The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 101-110

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 101
Timothy felt his heart skip a beat. “My family’s problem? What problem does my family have?”

Matthew whispered, “It’s a problem that is related to your family’s secrets. I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be suitable to discuss it here.”

Hearing this, Timothy hurriedly asked someone to arrange a VIP room and only the Wayne couple and Matthew entered the room.

“Mr. Larson, what problem are you talking about?” Timothy asked anxiously as soon as they closed the door.

“Mr. Wayne, earlier, I told your wife that your son would definitely have an accident in 24 hours.”

Shocked, Timothy asked, “Mr. Wayne, I was just about to ask you this. How… How did you know that my son would have an accident?”

In a trembling voice, Mrs. Wayne said, “It… It was a really strange accident. Nothing else happened to the people in this building and only my son was hurt. If I had known that this building was made of cheap materials, I would’ve sent my son to other hospitals!”

Matthew shook his head and said, “The place doesn’t matter. He would have still been in an accident.”

The Wayne couple was dumbfounded. “Why?”

Matthew didn’t reply to them. Instead, he asked, “Mr. Wayne, has the Wayne family been having accidents frequently as of late?”

Mrs. Wayne instantly nodded and said, “Yes. Three months ago, a fish bone got stuck in my father-in-law’s throat while he was eating and he had surgery. Last month, when my husband’s brother went diving, he encountered sharks in an area that wasn’t supposed to have sharks and almost lost his life. Three weeks ago, my husband’s sister was hit with a flower pot that fell from upstairs while she was on a walk and fractured her left shoulder… Last week, my husband’s aunt was driving on the highway when one of the tyres fell out for no reason and she had a severe accident. Then, my son…”

All color drained from Mr. Wayne’s face. “Mr. Larson, are all of these accidents connected?”

Matthew asked again, “With so many frequent accidents, don’t you think that there is a problem?”

Mr. Wayne scratched his head and replied, “I already had a feeling that something was wrong and even hired someone to check it out, but they couldn’t find any problems. Mr. Larson, do you know the reason behind all this?”

“Have you moved your family’s ancestral grave in the past three years?”

Mr. Wayne was once again amazed. “We moved our family’s ancestral grave two years ago on my father’s order. He said that the man who buried my grandfather told him that he needed to move his grave after 30 years, so we hired a Fengshui master to help move it. Are you saying that… that we shouldn’t have moved the grave?”

Matthew glanced at Mrs. Wayne and asked, “Was it Mrs. Wayne who hired the master?”

“Yes!” Timothy nodded, at the same time feeling even more surprised. “How did you know?”

With a smile, Matthew said, “If it was Mrs. Wayne who was in charge of hiring the master, I don’t have any more questions.”

“Why?” Timothy frowned and turned to look at his wife vigilantly.

Mrs. Wayne immediately started to panic. “Darling, I didn’t do anything! Mr. Larson, don’t frame me! Why would I harm my own family? Furthermore, my son is badly injured. Do you think that I would do anything to harm my son?”

Matthew shook his head and said, “Mrs. Wayne, I didn’t say that you were the one who did this. However, I believe that everything happened because of you!”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you insult that master?”

“I didn’t…” It was obvious that Mrs. Wayne lacked confidence as she spoke.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 102
Timothy sensed the hesitation in her voice so he was immediately infuriated and yelled, “Tell me the truth! Did you insult the master?!”

In a soft voice, Mrs. Wayne replied, “He… He was too ostentatious so I… I said a few words…”

“Mrs. Wayne, I hope you tell me the truth. This matter involves the life and death of your husband and your son. If you continue lying, I can’t help you!”

Mrs. Wayne instantly turned pale. “He… He argued with me and I was so mad that I hired people to teach him a lesson. Then… Then I captured his son and forced him to help us move grandfather-in-law’s grave…”

“So that’s why!” Matthew sneered. “No wonder he wants to kill you all!”

“You… You…” Timothy trembled with anger. His wife was always causing trouble.

In a trembling voice, Mrs. Wayne muttered, “Darling, I… I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t know that he would be so cruel…”

“Shut your mouth!” Timothy directly slapped her in the face and roared, “You spoil everything! From now on, you are not allowed to interfere in family business. Otherwise, I’ll break your legs and you’ll never leave the house ever again!”

Mrs. Wayne shivered in fear and didn’t dare to say another word.

Then, Timothy asked, “Mr. Larson, is there a way to save my family?”

“I received your payment so of course I’ll help you.”

Timothy let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you so much, Mr. Larson! So… When will we be visiting my family’s ancestral grave?”

Matthew shook his head and said, “There’s no need to go there because nothing is wrong with your family’s ancestral grave!”

Timothy was completely baffled. If nothing is wrong with my family’s ancestral grave, then what is the problem?

“It’s an amateur move to create harm by messing with the family’s ancestral grave because the perpetrator will be easily caught, and it’s too easy to solve.

If someone really wants to kill you, he will create trouble somewhere else which disturbs the family’s ancestral grave’s Fengshui, secretly causing harm. Think about it carefully. Besides visiting your family’s ancestral grave, where else did the master go? For example, your home or your businesses.”

Timothy thought about it for a while before he replied, “He visited my company. He said that there was something wrong with my company’s Fengshui so he helped me redecorate the place. Are you saying that he did something in the company?”

“We’ll find out!”

With that, Timothy personally drove Matthew back to his company. He first brought Matthew to look around the place that the Fengshui master redecorated but there was nothing wrong at one glance. However, Matthew was not in a hurry.

He slowly walked around the office and felt his surroundings. As for Timothy, he followed behind Matthew respectfully. He felt worried because after all, this was something that involved the lives of his family.

They walked around for more than three hours and the sky was already turning bright when Matthew finally found something. He was standing in a corner of Timothy’s office and looking at the ceiling above it.

“It’s right here!” Matthew chuckled before he leaped up and punched the ceiling.

The ceiling was broken and something fell out of it and dropped to the ground with a thud. Timothy leaned forward to take a closer look and his eyes instantly widened in shock. It was a dark black coffin that was only half a foot long.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 103
Timothy was completely pale. “What… What is that? Why is there such a small coffin? Can it be that a baby’s corpse is inside?”

“There’s no need to be afraid. It’s only a cat’s corpse.”

“A cat’s corpse?”

Matthew softly replied, “Putting a cat’s corpse in a coffin and placing it in the ceiling is a curse to kill the whole Wayne family! Mr. Wayne, I’m afraid that your wife is not telling the truth. The grudge between her and the master is not that simple.”

Timothy opened the little coffin and sure enough, it was a cat’s corpse inside. Horror was written all over his face and he instantly called his wife.

Not long after, Timothy returned with despair. “The men she hired broke one of the master’s son’s legs and it couldn’t be reconnected…”

Hearing this, Matthew sighed and said, “Mr. Wayne, I’m not trying to lecture you but I think you should keep a close eye on your wife. Otherwise, she will cause more trouble.”

Timothy nodded slowly and replied, “Mr. Larson, you’re right. From now on, I’ll guard her strictly and make sure she never causes troubles again!”

Matthew couldn’t help but look at Timothy.

To be honest, many men with Timothy’s status would abandon their wives and find other women. Furthermore, Mrs. Wayne is arrogant and domineering whenever she deals with other people. This caused a lot of trouble for Timothy but he never wanted to divorce her. This alone is enough to be admired! How many people can maintain their original aspiration after they succeed?

Timothy sincerely said, “Mr. Larson, you saved my family. 300 million is not enough at all. Why don’t I give you one billion? Consider it as an apology for my wife’s mistakes!”

Matthew shook his head and said, “300 million is enough. However, don’t directly transfer the money to me.”

Surprised, Timothy asked, “Then how should I pay you?”

Matthew told him everything Sasha was going through now. “Please help me think of a way to transfer this money to the company’s bank account, as if the 300 million that was stolen is returned.”

Hearing this, Timothy couldn’t help but exclaim, “Mr. Larson, you really treat Miss Cunningham well! Don’t worry, I’ll handle it well.”

At around ten in the morning, Matthew suddenly received a call from Stanley. His men had captured Mr. Jones and brought him to the police station. However, the 300 million had already been transferred to accounts all over the world so it was impossible to get it back.

Matthew told Sasha about the news before he notified Timothy to prepare the transfer to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

By noon, they received the money. Sasha had been waiting anxiously in her office, and when she saw 300 million return to the company account, she finally let out a sigh of relief. After Demi got the news, she immediately went to James and Helen.

“We really got the 300 million back?” James and Helen were overjoyed. “Thank god! That’s amazing!”

Helen nodded vigorously and said, “Matthew is really a capable man! He said that he could get the money back in three days but we already received it in a day!”

James was also astonished. Now that the lost 300 million was recovered, his opinion of Matthew changed.

It is important for a man to keep his words.

Meanwhile, Liam looked grim. James and Helen’s change of attitude toward Matthew meant that his status in the family would become even lower.

Then, he gave Demi a look. Demi understood what he was thinking and instantly muttered, “Mom, what are you thinking? What does this have to do with Matthew? It was the police who caught Mr. Jones and helped us get back our money. From the beginning to the end, Matthew only bragged. What else did he do?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 104
Shocked, Helen asked, “Wasn’t it Matthew who got our money back?”

Demi shook her head and replied, “Of course not. Think about it, don’t you know Matthew’s abilities? He spent the last three years living in our house and couldn’t even raise 300,000 to save his sister. Do you really think that he could get 300 million back?”

Helen couldn’t help but frown and started to wonder.

In a soft voice, Liam said, “Helen, why are you still hoping for miracles from that loser? Other than mocking us, what else does he do? Back when we asked him to help take responsibility for the incident, he refused us!”

Hearing this, James frowned too. Liam’s words made him doubt Matthew again.

Seeing this, Liam hurriedly added, “Helen and James, do you remember Matthew’s promise?”

Helen asked, “What promise?”

“He said that he would get the 300 million back and when year-end comes, he would distribute another 100 million to the shareholders. Which means that at the end of this year, we have to cough up an extra 100 million to give to those people!”

James and Helen frowned. The two of them were notoriously stingy. Back when they hadn’t got the 300 million back, they didn’t care much about this. However, now that Liam mentioned it, they felt a sudden pain.

Do we really have to distribute the 100 million?

Demi immediately added oil to the fire and said, “I almost forgot about it! We’re talking about 100 million. Is he really going to distribute it just like that? Who does he think he is? The money belongs to the Cunningham family! Since when does he have the power to make decisions? Besides, those shareholders are mean and cruel! Sasha signed so many orders and earned so much money but they are not grateful at all. On the contrary, they came running and cursing after we made a small mistake! They are just a group of ungrateful beasts!”

A cold expression appeared on Helen’s face as she said, “You’re right, Demi! We can’t lose 100 million to those ungrateful beasts. Let’s go and find Sasha to let her know!”

With that, they left the house and went straight to the company while James and Helen grumbled all the way. Coincidentally, Matthew was also in the company and he was drinking tea in Sasha’s office. After they pushed the door open, they were instantly infuriated when they saw Matthew.

Pointing at Matthew, Demi yelled, “Matthew! How dare you come here?! Get out!”

Sasha anxiously asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you yelling at Matthew?”

Demi glared at her and said, “What’s wrong with you? He said that he would get back the money in three days but we received it in a day. Did he contribute at all? All he does is brag and make empty promises. How could you let a person like him into the company?”

Sasha instantly understood what was going on and hurriedly said, “Who said that Matthew did nothing? If it weren’t for Matthew who provided clues, the police wouldn’t have been able to find Mr. Jones, and Mr. Jones would have been long gone!”

“What?” James and Helen were startled. “It… It was Matthew who provided clues to the police?”

Furious, Sasha shouted, “Who else do you think it was? We got the money back all thanks to Matthew. Instead of thanking him, you instantly scolded him as soon as you saw him. How could you be so rude?”

James and Helen felt embarrassed. However, at that moment, Liam stepped forward and said, “Matthew, you didn’t make the right decisions either. Since you already had clues on Mr. Jones, why didn’t you tell us earlier and help us capture him? Instead, you chose to make a scene and agreed to distribute 100 million to those shareholders. Matthew, since when did you become the decision maker of the family? How could you simply make such a promise? Do you think that you’re the president of the company? You do know that James and Helen are still alive, don’t you? How could you disrespect them?”

Hearing this, James and Helen were immediately furious. “He’s right! What makes you think that you’re qualified to handle the company’s funds?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 105
Matthew couldn’t help but frown. It’s obvious that Liam is sowing discord. However, the main problem is that he is really skilled at making James and Helen like him.

Furious, Sasha yelled, “Liam, what are you implying? If you didn’t introduce us to a con man and create such trouble, would we even have the need to cough up an extra 100 million to appease the shareholders? If we hadn’t promised them 100 million, we would’ve been sent to jail. How could you make such sarcastic remarks?”

Liam smirked and said, “But we’re not in jail, right? Only one day has passed and Mr. Jones was captured and we got our money back. This isn’t a big deal. However, 100 million is not a small amount. I’m sure Matthew won’t be able to earn 100 million even if he worked for a few lifetimes.”

James and Helen had cold expressions. The thought of giving such a large sum of money to others upset them.

In the end, James couldn’t hold back his anger and yelled angrily, “Sasha, stop defending Matthew! Liam is right! This incident is not serious at all. The con man was captured in a short time and there is no need for us to be sent to jail. However, because of Matthew’s words, we will have to lose 100 million. In my opinion, the person who should be sent to jail is him!”

Helen nodded in agreement and said, “Your father is right! This is our family’s asset. A live-in son-in-law like him is not qualified to decide where the money goes. Sasha, tell the shareholders that if they want the 100 million, they should ask Matthew for it. The Cunningham family will not pay even a penny!”

Sasha’s body trembled in anger. “Dad, Mom, why can’t you be reasonable? In that situation where everybody was filled with anger, do you think they would have calmed down if we didn’t give them a promise? The 100 million helped us solve the problem. Otherwise, we would’ve been grabbed by the collar!”

However, Liam muttered, “But there was no need to promise them 100 million as compensation…”

A flicker appeared in Helen’s eyes. “He’s right, one million should be enough. We should’ve promised them five million at most. However, Matthew proposed 100 million. Do you think that our money falls from the sky? Matthew, you contribute nothing to the company but you spend our money shamelessly!”

Sasha almost spit out a mouthful of blood. Her parents’ thoughts almost caused her to breakdown. Just then, a group of people suddenly barged in. It was the same group of shareholders from the day before.

“President Cunningham, I heard that the company got the money back!” a shareholder screamed in delight.

James spoke first and said, “Yes, we got the money back. However, it was the police who helped us and Matthew had nothing to do with it, which is why the 100 million that Matthew promised you is voided!”

Helen quickly nodded in agreement and she looked delighted.

Shifting all the responsibility onto Matthes is the right choice. In this case, we get to save money.

The shareholders immediately got angry after they heard James.

“You promised us 100 million! Why are you going back on your words?”

“Why the sudden change of heart?”

“President Cunningham, you have to give us a satisfactory answer!”

Embarrassed, Sasha hurriedly waved her hands and said, “Everybody, there’s no need to worry. We’ll definitely fulfil Matthew’s promise. The 100 million will be distributed…”

James directly interrupted Sasha and yelled, “Impossible! That was a promise that Matthew made. If you want the money, ask Matthew for it. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals has no relations with him.”

Sasha was anxious. “Dad!”

“Zip your mouth!” James roared angrily. “You don’t have the right to speak!”

Helen meaningfully said, “Sasha, your father is doing this for your own good. We’re talking about 100 million here. Think about how long it will take to make back that amount of money.”

With a smile, Liam said, “She’s right. Sasha, we can save 100 million just by letting Matthew bear the burden. It’s definitely worth it!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 106
Sasha was infuriated by Liam’s words. Bear the burden? If Matthew can’t solve this, he will be doomed!

However, the shareholders didn’t ask Matthew questions.

Instead, one of the shareholders stepped forward and pointed at James before he angrily yelled, “Mr. Cunningham, I’ll ask you one last time. Are you going to pay us 100 million?!”

“No!” James replied decisively.

Sasha was about to say something but Helen covered her mouth.

“Fine!” The shareholder nodded vigorously and gritted his teeth. “Fck it, let’s just call the police! I don’t want your money! Fck you! You stole the company’s official seal and embezzled 300 million of the company’s fund. This is a crime! So what if we got the 300 million back? With evidence of committing crime, you have to bear legal responsibility! I’ll be damned if you don’t get sent to jail this time!”

The group of shareholders started clamoring. “He’s right, let’s call the police! I don’t need that money! Curse this b*stard! James and Helen, be prepared to be sent to jail!”

James and Helen were dumbfounded and they hurriedly turned to look at Liam. “C-Can they do that?”

Liam was as pale as a sheet. After all, he had plenty of experience so he knew that the shareholders weren’t kidding. If they really wanted to investigate further, with evidence of committing crime, James and Helen wouldn’t be able to escape responsibility. Even he would have to pay for the consequences.

With his head lowered, Liam replied, “They… I think they can…”

“You think?” James was furious. “Can they send us to jail or not?”

Just then, someone from the company’s legal department walked in. “I’ll tell you the answer! But first, let me ask you a simple question: when a thief steals something and puts it back in the end, did he commit a crime?”

After giving it some thought, James replied, “Of course he did!”

“Correct!” The man nodded and said, “The situation you’re in is similar. Mr. Cunningham, if the shareholders don’t want to investigate further, everything will be fine. However, if they want to conduct an investigation… I’m afraid you won’t be able to bear the consequences!”

In an instant, James started to panic. Looking at the angry shareholders, he muttered, “Everyone, it wasn’t me who promised to give you 100 million; it was Matthew. If you want to find someone to bear the responsibility, you should look for Matthew. It has nothing to do with me…”

A shareholder immediately yelled, “We’re not talking about the 100 million! We’re talking about the fact that you embezzled 300 million of the company’s funds! I’d rather give up that 100 million and watch you go to jail!”

Infuriated, James shouted, “You… You’re a downright bully!”

The shareholder sneered, “If you didn’t commit a crime, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to push you into a corner. Now that you’ve committed such a huge crime, I’m going to make sure that you spend the rest of your life in jail!”

James trembled in anger but there was nothing he could do. After all, they had something over him.

Feeling embarrassed, Helen lowered her voice and asked, “Why don’t we sacrifice a little and distribute the 100 million among them?”

James sighed and said, “It seems that’s the only option. Everyone, we’ll give you the 100 million. Will that do?”

The shareholder snorted. “So you are willing to give us the money now? Well, it’s too late! I don’t want your money! I want you to be sent to jail! You b*stard, I’m determined to crush you!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 107
James was desperate. “I’ve already agreed to distribute 100 million among the shareholders. Don’t… Don’t you carry it too far!”

The shareholder sneered, “So what if I carry it too far? Does it upset you?”

“You… You…” James stuttered and didn’t know what to say.

At that moment, someone already pulled out his phone and was about to call the police. Seeing this, Helen hurriedly leaned close to Sasha. In a trembling voice, she whispered, “Sasha, you have to think of some way to save your father…”

Sasha was irritated. “How am I supposed to help him? The problem was already solved but he chose to cause more trouble. Now, the shareholders are provoked and they don’t even want the money anymore. What else can I do?”

Helen was in panic. “Sasha, if you don’t help, we might really go to jail. Your father and I are already of old age. Are you really willing to let us sit in jail?”

Sasha was already trembling in anger. Her parents’ moral coercion always made her feel helpless. However, they were still her parents so she had no choice but to help them.

“Everyone, please listen to me…” Sasha walked over and said, “I will definitely fulfil my promise of distributing 100 million. Please forgive my father for my sake and let him go…”

However, the shareholder replied, “President Cunningham, it’s best if you don’t interfere in this matter. Your parents are obviously trying to fool us! If we don’t teach them a lesson today, their attitude and actions might worsen!”

Horror was written all over James and Helen’s faces. If even Sasha couldn’t solve this, they were in deep trouble.

Anxious, Helen hurriedly said, “Everyone, the two of us admit our mistakes. We were blinded by greed and it is our fault for creating all the trouble. We sincerely apologize and promise that we won’t do anything of the sort ever again. We are all a family… There’s no need to argue…”

The shareholder sneered, “Mrs. Cunningham, stop with your nonsense. Didn’t you treat us arrogantly just a moment ago? Are you starting to feel afraid? Oh well, it’s too late! I don’t need your apology! The two of you must pay for what you’ve done!”

James and Helen turned pale. Even apologies are not working. What should we do now?

Just then, Matthew stepped out and said, “Everyone, are you willing to hear what I have to say?”

Those shareholders stopped arguing and turned to look at Matthew. After the incident with Mr. Jones, Matthew had somehow gained the trust of the shareholders.

The man who represented the group of shareholders nodded and said, “Mr. Larson, please go ahead!”

Matthew smiled faintly and replied, “Thank you! I’m sure the reason you all invested money in Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is to make money, not fight with us. If you’re planning to send Helen and James to jail just to vent your anger, it’s not worth it. After all, Sasha is the president of the company and is in charge of managing the company’s development. If her parents get sent to jail, do you think Sasha would be able to focus on the company’s affairs? When that happens, the company will have trouble developing and the loss will not just be 100 million.”

The shareholders nodded in agreement after hearing his words. Sasha was also amazed. Matthew had hit the nail on the head and pointed out the shareholders’ biggest worries.

“Well then, Mr. Larson, how do you think we should solve this problem?” the shareholder asked solemnly. “James and Helen tried to fool us. They should give us a satisfactory explanation!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 108

Matthew let out a sigh of relief and turned to look at Sasha. The matter involved James and Helen so he couldn’t make rash decisions.

Sasha replied, “Thank you all for being so understanding. Once again, I apologize on behalf of my parents. In order to express my gratitude, I’ve decided that from now on, my parents and my sister are not allowed to interfere with company affairs!”

As soon as she finished speaking, James was the first to lose his temper. “What?! Who gave you the authority to forbid me from interfering in company affairs? The company belongs to the Cunningham family and I am your father. I have the right to manage company affairs!”

The shareholder instantly yelled at him. “Zip your mouth, old b*stard! The company belongs to President Cunningham, not the Cunningham family. She has the shares of the company, not you. What makes you qualified to mess with the company’s affairs?”

James anxiously replied, “Who says that I’m not qualified? I am her father who raised her so she must listen to my orders. The company is hers, and that means it is also mine! Let me put this straight, I will not leave the company and I will personally manage all of the company’s affairs!”

The shareholder slammed his fist on the table and yelled, “Bullsh*t! If you don’t leave, I’ll make sure to send you to jail! Why don’t you try managing the company from the prison?”

James was instantly at a loss for words and he slumped onto the chair. Feeling helpless, Sasha said, “Dad, Mom, I think it’s best that you two go home. I’m already bending the rules by letting you two interfere with company affairs. Strictly speaking, it is illegal for both of you to do this.”

Wiping away her tears, Helen said, “Now that you’re all grown up, you choose to abandon us. We worked hard to raise you, but you are accusing us of breaking the law just because we said a few words.”

Sasha was so furious that her face flushed red from anger. Her parents were really a handful.

“Enough! President Cunningham, I’ll just call the police!” the shareholder said as he pulled out his phone. “Just send them to jail and everything will be solved!”

Hearing this, James and Helen were so frightened, they jumped out of their seats. “We’ll leave! Don’t call the police!”

“There’s no need to leave. I’ll just call the police to settle this to avoid future troubles!”

Not daring to wait another minute, James and Helen ran away.

Indignant, Demi roared, “Sasha, you went too far! How could you treat our parents that way? They are your family!”

The shareholder pointed at Demi furiously and yelled, “You! Get out! It was you who worked with your parents to embezzle the money. If you don’t leave right now, I’ll call the police. The crimes you’ve committed are no less than your parents’!”

Demi was stunned by his words and she hurriedly left with Liam. Since the shareholders had received a satisfactory answer, they turned to leave too. Before they left, the shareholders said, “President Cunningham, your father, mother, and sister are not allowed to interfere with company affairs. However, we welcome your husband to work in the company!”

Sasha couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t expect the shareholders would recognize Matthew for his efforts. “Did you hear that? They asked you to work in my company. When are you going to quit your job at the hospital and come work as my secretary?!” As Sasha spoke, she couldn’t help but grin.

Matthew smiled as he leaned close to Sasha and whispered, “What are the advantages of being your secretary? Am I supposed to work day and night now?”

Sasha blushed and muttered, “You’re a shameless man.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 109

James and Helen fled home and sat in the living room, looking dejected. Then, Demi and Liam entered the house.

“James and Helen!”

When James and Helen saw Liam, their blood instantly boiled.

“Liam, how dare you show your face here?!” Helen roared angrily. “Look at what you’ve done! Because of you, the shareholders were provoked, and James and I were kicked out of the company! What should we do now?!”

Ashamed, Liam hurriedly replied, “James and Helen, I didn’t know that things would turn out that way! Who would’ve expected that the shareholders would trust in the loser Matthew so deeply?! I was only thinking of helping the family save some money. I thought we could save 100 million by letting Matthew take the blame!”

Demi chimed in and said, “He’s right. Is there something wrong with the shareholders’ brain? Matthew ruins whatever he does and is not capable at all. Why do they believe in him?”

James and Helen looked depressed. “Enough! Stop with all this nonsense! Because of your terrible idea, the shareholders won’t let us interfere with company business anymore. What should we do now?”

After giving it some thought, Liam smiled and said, “James and Helen, I came here exactly to discuss this with you. I thought about it and realized that even if the shareholders allowed you to stay in the company, you would be left with no power. So, instead of staying in the company, we might as well start our own business!”

James couldn’t help but feel startled. “Start a business?”

Meanwhile, Helen glared at him and asked, “Have you lost your mind? How will we raise the money to start a business? Besides, no business is easy to do right now. What if we lose money?”

With a proud smile, Liam said, “James and Helen, I already have an idea. This business does not require capital and we won’t lose any money!”

“Really?” James and Helen were intrigued. “What kind of business is it? Were you fooled by someone again?!”

Liam smiled and replied, “This time, nobody can fool us. We can start a herbary company and purchase herbs to provide to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Think about it. The other herbary companies are most worried about sales. With the help of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, we won’t have problems with sales. This business will definitely rake in money and we won’t lose anything!”

James’s eyes lit up. “That’s a good idea! It just so happens that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had an argument with their suppliers and is looking for new suppliers right now! Instead of letting others make money, why don’t we get a slice of the pie?!”

However, Helen seemed worried. “We probably need a lot of capital to purchase herbs. How are we supposed to raise the money?”

Still smiling, Liam explained, “Helen, you don’t have to worry about the capital. We can link our company to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and become their subsidiary. That way, we can allocate funds from the head office and have capital to start our business! Then, the shareholders at the head office won’t be able to tell us what to do. Won’t that be nice?!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 110

Helen was overjoyed and she nodded in agreement. “Liam, the idea that you proposed this time is amazing! We can start a business without capital that will definitely gain profit! Furthermore, we are the bosses of the company so we can do whatever we want! Darling, I think we can actually do this!”

James was also delighted. “You’re right. Liam, you’re really smart! Okay, it’s decided! Once the company is founded, you’ll be the company manager!”

Liam was thrilled to hear this. “Don’t worry, James and Helen. You’ve treated me like your son so I’ll also treat you as my parents. I will definitely handle the company’s affairs properly! Once the company starts earning money, I’ll buy a Maybach for you, James, and fine jewelry for you, Helen! Furthermore, we can organize company group trips abroad. Also, the both of you are powerful people in Eastcliff now, so you should go and enjoy life. You should travel to scenic spots abroad and broaden your knowledge. That way, you’ll be able to communicate with the elites of society. In short, the two of you will enjoy everything that Jason used to have and more!”

It felt good for James and Helen to hear Liam say those things. After all, they had suffered humiliation in the Cunningham family and dreamt of taking revenge. At that moment, James was pleased with Liam. When night came and it was time to get off of work, James rushed to find Sasha so he could discuss the establishment of the herbary company as soon as possible.

Matthew and Sasha were both confused. “Dad, why did you suddenly have the idea to establish a herbary company?”

Impatient, James muttered, “There’s no need for you to know. Just sign your name and transfer the money to me!”

Matthew thought about it for a moment before saying, “James, it won’t be easy to run a herbary company. Selling herbal medicine is a dangerous industry. Once something goes wrong, not only does the company have to bear the responsibility, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals will be affected too. I don’t think starting a herbary business is the best idea!”

James was immediately infuriated. “Matthew, what are you trying to say? The Cunningham family made our fortune through selling herbal medicines, so I have deep knowledge about it. Besides, do you think that you know more about herbal medicines than me? Look in the mirror. You’re just a cleaner in the hospital, not a doctor. Don’t think that you know everything.”

Matthew was speechless. Nobody knew about herbal medicines better than him. However, he couldn’t tell James about this. He had to take revenge so he couldn’t expose himself before he accumulated enough strength.

Helpless, Sasha said, “Dad, can you stop creating trouble? We just solved the 300 million incident and now you’re looking to cause trouble again. You don’t know anything about running a company. Why are you wasting your time?”

Hearing this, James hit the ceiling. “What do you mean? Are you saying that I’m old and useless?”

Sasha hurriedly replied, “Dad, that’s not what I meant!”

James roared, “Then what are you trying to say? I just want to do some business. Not only do you not support me, but you keep persuading me to give up. Why are you so unfilial?”

Helen walked over to join him and sighed before she said, “Sasha, your father and I worked hard to raise you and your sister. How could you treat us like this? We don’t have any other requests and we just want to be of some help. Your father and I have always been looked down upon by the Cunningham family and we have suffered so much over the years. All we want to do is start a business and show them that we are capable. What’s wrong with that? Sasha, how could you be so cruel?”

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