The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 1-10

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 1

“Matthew, by marrying into my family, you’re living a matrilocal life. Not only do you have to abide by the Three Obediences and Four Virtues, you also have to cut connections with your family!”

“That’s your own sister, so why should we spend our money to save her?”

“Hmph, are you saying that it concerns a human life? What is your sister’s life worth? The Larsons are a worthless family. Otherwise, why did you choose to be a live-in son-in-law here?”

While Matthew Larson was rushing to the hospital, the mocking voices from Sasha Cunnigham’s, his wife’s, family kept echoing in his ears as he was recalling them from memory.

Matthew was born into a glorious, big family. But when he was twelve, they encountered an unexpected disaster which wiped them out in one single night. Matthew’s father died while he was trying to protect the family. As for Matthew’s mother, she sustained serious injuries who barely escaped with him and his sister, Natalie. However, after holding on for five years, his mother passed away due to the relapse of her old injuries, leaving behind both siblings to rely on each other.

As to the reason why his family went through such a terrible disaster, Matthew could no longer remember. However, before his mother passed away, she gave him a piece of jade with extreme care. Although she didn’t make it really clear, Matthew had a feeling that his family’s annihilation all started from this piece of family heirloom.

When he was really young, he heard from his father that this item held the secret to the prosperity of the Larsons. Without his mother, Matthew took on the responsibility of raising his sister at the age of seventeen. Despite all difficulties, he somehow was able to pull through with gritted teeth.

Three years ago, Natalie was diagnosed with leukemia. For the betrothal price of a hundred grand for the treatment of Natalie’s sickness, Matthew married into the Cunningham Family. Within these three years, Matthew became a slave for them and suffered countless humiliation in the Cunningham Family, but he endured all of it.

Now that Natalie had finally found a suitable bone marrow donor after her condition worsened, he needed another three hundred grand for the surgical fees. His wife, Sasha, was away on a business trip, and he couldn’t reach her through her cellphone at all. So, he turned to the Cunninghams for a loan since he was unable to come up with the sum. As a result, they heartlessly threw him out of the house.

After that, Matthew went to the office of the director of the hospital as he tightened his jaw before he pushed the door in. An arrogant-looking man wearing a pair of glasses was seated in the room. Jeffrey Zimmerman, the director of the hospital, was also Sasha’s senior in school, and probably one of her admirers. When she married Matthew, Jeffrey was the one who cursed Matthew the most behind his back.

The Zimmerman Family was involved with business in the medical field, and Sasha arranged a job for Matthew here in the hospital. Initially, he was arranged for consultation work in an office. But, after Jeffrey became the director because of his family’s influence, he had been making things difficult for Matthew, who was then sent to clean the floors instead.

So, Matthew was demoted from being a support crew to a cleaning crew. Despite that, he could only swallow the insult and humiliation silently, because Natalie was receiving treatment from the very same hospital. As long as he could keep his sister alive, he was willing to do anything!

“Director Zimmerman,” Matthew began pleadingly, “Sasha is away on a business trip and she’s probably busy, so I couldn’t get her through her phone. Maybe you… you could arrange for Natalie’s surgery first. I’ll definitely come up with the surgical fees!”

With that, Jeffrey merely snorted. “Matthew, you’ve been working here for a while now, and you should know the hospital’s rules. Three hundred grand is not a small sum. What should I do if you refuse to pay up later?”

Matthew was immediately infuriated, and he spoke in a low voice, “Director Zimmerman, I’ve been working in this hospital for three years. Do you think that I’m the kind of person who wouldn’t pay up?”

“That’s hard to say!” Jeffrey said nonchalantly. “Any regular man wouldn’t offer himself up to be a live-in son-in-law, either. So it wouldn’t be something out of this world if a man, who is used to relying on his wife, to fall back on his bills!”

The expression on Matthew’s face changed drastically as he gritted his teeth. “Director Zimmerman, I haven’t received any salary for the past three years of my working in this hospital. Although it may not sum up to three hundred grand, it’s still not that far off. When Sasha returns later, I’ll borrow some from her—”

“Don’t wait for her return. Borrow some now!” Jeffrey said with a laugh. “Is that right what I heard that Sasha isn’t picking up your calls? How about… I give her a call instead?” he asked as he called her through his cellphone. It only rang for three times before she picked up the phone and answered, “What’s up, Director Zimmerman?”

Matthew’s heart was wrenched. For the past few days, he had called Sasha for more than a hundred times, but she had never once picked it up. Meanwhile, Jeffrey had only called once and she had already answered. So what did this prove? Even though they were married for three years and they only existed on paper as a married couple, Matthew never treated her badly. Despite the fact that Sasha looked down on him, he still thought of her as his wife and genuinely treated her well. He thought to himself, Is this how she is treating me in return?

“It’s nothing. I am just calling to check on you.” Jeffrey shook his cellphone in front of Matthew smugly.

Matthew felt that his chest was about to explode. Just as he was about to say something, Jeffrey got ahead of him by a second. “I’m sorry, but I’m a little busy now, Sasha. Bye!” With that, he hung up the call without giving Matthew a chance to say anything at all.

“Did you see that, Matthew? She wasn’t busy, but she just didn’t want to answer your calls!” Looking at him from the corner of his eyes, he continued, “Are you so used to relying on your wife’s family that you are taking it for granted everything the Cunninghams are doing for you?”

Matthew clenched his hands into tight fists as everything which happened were pushing him to the edge of his sanity—Natalie’s health condition, Sasha’s indifference, and mockery from the Cunninghams.

Suddenly, Jeffrey added on with a laugh, “Why don’t I give you an idea?”

Casting him a glance, Matthew asked through gritted teeth, “What is it?”

“Don’t you have two kidneys? Maybe you can come up with some money if you sell one!” Jeffrey sneered and continued, “It’s not a secret that Sasha doesn’t share the same bedroom with you, so why do you need two of your kidneys for?”

Matthew left the room with a pale face amidst Jeffrey’s laughter, and went to Natalie’s ward with a crestfallen look. When he entered the door, he saw that the patient in the ward was no longer Natalie. Worried, he hurriedly asked the people in the room, “W-Why are you here? Where’s my sister?”

The family members of the patient rolled their eyes at him. “You mean the little girl from earlier on? It seemed like she was thrown out because she didn’t pay her bills!”

“What?!” he exclaimed and dashed out of the ward.

He had just reached the staircase when he heard a scream from outside the building. “Someone had just jumped off the building!”

Dashing over, he saw a weak figure laying in a pool of blood in the garden outside the hospital building, and it was none other than his sister, Natalie!

“Natalie!” Matthew let out a shrilling howl as he bolted over and picked her up into his arms from the pool of blood.

Natalie was barely breathing, but she forced out a smile on her weak face when she saw him. “Matt, everyone is saying that I’m a burden to you. I… I’m leaving now and won’t be a burden to you from… from now on. You have to live well…”

“Natalie, who… who told you this?” Turning his head around, Matthew shouted, “Help! Somebody, help!”

A few doctors and nurses ran over but was stopped by Jeffrey with a warning. “They still owe the hospital more than thirty grand. Will you be paying for their bills if you save her now?”

The medical staff were all stunned by this and didn’t dare to lend a helping hand.

“Matt, stop wasting money…” Natalie gripped his arms as blood kept spurting from her mouth, but she was still forcing a smile. “I-I’m happy to be your sister in this lifetime. Unfortunately, this life is too… too short. If there’s a next life in the future, I… I’d want to be your sister again…” After she finished speaking, her grip loosened and her hand gradually fell with a limp.

As though a knife had pierced through his heart, he held her tightly and hollered, “Natalie, don’t leave me! No!”

A crowd had gathered around them and made a ruckus when suddenly one of them exclaimed, “Why are h-his tears red?”

“Tears of blood! He’s crying tears of blood!”

Out of tears, Matthew was now shedding droplets of blood and they flowed down his cheeks, mixing into Natalie’s blood. However, nobody noticed that this mixture was slowly being absorbed into the jade pendant on his chest.

All of a sudden, a loud bang echoed in Matthew’s head, followed by a desolate voice, sounding as if it had traveled through a long passage of history. It spoke into his ears, “I’m the founding clan leader of the Larsons and the Miracle Doctor, Christopher Larson. I’m passing my lifetime’s knowledge onto this jade pendant, and my descendants shall uncover the secrets of this pendant using the blood of the Larsons. Inherit my knowledge, and practice medicine to help and save people!”

Thereafter, a huge amount of information began flooding into Matthew’s head. At this moment, all he could feel was that his head was almost splitting apart. It took a long while before the transferring of the information stopped. When Matthew opened his eyes again, a streak of light was flowing in his vision.

Staring at Natalie in his arms, he could clearly see that her life force had yet to cease completely. Without hesitation, he applied pressure on a few pressure points on her to keep her alive before carrying her away from the hospital.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 2

With Natalie in his arms, Matthew ran to the nearest Carlson Pharmacy, the biggest pharmacy chain in Eastcliff. The owner, Stanley Carlson, was a significant figure in the medical business in Eastcliff.

The largest part of the Cunningham’s sales was so dependent on the Carlson Group that the latter controlled and supported the financial lifeline of the Cunninghams. Every one of Carlson Group’s pharmacies had a highly skilled in-house doctor.

When Matthew went into the store with a girl in his arms covered in blood, everyone inside was stunned. “Hey, there’s no use bringing her with that sort of injury into a pharmacy. You better send her to a hospital quickly!” said a young shop assistant who was stopping Matthew from going forward. “We don’t have the facilities like a hospital and we can’t save her!”

“There’s no need for that!” Matthew shook his head and said in a low voice, “I need to buy a set of silver needles!”

“Silver needles?” The shop assistant was startled as there were not many people looking for such an item.

“Why do you want to buy silver needles?” asked an old man with white beard, out of the blue.

When the young assistant saw the man, he quickly greeted him respectfully, “Mr. Harrison!”

This elderly person was Joseph Harrison, a genius doctor of Carlson Pharmacy with remarkable medical skills that placed him amongst the top three in the whole of Eastcliff. The prestige which Carlson Pharmacy enjoyed now had a direct connection with Joseph’s influence in the field.

However, Matthew didn’t pay any attention to him and repeated in a low growl, “I need to buy a set of silver needles!”

With a mix of adulation and anger in his voice, the young assistant replied, “Hey, didn’t you hear Mr. Harrison speaking to you?”

“I want to buy a set of silver needles!” Matthew yelled suddenly.

“What are you yelling for?” the shop assistant bellowed angrily. “Do you know where this is? Why are you making a scene here? You—”

With a wave of Joseph’s hand, the shop assistant immediately stopped speaking. While glancing once at Natalie who was in Matthew’s arms, Joseph said with a sigh, “Young man, this little girl has passed away. Why don’t you give her a proper burial instead?”

“She’s not dead yet!” Matthew shouted.

“How dare you speak to Mr. Harrison like that—” The young assistant wanted to blow his top at Matthew but was once again stopped by Joseph, who could tell that Matthew was in deep sorrow, and it was only normal for him to have such a reaction.

“Young man, I’ve been practicing medicine for more than forty years, and I’m able to tell from just a glance. It is indeed true that this little girl had no life force left.”

“I’ll say it again that she’s not dead!” Matthew shouted in rage. “I need silver needles. Do you have silver needles?”

With a frown, Joseph asked, “Why do you want the silver needles?”

“I want to save her!” he said loudly.

“Save her?” Joseph looked at Matthew with a dubious look, wondering if this young man had lost his mind.

A dead person could never start breathing again. Even with superior medical skills, there was no way of bringing a dead person back to life! Despite that, Matthew appeared calm and gleamed with confidence in his eyes. This surprised Joseph, who began softly, “The shop doesn’t have any silver needles.”

Matthew then turned around and was about to leave before Joseph continued after a pause, “However, I do have a set of silver needles. I can lend it to you for a while.”

Stopping in his tracks, Matthew spun around and nodded slowly. “Thank you!”

“Bring me my silver needles and prepare the room at the back,” Joseph ordered.

The young assistant looked puzzled. “Mr. Harrison, she’s already dead. If anything happens—”

“If anything happens, I’ll be responsible for it!” Joseph cut him off calmly.

Not daring to speak anymore, the shop assistant rushed away immediately as instructed, while Matthew carried Natalie into the room under Joseph’s lead. There was a hospital bed in sight, so Matthew placed Natalie on it. At the same time, Joseph brought a set of silver needles over.

In a fierce tone, the shop assistant barked at him, “These are the needles for Mr. Harrison’s use, of which he had saved countless lives with them throughout the years. It’s your greatest honor that he is lending them to you now. Yet, you’re actually using it on a dead person. This is utterly an insult to Mr. Harrison!”

As he ran his fingers across the silver needles, Matthew had an inexplicable sense of familiarity and his face was brimming with confidence.

The shop assistant pouted his lips and sneered, “Hmph, what a waste of effort. I’ve never seen the dead coming back to life!”

“Alright, leave the room now!” Joseph waved his hand and gestured for him to leave.

“I…” The shop assistant was taken aback, but still left the room grudgingly.

“Do you need my help?” Joseph asked softly. Though he knew it was a futile effort, perhaps he could alleviate some of Matthew’s sadness by doing so. Being in the medicine field for so many years, he had always been kind-hearted with a respectable reputation in Eastcliff. Even toward a stranger, he still carried some pity and compassion, which mainly contributed to his highly honored and esteemed name.

Matthew looked at him and said softly, “Please hold on to the two pressure points here!”

The points he meant were GV20 which was situated on the top of the head, while KI1 was at the bottom of the foot. The GV20 was a meeting point for all veins and it ran throughout the whole body. The head was the meeting point of Yang as well as the center for all the pulses, and GV20 was the point where the energy of the meridians converged. The nature of this pressure point was Yang, but it also held Yin within. Hence, it could reach all of the veins of Yin and Yang while connecting all of the pressure points around it. As for the KI1 situated at the sole of the foot, it was where liquid from the kidney flowed out to the surface.

Even though he had his doubts, Joseph still did as he was asked and applied pressure on those two points.

Holding the needles in his hand, Matthew took a deep breath and suddenly placed three needles simultaneously on Natalie’s face.

Joseph’s eyes almost popped out of its sockets when he saw that the three needles had been placed accurately onto the three pressure points without the slightest mistake. Even after decades of practicing medicine and was highly experienced, he was not able to place them so precisely at the same time. Now, how could this young man have such profound skills?

Despite that, even with these extraordinary capabilities, he couldn’t bring the dead back to life! While Joseph was deep in his thoughts, Matthew had already inserted twenty-three needles at different pressure points all over Natalie’s body.

Joseph’s face turned from solemn to surprised when he saw the layout of those metal prickles. Until Matthew had inserted his last needle, the look on Joseph’s face was completely frozen.

It was at this moment that Natalie, who was supposed to be dead, let out a small breath and her fingers twitched a little. Shocked, Joseph recovered from his frozen state and stammered, “Young man, t-the technique you just used, d-does it have a name?” In fact, he already had a guess in his heart but it was too hard for him to believe it, so he had to ask.

“It’s the Divine Acupuncture Skill!” Matthew answered with a straight face.

“Just as I thought!” Joseph gushed. “My grandmaster once said that only the Divine Acupuncture Skill could bring the dead back to life in this world,” he said, still shaking. “However, this technique has been lost for centuries. I didn’t expect that I would have the chance to witness it even today! The Heavens have been kind to me!” When he finished speaking, he placed his hands together and bowed down to Matthew, saying, “Young man, pardon my ignorance and do forgive me if I have offended you earlier!”

“Please don’t say that!” Matthew paused and said in a low voice, “And please tell no one about this!” It was better to keep the jade pendant on the hush for now. After all, his family was annihilated because of it.

Startled at first, Joseph immediately understood why. This was an extraordinary technique and nobody knew what would happen if it became news to the public! “Don’t worry, young man. I definitely wouldn’t tell it to another soul!” he promised.

Just then, a commotion came from outside the door. “It’s right here, Mr. Williams. I have no idea what trick that man is pulling, but Mr. Harrison actually allowed him to bring the dead girl inside. It’s such a bad omen, don’t you think?”

The door swung open and the shop assistant returned into the room with the store manager. When Mr. Williams saw Joseph, he put on a pleasing smile and asked respectfully, “Mr. Harrison, why don’t you take a break and let me take care of the situation here?”

However, Joseph paid no attention to him as he was still gazing at Matthew with respect. Unbothered by it, Mr. Williams took a look around the room and said coldly, “Throw this dead body out of here!”

“How dare you!” Joseph shouted in anger.

Mr. Willimas jumped in surprise and spoke in a quiet voice, “Mr. Harrison, this person is dead. If we keep her here, isn’t it—”

“Who says that she’s dead?” he interjected in rage. “Can’t you see that this young, no, this gentleman had—” Joseph wanted to explain how Matthew had saved Natalie’s life, but abruptly stopped himself. If he had continued, wouldn’t he be leaking out Matthew’s secret?

“This young girl was just hurt very badly!” he said instead, and told them off coldly, “Get out of here. I have to treat her!”

“Huh?” Mr. Williams was shocked. “Mr. Harrison, didn’t you say that she was dead earlier?

“I made a mistake and misjudged her condition.” With a snort, he asked, “Are you going to make fun of me now for my failing eyesight?”

In an instant, cold sweat started to break out on Mr. William’s forehead. As the pillar of strength for Carlson Pharmacy, even the owner himself had to be respectful to Joseph. Mr. Williams thought, How could I offend a person like him?

“Get out of here!” Joseph yelled again.

“Y-Yes, o-of course!” Mr. Williams nodded and bowed deeply before dragging the shop assistant out of the room with him.

Once they were outside, the angry voice of Mr. Williams could be heard lecturing the shop assistant, “Is this what you mean by a dead person? Damn it, are you trying to get me into trouble?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 3
After closing the door, Joseph looked at Matthew respectfully and said, “I’m Joseph Harrison. May I ask for your name, sir?”

“I’m Matthew Larson.”

“So you’re Mr. Larson!” Taking a deep breath, Joseph glanced at Natalie who was lying on the bed and he asked softly, “Do you still need any help, Mr. Larson?”

Matthew was silent for a while before he suddenly grabbed a pen and paper and scribbled some details on it. “Please get me some herbs!” Matthew handed the prescription to him and started digging into his pockets, but could only come up with a few tens in notes.

Feeling awkward, Matthew knew that there were many valuable and expensive herbs written on the prescription. If he could get everything on the list, it would cost more than two thousand. With this little money that he had, it was barely enough to cover the cost of anything.

Seeing his situation, Joseph quickly took the written direction from him and said in a shaky voice, “Mr. Larson, my words still carry some weight in this pharmacy, so you don’t have to pay for these herbs!”

Matthew gazed at him and nodded slowly as he expressed his gratitude to Joseph. “Thank you, Mr. Harrison, but I don’t want to be indebted to people. Please get ten portions of each herb for me and I’ll let you keep this prescription for your own use!”

If it was any other regular person saying this to him, Joseph would have thought that he was being disrespectful, but since it was from Matthew, he took it as if they were the words of a divine being. Apart from Matthew, no one else could have possessed the Divine Acupuncture Skill, and a casual prescription from him was simply a priceless treasure!

“Thank you, Mr. Larson!” Joseph thanked him and left hurriedly, holding on to the paper like a precious gift. Soon after, he returned with packages of different sizes in his hands. “Mr. Larson, these are the herbs which you requested. Please take a look,” he said.

At a glance, Matthew could tell that Joseph was meticulous in his task; every herb was packed properly. From the scent and color of it, Matthew could tell that they were all top-grade herbs.

Besides inheriting his ancestor’s lifetime knowledge from the jade pendant, Matthew also gained all of his medical experience from it. Although Matthew had never seen these herbs before, he could tell the quality with just one look.

“Thank you, Mr. Harrison!” he exclaimed and took them from him, as he carefully separated one portion out.

Joseph had also brought in a machine to boil the herbs, and he held his breath as he stood next to Matthew and watched. The prescribed remedy was indeed important, but what was more crucial was the way the herbs were boiled. Many exclusive herbal mixtures required special preparation methods, or it would lose its medicinal properties. Since Matthew had agreed to pass him the prescription, he would have to teach Joseph everything about it, which he did without holding back.

Instead of throwing all the herbs together into the pot, Matthew added them in a specific sequence while explaining it to Joseph. “The timing, temperature, sequence and the nature of the herbs are all important elements. You’ll have to remember every step, or else the medicinal effects would be reduced if there’s any mistake in the process!”

Like a primary school student, Joseph made notes with a pen and paper reverently while trying to remember everything to heart.

An hour later, the concoction was ready. When the lid was opened, a refreshing aroma floated in the air without any trace of an unpleasant smell. Just breathing in the fragrance, Joseph could already feel a sense of vigor and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Mr. Larson, what is this medicine? H-How… could the aroma be so refreshing?”

Composedly, Matthew replied, “These are mini Rejuvenating Pills and have miraculous effects for injuries. Anyone who takes this can promote their longevity and strengthen their bodies!”

“Pill?” Joseph was puzzled. Wasn’t he making a liquid medicine? Peering over the pot, he saw that there were a few dozen of black-colored pills laying at the bottom of the boiler. “T-This is a pill-cultivating technique?!” Joseph’s eyes widened, for he had only heard of this method but had never seen it before.

Matthew took out a pill and mixed it with water before gently coaxing it down Natalie’s throat. With wide, unblinking eyes, Joseph saw that the injuries on Natalie were actually healing slowly right before his eyes.

“T-This is miraculous!” he cried out in surprise, having never seen such a thing happening before.

Shifting his gaze to the pills, Joseph had no doubt that just any one of these could be sold for an unimaginable price! Seeing that Natalie’s injuries were healing, Matthew let out a sigh; her life was secure for now. He took out three pills and gave it to Joseph. “These are my gifts to you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Larson!” Joseph reached out both his hands and took them without any hesitation. He was never a person to covet small advantages, but not even money could buy a man these pellets!

After carefully placing them into his pocket, Joseph looked at Matthew, full of admiration on his face. He couldn’t imagine how a young man could have such miraculous medical skills, and he was sure that Matthew’s achievements in the future was not something which could be contained in Eastcliff!

Even though Natalie had been saved, her breathing was still unstable, so Matthew stayed by her side to watch over her. As his only kin left in this world, Matthew wouldn’t let anything happen to her no matter what!

Meanwhile, Joseph would also come in to check on them a few times and also sent some food for him. However, Matthew was not in the mood to eat at all. It wasn’t until a little past ten at night when Natalie’s breathing began to return to normal that Matthew could finally breathe a sigh of relief. This time, Natalie’s life had been completely saved from the gates of hell!

Subsequently, Matthew felt a pang of hunger and started digging into the cold dishes next to him, finishing everything. Taking out his cellphone, he thought for a long while before finally deciding to give Sasha another call.

Although she did not have much feelings for him, they were still married for three years and it was heartbreaking to see how heartless she was toward him! After a few rings, the call got through and his heart almost skipped out from his throat as he said, “Sasha—”

Just as he started speaking, a male voice came from the other end of the line, “I’m not Sasha!”

Matthew’s face fell. It was almost eleven at night, so why was a man answering his wife’s phone? “Who are you?” he asked in a deep voice. “Where’s Sasha?”

“Sasha? She’s taking a shower now after her exercise earlier!” the man said smugly. “As for who I am, would you like to take a guess?” He chuckled.

“Why do you have Sasha’s phone? W-Where is she taking a shower?” he asked, worried.

The man burst into laughter and answered, “We’re in the same room, so it’s only natural that I have her phone while she’s gone for a shower. And of course she’s taking a shower in the bathroom. Do you think it will be the kitchen instead?”

“Why are the both of you in the same room?”

“In the late evening, it’s common for a man and a woman to be in the same bedroom.” Chuckling, he continued, “Hey, don’t you feel that you’re spoiling other people’s evening by calling right now?”

“Y-You!” Matthew was so mad that he could hardly speak straight. “Just who are you?”

“You don’t have to bother who I am, but I know who you are.” The man snorted as he said, “You’re Sasha’s useless husband, Matthew, aren’t you? I heard that you couldn’t even manage to get her into bed with you after three years of marriage.” He paused and laughed at him. “You have no idea how smooth the skin is on your wife’s body, do you?”

The man continued laughing before hanging up on him straight away, leaving Matthew hopping in rage. He made another call right after that, but no one picked up.

Despite several attempts, his calls to Sasha remained unanswered. Finally, he lost count of the number of times he had called that he only stopped when his cell phone was out of battery. Like a zombie, he stood rooted to the ground blankly.

He felt as though his heart had been pierced as he never thought that his wife would actually cheat on him after three years of marriage! It was not a wonder now why she ignored his calls and why the Cunninghams were treating him so badly. So this was what they had decided to do since the beginning!

Staying absent-minded and silent for a long time, Matthew’s chest suddenly burned with anger and he sprang up from his seat. With gritted teeth, he vowed, “I won’t let go of this matter, Cunninghams! I want to be stronger and make every one of you regret this!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 4
Throughout the night, Matthew kept vigil by Natalie’s side and never left for one second. Fortunately, Carlson Pharmacy was open 24/7. Joseph had ordered the staff to assist Matthew the best they could. As a result, no one gave him a hard time.

Of course, Matthew was not idle the whole night, either. There was a huge amount of information from the jade pendant, but there was a particularly important skill in it named the Divine Skill. This was the expertise which made Christopher Larson the top swordsman in the world. Not only did this ability enable him with creative powers and miraculous medical skills to cure others, it was also a form of formidable martial arts which could eliminate evil.

After taking three mini Rejuvenating Pills, Matthew made use of the herb’s effects to work and circulate within his body, activating the cultivation of the Divine Skill. It would be extremely difficult for a regular person to train this skill and reach any levels of achievement, but since Matthew had inherited all of Christopher’s memories—which Christopher had previously studied the skill thoroughly and understood everything fully—that meant that he had already mastered the skill as perfectly as Christopher himself. Naturally, he only needed half the effort to recultivate the skill. Within a night, he had developed the skill to the first level and had essential Qi flowing through his body.

As the sky gradually brightened up, he left the room after making sure that Natalie’s breathing had become stable at a regular rate.

Behind the pharmacy was a big yard, like a small park filled with trees. Taking out a silver needle left behind by Joseph the night before, he held it between two fingers in his right hand as he flicked it away gently. Like a darting dagger, the needle pierced into the trunk of a tree nearby.

It was a thin and slender needle, so a regular person would need a lot of practice just to be able to prick it through the skin. However, even with the tough bark of the tree trunk, Matthew was able to penetrate about half of the needle into it without even bending the prickle. Anyone who had seen this would be shocked beyond words! And this was the power of the Divine Skill. If this needle was to pierce through a person, wouldn’t it kill a man?

Next, Matthew began to practice a set of martial arts. After the essential Qi was flowing in his body, his movements became powerful and imposing. Then, he took a quick shower when his cell phone rang after he came out of the room.

As soon as he answered the call, the voice of his mother-in-law, Helen Freeman, bombarded his ears furiously. “Matthew, where the hell have you been?” In the family, Helen had the worst temper of all who had the deepest hatred for him, because she always felt that he had destroyed her daughter’s life as well as her family.

Suppressing his fury, Matthew said quietly, “I’m taking care of Natalie—”

“Don’t try that with me. I don’t care about her and I want you to return right now at this very minute!” she yelled into the phone. “Also, get a car and come pick us up. Sasha is returning today, so we’re going to the airport!”

“I—” Even before Matthew could respond, Helen had already hung up on him. A trace of anger flashed across his face as he thought about how the Cunninghams had always ordered him around as they wished without any regard for his feelings. In that instant, he had the urge to call her back and refuse to do what he was told, but after a moment’s consideration, he decided to go ahead with her request.

To Matthew, the attitude that the Cunninghams displayed was not important. He was more interested in finding out what Sasha was really up to! Besides that, he also needed to ascertain whether she really did cheat in their marriage!

As he was about to leave, he ran into Joseph who was coming toward his direction. “Good morning, Mr. Larson!” Looking radiant and all smiles, Joseph had given one of the mini Rejuvenating Pills to his boss, Stanley Carlson the night before.

Stanley’s background was of a lower rank and he had fought his way up the ranks, sustaining many injuries along the way. Now that he was old, his old sickness often recurred which caused him unbearable pain. However, after taking a mini Rejuvenating Pill, the old injuries which had troubled him for years actually healed within a night.

Because of this, Stanley was especially excited and didn’t think twice about asking for another pill from Joseph, as he wanted to present it to his major financial supporters. When he found out that Joseph could produce more of these pills in the future, his excitement grew. As a result, he decided to transfer fifteen percent of shares from Carlson Pharmacy to Joseph. With that, Joseph was now the second biggest shareholder of Carlson Pharmacy.

As a sharp and meticulous person, Stanley knew very well that Joseph’s status would rise now that he could develop these pills. When that time came, many would want to keep Joseph for themselves. No matter how much money he offered, Stanley believed that somehow, someone else would be able to top his deal. Having said that, things would be different if he had offered Joseph shares, which would bind Joseph tightly to Carlson Pharmacy without him leaving.

Carlson Pharmacy could be found all over Eastcliff, monopolizing half of the medicinal herbs business there, which was worth tens of billions. With fifteen percent of equity, it was worth as least a few billion. In addition, with the production of the mini Rejuvenating Pills, the worth would only increase! Now, with the admiration and gratitude that Joseph had for Matthew, he would even bow slightly when he stood in front of Matthew to show his respect.

“Good morning!” Matthew greeted. “Mr. Harrison, may I trouble you for a few things?” he asked suddenly.

Hearing that, Joseph beamed. “Mr. Larson, please don’t stand on ceremony with me. Just let me know if you need anything!” To Joseph, it was his honor that Matthew was actually seeking his help!

“My sister needs to rest quietly for some time. Is it possible for her to stay here and could you please help me to take care of her?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Larson!” he readily agreed. “I’ll be here personally to watch over the place. Also, I’ll hire the best medical staff to look after Miss Natalie!”

“Thank you, Mr. Harrison!” Matthew nodded as he made a mental note of his kindness.

Joseph smiled brightly. “This is what I should do.”

“Since it has been decided, then I’ll leave everything to you.” Matthew stopped suddenly when he reached the entrance. “That’s right, Mr. Harrison. Do you know of any car rental services around here?”

“Car rental?” Joseph was puzzled as he asked the next instant, “What type of car would you like to rent and why do you need one?”

“I’m going to pick up somebody from the airport.”

“How many seaters do you need?”

“Just a normal sedan would be sufficient.”

“There’s no need to rent one, then!” Joseph chuckled. “I have a car which I don’t normally drive. You can use it, Mr. Larson,” he offered, and had already gestured for his driver to drive the car over before he even finished speaking.

Stepping out of the pharmacy, a black sedan, which had a rather peculiar logo—like two M’s stacked together, slowly rolled up to him. The chassis was much longer than the regular sedans and even longer than the BMW 7 Series that he had seen before, which made the car appear expensive and elegant. There was nothing special with the number plate, but a small logo was on the windshield. It looked like some sort of entry-exit permit, though Matthew had no idea what it was.

With a faint laugh, Joseph told him, “Mr. Larson, I bought this car a couple of years ago but haven’t driven it yet. You can use it for now.”

Even though Matthew didn’t recognize the vehicle, he knew that it must be an expensive one. With Joseph’s status, there was no way he would drive just an ordinary car. Despite that, Matthew didn’t turn down Joseph’s offer because he was in need of a car right now. Moreover, the prescription he gave Joseph was worth more than hundreds of this sedan! “Thank you again, Mr. Harrison!”

“You’re most welcome, Mr. Larson,” he replied, waving his hands in a fluster.

Matthew gave him a nod as he drove off.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 5

Sasha’s house was situated in Eastbury, a rather dilapidated and old area of Eastcliff. In Eastcliff, the Cunninghams were considered a small family with a net worth of not more than a billion.

Sasha’s father, James Cunningham, was once the most powerful competitor in the Cunningham Family. However, he only had two daughters and no sons, so he lost the right to fight for the position as head of the family.

Later on, his younger brother, Jason Cunningham, wanted to seize the remaining of the Cunningham’s wealth from James’ hands. So, when their father, Old Master Cunningham, got severely ill, he came up with the excuse of getting Sasha a live-in son-in-law to ward off bad luck, forcing her to marry as she happened to have reached a marriageable age.

Back then, Sasha was known as the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff and when the news got out, countless men came forward for the spot. In the end, she chose an honest-looking Matthew whose family background she knew nothing about, solely because she never planned to have any physical contact with this man. A modest person who would submit to her was the most suitable choice as compared to other men who were ambitious.

As it turned out, after Matthew got married into the family, Old Master Cunningham’s health improved. However, Jason took advantage of the situation and attacked James again, this time claiming that the wealth under James’ name would fall into the hands of another family since Sasha was now married.

And so, James and his family took a hard fall when Old Master Cunningham took back the Cunningham’s properties under James’ name. The big and spacious house which they were living in was then given to Jason’s son, who would be the future heir to the Cunningham Family. As a result, James’s family had no choice but to move to this old area instead, living in a three-bedroom flat which was a mere hundred square foot, a dramatic difference compared to what they used to have.

Under these circumstances, Matthew became the thorn in their flesh and they blamed him for the state of their family. In addition, Matthew’s cowardice made them the laughing stock in the whole of Eastcliff. As Helen always said, “If it wasn’t for Matthew that useless scum, Sasha would have been married to a rich family and achieve great heights!”

For the past three years, Matthew had been like a babysitter who humbly took care of the family, but they never once allowed Natalie to step into the house. They even kept all of his salary for the past three years and refused to fork out a single cent when Natalie was sick. Moreover, Sasha had now betrayed him. How could anyone undergo all of this treatment?

When he finally reached the entrance of their community, Matthew tried his best to calm down. Though he was raging mad, he still needed to find out just what Sasha had done and what was on her mind!

This old community didn’t have wide roads and he couldn’t drive the car in, so he parked it outside and went on foot into the area. When he was about to go up the staircase, two figures appeared at the top of the stairway; they were none other than James and Helen.

At the sight of Matthew, James’s face turned sullen and he jerked his head to the side, while Helen had an infuriated look on her face and shouted at him, “Matthew, where have you been the whole day? You didn’t cook or do the laundry. What are you planning to do?”

Matthew’s brows knitted together but they relaxed again after a second. Before he could find out exactly what Sasha had done, he didn’t want to fall out completely with the Cunninghams. “I’ll clean up right away,” he said meekly.

“Save it!” she shouted. “Sasha will be disembarking soon. I won’t let you off if we are late to pick her up!”

Matthew lowered his head; he was used to these remarks after these years.

“Where is the car that I asked you to loan?” she snapped impatiently while going down the staircase.


Just as Matthew opened his mouth to speak, Helen began chiding him again, “Did you rent another car again? Could you be more considerate for Sasha’s sake? She’s a senior management in her company after all, and every time she returns from a business trip, you’re always picking her up in a rental car. Did you even give any thought about her reputation? My goodness, Matthew, you’re the most worthless wrench I’ve ever met in my life! Can’t you let Sasha appear proper for once? Forget it. It’s only a matter of time before I die from the frustration of dealing with you. I’ve already given your brother-in-law, Liam, a call. He’ll be here shortly in his Accord. And don’t forget to say something nice to Liam when you see him later. Aren’t you ashamed of troubling him like this all the time?” Helen’s words went off like a machine gun and spouted everything without giving Matthew the chance to say anything at all.

Matthew decided not to speak any further, as he had already gotten used to this kind of treatment all these years. Soon, they reached the entrance to their community and saw a Honda Accord driving toward them. Helen immediately waved at it, gesturing for the car to drive over, but it drove past them and stopped on the other side instead.

“What’s going on? Didn’t he see us?” Helen asked in surprise.

Next to them, Joseph’s car was parked right there and James said softly as he stared at it, “It wasn’t because he didn’t see us, but he was only driving past this car!”

“He’s driving past the car? Why?” Helen asked, curious.

“That’s a Maybach with a V12 engine at a starting price of three million. Besides, this vehicle is obviously modified. Taking all these into account, it wouldn’t cost any less than five million. With just a light scratch, he will not be able to pay for it even if he sells off his Accord.”

While he was explaining it to Helen, James’ eyes were gleaming with anticipation. Old Master Cunningham’s car was also a Maybach, yet there was a significant difference compared to this one here!

Even Helen had a startled look on her face. “I didn’t think that someone could afford this luxurious automobile in our community!”

“This may not belong to someone living here. It could be one of their acquaintances.” James paused for a second before saying in a hushed voice, “But, for someone to be an acquaintance of a person who drives this luxurious car, he is by no means a simple person as well!”

Just then, a man with a buzzcut stepped out of the Accord; he was the brother-in-law of Matthew, Liam Hayes. Helen immediately flashed him a smile, saying, “Liam, I’m so sorry to trouble you again!”

Throwing an envious look at the Maybach, Liam turned to look at them with a proud face; even if he couldn’t afford such an expensive car, he was still much better off than Matthew!

“Mom, what are you talking about? We’re a family, so there’s no reason to be so courteous!” Liam then shot a bantering look at Matthew and continued, “Matthew, you can just give me a call if you need to use the car. Why are you always troubling Mom for this?”

Matthew hung his head low and didn’t say a word. Liam was a thug-turned-businessman after he started working with a new employer.

Even though he was married to Sasha’s younger sister, Demi, every time he looked at Sasha, his eyes were filled with an evil glint. Privately, he had much more insults for Matthew as compared to other people. Every time when there was a family gathering, he would do his best to showcase his superiority to mock Matthew, besides deliberately showing off in front of Sasha. How could Matthew bring himself to ask for a favor from such a person?

Seeing Matthew’s silence, Helen was exasperated as though he was a huge disappointment. “Why are you quiet rather than thanking Liam?”

Liam gave Matthew a gleeful look, who returned it with a frown instead as he said softly, “Mom, I have a car, so I don’t need to thank him.”

“W-What kind of car do you have?” Taken aback, Helen then snapped at him angrily, “You should use a better car to pick Sasha up from the airport. Did you get another cheap car again? Could you please be more considerate toward Sasha?”

Even Liam snickered. “That’s right, Matthew. After all, Sasha is a senior management in the company. Why don’t you grit your teeth and just buy one? You can’t keep bringing Sasha home in another man’s car!”

Matthew’s face turned cold and replied solemnly, “Don’t you worry about that. From now on, she doesn’t need to ride in another man’s car!”

Chuckling, Liam sneered at him, “Anyone can brag, but the point is whether you have the ability!” Slapping his own Accord, he laughed. “Although it’s not expensive to buy a car, you still need at least two hundred to three hundred grand. Matthew, I heard that you only need three hundred grand to save your sister’s life. So do you want to buy a car or a life now?”

“You’re such a disappointment, Matthew. You’re still bragging despite being useless. Forget it. I won’t pin my hopes on you this time!” Disappointed, she turned to Liam and said, “Liam, let’s go to the airport now to pick up Sasha!”

“Alright!” Liam was overjoyed because he wanted to have more opportunities to associate with Sasha.

It was at this moment that Matthew walked to the Maybach, opened the door and looked toward Helen. “Mom, it’s better if I go instead!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 6
Helen had already set one foot into the Accord when she suddenly saw Matthew opening the door of the Maybach and she froze, while James and Liam were also wide-eyed. Matthew had actually borrowed this Maybach which was worth no less than five million? H-How is this possible?

The scene was awkward as everyone stared at Matthew as he sat in the driver’s seat, who called out to them through the open window, “It’s getting late now. Let’s go quickly.”

It was then that Helen caught up on the situation, gave her husband a look and they both immediately got out of the Accord. One must be kidding to choose an Accord over a Maybach! Would picking up Sasha in an Accord make her look good? Well, that depended on what was the competition! Compared to a Maybach, the difference was between Heaven and Earth!

Dumbstruck, Liam stood rooted on the same spot and didn’t recover from his surprise for a long time. Soon after that, while they were seated in the car, Helen looked around the interior with curiosity and envy. Although she had no knowledge whatsoever about automobiles, she could tell that this was an extravagant vehicle.

It was extremely comfortable to relax on the genuine leather seats, making her feel as if she was enjoying first-class services of an aircraft, with many adjustable functions which she had never seen before.

The ambient lights were adjusted to just the right settings. While they were traveling on the road, it was so quiet without any external noises that one could even hear a pin drop. More importantly, the ride was incredibly smooth. Even when the surface of the road was uneven, those seated inside couldn’t even feel the slightest bump. This was truly a luxury car!

Of course, James had more knowledge when it came to automobiles. From just one look, he could tell that this vehicle was way more expensive than his father’s! After keeping his silence for a long while, he finally couldn’t help but ask, “Matthew, where did you get this car from?”

Helen turned to look at Matthew. They both knew Matthew’s situation very well; it was rare for him to even have a friend who actually owned a car, so where did he borrow this luxury car from?

“I borrowed it from a friend,” Matthew replied softly.

“What friend? What’s his name?” asked James hurriedly.

“You don’t know him.” That was all Matthew replied.

James pressed on with a few more questions, but Matthew merely gave him very curt replies, which disappointed James a little. From James’ conclusion, this friend of Matthew’s didn’t seem like an honorable person at all. Or else, he wouldn’t be so secretive about it.

“Matthew, a person should live an upright life. It’s not a terrifying thing to be poor, but what’s more terrifying is to live an empty life!” James said in the end nonchalantly, then he shut his eyes and stopped speaking.

Helen could vaguely understand what her husband meant and she cast Matthew another look of contempt.

When they reached the airport, it didn’t take them long before a group of people came out and a woman was especially eye-catching among them. In a white blouse underneath a black jacket with a pencil skirt, she was dressed in a standard business attire. With skin as fair as snow and a great figure, half of her face was behind her large sunnies, while the other exposed half was so delicately shaped that it made people envious.

This was Matthew’s wife, Sasha Cunningham, who was once the number one beauty in Eastcliff! But now, there was an overdressed young man next to her. From the Armani clothes he was wearing to the Patek Phillipe watch on his wrist, it clearly showed that he came from an extraordinarily rich family. Francis Cooper was the name of this young man, who was also the heir to the Cooper Family in Eastcliff.

Francis had been wooing Sasha since a few years ago and often told people that he would win her over one day. It came as a surprise that they both came back on the same flight and were even walking together, which stung Matthew’s heart even more, but James and Helen were already welcoming them.

“Oh dear, Young Master Cooper! I’m so sorry to trouble you to take care of Sasha!” Helen exclaimed with a pleasing smile, thinking that their family would definitely be able to make a comeback if Sasha were to marry Francis. A look of contempt flashed on her face again when she compared the shabby clothes that Matthew was wearing; a vast difference stood between him and Francis like night and day. So what if he could borrow a luxury car? For Francis’ family, buying a Maybach was like buying a toy. Moreover, it would belong to themselves, so how could that be compared to a borrowed car?

Francis smiled faintly. “Mrs. Cunningham, you’re too kind. It is my pleasure!”

Standing next to them, Matthew’s heart thumped a little harder as he listened. This voice sounded very familiar—wasn’t this the same voice as the man who answered Sasha’s call last night? At this moment, Matthew’s heart turned cold. He thought, So my wife was spending the night before with this man in the same room?

While her parents were still chatting away with Francis, Sasha came over to Matthew with a stoic face. “Let’s go home. I’m tired!” she said in a cold voice without even a single look at Matthew. It was as if he didn’t exist to her at all.

“My goodness, Sasha, why are you in such a hurry? It isn’t easy to meet Young Master Cooper, so let’s chat a little more with him!” Helen said.

Ignoring her, Sasha tossed her luggage to Matthew and walked away. Matthew gritted his teeth when he almost wanted to throw it to the side, but he managed to suppress it in the end. He was still unsure about what exactly happened last night. Even if he wanted to blow his top, he first had to find out about everything!

As he trailed behind her quietly, Francis came to chase after Shasha unexpectedly. “I’ll give you a lift, Sasha!” He grinned and continued, “I just bought a Ferrari, so why don’t you come for a test drive with me?”

“Ferrari?” Helen exclaimed in shock. “That’s not a cheap car! How much did you spend on it?”

“Not that much. It’s just a little more than seven million.” He gave them a faint smile. “I happened to earn some extra money on my last project, so I bought a car as a reward for myself.”

“Young Master Cooper, you’re a promising youth indeed! How admirable that you’re already an outstanding businessman at such a young age!” Helen sighed and cast Matthew a cold look as she thought to herself, The difference between Francis and Matthew is simply too great.

Lowering her voice, Helen asked, “Sasha, why don’t you take Young Master Cooper’s ride and talk about business on the way?”

While Sasha didn’t reply, Francis smiled as he spoke, “That’s right, Sasha. Recently, our company is considering an investment in the medical sector. We can talk about that while we head home!”

Meanwhile, as they were chatting, they were slowly approaching the exit when a fiery red sports car was seen parked right outside, attracting attention and turning many heads. Next to it stood a young man, who dashed over at the sight of Francis. “Young Master Cooper, here is your car!”

Taking over the key, Francis went over and opened the car door, gesturing with a smile like a gentleman for Sasha to hop on. “Please, Miss Cunningham.”

The girls around cast Sasha with looks of envy; there weren’t many who would reject the gentlemanly act of a rich man with a luxury car. Helen edged on. “Go ahead, Sasha. Don’t keep Young Master Cooper waiting.”

But Sasha seemed hesitant, as though she was thinking about it, and Matthew’s heart wrenched. He thought, Sasha Cunningham, I as your husband came all the way here to pick up personally, but are you now hesitating whether or not to hop onto another man’s car? Shouldn’t you be mindful of your actions now that you are the wife of someone else?

Seeing that Sasha was indecisive, Francis grinned at Matthew and asked, “Matthew, I guess you wouldn’t mind if Sasha and I were to leave together for some business discussions, would you?”

Matthew remained silent as he dragged the luggage with him and placed it into the car boot of the Maybach.

Sasha couldn’t help but be surprised, and after giving it a thought, she let out a sigh and shook her head helplessly. “Young Master Cooper, I’m sorry but I’d like to go home with my family. We’ll discuss this business opportunity the next time!”

Seated in the car, Matthew clenched his palms into fists and was also thinking about the situation in his mind. If Sasha had really gotten into that car, it would mean the end of their marriage and the end of everything. However, she chose not to hop into Francis’ car. Would he still be able to save their marriage?

Still, Matthew couldn’t help but feel another pang of pain in his heart as he stared at her cold face, thinking, Is it such an agonizing experience for you to return home with me? If I didn’t show up, would you be returning to Francis’ home instead?

This infuriated the young man next to Francis. “Damn it, that Larson dude is nothing but a worthless man who relies on his wife. How dare he show you no respect! Just wait here, Young Master Cooper, I’ll teach him a lesson.”

As he was about to march forward, Francis pulled him back. Looking at the Maybach, Francis’ face turned pale, as if he had just seen a ghost and said in a shaky voice, “D-Don’t go over!”

“Why not?” the young man asked in confusion.

Francis was silent and watched until Matthew had driven away with the car, then he let out a long breath, as though he had let go of a huge burden.

“What happened, Young Master Cooper?” the young man asked curiously. “It is merely a Maybach which cost no more than five million. Why should we be afraid of him when we have a car worth seven million?”

Francis glared at him and hissed, “You know nothing. It isn’t about the price of the car but the logo on the car!”

“What logo? The car plate? It is just a regular one! Your car plate number with the triple eight digits is much more expensive than that!”

“I mean the permit on the car,” Francis said through gritted teeth. “Didn’t you see it? It is the entry permit of Lakeside Garden. In the whole city, there are less than fifty of them. Just the permit alone costs more than a billion. How can you compare with that?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 7

Helen sat next to Sasha and spoke endlessly to her about how she should contact Francis more often for the sake of their family’s business. Since the beginning, she held no regard for Matthew’s feelings at all, who was her son-in-law.

Maintaining his silence, Matthew’s attention was all focused on Sasha, who kept her brows knitted since she got into the car. Her facial expression was solemn and she didn’t speak a word, giving him the impression that she was really annoyed.

Matthew’s heart was in pain as he thought to himself, Does it annoy you that much to return home with me? Is Francis that important?

Soon after, they reached the entrance to their community. While Matthew went to park the car, the rest of them went upstairs. Reaching the doorstep with the luggage, Matthew happened to hear Helen’s voice coming from within, “Sasha, your father is right.

There’s no future for you if you stick with Matthew. The whole of Eastcliff knows that you guys had never been intimate before. Even if you divorce him now, your reputation is still untainted, and many rich young masters will chase after you.

You can definitely find someone who is thousands of times better than him, so why do you choose to stay on a road you know has a dead end?”

Another pang of pain hit Matthew’s heart; this wasn’t the first time that they had made such comments about him. Pretending that he hadn’t overheard anything at all, he pushed the door open and went in.

Helen snorted when she saw him, without a single trace of guilt on her face. Instead, she glared at him confrontationally. “You took so long just to get the luggage. What a wimp!” Through gritted teeth, she continued to lash at him, “Matthew, can’t you just be a little more worthy so that Sasha won’t be ashamed because of you?”

“What’s wrong with me?” Matthew snapped, unable to hold back.

Helen retorted aggressively, “If it wasn’t for you, maybe Sasha could have clinched a huge deal by spending more time with Young Master Cooper, and we could have at least moved to another place. It was all because you were there that it affected Young Master Cooper’s mood. We have now lost a huge business potential. Do you know that?”

Frowning, Matthew thought, Are you blaming this on me? Don’t you know what ulterior motives Francis has? So according to your logic, I should just be a coward and let my wife hook up with other men in exchange for a business deal? Holding back his anger, Matthew began, “Mom—”

“Don’t call me that!” she interjected straight away. “We’re not that close with each other!”

Blood instantly rushed to his face. “Francis has crooked intentions toward Sasha and you both… you both knew about all this. He didn’t mean to discuss any business opportunities with her at all. All he wanted was… to take advantage of Sasha!”

“So what if that was the case?” Hellen shouted. “Social meetings are unavoidable when you want to make a business deal. In every other family, it’s the husband who is out socializing, but it’s the opposite for a useless scum like you. It’s your wife who needs to earn a living to feed you. Are you now having the nerve to criticize her?”

Matthew hurriedly defended himself, “I-I am not criticizing her.”

“That’s enough!” Sasha said in a low voice and glared angrily at Matthew. “I’m tired!”

After Sasha went back into her room, Helen cast Matthew an infuriated look. “Did you hear that? Sasha said she’s tired. Hurry up and do the laundry now. Also, because you didn’t come back for a day, there are a lot of dishes waiting for you in the kitchen. Clean all that up now!”

Matthew tightened his jaw, but still went ahead and cleaned up the room thoroughly in the end. In these past three years, he had already gotten used to such a treatment.

It didn’t matter to him how the Cunninghams were treating him, as the only thing that he cared about was Sasha’s view of him! Now that he had inherited his family’s legacy from the jade pendant and acquired the ability to control the life and death of others, it would be a piece of cake to rise up against them.

In other words, he definitely had what it took to turn the Cunninghams into an influential family in Eastcliff. But the question was, were the Cunninghams worth his effort?

The answer to that question all depended on Sasha’s attitude concerning him! If Sasha had no feelings toward him at all, then he should let go of this marriage of three years.

On the other hand, if she still cared or loved him at all, then he would shoulder the responsibility that a husband should carry. Matthew thought, If you don’t leave me, then I’ll be with you till death do us apart!

After he was done with the chores, Matthew went into the room which had two beds. The wider one belonged to Sasha while the other, which was less than three feet wide, belonged to him.

Sasha sat at the dressing table in a daze, as though she was thinking about something with a sad expression on her face. When she heard him coming in, she turned her head to the side and wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes. But Matthew had seen everything and he panicked. What’s happening with Sasha?

He had gotten to know Sasha very well for the past three years. Although she held the title of Eastcliff’s most beautiful woman, with her stubborn personality, she refused to achieve anything through only her looks. Instead, she was determined to strive for success with her own abilities.

In the company that belonged to her family, Sasha started from the lowest level employee and, step by step, made her way up to the senior management level where she was now.

The fact that she was in charge of one of the Cunningham’s companies was all the result of her hard work. For such a long time, she had endured all of the difficulties and challenges without shedding a single tear.

But what about now? Why did she turn out like this after coming back from this business trip? What exactly happened during the trip? Matthew couldn’t help but recall the conversation he had with Francis over the phone the other night, and his heart beat harder. Could it be that he did something unforgivable to Sasha?

The thought of this made him clenched his palms into tight fists as he felt a piercing pain in his chest. “Sasha, what exactly… happened?” he asked in a low tone.

She cast him a glance and said with a cold look, “It’s nothing!”

Trying his best to calm himself down, Matthew consoled, “Tell me. Maybe I can help you.”

“Help me?” She looked at him disdainfully. “How do you plan to help me? You can’t even take care of yourself, Matthew. Yet you want to help me? Who do you think you are?”

Although he was momentarily caught dumbfounded, Matthew couldn’t reveal to Sasha yet that he had inherited his family’s legacy and was now a genius doctor. It was still a mystery why the Larsons were annihilated.

Before he had gathered and developed enough abilities, he didn’t dare to expose his true situation. Firstly, he needed to be sure of Sasha’s feelings for him before deciding if he would confide in her.

Sasha spoke again with a deep sense of disappointment, “Matthew, just handle your own matters right! It has been three years since you started working at the hospital.

Three years! While the others are advancing in their careers, you’re the only one who got demoted year after year. I heard that you didn’t show up for work yesterday. Where did you go? Don’t you know that it wasn’t easy at all to get you this job?”

Needless to say, it must be Jeffrey who had ratted on him. Everytime Matthew ran into some problems at the hospital, Jeffrey would be telling an exaggerated version of it to Sasha. Jeffrey’s intention of doing this was not only to have more contact with Sasha, but also to make a personal attack on Matthew.

“Something came up yesterday,” he answered.

“What came up?” she asked.

“I—” Matthew was tongue-tied. He wanted to tell her about what had happened to Natalie, but since she didn’t pick up any of his calls, it clearly revealed her true attitude toward him.

If he was to bring up Natalie now, not only would she not show any pity, she would even throw in some sarcastic remarks! With a tightened jaw, he finally asked the question, “Why didn’t you pick up any of my calls for the past few days?”

Surprised, Sasha stared at him for a moment and then said angrily, “I choose to pick up calls as I please. Do you really think that you can control me, Matthew?

“You—” Matthew was so mad that he then shouted, “Sasha Cunningham, what do you take me for?”

Equally mad, she asked back in return, “What do you take me for, then?”

Lowering his head, Matthew didn’t speak further. If it was in the past, he would have replied that she was his wife straight away, without any hesitation. However, he wouldn’t say that right now as he felt disgusted!

Seeing that he was silent, Sasha got even angrier and slammed the table. “Get out of here! Don’t ever show yourself in front of me again!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 8

Matthew returned to Carlson Pharmacy, and the staff were still very respectful toward him despite the fact that Joseph wasn’t there. In the ward, Natalie’s condition was well; Joseph had specially sent two nurses to take care of her.

A little while after he took a seat, he heard the sound of flustered footsteps from outside the door. Subsequently, Joseph’s driver, Louise, burst into the room. His face beamed when he saw Matthew and said in a hurry, “Mr. Larson, y-you’re finally here!”

“What happened?” Matthew asked curiously.

“We’re running out of time. Could you please come with me? I’ll tell you what happened as we go,” Louise implored anxiously. “Mr. Harrison is in trouble!”

Matthew shot up from his seat instantly; Joseph was kind to him and he couldn’t just sit still now that he was in trouble.

“Let’s go!” Matthew followed Louise out of the door, who drove them toward the direction of the city center.

On the way, Louise briefed him about what happened. Apparently, it all started with Stanley Carlson, who had a big boss backing him up named Billy Newman, also known as the First King of Eastcliff. In Eastcliff, even the heads of the top ten prominent families had to bow down their heads to him when they saw Billy.

Billy’s only daughter encountered an accident a year ago and had been comatose after that. Despite consulting with countless doctors, none of them could treat her condition. Stanley, who found the effects of the mini Rejuvenating Pill from Joseph to be wondrous, immediately asked for another one from him as a gift to Billy for his daughter’s use.

There was no doubt about the pill’s effects; after Billy gave it to his daughter, it worked miraculously on her, though she still hadn’t woken up. So, Stanley called Joseph over to treat Billy’s daughter personally.

Aware of his own limited abilities, Joseph rejected the invitation initially. Unfortunately, there was another genius doctor at the scene at the same time, who incited Joseph to perform his miraculous acts. Out of a moment’s annoyance, Joseph applied the needles. Instead of saving Billy’s daughter, her situation worsened.

The other genius doctor took advantage of the opportunity and told Billy that Joseph was only a quack who had stolen the pill from himself. Enraged, Billy wanted to kill Joseph, and that was when he blurted out to him about Matthew. So, Billy gave him two hours to get Matthew to the scene. Otherwise, Billy would kill him!

Louise then went back to Carlson Pharmacy and waited for half an hour before Matthew finally returned. However, Louise had no time to relate all the details during the short time they were there.

“Mr. Larson, the other genius doctor is Benjamin Watkins from one of the top ten families, the Watkins. In Eastcliff, his medical skills are considered the best!” In a low voice, Louise continued, “Mr. Harrison said that this man is coveting the prescription in your hands, which was why he accused Mr. Harrison of stealing the pill from him. So when you see him later, you have to beware of this man!”

Matthew frowned, thinking about what a horrible man this Benjamin Watkins was when he could still long for the pill’s prescription in such a dire situation. After Louise had finished explaining all these to Matthew, he led him into Billy’s home.

Billy lived in a huge manor, estimated to be more than a hundred acres, surrounded by precious plants with a lavishly decorated interior like a palace. In a room on the second floor, Matthew saw a group of people, and Joseph was among them. Next to him stood a middle-aged man, Stanley, whose face was pale.

On the other side, sat a burly middle-aged man who had an imposing manner. His hair was slightly gray and his brows shot in the directions of his temples, projecting a naturally dignified and powerful aura. Without the need of an introduction, Matthew knew that this must be the First King of Eastcliff, Billy Newman!

“Mr. Larson!” Joseph exclaimed agitatedly. “Y-You’re here!”

Billy surveyed Matthew, a young man dressed in cheap clothes, and he frowned. “Is he the genius doctor who you mentioned?”

“That’s right!” Joseph nodded hurriedly.

“This is absurd, taking any Tom, Dick or Harry as a genius doctor!”

Just then, an elderly man with white beard, who was next to Billy, suddenly laughed. “Mr. Harrison, we’re considered peers who should know a common truth—there are no shortcuts when it comes to medical practice. It takes time to be skillful in medicine, but here you found a young man who lacks experience and even facial hair to pose as a genius doctor? Do you really think that Mr. Newman was too kind to you that you have the nerve to trick him?” The white-bearded elderly man was none other than Benjamin Watkins, the top doctor in Eastcliff!

Billy’s face turned stone cold. He thought, How could such a young man be a genius doctor?

Suddenly, Matthew raised a question, “If age could determine one’s medical skills, then wouldn’t a tortoise be better than you?”

“What did you say?!” Benjamin shouted in anger.

“I said that someone like you had lived in vain all these years!” Matthew said indifferently.

“How dare you!” Benjamin roared. “You’re just a quack, so how dare you make a scene here! Somebody, throw him out!”

Matthew asked him instead, “If you throw me out, who will save Miss Newman’s life? You?”

“I—” Benjamin was stumped as he didn’t have the ability to save her.

“So are you saying that you can save my daughter?” Billy asked solemnly.

“It’s not difficult to save her.” Matthew cast a look at Billy and went on in a cold voice, “The key is to treat her hidden illness. That is the tricky part!”

“W-What… did you say?” Billy’s face stammered, bewildered.

“You know what I meant! When Miss Newman was born, she weighed no more than four pounds and her mother passed away due to dystocia!”

“What are you spouting?” Benjamin laughed. “Hey, young man, you’re really ignorant, aren’t you? How could a woman die of dystocia for delivering a baby who weighed four pounds? Did you mistake it for twenty pounds?”

Even Joseph had panic written all over his face. How could this be possible?

“Shut up!” Billy shouted suddenly, and Benjamin jumped.

“Mr. Newman, he’s obviously a liar, saying Miss Newman has a hidden illness without even taking a look. How is this possible?” Benjamin threw Matthew a cold glare. “By ranting a bunch of nonsense to mystify the situation doesn’t make you a skilled doctor. Are swindlers nowadays so unprofessional?”

Billy cast Benjamin an icy stare and hissed, “Mr. Larson’s right. When my daughter was born, she was a little short of four pounds and her mother really did pass away because of dystocia.”

“What?” Benjamin and Joseph gushed simultaneously as this was completely out of their expectations.

“How did it turn out like this?” Benjamin asked, puzzled.

With gritted teeth, Billy said in a deep voice, “My wife was hemophiliac and lacked platelets in her blood. Everytime she got a wound, it wouldn’t heal and would bleed profusely. It happened during labor that she lost a huge amount of blood, and that was how the tragedy happened!”

Benjamin and Joseph gave each other a look, both feeling incredibly shocked. Matthew could tell something like this from just one glance? Looking at Matthew as if he had found his savior, Billy stammered, “C-Can you really save my daughter?”

“As I said, it’s not difficult to save her,” Matthew replied calmly. “Although her hidden illness is a little more complicated, it’s still nothing!”

Taking a deep breath, Billy bowed down deeply to him. “If you could save my daughter’s life, I’ll split half of everything which I own with you!”

“What?!” Everyone who was present there was shocked. Billy was known to own half the city’s wealth because half of the businesses in Eastcliff belonged to him. And now he was willing to give half of his fortune to Matthew? That was very generous of him!

Matthew chuckled. “I don’t need any of that, but I’ll help you, seeing how much you love your daughter!”

This stunned Billy as he had never met someone like Matthew who had such little regard for money!

“Yes, continue with your masquerade,” Benjamin said with gleaming eyes. “If you can’t save Miss Newman today, then you’ll have to return the pill which belonged to my family, including the prescription!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 9
Matthew walked toward the bed and heaved out a sigh. The lady who was lying on the bed was gorgeous. In terms of appearance, she was no less attractive than Sasha. However, she was a heart-wrenching sight to look at as she had been reduced to a bony frame after losing substantial weight.

As Matthew was walking round the bed, he suddenly lifted his head and asked, “Mr. Newman, how much have you paid Benjamin for taking care of Miss Newman?”

“I’m not offering my service for Mr. Newman because of money!” Benjamin quickly clarified, “I have a very close friendship with Mr. Newman and I’ve always treated his problems as mine!”

Staying silent, Billy’s eyes were tinged with gratitude; he was really moved by how Benjamin had taken care of his daughter over the past half a year.

Yet, Matthew responded to what Benjamin said with a sneer. “You aren’t taking a dime from him? Benjamin, you really should be punished!”

“W-What the heck are you talking about?” Benjamin challenged him furiously.

Billy was slightly displeased too and he wondered what exactly Matthew meant by that. Ignoring Benjamin, Matthew looked at Joseph and announced, “Mr. Harrison, there’s actually nothing wrong with your acupuncture skill!”

“Oh?” Joseph was surprised to hear that. “But, not only did Miss Newman not wake up after I did that, her condition e-even w-worsened… Why is that so?”

“It was because someone had done some tricks to her body!” With a faint smile, Matthew stared at Benjamin and continued, “Someone injected her with a silver needle beforehand to block her acupoints. Hence, anyone else who performs acupuncture on her later on will only make her lose her vitality at a more rapid rate. Then, when her condition deteriorates, she might eventually die because of that!”

All at once, Benjamin’s face turned as pale as a sheet of paper, with beads of sweat formed all over his forehead.

Looking rattled, Billy too shot a contemplative glance at Benjamin. Benjamin was the only who had come into contact with his daughter most of the time over the past half a year. Therefore, it was easy to see who could be the perpetrator.

“Matthew Larson, a-are you trying to throw mud at me?” Pretending to be calm, Benjamin continued, “You have to first have proof before you make any random allegation! I’ve been here now for half a year. Are you trying to say that I am the culprit who did the tricks to Miss Newman?”

“Please be patient because we’ll know the truth in no time!” Matthew then made his way toward the head of the bed where Miss Newman was laying.

Keeping her forehead still with his hand, he quickly tapped on several acupoints on her face with two fingers. At the same time, he fished out three silver needles with his left hand and jabbed them precisely at three acupoints on her face in a flash. After the needles were poked into the acupoints, a small nodule emerged on her forehead at once, and it seemed like there was something inside which was about to emerge.

Without slowing down, Matthew immediately took out one silver needle after another and prickled them at different acupoints on Miss Newman. He had utilized a total of eighteen needles and the whole process took place within half a minute’s time. On top of that, he was able to put the needles at all the correct acupoints in a very precise manner!

This time, even Benjamin had gone wide-eyed in shock. As a highly skilled acupuncturist himself, he could tell from the way that Matthew performed his acupuncture treatment was very proficient and Matthew’s skill was way more superior than himself. A blood spot was slowly appearing on Miss Newman’s forehead at that juncture.

Billy quickly stepped forward to have a closer look. To his surprise, the point of a needle was slowly materializing from within the blood spot. Matthew stretched both hands to clamp the needle by its point before he slowly and gently removed it. What he removed was half of a silver needle which was three centimeters long.

Billy, who looked flabbergasted, asked anxiously, “I-Is this the needle which is blocking her acupoints?”

“Exactly!” Matthew nodded his head.

Immediately, Billy turned to look at Benjamin, who looked fazed while defending himself, “I-I didn’t leave it there. You guys can’t assume I did that since my name is not written on the needle…”

“Don’t worry, we’ll realize soon who did it!” Matthew said calmly.

Despite looking terror-stricken, Benjamin warned Matthew indignantly, “D-Don’t you try to pin the blame on me…”

Instead of responding to him, Matthew went on to perform the Divine Acupuncture Skill on Miss Newman during which he poked one needle after another on thirty-six acupoints on her body. After doing the last one, he clapped one palm on her forehead and called gently, “Wake up!”

Under the unflinching gaze of everyone, Miss Newman’s eyelids started twitching; she was slowly opening her eyes again after being in a state of coma for more than a year’s time. A commotion soon ensued among the people inside the ward. Despite being a man who had a tough appearance, Billy made a dash toward the bed with his eyes brimming with tears. After all, she was his only daughter on whom he had pinned all his hopes and expectations. It was easy to imagine how overjoyed he must be feeling to see his daughter finally wake up after being unconscious for a year.

“Brittany, y-you’re finally awake…” Billy said in a croaky voice.

Miss Newman, who looked lost as she scanned her surroundings, uttered feebly, “Dad…”

Finally, Billy broke into tears. Many times had he dreamed of hearing this word from Brittany over the past whole year and he could finally hear it now for real! At that moment, Matthew suddenly yelled in an icy voice, “Benjamin, you’re trying to get yourself killed!”

While Billy was talking to his daughter, Benjamin flung his right hand and thrusted three needles directly at Miss Newman. Yet, Matthew managed to block them with some folded bed sheets somewhere next to him at the same time.

Looking incensed, Billy waved his hand at a man who was standing next to him, who immediately lunged forward and pounced on Benjamin like a ferocious tiger. Then, the two of them soon got involved in a brawl. Although Benjamin was well-built physically, he was still no match to the man. Both of Benjamin’s hands were broken by him shortly later, and his entire body was carried and thrown onto the floor in front of Billy.

Billy’s face was extremely frosty when he thought of the three needles that were advancing in the direction of his daughter just now. If it wasn’t for Matthew, his daughter’s life might have been threatened.

“Benjamin, what on earth are you trying to do?” Billy confronted him in a frigid voice.

Benjamin panted and clenched his teeth as he remained silent.

“Mr. Newman, why don’t you ask your daughter first about what happened?” In a soft voice, Matthew continued, “He wanted to kill your daughter as soon as she regained consciousness. Isn’t the answer obvious enough?”

Billy immediately turned to face her daughter, who tried hard to speak through gritted teeth although she was still weak, “Dad, the one who… k-knocked into me… was… Terrence Watkins…”

“Say what?!” Billy was livid with rage after hearing what his daughter said. Terrence Watkins was Benjamin’s son! At that moment, the puzzle was completely solved. No wonder Benjamin would be willing to offer his care to Miss Newman here personally. He was not trying to save her life, but only to keep her unconscious as long as he could so that the truth would never be revealed.

Of course, he would not be bold enough to kill her because if she died, then he would be the murder suspect. Therefore, he had made use of the golden opportunity when Joseph was here by secretly blocking her acupoints beforehand with the silver needle. Then, once Joseph performed his acupuncture treatment, the silver needle that Benjamin injected prior to that would then take Miss Newman’s life.

With a frosty look, Billy snapped, “No wonder I haven’t been able to find out who the culprit was who knocked into Brittany, even after investigating it for such a long time. As it turns out, you’ve been trying to sabotage me all this while. Benjamin, you’re goddamn wicked!”

Benjamin gritted his teeth and muttered in a deep voice, “Billy Newman, as the saying goes, winners will emerge as the king while losers will be reduced to prisoners. Since I am the loser this time, I’ll accept whatever punishment from you. However, you should target your hatred on me alone because I did everything by myself…”

“Hmph, that has never been my style of doing things!” In an icy voice, Billy snapped, “Yes, you did it all by yourself. But still, the entire Watkins Family has to be punished.” With that, Billy waved his hands and yelled, “Kill all immediate family members of the Watkins! As for the rest, banish them out of Eastcliff and they will be banned from setting foot in the city for the rest of their lives!”

“Yes, sir!” The man who stood beside him bowed at him and acknowledged his instruction before walking out of the ward.

Matthew, who was standing at one corner of the room, looked a little shaken. Billy Newman was indeed a very powerful and domineering man who could decide the fate of an entire family with just a single sentence!

“Mr. Larson, please allow me to give you a kowtow!” Astonishingly, Billy turned around and knelt down in front of Matthew before he added, “Thank you so much for saving my daughter’s life and I’ll never forget your favor! Mr. Larson, please don’t hesitate to tell me anything you need because there isn’t anything I can’t get done for you in Eastcliff!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 10
Stanley as well as Joseph went wide-eyed and open-mouthed in astonishment to see Billy, who was a big shot, kneel down in front of another man. This time, Matthew had really done Billy a huge favor.

“Mr. Newman, you don’t have to thank me!” Matthew waved his hands dismissively and continued, “As a healer, I care about my patients like they are my children. I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do, so please don’t worry about it. But, I in fact, do need a favor from you.”

“Mr. Larson, please tell me all about it!” Billy quickly urged, “I’ll help you no matter what you want me to do, despite how dangerous and challenging it can be!”

“It’s nothing much. I just hope that you can keep whatever happened today to yourself.” In a hushed tone, Matthew added, “I prefer to live a more private life.”

Billy, who was stunned for a second, immediately understood what he meant. “I got it. Everyone listen to me; no one is to share anything about what happened today with others!”

Several guys standing beside him nodded vigorously. Who had the guts to disobey Billy’s instruction which was as sacred as an Emperor’s edict?

After that, Matthew prepared a new prescription for Miss Newman. “Although Miss Newman has regained consciousness, her body is still very weak after being unconscious for a year. What’s more, the underlying disease she’s having is going to slow down her recovery process. This prescription here will help her restore her vitality and she will be fully recovered after two weeks. Mr. Newman, please bring her to see me two weeks later, and I’ll then go on to treat her underlying disease.”

Overjoyed, Billy immediately stretched out his hand for the prescription. “Mr. Larson, thank you so much!”

Instead of handing the paper to him, Matthew gave it to Joseph. “Mr. Newman, one needs to be properly trained to handle the medicine, because the medicinal effect will be substantially different if any mistake is made during the preparation. So, I think it’s best to let Mr. Harrison handle it. After all, he’s more experienced in this.”

Joseph was dumbfounded as soon as Matthew said that. On the surface, Matthew was just assigning a task to Joseph, but it was at bottom a wonderful opportunity for Joseph to build a bond with Billy.

After Miss Newman recovered from her illness with the help of the medicine prepared by Joseph personally, Billy would certainly be grateful to him, which was not something anyone from the streets could have. Immediately, Billy nodded in agreement and said, “Well, just do it as Mr. Larson has suggested. Mr. Harrison, I’ll count on you to put together the medicine then.”

“Mr. Newman, please don’t mention it; I’m glad to help!” Joseph quickly added with both hands held in front of himself.

After leaving Billy’s residence, Matthew returned to Carlson Pharmacy. Since all vital signs of Natalie had regained a normal condition, Matthew decided to bring her home because it was inappropriate for her to remain at the pharmacy any longer.

Joseph followed him to the pharmacy and tried to persuade him to stay, but the former’s offer was repeatedly declined. Therefore, Joseph had no choice but to follow Matthew back to the latter’s place.

Matthew was staying at Frost Street, an area to the north of Eastcliff which was known as a slum district mainly resided by laborers. Although Matthew had become a live-in son-in-law of the Cunninghams, Natalie was not allowed to move in with him. Having no other options, he could only rent a place at Frost Street for her where he would stay there most of the time himself too.

Joseph couldn’t help but be taken aback when he saw the dirty and cluttered surroundings of the area. Being such a skilful medical practitioner, he thought it should be easy for Matthew to earn himself a good living with his expertise, and he wondered why Matthew would stay in such a remote area from town.

Soon, Joseph’s car reached the house Matthew rented. Before Matthew could even step into the building, he could see all of his belongings strewn all over the ground outside the door. Looking shaken, he got out of the car, just in time to see the landlady on her way out of the house.

The landlady was notorious for being fierce and unreasonable; she was an extremely greedy person who had put Matthew in various difficult situations before. “Matthew, you came back at just the right timing!” Placing one hand at her waist, she pointed at Matthew with her other hand and said crossly, “I won’t rent out this place to you anymore. Your belongings are all here, so you’d better clean up the rest and get lost!”

“What’s wrong?” Furiously, Matthew snapped, “I paid you rent for this term!”

“So what?” The landlady raised her voice and exclaimed in disgust, “Don’t you know your sister’s condition? How am I going to rent out this place to others in the future if she ends up dying here?”

“Even so, you can’t just throw my things out like this!” Sounding enraged, Matthew continued, “I paid you rent for this term. Even if you want us to move out, you have to inform us beforehand so that we have some time to find another place to stay!”

“I own this place and I can do whatever I want. What can you do about it?” The landlady then burst into a storm of abuse. “You’re just a live-in son-in-law who depends on your wife for a living. What gives you the right to yell at me like that?”

Matthew was speechless.

“If you refuse to leave, I’ll get my husband here to break your legs!”

At that juncture, Joseph made his way over at a steady pace. “Whose legs are you going to break?” he asked.

The landlady toned down her aggressive attitude slightly after casting an oblique glance at Joseph. “What has this got anything to do with you?”

“Mr. Larson is my friend and I’ll treat his problems as mine!” Joseph then asked in an icy voice, “Now tell me, whose legs are you going to break?”

Joseph’s menacing air made the landlady slightly flustered. Trying hard to look undaunted, she shouted, “What’s the problem? This is my house and I just don’t want to rent it to him anymore. What are you guys trying to do? Are you threatening me to rent out this place? Are you guys gangsters?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Larson won’t be staying here anymore!” In a much gentler tone, Joseph then spoke to Matthew, “Mr. Larson, I have a lakeside villa at the lakeside of the city and you may stay there for the time being if you don’t mind!”

The landlady was stunned for a second before she started sniggering. “A lakeside villa? Old man, you’re really good at bluffing. Don’t you know how much a lakeside mansion costs? No one can buy it without at least thirty million. Do you know how much is that? Have you seen that much money?” she sneered.

Joseph ignored the landlady as he stared at Matthew with reverence. Matthew knew Joseph was trying to make use of the chance to cultivate a friendship with him. Of course, he would not turn down his friendly gesture because he was really broke at the moment, and he really needed Joseph’s help. He didn’t ask Billy for money because he needed his assistance to achieve greater things. Billy’s value certainly was worth way more than just silver and gold, because his most valuable asset was his power and influence!

“Thanks a lot for your help, Mr. Harrison!”

Delighted, Joseph quickly said, “It’s my greatest honor to have you at my place. Tom, come on here and help Mr. Larson load his stuff into the car!” After a pause, he instructed Tom in a hushed tone, “Also, get someone to deal with the matter here. Mr. Larson’s landlady evicts him before the rental term is up and it’s a fundamental breach of the rental agreement. Get the legal team to follow up the case. Remember, they have to make sure the landlady gets the most severe punishment!”

Tom, the driver, immediately nodded his head in agreement. “Yes, Mr. Harrison!”

The landlady was dumbfounded to hear that. If they were going to bring the dispute to court, she would surely have to pay a high price for what she did.

“Sir, I’m just kidding with him. Matthew, I-I will refund the rent for the remaining term to you…” No matter how hard the landlady tried to beg for mercy, her plea was heard by no one.

After Joseph helped Matthew to get his belongings into the car, they drove away right after that, leaving the landlady alone as she collapsed and sat on the ground.

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