Son in law chapter 41-50

Chapter 41 Kneeling and Greeting Each Other

Give you a chance, call someone. “Stanley stared at Chuan with a torch, and said coldly.

Chuan gritted his teeth. He had never seen such an arrogant person before, and even gave him a chance!

Although Chuan admits that this person in front of him does have some strength, he After all, this personal bodyguard is not an ordinary person, but it does not mean that no one in the entire London is his opponent.

“Well, arrogant enough, I will open your eyes today Chuan, what is a real master! “

As a phone call went out, Chuan’s manpower quickly arrived.

But one by one, no one was spared, and the entire Junyue Ting restaurant fell into a wailing.

Chuan’s back was straight and cold, what the fuck is he? What kind of person is so powerful.

“Old…Boss, if you don’t ask Brother Ekon to bring two people, there must be a lot of masters around him. “The manager reminded Chuan in a low voice, this is the face of Chuan, and also the face of Grand Hyatt. Although he is a manager, he doesn’t want to lose this person, and he really can’t understand Stanley

Stanley’s arrogance. Chuan Shen said: “That’s the only way. “

Looking at Stanley, Chuan felt that he was so humiliated for the first time in his life, and said angrily: “Little brother, your path has come to an end, don’t blame me.” “

Let Ekon come forward, this matter is not as simple as an apology, Chuan has already had a murderous heart.

Jessica is not worried at all now, and she looks at Stanley with a fanatic expression on her face. This is my man. It turned out to be so powerful.

Not long after, Ekon took people to the Grand Hyatt Court. Two burly men with burst muscles were too tall to deal with at first sight.

But when Ekon saw Stanley, his whole body was covered. An awakened spirit, there was an impulse to trample Chuan to death in an instant. This compelling thing allowed him to deal with Stanley!


Just as Ekon’s words reached his lips, Stanley interrupted: “This is the person you brought? “

Ekon said honestly: “Yes.”

“Let them fight with me.” Stanley said.

Ekon couldn’t figure it out, but since Stanley had spoken, how could he dare to refuse.

Two burly men went into battle together and fought Stanley fiercely, but in the end they did not escape the fall.

Chuan was completely stunned. Even the people Ekon brought were not his opponents. Who else could stop him in London?

“Do you still want to call someone?” Stanley asked Chuan, turning his head.

At this time, Chuan suddenly realized that this young man was not arrogant, but had real strength.

The cold sweat on his forehead looked at Ekon, his subordinates were beaten in this way, and he didn’t even say a word.

Seeing Chuan stunned, Stanley walked in front of Chuan and kicked Chuan’s chest.

Chuan suffered a heavy blow in the chest, almost blackened his eyes, and fell to the ground with his mouth widened, apparently having difficulty breathing.

“Such unreasonable trouble, are you still satisfied?” Stanley said coldly.

Chuan looked pale, and said to Ekon, “Brother Ekon, save me.”

Ekon stood there, not daring to move, thinking that I would save Nima as a target. I was just a little brother in front of him. .

Stanley looked at the manager, who was scared to sit on the ground with murderous eyes: “Don’t hit me, don’t hit me.”

“Is there a place now?” Stanley asked.

“Yes, there is a position, there is a position.” The manager said with a startled look.

The cashier at the bar was already too scared to speak, but Stanley didn’t let her go, and said, “Apologize to my wife.”

“Yes… I’m sorry.” The cashier bowed his head and closed. Said stutteringly.

Chuan was still looking at Ekon, hoping that Ekon could come forward and speak for him, but he couldn’t beat him. How could he suppress this guy’s arrogance as Ekon?

But to Chuan’s disappointment, Ekon stood there in awe with his hands on his thighs. Chuan was shocked by this scene.

Even Ekon… doesn’t seem to dare to provoke him!

What kind of person is this young man?

After Stanley took Jessica and sat down in a position near the window, Chuan quietly walked to Ekon and asked, “Brother Ekon, who is this person?”

Ekon snorted coldly and said: ” Chuan, you fucking kill yourself, please don’t pull me back. If this matter is killed by you, I will never let you go.”

After Oliver’s incident, Ekon knew that he was in Stanley . The status in his mind has been degraded. If Stanley is unhappy this time, it will be a question of whether he can keep his current status.

While the manager and cashier were still wondering how Chuan would retaliate against Stanley, Chuan did something that shocked them.

In the direction of Stanley, kneels on the ground!

The manager and the cashier looked at Chuan kneeling in disbelief.

The boss actually kneeled down!

“Manager, this…our boss.” The

cashier was frightened, and the manager was not much better. Looking at Stanley’s eyes again, he was full of fear.

“Shut up, don’t talk.” The manager said coldly.

Jessica looked at Stanley with weird eyes, and looked at Stanley with a little hairy heart.

“Why are you staring at me like this?” Stanley couldn’t help asking.

“Chuan actually knelt down. Didn’t you spend money this time? Even if you spend money, Chuan can’t do such a shameful thing.” Jessica said. In the past, Stanley said to spend money to make Ekon At that time, Jessica didn’t think much about it, and believed it to be true, but now this matter told her that it was definitely not as simple as money.

Who is Ekon? A figure in the gray area of ​​London, his subordinates don’t know how many thugs, but now he dare not even say a word, can this be done by money?

“I can’t beat me, isn’t it normal to admit defeat?” Stanley said.

Jessica shook her head and said: “If you can’t beat it, Chuan will kneel down and apologize to you. If this incident spreads, does he still have face? Don’t me be a three-year-old kid.”

Regarding the current situation in London, Stanley can’t tell Jessica, especially the gray area, otherwise she, a fair lady, will definitely be worried.

“You will know in the future.” Stanley said.

Jessica saw that Stanley was reluctant to say it, so she had to give it up, but she was curious about one more thing, and asked: “You have always been so good, or are you just getting better recently? What are the Evans family members in your eyes? “

All the time, Ant.” Stanley replied concisely.

Jessica smiled happily and continued: “Why are you making such a big fire today?”

“They want to see what is unreasonable making trouble, how can I not meet such a request?” Stanley said.

Jessica knew that Stanley became angry because they said that they were making trouble unreasonably. Everything they did today was because of her. The happiness that grew in her heart is self-evident. This feeling of being protected is even more so. Jessica is indescribable.

“If I become very headstrong one day, will you still be with me?” Jessica asked suddenly.

“Yes.” Stanley said decisively: “No matter how capricious you are, I will protect you.”

Jessica narrowed her mouth and said, “I won’t be willful, I just want to make those who look down on our family look at me.”

Stanley understands Jessica’s disposition very well. She has never been that wayward, but very rational. , Will think twice before doing anything.

In the Evans family for so many years, Jessica has suffered too many unfair treatments. If she were to be willful, she would have broken away from the Evans family a long time ago. Holding a sigh of breath, isn’t it just to prove himself to the Evans family?

After eating, Chuan knelt down and greeted each other. Ekon was finally relieved to see that Stanley had not pursued the matter.

Stanley is not the kind of person to turn over old accounts. Since he has not pursued it now, it means that this matter is over.

“You’re lucky this time, and grow your eyes later. Also, you’d better close your mouth tightly in this matter, otherwise I can’t guarantee what will happen.” Ekon said coldly to Chuan.

Chuan said.

Chuan nodded repeatedly and touched the cold sweat on his forehead. He didn’t dare to be any more curious about Stanley’s identity, because Ekon’s words were already an obvious reminder that if he had to die, he would regret it. That’s too late.

“You remember to me that everything that happened today is not allowed to leak.” Chuan said to the store staff.

Chapter 42 Our family also bought a house
Back home, Ella & Bandile was paralyzed on the sofa. Matthew Evans looked depressed while watching TV. There were two bowls of unfinished white porridge and a plate of sauerkraut on the coffee table.

Seeing this scene Jessica became angry. Couldn’t they even be able to take care of themselves without Stanley? Is it possible to expect Stanley to cook for a lifetime at home?

“Mom, you don’t know how to cook if you don’t cook for a few years, right? If Stanley doesn’t cook in the future, are you going to starve to death?” Jessica complained as she cleaned up the dishes.

Ella didn’t speak, Matthew Evans sighed and said: “Your mother is distressed at the beginning of the 200,000 Pound, and also said that the family’s living expenses will be cut by half in the future.” When it comes to money, Ella immediately regained his energy and treated Stanley . The tone of the command said: “From today, I will only give you 500 Pound for living expenses.”

“Five hundred Pound?” Jessica walked out of the kitchen angrily. A family of four, what can I buy for 500 Pound a month? Do you drink porridge all at once?

“Mom, don’t go too far, how can you live for a month with five hundred Pound?” Jessica said.

Ella said indifferently: “Why is it not enough. As long as the arrangements are made properly, people can still starve to death? And for so many years, he has not spent a penny at home, so his private money should also be used to subsidize the family.”

Jessica Her face was pale with anger. She borrowed the money, but now she is embarrassing Stanley. What’s the matter.

“Okay, you can arrange it by yourself, and he won’t be cooking at home in the future.” Jessica said.

Ella looked at Jessica angrily, and said: “I am in a bad mood now. Don’t mess with me and make me go smoothly? Can’t he be a rice bug at home if he doesn’t cook?”

Jessica Still wanting to refute, was pulled by Stanley.

Seeing Stanley shaking his head, Jessica was even more aggrieved for Stanley.

“Stanley, you…”

“Mom still feels distressed, let’s just say a few words.” Stanley pulled Jessica back into the room.

Jessica sat on the bed, feeling unhappy.

Stanley smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t take the money, I can pay for the living expenses.”

“It’s not a question of money, I don’t want you to cook at home.” Jessica said.

“The house is too small to invite auntie to cook. Let’s go for a while.” The current environment of the family does not allow for servants, but it will be fine after the villa in YundingsShawis renovated and moved in.

“Can the family grow bigger after a while? And how much does it cost to cook aunty? Our family is not rich.” Jessica said helplessly, shook her head, and continued: “Forget it, I don’t want to worry about these troubles. Now, do you want to buy food tomorrow? I just take a vacation, let’s stay with you.”

“Okay.” In the past three years, Jessica has never appeared in the market with Stanley. This is completely new to Stanley. The experience inevitably made him look forward to it.

The next day, they ran in the morning as usual. After breakfast, the two went to the vegetable market near their home.

This is a place that Stanley is very familiar with. For three years, he will come almost every day. The stall owner here is also familiar with Stanley, and many people greet him.

Seeing this scene, Jessica really couldn’t understand that Stanley, who was still domineering yesterday, has become involved with these small vendors again, and it has been three full years.

Jessica felt more and more that she could not see through Stanley, but she had a feeling that Stanley would bring her unimaginable surprises.

After buying vegetables, the two returned home. Ella looked at the fish and pork ribs and gave Stanley a meal. Jessica helped to say a few words. Ella almost didn’t want to die, and finally it was Matthew Evans. He dragged EllaBandile back to the room to calm down.

During dinner in the evening, Matthew Evans received a phone call. He didn’t know what he said on the other end, but his expression was not very good.

When he hung up the phone, he seemed hesitant to say something, Ella said directly: “If it’s something to spend money, we definitely won’t go.”

“It’s the call from James Burton, saying that we have changed the house, please come and play.” Matthew Evans said, moving to a new home means giving gifts, but Ella is in this state, and taking money is like killing her, but James personally calling, but I can’t go.

“Has Uncle James’s house changed to a new house?” Jessica asked.

James is Matthew’s old classmate. The family has been close before. James even wanted to kiss him and ask Jessica to be his daughter-in-law. Later, after Stanley entered the Evans family, the relationship between the two families faded. some.

“Well, I heard that I changed the big house, the middle building.” Matthew Evans said.

“It’s not about letting the number of people fall, not going.” Ella said angrily.

In the past, James had a close relationship with their family because his son fell in love with Jessica, but in recent years there has been very little contact. Now he suddenly called. Ella couldn’t think of any other reason besides showing off.

Matthew Evans also knew that there was such a possibility, but the phone calls were made, and it would be possible if he didn’t go, and this time there were still many old classmates who would be there. James said, it’s a classmate gathering, why don’t he go to save face? Can hang on.

“Dad, I paid the gift money for you, how can I not go.” Jessica said.

Matthew Evans glanced at Jessica gratefully. Ella hummed and didn’t say anything. She knew that she would only watch James show off if she went there, but if she didn’t go, she didn’t know how much bad things would be said behind her back.

Three days later, Stanley drove to the community where James’s new house was located.

The community environment is very good. It is a recent high-end real estate in London. The housing price is close to 20,000 Pound. For London, it is already very high-end except for the Lanzarote leisure villa area.

When Stanley came to James’s house, many guests had already arrived, all with fresh faces.

“Lao Evans, you are late, I have taken my old classmates to finish the tour, or you can go and see for yourself, the family is small, there is really nothing you can tell.” James said modestly.

The duplex double building, the ground floor alone is more than 100 square meters. This is really not that small. Matthew Evans looked embarrassed, and he could only smile and said, “Old Burton, you have a very good life now.

” Hey.” James sighed and said, “I also followed Jessica. My son changed the car to me some time ago. Our family can rely on him now.” When

he said this, James took a look at Stanley. , I think his son was very fond of Jessica at the beginning, and he became a third party by this uselessness.

“Lao Evans, you regret it now. At the beginning, James’s son wanted to marry your daughter.”

“Lao Evans can’t help it. He said at home and didn’t count. Otherwise, Jessica would not endure hardship. Ah.”

“By the way, you door-to-door son-in-law, don’t you still do the laundry and cook at home now.”

A handful of older people, teasing the younger generation without mercy, roared with laughter.

Matthew Evans’s face was like pig liver, Ella fiercely twisted Matthew Evans’s waist.

Just when the old couple felt embarrassed and embarrassed, Stanley said, “Uncle James, our house has also changed rooms recently and is undergoing renovation. After some time, please come to our house to play.”

Matthew Evans and local People were stunned when they heard this, Jessica also didn’t expect that Stanley would boast such a Haikou for the sake of face, bragging for a while, what will he do?

Although Jessica is now the person in charge of the Eilicon project, this is not a gold cave. Two cars plus 200,000 are already a large number. If you go to make money to buy a house, the old lady finds out the consequences, and the consequences are disastrous. .

More importantly, to fight for face, at least better than James’s house, right? Even if Jessica could take money from the company to settle this lie, she would not dare to change such a good house.

Ella glared at Stanley and said, “Stanley, no one will treat you as dumb if you don’t speak.”

“Mom, I bought the house a long time ago, but I planned to give you a surprise, so I didn’t tell you, next month, I will invite Uncle James to play at home next month.” Stanley said.

James sneered. Looking at Matthew Evans’s expression, he knew that Stanley was bragging. He also happened to take this incident to a joke, and said, “Okay, don’t forget me when the time comes. I will definitely go. Check it out.”

Chapter 43 Second-hand Housing?

Since we are all together today, let us all go, just to see what Lao Evans’s new home is like. “James

didn’t think the matter was too big, so he called everyone on. “Yes, yes, we followed suit. I don’t know if there is a big house like Old Burton.” “

Lao Evans, where is your new house?” “

How do you say it’s also from the Evans family, so it’s not worse than Burton, right?” “

Matthew Evans embarrassing nodded, not knowing what to say, what the new home, the family is now almost run out of food, how to buy a house.

Burton did not come back into the industry today, regarded as less of a hassle, or certainly will not let Han

Stanley feels good . After lunch, Matthew Evans walked away with the excuse. Before leaving, James still said that he remembered to call him, and the other classmates also looked blessed.

Stanley simply set the time and told them the next time. On the 15th of the month, as for the address, we will give another notice at that time. These words will blow Ella again. After

Stanley and others left, James said to the other students with disdain, “I didn’t expect this Matthew Evans. The son-in-law is still bragging in front of me, have you seen Matthew Evans’s expression? It’s almost embarrassing. “

Hahahaha, Matthew Evans never dreamed that he would be led by his son-in-law. If he bought a new house, he would have liked to notify us long ago. How could he hide it until now?” “

On the fifteenth of next month, I can wait to see the joke.” “

Downstairs, after a group of four people got into the car, Ella said coldly to Stanley: “Stanley, are you crazy? You don’t think we are embarrassed enough. Where do you go to change one on the 15th next month? Come out of the new house? “

I really bought the house, although it is second-hand, but the conditions are okay.” “Stanley said.

Ella was taken aback, this guy really bought a house? Although it is a second-hand house, it should not be worth a lot of money, but it is not a small sum.

After three years in the Evans family, he did not go to work. How could there be so much money?

“Stanley, it seems that you have spent so many years in our house.” Ella’s tone was full of sarcasm, but she did not expect that for three years, two thousand Pound per month of living expenses, Even if Stanley can hide private money, how much can he hide?

Jessica glanced at Stanley. She knew that Stanley would not brag like this. When he was in James’s house before, he just didn’t reflect it. After all, he bought the two cars in the family. Not much.

However, he bought two Audis and now he has bought a second-hand house. The private house money in his hands shouldn’t be much.

“Mom, how much do you give him every month, don’t you know it yourself?” Jessica said helping Stanley.

Ella couldn’t refute it. Even if two thousand a month and three years were all counted, it would be no more than tens of thousands. It is obviously unrealistic to rely on these tens of thousands to buy a house.

“Even if you buy a house, you can’t talk about it in the Burton family. Look at the duplex building of the Burton family. Can it be comparable to a second-hand house? It’s not ashamed to let them go by then.” Ella said.

Matthew Evans sighed at this time and said to Stanley: “You really have caused us a big trouble this time. James is worried about not having a chance to see our jokes. It’s okay for you, you have to stretch your face over and beat him. “

It really doesn’t work. Let’s rent a house. I can’t be ashamed this time.” Ella has been planted in the matter of saving face all his life, and borrowed 200,000 Pound in one breath. Now, for the sake of a sigh of relief, I actually want to go to rent a house to get through.

Matthew Evans also said: “It really can’t work, it can only be done like this. Otherwise, I don’t know what James will accomplish, and his son, if I am a little capable, I want the whole world to know, our family Jessica is now more confused than him. Is it bad?”

When they got home, Matthew Evans and Ella did what they said, and began to conduct rounds on the Internet. Jessica couldn’t stop them and could only let them go.

In the room, although Jessica guessed that the house Stanley bought was not as good as James’s, she was still curious about where the new home was. Now on the sixth floor of this home, she has to climb the stairs every day, but she is very tired. Even if the environment is not as good as James’s home, as long as there is an elevator, it is satisfied.

“You don’t want to be mysterious with me, are you?” Jessica said to Stanley.

“Actually, you can see it every day.” Stanley said with a smile.

“Can you see it?” Jessica frowned, feeling a little disappointed in her heart. What can be seen, is it possible to achieve this in this community. In this case, the dream of staying away from climbing stairs can be broken.

“By the way, tomorrow Sunday, do you have any arrangements?” Stanley asked.

“I’ve talked to Saskia, go shopping with her, I’m all the pain you brought to her now.” Jessica stared at Stanley and said.

Stanley can’t laugh or cry, is it possible that Saskia hasn’t gotten away from that incident?

The next day, when Stanley and Jessica got up, they heard noisy voices in the living room. Ella scolded his mother early in the morning, and didn’t know who provoke her.

“Mom, what are you doing, who messed with you early in the morning?” Jessica walked to the living room with shaggy hair and checked the time. It was not six o’clock.

Ella’s hideous expression has been distorted, and she said angrily: “Your aunt is crazy.”

“Crazy?” Jessica woke up instantly, and asked: “What’s the matter, how can you be crazy?”

Jessica subconsciously I think they would use this excuse to not pay back the money, but it is impossible to think about it. It would be ridiculous to be crazy.

“They lost the money. They called me and asked me if I let someone steal it. Do you think I was crazy.” Ella was itchy and heartache. The two hundred thousand had been borrowed for several days. I can’t sleep, and my heart bleeds when I think of 200,000, but I didn’t expect them to ask her if they lost the money!

“Insane.” Jessica had a good temper, but at this time she couldn’t help but cursed and said, “Mom, she didn’t deliberately lie to you, right?”

“The case has been filed to the police, and there should be no fakes.” Ella said.

Jessica was stunned for a moment, and she was a little happy in her heart. This is God’s eye opening. This family wants to take advantage, and God can’t stand it anymore.

“Mom, you’d better go to bed. What’s the use of being angry? Anyway, the money has been lent out. Even if it is lost, it has nothing to do with you.” Jessica comforted.

Ella returned to the room angrily. After a while, the sound of Matthew Evans’s pig cry was heard, and it was estimated that it became Ella’s venting bucket again.

When Stanley was brushing his teeth in the bathroom, Jessica told him about it, and Stanley said with a blank expression: “Maybe it’s God who can’t understand their family.”

Jessica patted Shawin surprise. On Stanley’s shoulder, he said, “The hero sees the same thing. I didn’t expect you to think the same as mine.”

Stanley smiled and said, “Hurry up and wash your face and brush your teeth. It’s almost time to go out.”

Jessica twisted He smashed Stanley away and said, “You are blocking me, and you are urging me.”

Stanley just finished washing and went back to the room to find that Jessica had forgotten to fold the quilt, so he helped She tidy up.

When Stanley placed the pillows, he found that the pair of scissors had disappeared, and the corners of his mouth raised an arc unconsciously.

In the past three years, Jessica thought that she had hidden the scissors and Stanley did not know, but she had forgotten who changed the sheets at home.

“Is it right, you can try going to bed next time?” Stanley whispered to himself, then shook his head quickly, and put this crazy idea behind him. He only slept on the sofa two days ago. He didn’t want to Was kicked out directly.

Morning jog, same route, same resting place.

After Jessica stopped, she looked at the Lanzarote leisure villa that had already started, and said strangely: “Why started the renovation so early today.”

“Maybe you are in a hurry to move in.” Stanley said with a smile.

Jessica nodded. Buyers must have been eager to wait for such a luxurious villa area. According to legend, living in a Lanzarote leisure villa, you can see the sea of ​​clouds when you open the door in cloudy and foggy weather. It must be the most beautiful scenery.

“Didn’t you ask me yesterday, where is the second-hand house I bought?” Stanley suddenly said to Jessica.

Chapter 44 Tell You a Secret
Jessica didn’t have much hope for this matter, because Stanley said it last night, and she could see it every day.

Since it is a visible place, it should be near my own community.

But now that Stanley talked about it, Jessica still wanted to make sure of this matter, and asked, “Where?”

Stanley stretched out his hand, pointed to the villa halfway up the mountain and said, “That.”

Jessica was stunned for a long time before he puffed. He smiled and looked at Stanley speechlessly and said: “Are you bragging in front of me? Hurry home, Saskia is still waiting for me to go shopping.” Before

Stanley had time to explain, Jessica had already run away.

However, it is reasonable for her not to believe it. The Lanzarote leisure villa is close to the auction price of hundreds of millions. Who would have thought that the buyer behind it was the waste son-in-law of the Evans family?

Stanley smiled faintly, looking at Jessica’s back and muttering to himself: “You will know on the 15th of next month. I hope you will be satisfied with this surprise.”

After breakfast, the two returned home shortly after breakfast. Jessica received a call from Saskia, and she especially told Stanley not to show up, or she would break with Jessica.

Such a threat really made Jessica dumbfounded, so she could only not bring Stanley.

But after the two met downstairs, Saskia looked looking forward with a touch of loss, obviously because he didn’t see Stanley.

“Should I let him go downstairs?” Jessica said with a smile.

Saskia glared at Jessica and said, “What can you do if you go downstairs, he is married to you, and he loves you so much, so I can still snatch it away?”

Seeing Saskia pouting, Jessica said:” If you have the ability, you can take it away. I’m eager.”

Saskia deliberately pinched Jessica’s tenderloin, and said, “You’re so irritating, and he loves you so much. Can you take it away? Besides, your duplicity has already sold you out.”

In the past, Saskia helped Jessica fight the injustice, because Stanley’s reputation for waste was too loud, and it was like a stain to Jessica.

But now, Saskia understands that no matter how the outside world rumors, Jessica’s happiness is beyond their imagination.

No one knows whether Stanley is a waste, but Saskia thinks that he is not that simple.

“By the way, what kind of person is Stanley?” Saskia asked Jessica curiously. For three years, he has been silent. This time there is such a big disturbance in the crystal restaurant, Saskia has a strange feeling. Stanley feels like a sleeping tiger, in a state of waking up gradually.

This problem is also a great trouble for Jessica, and she is also thinking about it over and over again.

What kind of person is Stanley, and why has he suddenly felt completely different recently.

Crystal restaurant, buying a car and buying a house, this is not the ability of a waste son-in-law.

And he said that he would make a change for himself, Jessica didn’t know what this change meant and what it would be like.

“Actually, I don’t know, but I can tell you a secret.” Jessica said mysteriously.

This sentence aroused great curiosity of Saskia, and quickly asked: “What’s the secret?”

“He bought the two cars in the family, and he also bought a house recently, although it is a second-hand house, but It’s also very good.” Jessica never told anyone about this. Saskia was the first person to know about it, and she wanted to share it a long time ago.

Saskia’s mouth grew in surprise. She thought that the car was bought by Jessica with money from the company, but she didn’t expect it to be the credit of Stanley. Two cars worth millions, and a second-hand house. This guy turned out to be So rich!

“Jessica, how can you let a man have private money? Don’t you know that this is a taboo? It is his future derailment.” Saskia looked at Jessica angrily.

Jessica shook her head indifferently. She had never worried about this. If Stanley was going to cheat, he would have been out long ago. How could he wait until now? For three whole years, everyone knows his position in the Evans family, and how much humiliation he has suffered. This situation hasn’t made him feel dissatisfied with himself, and now he will not be anymore.

“You think too much, if you didn’t cheat before, do you have to wait until now?” Jessica said.

Seeing Jessica’s confident look, Saskia couldn’t find a place to refute, so she sighed enviously.

“Hey, it’s hello, I have a husband who loves you so much, but I am miserable. I am in love with someone I shouldn’t love, and I am still confused about my future.” Saskia said with a look of lovelessness.

“Why don’t you give half of it?” Jessica said jokingly.

Saskia glared at Jessica and said, “Don’t tease me, otherwise I can’t help it. Don’t underestimate my charm. You only need a pair of legs to conquer him.”

Jessica didn’t take this to heart, because Saskia wouldn’t do this, and even if he did, Stanley was able to hold his heart.

When the two were shopping, Stanley drove to the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure.

The high-end villa area generally does not allow unregistered vehicles to enter at will. Even if you are visiting relatives and friends, you need to register or the owner to contact the property to enter.

As the owner of the Lanzarote leisure villa, Stanley was stopped at the door because he did not have a registered vehicle.

An open-top Lamborghini that is not common in Cloud City stopped in front of the gate of the villa area. The security guard who had stopped Stanley just now stepped forward and greeted him warmly.

There was a man and a woman sitting in the car. The appearance of a man driving a Lamborghini with one hand was very charming, and the woman was also dressed very seductively, with a sling and a umbilical dress. The small body was tall and majestic.

“Alfred, you are back.”

Jaxon looked at Audi with contempt in his eyes, and asked indifferently: “What kind of broken car, what are you doing in the way?”

The security guard was shocked. This is the eldest young master of the Confucian family in London. If he is upset, he will end up miserably. He quickly said, “I don’t know who, it should not be our residents. I am waiting for the news. , See if you want to let it go.”

“Wait? You mean I am waiting here too?” Jaxon looked at the security guard dissatisfied.

“No, no, I’ll let him give you a place, how can you let Alfred wait?” The security guard finished speaking, turned his head and said to Stanley: “You, quickly move the car, don’t block Alfred. The way.”

Stanley got into the car and moved the car a bit. Although he is the owner of the Lanzarote leisure villa, these things must still be handled according to the rules.

Jaxon glanced at Stanley, shook his head and said, “Whatever is going to the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure, this broken car is not too shameful.”

Lamborghini walked away, and the security team soon got high-level advice Signaling the release, Stanley entered the villa area smoothly.

Jaxon didn’t take this matter to heart. After returning home, he couldn’t wait to bring the newly hooked beauty back to the room.

After overturning the clouds and rain, the petite girl lay on Jaxon’s chest and said softly: “I have never been to such a high-end villa area before. Take me out to open my eyes.”

“What’s so good about it, but it’s just a few. It’s just a broken house.” Jaxon said with a smile. He is used to living here. The remoteness in the eyes of others is worthless to him. Moreover, the people living in the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure are not simple people, except for a few healthy trails. In addition, Jaxon didn’t dare to go to other people’s sites easily. It’s hard to say if any trouble should be caused.

“I want to go to the mountainside and have a look. I heard that the house was auctioned some time ago, but the transaction price was 89 million Pound. I really don’t know what such an expensive villa looks like.” The petite girl said expectantly.

Jaxon’s expression was a little unnatural. It’s not a place to go casually. I still don’t know who the mysterious buyer is, and the entire area of ​​the mountainside belongs to private territory. , To blame, Jaxon can’t bear it.

“You can’t go?” The petite girl said disappointedly.

Jaxon hesitated for a moment, how could he lose face in front of the beauty, and the Lanzarote leisure villa is being renovated, the owner should not be there, and it may not happen to see it.

Chapter 45 The Rules of Lanzarote leisure
Go, can there be places that Jaxon can’t go to. Jaxon promised, patted his chest. The

two dressed up and headed towards the Lanzarote leisure villa.

Jaxon felt a little nervous along the way, meditating not to run into the Lanzarote leisure villa’s owner, otherwise it would be difficult to explain.

The reason why Lanzarote leisure villa District is a luxurious residential area, in addition to the environmental configuration, the most important point is that it is not disturbed by anyone. Each villa has its own private area. It is against the rules for others to trespass. Since the villa area was put into use, there has been only one breach of the rules. After all, the people living here are not ordinary people, and the clear rules are still understood. Before

reaching the mountainside, the petite woman already seemed impatient, and Jaxon did. The more uneasy, I always feel a little ominous.

“This villa is the largest in the entire Lanzarote leisure villa area, right? “The petite woman said with a sigh.

Jaxon craned her neck to observe if there were anyone in the villa besides the workers . Hearing the petite woman’s words, he nodded absently and said: “It is more than the biggest. There is one in Lanzarote leisure. The mountain spring leads to the moat. It flows down from the ditch on the right side of the villa. I heard that the mountain spring can be drunk directly. It is sweet and cool. Otherwise, why do you think this villa is the highest price? “

” There spring? “The petite woman obviously doesn’t know enough about the Lanzarote leisure villa area, and her mouth grows up in surprise.

“Of course, this spring is heard to be underground water. It has no source but a steady stream. It can be regarded as an extraordinary natural phenomenon of Lanzarote leisure. Jaxon explained. The

petite woman looked yearning, as if she wanted to live here. That would be a wonderful thing.

“Huh. “Jaxon suddenly looked at the parking lot in the villa yard in surprise. Isn’t this car the Audi that was blocked at the door? The

petite woman also found out about this. She looked down on Stanley before, and now she is on the mountainside again. When the villa saw Stanley’s car, it was full of doubts.

“That person just now is the owner of the Lanzarote leisure villa?” the petite woman asked incredulously.

Jaxon shook his head. How could it be him, driving an Audi A6 in a villa of more than 80 million Pound, which is too cheap, and judging from his youth, he doesn’t look like such a rich person.

“Probably not.” Jaxon smiled contemptuously, and said: “Most of the people from the decoration company come to check the work. With him, how could it be possible to live in such a luxurious place.” At

this time, Stanley inspected. I circled the villa, walked to the courtyard, and ordered the workers to repair the garden of the small courtyard again.

“What are you doing here?” At this moment, a loud voice came.

Jaxon turned his head and took a look, shrinking his neck involuntarily, and several property security guards walked towards them.

These are the people who maintain order in the villa area. No matter who you are and how big your identity is, as long as you trespass on someone else’s site in the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure, they can all teach you a lesson.

The property in the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure is undertaken by the London Tianjia, and the Tianjia is the richest man and the largest family in London, and no one dares to mess with it.

Jaxon dare not complain even if he trespasses on someone’s territory like Jaxon, even if he is thrown out by the security personnel. After all, behind these security personnel is the Heavenly Family as the backstage.

“A few big brothers, we are just passing by, sorry, let’s go, let’s go.” Jaxon repeatedly apologized.

“Which family are you from, don’t you understand the rules of the Lanzarote leisure villa District?” the security captain asked Jaxon.

Jaxon Harris excited, if he tells these security guards what his name is, this matter is likely to reach the ears of the heavens, if his father knows, he still must not be scolded bloody?

“Sorry, I’ll leave right away, a few big brothers, I’m really just passing by.” Jaxon Harris nodded and bowed again.

The petite woman finds it inexplicable. She doesn’t understand the rules of the Lanzarote leisure villa area, so she finds it very strange. Jaxon is the young master of the Harris family, how can he whisper to these security guards? He is such a domineering young master, shouldn’t it be difficult to let these security guards get out?

At the bar last night, he covered the audience in a word, not knowing how many girls he fascinated.

“Jaxon, what are you doing, these people…”

“You fucking give me less nonsense, shut up.” Jaxon said sharply.

The petite woman is shocked, is it possible that the security guards in the villa area of Lanzarote leisure are all big shots? Otherwise, how could he have such a fierce reaction.

“You…you look familiar, are you from the Harris family?” The captain walked up to Jaxon and said coldly.

A cold sweat suddenly appeared on Jaxon’s back, and he quickly said: “Brother, give me a chance, I’m just curious, and there will never be another next time.”

“Hmph.” The security snorted coldly and said: “Follow Let me take a trip. The Harris family has lived here for several years. You don’t know the rules here. Since you trespass into someone’s place, you should know what the price is.”

Jaxon was so scared that his legs were frightened. Soft, take a trip? He heard that the property department had a special room to deal with people who broke the rules. A few years ago, a rich man’s son went in and came out after breaking his leg. Afterwards, the family didn’t even dare to let go and left the family. To Cloud City.

“Brother, it’s the first time for me, you do it well, give me a face, let me go.” Jaxon begged for mercy.

The responsibility of the team leader is to maintain the rules of the Genting Mountain Villa area and not let anyone destroy it. After all, this is a rich area. These rich people like privacy. Once this matter is known to others, the reputation of the Genting Mountain Villa area will definitely be. Affected, even the reputation of the Heavenly Family will be damaged at that time, and he can’t bear this kind of responsibility.

“It’s useless to say anything, follow me.” The captain stretched out his hand and grabbed Jaxon’s shoulder.

Jaxon was about to die of regret in his heart, so he blamed this stinky lady. If it weren’t for her, would this happen?

“What’s the matter?” Stanley walked over at this time and asked the captain.

The captain has received the news that the person in front of him is the new owner of Lanzarote leisure villa. He immediately respected him and said: “Mr. Stanley, this person is good at your area. I am about to take it back. Don’t worry, you will break the rules of the Lanzarote leisure Villa area. I will give you an explanation.”

Jaxon looked at Stanley blankly. The captain’s attitude towards him was so respectful. Isn’t he just a member of the decoration company? It’s hard to say…

how can it be possible that people who drive a broken car like Audi are eligible to live in a Lanzarote leisure villa?

“He is my friend, nothing is going on, you… By the way, I need two buses from the property department on the 15th of next month.” Stanley said. However, if a large number of foreigners want to enter the Lanzarote leisure villa area, they must not only inform the property department of the villa area in advance, but also must use the car of the property department to avoid excessive private cars from blocking the Lanzarote leisure road in the villa area.

I have to say that there are many rules in the Lanzarote leisure villa District, but the starting point of each rule is to protect the rights and privacy of the owners here.

The captain glanced at Jaxon. Stanley made it clear that he was helping him out. If he were really a friend, how could he not go in, but since Stanley didn’t care, he couldn’t say much.

“Mr. Stanley, don’t worry, I will definitely prepare it for you in advance,” the captain said.

“Trouble you, nothing else, you can go.” Stanley said.

After several security personnel left, Jaxon wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. He was not a fool. He naturally understood that Stanley was the owner of the Lanzarote leisure villa. Otherwise, how could he let those people leave with a word.

Thinking about being taken to the property department, Jaxon walked to Stanley with a grateful expression and said, “Brother Stanley, thank you, if it weren’t for you, I would be miserable today.”

Stanley faintly With a smile, he said, “Now that you know the rules of the Lanzarote leisure villa District, don’t ruin it at will. You won’t have such good luck next time.”

“Yes, yes.” Jaxon nodded repeatedly. When he met Stanley at the entrance of the villa area, Jaxon never thought that he was such a low-key person. He lived in a Lanzarote leisure villa and drove an Audi A6. The key was to help him solve it. Such a thorny trouble.

“Brother Stanley, my name is Jaxon. If there is anything I can use for my younger brother in the future, just speak up.”

Chapter 46 Car Accident
After Stanley ordered the decoration company to send more staff and advance the construction period as soon as possible, he drove out of the villa area.

Jessica didn’t go to work today, so there was no need to go to Evans’s company, but Stanley planned to visit the canteen.

After arriving at the commissary, Amare finally opened the door today, but he was a little surprised when he saw Stanley.

“You never showed up on weekends. Wouldn’t it be for me?” Amare smiled.

Stanley asked for a pack of cigarettes, handed it to Amare, and then said, “How about it, the cloud city now is different from that of the past?”

Amare nodded and handed the fire to Stanley Then he said, “It’s really different. Nowadays, people don’t use their brains to do things, especially young people. They have been brainwashed by Young and Dangerous movies, thinking that fighting and killing is the world. These are all illegal things, only brains. Those who are sick should do it.”

Stanley couldn’t laugh or cry, Amare used to be the boss of London, so he said that he didn’t do illegal things? If you say this, the ghost doesn’t believe it.

“Ekon can keep it, although he disappointed me a bit, but after all these years, give him a chance to provide for the elderly.” Stanley said.

Amare exclaimed, then changed the subject, and said, “When do I need alcohol and tobacco, let me know in advance, I will prepare some for you and take care of my business.”

Stanley raised his brows, Amare said. It is a bit interesting to say that tobacco and alcohol are needed, and when the amount is large, there is only a banquet.

“The future of the treasure sword, no one in London knows about this except Tianjia.” Stanley said.

Amare smiled and said: “The buyer is indeed very mysterious, but I was lucky and I accidentally learned a little news. But don’t worry, I didn’t deliberately investigate you. To me, the more mysterious your identity, the more interesting it is. I don’t want to uncover your secret so quickly.”

“Let’s go, I’ll invite you when the time comes.” Stanley flicked off his cigarette butt and was in the middle of the smoke extinguisher in the trash can.

This hand made Amare sigh with emotion. He watched Stanley drive away and said, “I can control his strength so accurately, he has a good skill.”

Stanley was driving in the car and was about to call Jessica to ask if he wanted to. While helping, the phone rang, and it was also from Ella, which surprised Stanley.

For three years, Ella has counted the number of times he has called him, and every time he is asked to do hard work, but recently there is nothing to do, so why did he call him?


Stanley answered the phone and heard Ella say in a hurry: “You come to FuPound Road and you must be there within ten minutes.”

Ella has already hung up before asking what happened. broken.

Stanley got used to it and drove towards FuPound Road.

After arriving at FuPound Road, I saw a car accident from a distance. A battery car fell in the middle of the road. A middle-aged woman’s right leg was bloody, and a lot of flesh was broken, while Ella crouched and cursed.

“Mom, what’s the matter?” Stanley walked to Ella and asked.

Ella glared at Stanley, seeming to blame Stanley for being late, and said: “This woman touched porcelain and deliberately ran into my car. You stay here to solve the problem. I will pay back with your dad. If you have something to do, you must

leave first.” While talking, Ella went to Matthew Evans to leave.

Stanley looked at Audi’s location and then at the place where the battery car fell. This is a crosswalk. It should be an injured middle-aged woman who was passing by and was hit by Matthew Evans. Ella first said she touched porcelain. As for why Calling Stanley, this is even simpler, let Stanley come forward to deal with it, so they can escape.

“Nonsense, obviously you hit me. When he hit me, he was still looking at the phone.” The middle-aged woman pointed to Matthew Evans and said.

Matthew Evans looked guilty and didn’t dare to speak at all.

Ella said in a reasonable and loud voice: “You fart, when did my man look at the phone? You are blind. Seeing our house open an Audi, do you think I will give you money if you touch porcelain? This kind of person is really poor and crazy.” The

middle-aged woman looked at Ella unwillingly, she just crossed the road normally, was hit by someone, and was wronged.

“I am poor, but the poor also have backbone. I will not blackmail anyone. If anyone tells a lie, the sky will thunder.” said the middle-aged woman.

Ella was a little flustered and said that, this is not a place to stay for a long time, and said to Stanley: “You will handle this matter to me. If you cause trouble for your dad, you won’t have to go back. Home.”

Stanley can tolerate the bizarre temper and unreasonable troubles of the two elders for the sake of Jessica, but this matter involves innocent people, and it is absolutely impossible to let it go so easily.

Blocking in front of Ella and Matthew Evans, Stanley said with a gloomy expression: “This matter, wait until the police arrive.”

“Stanley, are you crazy? Waiting for the police to come, I will call you this trash What are you doing, get out of me quickly.” Ella scolded.

“If you take him away now, it will be a hit and run, and the consequences will be more serious.” Stanley said.

“Stanley, do you not understand the reason why I called you? If you don’t bear this responsibility, whoever will bear it, let me go quickly.” Ella said in a bad tone.

“Dad, do you think you ran away? If you dare to leave, you will end up in jail.” Stanley looked at Matthew Evans and said.

Matthew Evans lowered his head and was too guilty to speak. This incident was originally his responsibility. Ella suggested that Stanley should bear the consequences, saying that it was to give the woman a little money afterwards, so that the responsibility would not be implicated on him. , But he also knew that once the matter was found out, the consequences would be more serious.

“I’ll let you go away, do you not understand human words?” Ella raised his hand anxiously.

When he was about to slap down, Stanley suddenly held his wrist tightly.

“Stanley, what are you doing?” Ella said coldly.

Stanley looked at Ella with a frosty face, and said, “Don’t think that you are Jessica’s parents, you can do whatever you want in front of me.”

“Crazy, crazy, you are crazy, you dare to talk to me like this. Do you know what your status is? You are a waste, let me go.” Ella was itchy with hatred, this waste dared to be disrespectful to her.

Stanley shook off Ella’s hand and said coldly: “You can leave. I will never help him take responsibility for this matter. When the police arrive, I will tell the truth.”

“You… “Ella pointed to Stanley. He thought that if he called Stanley, he would honestly carry the pot, but he didn’t expect him to show such a tough attitude.

Stanley walked to the middle-aged woman who fell and said, “Apart from the legs, is there any other discomforts? I will call an ambulance for you right away.” The

middle-aged woman shook her head and said, “Young man. , Or you know the truth, I really didn’t touch porcelain. It was your dad who looked at the phone by himself, so he hit me.”

Stanley knew that she was telling the truth. If the fault was really not in Matthew Evans, he would have thought of a way to explain. Now, how can I not say a word?

Ella pulled Matthew Evans to leave, but Matthew Evans couldn’t move at all. Being timid, he would rather wait for the police to come instead of being called by the police afterwards.

“What are you doing?” Ella asked Matthew Evans.

“Let’s wait, if I leave, the consequences will be more serious if I follow up afterwards,” Matthew Evans said.

“Matthew Evans, I am doing it for your own good. I will call Jessica right away. Will Stanley dare to take responsibility for you?” Ella took out the phone while speaking.

It’s a pity that the call hasn’t been made yet. The police have already arrived at the scene. Under interrogation, Matthew Evans, the driver, honestly explained the cause and effect.

Ella looked at Stanley who cared about outsiders and gritted his teeth with hatred. This kind of thing was worthless. If this kind of thing happened, she didn’t care about her father-in-law, but she still cared about outsiders. Her life and death was more difficult than Matthew Evans’s safety Does it matter?

“Stanley, don’t go back to my house tonight. That is my Ella’s house. Go to sleep on the street.” Ella said to Stanley.

Stanley turned his head to look at Ella coldly, and said lightly: “Next month, on the 15th, I will move to a new home with Jessica. I will not force you to live with me.”

Chapter 47 The Little Demon King
Ella sneered and looked at Stanley’s new home, a dilapidated second-hand house. Even if it was given to her, she wouldn’t look at it, so how could she live in it?

“Stanley, do you think it’s great to buy a broken house? Ella will never go to your house in my life, and Jessica will not live with you.” Ella said.

Stanley smiled faintly, afraid that she would ask to live in when the time comes.

The limit of tolerance can be expanded almost infinitely for Stanley, but it can only be on him alone, and Ella’s domineering has hurt others, which is definitely not something Stanley can continue to tolerate.

At this time, the division of responsibility for the accident has been very clear, and Matthew Evans is fully responsible. In addition to medical expenses, there is also the repair cost of the battery car.

The police walked to Ella and said lightly: “Don’t be smart in the future. If he escapes, it is not as simple as losing money and going to jail.”

In front of the police, Ella didn’t dare to be savage and nodded repeatedly in his tone. He said softly: “I remember, there will never be another next time.”

“Well, the ambulance will be here soon. You can handle the rest by yourself.” After the

ambulance arrived, Ella said. Unwilling to go to the hospital, Stanley knew that if she was allowed to go, he might still make things difficult for the injured, so he simply got into the ambulance.

“This Stanley, I will drive him out of Evans’s house sooner or later, and eat dog stuff inside and out. I really don’t know what to do.” Ella gritted his teeth and said with a vicious expression in his eyes.

Regarding this matter, Matthew Evans felt that Stanley did the right thing, and he was almost killed by Ella, but he knew how hot Ella’s temper was, and he dared to say a little bit of dissatisfaction with her. This is what happened today. It would be endless, so I had to shut my mouth and not speak.

“Let’s go to the hospital to send some money, what if Stanley has no money to pay for medical expenses?” Matthew Evans said.

“What kind of money, he has to take care of his own business, if he has no money, he will find a way by himself, what does it have to do with me, go home.” Ella shouted.

Matthew Evans sighed, couldn’t straighten up in front of Ella, and had no right to decide, so he could only go home.

After Stanley arrived at the hospital, he arranged for the injured to be hospitalized and paid the hospitalization fees. He also hoped to help the middle-aged woman contact her family and let her family take care of her.

The middle-aged woman was very grateful to Stanley for being so sensible, but when she mentioned her family, her expression was obviously dimmed.

Stanley said: “If you have any difficulties, just tell me, if I can help, I will definitely help you.”

“Young man, I have troubled you enough, and your dad hit me and you did everything you should do. , Auntie has nothing to help you.” The middle-aged woman said.

Stanley smiled and said, “You are now in hospital and can’t go home. If there is something to do at home, wouldn’t it be a delay? This is also within my scope of responsibility.”

Hearing this sentence, There were tears in the eyes of the young woman, and she did have something to worry about.

She is a single mother. She was swept out of the house because of the birth of a baby. The family son needs her to take care of her. During the hospitalization period, if no one takes care of the family son, he will have difficulty eating.

The so-called Bao, also known as congenital stupid infant, suffers from severe mental retardation and cannot take care of himself.

For so many years, she has relied on her own part-time job to support her mother and son. This time she is hospitalized, not only will she cut off the family’s income, and no one will take care of her son.

After she told Stanley about this, Stanley immediately agreed to help her take care of the children at home. After all, it was Matthew Evans who made her stay in the hospital, and Stanley couldn’t ignore it.

After arranging everything in the hospital, Stanley followed the address given by Molly to a village in the city.

The environment here is complicated. Many of them are rented by migrant workers. The garbage everywhere is left unmanaged, and the smell is disgusting.

After traveling through several alleys, Stanley found Molly’s home.

From a distance, Stanley saw a group of children throwing stones at a teenage boy. Seeing the boy crying in pain, Stanley speeded up his pace and walked over.

“Stop it, what are you guys doing?” Stanley shouted.

A group of little things are lawless here, and they are not afraid of Stanley. The two older men also yelled at Stanley.

“Who are you and what does it have to do with this fool? We hit him, but didn’t hit you, so

take care of our business.” “Look at this fool. He still laughs, which means he likes to be beaten.”

After speaking, several children turned towards him again. He threw away the stone.

Stanley stood in front of Reggie.

Molly gave him such a name because he hoped that he would be happy every day, but how did Molly know that after she went out to work, her son became a plaything for the little guys nearby.

“You’re a fool too, you actually get beaten for him.”

“I didn’t expect another fool to hit them.”

Under the leadership of two older people, the remaining little things began to pick up stones on the ground again.

Stanley walked up to the eldest man, grabbed his neckline, and said, “Little devil, your parents won’t teach you how to behave, I will teach you.” It

is not Stanley’s style to care about children, but He couldn’t bear it, and slapped the boy in the face.

“You hit me? How dare you hit me?” The boy looked at Stanley with an unbelievable expression, as if he was beaten is a very strange thing, and I don’t know how this city village brought up such a lawless little boy. Devil.

“I warn you, I will bully Reggie in the future, and I will never let you go.” Stanley waved his hand and threw him directly to the ground.

The little boy looked at Stanley with vicious eyes, gritted his teeth and said: “You wait for me, I will come back to take revenge immediately.”

The oldest people ran away, and the other little kids followed the birds and beasts.

Stanley walked in front of Reggie. Although his expression had a silly smile, his confused eyes had a trace of fear. Stanley comforted: “Don’t worry, I’m not a bad person, no one will dare to bully you in the future.”

Reggie smiled and yelled: “Brother.”

Stanley felt a little bitter in his heart, and said, “Go home, brother will cook for you.” The

home is very small, with only one room, cooking and sleeping in the same place. .

Reggie sat down on a plastic stool and looked at Stanley quietly. It must be the same scene when Molly was cooking.

There are no fresh vegetables at home, and there is only a plate of leftovers in the wooden cabinet where the dishes and chopsticks are placed. After Stanley has cooked the meal, he said to Reggie: “I will wait for my brother at home, I will go out to buy some delicious food.”

Reggie nodded expectantly, like a chicken pecking at rice.

Stanley had just left for a while. The person who was beaten by Stanley came to the house with a few adults, who should be his parent.

“Where is the man, idiot, where was the man just now?” the little boy asked after giving Reggie a punch in the heart without mercy.

Reggie held his head in fear and burst into tears.

“Dad, what to do, he seems to have run away.” The little boy turned his head and said to an adult man.

The adult man’s name is Freddie. He is the Carlos leader in the village in the city, and this is why his son dares to be arrogant here.

The village in the city belongs to a three-regardless zone. Because there is no oil and water to fish, people like Ekon will not put their minds here at all, and some people living in the village in the city have spawned the banner of self-reliance.

Freddie is very good at playing and has made a name in the village in the city. Everyone here will call out Brother Amare when he sees him. Although he is still very poor, his status is quite high for the village in the city.

Hearing that his son was beaten, Freddie immediately brought someone over to settle the accounts, but he was one step too late.

But it’s impossible to leave it like that.

“Drag this fool out and have a fight, to vent my son.” Freddie said to his opponent.

Even though Reggie was just a patient, several subordinates began to punch and kick Reggie out of the house.

The little boy looked at Reggie triumphantly, and seemed to enjoy the process very much.

“Son, if you can’t get out of your anger, Dad will send someone to find that person and ask him to kneel and apologize to you.”

Chapter 48—Bite Back
The little boy was proud of Freddie’s behavior and said proudly: “Dad, I will be as prestigious as you in the future.”

Freddie smugly patted his son on the head and said: “You must be better than Daliah. With promise, I will bring a few younger brothers out of the village in the future, so that I can enjoy the happiness.”

Father and son are planning the future beauty. When Stanley returns from shopping, when he sees that little kid is carrying a few When an adult came back to seek revenge and was still beating Reggie, an unstoppable killing intent rose up in his heart.

“Dad, it’s him, he hit me just now.” The little boy pointed to Stanley and said to Freddie.

Freddie grinned grimly, and looked at Stanley: “You are the one who beats my son with the dog? Kneel down and apologize to him, or I will abolish your leg today.”

Stanley threw away the food in his hand. Walked straight to Freddie.

At this time, Stanley had an unprecedented killing intent.

Upon seeing this, several subordinates stood in front of Freddie, with an expression that did not put Stanley in their eyes.

“Even Freddie’s son dared to fight, you are so courageous.”

“Look at you, you are not from the village in the city, do you know that people outside, no matter who they are, dare not come to the village in the city to make troubles? . ” ” It

is not kneel down …… “

Freddie also relied on his fist to achieve his status, and the entire village in the city could not find a second person who could beat him.

But Stanley’s fierce methods directly made Freddie dumbfounded, this is too damn fierce!

When Freddie came back to his senses, Stanley kicked his abdomen and fell back to the ground after several dozen steps.

With a pale face, Freddie felt like he was almost kicked through his stomach, and the pain was unbearable.

Stanley kept walking and continued to walk towards Freddie.

When Freddie saw the killing intent in Stanley’s eyes, he felt scared and horrified for the first time, and said, “Brother, what do you want to do, if you have something to say.”

Stanley kicked at Freddie’s front door and paused. The blood splashed all over the time, and Freddie even collapsed his nose.

“Brother, if you have anything to say clearly, don’t fight for now, I beg you.” As

soon as Freddie’s voice fell, Stanley punched Freddie’s temple again, his ears buzzed, and a black light appeared in front of him. Freddie fainted.

Seeing that Freddie was beaten, the little boy ran to Stanley recklessly. He was about to kick him. He was kicked out by Stanley. He rolled several meters before he stopped.

“How do you want to die?” Stanley asked Freddie coldly.

Freddie almost frightened his courage at this moment. Although he was showing off in the city and village, he had never dared to kill him, but the young man in front of him wanted him to die, and Freddie had no thoughts of suspicion.

The look in his eyes and his expression are like looking at a dead person.

Freddie was so scared that he knelt in front of Stanley, and said in a panic: “Brother, I was wrong, I damn it, let me go, as long as you are willing to let me go, you can do whatever you want.”

Stanley took a deep breath. Although Stanley could easily kill Freddie, the killing was ultimately illegal, and many people were looking at their door. They were all witnesses. Stanley didn’t need to be because of this incident. Deep in the quagmire.

Walking to Reggie’s side, Stanley said distressedly: “I blame me, if I left you alone at home, you wouldn’t be beaten.”

Reggie pulled Stanley by the corner of his clothes, with horrified eyes. Shaking his head, he didn’t mean to blame Stanley.

“Are you hungry? Let’s eat first, OK.” Stanley continued.

Although Reggie was scared, she knew she was hungry and nodded hurriedly.

Stanley moved the small square table to the door and had dinner with Reggie. Freddie and several of his subordinates, including his son, knelt in front of Stanley. This scene also caused other people in the village to be bullied by Freddie. The man relieved his anger and clapped his hands in secret.

At this time, Jessica, who had gone shopping, returned home tiredly.

Ella sat on the sofa in the living room with a face like water. Before Jessica put down things, she said coldly: “From today on, this family can only accommodate one of me and Stanley. Jessica, yourself. Let’s take care of it.”

Jessica frowned, and became nervous again.

“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” Jessica asked.

“What’s the matter with me?” Ella instantly exploded, and said confidently: “Stanley has completely ignored me now. I think he has stiff wings now, even I dare Scolding, do you think I can tolerate such a person?”


How could Stanley scold Ella? There must be some misunderstanding.

“Mom, you are not listening to other people’s nonsense, are you?” Jessica asked.

“He scolds me in front of me, does he need to listen to others?” Ella said.

“How is it possible.” Jessica’s first reaction was that this kind of thing would never happen. She knew best what kind of person Stanley was. She swallowed it at home for three years, even if it was misunderstood, he didn’t mind.

Take the car crash as an example. It was clearly Bandile’s responsibility, but Ella blamed Stanley. Is Stanley dissatisfied?

“What the hell is going on?” Jessica asked.

Ella told Jessica of what happened today, avoiding the most important things and not mentioning the things that wanted Stanley to bear the responsibility, but added to the jealousy about how Stanley scolded him, and said that he and Jessica moved into a new home, and they were not allowed to go. .

Jessica didn’t believe it at all after listening, because it was impossible for Stanley to say this.

And Stanley didn’t mention that he was going to live in a new house, but just said that he bought a second-hand house.

Seeing Matthew Evans not speaking, Jessica knew that Ella must not tell the truth, and asked: “Dad, tell me what’s going on.”

Matthew Evans glanced at Ella, Ella looked fierce, how dare he say half of it? Words.

“Jessica, you don’t even believe me now, do you want to believe an outsider? I have worked so hard to raise you up, and you have become a white-eyed wolf now?” Ella said angrily.

“Furthermore, I didn’t say that he was going to live in his broken house. What qualifications does he have to show off his power in front of me.”

“I warn you, this house, if there is him but not me, you can figure it out.”

Jessica The head is as big as a fight, and Ella wants to slap, no one can stop it, but this matter is definitely not that simple, only wait for Stanley to return.

“Mom, if it is really his fault, I will let him apologize to you.” Jessica said.

“Jessica, don’t you understand why you are stumped? He has bought a broken house now, and his wings are stiff. He feels that he doesn’t need to whisper under our roof. That’s why he dares to scold me and apologize. What’s the point? I warn you, if you dare Moving out with him, I won’t recognize you in this life.” Ella threatened.

Jessica sighed, so good, how could such a big contradiction occur.

“If his house is better than ours, don’t you go?” Matthew Evans said weakly at this time. They only know that Stanley bought the house. They don’t know what the house is like. It’s not a good thing in Matthew Evans’s opinion to be so extreme.

Ella smiled coldly, and said contemptuously: “Matthew Evans, do you think this wasteful can afford a luxury house? That’s a second-hand house. You still expect to be better than ours. Are you disappointed? Crazy?”

Matthew Evans sighed. Although he didn’t have much hope, there was a chance that he was not.

However, Ella also makes sense to say so. With Stanley’s strength, how can he afford a luxury house?

“Anyway, wait until he comes back. I want to know what happened.”

Seeing Jessica’s resolute attitude, Ella felt a little guilty. After all, what happened today is her responsibility.

However, to the extent of Ella’s spoiling, she did not believe that Jessica could not take care of her feelings. If she was really partial to Stanley, and then cried, made trouble and hanged three times, Jessica could only compromise.

Ella had the final say in this home. She didn’t believe that there was no way to get Stanley out of the house.

Chapter 49 Breaking the Truth
After Stanley and Reggie had dinner together, they were worried that Freddie and others would retaliate against Reggie after he left, so they could only take Reggie to the hospital, re-arranged the VIP ward for Molly, and invited him. Take care of by a caregiver.

Molly is very grateful for what Stanley has done for her. There is a place for Reggie to rest in the VIP ward, so that she can heal her wounds with complete peace of mind.

After doing all this, Stanley returned home.

Although it was long expected that Ella would not give up, Ella would let him go when he returned home, which also made Stanley unexpected.

Jessica guarded Stanley, no matter how Ella slapped him, he asked Stanley: “Stanley, what happened?”

Stanley told Jessica what happened today.

Jessica was so angry when she heard that, she did not expect Ella to be so unreasonable. She was unwilling to take responsibility when she hit someone, scolded others to touch porcelain, and asked Stanley to take the blame.

“Mom, can Stanley be blamed for this matter? When did you become so unreasonable?” Jessica said angrily to Ella.

Ella sat down on the ground and began to cry. This is her killer. It doesn’t make sense, but she can only play it.

“Matthew Evans, why is my life so bitter? You have nothing to do. Now that my daughter has a good chance, she turned her elbow outward. What did I do in my last life.” Ella burst into tears and performed well. It’s so pathetic.

Before the change, Stanley didn’t care about it, lest Jessica had difficulty in life, but Stanley wouldn’t give in a step with this matter today.

“Mom, do you know what’s going on in her family? She has a son with congenital Down syndrome. Do you know how it feels to be stoned by a neighbor after she was injured and his son was not taken care of?” Stanley said coldly.

“What does it have to do with me? She only has a foolish son to touch porcelain. Do you really think you are a good person?” Ella said.

Even Jessica couldn’t listen to this sentence, and she scolded: “Mom, how can you say that, it’s a fact that Dad is looking at the phone, and he is not careful.”

Ella cried louder, trying to die. Still roaring to jump off the building.

Stanley said to Jessica: “I can be used to her in my own affairs, but this is absolutely not possible.”

Jessica did not blame Stanley, but asked: “How is she now, and her son What?”

“I sent her son to the hospital and changed her to the VIP ward. Now she is fine.” When

Ella heard the words VIP ward, she jumped up from the floor and shouted, “Stanley , You even arranged a VIP ward for her. Do you think you are someone, God of Wealth? Is my Evans family’s money for you to disperse love?”

“Mom, I didn’t use a penny from you to tell you What does it matter?” Stanley said coldly.

“Hehe, it turns out that the wings are hard. I bought a ruined house and completely ignores me. You can do it, Stanley. I didn’t expect you to have such courage.” Ella turned to look. Looking at Jessica, she sternly said: “Divorce him, otherwise you don’t want my mother.”

Jessica’s face was pale, Ella’s arrogance and unreasonableness even she couldn’t bear.

The family’s living conditions are good, not because she became the project leader, but Stanley took out his own private money, two cars, and 200,000 Pound lent to Siyabonga, but both of them were Stanley. Money.

“Mom, I won’t divorce him. If you continue to be unreasonable, I will have a big deal to move out.” Jessica said.

Ella was furious, and pointed at Stanley angrily. “It’s you [email protected] You gave my daughter some ecstasy soup. Get out of me, get out of Evans’s house. I never want to see you again, don’t count on you. Rely on my Evans family.”

“Mom, Stanley bought the car, and my uncle’s 200,000 Pound is also Stanley’s money. Why are you driving him away.” Jessica finally couldn’t help it, blurted out.

She had endured this matter for a long time, and she didn’t vomit, she couldn’t look at Stanley and be looked down upon by Ella.

Ella was taken aback, and even Matthew Evans had an incredible expression.

“You are even going to lie to me now to help him speak?” Ella said.

“Whether you believe it or not, this is a fact, you think I can really get so much money in the company, do you think grandma can condone my corruption?” Jessica said in a cold voice without expression.

“Dad, do you think that if I took more than one million from the company, grandma would not be able to find it out?” Jessica looked at Matthew Evans and continued.

Matthew Evans knows who the old lady of the Evans family is. She has personally used the company accounts. She will not say anything even if she finds out some small things, but the number is more than one million, which she absolutely cannot tolerate.

Moreover, it was not long before Jessica became the person in charge, and it was indeed unrealistic to be able to spend more than one million.

“This…” Matthew Evans hesitated, speechless.

Jessica glanced at Stanley and said, “If it weren’t for him, why would you drive an Audi. If it weren’t for him, where the 200,000 Pound was loaned to uncle, do you really think it is my credit?”

Ella Frozen without speaking, it was like being pinched by someone’s throat.

The car is no more. The 200,000 she lent to Siyabonga in order to make a difference is actually Stanley’s!

“You… are you so rich?” Ella asked Stanley in disbelief.

Stanley doesn’t care what Ella thinks about him. He never cared about these things. He looked at Jessica and said, “Are you willing to move to a new home with me?”

Although Jessica has never seen what the new home is like, she He nodded without hesitation and said: “Yes, I will go wherever you go. You have endured so many years in this home, and that is enough.”

Stanley smiled and said to Ella: “You are willing to go. Stay, I won’t stop, if I don’t want to, I won’t force it.”

The atmosphere at home was stiff, and Jessica took Stanley out of the house.

Ella sat on the sofa without saying a word. She can be unreasonable and can roll around, but if people are soft, what right does she have to be righteous? It was 200,000, and Stanley took it as soon as he said it. No matter where the money came from, it was Stanley’s pocket after all.

“Matthew, do you believe it?” Ella asked Matthew Evans.

Although Matthew Evans finds it unbelievable, Jessica can get so much money from the company, it is indeed unrealistic to think about it.

“I don’t know, but Jessica is indeed impossible to get so much money in the company.” Matthew Evans said.

“More than one million, not a lot, right?” Ella himself felt that such remarks were unrealistic, and looked embarrassed.

“You are really good now, more than one million is not too much? You know if this money is really taken in the company, does your mother know what Jessica will end up?” Matthew Evans shook his head angrily. Very helpless.

“Then what do you think of the house he bought?” Ella suddenly became interested.

Matthew Evans himself felt that there was no place to put his face on. Just now he let Stanley get out, and now he is thinking about the house that Stanley bought.

“Ella, Ella, you are really thick-skinned, didn’t you say that you don’t like the house he bought?” Matthew Evans said.

Ella glared at Matthew Evans, and said of course: “He has lived in our house for three years, but

he still doesn’t allow his old mother to enjoy the blessing?” “Is he enjoying the blessing in this house?” Although Matthew Evans has no good feelings for Stanley. , But it is not as shameless as Ella. For this face, he would rather live in his own broken house.

Of course, if Matthew Evans knew that the house that Stanley bought was in the Lanzarote leisure villa area, and it was a Lanzarote leisure villa, he would probably be shameless.

After all, what a face counts, living in a Lanzarote leisure villa is the real face.

“Why is he so rich? When he got married, his father did it all alone. He didn’t even come to a relative in his family. Speaking of which, his identity is quite mysterious.” Ella didn’t know and began to ponder again. what.

Matthew Evans sighed and said, “Don’t daydream. If he really is the eldest young master, he might have been in the Evans family for three years? In these three years, I won’t talk about you, just the other relatives of the Evans family. Don’t roll your eyes to him, Finn has beaten him before, have you ever seen a young master with such a good temper.”

Chapter 50 What’s your brother’s name?

Matthew Evans’s words were like a basin of cold water poured on Ella’s head, and his heart was instantly chilled.

She had just flashed through her mind that Stanley was a certain young master, who was ruthlessly destroyed.

“And if you think about it, if he is rich, how could he buy a second-hand house? Two cars have already hollowed him out.” Matthew Evans continued.

Ella’s relaxed expression became full of coldness again. It seemed that if Stanley had money, she could look happy. If Stanley was a poor ghost, her attitude would still be the same as usual.

“Since I don’t have any money, I dare to be disrespectful to me, he counts as something.” Ella said coldly.

Matthew Evans could only sigh for Ella’s change of face, thinking that if it weren’t for his surname, Ella would not have been able to marry him. Regarding Ella’s worship of money, he knows better than anyone else. This woman has always recognized money or not. Human.

“You’d better keep your temper, how can I say that he bought the car I am driving now, and you are still sitting.” Matthew Evans reminded.

Ella stared at Matthew Evans viciously, and said: “When are you eligible to teach me? He has been eating and drinking at our house for three years, and he doesn’t pay a pence. It should be a car for his wife.”

Matthew Evans sighed. I really don’t know what to say.

“If you don’t hurry to inspect the house, are you really embarrassed in front of James?” Ella scolded.

Thinking of this, Matthew Evans was a headache, and at the same time he blamed Stanley even more. If he weren’t bragging, he wouldn’t be a waste of money.

“You said, would it be better if Jessica had married Reuben?” Matthew Evans said.

“Aren’t you talking nonsense? Stanley is so useless, how can he compare with Reuben? I heard that Reuben is now an executive of a large company with an annual salary of millions. It’s not to blame your dead dad. It’s not him, can our family live so miserably?” Ella was angry when she said this, thinking that the relationship between Jessica and Stanley was very good at the beginning, and Reuben also liked Jessica, but the father cut it off at an order. This marriage led to James’s grudge. If he couldn’t take out the house this time, and James saw a joke, don’t even think of raising his head in front of the Burton family for the rest of his life.

Jessica, who had left home, took Stanley to the hospital. Since this incident was caused by Matthew Evans, she, as a daughter, should have a visit.

In the ward, Jessica saw Molly and Reggie. When Reggie shouted to her sister with an innocent smile, Jessica’s eyes were wet.

“Aunt Molly, this time the incident is my father’s fault. I apologize for him, and hope you can forgive him.” Jessica said.

Molly shook her head, glanced at Stanley, and said, “Your husband is a good man. He paid all the medical bills and changed me such a good ward. He also asked someone to take care of our mother and son. How can I? I can blame you.”

“Aunt Molly, these are two different things. My father’s fault and what he did are not the same.” Jessica said.

“Sister, elder brother is a good person, do you have a younger brother?” Reggie suddenly asked Jessica coldly.

Stanley looked not ashamed and ashamed, and said to Reggie: “I don’t have a brother yet, but it should be soon.”

Jessica secretly turned her head and stared at Stanley.

“When you have a younger brother, I will protect him like an older brother protects me.” Reggie raised his fist and said, although his mind is not as old as that of an old man, he is more grateful with a mirror heart. Stanley protected him. He knew how to repay Stanley.

Stanley glanced at Reggie in surprise, and then asked Molly: “Reggie’s thinking is quite clear.”

Molly nodded and explained: “Compared to his peers, his intelligence is indeed much lower. He didn’t speak before, but in the past two years, I have told him some stories and things every day, and he slowly learned some truths.”

Stanley nodded, Molly has to take care of the household To give Reggie a happy heart, it’s no wonder that life is so hard, because she can’t squeeze more time to make money.

“After you get better, I will arrange a job for you and give Reggie a change of living environment. The village in the city is too complicated. After you go to work, Reggie will be bullied.” Stanley said.

Molly knew about these things, because she would often see Reggie with scars when she went home, but she didn’t dare to think about it, because her current ability couldn’t change this situation, and thinking about it would only hurt her heart.

“No, you have helped me a lot, I just suffered some minor injuries, and I can’t rely on you for the rest of my life.” Molly said.

“Maybe it’s fate, God wants us to know him, but first a villain and then a gentleman, if you don’t do a good job at your job, you will also be expelled.” Stanley said in a righteous manner.

Molly nodded, her gratitude beyond words.

After the two left the hospital, Jessica asked Stanley: “Where are you going to arrange Aunt Molly to go to work? She should only be able to do some physical work. You must know that it is not necessary for her to squeeze in in different circles. Good thing.”

The meaning of Jessica’s words is obvious. Changing Molly’s life circle easily can sometimes backfire, because she may not be able to adapt to the new life.

“There is a kind of people who are in the abyss behind them, and they can’t retreat in one step. So no matter what thorns are in front of them, no matter how scarred they will be, they will move forward without hesitation. She is this kind of person.” Stanley said, thinking about ten years ago. At the age of two, he was left out in the cold, and an abyss appeared behind him. From then on, Stanley understood this truth. He didn’t want to be crushed, so he could only move forward.

“Why do you look so deeply moved?” Jessica asked puzzled.

“Because we don’t have a brother.” Stanley said with a sudden smile.

Jessica punched Stanley in the chest, and got into the car without saying a word. Her ears were blushing, and her face was more like a monkey’s ass.

Stanley got into the car, but didn’t start the car, in a posture that he didn’t plan to leave.

Jessica didn’t want to talk to Stanley, but didn’t know what he was doing, she couldn’t help but curiously asked, “Why are you still not leaving?”

“Suddenly a very serious problem came to mind. I have to think about it.” Stanley His face was as sinking as water, and his seriousness was extremely serious.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Jessica worried.

Stanley nodded, and said in a deep voice, “You said, what should my brother be called?”

“Stanley…!” Jessica yelled, frightening Stanley quickly to catch fire.

The two did not go home. Jessica was afraid that after returning home to meet Ella, there would be sparks, so she planned to go back after dinner and avoid meeting. It should be fine when the matter fades a little tomorrow.

I found a restaurant for dinner. This was a candlelight dinner that could be counted by one hand in the past three years. However, the harmonious atmosphere brought an unexpected guest, Reuben.

Reuben also ate in this restaurant, and he also brought a woman with a good figure. Although she was not as beautiful as Jessica, she was about seven minutes old.

“Jessica, it’s a coincidence. I didn’t expect to meet you.” Even though Reuben had a girlfriend, he looked at Jessica’s eyes, still full of coveting. After all, this is a beautiful woman in the Cloud City, even though she is married. Human, but it does not prevent Reuben from coveting her.

“You are Jessica, thank you for not being with Reuben at the time, otherwise, where would I go to find such an excellent boyfriend.” The woman next to Reuben was as if she had no bones, nestled in Reuben’s arms.

Reuben smiled triumphantly and said, “Don’t say that, I’m not an excellent person. Now I have a million annual salary, which is far from it.”

Jessica knew that he was deliberately showing off, but there was nothing to refute. , Because Reuben is indeed amazing, the man with an annual salary of one million is really very good.

“This…isn’t it the famous Stanley?” Reuben asked with a joking smile on his face.

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