

Seeing what reason Iminathi taught Bandile to make the woman pay for the money, Stanley admired the family in a totally different way.

Of course, in the end Bandile’s relationship fell apart, and Iminathi even said that the woman didn’t know what was good or bad.

At three o’clock, Siyabonga’s family of three walked out of the station, and Stanley stepped forward to greet them.

Looking at Stanley, Siyabonga was upset, and asked, “Where is Ella, and Matthew Evans, why didn’t they come in person?”

Stanley thought that you are leading the trip or what, the need is so big. Are you greeted by the battle?

“My parents have something to do today, so let me pick you up.” Stanley said.

Siyabonga snorted, and Iminathi said in a weird manner: “I heard that Jessica is now in charge, and the frame is really different. Just ask someone to pick us up. I think your sister is no longer in charge. You put it in your eyes.”

“Stanley, wouldn’t you come to pick us up on foot?” Bandile asked.

“Drive the car, come with me.” Stanley was speechless for a while, the family of three did not know where the sense of superiority came from, they were so poor that they were really not small.

Before coming to Audi, Bandile’s eyes glowed.

“This car, did you drive?” Bandile asked in surprise.

Benjamin and Iminathi were also slightly stunned. It hasn’t been long since Jessica became the person in charge, and she has already changed luxury cars!

“Yes, get in the car.” Stanley said.

Bandile froze for a moment, walked directly to the side of the cab, and said to Stanley: “Give me the key, I’ll drive, what qualifications do you have to drive such a good car.”

“Do you know the road?” Stanley was helpless.

“What does it have to do with you? Get the key quickly and don’t talk nonsense.” Bandile said coldly in dissatisfaction.

“Is this car you can call the shots? You didn’t buy it, so what if you drive it for my son.” Siyabonga

“That is, you are also exposed . If you didn’t come to pick us up, Ella could give you such a good car. Open?” Iminathi echoed.

Stanley could only throw the key to Bandile.

Bandile got into the car excitedly and didn’t start it. Instead, he took out his phone, took a photo, and sent it to Moments.

Siyabonga and Iminathi were amazed when they got into the car. They repeatedly sighed that the feeling of sitting in a luxury car was different.

The moment Bandile stepped on the accelerator, he felt like he had reached the pinnacle of his life, and his whole person was light and light.

It was a safe way to get to the community, but when he was parking, Bandile was not familiar with the distance between the cars and scratched it on the flower stand, with a large sunken right front lip.

When the family of three got out of the car, their faces were pale. This car is not cheap. If the car is repaired, I don’t know how much it will cost!

Iminathi glanced at Bandile, gritted her teeth and said, “Why are you so careless.”

Chapter 34 Open your eyes and talk nonsense
Mom, what should I do now, won’t you let me pay? “Bandile said with trepidation.

Iminathi looked at Stanley. This matter can’t make her son take the blame. Anyway, Stanley was looked down upon at the Evans’s house, so it would be fine for him to take the blame.

“I still have it. ” Go to pick up Jessica and get off work, so go upstairs by yourself. “Han

Stanley said at this time. Siyabonga looked angry, is this the etiquette for receiving guests? Just wanted to talk, but Iminathi took a step ahead and said: “You go quickly, don’t be late. “

Siyabonga looked at Iminathi suspiciously. Why did she suddenly change her sex and come to be a guest. There is no reason to be thrown downstairs.

“Iminathi, what are you doing? Why don’t you let this useless lead us upstairs?” “After Stanley drove away, Siyabonga asked Iminathi.

“He won’t leave, why do we put the black pot on his head?” “Iminathi smiled and said: “Don’t talk when you go up later, let me do it.” “

A family of three walked upstairs, Ella had already been waiting at home.

“Brother, sister-in-law, you are finally here. Ella enthusiastically welcomed the three of them in.

Iminathi sighed and said with a grumbling expression on his face: “Ella, how can you drive such a good car to Stanley.” “

Sister-in-law, what’s wrong?” “Ella asked puzzledly.

“He hit the car into a big pit, and it will cost a lot of money to fix it. Isn’t this a waste of money?” “Iminathi said.

Hearing this, Ella’s expression suddenly changed, and Stanley crashed the car! This is a new car, and he doesn’t even know to be careful.

“Yes, Aunt Ella, how can you Drive such a good car for him, I think he is just riding a battery car. “Shili said

frankly, without a sense of shame. “Ella, it’s not the brother who said you, what kind of person Stanley is, you don’t know. He is so useless, why should you give him face. “

A family of three went into battle, so strange that it was dumbfounding.

Ella took a deep breath, didn’t doubt that there was anything else in this matter, and said in a cold voice: “When he comes back, I will ask him to settle the account. He won’t even want to drive my car in the future.”

Stanley didn’t know what happened at home. When I arrived at the company, the commissary had already closed, and Amare estimated that he had gone to work, so he leaned against the car idly.

Not long after, a few hooligan-looking people deliberately walked up to Stanley.

“Dude, I heard that you are the scumbag of the Evans family, but you did not lose face to our men.”

“How does it feel to eat soft rice? You wouldn’t have been an eunuch in your previous life.”

“Jessica is such a beautiful and beautiful woman. It fell in your hands. Tell us, have you touched her? Isn’t it cool?”

Stanley looked at the red Ferrari parked at the end of the street and said lightly: “Go tell him, don’t It’s okay to look for things, my patience is limited.”

“Oh, my tone is not small,

brothers , fight.” The three raised their sleeves and fisted together. Stanley smiled disdainfully and found such a few soft-footed shrimp roles. Just want to teach me, you underestimate me too.

Several hooligans were aggressive, but they all lay on the ground soon, and Stanley’s face was calm and breezy, as if nothing had happened.

“Go away, it won’t be that simple next time.” Stanley said.

The three of them didn’t expect Stanley to be able to fight like this, with fear in their eyes, they ran away in a hurry.

After Jessica got off work, she saw that the car was hit in a groove

. She didn’t complain about Stanley, but said: “Why are you so careless?” “To pick up Bandile today, he had to drive and accidentally hit him.” Shaw Three thousand said.

“Bandile?” Jessica frowned. She could almost describe Bandile as annoying. People in their twenties, who are in their twenties, are idle and do not do business all day long, learning from Benjamin and bragging, unexpectedly even hit the car. Up.

“If my mother knows, see what he does.” Jessica said.

Driving home, Ella, Matthew Evans, and Siyabonga’s family of three were all downstairs. Even Stanley was embarrassed by this battle. Aren’t they waiting for Jessica?

After parking the car, Ella and Matthew Evans looked at the front of the car nervously. It was a distressed one. This is a new car.

“Stanley, give me the key.” Ella walked to Stanley and said coldly.

Feeling inexplicable, Stanley handed the car key to Ella.

“Since you don’t know Cherish, don’t drive this car in the future. Even if I let it eat dust here, you don’t want to touch it.” Ella said.

Matthew Evans looked at Stanley with a heavy face, and said, “Do you really think Jessica can make money now, so you can mess around? Do you know how expensive Audi repairs are?”

Seeing Stanley being scolded, Siyabonga’s family of three even smiled, especially Bandile, with a smug expression in his expression.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Jessica’s monk was puzzled, completely unaware of what happened.

Ella pointed to the place where he was hit and said, “Didn’t you find that the car was hit? I told you a long time ago, don’t let him drive such a good car. You don’t listen. Now you know the consequences.”

Jessica’s expression was stunned. Bandile obviously hit this car. How could he blame Stanley?

Seeing the expressions of Bandile’s family of three, Jessica instantly understood, and she was not angry.

“Mom, this car…”

“Jessica, if you speak for him again, I will ask you to divorce him now.” Ella interrupted coldly.

Stanley pulled Jessica’s hand and motioned to her that she didn’t need to explain.

Jessica’s scalp is almost exploding. How can Bandile’s family of three be so brazen? You have to have a sense of proportion when you open your eyes and talk nonsense.

“Cousin, you man, your skills are really not good. It is also dangerous for you to let him be a driver. You should think about it.” Bandile said with a smile.

“That’s right, you are making a lot of money now, what if you have a long and two shortcomings?” Iminathi said.

These words reminded Ella that Jessica is now the support of their family, what if something happens.

“Stanley, you don’t have to pick up Jessica from get off work in the future, just go wherever you should go.” Ella said.

After speaking, Ella took Jessica’s hand and continued: “Invite your uncle and the others to eat out tonight. Those who are irrelevant don’t need to go.”

This irrelevant person naturally refers to Stanley.

Before Jessica spoke, Stanley spoke: “I have something tonight, you can go.”

“Stanley, you are quite self-aware, knowing that our family gathering does not have your share, so I find excuses not to go. Don’t be so embarrassed.” Bandile teased.

“Stanley, you…” Jessica was full of grievances, fighting for Stanley’s injustice.

“Go, I really have something to do.” Stanley interrupted.

The family left in two cars, one for Matthew Evans and one for Bandile. Stanley went upstairs after watching them leave.

In the car, Bandile said triumphantly: “Mom, you are so amazing, Stanley dare not refute a word.”

Iminathi smiled and said, “He is in the Evans family. For the sake of speaking, you have to be careful, if you hit it again, Mom won’t find an excuse to help you.”

“Don’t worry, it was just accidental before.” Bandile said lightly.

At this time, Iminathi had a sullen heart again, and said to Siyabonga: “Ella’s family bought two cars. There must be a lot of money. You have to find a way to borrow some.”

“Ella is now well developed. It is only natural to help me as an elder brother. I’ll borrow it later at the dinner table. I don’t want to borrow 200,000, but at least I have to borrow one hundred thousand.” Siyabonga said.

“If she wants to borrow a note, you can give it to her, first get the money and then talk about it. As for not paying back the money in the future, we have the final say.” Iminathi reminded.

Siyabonga said of course: “She is rich now. If she wants to pay me back, it would be too unsympathetic. How can I be her brother?”

In order to save face, Ella decided on a five-star. Class-class hotel boxes, the consumption is not low, but also deliberately said that he is a regular customer here, often come.

When Iminathi heard her, before entering the hotel, he secretly made a two-digit gesture to Siyabonga, meaning that he would borrow 200,000 Pound later.

Chapter 35: Iminathi who lives and lives
Arrived in the box, went through three rounds of wine, taking advantage of Matthew Evans and Ella both drunk a little confused, at Iminathi’s reminder, Siyabonga said: “Ella, brother has something to ask you for help.”

Ella waved her hand, and said indifferently, “Brother, if you have anything to say, you can’t refuse it, as long as I can help.”

“My brother has a bit of difficulty recently, and Jessica is so promising. I want to borrow some money. “Siyabonga said.

Iminathi hurriedly agreed: “If it weren’t for anything else, we wouldn’t say this, Ella, you have money now, so you can’t help without help.”

Ella immediately woke up when he heard about the loan. Two points, she knows who Siyabonga is. Once the money is lent out, there is no possibility that it will be returned 99%.

“Brother, how much do you want to borrow?” Ella asked.

Siyabonga made a second gesture.

Ella said: “Two thousand?”

“Ella, what do you mean, do I still need two thousand to speak to you?” Siyabonga said angrily.

“How much is that?” Ella felt cruel. If she wants to borrow 20,000, she will borrow after biting her teeth in order to earn a face. .

“Two hundred thousand.” Siyabonga said without changing his face.

“Two hundred thousand!” Ella was like taking a hangover medicine, and she became sober in an instant. Although her life is better now, she doesn’t have that much money in her hands. Moreover, she just said two hundred thousand, which is too much. Greedy.

“The two cars in your family are worth more than one million, and you often come to five-star hotels to eat. Two hundred thousand is not a small amount of money for you?” Siyabonga said.

Iminathi knows that Ella is a face-loving person, so how can I increase my chances of borrowing money at this time? He said: “Ella, you are different now. You still can’t bear to pay 200,000 Pound. Oh, I see you, now you have lived the life of Mrs. Ko, with a net worth of several million.”

Ella was very comfortable listening to this, but she really couldn’t get the two hundred thousand.

Seeing Ella looked embarrassed, Jessica said, “Uncle and Aunt, you have to borrow so much money and go to the bank for a loan. However, if you have the ability to repay the bank loan, you have to see what

this sentence means .” Obviously, if you don’t have the ability to pay back the money, why should you lend you money?

Iminathi’s face sank and said, “I’m discussing with your mother, what do you mean by your junior.”

“Ella, you used to be at your natal family, but we have said a lot of good things for you. How many relatives say you are married. Fake giants, if you lend us the money to let those relatives know, can they still say that you have nothing to do in the future?” Iminathi turned her head and continued to say to Ella.

Ella wanted to fight for herself in her family, but the price of 200,000 Pound was too great, and she simply couldn’t spend so much money now.

Siyabonga snorted coldly, and said, “Ella, your cars are not rented, just to show off in front of us?”

“You don’t want to go back to your family home this year?” A

series of sugar-coated shells hit Regarding Ella, Ella thought of returning to her family’s scenery, and she nodded and agreed: “Okay.”

Jessica was anxious. They don’t have 200,000 for Siyabonga, should they steal it?


Ella glared at Jessica, with a tone that she would fight anyway.

Seeing that the loan was settled, Bandile left the box under the pretext of going to the bathroom.

Matthew Evans didn’t dare to say a word during the whole process, because Ella was in charge of everything in the family, even if he didn’t agree.

“Actually, borrowing money is also for Bandile. He recently took a fancy to an investment project, the shortcomings of the start-up capital, don’t worry, I have money in the future, I will return it to you immediately.” Siyabonga said with a smile, the point of this sentence , Lies in having money, and whether there is money, but he has the final say.

Iminathi poked Benjamin, what else was this extra word for?

“We are here this time, time is limited, when can you give us the money?” Iminathi asked.

Ella looked at Jessica, and she had to spend 200,000 Pound. Only Jessica could do it. She regretted it a little bit now, but she couldn’t take it back. After so many years, she finally managed to win her breath. , Don’t be ashamed.

“Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, it takes time to withdraw money,” Ella said.

“Good, good.” Iminathi smiled.

Bandile, who went to the bathroom, did not come back for a long time. Iminathi was worried about what was going on. She was about to let Benjamin go and see. The box door was kicked open, and there was a loud bang.

I saw Bandile being thrown in with a swollen nose and a swollen nose, and several sturdy men followed behind him.

Iminathi is a woman who protects her calf. Seeing that her son was beaten like this, she hurried over.

“Bandile, how are you, are you okay?” Iminathi asked concerned.

Bandile was so scared that he burst into tears and cried like a woman.

“Who are you guys, why are you hitting my son?” Iminathi yelled.

A gold necklace around his neck fat, portly came out: “What is called, you are the woman Shabi, Shabi gave birth to a son, and I even dared to take liberties with women, beat him up, then what?”

Just on After finishing the toilet, Bandile met a woman who was wearing a sexy dress. She was drunk and molested him. He didn’t know that the other party was a woman with a big brother, so he beat him up without saying a word.

Bandile was so scared that he cried on the spot and knelt down to beg for mercy, but the other party refused to forgive him, even if Bandile broke the name of the Evans family, it was useless.

Hearing the fat man’s words, Iminathi said unconsciously: “Look at what your woman is wearing. Isn’t this a clear way to seduce my son?”

When the fat man got angry when he heard this, he grinned and said: “What a shrew, even if I don’t wear a woman, does your son have the right to go to her?”

“This kind of bitch…”

Fatty’s subordinates have not finished. A fist greeted Iminathi’s face.

Siyabonga did not show the slightest appearance of a man, and said to Jessica with a pale face: “Jessica, aren’t you from the Evans family? Don’t frighten them.”

Jessica doesn’t matter how he hangs up high, Bandile Doing her own death, and Iminathi still knows whether she lives or die. Why should she care about this matter?

After hearing Bandile’s words, the fat man said with a disdainful face: “What kind of shit, the Evans family, even if it comes, I won’t take it seriously.”

“Are you the wicked old man? Come here, kneel down and kowtow to me. Admit it, if I am in a good mood, I don’t need to beat you.” The fat man said to Siyabonga.

Siyabonga was trembling with fright, but he was hard-hearted towards Jessica: “Jessica, don’t you care about this? I’m your uncle.”

Jessica looked indifferent and didn’t even bother to say a word.

Matthew Evans plucked up the courage to stand up and said to the fat man: “I am Matthew Evans, a member of the Evans family, give me a face. Let’s forget about today’s affairs.” The

fat man looked at Matthew Evans with a sneer and said, “The Evans family. , Count as a ball? No matter how nosy you are, believe it or not, I even hit you.”

Seeing that the fat man’s attitude is so strong, Ella just wanted to reach out to pull Matthew Evans and sit down, but Matthew Evans moved faster, and immediately sat down honestly. There was a sound.

“You don’t have to kneel down and apologize. I’m also a reasonable person. How come you have to pay tens to one million for a woman who molested me?” The fat man said with a smile.

Seeing no one was talking, the fat man kicked Bandile and said angrily: “If there is no money, I will give up this kid.”

“Big brother, I have no money, but…but I have a car, you take the car. , Please let me go.” Bandile took out the Audi car key.

“Bandile, that’s my car, why do you give it to him?” Jessica saw this scene and stood up angrily and said.

Only then did the fat man see Jessica clearly, and couldn’t help but shine, she turned out to be a big beauty!

“Jessica, what a car is, do you want to watch Bandile be crippled by him?” It’s not his own thing, Siyabonga doesn’t care at all.

“Beauty, I have money, just a broken Audi, I didn’t take it seriously.” The fat man threw away the car key and walked towards Jessica.

“What do you want to do?” Jessica said, looking at the fat man warily.

“Well, if you stay with me all night, this matter will be canceled, how about it?” The fat man looked at Jessica with an obscene smile on his face.

Chapter 36 Looking for his help?
Don’t think about it “Jessica’s face changed drastically. I didn’t expect the fat man to implicate her on things that had nothing to do with her. The

fat man smiled, looked up and down Jessica, and sighed: “I’m really in good shape. I don’t know what it looks like after being naked.” Beauty, it’s not you who have the final say now, I advise you to be obedient, none of the women I like can escape. “

Don’t mess around, she is the granddaughter of the Evans family, and the Evans family will not let you go. “Ella can’t let Jessica be ruined by this fat man, because if this matter is known to the old lady, Jessica’s future will be over.

“Evans family?” “The fat man frowned, always talking about the Evans family. He didn’t even know who the Evans family was, and asked: “Who is the Evans family? Is it powerful? “

I don’t even know the Evans family, why did you hang out in London, she is Jessica.” “Siyabonga said. The

fat man kicked Siyabonga and cursed: “What kind of dog, you have to bend over when you talk to me, you know? “

Siyabonga can’t wait to slap himself, if he doesn’t talk too much, he won’t be beaten. The

fat man turned his head and looked at Jessica , not afraid, but full of smiles: “No wonder the earth was shaking three years ago, and she is really a big beauty. Your trash man, wouldn’t it be him? “The

fat man pointed at Bandile. At this time, even Iminathi, a shrew, didn’t dare to speak.

“I advise you not to trouble yourself, or you will regret it.” “Jessica said.

“The tone is not small, I like it, I don’t know if you are so strong in bed.” But don’t worry, I still have guests. Give you some time to think about it. I will come to you again after I have finished with the guests. “Before the fat man left the box, he asked his people to guard at the door of the box.

Bandile wanted to sneak away, so he quietly opened the door and took a look. He was beaten and kicked.

Iminathi felt distressed, but he didn’t dare to put a fart .

“how to do? Jessica, why don’t you call your grandma and ask her old man to come forward, maybe this matter can be solved. “Ella said to Jessica in fear.

Matthew Evans sighed, how could the old lady take care of this matter, and the fat man clearly didn’t put the Evans family in his eyes.

“Mom won’t intervene, this fat guy is not easy to look at.” Matthew Evans said.

“What else can I do, do I really want my daughter to accompany him?” Ella stared at Matthew Evans and said.

Jessica looked at Bandile and didn’t get angry. If it weren’t for him, how could he have caused this trouble for no reason.

Seeing Jessica staring at Bandile, Iminathi said, “Jessica, what are you looking at my son doing? What does that woman have to do with my son?” The

fat man was absent, and Bandile’s temper came up. , Said: “This kind of mean woman is a tens of thousands of riders, I just said a few words, I don’t know they are so unreasonable.”

Jessica was discouraged, and smiled bitterly. By now, Bandile still doesn’t feel like he is. Wrong, and Iminathi still has to protect the calf.

“Really? Why didn’t you say such things just now? Would you like to wait for him to come and I will convey these words to him?” Jessica said coldly.

“You…” Bandile pointed at Jessica without speaking.

“Don’t argue about who is right and who is wrong, first think of a way to solve this matter, Jessica, you call the old lady soon.” Ella urged.

“Mom, how could grandma show up because of these things, don’t you know what kind of personality is her old man? Her strength is only in the Evans family, how could she offend these people because of me.” Jessica took a deep breath and continued. : “He is the only one who can save me.”

“Who?” Ella asked curiously.

“Three thousand.”

“Stanley?” Ella looked at Jessica in amazement, and said silently: “Are you crazy, expecting this uselessness to save you.”

“Jessica, why don’t you call Finn? He may have some connections to help with this matter.” Matthew Evans directly filtered Jessica’s words, Stanley? How could it be possible, what is his ability to handle that fat man?

“Jessica, are you insulting me? Ask him to help me solve the problem. If you don’t want to help me, just say, why turn around and humiliate me.” Bandile said coldly.

Jessica was so angry that he couldn’t speak, and Bandile didn’t know where he was superior.

“Am I helping you? I wouldn’t bother to care about this unless I was killed by you too.” Jessica spoke and took out the phone.

Ella watched Jessica turn to Stanley’s number, anxiously like an ant on a hot pot, and said: “Jessica, you really want to call him to waste time, what if the fat guy comes back soon? . ” “

mom, you do not speak up, you shut up. ” Jessica high volume, he said impatiently.

Iminathi glared at Jessica. This little Nier had a really big temper, but thinking about the fat guy who wanted Jessica to accompany him, Bandile would have been spared. On the contrary, she felt like she had nothing to do with her.

After Jessica dialed Stanley’s number, she asked: “Stanley, where are you?”

Stanley instigated a sip of instant noodles and said, “At home.”

“You… I have some trouble here. Can you help me?” Jessica said with some embarrassment, did not bring Stanley with me when I was eating, but now I think of him when I was in trouble, I blame Ella, if it weren’t for her, it wouldn’t be enough to take Stanley. Throw it at home alone.

“Okay, I’ll come right away.” Stanley said without hesitation.

Hearing what Stanley said, Jessica breathed a sigh of relief. She would not force Stanley to do anything by virtue of the unnecessary relationship between husband and wife. If he was really unwilling, Jessica would not force it.

Seeing Jessica put away the phone after making the call, Ella was anxious and said quickly: “Jessica, you call your grandma again, how can you put all your hope on Stanley?”

Jessica said lightly: “I believe him.”

“You, this…” Ella was so angry that he didn’t know what to say.

Bandile looked at Jessica with a sneer. If he didn’t solve the matter, he would be beaten at best, but Jessica would be ruined by the fat man. Since Jessica is not in a hurry, what else is he in a hurry?

In another box of the hotel.

The fat man toasted the wine enthusiastically, and said, “Brother Ekon, if you grow up in the future, you have to take care of me. Even Carlos has been planted in your hands. The world of Cloud City will not be yours from now on. “

Ekon drank the wine, unharmed on the surface, but smiled bitterly inside.

If before, he could accept these flattering words for granted, and London was indeed right in front of him, within reach.

But after the incident of Oliver, Ekon faintly felt that he seemed to be getting further away from the position of the first person in Cloud City. His performance in the underground casino obviously made Stanley very dissatisfied.

And now Amare is showing signs of coming back out of the arena, what qualifications does he have to compete with Amare?

“Ok, if I had this opportunity, I would definitely not treat you badly.” Ekon said.

The fat man smiled and nodded repeatedly: “Thank you Brother Ekon, then, full, full.” While

pushing the cup to change, Stanley walked into the box with a calm face.

Ekon saw Stanley and stood up, how could he suddenly appear?

“Brother Stanley.” Ekon shouted respectfully.

Fatty Erliang took a drink and said to Ekon with a smile: “Brother Ekon, who is this, you actually called his brother, what are you kidding

me ?” Ekon glared at Fatty, afraid that he would say something nonsense, and reminded: “You close your mouth, you don’t have the right to talk.”

“Is this your friend?” Stanley asked Ekon.

Ekon couldn’t guess why Stanley??

Stanley appeared suddenly, so he didn’t dare to admit it indiscriminately. He just said: “The relationship is shallow, friends at the wine table.” “I am not afraid, let my woman go with him.” Stanley said coldly.

Ekon got goose bumps when he heard these words, but he knew exactly why Stanley stayed at Evans’s house for three full years.

This fat man dared to speak wild words to Stanley’s woman.

Ekon fucked the bottle and smashed it on the fat man’s head.

The fat man was half awake, and he asked Ekon with his head inexplicably, “Brother Ekon, what do you mean?”

“What do you mean, you fucking live and die? You can covet the three thousand brothers’ women. After that, Ekon raised his hand, and several of his men pressed the fat man to the ground and beat him hard.

Chapter 37: All Falling Down
The fat man was beaten to death, and he still didn’t understand what was going on, but he knew that the young man in front of him was not something he could offend.

Ekon’s attitude towards him is full of respect, which shows that his status is higher than Ekon.

It’s a pity that with the status of a fat man, it is impossible to imagine who Stanley is.

Of course, he would not have thought that the person in front of him was London’s well-known waste son-in-law of the Evans family.

In the other box, Ella jumped anxiously when he saw that Stanley hadn’t appeared for a long time.

“Jessica, I told you that Stanley is unreliable. Even if he is taking a taxi, he should have arrived. He may hide at home and dare not go out. How can you trust him?” Ella said.

“Because you believe in a rubbish, we are all tired.” Bandile said shamelessly. It was obvious that this matter was caused by him, but now he put the blame on Jessica and Stanley.

“Ella, think about another way. My son is so badly injured, how can he not go to the hospital.” Benjamin said sharply.

If Iminathi didn’t want to borrow money from Ella, he would have started to spoil him, and said in a kind tone: “Ella, we can’t put our hope on Stanley. How do you say it is the Evans family Evans’s daughter-in-law, the Evans family has no face when something

happened , so you should come to the Evans family.” Ella glared at Matthew Evans, and said coldly, “Matthew Evans, are you still calling your mother?”

Matthew Evans sighed. He didn’t believe that Stanley could be reliable. No matter what, he could only try.

“I’ll try it.”

Just as Matthew Evans took out his mobile phone, the box door was pushed open.

They thought it was the fat guy who had come back, and each of them turned pale with fright, and Bandile hid directly behind Iminathi.

But the person who came in was not Fatty, but Stanley.

The moment Jessica saw Stanley, tears came in her eyes, and he came, and he will not disappoint.

“Go home.” Stanley said softly.

Jessica nodded and walked to Stanley’s side.

“When you go back to home, the fat man is still guarding outside. Can you come in, thinking you can go out?” Bandile looked at Stanley disdainfully and said.

Stanley didn’t even look at Bandile, and said to Ella and Matthew Evans: “Dad, Mom, let’s go.”

Ella and Matthew Evans were a little dazed. Is it such an easy thing to leave ?

While they were still thinking about it, Stanley and Jessica had already walked out of the box, as if no one was stopping them, they poked their heads out with suspicion.

Outside the box, the fat man and a group of boys knelt down on the ground, making them dumbfounded.

The fat man who was so arrogant and arrogant just now didn’t put the Evans family in his eyes, how could he kneel now!

Jessica was also puzzled. Did he beat these people?

“Three thousand, what’s the matter?” Jessica asked.

Stanley looked at Jessica blankly and said, “What’s the matter?”

“He…they, why did they kneel down?”

“Uh…this, maybe they fell down accidentally, let’s go home quickly. “Stanley said sloppyly.


How could you get a swollen nose and face when you fell? It was obviously beaten.

When Jessica was about to continue questioning, the fat man said quietly, “The floor here is too slippery. I accidentally fell.”

“Look, he himself said he fell. He left and went home.” Stanley urged.

Jessica knew that this was impossible, but Stanley didn’t want to say it, so she didn’t bother to ask, she couldn’t tell, she was spending money to ask Ekon for help, fearing that she would scold the prodigal man, so she didn’t dare to tell the truth.

At the hotel entrance, two groups of people parted ways. Before leaving, Iminathi said: “Ella, I will take Bandile to the hospital first. We will come to you tomorrow for the money.”

Without giving Ella a chance to speak, the family of three turned around. Just left.

“Son, are you okay? Is the injury serious? If it’s not serious, let’s not go to the hospital. Why waste that money?” Iminathi asked Bandile after walking away.

Although Bandile was beaten badly, they were all skin injuries, which were not serious. It didn’t matter whether he went to the hospital or not. There was one thing he was worried about.

“Dad, you’d better let Aunt Ella prepare the money tomorrow, let’s leave as soon as we take the money.” Bandile said.

“Didn’t you say that Aunt Ella, it takes time to withdraw money. Don’t worry about this one day or two.” Siyabonga said.

“Dad, are you confused? Could that fat man fall down just now? It must be Stanley who called some hooligans to take action. This fat man suffered tonight because he has insufficient manpower. Do you think someone like him might Will you spare Stanley and the Evans family?” Bandile explained.

When Iminathi heard this, there was some truth to it. If they were revenge, wouldn’t the money in hand fly away, and said: “Yes, let them take the money tomorrow to avoid any changes. If they are revengeful by the fat man, we What should I do if I can’t get the money?”

” Yes .” Bandile nodded, and the family of three didn’t care about the consequences of the fat man’s revenge on the Evans family. They only had money in their eyes.

“Okay, when I find a place to live, I’ll call her.” Bandile said.

Stanley and Jessica were in the same car. Just now, when Iminathi was leaving, talking about money, it made Stanley feel a little strange.

“My aunt just said money, what kind of money?” Stanley asked in confusion.

Jessica was angry when she talked about this. She didn’t know why Ella promised to lend them 200,000 Pound. This is not a small sum, and it is almost impossible to repay the money if it is lent to them.

“Blame my mother. Uncle mentioned that she wanted to borrow 200,000 Pound. My mother actually agreed. It was 200,000 Pound. I think she went to find 200,000 Pound.” Jessica looked speechless.

Stanley knows how good Ella is, and every year when he returns to his family, Ella will be ridiculed and ridiculed. Now that he has bought two cars at home, Ella may have the illusion that it is easy for Jessica to make money in the company. Fighting for breath, promised to lend them two hundred thousand.

“Since I have agreed, I can only think of a way. Mom is a good face. Uncle and the others will arrive tomorrow. What should I do if I can’t pay?” Stanley said.

“No matter.” Jessica said angrily: “It doesn’t matter to me anyway, let them find a way to go.”

Jessica wants to be alone, but Ella will definitely not give her this opportunity. The two hundred thousand Ella can’t get it out, only Find a way on Jessica.

When he returned home, Ella took Jessica back to his room. Stanley had not finished eating the instant noodles, so he added some hot water and took them back to his room to eat.

“Jessica, you must help mother this time. If you can’t get the money, where will I put my face in the future.” Ella said to Jessica.

“Mom, do you think I can put out 200,000 Pound? I don’t have enough belongings to 50,000 Pound.” Jessica said.

“You can get money from the company when you buy a car. What’s the 200,000 Pound? Just be careful.” Ella said.

Matthew Evans wanted to say something but stopped. For the sake of face, she didn’t even care about Jessica’s safety. If this was discovered by the old lady, would there be good fruit to eat?

“No, what you promised yourself, think of a way by yourself, I can’t help you.” Jessica said.

Ella’s expression changed, and she started crying directly on the ground.

“Who asked you to agree, two hundred thousand, not just two Pound, why did you agree to them?” Matthew Evans couldn’t help it, and said.

Ella looked at Matthew Evans angrily, and said, “If it weren’t for you, could I be so embarrassed in my natal family? I’m not fighting for your old Evans family.”

“A sigh of relief, 200,000 Pound, is it worth it? “Matthew Evans retorted rarely.

“Is it worth it? Matthew Evans, do you have the face to ask me if I am worth it? After marrying you for so many years, when I went back to my natal house, I was not stabbed in the spine. I was willing to fight for 200,000 Pound.” Ella said.

Jessica knew that Ella suffered a lot of wrongs in her natal family. Not only was her low status in Evans’s family, but she was also stunned when she returned to her natal family. Jessica was afraid of affecting her parents’ feelings and could only say: “Mom, don’t cry, get up first, and I’ll help you figure out a solution.”

Ella heard these words and instantly stopped crying, and said, “It’s better that my daughter is good to me.”

Chapter Thirty Eight
When Jessica returned to his room, Stanley just finished his last mouthful of noodle soup and was about to get up and throw away the noodle box, Jessica stood in front of him.

“I’ll throw it for you.”

Before Stanley could reflect, Jessica had already snatched the box.

Seeing Jessica’s contortion, Stanley smiled and asked, “Is there anything you want to tell me?”

Jessica lowered her head, Ella’s 200,000 Pound, she can’t go to the company to get it, although Evans’s relatives , Even the old lady thinks she can change the car with her own money, but she will not do this kind of thing.

So when he agreed to Ella, Jessica had already thought about it and could only borrow from Stanley.

“You go to bed tonight, I want to sleep underneath.” Jessica said.

Stanley looked at Jessica with a wry smile, and said, “If you want to say anything, just say it.”

This is the first time in three years that Jessica has spoken to Stanley about money. She doesn’t know how to do it. Speaking out, his throat was like a stone.

“It costs 200,000?” Seeing that Jessica couldn’t say it, Stanley simply said it for her.

“Don’t worry, I will pay you the two hundred thousand.” Jessica finished speaking, feeling that sincerity was not enough, and continued: “If you don’t believe me, I can give you an IOU to protect my personality.”

Stanley couldn’t help laughing.

Jessica didn’t know what he was laughing at, and asked suspiciously: “What are you laughing at, don’t you want to lend it to me?”

Stanley sighed and looked at Jessica’s eyes full of pampering, and said: “I It’s not yours. Don’t say 200,000, even if it’s two…cough cough, what? I’ll just give it to you. How can I say to borrow.”

Stanley almost blurted out two billion, and it’s good to get it. Quick, otherwise I don’t know how to explain to Jessica.

“No, you have to write an IOU.” Jessica found out the pen and paper, wrote down the amount and date of the loan carefully, and then signed her name.

When the IOU was handed to Stanley, Stanley reached out and held it in his hand, a little speechless. But he also knew that Jessica himself was a stubborn person, otherwise, it would be simple to get 200,000 from the company.

“Okay, I’ll withdraw the money for you tomorrow.” Stanley said.

“Then do you sleep in bed? Today is your chance.” Jessica asked with a smile.

Stanley coughed and sputum, and asked, “Is there you in the bed?” In the

living room, Stanley curled up on the sofa, thinking that the speed of this woman’s face change was really fast enough, and he clearly said about implantation. Well, how come you are dependent on the sofa.

Sure enough, women are tigers.

The next day, after Stanley sent Jessica to the company, he went to the bank.

After finally getting the number in line, when it was finally his turn, he was told to make an appointment in advance to withdraw 200,000 cash. The little girl at the counter looked at the bank card in Stanley’s hand and shook her head. She didn’t know it was. Where did the soil buns come from? I don’t even know the rules.

“My card, don’t need to make an appointment?” Stanley said.

Without going directly to the VIP room, Stanley was already low-key, but he did not expect to be looked down upon by a staff member.

“Do you still have privileges with this card?” The little girl smiled. She has been here for work for almost half a year. She has never seen the bank card style in Stanley’s hand, and she even suspects that Stanley has gone wrong at all. Up the bank.

“It’s not a big deal. When you see me, the president may count the money for me personally.” Stanley said.

The young girl had been listening to a joke, eyes straightforward contempt without the slightest disguise, said:. “Guy, I let you participate in this window is not bragging contest, nothing I do not delay to other people to do business,”

said After that, the little girl called the next number directly, without paying attention to Stanley at all.

Stanley blocked the window with a smile, did not give way or speak.

“What are you doing, I told you that you can’t get the money, is it useful for you to stay here?” the little girl said impatiently.

“What’s the matter?” At this moment, a charming middle-aged woman came over and asked the little girl at the counter.

“Manager, this person wants to take 200,000 Pound. I told him that he must make an appointment in advance. I didn’t expect him to stay here and not leave.” The little girl explained.

The manager glanced at Stanley and said politely: “Sir, I’m sorry, you need to make an appointment in advance if the withdrawal amount is more than 50,000. If you want to withdraw 200,000, it can only be tomorrow.”

“Or, You think about it again?” Stanley raised his bank card and said lightly.

The little girl thinks that she might have met a fool today. How could this kind of thing be accommodating after just thinking about it?

When the manager saw the bank card in Stanley’s hand, his pupils instantly magnified several times, and even trembled, like an earthquake.

He ran out of the counter quickly, nodded and said, “Sir, I am sorry, your business can be handled today.”

Changed from you to you, with a scared expression on his face, he showed the little girl at the counter. blur.

What kind of wind did the manager smoke? How could his attitude become so fast?

“Sir, if you go directly to the VIP room, you won’t have such a misunderstanding. I will pay you no, and I hope you can forgive me.” The manager bends over, with a touch of snow on his chest. An endless abyss.

Seeing that Stanley still didn’t speak, the manager’s forehead was cold and sweaty, and he said to the little girl at the counter: “Hurry up and apologize to this gentleman. If you make a mistake, don’t try to keep your job.” The

little girl still doesn’t understand. What’s the matter, but the manager’s attitude will not be false, and he quickly said to Stanley: “Sir, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

The other ranked people were a little surprised when they saw this situation. After all, the manager was considered a not-low job position for the bank, and it was impossible to just bend down and apologize casually.

“Who is this young man, evidently very powerful.”

“Estimate Which young master it, you want a low-key point to withdraw money, I did not expect these touches are looked down upon the staff.”

“Relation to cure these snob, Looking at the dishes and

getting the dishes, she deserves her eyes.” Stanley finally said, “When can I withdraw the money?”

“Now, now, please follow me.” said the manager.

When he arrived in the VIP room, the manager carefully glanced at Stanley, a handsome young man, probably a rich young master in London.

When doing business, the manager bent over in front of Stanley intentionally or unintentionally, and his chest was majestic and teasing Stanley.

Even when counting the money, the manager deliberately sat beside Stanley, the strong smell of perfume stimulated Stanley.

The charm of mature women is like a deadly poison to men, but to Stanley, all women except Jessica are clouds.

There was no distraction, and there was no interest in seeing the manager more.

The manager quickly became discouraged, thinking that this young man has a special hobby and doesn’t like women at all! How could it be indifferent at all if it was white and round, with a bulging upper circle dangling in front of him?

In other words, he is a fake and serious at all.

After a few more trials, the manager recognized the reality, no matter how graceful and graceful she was, it was impossible to break a bend into a straight one.

Stanley in the manager’s mind was unknown, and after withdrawing the money, he left the bank.

The manager escorted to the door and watched Stanley drive out. Then he exclaimed: “A good young man, why doesn’t he like women? It’s a pity.”

Back at the bank, the manager called the little girl into his office.

“You go back to rest first, and wait for the notice.” said the manager.

The little girl’s face was pale, and she was suspended for the job she had finally gotten for without even knowing the reason.

“Manager, what did I do wrong, did he ask you to suspend me?” the little girl asked.

“How can a person like him care about you? I asked you to suspend your job because of your professionalism. You don’t even know the most basic knowledge of the bank. What qualifications do you have for this job.” The manager said coldly.

“Manager, I don’t understand.”

” I don’t understand, yes, I will convince you. The bank card in his hand is customized by our bank. The deposit is less than tens of billions, so it is not eligible for customization.” Manager Said coldly.

Ten billion!

The little girl was completely stunned.

Chapter 39 Beware of Your Money

Before Stanley returned home, Jessica called. Iminathi’s family had already arrived at home. Ella urged Jessica to find a way to get the money back.

“I have already got the money, and I am on my way home.” Stanley said.

Jessica still apologizes for this matter, especially when she went to the hotel for dinner yesterday, she didn’t bring Stanley, and asked him to stay at home to eat instant noodles alone, and also troubled him to go to the hotel to help solve the trouble.

“Don’t cook at home tonight.” Jessica said.

Stanley smiled and said, “If you don’t cook, what will your parents eat?”

“Don’t you have any hands, let them do it yourself.” Jessica said angrily.

“Okay.” After

returning home, Iminathi saw the bag in Stanley’s hand and decided that it was money. Before Stanley could give it to her, she couldn’t wait to snatch it, and glanced at it secretly. It was red and gorgeous. An excited smile appeared on his face.

“Where did you go? It took such a long time.” Iminathi blamed Stanley.

Stanley shook his head and said nothing. This unreasonable person didn’t bother to care about Jessica’s sake. Otherwise, they were finished last night.

After Iminathi glanced at Siyabonga, Siyabonga said to Ella, “Ella, we have something to do, so we will

leave first.” Matthew Evans was so angry that he didn’t know what to say. Said that he would leave after taking the money. Can such a person still count on him to pay it back?

“Stanley, you go send them off.” Ella’s face is not pretty, but it’s not Siyabonga’s attitude, but after giving them 200,000 Pound, his heartache is hard to breathe.

“Good.” Stanley replied.

After walking out of the house, Bandile said: “Mom, don’t be tired of your old man, let me get it.”

Iminathi just like holding his grandson, holding the handbag tightly for fear of being snatched by Bandile, said: “No, you go to bed as soon as you get in the car, what if you lose it.”

“Then you can give me a look. I have never seen what two hundred thousand is like.” Bandile said impatiently.

Iminathi cautiously opened the bag for one second, no more.

Seeing the three people look like Jessica, Stanley is really not even interested in smiling.

Bandile looked at Stanley vigilantly, and said: “What do you look at, haven’t you seen so much money?”

“Well, I haven’t seen it.” Stanley said solemnly.

“Hey, don’t you go to drive and wait for us, run faster, just like a log.” Bandile said with disdain.

Stanley walked downstairs quickly, took out the phone midway, and dialed Ekon: “Get me some pickpockets. Be professional.”

“Mom, you have to give me half of the money, and I will pay it back. I didn’t find a wife.” When he went downstairs, Bandile looked at Iminathi coveted and said.

“Half? What kind of daughter-in-law is so expensive, I have already found you, although she is not very good, but her family dowry is thick, you can meet after you go home.” Iminathi said.

“Mom, wouldn’t it be something ugly again, your son, I am a talented person, how can I marry an ugly woman and go home casually.” Bandile said unhappy.

“Pretty able to eat it? But I made inquiries, that girl family money, a dowry is also preparing the car, if you would not go, after’ll never take a penny from my hand go.”

As the saying goes is not a person , Do not enter a family, this family of three is completely a temperament.

After getting in the car, Bandile sat in the co-pilot and looked at Stanley with contempt. “Why are you so lucky? Not only can you find beautiful women, but you can also eat soft meals so naturally. “

You have to take the money. I recently heard that there are many pickpockets in the car, so don’t accidentally lose it.” Stanley reminded.

“You crow’s mouth, curse me deliberately, right?” Iminathi glared at Stanley, this is her baby, Stanley even said such words to make him feel bad.

Stanley really wanted to see what they were like after losing their money, but it was a pity that there was no chance.

After the three people were sent to the station, they were watched secretly as soon as they got off the train, but they didn’t notice it.

On the bus back to Bin County, Iminathi always held the money bag in her arms tightly, refusing to let go for a moment, and with a focused expression, she couldn’t bear to blink her eyes for fear that someone might steal the money.

Halfway through the journey, Iminathi’s eyes were dry, and a faint strange fragrance gradually made her dream.

When the bus arrived, the family of three was woken up by the bus driver.

As soon as Iminathi opened her eyes, she hugged her hands and found that her arms were empty, and she woke up instantly.

“Money, my money, where did my money go!” Iminathi shouted in shock.

Siyabonga and Bandile were so awake as if they had been using hormones.

“Didn’t you hold it? How could it be gone.”

“Mom, didn’t you say not to sleep? What about the money, my wife’s money.” Bandile said painfully.

Iminathi grabbed the driver’s neckline and said, “I lost my money when I took your car. You will pay me, you will pay me 200,000!” The

station was rioted to such an extent that even the leaders inside the station were alarmed If they had to pay them 200,000 at the station, Iminathi even ran to the ticket hall, rolling and crying.

In the end, the station called the police, and the incident calmed down after the three were taken away.

Stanley received a call from Ekon while waiting for Jessica to get off work.

“Brother Stanley, you have succeeded, how to deal with the money?” Ekon asked.

“Let them divide it, it’s a reward for them,” Stanley said.

Although 200,000 is not much, it is not a lot. Ekon thought that Stanley was joking when he heard this, and said, “Brother Stanley, I will let them send it to you.”

“No, let them be careful and don’t get detected.” After that, Stanley hung up the phone, and Ekon learned that Stanley was not joking. The 200,000, really wanted to let those pickpockets go. .

When Jessica got off work, Jessica, who had been working all day, looked very tired. Stanley said, “Why don’t you go to dinner another day? Go home and rest today.”

Jessica shook her head and the restaurant was booked. How can I not go, and for this meal tonight, I also thank Stanley for his help.

“Flying saucer building, but I can’t afford to invite you to the Crystal Restaurant, in the Grand Hyatt Court.” Jessica said.

“Junyue Court is not bad too.”

Stanley drove towards the UFO Building. On the way, Jessica said some cooperation with Weak Water Real Estate. Apart from having more things in her hands, Weak Water Real Estate did not cause her trouble, but instead. Follow her advice in everything.

“Three thousand, your classmates have a good relationship with you, right? Otherwise, they won’t help me like that.” Jessica asked.

“Before sleeping in the same bed, of course the relationship was good.” Stanley said with a smile.

“No wonder.” Jessica naturally nodded and said: “In all aspects, the weak water real estate is focused on the convenience of the Evans family, which saves me a lot of trouble. If you have time, please invite your classmates out. I also ask. Let him eat a meal, just as thanking him.”

“I…I will try my best, but he is usually very busy, and it is rare to see him.” Stanley said with a stiff expression.

“I know, you try to find the opportunity, if it doesn’t work, then forget it, don’t delay his important affairs.” Jessica said.

Stanley breathed a sigh of relief. If Jessica insisted on finding his classmates, he would be forced.

“I think so too. After all, he is not just this company.”

At Grand Hyatt, Jessica used her mobile phone number to reserve a location, and confirmed the information with the other party, but when she learned that she had booked the location, there was no more.

“Isn’t it scheduled to arrive at 5:30? It’s only 5:25, why isn’t there any?” Jessica said angrily, and when time was running out, the restaurant had arranged the location for someone else, so what else is there in her reservation? significance?

“Sorry lady, you can reserve a place when there is no one, but if you look at it now, it is full. If you want to eat here, we have a rest area, you can go and wait.” The member said proudly, as if saying that there is no shortage of guests here, and the reservation is nothing.

“Why should I wait? I want my reserved position now.” Jessica said angrily.

Chapter 40 Making trouble unreasonably?

Miss, please don’t make trouble here unreasonably. You don’t look at the situation. There is no place for you now. If you are willing to wait, just wait. If you don’t want to, you can go. We don’t need you as a guest here. “The cashier said arrogantly.

Jessica was so angry that he wanted to hit someone. What kind of misconception is this? Is there a lot of customers, don’t you need to show your service attitude? And since it is a reservation, there should be rules for reservation.

More importantly, Jessica was only protecting her own rights, but she was

called unreasonable to make trouble! “I won’t go, what can you do with me? “Jessica said

with her arms folded. Seeing this, Stanley couldn’t help laughing. She really couldn’t think of any ruthless means, so she didn’t walk like a child said.

“Security, there is a troublemaker here . ” people. “The cashier picked up the walkie-talkie and said, and he wanted to drive Jessica out without mercy.

Three security guards came soon, and what happened at the cashier also attracted the attention of many diners, all of them watching the excitement.

Lobby manager At this moment, I walked over, with a majestic look, and asked the cashier: “What’s going on. “

Manager, this person is making trouble for no reason. I’m about to let the security blast them out.” “The cashier said.

Seeing that the person in charge came out, Jessica said confidently: “I booked a five-thirty position, but why is there no place when I arrive?” “The

manager looked at his watch and said, “I’m sorry, it’s already time. Haven’t you heard the idiom of being obsolete?” “

Jessica almost didn’t let the manager vomit blood. It wasn’t half past five when she came.

“I arrived at 5:25. It’s not even half past five, but you have already given the position to others.” Up. “Jessica said, arguing that she would fight for justice for herself.

“What kind of mess, if you make troubles unreasonably, I will let the security guards be rude.” The manager said impatiently. When the Grand Hyatt is short of guests, even if it is driven out, it will not affect the business.

Shouted several security stepped forward, one step stand in front of three thousand Shaw Jessica, cold voice said: “You mean, we being unreasonable?”

“Otherwise it has not seen yet sold out, booked the location and how? That way, if I don’t give it to you, I just don’t give it to you. It’s easy to leave if you don’t like to eat.” The manager disdainfully said.

“Okay, let me show you what is really unreasonable making trouble.” Stanley said.

The manager doesn’t want them to mess around with other guests eating here, and the boss is there today, if he alarms the boss, he can’t bear this responsibility.

“Throw it out, don’t be an eyesore here,” the manager said to the security guard.

The three security guards stretched out their hands to catch Stanley, and Stanley grabbed a backhand. The moment the man turned around, he was kicked by Stanley to eat shit.

Seeing that Stanley dared to do something, the other two raised their fists.

Jessica knew that something was going wrong, and wanted to pull Stanley, but Stanley had already rushed out, punching and kicking the two again.

During the whole process, in less than ten seconds, the three security guards were already lying on the ground and groaning, Jessica covered her mouth in disbelief.

This was the first time she saw such a brave side of Stanley, and she was a little surprised.

Is this Stanley who has been in the Evans family for three years? He can’t fight back or scold him, he has such a great skill!

Finn had done something to Stanley before. If Stanley counterattacked, Finn’s fate would not be better than these security guards.

The manager did not expect that Stanley was still a very capable person. These security guards were not ordinary people. The boss paid a lot of money to invite them to avoid trouble in the Grand Hyatt. He didn’t expect to be handled by Stanley so easily. Up.

“Boy, I warn you, making trouble in the Grand Hyatt Court will not end well.” The manager gritted his teeth.

“Let your boss get out.” Stanley said to the manager in a commanding tone.

“Okay, you have the courage, I want you to go out on your knees today.” The manager took out the phone and prepared to call someone.

At this time, a leisurely voice came: “What’s the matter?” When the

manager heard this voice, it suddenly looked like an eggplant beaten by frost, and hurried to the person: “Boss, there’s a kid with no eyesight making trouble here. He also injured the security guard.”

“Oh?” Chuan looked at Stanley with great interest. He knew the strength of the three security guards here. He knew very well that one person could beat the three security guards. Look down.

Looking at Stanley up and down, he didn’t see anything peculiar, but the three injured security guards were real.

“Little brother, you have a good skill. Are you interested in following me? I will give you 30,000 Pound a month.” Chuan said to Stanley.

Stanley smiled contemptuously and said, “What kind of thing are you.”

Chuan’s expression changed . Given his position in London, how could anyone dare to talk to him with this attitude.

“Little brother, I see you are a talent, and Chuan is a person who cherishes his talents. I don’t care about you. Kneel down and apologize to me. I can assume that nothing happened.” Chuan said coldly.

“Your people, saying that my wife is unreasonable making trouble, I will show you unreasonable trouble, you kneel to me, I forgive you, how about it?” Stanley said with a strong attitude.

Jessica’s small mouth was completely open. At this moment, what she felt in Stanley was no longer weak and cowardly, but strong, so strong that Jessica even felt that even if the sky fell, he could resist it!

It turns out… is the real you like this?

Chuan laughed angrily, his eyes already showing killing intent. If this matter is not handled properly today, wouldn’t the future of London have to look at Chuan’s jokes?

“Let these guests leave, no fees will be charged today.” Chuan said coldly to the manager.

The manager glanced at Stanley, sneered at the corner of his mouth, and irritated Lei Ge with the unconsciousness of life and death to see how you end up.

Those diners who still reluctantly wanted to continue watching the excitement had to leave after the Grand Hyatt had cleared the venue, and sighed and missed another good show.

When everyone leaves, they have a very standard movement and look, shaking their heads and disdain.

Offend Chuan, do you think your life is too long?

Jessica was a little frightened at this time, clutching the corner of Stanley tightly.

After seeing Jessica’s nervousness, Stanley said softly, “Don’t be afraid, no one can hurt you.”

Jessica has been relying on Stanley more and more recently, and has no doubts about what Stanley said. Gradually put it away.

“Take two tricks with my personal bodyguard. Let me see how well you can fight. If you can stick to ten tricks under his hand, I will only scrap your legs today and leave your life.” Chuan finished. , A 1.9-meter bodyguard came out behind him.

He was half a head taller than Stanley, and in terms of size, he had already won by half.

“Little thing, you are not so courageous. Don’t put Lei Ge in your eyes. Today I will let you know what an iron fist is.” The bodyguard twisted his neck and moved his body. When he clenched his fists, he made a crackling sound, like a soybean bursting.

“Before the fight, do you need a set of broadcast gymnastics?” Stanley said.

Even if Jessica was so nervous that her palms were sweating, she couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Stanley’s words, this guy still has a leisurely sentiment to make a joke!

“Looking for death!” The bodyguard roared angrily, bullying himself, and suddenly raised his fist, the howling fist was clear to his ears.

When Chuan saw this scene, the corners of his mouth raised a smile. His bodyguard was a special retired player, and he was known to be able to fight. Even if he didn’t die, he had to become an idiot.

“Nice sandbag.” Stanley bent his legs, his whole body like a full moon bow, bounced up instantly.

Faster, stronger punch, hit the temple of the bodyguard.

The bodyguard groaned and fell to the ground and fainted.

The smile of Chuan’s mouth instantly solidified.

How can it be!

His bodyguard was defeated by one move!

The lobby manager has also seen this bodyguard take action. He once beat a person into a vegetative with one punch, but now… it won’t be a vegetative with one punch, right!

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