The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 111-120

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 111
Tears welled up in Sasha’s eyes. After all, she could resonate with her parents. Just like what Helen said, she and James had been wronged over the years and they really wanted to prove themselves for once.

After a long moment of silence, Sasha muttered, “Dad, mom, I will help you establish the herbary company but you have to hire professionals to purchase herbal medicine. Moreover, I’m thinking of letting Matthew join and work with you at the herbary company…”

James directly waved his hand and rejected. “No! The herbary company belongs to your mother and I, and only the two of us will be allowed to manage the company. We don’t object to your suggestion of hiring professionals but what is your intention for sending Matthew to work with us?”

Helen nodded vigorously because she agreed with James and didn’t want Matthew to interfere with Cunningham family’s business. After all, he was just a live-in son-in-law!

Sasha sighed and said, “Dad, Matthew can help you share some of the workload!”

James angrily yelled, “Sasha, do you think that your mother and I won’t be able to handle it? Do you think we’re useless? If you have that thought, just tell us the truth. We’ll just give up, okay?”

Sasha was extremely speechless. Her parents’ prejudice against Matthew was so severe that she couldn’t change it.

Helen joined in and said, “Sasha, let’s not talk about anything else. I’ll just ask you one question. Will you or will you not help us establish a herbary company?!”

Sasha looked toward Matthew and he gave her a small nod.

Having no other choice, Sasha nodded and muttered, “Fine, I will.”

James was overjoyed. At last, my efforts were not in vain. After that, James discussed with Sasha about starting the company. James wanted Sasha to transfer 100 million to him but in the end, Sasha could only give him 30 million. This amount of money was within the range that Sasha could bear. If she gave him over 30 million and something happened, she would be in trouble even if she was the president. James reluctantly accepted her offer.

After Sasha returned to her room, she looked aggrieved.

“Matthew, what do you think my parents are thinking? They ran into huge trouble two days ago and we just finished cleaning up their mess, and now they want to open a herbary company! Will they start itching the moment they stop causing trouble?”

Matthew chuckled and said, “Forget it. Don’t be mad at them. It’s just 30 million and it’s within your control.”

However, Sasha was still furious. “How can I not be mad? They have never done business in that area before so why would they suddenly have this idea? What worries me most is that they might get scammed because they don’t know about herbal medicine. That will be really troublesome. I’m sure it was my sister and Liam who gave them the idea!”

Matthew pursed his lips and thought, Of course it’s their idea.

“You don’t have to be so worried. I’ll help you keep an eye on them.”

Sasha turned to look at Matthew and for some reason, she felt safe.

“Matthew, thank you. Without you, I… I wouldn’t know what to do!”

Matthew smiled as he held Sasha’s hand and said, “You’re wrong. Without you, I would be nothing. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me!”

Sasha blushed and rolled her eyes at Matthew. “Since when did you learn to have such a slick tongue?”

Matthew smiled deviously and replied, “I don’t have a slick tongue; I’m being sincere. Besides, how would you know whether I have a slick tongue? Do you want to try it?”

Sasha’s face flushed red and she rolled her eyes at him again. “I’m not trying it.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 112
James headed out early next morning to meet with Liam so that they could start working on getting the business of Wellness Herbary started.

As Liam had pulled some strings and made use of his connections beforehand, they managed to go through all the necessary formalities smoothly and quickly.

After James had Sasha transfer some funds to him, Wellness Herbary officially started operating.

Before that, Liam had met with many suppliers to discuss the acquisition of medicinal herbs.

On the day the company opened its doors, James held a grand opening ceremony which was attended by all the suppliers who came to offer their wishes. As the owner of the company, James had been the center of attention, which was something that fed his vanity well.

Subsequent to the opening of the company, James spent most of his days attending dinners and functions held by the suppliers and he was carried away by all the flattery and compliments.

At last, he made up his mind to acquire medicinal herbs from a group of suppliers out of the rest.

In fact, Matthew had been observing the entire process in silence.

On the day that James was scheduled to sign an agreement with the group of suppliers, Matthew went to Wellness Herbary beforehand.

James, who was sitting proudly in his office, looked annoyed as soon as he saw Matthew.

“Why are you here?”

Matthew looked helpless because James was treating him as though he was his arch-rival.

James was reluctant to accept the fact that the shareholders of the company had supported Matthew in the last incident.

That was the reason why he was eyeing Matthew with so much resentment now instead of merely taunting him like what he used to do.

“Dad, I’m just here to remind you to check out the suppliers’ integrity first before you sign an agreement with them. Nowadays, there’re a lot of suppliers out there who supply medicinal herbs which aren’t up to par…”

James waved his hands dismissively and interrupted him before he had even finished, “Shut up! Are you trying to teach me the way I should work?”

Helen, who was standing next to James, also said coldly, “Matthew, you’re just a live-in son-in-law of our family. What makes you think you have the right to meddle in our business? If it wasn’t for us who have been providing you food over the past few years, you might have already died of starvation!”

“You ungrateful man! Not only do you not offer me any help, but you’re always nitpicking. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Is it because you can’t bear the sight of me being successful?” James confronted him.

Matthew looked helpless. If James wasn’t Sasha’s father, he wouldn’t have bothered to care about the mess at all.

However, if he left James alone and just let him go on and make the blunder, Sasha would still be the one who had to clean up the mess in the end.

“Dad, I’m not trying to nitpick, but remind you. The medicinal herbs we buy is the key to our business. It’s all the more important as we’re going to supply them to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals! If there are any problems with our herbs, the consequences will be dire!”

James cut him off directly by saying, “Your worry is unnecessary! Do you really think I’m that gullible? I definitely know more about herbs than you as my family has been running the business of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals for such a long time. Do I even need your advice?”

Matthew furrowed his brows together as he fell silent for a long while. Casually, he picked up one of the herb samples from the table and said in a deep voice, “James, since you know medicinal herbs so well, do you have any idea that all the herbs you just bought were processed by chemicals?! They’re all defective products!”

James was stunned for a few seconds before he exclaimed angrily, “T-That’s bullshit! The herbs are all of the best quality. Do you actually know enough to claim that they are defective? Look at the color and texture, look at that…”

Without speaking, Matthew pinched the sample he was holding and crushed them into pieces before tossing them back onto the table.

“Look at it yourself!” With that, Matthew took to his heels.

Inside the room, both James and Helen were left dumbfounded when they saw the black spots on the sample.

“A-Are they really defective products?” Helen asked in a trembling voice.

Looking shaken, James announced in a quivering voice, “A-Ask them for a refund right now because we’re returning the herbs!”

James then dashed out of his office while Helen stood rooted to the spot, looking lost.

How did Matthew know so much about herbs?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 113
Finally, James managed to get rid of all the defective herbs after spending the entire morning dealing with them.

Francis visited him just shortly after he returned to his office.

“Mr. Cunningham, it’s been a long time!”

James perked up at once at the sight of Francis.

“Francis, what a pleasant surprise! Come and take a seat here.”

Francis was the mastermind behind what Bart had done to them back then. Up until now, it was still unbeknownst to James and his family that it was him who had secretly sabotaged them.

What was worse was James still deemed Francis as the rightful husband for Sasha because of his respectable social status.

After some small talk, Francis cut to the chase by asking, “Mr. Cunningham, why didn’t you tell me anything about your herbary company?”

“What’s the problem?” James asked curiously.

“Actually, I used to run a herbal medicine business back then too!” Francis said with a laugh.

“Really?” James’ eyes lit up. “I had no idea!”

“Well, I just heard about your business not too long ago. Mr. Cunningham, I’m really impressed by how good a businessman you are. Just look at how the business is flourishing under your management! I reckon Sasha will have to rely on your company in the future to support Cunningham Pharmaceuticals!”

James, whose mood was greatly lifted by Francis’ flattering, laughed heartily and remarked, “Oh, this is nothing compared to the business owned by your family! What I’m having is just a small-scale company!”

“Mr. Cunningham, if this is a small-scale company, the one I’m having now will be just a roadside stall then.”

Because of Francis’s statement, James became even more proud of himself and he was glad that he made the wise choice to establish this company because it earned him Francis’ respect.

“By the way, Mr. Cunningham, I heard that you’ve been trying to purchase some Astragalus. I happen to have some of premium quality with me at a very affordable price. Would you be interested?”

“Really? How much is it?”

Francis then gave him a price which was cheaper than the quotation he had received before by nearly ten percent.

He found the price attractive. If he really got to purchase the herbs at the price, he would be able to earn himself nearly ten to twenty million in profit.

“Young Master Cooper, I’ve never come across Astragalus of premium quality sold at such a price. Will there be any problem?” James asked.

“Mr. Cunningham, do you think I would sabotage you, seeing how close both of us are to each other? I won’t have any hope of marrying Sasha if I do that. I am able to offer this price only because I’m not taking any profit. Do you think others will be able to get the same price from me?”

James was pleased to hear that, realizing that Francis was willing to offer him the price because he needed a favor from him.

He reckoned it would not do him any harm by grabbing the chance to profit first regardless of whether Francis would be able to have a relationship with Sasha in the future or not.

He then patted Francis’ shoulder and said, “Francis, I should believe you since you’ve said so. How much of the herbs do you have? I’ll take it all. As for your relationship with Sasha, don’t you worry because you have my full support!”

Francis was overjoyed to hear that. “Mr. Cunningham, thank you in advance then!”

“Come on, don’t stand on ceremony with me!” With a wide grin, James walked Francis out of his office.

It was only after Francis climbed into his car did he stop smiling.

His eyes brimming with hatred, Francis gritted his teeth and muttered, “Old guy, I’m going to settle the scores with you and your family for sabotaging my uncle sooner or later! Hmph, you guys might have been able to get Patrick Graham’s help, but so what? His power is only confined to the banking industry! This time, I want you guys to pay the price for whatever you guys did!”

James, who had no idea Francis had set up a boobytrap for himself, was still immersed in the joy for the fortune he thought he was about to get in the near future.

He immediately summoned Helen and Liam to his office to inform them of the great news.

Helen was overjoyed to hear about it too as she nodded her head continuously in approval and lauded, “Francis is a really good kid and he’s so much better than Matthew! Not only is he talented and rich, but also considerate. Offering help in the form of money and benefits is always better than help in the form of showing only concern and care!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 114
After leaving James’ office, Liam immediately approached Helen and said, “Mom, we managed to bring in so much profit from the first business we have.

Seems like our company will have a very bright future ahead! I’m thinking of getting a car for you, since it isn’t a good idea for you to travel by taxi to meet with clients in the future. Nowadays, rich ladies all travel around in luxurious cars.”

Helen’s eyes gleamed with excitement after listening to Liam’s suggestion.

She had long yearned for the life of a rich lady and having a luxurious car was one of the basic elements of such a life!

“That’s a good idea. Find out which model is suitable for me and get me one. I’ll ask Demi to transfer some money to you later!”

In fact, Liam made the suggestion mainly because of his own desire.

Since Helen did not know how to drive, the new car would surely be driven by Liam, and it would also be at his disposal other than the time he drove Helen around.

After some discussion, Liam and Demi decided to purchase a Porsche Panamera which cost nearly three million.

At first, Helen hesitated when she learnt about the price.

Yet, after Liam brought her to visit the car dealership, she immediately made up her mind to buy the car.

She straightaway drove the new car home without even talking about it with James beforehand.

James only got to know about the car when Helen drove it to the office.

He went so livid with rage that he nearly spurted out blood when he saw that there were 3 million less in the company’s account.

Sasha had transferred a total of thirty million over to the account as their capital.

Only fifteen million was left after a great fortune was expended on initiating the company, staff employment and purchasing all the hardwares and softwares needed in the office.

Now that Helen had spent over three million at one go on the car, the business account was left with only twelve million.

Most importantly, the car Helen bought was way better than his, which was still that BMW he had snatched from Matthew back then.

Now that Helen had gotten herself a Porsche, the difference between the two cars was obvious.

The couple had a bitter argument over it but in the end, James had no choice but to accept it because Helen prevailed in the argument.

However, the expenditure still put the company in a financially challenging situation.

They had to get the cash flow running with the remaining capital as soon as possible or the company would not be able to carry on its operation after some time.

Fortunately, James had made a business deal with Francis before this. Therefore, he immediately contacted Francis and asked him to deliver the Astragalus to the company.

At the same time, he gave Francis a brief account of the cash flow problem his company was facing, which was the reason why he could only make half the payment for the herbs first and then the second payment some time later.

Of course, Francis accepted the payment term readily and the herbs were then delivered to Wellness Herbary on the following day.

Mr. Rodgers, who worked for Francis, delivered the herbs instead of Francis himself.

Looking cocky, Mr. Rodgers kept on commenting that the herbs were highly sought after by many other companies once he reached Wellness Herbary.

He sounded rather annoyed to see James get such a fine bargain by buying the herbs at the price Francis offered him.

Both James and Helen were overjoyed to hear that.

They would be able to make a huge profit out of selling the herbs because they managed to acquire the herbs at a much lower price.

As the company was established not too long ago, they had yet to hire any experts who had the necessary experience or skills to ascertain the quality of the herbs.

Pretending to look smart, James went to check on the herbs himself but in fact, he knew nothing about it.

He nodded his head in agreement to the deal readily just because he thought the herbs looked fresh and nice.

Just as he was about to pay Francis, Matthew made a sudden appearance.

“James and Helen, what are the two of you busy doing?”

Both James and Helen looked irritated at the sight of him. “Who gave you the permission to be here? Didn’t I tell you before? You aren’t allowed to step foot in my company!”

In a mild tone, Matthew said, “Dad, I heard that you’re going to purchase Astragalus in bulk today and I’m here to help you look at it. Are these the one? What’s this funny smell?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 115
Helen was puzzled. “What funny smell?”

With a frown, Matthew answered, “It smells weird but I can’t really pinpoint it. It doesn’t smell like how Astragalus is supposed to smell!”

Mr. Rodgers was infuriated because of his comment. “Damn it, what’s your problem? Are you saying that my herbs have got some problems? Very well, don’t buy them since y’all think so! Come, put them on the trolley and load them back into the truck!

I have many other buyers who are interested in buying them! What can I get in return by selling the herbs to you guys without a profit? Mr. Cunningham, the problem doesn’t lie with me as you can see very well. It’s your son-in-law who is being very picky with my herbs.

I’m not to blame if Young Master Cooper asks for an explanation later! Do you know I have plenty of buyers out there who can’t wait to buy the herbs right after I leave this place?”

James looked restless at once, thinking that he had to purchase the Astragalus by hook or by crook so that he could get the cash flow of his company running to save it from its current predicament.

On top of that, he was reluctant to give up the lucrative profit he might make out of selling the herbs.

“Matthew, keep your mouth shut! Why have I been seeing you everywhere I go lately?! You’re being really bold to interfere with my business. Why don’t you look yourself in the mirror? Just who do you think you are? Do you know anything about chinese herbs? How dare you make the groundless allegation that something is wrong with these herbs! I suppose seeing us being successful just gets on your nerves, right? Offer an apology to Mr. Rodgers right now!”

Matthew furrowed his brows. “Dad, what I said is true. I do have some knowledge in chinese herbs and there’s really something not right with these Astragalus…”

Mr. Rodgers had a cow when he heard Matthew. “Don’t buy them if you think so! Your company isn’t the only buyer that I have! What are you guys waiting for? Load them onto the trolley and bring them back! Damn it, do I look like I have to worry about fetching a good price for my premium quality goods? Yes, take them away because I’m not selling to them anymore! Also, give a call to Mr. Jones and Mr. Watson who offered to buy them yesterday, telling them that my goods are available to them at a price higher than this by thirty percent!”

Both James and Helen went panic-stricken when they heard Mr. Rodgers, especially Helen because the company was facing financial difficulties due to her decision to purchase a new car.

If they could not seize this deal, she supposed she would have no choice but to sell the car, which meant that her dream of becoming a rich lady would then be shattered.

Moreover, the shareholders of the parent company would probably come after them too if they learnt about the issue.

They would also have a hard time trying to explain to Sasha how they squandered away the thirty million in such a short period of time after fighting so hard with her in order to establish the company.

Helen, who grew angrier the more she thought about the repercussions, suddenly dashed toward Matthew to slap him across the face.

Matthew dodged immediately, which angered Helen even more. “How dare you try to avoid me?! Why? Do you think you don’t deserve to be slapped? You’re just a useless piece of crap who depends on us for a living. Do you really think you own Cunningham Pharmaceuticals? Do you think you have a say in everything? Who do you think you are by coming over here to meddle with our business? Scram! Get out of here or I’ll beat you to death!” While Helen was cursing Matthew bitterly, she charged toward him ferociously.

Matthew hastily dodged her attack because he did not dare to fight back.

In the end, he was forced to leave because of Helen.

Meanwhile, James had managed to placate Mr. Rodgers after much effort.

It was only after making the payment for the herbs in a hasty manner did James let out a long sigh of relief as though he just got himself a great bargain.

Mr. Rodgers called Francis right after he left Wellness Herbary. “Young Master Cooper, everything is settled! They fell for it!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 116
Matthew immediately told Sasha all about the issue with the herbs after leaving Wellness Herbary.

Sasha, who looked deeply shaken after listening to him, intended to call James in an instant but she was stopped by Matthew, who was of the opinion that something was fishy with the deal.

It was too much of a coincidence that someone sent a huge amount of defective herbs to James right after Wellness Herbary was established.

Obviously, this was a trap set by someone with the intention to sabotage James.

Therefore, Matthew decided not to alert the mastermind prematurely before he managed to lure him out.

When the Astragalus was delivered to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals from Wellness Herbary, Sasha had them moved to the storeroom instead of using it.

There were CCTV cameras installed in the storeroom which could capture the entire period of time the Astragalus was stored to serve as evidence in the future.

Ten days later, Francis suddenly visited James’ office.

As James had gained a huge profit from the deal, he started having an even more favorable opinion of Francis.

“Francis, you’re here. Come on in and take a seat!” James made some tea and served it to him.

With a bleak look, Francis exclaimed, “Mr. Cunningham, something bad happened!”

“What’s wrong?” James was stunned for a moment when he heard him.

“I was sabotaged by someone…” Francis muttered. “Mr. Rodgers kept a batch of defective Astragalus behind my back. They’re chemically processed and their quality is far below the required standard! I was just told that the government is currently trying to trace the herbs!”

With a clank, the teapot in James’ hands was dropped onto the floor.

Looking terror-stricken, James asked in a trembling voice, “H-How did this happen?”

“Alas!” Francis sounded helpless as he lamented, “We should never judge a book by its cover! Mr. Rodgers used to be so respectful when he worked for me back then. It’s out of everyone’s expectation that he would pull off something like that behind my back!”

“S-So… What will happen if the batch of Astragalus is found by the government? Will they confiscate everything? I spent a lot of money on the herbs. Wh-What should I do if they all get confiscated?” James said.

In a resigned tone, Francis said, “Mr. Cunningham, it’s not a big deal if just the herbs are confiscated. The problem is, the herbs were delivered to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and used to manufacture other medicines, and all the medicines that contain the defective herbs have already been released to the market. This issue is capable of destroying Cunningham Pharmaceuticals for good if the government manages to track it down!”

“What?!” James collapsed onto the chair directly after listening to Francis.

It was with painstaking effort did they manage to seize the right to manage Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

Their luxurious cars, their distinguished social statuses and their expenses all relied on the company.

If the company collapsed, did that mean they would have to go back to the penniless life they once had?

James had toiled for most of his life to get the life he was having now. How could he give it up so easily?

On top of that, the shareholders of the company would definitely give him a hard time if Cunningham Pharmaceuticals was destroyed because of the defective Astragalus.

All of a sudden, it dawned upon him that he had made a huge blunder this time.

“Francis, y-you have to help me solve this mess since you’re the seller…”

With a sigh, Francis said, “Mr. Cunningham, that’s exactly why I’m here—to help you. The only way out is to find another pharmaceutical company and claim it as the one which bought the batch of defective Astragalus. This way, the pharmaceutical company will be made the scapegoat for Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, but that company will be ruined!”

Looking lost, James asked, “Wh-Where am I supposed to find a pharmaceutical company to take the blame?“

“I happen to own a pharmaceutical company right now…” Francis said.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 117
James’ eyes widened immediately. “Francis, y-you have to help us! You have to help Sasha! Sasha is managing Cunningham Pharmaceuticals right now. Since you love her so deeply, I suppose it will hurt you too to see her sad?”

Francis admitted in a soft voice, “Mr. Cunningham, you’re right. I do love Sasha, but she’s another man’s wife now and I’m not related to her in any way. Meanwhile, my pharmaceutical company is worth around sixty to seventy million. Losing that kind of money for a woman who isn’t related to me at all is just…”

James frowned, knowing vaguely what Francis meant.

“Francis, you know very well that the marriage between Sasha and Matthew is never going to last! Since their marriage only exists in name, they will divorce each other sooner or later. We’ve always favored you and you are the ideal husband for Sasha. Helen and I think the marriage between you and Sasha will be perfect,” James said with a simpering smile.

With a sigh, Francis responded, “Mr. Cunningham, you’re right. However, I still don’t have any chance because Matthew and Sasha have yet to divorce each other. Since they’re still married, don’t you think it’s not quite appropriate for me to spend sixty to seventy million to settle this issue?”

James was stunned for a second before he asked, “Do you mean that y-you will help us solve the problem as long as they get a divorce?”

“Mr. Cunningham, I need to have something that I can look forward to. As long as I can see some hope in my relationship with Sasha, I will help you solve the problem. What do you think?”

Taking a deep breath, James nodded his head slowly. “Okay, it’s a deal! Francis, while I get them to divorce each other, you help me settle this issue. What do you think?”

Francis nodded immediately. “Mr. Cunningham, please don’t worry because I can definitely settle it!”

After walking Francis out, James found Helen and recounted the issue to her.

She was so shaken by the problem that she nearly broke into tears.

However, she sighed in relief when she heard the latter part of the story.

“Cunningham Pharmaceuticals can be protected as long as they get a divorce. What a great bargain! Well, let’s visit Sasha then. This time, I’ll get them to divorce each other by hook or by crook! If she refuses to divorce him, I’ll kneel down in her office until she says yes! Let’s see whether her mother or that useless man is more important to her!”

As soon as James and Helen stepped into Sasha’s office, they snapped at her directly, “Sasha, you must get a divorce with Matthew this time! You have to divorce him even if you don’t agree! If you refuse to do so, we will sever our ties with you!”

Sasha, who was baffled, asked, “Dad, Mom, what’s wrong with the two of you? Why are you guys still picking on Matthew even after you started the company? What did he do to offend you guys again?”

Helen exclaimed furiously, “He offended us on many occasions! Just looking at how incompetent he is is enough to make me angry! He knows nothing but he’s confident enough to interfere with our business! Sasha, I don’t really expect you to find yourself a very capable husband, but you just can’t have a useless man as your husband! By doing that, not only have you brought embarrassment on yourself, but you also brought disgrace to your family, do you know that?”

With a frown, Sasha emphasized, “Mom, I’m repeating this one more time—I won’t divorce Matthew! He has done nothing wrong! Throughout the past three years of our married life, he didn’t even complain once about how we’ve been treating him! So, we have no right to talk about divorce with him!”

After glancing at each other, James and Helen straightaway knelt down on the floor with a thud.

“Dad, Mom, what are you guys doing?” Dumbfounded, Sasha ran over to help them to their feet.

Meanwhile, Helen pleaded with tears, “Sasha, we’re begging you to divorce Matthew!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 118
With their knees on the floor, both James and Helen implored in a croaky voice, “We’re doing this for your own good! Since Matthew isn’t a nice man and you can find yourself a better husband, why are you so insistent on keeping him?”

Sasha urged anxiously, “Dad, Mom, please get up first before we talk!”

“Sasha, we won’t get up until you agree to divorce him!” James said.

“Yes, we won’t get up until you agree to divorce him and we’ll have our knees on the floor until you say yes! Sasha, if you are cruel enough to let us kneel down in front of you, you may say no!” Helen threatened.

Sasha was panic-stricken as the sight of her parents kneeling down before her put her under immense pressure. After a moment of contemplation, she gritted her teeth and got down on her knees too. “Dad, Mom, I’ll kneel down too since the two of you refuse to get up. Let’s talk this way! However, my stance is still the same—I won’t divorce Matthew!”

Both James and Helen were stunned. At first, they had intended to use this trick to compel Sasha into divorcing Matthew but that trick no longer worked now that Sasha had gotten down on her knees too.

After glancing at each other, James let out a sigh at last and confessed, “Sasha, to be honest…” He gave her an account of the batch of defective Astragalus.

“Sasha, your mother and I really can’t think of any other way to solve it. We only managed to get Cunningham Pharmaceuticals after putting in a lot of effort. If it’s destroyed in our hands, we’ll be condemned by the rest of the family for the rest of our lives and we might really have to kill ourselves by the time it happens! Now, you just need to get a divorce with Matthew and Young Master Cooper will settle everything. I suppose you won’t allow Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to be destroyed by this problem now that it’s worth up to one billion?”

Sasha chuckled when she heard her father. “Dad, Mom, is that the thing which has been bothering the two of you?”

Helen grew anxious when she heard Sasha’s tone. “Sasha, that is a very serious problem! Since the drugs manufactured by Cunningham Pharmaceuticals have already been released to the market, countless consumers out there might have already bought them! If the government finds out about this, it will be the end of our company!”

Laughing heartily, Sasha helped her parents to their feet and said, “Dad, Mom, you guys don’t have to worry about anything if that’s what’s been bothering you guys.”

Looking astonished, both of them asked, “Why’s that so?”

“It’s because I’ve never used that batch of Astragalus to manufacture the drugs!” Sasha said.

“Huh?” Both of them went wide-eyed with pleasant surprise written all over their face.

“You didn’t use it? S-Seriously? Didn’t the company just happen to be short on Astragalus?”

With a smile, Sasha said, “Come to think of it, it’s all thanks to Matthew!” After explaining what Matthew had done to her parents, Sasha continued with a laugh, “That batch of Astragalus is still in the storeroom now. The CCTV camera inside had been kept running right from the moment the herbs arrived at our company. This will leave no room for anyone to sabotage us with the defective herbs because the CCTV footage will be able to prove that we’re innocent!”

Both James and Helen looked flabbergasted because it had never occurred to them that things could actually turn out this way.

“R-Really?” James sounded overjoyed.

“Of course! If you don’t believe me, I can bring you guys to the storeroom later to take a look!” Sasha said.

“Terrific! That’s just terrific!” James exclaimed.

Looking delighted, Helen asked, “Sasha, was this really Matthew’s idea?”

“Of course!” Sasha said proudly. “Matthew was of the opinion that someone must have deliberately set up this trap in order to sabotage us. Dad, Mom, obviously it’s Francis who is trying to frame us!”

James scratched his head and doubted, “Really? But Young Master Cooper is a nice guy. Why does he need to sabotage us?”

“Hmph!” Sasha snapped with her lips pursed, “This isn’t the first time he tried to sabotage us. He was the mastermind who caused our business account to be frozen last time! Bart Jenkins is his uncle!”

“What?!” James widened his eyes in disbelief. “You must be kidding!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 119
“If you don’t believe me, you may do some checking yourself! Bart Jenkins had been fired by the bank and I only got to know it when I went to the bank to do some errands some time ago. I guess Francis Cooper is trying to sabotage us this time to avenge his uncle’s termination!”

James was enraged at once when he realized the truth. “Francis Cooper, that son-of-a-bxtch! It’s a shame that I have always thought of him as a nice guy! Never have I expected that he would set up a trap to sabotage me! I must have been blind to not be able to realize his true colors!”

Helen commented gratefully, “All credit goes to Matthew this time! Without him, we would have made a huge blunder! James, you should treat him better in the future, do you understand?”

James nodded vigorously and said, “Of course! That’s for sure!”

Joy was written all over Sasha’s face because she was delighted to see her parents adopting a different attitude toward Matthew.

In the meantime, she had instructed the legal team of the company to follow up what Francis Cooper did.

Since Cunningham Pharmaceuticals did not use the batch of Astragalus to manufacture its drugs at all, the responsibility fell on the supplier.

Not only would Francis have to refund what they had paid him for the defective Astragalus, but he would also have to offer them a huge sum of compensation.

James and Helen then returned to their company in a buoyant mood.

Liam approached them and asked, “James and Helen, you guys are back. How did it go? Did Sasha agree to divorce Matthew? Do I have to gather some guys to beat Matthew up so that he will divorce Sasha obediently?”

Prior to this, James and Helen would have praised him for his suggestion.

But this time, they looked affronted to hear his suggestion.

“Liam, what nonsense are you talking about? Matthew is your brother-in-law and he’s our family. How can you do something like that to him? You’d better be more respectful to him in the future or you won’t be allowed to step foot in my house anymore!”

Liam looked bewildered while he received the severe admonishment from the couple.

He had never been treated this way before whenever he talked bad about Matthew in front of them. What was wrong with them today?

He immediately went to look for Demi. When he finally learnt about the turn of events, he looked deeply rattled.

“We’re in trouble this time!” Liam said anxiously. “James and Helen have adopted a different attitude toward Matthew. Does that mean they have accepted him as their son-in-law? Will they give the entire Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to him if he manages to make them happy enough?”

Demi looked anguished because she had always been the less favored child compared to Sasha.

If Matthew was in control of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, how much benefit could she gain from her family?

“We have to come up with ways to get Dad and Mom to continue hating Matthew!” she said.

Liam nodded slowly because he thought the same thing.

After some contemplation, he suddenly came up with a plan.

“I have an idea!” Liam announced joyfully.

“What’s that?” Demi quickly asked him.

“Let’s tell all the minor shareholders of the company about the defective herbs!”

“Huh? Are you crazy? Dad and Mom were nearly sent to jail because of what happened last time. If you tell the minor shareholders about the mess this time, they will surely make a big fuss out of it!” Demi was anxious.

Liam chuckled and said, “That’s exactly what I want them to do! If the issue gets bigger, Dad and Mom will surely get chased out of the company by the shareholders. As Matthew did well in preventing the disastrous mess from befalling the company, they will definitely demand to let Matthew manage the company!”

Demi glared at him in disbelief. “By doing so, aren’t you helping Matthew get the company?”

Liam sniggered. “Try to imagine what Dad and Mom would think—if they were chased out by the company they built with their hard work while Matthew became the boss, would they be able to accept that? The most important thing now is to get Dad and Mom to continue taking our side. As long as we have them, we will be able to get all these things back sooner or later!”

It all dawned upon Demi the next second.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 120

Subsequent to that, Liam had one of his friends send messages to the shareholders of the company tipping them off the incident regarding the defective batch of Astragalus.

Before long, the shareholders gathered and visited Sasha’s office to make a fuss about it.

Despite Sasha’s persuasion, the shareholders still insisted on summoning James and Helen to confront them about the issue.

Just like what Liam had predicted, the shareholders made use of what happened last time to compel James and Helen to surrender the right to manage Wellness Herbary.

On top of that, the shareholders too started demanding to let Matthew be in charge of Wellness Herbary because they thought Matthew was a very competent man considering the fact that he had done a great job this time and he had managed to trace back the 300 million previously.

This annoyed James and Helen tremendously.

It had taken them a painstaking effort to establish Wellness Herbary, and they had even gotten their name cards printed, on which they were labeled as the bosses of the company.

Not too long after they showed off their name cards on their Instagram Story, they were going to be ousted by Wellness Herbary. How could they accept that?

However, it was no use trying to put up a fight because those shareholders would not care about salvaging their reputation. After a round of bitter argument, the couple had no choice but to leave Wellness Herbary in dejection.

Similarly, Liam and Demi were chased out of the company.

The new Porsche Helen just purchased was kept by the shareholders and they intended to hand it to Matthew.

Helen was so livid with rage that her eyes went red-rimmed because she had just shared the photos of her new car on her Instagram Story not too long ago.

Many of her relatives and old friends had expressed their envy and had been pestering her to let them have a look at her new car.

In the end, she lost both her position in the company as well as her new car.

How was she going to explain to those relatives and old friends of hers if they asked her about the car again?

She would be deemed as a liar who only claimed to own the car for vanity reasons now that she no longer owned the car.

Just shortly after they made it back home despondently, Liam and Demi visited them.

“What happened, Dad? Why was Matthew suddenly made the boss of Wellness Herbary even though the company is owned by the two of you? Who gave him the right to be in charge of the company founded by our family?” Demi complained non-stop right after she stepped into the living room.

“Keep your mouth shut!” Helen snapped with annoyance. “It was Matthew who saved our butt this time, otherwise, our company would have already been finished! The two of you have to treat Matthew better in the future, do you understand?”

Demi looked enraged as she exclaimed, “Why do I need to treat him nicer? Mom, can’t you understand what all this is about? Based on your understanding of Matthew, do you think he will be so kind to us? He’s been eyeing the wealth of our family right from the beginning. He is the mastermind behind this episode so that he can drive the two of you out of Wellness Herbary! Then, he will be able to take charge of the company and devour our family assets bit by bit! See, he’s succeeded in his first step because he’s now the boss of Wellness Herbary which is established by both of you with so much effort! Soon, the assets of our family will be fully controlled by an outsider!”

James and Helen frowned at the same time as they glanced at each other after listening to Demi’s statement.

“Demi, is what you said true?” James asked in a grim voice.

Demi said with her lips pursed, “Dad, can’t you see who has benefited and who has suffered a loss from this matter? Haven’t you noticed anything? Matthew has been trying to get those shareholders on his side ever since the last incident! Even Sasha has fallen for his deception as she has been doing everything according to his decisions. Now that he has taken Wellness Herbary as his own, he might rob us of everything our family owns one day!”

Looking deeply shaken, James smacked the table and stood bolt upright. “What a cunning scumbag he is! I nearly fell for his deception. No way, I can’t allow him to seize the assets of my family! Liam, drive me to the office now! I have to confront Sasha about this!”

Liam secretly felt delighted seeing that he had finally turned the tables.

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