Son in law chapter 71-80

Chapter Seventy-One, I’m For Your Good

Maryam stood by the window, watching Stanley who was leaving, and the last sentence of Stanley was constantly echoing in her mind.

Hidden in your body, wait for time to move!

This is an expression of forbearance, but Maryam felt a strong confidence in him.

It seems that as long as he wants to, he can do it.

He doesn’t do it, just doesn’t want it.

Is this self-confidence, or too arrogant?

Even the Shaw family has never possessed such an aura of swallowing mountains and rivers, and where does he come from?

Is it relying on you to carry those little tricks of the Shaw family?

Maryam smiled faintly, and said to herself: “You take things too simple. The Shaw family still has a chasm that can’t be crossed. Why can you do it?”

“If it weren’t for me to fight for you, You will go to jail for him by the chance, you know? I hope you don’t disappoint my kindness, or the old lady will let you replace him.”

“You are both my sons, but my fairness lies in front of the old lady. It’s worth mentioning.”

“Don’t let me down, or I will destroy you with my own hands.”

From the appearance of the twin brothers(William and Stanley) of the Shaw family, they are almost exactly the same. Outsiders’ eyesight can’t tell at all.

So when William’s accident happened, the old lady of the Shaw family had the idea of ​​letting Stanley go to jail instead of William. Had Maryam tried to persuade Stanley to give Stanley a chance, the old lady would have arrived in London in person.

William, was destined to have a higher status in the Shaw family from the moment he was born.

When he returned home, Aoife had already prepared the food. Surprisingly, Ella’s family of three sat at the dinner table without moving the chopsticks. This was almost impossible before.

Ella hadn’t planned to wait for Stanley, but Jessica was stubborn not to let the two move chopsticks, so she had to compromise.

“What did you do? I’m just coming back now, don’t you know we are waiting for you to eat?” Ella said impatiently.

Jessica walked to Stanley’s side and asked softly, “Is it all right?”

“It’s all right.” Stanley smiled and sat at the dinner table.

Without seeing Aoife, she asked Jessica again: “Aunt Aoife, why don’t you let her come to eat?”

“Stanley, don’t be too much, she is just a servant, how can she come to the table.” Ella Said dissatisfied.

Stanley turned a blind eye to Ella’s attitude and walked towards Aoife’s room.

When I walked to the door, I heard Aoife making a call inside, and he kept talking about okay. I would try to find a way as soon as possible. It seems that her daughter should have called.

After Aoife hung up the phone, Stanley knocked on the door and said, “Aunt Aoife, we have dinner.”

Aoife opened the door and said to Stanley, “No, you can eat first. The truth.”

“Aunt Aoife, did your daughter call you? I can pay you some money in advance, but you have to eat first, how about?” Stanley said with a smile.

“This…” Aoife went to work on the first day of the day. She didn’t expect to ask Stanley to advance her wages. She didn’t expect that Stanley would take the initiative to raise this matter.

“From now on, you can just treat this as your own home. There is no such thing as a master or employee. We don’t have so many weird rules in our house.” Stanley said.

Stanley only laughed at the mentally handicapped rules of the Evans family, and naturally would not use that set in his own home.

Apart from thanking, Aoife didn’t know how to express her gratitude.

After arriving at the table, although Ella was dissatisfied, Jessica and Matthew Evans had no objection, and she could not pick things up alone, and the strong attitude of Stanley before made Ella shocked and did not dare to go too far.

After eating, Stanley gave Aoife a month’s salary in advance, a full five thousand Pound. Aoife trembling in his hand, bending over and bowing in thanks again.

At this time, Ella surreptitiously took Jessica to the second floor.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Jessica asked puzzledly after being pushed into the room by Ella.

“Jessica, is your name on the real estate certificate of this villa?” Ella asked.

Jessica didn’t even know about buying the villa, and naturally she wouldn’t have her name.

“No, what’s the matter?” Jessica looked at Ella suspiciously.

“Are you short-sighted? How can you do without your name? Find a time and let Stanley take care of this matter. It is best to transfer the villa under your name.” Ella said.

Jessica didn’t understand why Ella was thinking about this matter, and said, “Mom, what are you doing well in transferring the property? Isn’t this making trouble for yourself? I’ve gotten my brains out of the weak water real estate cooperation recently, so how can I have time to do this? Things.”

Ella looked at Jessica angrily and said: “Are you stupid? This house doesn’t have your name. What should you do if you divorce Stanley in the future? You have to give yourself a little protection. Didn’t you see his attitude towards me today and even let me go, don’t you just rely on the real estate certificate as his name? If you replace the real estate certificate with your name, would he still dare to do this to me?”

“Mom” , This matter was originally your fault, you have done too much, you still have the right to blame him?” Jessica understands, Ella is asking her to deprive the ownership of the villa and let the villa become hers. Ella was able to continue arrogantly in front of Stanley, but she would never do so.

“What does it mean to be unqualified, I am your mother, don’t I have this right? And I am also for your own good.” Ella said angrily.

Jessica waved her hand and said, “Don’t mention this in the future. I won’t do it. Don’t even think about it. He bought the villa, so it should be his name.”

Seeing that Jessica was about to leave, Ella grabbed Jessica’s hand and said, “Daughter, how can you be so stupid? Can you guarantee that Stanley will stay the same for you forever? Don’t you think about it for yourself in the future?”

“Mom, you want me to divorce Stanley after taking the villa? I don’t know if he will change his mind, but you want me to divorce him. This is absolutely impossible.” Jessica said coldly, shaking. Opening Ella’s hand, he walked out of the room.

Ella’s face was pale with anger. She thought she was doing it for Jessica’s good. She didn’t expect Jessica to blame her, not knowing what’s good or bad.

“Jessica, mom is for your own good, why don’t you understand? Since you refuse to go, only mom will help you do this.” When

Jessica returned to the room on the first floor, Stanley was already lying down. Lay on the floor.

In the last two days, Jessica has been troubled by the cooperation, and there is another thing that has caused her quite a headache. That is the cooperation is solved. Stanley will go to bed. Jessica has been thinking about a way to get the best of both worlds. Putting Stanley in bed can also avoid doing that kind of thing.

But this method is not so good to think of. She can take advantage of the loopholes to sleep on the floor, but this behavior, she herself feels a bit too much.

Stepping across Stanley with snow-white slender legs, sitting on the edge of the bed, kicking his legs and said: “Stanley, have your old classmates contacted? Recently, our car can’t even enter the construction site. All the building materials are transported. Stopped, and if this continues, I am worried that things will get worse.”

“No, but don’t worry, I can definitely solve this matter.” Stanley looked at the phone, but his eyes stayed squinted. On Jessica’s legs, these legs perfectly interpret the word sexy.

Jessica sighed. The old lady was making calls every day. Although it was a questioning tone, every call was a pressure on Jessica.

“I hope the project can proceed smoothly after this time.” Jessica was lying on the bed, her legs hanging down.

Stanley could finally watch it openly, and stopped pretending to look at the phone.

“I’m very tired these days, massage can relieve fatigue, should I press it for you?” Stanley suggested.

This sentence made Jessica stunned. The closest contact between her and Stanley was the embrace of the Crystal Restaurant. She subconsciously told her that she should refuse, but Jessica knew that this was also an opportunity for the two to increase their intimacy.

Jessica, who was already blushing involuntarily, gave a soft hum.

Stanley sat up, holding Jessica’s right foot in both hands, starting with a tender and smooth hand, like a piece of mutton fat white jade, gently exerting force on the sole of the foot, and asked: “Is it comfortable?”


Chapter 72 How Beautiful Is
This night, Jessica slept very steadily, and I don’t know if it was the result of Stanley’s massage. Jessica smiled in her sleep, and the expression on her face carried the word happiness.

At 6 o’clock the next morning, Stanley and Jessica woke up from their dreams at the same time, their biological clocks were almost exactly the same. After each brushed their teeth and washed their faces, they went for a morning run on the Lanzarote leisure road.

The fresh air shocks people’s spirits, and the view of London from the top of the mountain makes people feel relaxed and happy.

“I had countless times in the past that I could run in the morning on Lanzarote leisure, but I didn’t expect it to come true.” Standing on the top of the mountain, Jessica closed her eyes and breathed the fresh air from high above.

As long as Jessica is happy, it is Stanley’s greatest satisfaction.

Seeing Jessica’s still moving cheeks without wiping Fendai, Stanley smiled and said, “Do you know that you are really beautiful.”

Jessica’s sudden words made Jessica shy and stared at Stanley. : “When did you become glib mouth.”

“I’m telling the truth, glib mouth is my most annoying thing.” Stanley smiled.

Jessica wrinkled her nose and asked, “How beautiful is it?”

“For example, painting a country is more beautiful than the sun, the moon and the stars.” Stanley said with a serious face.

Jessica got a bitter cold, got goose bumps, and quickly said: “Don’t say it, you don’t feel ashamed.”

Seeing Jessica running down the mountain, Stanley smiled and followed the pace. That’s it, it’s actually quite pretty. Great.

Stanley even thought about not pursuing fame, fortune and status. Now his financial resources are enough to have a carefree and happy life with Jessica.

But Amare’s affairs told him that such an idea is not feasible, and the only way to protect his beloved woman is to be strong.

But he also refuses to be mediocre. This is the aura of Shaw family Young Master. Once he gives up, he is destined to become a stepping stone for others.

After returning home and eating breakfast prepared by Aoife, Stanley sent Jessica to the company.

As soon as he walked into the company’s door, Jessica met Sarah and Finn.

The two stunned two looked at Jessica’s eyes almost exactly the same.

“Jessica, how come you haven’t solved the cooperation issue yet, isn’t it impossible? Grandma has given you high expectations, don’t let her old man down.” Finn said with a smile.

“Finn, would there be so many accidents if it weren’t for you?” Jessica said.

Finn’s face suddenly became a little ugly.

Sarah and Finn are in the same situation, so naturally they have to help Finn speak.

“If it wasn’t for your lack of ability, how could grandma change the person in charge? I don’t know what method you used to fascinate the owner of the weak water real estate.” Sarah had something in his words, and his tone was mocking.

“Sarah Evans, you have time to pay more attention to the dowry. Don’t you just rely on that man who has not shown up? Can you manage the company’s affairs?” Jessica said coldly.

Sarah was not ashamed at all, but still had a proud expression, saying: “When I get married, the Evans family will not look at it at all. What counts as the person in charge of your district?”

“But you are still my assistant now. You have to listen to me. You’d better pray that the man will show up soon so that you can be liberated.” Jessica said, walking into the elevator.

Sarah gritted his teeth with hatred, and was going to go upstairs, but he was unwilling to sit with Jessica, so he could only continue to wait.

“Finn, how are you checking for me, is there any news?” Sarah asked.

Finn also wanted to use this incident to break the situation in the company, but there was no sign of this incident, and London did not have such a powerful Stanley, but after leaving London, there were too many people surnamed Stanley, and the investigation looked like Needle in a haystack.

“This matter is a bit difficult, but don’t worry, I will try my best.” Finn said.

“When I get married, I must step on Jessica severely.” Sarah gritted his teeth.

“I suspect that the Shaw family who gave the bride price may have something to do with the Shaw family, maybe you are really going to get lucky.” Finn smiled.

Sarah touched his face, and said triumphantly: “Of course, I have a face like marrying a rich family.”

Soon after Jessica came to the office, the old lady called again every day.


“How’s it going, haven’t you seen Blake?” The old lady has been exhausted these days. The home is over, the old lady is a distressed head.

“Grandma, don’t worry, I’m still thinking of a way, and I will definitely solve this matter.” Jessica said.

The old lady sighed heavily and said, “I blame me. If it weren’t for me, things wouldn’t be like this. If you worry, it’s up to you whether our Evans family can survive.”

Although she was looked down upon by the old lady before, But the soft-hearted Jessica thought of her being exhausted at her age, and she was a little distressed, and said: “Grandma, take a good rest, don’t think too much, leave the matter to me, I won’t let you down.”

“Okay, grandma believes. You.” After

hanging up the phone, Jessica let out a long sigh. Just then, the phone rang again.

When she saw the caller ID showing the word Blake, she was instantly excited.

In the past two days, I have thought of countless ways to contact Blake, but Blake avoided seeing him, and Jessica was almost crazy.

“Brother Blake.” Busy answering the phone, Jessica hurriedly apologized: “For the previous thing, I will pay you for my grandma. I hope you can give me another chance.”

“The project continues.” Blake said.

Jessica was stunned and didn’t know what to say. She thought she was going to apologize to Blake in person, but she didn’t expect him to call directly to say that the project can continue. It seems that the owner of Weak Water Real Estate doesn’t care about this matter anymore.

“Thank Brother Blake, thank you.” Jessica said excitedly.

“I’m still busy, hang up first.” Blake finished speaking and hung up.

Jessica’s heart was finally able to let go of the big stone, and she felt that the heavy burden on her shoulders was instantly relieved, but the hero of this matter was Stanley. He returned home tonight… In the

afternoon, Jessica notified the relatives of the Evans family to hold a meeting. Finn and Sarah were here very reluctantly. This feeling of being ordered by Jessica was like the uncomfortable feeling of eating shit to them.

“Jessica, you can’t solve it, let us figure out a solution for you?” Finn said with a mockery at the meeting.

“Grandma is fully responsible for this matter. We can’t help you. You should think of a solution yourself.” Sarah said.

The other relatives of the Evans family also had the same attitude. No one was willing to share the responsibility for this matter, and it was okay to sit back and enjoy the success. Wouldn’t it be that Jessica was dragged into the water and suffered.

“I have settled the matter of cooperation. Today’s meeting is to inform you of this matter.” Jessica said lightly.

“Did you solve it?” Finn said in disbelief. How could it be solved if Jessica hasn’t left the company today?

Although the resolution of the matter is good news for the Evans family, Finn is very unconvinced, because Jessica will become the highest-ranking person in the next company.

Grandma only allowed Jessica to be in charge of the Eilicon project, but now the entire company’s focus is on the Eilicon project. Isn’t it equivalent to handing over the power of the company to her alone?

“Jessica, don’t make fun of this matter. You have been in the company today. How did you solve it?” Sarah also didn’t believe it. She and Finn are similar people, and they are not good, especially Jessica.

“How do I do something, do I still need to inform you? I have told my grandma about this matter, do you think I will make a joke about this matter?” Jessica said.

Smiles suddenly appeared on the faces of those relatives, and the project continued, and the Evans family was out of the predicament, and they can continue to fish in the company in the future.

“Jessica, you really didn’t disappoint us. You did a good job.”

“I said you will do it.”

“Finally, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You still have the ability.”

Chapter 73 Look Down on Me

Jessica smiled at the insincere flattery, but Finn’s eyes were even more gloomy, because he liked to enjoy the praise of Evans’s relatives, but now, Jessica has robbed him of all the limelight.

“Jessica, don’t be proud.” Finn gritted his teeth.

“By the way, starting tomorrow, two people are needed to go to the construction site, just you and Sarah Evans.” Jessica said to Finn.

Finn slapped him on the conference table and stood up angrily and said, “Jessica, I am the top of the company, why should you let me go to the construction site.”

In the bright sunny days, who is not living in an air-conditioned room, Finn will never Willing to go to the construction site to show his face, this is detrimental to his prestige of the Evans family.

Sarah also didn’t want her fair skin to be poisoned by ultraviolet rays, and said: “I’m not going, I’m going to go by yourself.”

” Okay .” Jessica nodded calmly and said: “Since you are not going, I will take this matter. Tell grandma and let her decide.”

“Jessica, do you have to do so too much?” Finn said coldly.

“When you asked me to go to the construction site, did I say too much?” Jessica said lightly.

Grandma has something to say first, as long as Jessica has done the cooperation, the company will listen to Jessica. If this matter goes to Grandma, it is undoubtedly self-defeating.

Finn knew that grandma still wanted to give him the position of chairman of the Evans family, but he had to show some achievements.

“Okay, I’ll go.” Finn said.

Jessica looked at Sarah and asked, “What about you?”

Sarah was unwilling, but Finn had compromised. What else could she do? Even if there is a chance to marry a wealthy family in the future, but not to marry one day, she still has to rely on the company for food.

“Go, but don’t be too arrogant, leave yourself a way, or I won’t let you go in the future.” Sarah threatened.

Jessica ignored Sarah Evans’s threat and left the meeting room.

Magic City Nightclub.

Stanley heard Ekon say that Amare had encountered a trouble in the past two days, so he came to find out.

What Stanley didn’t expect was that he actually met an acquaintance here, Chad.

Chad was also very surprised when he saw Stanley. He came to Ekon to help solve Stanley, but he didn’t expect that Stanley would come to the door.

“Stanley, it’s a coincidence.” Chad was very obsessed with Jessica, and he had reached the state of madness. Today he directly took 3 million cash to Ekon, hoping that Ekon would help him unload two of Stanley’s leg.

“You’re looking for Ekon, won’t you let him deal with me?” Stanley said with a smile.

Ekon was shocked when he heard these words. Chad just mentioned that he was buying a person’s legs, but he didn’t say who it was. Looking at this situation, wouldn’t it be Stanley?

“Brother Ekon, you don’t need to bother. It’s the person in front of you. As long as you interrupt his leg, these three million are yours.” Chad sneered. In his opinion, Stanley would definitely kneel on the ground and treat him. Begging for mercy, this uselessness might even offer Jessica’s obedient hands.

The cold sweat on Ekon’s forehead was like rain. I’ve seen a damn ghost. The red three million is in front of him, but does he dare to touch the money?

“Chad, take the money and get out.” Ekon said coldly.

“Brother Ekon, what do you…what do you mean?” Chad asked in amazement. He had said so well just now, but Ekon suddenly turned his face away.

“Last time you asked Ekon to borrow the person who beat me?” Stanley asked.

Ekon’s face was as gray as death, so he hurriedly walked to Stanley, lowered his head and said, “Brother Stanley, I don’t know he will deal with you. Otherwise, I will never lend him.”

“Brother Ekon, What are you doing?” Chad looked astonished. Why was Ekon’s attitude towards Stanley so respectful? This guy is a well-known trash from the Evans family.

“Three million has been collected, you can interrupt whoever’s leg, you can figure it out by yourself.” Stanley said lightly.

Before Chad understood what was going on, several of Ekon’s men surrounded him.

“Brother Ekon, what are you doing, I’m here to give you money, you…”


“Brother Ekon, tell your subordinates to stop.”

The pain of the heart rushed from the legs to the forehead, and several steel pipes hit the head. After deforming, Chad fell to the ground, shaking with pain.

When Stanley stepped forward, Ekon’s men consciously dispersed.

“I didn’t care about what happened last time. It doesn’t mean that I let you mess around. These legs are a lesson for you. If you want to survive, stay away from Jessica in the future.” Stanley looked down at Chad in a cold voice.

“Bah.” Chad spit, disdainfully said: “What are you, I want you to double it back.”

Stanley raised his foot, stepped on Chad’s face, and said with torch eyes: “This is my last I warn you once, otherwise the entire Amare family will be buried with you.”

Then Stanley turned his head and said to Ekon, “Throw it out.”

Chad was thrown at the gate of the magic city like a bereavement dog, his legs hurting unconsciously. , The passersby looked sideways, but no one dared to go forward and take care of their business.

“What happened to Amare?” Stanley asked Ekon.

“Boss Amare recently got into an underground boxing arena. I heard that he suffered a lot.” Ekon said.

“Fisting field? London’s boxing field, the boss should be Brian?” Stanley asked.

“London now has three underground boxing grounds, all under Brian’s name. I heard that Brian can’t get used to Boss Amare coming out of the mountains, so he wants to wipe out the momentum of Boss Amare.” Ekon explained.

Stanley smiled faintly, and said, “Help me contact Amare and let him come.”

After waiting for more than 20 minutes, Amare arrived in the magic capital. When he saw Stanley, he eagerly said, “Bring me a cigarette.”

Stanley gave a helpless look and said, “You are now the boss of Amare.” I won’t even have money to buy cigarettes.”

Amare sighed and said with a sigh, “Recently, some of his subordinates have been injured and have been hospitalized. This is all for money.”

“How about it,” Do you need a helper?” Stanley asked.

“How many masters can you find for me? Do you need to spend money?” Amare asked solemnly.

“No money.” Stanley pointed to himself.

Amare froze for a moment, then shook his head again and again, and said, “You have small arms and legs, forget it, I’m afraid you will be discounted. Brian’s thugs are really strong, and I am envious of them. Ah.”

“Do you look down on me so much?” Stanley said.

Amare nodded, and said quite straight forwardly: “It’s fine if you know. I’ll take care of this by myself. You should protect your younger siblings.”

“I’m a master. You missed this opportunity and regretted it. “

ink sun mercilessly Pieliaopiezui, perfunctory said:.” know know, you are very powerful, “

see the ink does not believe Amare asked to Ekon:” tonight boxing games have a game right “Yes, but there are not many masters in the weekday competition.” Ekon said.

“Go and have a look tonight.” Stanley tossed Amare a pack of cigarettes, and continued with a smile: “Save a little, a boss who can’t even afford cigarettes. It’s a joke to say it.”

After Amare put the cigarette in his pocket, he said to Stanley, “If you think I’m poor, when will you give me 200 million for fun.”

“No problem, get your bank card ready and send you money.” Stanley said without looking back.

Amare froze in place, joking, and casually said 200 million, this guy actually took it seriously!

“It’s nice to have money, isn’t it?” Amare said to Ekon.

Ekon nodded stupidly, and was only astonished at the dialogue between these two big brothers, feeling that they couldn’t blend into their world at all.

A big guy can’t afford cigarettes, and a big guy casually talks about 200 million. How did the two get together?

Stanley drove to the company to pick up Jessica from work. Jessica said excitedly when he got in the car: “The cooperation has been settled, have you contacted your classmates?”

“Well, I just got in touch today. Just get it done.” Stanley said.

The car fell silent inexplicably, because Jessica still didn’t know how to face the night situation.

Stanley knew that she must be struggling, and said, “I have something tonight, and may have to go home later.”

Jessica mistakenly thought that Stanley deliberately helped her avoid embarrassment, and said: “What I said will not go back. “

I really have something, but going home late doesn’t mean I won’t go home.” Stanley smiled and said, even if he is lame tonight, he must crawl back.

Chapter 74 Can these waste hurt me?
The underground boxing field is a hard-to-see business, but Brian’s ability to do so well shows that he is still somewhat capable in London, and he dares to come out to wipe out Amare’s limelight at this time, obviously he wants to fight with Amare. Amare competes against each other.

Back then, Amare was the sole leader, and Brian was also worried that if Amare were to grow stronger, London would become his own world again.

After so many years, Brian is not used to bowing his head to others. If he wants to step on his head, he has to show some real skills.

He played a fighter in the boxing arena, and he was still a very powerful character. In London, Brian had fewer people than his subordinates. However, if a single player was brought out to compete, no one would be Brian’s opponent.

There are not many guests in the underground boxing ring on weekdays. There are less than two hundred people sitting in the square stands. Normally, Brian is in the office at this time. He will only visit the VIP seats on the spot when the boxing ring is lively on weekends.

“Brother Brian, almost half of the waste under Brodiet to the hospital. It seems that he should be gone for this period of time.” Brian’s men said.

Brian kept a pinch of goatee, habitually touched his beard, and said disdainfully: “His wife was killed by Oliver, so he was willing to go out, but now London is different from before. He is an outdated person. , Don’t be honest, wait for death, and have to come out to wave the flag, isn’t this looking for death?”

“Now the masters of London are all under Brian, when do you plan to reorganize London?”

Speaking of this matter, Brian’s expression became serious. It was not that he hadn’t thought about it, but the tree attracted the wind. After all, he was covered in black. It would be bad if the power was too powerful to be stared at by the person above.

“This matter is not in a hurry, the relationship above has not been completely opened up, I have to hold back, too eager for quick success, that is to dig my own grave.” Brian said.

At this moment, a subordinate hurriedly ran into the office and said, “Brother Brian, Amare is here again.”

Brian smiled coldly and said, “This thing that knows nothing about life and death has come to trouble me? Does he think Are all the people under your hand in the hospital?”

“But looking at him, it’s not like making trouble, watching the game in the audience.”

“Watching the game?” Brian was taken aback, then laughed, and said: “This idiot is not here to steal a teacher and learn art. it did not expect dignified ink Amare, went so far as to do such a thing, let him see, he who wastes his men with him a virtue, but also how even more Kanji Yan, you will have to do school? “

the playing field, Both Amare and Ekon arrived, but did not see Stanley.

“That guy isn’t playing with me, right? Why hasn’t he shown up yet.” Amare watched the entire auditorium, but didn’t find Stanley.

Ekon knew what kind of person Stanley was. He said he would come, and he would definitely not break his promise. He said, “Wait, Brother Stanley will definitely come.”

At the end of the two games, the referee raised his hands and spoke to the scene. The audience said: “Tonight’s special session has arrived. Whoever wants to come on stage to experience the feeling of fighting with boxers, you can come on stage, you can rest assured, boxers will ensure your safety.”

This is a special program in the boxing arena for the audience and boxers. Come on stage to interact and experience the taste of boxing. If the audience can win, the boxing field will give certain rewards. Of course, this situation is almost impossible.

The audience is the audience, how can it be possible to win a professional boxer.

At this time, a figure suddenly jumped down from the stands, and his feet were on the ground with his feet on the two-meter-high stand without bending his knees at all.

“It seems that this masked audience is very courageous, please come to the stage.” The staff said with a smile, but there was some disdain in their eyes, which made it so mysterious. Later, I won’t have to be beaten by a boxer to beg for mercy. .

The man jumped into the ring and jumped more than two meters in height. This scene surprised the staff a bit.

Such an amazing jumping ability is not something ordinary people can have.

Walking to the boxer, he said: “Be careful, don’t lose face, this guy is probably here to make trouble, don’t show mercy.”

The boxer smiled contemptuously, and said: “Don’t worry, I can send him to Yan Wang with one punch.”

“This person, the back is a bit familiar.” Amare frowned in the stands.

Ekon felt the same way. Suddenly his eyes condensed, and he said, “Isn’t this Brother

Stanley ?” At Ekon’s reminder, Amare confirmed Stanley’s identity, and said with a wry smile: “This guy Are you crazy, don’t you go up to die?” The

bell rang and the game started.

The boxer looked at the masked Stanley with a smile on his face, and said, “Dude, be careful. My fists are not a joke. If you are beaten to death by me, you can see the king of Hades. You have to say something nice for me.”

Stanley smiled without saying a word , and hooked his finger at the boxer.

The fighter’s face turned sullen, his legs exerted force, and he deceived his body to advance.

Stanley ducked a punch slightly sideways.

The boxer exerted too much force and couldn’t retract the hand that punched him, so he brushed past Stanley.

Stanley seized the flaws exposed by the boxer and kicked out with the momentum of thunder.

The boxer felt this powerful force almost smashed his spine, and his body rushed forward uncontrollably. He didn’t even stop him from the side ropes of the ring, fell directly out of the ring, touched the ground with his head, and fainted.

one move!

There was silence in the boxing arena.

This link is just to relax the audience in the tight and tight competition. No audience can beat a boxer so badly and solve it so quickly, so the audience in the stands is already dumbfounded.


“I am not wrong it, this boxer in front of him, how like papered.”

“It will not be boxing games people deliberately arranged it, how will so strong.”

Sent the audience again and again Sigh, everyone has an expression of disbelief on their faces.

Amare was already dumbfounded. He thought that Stanley was playing with him. When Stanley came to power, he was still worried about Stanley, worried that his small arms and legs would be scrapped.

But now, Stanley’s powerful strength proved that he was not only joking, but also terrifyingly strong.

“I’m not dizzy, is this guy really Stanley?” Amare swallowed and said.

Ekon had known Stanley for a long time, but he had not seen Stanley actually make a move. At this time, he was beyond surprise.

Not only is rich, but also has such a great skill, where does it come from?

“Change people.” Stanley said to the staff after getting a boxer.

The staff’s expression was still in a sluggish state. After listening to Stanley’s words, he recovered and said, “Wait a minute.”

He hurriedly walked to the boxer’s lounge, and the staff called someone who was better able to hit. Man is quite famous in the boxing arena. He has maintained a two-week winning streak. For the boxing arena, although it is not the most powerful, it is also at the middle level.

“This spectator, if you are injured during the next match, our boxing ring will not be responsible.” The staff reminded Stanley that he injured a boxer. If you don’t find face in the boxing ring The person of, undoubtedly smashed his own sign, so he has reminded the newly found fist and tried his best to preserve the reputation of the boxing field.

“Can these wastes hurt me?” Stanley said lightly.

The staff gritted their teeth. Such an arrogant person does not deserve sympathy even if he is killed.

“Good luck.”

The boxer was on the stage, looking at Stanley with a grinning smile, and said: “Brother, you…”

” Where is so much nonsense.” Stanley interrupted him and took the lead in attacking, bending his legs and making a fuss. At the same time, the whole ring was shaken.

The boxer felt the trembling of the ring, and his eyes were shocked. What kind of pervert is this guy, and he has such exaggerated strength.

It was visible to the naked eye that Stanley was still two meters away, but in the blink of an eye, the boxer suddenly realized that this man had already reached him and subconsciously raised his hands to protect his head. At the same time, he was hit in the abdomen.


The physical collision actually made a clanging sound, and the fighter yelled in pain and retreated to the side of the ring to stabilize the figure.

Before he had time to recover, Stanley jumped up and kicked. The boxer only felt that his neck was about to break at that moment, and then his eyes went dark, and he fell on the ring like mud.

The audience was in an uproar!

Chapter 75 Knife Twelve
This is too fierce. “

If he is not from the boxing field, my name must be written backwards. It must be deliberately arranged by the boxing field.” “

Ordinary audience, how could he be so powerful.” “

Inside the audience broke out, only Amare and Ekon knew that Stanley had nothing to do with the boxing field, but they had no vocabulary in their minds about how to describe Stanley.

” Isn’t it about planning to single-handedly fight the entire field? “Amare said with a wry smile.

Ekon wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, “It’s not impossible, but Brian’s master is Ruyun, can he really stop it?” “

Do you think he can’t stop him?” These two fighters didn’t even have a chance to fight back. How could such a powerful person be willing to join Evans’s house, and he was treated as a waste by the entire London. “Amare said in a puzzled way. If he is so rich, if he is so skilled, he would never be willing to be ridden on his head.

Is it really just for a woman to be stumped?

The staff’s face is extremely ugly. It seems that only the strongest boxer in the field can come forward, and we must not let the boxing field lose face today.

“Do you want to continue? “The staff asked Stanley.

“If it’s all this rubbish, there is no need to waste time.” “Stanley said.

“Don’t worry, I will let the most powerful person come forward and never let you down.” “The staff gritted their teeth and returned to the boxer lounge.

When the boxers knew that they had lost again, they also acted very surprised. How could an ordinary audience be so powerful.

The staff walked up to a boxer full of scars. , Said solemnly: “Sword Twelve, it’s your turn to come forward. “

“I don’t have a match today.” Twelve raised his head, with a scar that runs through the entire face, which looks particularly hideous. His name is very famous in the boxing arena. He is one of the best masters, has many fans, and The shot is tough, and almost every game will see blood, so few people are willing to become opponents with him.

His purpose is very simple. Fighting is for money. Every time he plays a game, he needs to pay a certain amount. Don’t let him do things without money. He doesn’t care whether the boxing field will lose face because of this matter.

The staff member said coldly: “You work for the boxing field, and now the boxing field is in trouble. If you don’t show up, don’t blame me for telling Brian.”

“Even if Brian is in front of me, he has to take the money.” Twelve Said.

The staff gritted their teeth. If such a small matter were reported to Brian, he would definitely be treated as a waste of inefficient work by Brian. Brian blamed it, and the consequences were beyond his ability to bear.

“Okay, just when you play one more game, the money will be given to you.”

Twelve stood up and walked out of the lounge.

When Twelve appeared on the ring, the audience was shocked, and no one thought that Twelve would appear in the boxing arena.

In the weekday competition, due to the fact that there are not many spectators, Twelve will not participate in any competition, even on weekends and holidays, it is lucky to be able to see the Twelve game.

“It’s actually the twelve swords who came forward.”

“This is not a big day, and there are not many audiences. How can the boxing ring make such an arrangement.”

“Could it be that this person is not arranged by the boxing ring?”

“If he is not. The person in the boxing field, the Twelve Swordsman came forward, he was miserable. The opponent of Twelve Swords last time, but both hands were interrupted. I heard that he is still in the hospital.”

“I didn’t expect to encounter it today . This kind of wonderful show really didn’t come in vain.”

Everyone in the audience was gearing up, looking excited and looking forward to it.

After Amare and Ekon heard what those people said, their expressions became serious.

“Is this twelve swords strong?” Amare asked.

Ekon said with horror: “He has very few matches in games, but he is currently the only one to maintain a complete victory, and he is merciless. His opponent, the luckiest one, has to go to the hospital to lie down for a week.”

“Is there any way to stop it? I can’t watch Stanley get injured.” Amare said.

Ekon shook his head helplessly. With the shame of the boxing field, it would never be possible to spare Stanley. This matter was related to the face of the boxing field.

“Boss Amare, now we can only see the strength of Brother Stanley, we intervene, if Brian is disturbed, the matter will be more serious.” Ekon said.

On the ring, Twelve said to Stanley, “Dude, I suggest you go to the Municipal Orthopedic Hospital. The doctors there are good.”

When Stanley faced Twelve, he was not as relaxed as before. He could see It came out that the Twelve Sabre was a ruthless man, and his skill should be very strong. Kayden said that he should not be taken lightly in the face of any enemy, especially those that threaten his life.

“Since you are so familiar, you can reserve a bed for yourself first.” Stanley said lightly.

The Twelve Swords face was expressionless, and the scar on his face was even more hideous, like a demon face, and said: “You can push me back a step, even if I lose.”

Twelve Swords clenched fists with both hands, bursting out soy beans. sound.

Stanley’s body bends slightly, showing a state of pulling a bow.

The bodies of the two exploded at the same time, and the whole ring seemed to be about to collapse, shaking.

All the spectators in the Quartet stand couldn’t help holding their breath. This was an absolute strong match, and it might even be the most exciting match in the history of the boxing arena.


When the two fists collided, Stanley’s right hand trembled, and a severe pain struck from the knuckles, but he did not step back, and the face under the mask did not even change at all.

Sword Twelve’s expression was slightly surprised. There was no one who could fist with him in the entire boxing field. This was not only a collision of strength, but also the strength of the body. Just like this, the fingers of other fighters must Will be abolished!

Under the ring, the other fighters also came out early to watch the excitement. This scene made everyone look astonished.

“He dared to fight the twelve swords.”

“Does this guy know that the twelve swords are copper-skinned and iron bones?”

“But looking at him, I really don’t want to be hurt too much.”

On the ring, two The man closed his fists at the same time, and the next attack of the twelve swords was like a violent storm, fists to the flesh.

Stanley was in trouble, unable to fight back, and could only resist desperately.

With the loud sound of Twelve Swords, he threw a sharp punch and pointed it at Stanley’s chest.

Stanley’s hands folded into his palms, covering his chest, and the huge force struck him, causing Stanley to retreat smoothly all the way to the edge of the ring.

In the stands, Amare and Ekon stood up at the same time. Although they were not in them, they could feel the amazing power of the twelve sword punch.

“Fuck, the power of the twelve swords is too abnormal.” Amare said.

“It’s Brother Stanley who is abnormal, so he didn’t take a step back. He couldn’t let go of his strength at all. He took all the strength of a twelve punch with a knife.” Ekon said.

“It really can’t, only we will come forward. Even if we tear our face with Brian, we can’t put Stanley in a dangerous situation.” Amare couldn’t help watching Stanley get injured, and in his opinion, Stanley could never be the opponent of Twelve.

“Wait a little longer, Brother Stanley should be measured.”

“With my strength, I don’t want to take a step back. That’s good.” Twelve looked at Stanley with admiration. As an ordinary person, he had already fallen on the ring, but Stanley did not. Still as stable as Mount Tai.

Stanley put down his hands and held his hands behind, no one could see his trembling hands.

“You are such a powerful person, you chose to come here to have a meal, but you are buried.” Stanley said lightly.

Twelve looked indifferent, and said: “I take the money from the boxing field and I will do things for the boxing field. I admire you, but it doesn’t mean I will let you go.”

Twelve kicked the ground with his right foot, and the ring was sunken. A thrilling footprint, a huge body like a tiger, and his right fist roared.

Stanley leaped slightly and kicked out his right leg, seemingly intending to take a fist with his foot.

“You are looking for death.” Twelve let out a cold voice.

Stanley twisted his body in an extremely unergonomic posture in the air, avoiding the fists of the Twelve Swordsman, stomped on the chest of the Twelve Twelve Swords, and then stepped out thunderously with his left foot.

Twelve frowned slightly, and closed his fists to resist the strength of Stanley’s feet.

Chapter 76 Holding Hands

Twelve thought that he would have no problem bearing Stanley’s feet, but when that force hit, Twelve’s face changed drastically. Compared with his imagination, the strength was much stronger!

Stanley kicked again while he was falling.

The twelve swords retreat three steps in a row, standing on the spot dumbly!

The entire boxing field was silent.

The other fighters beside the ring saw this scene, their eyes widened, as if they had seen a ghost, they couldn’t believe it.

Force back the knife twelve!

This person actually forced the twelve swords back.

Twelve swords are so powerful and never met. Although he didn’t lose, but he retreated three steps in a row. This is something that people can’t believe.

Stanley landed and slammed out of the ring with a loud noise.

“Does what you have said counts?” Stanley said lightly.

Twelve said that as long as he could force him one step back, he would admit defeat, but now, he has taken three steps back.

He walked off the ring without saying a word, and said to the staff: “I don’t want the money for this game.”

The staff looked like pig liver. Brian would know about this matter. If you blame it, he has to bear it. all responsibility.

Stanley breathed a sigh of relief. If the Twelve Sabre didn’t admit it and continued to fight, he might have to be carried out of the boxing ring today. His hands were so numb that he didn’t feel it, and the carelessness of the twelve swords made him find a chance.

This guy, I’m afraid he can fight Master Kayden for a few rounds, which is really terrifying.

Stanley stepped off the ring and walked towards the door.

The staff did not dare to stop, so they could only let Stanley leave.

When Amare and Ekon saw this, they quickly followed Stanley.

When he got to the street, Stanley threw off his mask, and Amare and Ekon had already walked to his side.

“How about, do you need to go to the hospital?” Although Amare was shocked by Stanley’s strength, he knew that Stanley was definitely injured.

Stanley shook his head and said, “Let me drive me home.”

“I don’t really need to go to the hospital? Are you sure? Are your hands okay?” Amare can see Stanley as the distance gets closer. The shaking hands and three consecutive questions expressed his concern for Stanley.

Stanley smiled and said, “You can go to the hospital anytime, but tonight is a special day.”

Brian’s office, when he learned that an audience in the boxing ring actually forced the knife back. I didn’t believe this at first, and didn’t find it incredible until after repeated confirmation.

Although Brian was very dissatisfied with the attitude of the Twelve Swords being out of his control, Brian also had to admit the powerful strength of the Twelve Swords. This is why Brian would condone the Twelve Swords. A strong person naturally has His arrogant capital, even if he can’t obey orders, but being able to stay in his boxing ring is a little less threatening.

And now, there was a person who was stronger than Twelve, which was undoubtedly a potential crisis for Brian.

“Immediately send someone to check his details. Within a day, I want all his information.” Brian ordered.

“Brother Brian, the surveillance video of the boxing arena has been intercepted. Would you like to see it?”

“Of course you need to see the nonsense question you are asking.” Brian wouldn’t watch the person who can force the twelve swords back.

When the video screen appeared, Brian’s expression became more and more solemn. In terms of body shape, there is a very big gap between him and Twelve, but his strength is not weaker than Twelve.

Especially when Brian saw the scene of smoothly retreating to the edge of the ring, he felt even more incredible. With such a powerful force as the Twelve Swordsman, he was able to resist abruptly, which was no longer what ordinary people did in Brian’s eyes.

“This person, after finding out, can’t use it for me, just find a chance to kill, absolutely must not allow such a threat to exist.” Brian said coldly.

Stanley didn’t know that he had become Brian’s target. After returning home, he took a shower and returned to the room. To his surprise, he found that the floor was gone and there was an extra pillow on the bed.

Jessica slept sideways with her back facing Stanley. Stanley didn’t know if she was asleep, but this means that this year after three years, he finally has the right to go to bed.

As soon as he lay in bed, Stanley heard Jessica say: “Your position is beyond the red thread.”

Stanley was inexplicable at first, until he saw a red thread sewn on the bed sheet, which made him laugh.

Jessica actually sewed a red thread on the bed sheet. Although it was skewed, it was clearly divided.

“When will there be no red lines?” Stanley asked with a smile.

“It depends on your performance.” Jessica’s face turned red, and the palms of her palms were even more nervous and sweaty.

Although she has lived in the same room with Stanley for three years, it was the first time for her to sleep together so close together.

“What if you cross the line?” Stanley said.

“How could I cross the line, you think too much.” Jessica said decisively.

Stanley smiled and didn’t say anything. Jessica was not honest when she went to bed. Things often happened at the head of the bed before going to bed and at the end of the bed after waking up. This was beyond her control.

But for Stanley, as long as he doesn’t cross the line, he doesn’t care about Jessica’s posture after waking up.

When Jessica woke up at 6 o’clock the next day, seeing Stanley behaved, she kept in the original position, and she was relieved.

After getting up and washing, Jessica realized that Stanley was still lying in bed.

“Aren’t you overly comfortable, don’t you stop running today?” Jessica asked.

“I want to take a day off.” Stanley said.

Jessica walked to the bed and directly took Stanley’s hand and said, “I’m not used to it without you.”

A cold sweat broke out on Stanley’s back, but his expression was the same. He smiled and said, “Go “

Washing your face and brushing your teeth is an ordinary action, but it is very difficult for today’s Stanley. After finishing these two daily tasks, the sweat on his back has soaked his clothes.

“What’s wrong with you today? You sweated so early in the morning?” Jessica asked strangely when she saw the watermark on Stanley’s back as soon as she went out.

“Don’t you think the weather is a bit sultry?” Stanley said.

The weather entered the summer, and it was indeed lively, but the Lanzarote leisure in the morning was very cool. Jessica didn’t think much about it, probably because everyone’s physique and feelings are different.

“Let’s go.”

The route of the two people from the mountainside to the top of the mountain, the Lanzarote leisure road is winding, and the distance is not much different from the previous running route.

After reaching the top of the mountain, Jessica’s favorite thing was taking big mouthfuls of breath, but she was a little restless today. She tentatively held Stanley’s hand in the morning, but this was not a real improvement for her.

Since they are already sleeping in the same bed with Stanley, Jessica hopes that the relationship between the two of them will gradually deepen. Although it cannot be done overnight, gradual development is also necessary.

And she knew that if she did not take this step, Stanley would not do it, because Stanley cared about her feelings, and would not do anything uncomfortable without her consent.

Quietly pacing close to Stanley, Jessica pointed to London under the mountain and said, “I really want to be qualified to overlook London here. Thank you.”

“Unfortunately, the scenery here is not beautiful enough.” Stanley said.

“Where is it so beautiful?” Jessica asked suspiciously.

Stanley raised his hand to the north and said, “There is a city called over there.”

Jessica found the opportunity, pretended to inadvertently slap Stanley’s hand, and then shook hands with it, and said, “You have a big heart.

Because of nervousness, Jessica couldn’t control her strength and squeezed Stanley’s hand tightly.

The pain was unbearable, but Stanley had a smile on his face. Compared with the pain, the achievement of holding hands was nothing.

“One day, I will take you there to see different scenery.” Stanley said.

“I believe in you.” Jessica looked at Stanley sincerely.

Today, the two of them did not run down the mountain, but walked holding hands, looking at the green scenery of Lanzarote leisure along the road, and an atmosphere of love spread between them.

After breakfast, Stanley and Jessica stood beside the car, both in the position of the co-pilot.

“What are you doing?” Jessica asked puzzledly.

Chapter 77: Embarrassed

Stanley can tolerate the previous things, but driving is likely to cause unnecessary danger. In case Jessica is injured, Stanley will not forgive himself.

With an embarrassed expression of Stanley hesitated, Jessica was anxious, and said, “Is there anything you can’t tell me?”

Stanley was shocked, and finally the relationship with Jessica has improved. If Jessica is allowed to progress. Misunderstanding, the hard work during this period of time has been in vain.

“Actually, my hand was injured, so I couldn’t drive.” Stanley said truthfully.

“Injured?” Jessica looked at Stanley suspiciously. She didn’t notice any difference in Stanley’s hand. She was holding his hand just now, although it was trembling, but Jessica mistakenly thought it was Stanley who was too excited. There will be a response.

Pulling Stanley’s hand, Jessica asked: “Does it hurt? Isn’t it serious?”

“It’s not very serious, but if you drive, it will be troublesome in case of an accident.” Stanley said.

“Go, go to the hospital.” Jessica said to Stanley after sitting in the driving seat.

“No, I’ll just take a two-day rest.” Stanley said.

Jessica glared at Stanley, and said without refusal: “I will let you get in the car.”

“Okay.” Stanley got in the car helplessly.

When he arrived at the hospital, Stanley took the film first, and then went to see a doctor after he got the film. Jessica accompanied him throughout the whole process, and Stanley was quite moved after his busy schedule.

“Doctor, the film is already here, you can help me see it soon.” Jessica said to the doctor.

The doctor took out the light film, his expression became shocked in an instant, and asked Stanley: “What did you do with your hands, except for your thumb, you have all comminuted fractures.”

Comminuted fracture!

Jessica stood there blankly, Stanley didn’t tell her about such a serious injury!

And when he was running before, he dragged him tightly, and he didn’t cry out in pain.

It turns out that his trembling hand was not because of excitement, but because of pain?

Jessica instantly became pear blossoms with rain, and the two lines of tears couldn’t help it, and asked Stanley: “Why didn’t you tell me, just now I pulled your hand, won’t you hurt if you are stumped?”

Stanley smiled and said, “That’s the first time you took the initiative to hold me, so what’s the pain?”

Jessica walked up to Stanley, hammered two fists on her chest, and said angrily: “Are you stupid, I Just so hard, why didn’t you break free, I can hold you next time.”

Stanley shook his head and said, “Every time I hold a hand, I should cherish it.”


“Ahem.” The doctor After a dry cough, he said: “This is the doctor’s office, but it’s not the place where you flirt and curse, and you can’t cure the disease.”

Jessica blushed and said, “I’m sorry.”

“His hand The injury is very serious and requires plaster fixation. You can’t do any heavy work during the recuperation period. The recovery period will be about forty days. During this time, you should take care of him.” The doctor said.

“Good.” Jessica said.

“Doctor, it doesn’t take forty days. I am often injured. I can recover in about a week. I don’t need a plaster, right?” Stanley said embarrassedly. If both hands are in plaster, he can really do everything. Not anymore.

The doctor glared at Stanley and said, “You treat yourself as a superman? How can it be possible to recover in one week? With my decades of medical experience, it will take at least forty days.”

Stanley smiled bitterly, and he was right. He knows his body’s recovery ability better than doctors. Since he was a child, he has followed Kayden to practice martial arts. Injuries are common. The body has long been used to it. Fractures are just commonplace.

“Stop talking and listen to the doctor.” Jessica sealed Stanley’s mouth, and Stanley had to follow suit.

Putting on the plaster, Stanley looked embarrassed, this time it was really useless, don’t expect to do anything with his hands.

“During this time, you follow me and go to the company to work every day, otherwise I will not be able to take care of you.” Jessica said after walking out of the hospital.

In the current situation, only Jessica can say what Stanley did. After all, he is now a waste who has difficulty even eating.

However, it is also a good thing to go to work with Jessica.

When he arrived at the company, when Jessica was busy with work, Stanley sat on the sofa in the reception area to rest, even if he was just watching Jessica quietly, it was very good to him.

For lunch, Jessica took on the task of feeding Stanley, let Stanley eat first, then moved his chopsticks and took care of it very carefully.

“I’ll go to the toilet.” After eating, Stanley said to Jessica.

Jessica would take a lunch break every day to recharge her energy and nod her head.

When I arrived in the bathroom, I just ran into Finn. Seeing Stanley with his hands in plaster, Finn smiled and said, “Oh, which designer’s new look is this. It’s trendy.”

“If you want it,” I can give you a pair.” Stanley said lightly.

Finn suffered two losses in the hands of Stanley. Knowing that he couldn’t beat Stanley, he coldly snorted: “You can keep this kind of good thing by yourself. I don’t need it. After all, this style is not very good.

Go to the toilet.” Stanley stood there blankly.

Yes, how to go to the toilet, he can’t even use his hands, how to untie his pants, he can’t be suffocated by a pee!

After trying it out in the cubicle, Stanley was so sad that he made an international joke, and there was nowhere to start.

Walking out of the bathroom helplessly, Stanley found that Jessica was standing at the door, which was extremely embarrassing.

“Are you… on it?” Jessica didn’t dare to look at Stanley, staring at the floor and asked.

“This…hehe, in fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t make it, and it’s not very urgent.” Stanley said embarrassedly.

Jessica stepped forward, pulling at the corner of Stanley’s clothes, and pulling Stanley to the door of the women’s toilet, and said, “Wait a minute.”

Jessica went to the toilet first, and then walked to the door after making sure that there was no one. Stanley said, “Nobody, come in quickly.”

“That’s not so good!” Stanley smiled awkwardly. He has never been to a women’s bathroom in his life.

Jessica put the cleaning sign at the door and said, “Are you going to suffocate yourself?”

Stanley was dragged into the women’s toilet. The next thing was a little indescribable, but whether it was Stanley or Jessica, both Feeling embarrassing to death.

Fortunately, no one went to the toilet during this process, otherwise the company would not know what kind of criticism would come out.

After going to the toilet, Stanley was relaxed, Jessica blushed and ran back to the office. After thinking about it, Stanley decided to go to the canteen downstairs. Going to the office now will definitely make the two of them embarrassed. Becomes more serious.

Amare opened the door today. When he saw the look of Stanley’s hands in plaster, he couldn’t help but laughed: “Ah, master, this is a new weapon, what advanced thing?”

Stanley glared at King Kong. Looking at Amare, he said in a cold voice, “Hand over a cigarette.”

Amare took out a new pack from the smoke cabinet and opened it, and said, “This can be credited to your account.”

He gave Stanley a point. Go up, and put the rest in his pocket again.

“Boss Amare, I didn’t realize that you were a shameless person before.” Stanley said speechlessly.

Amare ink heavy sigh and said:. “Boss is not good when ah, men brothers have to eat, this money does not fall from the sky, anyway, you are only sheep can pull out a little bit count.”

“Do not The boss of, but he has always only cared about his own pockets, regardless of the life and death of his brothers, you are fine, you are almost out of food, and you want to take care of the people.” Stanley said.

There is no doubt that Amare emphasizes love and righteousness. Otherwise, Stanley would not have a good relationship with him.

“I really don’t have any money. Why don’t you spend 200 million?” Stanley asked.

“Are you serious?” Amare looked at Stanley seriously. He does need some money for turnover now, but it doesn’t even cost 200 million.

“Do you think I am joking with you?” Stanley said.

Without saying a word, Amare lowered the gate.

“What are you doing?” Stanley asked in confusion.

“Of course it’s going to the bank to transfer money.”

Chapter 78 The Evans family Crisis
The resolute Amare directly pulled Stanley into the bank, and Stanley was also very happy, and unambiguously transferred 200 million.

Seeing Amare pinching the bank card in his hand, with an uncontrollable smile on his face, Stanley suddenly felt speechless.

Anyway, he was also the boss of London before, how could he be like someone who has never seen the world.

“Amare, I really doubt if you used to have a false name, and such a small amount of money made you happy?” Stanley said.

Amare made a slurping sound, despising: “How do you, a rich person, know the suffering of the people? How many people have never seen 200 million in your life, and you can’t stand to speak.”

Amare made sense. , Stanley couldn’t refute it either.

“By the way, I heard that Brian is sending someone to inquire about you. During this time, you’d better keep a low profile and regard Brian as a person. If you are found out by him, if you don’t help him, he is likely to attack you. Killing.” Amare reminded.

“Don’t worry, I can’t find it on my head.” Stanley said with a smile.

“Why?” Ink masculine question, then suddenly realized, smiled and said:. “Cloud City, but you were out of the waste, the suspect who will not doubt you, ah, you can disguise it really invincible”

“The knife twelve People, very useful, you can find a way to win them over.” Stanley said solemnly. With his skills, it is estimated that it is difficult to find a place that can match London. It can be used for his own use and can help a lot.

“I’ll check it, but you surprised me. It’s so powerful, but I heard that the twelve swords have never lost.” Amare said.

“He hasn’t lost now. If he really fights with no regard for the consequences, I will die miserably.” Stanley said.

“What about him?” Amare asked curiously.

Stanley had been quiet for a long time, and said in a deep voice, “Invalid.”

Amare raised his eyebrows, this is not easy, after all, it is the twelve sword.

Back in the company, the previous embarrassment has eased a lot. Jessica is busy sorting out a lot of documents, all of which need to be done by her personally. She doesn’t want any accidents in the project.

“I’m going to grandma’s house tonight.” Jessica said when Stanley came back.

“What’s the matter?” Stanley asked in doubt. Except for the family day every month, it is usually due to special circumstances. It is so urgent today, it is very likely that something has happened.

“I don’t know too much, but I guess it may be related to the company.” Jessica said.

“Company? What’s the situation?” Stanley asked curiously.

“The cooperation in the West City project is very difficult for the Evans family, and the funds cannot be returned, but the building materials have to be continuously transferred. I had long expected that the Evans family would have financial difficulties, but I did not expect it to come so soon.” Jessica sighed and said.

Stanley nodded, the Evans family’s strength was indeed stretched to cope with the entire city west project.

“It seems that we have to raise funds from each family, but this is not a long-term solution.” Stanley said.

“Yes, so the Evans family is facing a huge problem now, and I don’t know how grandma will solve it.” After

work, Jessica drove and took Stanley directly to the Evans family villa.

The old lady was waiting in the living room very early today, without her previous ostentation.

After the Evans family’s relatives were all present, the old lady said, “The company has already emptied the book to deal with the Eilicon project. I called you today because I wanted you to make suggestions for the Evans family.”

When it comes to money, The relatives of the Evans family were silent, allowing them to make money from the company, but it was impossible for them to pay the company from their pockets.

“Grandma, to deal with the Eilicon project, she can only find a way to find a bank loan.” Finn said.

The old lady shook her head and said: “I’ve talked to someone, but no bank is willing to lend us. I suspect that someone is causing trouble in this matter.”

The Eilicon project is a big piece of fat, and London is more qualified than the Evans family to cooperate with weak water real estate companies. It is normal for someone to deliberately obstruct it. Commercial competition has never lacked secretly insidious, cunning, and smoke-free wars. There are deceitful tricks.

“If the bank loan doesn’t work, what shall we do?” Finn said.

“I think you have sold all the houses in your hands, realizing valuable property, and helping the Evans family tide over this difficulty.” The old lady said.

The house is sold for cash, doesn’t this make them homeless?

The relatives of the Evans family will never use their own interests to help the Evans family fill the holes, and it will take at least one or two years to wait until the funds for the Eilicon project are returned. They don’t want to live a hard life.

“Mom, how can this be done? After selling the house, where do we live?” Lucas said.

“Can’t you rent a house temporarily? You feel wronged?” the old lady said sharply.

“But even if you sell the house, it’s a drop in the bucket. It’s useless at all.” Lucas said.

At this time, Sarah stood up and looked at Jessica and said: “Grandma, we don’t actually need to sell the house. As long as Jessica is willing to sell the Lanzarote leisure villa, the money is worth all of us to sell the

house .” “Yes, the value of the Lanzarote leisure villa. It’s the biggest one.”

“What’s the point for us, and Jessica is the person in charge of the Eilicon project. She won’t be unwilling.”

“Jessica, I think this proposal is feasible. You should sell the villa quickly. Right.” The

spear was directed at Jessica in an instant, and everyone was counting on Jessica to sell the villa to avoid them from suffering unreasonable disaster.

Jessica never expected that things would develop like this. The Lanzarote leisure villa was not the Evans family’s money, and she was not qualified to sell it.

“Jessica, the money for buying the villa is left to you by my grandfather. Now it is used to help the company tide over the difficulties. Wouldn’t you disagree?” Sarah is quite proud of her proposal. She can’t understand that Jessica can live in such a good place. , Now finally there is a chance to let her roll out of the Lanzarote leisure villa.

Ella naturally disagreed with 10,000 in her heart, but in front of the old lady, she did not dare to be presumptuous, and couldn’t help looking at Stanley. Will he have a solution?

The old lady knew that this proposal was unfair to Jessica. Perhaps it was to make Jessica feel better, and said: “The last time the Shaw family gave the bride price, I also plan to take out a pawn to make up for the company’s accounts, and wait until…” the

old lady said Before he finished speaking, Sarah refused to agree, and said, “Grandma, that’s my thing. If you let the Shaw family know, what if he is unhappy, I won’t agree.”

“Are you so sure that people are after you? “” the old lady said coldly.

“Of course, besides me, who is eligible for the Evans family? Are they pretty as me?” Sarah said without hesitation.

In fact, the old lady believed in her heart that the bride price was for Sarah Evans. The other clan juniors weren’t pretty. The other party was so rich and gave such a heavy bride price. How could it be done without any beauty?

“Sarah Evans, my villa can be sold, but your dowry will not work. What is the reason?” Jessica said.

Sarah did not expect to Jessica dug a pit, even she herself fell in, looking grim, said: “I say no is no, anyone who dares to sell my dowry, I going forever.”

“Stumped me all Is it useless?” the old lady said.

It’s a matter of self-interest, Sarah doesn’t care whose idea it is.

“Grandma, this is my chance to marry a rich family. If you sell my betrothal gift, what if he is unhappy and doesn’t show up again? Are you going to destroy me? Jessica’s villa is the money left by her grandfather, she It is right to sell.” Sarah said.

Ella regretted making up this story at this time. Otherwise, it would not be Sarah Evans’s word. Then the luxurious villa hasn’t been living for a few days. If it is really sold, where do they live?

The old house Ella can’t wait to sell it for money. There is no Lanzarote leisure villa, even a home.

“Yes, it is right for Jessica to sell the house. Grandma, let her sell it.”

“Mom, the money should belong to the Evans family. Grandpa gave it to them without telling you. Now it is not too difficult for them to spit it out. They.”

“Jessica, the Evans family is in trouble now, and you are the person in charge of the Eilicon project. Shouldn’t you help the Evans family survive the trouble?”

Chapter 79: One Billion Loan
When everyone was staring at Jessica, Jessica was furious, and Stanley whispered a few words in his ear.

Jessica looked at Stanley in shock, and shook her head slightly. Now everyone is eager to put the blame on her. If she takes the initiative to take the initiative, wouldn’t it just give them a chance?

Stanley smiled and nodded, and said, “Trust me.”

Jessica was taken aback. Every time Stanley said these three words, she would choose to believe it without hesitation. This belief has almost become a reality. rely.

“Grandma, I can find a way to get a bank loan.” Jessica stood up and said.

As soon as he said this, Finn sneered, and even the old lady couldn’t find a loan. How could Jessica manage it.

“Don’t talk about it, can you do things that grandma can’t do?” Finn said.

“Arlo, since she wants to brag, you can let her brag, but we have to say in advance, what if you can’t do it?” Sarah smiled.

“If I can’t do it, I will sell the Lanzarote leisure villa without complaint, but if I do, I also have a request.” Jessica said.

“What’s the requirement?” The old lady stood up and asked. If she could find a bank loan, the Evans family’s crisis would be gone. Even if Jessica had a request, the old lady was willing to meet it.

After all, selling a house is just a stopgap measure, and it cannot last for a long time. Only a loan can really handle this matter.

“I will take care of the company’s finances from now on,” Jessica said.


“Jessica, are you crazy?”

“Finance takes care of you, why don’t you say to leave the company to you alone.”

Relatives of the Evans family got up angrily. Now Jessica is the person in charge of the Eilicon project. If she is handing over the finances to her, wouldn’t she be the only one in the company? The most important thing is that if Jessica manages the finances, and they want to fish in the company in the future, what should Jessica do to make things difficult?

“Jessica, you really have a convulsion in your brain. How could grandma leave the finances to you?” Finn has been seeking opportunities to get back his position and rights in the company. Now that Jessica rubs his nose, he certainly won’t agree.

Sarah sneered at Jessica and said: “Jessica, I didn’t expect your ambitions to be so big, you want to swallow the company by yourself .”

“Sarah Evans, how did I swallow the company? Have I ever taken a penny that I shouldn’t have taken? However, you know how much corruption is committed in the company every year.

Since you want me to solve this financial problem, and I will manage the company’s future finances, is there any problem? Or can you solve it?” Jessica retorted. .

Jessica scanned the Evans family’s relatives in the living room, and no one dared to look at him wherever he looked. They all knew their abilities, and this matter must not have anything to do with them.

“Jessica, do you really have a way to get a loan?” the old lady asked. Although she was unwilling to hand over the finances to Jessica, she had no choice for the current plan.

“Grandma, don’t believe her, how could she get a loan? Even if it’s no use getting one or two million, she just wants to defraud the company’s rights.” Finn said anxiously, but she couldn’t convince the old lady. Jessica, otherwise he has no chance of turning over in the company.

“Jessica, you dare to play in front of grandma with this little trick, do you really think grandma is so good to deceive?” Sarah sneered.

“Yes, if you want to manage the company’s finances, you have to talk about how many loans you can get.” Lucas said.

Jessica hadn’t spoken yet, only a leisurely voice rang out: “One billion.”

Everyone followed the voice, and it turned out that Stanley was talking.

“Stanley, are you talking here? Are you really bragging about not looking at the weather or being afraid of being struck by lightning?” Finn said with a smile.

It’s not just the Evans family’s relatives who don’t believe it, nor the old lady. How could the Evans family be eligible for a large loan of one billion.

“Stanley, you shut up, there is no place for you to speak here.” The old lady said dissatisfiedly, and the toad yawned with a big tone.

Jessica glanced at Stanley, and said to the old lady: “Grandma, he is not kidding. I can get a one billion loan, but the condition is the financial control of the company.” The

old lady couldn’t bear to breathe when she saw Jessica so decisively. She hastened to live. If she can get a one-billion-dollar loan, she will no longer have to worry about the company’s financial situation.

“If you can get it, I can promise you.” the old lady said.

Finn and Sarah didn’t dare to refute this sentence, because Jessica can really do it and is indeed qualified to control the company’s financial power, but only if she can do it.

One billion, why can the Evans family be able to borrow one billion, even if it is staked on the entire company, no bank is willing.

“This time Jessica is settled, how could she borrow one billion.” After the Evans family’s relatives dispersed, Sarah and Finn left in the same car, and Sarah said with a sneer.

“Given the market value of the Evans family’s company, it is indeed impossible for a bank to lend so much, but I am still a little worried about accidents. If Jessica really controls the company’s financial power, we will be sad in the future.” Finn worried. .

“What’s to worry about, unless she goes to bed with the president, but just like her, even if she is willing to sleep with her, no one will take care of her.” Sarah said viciously.

On the other hand, the Audi A6 is on.

Jessica drove the car in a daze. Stanley gave her an idea, but she never expected that Stanley would blurt out an astonishing amount of one billion loans.

“Stanley, do you really think I can loan one billion?” Jessica asked.

“Stanley, if this thing cannot be done, our villa will be gone, how can you open your mouth for a billion, do you think money can fall from the sky?” Ella began to complain before Stanley spoke. , His temper a little bit, change to the usual, I’m afraid I have already pointed at Stanley’s nose to curse.

Of course, there is a reason for not swearing, Ella still wants to let Stanley transfer the villa to Jessica.

“Don’t worry, there should be no problem.” Stanley said.

Hearing what Stanley said, Jessica was relieved.

Ella snorted twice and stopped talking.

Matthew Evans looked worried and said, “If we can’t get the loan, our villa will be gone.”

“Dad, Stanley said it’s okay, it must be okay, you don’t have to worry about it.” Jessica said.

Matthew Evans reached his lips, and finally swallowed it back. He wanted to say what Stanley could do? But thinking that I was still living in the villa, it was not a good thing to argue with Stanley.

Back home, Stanley made a phone call to the bank. The young woman manager deliberately left Stanley’s number when he withdrew the money last time. It is estimated that he wanted to dedicate himself. Of course, Stanley did not. Take her seriously, the charm is there, but it doesn’t suit Stanley’s appetite.

After receiving the call from Stanley, the manager listened to Stanley’s request. She couldn’t do such a big thing. She just said to report the situation to the district governor.

“It is best to meet tomorrow, otherwise all my money in your bank will be transferred to other banks.” Stanley hung up the phone without waiting for the manager’s answer.

Stanley can do this very simple thing, just give Jessica one billion, but he took the money, it is very troublesome to explain how, so under consideration, it is the most appropriate to complete the loan through the bank. of.

“Brother Brody, the Evans family wants to make a loan. It is a guarantee from a major customer. Do you have time to meet with him.” After the manager called the president Brody, he explained the situation directly.

“Evans family? What Evans family?” Brody asked.

“The Evans family in charge of the Eilicon project.”

“Haha, you just reply directly and let them go, I don’t have time to waste with them.” Brody sneered. All the banks in London would not give Evans family loans, and he received it. Notice, and also took a ill-gotten wealth.

“Brother Brody, the big customer said that if he doesn’t give Evans’s loan, he will transfer all the money in our bank.” The manager became anxious when he heard this. Once the money on the Stanley card is transferred, it will be for them. It is a very huge loss.

“Just turn around, the amount of money is so terrible, do you really think I put him in my eyes?” Brody said with disdain.

“Brother Brody, this big customer has tens of billions of assets!”

Chapter 80 Make You Regret Being a Man

What…what! You say yes…how much. Brody on the other end of the phone was shocked. “Brother Brody, tens of billions.” “The manager said.


Brody took a deep breath. Although he promised certain companies not to loan Evans’s family, and he also received certain benefits, he did not dare to offend customers with tens of billions of deposits. After

thinking for a moment, Brody felt something was wrong again, and asked: “Why is such a rich person willing to guarantee the loan to the Evans family? “

Brother Brody, I don’t know too much, but he said, meet tomorrow, if you don’t show up, I am worried that he will really transfer the assets. “The manager said.

Brody knows how serious this matter is. Even if he wants him to pay back all the ill-gotten gains he had previously taken, he can only reluctantly shed his blood. The long position is definitely not preserved.

” Okay , you can make an appointment for me and meet tomorrow. Brody said.

“Yes. “After

receiving Brody’s instructions, the manager quickly replied to Stanley. At

this time, Stanley and Jessica were lying on the bed and playing with their mobile phones. Jessica’s beautiful legs overlapped each other to form a beautiful curve, Stanley occasionally glanced at it, which was also satisfied. After

answering the phone, Stanley said to Jessica: “I have already made an appointment with the bank district president, and we will meet tomorrow. “

Hearing these words, Jessica sat up with excitement and asked: “Really? “

Of course it is true, can I still lie to you.” “Stanley said with a smile.

Although Jessica believed in Stanley, she was very nervous before, but now she is sure that she really relieved her heart.

Jessica, who was too happy to put her hands on her cheeks, looked at with a smile on her face. Stanley asked, “Go ahead, how do you want me to thank you.” “

Stanley didn’t think about what he would get in return. In his opinion, helping Jessica is a matter of course, after all, they are husband and wife.

“You are my wife, can I help you, do you have any benefits?” Stanley said.

Jessica glared at Stanley, and then lay on the bed with her back facing Stanley. Wouldn’t this incomprehensible guy make a request so that she could go down the stairs? Do you plan to not cross the red line for the rest of your life?

Stanley is a little confused, why is he angry for no reason?

Sure enough, a woman turned her face faster than a book, a needle on the seabed that couldn’t be figured out.

Early the next morning, after the two ran, Jessica personally fed Stanley breakfast. The sweetness of the two made Ella very dissatisfied. She didn’t want Jessica to fall into this unnecessary relationship.

“Stanley, since your hand is injured, just stay at home.” Ella said.

Stanley was a little surprised at this sudden concern, Ella never cared about his life or death.

“Mom, Three Thousand wants to go to the company with me, otherwise no one will take care of him.” Jessica said.

“Aren’t you going to talk about the loan? It’s not convenient to take him with him. There is Aoife at home, are you afraid of starving him to death?” Ella said.

Jessica looked embarrassed and took Stanley to talk about the loan. It was a bit inconvenient to take care of him, but Stanley contacted the president. How could she leave Stanley alone at home?

“Go, I also want to rest at home.” Stanley said.

Seeing that Stanley said so, Jessica had to agree.

After Jessica left, Stanley sat on the sofa in the living room and watched TV. Ella walked over. After sitting down, he smelled a strong perfume.

“When do you plan to add the name Jessica to the villa?” Ella said directly.

Stanley smiled. It turned out that Ella was concerned because of this matter.

“As long as she wants, it doesn’t matter if the villa only writes her name.” Stanley said.

Ella didn’t expect Stanley to be so happy. The 80 million-plus mansion and villas didn’t even blink. This saved her the effort of grinding her mouth and said with a smile: “In this case, you can find time quickly. Go ahead and do this.”

“Ella, if I were really kicked out of Evans’s house by you, you might regret it very much.” Stanley said with a smile.

Ella contemptuous smile, said: “? Your money is draining spent almost right, but also arrogant when”

“This house, even if bought ten, I would not blink an eye.”

“Ability If you don’t rise, the bragging skills are getting more and more powerful. What’s more, even if you have money, I will not look down on Ella.” Ella disdainfully said.

“Really? A woman who worships money like you actually looks down on my money?” Stanley sneered. Ella made things difficult for him. Now he wants to drive him out of the villa. Stanley knows that he can’t let him go anymore. Let her ride on her head.

“Stanley, what do you mean!” Ella looked at Stanley with a sharp expression.

“Speaking so clearly, you can’t understand it? I warn you, if you want to disrupt the relationship between Jessica and me, I will make you regret being a human being.” Stanley finished speaking, got up and went back to the room.

Regret being a man!

This sentence made Ella feel very familiar.

she was!

The woman with more than a dozen bodyguards said the same thing!

Thinking of Maryam, Ella’s face became extremely pale, and the deterrence that Maryam brought to her, even though many days had passed, still made Ella frightened.

At a certain moment, Ella even felt that the tone and attitude of Stanley and Maryam was like a withdrawal!

Ella shook his head. This must be an illusion. How could such a powerful woman have something to do with Stanley?

“Hmph, when you give the villa to Jessica, I’ll come back and clean you up.” Ella said viciously in his eyes.

On the other side, Jessica had already met Brody at this time, and the young woman manager.

Without seeing Stanley, the manager’s expression was slightly disappointed. If this kind of rich young Junyan can’t hook up, it would be a pity in her life for her.

“Miss Jessica, did you come alone today?” Brody didn’t dare to neglect Jessica. I don’t know what the relationship between that big customer and Jessica is, but since he can guarantee the Evans family, it must be related.

“Well, I am now the person in charge of the Eilicon project, so I will talk to you on behalf of me.” Jessica said.

Brody glanced at the manager. The person he wanted to meet was not Jessica, but that person didn’t come, so it was nothing.

“Miss Jessica, you should also be aware of the current situation in London. All banks refuse to lend you loans.” Brody said.

“President Brody, I know what you said, but please believe that the Evans family absolutely has the ability to repay. You should be very clear about the value of the Eilicon Project.” Jessica said.

Brody nodded undeniably, and said: “Yes, but as far as the Evans family is concerned, you want to borrow one billion. I am really embarrassed.”

Jessica is anxious, but she praised Haikou. Billion, the Evans family would definitely make things difficult for her with this.

“But for the sake of your friend’s face, I will agree with this amount. I only hope that Jessica can recommend it if she has time. I want to get to know him.” Brody said.


This incident was facilitated by Stanley, and his so-called friend must be Stanley.

Jessica originally thought that Stanley was only helping her invite the president, but now it seems that Stanley has already done this.

It depends on his face!

Is Stanley’s face worth a billion?

Jessica was shocked in her heart. It seemed that after the Crystal Restaurant, Stanley became more and more difficult.

In other words, he was not a simple person, but he hadn’t shown it before.

“President Brody, are you kidding me?” Jessica said.

“Of course not. I have brought the loan contract. If Jessica feels that there is no problem, as long as she signs it, we will release the loan as soon as possible.” Brody said.

Jessica has a very unreal feeling, this is not ten Pound, but one billion! How could it be so easy?

“President Brody, my friend’s face is worth so much money?” Jessica asked weakly.

“This…” Brody looked embarrassed. He didn’t know whether exposing Stanley’s wealth at random would cause Stanley’s dissatisfaction. If he didn’t treat this big man with pleasure, it would be over.

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