The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 11-20

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 11

The lakeside villas were situated in the Lakeside Garden, which was the most famous residential area in Eastcliff that consisted of several luxurious villas.

The Lakeside Garden, which covered an area of 5000 acres, only contained 166 villas with each country house covering an extremely large area. Honestly speaking, not even 50 units in the residential area had been sold up until now.

It was not that the city was short of people who could afford one, but it was because there were not many who qualified to own an estate there. Lakeside Garden was a residential area developed by Billy Newman, and only those who met certain qualifications could have the rights to reside in the area.

Anyone else who failed to meet the threshold would have no hopes of owning a building there, even though they offered to buy one with a price higher than its original by ten times. Therefore, only less than 50 vehicles had been registered for the ownership of an access card for Lakeside Garden up until now.

That was the reason why Francis Cooper had been so rattled when he caught sight of the access card for Lakeside Garden on the Maybach. It was because he could not afford to offend those who resided in the Lakeside Garden!

The Old Master of the Cunningham Family had once had the honor to be invited by a friend to set foot in the Lakeside Garden before. From then on, he had often boasted about the experience in various public occasions.

The landlady said that the villas in Lakeside Garden were worth 30 million, but that was only the base price. The one Joseph Harrison had invited Matthew over to stay was valued at 207 million because it was situated at the best location at the lakeside.

Its total area covered over 3600 square meters with a spacious courtyard which covered nearly 30 acres. There was a swimming pool built in the courtyard and another smaller one built indoors. If one was to sit at the balcony which was over 60 square meters, he would be enjoying a clear panoramic view of Lake Eastcliffe as though he owned the entire world.

Its interior was designed extravagantly that came with all sorts of furniture and facilities. Everything was brand new because no one had ever stayed there before; only the domestic maids would visit it everyday to clean up the place.

After sending Matthew to the villa and helping him to settle down, Joseph then left him an access card before bidding farewell with him. In fact, Joseph was not the owner of the house. He did own another smaller villa in Lakeside Garden, but it was worth only around 70 million, which was a reward he received from a big shot in the city whose illness he once treated.

As for the unit that Matthew was staying in, it was considered the best in the entire residential garden and it was a gift Billy sent for Matthew through Joseph. Someone had once offered Billy 500 million for this property, but he declined because he had planned to reserve it for his daughter, Brittany.

Now that Matthew had saved Brittany’s life, Billy decided to reward him with the villa as a token of appreciation. It came with five housekeepers who could help Matthew take care of Natalie other than handling his daily house chores.

After settling himself down, Matthew received a call from Helen Freeman, his mother-in-law. “Matthew, where have you been? Can’t you see what time it is? Shouldn’t you be back by now to prepare dinner?”

Heaving a sigh, Matthew then walked out of Lakeside Garden with resignation and went back home by taxi. As soon as he had arrived, he heard some commotion coming from the house.

“James, I don’t want to listen to any more nonsense from you. In fact, you can only blame your daughter for being incompetent for the work assigned to her. Grandpa just wanted me to tell her that she doesn’t have to report to work anymore in the future. What has this got anything to do with me?

If you’re not satisfied with his decision, you should visit Grandpa and argue with him! Also, it’s more than reasonable that you guys are asked to offer compensation after causing such a huge loss to the whole Cunningham Family.

Don’t talk to me about kinship now, because I’ve never taken personal relationships into account when I do business. If you guys are unwilling to fork out the money, just brace yourself to be put in jail then!”

With full attention, Matthew looked rattled when he listened to what the man said. He could recognize the voice belonged to Charlie, Sasha’s cousin. Charlie Cunningham was Jason Cunningham’s son, and he was also deemed as the successor to the family business of the Cunningham Family. Known for his arrogant and snobbish attitude, no one dared to offend him.

Jason was the one who had seized and occupied the single-storey villa that James and his family once resided in. On top of that, Charlie was a man who was extremely wicked. In order to achieve his own private means, many a times he had tried to arrange Sasha to keep his friends company.

Once, he even plotted against Sasha to sabotage her career. If Sasha hadn’t been alert enough to constantly keep a distance from him, she might have already fallen into his trap.

Because of that, Charlie had always held a grudge toward Sasha and he would undermine her position in the company as soon as he found an opportunity to do so. Without Charlie standing in her way, Sasha could have been occupying a higher position in the hierarchy of the company than what she was having at the moment.

Following a smack, the door was opened from which Charlie walked out. At the sight of Matthew who was standing by the door, a slight trace of disdain flickered on Charlie’s face as he sneered, “Well, if it isn’t my brother-in-law?

You’re back home again to ask for allowance from your wife’s family, aren’t you? How wonderful it is to be a live-in son-in-law! It’s so enviable that you get to live a comfortable life without having to work for it!”

Looking icy, Matthew did not speak a word while Charlie strode off as he let out a huge guffaw. When he stepped into the living room, Matthew found that everyone in the family was present.

James and his wife slumped on the sofa with their faces looking as pale as sheets of paper, while Sasha had her eyes red-rimmed with tears threatening to trickle down any minute. “What’s going on?” Matthew asked in a soft voice.

“What’s going on? The only thing you’re capable of doing is asking us that question!” Helen freaked out and sprung to her feet as she snapped, “Matthew Larson, you’re really a piece of useless crap!

Other than coming back home to eat and sleep, what else can you do? I don’t expect you to do anything grand that can bring Sasha more respect in the family, but could you at least not be a hindrance in her career path?!”

“W-What did I do that caused hindrance to her?” Matthew asked anxiously.

“Matthew, I’m begging you, our entire family is begging you…” With a thud, James kneeled down on the floor.

“Dad, w-what on earth are you doing?” Panic-stricken, Matthew quickly went on to help James to his feet but he was shoved away by James.

With both of his eyes reddened, James implored, “Matthew, I’m begging you to… l-let us go, and let Sasha go as well! Could you get a divorce with Sasha? Just think of it as an act of charity by letting us go. I’m begging you and I’m offering you a kowtow.

Could you please do it?” While James was at it, he started bowing down to Matthew which produced continuous thumping sound when his head came into contact with the floor.

Just as Matthew wanted to step forward to stop him, he was pushed away by Helen. “Matthew, if you still have a little humanity left, please give us a chance to survive!” Helen then yelled at him, “Do you want me to kneel down and give you kowtows as well?”

Matthew was left speechless.

“That’s enough!” Sasha shouted all of a sudden and added indignantly, “What’s so big a deal about losing a job? I am a fully able person. Can’t I just get myself another job?”

“Sasha, are you playing dumb or are you really so naive?” James asked urgently, “After being fired by the company owned by our own family, will you be hired by other firms? Jason is a very ruthless man, so I am sure he will see to it that you won’t be hired by all other corporations in the same industry!”

Sasha looked bleak because she knew her father was right. After being fired by the company, she would have no hopes of pursuing a career in the same field from this point forward.

Helen offered her opinion anxiously, “Right now, all you need to do is… get a divorce with Matthew and marry another man. For example, Young Master Cooper. In that case, y-you won’t have to worry about your career anymore and Jason would also have to pay us more respect by then! Sasha, your Dad and I have been undergoing too much humiliation all this while. You’re our only hope to fight for a better future after what we have suffered so far…”

Matthew felt a throbbing pain in his heart as his parents-in-law were actually advising Sasha to get herself another husband in his presence. Judging from their behavior, they did not take him seriously at all.

Through gritted teeth, Sasha spoke, making each and every word clear, “Stop trying to persuade me because I won’t use my marriage as a tool to exchange for this so-called success, even if it means having to starve from now on!”

“Sasha…” Helen was anxious to continue in her attempts to convince Sasha. However, she was not given a chance to talk any further because Sasha pushed the door open and left immediately.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 12
For a moment, Sasha and her parents looked at each other in silence. At last, James clenched his teeth as he rose to his feet, glaring at Matthew.

“Matthew Larson, are you happy now?!” James confronted him furiously through gritted teeth, “Are you happy to see our family finally being reduced to such a pathetic state because of you?”

Matthew remained silent with his head held low.

“Forget it! Is there any point in explaining to him now? If he has some kind of conscience, he wouldn’t have allowed things to get to this stage!” Helen flung her arms angrily at Matthew and ordered, “Now, get to the kitchen and prepare our meals!”

Matthew tightened his jaw to suppress the boiling anger within him while he made his way to the kitchen. After some time, he heard someone opening the door. He quickly went over and found his sister-in-law, Demi, was there.

Demi Cunningham was Sasha’s younger sister who did not have Sasha’s gorgeous looks. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have married a nobody like Liam Hayes.

Despite this, Demi had always looked down on Matthew, whom she would never be interested in, even if he turned out to be the only one left surviving after the entire male population on earth had died out.

After occupying himself in the kitchen, Matthew finally finished preparing the dishes which he then served on the dining table. By the time he settled everything, Sasha had yet to return home. Suddenly, Demi ordered, “Matthew, go to my sister’s room and fetch me my handphone!” She spoke as though she was giving instructions to her maid.

Without saying a word, Matthew then went to the room. Two phones were placed on the table—one belonged to Sasha and another belonged to Demi. It seemed like Sasha did not bring her phone with her when she stormed out of the house.

Just as he was about to leave the room with Demi’s phone, the screen of Sasha’s phone suddenly lit up to show a notification of a new message. ‘Darling, I’m glad that you finally made the decision. Meet me at Room 2018 of Hotel Marriott at 3p.m. and I’ll be waiting for you there! Muacks!’

At that moment, Matthew felt as though someone had just poured a whole bucket of water on him from the top of his head. He thought, Did Sasha finally cave in? I-Is she having an appointment with another man at a hotel?!

Standing rooted to the spot for what seemed like an eternity, Matthew’s heart felt like it was breaking apart. Had the woman he loved and trusted the most betrayed him?

He felt dizzy and he could only come to his senses after some time. Looking absent-minded, he left the room with Demi’s phone. He seemed to have lost his appetite for dinner, because all he could think about was the content of that message.

Sasha came back home at two something in the afternoon and it was then did Matthew slowly become himself again. Sasha, who constantly looked indifferent, did not speak a word to Matthew as she took her phone and backpack, ready to go out.

“Where’re you going?” Matthew asked her.

Sasha glanced at him and snapped icily, “It’s none of your business! Just put more effort in taking care of your own affairs so that people won’t call you a useless crap in the future!”

“You…” Matthew nearly blurted out a curse at her but in the end, he managed to suppress the anger in him. Perhaps, Sasha had never been in love with him. Since his marriage with her was never formed in a correct way to begin with, he should just make a clean break with her now. However, he refused to give up so easily.

Seeing Sasha as she went, for some reason he decided to follow her. Sasha indeed went to Room 2018 at Hotel Marriott. She stood in front of the room and hesitated for some time before knocking on the door. Soon, the door was opened by a man with a bulging stomach who eyed Sasha in a lewd manner when he let her in.

Matthew thought to himself, That is not Francis Cooper. Is Sasha cheating on our marriage with more than one man? His curiosity was killing him. At that moment, he really felt a driving urge to lunge forward to stop Sasha from going into the room. Yet, he decided not to do that in the end.

Although left with no hope in reviving his relationship with Sasha, Matthew did not want to turn their relationship completely sour. Perhaps, he had indeed been a hindrance to Sasha over the years, just like how James had put it before.

If that was the case, Matthew wanted them to have a friendly breakup without holding grudges against each other. After letting out a sigh, he slowly descended the stairs.

Yet, he threw one last glance at the room, feeling slightly reluctant to give up just like that. What if it’s just a misunderstanding and I’ve mistaken Sasha for what she’s not?

After some contemplation, he went on to book the room next to Room 2018. As soon as he stepped into the room, he glued his ears to the wall trying to listen to the voices from the other side.

Although the soundproofing effect of the wall was quite excellent, Matthew had a better hearing than common folks now that he had finished his cultivation of the Divine Skill.

As he plastered himself onto the wall, he could vaguely hear sounds of moanings from the room next door, which gave him a clear indication that they were engaging in sexual activity.

This time, Matthew heard a buzzing sound in his head and he felt as though it was on the verge of exploding. Sasha was really unfaithful to him!

He clenched both hands tightly as his nails dug deep into the insides of his palm, though he could not feel any pain. It was because an excruciating pain was coursing through from his heart to his entire body at the moment!

It had been three years! Three years! Matthew had done everything he could within his capability, not even taking it personally despite constantly being humiliated and labeled as a man who was good for nothing.

Being deeply in love with her, he did not mind the fact that he had never touched her body, not even a single strand of her hair. It was all because Matthew believed that one day, her heart would be moved by his sincerity! However, at that moment, his trust and love for her crumbled and vanished into thin air. It only took a second for someone to break his heart.

Matthew could not remember how he left the hotel. It was only after sitting by Lake Eastcliff when the sky started to darken did he manage to calm himself down a little. Perhaps, it was time for him to end the marriage. He thought, We shall have a peaceful breakup.

When he returned home, Sasha had made her back way earlier than him, and Demi was there too. “You’re finally back. What time is it now? Are you going to prepare dinner?” Helen raised her voice and complained.

Ignoring her, Matthew made his way directly to his room. Judging from the sound of flowing water from the bathroom, Sasha was taking a shower. While Matthew was sitting on the bed waiting for her to come out, he spotted her backpack by chance and was stunned by what he saw. As it was left half opened, a part of a box inside was revealed.

Immediately, he took the box out and found that it was a pack of Durex which had been opened before. Inside it contained several packages which were torn open, indicating that someone had used it. Once again, Matthew was flabbergasted and his head felt as though it was about to explode.

To his surprise, Sasha actually had the habit of carrying condoms with her wherever she went. Just how many times had she been unfaithful to him?! It was a shame for him to assume that she was still a virgin. How many other defiled things had she done behind his back?

At that moment, he heard Demi’s voice coming from outside the room. Looking flustered, Matthew hastily stuffed the box of Durex back into the backpack. Demi walked in and went out immediately after taking the backpack with her.

Matthew’s heart sank again. It seemed like Demi was aware of the fact that Sasha had been unfaithful to him, so she was trying to cover it up for her sister. What sort of man was he to the Cunninghams? Then, the door of the bathroom was opened from which Sasha walked out to the room. She was startled as she caught sight of Matthew. “W-When did you come back home?” she asked.

Without speaking a word, Matthew only fixed his icy gaze on her. Feeling restless under his stare, Sasha challenged him in an irritated voice, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

In fact, Matthew really felt a pressing urge to blow his top when he saw that box of Durex. However, he calmed down substantially at the sight of Sasha. There was no point in yelling at her because she never truly belonged to him right from the beginning.

“Sasha…” After some hesitation, he said in a hushed tone, “Let’s get a divorce.”

Sasha, who was drying her hair with a towel, couldn’t help but be dumbfounded after hearing what he said, while subconsciously dropping the towel on the floor. She turned around and eyed him disbelievingly. “W-What did you say?”

“Let’s get a divorce…” Matthew muttered.

Furious, Sasha stared at him and confronted, “S-Say it again!”

“Let’s get a divorce!” Looking collected, Matthew added, “It won’t do us any good to continue our marriage and y-you deserve a better man…” Matthew really felt like venting his anger by yelling at her but in the end, he decided against it. Since they had been a married couple that only existed on paper, it was better to end the marriage in a peaceful way. At least, the Cunninghams had lent him 100 thousand before to save Natalie’s life when he was at his most desperate situation.

“You don’t have to worry about that!” Sasha pointed at him and shouted, “Matthew, you’d better listen to me carefully—even if we’re really getting a divorce, it should be me to propose it. You have no right to do so!” She then made a dash out of the room in tears.

Matthew slumped onto the bed, feeling awful. However, he thought that matters in a relationship should be handled decisively and quickly. Otherwise, the longer it took, the more torturous the process would become. This time, Sasha’s parents did not barge into the room to criticize him, which was something uncommon. Obviously, they were eager to see them getting a divorce too.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 13
At the lakeside villa, Stanley Carlson stood in front of Matthew with reverence written all over his face when he promised, “Mr. Larson, please don’t worry because I’ll do it well for you!”

Matthew nodded and waved at Stanley, who left immediately after that. He called Stanley over this time to assign him with a task of carrying out an investigation on Sasha.

He did not want to have a fall-out with her but at the same time, he was not interested in hearing her explanation. Therefore, he decided to let Stanley get to the bottom of it and get himself some concrete proof, so that he could put an end to the marriage with a rightful excuse.

Not long after Stanley left the villa, he received a call from Helen. “Matthew, the 70th birthday celebration of Old Master Cunningham will be held tomorrow night. Go and borrow the Maybach you drove the last time so that you can drive us to the venue tomorrow with the car!” Helen hung up on him immediately without giving him a chance to talk.

Holding the phone, he couldn’t help but put on a bitter smile. Was he some sort of a tool to the Cunninghams? On one side, they were trying so hard to persuade him to get a divorce with Sasha. On the other side, they were asking him to borrow the car purely for reasons of vanity, so that they could look good at the family gathering.

Speaking of tomorrow, he suddenly remembered one thing—wasn’t Sasha also having her birthday on the same day? Sasha and Old Master Cunningham had both their birthdays on the same day, but everyone only paid attention to the latter. Basically, no one celebrated Sasha’s birthday every year because of that.

Over the past three years, Matthew was the only one who cared or even remembered. Although penniless, he would start preparing for her birthday gift one month in advance and put in a painstaking effort to do some handicrafts for her as a present.

She did not really take them seriously, but he always made sure to do the best he could in preparing the gifts. The rest of the family, including her parents, had their entire attention focused on Old Master Cunningham.

In hindsight, he felt silly by making so much effort over the past three years. Sometimes he would think, Are all of these worthwhile? However, that was not important anymore because everything would be put to an end soon.

On the following night at seven o’clock, Stanley rushed to the villa that Matthew was staying at, who had just had a sleepless and restless night. “Mr. Larson, I’ve finally got to the bottom of everything!” There was something weird about Stanley’s expression as he looked like he was holding back from revealing the truth to him.

“What have you got?” Matthew asked him curiously.

“Mr. Larson, I-I think you might have misunderstood Miss Cunningham!” Stanley muttered.

“Have I?” Mattthew widened his eyes in doubt. How did that happen? He witnessed everything with his own eyes and heard it with his own ears.

“Mr. Larson, I know you must be puzzled. Why don’t you take a look at this first?” Stanley took out a pendrive, put it into a laptop and clicked on one of the videos in the file.

“This is the CCTV footage which showed the corridors of the hotel yesterday which was sent by my men. Please take a look at it first.”

Matthew fixed his eyes on the screen, which was showing the corridor of the 20th floor of Hotel Marriott. From the angle of the footage, the door of Room 2018 could be seen clearly.

After some time, a couple who was cuddling each other emerged along the corridor as they made their way to Room 2018. The man was the one who Matthew had come across the other day.

Matthew couldn’t help but be stunned at the sight of the couple. So, did that mean that that guy was with another lady inside the room on that day?

He continued watching the footage and after a while, he saw Sasha walking along the corridor. She reached the door of the room and knocked on it before the man opened the door to invite her in.

At the end of the footage, Matthew saw himself appearing on the screen as he had indeed followed Sasha there. He was dumbfounded when he realized that the girl who was with the guy earlier had not come out of the room throughout the entire scene. In that case, had there been one guy with two women inside the room?

Matthew was seen leaving the corridor then. Shortly after that, the door of the room was suddenly opened through which Sasha stormed out. She appeared enraged with her eyes reddened as she walked toward the other end of the corridor and made her way downstairs.

Matthew opened his eyes wide in shock. So, Sasha had actually left the room after barely spending two minutes inside. D-Does it mean that the voice that I heard at that time wasn’t hers?

As the footage continued, Matthew was then seen walking over the corridor again after some time and then he stepped into the adjacent room to Room 2018.

He then recalled how he had heard the moanings coming from Room 2018 after that. At that time, he had thought Sasha was inside the room. Now, it seemed like it was nothing but a misunderstanding because the woman inside Room 2018 wasn’t Sasha at all!

At the right timing, Stanley fast-forwarded the footage as people could be seen coming and going along the corridor. After over one hour’s time, the door of Room 2018 was once again opened when the couple left the room cuddling each other.

Stanley then elaborated further in a soft voice, “I arranged for someone to look into the issue of Miss Cunningham’s phone too. We tracked the call log and discovered that there was something fishy with it a few days ago. Although you tried calling her hundreds of times, her phone couldn’t receive even a single call from you.”

Shocked to hear that, Matthew pressed on, “What was wrong with it?”

“I had it investigated and found that someone had tinkered with your wife’s phone to switch on the function of call-forwarding. Only calls from your number were forwarded to another number, while calls from other numbers weren’t affected. We also managed to trace the owner of that number, and found that it belonged to a person named Francis Cooper!”

Matthew, who looked rattled, finally learned the truth. No wonder his calls had been picked up by Francis the other day, since all his calls had been forwarded to his phone! In fact, Sasha had not refused to take his calls. She just failed to pick them up as she simply did not receive them, because apparently they were all forwarded to Francis’ number! “But, I saw someone sent her a message…” Matthew quickly said.

“Mr. Larson, after we got to know about the call-forwarding function, we realized that someone had been fiddling with her phone. At last, we confirmed that your sister-in-law, Demi Cunningham, was the mastermind behind it.

As your wife’s sister, it was the most convenient for her to come into contact with your wife’s phone. Also, that message that you saw was in fact sent by her. She deliberately asked you to fetch the phone for her just so that you could catch that message in time.

She was also the one who put that box of condoms inside your wife’s backpack. After that, she quickly took the backpack away and threw away the condoms after you had seen it so that your wife wouldn’t be suspicious.”

Feeling flabbergasted, Matthew asked, “How did you get all this information?”

“We seized and detained Demi Cunningham’s husband, Liam Hayes, who told us everything. In fact, a huge part of the plot was also his idea and it was him who arranged for your wife to come back to the city together with Francis Cooper.

Just a day before your wife’s scheduled return, he had asked Francis Cooper to go to the city where your wife went on her business trip.

Then, he bought the ticket for the same flight as hers, so that they could return to Eastcliff together. In actual fact, your wife had had zero interaction with Francis Cooper. He has been staying in Eastcliff prior to that.”

Matthew thought of what had happened yesterday. Coincidentally, Demi had asked him to get her phone for her and he had then happened to notice the box of Durex in Sasha’s backpack, which was then taken out by Demi.

At that time, he had assumed Demi was there to cover up Sasha’s affairs. It was only now did he realize that he had actually misunderstood Sasha. Everything had been orchestrated by Demi right from the beginning, and it was her plan to sow discord between Sasha and him!

Suddenly, Matthew felt a throbbing pain in his heart. As it turned out, he had misunderstood his wife all along. “But, why are they doing this?” he asked frantically.

With a sigh, Stanley explained in a soft voice, “Mr. Larson, you might not know about this yet, but the Cunninghams have been trying to persuade your wife to leave you for a better man.

However, your wife made it clear to them that you’ve been suffering a greater humiliation than them by being a live-in son-in-law of the family.

She thought she owed you a great one by choosing you back then, causing you to suffer all of the humiliation you’re facing now. Therefore, she won’t leave you as long as you don’t ask for a divorce.”

Matthew’s eyes went red-rimmed, feeling extremely guilty. Sasha had always had a heart of gold despite looking cold and unapproachable. Hence, he knew she would never utter hurtful words to him in his face. However, it was very obvious that she had recognized him as her only husband deep down inside!

At that juncture, his phone suddenly rang and it was a call from the landlady. “What do you want?” Matthew snapped furiously.

“M-Mr. Larson…” The landlady’s quivering voice came from the other end, “I’m very sorry, I-I have a sum of money… that I have to return to you…”

“What sum of money?” Matthew asked with a frown.

“I-It belongs to your wife, Miss Sasha Cunningham. She has been paying me a sum of money every year in the past as your rent, and she has asked me not to tell you about it. But, I-I was greedy and decided to t-take the money as my own… I’ve realized my mistake now and I’ll give the money back to you. C-Could you please don’t sue me?”

When Matthew heard what she said, he was completely nonplussed. He just wanted to burst out crying at that moment. Although Sasha seemed to be treating him very coldly, she had actually cared about him and even offered him help secretly over the past three years! Not only did he have no idea about all the things she had done for him, he had even misunderstood her to be unfaithful to him.

“Mr. Larson…” Stanley continued in an undertone, “We also ran a search on the guy your wife met at Hotel Marriott yesterday… In fact, your wife started contacting him a long time ago because h-his bone marrow turns out to be a suitable match for your sister.

Your wife has just gathered a sum of money which she prepared to offer him in order to convince him to donate his bone marrow to your sister. That was what she discussed with him at the hotel yesterday…”

“Say what?!” Matthew widened his eyes as the pain in his heart just grew even more intense.

Stanley then added, “Miss Cunningham might have misappropriated some assets from the company for this, and her family is holding her accountable for that. Not only have they fired her, they also wanted her to pay a sum of three million as compensation.

Miss Cunningham is currently in a hot mess right now. In order to raise that money, she headed straight to several banks yesterday after her flight landed, but no one was willing to lend her a single dime. She even went to a loan shark later on. From how things are looking at the moment, she is really at her wit’s end…”

“Stop it!” Matthew sprung to his feet and demanded through gritted teeth, “Where is she now? Tell me, where is she now?!” Feeling miserable and guilt-stricken, Matthew wished he could just beat himself up. At that instant, all he wanted was to locate Sasha, pull her into his arms and never let her go again.

Stanley told him, “She has gone to Cunningham Residence as Old Master Cunningham is having his birthday celebration tonight. Perhaps she wants to go there to beg him for more time for her to raise some funds.”

“Get me a car and drive me to Cunningham Residence!” With his fists tightly clenched, Matthew said through gritted teeth, “Also, tell Billy Newman that I have something for him to do!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 14

Times Hotel was the most luxurious hotel in Eastcliff. It had a total of nine levels and every level represented different degrees of affordability. If one were to book any of the levels, the higher he went, the more respectable his social status was, because he would have to spend a higher fee on it. Even for the first floor of the hotel, which was the cheapest, one had to own at least tens of million in order to gain access.

As for the venue of the birthday celebration of Old Master Cunningham, Eric Cunningham, it was held at the third floor of Times Hotel. Although it was only at the third storey, all the Cunninghams were thrilled to attend the celebration because other than Eric himself, the rest of the family had only ever been to the second floor of the hotel before. In fact, Eric himself was not qualified to book the third level, and he only managed to do it with the help of a big shot. Therefore, he made the effort to invite all his relatives and friends in order to show off to them.

Sasha went to the third floor of the hotel together with her parents. The atmosphere inside the ballroom was lively with a hubbub of chatters. Her father, James, used to enjoy a very respectable status in the family but now, no one there actually cared about his presence. Further inside the ballroom, Eric, who looked high-spirited, was seen having small talks with the guests all around him. He was flanked by his son and grandson, Jason and Charlie, who looked proud and gleeful.

With a sigh, James found a random table and took a seat. Just shortly after he sat down, a contemptuous voice came, “Hey, Uncle James, you guys are here!”

Four of them turned toward the source of the voice and saw Charlie heading their way, looking triumphant. After glancing at the four of them, Charlie exclaimed in an exaggerated tone, “Why isn’t my brother-in-law who lives off his wife here? I don’t reckon he will possibly miss this sort of occasion, won’t he? After all, he has never come across the dishes prepared tonight in his entire life. I’ve even prepared some doggy bags for him to bring home some of the food later!”

As soon as he made that statement, the guests around him burst out laughing at once while Sasha and her family looked annoyed. During a dinner Matthew had attended years ago, he took a doggy bag to pack up all the leftovers at the table. His behavior had since become the laughing stock of everyone up until now, and Charlie would always bring it up whenever he met Sasha and her family.

Feeling their faces burning, Helen and her family cursed Matthew in their hearts, blaming him for bringing them such a huge embarrassment.

“Charlie, you must be joking. Is that live-in son-in-law even allowed to be here? Even if he is allowed in, I don’t think he can be seated, can he?” A girl who dressed lavishly walked over—she was Charlie’s younger sister, Lily Cunningham.

Lily was quite a beautiful girl herself but she was still a far cry from Sasha. Therefore, she had always been jealous of Sasha’s appearance, who she hated to the core.

“Lily, I don’t think you know our brother-in-law well enough. If he’s allowed in, he will do anything to get himself seated, no matter how humiliating it is, because he’s great at freeloading!”

“Charlie, you’ve misunderstood me. What I meant was, even if he’s allowed in, he can only be one of the waiters who is going to serve the dishes later!” With a chuckle, Lily continued, “Can a waiter be seated to enjoy the dinner with us?”

The guests around them immediately burst into an uproarious guffaw while Charlie even doubled up with laughter. “Lily, you’re very thoughtful indeed. Why didn’t I think of that? Sasha, is Matthew one of the waiters tonight?”

Lily sniggered and chided in, “I remember Sasha is having her birthday today too. Sasha, your husband isn’t here yet. Has he forgotten about your birthday?”

Looking sullen, Sasha gritted her teeth and remained silent. James, Helen and Demi all carried a bleak expression as they secretly cursed Matthew viciously in their hearts. At that juncture, a gentle voice came from the entrance of the ballroom, “I might forget my own birthday but I will never forget Sasha’s birthday for the rest of my life!”

All the guests averted their gaze to the entrance and found Matthew, who was dressed in a suit, striding into the ballroom with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. Ignoring everyone else at the ballroom, he headed straight to Sasha, got down on one knee and handed the flowers to her. “My dear, I’m sorry for being late!”

Matthew was a good-looking man to begin with, but he just didn’t have time to spruce up his appearance prior to this. This time, he made an effort to dress up before he came. The immaculate suit he was wearing really accentuated his charm. His Prince Charming-like entrance brought flutters in the hearts of many girls at the ballroom.

Sasha looked flummoxed as she did not expect that Matthew would attend the event, let alone making his entrance in such a manner. As she was under the accusatory stares of many earlier on, Sasha was under enormous stress. However, when she saw Matthew at that moment, her nerves which had been tense for such a long time were starting to relax for some reason. Tears which had welled up in her eyes trickled down at that instant.

Her resolution and tough appearance became vulnerable and dissolved all at once in front of Matthew, who felt a throbbing pain in his heart at the sight of her tears. Rising to his feet, he mustered up the courage to hold her hands and drew her closer to him in a domineering manner. “Please don’t cry.” Matthew muttered, “I promise I won’t let you go through anymore suffering for the rest of your life.”

Sasha remained silent. At that point in time, she was enveloped by a sense of security which she had never experienced before. Although Matthew held her hands rather abruptly, for some reason, she actually felt reluctant to retrieve her hands.

Suddenly, Charlie let out a chuckle and raised a sarcastic remark. “Hey, isn’t this my brother-in-law? See, my guess is right. He will surely be here when there’s something he can freeload!”

Amidst an uproarious laughter of the guests, Lily glimpsed at Matthew and asked snidely, “Matthew, your suit looks nice. Where did you rent it from?”

Grimly, Charlie interrupted, “You wore a rented suit here? Matthew, I really don’t know how to spell it out for you. We should be earnest and down-to-earth in life, because trying too hard to pursue vanity is never a good thing!”

James and his family too glared at Matthew furiously. They wondered why he deliberately chose to make his appearance in a rented suit at this moment. Was he trying to bring more disgrace to their family?

“Why are you here?” Helen challenged furiously.

“I’m here to celebrate Sasha’s birthday,” Matthew replied.

“Celebrate?” Helen snapped icily, “You rented a suit to celebrate your wife’s birthday at someone else’s birthday celebration? Matthew, don’t you think you’re being shameless for doing that?”

Once again, the guests around them burst out laughing. Yet, Matthew looked unperturbed as he told Helen in a soft voice, “Mom, I’ve already prepared a birthday celebration dinner for Sasha!”

“You’ve prepared a celebration for her? Where is it? Why can’t I see it?” Helen challenged him in a frigid voice.

“It’s on the ninth floor,” Matthew said with a faint smile.

“The ninth floor?” While everyone else was in a trance, Lily was the first to let loose a guffaw. “Hey, Sasha, did you hear that? Matthew has prepared a birthday celebration dinner for you on the ninth floor!”

“Ha ha, how interesting. Matthew, you’re even more bold than how I imagined you to be!” Charlie remarked.

“Alas, someone is clearly living his life in an illusion.”

“How embarrassing it is to have such a husband!”

While a deluge of criticisms was aiming at Matthew, Helen and her family looked ominous.

“Matthew, can’t you be more sensible?!” Helen reprimanded him angrily.

“What wrong have I done?” Matthew asked in an innocent tone.

“You said you’ve prepared a birthday celebration for Sasha on the ninth floor, is that right?” Helen raised her voice and continued, “Very well. Now, bring me to the ninth floor and show me what you’ve got!”

“Mom…” Sasha looked shaken. The ninth floor of the hotel was not accessible to any random person from the streets. Anyone who acted rashly and disturbed the big shots who happened to be there would only end up badly.

“That’s right!” Someone from the ballroom chided in, “Yes, Matthew, we’ll believe what you said if you bring us to the ninth floor now!”

With a look of composure, Matthew said with a faint smile, “It’s not the right time to go there for the time being because the celebration isn’t ready yet. Let’s head upstairs when everything is ready!”

“Matthew, you’re getting so good at telling lies now that you’ve even convinced yourself, huh?” In between laughter, Charlie piped, “Well, Mr. Larson, we’ll be patiently waiting for your birthday celebration to be ready soon!”

All the guests roared with laughter while they eyed Matthew disdainfully. The ninth floor of the hotel was a place where even Old Master Cunningham had no rights to access. Who would believe that Matthew had made a reservation there?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 15

“By the way, Uncle James, you guys can’t take this table!” Charlie said suddenly.

“Why not?” James asked.

“This table is reserved for the employees of our company who perform well. If you guys take this table, they won’t have a place to sit then!”

“W-Well… We will take that table at the front then…” James said.

“You guys better don’t get too close to Grandpa, in case he gets angry when he sees all of you.”

James asked anxiously, “Where should we sit then?”

“Over there!” Charlie pointed at a table situated near the exit which looked extremely shabby. It was specially reserved for the hotel staff.

James and his family were dumbfounded when they heard Charlie. After all, they were still the immediate family members of the Cunninghams but now, they were asked to sit at the same table with the workers of the hotel. Were they actually less important than even the employees of the company?

“W-What have we actually done wrong to suffer something like this…” Helen couldn’t help but cover her face and started sobbing.

At that juncture, Eric Cunningham was heading their way. “James, you guys are here,” Eric greeted them in a cold tone.

“Dad!” James and Helen immediately rose to their feet and greeted Eric in an apprehensive tone that came with a slight trace of excitement.

Eric had been giving them a cold shoulder over the years and this was his first time taking the initiative to talk to them. Nodding at them, Eric said, “Since you all are here, do come over and take a seat. I have something to discuss with y’all!”

James and Helen glanced at each other with excitement written all over their faces. Was Old Master Cunningham finally going to assign some important tasks to them? They followed Eric to the main table where several other guests were sitting. One of them was a fat man with a huge belly who constantly wore a lascivious expression. His eyes were brimming with lewdness when he caught sight of Sasha.

Sasha looked shaken to see the man. Her pace came to a halt and she nearly wanted to walk away from the table immediately. Eric walked toward the chubby man and took a seat next to him before he said with a smile, “James, let me introduce Mr. Clayton Sampson from Carlson Group; he’s the person-in-charge of the purchasing department of the company.”

The eyes of James and Helen lit up with hope immediately at the mention of Carlson Group, which was a large corporation in the healthcare industry in Eastcliff. It was also a major business partner of the company owned by the Cunninghams. In other words, the Cunninghams had the fate of their venture held in the hands of Clayton.

“Mr. Sampson, it’s my honor to meet you!” James greeted him with a bow.

“Likewise!” While Clayton was taking a puff off a cigar with an arrogant demeanor, his eyes were glued on Sasha.

“The progress of the project we’re having with Carlson Group this time hasn’t been satisfactory.” In a slightly frigid voice, Eric continued, “Sasha has been the one in charge of the plan which is worth over 50 million. According to Mr. Sampson, Sasha hasn’t been taking the program very seriously. What’s wrong with it?”

James immediately turned to look at Sasha, who held her head low and kept mum with her face red while she gritted her teeth. “What’s going on?” James confronted his daughter in a hushed tone.

“H-He asked me to go on a holiday trip with him…” Sasha muttered.

An icy glint shone in Matthew’s eyes immediately. This Mr. Sampson clearly deserves some punishment!

James couldn’t help but be stunned after he heard Sasha. As an experienced man, there was no doubt he understood what that meant.

“Miss Cunningham, I’m afraid you might have gotten the wrong idea of it. I merely asked you to go on a business trip with me.” In a leisurely tone, he continued, “This project is a significant one because it will bring in 50 million in revenue for your company this year and at least 30 million for the subsequent years. Once we’re able to strike a deal, the project will take us at least five years, which will then be worth nearly a total of 200 million. Needless to say, I have to handle it with extra care. Since I’m in charge of the purchasing department of Carlson Group, I have to carry out my work responsibly. So, I have to do an inspection on the raw materials used and the manufacturing process of your company before making a decision. Isn’t that the right thing to do?”

Sasha, whose face had turned crimson, said in an undertone, “I-I suggested to send one of my subordinates to do the inspection with you but y-you rejected it…”

“Miss Cunningham, from your approach, I can’t see your sincerity in getting this project offered by my company!” In an irritated tone, Clayton continued, “While I carried out the inspection personally, you merely sent over a lower rank staff to assist me. Are you looking down on me or Carlson Group?”

Sasha was left stumped by his words. Eric then urged in a cold tone, “Sasha, Mr. Sampson is right that we have to handle such a significant program with extra care. As the person-in-charge of the program, assisting Mr. Sampson personally is your obligation!”

“Grandpa, I-I can’t go with him…” Sasha stuttered in a fit of panic, “H-He…”

“Why can’t you go with him?!” James walked over and criticized, “Sasha, is this how you handle a project you’re in charge of in the company? How are you going to gain the trust of our customers by dealing them with such an attitude?”

Sasha explained anxiously, “But, h-he is trying to do something evil…”

“Shut up!” Charlie walked over here and snapped furiously at her, “Sasha Cunningham, how dare you say something like that about Mr. Sampson? What gives you the right to adopt such an attitude? Is it because Grandpa has been too lenient toward you and your family?”

“Hey, Mr. Cunningham, please calm down.” Clayton suddenly chuckled and said, “Miss Cunningham is still young and it’s reasonable for her to have a temper. I have a private room here which is a lot quieter. Miss Cunningham, why don’t we head over there and discuss the project in private?”

Sasha looked rattled in an instant. Was Clayton audacious enough to bring her to a room in front of everyone else? However, instead of getting angry by his suggestion, Eric immediately nodded his head and complimented Clayton, “Mr. Sampson, you’re indeed a very generous man who is so forgiving toward the younger generation. Sasha, come on and say thanks to Mr. Sampson. Also, remember to give him the best deal we can offer and kickstart the project!”

“Grandpa…” Sasha was panic-stricken. Her grandfather was clearly trying to throw her under the bus.

“That’s enough. Since Grandpa has asked you to do so, you’d better oblige.” With a chuckle, Charlie said sarcastically, “Sasha, do make sure you do your best! Everyone in the company will be counting on you to seize the deal!”

The Cunninghams placed great importance to the business agreement because if they managed to clinch it, it would surely double the wealth of the family. Therefore, they did not feel offended at all despite knowing the ulterior motives that Clayton was harboring. In their perception, sacrificing Sasha was not a big deal because it was a great bargain that could bring them a business contract worth nearly 200 million.

“Miss Cunningham, let’s go!” Clayton snickered.

With her face reddened, Sasha gritted her teeth and exclaimed, “I’m not going!”

“You’re not going?!” Looking affronted at once, Clayton said crossly, “In this case, it seems like Miss Cunningham doesn’t take the project with our company seriously at all. Why don’t we just forget about the deal?!”

Just as Clayton rose to his feet and was ready to storm off, Eric quickly stopped him. “Mr. Sampson, please don’t get angry. As a generous man, you shouldn’t be bothered by the little mistakes made by immature ones. I’ll go and talk some sense into her!”

“Sasha, what are you doing?” Eric glared at Sasha balefully and threatened, “Let me tell you, if you fail to get this agreement going, you’ll be in a greater mess than just being fired. I’m talking at least three million that you have to fork out for the money you misappropriated from the company. Right now, you are left with two options—either you pay up or you go and accompany Mr. Sampson now. You choose for yourself!”

Sasha was dumbfounded, realizing that Eric was leaving her with no choice at all! She turned to look at her parents; James’s face was reddened with rage while Helen was clenching her fists in fury. They had no means to help her.

“President Cunningham…” All of a sudden, Matthew spoke, “Sasha is after all your granddaughter. Do you think it’s appropriate of you to compel her into doing such a thing?”

It was only then did Eric notice Matthew’s presence. His face turned icy at once as he challenged him furiously, “How did you get in here? This is the family gathering of the Cunninghams. Who are you and what gives you the right to be here?”

“I’m Sasha’s husband…” Matthew answered.

“You’re just a kept man. If it wasn’t for you, Sasha wouldn’t have misappropriated the company’s assets! You! Get out of here right now! Otherwise, I’ll get someone to break your legs and throw you out of here!”

“Grandpa, you shouldn’t offend Mr. Larson here!” At that juncture, Charlie edged closer to Eric and said contemptuously, “After all, Mr. Larson has booked the ninth floor to hold a birthday celebration for Sasha! We can’t really afford such a big shot now, can we?”

“Say what?!” While Eric was stupefied by shock, Clayton burst out laughing. “Ha ha ha, that’s the best joke I’ve ever heard in my whole life. He has booked the ninth floor? Mr. Cunningham, even our President Carlson isn’t too sure whether he is able to book the ninth floor of this hotel. It seems like your grandson-in-law is indeed quite a capable person!”

Looking embarrassed, Eric exclaimed furiously, “James, is he your son-in-law? Did you deliberately bring him here to humiliate me?”

James looked awkward in response to his father’s question. Suddenly, Helen flung her arm and slapped Matthew before she yelled angrily at the top of her lungs, “Matthew, get out of this place!”

Matthew, whose face went swollen and reddened, felt slightly frustrated deep down inside.

“Matthew, just go back home first.” Sasha urged with her eyes reddened, “Don’t add anymore trouble to the mess!”

At the sight of Sasha, Matthew’s anger dissipated all at once. “Sasha, today is your birthday. I will keep you company and I won’t go anywhere else!”

A surge of warmth coursed through Sasha’s heart when she heard him. However, she muttered, “I appreciate it, but you really should just go now…”

“Sasha, you shouldn’t ask Matthew to leave!” Lily said with a laugh, “We’re still waiting to have a look at your birthday celebration held on the ninth floor! Just the thought of it made me envious!”

All the guests around her burst out laughing. At that juncture, a commotion ensued as a group of waiters made a dash into the ballroom from outside.

“What’s going on?” Eric asked curiously.

The hotel manager made his way over in large strides and apologized, “Excuse me, Mr. Cunningham, I’m afraid you guys have to move your celebration to somewhere else.”

“Move? Why is that so?” Eric confronted the hotel manager angrily, “I’ve booked this place in advance. What’s more, I’m having my birthday celebration here tonight. Where else can I go?”

“You may move to the second floor,” the hotel manager suggested.

“You must be joking!” Eric said crossly, “I booked this ballroom on the third floor and I don’t see why I have to move to the second floor!” Eric looked toward Clayton, expecting him to back him up.

In a cold voice, Clayton said to the hotel manager, “Hi, I’m Clayton Sampson from Carlson Group. I was the one who booked this place for Mr. Cunningham. So, have you guys decided not to pay any more respect to the Carlson Group?”

Clayton was trying to intimidate the hotel manager with the mention of Carlson Group, which was a sizable enterprise in Eastcliff. To his dismay, the hotel manager was unstirred by what he said. Instead, he added in a frosty tone, “Mr. Sampson, if you are not satisfied with our arrangement, you may voice your complaint to the owner of the hotel. However, you guys still have to move to the second floor!”

Clayton looked shaken. Of course he was not bold enough to offend the owner of Times Hotel. “Why do we have to?” he asked indignantly.

The hotel manager clarified in a nonchalant face, “The guests who previously booked the ninth floor have to move to the eight floor, and those at the eight floor have to move to the seventh floor, and so on. Therefore, you guys have to move to the second floor too!”

“Huh?” Both Eric and Clayton looked puzzled as they asked in unison, “Why is that so?”

Starting to lose his patience, the hotel manager replied coldly, “Because a big shot, who has to be respected by everyone in the city, has booked the ninth floor. Tonight, all of us at the hotel have to serve him well, even though it means we might have to turn down other businesses!”

“Say what?” All the guests at the ballroom exclaimed in surprises. Anyone who could book the ninth floor of the hotel was considered among the most respectable figures in the city. Who else was capable of making the influential ones to make way for him? Since the big shots at the ninth floor had obliged, they had no excuse not to.

At that juncture came an exclamation from outside, “Goodness gracious, everyone, come and take a look outside! All the cars at the parking lot are being moved away!”

“What?!” One after another, the guests made a dash out and looked down at the parking lot. Indeed, all the cars parked there were being moved away at a rapid rate. The Cunninghams cried out in surprise as most of them had driven themselves to the hotel.

“What’s going on?” Eric was panic-stricken because his Maybach was parked outside and it was being moved away without his permission.

The hotel manager said matter-of-factly, “I’m very sorry about that because we have to clear out the space to make way for the motorcade of our VIP!”

“Who’s that VIP? How cocky he is!” Clayton commented begrudgingly.

The hotel manager shot him a derisive glance. “Mr. Sampson, your boss, Stanley Carlson, is showing the way for the motorcade of our VIP downstairs. Do you want to go there and take a look?”

Clayton was startled by those words that he nearly wet his pants. “What? M-My boss is here? D-Don’t you try to bluff me…” he went in a quivering voice. Immediately, he scurried to the window and looked down at the parking lot. Indeed, Stanley was seen standing at the entrance, holding a walkie-talkie in his hand while he appeared solemn, as if waiting for someone.

Shivering in fear, Clayton waved at Eric and said, “Mr. Cunningham, I’ll have to head downstairs first.”

“What about our project?” Eric asked anxiously.

Clayton glanced at Sasha before he gulped down a mouthful of saliva and said through gritted teeth, “I’ll give her half an hour to think about it. I’ll be back later to discuss after I am done with my boss!” With that, he jogged away in a flash.

Everyone at the ballroom was looking at each other, unsure what to do. What kind of VIP would require Stanley Carlson, who was quite a big shot himself, to help direct his convoy personally?

“Move, everyone, move quickly!” Eric’s mind was pulled back to reality before he flashed the hotel manager a simpering smile. “Don’t worry, we’ll move to the second floor within 10 minutes!”

The hotel manager nodded at him with an impassive look. Then, Eric turned to Sasha and said menacingly through clenched teeth, “Sasha, I’ll give you half an hour to think about it. Either you accompany Mr. Sampson later, or you fork our three million. Otherwise, I’ll call the police and you’ll have to get ready to be sent to jail!”

“Dad!” In a trembling voice, James implored, “Please give Sasha a chance. She is after all your granddaughter…”

“Shut up!” Eric snapped vehemently, “Granddaughter? Since she’s one of the Cunninghams, she has to contribute to the family. Not only did she get herself a useless husband, she even misappropriated the company’s assets for him. Yes, she is born with a pretty face but she has no idea how to utilize it. So, what’s the point of keeping her in the family?” With that, Eric placed both hands at his back and left, without casting a glance at Sasha.

Sasha stood rooted to the spot with tears of despair streaming down her face. At that moment, she felt like killing herself!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 16
By the time the Cunninghams hurriedly reached the second floor of the hotel, all the cars had already been relocated from the parking lot, which was a spacious one that could accommodate nearly a thousand vehicles.

It was owned by the hotel, where only visitors who attended their dinners and events were allowed to park their cars there. Therefore, it had never been in its full capacity prior to this, so it could easily make room for several hundreds of cars. Yet, all the vehicles parked at the parking lot had been moved away at the moment.

Luxurious automobiles like Ferrari and Lamborghini were not spared from being shifted away. The owners of those cars went to the parking lot and tried to stop it but they were ignored. The Cunninghams could see very clearly that some rich young masters were making a fuss over it, who ended up being beaten by the security officers of the hotel and were thrown out of the parking lot like they were bags of garbage.

“Who do you think the VIP is?” asked Lily, with admiration written all over her face. “I know those wealthy young masters who all come from families that own assets worth up to several hundreds of millions. Yet, those security officers actually dared to beat them up. It’s easy to see how powerful and influential that VIP is!”

“Those rich lads are nothing. Did you see that car? It’s a Rolls-Royce valued at eight million which belongs to a gang leader of North Street. While his car was being dragged away by a tow truck, the gang leader could only stand there and watch without having the guts to do anything!”

“That’s not all. Look at that—that Lamborghini which costs 1.7 million is owned by the successor to the Hamilton Family, who is one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliffe. But, his car was dragged away by the tow truck too.”

“Goodness gracious, what sort of big shot can that VIP be who isn’t intimidated by the Ten Greatest Families?”

Everyone was absorbed in heated discussions with anticipation written all over their faces. They couldn’t help but look up to the immensely powerful VIP with much reverence. That was not the end of everything. After all the cars had been moved away from the parking lot, over ten MPVs were driven over.

Charlie exclaimed in shock, “Who would own that many MPVs? They are all Toyota Alphards, which is an uncommon model here!”

“Not only is it uncommon, the point is, I’ve never seen so many Alphards gathering at the same place.”

“This is a model usually owned by movie stars because the seats are more comfortable, with enough space inside for them to get changed and do their make-up.”

“Wow, you’re spot-on. Look at that, it’s the superstar, Thomas Hiddlestone!”

“Where? Where? Where is he?”

“And there, it’s Stephanie McKay, one of the four most popular actresses at the moment!”

“Gosh, I can’t believe that she’s here!”

“Not only them, the top TV host—Mr. Henry is here too!”

“That many celebrities? Is one of the entertainment companies having their annual dinner here?”

“That’s not possible. Even if that is so, they won’t be influential enough to have the vehicles belonging to the people from the Ten Greatest Families moved away from the parking lot!”

“In that case, what other reason can possibly explain this extravaganza?”

Everyone was constantly crying and exclaiming in surprise because the scene was simply too mind-blowing. At that juncture, the entrance of the parking lot was suddenly opened.

Everyone widened their eyes as they turned to look at that direction when Charlie was the first to exclaim, “See, that’s the vintage model of Rolls-Royce owned by Old Master Lewis from the Ten Greatest Families!”

“Oh my goodness, look at that one at its back! The car belonged to Old Master Jackson, who is also one of the Ten Greatest Families!”

“Over there, it’s the car of the president of the largest company in Eastcliff…”

All of them exclaimed in surprise continuously as one luxurious car after another was driven into the parking lot. Every owner making his appearance was a highly respectable figure who was among the most influential and powerful big shots in the city and they were way out of the league of the Cunninghams.

Yet, the most staggering sight was, as they were entering, they automatically went on to take the spaces at the two sides of the parking lot. Every single one of them made sure the parking space in the middle was empty like they were just some supporting characters in a movie, making way for the leading actor who had yet to arrive. There was no doubt that those cars dared not occupy the parking space in the middle as though they were leaving it for some big shot.

Everyone went wide-eyed and open-mouthed in shock because those who were arriving were extremely prominent characters in the city. Who else could make them wait on him with so much respect? While the Cunninghams were stuck in a state of confusion, a group of men scurried into the ballroom again holding some items in their hands.

Later on, there was another group who pushed a trolley that carried a gigantic cake into the ballroom. The cake was unusually gorgeous as it was made up of nine layers with each layer decorated with accessories made of crystals. Two carved minifigures which were placed on top of the cake were the most eye-catching sight.

One of the minifigures was a dancing lady wearing a white dress, while the one next to her was a man in a suit kneeling down on one knee holding a small box with both hands. Inside that little box was a glamorous diamond ring which sparkled!

“Wow, that cake is beautiful!” a bunch of girls cried out as they were mesmerized by it.

“Look at that diamond ring! Could it be genuine?”

“Gosh, is someone having a marriage proposal? How romantic is that?”

“If someone proposes to me in this way in the future, I’ll say yes to him immediately!”

Charles, who happened to know one of the guys pushing the trolley, quickly made a dash to him. He made it back shortly later, looking astounded.

“How is it?” Lily asked.

“I’ve got it!” Charles lowered his voice and told Lily with envy all over his face, “According to my buddy, a birthday celebration for a girl is going to be held on the ninth floor tonight. Those movie stars are all here to attend her celebration. Also, that diamond ring on the cake is genuine which costs over three million!”

“What?!” Everyone gasped in shock while Lily’s eyes were brimming with jealousy. “Who’s that lucky girl who gets to be treated this way? Gosh, if I were her, I would have no regrets even if I die now!”

The rest of the girls looked envious too. All of them wished that they could one day be basked in such a limelight. A birthday celebration as grand as this was surely enough to make any girl fall in love with the man who arranged it.

“Who can be that lucky girl?” One of the girls couldn’t help asking, “Could she be one of the young ladies of the Ten Greatest Families?”

“I suppose not!” Charlie shook his head and said, “My buddy told me that the girl is very mysterious and no one knows who she is. But I’m sure she’s not one of the Ten Greatest Families because those young ladies don’t have such an honor for a grand celebration like this!”

“In that case, who else could it be?” Everyone started making wild guesses.

Suddenly, Lily turned to look at Sasha and asked sarcastically with a laugh, “Sasha, could this be the birthday celebration that Matthew prepared for you?”

Everyone turned to look at Sasha with a scornful smile on their faces, pondering over the fact that Matthew could not be the one behind this. Sasha looked sullen, thinking that Lily had deliberately made that remark at that moment in order to embarrass her.

“That’s right. This is the birthday celebration for Sasha!” Matthew said in a calm tone.

“Wow, Matthew, you’re so impressive!” Charles taunted, “Matthew, you really have to bring me to the ninth floor later because I’ve never been there all my life!”

While everyone roared with laughter, they continued to make fun of him by urging Matthew to bring them along.

“Matthew!” Helen, who was enraged, criticized, “Could you just keep your mouth shut? You can embarrass yourself all you like, but why do you have to bring our entire family down with you?”

“What I said is true…” With resignation, Matthew tried to explain himself, “I really planned a birthday celebration for Sasha on the ninth floor…”

“Shut up!” Helen yelled furiously at him, “Scram! Just get out of this place!”

“Well, enough with the fuss now.” Lily sneered, “Sasha, your half an hour is up, and you have to tell us your decision. Are you going to accompany Mr. Sampson, or are you going to fork out the money? Or perhaps, you want to be put behind bars?”

While Sasha was keeping mum with her teeth clenched, Charles chided in with a smile, “Sasha, I have a suggestion for you. In fact, the best choice you can make is to spend time with Mr. Sampson. Firstly, it can solve all your problems. Secondly, you can have a great time too! After all, you’re having your birthday today and you should just take Mr. Sampson as your birthday gift then. Ha ha ha…”

All the people around them burst out laughing while they eyed Sasha with malice in their eyes. Especially for the girls, they were all dying to see Sasha being humiliated by Clayton so that they could feel better about their inferiority.

At that moment, Eric and Clayton walked over to her. “Miss Cunningham, have you made your decision?” Clayton sized her up in a lecherous manner.

“I-I won’t go with you!” Sasha emphasized through gritted teeth.

“Mr. Cunningham, it seems like your family isn’t very interested in doing business with us!” In a frosty tone, Clayton continued, “In that case, just forget about the deal! Also, all previous projects between us will be terminated! Just get one of your staff to come by my office some time later and get on with the termination!”

Eric was so rattled that he nearly wet his pants. “Mr. Sampson, please don’t be angry! I’ll help you handle it!” he offered quickly. “Sasha, either you spend time with Mr. Sampson or I’ll call the police to arrest you! Make your own choice and don’t blame me because I’ve warned you before. You won’t be able to bear the consequences of this matter alone. If you choose to be arrested, you as well as your family will be put behind bars!”

James, Helen and Demi looked shaken as they were shocked to learn that they were going to be implicated too. The three of them glowered at Matthew because they deemed Matthew as the reason why they were put in this predicament. With a collected expression, Matthew asked softly, “Old Master Cunningham, don’t you know what this Sampson guy is actually trying to do?”

“Cut the crap! I don’t need you to teach me how to handle my own matters!” Eric then yelled furiously, “Somebody throw him out of this place now!”

A group of men soon closed in on them. Looking panic-stricken, Sasha quickly interrupted, “Grandpa, Matthew didn’t mean what he said…”

“Shut up!” In his exasperation, he confronted her, “Let me ask you one more time. Are you going to spend time with Mr. Sampson or are you going to jail with your family?!”

Sasha was left in a state of total despair, as it had never occurred to her that her grandfather would really treat her this way. Clayton sneered when he stared at Matthew. “Hmph, young man, are you capable enough to fight against me?”

Just as the air between them was buzzing with electricity, a commotion suddenly came from the outside of the ballroom as someone was exclaiming, “It’s Billy Newman! It’s Billy Newman! Master Newman is here! He’s here!”

“Is Master Newman here? Gosh, now it all makes sense. Master Newman is the only person in Eastcliff who is rich enough to afford this grand celebration!”

“I should have thought of him long before this! He is a man who can bring an earthquake to the city just by stomping his feet! Who else could it be other than Master Newman?”

“But, whose birthday is Master Newman going to celebrate?”

While everyone was crying in surprise, they quickly made a dash to the windows in an attempt to catch a glance of Billy. Even Eric looked restless and at a loss. Having no mood to care about Sasha’s issue, he hastily ran toward the window. As the master of a small and insignificant family, he would never have the chance to meet Billy in person.

“I’m surprised to see Master Newman here. Mr. Cunningham, please stay calm because I have a rather close bond with Master Newman. After getting things done here, I’ll bring you to pay your respect to Master Newman!” Clayton said boastfully. However, his action was quicker than anyone else and he was the first to run to the windows as soon as Billy’s arrival was heard.

“I really appreciate that, Mr. Sampson!” Eric was elated, thinking that the social status of the Cunninghams would be elevated in Eastcliff in the future, if he ever got to meet Billy in person later.

“No big deal!” With a wide grin, Clayton cast Sasha a glance before he continued, “But, Miss Cunningham…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it done for you by today!” Eric glared at Charlie and demanded, “I don’t care what sort of method you use, but you have to get that b*tch to spend the night with Mr. Sampson by hook or by crook!”

An evil brilliance shone in Charlie’s eyes when he told Eric, “Grandpa, don’t worry. You can just leave it to me!” Charlie immediately gathered a bunch of men with whom he strode menacingly over to where Matthew and Sasha were standing and made a circle around them.

“Sasha, Grandpa has said that no matter what, you have to seize the deal tonight!” In an icy voice, Charlie threatened, “If you don’t want to see Matthew being thrown down by us from the roof of this hotel, be obedient and get the agreement signed. Otherwise, hmph, you’ll end up as a widow tonight!”

Sasha, who appeared stunned, challenged, “What are you guys going to do? Are you going to break the law?”

“I set the law here!” Charles roared at her, “So are you doing it, or not?”

Several guys were advancing on Matthew dangerously and they seemed like they were ready to seize him any minute. At that moment, the main door to the ballroom was pushed open suddenly. It was Stanley who was striding in with a group of men.

“President Carlson!” Clayton immediately offered a bow to Stanley with an adulatory look.

Eric was thrilled to see Stanley too, because he was the man who could literally decide the fate of his whole family. He couldn’t help but wonder, Why is Mr. Carlson here? Does he know that I am having my birthday celebration and he’s joining in as well? Goodness gracious, if that was true, the Cunninghams would surely rise to having great success in the future! Eric quickly put on the most simpering smile he could manage and greeted Stanley, “President Carlson…”

Yet, Stanley just walked past him and headed straight to where Matthew and Sasha were standing. Under the watchful eyes of all the guests, Stanley bowed down respectfully to them and said, “Mr. Larson and Miss Cunningham, the birthday celebration is now ready. Mr. Newman invites both of you to head to the ninth floor!”

Everyone at the ballroom was astounded to hear what he said.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 17
How could this be?! That was the only question everyone at the ballroom was wondering about. What on earth gave Matthew and Sasha as well as her family the right to go to the ninth floor of the hotel?

“President Carlson, have you made a mistake?” Lily asked anxiously. “Matthew is just a useless kept man. Also, my grandfather, Eric Cunningham, is the president of Cunningham Group while Matthew and Sasha are just some nobody. So, what gives them the right to head upstairs?”

Meanwhile, Eric was smoothing out the creases on his shirt, thinking that he was supposed to be the one Billy Newman wanted to invite because he was the master of the Cunningham Family. At the same time, he was thrilled. If he was really invited to the ninth floor, the experience would be a great source of pride for him. Those old friends of his who had only visited the seventh floor of the hotel had been constantly boasting to him about their experiences. If he could really make it to the ninth floor and in addition to that, to attend a function held by Billy, he could brag about this privilege for the rest of his life. Furthermore, the Cunningham Family would then rise to become one of the most respectable families in Eastcliff!

“That’s very rude of you!” Stanley lifted one hand and slapped Lily, who was stunned in a fit of panic and uttered, “H-How dare you slap me?”

“What’s wrong with that? Don’t you think you deserve it?” Stanley countered in an icy voice.

Lily’s mouth was left agape but she dared not speak. As the Young Lady of the Cunninghams, she could be cocky and presumptuous all she wished in front of Matthew and Sasha. However, in front of Stanley Carlson, it was a totally different story. She could act wilfully in front of anyone else but in the presence of Stanley Carlson, she would get herself killed by acting so.

Stanley demanded in a frosty voice, “Apologize to Mr. Larson and Miss Cunningham right now, or I’ll beat you up till you lose all your teeth!”

“A-Apologize to him?” Lily grew restless. As she had only ever hurled insults at Matthew before, asking her to apologize to him was the same as taking her own life. “Grandpa!” Lily looked at Eric, hoping he could back her up.

“Cough, cough…” Eric took a step forward and gave Stanley a fist and palm salute. “President Carlson, I’m the president of Cunningham Group…”

“I don’t give a damn who you are!” Stanley cut him off directly and yelled, “Do you have the right to offer your opinion while I’m talking to her? Do you want to get beaten up too?!”

Eric looked deeply rattled. As a seventy-year-old man, it was embarrassing for him to be reprimanded so rudely by Stanley, who was decades his junior. However, he dared not have a cow in front of Stanley in the end.

“Matthew, we’re a family and there’s no point in turning things so stiff!” In a cold voice, Eric said, “Tell President Carlson that you don’t need Lily’s apology because she just had a quick tongue and didn’t mean what she said just now!”

“Yes, Matthew, it’s just a small matter. Do you really need to do that? Just apologize to Lily and let the matter go!” James quickly chided in.

Helen nodded her head vigorously, seeing it as the best timing to ease up the tension in their relationship with Eric. As for Matthew, how he felt was not important at all.

Lily cast an oblique glance at Matthew, looking triumphant. See, even your father-in-law is asking you to apologize to me! Are you seeking an apology from me?Dream on!

However, Matthew put on a poker-faced expression. You guys are only claiming to be my family at this juncture. Did you guys consider me as your family when Lily humiliated me and when you all urged my wife to spend the night with Mr. Sampson?

Suddenly, Sasha spoke, “Grandpa, don’t you think you’re somewhat forgetful? My family and I had long been ousted from the Cunninghams. So, I don’t see why we’re suddenly a family.”

A surge of warmth seized Matthew’s heart, seeing that Sasha was willing to take his side at that crucial moment. However, by doing so she had totally offended the Cunninghams.

“Sasha, watch your words!” James huffed anxiously.

“Sasha!” Eric let out a low hiss through gritted teeth. “Do you really want to sever your ties with the Cunningham Family for good? Very well, you’re no longer one of the Cunningham Group from now on. I don’t think you can fork out the three million either. Charlie, call the police!”

Just as Charlie fished out his phone, he was slapped in the face by Stanley. “Did you mention three million?” Stanley waved his hand and shortly after that, some of his men standing nearby carried a leather case over.

Stanley tossed the leather case onto the floor and said, “That’s your three million. Take it!” When the leather case was opened, everyone could see that it was filled up to the brim with stacks after stacks of one-hundred-dollar bills, which definitely made up to three million, if not more!

“You…” Eric couldn’t help but be dumbfounded by the sight of the leather case and he was shocked to see how far Stanley had gone to help Sasha.

“President Carlson, our Cunningham Group has many business transactions with your Carlson Group.” Eric muttered, “You see, Sasha is no longer one of us now. P-President Carlson, you really don’t have to affect the relationship between the two companies just because of an outsider…”

“Thanks for your reminder!” Stanley announced immediately, “From now on, all business contracts between my company and your company will be terminated!”

Eric was terror-stricken to hear that, thinking that the Cunningham Group would surely crumble into pieces after losing their contracts with Carlson Group.

“President Carlson, I-I didn’t mean it that way…” With anxiety written all over his face, Eric suddenly pointed at Lily and urged, “What are you waiting for? Offer your apology to Matthew now!”

“Grandpa…” Lily was on the verge of breaking into tears because she was really reluctant to yield to Matthew.

“Apologize now, or you’ll be ousted from the Cunningham Family!” Eric thundered.

Lily was so rattled by Eric’s threat that her whole body quivered. As the Young Lady of the Cunninghams, she was unlikely to be able to give up her comfortable life and social status she was now enjoying. “Matthew, I-I am sorry…” Lily’s voice was barely audible.

“I can’t hear you at all!” In a frosty tone, Stanley snapped, “I don’t want an insincere apology from you guys. Eric Cunningham, get ready to terminate the contracts!”

“President Carlson, please don’t be angry.” In a fit of panic, Eric lifted one hand and slapped Lily twice before he urged angrily, “Speak louder!”

Lily, whose face was reddened, spoke in a croaky voice, “Matthew, I’m sorry…”

Stanley looked at Matthew and said respectfully, “Mr. Larson, if you’re not happy with it, I can make her go on until you’re satisfied!”

Lily burst into tears immediately. How was she going to live with the embarrassment of having to apologize to Matthew under the watchful eyes of all the guests?

“Matthew, d-don’t you go too far…” Charlie couldn’t help but urge.

“In fact, I’ve planned to ask her to stop in the first place, but since you’ve said so, get her to continue then.” Matthew waved his hand dismissively and commented, “I’m not happy with her apology.

“Did you hear that? He’s not happy with your apology! Carry on!” Stanley raised his voice and urged, “Give yourself a slap along with each apology you make until Mr. Larson is satisfied!”

“Huh?” Lily widened her eyes in disbelief.

“What’s the problem? You don’t want to do it?” Looking sullen, Stanley snapped, “Eric Cunningham, just get all the contracts terminated!”

Eric went so livid with rage that he was on the verge of puking blood. “Didn’t you hear what President Carlson said? Slap yourself and offer your apology!” he urged quickly.

With tears streaming down her face, Lily slapped herself while she apologized to Matthew continuously. At the same time, she glared at Charlie balefully. If he had not been so garrulous, she would not have gone through such humiliation.

“Mr. Larson, I’m so sorry that you have to undergo such an unpleasant experience. Shall we head upstairs now?” Stanley asked.

“I don’t think it’s the right timing yet,” Matthew said softly.

Sounding astonished, Stanley asked, “Why is that so?”

Glancing at Clayton who had hidden himself among the crowd, Matthew went on, “Mr. Sampson here had asked to bring my wife to a room to discuss business in private. Also, he said that no one was allowed to leave if the issue wasn’t resolved by today!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 18
Clayton Sampson was so shaken that he nearly wet his pants, realizing that Matthew was trying to get him killed by telling Stanley Carlson about what he did at this juncture. Stanley shot Clayton a baleful glance knowing well that he was one of his subordinates.

“President Carlson, it’s just a misunderstanding…” Sounding like he was about to break into tears, Clayton pleaded, “I didn’t mean it that way…”

Looking impassive, Stanley flung his arm suddenly and ordered, “Drag him outside and break his limbs!” Immediately, a few burly men lunged forward from all directions to haul Clayton away, during the process which Clayton squealed miserably for his life.

“Hold on!” Stanley yelled at the top of his lungs out of the blue.

Clayton, who saw it as an opportunity to excuse himself, quickly implored, “President Carlson, I promise I won’t do the same thing again in the future! Please forgive me…”

Stanley grabbed a random beer bottle from somewhere beside him and smashed it down on Clayton’s head. “Your voice is so annoying, Clayton! You guys, haul him outside, break his limbs and then throw him to Lake Eastcliff!” he rebuked.

Everyone present at the ballroom was left in utter consternation when they realized that Stanley was going to get Clayton killed. As for the Cunninghams, their faces went as pale as sheets of paper. Prior to this, they thought Clayton was a big shot himself. However, it was ever so clear now who the real big shot was!

At the same time, Stanley was just an insignificant character who worked for Billy Newman. For all of them, it was hard to imagine how scary Billy could be, who was now at the ninth floor. Matthew and Sasha really had a great honor to be invited there by such an influential figure.

When no one was noticing him, Eric secretly edged closer to James and whispered, “James, I’ll head upstairs with you guys later. As the master of the Cunningham Family, if I am absent, people might assume that we don’t know the proper etiquette!”

James could understand what his father meant even if he was a fool. Thinking of all those sufferings he had been through all these years, James was overwhelmed with a feeling of exaltation all at once. He gave Eric a contemplative glance and said, “Dad, you’ve forgotten something—my family and I are only allowed to be seated with the hotel staff and we can’t even sit with the employees of the Cunningham Group. Are we still your family in your eyes?”

Eric looked stump with embarrassment written all over his face. In the end, Matthew and Sasha as well as her family followed Stanley to the ninth floor.

“What’s going on?” Jason muttered under his breath, “Why would Mr. Newman invite them upstairs? What makes them so special?”

“Is there any other possible reason? That b*tch, Sasha, must be having a fling with Mr. Newman…” Charlie remarked.

“Keep your mouth shut!” Eric looked incensed when he criticized, “Charlie, you’d better watch your words. Do you want to get yourself killed?!”

Charlie broke out in cold sweat at once, realizing that anyone who badmouthed Billy behind his back would end up very badly.

“I think there’s more to this matter than what meets the eye…” Eric commanded through gritted teeth, “Send someone to get to the bottom of it; I need to find out the truth behind all of these…”

When James and the rest arrived at the ninth floor, they were blown away by its lavish and extravagant interior. Everyone in Eastcliff had heard of the ninth floor of the Times Hotel, but only a few could step foot in it. Just by showing one’s presence at this level was a symbol of a highly respectable social status in the city.

Not many seats were arranged at the ballroom of the ninth floor, in the middle of which stood a magnificent stage where a bunch of popular movie stars and celebrities were offering their performances dedicatedly. The place appeared unusually large and spacious as only around twenty to thirty guests were seated around the stage.

However, the twenty to thirty guests present could basically represent the city. The masters of all the Ten Greatest Families, the top ten richest persons as well as the most powerful and influential figures of the city all gathered at the ballroom. Any one of them was powerful enough to make decisions that could affect the entire city anytime! And now, those guests were all staring at Matthew, Sasha as well as her family who were standing at the entrance.

Billy, who had a stout figure, was standing among the guests in the ballroom. Under the respectful gazes of all the others, he strode off in their direction with his head held high. “Welcome, Mr. Larson and Miss Cunningham!”

The rest of the guests all rose to their feet to show their respect, despite not knowing Matthew and Sasha at all. However, they dared not treat anyone whose arrival was welcomed by Billy personally with any less esteem.

Matthew nodded at him with a faint smile while Sasha and her family went wide-eyed and open-mouthed in shock. Never had they imagined that one day, they would get to witness such a scene!

“Mr. Newman, i-it’s an honor to m-meet you…” James stuttered while he offered his hand. “My name is James Cunningham and I-I’m Sasha’s father…”

Billy held the hand he offered casually, and it was almost enough to make James jump in excitement. Did Billy just hold his hand? That was an experience he could brag about for the rest of his life!

Billy then said with a smile, “Mr. Larson, Miss Cunningham, the birthday celebration is now ready. Please head to the stage now.”

Matthew nodded and made a hand gesture at Sasha invitingly, “Darling, let’s go!”

Sasha, who had yet to register the turn of events, asked bewilderedly, “I-Is this my birthday celebration?”

“Of course!” Billy said with a smile, “Miss Cunningham, please take a look at what is written on the cake!”

It was only then did Sasha notice that the crystal accessories attached on the cake were arranged to form a sentence: ‘Happy Birthday, Sasha!’

Was this really her birthday celebration? Surprised and overjoyed, Sasha’s hand was held by Matthew when they walked toward the stage one step at a time.

While they were on their way up, all the guests around them and the celebrities on stage started a round of applause to offer their sincerest wishes to them. James and his family, who were standing offstage, felt exhilarated when they caught sight of all the big shots who were present. Any one of those big shots was way out of Eric’s league, and he could never in his life meet them personally. However, those big shots actually showed so much respect to Sasha by attending her birthday celebration.

Everything that transpired had been too good to be true, so much so that they started to have a feeling that it was all just a figment of their imagination. The two of them kept pinching their arms so that the pain could remind them that it was not just a dream.

It was after a while did Sasha manage to pull her mind back to reality. Looking at the dreamlike celebration that was unfolding in front of her, her eyes went red-rimmed again. Every girl had a dream to become a princess and she was no exception. Ever since she was little, no one had ever cared about her birthday. However, deep down inside, she still yearned to become the center of everyone’s attention one day. At that moment, everything looked so surreal and the celebration was actually way more perfect than the one she had pictured in her dream. In her opinion, having such a wonderful experience made her life all worthwhile at once.

“Make a wish!” With a faint grin, Matthew said, “After that, let’s cut the cake together!”

James and his family were taken aback by what he said. Demi couldn’t resist but ask, “Shouldn’t we light up the candles while she makes her wish?”

Yet, no one bothered to respond to her suggestion. After taking a deep breath, Sasha put her hands together, closed her eyes and started making her wishes solemnly. At this moment, an ear-splitting sound came from outside. A ray of colorful lights was seen shooting up toward the sky where it then blossomed into a huge, spectacular pattern that brightened up the atmosphere before it slowly made its descent.

Everyone was floored to see the fireworks display and Demi widened her eyes in shock as she wondered who let it off. However, that was not all. Following the brief display earlier, countless fireworks were then let off suddenly in different places all over the city which lit up the entire Eastcliff.

Sasha opened her eyes wide in pleasant surprise when she spotted the sparklers in the sky. It was only then did she realize why there were no candles on her cake. It was because the fireworks were the candles for her birthday!

“Sasha, we got married too hastily back then, and I owed you a great deal because of that.” In a gentle tone, he said, “Please let me make it up to you bit by bit from this moment on!” He then picked up the diamond ring from the cake and got down on one knee. Staring at her affectionately, he asked, “Sasha, will you marry me?”

Finally, Sasha could no longer stop the tears from streaming down her face. On that very day, Matthew set off fireworks in the entire city just for Sasha alone!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 19
“Matthew, what’s this all about?” James couldn’t wait but ask as soon as the birthday celebration ended.

Sasha and the rest of the family too eyed Matthew with astonishment, considering that everything that had unfolded that night was too surreal. With a faint smile, Matthew revealed the truth to them, “It’s nothing much. I just managed to cure the illness of Mr. Newman’s daughter.”

“Mr. Newman’s daughter?” Helen exclaimed in surprise. “Miss Newman was knocked by a car who then turned into a vegetative patient. Ever since then, she had been in a state of coma for a year. Y-You actually cured a vegetative patient?”

At that moment, something dawned on Demi, who prompted anxiously, “Mom, do you remember that Sasha’s company once came up with a new drug that claimed to be a cure for vegetative patients? Matthew, did you use that drug on his daughter?”

“Is that true?” Helen asked curiously.

“That must be the case!” Demi continued, “Matthew is only a graduate from a technical college and he merely works as a cleaner at the hospital. How can he have such excellent medical skills? I bet he must have taken all the credit by using the drug manufactured by our family!”

“That makes sense!” Helen’s eyes lit up with excitement. If that was really the case, the credit of curing Mr. Newman’s daughter should have gone to the Cunninghams instead. With that thought in mind, Helen was once again overwhelmed with bitter resentment. Matthew had had his glorious moment that night which was supposed to belong to the Cunninghams! Helen then quickly probed, “Matthew, since you cured his daughter, how much did he pay you as a reward?”

“I received nothing!” Matthew shook his head and he did not offer an explanation about Demi’s speculation. He did not feel it was the right timing yet to tell anyone about his family heirloom—the jade pendant—so as not to put himself in danger.

“You didn’t receive any reward? Who are you trying to bluff?” Glaring at Matthew, Helen threatened, “Do you want to have it all to yourself? Matthew Larson, I’m telling you, you wouldn’t be able to cure Mr. Newman’s daughter at all without the drug manufactured by our Cunningham Group! All the glory was supposed to belong to our family and it shouldn’t have gone to you!”

Feeling helpless, Matthew emphasized, “I really received no reward but Mr. Newman did promise to do me a favor, and he helped me to prepare the birthday celebration tonight!”

“Say what?!” Helen nearly freaked out when she snapped, “You just let him prepare this birthday celebration for you without asking for a dime from him? Matthew, there must be something wrong with your mind!”

James too asked in his exasperation, “Matthew, do you have any idea what sort of man Mr. Newman is? He could easily reward you with two to three hundred million if you just ask for it! Did you just request for this birthday celebration?”

“Poor people indeed come with poor mindsets. You aren’t ambitious at all!” Demi commented disdainfully. “You don’t even know how to utilize an opportunity to succeed!”

Matthew turned to face Sasha and whispered to her, “I think I used it well!”

Sasha blushed slightly with sweetness overloading her heart. Although they had lost the opportunity to strike the jackpot, at least she could be sure that Matthew really loved her. Sometimes, what women truly desired was just something simple.

“Dumb*ss!” Helen cursed. Suddenly, she seized the box held in Matthew’s hands. “Let me see what Mr. Newman has given you as a gift!”

Helen’s eyes widened in shock at once when she saw what was inside the box. It was the keys of a brand new BMW.

“Mr. Newman has gifted you a BMW!” Helen’s voice quivered with excitement, knowing that it came with a heavy price tag.

Their family did not own a car and everytime they needed transport, they had no choice but to borrow one from Demi’s husband, Liam.

“What’s there to get so excited for?” James’s anger had yet to subside as he snapped. “He could have gotten at least a hundred million but now, all he gets is a car. Is that something worth celebrating?”

Helen, whose face turned bleak at once, criticized Matthew, “Tsk, you’re such a failure!”

“Forget it, at least we now have a car.” Demi took the keys over and asked with a smile, “Mom and Dad, the car is too good to be driven by Matthew. Can I have it?”

“What are you thinking?” Helen immediately seized the keys back from Demi and said, “Let your Dad drive it because he represents the dignity of our family, don’t you understand?”

Demi looked reluctant to give up having the BMW. “Dad doesn’t need a car since he doesn’t have a job,” Demi muttered under her breath.

Ignoring her, Helen then gave a once-over to Matthew and her gaze landed on his wrist at last. “Is that a Rolex?” Helen’s eyes gleamed up with greed.

“Hmm…” Matthew had no idea what to say.

“Since you’re just a cleaner, the watch will be a waste to you. Remove it and let your father wear it!” While Helen was talking, she moved her hands directly toward Matthew’s wrist.

“Mom!” Sasha was slightly annoyed by her mother’s behavior. After robbing Matthew of the car, she was now trying to snatch his watch too!

“What’s the problem? Don’t you forget that it’s our drug that cured Mr. Newman’s daughter. Everything he now has is supposed to belong to us!” After seizing the watch, Helen eyed the suit Matthew was wearing with a little disappointment.

It was a shame that Matthew was taller and more muscular than James. Otherwise, it would have fit him perfectly. Yet, she soon raised her voice and said, “Don’t leave any stain on that suit because I’ll try to sell it off. Since it was prepared by Mr. Newman for you, I’m sure it can fetch us a good price!”

“You…” Sasha was enraged at her mother’s outrageous behavior, but she could not come up with anything to say.

However, Matthew, who was smiling at Sasha, was unperturbed. After knowing how Sasha felt about himself, all he could see and think of now was his wife. The car and the watch did not matter to him. With his spectacular medical skill, he could get himself as many material items as he wanted.

While they were having their discussion, they reached the ground floor of the hotel. The car sent from Billy happened to be parked at the parking lot and it was one of the BMW 7 Series. At once, Helen and the rest had their eyes lit up with excitement at the sight of the car. Immediately, they made a dash toward it and sized up the handsome vehicle with exhilaration.

While Helen was stroking the car seats made of genuine leather, she remarked, “This is a BMW 760. Jason owns one too which costs almost one million!”

“The one Jason owns is a 740. It’s different from this which is a 760!” James, who was sitting at the driver’s seat, commented excitedly. “This one comes with the top specs and I estimate it to cost at least two million.”

“Goodness gracious, isn’t this way better than the one Jason owns?” Helen asked.

“Of course. I suppose Mr. Newman won’t offer anything less than the best!” Then, James shot Matthew a glare. “A hundred million is now transformed into a car in your hands. You’re indeed a genius in doing business!”

“Exactly!” Helen quickly commented. “He only managed to cure Mr. Newman’s daughter with the drug from our family, but he only asked for a birthday celebration in return for that. He’s spending our money in order to make himself look good!” Helen confronted him angrily, “Matthew, why are you so materialistic and shallow?”

Without any attempts to refute her, Matthew extended his hand to pull the car door open but Helen managed to lock it just in time. “Who gives you the permission to get into the car? Get lost! Do you actually deserve it?”

“Mom, this is a gift from Mr. Newman to him!” Sasha couldn’t help but object.

“This is a gift to us because it was the drug from our company that managed to cure Mr. Newman’s daughter, not him!” Helen said crossly. “Matthew, get away from us because you have no right to be in this car.”

“How is he going to go home then?” Sasha questioned.

“I don’t care! It’s best that he doesn’t go home because the sight of him gives me a headache! James, let’s just go!”

With a disdainful grunt, James drove his entire family away leaving Matthew behind.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 20

In the end, Matthew took a taxi back. When he reached home, James and Helen were sitting in the living room, as though they were waiting for him. “You’re finally back. What time is it now? Do you actually still care about the family?!” Helen reprimanded.

Matthew was left speechless. You were the one who stopped me from getting into the car earlier on, but now you’re complaining that I came back late! “It’s hard to get a taxi around Times Hotel. I only managed to get one after walking on foot for two miles—” Matthew tried to explain himself but Helen cut him off directly, “I don’t want to hear your explanation. Just admit that you’re poor and incompetent. Do you still need to get a taxi if you could afford yourself a car?”

Sasha couldn’t resist but defend Matthew, “Mom, it was you who snatched the car that Mr. Newman gave him as a gift…”

“Keep your mouth shut!” Helen snapped furiously. “Have I not made myself clear enough? That car belongs to us and it has nothing to do with him. Without the drug produced by our family, would Mr. Newman even know who he is?”

“Y-You’re ridiculous!” Sasha, who was annoyed, said crossly.

“How am I being ridiculous? Does any part of what I said not make sense?” Sasha was so incensed by her mother’s critiques that she stormed off back to her room. “It’s all your fault that Sasha is throwing a tantrum. Could you just stop creating trouble for us?!” Helen criticized Matthew angrily.

This time, Matthew was really left speechless. Sasha is clearly being angry with you and I wonder why am I to blame for that again?

“Forget it. I shouldn’t pin any hopes on a useless man like you!” Angrily, she demanded, “Now, go and remove that suit you are wearing because Liam is coming by later to take it.”

“Eh?” Matthew was taken aback by what she said. Didn’t she say she wanted to sell it off? Why is Liam coming to take it?

“Is there any problem with that? Liam is a businessman and it’s reasonable for him to wear premium clothing. Are you going to dress in this way to clean the toilet? What’s more, Liam always buys us presents every year. What about you? What have you done other than having your meals at home?”

“Mom, you’re so biased!” Sasha couldn’t help but stride out of the room and said, “This suit is a gift from Mr. Newman to Matthew…”

“I’m going to repeat this: all these things from Mr. Newman are supposed to belong to us and they have got nothing to do with Matthew. I have complete say in this and you have no right to interfere with my decision!”


Just as Sasha wanted to say something, she was stopped by Matthew. “I’m fine. It’s nothing more than just a suit.” With composure, he walked back to his room and changed back to his own clothes before taking the suit out.

“Pack it up nicely!” With resentment written all over her face, Helen criticized, “Could you at least have some forethought? Are you going to hand it to your brother-in-law just like that? Don’t you think you should be more respectful toward him?”

What she said angered Sasha, who refuted, “Both of them are your sons-in-law, so why does Matthew have to be respectful toward him?!”

“Hmph, can a live-in son-in-law be the same as a son-in-law?” With a contemptuous look, Helen added, “While one depends on our family for a living, the other takes care of us; what do you think?”

Liam soon came looking delighted with two hampers in his hands. With all smiles, Helen immediately walked over and showered him with all her attention as though he was his own son. Looking proud of himself, Liam sat in the living room chatting with James and Helen. While he was at it, his vision lingered in the direction of Sasha’s room—it was obvious he was trying to steal glances at her. Much to his disappointment, Sasha did not come out of her room even once.

“Mom, this suit looks rather nice. Let me try it on!” Liam made a dash excitedly to one of the bedrooms to put on the suit.

“Is it a size larger than your usual one?” Helen asked. After all, Liam was half a head’s size shorter than Matthew.

“It’s fine. I can take it back and get it altered.” Liam adored the suit so much that he was reluctant to take it off. He recognized the suit to be from Armani which cost several hundred thousand. He was sure he would look chic by wearing this suit out in the future.

“Fine then.” Helen nodded before she yelled, “Matthew, why are you still standing there doing nothing? Get a bag to put Liam’s clothes in!”

“Mom, it’s okay. I’m leaving my clothes behind as a gift for Matthew.” With a hearty laugh, Liam continued, “Since Matthew doesn’t own many decent clothes, I really should offer him some help as his brother-in-law.”

“Oh, Liam, that’s very kind of you,” Helen said with a smile. “Matthew, come on here and thank Liam!”

Matthew did not say anything. Why do I have to thank him for his old clothes when he took away my new suit?

“Forget it. Let’s not stand on ceremony since we’re a family!” Liam then waved flourishly and said, “Dad, Mom, I’ve got to go and I’ll buy the two of you dinner tomorrow night!”

“Great! Please be careful on your way back!” Helen and James walked Liam out to the main door; the smile on their faces had never fainted.

By the time Matthew returned to his room, he found Sasha sitting next to the table, sulking. “Matthew, c-could you please man up a little? Why did you offer your belongings to others?”

“I’m fine!” Matthew let out a chuckle and said, “I don’t use the car and the watch that much. What’s more, I gave them to Dad and Mom as they’re not outsiders.”

Sasha asked indignantly, “Don’t you notice how they are treating you?”

“I do.” Matthew looked at her affectionately as he continued, “But I don’t care. They are your parents who brought you up and let you become my wife, which is my biggest honor. So, it’s my obligation to treat them well!”

Sasha’s face blushed slightly when she remarked, “You’re such a sweet talker. Come clean with me now—since when did you become so skilled at flirting with girls?”

“I’m not flirting because I really meant every word I said!” Matthew grabbed her hands and placed them on his chest. “Can’t you feel my love for you?”

“Tsk, I can’t!” Sasha grunted annoyingly but she did not take back her hands. She could still remember vividly the moment Matthew proposed to her earlier that night. At that moment, she felt that all the humiliation she had suffered over the past three years had turned out to be worthwhile. “Fine, I can’t make any comments about letting Mom and Dad have the car and the watch. But, what about giving the suit to Liam?” Sasha questioned angrily.

“Don’t worry, it might not do Liam any good by taking away the suit.”

“Why is that so?” Sasha asked curiously.

He flashed her a mysterious smile and said, “You’ll find out tomorrow.”

“You’re keeping me in suspense, huh?” Sasha pursed her lips and suddenly, she made a stretch so alluring a posture that Matthew found himself unable to tear his eyes away from her.

“I’m so sleepy. Let’s go to bed!” Sasha covered half of her body with the blanket exposing only her fair-skinned calves.

Despite his racing heartbeat, Matthew still behaved himself by obediently switching off the lights and lying down on his makeshift bed. Sasha couldn’t help but be frustrated to see this. Some time later, she muttered in a soft voice, “Matthew, isn’t that bed that you’re sleeping on too small for you?”

“Nope, I think it suits me just right!”

“It suits you just right? Well, you should just sleep there for the rest of your life then!” Sasha clicked her tongue with irritation.

Matthew, who was stunned for a second, suddenly felt like slapping himself for his lousy answer. “Why don’t you ask me again?” he asked tentatively.

“Get lost!” Sasha flipped to the other side and showed him her back.

Lying on the makeshift bed, Matthew was in a quandary for a long time but in the end, he still had no guts to move.

Next morning, Liam visited them wearing the Armani suit. “How do I look? Does it look better on me now after I got it altered?” Liam deliberately walked over to Matthew to show off.

“It’s not bad. Liam, you’re now looking more and more like a successful man!” With a gleeful face, Helen went on to make a sarcastic remark, “Unlike someone who still looks poor and incompetent even though with that suit on!”

Sasha shot Matthew with a skeptical glance. Didn’t you tell me that it wasn’t a good thing for Liam to have that set of clothes? Why is he still here trying to show off to everyone?

Suddenly, a man dressed in an immaculate suit walked over to the main door. “Good morning, I’m Mr. Walker, the manager of the Armani flagship store. I’m here to collect the suit. May I know whether it’s ready to be returned?”

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