Son in law chapter 81-90

Chapter Eighty One
If President Brody is embarrassed, I won’t ask. “Jessica said.

Brody nodded, and said: “If Jessica has any questions, go and ask your friends, I really can’t disclose it.

“After signing the contract, Brody promised to lend the money as quickly as possible, and Jessica left.

“There will definitely be many companies dissatisfied with me this time. “Brody can foresee that he will be boycotted by those companies in the future, but there is no other way.

We have to agree to this matter. ” brother Brody, we have such a large customer, and the future development of the Evans family will not be simple. Fish and shrimp, what are you doing in your eyes. “The manager said.

Brody smiled and said, “That’s true, but who is this person? We Cloud City, is there such a rich person?” “

Brother Brody, his name is Stanley, would you like to check it?” Said the manager.

“Stanley?” “Brody’s brows gradually frowned, and he suddenly said in surprise: “Stanley, isn’t the famous trash son-in-law of the Evans family called Stanley?”

“The manager stood blankly on the spot. Although she had known Stanley’s name a long time ago, she didn’t even think about that. How could someone with tens of billions be the waste son-in-law of the Evans family?

“Brody…Brody… Brother, no, he, isn’t he useless? “The manager said in disbelief.

Brody sighed and shook his head, and said: “I don’t know too much. Maybe, it’s a different person with the same name. After all, the Evans family never put that waste son-in-law in his eyes. The same person, how could Stanley help Evans’s family?”

The manager also agreed with this statement and nodded.

Jessica did not return to the company, but returned to the Lanzarote leisure villa area. She wanted to share the good news with Stanley, but when she walked to the door of the villa, Jessica was surprised to see Stanley. I have known this result for a long time. For him, what can he share? But why he can let Brody sell such a big face, Jessica still wants to ask.

“Jessica, why did you come back so early today?” Ella was very surprised when she saw Jessica go home.

“Mom, where’s Three Thousand?” Jessica asked.

Ella pulled Jessica onto the sofa and sat down, and said, “I have already talked to Stanley. He is willing to change the name of the villa to you. You can quickly find a time to do this with him.”

Jessica’s face instantly sank when she heard these words: “Mom, that’s why you left Stanley at home?”

“How about it, am I good?” Ella said triumphantly.

“Mom, I won’t want it.” Jessica said coldly.

“You girl, is your brain cramped? Mom took a lot of effort to get him to agree. I’m doing this for your own good. If you don’t do it, don’t recognize me as my mother.” Ella, hands on hips, Dissatisfied, she believed that she threatened Jessica in this way, and Jessica would definitely compromise.

Stanley’s importance to this family is self-evident. Without him, Jessica would not be the person in charge of the Eilicon project, let alone get a one billion loan today. Whether it is a villa or a divorce, Jessica would Impossible to do.

And even without these things, Jessica had already faced her heart long ago and would not divorce Stanley.

“Okay.” Jessica said without hesitation, standing up and walking towards the room.

Ella was stunned, threatening Jessica in this way, she didn’t even compromise.

“Jessica, you stop for me.” Ella said loudly: “Don’t you even look at me now?”

“Mom, if you want to make trouble unreasonably, do I have to stay with you? My words have already been said. It’s very clear, I hope you put away those careful thoughts, or you just move out.” Jessica said lightly.

“You…” Ella pointed at Jessica, too angry to speak.

Jessica returned to the room and found Stanley lying on the bed struggling to play with his mobile phone, looking very bored.

When he walked to the bed, Stanley made room for Jessica and asked with a smile: “How is it, is things going well?”

“My mother is embarrassing you again?” Jessica asked.

“It’s okay, it’s not too embarrassing, but you should have your name written on the villa,” Stanley said.

“Don’t you know why my mother did this? How can you agree to her?” Jessica said puzzledly.

“I know what she is for, but you can call the shots in this matter, don’t you? I don’t believe her, can I still believe you?” Stanley smiled.

Jessica was so touched by these words, it turned out that he promised Ella not because of Ella, but because he believed in her!

Leaning over, a very quick kiss on Stanley’s mouth, Jessica fled the room in a panic.

Stanley was still staying. He didn’t recover for a while, and when he knew what had happened, he smiled bitterly.

“Well, give me some psychological preparation, so I have a chance to respond.” Stanley said regretfully, licking his lips.

How can there be a sweet smell?

Soon, Jessica turned back to the room, because she still had nothing to ask.

He lowered his head and leaned against the door and said: “The loan has been settled. President Brody is only willing to lend the Evans family because of your face. Is your face worth a billion?”

“Your kiss, If you don’t change your daughter, one billion counts.” Stanley said with a smile.

Jessica, who was already red-faced, heard these words, wishing to find a hole in the ground, and said threateningly: “What happened just now is not allowed to be mentioned in the future.”

“How can this work? I want to recall a hundred times every day. From today on, I have to go on a hunger strike, lest your taste is gone.” Stanley said shamelessly.

Jessica stomped her feet with anger, and Stanley laughed out loud with her shyness.

“You’re still laughing, do you want to sleep on the floor tonight?”

The laughter stopped abruptly, and Stanley said solemnly: “By the way, did Brody say anything else?”

“He said, there is a chance that I can recommend it. , He wants to know you.” Jessica said.

“Well, I’ll find a time and meet him.” Stanley said. Although he disdains this kind of relationship, it helps Jessica a lot. Now Jessica controls almost all the power of Evans’s company and wants to For better development in Cloud City, these relationships are indispensable.

“You haven’t answered the question I just asked.” Jessica returned to the first question because she was really curious. Stanley bought a car and bought a house. That is also a question of money, but today’s matter is not money. What can be resolved, for Brody to pay such attention, will inevitably require a certain status.

But isn’t Stanley’s reputation in London already stinky by Finn?

What Jessica doesn’t understand is that when money becomes a string of meaningless numbers, identity and status will follow. But such status and status cannot represent rights.

Only power is the most gorgeous coat of a man, and this is what Stanley lacks now.

“I have a worth of tens of billions, of course he wants to give me face.” Stanley said with a smile.

He was joking, Jessica couldn’t believe it, and she narrowed her mouth and said: “Don’t tell me, don’t think I will do that kind of thing in the future.”

“What kind of thing, you can make it clear.” Seeing Jessica running again After leaving the room, Stanley asked impatiently.

For the next period of time, Stanley meditated at home. The doctor said that it would take forty days to recover, but in fact, one week was enough for Stanley.

A week later, Stanley went to the hospital to remove the plaster. Even the doctors were amazed, saying that he had never seen Stanley’s physique and his amazing recovery ability was beyond the scope of ordinary people.

I was finally able to move my hands, but this week’s day is still worth remembering. After all, Stanley has also enjoyed the treatment of an emperor. Even when he goes to the toilet, someone helps to untie his pants. It is estimated that this kind of thing will never happen again in the future. .

Walking to the entrance of the hospital, Stanley took out the phone, dialed the bank manager’s number, and said, “Didn’t Brody want to see me? Tell him, I will go to the bank immediately.”

The manager was pleasantly surprised to convey the news to Brody. Brody also rushed to the bank to meet with Stanley in the first place.

Chapter 82: Encountering Saskia by chance

Bank VIP room.

Brody met Stanley with excitement and anxiety.

Brody was shocked at how young Stanley was. It was not that he had never seen a young and promising person, but he had tens of billions of assets at such a young age. It was really the first time I saw him.

“Mr. Stanley, I didn’t expect you to be so young. It’s really unexpected.” Brody said.

The manager winked at the side, planning to use his charm to seduce Stanley, but it was a pity that Stanley did not squint, and completely turned a blind eye to her deliberately raising her legs to reveal the scenery.

“President Brody, I came to see you today because I hope you can take more care of Jessica in the future.” Stanley said clearly.

“Mr. Stanley, I’m curious, I don’t know if I can ask more.” Brody said.

Stanley smiled, knowing the doubts in his heart, and said: “I am the person you think about, and other things, it is inconvenient for me to say more.”


How can a person with tens of billions enter the Evans family and suffer humiliation? Could it be said that he has taken a fancy to the assets of the Evans family?

Even the weight of the Evans family wouldn’t have caused him to be humiliated for three years. His assets can only be compared to the Evans family.

But Stanley had already made it clear that it was inconvenient to say more, and Brody did not dare to ask more.

“As long as you are willing to help Jessica, I owe you a favor, and you can open your mouth wherever you can use me in the future.” Stanley continued.

Favor is more expensive than gold, and it is the favor of a big man like Stanley. Brody knows its weight very well.

Now London respects the heavenly family, but with the help of Stanley, the Evans family may not be qualified to compete with the heavenly family.

If the Evans family becomes the first family of London in the future, the usefulness of this favor would be too great!

“Mr. Stanley, don’t worry, I will do my best.” Brody said.

“Manager, you also helped me a lot. Let me introduce a wealth management product for fun.” Stanley smiled and looked at the manager.

The manager didn’t help much in this matter, and just contacted Brody, and now Stanley made it clear to her!

“Mr. Stanley, this is what I should do,” the manager said.

“You don’t have to shirk, the opportunity is just once, it’s a pity if you don’t grasp it,” Stanley said.

“Since Mr. Stanley is all about it, you can accept it.” Brody smiled.

The manager quickly brought a few documents and gave a detailed introduction to Stanley.

Stanley was not interested in the wealth management products themselves, but only benefited the manager in this way, just pointed to one, and said: “Just this, how about 100 million for fun.”

“One… One hundred million!” The manager looked at Stanley in astonishment, only to realize that there was something wrong with his ears.

Even Brody looked incredible at Stanley. This shot was too amazing. Just throw 100 million out to play. This is not the money of Tiandi Bank.

“Hurry up and help me handle it. I have to pick up my wife from get off work.” Stanley smiled.

This sentence made the manager’s eyes red with envy, saying that he was useless, who would have thought that he could buy a hundred million wealth management products casually? And the sincerity of Jessica is even rarer.

He is so young and gold, yet he treats a woman so sincerely, envious of women all over the world.

“Mr. Stanley, your wife is really enviable.” The manager said, sighing in his heart. No wonder no matter how she scratches her head and poses, Stanley can’t be shaken. It turns out that Jessica is the only one in his heart.

After getting everything done, Stanley left the bank.

Brody looked at him with a sigh and said, “I am a waste? I don’t know if those who look down on Mr. Stanley, what would they think if they knew his true strength?”

“Brother Brody, Mr. Stanley is so rich, how could he become a husband ? How about to Evans’s house?” The manager asked puzzled.

“Can’t you think of it?”

The manager shook his head.

“I can’t think of it either.” Brody smiled bitterly. He really couldn’t understand the thoughts of these rich people.

Stanley had just removed the plaster, so he could only walk to the company. The woman wearing cool clothes along the road, and the sprung white legs, couldn’t make Stanley take a look.

There is a Buddha in an empty heart, and everything is empty?


Stanley had Jessica in his heart,

On the way back to the company, a call made Stanley stop.

Following the voice, Saskia stepped barefoot on the ground, running towards Stanley with high heels in her hand.

This is summer. Doesn’t this woman feel hot to show up?

“What are you doing?” Stanley asked puzzledly.

“Quick, your car.” Saskia said hurriedly.

“I didn’t drive today. Are you being chased by someone?” Stanley said with a smile. Saskia kept jumping on the spot because of his hot feet.

“Ah.” Saskia roared bitterly, jumped towards Stanley, and said, “Be back on my back.”

Stanley moved two steps to the side, directly causing Saskia to jump into the air.

At this time, a few people came after him, and Saskia could only hide behind Stanley.

“Bad Poss, see where you go.” The head was a woman with heavy make-up, wearing a very thin black gauze, and her underwear was clearly visible.

“You are the man of this eight-woman, just in time, losing money.”

Stanley said: “I don’t know her.”

Saskia punched behind Stanley, and said: “I am your wife’s good girlfriend, you can’t die without saving.”

Stanley smiled bitterly. He doesn’t even know what happened, how to save it?

“Since you have nothing to do with her, go away quickly and don’t delay my work.” The heavy makeup woman scolded.

“What if I don’t get out?” Stanley said.

“No?” The woman with heavy makeup smiled coldly and said: “If you want to be beaten, of course you don’t have to go.”

Behind the woman with heavy makeup, a few people in bodyguard clothes walked towards Stanley, aggressively.

“Fool, the hero saves the United States.

Anyway , see what you are.” “You don’t leave by yourself. Don’t blame your brothers for being unsympathetic.”

Saskia tugged at Stanley’s clothes and said, “I’m sorry. If you enter the hospital, I will find the best doctor for you.”

Stanley couldn’t laugh or cry, and said, “Hide away, and by the way, let them find out where the best orthopedic hospital is.”

Saskia still didn’t understand Stanley. What was the meaning of these words? I saw Stanley suddenly make a move, and the menacing security guards, each with one punch, fell to the ground, all crying desperately in pain.

The woman with heavy makeup looked at Stanley in shock. Although these security guards are not powerful characters, they can’t help but fight like this, right?

Saskia’s mouth grew large enough to fit a whole egg.

“Stanley, you…you can fight like this!” Saskia said incredulously.

“Now you can tell me what happened, right?” Stanley asked.

“I…I…” Saskia hesitated and couldn’t say anything.

Stanley turned his head to look at the woman with heavy makeup, and asked, “Or tell me what is going on.”

“You…you friend, tried on clothes in my shop and scratched my clothes. I didn’t expect her to run away.” After seeing Stanley’s skill, the arrogance of the woman with heavy makeup just reduced a lot.

Shawthree thousand completely silent, looked at several beaten in vain security, apology, said:. “I’m sorry, clothes and how much money I lost for her, yes, there are a few of these medical expenses are also considered with it”

thick The makeup woman didn’t expect Stanley to be a reasonable person. She just thought about it and let it go. After all, these security guards couldn’t beat it.

“You didn’t kid me, you really want to lose money?”

“Of course, she broke your clothes, so you should lose money.” Stanley said.

“That’s all right, come with me to the store.”

Stanley didn’t notice after following the heavy makeup woman. On the other side of the street, someone took a photo of this scene with a mobile phone.

Lost money and a gift, when Stanley and Saskia left the clothing store, Saskia weakly said, “I will pay you back this money later.”

“No, but you’d better be careful next time, not every time you can be so lucky. Yes.” Stanley reminded.

“By the way, is Jessica going to attend the class reunion this year?” Saskia asked suddenly.

“Classmates?” Stanley and Jessica were married for three years, but they never heard her talk about the classmates.

“In the past, Jessica would participate every year, but after marrying you, she didn’t show up. You don’t know, those classmates are now taking Jessica as a joke.”

Chapter 83—The Surge of Jealousy
In Jessica’s circle of classmates, Jessica used to have a high status, and even many male classmates pursued Jessica with the idea of ​​getting the moon near the water.

In the past, Jessica was caught in the moon by the stars, but since Stanley joined her, her classmates have only been ridiculing her, especially those male classmates who began to be evil when they didn’t get it. They were cold at the class meeting. Yan mocked, so much so that Jessica would now avoid her classmates.

Saskia participates every year, and every year I hear them say that Jessica is not the case, and every time she quarrels with her classmates to help Jessica speak, but she is weak and can’t be noisy.

Now that Jessica has lived in the Lanzarote leisure villa, and Stanley doesn’t look like a waste, so Saskia wants Stanley to help Jessica out.

“You don’t know how bad those classmates are talking, especially the bitch woman Madison, who had a grudge against Jessica when she went to school, and she caught you in Penham’s house. You can’t wait to say that Jessica is worthless.” Saskia Speaking of these things, his expression became very angry, and even clenched his fists.

“Who is Mother Madison, such a weird name.” Stanley asked with a smile.

“she’s a slut, and she’s very hateful, so I called her Madison,” Saskia said.

“Well, if she wants to go, I will be with her.” Stanley said.

“What does it mean that she is willing? She is not willing? It’s not because of you, Stanley, I warn you, Jessica has suffered so much wronged for you, you have to help her vent her anger.” Saskia raised her powder fist with a face. Said threateningly.

“Well, well, I took it down. If there is nothing else, I have to pick her up from get off work.” Stanley nodded again and again.

“Go, when I get rich, I’ll pay you back.”

Looking at Stanley’s back, Saskia’s eyes suddenly dimmed, and she muttered to herself: “Welcome to summer, you may also be in this life. I don’t know how much I envy you.”

Jessica walked out of the company after get off work and saw Stanley at the door, trotting to Stanley’s side.

“Why are you here? Didn’t you rest at home?” Jessica said unexpectedly.

Stanley waved his hand and said, “Look at me, you need to rest.”

Jessica realized that Stanley had already removed the plaster, her face suddenly became gloomy, and she said coldly, “When are you? I went to dismantle. The doctor said that it takes forty days to recover. Don’t you want to have hands?”

“I’m already healed, and the doctor also checked me. If you don’t believe me, I can take you to the hospital. Asked.” Stanley said with a smile.

Jessica grabbed Stanley’s hand and said in doubt: “Really, you didn’t lie to me?”

“How could I lie to you, go home, I’m really fine.” I

got in the car and saw Stanley. Jessica was really relieved when he was able to move his hands freely while driving.

“You recovered so quickly, I’m afraid even the doctor can’t believe it,” Jessica said.

“If it weren’t for my quick movements, his eyes would almost fall to the ground. Fortunately, I stuffed him back.”

Jessica was amused by these words and said: “You are so amazing, your ass is almost up to the sky.”

“Ahem, how can a man do this action.” Stanley said.

Jessica didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence for a while. When she thought about it, the temperature in the car was a little bit cold, with a strong killing intent in her eyes.

“Stanley, you are getting bolder.” Jessica said coldly.

Stanley’s eyelids jumped and he quickly changed the subject and said, “I met Saskia today.”

“Amelia? She hasn’t contacted me for several days, and she doesn’t know what she is doing.”

Stanley told Jessica what happened today, and complained about Stanley accidentally injuring the security guards, and said: “How can you hit people casually? What if you get hurt? I won’t allow it in the future without my permission. I had a fight with someone.”

“Okay.” Stanley replied, regardless of the consequences of this promise.

“By the way, she also talked about the class reunion and wants you to participate together.” Stanley said.

“Don’t go.” Jessica refused without even thinking. Madison would definitely not let her go to the classmate meeting, so why bother to be humiliated for no reason?

“But I have promised her that I want to take you there, what do you say.” Stanley frowned.

“You go with her, maybe you can hold hands.” There

was a smell of jealousy in the car. Someone’s jealous jar was inexplicably overturned, but Stanley laughed heartlessly.

Jessica looked at Stanley still laughing, and she was not angry, she said coldly: “You are so happy, do you want me to fulfill you two? Anyway, Amelia also likes you.”

“No, no, I do. The husband of a woman.” Stanley said in a panic, the jealousy surging has formed a stormy sea, and if this continues, a single wave can beat him to death.

Although Jessica was jealous, she didn’t take it seriously. She never doubted Stanley’s sincerity.

For three years, he watched to and from get off work in obscurity, followed her in the morning in obscurity, and protected her. This sincerity was a lesson from heaven and earth. If Jessica still had doubts about this, it would be too unconscionable.

“You may not be clear, my classmates treat me as a joke now.” Jessica said with a long sigh.

“That’s why you should go even more. You are now the person in charge of the Eilicon Project, and you still live in the Lanzarote leisure villa, who is qualified to laugh at you.” Stanley said.

“But…” Jessica wanted to say something and stopped. What she didn’t say was that all the jokes came from Stanley. If Stanley went with her, those classmates would definitely hit Stanley with gunfire. In her body, she didn’t want Stanley to be laughed at.

“It’s nothing, as long as you don’t treat me like a waste, no one in this world is qualified to look at me like this.” Stanley said lightly.

“I didn’t, of course I didn’t.” Jessica said in a panic, eager to explain.

“Since there isn’t one, take me to see it. I have never participated in a class reunion. It’s okay to see the world.” Stanley smiled.

After a long silence, Jessica nodded and said, “Okay.”

When she returned home, Jessica received a call from Saskia again, and was convinced that after Jessica would attend the classmate meeting, she was overjoyed. She wanted to see Stanley very much. Showed in classmates, able to slap those classmates fiercely.

The next day, Evans’s company.

Finn sat in an office chair, with his feet on the desk, with a pleasant expression on his face.

A whole week has passed, and Jessica’s loan has not yet been negotiated. Although he is a little worried about the company’s situation, he is more happy. He feels that even if he is dead, he will have to pull Jessica to die. He didn’t want to see Jessica accomplish this.

At this time, Sarah suddenly rushed into the office in a panic.

“Finn, have you heard about it?”

“You hell, what are you doing in such a hurry?” Finn said lightly.

“I heard from the Finance Department that the loan has been credited to the company’s account.” Sarah said.

Finn frowned when he heard this, and asked, “Will it be false news? How much loan?”

“Now the entire finance department knows about this matter, and it has been accounted for a full billion.” Sarah said.

“What!” Finn got excited, fell directly from the office chair, stood up embarrassedly, gritted his teeth and said: “How is it possible, how could she have loaned one billion.”

“I don’t want to believe it, but the finance department should say it. There will be no fakes.” Sarah had previously determined that Jessica could not do this, but now that the billions have arrived, she can’t help it if she doesn’t want to admit it.

Finn’s face was gloomy, and he really made it possible for Jessica. In the future, the company’s finances will also be handed over to Jessica. This is a nightmare for all Evans family relatives.

“Go, go to the Finance Department to have a look.” Just as Finn finished speaking, the landline on the desk rang.

After Finn hung up, Sarah asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Grandma said, let’s go to the conference room for a meeting.” Finn said unwillingly, since grandma has come forward, then this matter will definitely not be false.

Chapter 84 Crossing the River and Demolition of the Bridge

In the meeting room, the old lady held Jessica’s hand with a smile. This was a closeness like never before. Before, the old lady didn’t regard Jessica as a family member, but now, Jessica seems to have become her favorite granddaughter.

Although it is said that Sarah may still marry into a wealthy family in the future, for now, Jessica is the one who helps the Evans family tide over the difficulties.

But apart from the old lady, the faces of the other relatives were not pretty.

The Evans family has indeed survived the crisis well, but the company’s finances are in the hands of Jessica, and it will not be so easy for them to fish for oil and water in the future.

The old lady can open one eye to them, but can Jessica?

Think about my previous attitude towards Jessica. If you let her know that she was greedy for the company’s money, how could she let them go?

Finn and Sarah came to the conference room with their faces as if they had eaten shit. Especially when Finn saw the affectionateness of the old lady and Jessica, he was even more angry. In the past, only he could enjoy this kind of treatment, but Today, Jessica has a tendency to replace him.

“Jessica helped our company tide over the difficulties. With a loan of one billion Pound, Jessica will be solely responsible for the company’s finances in the future. This is what I promised before. In addition, I have one more thing to announce today. “The old lady said.

Hearing this, Finn was shocked. The old lady was going to give Jessica the position of chairman of the company!

This is something that all relatives don’t want to see. Lucas immediately stood up and said, “Mom, you have to think carefully. This is a big thing for the company, and it’s not a trivial matter.”

“Yes, grandma. , You must think clearly, the company of our Evans family can’t fall into the hands of outsiders.” Finn reminded something in his words.

The old lady smiled faintly and said: “Considering that Jessica shoulders such a heavy burden, I want to have someone help her share some of it. Arlo, you will be the deputy director of the company in the future, and you will try your best to assist Jessica’s Eilicon project.”

As soon as this sentence came out, everyone present was dumbfounded, and no one thought that the old lady would actually promote Finn at this time! He hasn’t had much dazzling performance in the company recently.

The position of Deputy was given to Finn. Doesn’t this mean that Jessica’s rights must also be in Finn’s hands?

Jessica gritted her teeth, the old lady spoke beautifully, and even showed her affectionate appearance, but in fact, she still didn’t believe in herself, fearing that all the rights of the company were in her hands, and Finn would lose her position as a director in the future. Long chance.

No matter how much I do, is it not as good as Finn in your mind?

After being taken aback, the relatives of the Evans family smiled relievedly. Of course, they knew why the old lady wanted to do this. This was a clever setting of a name and weakened Jessica’s rights in the company. From beginning to end, the old lady regarded Finn as her successor.

Finn smiled and quickly said: “Thank you grandma, I will definitely live up to expectations.”

“Jessica, you will cooperate with Finn a lot in the future. If you have any questions, please discuss it.” The old lady said.

Jessica replied.

After the meeting, the old lady took the lead to leave.

Finn proudly said to Jessica: “It seems that no matter how much you do, grandma doesn’t value you. My position in her old people’s mind is not comparable to you.”

“From today on, every account of the company , I’ll always look at it. I don’t care how you make money in the company before, but in the future, even if you lose a penny, it’s better to explain it to me.” Jessica said in a cold voice, and walked out of the conference room without responding to Finn.

All relatives of the Evans family are aggrieved. They don’t live on their monthly salary. If they can’t embezzle in the company, what else will they live on in the future.

“This Jessica really doesn’t know good or bad, even the old lady doesn’t care about these things, she is still on the line.”

“Does she think we will put her in our eyes? From now on, we should take a point, but I want it. See what she dares to do to me.”

Lucas stood up and said to the Evans family’s relatives: “Don’t worry, Arlo is now the deputy director of the company. How can Jessica dare to make things difficult for us.”

Finn smiled and said: “This time the loan is 1 billion, if we can’t take it. Go home with some money. I’m sorry to the ancestors of the Evans family. Don’t worry, I will protect you. If this bitch dares to embarrass you, I want her to look good.”

“Finn, we can rely on you.

” With your status in the mind of the old lady, what is Jessica worth?”

“Yes, she is a woman, how can she compare with Arlo.”

Jessica returned to the office, her face sinking like water, she never thought of the old lady. She would pinch her throat in this way.

Finn became the deputy director, and the old lady deliberately talked about problems with Finn. This was to make it clear that the bridge was demolished across the river.

“When will you be able to recognize that Finn is not suitable for chairmanship at all? Do you really want the company to be completely ruined?” When it was about to

get off work, Jessica received a call from Saskia, saying that it was to thank Stanley yesterday. Stanley’s help, invite them to dinner.

Jessica hadn’t seen Saskia for several days, so she agreed.

After work, Jessica standing next to the car door said: “Saskia invites us to eat at home, I’ll drive, you don’t know the road.”

Stanley got out of the car, walked to the co-pilot, and got on the car and found that Jessica’s expression today was not correct. Too bright.

The bank has already released the money, so she should be in a good mood today.

“What’s wrong?” Stanley asked.

“Grandma gave Finn the position of deputy director in the name of helping me to share the pressure, and also asked me to discuss with Finn about anything in the future.” Jessica said angrily.

“I had expected the old lady to find a way to stop your momentum in the company, but I didn’t expect her to use such a brazen way.” Stanley said lightly.

“Why, but she had already said it before, let me take full responsibility for the Eilicon project and the financial power of the company.” Jessica asked in confusion.

“Isn’t it easy? She doesn’t want you to be too popular in the company and affect Finn. After all, Finn is the chairman of the board.” Stanley said.

“Isn’t she afraid that I will let go? Eilicon’s cooperation, bank loans, but I did it, if I don’t care about the company’s affairs, how long can the Evans family last?” Jessica said unconvinced.

“Will you?” Stanley asked.

Jessica is in her throat, will it? Surely it won’t. She has finally made it to this point. How could she give up so easily?

“This is the reason why the old lady dared to do this, because she had eaten you and knew you would not do it.” Stanley sighed, Jessica was still too soft-hearted, but how she decided, Stanley did not Will interfere, and the Evans family is indeed a good step for Jessica, she can learn slowly.

Evans’s Villa.

After the old lady returned home, her assistant said with a worried look: “Chairman, if you do this, will you not be afraid of causing Jessica’s dissatisfaction?” The

old lady snorted coldly and said, “What was she in the Evans family before? Status, what status is it now, and what is there to dissatisfy. What she did for the Evans family is a matter of course. Is it possible that I really want to give her the position of chairman?”

“But… the survival of the Evans family ? , It’s all on her now,” the assistant said.

“Don’t worry, she doesn’t have the courage. Without the Evans family, she is nothing. She has to eat if she is wronged, and she has to eat if she doesn’t. And I treat her well now, she should feel Lucky,” the old lady said.

The assistant nodded and said nothing more. After all, the old lady decided something that ordinary people could not shake.

Moreover, Jessica has a high probability of not doing stupid things. After all, she has to rely on the company to survive. If the company collapses, she may not have a good life. The old lady is considered to have struck Jessica’s lifeline.

The old lady stood up, took a deep breath, and said, “I am really afraid of that wastefulness. Jessica has changed a lot during this period. It is very likely that he is behind the influence. The Evans family must not fall into the wasteful hands. .”

Chapter 85 The Unmovable Corner
Saskia’s house.

Stanley and Jessica are sitting in the living room, the kitchen keeps coming out of a symphony of pots and pans, and from time to time there is thick smoke mixed with Saskia’s screams, but she orders Stanley and Jessica to stay in the living room, Jessica Even if you are worried, you can only be anxious.

“Really don’t go check it out? I’m afraid she will burn the house.” There was another puff of smoke, and even the living room was panicking. Stanley wanted to wear a gas mask.

Jessica looked anxious, stood up and shouted: “Saskia, did you start the Third World War?”

Walking to the kitchen door, the kitchen was in a mess. Saskia was greasy and messy, and his hair was disheveled, just like a mad woman. .

Seeing the two, he said in a panic: “Didn’t I let you wait in the living room? Hurry up and don’t come to see me.”

Jessica sighed helplessly and said: “If you can’t do things, why force yourself. Are you reconciled to burn your home?”

“Who said I can’t do it? I have already cooked a dish and will be able to start a meal soon.” Saskia proudly pointed at a dish of black and white with one hand on his hips. Things, I can’t tell what it is.

Stanley walked into the kitchen like a battlefield and said, “I’ll come, you go take a bath.”

“No, I just invited you to dinner to thank you, how can I let you cook?” Saskia pushed and shoved Stanley said.

“Even if you want to thank me, you won’t send me to the hospital, right? After eating your food, I’m afraid I won’t survive tonight.” Stanley said.

Jessica really couldn’t stand it anymore, and she persuaded: “You should let Stanley as soon as possible. In case you really get poisoned, we will be patients.”

“Jessica, even you don’t believe me.” Saskia was unhappy. Said.

“Yes, I just don’t believe you, come out quickly.” Jessica said without hesitation.

Saskia was so angry that she put down the spatula and hurried out of the kitchen.

“I’ll take a shower first, and let you see how good my cooking is next time.” After

Stanley took over the kitchen, everything calmed down.

Saskia swallowed her throat when she smelled a drooling scent as soon as she left the bathroom door after taking a shower.

“Jessica, is Stanley really as good as you said?” Saskia couldn’t help asking. She heard Jessica mentioned that Stanley cooks at home every day, and his cooking skills are superb, but he has never eaten. So she was suspicious of this, but now, the scent was constantly escaping from the kitchen, and she couldn’t tolerate her disbelief.

“You’ll find out later.” Jessica said with a smile on her face. Stanley’s cooking skills are better than those of chefs in many restaurants, and she hasn’t gotten tired after eating for three full years.

Saskia grumbled, and said, “Look at you so beautifully. It’s really enviable.”

Not long after, Stanley made three dishes and one soup, with all the flavors and flavors. Saskia’s index finger was moved, not yet. I could not help holding a piece of chopsticks.

“Woo…” Saskia, who was full of happiness, enjoying the deliciousness from the tip of his tongue, clapped his hands straight: “It’s so delicious, Stanley, how can you be so good.” For

three years, Stanley has changed his tricks in order to be able to do so. I cook for Jessica, but I have signed up for a private kitchen class and studied in all eight major cuisines. For him, three dishes and one soup are not easy to come by.

“Welcoming summer, I’m going to live in your house, I want to eat Stanley’s dishes every day.” Saskia said excitedly.

“Stanley is not cooking now, and the family has hired an aunt who specializes in cooking, so you are very good today.” Jessica said with a smile.

Stanley said at this time: “If you want to eat the dishes I cook, I can cook it for you every day.”

“Hey.” Saskia’s expression suddenly sank and said, “Can you think about the feelings of a single dog? I want to eat, not dog food.”

“Okay, eat and eat, let’s not say anything , let’s go.” Jessica smiled happily.

Saskia sat next to Jessica dissatisfied, and said: “I know you are happy, but you have to take care of your girlfriend’s feelings, otherwise, I will start with Stanley.”

“Okay, as long as he wants, I’m fine.” Jessica Said indifferently.

Saskia stood up, gestured to the chopsticks in her hand, and said to Stanley: “I have been my lady, let you sing songs every night, how about it?”

“Stop messing around, eat quickly, and it will get cold later.” Stanley said.

Saskia sat down weakly, this corner of the wall must be unmovable, she was just joking.

“By the way, I said in the classmate group today that you are going to participate in the class reunion, and now they all know about it.” Saskia said after sitting down.

Jessica had withdrawn from this so-called classmate group a long time ago. The classmates in it had nothing to do except to show what luxury goods they bought and which country they went to travel to.

“They are very surprised,” Jessica said.

Saskia nodded and said: “No, I thought I was joking. Mother Madison, the eighth wife, said that she hadn’t seen you for a long time and missed you very much. I think she just wanted to trouble you.”

“Madison liked it before. All the boys like me, and I don’t blame her for targeting me.” Jessica was targeted by Madison, and it was a disaster. Madison took the initiative to chase several boys, but they all liked Jessica.

“She looks ugly, so she can blame others, but she is lucky to marry a rich man, and now she shows in the group what brand-name bags she bought every day.” Saskia sighed, although she didn’t like it. Madison, but I have to admit that Madison’s life is better than her.

“She is married?” Jessica asked unexpectedly.

“Also invited me, but I didn’t go, so I didn’t bother to tell you.” Saskia said.

Speaking of this, Saskia suddenly put down the dishes and said to Stanley with a solemn expression: “Stanley, this classmate meeting, you can’t let Jessica be bullied, or I won’t let you go.”

“You want to say, if you have the opportunity, you can teach Mother Madison by the way, right?” Stanley smiled.

Of course, Saskia hopes to see this scene, gritted her teeth and said: “Do you know that Jessica was slapped severely by Madison in the classmate meeting. If you can’t help her get revenge, you’re a husband.”

Stanley Thousands of eyes condensed.

Jessica hurriedly said: “It’s been a long time since the matter was mentioned, as long as Madison doesn’t make things difficult for me this time.”

“How could she not make things hard for you, but she treats you as an enemy, have you forgotten how she used to refer to it? Did you scold you with your nose?” Saskia said.

“Okay, don’t say it.” Jessica glanced at Stanley, and quickly stopped Saskia from talking.

After eating, Jessica was taken back to the room by Saskia for a girlfriend night talk show. Stanley was left alone in the living room watching TV. When he was bored, Amare called him.

“Didn’t I ask you to keep a low profile recently?” Amare said with complaint.

“What’s the matter?” Stanley asked unclearly.

“You guy, did you fight a few security guards yesterday?” Amare asked.

With yesterday’s incident, Stanley helped Saskia by accident and injured several security guards. How could such a small matter reach Amare’s ears?

“How do you know?” Stanley asked curiously.

“The video you shot was filmed, and now it’s spread on the road. Do you really think Brian won’t doubt you, so you have to give him some clues.” Amare said.

Stanley’s brows condensed. He never expected such a small thing to cause such consequences. If Brian doubted him, it would be no small trouble.

“I see.” Stanley said solemnly.

“Do you have any plans, do you need my help?” Amare asked concerned.

“No, I have a way to solve it. You should go and work on Twelve. This person is very important to me.” Stanley said.

After hanging up the phone, Stanley sighed. It seems that he can’t do anything in the public at will in the future, otherwise his three years of dormancy will be ruined, and the price will be too great!

At 11 o’clock in the evening, Stanley and Jessica left with Saskia’s reluctant expression.

In the deep loneliness of a person, Saskia hugged a teddy bear to sleep, and her dream language whispered three words to Stanley. She may not know how deep this fascination is.

Chapter 86 Classmates Reunion

On the day of the class, Stanley drove and Jessica in the co-driver. The two of them first went to pick up Saskia, and then drove towards the destination Georgiana’s Guesthouse.

About two years ago, many farmhouses with the name of picking fresh fruits emerged around London. These farmhouses have a pollution-free sign, attracting many people in the city to play during holidays and experience the fun of fruit picking.

However, in the case of people’s jealousy, this kind of farmhouses sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, and soon became flooded, causing many farmhouses to close at a loss overnight, and the event was short-lived.

However, Georgiana’s Guesthouse is the only one among the many farmhouses that is not affected. There is no shortage of customers, and reservations are required even if it is not a holiday. It is rumored that the owner of Georgiana’s Guesthouse has a deep relationship in London. What’s more, those farmhouses that went bankrupt were also promoted by Georgiana’s Guesthouse.

“Amelia, it’s hard to book the location of Georgiana Fruit Farm, who has such a big face?” Jessica asked Saskia.

Saskia curled her mouth and said, “Mother Madison’s man, I heard her say in the group that the owner of Georgiana Fruit Village, Colter, is her husband’s uncle.”

Jessica was surprised when she heard this, Madison’s husband , Is actually the nephew of the owner of Georgiana Fruit Village. It seems that her life is indeed going well now.

“Colter is a very powerful person. He has a deep relationship in London. Now many big bosses have to give him face.” Stanley said.

Hearing Stanley’s words, Saskia suddenly showed dissatisfaction on his face, saying: “Stanley, you are so prestigious, and Colter is nothing good. If he hadn’t won the grand prize three years ago, how could it be possible? Rich open fruit village.”

“Grand prize? Who do you listen to.” Stanley said with a smile.

“A lot of people know that. I heard that Colter used to be a small contractor, and his family didn’t have a lot of money. He won the lottery three years ago and only became successful. Later, he opened Georgiana Fruit Farm, and he had a good relationship with many bosses. If I didn’t win the prize, I might decide where to move the bricks now.” Saskia said.

Stanley smiled and didn’t say anything. The first time he heard about winning the lottery, is this the reason Colter found for himself?

“Amelia, I have never heard of these things, how would you know?” Jessica asked curiously.

“Mother Madison shows off all day long. Should I still not investigate and investigate the true or false? The hateful thing is that it is true.” Saskia said unwillingly, thinking that Madison was just bragging in the group, so Saskia checked the Internet and looked for it. My friend asked, and finally learned that it turned out to be a fact, how could such a woman have such a good life.

Jessica couldn’t laugh or cry, and Saskia was so bored to do this kind of thing.

“I see you, I really lack a boyfriend, otherwise I do useless things all day long.” Jessica said.

“Why it’s useless, knowing that you know the enemy is a hundred battles, don’t you understand this truth? If I don’t check it out, she makes things difficult for you and we don’t even have a chance to refute.” Saskia finished, sighed, and checked it out. It’s a pity that Madison didn’t lie, nor did Saskia catch her.

“Now do you have a chance to refute?” Jessica asked with a smile.

Saskia snorted, looked out the window and stopped talking.

In the parking lot of Georgiana’s Guesthouse, a woman dressed very coquettishly, stepped on a pair of crystal high heels, stretched her legs straight, she was in a very good figure, and she looked pretty good.

Beside her, besides standing by a man, there was also a dazzling Ferrari parked.

“Wife, are you satisfied with the car I borrowed from my uncle? When your classmates come, you will be envious of you.” Brodie, Madison’s husband, a young man with a small head, looked like very energetic.

Madison affectionately took Brodie’s hand and licked his lips and said, “I am very satisfied. After I go home tonight, I will take care of you.”

Brodie raised his eyebrows and said, “Then I’m not welcome tonight.”

As the classmates showed up one after another, they were really envious of Ferrari, because these people are ordinary families, let alone owning Ferraris, even if they are rarely seen in real life.

Everyone was busy taking pictures with Ferrari, Madison was so happy that he closed his mouth from ear to ear, and enjoyed the envy of her classmates.

“If you like it, you can get in the car to take pictures and try the feeling of sitting in the Ferrari.” Madison was happy and opened the car door.

“Really? Madison, you are too generous.”

“Your life now makes us jealous with envy. My husband is not only handsome, but also so rich.”

“When can I find someone to buy me a Ferrari .”

My husband is just fine.” Madison carried Brodie, deliberately disgusted and said: “He is not as good as you thought. When I wanted to chase me, I thought about it for a long time. If he wasn’t willing to send me. This diamond ring, I still look down on him.”

Madison deliberately raised his hand, a large diamond ring stayed on the ring finger, looking particularly bright in the sun.

“This ring is not cheap, right?” a female classmate asked with envy.

“It’s just over 100,000. I plan to let him change me a bigger one on my wedding anniversary next year.” Madison smiled.

“My wife, I have prepared a surprise for you. I originally planned to tell you on the wedding anniversary. Since your classmates are here today, let me just say it. I have customized a new diamond ring for you in DR. “Brodie said triumphantly.

“DR! Real name is custom, life can only customize one of DR diamond ring you?”

“I have heard DR customized diamond ring, also need to sign a lifetime agreement the only true love, life can not be changed.”

“And a lot of big stars get married, all Use DR’s customized diamond ring.” After the group of female students heard Brodie’s words, they were even more envious.

Madison looked moved, put his arms around Brodie’s neck, took a sip, and said, “My husband, thank you, you are so kind to me.”

“You are my wife, I’m not good to you. Who else can be good to?” Brodie said with a smile.

Some of the male classmates present did not look good, because Brodie’s excellence made them almost out of breath.

Someone really couldn’t stand the affection between Madison and Brodie, and changed the subject: “I heard that Jessica will also come today, is it true?”

“Saskia said she will come, there should be no fakes.”

“Let’s This class flower, but it’s been a long time since she appeared in the classmate’s reunion.” Madison’s face sank when she heard someone mentioning Jessica. She used to be a class flower but was overshadowed by Jessica. This hatred, she Remember until now.

At this time, the Audi A6 drove to the parking lot. When Jessica and Saskia got out of the car, the eyes of the male students were straight.

“Unexpectedly, I haven’t seen you for so many years, Jessica is still so beautiful.”

“That’s not it, after all, it is our class flower, how can it not be beautiful.”

“Jessica, you can be regarded as showing up, we haven’t seen each other for years. , Miss you.”

Madison’s face was even more ugly as he watched the male classmates surround Jessica.

This was the case when I was in school, and every time I held a class meeting, this group of male classmates with dog-eyes in their crotch, couldn’t I see that I was better than her?

I was married to a rich man, but she was a waste of money.

“Jessica, you are finally willing to show up. Look at these classmates in our class, all of them are like wolves and tigers, wishing to bow down under your pomegranate skirt.” Madison squeezed the male classmate away and walked to Jessica.

Jessica smiled and didn’t speak, Madison stirred with his left hand on the nose, and said disgustingly: “What is this smell, so unpleasant, Jessica, you don’t use any bad perfume. Or go to my house today, My Chanel Dior perfumes, if you want them, take them all. Brodie will give me a bottle every month, and I won’t be able to use it up in my next life.”

As soon as I met, Madison couldn’t wait to find Jessica. A sense of superiority, as Jessica’s best friend, Saskia couldn’t stand it for the first time.

“Madison, those A goods in your house are not good for Jessica, you should keep it for your own use.” Saskia said.

“Cargo A?” Madison smiled coldly, and said: “This bag on your body is a Cargo A, I’m not yours. Look at the new car Brodie gave me. I am driving a Ferrari now. I need to use it. Do you give yourself gold for goods A?”

Chapter 87 Pretending to be the Little Prince of Piano

Saskia hid the bag behind her with a guilty conscience, and what she was carrying on her back was indeed a fake. He didn’t expect that Madison would see it through at a glance.

“What is hidden? The fake is fake. I didn’t laugh at you. Do you dare to recite it?” Madison shook his head and said with a smile on his face.

“Wife, they are all classmates. What do you care about so much with them, it seems you are so stingy.” Brodie walked to Madison and said with his arms around his shoulders. Compared to that, Madison is indeed inferior to Jessica, but it is a pity that such a great beauty is married to a waste of money, which is really a violent thing.

When Saskia saw Brodie, she was stunned, but it was not his appearance, but his clothes. She would not forget the clothes that turned into ashes.

The video where Stanley played the piano in the mall and went viral on the Internet was wearing exactly the same clothes as Brodie. How could he have it? Is it a coincidence?

At this time, Stanley came to Jessica, Jessica smiled and introduced: “This is my husband, his name, you should know it, I don’t need to say it.”

Stanley’s name in London is like a thunderous. Jessica’s classmates are naturally aware.

“It’s a good long one, how could it be so useless.”

“Who knows, maybe this kind of person just wants to be a little boy.”

“It’s a pity that a good skin bag.”

The female classmate whispered, the male classmates did. He looked at Stanley with contempt.

In some respects, Stanley was the rival of all the male classmates present, because most of them liked or secretly loved Jessica.

“Hello,” Stanley said politely.

“Famous is not as good as meeting, you are indeed a bit like a little white face.” Brodie laughed.

Stanley raised his eyebrows and said, “Your uncle never told you, should you keep a low profile?”

“Hahahaha….” Brodie raised his head and laughed, and said, “I didn’t expect you to know my uncle, which is quite knowledgeable, but my uncle is a high-profile person, so he also taught me, don’t be too low-key, or you don’t want to be too low-key. What’s the difference?” When

Stanley wanted to say something, Jessica pulled his hand.

“Let’s go, I’ve booked the largest hall in Earlsfield, let’s go drink tea and reminisce about the past.” Madison said, it’s still early, and she still has many opportunities to ravage Jessica, so she is not in a hurry.

There are a total of five halls in Georgiana Fruit Village. In addition, there are many small halls. Generally, people with no background are not eligible to book the hall. Brodie can get the most luxurious hall, which shows that Colter still treats him. very good.

In the hall, in addition to the tea area, there are many entertainment facilities, billiards, singing, and mahjong.

To the south of the hall, there is also a stage, which is prepared for the gathering of some big companies. At this time, a piano is placed on the stage.

When those female students saw the piano, they couldn’t help thinking of the little piano prince who was all the rage some time ago.

“Have you seen the video of the little piano prince? It was very popular on the Internet some time ago.”

“I also know that there are still many women who say that they want to get someone else out and marry him.”

“Someone used to say that this is a brokerage company. Hype, but there has been no movement from the little piano prince for so long. He should be a passerby.” When the

female classmate was chatting hotly, Jessica glared at Stanley. Stanley was an innocent disaster with a wry smile.

“Stanley, you can go up and perform a song for them.” Saskia urged that the excitement was not too big.

The little piano prince is by Jessica’s side, and he is Jessica’s husband, let them know that they can’t be envious of death?

“Farewell, I’m here to be a green leaf.” Stanley refused.

Saskia said dissatisfied: “Can you just help Jessica fight for your breath? Can’t you bear to watch Madison step on Jessica’s head?”

Jessica didn’t mind Madison looking for a sense of presence in her, and Stanley was unwilling. She wouldn’t force Stanley to do things like that.

At this moment, Brodie suddenly walked towards the stage, turning his back to the crowd.

The sound of the piano was melodious, and the female students were dumbfounded in this scene.

What a familiar background, what a familiar music.

Someone can’t wait to click on the short video on the Internet, which is very similar to Brodie.

“He…Brodie turned out to be the little piano prince.”

“Oh my God, Madison, is your husband turned out to be the little piano prince?”

“He is the hottest male god on the Internet now.” The

female classmate became agitated. Compared with the previous Ferrari DR diamond ring, the envy at this moment is even more deeply rooted.

How many women are obsessed with the piano prince online.

How many women think about marrying him day and night!

I didn’t expect such an attractive man to be Brodie.

Saskia was dumbfounded!

The little piano prince is obviously Stanley, how could he become Brodie?

Jessica stayed too, she didn’t think Stanley lied to her, and this kind of lie was completely unnecessary.

But now…

At this time, Madison stood up with a smile on his face, and said: “Brodie has been practicing piano since he was a child, and his level is pretty good. Last time in the mall, his hands were itchy. I didn’t expect it to cause such a big problem. So you know about the movement.”

Madison looked triumphant, seeing Saskia’s smoke, Brodie made it clear that he was pretending to be the little piano prince, and Madison was so shameless to the point that he deliberately wanted his classmates to envy her?

“Madison, you are so lucky. Do you know how many people on the Internet want to marry the little piano prince.”

“If they knew that the little piano prince was married, it would be heartbreaking.”

” Yes. Stanley is handsome and can play piano. Where can you find a man like this.”

After the song, gentleman Brodie bowed, arousing enthusiastic applause from the female classmates, looking at Brodie obsessively, wishing himself It’s Brodie’s wife.

“It makes you stop showing off your skills everywhere, you still don’t listen to me.” Madison walked to Brodie and said complaining.

“Every time I see the piano, I can’t help but feel itchy. There is really no way.” Brodie said helplessly.

“Shameless, really shameless.” An angry Saskia stood up, really couldn’t stand it anymore, and walked towards Madison.

Jessica wanted to pull it but didn’t hold it, so she sighed helplessly.

“You nonsense, you are not the little piano prince at all.” Saskia pointed at Brodie and said angrily. Brodie’s impersonation was defiled the male god in her mind. Although this male god is the husband of her best girlfriend, Saskia Brodie is also not allowed to do this.

Madison looked at Saskia with a bored look. This woman used to like to help Jessica be right with her. This time Brodie pretended to be the little piano prince. It was Madison’s own idea to make those classmates envy her. Anyway, no one knows who the real little piano prince is. Unexpectedly, Saskia jumped out and said that Brodie was not.

“Saskia, don’t think we are classmates, you can rub your nose on your face, why is Brodie not the little piano prince? I advise you to take back what you said, otherwise I’m not polite to you.” Madison said coldly.

“Madison, you are becoming more and more shameless now. In order to make your classmates envy you, is it interesting to do everything?” Saskia said angrily.

“Hmph, don’t you envy me? You don’t like our Brodie too. You can’t accept that he is my husband. That’s why you hate him because of love?” Madison said with a smile, holding Brodie’s hand.

“Bah.” Saskia spit out heavily and said: “I will like Brodie, unless I am almost blind.”

After that, Saskia said to the female students: “You guys take a good look at the video, although the little piano prince Didn’t show her face, but apart from the clothes, is the back and profile the same as Brodie?”

As Saskia said, the female classmates took out their phones one after another and compared them carefully. There is indeed a big difference in face shape. It’s completely different.

Madison felt questioned and panicked, and said, “That’s the reason for the mobile phone camera. Why do you say that Brodie is not the little piano prince? You haven’t seen it. I think you are jealous of me.”

“Who said I didn’t. I have seen it, I already know who the little piano prince is.” Saskia said.

“Joke.” Madison didn’t believe Saskia’s words at all, because when the video was spread on the Internet, she deliberately investigated it, but no one knew who the protagonist in the video was. For this reason, Madison dared to let him. Brodie pretends to be a little piano prince.

Chapter 88: He Is Real

Saskia, stop bragging, how can you know who the little piano prince is? “

Yes, I heard that many young ladies from rich people have spent a lot of money and want to buy a piano for the little prince.”

“In my opinion, the little piano prince is Brodie. Don’t be jealous of Madison. Now Madison is indeed the happiest in our class. You don’t want to admit it. “

Madison was relieved when he heard his classmates speak for himself. This matter was exposed. It was shameful. Fortunately, no one wanted to believe in Saskia.

“Saskia, why should you embarrass yourself? If you want to give Jessica a face, you have to watch it. See who you are, and you have been a dog for Jessica for so many years, have you gained any benefits? It’s really not good. You can be a dog for me. All the famous brand cosmetics in my house can be given to you. “Madison said with a smile.

“Madison, Saskia is my sister, don’t talk nonsense.” Jessica stood up angrily. Madison actually described Saskia as a dog. This is something she cannot accept.

“Jessica, you sister is stupid by herself. You have to say that Brodie is not the little piano prince. Can you blame me?” Madison said.

“Of course he is not the little piano prince. Jessica glanced at Brodie, then turned around and pointed at Stanley, and said, “He is. “

Puff…hahahaha. “Madison smiled so much that he turned his back on his horse, and said quickly: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can’t help it to lose my attitude, but what you said is really funny, that squandered little piano prince in your family?” Hahahahaha, I will laugh for a while. “

Not only Madison couldn’t help laughing, but the other classmates were like that. Who is Stanley? London’s well-known Jiaz’s son-in-law is useless, washing and cooking at home and doing housework. How could he play the piano?

“Jessica, You finally come to the class reunion, so don’t let yourself be too embarrassed. “

Yes, otherwise we won’t see you again next year, so why bother.” “

If he is the little piano prince, I will be the reincarnation of Mozart.” “

Jessica looked at Stanley and seemed to say that it was time for you to perform on stage.

Stanley would naturally not refuse Jessica’s request and walked towards the stage without saying a word.

“Don’t hold on to it. If the piano breaks, you can’t afford it.” Madison said, looking at Stanley contemptuously.

When Stanley stepped onto the stage and sat in front of the piano, the laughter in the hall gradually subsided.

Although he hasn’t started playing the piano yet, his back and profile are almost exactly the same as those in the video, and the contrast between him and Brodie is even more obvious.

Those female classmates put away their smiley faces, and were embarrassed. What Jessica said is true? Is Stanley the real little piano prince?

Stroking the piano with both hands, as the first note floated from the fingertips, the high-pitched melody echoed in the hall, shaking everyone’s heart.

Playing more smoothly than Brodie, the rhythm is more sophisticated, and the back action when playing is exactly the same as the video. This is not the little piano prince, who is it?

Madison’s expression was like eating shit. He wanted to use this thing to show Brodie’s greatness, but he didn’t expect that the real little piano prince would be Stanley, a well-known scumbag, who has now been dismantled on the spot. Madison felt that there was no place to put his face.

At the end of the song, everyone was immersed in the sound of the piano, unable to return to their senses for a long time.

“Now you know who is the little piano prince.” Saskia let out a nasty breath, deliberately raising her own volume.

Those female classmates dared not talk, after all, they had laughed at Saskia and Stanley before.

“Madison, does your face hurt?” Saskia smiled and turned her head, looking at Madison and asked.

Madison clenched his fists in hatred. Knowing that this way, there would be no need for Brodie to pretend to be a little piano prince. That Ferrari was enough to make them envious, but now she couldn’t get off the stage.

“You are just like, who knows if he is, maybe he pretends?” Madison said.

“Also pretending?” Saskia laughed and said, “So, you are admitting that Brodie pretended to be? What are you doing this for? The difficulty is to enjoy the envy of your classmates. It’s really low-level.”

“You… Madison gritted his teeth and pointed at Saskia.

“What I am, I am too lazy to be familiar with you. You, a woman who is extremely vain, make me sick.” Saskia finished speaking, pulling Jessica back to her position.

Madison was so angry that all her hairs stood up. She had never been so embarrassed in a class meeting, and Saskia dared to embarrass her so much.

“Wife, don’t be angry with her, I will find some people to borrow from my uncle, and let her kneel down and apologize to you today.” Brodie said.

Madison let out a bad breath, a sneer appeared on his face and said, “I want her to shame her face, and Jessica and that scumbag.”

Brodie smiled and said, “Don’t worry, who is your uncle? Is it clear? These three people must have had a hard time today.” After

Brodie left the hall, he went directly to Colter’s office.

Colter is in his forties this year, with a symbolic bald head. People who know him will call him Amare Guangdan. Of course, this name is not something ordinary people would dare to call casually. Colter has little power in London, but The victory is that the contacts are very wide, all parties are connected, and the person who provokes him usually won’t end well.

The rise of Earlsfield two years ago and the subsequent collapse of the industrial chain are closely related to Colter.

“Uncle.” After Brodie came to the office, the sexy secretary squatting under the desk got up and left.

Good things are destroyed, Colter is not angry. He values ​​Brodie, not just his nephew, but also wants Brodie to take over his class in the future. Because he is infertile, he treats Brodie as Pro-son training.

“You brat, you know to come to see me.” Colter said with a smile.

“Uncle, what are you talking about? How could I not come to see you when I arrived at Earlsfield,” Brodie said.

“Does that car Rongliu like it? If she likes it, give it to her.” Colter said.

Brodie was overjoyed, originally just borrowing the car, but Colter didn’t expect it to be given to him.

“Thank you, uncle, Madison likes it very much. If she knows, she must be very happy.”

“Just be happy, when you two have children, uncle will give you Earlsfield.” Colter said.

The value of this Earlsfield is very amazing. The monthly net profit is hundreds of thousands. If there is Earlsfield, they don’t have to go to work at all, and they can be the shopkeeper every day, and they don’t have to worry about money.

Brodie originally had no plans in this regard, but after Colter said this, he planned to go home tonight and do a good job of having children.

“Uncle, you are so kind to me, better than my dad.” Brodie smiled.

“Uncle has no children. Of course, he should treat you as a son. Let’s talk about it. I understand that your kid does not go to the Three Treasures Hall.” Colter asked.

“Hehe.” Brodie smiled and said: “Uncle knows me, I want to borrow two people from uncle.”

“Woman?” Colter frowned and asked.

“No, no, man, your subordinates.” Brodie said in a light-hearted manner what happened in the hall, focusing on how Saskia made Madison embarrassed and couldn’t get off the stage.

After Colter heard this, his expression was furious, and he slapped a palm on the desk, and said: “What is it, dare to embarrass my nephew and daughter-in-law.”

“Uncle, they know that you are my uncle, or even a little bit of face.” No, so I came to you for help. It doesn’t matter if Madison and I are ashamed, the key is not to let you be ashamed.” Brodie said.

“You go back first, I’ll call someone over later.” Colter said with a calm face.

“Okay.” After

Brodie returned to the hall, Madison hurriedly walked to his side and asked: “How about it, uncle, do you want to help me?”

“It’s more than just helping you, even Ferrari gave it to you, how could uncle let us be bullied.” Brodie smiled.

Madison smiled coldly, looked at Jessica’s three people, and said: “Let you offend me, when your uncle comes forward, you just wait to kneel and beg for mercy, be a dog, and don’t look at the master’s ability, A woman who doesn’t want her at home, a stubborn and useless woman, dare to provoke me.”

Chapter 89 Jessica is Beaten

During lunch, Stanley used the excuse to go to the toilet, and then planned to meet Colter.

Brodie would never give up because of the previous events. He didn’t want to make too much noise, so he was going to let Colter calm down the matter.

Three years ago, Colter didn’t win the grand prize, but he did have good luck. Like Ekon, he was favored by Stanley, so he could have the status he is today.

Power and connections were the first things Stanley did after arriving in London.

Ekon is in charge of the forces in the gray area, while Colter is opening up contacts in London to prepare for Stanley’s needs.

During the years when Stanley was dormant in the Shaw family, he deeply understood a truth. If you want to be rich, you must have your own power and connections. After you have money, you can use money to build stronger power and connections. Only by getting through higher-level contacts and having a cycle of cycles can you become stronger and stronger.

Not long after Stanley left the hall, a few rascal-looking people arrived in the hall.

Seeing these people, Madison’s eyes became more sinister, and he said to Brodie: “Even if Jessica is married, those male classmates will still be in love, precisely because they know that Jessica has not been tainted by that wasteful waste. Can you let these people, Dirty Jessica?”

“This…” Brodie didn’t expect Madison to have such thoughts, and said, “How did Jessica say that he is also a member of the Evans family? It’s not very good.”

“Humph.” Madison Leng Leng snorted, and said, “What’s wrong, I want this bitch to look up completely in front of me, and will my uncle put the Evans family in his eyes?”

Brodie didn’t even think about the former Evans family. I knew that Colter would definitely not take it seriously, but it is different now. The entire London knows that the Evans family is in charge of the West City project, and many people know that the springboard of the West City is very likely to make the Evans family leap into the front line of Cloud City. Aristocratic family, whether Colter has any scruples, this is unclear.

Seeing Brodie’s hesitation, dissatisfaction immediately appeared on Madison’s face and said: “Okay, your wife is being bullied, so you have to swallow your anger, do you want to be like that useless?”

“Whoever is like that useless, okay, just do as you said.” Brodie cast a look at the hooligans, and made a very nasty gesture with both hands.

After receiving the signal, several hooligans moved towards Jessica and Saskia eagerly.

“The two beauties are good-looking. Why don’t you have a man to accompany you? Would you like brothers to accompany you for a drink?”

“The skin is quite white, so I can feel slippery and not slippery.”

“It’s a pity, it’s so beautiful .” The beautiful woman is still single.” When

several hooligans walked to Jessica and Saskia, they began to fret, and drove the others away.

There are quite a few Jessica’s admirers here. Seeing this scene, they became annoyed.

“Who are you? This is the hall under our contract. Get out.” One of the

Carlossters looked at the talking male classmate contemptuously, and said, “What are you, what are you doing in front of Daliah.”

That The male classmate said coldly: “You may not know why we are here. He is Colter’s nephew. I advise you not to make trouble here.”

Colter heard this and pretended not to hear anything. Chopped a chopstick dish for Madison.

The hooligan stood up and walked towards the male classmate with a smile.

After walking in front of him, he kicked the male student’s abdomen and said coldly: “I don’t know who he is, but he didn’t say anything. Where did you have the courage to fart with me?”

The male student was sweating in pain. Straighten up, clutching the lower abdomen.

When other people saw that Brodie did nothing and Madison looked like it had nothing to do with him, they were shocked. Madison didn’t arrange this matter deliberately, right?

“Madison, everyone is a classmate, you don’t have to be so awesome, right?” someone said to Madison.

“What do you mean, this matter has nothing to do with me, it’s her own hooves to provoke people, can you blame me?” Madison stood up and said angrily.

Georgiana Fruit Village is Colter’s place, and Brodie is Colter’s nephew. How could these people dare to make trouble here easily?

Although Madison argued, all the students present knew that this matter must have something to do with her.

It’s just that many people don’t want to offend Madison, so except for the male classmate who was beaten, no one else said anything.

“Welcome Jessica, Stanley, why isn’t he coming back.” Saskia whispered in fear, feeling the naked eyes of those hooligans.

“Beauty, whispering, if you have anything to say, let’s listen to it together.” A certain Carlosster put his hand directly on Saskia’s shoulder and said.

Saskia turned sideways and said angrily: “Don’t touch me.”

“Oh, you have a pretty temperament, I like it, I don’t know if you have such a big reaction when you are in bed?”

Jessica’s gloomy face, she knows this. Madison did the thing. He stood up and said to Madison, “Madison, do you have to do these things for the contradictions between us?”

“Jessica, how many men have you harassed outside? How do I know what they have to do with you.” Madison said with a cold face.

“Beauty, have you forgotten how passionate we were last night? You can’t get out of bed without admitting it.” The rogue said to Jessica with a smile.

“You fart, when will I know you, don’t talk nonsense.” Jessica said excitedly.

“Nima, stinky lady, what is your attitude.” The rogue slapped Jessica’s face.

Saskia hurriedly guarded Jessica and said: “You dare to hit someone, believe it or not, I call the police to catch you.”

“Call the police?”

Several Carlossters laughed.

“I don’t go in several times a month, so I feel uncomfortable.”

“That’s our hometown. It’s common to go in and out, but if you get some of your

brothers in , you won’t have a good life when we come out.” “Do you want to try it every day when someone breaks the door when you go home? Feeling?”

Saskia’s face was pale when she heard these words, she knew how serious the consequences of provoking these hooligans would be.

At this time, Jessica said to Madison again: “Do you have to do things like this? My hatred with you is just that the boys you liked like me when you were in school. You need to find these people. Deal with me?”

“Jessica, I said, these people have nothing to do with me, you have done dirty things yourself and have to rest on my head, do you think I’m good for Madison to bully?” Madison angrily walked in front of Jessica , Poured a glass of red wine on Jessica, and continued to curse: “Who didn’t know that you used to pretend to be pure and your private life was a mess. You have had relationships with many men. Don’t think I don’t know.”

Madison made it clear that he was going to Jessica. Detaining shit, she wanted to slander Jessica in this way, so that the male classmates could give up thinking about Jessica.

Even if Madison is married now, she still cannot accept that so many people admire Jessica.

She wanted to prove that she was better than Jessica and had a better life than Jessica.

“Madison, you are talking about yourself, Jessica went to school and never fell in love, but you, changing boyfriends every three days, this is something we all know.” Saskia retorted.

“You’re talking nonsense, I tore your mouth.” Madison was suddenly excited. She is the image of a lady in front of Brodie. How can these ugly things be shaken out.

Grabbing Saskia’s hair, the two women scuffled together.

Jessica saw that her sister was at a loss, so she naturally wanted to help.

In the case of two-on-one, Madison would definitely not be able to fight, and Brodie was anxious when he saw the situation.

He didn’t care to reveal that these hooligans were called by him, and he scolded: “What are you guys doing in a daze? Give me a fight.”

When several hooligans heard these words, they did not have the slightest heart to pity and cherish jade. After pulling Jessica and Saskia away, they kicked to the ground one by one.

The shaggy Madison was anxious and said to the Carlosster: “Take her to me.”

Jessica was trapped in her hands, so she could only let Madison slap her face one by one.

“You stinky bitch, dare to hit me. Let you hit me. Don’t kneel down and apologize to me today. You don’t want to leave here.”

Brodie calmly walked up to Saskia and punched Saskia in the lower abdomen: “Go Ni Mar, dare to beat my wife.”

Chapter 90: Angry

Colter’s office.

Stanley sat on the sofa, and Colter stood trembling to the side.

“Brother Stanley, why are you here?” Colter asked. Three years ago, he was just a trash. Stanley found him and gave him the opportunity to achieve what he is today.

Even though Colter already has contacts in hand, he still doesn’t dare to treat Stanley lightly, because he knows that if Stanley can give him all this, he can also take it back.

“Today, I accompanied my wife to the class reunion, and I came to see you by the way. We haven’t seen you for three years, and I’m afraid you will forget me.” Stanley said with a smile.

Hearing this, Colter panicked and said quickly: “Brother Stanley, how could I have forgotten you? I forgot what my surname is, and it is impossible to forget the kindness of Brother Stanley to me.”

“Amare Odd, I can give it to you, and I can get it back, do you know?” Stanley said.

Colter was shocked, how could he suddenly say such a thing?

“Brother Stanley, is there something wrong with me?” Colter asked nervously.

Stanley shook his head and said, “Nothing is wrong, I just want to remind you. I don’t want to bury the thread that took three years, and finally I will destroy it by myself.”

“Brother Stanley, please rest assured, Colter. I’ll be a bull and a horse for you in this life, and I will never complain at all.” Colter lowered his head and said.

“By the way, you have a nephew named Brodie, right?” Stanley asked.

Speaking of Brodie, Colter showed a smile on his face and said: “Brodie is indeed my nephew, but I raised him as my own son. Because I am not fertile, I will have to let him pick me up in the future. Ban.”

“You told him to be a high-profile man?”

Hearing this question, Colter finally realized that something was not right. Before Brodie came to him to borrow someone, Stanley suddenly mentioned Brodie again. It might not be one of them. Is there any contradiction between?

“Brother Stanley, did something happen?” Colter asked as if walking on thin ice. If Brodie’s contradiction is really with Stanley, then it will be over.

His people have gone to trouble, and Stanley is in his office again, Colter doesn’t dare to think about what is happening in the hall now.

“Your nephew’s wife is a bit contradictory with my wife, it’s not a big deal, you remind me, I don’t want to make too much noise.” Stanley said.

These words almost exploded Colter like a thunder.

This f*cking…

Brodie only said that he had a conflict with his classmate, but he didn’t talk about who this classmate was.

If Colter knew that it was Jessica and gave him a hundred leopard gall, he wouldn’t dare let people go to Jessica’s troubles.

Colter only felt that his legs were weak, and cold sweat on his forehead, he said quickly: “Brother Stanley, let’s go to the lobby and have a look.”

Seeing Colter panicked so much, Stanley frowned and asked, “How come back? What happened?”

“Just… Just now Brodie asked me to send a few people to the hall.” Colter felt that the sky was spinning, his eyes turned black. If something happened, he couldn’t bear the consequences.

Stanley stood up suddenly and walked out of the office without saying a word.

Although Colter’s legs were weak, he still followed Stanley closely.

In the hall, Jessica’s face was beaten and swollen, and the corners of her mouth overflowed with shocking blood.

Saskia was forced to kneel on the ground by Madison.

Those classmates saw this scene, although they felt that Madison had done a little too much, but they did not dare to help Jessica and Saskia say a little bit of kindness, for fear of being harmed by Yuchi.

“Why doesn’t that wimpy come back? If he is there, you can also help Jessica block it.”

“Who knows if he ran away, famously wimpy, even if he is there, can you manage this matter?”

“Brodie’s uncle is the boss here, hey, this time Jessica can be regarded as completely planted.”

The classmates sighed, but thinking of Stanley, they felt that there was no difference between Stanley’s presence and absence.

Could it be that when Stanley came back, he could stop this incident and deal with Brodie?


If he had this ability, how could he be a famous waste in London.

“Jessica, I want you to kneel down.” Madison had already said this to Jessica more than once.

Jessica held her head up stubbornly, and said unclearly: “Don’t think about it.”

Madison knows that Colter treats Brodie as a son, so she is not afraid of trouble. As long as Colter helps her wipe her butt, she can be safe and sound. .

Grabbing Jessica’s hair, pulling forcefully, said in a cold voice: “You believe it or not, I will let them rectify you on the spot, aren’t you upright? Let all the classmates see your turbulent side, how about?”

“Let go She!” There was a loud anger in the hall.

When Stanley saw Jessica’s state, his eyes instantly turned red, and he rushed forward.

The two hooligans holding Jessica were punched on the head by Stanle, falling to the ground like mud, life and death uncertain.

Stanley tremblingly hugged Jessica, looking at the wound on Jessica’s face, an unstoppable killing intent spread across the hall.

“You… how are you, do you hurt?” Stanley asked softly.

After seeing Stanley coming back, Jessica was relieved, and said with a smile on her face: “It’s okay, I’m okay.”

Stanley took a deep breath, and the other two rascals saw that their own people had been beaten. Give Shawthree a lesson.

Stanley put Jessica behind him, and said coldly, “Two rubbish, go to death!”

After the explosion, Stanley smashed the bench with a punch. The wind of his fist did not stop, and the speed of his fist was still the same, and it blasted on the person.

The man yelled in pain, and flew out in response.

The remaining person was just a moment’s stunned. After Stanley snatched the stool in his hand, he smashed it on the head, splashing blood.




All the classmates who saw this scene, regardless of male or female, took a breath, and their scalp numb.

“This… he is so cruel!”

“Is he really useless? How could he be so powerful.”

“I’m not dazzled, it’s really too powerful.”

When the classmate sighed and was shocked, Brodie was not only unwilling. Fear, instead, he looked at Stanley with a smile.

Even his uncle’s people dared to fight, really recklessly.

“Stanley, I didn’t expect you to be a waste of money twice, but do you know whose site this is? You are making trouble here, and today you can’t leave alive.” When Brodie said this, he had no idea to go to the entrance of the hall. Colter was so scared that he had already lost his soul and sat slumped on the ground.

Stanley sprinted in front of Brodie without saying anything. He was furious, leaping up, his knees against Brodie’s chin, Brodie sprayed out a bloody mist, and spit out several broken teeth in a row.

“You, you dare to hit me.” Brodie said to Stanley, covering his mouth in horror.

“You useless, you dare to hit my man.” Madison rushed to Stanley like a mad woman, raising his fist to hit Stanley.

Stanley raised his hand and pulled Madison’s hair, and said coldly: “I never beat women, but today is an exception!”

After speaking, Stanley kicked Madison’s chest.

The strong impact made Madison had to retreat, but Stanley was still pulling her hair at this time, and between pulling and pulling, Madison’s head was bald.

Those classmates were already dumbfounded, and no one thought that Stanley would become more and more ruthless. Even Brodie and Madison didn’t let it go. You must know that they are Colter’s close relatives. Stanley beat two of them like this, can Colter let him go?

“Stanley, stop it, Brodie’s uncle is Colter, and the matter is serious, you can’t save Jessica.”

“Yeah, you should take Jessica quickly, and when Colter comes, you can’t leave if you want to leave. . ” “

Jessica, you also froze the doing of it, do not run. “

Jessica hear these words, just ready to get up, Shawthree thousand turned around and said:.” sit down and rest, happened today, I have to solve, “

Jessica After a daze, he sat down again.

Saskia walked to Jessica’s side, and was very hurt. She looked at Stanley’s eyes at this time, full of infatuation.

This is a man, a real man, capable of desperate for a woman!

“You… really don’t know good or bad, so arrogant, see what you do later.”

” Do you really think you can fight Colter with a few people? Haven’t seen the world’s uselessness.”

“If you don’t understand, just see it well .” Close, you are harming Jessica.”

Several male classmates said to Stanley angrily, wondering what the so-called recklessness is for? Colter is here, did he run away?

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