The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 141-150

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 141

The girl who was scolded looked upset. “How do you know that he’s Daniel Edwards? Have you met him before? How do you know that he’s not a hired actor?”

Furious, the man yelled, “Of course I’ve met him before! I was fortunate enough to have met him once when I used to work in the pharmaceutical field. Besides, he just went upstairs to eat. You need to have at least a Platinum Card to eat upstairs.

How dare you say that he’s a hired actor? The people around him are famous figures in Eastcliff’s pharmaceutical industry. Even if Daniel is a just hired actor, do you think that the people around him are actors too?”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Even though most of them didn’t know Daniel, they had seen the big shots of Eastcliff before. Even those big shots had to treat Daniel respectfully so there was no doubt that his identity was real. Hearing everyone’s discussions, Penny looked extremely upset. She thought Sasha was lying a moment ago but Daniel’s unexpected visit had proved her wrong.

“Sasha, I didn’t know that your company had received so many orders. No wonder you said that you don’t need the Carlson Group’s business,” Penny said embarrassingly.

With a smile, Sasha replied, “No matter what, I still want to thank you for the kind offer!”

Penny looked relieved after hearing this. Then, she gave Matthew a sideways glance and said, “Matthew, I was just wondering why you have such bad temper. Now I know that it’s because you have support! However, let me say this again. You are just a live-in son-in-law. No matter how much money the Cunningham family earns, it has nothing to do with you! You can leech off Sasha all you like but you should at least be self-aware, understand?”

Matthew couldn’t help but purse his lips. If he wasn’t worried that Sasha might have a hard time being the middleman, he would’ve splashed a cup of water on Penny’s face long ago.

Does she really think that she’s better now that she has a foreign boyfriend? Just because I don’t rebuke you doesn’t mean that you can tell me what to do!

After chatting for a while, Penny suddenly jumped on the opportunity to change the topic.

“Oh, I forgot to mention that Carlson Group arranged a 200 square meters large flat at The Grand Pavilion for Peter. Sasha, didn’t you used to say that it would be great to live in a house in The Grand Pavilion? I’ll take you around the next time we meet. The environment in the area is really stunning. It’s definitely the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen! You’ll surely like it!”

Sasha’s smile seemed forced. She had seen The Grand Pavilion’s brochure before and really liked the houses there. She even used to dream of living there. However, even though she was the president of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and had a net worth of hundreds of millions, most of it was in the company and she didn’t have much money. It was impossible for her to be able to afford a luxurious flat in The Grand Pavilion. Seeing Sasha’s expression, Penny’s vanity was greatly satisfied.

She glanced at Matthew again and sneered, “If you want to visit my house, don’t bring losers that leech off other people. People who live in The Grand Pavilion are all big shots and elites in Eastcliff. Letting a loser in would desecrate such a high-end place, understand?”

Sasha slightly frowned. Hearing Penny humiliate Matthew made her angry.

“Thanks for the invite, but I don’t think we can enter such a high-end place like the Grand Pavilion so we won’t be interrupting your peace!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 142

Peter chuckled and said, “Miss Cunningham, you’ve misunderstood Penny. The only people we don’t welcome are reckless barbarians.

A beauty like you is warmly welcomed! I’m planning to have a party at my house this weekend and I’ll invite some of my foreign friends. They are all civilized gentlemen and some of them are wealthy and influential people. Miss Cunningham, you should join our party so that I can introduce some of them to you. I’m sure that it’ll be great for your business!”

Penny immediately nodded and chimed in. “He’s right. Sasha, you have to come! Peter knows many wealthy gentlemen from his country and many of them are descendants from wealthy families. They are all handsome and rich young men and you’re definitely their type! Don’t worry, I’ll certainly introduce the most handsome man to you!”

Sitting at the side, Matthew couldn’t help but frown. I’m still right here. What are you two trying to do?

Meanwhile, Sasha shook her head and determinedly said, “No, thank you! I’m already married so there’s no need for me to meet any more gentlemen. It’s also not suitable for me to attend parties like that!”

Hearing this, Penny started to feel anxious. She really wanted to introduce Sasha to Peter’s powerful friends because she wanted to use her to elevate her status among those people. It was possible that she would even benefit from it. In Penny’s eyes, Sasha was an important bargaining chip for her to climb up the social hierarchy ladder.

With that, she pretended to be angry and said, “Sasha, my fiancé personally invited you to his party. Are you really going to refuse and embarrass him? Besides, knowing more people will benefit your career. Who said that married people can’t attend parties? Matthew, why don’t you tell us whether you support Sasha to attend the party or not? Do you want Sasha’s career to develop further? If you still consider yourself a man, you should know what to do. Even though you can’t be of help to Sasha’s career, shouldn’t you let her work hard for her future? Don’t you want to see Sasha succeed and be happy?”

Matthew instantly felt speechless. This woman is really shameless. Are you seriously asking my permission to introduce my wife to other men? Your words are implying that if I stop Sasha from attending the party, I’ll be a sinner who stays in the way of Sasha’s career. What b*llshit is that?

Just when Matthew was about to rebuke her, a group of people suddenly walked in. The person leading the group was Tiger. When he was about to head upstairs, he noticed Matthew and there was a flicker in his eyes.

“Mr. Larson, fancy seeing you here! This must be your wife. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Larson!”

Tiger hurriedly ran over and bowed to greet Matthew.

Seeing this, Penny glanced at Tiger disdainfully. In her eyes, people who Matthew knew were definitely not powerful people. Furthermore, Tiger was so respectful toward Matthew so she assumed that he definitely was just a nobody!

Feeling surprised, Sasha asked, “Who is this?”

Tiger put on a smile and replied, “My name is Tiger and I’m the purchasing manager of our company’s subsidiary herbary company!”

Penny immediately sneered. He’s just a small manager working at a subsidiary company of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. No wonder he bowed and greeted Matthew respectfully. He probably doesn’t know the Cunningham family’s situation and thinks that he can get a raise if he gets on Matthew’s good side.

Thinking of this, the way Penny looked at Tiger became even more contemptuous. After all, she had always looked down on people like him!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 143

Wellness Herbary was doing well recently and Sasha was really satisfied.

“Oh, it’s you. The company has been doing very well recently. Thank you all for your hard work!”

Tiger was overjoyed to hear Sasha’s praise. “Mrs. Larson, you’re too kind. We are just doing our job. Well then, Mr. and Mrs. Larson, I won’t be interrupting your meal any longer. Waiter, I’ll be paying the bill for this table!”

Hearing this, Penny immediately frowned. She invited Sasha out for dinner tonight so that she could show off her fiancé.

Now that Tiger was offering to pay the bill, he ruined her plan.

With a cold expression, she slammed her fist on the table and yelled, “Who are you looking down upon? Do you think that we can’t afford a meal and need you to help pay our bill?”

Tiger was startled by Penny’s reaction. They say that a person who smiles will often get pardoned. I’m already being really polite but why is this woman so angry?

However, he couldn’t figure out Penny’s relationship with Matthew and Sasha so he didn’t dare to rebuke her.

He was obviously embarrassed and Sasha felt embarrassed too. “Penny, Tiger is just being kind. Why are you mad at him?”

Penny had a contemptuous look on her face as she said, “How is he being kind? He’s just a flatterer! If you want to flatter Matthew, go do it somewhere else. Why are you showing off in front of me? Are you qualified to show off? I can’t believe you offered to pay our bill. Are you looking down on us and think that we can’t even afford to pay for a meal? Do you know who my husband is? Do you know what he does for a living?”

Tiger was infuriated. He would have yelled at Penny if it weren’t for Matthew’s sake.

Just then, Matthew chuckled and asked, “Peter, don’t you know who he is?”

Peter glanced at Tiger arrogantly and said, “I’ve just moved here not long ago so I’ve only met the upper-class locals.”

It was obvious that he was implying that he didn’t know lower-class people like Tiger.

Tiger almost couldn’t hold back his anger. Who the f*ck do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that?!

Matthew smiled and said, “Peter, is it possible that you just don’t remember him? Are you sure that you don’t know him at all?”

Peter arrogantly yelled, “Have I not made myself clear? I don’t know nobodys like him!”

Hearing this, Matthew burst into laughter and said, “A nobody? Hahaha… Peter, you are working as a CEO in his cousin’s company. How can you not know who he is?”

Everyone was taken aback. Surprised, Tiger asked, “Mr. Larson, what do you mean when you say that he’s the CEO of my cousin’s company?”

Peter was completely dumbfounded and he turned pale.

Matthew smiled and said, “According to Peter, he is the new CEO that Stanley Carlson personally hired! He’s in charge of all the business affairs of the Carlson Group, including business with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. He even said that he is going to completely cut off business with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals just now!”

Tiger was momentarily stunned before he figured out what Matthew meant and directly roared, “What a f*cking liar! My cousin personally manages the business affairs of his company. Why would he hire an outsider to be the CEO? I’ve never heard about this before! Hey you! Tell me, which Carlson Group are you working at?”

Peter was extremely pale and he stuttered as he spoke. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m the CEO of Carlson Group. I-I just started working there so it’s understandable that you don’t know…”

Tiger was furious. “Are you still fcking lying to me? Fine! My cousin will be here soon and we’ll discuss further after he arrives. Do you know the consequences of pretending to be the CEO of Carlson Group? This is a crime! I’m fcking going to make sure that you go to jail!”

Peter was stunned.

Meanwhile, Sasha was in a daze. Tiger is Stanley’s cousin? Why is such a powerful man working as a purchasing manager in my herbary company?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 144

Hearing this, Peter almost peed his pants and he hurriedly said, “I-I must’ve said it wrong. I’m not the CEO of Carlson Group but the Carlson Group really hired me and offered a high salary…”

Bystanders instantly burst into laughter when they heard that Peter was a liar. As for Penny, she felt really humiliated and her face turned red.

However, Tiger was not willing to give up. “Stop lying! Why would our company offer a high salary to losers like you?”

Peter panicked and quickly replied, “I-I’m telling the truth!”

“Well then, what position did our company offer you?!”

“I-I’m responsible for managing the k-kindergartens under Carlson Group…”

“Liar!” Tiger yelled angrily. “The person managing the kindergartens is my aunt. Since when did they hire you to replace her? Tell me the truth, what are you responsible for?”

Embarrassed, Peter muttered, “I-I am responsible for managing a class in the kindergarten…”

Everyone was startled and Tiger directly scoffed. “Responsible for a class? So you’re just a kindergarten teacher! You’re just a foreign teacher that our kindergarten hired, aren’t you?”

Everyone around them burst into laughter. This Peter guy is really just a liar. He’s just a foreign teacher working at a kindergarten under the Carlson Group but he pretended to be the CEO of Carlson Group. What a skillful liar. He was just boasting about being a civilized gentleman and scolded others for being savage and rude. In the end, he is just a liar.

At that moment, those who spoke for Peter and Penny a while ago felt extremely embarrassed, especially the girl who was dressed in luxurious clothes. She was so humiliated that she wished the ground would open up and swallow her. She had feelings for Peter when she saw that he was tall and handsome with a gentlemanly demeanor and heard that he was working in a high position. She never thought that he was just a liar!

Tiger curled his lips and said, “Turns out that you’re just trash! Who gave you the courage to even bring your fiancée to Shanghai Nights for dinner? Aren’t you afraid that you might go broke after having a meal here?”

Penny’s face flushed red with embarrassment, and she kept her head low and said nothing. Thinking about how she mocked Tiger a moment ago, she felt her face burning in shame.

Just then, Matthew smiled and said, “Tiger, don’t say that. Peter is a big shot that Carlson Group hired. I heard that Carlson Group even arranged for him to live in a large flat in The Grand Pavilion. It’s best if you don’t offend him. Otherwise, your cousin might get mad at you later.”

“Oh really? What’s your building and house number?”

Penny gritted her teeth and asked, “Why are you asking so many questions? It’s not like you’ll know even if we tell you!”

Tiger sneered, “Oh well, I actually do know a lot about the Grand Pavilion. After all, the Grand Pavilion and the Grand Garden were both developed by the construction company under Carlson Group. I know everything about it. Furthermore, I myself have eight flats in the Grand Pavilion for rent! Could it be that the company arranged for you to live in one of my houses?”

There was an instant commotion among the crowd. The starting price of a flat in the Grand Pavilion was 3 million and Tiger owned eight of them. Even if they were all three-room flats, it was worth at least 30 million.

Tiger is a real tycoon!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 145

Penny couldn’t hold back anymore and yelled, “B*llshit! You said that you own eight houses in the Grand Pavilion? Why don’t you go all out and say that you even own a few villas in the Grand Garden? I don’t believe that you’re Stanley Carlson’s cousin. You’re just a liar, aren’t you?!”

Just then, a man sitting at a nearby table stood up and yelled, “B*tch! How dare you talk to Tiger like that? Everybody in South Street knows who Master Tiger is! How dare you call him a liar?! What nonsense!”

All of a sudden, everyone started discussing.

“He’s Master Tiger?”

“Which Master Tiger?”

“There’s only one Master Tiger in South Street. Who else could it be?”

“Oh my god! Is he the almighty, powerful man in South Street that always gets his way?”

“Who else could it be?”

“If he really is Master Tiger, I would believe him even if he said that the Grand Pavilion belongs to him, let alone a few houses!”

Everyone’s tongues were wagging and there was fear in their eyes as they looked at Master Tiger. After all, Master Tiger was notorious. With Stanley’s support, not even the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff dared to go against him. It was obvious that he was a really powerful man. Sasha was astonished as she never thought that the purchasing manager in her herbary company would have such a powerful identity. As for Penny, she was almost in tears because she had heard stories about Master Tiger before. However, she never thought that Tiger who treated Matthew respectfully turned out to be the Master Tiger! If she had known sooner, she wouldn’t have dared to be disrespectful!

“A-Are you really Master Tiger?” Penny asked in a trembling voice.

“What do you think?” Tiger asked.

Penny was shivering so hard, she couldn’t stand straight. “Master Tiger, I-I’m sorry that I failed to recognize you. P- Please have mercy and forgive me…”

Tiger didn’t say anything and turned to look at Matthew, waiting for an answer.

Matthew smiled faintly. At that moment, seeing Penny shivering in fear, all the anger that he had dissipated.

“Enough. Go and entertain your guest. This is President Cunningham’s best friend. Forgive her for my sake!” Matthew said with a smile.

“Okay!” Tiger quickly nodded respectfully and said, “Mr. Larson, Mrs. Larson, I’ll be leaving to entertain my guests now.”

Sasha hurriedly got up and said, “Goodbye, Master Tiger.”

Hearing this, Tiger felt a shiver down his spine and he quickly replied, “Mrs. Larson, please don’t call me by my nickname. I’ll feel ashamed! Just call me Tiger. I won’t be able to bear it if you call me by my nickname.”

Sasha was completely dumbfounded. This is the almighty Master Tiger. The whole pharmaceutical industry listens to him but why is he so respectful toward me?

With that, Tiger left and Sasha immediately turned to look at Matthew.

“What just happened?”

Matthew smiled and replied, “I saved his life!”

“You?” Sasha was shocked. “How did you save him?”

“Have you forgotten that I work in the hospital? He came to me to cure his illness and I cured him!”

Sasha was even more confused. It’s true that Matthew is working in the hospital but he’s just a cleaner. He never studied medicine so how did he cure people? Besides, there’s also the incident with Billy Newman.

At that instant, Sasha looked at Matthew suspiciously and had a feeling that he was hiding something from her. Meanwhile, Matthew looked calm and didn’t explain anything to Sasha.

After all, he had to take revenge and he hadn’t figured out why his family was murdered. For the time being, Matthew didn’t want to reveal his secrets. He didn’t even want to tell Sasha because he knew that once he shared his secrets with her, she might be dragged into danger.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 146

It took a while for Peter and Penny to completely calm down after Tiger left. However, they were both extremely embarrassed.

Peter’s fake identity as a rich and young gentleman was exposed and he became a joke. Even though Sasha didn’t say anything, everyone else around them were constantly stealing glances and whispering. It was obvious they were mocking Peter.

As for Penny, she was sitting on pins and needles and she wanted very badly to leave. Just when she was thinking of an excuse, another group of people entered the restaurant. The person leading the group was a young man wearing Versace, and he looked arrogant.

A gleam appeared in Penny’s eyes and she immediately got up and yelled, “Young Master Jackson! Young Master Jackson!”

The young man instantly glanced in Penny’s direction and smirked disdainfully. Then, he ignored Penny and walked to the stairs.

Anxious, Penny hurriedly grabbed Sasha. “Sasha, come here. Let me introduce you to Young Master Jackson!”

It was only then did Zachary Jackson noticed Sasha and a sinister gleam appeared in his eyes. With that, he quickly stepped back and walked straight to their table.

“Oh, it’s you!” Zachary greeted Penny with a smile but his eyes were focused on Sasha.

“Young Master Jackson, long time no see!” Penny smiled ingratiatingly and asked, “How have you been lately?”

However, Zachary completely ignored her and just kept looking at Sasha. “Who is this young lady?”

“Oh, this is my best friend, Sasha Cunningham!” Penny introduced with a grin. “She’s Sasha Cunningham from the Cunningham Group. Young Master Jackson, I believe you’ve heard of her before.”

Zachary pondered for a moment before he yelled, “Sasha Cunningham? Didn’t she used to be the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff? I heard that she married a loser that leeches off her and lives at her family home.”

Penny instantly burst into laughter and replied, “That’s right! Young Master Jackson, it seems that you know a lot about Sasha! Sasha, Young Master Jackson is the heir of the Jackson family, one of the greatest families in Eastcliff.”

Everyone around them gasped in surprise. After all, being the heir of the Jackson family meant that he had a lot of power and wealth.

Zachary laughed and said, “Every gentleman desires to meet a fair lady, so of course I would know a lot about a beauty like Miss Cunningham. Miss Cunningham, nice to meet you. I’m Zachary Jackson and it’s an honor!”

As Jackson spoke, he stretched his hand to shake hands with Sasha.

Seeing this, Sasha hurriedly hid behind Matthew and said, “Nice to meet you, Young Master Jackson.”

It was only then Zachary noticed Matthew and he sneered, “Miss Cunningham, I reserved a VIP room upstairs. Why don’t we go upstairs and have a chat? It just so happens that my family is planning to do business in the pharmaceutical industry and maybe we can have a business cooperation with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals!”

Matthew directly interrupted him and said, “There’s no need. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals has been busy with business lately and we can’t accept any new orders.”

Zachary glanced at Penny and Penny instantly yelled, “Matthew, shut your mouth! Do you know who Young Master Jackson is? Don’t think that you can speak to him like that just because you know Master Tiger!”

After hearing this, Zachary snorted. “So you’re one of Master Tiger’s subordinates! Even Master Tiger has to treat me respectfully, let alone you. How dare you speak to me like that? I was in the middle of a conversation with Miss Cunningham. What does that have to do with you? Someone get him out of here!”

Zachary’s men immediately rushed over and surrounded Matthew aggressively.

Sasha was starting to panic. “Wh-What are you trying to do?”

“Don’t worry!” Matthew waved his hand and with a faint smile, he said, “This is Shanghai Nights. Don’t you think you have to ask the owner of Shanghai Nights for permission to fight here?”

Zachary sneered, “So what if we’re at Shanghai Nights? I’m a Platinum Card member here! If I want you out of here, the staff here will personally kick you out!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 147

As soon as Penny heard that Zachary was a Platinum Card member, she was overjoyed.

“Young Master Jackson, I didn’t know that you’re a Platinum Card member of Shanghai Nights! There aren’t many Platinum members in Eastcliff. Sasha, I heard that even your grandfather is not a Platinum member, right?”

Zachary smiled triumphantly after he heard this because being a Platinum member was already very high class. The membership level above the Platinum level was the diamond level. Only masters of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff and members of these families who were extra capable could attain the diamond level.

As for Platinum members, even though they were slightly inferior to diamond members, it was also not something ordinary people could get.

There were very few people who had a Platinum membership card at Zachary’s age and the majority of them were heirs of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, which was why Zachary believed that he could use his membership status to threaten Matthew. At that instant, Penny seemed really excited, as if the Platinum membership belonged to her.

“Matthew, how dare you try to explain the rules of Shanghai Nights to Young Master Jackson? Do you know how you even entered this place? If I didn’t invite you, you wouldn’t even be able to enter such a high-end restaurant! However, you still have the face to treat a Platinum member rudely. Young Master Jackson, kick him out. A man like him is not worthy to stay in such a high-end place like this!”

Sasha started to panic. “Penny…”

However, Penny directly interrupted her and said, “Sasha, don’t speak. I’m doing this for your own good! Matthew is not worthy to sit with you! Matthew, if you can read the room, hurry up and leave. Otherwise, you might get thrown out of here and be humiliated!”

Sasha still wanted to speak but Matthew spoke before her. “Young Master Jackson, are you sure you want to create trouble at Shanghai Nights?”

With an arrogant stance, Young Master Jackson replied, “I’m not causing trouble, I’m getting rid of trouble. However, you seem reluctant to follow my orders. Well then, I’ll show you how different the both of us are!”

With that, Young Master Jackson waved his arm and yelled, “Go and call the waiters. Tell them that I want to clear the room!”

A few of his subordinates immediately walked away and not long after, they returned with a waiter.

“Do you see that man over there? Get him out of here! Young Master Jackson wants him gone. It’s best you do it fast so that he won’t affect Young Master Jackson’s appetite!” a subordinate shouted at the waiter.

Penny also pointed at Matthew and laughed as she said, “He’s right! Get rid of this loser! He uses chopsticks to eat Western food, what an embarrassment! Throw him out quickly. Don’t let him dirty this high-class restaurant!”

However, the waiter looked slightly embarrassed and he whispered, “Young Master Jackson, everyone is just here to have a meal. There’s no need to create a commotion.”

Young Master Jackson was furious. “What do you mean? I’m a Platinum member of Shanghai Nights and I’m kicking out a man without a membership card. Is that wrong? Doesn’t Shanghai Nights have membership levels? Can’t a high-level member like me chase away low-level members?”

“Young Master Jackson, you’re right. High-level members indeed have such rights, but…”

Infuriated, Young Master Jackson roared, “Stop blabbering and get this man out of here immediately! Otherwise, I’ll talk to your manager and ask him to handle this!”

With a helpless expression, the waiter said, “Young Master Jackson, if you insist on making such a request, I’m sorry but I-I can only ask you to leave!”

Young Master Jackson was stunned by his words. “What do you mean?”

Penny’s eyes widened in shock as well and she yelled, “Have you f*cking lost your mind? Young Master Jackson is a Platinum member of Shanghai Night. How dare you ask him to leave? Are you crazy?!”

Young Master Jackson’s subordinates also chimed in and shouted angrily at the waiter. “We’ll give you a chance to make things right! Hurry up and apologize to Young Master Jackson or we’ll tear down Shanghai Nights!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 148

The waiter sighed helplessly and said, “Young Master Jackson, you said it yourself. According to Shanghai Nights membership rules, high-level members can request low-level members to leave.”

Young Master Jackson glared at him and asked, “Then why are you asking me to leave?”

The waiter turned to look at Matthew and said, “Mr. Larson is one of our top-level members. If you want Mr. Larson to leave, we have no choice but to kick you out!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, everyone was shocked, including the other guests who were watching the show. They thought that Matthew was just a loser who leeched off his wife and that he would definitely have no choice but to leave if Young Master Jackson wanted him out.

After all, Shanghai Nights wouldn’t offend a Platinum member for the sake of a man who did not even have a member card. No one had imagined that such a turn of events would happen. Matthew is one of the top-level members of Shanghai Nights?! Everyone couldn’t help but wonder if they had heard the waiter wrongly!

Agitated, Penny yelled, “What are you talking about? How is it possible that Matthew is one of the top-level members here? Have you gone mad? He is just a loser live-in son-in-law. How could he be a top-level member? F*ck, what kind of place is this? How dare they hire a madman as a waiter? It seems like Shanghai Nights is just a ordinary restaurant!”

Everyone else was also looking at the waiter doubtfully and wondering whether he had lost his mind. Just then, a cold voice could be heard coming from upstairs. “He’s not crazy, and neither is he stupid!”

Everyone immediately turned around and when they saw Mr. Moses, there was a commotion. Mr. Moses was in charge of taking care of Shanghai Nights and he was famous in Eastcliff.

“It’s Mr. Moses! Mr. Moses, nice to see you!” Young Master Jackson smiled as he walked over to shake Mr. Moses’s hand. Unexpectedly, Mr. Moses directly ignored him and strode up to Matthew. “Mr. Larson, my apologies. I didn’t know you were here. I’m sorry for not giving you the best arrangements. Please forgive me!”

Everyone was stunned. Why is a big shot like Mr. Moses so respectful toward Matthew?

Young Master Jackson quickly walked over and asked, “Mr. Moses, what are you doing? I think you’ve mistaken him for someone else. Isn’t he just a live-in son-in-law? The waiter got the wrong person just now but how is it that you made the same mistake?”

Mr. Moses patted the waiter’s shoulder and said, “What he said is true! Mr. Larson is indeed one of our top-level members. In fact, he is one of our supreme membership card holders! Shanghai Nights has only three supreme members and he is one of them!”

The crowd immediately went into an uproar and everyone was deeply shocked. Even though they were suspicious when the waiter said it, nobody dared to question Mr. Moses. Meanwhile, Young Master Jackson was in a daze. What the hell?

I’ve only heard of the Supreme Card before and never seen anyone use it. I know there’s three of them and Billy Newman has one. Even my grandfather only has a Diamond Card and is not even qualified to have a Supreme Card. How is it that a live-in son-in-law has a Supreme Card? I can’t believe that his membership level is even higher than the masters of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff!

“Mr. Moses, did you make a mistake? He’s just a loser that leeches off his wife! How is it possible that he has a Supreme Card? I-I’m sure that he stole it! Mr. Moses, you should start an investigation. I’m sure he’s just a thief!”

Mr. Moses was extremely furious. “Enough! Zip your mouth! You’re just a Platinum member. How dare you disrespect a supreme member?! Guards, get him out of here and cancel his membership! From now onward, he is not allowed to step into Shanghai Nights!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 149
A group of guards immediately rushed over and dragged Zachary out without any hesitation. At first, Zachary’s subordinates wanted to fight back but they stopped struggling after they were beaten up.

As for Penny, she was stunned. Did the heir of the Jackson family, one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, just get kicked out like that? She was planning to use Zachary’s power to humiliate Matthew and regain some dignity.

However, at that moment, Zachary was humiliated by Matthew. Furthermore, she could tell that Matthew could get her out of Shanghai Nights anytime he wanted to! Since when did this loser become an esteemed guest of Shanghai Nights?

Mr. Moses suddenly said, “Mr. Larson, I’m sorry for the nonsense that our guest has caused. I’ve already asked the waiters to arrange a table for you in the supreme VIP room on the top floor. Would you be interested to change tables?”

Everyone gasped in surprise. The supreme VIP room was even more high class than the restaurant on the ninth floor of Times Hotel, where only a few hundred people were qualified to dine in. However, there were only a few that could enter the supreme VIP room at Shanghai Nights.

Even young masters of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff were not qualified to enter, but now, Mr. Moses was inviting Matthew to the supreme VIP room.

This meant that in their eyes, Matthew was much more powerful than the heirs of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff.

A gleam appeared in Penny’s eyes. After all, she had heard about the supreme VIP room before. If she could dine in the supreme VIP room, she would have something to brag about for a lifetime.

She hurriedly got up and earnestly said, “Matthew, since Mr. Moses was kind enough to make arrangements, we shouldn’t reject him. Let’s go to the top floor.

I heard that it’s really quiet there. It just so happens that I have some secrets to share with Sasha.”

Hearing this, Peter nodded vigorously and he even pulled out his phone. Once I enter the supreme VIP room, I have to take a lot of pictures! It’ll definitely be easier to lie and cheat if I have these photos!

However, Matthew lightly waved his hand and said, “Mr. Moses, there’s no need to be so kind. I wasn’t even invited to this meal today and I’m only here to accompany my wife.

Peter is an elite gentleman that was scouted from overseas and he is a gold member here, so I don’t think he will accept my invite. Besides, Tiger got yelled at when he offered to pay our bill. If I forcefully change arrangements, won’t I be rude?”

Mr. Moses was a smart man so he could grasp the situation after hearing Matthew’s words. He looked at Peter meaningfully for a while before he smiled and nodded. “In that case, please enjoy the rest of your meal here, Mr. Larson.”

With that, Mr. Moses and the waiter left. Meanwhile, Penny and Peter who had already stood up were completely dumbfounded.

I’ve already prepared to go upstairs but why did Matthew suddenly refuse to change tables? It’s the supreme VIP room of Shanghai Nights we’re talking about! Most people in Eastcliff are not qualified to enter. I may never have a chance like this again, and I just lost it.

Even though Penny was irritated, she didn’t dare to yell at Matthew. With her voice lowered, she said, “Matthew, y-you’re being rude.

Mr. Moses arranged the supreme VIP room out of respect for you and it’s impolite for you to reject him. Don’t you know that you shouldn’t reject other people’s act of kindness?”

Matthew gave her a sideways glance and said, “But didn’t you reject Tiger’s offer just now?”

“You…” Penny was at a loss for words.

“Forget it, let’s eat!” Sasha said to ease the tension.

Penny was furious but she stayed silent. Not long after they started eating, Mr. Moses returned.

“Sorry for interrupting your meal. Mr. Peter, may I ask from where did you get your Gold Card?”

Hearing this, Peter’s face turned pale. However, Penny instantly glared at him and sneered, “The Gold Card belongs to my fiancé. How else would he have it? What are you trying to say?”

“Well, when we were checking our members list a moment ago, we realized that the Gold Card does not belong to Mr. Peter.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 150

Peter stuttered as he replied, “My card… My friend lent me his card. Is… Is that illegal?”

Penny immediately nodded and said, “Yes, he borrowed it from a friend! Can’t members lend their membership cards to others?”

With a faint smile, Mr. Moses said, “Of course they can. However, we called the owner of the card and he said that he lost it. He also mentioned that he doesn’t know Mr. Peter, which is why I’m here to ask Mr. Peter, how did you obtain this card?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other guests around them started a heated discussion.

Not only is he a liar, but he’s also a thief!

I can’t believe that he stole a membership card.

At that instant, even the girls who thought Peter was a gentleman were all dumbfounded. Peter was considered as a tall and handsome guy.

After boasting about himself, many girls thought that he was a charming prince. Compared to him, Matthew was a lot less attractive.

However, their charming prince turned out to be a liar and a thief. At that moment, the gentleman demeanor and civilized actions that he described all seemed ironic.

With his voice lowered, Peter muttered, “I-I found this card on the streets…”

A cold expression appeared on Mr. Moses’s face. “How could you simply use a card that you found on the streets? Isn’t that the same as being a thief?”

Peter looked embarrassed, and he lowered his head and said nothing. However, Mr. Moses continued to coldly reprimand him. “Since you’re not a member of Shanghai Nights, you’re not qualified to enter! Drag these two out of here and call the police!”

Penny immediately looked desperate. After all, if this matter got out of hand, the two of them would be doomed.

“Sasha, you have to help me. We’re old classmates and we’ve been best friends for so many years. Please help me…”

Penny grabbed Sasha’s arm in panic. There was a cold expression on Sasha’s face because she was utterly disappointed in Penny. However, as she looked at Penny’s face, her heart softened because after all, they had been friends for many years. So, she turned to look at Matthew to ask for his opinion.

Matthew understood what Sasha meant because he knew that Sasha treasured relationships. It would be hard for her to watch Penny being taken away by the police.

Matthew gave her a nod in response and Sasha let out a sigh of relief.

“Mr. Moses, there’s no need to make a scene. Let’s just pretend that I arranged this dinner. Can you let them go for my sake?”

Mr. Moses didn’t dare to sight Matthew’s wife at all so he quickly bowed and said, “Mrs. Larson, you’re a diamond member of Shanghai Nights. Of course we will follow your request!”

Everyone around them was once again stunned. Sasha is a diamond member of Shanghai Nights? They suddenly remembered how arrogant Young Master Jackson was for being a Platinum Card member.

I never expected Matthew and Sasha to be a supreme member and a diamond member respectively. They are the real big shots!

At that instant, Penny felt extremely ashamed because she had been bragging about her fiancé’s gold membership a while ago. Now that she found out that the both of them were way more powerful than her fiancé, she felt embarrassed.

After this incident, Peter and Penny ate their meal in silence. After they finished their meal, they left in a hurry. They were completely humiliated tonight and Matthew was delighted to have let out his anger.

After they left Shanghai Nights, Sasha leaned into Matthew’s arms and said softly, “Matthew, I’m sorry for letting you feel wronged tonight.

I know that I should’ve taught learn a lesson. However, Penny has done me a favor before. Let’s just say that I returned the favor tonight. From now on, I’ll cut ties with her.”

Matthew smiled and pulled Sasha into his arms. “Silly girl. I told you that I’ll support your every decision! Besides, I don’t think you did anything wrong. If you weren’t a person who treasured relationships, we wouldn’t be here together today.”

Sasha blushed and felt delighted. It’s great to have a man who understands and supports me!

When the two of them were walking, they suddenly received a call from Helen. “Sasha, where are you? Hurry up and come home! Your third uncle and his family are here!

By the way, how did you handle my request to arrange jobs for your uncle and others? I think they are probably here because of this. You have to arrange it as soon as possible.”

Sasha’s expression instantly changed. She turned to look at Matthew helplessly and muttered, “Matthew, we can’t watch a movie anymore. My third uncle has come to visit…”

Matthew frowned because he knew what Sasha meant. Sasha’s third uncle and his family were much more cruel and mean than Helen. In the past, they even tried introducing Sasha to a rich man’s son so that they could raise their status.

However, Sasha’s marriage to Matthew ruined their plan and because of this, they even came to their house and had a fight. They couldn’t even stand being in the same room with Matthew, which was why they never once visited Sasha’s house in the past two years.

Why did they suddenly choose to visit today?

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