The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 151-160

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 151

Matthew and Sasha returned home. As soon as they entered the house, they heard a woman’s shrill voice. “Oh, James, it seems that you have awful parenting skills! It’s already 9pm but your daughter is still out and about and fooling around! Look at my daughter.

She comes home on time by 8.30pm every night. This is how a good girl should be! No wonder she chose to marry a loser. She’s probably out because she is tired of being with him and is busy looking for another man.”

The person who was speaking was no other than Sasha’s third aunt, Paula Dawson.

Hearing this, James and Helen’s faces turned red with anger. “Paula, Sasha went out with Matthew. She’s not out fooling around with other men! Besides, Sasha is an adult. It is normal for her to have dinner with her friends and come home later than 9pm!”

Paula smirked disdainfully. “That’s why I said you’re not strict enough! Why did you agree to let Sasha go out with Matthew? What kind of friends could Matthew have? I’m pretty sure they are all a bad influence. What good will going out with a bunch of rascals do Sasha?

Do you really think she went out for a meal? Here’s some advice. Make sure that your daughter is making friends with civilized elites, like how Jojo is.

You should forbid her from being friends with rascals from the bottom of society. All they know is how to eat and play. What else could they do?”

James sneered because he knew that Paula’s family was extremely stingy and they would never go out to socialize with friends. The only time they would ask someone out was when they were in trouble or needed a favor.

“By the way, what is the purpose of your visit?” Helen quickly changed the topic.

Paula and Norman Freeman glanced at each other for a moment before Norman coughed and said, “Well, Jojo has just graduated from university. You all know how amazing my daughter is, and there are a lot of companies fighting to hire her.

However, since we are a family, I thought that we shouldn’t let other companies take advantage of Jojo’s abilities, which is why I’m planning to let Jojo help you!”

Helen and James instantly turned to meet each other’s gazes. As expected, Norman and Paula were visiting them so that they would give Jojo a job. Even though they were mentally prepared, Norman’s words still made them feel upset.

You’re here to ask us to provide a job but you speak as if we’re taking advantage of you. If Jojo was really smart and capable, it wouldn’t be a problem. However, Jojo is a poor student. What can a poor student who just graduated do in Cunningham Pharmaceuticals?

Helen gestured to James because she knew that if they didn’t agree, Norman and Paula would definitely cause trouble. They would even ask Helen’s parents to scold her! As for James, he knew Paula was a shrew so he dared not disagree with her.

“Well then, why don’t we let Jojo work in our company?” James replied with a smile.

However, Norman frowned and Paula seemed upset to hear this. “Work? James, are you saying that you want Jojo to be an employee? Jojo is an outstanding student with an amazing attitude, yet you’re asking her to be an employee?”

James was dumbfounded. Jojo is just a college student who just graduated. You should thank us for letting her work in Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

If you don’t want her to be an employee, what position should I give her? Are you asking me to let her be the leader of a department?

“Paula, Jojo has just graduated after all…” Helen said softly.

Infuriated, Paula roared, “So what if she’s a fresh graduate? Even though she just graduated, there are many companies fighting to hire Jojo.

The reason we came here is to help our family, but this is how you treat us? I’m disappointed in you both!”

James couldn’t hold back his anger and yelled, “In that case, why don’t you let Jojo work in other large companies?!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, everyone was startled.

Helen had a worried look on her face because she knew that James’s words were about to cause trouble.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 152

As expected, Paula exploded. “James, what are you implying? Are you looking down on Jojo? Oh, James! Have you forgotten how we generously helped you when you were down and out?

Now that you’ve gained success, you decide to not take us seriously? An ungrateful person like you will get struck by lightning!”

James was extremely irritated. They only lent a few thousand from Helen’s family when they were down and out a few years ago but Paula always brought this up, even up till today.

Helen quickly tried to ease the tension. “Enough. James, how could you say that? Paula, please forgive him. Why don’t you tell me your requests and I’ll help you arrange it?”

It was only then did Paula’s anger subside. In a cold voice, she said, “I don’t have many requests. I just hope that your company can treat Jojo according to her abilities! You can’t give her a low level position, and you should offer her a managerial position at the very least!

The pay can’t be too low either. However, since we are a family, I won’t have high requirements for her pay—a monthly salary of 50,000 would do.

You should also give her a car. Jojo will make do with James’s car for two years and change into another car after that. As for her accommodation, I heard that houses at the Grand Pavilion are pretty nice…”

Hearing this, James couldn’t hold back his anger and said sarcastically, “Why don’t you move to Lakeside Garden then?”

Paula was infuriated. “What is with your attitude? Do you think that Jojo is not worthy to live in Lakeside Garden? Let me get this straight—Jojo’s future husband will have a house in Lakeside Garden. Otherwise, he is not qualified to marry her!”

James almost spurted out blood. Your daughter looks like a pig. Which second-generation wealthy young man would be blind enough to marry her?

Meanwhile, Helen looked embarrassed. After all, she couldn’t agree to Paula’s requests at all. It would be easy if she only needed to give Jojo a normal job because it wouldn’t affect the company much.

However, being a manager would affect the company’s future development. How could she let that happen? Just then, Sasha entered the house.

Paula immediately glanced at Sasha with a look of disdain. “Wow, you’re finally back from messing around! You really are rude to older relatives. Not only did you not rush back home to serve your elders, but you were busy messing around, eating and drinking. Do you even care about your elders at all?”

Sasha frowned and felt annoyed. However, she didn’t dare to rebuke Paula.

After all, Paula was much worse than Helen and she even had the elders at home supporting her. If they got into a fight, her whole family would be in a mess.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you were visiting!” Sasha said softly.

Paulu waved her hand and said, “Forget it, it’s not entirely your fault. Your father is the one responsible for not teaching you properly!”

James gritted his teeth angrily. If it weren’t because he couldn’t win this shrew, he would’ve flown into a rage long ago.

“Sasha, you’re home just in time. I’ve told your parents about the matter and they’ve agreed. Now, all we have to do is see whether your filial. Will you support your parents’ decision?”

James and Helen were completely dumbfounded.

Since when did we agree?

Sasha was confused. “What’s the matter?”

Paula yelled at her loudly. “Stop asking questions! Just answer one simple question, are you filial or not?!”

Sasha was about to have a breakdown. I don’t even know what is going on. Why is it related to me being filial?

Just then, James hurriedly said, “Well, your aunt wants Jojo to work in our company as a manager with a monthly salary of 50,000.

She also wants me to give my car to Jojo and asked us to arrange for Jojo to live in a house in the Grand Pavilion! She’s asking for you to arrange everything!”

After hearing this, Sasha only had one thought. Has she gone mad?

However, Paula behaved like this was completely reasonable. “Well, you’ve heard about the matter. Sasha, you know how well your uncle and I have treated you ever since you were young. Just tell me, are you willing to repay your uncle and I?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 153

Sasha almost spit out a mouthful of blood. How could they ask me to repay them? I don’t feel like they are my relatives at all. I remember living at my grandmother’s house for a few days when I was still a child.

However, Uncle Norman and Aunt Paula kept complaining that we ate too much and chased Demi and I away. Later on, the Cunningham family founded Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and gained success. Once they saw us get rich, they immediately ran over to get close to us.

Back then, they even insisted that Demi and I stayed at their place during the holidays and praised us for being beautiful and kind. I know that they did all that just for the Cunningham family to see.

Later, my father was cut off from the Cunningham family and once our family went down and under, this couple immediately changed their attitude.

Sasha could still remember clearly the day Helen brought her and her sister back to her family home to borrow some money to get through hard times. Back then, Norman hid away and refused to see them while Paula mocked them with cruel words.

In the end, it was Helen’s eldest brother who lent them money, and Paula even went to his house to argue because of this. In the end, he was forced to lend Paula and Norman the same amount of money before Paula finally shut up.

Later, Sasha started working and returned the money while Norman and his family never mentioned this again.

There was once where Sasha’s eldest aunt fell sick and needed money for her medical bills so they went to ask Paula to return the money. However, Paula directly argued and asked Helen’s eldest brother to show them receipts.

Helen’s eldest brother was a loyal and honest man so he never wrote an IOU. In the end, Norman and his family completely denied that they lent this money. Helen’s eldest brother was so furious that he had a heart attack and almost died in the hospital.

Back then, Helen went home in order to fight for her eldest brother but Paula snarled and yelled at her so nastily that she was forced to run away.

Because of this, the two families stopped contacting each other for a long time. A year later, Paula surprisingly came to visit and she even brought gifts.

She spoke so politely that they thought that she had finally realized her past wrongdoings. Later on, she specially invited Sasha to her mother’s family home to worship her ancestors. However, she had also invited a local rich man’s son to dinner that night.

She said that it was to entertain Sasha but in fact, she deliberately wanted to send Sasha into that young man’s arms so that she could profit from it.

When the rich young man saw Sasha, he was mesmerized by her beauty. In order to have s*x with Sasha that night, he spiked her wine.

Fortunately, Sasha was vigilant and didn’t drink the wine he gave her. Then, she escaped by taking a taxi overnight and rushed back to Eastcliff.

Afterward, Paula still had the guts to make a scene at the Cunningham family house. She yelled at Sasha for leaving without any notice, and she said that Sasha was rude and humiliated her in front of the rich young man.

She even asked Sasha to apologize to the rich young man but Sasha didn’t obey. Then, Paula ran to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and shouted at her, saying that she agreed to marry the rich young man but went back on her word after she received his gifts.

Because of this, Sasha’s reputation at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals was destroyed. Unable to hold back her anger, Sasha called the police to solve this issue.

It was only after Paula was captured did she start to panic, and she hurriedly asked her husband to beg Sasha for mercy. In the end, Sasha’s grandmother came forward and apologized so Sasha had no choice but to repeal the case.

After that, Paula stayed quiet for a while. However, once she heard Sasha was tricked by Jason to marry Matthew, she immediately rushed over. Paula mocked and ridiculed Sasha so badly that everyone thought Sasha was worthless.

She spread rumors that Sasha had no choice but to marry Matthew because she was fooling around with multiple men and had a bad reputation in Eastcliff. In short, during that time, even Helen didn’t dare to return to her mother’s home.

As long as she visited, the elders would ask how many men did Sasha sleep with. No matter how hard Helen tried to explain, nobody believed her and Sasha’s reputation was completely ruined. There were several times when Sasha thought about suing Paula but she was stopped by Helen.

Norman was Helen’s youngest brother who was loved by their parents the most. If anything happened to his family, Helen’s mother would be devastated, which was why Sasha chose to forbear her anger for her grandmother’s sake.

However, she never thought that they would appear again after a few years of silence. It was obvious that they were here to take advantage as soon as they heard that Sasha’s family had gained success.

However, have they gone mad? How dare they make such requests? I’ve never met such shameless people in my life!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 154
Just when Sasha was full of anger and wanted to refute Paula, she saw Helen wave at her. Seeing this, she sighed. She understood what her mother was trying to tell her. If she refused them outrightly, Paula would definitely make a fuss and her family would never get peace.

After giving it some thought, Sasha replied, “Aunt Paula, we can’t deal with this with such hurry. Why don’t I think about it and give you a reply in two days?”

Paula was sullen. “Why do you need two days to deal with such a small matter? What kind of a president are you if you can’t even arrange a manager position? Are you sure you’re capable of being president?”

Norman waved his hand and said, “Well, in my opinion, Sasha lacks courage and is completely incomparable with Jojo. We are your relatives but you dilly-dally when we ask you to do something.

Let me be frank—if Jojo was the president and you asked her to give you a job, she would surely treat you well! With just a simple order, she would be able to give you a managerial position. However, when it comes to your capabilities, I think your company will go bankrupt under your management sooner or later.”

Sasha felt as if she was about to go mad. According to what you said, why don’t I directly let Jojo become the president? Don’t you know your daughter’s capabilities? If she really was a capable person, why are you here asking me for a job?

Gritting her teeth, Sasha said, “Aunt Paula, I just started working as the president not long ago. There are many company affairs that I haven’t fully grasped yet so I need some time to make arrangements.”

Paula pouted and said, “Well then, since we’re relatives, I’ll give you a day’s time. I want to hear a reply from you at this time tomorrow night, understand?”

Looking at her attitude and hearing her tone, she doesn’t seem like she’s asking for a favor at all!

Forcefully suppressing her anger, Sasha muttered, “Okay.”

Paula nodded. “Well then, it’s decided. By the way, where are we staying tonight? Sasha, you’re the president of your company so you should make arrangements for us. Jojo is a little bit of a clean freak. There was once we stayed in a four-star hotel and it was so dirty that she couldn’t get a good night’s sleep.”

Sasha was stunned. Wow, are you telling me that you can only stay in a five-star hotel? The two of you are just a local clerk and small shop owner back in your hometown.

You should be grateful to be able to live in a motel. How could you request to stay in a five-star hotel? Do you even know what a five-star hotel looks like?

Sasha wanted to rebuke them but at that moment, Matthew walked over and smiled as he said, “Sasha, I’ll help arrange their accommodation. Uncle Norman, is a five-star hotel okay?”

Norman and his family were overjoyed to hear this and they nodded vigorously. “Sure! Matthew, I didn’t know that you were this capable.”

With a smile, Matthew nodded and said, “Come, I’ll take you there.”

With that, Norman and his family immediately left the house. Sasha followed behind and handed Matthew her wallet.

Matthew waved his hand and said, “I don’t need it.”

Sasha was surprised. “Why? Do you have cash on you?”

Matthew smiled faintly and whispered, “Just leave it to me.”

After they left the house, Matthew made a call to Tiger and asked him to make arrangements.

Matthew then drove Norman and his family to a five-star hotel and they reached the entrance in ten minutes.

He even personally sent the three of them upstairs. Before he left the room, he casually patted the bed and spread some powder on it. It was a new medicine that Matthew had formulated.

Uncle Norman, you and your family won’t be sleeping peacefully tonight. Do you really think that it’s a good thing that you get to sleep in a five-star hotel?

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] novel Chapter 153
The Rogers family replied, “God of War, even though we planned everything under Oswald’s name back then, the Rogers family actually benefited the least from it.

We only benefited from a small part of the core technologies and took over Levi Group! The bulk of it went to the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!”

“North Hampton Chamber of Commerce?” Levi furrowed his eyebrows.

“Yes, it is made up of the 4 aristocratic families – the Hendersons, the Williamsons, the Andersons, and the Robinsons. There are also a lot of business associations consisting of rich corporations. They dominate North Hampton, and are in a tight competition with Winston Gonzales, the richest person in North Hampton!” Glenn said.

Levi knew about the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

The former hegemon of North Hampton’s world of commerce.

It was known that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce held nearly half of North Hampton’s economic lifeline.

Their annual GDP contributions were frightening!

When Levi succeeded in starting his own business, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce wooed him to join them. However, their condition was that he had to hand over the core medical technologies of Levi Group.

Levi rejected the proposal.

In retrospect, Levi had already been a target of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Because he had rejected them, he was maimed and imprisoned. His brother had been killed, and his wife had lived as a widow for six years.

The business world was akin to a battlefield and might even be more deadly.

Despite how decent wealthy entrepreneurs looked on the surface, they could actually be bloodsucking cannibals, swallowing people up whole!

The number of people who had lost their lives because of the rich was unfathomable!

Levi was insignificant to them, so many people might have forgotten about him.

He was not worth remembering at all!

At this moment, Azure Dragon and Phoenix had arrived. They informed Levi that those online products were from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Tap tap tap…

Levi tapped his fingers rhythmically on the armrest.

“Since that is so, let North Hampton Chamber of Commerce disappear!” Levi ordered.

The Rogers family were on the floor, not doubting what Levi said.

The four giants of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce believed that their wealth dominated North Hampton with their influential businesses. No one could affect them.

Messing with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was akin to messing with North Hampton’s foundation!

However, they would not expect the God of War to be the one messing with them!

Glenn asked, “God of War, will the properties and businesses under Levi Group and the Rogers family be transferred to you?”

“Transfer them to Kirin!” Levi said.

Within a few hours, all the properties and businesses under Levi Group, the Garrison family, and the Rogers family were transferred to Kirin.

Kirin’s real name was Neil Rhodes.

From then on, Neil became the new owner of all the Rogers family’s assets.

As for the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, Levi wanted to take his sweet time torturing them. He wanted to see them go insane with his tricks and watch them become fearful as they beg for death’s arrival.

Levi’s gaze fell on Anthony all of a sudden. “Did you say earlier that you wanted to attack and kill me?”

Anthony was shocked to hear Levi’s words. “Please spare my life, spare my life…”

Levi stood up and smiled, “Spread the news! Say that Mr. Rhodes has become the owner of Levi Group and Garrison Group!”

“Understood!” Glenn responded.

“Oh yes, I hope to see Oswald tomorrow morning. He owes my wife an apology!”

There was a look of malice in Levi’s eyes!

After that, Levi left, bringing Abigail along with him.

When they were about to reach the exit, they bumped into Pamela and Bailey.

“Abigail, why are the both of you leaving?” Pamela asked curiously.

Abigail looked at them, feeling confused. “Dad, Mum, the celebration is over.”

Bailey retorted immediately, “What rubbish! It only started 30 minutes ago. The celebration lasts for about 4 hours, doesn’t it?”

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] novel Chapter 154

“It’s really over! Do you not believe me?” Abigail said helplessly.

Pamela stared at Levi and said, “Abigail, why did you even bring him here? How embarrassing!”

“Yes! If not for you, what right does he have to attend the celebration?”

Bailey shot back at Abigail and proceeded to enter the venue with Pamela.

Abigail really wanted to tell them that the celebration ended because of Levi.

However, her parents had already gone ahead.

Bailey and Pamela were in shock when they entered the venue.

There was not a single soul in sight.

They saw Glenn and the others on their knees, drenched in cold sweat.

They tried their best to get an answer from the Rogers family, but no one revealed the reason.

Outside, Levi looked at Abigail whose head was lowered. She seemed fearful of him, so he could not help but ask, “Why are you afraid of me? I am still your brother-in-law.”

Abigail lifted her head all of a sudden and planted a kiss on Levi’s face.


Thankfully, Levi was quick to respond, if not, Abigail would have kissed him.

Levi was shocked by Abigail’s reaction, “W-What are you doing?”

Abigail chuckled in delight, “Brother-in-law, you were so cool just now!”

Flabbergasted, Levi almost vomited blood.

Wasn’t she terribly afraid of me just now?

Why did she try to kiss me all of a sudden?

Young girls have such strange ideas these days!

As they headed towards the car, Abigail laughed and said, “Brother-in-law, you are my idol from now on!”

Two strange things happened in North Hampton today!

Firstly, the Rogers family’s 40th-anniversary celebration had been suddenly interrupted. All the guests left without a reason. Why was that so?

Secondly, news broke out that a mysterious man known as Neil Rhodes had taken over both the Garrison Group and Levi Group.

With regard to these two matters, the Rogers family kept mum about them, saying that they were trade secrets.

“What on earth is the Rogers family doing, handing over Levi Group and the Garrison Group?”

“What was the Rogers family’s celebration about? So secretive!”

“Who is this person called Mr. Rhodes? How is he related to them?”

The news spread across several luxurious villas in North Hampton, attracting the attention of the four giants of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

When Levi and Abigail returned home, Aaron and Caitlyn were around.

Caitlyn stared at Levi, “You are forever frolicking around with nothing better to do. If you are so free, why don’t you help Zoey out? Why bother attending such a celebration? Are you even qualified to be there?”

Bailey humphed, “Yes, that’s right. Levi, we hope that you can rely on your own ability to attend such a celebration instead of depending on Abigail!”

Zoey also felt that Levi liked to join in the fun at such celebrations.

Casting all grievances with the Rogers family aside, she felt that there was no need for Levi to attend the celebration since he did not have the status to do so.

Levi laughed, “Dad, Mum, and Zoey, I was at the Rogers family to deal with something!”

Aaron, Bailey, and the others were dubious when they heard Levi. They asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I went to settle some scores with Oswald!” Levi responded.

Zoey was shocked.

She was afraid that Levi would do something foolish. Things would get out of hand if they were targeted by the Rogers family.

Zoey told her parents about what happened the other day.

“What? So it was Oswald who planned the entire thing! But Levi, what did you do? You almost beat Oswald to death? Do you want to die?”

“If you plan to die, then don’t drag us into it!” Aaron and Caitlyn spoke angrily.

Zoey asked, worried, “What did you do to the Rogers family today?”

Levi said, “The Rogers family will bring Oswald here personally to make an apology!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 155
As soon as Matthew arrived home, he heard James throwing a temper.

“Helen, what’s wrong with your family? Are they crazy? No matter what, I want them out of my sight tomorrow!”

Tears welled up in Helen’s eyes as she said, “Darling, can’t you stand in my shoes? He’s my brother. Do you think I can kick him out?

If I do that, my family would be heartbroken! Have you forgotten how my mother treated you back when you were poor in the early years of our marriage?”

James was instantly at a loss of words. Back when he was poor, his mother-in-law indeed treated him well and he was grateful for it.

“But what are we supposed to do?” James asked anxiously. “Are we really going to let her work in our company as a manager? Sasha, what were you thinking? How could you promise to give them a reply tomorrow? What are you going to say?”

Sasha looked helpless. “Dad, if I didn’t say that, do you think they would’ve left?”

“But you can’t simply make promises! If you can’t fulfill their requests, what are you going to do?”

Sasha immediately fell silent because she didn’t know what to do either. Just then, Matthew walked over and said, “James, don’t worry. Just leave it to me.”

James just glared at Matthew and yelled, “Leave it to you? What abilities do you have to handle this problem? I was just about to scold you. Who allowed you to take them to a five-star hotel?

Do you know how much it costs to stay a night at a five-star hotel? That family has no idea how to feel content. What if they keep staying here? How are we going to pay the hotel bills?”

Matthew calmly replied, “Don’t worry, James. It won’t be long before they start begging to not stay at a five-star hotel.”

James was stunned. “What are you talking about? Are you crazy? Which person would beg to stop staying at a five-star hotel?”

Sasha and Helen turned to look at Matthew with strange looks on their faces too. In their eyes, Matthew was simply talking about a fool’s dream.

However, Helen quickly changed the topic and said, “Forget it, let’s not talk about the five-star hotel. The most important thing right now is to deal with Jojo’s job request. What are we going to do?”

Matthew replied, “Don’t worry. Just agree to their requests for the time being and leave the rest to me!”

Helen was anxious. “Matthew, do you know what they are asking for? How could you ask us to agree to it?! How are we supposed to give them the job position and treatment they’re asking for?”

Matthew replied, “Calm down, Helen. Just do as I say. In less than three days, they will definitely leave on their own. Moreover, I believe that they won’t dare to pester you anymore after this!”

James, Helen and Sasha were all dumbfounded. Why is Matthew so confident? After a long moment of silence, Sasha nodded and said, “Dad, Mom, just do what Matthew says. I believe in him and know that he won’t disappoint me!”

However, James and Helen looked at Matthew suspiciously as they didn’t think that he would be able to solve the matter. Early the next morning, James was awakened by a phone call by Paula who requested him to pick them up from the hotel.

Irritated, James went to pick them up. After he arrived at the hotel, he saw Norman and his family sitting haggardly in the lobby.

“What happened to you?” James couldn’t help but ask curiously.

As soon as they saw James, the three of them looked at him as if he was their savior. Norman quickly ran toward James and grabbed his arm. “James, please arrange another hotel for us now. I’m begging you. We really can’t continue staying in this hotel!”

James was shocked. Are they really begging me to move them to another hotel? What the hell did Matthew do? “Why do you want to change hotels?”

Norman sighed and said, “I don’t even want to mention it! After getting into bed last night, for some reason, we started itching all over and started having weird red spots. We didn’t sleep all night. In the end, we had no choice but to rush to the ER in the hospital.

The doctor said that it’s an allergic reaction. According to the doctor, the mattress of this five-star hotel is made of special materials and we are allergic to this material. The three of us didn’t sleep at all and this itch lasted the whole night!”

James almost burst out laughing. B*stard! It’s your own fault for requesting to stay in a five-star hotel! However, James soon felt his heart drop.

How did Matthew know that they would beg to not stay here? Could it be that he knew they would have an allergic reaction?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 156

James felt at ease, and he immediately agreed to change their hotel.

They dared not live in any other 5-star hotel again, because most of them would likely have similar bedding.

However, another incident happened as they were about to leave.

While James was checking out, he was informed that the trio had spent extravagantly.

Last night, it turned out that Paula and her family did not return to their respective rooms right away, but went to the restaurant for a sumptuous feast instead.

The lavish feast cost approximately eight thousand.

Thank heavens the breakfast buffet was free of charge. Otherwise, the bill would likely be through the roof.

James was about to pass out when he saw the bill. “W-What exactly did you all order?”

“Well, nothing much,” said Paula innocently. “We just ordered a few dishes and a bottle of red wine. James, you know we don’t come by very often. It was just a meal. Don’t tell me you are reluctant to foot the bill?”

Flustered, James said, “If you all wanted to eat, you should’ve just told me. I would’ve gladly treated you all to a meal elsewhere. Why dine at the hotel? Don’t you all know that the food here cost an arm and a leg?”

With a long face, Paula snapped, “James, what do you mean by that? Your family owns such a big company, and are filthy rich. Would this even burn a hole in your pocket? All we did was order a few dishes. You’re such a cheapskate! What they say is indeed true—the richer the person, the stingier they are!”

James was about to blow a gasket, but Helen quickly intervened. “Leave it be, it’s just a meal! Don’t be mad, Paula. As for Jojo’s work, Sasha has already made the necessary arrangements. Jojo can officially start work today.”

Upon hearing the news, the trio were overjoyed. Paula exclaimed with excitement, “Are you serious? Is she the Managing Director, with a starting pay of 50,000 per month? What about accommodation? I have to say, the Grand Pavilion should at least be the entry level.”

Helen let out a sigh. “The accommodation provided is indeed in the Grand Pavilion. It’s a landed house of approximately 200 square meters, and it’s very well-furnished.”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Paula chuckled with delight. “James, I must say, it’s such an honor for you to have Jojo managing your company. This treatment is really not too much to ask, right? Think about it! If Jojo works here, she can easily boost the company’s sales by earning 30 to 50 billion in profit. When that time comes, you will be grateful to me—heck, you might even think that you have offered too little!”

Hearing that, James was so furious that he was speechless. In the end, he chose to ignore them completely.

Not long later, they finally arrived at Wellness Herbary.

At first, Paula was not at all pleased when she learned that the position offered was the Managing Director of a subsidiary company.

However, when Julian passed her the car keys of a Porsche Panamera, she was appeased.

Helen, on the other hand, was about to pass out from anger, as she initially bought the Porsche Panamera for herself.

All because of this car, the company was caught in a financial crisis, and they were forced to purchase the problematic Aastragalus, causing them to be kicked out of the running.

The car was then left in Wellness Herbary.

Helen had only driven it twice, but now apparently it had become Jojo’s car!

Reluctant to stay with them for even a minute longer, James left them there and drove off together with Helen and Sasha.

Throughout the journey, James couldn’t stop complaining, “What the hell! The more I think about it, the angrier I get. What’s wrong with them? We manage to earn a little, and they turn into blood sucking parasites! Thinking about it makes me so mad! What happens if they decide to stay here in the long term?”

“Dad, calm down,” Sasha comforted in a reassuring tone. “As Matthew said, they will surely leave after three days.”

“You believe him?” James scoffed. “Three days? Hmph! Did you see their faces just now? How could they possibly leave after three days? I, for one, don’t believe that Matthew can get them out of here!”

Sasha glanced at him and said, “Dad, I believe in Matthew. Have you forgotten? Yesterday, he said that Uncle Norman and his family will certainly want to change hotels, and that’s exactly what they did today!”

James scratched his head and thought that it was indeed true.

Then again, he could still accept it when Norman said that he was sensitive to a 5-star hotel, but why was he sensitive to the job post of Managing Director too?

How could Matthew possibly make them leave after three days?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 157

When Jojo entered the company, Norman and Helen tagged along as well.

Their visitation reason being they both wanted to see how Jojo was settling in, but in reality, they were here to show off.

They kept telling passersby that they were the parents of the new Managing Director, all the while showing off their status.

They ordered the staff around, as if they were the very owners of the company.

In the beginning, both were relatively reserved around Julian, with him being the official CEO of the company. However, after they came to know that he was Matthew’s friend, they couldn’t care less.

From their perspective, they presumed that Julian being CEO was entirely due to his relationship with Matthew.

Seeing that Wellness Herbary was a subsidiary of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, shouldn’t Jojo be considered as the CEO instead of Julian? Based on the relationship, Jojo was related by blood, whereas Julian was just a friend.

Therefore, barely two hours after they started work, Paula called up Sasha personally.

She demanded that Jojo be promoted as the CEO. As for Julian, he could take the supporting role.

Sasha was about to blow a fuse. She did not think that after setting up the post of Managing Director, coupled with all the benefits that came with it, they could still be unsatisfied.

Initially, she wanted to reject Paula upfront, but Matthew stopped her from doing so.

“Quit arguing with them. You simply can’t reason with this family. Explain to them that since Jojo just started working, there are still a lot of procedures which she is not familiar with, so a trial period is necessary. Once she has familiarized herself with the job scope, she will be promoted to CEO. It won’t take long, just one week at most,” Matthew grinned as he spoke.

Eyebrows raised, Sasha asked, “Matthew, are you sure about this? If you give an inch, they’ll take a mile! If she’s still not promoted after a week, they won’t let you off the hook so easily.”

Matthew chuckled as he reassured, “Don’t worry, they won’t stay that long. They won’t even make it a week.”

Even though Sasha was feeling doubtful, she still did as she was told, repeating whatever Matthew told her to Paula.

The excuse seemed legitimate. Even Paula found it hard to refute and had to agree for the time being.

However, at Wellness Herbary, Paula did not give in easily.

She barged into Julian’s office and demanded him to give way to Jojo, so that she could take over the CEO’s room.

Julian, on the other hand, was asked to move to the Managing Director’s office.

Although they had yet to switch job positions, Paula felt that she had to show them who was the boss.

Upon seeing this situation, the staff felt uneasy. They dared not go up against Paula and her family, and they were fearful of them.

It was only the first day of work, and Paula Dawson successfully helped Jojo take full charge of the company.

Paula was so proud of herself that after work, she even discussed with her husband on whether they should sell off the little department store and work here instead.

As for Norman, he was even more enthusiastic.

He was but a clerk at his current workplace, and was often bossed around by others.

When he was here, however, everyone treated him with reverence and respect, so much so that his personal vanity had been fully satisfied.

Thus, he too planned on resigning from his current workplace and coming to work here instead.

This family even had a plan up their sleeve. Once Jojo had managed to gain control of everything, they planned on storming into the parent company to drive Sasha away. That way, Jojo could then take full charge of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

After work, Paula called up James and asked him to pick them up from the company.

Dumbfounded, James asked, “Jojo has a company car, right?”

“She has a reunion dinner with her classmates tonight, so she went off with the car,” Paula said. “James, since we’re in your area, shouldn’t you arrange for dinner out of courtesy?

We have been busy with work the whole day, and didn’t even get to eat much during lunch. Meanwhile, your whole family sure had it easy, enjoying a luxurious meal at home. Did it ever cross your mind that someone had put in a hard day at work for your company? You really should have a sense of gratitude!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 158

James was on the verge of blowing up. After all, no one was begging them to come to work.


They had a lot of nerve to talk about gratitude!

I wonder who is the one that lacks gratitude?

However, he didn’t want to make a scene, so he went to pick them up in the end.

Meanwhile, Paula sure knew how to go all out; she finally decided to dine at a high-end restaurant in the city.

It was 10 o’clock by the time they were done eating, with the bill coming up to over 5,000. As such, James almost hit the roof!

Upon sending them home, he noticed that Jojo wasn’t home yet.

He couldn’t help asking, “Jojo hasn’t come back yet?”

Paula answered, “Oh, she is attending a class reunion. She will definitely be home late.”

James curled his lips. “Didn’t you say that she is a lady from a reputable family, and that she must be home by 8:30 at night?”

Paula disagreed, “This is an exceptional case. After all, they haven’t seen each other for a long time. Plus, Jojo just became the company’s CEO, and her classmates are trying to butter her up, so they’ll be back late for sure. This is normal. Jojo is a CEO—socializing is inevitable. She’s staying out late for the sake of your company, don’t you think so?”

James was so mad that he turned around and stormed off. Your daughter went out to have fun for the sake of my family? What a load of bull!

That’s nothing but nonsense!

It’s ‘socializing’ when your daughter comes home late.

But when it comes to my daughter, it’s ‘messing around’? This double standard is absurd!

As it turned out, the problems were not over yet.

At one o’clock in the morning, James was woken up by the vibrations of his phone.

“Who’s calling in the middle of the night?” James muttered. He picked up his phone and found the caller to be Paula.

“Is she crazy?” James was exasperated enough to reject the call.

Helen hurriedly grabbed the phone. “Just pick it up. There must be something important for her to call this late.”

With that, Helen answered the phone.

“James, you’re still awake?”

James sulked, “What? Does your family not sleep at one o’clock in the morning?”

To which Paula replied, “Oh, I usually sleep early. I thought you city people go to bed at 3 to 4 in the morning.”

James was speechless.

“Paula, is there something wrong?” Helen couldn’t help asking.

Paula enquired, “I was wondering, do you have any acquaintances in the traffic police team? Jojo had a minor car accident. Can you help me deal with it?”

Helen blanched. “W-What minor car accident? Where? What happened?”

Paula reassured, “It’s nothing. They just knocked over a small car. A woman from the opposite lane was wandering about on the street with her child in the middle of the night when they should be home sleeping. Jojo and the others had a few drinks, and they weren’t familiar with the roads, so they ran into the oncoming car and it flipped.”

“What?!” James exclaimed, “Have you lost your mind? Drunk-driving, flipping over a car, and you call it a minor accident? How bad does it have to be for your family to consider it a major accident? When hundreds of lives are lost?”

Paula was instantly irritated. “What are you yelling at? It’s not like it was Jojo who was driving—it was her classmate. Look, I’ll only ask you once; are you going to help or not? Forget it if you can’t! I knew I couldn’t count on relatives like you anyway!”

James was outraged. “You handle it then if you’re so capable. I don’t think anyone could handle this mess!”

Helen rushed to smooth things over. “Forget it. Let’s go over and take a look. Paula, don’t worry, we… We’ll see what we can do.”

Helen sighed after hanging up. “Alright, alright. Stop sulking. You know what they’re like. The most important thing now is to settle this; it doesn’t matter whether Jojo was the one driving. The car is ours, after all. If it’s anything big, our company will have to pay compensation!”

James was annoyed. “How do we deal with this? Are you going to settle it?”

Helen scratched her head. With this kind of problem, it would make trouble for anyone who was involved. After thinking for a moment, her eyes lit up. “Why don’t we get Matthew to go?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 159

James hesitated for a moment before nodding. “That’s not a bad idea. Let Matthew handle this mess. If it blows up, Matthew will have to shoulder the blame.

Not only would we get compensated, but if things escalate and he goes to jail, we’ll be free from this mess too!”

They immediately rushed to Sasha’s room and had her call Matthew.

Sasha was reluctant, but she couldn’t dissuade her parents. Hence, she called Matthew and asked him to find out what was going on.

Matthew then got on his scooter and rushed to the scene from Lakeside Garden.

Needless to say, what he witnessed upon arriving infuriated him.

A red BMW was on its back on the ground. Through its window, he could see a little girl lying inside.

The little girl’s head was covered in blood—he didn’t know if she was still alive.

There were seven to eight men gathered near the car, surrounded by a lone woman.

“Help. Please help…” the woman cried weakly, but no one paid her any attention.

On the other hand, Jojo was sitting in a Porsche Panamera. She was joking around with the people around her, as if what had happened was no big deal.

Sitting next to Jojo was a young man with ear piercings with his arm draped around her shoulder. They seemed to be very intimate.

The young man asked, “Why hasn’t your sister’s family arrived yet? Thank God the boys got rid of the woman’s phone. She was going to call the cops. We would be in trouble if she did!”

Jojo smirked. “Don’t worry, they’ll be here any minute. Tell the boys to smash her phone if she tries to call the cops again. Don’t worry, I’m a CEO. Now what kind of CEO would I be if I can’t settle a small matter like this?”

Everyone cheered, “All hail Jojo!”

“We’ll be fine as long as we’re with Jojo!”

“Jojo, I’ll report to your office tomorrow. From now on, I’m with you!”

Upon hearing their chants, Jojo smiled smugly. She felt superior, as if she were a queen.

“Hey, Jojo. I heard your sister is very beautiful—the number one beauty in Eastcliff. Is she coming tonight?” a young man with long hair asked suddenly.

The other men looked over too, eyes afire.

Jojo answered, “It’s hard to say. Rest assured, I’ll definitely introduce her to all of you next time. I have to keep the goodies within the family. You’re my friends—you’ll be the first I introduce any pretty girls to!”

They cheered once again. The young man with ear piercings sitting next to Jojo had a glow on his face too.

“Jojo, didn’t you say that your sister is married? Won’t your brother-in-law mind if you introduce her to us?” One of the men laughed and the others joined uproariously.

“Say what? Pfft, that husband of hers is a loser. She won’t be able to thank me enough for introducing her to you guys!”

Everyone rejoiced again, applauding how mighty and bada*s Jojo was.

It was at this moment that Matthew arrived at the scene on his electric scooter.

He did not acknowledge the crowd but went straight to the red BMW.

When he reached out to pull open the car door, he realized it was stuck—it couldn’t be opened at all.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the long-haired man yelled as he walked over.

At this moment, the woman’s eyes lit up and she begged, “Mister, please… Please save my daughter… Call an ambulance, s-she has a heart condition. Please help her…”

The long-haired man bellowed, “Shut up, b*tch! Hey, kid. You listen to me. You have no business here. Get lost if you wish to live!”

Matthew glanced at him and said coldly, “It’s been some time since the accident and yet the little girl hasn’t been rescued yet. All of you belong in hell!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 160

The long-haired man was immediately annoyed. “Who the hell are you talking about? I’m going to kill you!”

The other men gathered around, giving Matthew unpleasant stares.

Even so, Matthew completely ignored them and bent down to grab the roof of the BMW.

With a loud roar, he lifted the car up and flipped it back over.

The men gathered around Matthew, intent on beating him up.

But after witnessing him flip over a car, they were stunned motionless.

How strong did one have to be to be able to do that?

Everyone was shocked; even Jojo and the man with ear piercings were stunned and confused.

Matthew forced open the car door before getting the little girl out.

The woman then crawled over, panicking “Gemma. Gemma, are you okay? Call an ambulance. Please call an ambulance!”

Matthew inspected before realizing that, thankfully, the girl was still breathing.

However, her heart condition was in a critical state. Even if they made it to the hospital, no one could save her.

While the woman wasn’t looking, Matthew took two silver needles and pushed them into the child’s body, temporarily preserving her life.

At this point, Jojo had gotten out of the car.

She eyed Matthew skeptically before exclaiming, “Y-You’re Matthew Larson?”

She had tagged along when Paula had made a scene at the Cunninghams’ residence. It had been the first time she saw Matthew.

Matthew glanced at her before saying coldly, “Look at what you’ve done!”

Jojo was frightened before, but now, she was immediately infuriated.

“Did my cousin send you to help settle this? Matthew, what did you say earlier? These are my friends. How can you speak to them that way? Apologize to my friends immediately!”

Matthew’s lips curled. “Apologize to them? Why should I?”

Jojo was riled up. “Shut up! I’m asking you: are you going to apologize or not? We won’t hold back if you don’t!”

The man with ear piercings standing next to Jojo whistled, and the other men instantly surrounded them.

Knowing that this was Sasha’s worthless husband, no one took him seriously.

He was just a worthless loser, so what if he had a bit of strength?

Jojo looked at Matthew smugly. “Matthew, don’t think you can underestimate me just because we’re in Eastcliff. Let me tell you, even in Eastcliff, I still have more power than you! It’s not too late to apologize. We’re family, after all. I would like to save you the embarrassment. Hence, don’t you dare be ungrateful!”

Matthew chuckled coldly, not saying a word.

Just then, a few cars honked and zoomed over from behind and stopped in front of everyone.

Tiger led a group of people from the cars. “Mr. Larson, what happened?”

At the sight of Tiger’s men, the young men around Jojo were starting to panic.

The young men were just a few punks, whereas Tiger and his men were obviously people you would not want to mess with.

Jojo chuckled coldly, as she could easily recognize Tiger as Julian Davis’ assistant.

During the day, she even forced the man to move to the manager’s office. At the time, he didn’t even dare to step out of line.

“Matthew, did you call for them? You there, don’t you know who I am? What are you planning to do with these people? Are you going to beat up your own CEO? Believe it or not, I’ll fire you!” Jojo threatened.

Hearing that, the young men cracked up.

“My, my. Jojo, are these your employees?”

“They’re pretty buff. What do they do? Manual labor or security?”

“Look at their build! I bet 80% of them unload cargo behind the scenes.”

“Jojo, is a blue-collar worker from your company pretending to be a gangster?”

“Huh, gold chains and a gold watch, with a group of small men. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was a big shot!”

“Hey, old man, I’m going to be a leader at your workplace tomorrow. It’s not too late to suck up to me now!”

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