The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 161-170

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 161
Tiger was scolded so badly but he dared not act recklessly.

He took a look at Matthew Larson.

With a meaningful glance from him, Tiger immediately understood the situation and burst into a storm of abuse. “Damn it, in the company, you’re the CEO but out of the company, you are nothing but bullsht! Just fire me if you’ve got the guts—heck, you know what? I’m quitting! Bstard, I can’t stand it when it comes to people bullying women! Go, make sure those b*stards get all of their arms and legs broken. Don’t spare any of them!”

Upon hearing that, the group of people around Tiger immediately rushed forward to surround those young people hastily and started beating them up.

Not expecting that Tiger would go against her, Jojo was so worked up that she yelled, “H-How dare you? Don’t you know who I am? I’m the CEO of Wellness Herbary, and Sasha Cunningham is my cousin! If you dare beat up my friend, believe it or not, I’ll make sure my cousin kills you!”

All of them were struggling to get up on their feet. The youth with his ears pierced shouted, “Old man, my boss is Mr. Mussolini. I-If you touch me, my boss will kill you!”

However, Tiger merely scoffed at the youth. “Mussolini? Pfft, I don’t even care if he’s the pope! Just get him here, right now! Tell him that the South Street’s Tiger is here, and we’ll see if he’s bold enough to come over!”

Most of the young people went puzzled and the one with his ears pierced asked, his voice trembling, “Y-You’re Master Tiger from South Street?”

With a cocky tone, Tiger said, ”Who did you think I am then?”

At that, the youths were instantly terrified. They knew very well that their own boss was merely one of Tiger’s lower-ranking subordinates.

When running errands, Mr. Mussolini didn’t even have the qualification to use Master Tiger’s title.

Nevertheless, he had mentioned Master Tiger’s name more than once, which was how they knew that this man was the real deal.

They never would have thought that this time, they had offended a real big shot.

Immediately, they lost all their bravado and started pleading, “Master Tiger, w-we didn’t know it was you! We didn’t recognize you. As the bigger person you are, please let us off…”

“Please! Master Tiger, please, we won’t dare do it again…”

Upon seeing this, Jojo was baffled. After all, these friends of hers had always been confident about how strong and mighty they were.

But now, all of them were like pitiful bugs, almost down to their knees, begging for mercy.

Who on earth was this Tiger that could even scare them like this?

“Why are you guys so scared of him? He’s just one of my company’s employees! I can throw him out whenever I want. There’s no need to be frightened!” Jojo shouted.

Without warning, the youth with his ears pierced leaped and slapped her in the face. “Hold your tongue, you b*tch! How dare you talk to Master Tiger this way? I’m going to kill you…” While he was saying that, he smacked her on the face repeatedly.

Back at school, Jojo had had a crush on this young man, but with her average-looking appearance and family background, they had never crossed paths. However, tonight when she had arrived with her Panamera, they had decided to establish a relationship.

Little did she know that, after only a few hours together, her Prince Charming would start punching her in her face.

Jojo was puzzled. She couldn’t understand why her Prince Charming was so agitated by her own employee.

With a flattering expression, the man said, “Master Tiger, how dare she scold you? I’ll teach her a lesson! B-Be the bigger person and forgive us! Please! What happened tonight has got nothing to do with us. It was all her idea…”

Too lazy to even answer, Tiger ordered, “Beat them up!”

Immediately, his men rushed aggressively forward. Armed with baseball bats, they pressed those youths on the ground before hitting and breaking their arms and legs.

Witnessing the situation before her, Jojo’s entire body shook with tremors.

These people had always been so arrogant in front of her. They had acted as if no one in the whole of Eastcliff could ever mess with them. She didn’t expect that they could be beaten up by a mere employee of her own company so easily.

Meanwhile, Matthew, unconcerned with all these people, tied the woman up and sent the little girl to the hospital where he worked.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 162

Tonight, Matthew was not on duty, but he decided to attend to this little girl personally.

This little girl was hurt, but her injuries were minor.

What was serious was her congenital heart defect, similar to the condition of Julian Davis’ daughter.

However, he could tell that her mother came from a wealthy family and had been using medical treatments to preserve the little girl until now.

With his Divine Acupuncture Skill, Matthew saved the girl and got another doctor to treat her wounds.

He then left a prescription for the woman and instructed her to follow it for the girl’s treatment.

Seeing that the little girl was saved, the woman was grateful and had persistently handed Matthew a name card.

However, he didn’t take it seriously and simply slid the name card into his pocket.

The next day, the report of the car crash incident was published in the news.

Jojo was lucky that the pierced-ears youth had insisted on driving the car and the accident occurred with him behind the wheel.

For this reason, she was not held responsible at all.

However, the problem was that the youth had been drunk driving and therefore he could not make any claims from the insurance company.

The repairs for the Panamera would require at least 300,000. Even the BMW would also need at least a few hundred thousands.

The final sum added up to almost 500,000, all to be borne by the youth.

As luck would have it, the youth was unfortunately penniless. He normally spent his days loitering about and even his family had cut off their ties with him.

He obviously couldn’t afford to pay back the money. Thus, Jojo had no choice other than to bear the fiscal responsibility.

After all, she had been the one who drove the car out in the first place and that youth was her boyfriend.

When Paula found out about this, she was extremely furious. “Why should our Jojo be held responsible? Jojo wasn’t even the one who drove the car. The driver should have to pay compensation for it! This is not fair! We won’t agree with it!”

But because no one was giving her any attention, Paula stormed toward Helen in anger, demanding her to settle the mess.

Helen was annoyed with Paula’s unreasonable demand but she just didn’t know what to do with her.

In the end, she had no choice but to call Sasha, asking her to take care of the dispute.

As expected, Sasha was also furious but had to follow her mother’s instructions.

If this matter wasn’t settled, there was no doubt that Paula would make a scene at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

If the shareholders found out, something might happen and by then, it would be even trickier for them to handle.

After finding out that Sasha had spent hundreds of thousands to settle the matter, James was so infuriated that his blood boiled.

Immediately, he called Matthew to question him about it. “Matthew, didn’t you say that you would get rid of them in three days? It has been two days and you are still sitting around at home doing nothing. Do you even plan to kick them out? Are you trying to deceive us? Oh wait, are you guys conspiring together and trying to scam our family?”

Helplessly, Matthew said, “Dad, please calm down. I thought we’d agreed to settle this in three days. Time isn’t up yet!”

Hearing that, James lashed out. “You may not be in a hurry but I am! Sasha just spent more than 500,000 for yesterday night’s incident! Our whole family has been saving on food and cutting down expenses to finally purchase Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. We didn’t do all of this just for you to live so extravagant!”

Twitching his lips, Matthew questioned his father-in-law silently, Did you really live sparingly to buy over Cunningham Pharmaceuticals? Besides, it was your relatives causing all the issues. Why are you blaming me, saying that I’m the one living extravagant?

Of course, Matthew didn’t dare say any of that out loud but could only keep the words buried deep in his heart.

“Dad, please stop worrying. Everything has been arranged. Tomorrow, we’ll be sending them off for sure! And, I assure you, they won’t be causing any further problems for a while.”

James was doubtful. “Matthew, please stop with all the bragging. You’d only be deemed capable if you can get the work done! I’m warning you, if this problem is not settled, you can get out of the Cunningham family! We don’t need some useless man like you who only knows how to live off women!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 163
Matthew was completely speechless after being told off by James.

Despite that, what needed to be done must still be done.

At noon, Julian went to Jojo to report on his work and told Jojo that the company had just received a new order. If they could get the work done, they could earn at least 30 million from it.

However, the order needed some extremely rare herbs which would be very difficult to purchase.

Therefore, he had come to Jojo to see whether they should accept this order.

Then again, Jojo knew nothing about the operations of the company. Without even giving it a second thought, she immediately decided to accept the order.

With that, Julian brought out the contract and passed it to her for her signature.

Without hesitation, she signed her name, inordinately pleased with herself.

Even though she had yet been promoted, the previous CEO, Julian, had been coming to her for permission before doing anything and this had proven her status in the company.

Once again, she boasted her success in her class’ group chat, attracting a lot of jealousy from her former classmates.

All of them were recent college graduates and most of them had not found a job yet.

On the other hand, Jojo had become a CEO straight away and could sign a contract worth millions with no fuss. Needless to say, her classmates flattered her from top to bottom.

Those who had not been in touch with Jojo immediately added her on Whatsapp, kissing up to her, begging her to recommend them some jobs.

With her ego exceptionally satisfied, Jojo gladly gave them her word that she would help.

Just when she was trying to figure out some jobs for her classmates, the secretary came in, informing her that someone was here to meet her.

Immediately, she allowed the visitor to come in. After all, she had just become the CEO recently, so she wanted to have some fun with her current position.

The person who entered was a man in his 20s or 30s who seemed very gentle. He had gold-plated metal glasses on and had stunning features besides.

With just one glance, Jojo’s heart skipped a few beats.

Yesterday, her Prince Charming had utterly disappointed her and now she was no longer in a relationship.

But suddenly, a good-looking man turned up and he was way more attractive than her Prince Charming. It was only natural that she was captivated by him.

With a grin, the man said, “Nice to meet you, Miss Freeman. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Harold Johnson and I’m working in the medicinal herb industry. I heard that your company is urgently in need of a batch of fritillaria? I happen to have a batch of those herbs on hand so I would like to know whether your company is interested in partnering up with me.”

Immediately intrigued, Jojo thought about the order Julian had told her about earlier at noon. What they needed right now was the fritillaria Harold was offering!

She was overjoyed that what she needed had just fallen into her lap.

Besides, the stunning appearance of Harold was a plus point that she fell in love with at first sight.

“Of course we would like to cooperate with you! At what price point do you wish to sell your fritillaria?” Jojo asked hastily.

“It is an honor to work with your company. In terms of the price, it can be negotiated. Since I’m dealing directly with you, I’ll cut the price down to at least 10% lower than the market price!” Harold responded at an instant.

Silently doing the math, Jojo thought, If it’s going to be 10% lower than the market price, wouldn’t the company then be making two more million in profit? Oh my, this business is clearly beneficial! It’s just my second day on the post and I’ll be making so much money already. Seems like running a company isn’t that tough at all. So what if Sasha Cunningham is now the one managing Cunningham Pharmaceuticals anyway? With my capability, I’m definitely way better than her. I should be the one running the company!

Suppressing her excitement, Jojo dived right into negotiations with Harold.

After the discussion, Harold even invited Jojo for dinner.

Of course, Jojo was up for it. Getting the chance to have dinner with a handsome man like him could make her smile in her sleep.

With Harold’s warm reception during the dinner, Jojo signed the contract that very night.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 164

The second day of work, Jojo got someone to make the transaction with Harold.

On his own end, Harold was very efficient. On the same day, he had the supplies delivered to Wellness Herbary.

Jojo then ordered her workers to carry out a simple inspection. After the procedure, she immediately got her staff to send the supplies to the company that had ordered it from Julian Davis.

After assuring that everything was going according to plan, Jojo hurriedly called Norman and Paula to her office to inform them about this deal.

“With a quick transaction, I earned thirty or forty million. Haha, Dad, Mom. I told you guys that I’m a business genius!’’

Norman and Paula couldn’t hide their overjoyed smiles.

“My daughter is so capable! I told you guys a time long ago that the Cunningham family would be lucky to have Jojo work here. Hmph, it’s only James who’s still unsatisfied. He acts as though we’ve cheated him!

This time, we will show him who is taking advantage of whom. I’m telling you, after earning so much, we must make sure the company grants us a bonus. A couple million should do it!”

The trio rambled on about getting a bonus from the Cunninghams’ pharmaceutical company. However, before the work day was even out, Julian came barging into the office. “President Freeman, we have a problem!”

Jojo was extremely surprised. “What are you panicking for?”

“What’s going on? Why are you causing a ruckus in the office?”

Julian took a deep breath and said, “President Freeman, there are some issues with the batch of fritillaria you bought today.”

“What kind of issue?”

Julian continued, “It’s a problem with the herb itself. It isn’t up to the standard for medicinal herbs.”

Jojo asked confusedly, “It doesn’t meet the standard quality? What kind of standard quality does it need to meet then?’’

Julian was shocked by this. “President Freeman, of course there are standards for medicinal herbs. If every herb with inferior quality is available for sale, then the market would be ruined. If poor quality herbs are used to make drugs, not only would the medicine not have any healing properties, it might even be toxic.”

Jojo scratched her head, muttering, “I didn’t know there’s such a thing in the world! This batch of fritillaria isn’t up to scratch, but can it be used at all?”

Julian became very anxious. “It doesn’t reach the standard quality, so it definitely can’t be used! Not being able to use it is one problem, but we have an even bigger issue to deal with. Any sales and purchases concerning this batch of fritillaria goes against the law!”

Jojo froze for a second. “You can’t be serious? All I did was buy some herbs! How can it be against the law?”

Julian kept his face neutral. “President Freeman, it is critical to ensure the safety of our medicines. If there is any issue with the herbs, the drugs made from them can potentially kill whoever consumes it.

That is why the quality control of this industry has always been very strict. If the authorities found out that our company purchased such a large stock of this fritillaria, they’ll shut us down! And we’ll have to pay reparations to boot!”

“Huh?” Jojo’s eyes were as big as plates as she said, “Y-You’re pulling my leg, right? It’s just some fritillaria! It is not that big of an issue. We can ask for a refund and just return the herbs to the supplier!”

“President Freeman, if it was that simple, then it wouldn’t be an issue! The supply company has no intention of letting us return the goods. In fact, they want us to pay compensation.

According to the contract, we have to pay a compensation of three times the sale price. That’s an estimation of around 200 million! If we can’t pay, the company will have to declare bankruptcy. Then, the person responsible would be… would be jailed!”

Jojo finally realized the severity of the situation. Panicking openly now, she stuttered, “I-Is this for real? The person responsible… is Sasha, right?”

Julian queried, “What does this have to do with Miss Cunningham?”

Jojo retorted, “She is the Chairman of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, while our company—Wellness Herbary—is just a subsidiary. Doesn’t that make her the person responsible?”

“What kind of bullshit are you spouting?!” Julian exclaimed. “While it’s true that she is the head of the main company, she isn’t the one involved with the branch operations. In this, you are the person responsible.”

Jojo scrambled to retort, “What does it have to do with me?”

“Why shouldn’t it?” Julian’s eyes widened. “Whether it’s the purchase or sales of medicinal herbs, all transactions were signed under your name. The company’s authority is in your hands. You’re the one with the ultimate say in every single transaction. If you aren’t the person responsible for it, then who is?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 165

Jojo was stunned, for there were no flaws in Julian’s logic.

She was the one holding the company’s authority, with all contracts signed by her. Every order was carried out under her name and everything was the result of her own doing.

She was even responsible for the medical herbs Harold had delivered to the company.

She was also the one who ordered her workers to tally the herbs without considering the quality. Thereafter, she had sent it directly to the pharmaceutical company.

Whichever way you looked at it, everything was her doing. There was no way she could escape this responsibility at all.

After a moment of silence, Jojo suddenly started making a scene. “I don’t care! This debacle, it’s yours to bear! You’re still the CEO of the company. I’m just the managing director. I don’t wield that much authority!”

Julian’s lip curled upward. “President Freeman, I would love to handle this situation. But I don’t have the right! The contract was authorized by you; the acquisition and shipment of the goods were also supervised by you. From contract to quality control, there is evidence everywhere. Even if I want to take responsibility for this situation, there’s still the matter of whether it’s possible!”

Jojo was stunned by this. “W-What do you mean by that? Are you saying that I have to take responsibility for this?”

Julian waved his hands dismissively. “President Freeman, let’s not mince words. The other party has already made a police report. This situation can only be handled according to the word of the law. If you ask me, this company will collapse soon. Forget it, I can find my own way out. Oh, and by the way, this situation won’t just be solved through an inquisition of the company. You’ve made the branch company into a huge mess. There is no way the board of directors is going to let you off the hook that easily. Hmph, you better ask your cousin for help. Tell her to prepare a few hundred million—it might just be enough to pay the compensation! Otherwise, you’d better be ready to live behind bars!”

After Julian was finished, he left Jojo standing dumbstruck in his wake.

A compensation of hundreds of millions?

Gosh, even if her parents had the capability to make a huge scene, there was no way they could make a big enough scene to get such a huge sum of money!

The heart of the matter was that, if the compensation could not be paid, then she would have to go to jail. How would she deal with that?

Right then, Norman and Paula waltzed into the office.

“Let’s go, Jojo. I have already contacted the Cunninghams—they are going to treat us to dinner tonight. We’ll take this opportunity to tell them about that bonus. I’m telling you—20 million is our bottom line. Your father and I are going to buy a luxurious car with the money. Then, we won’t have to rely on that wretched James to chauffeur us ever again! Later on, we can even go back to our old house and rebuild it into a villa. Our house is going to be marvelous and no one will ever look down on us ever again!”

The couple was so in sync, trading sentences nonstop, getting happier with each word.

Meanwhile, Jojo was paralyzed on her chair, unable to croak out a single word.

When the couple realized something was not right, they hastened to ask her what was wrong.

After Jojo explained what had happened, the couple were shocked.

“H-Hundreds of millions in compensation? Where are we supposed to find this huge sum of money?”

Norman nearly shouted.

Paula was silent for a second. “Let’s go and find Sasha. After all, she is the company’s chairman…”

Norman retorted, “Are you out of your mind? I’ve asked around before—Sasha’s own assets don’t even reach 100 million. Where is she going to get us the money for the compensation? Sure, we’ve had our disagreements in the past. But asking her to take out hundreds of millions of her own money—she’ll kill us!”

Although Paula was a master of getting her own way, she was now utterly silent.

After all, she was no fool. She knew very well that getting the Cunninghams to take out this money was impossible.

“Jojo, this…. this incident isn’t real right?’’ Norman asked anxiously, “Why don’t we get that Harold guy to pay the compensation?”

Jojo finally broke out of her stupor and began to call Harold frantically.

The same Prince Charming that she had been flirting with was now just a disconnected number in her phone.

“W-Why is it a disconnected number? It could still be used last night!” Jojo shrieked.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 166
Norman wailed in despair, “Oh, my God. This guy is a fraud! He canceled his phone number right after scamming the money! Jojo, how could you be so careless? You’ve only been working here for two days and you… You’ve… messed it all up…”

Jojo’s embarrassment turned into rage. Thinking back, not only she had been scammed, she had her heart played like a fiddle.

“That’s enough. Let’s not talk about this anymore.” Paula said anxiously, “We need to solve this situation, fast! We can’t just let Jojo go to jail. She is still so young!”

Norman was dejected. “What can we even do at this point? The contract was authorized by her, the transaction was organized by her, and even the acquisition and shipment of the goods was arranged by her. This incident has nothing to do with anyone else. What kind of solution can you come up with?”

At this, Paula’s eyes reddened. “T-Then what do we do now? Are we going to let Jojo go to jail? She had just graduated! If she goes to jail, her whole life would be ruined!”

Dejected, Norman kept his peace for a long while. With a sudden clench of his teeth, he suggested, “Why don’t we… arrange Jojo’s escape?”

“Escape?” Paula froze for a second. “But escape where?”

“Let her go into hiding first,” Norman said. “We can wait and see how things go before we make a decision.”

Paula broke down into tears. “But she’s just a girl. Where can she escape to? Can’t you think of something else?”

Norman retorted, “Do you have any better ideas then? Now, it’s either escape or the slammer. Take your pick!”

Paula was now crying up a waterfall. There was no choice but to escape.

That night, the family barred all communications with the Cunninghams and escaped from Eastcliff overnight.

Meanwhile, James had booked a table at the Wembley. He waited impatiently for Paula’s family to arrive at the restaurant for their arranged dinner.

Matthew also came to the restaurant. After all, James had invited him to come.

Today was the last day of the agreed three-day period. If Paula’s family wasn’t leaving, then James would have to interrogate Matthew.

As Matthew entered, Demi said coldly, “Wow, Matthew, you still have the audacity to come here! Do you know what day it is today? Have you ever wondered if your boasting will turn around to bite at you?”

Sasha frowned. “Demi, how can you talk to your brother-in-law like that?”

Demi let out a dry laugh. “Am I wrong? Sis, at this point, why are you still defending him? Look at what this man has done. Making Jojo the CEO of the medicinal company, giving her a luxurious car and a mansion.

As a result, Jojo stirred up even more trouble. Yet, he still went and solved her problems, spending over 500,000 in one fell swoop. Matthew, you never made our family one cent.

Instead, you spend it everywhere else. What a generous person you are! We got our money through hard, honest work, but because of you, we have to suffer a loss of 500,000. Do you have any pride?”

Sasha was beyond furious. “Demi Cunningham, you’re too much! This problem has nothing to do with Matthew to begin with. You guys were the ones who used him as a scapegoat for Jojo. How can you condemn Matthew now? If you are so capable, why not let Liam take the blame?”

Demi was at a loss for words. She could only look toward James for help. “Dad, look at her. She’s taking Matthew’s side!”

James waved his hands in dismissal. “That’s enough from you. Sasha, why don’t we talk about something else? Enough with Paula and her family. Matthew, you said you would get rid of them in three days’ time, but what’s going on now?

Not only did Jojo not leave, she even processed a huge transaction. Paula just called me about a bonus too. From the sounds of it, she wanted at least 20 million. Is this your idea of getting rid of them, Matthew? Are you getting rid of them or our company?”

Sasha retorted, “Dad, how can you say that? Everything Matthew has done is for our own good!”

Demi scoffed. “What has he done, then? Why don’t I see anything?”

Matthew threw a cold glance at Demi. Gently, he said, “Dad, you have to trust me on this one! Tonight, Paula’s family will definitely leave Eastcliff!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 167

“Trust you?” Demi scoffed. “Why should we trust you? You better stop talking nonsense! If their family ain’t leaving, then you better leave. You said this yourself!”

Sasha tried to speak, but was cut off by Matthew who glanced at Demi, a sneer twisting his lips.

Everyone sat silently. Even after waiting for about half an hour, still no one arrived.

“Where are those people?” James snapped impatiently. “They were the ones rushing me to organize this dinner, so where are they? Who do they think they are?”

Helen looked helpless. “That’s enough from all of you. They’ll make a huge fuss if they hear you talking this way.”

“So what? I’m not afraid of them!” James said.

Having said that, James didn’t dare make another sound.

Well, it wasn’t a matter of fear, but when it came to that shrew of a woman, James would rather not have to deal with Paula.

Right then, Matthew put down his phone and chuckled lightly. “Dad, Mom, there’s no need to wait anymore. They won’t be coming!”

“Why is that?” Sasha enquired, surprised.

“Because they have already left Eastcliff.” Matthew smiled faintly.

“What?!” everyone exclaimed. “Y-You better not be lying!” James cried. “But they just called me earlier, asking me to give them at least 20 million as a bonus. How could they leave Eastcliff?!”

Matthew smiled faintly and told them what happened earlier at the company.

After listening to Matthew’s story, everyone was too stunned to react.

After a few moments of silence, Helen was the first to exclaim, “They’re finally gone! This is amazing! Utterly amazing!”

However, James roared, “What’s so great about it? They’re gone, and everything will be fine now, but how are you going to fix the mess the company’s in now? The compensation will cost a few hundred million. If the shareholders find out, they’ll cause a riot.

How is Sasha going to hold onto the chairman’s position then? Not only would she lose the position, our reputation will be compromised. That’s our relative, and we got her into company ourselves. If they’re gone, then… wouldn’t Sasha have to go to jail?”

Helen’s expression changed abruptly. “Then, w-what’s going to happen? What are we going to do?” she asked anxiously.

“Matthew, is this what you call ‘fixing’ the problem?” Demi asked angrily. “Sure, you managed to chase them away, but now that they’re leaving this huge mess behind, can you even handle it? Were you out of your mind? Will you only be satisfied after you break our family apart?”

“Matthew, you… What are you going to do? Doesn’t this bring us trouble as well?” James asked nervously.

“Dad, don’t worry,” Sasha chipped in. “Matthew’s not done explaining yet. Please let him finish.”

“What else is there to talk about?” Demi hissed. “Now that it has come to this, what do you suppose we should do? Who is going to take responsibility for this matter? Forget about how much Matthew loves you. This is not a small matter!

Even if he loves you and is willing to shoulder the responsibility, he can’t do anything! If you don’t have the ability, then you shouldn’t have meddled! At the end of the day, all you’re doing is getting yourself and others into trouble!”

“Tell us, Matthew. What are you going to do about this?” Helen joined the inquisition.

“There’s no need to worry. Nobody has to take responsibility for this,” Matthew said expressionlessly, “as I arranged everything. That guy, Harold Johnson.

I hired him. The pharmaceutical company was also my fabrication. The whole purpose of this set-up was to chase Jojo away. Once they’re gone, everything will be over. No one will be holding anyone accountable.”

After hearing Matthew’s words, everyone was amazed.

Sasha’s surprise quickly turned to joy, and she asked excitedly, “Is this all true? Matthew, you… you arranged all this?”

Matthew nodded.

“Mom, Dad, do you see?” Sasha was overjoyed. “It was Matthew’s plan all along.”

“So what, that family has been chased off? And our family isn’t losing anything, is that right?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 168

James’ face was full of surprise.

None of them expected that Matthew could drive away Paula and her family.

And, the most important thing was, they didn’t have to suffer any loss!

“What do you mean there were no damages?” Demi said suddenly, pursing her lips. “Didn’t we pay over 500,000 in damages for theat car accident the other day? Isn’t that a loss? Matthew, if you had the solution to this problem, why didn’t you chase them away earlier?

Then we wouldn’t have had to pay so much money. It’s more than 500,000! Do you think our money grows on trees?”

Matthew frowned. She just loves finding fault with me, does she?

“That’s not right, Demi!” Sasha said angrily. “In order for Matthew’s plan to work, it had to go through each step consecutively. That kind of thing takes time. Don’t we need to wait for them to take the bait? You can’t just chase them away immediately!”

“Well, if Matthew is so capable, why does he need to go step by step for such a small problem?” Liam sneered.

“If it’s such a small problem, then why didn’t you handle it?” Matthew replied softly. “Not only did you do nothing about it, here you are just making sarcastic remarks. Is this all you’re capable of?”

Liam’s expression changed instantaneously. He opened his mouth to refute Matthew’s claims but found no argument.

“Matthew, don’t push your luck!” Demi raged. “This is your family’s problem. Why does my husband have to deal with it! You’re the live-in son-in-law here, not my husband!”

“According to that logic, neither of you are part of the Cunningham family, then?” Matthew chuckled lightly. “If that’s the case, then why not skip tonight’s meal and not return home anymore?”

“You—” Demi retorted.

“That’s enough from all of you.” Helen tried to get them to stand down. “Is it really worth fighting over such a small matter ?”

“Mom! Is it really such a small matter?” Demi argued. “Right now, the matter is worth 500,000! What are we going to do about this money?”

Helen was rendered speechless.

Demi then turned toward James and asked, “Dad, are we really going to pay the 500,000? Even after working your whole lives, you couldn’t make that much money. And now… we have to give it all away? And for what? If Matthew is so capable, why can’t he settle this too?”

James’ frown deepened. It was true that 500,000 was a lot of money.

Helen started tearing up. “Oh, what have we gotten ourselves into? How can we afford to pay this money? How are we supposed to live our lives after this…”

“Mom, don’t worry about it,” Sasha replied, gritting her teeth. “I’ll deal with the money!”

“H-How are you going to handle it?” Helen asked anxiously. “You just became Chairman. You won’t be getting any dividends from the company yet. A-Are you going to use the company’s funds? Sasha, you can’t do that. You are going to lose everything because of this!”

Sasha clenched her jaw and kept silent.

“Sasha, don’t you worry,” Matthew said with a sigh. “I’ll figure out a way to deal with the 500,000, alright?”

“Matthew…” Sasha was getting anxious.

James and Helen gazed at Matthew too, getting emotional themselves.

Meanwhile, Demi burst into laughter. “Oh, wow! Who knew you could say things like that? Well, since you offered, you’ll be dealing with the 500,000 then! Don’t say we forced you into it!”

“Demi, you’re too much!” Sasha banged on the table in her anger. “I’m done! I’ve lost my appetite.”

Sasha turned around and walked off and Matthew rushed off to follow her.

“Hmph, what a temper she has!” Demi pouted. “Whatever! We’ll eat if she doesn’t want to!”

James and Helen lowered their heads in silence. Even though they felt a pang of guilt, they would not stop Matthew from solving the problem since he had promised to do it.

On the other hand, Demi and Liam were grinning widely as they ate and drank, acting as though they had just had a long-awaited victory.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open by a breathtaking woman walking in.

The woman was probably in her late twenties. From the way she dressed, one could tell that she was no ordinary woman.

She was almost as beautiful as Sasha herself.

The crucial part was the aura she commanded. She had the imposing manner of someone who lived in high society for a long while. It was hard to meet her gaze directly.

“Excuse me, sorry to disturb. May I ask if Mr. Matthew Larson is having his meal here tonight?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 169

The four remaining people froze. Why was this absolute beauty looking for Matthew?

Even James couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“W-Why are you looking for Matthew? Liam stuttered out.

“Oh, I owe Mr. Larson a huge favor. I just wanted to thank him personally!” The woman laughed softly.

“He helped you out?” Helen snapped, “What could that useless idiot possibly help you out with? Did you get the wrong person?”

The woman’s delicate brows furrowed slightly. “Please be mindful of your words. The day before yesterday, I had a car accident, and it was because of Mr. Larson that my daughter was rescued. He even sent her to the hospital just in time to save her life.”

Realization dawned upon them. So this was the woman who was involved in the car accident that night.

Demi felt jealousy building within when she saw Liam’s gaze fixated on the woman.

“Oh, so that was you. Hmph, who are you to tell me to watch the way I’m talking? I’ll speak however I want. It’s my business, after all. What are you going to do about it?”

The woman frowned, for she had no idea why Demi was so angry.

“When will Mr. Larson be arriving?” she asked.

“Why are you looking for him?” Demi countered.

“Well, everything was a mess when Mr. Larson saved my daughter. I never even had the chance to thank him. I heard that he will be eating here today, so I came over here especially to thank him!”

“Don’t bother thanking him,” Demi replied with a pout. “Matthew won’t be coming anytime soon. You should just leave.”

“But I was told that Mr. Larson was here already,” said the woman in surprise. “Isn’t he here? Otherwise, can you please give him a call and invite him over?”

Demi replied furiously, “Don’t you understand what I’m saying? I said he won’t be coming. We’re not close to him, so don’t bother asking us to give him a call.”

“You’re… not close?” the woman asked, bemused. “Aren’t you his relatives?”

“Relatives?” Demi spat. “Who told you that? Matthew will be divorcing my sister soon. We are not his relatives! We have nothing to do with him!”

The woman frowned again and gave Demi a withering look. “Well, since you don’t know him, then so be it. I was going to entrust this card to you to pass to Mr. Larson, but it seems like I will have to go find Mr. Larson myself.”

In the woman’s hands was a bank card.

Demi’s eyes lit up. “What’s up with that card?” she asked.

“Well, since Mr. Larson saved my daughter, the money in this card is just a small token of my appreciation!” the woman replied.

“How much money is in there?” Demi asked hastily. “It would only take about 100,000 to fix that car of yours, but ours would cost over 300,000. The money in the card probably isn’t enough to fix the car…” she trailed off.

Suddenly, Liam pulled at Demi’s shirt. “Demi, I think there’s quite a bit of money in that card!” he whispered. “It looks like a diamond card. There’s got to be at least 100 million in there!”

“R-Really?” Demi’s eyes widened.

Liam nodded his head impatiently, staring at the woman with a slightly shocked expression.

Regular people wouldn’t own cards like this.

This woman’s identity was definitely not ordinary!

Demi smiled awkwardly. “Well, actually… We… can help you pass it along… You can pass the card to me, and I can give it to him in a bit.”

The woman glanced at Demi. “Didn’t you say you have nothing to do with him?” she asked.

“Who said that? I happened to be his sister-in-law!” Demi announced.

“Didn’t you say he was going to divorce your sister?” the woman jeered.

Upon hearing that, Demi’s face flushed red with embarrassment. “I-I was just joking…”

The woman’s face turned cold at once. “I’m sorry then. I don’t enjoy jokes! Since you’re not close with Mr. Larson, then I will give this card to him myself!” she snapped. “You are not worthy of this card!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 170

“I’m not worthy?” Demi asked angrily. “Do you know who I am? My sister is Sasha Cunningham, the chairman of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. I’ll have you know that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is owned by my family!

Who do you think you are? How dare you say I’m not worthy! From what I see, this card of yours is fake. You’re worried I might see right through you, yes?”

The woman stared at Demi intensely before saying, “It is only a Diamond Card, so why would I, Leanna Sandel, stoop so low and lie about it?”

Upon hearing the name, everyone in the room was shocked. Eyes wide, Liam asked, “You’re the Leanna Sandel? The Chairman of Creative Cloud Group? The heiress of the Sandel family; one of the Ten Great Families in all of Eastcliff?”

“Clearly someone has done his homework!” Leanna sneered.

Liam was stunned, along with several others in the room with him. Leanna Sandel is one of the biggest names in Eastcliff.

The Sandel family are the big fishes among the top ten most influential families around. She herself is no less impressive; being the firstborn of the younger generation in her family, she single-handedly founded and grew Creative Cloud Group to a point where it’s personal assets are on par with the entire Sandel Family wealth.

She’s the only person of the younger generation to be equal in standing when compared with the other influential families of Eastcliff. In other words, we are currently in the presence of a powerhouse!

A terrified Demi stood frozen in her tracks as she recalled her treatment toward Leanna mere moments ago. James immediately got to his feet and said, “Miss Sandel, I must apologize for my daughter’s actions.

Please accept my sincere apologies on her behalf. We had no idea. Please do not let that upset you, Miss Sandel. Demi, what are you waiting for? Apologize to Miss Sandel this instant!”

“M-Miss Sandel, I-I’m truly sorry for what I said,” Demi stuttered out of fear.

“Seeing that Mr. Larson is not here, I’ll look for him elsewhere,” replied Leanna coldly.

James rushed to intervene, saying, “Miss Sandel, l-let me call him now!”

“Forget it! I’m sure Mr. Larson would have no interest in seeing the lot of you like this.” Waving her hand, Leanna dismissed his offer and left.

Following that, the four of them looked at each other, feeling extremely embarrassed for what had taken place. Demi said indignantly, “How could that have been her? What are the odds that Matthew actually saved the daughter of Leanna Sandel?”

“Fortunately, the odds were in his favor and Matthew was able to save her daughter. Otherwise, who’s to say what would become of our family if any misfortunate had befallen the girl,” James added with a sigh.

Demi nodded in agreement. “Well, you’ve got a point.”

“Well, I beg to differ. I think Matthew had no good intentions in mind,” said Liam as he pressed his lips together.

“It was probably Leanna’s looks that motivated Matthew to save the girl. He must have calculated his moves carefully, knowing very well that we have always wanted Sasha to divorce him.

I bet he is already looking for his next partner. After all, rumor has it that Leanna is a single mother. Seeing how she is toward him, it is pretty obvious that she has fallen for his charms!”

James and Helen’s expressions changed upon hearing this.

“I think you’re right,” Demi agreed angrily. “Ugh! That Matthew is a real son of a b*tch. It has become second to nature for him to live off a woman. That is probably his intention in seducing Leanna Sandel.

Then again, it takes two to tango, and she mindlessly took the bait! Mom, Dad, we must watch his moves closely!”

James remained silent as he frowned intently. Helen suddenly responded, saying, “I think that this is actually not a bad thing at all.

If the two of them really do get together, Matthew would be sure to divorce Sasha! That would put an end to our problem once and for all.”

“That’s true,” said Demi as she nodded in agreement.

“This cannot happen! Mom, Dad, think about it.” Liam intervened. “As far as Matthew is concerned, he has not taken even the slightest advantage of our family. If he gets together with Leanna Sandel, he’ll no doubt get revenge on us. By that time, we won’t even stand a chance.”

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