Son in law chapter 51-60

Chapter 51 The Shameless Ella

Reuben said this, and the woman next to her covered her mouth in exclamation, looking at Stanley incredulously.

“I actually met our famous celebrities in London, you are Stanley!” The tone of exclamation was full of strong sarcasm.

Stanley said indifferently, “It’s me, but I didn’t bring a pen today, otherwise I can sign it for you.” The

woman seemed to feel that Stanley was joking with herself, and said, “Stop it, yours. The signature is not valuable, and if you ask you to sign it, if it is passed out, you will not be laughed at.”

How did Stanley’s reputation come from? London is well known to all. It is a shame, and he even thought it. With an arrogant look, Reuben sneered.

“My buddy, your heart is really strong enough. It’s nothing to be scorned by the entire London. I admire it. If I change to me, I will have no face to meet people. Why do you have the face to go out?” Reuben sneered.

“Reuben, if you have nothing else, don’t disturb us eating.” Jessica said dissatisfied.

“Jessica, are you really embarrassed to be together with this wimp?” Reuben said unconvinced. He is a brilliant and successful person with an annual salary of one million, but he lost to Stanley. Why? Ask him to accept it?

“Does it have anything to do with you? I’ll follow whoever I like to eat with.” Jessica said.

“Jessica, don’t be too glamorous in front of me. I was hired by a weak water property. I will have opportunities to deal with in the future. If you upset me, I am afraid that the cooperation of the Evans family will not go smoothly in the future.” Reubenyi The deputy said in a threatening tone that even though his current company is a large enterprise and it gives him a million annual salary, Reuben is not satisfied.

Behind the weak water real estate is the Shaw family, which means that there is a greater stage of development. So when the weak water real estate offered the invitation, Reuben accepted it without hesitation. Of course, there are also some reasons for Jessica.

In contact with Jessica at work, Reuben had a fluke mentality. Even if she did not get her heart, it is a good thing for people who get her through work.

Jessica’s expression changed. Now the cooperation with Weak Water Real Estate is very smooth, but if Reuben goes to work at Weak Water Real Estate, things will be troublesome in the future.

Stanley glanced at Reuben. He should be able to get Blake’s invitation.

“By the way, I heard that you bought a new house, and you will have a treat on the 15th of next month. I have already asked for leave in advance. I plan to see your new house. It should be better than the house I gave to my dad?” Reuben Said with a smile.

Jessica gritted her teeth. If this guy goes, he will definitely make things difficult for their home again.

But it was Stanley who said it, and Jessica couldn’t blame Stanley.

“Okay, come early then.” Jessica said.

“It must be certain, I will definitely come early, and I will give a big gift. It is not easy for your family to buy a house. Just tell me what the shortcomings are.” Reuben said triumphantly.

“By the way, is there an elevator? My girlfriend doesn’t like climbing stairs.”

Jessica’s noodles are like pig liver. The second-hand house that Stanley bought is likely to be near the original community. There must be no elevators, but this It’s too embarrassing to say it.

“You go quickly, don’t disturb me eating.” Jessica said.

“Okay, see you next month, useless, goodbye.” Reuben started to say to Stanley.

The laughter of the women beside her was like a bell, especially harsh.

Stanley looked indifferent, and said to Jessica: “I didn’t expect him to work in Weak Water Real Estate, but don’t worry, he won’t be able to make things difficult for you.”

Jessica knows Stanley’s relationship with the owner of Weak Water Real Estate. She was really not worried at all, even if Reuben insisted on making trouble for her, Blake couldn’t turn a blind eye.

He sighed and said, “If you didn’t talk about buying a house, you don’t need to be criticized by him. I understand why my mom wants to rent a house.”

Jessica didn’t care about James’s attitude, but she couldn’t understand Reuben’s arrogant appearance, and she didn’t want to be scolded by Reuben on the 15th next month.

When Reuben pursued Jessica, Jessica had never even looked at it, but now, Reuben has an annual salary of one million, and he is qualified to show off in front of her, and more importantly, Reuben will definitely not spare Stanley easily. thousand.

Regardless of whether Stanley is successful or not, Jessica did not want Stanley to continue to be treated as a waste.

“Eat, it’s almost cold.” Stanley said.

Jessica was like chewing wax, tasteless, a meal completely destroyed by Reuben.

After eating and watching the movie, it was already past ten o’clock, but when they returned home, Ella and Matthew Evans were still in the living room, each holding their mobile phones to check the rental information.

After figuring out that Stanley would not be a rich man, and after buying a second-hand house and spending the money, Ella had no good temper with Stanley and kept humming coldly.

“By the way, it’s the end of the month right away. Go to grandma’s house when that time comes. Come with us.” Ella said to Jessica.

The Evans family will have a family day every month, which is set on the 28th. No matter how big things are in each family, you must go to the Evans family villa to have a meal with the old lady. The rules are set by the old man. It is said that there is no relationship. But since the death of the old man, this family day has changed and it has become a fixed ceremony. As for the relationship, there is no way to talk about it. It is more to make fun of Stanley. Everyone is happy.

The family is not big, but the cumbersome rules, the old Evans family really learned a lot before.

“Why?” Jessica looked at Ella in a puzzled manner. She used to bring Stanley with her. What she said just now clearly meant that Stanley was not allowed to go.

“I’m afraid that some people are talking nonsense. I can’t let the people of the Evans family know what happened on the 15th of next month. If they were torn apart, wouldn’t they be laughed at by more people,” Ella said.

“Mom, it’s hard to forget, does everyone have to participate? If Stanley doesn’t go, grandma will blame us.” Jessica said.

“It’s not that I didn’t let him go. He couldn’t stand being humiliated. Why should he blame me?” Ella looked at Jessica calmly, and in front of Stanley, he just pushed the responsibility to Stanley. On his body, he is also brazen enough.

“Mom, how could you be like this.” Jessica looked at Ella angrily. If she was misunderstood by her grandma, Stanley would be cast aside by everyone at Evans’s house, and grandma would think that Stanley would not put her in the eyes. , Will definitely make things difficult for Stanley.

“Whether this or that, I have the final say about this family, and it is so decided. When the time comes, grandma will ask, don’t talk, I will explain.” Ella said in a final word.

Let her explain?

Jessica can almost foresee that Ella will label Stanley as a disrespectful elder, so grandma can’t be pissed off?

“No, three thousand must go, otherwise, I won’t go either.” Jessica said firmly.

Ella mentioned this to Matthew Evans before. She didn’t let Stanley go, that is to say, she deliberately taught Stanley. Matthew Evans had already said that it would not work, she still insisted on doing this. Now Jessica’s attitude is so tough, if she If you don’t go, this matter is really hard to explain.

“Go, Stanley just don’t talk nonsense.” Matthew Evans said.

“Matthew Evans, do you have a place for you to speak? Jessica, do you not even listen to what your mother said?” Ella didn’t plan to spare Stanley easily, and in her opinion, it was not a hard lesson this time. Stanley, how will he control him in the future?

“You don’t make sense, why should I listen to you? You can figure it out. If he doesn’t go, I won’t go.” Jessica said coldly.

Ella looked at Stanley and sneered: “Stanley, if she doesn’t go for you, what will be the consequences? You should know that if you are troubled, you will also hurt her?”

Stanley smiled bitterly. He has no relationship with him, so why is he hurting Jessica.

If it weren’t for Ella to be a demon, this kind of thing would never happen.

“Mom, don’t worry, I won’t talk nonsense.” Stanley said.

Ella showed a smug look on his face and said: “Okay, it’s not impossible to go if you want to. Apologize to me, I can think about it.”

Before Stanley spoke, Jessica pulled him back to the room directly. Stanley was right, why should I apologize?

Chapter 52 Buying a car for a house?
Sitting on the bedside, Jessica was panting with anger, and her chest was ups and downs. Stanley glanced secretly, and sighed in her heart for the grandeur.

“I’m really mad, my mother is too unreasonable.” Jessica didn’t notice Stanley’s nasty eyes, and she was holding a bit of resentment in her heart with nowhere to vent.

Stanley has been used to it for so many years, and in addition to the things that made Jessica unhappy, he will be dissatisfied, and Stanley can usually assume that nothing happened to him.

After three years of dormancy, Stanley’s disposition was not comparable to that of ordinary people. Similar to this kind of injustice and humiliation, he didn’t bother to care about it.

Just like an elephant facing an ant that stretches out its feet and wants to trip it, how can an elephant take it seriously?

Moreover, in the Shaw family, Stanley had already learned to tolerate, otherwise, he is a real useless.

“What’s so angry? This little thing is not worth angering.” Stanley said with a smile.

Jessica looked at Stanley, and did not pretend not to be angry, but really didn’t care. She really couldn’t figure out why he could regard it as nothing happened.

“Don’t you feel aggrieved? My mother treated you this way, and she must have already thought about speaking badly about you in front of her grandma.” Jessica said.

“There is a saying that people who are strong enough, fearless gossip, fearless humiliation and injustice.”

“Are you strong enough?” Jessica said.

Stanley shook his head decisively. He hadn’t really become stronger. The peak of the Shaw family was insurmountable by his current strength.

What he wanted was not to inherit the Shaw family, and he didn’t even consider the Shaw family at all.

To prove to the old lady of the Shaw family that he is better than that person, Stanley must cross the Shaw family and stand on a higher peak.

He wanted to let everyone who had despised him know that Stanley was the hope of the Shaw family, not the guy who smeared honey.

In the next period of time, Stanley took Jessica to and from get off work as usual, and it was soon Family Day on the 28th.

On that day, Stanley drove a family of three towards the Evans’s villa.

On the way, Ella told Stanley to close her mouth, don’t say anything that shouldn’t be said, it is best to be a dumb.

When he arrived at the Evans family villa, the people were already there. Finn is now at home, but the company’s position has not been deprived. When he saw Jessica, he couldn’t help but feel a little proud.

“Jessica, I heard that the cooperation has been going well recently, but I didn’t expect you to be really capable.” Finn said to Jessica.

“Without you, it has indeed gone a lot.” Jessica said lightly.

Finn didn’t mind if there was something in Jessica’s words, and even grandma didn’t blame him. What was Jessica?

And through this incident, Finn also proved his unshakable status in the Evans family. Even though Jessica had some achievements now, she still couldn’t get the trust of her grandma. This was the result that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t change it.

“It’s a pity, no matter how much you do, what’s the use? I don’t do anything at home. From now on, the position of chairman will also be mine.” Finn said.

Jessica never thought of robbing the chairman of the board. She knew that her grandma was patriarchal and would never give her this opportunity, but watching Finn’s confident appearance, Jessica was still very angry.

“Although you can’t get the position of chairman, you have earned enough. Just a few days after you became the person in charge, you actually bought two cars at home. Your hands and feet are so dirty. Are you afraid that grandma will check you?” Said.

The purchase of a car had been spread in the Evans family for a long time, but they didn’t realize that they were two. They didn’t know about it until the new car was licensed recently, but it made many Evans family’s relatives jealous.

This is more than one million. In a short period of time, Jessica has taken away more than one million from the company. How can people not be jealous?

Finn sneered. This matter had not been specifically mentioned in front of his grandmother, just to wait for today, he wanted to see how Jessica explained.

When it was time to eat, the old lady showed up, full of pomp, and deliberately let everyone wait for her alone.

The small family has a lot of rules, but it’s a pity that they all performed deliberately. Compared with the real aristocracy, they are not at the same level, but they enjoy it.





Everyone greeted them one by one, and they dared to sit down after the old lady was seated.

Stanley still didn’t go to the main table, but sat at the small dinner table with a group of people.

Finn took a special look at Sarah Evans, and Sarah said to Jessica: “Jessica, you bought two cars in your house. Don’t you plan to tell your grandma?” The

old lady frowned when she heard this. She knew that Jessica had changed cars, and she didn’t plan to pursue this matter, but it was the first time she heard about it after changing two cars.

“The position of Jessica is really enviable. It didn’t take long to sit in, and I bought two cars.” Finn echoed.

The old lady asked in a deep voice, “Jessica, did you buy two cars?”

Jessica didn’t take a pence from the company, so she didn’t feel guilty at all. She nodded generously and admitted: “Yes, my dad drives one. Three thousand to take me to and from work and drive a car.”

“Hehe, lavish, you have to take an Audi A6 when commuting to and from work, you are not a small person in charge.” Finn said in a cold voice.

“Grandma, I bought the car for my own money, and I didn’t get a point from the company.” Jessica said.

There was laughter, everyone shook their heads with a smile on their faces, who would believe this? Based on Jessica’s family situation, how could it be possible to have the money to buy two Audi A6s?

“Jessica, you are lying to a three-year-old by saying this.”

“More than one million, your family can have so much money,

what are you kidding about.” “You really don’t know how to converge. You don’t care about buying a grandma, but you are too unscrupulous.”

“Yeah, you are so .” If you don’t constrain and break the rules of the house, how will you restrain others in the future?”

This sentence is equivalent to reminding the old lady that if she does not care about Jessica’s affairs, other people will be messed up.

“Jessica, you’d better explain this matter clearly.” The old lady said sharply.

“That’s right.” Finn stood up suddenly at this time and said to the old lady: “Grandma, there is one more thing you don’t know. Most people here don’t know it. Not only did she buy two cars, she heard that she had to change them. As for the room, I will live in a new home on the 15th of next month. We have not been notified of this matter, and I don’t know if it is a guilty conscience.”

As soon as this was said, the scene was in an uproar.

Jessica even bought a house without telling them that it was not a guilty conscience.

“Jessica, you are too courageous. Even if you get the cooperation of weak water real estate, you don’t need to be so blatant.”

“Say, how much money did you make in the company.”

“Mom, this thing is absolutely impossible. Good, if you continue to indulge, the whole company can’t be hollowed out by her?”

Everyone was angry and wanted to use this opportunity to trample Jessica to death.

The old lady is also very angry. Someone in the company makes money. She just keeps one eye open, but Jessica is so excessive. If she doesn’t teach her well this time, who will take the rules in the future? ?

“Jessica, are you going to give me a perfect explanation?” The old lady’s tone was extremely cold.

“Don’t do bad things during the day, and don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night. If you think I took money from the company, you can check it freely. Check all the accounts of the company up and down. I can also go back to the company and get the account books now. Face confrontation.” Jessica said without panic, why should he be afraid of things that he has never done?

Those present here, who have never embezzled money in the company, heard that Jessica was going to check all the accounts, all his expressions changed, because of this check, who can escape?

Finn knew that Jessica was trying to pull everyone into the water, and of course she couldn’t let her succeed, and said, “Jessica, does this still need to be checked? What’s the situation in your family, it’s still not clear to my grandma? Suddenly I have money to buy a car and change a house. Is it difficult to fall from the sky?” In the

face of questioning, Ella, who is usually unreasonable, dare not even say a word, leaving Jessica alone to bear their fire.

At this time, Stanley stood up and said faintly: “It’s all my money to buy a car for a house.”

Chapter 53 Cruel Means?

There was silence, and the needle could be heard.

Stanley’s words made the entire Evans family villa strangely quiet, and only the sound of everyone’s breathing could be heard.

But soon, laughter erupted, and people turned their backs on their backs.

Everyone pointed at Stanley like a joke, and the ridicule and ridicule on his face made no secret.

“Stanley, you are not afraid of flashing your tongue, dare to say such big words, are you deliberately making us happy?” Finn touched his stomach, the smile on his face was particularly strong.

Sarah Evans’s face flushed, and his smile was obviously congested. He sneered: “My mother, my tears are making me laugh. Do you want to be so funny, although we all treat you as a happy fruit, but you don’t have to. Be stupid, do you really think of yourself as a clown?” The

relatives took turns to ridicule Stanley.

“You have to consider the actual situation as a braggart. You are useless, so you can have so much money?”

“Jessica, this is not the rhetoric that you think, let Stanley come out, you are crazy, or we are crazy.”

“Yeah, even if you want to find a reason, you can find someone who can be believed, but he… forget it.”

Lucas had a grudge against Stanley a long time ago. Last time, Stanley made a shot. Finn, he kept this account in his heart. At this time, he had the opportunity to laugh at Stanley. How could he miss it?

“Stanley, I didn’t see it. You are still a rich man, and you can spend millions at will. You are not a low-key rich man? Look at your appearance. It doesn’t look like you. Compared with the beggars on the street, you are just one less broken bowl.” Lucas said.

Speaking of this, there was another burst of roar of laughter, very ear-piercing.

Ella stood up angrily and scolded Stanley, “Is there a place for you to speak here? Shut your mouth.”

Let alone the Evans family’s unbelief, even Ella himself doesn’t believe it. Now Stanley talks more, isn’t it even more embarrassing to his family and being seen as a joke?

“Ella, this is your fault. He wants to brag, you have to give him a chance, otherwise, how can you make us happy?” Lucas said with a smile.

Finn hurriedly agreed: “Yes, Aunt Ella, Stanley wants to pretend to be young master, why do you want to open it? Give others some face, such a big man, shameless to the point, you will hurt his face again, in the future Why do you have the face to meet people?”

Stanley’s expression remained unchanged, and he quietly watched the people laughing out loud. This scene has been performed many times in the Evans family and he has become accustomed to it.

Looking at Jessica, she looked angrily, but she looked a little cute, which made Stanley’s mouth rise unconsciously.

“Stanley, you are really shameless, and you can laugh at this situation. I, Finn, admire you, why don’t you go to the battlefield to block bullets for your shamelessness?” Finn said disdainfully, shameful, Stanley He was still smiling, really shameless, if he changed to him, he would have no face to come to Evans’s house in this life.

“You are also a joke in my eyes.” Stanley said lightly.

Finn’s expression sullen, and this wimpy dare to say that he is a joke.

Walking up to Stanley aggressively, Finn planned to teach Stanley a lesson. This was not the first time anyway.

At this moment, the old lady said: “

Finn , come back.” The old lady said, Finn didn’t dare not listen. After raising a fist at Stanley, she returned to her position, but her eyes were dead. Staring at Stanley, it seemed that he would teach Stanley after eating.

“Jessica, I know you have had a bad time these years, but you don’t need to be so blatant. Is it true that my old lady has dim eyes and can’t see anything?” The old lady ignored Stanley’s words because she didn’t believe in buying. It is Stanley’s money to exchange cars for houses, and it is impossible to believe it.

“Grandma, I still said that. If you have doubts about me, you can check the accounts at any time.” Jessica looked at the old lady fearlessly.

The old lady didn’t expect Jessica to be so stubborn. Didn’t she dare to check the accounts because she relied on other people’s corruption? She has made a mistake, she wants to drag everyone into the water.

The old lady knows that once the account is checked, the impact will be even greater. The corruption data of each house will be put on the table. It is clear at a glance who has more and who has less. The lesser company will definitely be dissatisfied, and will find ways to be more greedy in the company. Some, the company was completely messed up at that time.

“Jessica, I didn’t expect that for so many years, the old lady, I really underestimated you.” The old lady said, Jessica was confident, knowing that she didn’t dare to investigate, this step-by-step plan seemed to the old lady to be seamless, she did not expect Jessica’s thoughts It’s so meticulous.

In the past, Jessica worked hard and didn’t complain, the old lady still felt that she was innocent, even hard work did not complain, it turned out that this is a scheming woman, the city is terrible.

The appearance of a weak person on the surface is actually a person with vicious methods.

“Grandma, I know it’s useless to explain it, and you won’t believe it, but what I said is a fact, and what Stanley said is also a fact.” Jessica said.

“Fact?” Finn said gloomily: “The truth is that you have embezzled millions of dollars in the company, and you deny it.”

” Finn , shut up,” the old lady said coldly.

Finn was taken aback, the old lady’s attitude made it difficult to let Jessica go? This is not okay, she embezzled a huge amount of money, this is an opportunity for Jessica to lose her identity as the person in charge.

Now the cooperation with Miyonika Real Estate is on the right track. In Finn’s view, even if the person in charge of Jessica is changed, Miyonika Real Estate cannot terminate the cooperation, and he will be able to take the lead naturally.

In a short period of time, Jessica made millions. Finn is actually jealous, and in his opinion, Jessica is too public to cause such consequences. If she can keep a low profile, who knows that she did these things?

“Grandma, if you release Jessica this time, how will you manage other people in the future?” Finn said.

The old lady bit her posterior teeth and looked at Finn with cold eyes and said, “Do you want me to take out the account book to check every account and calculate the accounts for the past few years?”

Finn’s heart sank. I checked all the accounts for several years. Their family is more than one million, and the Evans family has the highest status, so he has undoubtedly the most embezzled money. How can I check it?

When other people heard this sentence, they also bowed their heads and dared not speak.

When the gun hits the bird, whoever speaks first will check whoever will be able to escape when the time comes?

“Eat.” The old lady gave an order, and no one dared to mention it.

The relatives of the family had ghosts in their hearts, so they had to accept Jessica’s methods this time. They dragged the entire ship to bury them and forced the old lady to dare not check the accounts. This calculation was straightforward.

After eating, Finn waited for a few Evans family juniors to gather in the back garden, all gritted their teeth.

“Jessica really took us seriously this time, and wanted to drag everyone to bury her.” Sarah Evans’s expression was distorted with hatred. She originally intended to use this thing to suppress Jessica like Finn, but she did not expect her to escape. pass.

Finn sneered on his face and said: “I really underestimated this scheming bitch before. I didn’t expect that she would come out with such a means. Even grandma has to give in in this matter.”

“Finn, this woman can’t stay long. , Maybe in the future, what other means will be used to deal with you.” Sarah reminded.

“Don’t worry, I won’t give her this opportunity. After this month is over, I will be able to return to the company. At that time, I must make her ugly.” Finn said.

“You said, what kind of house can Jessica buy?” a certain Evans family junior asked.

Sarah said with a sneer: “What else can she buy? Even if she takes money from the company, she will force her grandma not to check the accounts, but she dare not take more. The two cars are more than one million Pound. I think she might I took two million in the company, and the remaining money should be used to buy a house.”

“Not bad.” Finn nodded in approval. Jessica’s move is indeed very clever, but she didn’t dare to go too far. Grandma can bear it, but there is a limit to this endurance. Jessica should be very clear about this.

“What is it like? I’ll know on the 15th of next month. Now that this matter has been explained, she won’t let us go.”

Chapter 54 Go to see your new home
In the living room, Lucas and others are also talking about Matthew Evans about the 15th. They also want to join in the fun. If the new house is too good, they have an excuse to say bad things in front of the old lady of the Evans family. If the house is not good, then You can take this opportunity to laugh at it.

What Ella is most worried about is that this matter is known to the Evans family. Her plan is to rent a house to deal with James. She was lucky enough to get through. In the future, if she doesn’t contact James, she won’t be dismantled. But if the Evans family knows about it, this matter is even more troublesome. No matter how difficult it is to pass the bluff, it will be sooner or later that she will be dismantled. Then let the Evans family know that she has a swollen face and fills up fat.

The news was not that Stanley had leaked the news at Evans’s house, but the whole thing had happened because of Stanley. In Ella’s heart, he wished to sweep Stanley out now.

“Matthew, are you really not planning to invite us?” Lucas said with a dissatisfied expression.

“This is a happy event. We are your brothers and sisters. Why do we have to congratulate you.”

“Yes, yes, I finally moved out of that ruined house, so how come we have to see it.”

Just now at the dinner table. This group of people is still angry about this matter, and now they have a kind-hearted look, but Matthew Evans is very clear about what they are thinking.

But things have been exposed. If they are not invited, he will be even more rejected in the Evans family in the future, and he will lose the tongue.

“Okay, I’ll inform you of the place when the time comes.” Matthew Evans said.

“It’s so mysterious, isn’t it because you are afraid of embarrassment?” Lucas sneered. The house has already been bought, and it will not change its location. It must be that the real estate is not good, and it is afraid of people making jokes.

“What’s so embarrassing. As long as the house can be the owner, it doesn’t make any difference between good and bad. Let’s talk about it.”

“Yes, we are also very good to arrive early.”

Matthew Evans was speechless, but Ella was speechless. I want to decisively solve this matter, but I can’t make it through the face, I really don’t know what to say.

“Jessica, your dad is embarrassed to speak up, so let’s say it.” Lucas turned his head and said to Jessica.

Jessica glanced at Stanley subconsciously. Only Stanley knew where the house was, so only Stanley could answer this question.

“At that time, there will be a car to pick you up, so naturally you will know where it is.” Han

Stanley said to Jessica, ” Should I also invite grandma?” Lucas sneered, and other relatives also shook disdainfully. First, as everyone knows, the old lady of the Evans family never goes to other places, even if the new home is moved, she will not give face, unless the new home is in the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure, there is no exception.

“Stanley, you have been to our Evans’s house for three years, don’t you even understand the rules of the old lady? Her old man only goes to the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure. Can you still buy a house there if your family is stumped?” Lucas said.

“You don’t think that the old lady went to your house last time, and this time you can rub your nose and face, right?”

“You are a married son-in-law, now you are really courageous.”

Ella is about to be caught by Stanley. Three thousand people are mad, and no one knows the old lady’s rules. He has to get together and lose face. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want face, he also makes them lose face with them.

“Stanley, you talk so much, do you panic with your mouth idle?” Ella said.

“I just think it is necessary to inform her elderly, so as to avoid talking about this in the future, the old lady will be unhappy.” Stanley said.

“The notice is unnecessary, I will reject you for her old man.” Lucas said with a smile.

Stanley stopped talking, Lucas refused, and it would be fine to put the blame on Lucas at that time.

In the middle of the afternoon, when the group left the Evans family villa, Finn also called Stanley to the back garden. What happened to the two is unknown, but when Stanley left, he was safe, but Finn’s expression was very ugly.

Time flies quickly, getting closer and closer to the fifteenth. Ella and Matthew Evans are also becoming more and more anxious. The previously planned renting house has been confused and passed. Now with the intervention of the Evans family, this matter obviously does not work, so They both agreed, and instead of renting a house, they went to Stanley to buy a second-hand house. When the time comes, they can only accept it, no matter how good or bad, at most they are humiliated by James and those classmates.

On the 14th, after Stanley received Jessica from get off work, Jessica asked Stanley about the house in the car.

She didn’t take this matter to heart before, because no matter where Stanley’s house was bought, it was still home to her, so she didn’t care about it.

But today Jessica was a little nervous. After all, Reuben would also come. She didn’t want to give Reuben a chance to tell her, and she still had some hope that the house would not be worse than James’s.

“Didn’t I show it to you last time?” Stanley said with a smile.

Jessica glared at Stanley. He was referring to the Lanzarote leisure villa in the Villa District of Lanzarote leisure. How could Jessica take this kind of thing seriously.

“When is it all, are you still kidding me? Dad’s classmates and Evans family relatives will be there tomorrow, can’t you give me the bottom line now?” Jessica said.

“What I said is true, and you don’t believe it, what can I do?” Stanley said helplessly.

Jessica was discouraged, and Stanley didn’t tell her on purpose.

“Uncle James called my dad yesterday and insisted on asking where the new house is. They drove there earlier, and my dad couldn’t say a word. Actually… I don’t want him to be ashamed.” Jessica sighed. The idea is a bit unfair to Stanley, but after all, as a female, it is inevitable for her to have such an idea. .

“In that place, ordinary cars can’t get in, so he doesn’t need to drive.” Stanley said with a smile.

“It’s not a little alley, right?” Jessica asked in confusion.

“I solemnly warn you that the consequences of looking down on your husband are very serious.” Stanley said seriously.

The two words for her husband made Jessica blush, and she got along for three years, but this name was very strange to her.

However, there was also a slight throbbing in her heart. Even though some time passed, Jessica would still be throbbed whenever she thought of the Crystal Restaurant.

The back of playing the piano and the special effects of petals floating all over the sky are the ultimate romance for Jessica.

“Hey, where are we going, aren’t we going home?” Jessica, who was sitting in the co-driver, suddenly discovered that Stanley’s route was wrong, not the way home.

“Don’t you want to see your new home? I’ll take you there.” Stanley smiled.

Jessica suddenly became nervous, and she also had some small expectations in her heart.

But before long, Jessica hit Stanley’s shoulder with a punch. The speed of this woman’s face change had to be said, it was really fast.

“Isn’t this the way to the Lanzarote leisure villa area? Are you still kidding me?” Jessica said speechlessly.

Stanley knew that the explanation was useless, so he might as well take a look no matter how much he said, so that she could completely believe it.

“What are you doing, stop now. You can’t enter the Lanzarote leisure villa area without a registered vehicle.” Seeing Stanley driving towards the door of the villa area, Jessica panicked. She was not afraid of embarrassment, but she was caught. It is not a glorious thing to drive away, and it is not necessary at all.

“You stop, it’s shameful to be kicked out.” Jessica saw that Stanley hadn’t slowed down yet, and she wanted to step on the brakes for Stanley.

The car finally stopped at the door of the villa area. Jessica looked desperate. She didn’t dare to look at the expressions of the security guard outside while hiding in the car. She just hoped that she wouldn’t be too embarrassed when she was driven away.

But at this time, the gate was opened, and the security guard gave Stanley a standard military salute and let him go.

Jessica looked at Stanley blankly. At this time, she still didn’t think what Stanley said was true. Because this matter is indeed unbelievable, and Stanley said that the villa he bought is on the mountainside, which is even more unconvincing.

On the day of the villa auction, their family was in the Evans villa, and the transaction price was 89 million Pound. Is this something Stanley can buy?

“When did you even buy the security of the villa area?” Jessica asked.

Chapter 55 Your Lipstick Is Good

Stanley still didn’t speak, and drove the car straight to the mountainside. At this time, Jessica didn’t know what to say. There were many questions in her heart, but she couldn’t ask anything.

He really drove the car into the villa area of ​​Yundingshan!

He really drove the car to the Lanzarote leisure villa!

Although Jessica has never been to the Lanzarote leisure villa area, she has heard a lot of rules about the Lanzarote leisure villa area.

Every independent villa has its own private area. Without the consent of the owner, anyone who trespasses is breaking the rules of the villa area.

The villa area was developed by the Tianjia in London, and the villa area is managed by the Tianjia himself. No matter who is afraid to violate the rules of the villa area at the risk of offending the Tianjia.

Then, he can come here, the only explanation is that he is indeed the master here.

When Stanley opened the co-pilot’s door, Jessica was still in a daze, she didn’t dare to get out of the car, for fear that she would step on someone else’s site after getting out of the car.

“It’s all at your doorstep, don’t you get out of the car to check it out?” Stanley said with a smile.

“I… at the door of my house?” Jessica’s confused eyes revealed that she couldn’t believe it. This is her home? How could it be possible that this is a Lanzarote leisure villa, the most luxurious and most expensive villa in the entire Cloud City.

The old lady of the Evans family dreamed of living in the Lanzarote leisure villa area. Only by living here can

she truly integrate into the upper class society of London, but… to Jessica, all this is very unreal, like a dream, and still The kind of dreaming in broad daylight.

Stanley took out the key and continued: “This is our home. If you don’t believe me, go and try it.”

Jessica got out of the car, her hand was shaking with the key, looking at Stanley at the door. When she walked, she barely moved her pace.

My heart was overwhelmed, and even my mind was a little confused.

“Try to see if it can be opened.” Stanley motioned.

Jessica took a deep breath, the palm of her hand was already sweating, she stretched out her hand tremblingly, and couldn’t insert the key for a long time because her hand was shaking too hard.

“Stanley, you won’t lie to me? Do you know if someone finds out that we break here, the consequences will be very serious.” Jessica said.

“Of course, the rules of the Genting Mountain villa area are very strict, but the owner goes home, of course, there will be no consequences.”

Jessica finally inserted the key into the keyhole and twisted it lightly.


It’s really open!

At this moment, Jessica seemed to be electrocuted a bit, with goose bumps all over her body, and her hairs were standing up.

Gently pushing the door open, there is no dazzling magnificence. What is presented to Jessica is a low-key decoration style, with black and white as the main tone, the decoration is not too cumbersome, and it looks clean and neat.

“You said before, if you can give you the opportunity to design your own home, you will use this simple style, black and white, not too much decoration, not too gorgeous, simple and refreshing, are you satisfied? ?” Stanley said.

Until this time, Jessica’s feeling was still very unreal, as if she had come to a dream, a dream that she would never want to wake up.

On the south wall of the living room, a huge mural occupies almost one-third of the front wall.

It was a wedding photo. The men and women on it did not have the happy expressions when they were newly married. On the contrary, the women had very serious expressions, and also showed strong dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction.

It was the man, with a shallow helpless smile, revealing a bit of bitterness.

Jessica still remembered that after the old man said that after the marriage, he forced her to take a wedding photo with Stanley, but for Jessica, this was just a process. She had never seen the finished product or displayed it at home. Any photo with Stanley.

Unexpectedly, Stanley kept the wedding photos three years ago, and she had almost forgotten about it.

Tears filled the eyes, and the pearl broke.

Crystal tears gushed down the cheek spring.

Jessica squatted on the ground and burst into tears.

Stanley smiled happily and looked at the south wall. This was supposed to be hanging at home three years ago, but it was left in the dust for three years.

Jessica cried for a long time, then suddenly stood up and pointed to the wedding photo on the wall and said, “Take it down.”

“Why?” Stanley asked puzzledly, stumping that she is still unwilling to accept this one. Matter, even a photo is not allowed to exist?

If this is the case, Stanley will also agree, he will not force Jessica to do anything.

“Have you not seen the unwillingness on her face? Why do you still treat her so well?” Jessica cried.

Stanley raised his eyebrows and said without hesitation: “Because she is my wife and is certified by the state.”

Jessica threw herself into Stanley’s arms. Fortunately, Stanley had practiced, otherwise. Can be thrown down directly.

“I don’t want to see it. You throw it away and burn it.”


Jessica’s cry is deadly poison to Stanley. As long as things make Jessica happy, he can do everything. .

Isn’t it just a wedding photo? Throw it, then throw it away.

Despite his reluctance, Stanley would rather suffer himself than Jessica would be sad.

At this time, Jessica took a step back and looked directly at Stanley’s eyes. Although she cried and put on makeup, she was still so beautiful that Stanley moved her heart.

“I want to retake it with you.” Jessica said.

Stanley was stunned, his nose sour. Since growing up, he has never shed a tear after being so wronged, but now, the tears are in his eyes.

Jessica threw herself into Stanley’s arms again, and put her toes on her lips.

Stanley’s brain suddenly lost the ability to think and stood in place like a log.

After a long time, it seemed to be very fast, Stanley, who had not had time to feel it carefully, but could no longer grasp this feeling, Jessica ran away blushing.

Licking his lips, even the lipstick made him feel sweet.

Stanley sat on the sofa, the smile on his face couldn’t be controlled at all. Looking at the wedding photos on the wall, he said to himself: “I didn’t expect you to have such a miraculous effect. It’s a wise choice.”

“But my wife said, you are not so good-looking, you have to change.”

“Don’t blame me for being ruthless, who makes the biggest wife in this world.”

Jessica ran to the bathroom, her face flushed. Hot, although I don’t regret what I just did, but I feel ashamed.

Shouldn’t this kind of thing be done by men? Why didn’t you control it just now?

“Now he will definitely feel that you are improper, how can you casually relatives.”

“But you are his wife, it should be okay to kiss.”

“But when have you fulfilled your wife’s obligations, you are not her wife at all .” “It’s

over, your image in his heart must be completely ruined.”

Jessica was talking nonsense in the mirror, she didn’t know what she was talking about.

After a long time, there was a knock on the door outside the bathroom.

“Are you going to hide in it for the rest of your life? I don’t want to see what our new home is like?” Stanley’s voice came.

Jessica’s heartbeat was speeding up and the deer crashed, which was more exciting than riding a roller coaster, and it was more ups and downs.

“I… I, wait for me, I want to add some makeup.” Jessica didn’t have the courage to face Stanley now, so she could only find an excuse to continue hiding in the toilet.

Stanley suddenly said, “What brand of lipstick is yours? It’s delicious.”

Jessica couldn’t wait to get smaller and fled the place along the sewer.

The stalemate was when Ella called Jessica, and Jessica had to walk out of the bathroom. Regarding Ella’s question about why she didn’t go home, Jessica just casually perfunctory.

Just like her, when Stanley didn’t really bring her to see her at home, she didn’t believe it. Even if she told Ella about this, she didn’t believe it. Anyway, she is coming tomorrow, and she is not in a hurry. .

Stanley led Jessica up and down, looking at the villa inside and out. The two tacitly didn’t mention the matter just now, but the atmosphere of the relationship between the two had obviously changed a lot.

After all, an important step has been taken now, and Stanley’s heart is also floating, and he has begun to wonder if there will really be a younger brother.

Chapter 56: Did you pick up the wrong person?

On the 15th, downstairs in James’s new home, all the students gathered here.

“What the hell is Matthew Evans doing? What are we all waiting for here?”

“His new home won’t be in the same community as Old Tang?”

“It’s very possible. Otherwise, what are we doing here?”

James gritted his teeth a bit. It’s not good for Matthew Evans to buy it. It happened in his community. Isn’t this forcibly blocking his mouth?

If he says that his house is not good, it is not equivalent to belittle himself.

However, the facts have not yet been determined, and James does not think that Matthew Evans can buy a house here.

It is good for the Evans family to have money, but Matthew Evans is a well-known waste from the Evans family. Just like his waste son-in-law, it is not reused and has no status in the company. How could it be possible to afford a house here.

“Maybe he is just playing mystery, how can he afford the house here.” James said coldly.

Reuben still hugged the woman last time. Hearing these words, he said nonchalantly: “Dad, if he can buy a house here, I’ll change it for you right away. You can’t live with this kind of influential person. “

Reuben’s remarks made James feel particularly worthy, and said proudly: “You should save some money. It is more than one million a year, but you can’t make

it casually.” It’s just over one million. Full of arrogance, to know the astronomical figure of one million annual salary, many people dare not even think about it.

“Reuben, your dad is so lucky. It’s not like your son who is so good at home. He doesn’t have a stable job until now.”

“If my son is half good at Reuben, he can wake up with a smile. . “

” old James, old school really envy you ah. “

Although I know that James is deliberately showing off, but he has such strength, not pretending to be strong, but really awesome, so other students also took advantage of the trend to praise a few words, after all, there are children in his family, which makes Reuben happy. Can follow Reuben.

“Reuben, when do you arrange a job for my son so that he can follow you.”

“Yes, yes, that stinky boy in my family, although he has nothing to do, he still has the strength to do things, you have it. Whatever matter,

please call him.” “Reuben, consider considering my son.”

Reuben smiled and said, “I am going to change companies recently. I will be more stable when I have a chance. I will definitely introduce you to you.”

“You are now How about changing companies with an

annual salary of one million ?” “What is an annual salary of one million? I’m going to work in Weak Water Real Estate. Do you know who is behind the Weak Water Real Estate?” Reuben said.


is it?”

” Isn’t the weak water real estate the company that won the city west project?” “I heard that Cloud City will vigorously develop the city west, and it will be a new city in the future, and it will be the most prosperous place.”

Look. With everyone’s eyes focused on himself, Reuben seemed to feel that he was the most shining star in the world, and said faintly: “This weak water property is a subsidiary of the Shaw family. You heard that the Shaw family Come on, our top rich man in China can be compared with the Shaw family, and the entire China has only one hand.”

“The Shaw family!”

“How can the Shaw family come to our London development?”

“Reuben, You went to Weak Water Real Estate, wouldn’t it be equivalent to working for the Shaw family?”

Although this group of people belong to the bottom of society, the name of the Shaw family is so big that almost everyone knows it, and is dumbfounded. At the same time, the envy of James is even more expressive.

Working for the Shaw family, Reuben’s future is limitless, and James can be regarded as worry-free in his old age.

“Reuben, why haven’t you mentioned this to me?” James asked, looking at Reuben in surprise.

“It’s just a different company, but it’s just to earn a little more money. It doesn’t make a difference to me, so I don’t have to tell you deliberately.” Reuben smiled.

The two fathers and sons sang and harmonized, but they were envious of others.

At this moment, a bus stopped in front of the crowd, and one person got off the bus and greeted everyone up, making a group of people confused.

“Son, what’s the situation?” James asked Reuben in a low voice, Matthew Evans made such a big show, it seemed that buying a house was not easy, he was a little worried that it would be better than his own.

Reuben frowned. This pomp is indeed not small. If it’s not a good residential area, wouldn’t it be more jokes to make such a noise?

“Dad, Jessica has recently become the person in charge of the Eilicon project. Could this woman get the oil and water?” Reuben said, but after thinking about it, he felt unlikely. After all, it is not long. Even if Jessica can make money, Don’t dare to be too blatant.

“This… their house, wouldn’t it be better than our house?” James asked with an ugly face.

Reuben shook his head without hesitation, and said confidently: “You can rest assured that it is at most the same level as ours. The new real estate I bought for you is already the top one in Cloud City, unless he can live in it. Enter the villa area.”

Hearing this sentence, James felt relieved. In his opinion, even if Matthew Evans bought a house, he would never be in the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure.

At the same time, the relatives of the Evans family got on another bus, and they were all puzzled about this situation.

“Guolin, where did Matthew Evans buy a house? There is a bus to pick you up. The house I bought is definitely not cheap?”

“It seems that Jessica really makes money from the company. This woman is really ruthless and bold. , Make millions at a time.”

“Couldn’t we think of a way to rectify her, the company’s money can’t be let her take away all by herself.”

Finn sat in the car, his face sinking like water, even though he was dissatisfied with Jessica’s money-raising behavior, it was this bus. , But let him have an unknown premonition.

He knew a person living in the villa area of ​​Yundingshan. He heard from that person that if a large number of relatives want to go to the villa area, they must inform the Yundings Property Management Department in advance, and then the property management department will send a car to pick you up. Avoid excessive private cars causing traffic congestion in the villa area.

In the entire London, only the Lanzarote leisure villa area has such a rule. Why do you need a bus to go to Jessica’s new home?

“Finn, you have to find a way to rectify Jessica, you can’t let her be so arrogant.”

Finn was pulled back to reality by these words, and said: “Don’t worry, since I have returned to the company, she don’t want to be here anymore. Take a penny from the company, but you have been honest recently, otherwise don’t blame me for being dragged into the water.”


Suddenly someone exclaimed and said, “Isn’t this the way to the Lanzarote leisure villa area? The driver, Did you drive in the wrong place.”

“You people, don’t you know that you are going to the Lanzarote leisure villa area today?” the driver said lightly.

When this sentence was said, everyone in the car was dumbfounded.

Go to Lanzarote leisure villa area?

Didn’t it go to Matthew Evans’s new home? How could it be the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure!

“Well, master, did you pick up the wrong person? How come we go to the Lanzarote leisure villa area.” Someone said.

As soon as the master heard this, he slammed the brakes, and several people in the car who were not seated slammed into shit.

“Fuck, you guys didn’t kid me, you got the wrong person!” The driver was shocked, but this matter was explained by the top, must be done well, if this kind of oolong is caused, he should not want to keep his job.

“How did you drive, do you know…”

“Stop talking nonsense with me, who are you guys?” The driver doesn’t want to talk nonsense. He is a member of Tianjia Company. No matter who the person in this car is, he doesn’t pay attention to it. The most important thing now is Find out if you have picked up the wrong person. If you make this mistake, he will be done.

Seeing the driver’s imposing manner, the Evans family’s relatives who wanted to scold the driver immediately closed his mouth, full of softness.

“This big brother, we are from the Evans family. The person you are going to pick up will not be in the same villa area with us?” The Evans family villa is a townhouse area, so this is very likely to happen, Finn thinks It should be like this.

The driver was taken aback, cursed, and didn’t know what he was talking about, and then continued to drive.

The Evans family’s relatives were at a loss, didn’t they say that the wrong person was picked up? Why not let them get out of the car?

Chapter 57 Can you open the door?

The two buses stopped together on the mountainside. After the two groups of people got off the bus, the expressions on their faces were all confused, at a loss, and even a little panicked.

Lanzarote leisure villa area!

This is the most luxurious place in the entire Cloud City, not to mention the location on the mountainside.

As we all know, this place was auctioned and sold at a sky-high price of more than 80 million some time ago. The entire Cloud City was speculating on which gold master was throwing a lot of money. They never dreamed that they would be able to stand here one day!

“This…what is going on here, why did you send us here?” Sarah stood on the ground with both feet, but did not dare to move halfway, for fear of stepping on the gravel here.

Finn is also very nervous. You can’t break into the private area of ​​the Lanzarote leisure villa area at will. If you don’t feel conceited, they are now standing on the site belonging to the Lanzarote leisure villa.

“It’s not that Jessica deliberately harmed us!” Finn gritted his teeth and said, letting them be sent here. It is estimated that they will be framed. By then, the people of the heavenly family will know, who can escape?

“This Jessica is really killing us and hurting us. Can she put aside the responsibility?” Lucas looked angry and wanted to kill.

“What do we do now? Take advantage of the property management department hasn’t found it, let’s go quickly.” Sarah suggested.

On the other side, James and others were afraid to speak because they were frightened.

Even if Reuben claimed to be a young Toshihiko, he didn’t dare to make any trouble when he got to this place.

The annual salary of one million is indeed very high in the eyes of ordinary people, but Reuben knows that in the eyes of the heavens, it is not even a fart.

Just as everyone was wondering whether to leave secretly, an Audi A6 went up the mountain.

The expressions of Ella and Matthew Evans in the car are beyond words.

When Stanley drove the car to the gate, Ella couldn’t wait to slap Stanley and bring her to such an advanced place ashamed.

But when the security opened the gate, the expressions of her and Matthew Evans were shocked, and their eyes almost fell in the car.

Since Jessica had been here yesterday, there was not much surprise, but there was still a dreamlike feeling. After all, this is the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure, and it is also a Lanzarote leisure villa.

When she slept last night, Jessica woke up from her dream and felt that all this was fake.

It wasn’t until this moment that I slowly felt a little real.

After the car stopped at the Lanzarote leisure villa, Stanley and Jessica got out of the car, and Finn walked to Stanley angrily.

He grabbed Stanley by the collar and said angrily: “Stanley

Stanley , what does your family mean, do you want to kill us?” Sarah stared at Jessica with a fierce look, and said bitterly: “Jessica , Don’t you know the rules of the Lanzarote leisure villa area? Bring us here, and the Heavenly Family will investigate, whether the responsibility is yours alone.”

Stanley grabbed Finn’s wrist before he tried a little bit harder, and Finn’s face changed Painfully let go of his hand.

“Finn, what are you doing so excited? Domineering at home, you’re scared when you get here?” Stanley said lightly.

Finn gritted his teeth and looked at Stanley, and said coldly, “Let grandma know about this, you are dead.” “Matthew Evans, what on earth do your family want to do? If you can’t live, do you have to hurt everyone?” Lucas Also criticized Matthew Evans out loud.

Other relatives couldn’t bear it one after another, and all kinds of unpleasant words were said, regardless of their relatives’ affection.

Matthew Evans did not dare to speak, even Ella, who was accustomed to it, shut up at this time.

This is Stanley’s new home? Lanzarote leisure villa?

Ella’s hands and feet trembled, the weight of this second-hand house was too heavy for her to imagine!

“What are you afraid of? I’m just going home, can the Heavenly Family still embarrass me?” Jessica said.

“Go home? Are you crazy? You dare to brag about this kind of bull. Is this Lanzarote leisure villa your home?” Sarah said coldly with disdain.

Jessica looked at the angry eyes of the Evans family, and smiled at the corners of her mouth. These people who couldn’t look at their home were just a bunch of stuff in their nests. They just got scared when they arrived at the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure. Shattered.

“It’s not my home, is it yours?” Jessica glanced at Sarah Evans, and walked towards the door with the key.

Seeing Jessica’s emboldened look, Sarah was dumbfounded.

This… is her home, how could it be possible!

How could she be eligible to live in a Lanzarote leisure villa!

Even if she is now the person in charge of the Eilicon Project, she would never have such amazing financial resources!

Selling all the assets of the Evans family is just barely able to buy this villa.

Seeing Jessica’s opening the door, everyone couldn’t help but speed up his heartbeat.

James’s expression was particularly embarrassed. After waiting for a long time, he finally waited until today to mock Matthew Evans and show off Reuben’s achievements in front of him. He even wanted to see Jessica regretting it.

But this time, it seems doomed to be invisible.

All Reuben’s achievements were wiped out in front of this villa, and there was no chance of reversal at all.

What about the annual salary of one million? If you want to buy this villa, you have to eat or drink for decades!

“james, this…Is this really the new home that Lao Evans bought?”

“Matthew Evans, he, he, he… can live in the Lanzarote leisure villa!”

“It seems that he is the most developed of us. What kind of shit luck is this, I can live here!”

Hearing these words, James felt more uncomfortable than eating shit. The previous class gatherings were all opportunities for him to show off. The classmates praised him and admired him. But now, all his aura was taken away by Matthew Evans in an instant.

The woman snuggling next to Reuben looked envious. The words she said to Jessica in the dining room before, seemed like a loud slap on her face.

“Reuben, didn’t you say that she was not valued by the Evans family?” the woman said.

Reuben was in a complex mood and mixed with five flavors. It was a fact that Jessica was not valued by the Evans family. Moreover, even the Evans family could not afford this Lanzarote leisure villa. How could Jessica afford it?

Looking at Stanley unconsciously, could it be said that he is the secret gold master?

Reuben shook his head in disbelief. How could it be possible that a well-known waste in London could spend more than 80 million to buy a villa. This is even more a joke.

“Maybe she borrowed it?” Reuben comforted himself, but in his heart he knew very well that such a possibility did not exist at all. How could Lanzarote leisure villa be borrowed casually?

Reuben thinks like this, another person also has Sarah Evans.

She also didn’t believe that Jessica could live here. For Sarah Evans, she had always placed herself higher than all the female juniors of the Evans family, even if Jessica’s appearance was better than her, but three years ago, Jessica The threat was lifted because she married a trash.

In the past three years, Sarah has become accustomed to living better than Jessica, and accustomed to being above himself. If Jessica’s new home is really here, what will she compare with Jessica in the future?

There is a kind of person who can accept that you are worse off than him, and even like to hear and hear, but he can’t accept that one day suddenly, you will live better than him. This situation applies to Sarah Evans.

She couldn’t accept living in an elevator apartment by herself, but Jessica lived in a Lanzarote leisure villa.

“Pretending to be, can you really open the door?” Sarah said bitterly.

As soon as this sentence came out, everyone who heard it became nervous inexplicably, and except for Matthew Evans and Ella, they were all expecting that Jessica would not be able to open the door, and all these lies could be exposed and ruthless. Laughed at Jessica.

This is like a kind of powerless resistance, things have come to this point, they are not willing to believe, but it does not prevent the fact from happening.

Jessica twisted the key and opened the door easily.

Even though Sarah was extremely dissatisfied in her heart, she couldn’t help but believe the facts before her.

“Brother, we were planning to let mom come, but you refused for mom, do you remember this?” Ella suddenly said to Lucas.

Lucas’s face is so ugly and ugly, the old lady’s biggest wish in her life is to go to the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure, but he refused for the old lady!

Chapter 58 Fighting for the limelight

Ella’s mood now is very refreshing, and the arrogance of a wicked woman can’t be suppressed at all. She doesn’t care how this Lanzarote leisure villa came from, the most important thing is to have a face in front of the relatives of the Evans family, in front of James’s Carlos. There is face in front of old classmates

Looking at the expressions of Matthew Evans, James and others, the smile on Ella’s face was wrinkled with countless folds, which is a happy mood.

“Everyone, what are you doing in a daze, hurry up to my new home to have a look.” When Ella said this, these two words of mine were extremely heavy, and my tone was emphasized, giving me a show-off appearance.

James was dissatisfied, but he was also curious about what the more than 80 million villas were like. Even though he knew that he was embarrassed, he still had to go in and take a look.

As for the relatives of the Evans family, they were in the same mood at this time. The Lanzarote leisure villa, an unattainable place, is now qualified to let them go in and have a look. Who wants to Jessicach a good opportunity?

Finn and Sarah walked at the end of the crowd.

“Finn, what is going on, how can Jessica can afford to buy a villa here.” Sarah looked unwilling. She was not qualified to live in such a luxurious place, but Jessica did not expect Jessica to live.

Finn had a calm face. If Jessica casually changed an elevator apartment, he could still slander Jessica for taking the company’s money, but this Lanzarote leisure villa, even if he wanted to slander, would not be established.

The assets of the entire Evans family were emptied, that is, to force this villa, how could Jessica take money from the company?

“I can’t figure out how Jessica could have so much money.” Finn said.

Sarah casually said, “Could it be Stanley. When my grandfather pointed out the marriage, didn’t we guess that Stanley might be a son of a rich family?”

Finn showed strong contempt on his face and said, “You also said it was a guess. , And that was before you met Stanley. In the past three years, haven’t you recognized Stanley? How could he be a rich child.”

Sarah nodded, she just said casually, and did not take this guess seriously, because if Stanley was a child of the rich family, how could he be humiliated in the Evans family for three years?

And the children of the rich family who can afford Lanzarote leisure villas are not ordinary rich people.

Everyone enters the house, and there is no magnificent decoration. On the contrary, it looks a little monotonous. If this kind of decoration is changed to an ordinary apartment, they will definitely think it is cheap, but this is a Lanzarote leisure villa, which gives people a very high-end inexplicable. feel.

“Dear Old Evans, your new home is really well decorated. Although it looks simple, it feels more noble.”

“Yes, this kind of place reflects the temperament and does not need too many decorations at all. It is like a The big beauties, with heavy makeup and colorful makeup, are superfluous, covering their own beauty.”

“Old Evans, your taste is really good. But you are too low-key. You bought such a good house, and you told us today.” The

classmates When praising Matthew Evans, James couldn’t say a word. Compared with this place, his home was nothing short of a big one. Thinking of the attitude towards Matthew Evans last time, he felt even more embarrassed.

Reuben prepared a lot of words to tease Jessica today, and he was also ready to step on Stanley’s head to seek his own superiority, but those words can only rot in his stomach now. If you want to say that the audience is uncomfortable, he at least Can be ranked in the top three.

Even entering the weak water real estate is partly because of Jessica, enough to show how persistent he is with Jessica. I thought that today was a good opportunity for him to show off and trample on Stanley, but this Lanzarote leisure villa, Shattered all his dreams.

Even if he enters the weak water real estate, there is little hope that he will use his identity to get Jessica in the future.

Jessica who lives in the Lanzarote leisure villa, what qualification does he have for Jessica to accompany him to bed?

Millions of annual salary? It’s just a joke.

Ella enthusiastically led the visitors inside and out. She was also the first time she came, but she was very familiar.

The more envious those people were, the better Ella’s mood became. She seemed to have forgotten what she had said to Stanley.

I, Ella, will never go to your house in this life?

Even if it was a pool of saliva, Ella would swallow it back without hesitation.

At the end of the visit, a group of people were waiting in the living room. Ella trembled with the praise of the old classmates, but the expressions of everyone in the Evans family were very unclear.

He was the lowest-ranking person in the Evans family, but now he lives in the best villa and rides on everyone’s head.

“Matthew, you bought this villa?” Lucas asked. He had to figure out what was going on. It was obviously auctioned here, so how could it be in Matthew Evans’s hands.

How did Matthew Evans know where the villa came from, but at this time Ella rushed to talk and said, “Brother, we bought this villa for real money. Is there any problem? Do I have to give you the family background? “

Aunt Ella, don’t we know what the conditions of your family are? You have so much money?” Finn said solemnly.

“You look down on people, right.” Ella glanced at Stanley. She would not give Stanley such a showy thing, and no one would believe it, but think of a convincing reason. , It is indeed not simple.

“It’s not that we look down on people. Maybe your family did something illegal. Otherwise, don’t let us get tired.” Sarah said strangely.

“What is illegal? We are good citizens who abide by the law. Don’t pour dirty water on my head.” Ella said dissatisfied.

“Then you are explaining, where did the money come from.”

“So much money, can’t it fall from the sky.”

“Or, Jessica has an unknown relationship with some people, so

I got it ?” What did they do? It doesn’t matter, Stanley can accept any kind of guessing, but to slander Jessica, this is what Stanley cannot tolerate.

But just as Stanley wanted to speak, Ella stared back with a cold look. Even now, even if she was standing in the villa that Stanley bought, she still took everything for granted.

“I’m not afraid to tell you that the old man compensated Matthew for this money.” Ella said.

Father compensated Matthew Evans?

These words caused an uproar among the relatives of the Evans family. How could he compensate Matthew Evans after he passed away for so many years?

Still, the old man has a small treasury, which was discovered by Matthew Evans!

The Evans family’s relatives are not calm, if Matthew Evans really finds the small treasury, this money should also have their share!

“Ella, please make it clear, how did this money come from?”

“Is it because you discovered the money that Dad left behind during his lifetime.”

“We are all sons and grandchildren of the old man, and everyone is eligible to inherit the inheritance. Why should you be swallowed up by your family?”

When it comes to money, everyone’s eyes are red, and they can’t wait to divide their own territory in the Lanzarote leisure villa.

“What is your urgency? This money has nothing to do with you. The old man felt that Stanley was sent to our house, sorry to welcome the summer, so he left us a sum of money. This is a compensation for our family. . And the father has a rule that the money must be used in three years, so our family has worked so hard for three years.” Ella opened his eyes and said nonsense, not blushing at all.

“How much money did the old man leave?” Lucas believed, because apart from that, no other explanation could be found, and while the old man was alive, although he was angry and indisputable against Matthew Evans, the brothers knew that the old man loved the most. , Or Matthew Evans, leaving him a fortune is not impossible.

Ella thought for a while, stretched out her index finger, and said: “One hundred million.”


“One hundred million!”

“The old man actually left you one hundred million!”

All the relatives of the Evans family stood up with incredible expressions on their faces.

How much money the entire Evans family is now, the old man actually left 100 million for Matthew Evans!

If they had known that there were 100 million, they would also let Stanley join his family!

Ella was very satisfied with his seamless story, and said with a smile: “Otherwise, where would Matthew get the money to buy the villa, and he did it to show the face of Evans’s family.”

Chapter 59: People are invincible when they are cheap

The reason why Ella’s story is not suspected is because the timing is just right. Stanley and Jessica just bought a car and exchanged for a house just after their third wedding anniversary, making it impossible to find the slightest flaw.

100 million!

These two words became the pain in the hearts of the Evans family relatives.

They looked at Stanley, wishing that Stanley was his son-in-law, even if he was just a trash, but with the addition of 100 million, they would be able to accept the trash.

Think about the irony to Matthew Evans and the jokes about Jessica in the past three years.

“It’s a pity that Mom didn’t come, otherwise, Mom would be very happy. We could have a good life with 100 million Pound, but I also wanted to save my mother a bit, so I discussed buying the Lanzarote leisure villa, hey… “Ella sighed heavily, saying something that was very obvious.

Lucas rejected this matter for the old lady, and all the responsibility naturally fell on him.

Lucas was still not convinced, even if the father really gave them 100 million, the money could not be swallowed by them, after all, the father was dead.

“I’ll go to the bathroom.” Lucas stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

Ella smiled. She knew that Lucas must have gone to call the old lady.

Jessica wanted to fight the injustice for Stanley, but she also knew that if the money belonged to Stanley, those relatives would definitely not believe that Ella’s story helped their family solve the unexplainable trouble.

“Three thousand, this matter…”

Before Jessica had finished speaking, Stanley shook his head and interrupted: “I don’t mind.” After

sighing, Jessica said nothing.

At this time, Lucas, who was in the bathroom, had already dialed the number of the old lady.

The old lady didn’t care about Matthew Evans’s moving to a new house. She was a person who vowed not to go anywhere except the Lanzarote leisure villa area. This rule would not change until the day she died of old age.

“Didn’t you go to Matthew Evans’s new home today? How is it?” The old lady asked casually.

“Mom, you may not believe me when I say it.” Lucas said.

The old lady’s tone changed suddenly. Jessica was able to buy a house, and she must have taken money from the company. If the house she bought was too good, it would mean that she had taken more money.

“Where is the new home?” The old lady asked coldly. The price she can accept is less than one million. If it exceeds this price, she will never let Jessica go.

“Yunshanding villa area.” Lucas said.

There was no reply from the old lady on the phone. It took a long time before I heard her say: “What are you kidding me, how can Su

Jessica can afford the Lanzarote leisure villa area.” “And it’s a Lanzarote leisure villa.” Lucas continued.

“What!” The old lady’s voice exploded directly, full of disbelief, and said: “How is it possible, what is the point of you making such a joke with me.”

“Mom, what I said is true, I am here now. Lanzarote leisure villa, why would you be joking with you,” Lucas said.

“What’s the matter, how could she afford a Lanzarote leisure villa.” The old lady said shortly. This is her dream home for the elderly. In order to bring the Evans family into the real high society of London, the old lady never thinks about it anymore. She didn’t even have the right to live there when she lived in the villa area of ​​Lanzarote leisure, so she actually let Jessica live in.

“It’s Dad.” Lucas said.

“What do you mean, what does it have to do with your dad?” The old lady frowned. She has been dead for almost three years. How could it have anything to do with Jessica’s purchase of a villa?

“According to Ella, three years ago, Stanley joined the family. To make up for Jessica, the old man gave Matthew Evans 100 million in private. However, the old man has stipulated that the 100 million must be used after three years. Now the time is right. It’s just right, there should be nothing wrong.” Lucas explained.

The old man gave Jessica 100 million!

The first reaction of the old lady was that it was impossible. She knew how much money the Evans family had. In the past, in order to prevent the old man from raising Jessicaosan, she would personally check every account in the company. How could it be possible for him to have 100 million? Where’s your private money?

But if it weren’t for him, how could Matthew Evans get so much money!

The old lady decided to ask Matthew Evans clearly and said: “I will come to the villa area.” After

hanging up the phone, Lucas returned to the living room and said to Ella: “Mom will be here soon. She wants to find out what is going on. What’s going on.”

Ella looked indifferent. The old man has been dead for so many years, and no one is symptomatic. It is not what she said, even if the old lady is here, as long as she insists that the money is given by the old man, who can Find the evidence?

“Okay, the money is given by the old man, what am I afraid of?” Ella said.

“Not everyone can come in in the Lanzarote leisure villa area. Go and pick up mom at the door. If she is stopped at the door, wouldn’t it embarrass her old man?” Lucas reminded.

Ella suddenly panicked. This house has nothing to do with her. She is not the owner. How could the security guard at the door open the door to the old lady because of her?

There is a saying that people are invincible, Ella actually said to Stanley in a commanding tone: “You go to pick up grandma.”

“Okay.” Stanley replied, and then left the villa, Jessica followed him. Rear.

After stepping out of the villa, Jessica said apologetically: “You have been wronged again. This incident should have been your credit. My mother’s face is really thicker than the city wall.”

“In fact, it is also a good thing, saying that I bought it. , No one will believe it, Mom also saved a lot of trouble.” Stanley said with a smile.

Jessica knew that Stanley wouldn’t care about these things, but she was very reluctant to do so. If she didn’t say it, her heart would be very uncomfortable.

“But I still have to say sorry for her.” Jessica said.

Stanley suddenly looked at Jessica seriously and said: “If you feel guilty, there is no way to solve it.”

“What way?” Jessica looked at Stanley curiously.

“For example, I don’t sleep on the floor or something.”

“Okay, the living room is so big anyway, it should be very comfortable.”

Three black lines appeared on Stanley’s forehead, and he said quickly: “You should assume that I didn’t say anything. “When we

arrived at the gate below the mountain, the old lady came after a short wait. Private cars could not enter, so the old lady could only walk. She had no opinion on this, and she did not dare to have any opinion. After all, this is a villa area. The rules, and the villa area represents the home of heaven.

But when the old lady saw Jessica and Stanley, her face was dissatisfied, and she said coldly: “Matthew Evans is different now. I live in a Lanzarote leisure villa, and I won’t even come to pick it up.”

“Grandma. , Dad didn’t mean that. There are a lot of his old classmates at home, so let us pick you up.” Jessica said.

It wasn’t that Matthew Evans didn’t come, but it was useless if he came. The security guards didn’t recognize anyone except Stanley.

But the old lady didn’t know, she just felt that Matthew Evans swelled after living in the Lanzarote leisure villa, and she didn’t even pay attention to her.

“Humph.” The old lady snorted coldly: “Don’t forget, the money to buy this villa belongs to my Evans family. Although the old man is dead, his money is still mine.”

Stanley wrinkled. Frown, this old lady, doesn’t she want to take the Lanzarote leisure villa as her own? If this is the case, he cannot accept it.

The villa was given to Jessica, and no one was qualified to take it away.

Lanzarote leisure roads are difficult, and for people like old ladies, it is even more difficult, and they are almost out of breath before walking a few steps.

The old lady looked at Stanley with a cold expression, and ordered: “Don’t you have eyes? Can’t you see that I can’t walk, but you just came to carry me.”

Stanley walked over to the old lady and squatted down. Looks free of complaints.

“Be careful, you fell me, you can’t be responsible for the consequences.”

“Go faster, didn’t you eat?” The

old lady’s eagerness in her heart can no longer be described in words, and there is finally a Evans family in the Lanzarote leisure villa area. , And it was still a Lanzarote leisure villa. Although her people were still at the foot of the mountain, her heart had already reached the mountainside, so she disliked Stanley for walking slowly, so she would inevitably curse.

Jessica looked at the old lady’s attitude towards Stanley, and couldn’t wait to knock the old lady fainted with the crutch in her hand. She wanted to say that this villa was bought by Stanley, so why should you point him.

Chapter 60 What qualifications do you have to live in?
When she reached the mountainside, the old lady asked Stanley to put her down, looking excitedly at the luxurious villa in front of her. This is the place where London represents her status and status. The Evans family only walked to the foot of the mountain, but she didn’t expect that she would also be qualified to come to the mountainside.

“Old man, I really don’t know whether to blame you or to thank you. Without you, I would never have come here in my life, but why would you give Matthew Evans the money?” The old lady is even in front of Jessica , And said these words without concealment, it is not difficult to see that Matthew Evans’s family really has no place in her heart.

Jessica looked unconvinced, looked at Stanley and looked a little helpless again.

After the old lady walked into the villa, the noisy chats in the living room suddenly quieted down, and all the relatives of the Evans family also got up from the sofa.

Finn’s footsteps were the most agile. He trot to the old lady, and said with concern: “Grandma, get tired, sit down and take a rest.”

Stanley who saw this scene was full of cold eyes. There is also such a person in the Shaw family. It was because of his sweet mouth that Stanley was treated like an orpShawin a wealthy family.

Stanley couldn’t figure out why these people who can only talk sweetly but have no real ability can be favored.

In terms of ability, Finn is no better than Jessica, but he has a sweet mouth, so he is more popular with old ladies.

That man, because of his sweet mouth, was able to obtain the position of the heir of the Shaw family. Even the old lady of the Shaw family was afraid that his status would be threatened, so she drove Stanley out of the Shaw family and was insulted into the ZuoEvans family.

Is it possible to support a family with just one mouth?

Stanley wanted to prove to everyone that only real ability is the real ability.

He also wanted to let the old lady of the Evans family know that the future of the Evans family was in the hands of Jessica, not in the hands of the trash Finn.

The old lady sat in the main seat of the living room, she was very polite in the first sentence, and said to Matthew Evans: “If you are irrelevant, you can go.”

When those students heard this sentence, their faces were all extremely embarrassed, they were obviously chasing guests, and they didn’t give anyone the slightest face.

“since it is your internal family matter, we’ll go first.”

“Yes, go ahead, the next opportunity together again.”

“you first busy, next time together again.”

A It is willing to help the classmates walk, mainly because they don’t want to offend the old lady of the Evans family.

James and Reuben both had sullen faces. After leaving the villa, James said angrily: “This old undead thing from the Evans family is really arrogant.”

“Dad, if I have a chance in the future, I will make things difficult for this old woman, you Don’t forget, I am working in a weak water property right now,” Reuben said.

James sighed, Reuben should be proud of what he has achieved now, but compared with Jessica now, it is simply incomparable.

“Unexpectedly, before the death of the Evans family father, he should have left so much money for Matthew Evans. He was lucky,” James said.

“What about rich? How long can his family spend the money? Sooner or later they will spend it all. It’s Stanley who can live in the Lanzarote leisure villa even after eating soft rice.” Reuben gritted his teeth.

He was very unconvinced in his heart. Stanley should have been trampled on by him, but now, Stanley lives in the Lanzarote leisure villa with Jessica. Even if Reuben does not want to admit it, the fact is that Stanley has a better life than him. .

“This is fate. Some people don’t need to fight and can get everything. But some people need to work hard for a lifetime, but son, I believe your ability is not the Genting Mountain Villa District. Maybe we will have the opportunity to live in in the future. “James comforted.

Reuben nodded. The Lanzarote leisure villa area is indeed very powerful in London, but for the larger cities, especially , it is not a big deal. If it can be reused by the Shaw family, it will be a big success. Just around the corner.


How can a wimpy eating soft rice compare to me, Reuben!

In the villa.

The old lady seemed calm on the surface, but in fact the undercurrent surging in her heart took a long time to calm down.

“Matthew, what’s going on, you can make it clear.” The old lady asked Matthew Evans.

This incident was a story made up by Ella. She was worried that Matthew Evans would leak her mouth and reveal flaws. She was just about to speak, but she was stared at by the old lady.

“I didn’t ask you, do you have the qualifications to speak?” The old lady made Ella shut her mouth.

Matthew Evans saw that the matter had reached this point, and bit the bullet and said: “Mom, Dad did give me 100 million. He was worried that Stanley was not promising, so he compensated Jessica. There is nothing complicated about this matter. He just missed us. Live a better life.”

“Worry? It’s a fact that Stanley is not promising, so do you need to worry? I think you poured some ecstasy soup for Dad.” Lucas said coldly from the side.

“Absolutely not. Dad took the initiative to find me for this matter, and such a large sum of money, if he hadn’t given it to me, could I still grab it?” Matthew Evans said.

Lucas couldn’t find anything to refute, so she closed her mouth with a cold snort.

“Since the old man gave the money, this villa is not owned by you, Matthew Evans,” the old lady said.

When Ella heard this, he was unhappy. If the Evans family’s relatives all came to intervene, would this villa still be peaceful?

“Mom, dad gave us the money. I used it to buy a villa to give you a face. Do you want to divide the villa for everyone? This is not a cake. Cut one by one person.” Ella said.

“Is there any place for you to speak here?” the old lady scolded.

Ella’s bitch was about to move, but she really didn’t have the guts to splash around in front of the old lady, so she could only bear it.

“Grandma, you should know the rules of Lanzarote leisure. If you want everyone in the Evans family to live here, we have no objection, but you have to ask Tianjia if you can agree.” Stanley said.

The villa area will not specify the number of people staying in, but so many people living in the Evans family will inevitably bring a lot of trouble to the property management department. Although it does not break the rules, there is no need to make the Tian family unhappy.

The old lady looked at Stanley contemptuously. Even Ella didn’t have the right to speak. Why should he remind her of a wasteful son-in-law?

“Stanley, you have become more and more courageous recently, do you want to teach me how to do things?” the old lady said.

Stanley smiled faintly, and said: “Don’t dare, I just don’t want the heavenly family to embarrass your old man. If the family wants to talk to you, this is not good news for the Evans family.”

How can the old lady have the guts to offend God. Home, wishing to have the opportunity to be cautiously waiting, after hearing what Stanley said, he couldn’t refute it for a while.

“Moreover, there are so many rules in the villa area of ​​Genting Mountain. In case someone accidentally offends it, the end will be more serious. Grandma, can you make sure that everyone can follow the rules?” Stanley continued.

“Stanley.” Finn started shooting the case and said angrily: “Can you close your mouth, is there a place for someone like you to speak?”

“You don’t look at your status in the Evans family, either. Why do you want to

give pointers ?” “I really thought that after eating soft rice and living in a Lanzarote leisure villa, would you be able to straighten your back? Stanley, you will always be our Evans family’s entrant.”

“Don’t take yourself too seriously. Gao, we didn’t put you in our eyes.”

Stanley didn’t look at the angry Evans family relatives, but quietly looked at the old lady, what to do, he believed that the old lady knew very well.

“I never said let everyone live here, but here, why should there be a share of my old lady?” The old lady stalked, stood up and continued: “The old man gave you the money, but the money It is also the name of my Evans family. Can anyone deny this?”

Ella gritted her teeth. If the old lady lived here, she would not be able to serve the old lady in the future, and she would have to look at the face of the old lady every day. She couldn’t bear this kind of day.

He elbows Matthew Evans and motions Matthew Evans to speak, lest the old lady really live in.

But how can Matthew Evans have such courage, the old lady really wants to live, he can only agree.

“Grandma, what qualifications do you have to live in?” At this time, Stanley said, shaking the sky!

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