The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 121-130

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 121
Sasha had asked Matthew to meet her at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to inform him that he was made the boss of Wellness Herbary.

In fact, Matthew had no intention to take charge of Wellness Herbary because he would prefer to keep on working at the emergency department of the hospital for a longer period of time so that he could hone his medical skills and save more lives.

At that juncture, the door of Sasha’s office was kicked open by someone.

James, who looked furious, charged into the office.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Sasha exclaimed.

James lunged toward Matthew furiously and lifted his hand to slap him.

Matthew reacted fast and dodged his hand. “Dad, what happened?” he asked anxiously.

James roared ferociously, “What happened?! I’m going to beat you to death, you shameless and dirty scumbag!”

When James was about to pounce on Matthew again, Sasha quickly jogged over and held him back just in time.

“Dad, tell me what’s going on! Why do you want to beat him up?”

With raging fury, James yelled, “Sasha, I can’t believe you’re still defending him. Do you know that you’ve already been bluffed by this scumbag?! Do you really think he has been doing everything for the good of our family? Everything he did is aimed at robbing us of our family wealth!”

Matthew, who was flummoxed, questioned, “Dad, since when did I start eyeing the assets of the Cunninghams?”

James confronted him furiously, “If you aren’t eyeing our family wealth, why did you oust me from Wellness Herbary so that you could be the boss?”

Matthew nearly spurted out blood when he heard James. Was he the one to be blamed for that?

“Dad, how can you phrase it like that? You were ousted from Wellness Herbary due to the collective decision made by the shareholders! It was those shareholders who demanded Matthew to take charge of the company! What did Matthew have anything to do with that?”

At the moment, Helen too barged into Sasha’s office and snapped angrily, “Hmph, if he had not done all those things, would we have been driven out of Wellness Herbary? What was his motive by deliberately letting us make a blunder and showing off in front of the shareholders? Can’t you see what he’s trying to do?”

Sasha was left speechless after listening to what her mother said. “Mom, Matthew reminded both of you that something was not right with the batch of Astragalus right from the beginning. In the end, both of you still made the mistake because you guys refused to listen to him! How could you say he deliberately allowed you guys to make the mistake by doing nothing to stop it? On top of that, if it wasn’t for him, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would have already been finished!”

Refusing to listen to Sasha, James and Helen went on to make a scene to force Matthew to hand over the right to take charge of Wellness Herbary.

Matthew let out a sigh after listening to their arguments for a moment. “James and Helen, I’ve got it! Don’t worry, I won’t accept the role of managing Wellness Herbary.”

What he said calmed James and Helen down slightly but it made Sasha apprehensive. “Matthew, don’t give in to them. It was the shareholders who asked you to take charge of the company. So, no one is able to stop it from happening!” Sasha said.

Exasperated, Helen exclaimed, “Sasha, do you think you no longer have to listen to us because we’re getting old? Very well, just let him be the boss of Wellness Herbary while I’ll go and kill myself. There’s no point in staying alive since I am just an eyesore to my daughter who has started taking the side of an outsider!”

Seeing that Helen was about to create a scene, Sasha knew it was hopeless trying to defend Matthew.

At last, she had no choice but to cave in and stopped insisting that Matthew be the boss of Wellness Herbary.

Both James and Helen looked overjoyed as though they had just prevailed in a battle before they exited Sasha’s room proudly with their heads held high.

With her eyes red-rimmed, Sasha looked at Matthew and apologized to him.

Matthew shook his head and said, “You silly girl, you don’t have to apologize to me because I never had the intention to take up the job.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 122

“I just can’t accept how unfair they’ve been treating you. They didn’t even say anything after Liam created a huge mess, but when it comes to you, not only do they not appreciate the things you have done for our family, but they also treat you badly…”

Matthew chuckled and said, “It doesn’t matter how they treat me because only you matter to me!”

His statement made Sasha’s heart flutter. Staring at Matthew, her eyes went red-rimmed again.

Suddenly, she stood on tiptoe and planted a light kiss on his lips.

Delighted by that, Matthew stretched his hands and wrapped them around her.

At that juncture, a secretary stepped into Sasha’s office and said, “President Cunningham, the meeting is about to begin.”

Sasha, whose face was as red as a tomato, answered with her head held low, “Okay, I’ll be there soon!”

Matthew was sad for losing such a perfect chance to have an intimate moment with Sasha.

After leaving Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, he did not head straight back to the hospital.

In fact, he had been trying to find out everything he could about his two buddies lately.

He was strolling along a pathway in an area where Julian was spotted by one of his classmates before.

He had visited the place several times before to see whether he was lucky enough to bump into Julian.

Halfway along the path, he suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from somewhere near him.

“I’m begging you! Our daughter misses you very much! P-Please go and see her! Please, I’m begging you…”

Matthew’s heart gave a lurch because it was a voice he would never forget.

It was because it belonged to his best buddy, Julian Davis.

They used to sit next to each other in the classroom and share the same bunk bed in the hostel for two years.

He could still remember how Julian had risked his life to save him when he was bullied by some gangsters nearby the school.

Because of that, Julian’s legs were broken and he had to walk with a limp ever since.

Later on, Matthew left the school after his mother passed away and after the tragedy befell his family.

Julian then left the place to fight for his own career. The two of them had never seen each other ever since then as both of them were busy with their own life.

However, Matthew would never forget about his buddy.

Quickly, he turned around and saw an unkempt man who was dressed shabbily standing somewhere not far away from him. The man was trying to stop a lady who dressed extravagantly from leaving.

Although the man had a sunken face and he was just skin and bones, Matthew could still recognize him to be Julian.

The lady was then drawn into the arms of a man with a bulging belly who was eyeing Julian with contempt.

“Julian Davis, can you please spare me the sickening sight of you? Look at how pathetic you are now! I wonder why I actually fell in love with you back then! Why do you want me to see our daughter? Are you trying to stop me from leaving by using our daughter as bait so that I will go back to the penniless life I used to have with you? You can drop that idea now because I won’t go with you!”

Julian was in a panic. “I-I have never thought of using our daughter to stop you from leaving, but our daughter is seriously ill. S-She might not be able to live long and her last wish is to see you for one last time! I’m begging you to go and see her just to fulfil her last wish! I’m begging you! Please!” Julian’s croaky voice drew the attention of many passers-by along that path.

The lady got angry and snapped, “Get out of my way! Don’t try to get me to be sympathetic because I’m not buying it! I’m on my way to attend a high-end function so don’t you affect my mood!”

While she was talking, the lady was ready to walk past Julian.

In a fit of panic, Julian grabbed her clothes and implored, “I’m begging you to visit our daughter…”

“Damn it, how dare you touch my wife?” The man standing next to the lady freaked out and he landed a kick on Julian, causing him to fall over.

Matthew’s face darkened as he made his way to Julian with his fists clenched tightly.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 123

Kicking Julian to the ground apparently wasn’t enough to alleviate the fat guy’s anger as he went on and landed a few more kicks on Julian’s chest.

Julian huddled up on the ground with his arms wrapped around his head. Perhaps his body was too weak, he actually threw up a mouthful of blood after being kicked by the fat guy, and his blood just happened to land on the fat guy’s shoes.

“F*ck!” the fat guy cursed angrily.

“How dare you puke blood on my shoes? Do you know how much it costs? This pair of shoes is a customized model which cost around seventeen thousand! I won’t be able to afford these shoes even after selling you off! You’ll pay for this!”

Suddenly, the fat guy’s voice came to a halt because he was strangled by someone.

Matthew was grabbing him by his neck from behind and lifted his entire body off the ground.

“What’re you doing?! Why’re you messing with my husband?!” the lady next to him shrieked.

Matthew gave the lady a kick and sent her collapsing to the ground. Clutching her stomach in pain, the lady was having a hard time getting to her feet.

After thrusting the fat guy viciously onto the ground, Matthew stepped on the fat guy’s head with his foot before extending his hand to help Julian get up.

The moment Julian saw him, he was dumbfounded.

“Matthew, w-why are you here?”

With a faint smile, Matthew answered him, “I just happened to pass by and I heard your voice.”

“Bud, it’s great to see you again!” Julian burst into tears in an instant. At that moment, the seven-feet man sobbed like a child.

Matthew’s eyes went red-rimmed too. He patted Julian’s shoulder emotionally before he lifted the fat guy up all of a sudden.

“Get on your knees!” Matthew roared.

“Hey, do you have any idea who I am?! Do you believe I can get someone here to chop you into pieces?!” the fat guy yelled angrily.

Julian, who had recovered from the surprise of seeing Matthew, urged anxiously, “Matthew, d-don’t make a fuss out of it. This is Master Tiger and this area is his territory. W-We can’t afford to offend him because he’s a very powerful man…”

“I don’t care whether he’s called Master Tiger or Master Dragon! No one is allowed to bully my buddy, including the king!”

Julian panicked when he heard Matthew. “Matthew, don’t be rash! Since we are adults, we shouldn’t be impulsive! Master Tiger isn’t someone we can offend!”

Matthew shook his head and insisted, “Just let me handle it and don’t worry! You’re Master Tiger, aren’t you? I’m giving you one more chance. Get down on your knees now and offer a kowtow to my buddy as an apology. Otherwise, you won’t be able to kneel down on the ground for the rest of your life!”

Master Tiger responded to his threat with a furious roar, “Who are you trying to scare? This area is my territory and my men will be here soon. I’ll see how you’re going to kneel down and offer kowtows to me later!”

The lady standing next to him squealed, “Those aren’t enough. Honey, since he had the guts to kick me, you must break both of his legs!”

“Don’t worry. He’ll get a punishment much more serious than getting his legs broken later!” Master Tiger sneered.

Looking anguished, Julian pleaded, “Master Tiger, Matthew offended you because he didn’t know you! Please be generous and forgive him! I-I’ll apologize to you on his behalf… I-I can kneel down for you…”

While Julian was talking, he was about to get down on his knees, but he was pulled back upright by Matthew.

“Hey bud, don’t ever get down on your knees for anyone in your entire life!”

Eyeing Master Tiger with his eyes brimming with iciness, Matthew challenged, “You don’t want to get down on your knees, do you? Very well. From now on, you won’t be able to kneel down again for the rest of your life!” With that, Matthew fished out two silver needles and used them to poke Master Tiger’s legs several times.

“What did you do?” Master Tiger looked befuddled.

Just after he said that, he slumped to the ground with a thud and was unable to get back to his feet.

He struggled hard to stand up, but to his horror, his legs could no longer feel a thing.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 124

“Wh-What did you do to me?” Master Tiger questioned in a panicked voice.

With a sneer, Matthew responded, “I’ve broken the meridians in your legs! Don’t think of standing up for the rest of your life ever again!”

Master Tiger’s eyes widened out of anger and he cursed, “Damn it, who are you trying to intimidate? You say the meridians in my legs are broken just because you poked me with your needles?

Do you think meridians are balloons that can be punctured so easily? Asshole, your threat won’t work on me because I’m used to getting threats like these all the time! You’d better stay here and wait for my men to come kill you!”

Matthew snickered and said, “I’m waiting for them now.”

A short while later came six men who jogged over from behind.

“Master Tiger, what’s going on?”

Master Tiger was elated to see them. Pointing at Matthew, he yelled angrily, “F*ck this scumbag! Go and break his legs now!”

The six men immediately charged toward Matthew.

Looking deeply shaken, Julian hesitated for a few seconds before picking up a piece of large brick from somewhere on the ground and stood in front of Matthew.

“Run, Matthew! I’ll stall them!”

Once again, Matthew’s eyes reddened.

Julian had protected him from the attacks of the gangsters the same way before during their school days, and that was how he got one of his legs broken.

Despite so many years having passed, Julian still did the same thing when they were facing a dangerous situation.

Just like what he had done back then, he stepped forward and put himself in front of Matthew at the most crucial moment.

He’s a true friend! But this time, it’s my turn to put myself in front of you and protect you from the danger, Bud!

Shouting, the six men dashed toward them.

The lady, who was thrilled to see the action, shouted at the top of her lungs, “Punch him! Beat him! Beat him to death! Beat the two scumbags to death and spare none of them! How dare the two of you penniless guys set yourself against my husband? Let’s see how both of you are going to die!”

After dragging Julian behind him, Matthew charged forward and landed a forceful punch on the nose bridge of the man who was at the forefront of the group.

The man directly collapsed onto the ground; having his nasal bone broken and a few of his teeth fallen out, he started spurting out blood.

Shortly after that, Matthew landed a kick on another one from the group and sent him flying to a flowerbed behind them.

With both hands outstretched, he then seized the necks of two guys and smashed their heads forcefully against each other. As a result, the two guys fainted on the spot and fell onto the ground.

Realizing the odds were against them, the remaining two of the group intended to make a run for their lives.

Yet, Matthew lunged forward and gave one of them a kick to send him tumbling to the ground.

With his other leg, he made a horizontal sweep and broke the bones of the other man’s legs.

Within a minute’s time, all six men had collapsed onto the ground and could not get back up.

Those guys were floored because none of them had foreseen such an outcome.

Julian’s eyes widened with so much shock that his eyeballs seemed to be on the verge of popping out. “Matthew, h-have you gone through some physical training?”

With a faint smile, Matthew walked toward Master Tiger and asked, “Now, are you willing to apologize to my buddy?”

Master Tiger looked resentful and he snapped, “Dream on! You may be able to deal with six guys but can you deal with sixty or six hundred guys? Damn it! All my men will be here soon and I just can’t wait to see how you will get yourself killed!”

Matthew shook his head and said, “Seems like you still don’t know what kind of mess you’ve gotten yourself into! In this case, I’ll just let you lie on the ground here and I’ll wait for you to come and beg for my mercy when you realize your mistake!”

With that, Matthew pulled Julian away with him while Master Tiger was still hurling curses at them. “Are you trying to threaten me? Just wait till I get my legs fixed at the hospital and I’ll come and take your life myself! Just wait and see!”

Julian, who looked terror-stricken, tried to persuade Matthew, “Matthew, s-should we offer our apologies to Master Tiger? He’s the cousin of Stanley Carlson, the boss of Carlson Group. W-We really can’t afford to offend a man like him…”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 125

Instead of looking intimidated, Matthew chuckled when he heard Julian.

“Stanley Carlson? Now, things are getting interesting! Well, let’s just wait for Stanley Carlson to visit us then!”

Looking puzzled, Julian wondered whether Matthew really wasn’t intimidated by the mention of Stanley Carlson, who enjoyed tremendous fame in Eastcliff.

“By the way, how did you get yourself into this state? Where have you been over the years? And who was that lady just now?” Matthew posed the questions along the way.

With a sigh, Julian then gave him an account of his predicament.

After Matthew dropped out of school because of what happened to his family back then, Julian then went on to spend another year goofing off at school and finally received his graduation certificate in the end.

Later on, he started doing business and met Jayde Wright, the lady who was with Master Tiger just now.

Being young and immature, the two of them got married and had a daughter together.

The year before the last, their daughter was diagnosed to have a congenital heart disease and all their savings had been spent on treating their daughter.

Jayde, who couldn’t stand the impoverished life, divorced him directly and brought all the cash away with her, leaving their sick daughter to Julian alone.

Ever since then, Julian had been working hard at the construction site and he struggled to earn money to pay for his daughter’s treatment.

However, his daughter didn’t recover after getting treatment and her condition worsened.

The doctor had already issued him a notice informing him that his daughter wouldn’t be able to last for more than a month.

At the same time, his daughter’s biggest wish was to see her mother again.

That was the reason why Julian made a trip to the area and begged Jayde to visit their daughter.

Little did he know that she would be so heartless.

Throughout the year after she divorced him, she had never paid their daughter a single visit.

Not only that, she had started avoiding Julian as though meeting him would bring her bad luck ever since she learnt that their daughter was dying.

Finally, Julian was able to bump into her tonight. He was determined to fulfil his daughter’s wish even though it meant he had to get down on his knees and begged her to see their daughter.

Despite being a seven-feet guy, Julian’s eyes couldn’t help but redden when he recounted his story.

Matthew couldn’t help but let out a sigh seeing how haggard and tired he appeared.

Now, he was only the shadow of his former self, who used to be an ambitious and spirited young man.

“Let’s go!” Matthew said.

“Where to?” Julian asked, feeling puzzled.

Matthew chuckled and explained, “Let’s go and visit my niece!”

Following Julian, the two of them reached a very secluded slum in the suburbs.

Inside a very dark and dilapidated small hut, Matthew finally got to see Julian’s daughter.

She was a little girl around three to four years old who was blessed with a pair of huge eyes. However, she was so weak that she was a bag of bones.

It was heart-wrenching to see the little girl lying on the bed in the hut where the smell of chinese herbal medicine permeated everywhere.

“Daddy…” The little girl’s voice was so feeble that it was heartbreaking to hear.

Julian’s eyes reddened as he hurriedly walked over and drew the little girl into his arms.

“Nicole, don’t be afraid! Daddy’s here! Look who’s here! This is Uncle Larson and he’s here to visit you! Come, call him Uncle Larson.”

Looking at Matthew bashfully, Nicole addressed him, “Uncle Larson…”

“You’re such a good girl!” Matthew felt a throbbing pain in his heart as he ruffled Nicole’s hair gently.

“Nicole, I brought you a gift. Do you want to guess what it is?”

A faint light shone in Nicole’s eyes as she asked, “Is it the White Rabbit Toffee?”

A pain seized Julian’s heart when he heard that because the White Rabbit Toffee had always been his daughter’s favorite ever since she was little.

However, he really did not have the money to buy it for her.

“Although what I brought this time isn’t White Rabbit Toffee, I promise that I’ll buy it for you whenever you want it in the future!”

“I see…” Sounding slightly disappointed, Nicole muttered in a soft voice, “Uncle Larson, w-would you be able to buy it for me before my birthday? M-My birthday is in five days and Daddy said this might be the last one I can have… Uncle Larson, what does it mean by the last one I can have? Will people just stop celebrating their birthdays when they grow bigger? I’ve never seen Daddy celebrating his birthday!”

Julian couldn’t hold his tears from streaming down his face. However, he tried his best not to sob so that his daughter wouldn’t see how somber he looked.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 126

Matthew first glanced at Julian before handing a mini Rejuvenating Pill to the little girl. “Your father is lying to you! You still have many more birthdays to celebrate in the future with huge cakes and plenty of beautiful clothes! Now, take this candy and eat it. Uncle Larson will buy you anything you want on your birthdays!”

Nicole’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Seriously? Uncle Larson, c-could you please get a pair of shoes for my Daddy instead? Everyone thinks Daddy is dirty because his toes are exposed…”

At that moment, Julian broke into tears like a child.

Matthew’s heart went out for the little girl while he caressed her hair gently.

The pitiful little girl was born with a tragic fate but still, she cared more about her father than herself.

In her short-lasting life, she was forced to bid farewell to the world before she even had the chance to witness the beauty of it.

“Don’t worry. With Uncle Larson around, no one will bully you and your father anymore. Come on and eat this candy first!”

Nicole followed his instruction obediently by taking the mini Rejuvenating Pill and she soon fell fast asleep.

Julian did not stop him because he knew Matthew would not harm the little girl.

“What’s that candy?” Julian asked curiously.

“It’s not a candy, it’s a pill!”

“A pill?” Julian asked, looking astonished, “What pill is that?”

“The pill can cure her illness. I’m a doctor at a hospital and I’ve successfully cured a lot of similar cases there. I’ll give you a prescription later on and Nicole will completely recover after finishing the prescribed dosage in one week!”

Julian looked baffled when he asked, “Matthew, did I hear you wrongly? My daughter is suffering from a congenital heart disease and according to the doctor, this type of disease can’t be cured unless she gets a heart transplant.”

Matthew chuckled and said, “Just because the other doctors can’t cure her, it doesn’t mean I can’t. I’ll send you the required chinese herbs later and you can brew it yourself.”

Julian scratched his head and said, “I think you can just give me the prescription because I can get the chinese herbs myself. After all, I used to own a chinese herbs business several years ago and I guess I know their prices better than you.”

Matthew chuckled, thinking that no one could possibly know chinese herbs better than himself.

However, it did take him by surprise to know that Julian used to own a chinese herbs business back then.

He couldn’t help but think of Wellness Herbary.

Sasha was still in a quandary to decide who she should entrust Wellness Herbary to.

As Cunningham Pharmaceutical was mainly involved in the research and development of drugs, no one in the company was suitable to manage the Chinese herbs company.

Perhaps it might be a good idea to let Julian have a try.

“Bud, what’re you doing for a living now?” Matthew asked.

“I’m doing some miscellaneous work at the construction site, mainly because it’s near to my place and it’s easier for me to come home and take care of my kid.”

Matthew nodded before asking, “Would you be interested in managing a chinese herbs business? Why don’t you come and help me?”

Julian was stunned for a second before he asked, “Are you involved in a chinese herbs business now?”

“Yup, I just opened a company for the business.”

“Hmm…” Julian found his offer attractive.

However, he hesitated when he thought of Nicole.

Matthew, who could see what was bothering him, said with a smile, “There’s no rush. We can discuss this after Nicole recovers from her illness.”

Julian let out a sigh and felt sorrowful. He couldn’t even be sure how long his daughter would live, let alone believe that she would recover.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 127

At the office of Carlson Group, Master Tiger was carried by his underlings to Stanley’s office and he started wailing as soon as he entered his room. “Stanley, you must do justice for me!

That scumbag was bold enough to beat me up in public! He paid you no respect at all! If we don’t get even with him, no one in Eastcliff is going to be respectful to you anymore in the future!”

With a frown, Stanley asked him for an account of the incident.

Master Tiger then told him everything about the incident with some details he added himself to make it sound more dramatic.

He complained to Stanley that Julian had flirted with his girlfriend and Matthew was his associate who had bullied and injured them because he was physically trained.

Julian’s ex-wife, Jayde, nodded all the way and exaggerated the details as well. “Stanley, Tiger even mentioned your name to them but not only did they not take it seriously, but they even humiliated you in public.”

After listening to them, Stanley couldn’t help but be annoyed as not many in Eastcliff were bold enough to be rude to him.

“Go and get the two guys over here!” After Stanley gave out that instruction in a furious voice, a group of men standing next to him immediately dashed out of the door.

Master Tiger was overjoyed to hear that. “What you’re doing is right, Stanley. You must allow me to kill that scumbag myself later! By the way, is Mr. Harrison around? I can’t move my legs after that lad did some stuff to me. I went to the hospital but the doctors couldn’t pinpoint the problem with my legs. Could you ask Mr. Harrison to take a look at my condition?”

Stanley shook his head and said, “Mr. Harrison isn’t free because he’s busy preparing for the Six Southern States Medical Conference.”

Tiger perked up immediately at the mention of the medical conference. “Stanley, is the medical conference around the corner already? Do you think Eastcliff will be able to get a better result this time? Our city has always been at the bottom out of all other cities. If we can get a better ranking this time, you will then be able to expand your business out of Eastcliff, and your assets will increase by multiple times!”

Stanley did not make any comment. In fact, he cared about the medical conference even more so than Tiger.

Prior to knowing Matthew, he did not harbor any hope to gain anything from the medical conference but after knowing him, he suddenly realized the medical conference could be a chance for him to attain greater success.

“Let’s see… I can get a superb doctor to check your condition!”

Master Tiger asked doubtfully, “A superb doctor? Do you know anyone who has better medical skill than Mr. Harrison?”

“You know nothing!” Stanley reprimanded him. “Mr. Larson’s medical skill is way better than Mr. Harrison’s! It just so happens that I need to invite him here to discuss the medical conference, otherwise, I wouldn’t ask him to come here just look at your legs!”

Master Tiger was shocked because he had never seen Stanley being so respectful to anyone other than Billy Newman.

Shortly after Matthew and Julian sat by the door, Matthew received a call from Stanley. “Mr. Larson, may I know where you are now? I need a favor from you but I’m not sure whether you would be available to help.”

Matthew laughed because he could basically guess what it was about. “Of course I’m available. Just send a car over to pick me up!”

After giving Stanley an address and ending the call, Matthew said to Julian with a smile, “Speaking of the devil, here he comes. Let’s go and meet Stanley Carlson to tie up the loose ends!”

Julian looked rattled at once. “Stanley Carlson wants to meet us? I-Is he going to seek revenge on behalf of Master Tiger?”

Matthew chuckled. “He is seeking revenge but I’m not sure on whose behalf that will be!”

Julian felt puzzled and he wondered why Matthew was so confident about it.

Suddenly, something dawned upon him which prompted him to exclaim in surprise, “By the way, wh-why do you have Stanley Carlson’s number? Do you know him? Is your friendship with him close enough to solve this issue? Matthew, Master Tiger is his cousin and from what I’ve heard, Stanley Carlson was brought up by Master Tiger’s mother, and he has always treated Master Tiger as his own younger brother. If you aren’t very close to him, I-I think we should come up with a plan before the meeting. Why don’t you just let me shoulder the blame? I can apologize to them…”

Matthew shook his head and insisted, “You don’t have to do that! Whether I’m close enough with Stanley Carlson isn’t important. You have to understand one thing—having friendships or relationships with people, no matter how prominent they are, is nothing compared to having exceptional talents and skills!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 128

Before long, Stanley’s driver reached Julian’s place; he picked both of them up and headed straight to Carlson Group.

When they reached Stanley’s office, they could hear Master Tiger’s grumblings from afar. “Stanley, have you found the two guys? Please act faster because after my legs are healed by the doctor, I want to kill them myself! Stanley, we’ve agreed before this that I will throw them into Lake Eastcliff!”

Matthew pushed the door open and asked in a loud and clear voice, “Who are you going to throw into Lake Eastcliff?”

Those inside the office immediately turned around to face Matthew. Joy was written all over Master Tiger’s face when he saw Matthew.

“Stanley, I’m impressed by your men’s efficiency! They managed to seize the two b*stards in such a short time! Great, Stanley, let’s break the legs of that scumbag first! I’ll then teach him a lesson myself after my legs get better!”

Looking triumphant, Jayde gloated, “Julian, I told you not to pester me anymore long before this but you refused to listen! Hmph, you want to tie me down by making use of our daughter, don’t you? I will make sure you give up any hope of that today! A guy like you will never get a woman like me! Stanley, you don’t have to be lenient to them for my sake.”

Meanwhile, Stanley’s face turned extremely dark because it had never occurred to him that Matthew was the one Master Tiger had offended.

“Stanley, what’re you waiting for? Do it! Get revenge for me!” Master Tiger urged.

Julian, whose body was trembling with fear, took a step forward and said, “President Carlson, Master Tiger, I am the one who caused the incident. Please let me offer my apology to the two of you…”

“That won’t be necessary!” Matthew grabbed Julian’s arm and flashed a faint smile at Stanley. “President Carlson, do you want me to offer my apology to you?”

It was only then did Stanley come back to his senses. He walked toward Matthew quickly and gave him a bow. “Mr. Larson, I’m very sorry about this. I had no idea that this hopeless b*stard offended you! I apologize to you on his behalf and I hope you can forgive him!”

Both Master Tiger and Julian were stunned. What was going on? Did Stanley Carlson, the man who enjoyed a distinguished status in the city, just apologize to Matthew? Stanley wouldn’t even adopt such an attitude in the presence of the masters of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff.

“Stanley, h-have you gone mad? That scumbag injured me and humiliated you. Why did you apologize to him? What exactly are you doing?”

In a fit of raging fury, Stanley slapped Master Tiger and roared angrily, “Keep your mouth shut! Do you have any idea who he is? If Master Newman were here, even he would have to treat Mr. Larson politely! Who do you think you are? Who gave you the guts to speak so rudely to Mr. Larson?”

Master Tiger was so horrified after listening to what Stanley said that he nearly wet his pants. Billy Newman was the strongest support behind Stanley and he was the king who dominated Eastcliff. Since even Billy had to treat Matthew respectfully, no one else in the city would want to offend Matthew. No wonder Stanley respected Matthew so much!

Jayde too widened her eyes in shock as she was surprised to know that Julian actually had such a big shot as his friend. Looking apprehensive, Stanley glanced at Julian and asked in a low voice, “Mr. Larson, who is this gentleman?”

“He is my buddy who has gone through a lot with me. Did you notice his legs? One of them was broken because of me!”

Just one sentence was enough to let Stanley understand their friendship. Stanley then landed a slap on Tiger’s face and yelled, “What are you waiting for? Offer your apology to Mr. Larson now!”

Looking terror-stricken, Master Tiger pushed himself off the wheelchair and dropped to the ground. “Mr. Larson, I’ve realized my mistake. Please be the bigger man and f-forgive me… I won’t repeat my mistake ever again…”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 129

“Begging me isn’t going to do you any good. You have to ask my buddy here whether he’s willing to forgive you!”

Master Tiger looked at Julian and hesitated slightly.

Stanley kicked him on his back and scolded angrily, “What are you waiting for? Apologize to him now! If Mr. Larson’s friend refuses to forgive you today, I’ll dump you into Lake Eastcliff later!”

Frightened by Stanley’s threat, Master Tiger quickly caved in by saying, “Sir, I-I’ve realized my mistake. I will stop seeing this woman, so p-please forgive me and let me go…”

Jayde was stunned when she heard that because Master Tiger was a man who could provide her a comfortable living, and such a man was hard to come by.

What should she do in the future if Master Tiger was going to break up with her?

Julian’s eyes reddened as the grievance he had suffered for the past few years was finally redressed at that very moment!

Matthew patted his shoulder and said, “Julian, just tell me what’s in your mind. If you think he doesn’t deserve your forgiveness, we can dump him into Lake Eastcliff!”

Master Tiger trembled in fear when he heard that because he believed very firmly that Stanley would really throw him into Lake Eastcliff himself if Matthew instructed him to do so.

Julian first let out a sigh and said, “Fine, since he has already apologized to me, let’s forget about it. From now on, we’re even!”

Master Tiger looked overjoyed to hear that.

Matthew then glanced at Master Tiger and said, “Julian, I’m surprised how kind and soft you’ve become! Is his apology enough to settle the scores? President Carlson, my buddy’s family was destroyed and he has been living in a shabby hut up until now because of your younger brother. Do you think his apology is capable of solving everything?”

Stanley’s eyes gleamed with enlightenment because he understood what Matthew was trying to imply.

“Tiger, is this how you are supposed to apologize? Show them your sincerity!” Stanley yelled angrily.

As a shrewd man himself, Master Tiger immediately understood what he meant.

“Yes, I-I was just about to address that. Mr. Davis, it was me who caused the trouble and it’s m-my obligation to offer you some compensation. Let’s see… I have a newly renovated townhouse in The Grand Pavilion which covers an area of over 270 square meters. I’ll offer it to you to compensate for whatever you’ve suffered. Mr. Davis, you must take it because if you don’t, I’ll assume you’re refusing to forgive me and I’ll stay on my knees until you accept it…”

Julian was stupefied when he heard that.

The Grand Pavilion was a very famous luxurious residential area in Eastcliff.

A townhouse with an area of over 270 square meters was worth around seven to eight million.

The property was too valuable to be offered as compensation.

“I-I can’t take it…” Julian waved his hands vigorously.

Matthew nodded in agreement. “Exactly. My buddy’s daughter is just a toddler. It’s not suitable for them to stay in a multi-storey building that doesn’t come with a courtyard because his daughter won’t have space to play! Moreover, one of the legs of my buddy was broken because of me years ago and it won’t be convenient for him to stay there too.”

Julian was dumbfounded. Was the existence of a courtyard the point?

Stanley’s heart gave a lurch when he heard that Julian had one of his legs broken because of Matthew. It seemed like he had underestimated the friendship between Matthew and Julian.

“Mr. Larson is right. Mr. Davis has a little girl and it isn’t convenient for them to stay in a multi-storey building. Let’s do it this way—Tiger, I think you should give Mr. Davis that mansion of yours in The Grand Garden.”

Tiger felt bitter because he had spent over thirteen million on buying and renovating the mansion in The Grand Garden which he had planned to make his home. It had been nearly half a year since the renovation was completed and he was getting ready to move into the mansion over the past few days.

He was really reluctant to give the mansion to Julian.

However, he gave up any intention to fight as soon as he thought of Billy Newman.

It was because he was not bold enough to offend someone who was treated politely by even Billy.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 130
With a simpering smile, Tiger said, “Stanley, you’re indeed more meticulous than me. Yes, a mansion is more suitable for Mr. Davis and his daughter.

Mr. Davis, I’ll keep the townhouse while you take the mansion. In a way, we’ll be neighbors in the future as I’ll be staying in The Grand Pavilion while you’ll be staying in The Grand Garden behind it. How exciting is that?”

Julian struggled to come up with anything to say in response.

Meanwhile, Matthew spoke directly, “Since his apology is so sincere, you should forgive him! Well, I’ll take charge of this matter from here. Tiger, you get some of your men to help my buddy move his stuff to the mansion. Since you’re going to be Julian’s neighbor in the future, please do help me to take care of my buddy after moving to that area since both of you are my friends.”

Master Tiger was thrilled that Matthew saw him as his friend. Even though it meant he would have to be Matthew’s subordinate, he would surely be given a lot of chances to gain a substantial fortune in the future.

Stanley was able to enjoy such a respectable social status and immense wealth in Eastcliff just by working for Billy Newman.

Since Matthew had a similar status with Billy Newman, he would have a high chance to be as successful as Stanley if he seized the chance to work for Matthew.

“Mr. Larson, please don’t worry. Just let me handle everything and I’ll get them done! By the way, I have a housekeeper working for me who does her job very well. Since Mr. Davis has a daughter, I’ll send the housekeeper over to Mr. Davis’ mansion so that she can help take care of her!”

Tiger managed to make all the necessary arrangements for Julian with a few sentences.

Matthew was very satisfied with his performance. Other than being slightly snobbish, Tiger was rather competent in other aspects.

He had the gumption to do the right thing as required by the situation he was in. Also, he did his job brilliantly and he could be humble enough to accept setbacks in his life.

Most importantly, he could be assigned both legal and illegal tasks.

Matthew had never forgotten the need to avenge the tragedy that had befallen his family.

He knew very well that he needed to gather enough power, not only money but also talents, before he could execute his revenge.

He could take his time to deal with money but he had to act promptly to gather enough talents.

Tiger fitted his requirements perfectly and he just happened to need a person like him.

He walked over to Tiger and patted his legs gently with his hand. “You may stand up!”

All of a sudden, Tiger could feel his legs again. Immediately, he rose to his feet and he could move around like normal again.

Elated to have his legs back, Tiger was impressed. “Mr. Larson, you must be a deity! I went to the hospital to have my legs checked but the doctors couldn’t find out the problem at all although I couldn’t move my legs. But now, I can move again after you just patted my legs! I-It’s magical!”

Stanley, who secretly marveled at Matthew’s medical skill, commented with a smile, “There’s no doubt Mr. Larson can cure your legs as I’ve told you that Mr. Larson is a superb doctor. Well, it’s about time you leave and do your thing because I have something else to discuss with Mr. Larson!”

Tiger nodded vigorously. “Yes, I should go! Mr. Davis, what do you think if we move your stuff to the mansion right away? There’s nothing you need to do because I have lots of men who work for me and I can get them to move your stuff over in just one trip.”

Julian looked at Matthew, who flashed him a faint smile and nodded at him. “You should give him a chance and accept his kind gesture. After all, the two of you will become neighbors soon!”

Julian nodded in agreement but deep down inside, he was still in a state of confusion.

He really couldn’t figure out how he was suddenly given a mansion from this trip to Carlson Group.

Prior to this, he had mentally prepared himself to have one of his arms broken and never had he thought that things would actually end up this way.

Jayde still remained in Stanley’s office even after Tiger had dragged Julian away.

At the moment, she was overwhelmed by a sense of remorse.

She merely received ten to twenty thousand as monthly allowance by being Tiger’s girlfriend.

Without any formal recognition from Tiger and without having the respectable social status as his wife, she was just one of his toys.

She had visited Tiger’s mansion before; the interior was lavishly renovated and she had never seen anything similar to it before.

Her biggest wish was to stay in such a mansion one day.

However, in the end, the mansion was given to her ex-husband whom she had always looked down upon, much to her surprise.

If she was still married to Julian, she would be the owner of the mansion now.

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