The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 131-140

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 131

Seeing that Jayde was still around, a look of disgust flashed across Stanley’s face. “Mr. Larson, what should we do with this b*tch?”

Frightened, Jayde pleaded anxiously, “M-Mr. Larson, I realized my mistake now. I-I’ll spend my days quietly with Julian and won’t leave their sides again. Please give me a chance.”

“Get out of here!” Matthew roared. “What makes you think you’re fit to be with my buddy? Are you even qualified? Throw her out of here!”

Stanley waved his hand and a few men came up to drag her out before she could say anything else.

“So tell me, why did you come to look for me?” Matthew asked.

Snorting, Stanley replied, “Mr. Larson, have you heard of the Six Southern States Medical Conference?”

Mr. Harrison did mention this before and it was said that Dr. Ellis left the mountains for this conference, Matthew recalled.

According to Mr. Harrison, this conference was a grand and important event for the medical industry of the six southern states.

Stanley explained further, “Although it is a medical conference which is held annually, it is in fact, an event that determines the distribution of medical resources between the six southern states. To put it simply in an example, the drugs produced by the Cunninghams overlap the ones from other companies in different states. So, how can you sell the same drug with different brands?”

“What’s the problem with that?” Matthew was surprised. “Shouldn’t the pharmacies and customers have a choice in this?”

Nodding, Stanley answered, “That was what we thought in the beginning, but some problems popped up afterward. The pharmacies later started a price war in order to appear more competitive. In the end, smaller pharmacies were forced to close down while the bigger ones were unable to make much profit. But the same situation was not only happening within the pharmacies—it also happened to hospitals, medical institutions and medical equipment manufacturing companies. Anything related to the medical field would be affected.”

Matthew frowned as he thought about Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Now it was clear to him why it almost toppled over a few years ago; this must have been the reason.

Stanley continued, “Because of this, the medical families in the six southern states came together and decided to hold this medical conference annually. Even though they call it a conference, what we actually do there is compete with each other and see who has the best medical skills. The state that wins will get the most benefit while the state that loses will have to give up part of their interests.”

Casting a gaze at Stanley, Matthew asked in a low voice, “So you would like me to compete and assist Eastshire?”

With an awkward smile, Stanley replied, “It seems like I can’t hide my thoughts from you, Mr. Larson. For the past few years, Eastshire has been at the bottom place and the medical resources are now incredibly scarce. I have long wanted to expand Carlson Pharmacy to other states but was unable to do so due to the consecutive losses of Eastshire. Even the main business of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is limited to some cities in the state, and they are unable to open up new markets. If Eastshire won this time, just Carlson Pharmacy alone could triple its assets in a year. Mr. Larson, if you’re willing to compete and help Eastshire win, I’ll give you ten percent of the equity in Carlson Pharmacy!”

Matthew pondered over it for a while. “I will probably go to the conference, but I may not get involved because I don’t want people to know about me.”

Although he already inherited the knowledge from the jade pendant, it still involved the incident which resulted in the annihilation of his family back then, and he didn’t want to expose his identity before he had accumulated enough strength.

He had to maintain a low profile, gather his strength and investigate the destruction of his family in order to take revenge and return the Larsons to their former glory!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 132

Stanley appeared disappointed but he still nodded. “I understand!”

Subsequently, Matthew went straight to The Grand Garden.

Tiger was really reliable as he had already moved all of Julian’s belongings there. Other than that, a woman in her fifties named Mrs. Collins also came along. She was Jullian’s kind neighbor in the suburbs who would help him look after Nicole whenever he was not home. Usually, she would do some handicrafts at home to earn a little over one grand to subsidize her expenses.

Initially, Tiger wanted to send his own housekeeper to Julian’s, but Julian decided it would be better to hire Mrs. Collins instead after giving it some thought. This was because Mrs. Collins liked Nicole a lot and because he would be more at ease if Nicole’s nanny was someone he knew.

Being really forthright in doing things, Tiger gave Mrs. Collins thirty thousand on the spot, saying that it was her salary for the next six months, which meant that her salary a month would be five thousand.

Mrs. Collins was stunned. Her husband who worked as a deliveryman couldn’t even earn that much in a month! So, she didn’t dare to accept the offer at first, but Tiger stuffed the money into her hands firmly while Julian persuaded her. Finally, she accepted the offer.

With this salary, she would no longer need to do handicrafts. Her job now would be to stay peacefully in this mansion and look after Nicole.

To make things more convenient for her, Tiger allowed Mrs. Collins and her family to move into his three-bedroom flat, which was nearby, without asking for any rent. That way, she could still return home occasionally and visit her family easily.

Matthew was satisfied with everything that Tiger had done, thinking that he was a really sharp person when dealing with situations.

On the other hand, Julian felt embarrassed. He was already hesitant to accept the mansion Tiger offered him, and now, Tiger was also the one who forked out his nanny’s salary and even went so far as to arrange the accommodation for her. All the unpleasantness which existed before completely disappeared at this stage.

“Tiger, I-I’ve caused you too much trouble. I’ll consider this a loan from you and I’ll return you the money once I’ve made some!”

Waving his hands anxiously, Tiger said, “Julian, don’t speak about this with me since this is what I should do. We’re all friends and I feel offended that you would say this! Money is not the most important thing in the world but if you bring this up again, I’ll fall out with you!”

Matthew burst out laughing and patted Julian on his shoulder. “It’s okay, just arrange a position for Tiger when you start working at the company. Everything will be solved if you pay him a higher salary!”

Surprised, Julian said softly, “Don’t spout nonsense, Matthew! Tiger is earning millions a month with his big business. Wh-What position can I offer him?”

But Tiger’s eyes were twinkling because he knew the reason Matthew asked Julian to offer him a position was so that he could work for Matthew.

It didn’t matter what that position was. Most importantly, he would be working for Matthew from now on, which meant that his status would be elevated!

As for making money, it would be a piece of cake with Matthew. “Julian, you’ll be my boss from now on! Whatever position will do for me. I’m a person who’s not afraid of hardships and can do anything!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 133

Finally, as per Matthew’s suggestion, Julian arranged Tiger to be his assistant at the company.

Meanwhile, Matthew gave Julian two prescriptions—one for Nicole and another for him, which was to help him with his leg injury so he could recover fully.

In the afternoon, Matthew went to look for Sasha and told her about Julian’s situation, which she immediately agreed with. She trusted Matthew fully now and listened to everything he said, acting like a submissive woman, and the matter was fixed after she personally gave the order.

On the other hand, the moment Liam heard about this news, he immediately went to James and Helen and told them all about it, adding inflammatory details to his version of the story.

Slapping the table in anger, James stood up furiously and cursed, “That b*stard has gone overboard! After he promised not to be the boss, he went and placed his friend in that position instead. It’s equivalent to him taking the position himself! Does he really take us as fools? This won’t do, I have to speak to Sasha!”

Liam stopped him hurriedly. “Dad, it’s useless if you look for Sasha now! Think about it, she’s now completely taken in by Matthew and takes his side on everything. If you look for her now, you’ll get into a huge argument and won’t get any results. Also, the more you argue with her, the more she will feel that Matthew is right.”

Frowning, James exclaimed, “But I can’t just do nothing! Should I just sit at home and watch in vain as Matthew gobbles up all the assets of the Cunninghams?”

A smirk spread across Liam’s face. “Don’t worry, Dad. Let me settle this. I have a couple of buddies in the company. I’ll send them a greeting and ask them to force the new boss to quit by today. When Sasha tries to find the person accountable for this, you just need to step forward and stop her from making a fuss. That should do the job.”

With twinkling eyes, James said, “Really? That’s amazing! Liam, you’re reliable when it comes to dealing with situations. Matthew is a far stretch behind when compared to you!”

Liam was secretly overjoyed. When he was a manager at Wellness Herbary, he had placed a few of his rogue friends in some important positions in the company. Although he was fired later, his friends remained there and he could still control matters within the company.

If he took care of the new boss now, he would eventually reclaim the company.

He regarded the company as his own and wouldn’t allow anyone to lay a finger on it.

After bringing Julian and Tiger into the company, Matthew was explaining the operations to Julian when a group of men approached them.

“You’re the new boss?” asked a man with roguish long hair. He seemed like the leader and his eyes were full of disdain.

“That’s right. This is Julian Davis, your new boss!” Matthew said.

Almost instantly, the long-haired man was furious. “Was I asking you? You’re merely a live-in son-in-law but you think you’re some kind of big shot! Do you really think the Cunningham family’s company belongs to you? Damn, you think you can show off just because you managed to pacify that b*tch, Sasha! Let me tell you, you’re nothing to me and you have no place to speak here! Get out!”

Matthew frowned as it was apparent that these people were here to create trouble. But just as he was about to say something, Tiger came over.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 134

As soon as Tiger walked through the door, he grabbed the man by his long hair and punched him in the abdomen.

The long-haired man yelled in pain, “How dare you hit me? Damn it, beat him up!”

The moment a few men standing behind him rushed forward, Tiger kicked a chair to the side and roared, “I’m Master Tiger of the North Street. Are you sure you want to pick a fight with me, b*stards?”

That roar of his paralyzed everyone and one of them asked in a shaky voice, “Y-You’re Master Tiger?”

“I think he is. I-I’ve seen him once before. He really looks like Master Tiger,” another stammered.

This sent everyone into a state of panic. Even though Tiger was nothing to Stanley, but to these small thugs, he was definitely a big shot.

“Master Tiger, wh-why are you here?” the long-haired man asked in a trembling voice.

“I’ll be working here from now on as Julian’s assistant. Of course I’ll have to be here.”

“What?” Everyone was stunned. A big shot like Tiger was actually Julian’s assistant? So what sort of background did Julian have, then?

“Master Tiger, w-we didn’t know that the new boss is your friend. Please be generous and forgive us if we offended you earlier. We’ll just pretend it never happened, okay? Why don’t you continue with your work, and w-we’ll leave now.” The long-haired man gave a smile and wanted to leave in a hurry.

“Stop right there, all of you!” Tiger yelled, and they all froze in their places, not daring to take another step. “Mr. Larson and Julian, how do you wish to deal with these b*stards? Just one word from you and I’ll immediately send them to the bottom of Lake Eastcliff!”

The long-haired man and his gang were so terrified they almost wet their pants. Tiger was not known to be a kind man.

“Let me ask you, who sent you here to make a scene?” Matthew asked.

The long-haired man answered timidly, “I-It was Liam…”

Matthew frowned. I knew it.

“Who is Liam?” Tiger asked. “Mr. Larson, should I send a few men to bring him here and chop off his hands so he will know his place from now on?”

But Matthew just waved his hand and said, “Ask them to get out of here!”

Looking as if they had been granted clemency from death rows, they quickly scrambled off.

Stunned, Tiger asked, “Are you going to let them off so easily, Mr. Larson? Should we get the mastermind, then?”

“Forget it, I’ll take care of this matter myself!” Matthew said.

He was indeed angry, but the problem was more complicated as it involved his own family members. It was easy to take care of Liam, but it would be troublesome when Demi came home to make a scene afterward.

Since it involved Sasha’s parents and family, Matthew had to think twice before making his move. Otherwise, Demi would be caught in a dilemma if the situation was blown out of proportion.

After settling Julian and Tiger in, Matthew left. With Tiger here, Julian would be able to work at ease. Who else wouldn’t acknowledge Julian in the company with the troublemakers gone?

The long-haired man and his gang happened to run into Liam after they left the company. With a beaming smile, Liam said, “So how did it go? Did the new boss leave yet?” He laughed smugly and continued, “Just do your part well and chase away the boss every time a new one arrives. Sooner or later, that b*tch, Sasha, will have no choice but to come crawling back to me and beg me to manage the company.”

Twisting his face into a furious scowl, the long-haired man ran up to him and slapped him across the face. “Damn it, you b*stard. You should do it yourself if you have a death wish! Don’t drag us down with you! Get out of here! I don’t know you!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 135

When Liam heard that Tiger was in the building, he was so frightened that his legs turned to jelly and he left the scene immediately.

He used to be a thug once, so naturally, he knew who Tiger was and didn’t have the guts to go up against him. Therefore, he had to completely give up on this matter. If Tiger was involved, there was no way he would dare to stir up trouble.

Under Julian’s leadership, the company quickly purchased a huge amount of medicinal herbs and supplied them to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

It was undeniable that Tiger contributed a lot. He was the one who personally handled some channels which were not easy to get through, and the ruffian dealers all disappeared as well after they met Tiger.

The company was expanding smoothly; not only did they supply medicinal herbs to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, but they also started supplying to other pharmaceuticals which made them a profit.

When the shareholders heard about this, they complimented Matthew for recognizing talents and picking such a capable person to run the company.

The shareholders all had a very simple request—as long as they could make money, the rest didn’t matter.

Matthew’s contributions for the company were piling up. First, he recovered 300 million. The second time, he turned the tide and saved the company from collapsing. The third time, he hired Julian to take charge of the company and successfully added another stream of income for the company.

This made the shareholders especially satisfied with Matthew and some even requested Sasha to hire him into the company.

In fact, Sasha wanted Matthew to work in Cunningham Pharmaceuticals as well, but she didn’t do it in the end because she knew about her parents’ prejudice against him. Usually when they were home, they would just lash out at him for no apparent reason.

If she really hired him into the company, her parents would flip.

In addition, they were more cautious against him now.

Previously, Matthew could still sleep in the same room as her. But now, Helen would barge in every night saying that she wanted to sleep with her and chased Matthew out. He would have no choice but to sleep on a thin mattress in the study.

Although this depressed Matthew, there was nothing he could do about it.

On this day, Matthew showed up for work as usual and when he was about to leave in the evening, he suddenly received a call from Sasha.

“Penny is back so let’s have dinner together tonight!”

Matthew frowned as he thought about Penny, who was Sasha’s classmate and a standard angelic b*tch.

Though she claimed to be Sasha’s friend, she was actually taking advantage of Sasha’s beauty. She would always introduce Sasha to rich young masters in hopes of benefiting from the situation herself.

When they were in school, she was very attentive toward Sasha and kept trying to matchmake for her. She had introduced her to countless rich young masters, but Sasha would always turn them down harshly and she never benefitted at all.

Later, when Sasha married Matthew, she was even more disappointed than Sasha’s parents and mocked Matthew a lot. She went abroad last year and it never occurred to him that she would be back so soon.

“Sasha, what’s the point of meeting such a person?” Matthew asked, displeased.

With an exasperated tone, Sasha answered, “Matthew, I know you’re not happy with her, but she was still my ex-classmate. Moreover, she already called to invite us and it will make us look petty if we don’t show up. Just think of it as accompanying me, alright?”

Matthew grinned; he knew Sasha’s character too well and she placed a lot of value on relationships. So after work, he picked her up and they went straight to Shanghai Nights restaurant.

With an apologetic look, Sasha said, “Matthew, I know that Penny can be careless with her words, but she hasn’t been back for a long time. Don’t bother arguing with the likes of her, okay?”

Matthew gave her a slight nod. “Don’t worry, I won’t put you in a tight spot!”

A smile spread across her face unwittingly and she put her arm through his and entered the restaurant.

When they reached the door, they immediately saw a girl with thick makeup—Penny. Penny was actually quite pretty and was considered the belle of the school back then, but she was still a far cry when compared to Sasha.

“Sasha!” Penny greeted.

“Penny, it’s been a while!” Sasha ran over with a smile. “Why are you waiting for us at the door?

With a laugh, Penny answered, “I can’t help it since Shanghai Nights is such a high class restaurant and you can’t get in unless you’re a member. It would be bad if the waiter tried to stop you from getting in, wouldn’t it?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 136

There was an obvious trace of arrogance and superiority in her voice. No one could blame her since it was indeed difficult to apply for a membership card at Shanghai Nights, and in Eastshire, having the membership card was a symbol of status!

However, she didn’t know that both Matthew and Sasha each had a Supreme Card and Diamond Card. So how could these waiters stop them at the door?

Still, Sasha didn’t think much of it and smiled while walking into the restaurant with Penny. In the restaurant, a Caucasian man was seated casually in one of the booths, and when he saw Sasha, his eyes lit up and he sprang up from his seat. “Penny, who’s this beautiful lady?” he asked in a foreign language smugly, as if speaking in this language made him more superior.

“She’s a good friend of mine!” Penny replied in the same language with a smile. Then, she turned to Sasha and said, “I’m sorry, Peter just came here and can’t speak our language too well.” Turning back to him, she continued, “Peter, you’ll have to adapt since not everyone is highly-educated in this country!”

An arrogant look appeared on Peter’s face. “That’s a shame! Our language is used worldwide and one can only integrate into the civilization of the world by mastering this language!”

He was implying that one couldn’t integrate into the world civilization without knowing his language and Matthew snorted, thinking that Peter was too proud. Didn’t he know that the biggest part of the world was using the language from Matthew’s country? Moreover, Peter’s country only had a history of a few hundred years old, but he actually had the guts to bring up the topic of world civilization. The civilization here was the oldest and most widespread!

But Penny simply smiled, as though she was agreeing with Peter. “Let me introduce everyone! This is my fiancé, Peter, and this is a good friend of mine, Sasha Cunningham!” she said with a smile, completely ignoring Matthew who was standing next to Sasha.

“Beautiful lady, it’s my pleasure to meet you!” Peter extended his hand, took Sasha’s and bent down to plant a kiss on the back of her hand. Matthew furrowed his brows and swiftly stood in front of Sasha while pushing his hand away. With a frown, Peter cast Matthew a disdainful look and said, “Excuse me, sir. In my country, it’s considered very rude to cut off a gentleman’s kiss on a lady’s hand!”

Matthew replied coldly, “In my country, you’re considered a rogue for grabbing a lady’s hand and kissing it without first asking for her permission!”

Penny’s face turned stone cold and she said in a low growl, “What did you say, Matthew? Do you know that in Peter’s country, it’s considered a form of respect to kiss a lady’s hand? You’re a filthy person and so are the thoughts in your mind. Such a gentlemanly gesture has turned into a roguish act in your eyes. I think you’re the thug here!”

“I don’t know if this is a form of respect in his country or not!” Matthew scowled. “But doing this in our country is disrespectful to the ladies!”

Annoyed, Penny retorted, “Peter isn’t from our country, so shouldn’t you respect his customs?’

“Since he’s here in our country, shouldn’t he respect our traditions then?” Matthew shot back.

“You—” Furious, Penny had no rebuttals and could only curse at him angrily instead. “I can’t communicate with an uncultured person like you! Sasha, why did you bring this useless bum here for a meal? Are you trying to spoil my appetite? Tell him to go home so as not to affect our mood!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 137

Sasha felt awkward. “Penny, don’t be angry. We haven’t met in such a long time, so don’t be angry over such a small issue. And Matthew, don’t fight with Penny anymore. Come, let’s have dinner first.”

After much pleading and persuasion, Penny finally sat down in a huff.

Soon, dinner was served and everything was Western cuisine, like steaks and such. The cutleries given were forks and knives, but there was also a pair of chopsticks on the table should the customer want to use it.

As Matthew was not used to using forks and knives, he picked up the chopsticks and started eating.

When Peter saw it, he immediately exclaimed in an exaggerated tone, “Sir, this isn’t how you should eat Western cuisine. You have to use a fork and knife instead. How are you any different from a barbarian with the way you’re eating now?”

His loud voice attracted the attention of the people nearby and they sneered.

“Oh dear, this is the first time I’m seeing someone eat a steak using chopsticks!”

“What’s so weird about that? Just grab any one of the uncouth men working at the construction site near my place and he’ll definitely be eating a steak with chopsticks too!”

“How could an uncouth person enter such a high-end place like Shanghai Nights?”

“It’s obvious that the tall, handsome and rich man seated across him is treating him to the meal!”

“I think this is the first time in his life he’s ever been to such a high-class place!”

Penny also had a look of disgust. “Sasha, why did you bring him here? Nobody eats Western cuisine with chopsticks. The civilized way to eat it is to use a fork and knife! What he’s doing now is really ungentlemanly and uncivilized! He’s a disgrace to us!”

“Why is it a disgrace to eat with chopsticks?” Matthew asked with his lips pursed. “You’ve been eating with chopsticks ever since you were young. Do you also find yourself a disgrace? I just don’t understand how something left behind by our ancestors from thousands of years ago is a disgrace. According to your logic, are you saying that the tradition of our country, which is thousands of years old, is uncivilized?”

Penny swiftly retorted, “I didn’t say that it was a disgrace to use chopsticks, but it depends on the situation! Why are you using chopsticks when you’re eating Western cuisine? Using a fork and knife when having Western dishes is the civilized method! The way you’re eating now is ungentlemanly! If you want to use chopsticks, shouldn’t you go to a Chinese restaurant instead of coming to a Western restaurant?”

“If you wanted to have Western cuisine, why are you having it here instead of aboard?” Matthew asked.

Flabbergasted, Penny stuttered, “H-Having Western cuisine here is a cultural exchange between two countries. Why can’t we have Western cuisine here?”

“Since it’s a cultural exchange between two countries, why can’t I use chopsticks for Western cuisine in this country?”

Penny was suddenly tongue-tied and she exclaimed furiously, “Are you even a man? What else are you good at besides being unreasonable? Forget it, I don’t want to argue with you anymore, lest it makes me appear ill-bred.”

Giving a tit for tat, Matthew said, “Just because you say you’re classy, it doesn’t mean that you are because actions speak louder than words. It’s my business what I’m eating and how I’m eating it. Don’t you know that minding your own business is good manners as well?”

“You!” Penny was so angry that she didn’t know what to say.

“Guys, forget it.” Sasha hurriedly tried to make peace. “Penny, Matthew doesn’t like to use forks and knives, so just let him be. And Matthew, stop arguing with Penny.”

Matthew nodded with a grin and continued eating with chopsticks while Peter cast a look at him from across the table and muttered under his breath, “Barbarian!”

Unwilling to show any sign of weakness, Matthew shot back, “Nincompoop!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 138

Peter was startled. “What does that mean?” His English level was not enough to comprehend what the words meant.

Matthew quickly replied, “Nothing! We’re complimenting you!”

Sasha chuckled as she secretly reached over and softly pinched Matthew’s back. Without turning around, Matthew grabbed Sasha’s hand and she immediately blushed.

Penny was frustrated. After eating for a while, she suddenly said, “Matthew, how’s your job at the hospital? Your education level is so low that I had to specially ask my cousin for help in order to get you a job there. I heard from my cousin that you’re cleaning toilets for a living now, and I think it’s the most suitable job for you. After all, you don’t need a degree to clean toilets! You better work hard and cherish this hard-won job!”

Matthew instantly frowned. Penny’s cousin was Jeffrey Zimmerman. Back when Matthew got a job in the hospital, it was Sasha who pulled her connections to help him get it, whilst Penny did nothing at all. She even instigated Jeffrey to bully Matthew many times. It could be said that Penny was one of the driving forces behind Matthew being assigned as a cleaner. It was obvious that the reason Penny was mentioning this was to humiliate him.

Sensing that Matthew was offended, Sasha hurriedly held his hand and smiled as she said, “Matthew is planning to quit his job at the hospital and work with me in the pharmaceutical industry.”

“Really?” Penny sneered. “Matthew, I used to think that you at least had some conscience to work and earn money by yourself. How is it that you’ve changed so much in just a year? Is it true that it’s addictive to live off of others? I can’t believe that you’re completely relying on Sasha now. Can you still call yourself a man?”

A cold expression appeared on Matthew’s face and just when he was about to rebuke her, Peter raised his glass and interrupted him, “Miss Cunningham, are you working in the pharmaceutical industry?”

Sasha nodded and replied, “My family has a pharmaceutical company. It’s called Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.”

“Really?” Peter grinned and added, “In that case, we’re working in the same industry.”

Sasha smiled politely in reply, not planning to continue the conversation with Peter.

However, Peter was unwilling to give up. “I’m the new CEO of the Carlson Group and I’m mainly responsible for the company’s affairs. Miss Cunningham, since you have a pharmaceutical company, you can work with us. Why don’t you give me your number so we can talk more about our business cooperation?”

Sasha couldn’t help but frown. You’re asking for another woman’s number in front of your fiancée. How can you be such a scumbag?

Speaking on Sasha’s behalf, Matthew said, “I’m sorry but Cunningham Pharmaceuticals has been so busy lately that we can’t accept other orders.”

Hearing this, Penny was instantly infuriated. “Matthew, what are you implying? Sasha and my fiancé are talking about business. Since when are you qualified to speak?

Do you really think you are now the decision maker of the Cunningham family and you can interfere with the Cunningham family’s businesses? Besides, even if you really are in charge of managing Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, you have to put the company’s interest first. I’ve never heard of a company rejecting business before!”

The people at the tables around them started whispering and all of them thought that Matthew was bragging. Every company would find as much business as they could and they have never heard of a company that didn’t need business! However, they didn’t know that Matthew was telling the truth.

Cunningham Pharmaceuticals just received a 3-billion order and these orders were enough to keep the company busy until next year. How would they have the time to accept more orders?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 139

Peter glanced at Matthew mockingly before he turned to Sasha and said, “President Cunningham, if you’re interested, I can call the shots and give you an order worth 50 million!”

Penny nodded vigorously and said, “Peter has a lot of authority in the Carlson Group. Sasha, Peter is helping you because you’re my friend and he wouldn’t give such a high offer to anyone else. You should hurry up and thank him!”

Peter grinned as he looked at Sasha, his gaze as fiery as before.

However, with a cold expression, Matthew refused them. “Don’t you understand what I just said? Cunningham Pharmaceuticals has been really busy lately so we won’t be accepting any new orders for now.”

Furious, Penny yelled, “Matthew, what are you trying to do? Why are you stopping us from giving Sasha more business orders? I know that you feel comfortable staying at home and leeching off of Sasha, but do you know how exhausted Sasha gets from running around and looking for orders all day? It’s fine if you can’t help her, but you shouldn’t drag her down either! Why is Sasha so unlucky that she married a loser like you?!”

Matthew was immediately infuriated. Seeing this, Sasha hurriedly said, “Penny, don’t say that. In fact, Matthew is right. Our company is really busy dealing with the business we have and don’t have time to accept new orders. Thank you for your kind offer.”

Peter frowned while Penny quickly yelled, “Sasha, you’re too kind! I can’t believe that you’re giving up business in order to protect this loser! Do you know how many people are begging to take our order? However, you refused our help just to protect this loser’s ego!”

Looking embarrassed, Sasha mumbled, “I…”

However, Peter interrupted her and coldly said, “Miss Cunningham, since you look down on Carlson Group, I’ve decided that from today on, Carlson Group will not do any business with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. After all, I don’t think Cunningham Pharmaceuticals need us!”

Sasha couldn’t help but feel startled. She never thought that this would become so serious. Just then, Matthew sneered, “Peter, are you sure you can make decisions on behalf of the Carlson Group?”

With a triumphant look on her face, Penny said, “Of course! My fiancé is the CEO of the company and he could stop all business with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals with a simple command. Matthew, all this happened because of you. Would you be able to bear the consequences?”

The people around them started whispering.

“They lost orders worth millions just to save face. This man is really vain!”

“He’s the kind of man that I hate the most. Not only is he not capable, but he also drags people down with him!”

“You’re right. If he is capable, he wouldn’t have let his wife work so hard.”

“A man should at least be responsible. It’s obvious that he’s not manly at all.”

Hearing the whispers made Sasha feel embarrassed.

“Penny, I’m telling you the truth! We have our hands full with work already!”

Sasha deliberately raised her voice so that other people could hear. That way, she could help Matthew save face.

However, Penny didn’t believe her and she looked disappointed. “Forget it, I got the message! Sasha, you’ve always been like this ever since you were a kid! However, is this loser really worth it? How can you be so silly?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 140

Everyone around was looking at Sasha mockingly. In their eyes, Sasha was just saying these things to save Matthew’s dignity! However, in the adult world, efforts like these were the most shameful.

In the adult world, interest came first. Giving up such a huge deal in order to save face was the most idiotic thing to do! Just when Sasha was about to explain, a group of people suddenly entered.

The person leading the group was no other than Daniel Edwards. He walked in surrounded by a group of people and he looked extremely domineering. The people around him were big shots in the medical industry in Eastcliff and some of them often appeared on the news.

Everybody’s attention was attracted to those people because they knew that this group of people were all important people in the society, especially Daniel, who was in the middle. Even though not many people recognized him, his domineering aura said it all.

All of a sudden, Daniel spotted Sasha and he was overjoyed. He quickly strode over and looked delighted as he said, “President Cunnigham, nice to see you here! I never thought I would bump into you here!”

Sasha got up and greeted him. “Hello, President Edwards.”

The two of them exchanged pleasantries for a while before Daniel asked, “President Cunningham, I have to entertain a few friends so I won’t be disturbing you any longer. I just want to ask, when can you start shipping my 500-million order?”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone at the scene gasped in shock.

Who is this man? He speaks about a 500-million order so casually!

Sasha seemed embarrassed as she replied, “I’m sorry, President Edwards. I’m afraid that we won’t be able to start shipping until next month. Please forgive me!”

Everyone was once again astonished. Has Sasha gone crazy? This man must be an important customer to be able to make an order worth 500 million. Companies should satisfy their important customers’ orders first whenever they have stock. However, she just said that she can’t ship out his order until next month. Is she purposely trying to offend him?

However, Daniel wasn’t the slightest bit angry. Instead, he smiled and said, “No worries, I understand! I heard that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals received a total of 3 billion worth of orders. You probably have your hands full for the whole year. However, President Cunningham, I have a favor to ask. Whenever you have stock, you must ship 30% of it to me first. Is that okay?”

The corners of Sasha’s lips immediately curled into a smile. “President Edwards, you can be rest assured that whenever I receive stock, I’ll definitely ship your orders first!”

Daniel was delighted to hear this. “Well then, thank you! President Cunningham, have a delicious meal. I’ll be leaving now!”

With that, Daniel clasped his fists, turned around, and led his friends upstairs. Everyone else was dumbfounded.

No wonder Sasha said that her company has been busy recently. She wasn’t kidding! Her company may not be even able to finish a 3-billion order in a year. How can she accept new orders?

Just then, a girl dressed in branded clothes said mockingly, “Where did she find these unprofessional actors? I can’t believe she hired people in order to brag. Doesn’t she feel ashamed?”

Everyone immediately turned to look at the girl. The man sitting opposite her couldn’t hold back and yelled, “Zip your mouth! Do you know who that is? That man is Daniel Edwards! He has the largest pharmaceutical company in Eastshire and he’s also the most influential man in Eastshire’s medical industry. Compared to him, Carlson Group is not even worth mentioning! How dare you say that he’s just a hired actor?”

Everyone was stunned. Even though most of them didn’t know Daniel Edwards, they had heard of his name before!

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