The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 171-180

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 171

When Matthew caught up with Sasha, she was weeping silently in a corner. “Don’t be sad, Sasha. Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal,” Matthew comforted her tenderly.

“But Matthew, they forced you to bear the cost. W-Why didn’t you say anything? Why didn’t you object?” Sasha asked him tearfully. “Do you know that I can’t stand to see you mistreated this way?”

“Sasha, can’t you see it? As long as you treat me well, no matter what they say, I won’t feel mistreated,” said Matthew with a smile on his face.

“Fool!” Tears falling down her face, Sasha embraced him hard. “You really are a fool! Why do you treat me so well?”

“You are my wife. Who else would I be good to?” Matthew replied as he gently patted her on the back.

Moved by his words, Sasha continued weeping as she held on to him. It was some time before she finally let go. “There, there, don’t cry. It’s alright.” Matthew gently wiped away her tears. Smiling, he asked, “Are you hungry? Shall I buy you dinner?”

She held onto his arms tightly, cheeks flushed red. “Alright, let’s have a romantic candlelight dinner then, shall we?”

“No problem. Your wish is my command!”

Matthew and Sasha browsed the restaurants until they finally found a rather upscale one to dine at. The waiter led them to a quiet booth, where the two of them ordered their meals and a bottle of red wine.

As they walked into the restaurant, a man over at the bar caught a glimpse of them; his expression changing. This man was one of the thugs-for-hire who followed Young Master Jackson at the Shanghai Nights restaurant. He recognized Matthew immediately, and ran to the back to call Young Master Jackson. It wasn’t long before Young Master Jackson stormed in and bellowed, “Damn it, where is he?”

“Over there!” The man pointed in Matthew’s direction.

Young Master Jackson scanned the area carefully, thereupon his eyes lit up as he laid eyes on Matthew and Sasha. “That b*tch refused to show me even an ounce of respect during our last encounter. Tonight, imma settle that score!” Young Master Jackson cursed as he waved his hands. “Quick! Round up the boys!”

“Young Master Jackson, this is your shop,” the man whispered hesitantly. “If a brawl were to break out here, it wouldn’t look good for business. Furthermore, that b*stard is holding the Shanghai Nights restaurant’s Supreme Card; he may have a certain connection to Timothy Wayne. If we were to make a scene and Timothy Wayne hears word of it, I’m afraid he’ll come here looking for trouble!”

“Hell, do you think I’m afraid of him?” uttered Young Master Jackson irritatedly.

“I’m positive that you are not afraid of that old wanker Wayne,” the man sneered in response. “But sometimes, it is better to take a step back. For us to march over to set the record straight without any solid reasoning will not work. If Old Master Jackson came to know, I’m afraid he will not help you. However, if we have a reason to back this all up, then Old Master Jackson will surely not be able to say anything!”

“What do you mean?” Young Master Jackson asked curiously. The man smiled, then leaned over to whisper his plan.

After Matthew and Sasha sat down, it was not long before their food was served. The waiter popped open the bottle of red wine, then poured two glasses, saying, “Please enjoy!”

“Matthew, is this what you ordered?” After having taken a look at the dishes served, Sasha was surprised.

Matthew shook his head as he responded, “No, I didn’t order these.”

“What is going on?” Sasha asked, perplexed. “Excuse me, did you get our order wrong?”

The waiter looked at the list and shook his head, saying, “No, these are correct. They are what you have ordered. Italian white truffle, Caspian pearl sturgeon caviar, French foie gras, kobe beef, and Australian abalone. Oh, and this bottle of Romani Conti.”

Sasha was floored when she heard the list. Although she had never eaten any of these dishes herself, she knew that they were extremely expensive and considered as high-end delicacies. And the wine he had mentioned—Romani Conti—was the cream of the crop. A bottle of that could easily cost between tens to hundreds of thousands.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 172

“Y-You must have made a mistake! We didn’t order these. You must’ve gotten the wrong table,” said Sasha anxiously.

“There’s no mistake. This is what you have ordered. Take a look at the order list if you like,” refuted the waiter.

Sasha took a look at the order list, and it was indeed written as such. “This is absolutely wrong. I’ve ordered two steaks, pasta, and some snacks. Definitely not any of these.”

The waiter frowned. “So, are you saying that the error is on our side? All the orders are computerised at our restaurant. Whatever you have ordered here will be automatically keyed into the system. There is no way that a mistake can happen.”

Sasha froze. “That does not concern us. In fact, it is none of our business! Forget it, Matthew! Let’s leave!”

The waiter shook his head, saying “This is out of my control, Miss. All the meals have been served. Even if you don’t eat them, you will still have to pay for it.”

“How can that be? We didn’t order these things, and we didn’t eat them as well. Why should we pay?” Sasha asked, baffled.

“Miss, please don’t fool around! This order belongs to your table, and the system has received the order. It can’t be wrong!” the waiter responded coldly. “The question is not whether you have eaten or not. The dishes have already been prepared, and the ingredients cooked accordingly. Even if you don’t eat them, is there any way we can restore these foods to its original ingredients? It is as if you commissioned a dress, but changed your mind and don’t want it anymore. Is there any way that you can convert it back to raw fabric?”

The waiter’s words attracted the attention of other diners, even receiving encouraging hoots.

“Wow, this waiter is really eloquent!”

“You ordered the food and suddenly said you don’t want to eat it anymore. Isn’t it wrong?”

“If you don’t have the budget, you shouldn’t order this in the first place. Geez, what’s your problem?”

“Hmph, if you don’t have the money, why did you even enter this restaurant?”

“They’re dressed so well; I didn’t expect them to be frauds. Tsk, what’s up with people these days?”

“Hey, beautiful, why don’t you let me treat you to dinner? Let’s take a stroll together!”

The air was filled with people’s laughter and jabs. Sasha flushed red as she angrily tried to explain, “But we didn’t order this!”

“I don’t care! Orders have been issued by the system, and it can’t be wrong. Even if you don’t eat them, you will still have to pay for it. The total is 570,000. Would you like to pay by card or cash?” asked the waiter.

“Y-You…” Sasha was about to explode in anger.

At this moment, Matthew finally stood up.

He went over to the man who offered to pay for Sasha. His leg shot out, kicked the man in the face and knocked him to the ground.

“Fck off! How dare you hit me! I will fcking kill you!”

The man flew into a rage, picked up a wine bottle and rushed at Matthew. Unfortunately for him, he was kicked by Matthew.

This time, he couldn’t pick himself up.

Matthew then walked to the waiter and slapped him twice.

“D-Did you just hit me?” the waiter screamed, his mouth bleeding.

Matthew stared at him coldly. “If there is a problem, we can definitely sort it out, but I’ll be damned if my wife is disrespected! I suggest you spill the beans, before I do something that will leave you unable to speak forever!”

“Do you f*cking know where you are right now?” the waiter roared furiously.

“Let me tell you, this restaurant belongs to Young Master Jackson! He is the heir of the Jackson Family! You dare to cause problems on Young Master Jackson’s property? Let’s see if you can get away with this!”

Everyone around him cheered again.

“Gosh, is this Young Master Jackson’s restaurant?”

“This is becoming interesting. If you dare to stir up trouble in Young Master Jackson’s restaurant, you better be prepared to face the consequences!”

“This b*stard deserves it. He acts like a rogue, beating people up like that. Not to mention, he’s a robber too!”

“Let Young Master Jackson kill him!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 173
Matthew was still wondering how a dinner could turn into such a scene.

After having heard that it was Young Master Jackson’s restaurant, Matthew immediately understood what was going on. It seemed that Young Master Jackson wanted revenge.

Sasha rushed over in panic. “Matthew, l-let’s leave. We simply can’t risk angering the Jackson Family.”

“It’s okay.” Matthew smiled lightly. “If we do not handle this now, they will pose a threat in the future.”

“Matthew, are you crazy?” asked Sasha anxiously. “He is the heir of the Jackson family, how will you handle the situation? Last time when we were at Shanghai Nights, the people helped you only because you had the Supreme Card. Well, this ain’t Shanghai Nights, so who would help us?” asked Sasha.

“It’s okay. Leave it to me; don’t worry.” Matthew chuckled while patting her hands.

Sasha wanted to say something, but at that moment, Young Master Jackson entered with his group of thugs.

He yelled as he entered the restaurant, “What happened here?”

The waiter rushed over immediately and reiterated what had just happened.

“Well, if it isn’t the live-in son-in-law?” Young Master Jackson asked as he glanced at Matthew. “You’ve come here to dine and dash? Hmph, how dare you cause trouble in my premises? I’ll have you know, as long as you don’t pay, you’re not leaving!”

Matthew frowned. Before he could say anything, Sasha quickly intervened. “Young Master Jackson, w-we are not here to dine and dash! We really did not order any of these.”

“President Cunningham, our shop uses computers to record the orders. There has never been a mistake till today!” Young Master Jackson sneered.

“How can something go wrong when it comes to the both of you? If it wasn’t you, who else could have ordered it? Should we call the police and let them know of this matter?”

Sasha froze. If the police came to investigate, it would only cause a bigger scene.

Things were difficult enough with Matthew hitting someone. They didn’t need any more complications.

“Jackson, if you have an issue, take it up with me!” Matthew said seriously. “Leave my wife out of this!”

“For someone who lives off a woman, you sure have some ego!” Young Master Jackson sneered. “Take it up with you? Look at yourself. The clothes on your back added up are nowhere near the value of that caviar. Why would I even bother?”

Everyone suddenly burst into laughter.

“Young Master Jackson, you are underestimating him!”

“You have to sell your kidneys for a meal? That is too greedy!”

“If you value your pride, then you must be ready to face the consequences!”

Everyone was jabbing and laughing at them, and Matthew’s expression began to darken.

Seeing his expression, Sasha was afraid that he would cause further trouble and hurriedly said, “Forget it, we will foot the bill! Come on, swipe this card here!” Sasha said, taking out a card and handing it over.

Young Master Jackson was stunned for a moment. He did not expect that Sasha could really afford the bill.

Per his investigations, he knew that Sasha had not been the chairperson for long. Her assets were all company shares, so she had little money herself.

At that moment, someone said snidely, “Dear Sasha, your card seems to be a company financial card, isn’t it? Are you going to use the company’s public funds for dinner?

You have just become the chairman of the board, and you have already started to take advantage? Are you worthy of the shareholders of the company? What will you do if you can’t pay it back?”

Everyone turned around as Lily Cunningham walked over, a smug look on her face. She had just arrived. After asking around, she was happy as she heard the current situation.

The Cunninghams had not been happy with Matthew lately, and they had been holding back all these while. This time, it was the Jacksons who handled the situation, so she just had to add her two cents.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 174

“Company funds? It’s just dinner, and you need to use the company’s money for this? Gee, what a shame for the chairperson. On top of that, it is considered as a crime. Embezzlement of the company’s funds is a commercial crime!”

The crowd whispered as they looked at Matthew and Sasha, their eyes filled with despise.

Sasha flushed bright red. She just wanted to pay the bill and leave with Matthew quickly. She did not expect this to happen, which made things even more troublesome for them.

“Sasha, have you started using the company’s money just to take care of your boy toy? Why spend so much? Will he not settle for the ramen across the street?

You have just been appointed as the chairperson, yet you have already started to squander so much. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals won’t last long with you at the helm!” taunted Lily as she smiled cruelly.

Sasha gritted her teeth and did not speak. Expression cold, Matthew said, “Lily, stay out of this. You don’t have the right to say anything here! I’ll give you one chance, Zachary Jackson. If you admit your mistake and apologize to my wife for what happened today, I will turn a blind eye to this!”

Zachary burst out laughing as he said, “Did you all hear what he said? He said that he will give me a chance!”

Everyone laughed. They thought that Matthew was being ridiculous.

“How about this, Larson, I’ll give you a chance now. Get on your knees and kowtow to me, then get out of here! I will solve this matter with your wife separately.

Otherwise, don’t even think about leaving today!” As soon as Zachary finished his words, his lackeys immediately rushed to surround Matthew and Sasha.

Matthew clenched his fist in a murderous rage.

Suddenly, the restaurant door was flung wide open. In strode a beautiful woman, who was none other than Leanna Sandel.

Everyone stared fixedly at her. In terms of looks, Leanna Sandel and Sasha Cunningham were both equally beautiful. However, Leanna had an air about her, almost like royalty. A woman like her would surely catch the attention of men. Compared to her, Sasha was more like the girl next door, all pure and beautiful.

As soon as Zachary saw Leanna, his expression changed immediately. He ran up to her and said, “Leanna, w-what brings you here?”

Ignoring him, Leanna looked around until her gaze fell on Matthew. She was delighted to see him. She made her way toward him as she exclaimed, “Mr. Larson, I’ve finally found you!”

Everyone was stunned. What is going on here? How is it that such a beautiful woman is looking for Matthew?

Sasha was stunned too. Who is this? How does she know Matthew? Call it a woman’s intuition, but she was instinctively a little wary of Leanna.

A puzzled Matthew asked, “And you are?” He was busy saving someone’s life that night and he did not pay much attention to Leanna. That night, Leanna was disheveled and sweaty as she was in a hurry. She looked completely different now.

Leanna smiled and described what had happened. It suddenly dawned on Matthew, and Sasha became less on edge too. “So it is you! Is your daughter well?” asked Matthew.

“Thanks to you, she’s fine now,” Leanna said happily. “Moreover, the medicine is really effective; she has not been sick recently!””

Matthew nodded. “That’s good to hear.”

“Mr. Larson, I was in a hurry that day, and I didn’t have the time to thank you properly. If you have time to spare, I’d like to treat you to a meal,” Leanna offered respectfully.

Matthew looked at Sasha, who nodded slightly. As such, he smiled. “Okay. However, please give me a moment. I have some things to take care of; we’ll talk about it when I’m done here.”

Leanna couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Larson, what is going on here? Is there anything I can do to help?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 175

Lily sneered at the lot of them. “Oh, someone’s talking big here! You don’t have the slightest clue of what has happened here, yet you offer assistance. B*tch, are you sure you want to help them?”

After Leanna’s arrival, this man here had his eyes on her the whole time. It made Lily rather irritated, hence her resentful tone.

Leanna frowned. No one in all of Eastcliff had dared to insult her like this!

Zachary was walking over as he heard Lily, and was instantly scared silly.

“There is no need for me to think if I am sure! Mr. Larson is my savior. Any problem of his is a problem of mine too! I will help him, no matter what happens!” Leanna hissed.

“Would you just hear yourself for a moment? Anyone who didn’t know better would think that the two of you are romantically involved!” Lily laughed as she uttered those words.

Leanna’s expression turned ice cold. “Watch your words, woman!”

“If you’re willing to do it, why should I mind my words?” Lily continued to speak disdainfully.

“What did I do?” asked Leanna.

“You offered help to these two scoundrels who refused to pay for their meal, and you dare ask what you have done? Then again, this truly reflects the saying that birds of a feather flock together. True enough, there is always a stench when trash is nearby,” Lily retorted.

Leanna’s face turned pale, and she sent a hard slap to Lily’s face.

“B*itch, you dare to hit me?” Lily was so furious that she grabbed a wine bottle on the table next to her and rushed over toward Leanna.

Leanna did not bother refuting. Next to her, a woman suddenly kicked Lily, causing her to fall.

Rage building up inside her, Lily shouted, “What are you waiting for? Kill this b*tch right now!”

A few people immediately surrounded Lily.

Zachary rushed over in the blink of an eye, shouting loudly, “F*cking stop it! I’ll kill anyone who dares to touch Leanna!”

Lily’s friends stood stunned in their tracks. One of them whispered, “But Young Master Jackson, we’re on your side!”

“On my side? Don’t you know who Leanna is? Just ask anyone in Eastcliff who is Leanna Sandel! How dare you insult her! Are you tired of living?” Zachary yelled.

Upon hearing his words, there was an uproar. Leanna Sandel’s name was a legend in Eastcliff.

Among the ten most influential families, the Sandels’ eldest daughter had the most power, but because she was a woman, she could not take over the Sandel Family’s business.

However, the business empire she created on her own was no less to the Sandel Family.

Among all the women in Eastcliff, she was the only person who was on an equal footing with the business owners of the Ten Great Families.

Whenever Leanna was mentioned, everyone sang praises of her.

It was even said that she single-handedly represented her whole family.

No wonder Zachary was so terrified to see her!

Zachary Jackson was just the heir to the Jackson family, but Leanna Sandel alone was practically on equal footing with Old Master Jackson.

Not to mention, the power of the Jacksons was far less than the Sandels, so how could Zachary not panic?

Meanwhile, Lily was shocked to her core. The Cunninghams were merely an anchovy in a sea of sharks. Even Zachary was able to squish them easily.

As for Leanna Sandel, all it would take was a snap of her fingers to put an end to the Cunningham Family!

Lily replayed the things she had said to Leanna Sandel and felt ashamed of herself.

“What happened here?” Leanna asked as she glanced at Zachary.

“N-Nothing!” Zachary smirked. “Leanna, you should go to dinner first. Let me deal with this matter. Rest assured, I will give you a satisfactory answer!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 176

Leanna was not one to be deterred easily. She walked to where Lily was and asked, “Tell me, what exactly happened here?”

Lily trembled and dared not speak.

“Tell me the truth, and I might spare you today.” Leanna’s expression turned cold.

With that, Lily quickly gave a recount of what had happened just now. After hearing the whole story, Leanna turned toward Zachary. “Leanna, t-this is just a small matter…” he said in a small voice. “This meal is on me…”

Leanna asked seriously, “Zachary Jackson, are you looking down on me?”

“Leanna, o-of course I didn’t mean that…” Zachary replied anxiously.

“Then why do you choose to insult me like this? Do you think I can’t afford it?”

Zachary broke out in cold sweat. “I-I didn’t m-mean that… You’ve always taken good care of me; I wouldn’t dare to ask you for money.”

Leanna looked at him disdainfully. “Stop this nonsense. Tell me, how much is it?”

Zachary looked embarrassed and he was left speechless.

“I’m asking you how much it is!” Leanna said angrily.

Zachary tripped over his words, “A total of… a total of 570…”

There was a sudden uproar. Wasn’t it 570,000 just now? How could it become 570 now?

“570?” Leanna drawled. “Are you joking? A bottle of Romani Conti costs three to four hundred thousand. Zachary Jackson, do you think I have never drank any of this before?”

Zachary looked helpless and shaken. “Leanna, p-please don’t say that… M-My restaurant does not have Romani Conti. These are all f-fake; they’re worthless…”

As soon as he said those words, there was yet another uproar. He had been fooling people all along! Were the Australian abalone, Kobe beef, and Caspian caviar all fake?

And yet, he had the audacity to ask Matthew Larson to kowtow to him? It turned out that it was not Matthew and Sasha who was fooling around, but Zachary himself!

“If they are all fake, why is it written on the menu then? As someone who carries the last name Jackson, how can you do this?” Leanna asked.

“Leanna, I-I was just pranking them…” Zachary looked embarrassed.

Everyone started whispering frantically at once. Their aggressive stance just now didn’t seem like a joke!

Leanna’s expression was icy. “Zachary, only you yourself know if you were just pulling a prank or deliberately cheating! Mr. Larson is my savior, and his problems matter to me! As for this matter, I hope you will sincerely apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Larson!”

Zachary looked embarrassed. Since he publicly admitted that it was his fault, he was left with little choice. But, if he apologized to Matthew and Sasha, how would he face them in future?

“Leanna, it was just a joke. There is no need for that,” said Zachary in a low voice.

Leanna looked at him coldly. “Stop spouting nonsense and apologize immediately!”

Zachary gritted his teeth and said angrily, “Leanna, I respect you, but you can’t insult me like this! As the heir of the Jackson family, do I not have pride too?”

Leanna stared at him. “Zachary, do you think I am out of line? Yes, you are from the Jackson Family, and I really shouldn’t butt in.

However, the heir of the top ten families in Eastcliff can never be a fraud! If you don’t even have the courage to apologize, I can suggest to Old Master Jackson that Jackson’s family should have a new heir. You have a string of brothers anyway!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 177

Listening to Leanna’s words, Zachary shook in fear. As Leanna said, she couldn’t pry much into the Jackson family.

However, as a member who was on equal footing with the heads of the top ten families, her words carried weight. If she told Old Master Jackson about today, then Zachary’s position as heir might not be secure.

“Leanna, I-I was kidding; please don’t take it seriously…” Zachary stammered.

Leanna’s expression was ice cold. “I’ve already said it, and I won’t say it again. I don’t want to hear any more of your nonsense!”

Embarrassed, Zachary took a deep breath and walked over to Matthew and Sasha. “Mr. Larson, Miss Cunningham, I’m sorry! Leanna, I believe that is all?”

Before Leanna could speak, Matthew interrupted, “What did you say? I couldn’t hear it clearly!”

Leanna glanced at Zachary Jackson. Even she could tell that he wasn’t being sincere in his apology.

With a gloomy face, Zachary shot Matthew a fierce look. It’s good that I’m already apologizing, yet you still want to be picky about it? Damn, when all this settles down, I will surely kill this b*stard!

After a long time, Zachary finally apologized sincerely, “Mr. Larson, Miss Cunningham, I’m truly sorry about what happened today!”

Matthew was about to say something when Sasha tugged on his sleeve, saying, “It’s alright.” At that, Matthew smiled and chose to be silent.

Leanna said, “Since they have forgiven you, the matter is settled then. Zachary, you keep this in mind. Mr. Larson is my savior, and I don’t want him or his wife to be insulted ever again. Understood?”

“I understand.” Zachary was extremely angry inside, but chose to nod his head instead.

Leanna nodded and smiled at Matthew. “Mr. and Mrs. Larson, shall we have our dinner someplace else?”

Sasha smiled and said, “That would be great!”

Leanna and Sasha walked ahead while Matthew trailed behind. He then stopped in front of Zachary. Looking at Matthew bitterly, Zachary said in a low voice, “You really are one of a kind, Larson. This ain’t over yet!”

Matthew smiled at him. “Pfft, Jackson, count yourself lucky today! If it weren’t for Leanna, you would have ended up in hot soup!”

Zachary was furious. “Larson, are you threatening me? Don’t tell Leanna of this; let’s settle it ourselves! Mark my words, if I can’t kill you, I’ll get rid of my own last name!”

Matthew smiled lightly and patted Zachary on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, nothing is impossible. We have plenty of time!”

Leanna finally chose to treat Matthew and Sasha to dinner at Shanghai Nights, where she was also a diamond member. As Sasha chatted with Leanna, she was no longer wary of her, and even felt that they should’ve met earlier. Both being strong as well as extremely beautiful women, they attracted the attention of countless people.

Sasha suddenly asked, “By the way Leanna, why did you bring the child to the hospital alone that night? Where is the child’s father?”

“The child’s father is gone.” Leanna looked slightly embarrassed, and she said with a low chuckle, “I am a single parent.”

No wonder she had to take her child to the hospital alone at night. Sasha didn’t want to pry any further. After chatting for a while, Leanna took out the card and handed it to Matthew, but both Matthew and Sasha refused to accept it.

Leanna didn’t expect Matthew and Sasha to refuse it so easily. After all, there was thirty million in the card. However, no matter what she said, Matthew and Sasha remained unchanged with their decision.

In the end, Leanna gave up, though she had a newfound respect for Matthew and Sasha. The three of them sat and chatted for a while before Leanna excused herself, saying that she needed to return to take care of her child.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 178
After dinner, Matthew and Sasha walked back home.

“Leanna is beautiful and capable, which is rare. It is a pity that her husband was gone at such a young age.” Sasha sighed.

“Sasha, it is not as straightforward as it looks.” Matthew chuckled.

“Oh? Why do you say so?” Sasha asked curiously.

“Have you ever heard of Leanna Sandal’s background? She left home for a while when she was younger. When she returned, she brought a child along with her. It is said that the child was born out of wedlock.

Until now, no one knows who the father is. At the beginning, the Sandal family felt that she had ruined their reputation and drove her out.

But later on, it was she who single-handedly built her company from scratch and was accepted back into the Sandal family.”

Sasha asked in disbelief, “Are you serious?”

Matthew smiled and nodded.

As they were chatting, the two arrived home.

All the other four members of the Cunningham family were assembled in the living room.

“Where have you been?” James asked with a cold expression as soon as they entered.

“We met a friend and had a meal together,” said Sasha.

James pressed on. “What friend?”

“It’s not anyone you would know,” said Sasha.

“Hmph, isn’t it Leanna Sandel?” Demi sneered. “Which toad in Eastcliff wouldn’t know of the unmarried woman who got pregnant?”

Sasha was stunned. How did Demi know that Leanna Sandel was looking for them?

Sasha said angrily, “Demi, how could you speak this way? Leanna is a good person!”

“Oh, she sure is! And she sure does appreciate an attractive looking person,” Demi sneered. “She gave birth out of wedlock, and till now doesn’t even know who the father of the child is.

Yet, the whore is into Matthew now! Why Matthew, are you used to selling yourself to people? You see a rich woman, and you dive straight into her arms?”

Matthew was confused. “What does this have to do with me?”

“Demi Cunningham, you… You watch your mouth!” said Sasha furiously. “What has Matthew done? Why are you saying such things about him?

Demi immediately complained, “Dad, look at her! Look at how she is acting now! I knew you’d always believe what others say, and not your family! Do you know that your man was almost seduced by that woman?”

James also glared at Sasha hard, saying, “Sasha, your sister is saying all of this for your own good!”

“Dad, you’ve misunderstood!” Sasha said anxiously. “Matthew saved Leanna’s daughter. She came to thank us…”

Demi laughed sarcastically. “Hah, she wanted to thank you? Sasha, only you would be fooled by such words! Saving Leanna’s daughter? It’s all because Leanna is beautiful and rich, and he wants to hook up with her! If it was an old woman with a child, I highly doubt Matthew would have even lifted a finger to help!”

“Y-You aren’t being reasonable at all!” Sasha trembled with anger. “When it’s a life and death matter, beauty and money has nothing to do with it!

Dad, if it were you who encountered someone in danger, would you still see if they were beautiful before you decide whether to save them?”

James shouted angrily, “How dare you! I’m talking about Matthew, so what has it got to do with me?”

“Sasha, now you’re being unreasonable!” Demi immediately added. “How can you compare Dad with Matthew? Matthew always has his reasons for doing something.

No matter marrying you back then or hooking up with Leanna now, it is all done with a reason behind it. Do you think that he is a really good person? If he was, why would he ever live off a woman?”

“Demi, don’t you know why Matthew married me in the first place?” Sasha was also angry. “Besides, you know how Matthew treats our family. If Matthew was not here, we would have lost everything long ago. Ask yourself: is it us who are helping Matthew, or vice versa?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 179

Demi chuckled coldly. “Sasha, I think you’ve overestimated him. What has Matthew done to help our family? He cured Billy Newman’s daughter with our family’s medicine, hence the credit belongs to our family.

For Mr. Jones’ situation, it was the police who caught the people and recovered the money. As for the matter of Wellness Herbary and our third uncle’s family situation, no doubt he has helped out a little, but in the end, he turned Wellness Herbary into his own cash machine and let his friend take charge of everything.

Little by little, the Cunninghams’ property is being controlled by him. It is only you who is still in the dark, thinking that he has helped us a lot!”

Sasha was so angry that she kept silent. She really couldn’t understand why her family would be so hostile to Matthew.

“Demi, you don’t know, but these are all Matthew—”

Sasha wanted to explain, but was interrupted by James. “That’s enough!”

“Are you even my daughter? You married such a man and worked with him to go against us. Are you trying to piss off your mother and I?”

Sasha’s face was red, and her eyes welled up.

“You still have the audacity to cry?” James shouted at her. “If you cannot even control your own husband, what would others say? Matthew, this is a wake-up call for you, so you better keep that in mind!

As long as you and Sasha are not divorced, you are part of the Cunningham family. Stop hooking up with other women and spoiling the Cunningham family’s reputation. Go on, off to bed now!” James stood up angrily, about to leave the room.

“Why are you going to sleep?” Helen grabbed him. “It is not over yet!”

“What else is there?” asked a surprised James.

Helen looked at Matthew. “Where is Leanna Sandel’s card?”

James’ eyes lit up. Oh yes, Leanna Sandel prepared a card at that time. The card would have at least millions in it; we must have it.

Sasha understood her mother’s intentions and asked coldly, “Why are you asking about the card?”

Helen was angry. “So now it has come to this? Can’t I even ask a question nowadays? How dare you talk to me that way!”

Matthew pulled on Sasha’s sleeve and motioned for her to not to argue further with her parents.

“I didn’t take the card,” said Matthew.

“What? You didn’t take it?” Helen asked anxiously. “Are you crazy? There are tens of millions in the card!”

Sasha curled her lips and said, “Wasn’t it you all who said to Matthew that he should not spoil our family’s reputation? Matthew was right to not take the card; he even made the Cunningham family look good.”

Helen was about to blow a gasket. “T-This is not the same thing at all! We told him not to go out and flirt with other women, but we didn’t say that he was not allowed to accept the card.

He saved Leanna’s daughter that day. The money in this card is Leanna’s thanks to him. This is what we have rightfully earned.”

Sasha said, “Just now, weren’t you the ones who said that he thought Leanna was so beautiful that he deliberately approached her? But when it comes to money, it is all about him saving her daughter? Mom, do you even hear yourself?!”

Helen was rendered speechless. Then, she suddenly burst out angrily, “There you go again, talking back to me! You think it was easy for me to raise you?

Why don’t you learn something from your sister? Do you see her talking back to me? Looks like I raised you for nothing!”

Sasha’s face flushed red. “I’m just speaking the truth! When did I ever talk back to you? Oh, so only you all are allowed to speak, and we aren’t allowed to refute?”

“Enough!”James roared and sent a chair flying. “Go back to your rooms this instant!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 180
Sasha still wanted to continue the conversation, but Matthew dragged her back to their room. She was so angry that her tears kept falling.

She then said to him in a low voice, “Matthew, you don’t have to put up with it! I know you didn’t argue with them to save me the embarrassment. But you know what? The more you stay silent, the more they would want to bully you.”

“For a family living together, having differences is inevitable.” Matthew’s lips curved into a smile as he said, “How would we be able to live together if we quarrel over everything?

“Actually, you can see that Mom and Dad seemed fine. It is mainly Liam and Demi who are biased against me; Mom and Dad were just deceived by them. Looking back at the situation, with your parents being so mad, if I stood against them, wouldn’t it be adding salt to a wound?”

Sasha was silent. Like he said, there would really be no end to this if things got worse just now.

Matthew spoke lightly, “Some things are better kept to ourselves. I love you, and I don’t want to make things complicated for you. Just like you back then—paying my rent quietly—you, too, wanted to save face for me and not make me look bad, right?”

Sasha was stunned. “H-How did you know about that?”

“Silly nilly.” Matthew chuckled fondly and pulled Sasha into his arms. “I let you suffer for the past three years, so this is what I owe you! In this life, I won’t let you be wronged again!””

Sasha put her head on Matthew’s shoulder, feeling warmth in her heart.

Meanwhile, James and Helen were in their room. As soon as they entered their room, Helen said angrily, “Do you think Matthew wouldn’t want that card? Him being his greedy self, do you think he would not want a card with millions in it?””

James shook his head slowly and said, “I really can’t tell. But let me tell you, if Matthew really did not want the card, then he is much more dangerous than we thought.”

“Why so?” Helen asked in surprise.

James glanced at her and said, “Just think of it. Such a greedy person giving up a chance on having millions, what does that mean? It shows that his plan is much bigger than this. If he really hooks up with Leanna, millions would be peanuts to him.

Unlike with Leanna, Matthew can’t siphon out that much money with us two here. The Sandel Family can’t control Leanna. Her property is all her own. If Matthew were to really hook up with her, he stands to get at least half of her property!”

Helen was shocked. “Matthew is too dangerous, isn’t it?

“Well, you have been underestimating him,” James scoffed. “If it wasn’t for Liam, we’d both still be in the dark. Anyway, we have to be much more alert in the future.

Liam is right; we can’t let him cheat us of our money, and we mustn’t let him hook up with Leanna Sandel. Otherwise, our family will never have a good future!”

Helen nodded her head vigorously. “You’re absolutely right. This can’t go on! We have to look for an opportunity to talk to Leanna about this. Otherwise, if she really falls into his trap, it would bring much trouble for all.”

The next day, Matthew and Sasha left for work early in the morning. Thereafter, Helen went to clean their room. In reality, she wanted to see if Matthew took Leanna’s card.

She tossed things around but couldn’t find any card. However, she did find a delicate little box.

Curious, Helen opened the box. Nestled within was a jade bracelet. It was the jade bracelet that Old Mrs. Graham gave Sasha years ago. Looking at it, Helen was overwhelmed with fury.

She thought back to the time that Old Mrs. Graham asked Sasha to become her foster daughter, and Sasha readily agreed. In the end, Old Mrs Graham only gave her a worthless jade bracelet. Sasha even specifically bought such a delicate box to keep it in.

“Such a worthless thing! What’s the use of keeping it?” Helen grabbed the jade bracelet and threw it to the ground.

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