The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 181-190

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 181

Just as Helen was about to throw the jade bracelet, there was a knock on the door.

She immediately went to open the door, thereupon she saw Liam and Demi standing there.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Demi asked in surprise.

“Nothing, just cleaning up their room. Why are you two here?” Helen said as she put the jade bracelet on the table.

Demi walked to the table, her face indignant. “Mom, Liam and I have been fired from the company, and we don’t even have a job now. We had nothing to do at home, so we are wandering around.”

“Mom, what is this? Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is such a large group, yet your daughter and son-in-law don’t even have a job. If this gets out, people would surely laugh!” Liam added.

The more Helen thought about it, the angrier she got. “This is all because of Matthew, that son of a b*tch! If he hadn’t aggravated those shareholders, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would still be ours. It can’t be that hard to find positions for you two.”

Liam joined them. “Mom, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is now fully under Matthew’s control. The CEO and the managing director are all his people. We don’t even know the company’s accounts and it’s expenses. This simply cannot go on, right?”

“I know. But those shareholders now listen to him, so what can I do?” Helen said helplessly.

Liam smiled lightly. “Mom, I have an idea.”

“Which is?””

“You and Dad can start a new business! Let’s open another company, and we can have total control over it!” Liam suggested.

Helen froze and shook her head immediately. “Impossible! Don’t you remember what happened last time? Sasha will surely not support us. Besides, your dad and I don’t know much about medicine; how can we start a company from scratch?”

Liam chuckled. “Mom, it’s simple. Before, people had to have medical knowledge to acquire herbs. But this time, we can open a drug store; a chain of pharmacies.

The concept is simple: we buy medicine from manufacturers, then sell them to the consumers. We just have to hire a few qualified doctors and make sure the medicine is approved.

All we have to do is open the pharmacy and go to the stores every day to collect money.”

Helen’s eyes turned bright at the idea. “This really is a good idea. We can open a pharmacy, and I’ll be the keeper. Your dad and I will have something to do from now on, and you two can come and help us out. That’s pretty good. The only thing we don’t know is the payoff.”

Liam chuckled happily. “The payoff is absolutely much more than selling herbs! Look at Stanley Carlson; he, too, relied on his pharmacy when he first started! Besides, we have Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to back us.

Opening a pharmacy can also help to boost Cunningham Pharmaceuticals’ sales, which in turn benefits the company’s development. Sasha will certainly agree.”

Helen was overjoyed. “You’re right! Alright, I’ll talk to your dad later. If possible, we’ll open a chain of pharmacies.”

Liam was excited. The reason he came by was just because he wanted to talk about this.

His previous business had failed, so he had to find a way to get money from the Cunningham Family.

Demi sat on the couch, and she picked up the jade bracelet on the table. “Mom, where did you get this jade bracelet?”

Helen’s expression turned frosty. “It belonged to Old Mrs. Graham, and she gave it to your sister when she became her goddaughter.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 182

Demi recalled what took place. “Sigh, my sister is really blind, huh? She is the chairman of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, yet that old crone gave her such a worthless jade bracelet, and even took her as a goddaughter?

That old crone is probably very happy now. In the future, she might even use our family’s fame to cheat others!”

“Forget it, let’s not bring it up again,” Helen said angrily. “I’d get angry every time I think about it!”

Demi played with the jade bracelet and said, “Mom, let’s sell this bracelet. On one hand, we can get some money.

At the same time, my sister will finally know that the old crone’s bracelet is just a worthless piece of trash. Let her come to her senses for a bit!”

Initially, Helen wanted to throw the jade bracelet, but she didn’t do it when she heard that they might make some money by selling it.

“Sure, go ahead. You can keep the money.”

Helen did not think that the jade bracelet was worth much. It was dull; certainly not good jade.

As such, Demi and Liam took the jade bracelet and went directly to a nearby jade shop, intending to sell it.

When the owner saw the jade bracelet, he froze for a moment. Then, he leaned close, examining it for a long time.

Demi said impatiently, “Hey, I think you’ve looked at it long enough. Quote a price now; I still have errands to run!”

The boss narrowed his eyes slightly and chuckled. “Miss, where did you get this jade bracelet?”

“I’m just selling a jade bracelet, so what’s with the twenty questions?” Demi said sullenly.

The owner shook his head. “That’s not what I meant. In our industry, we don’t accept inauthentic jade. This is the unspoken rule!”

Demi did not know either, so she casually said, “It was an old woman who gave it to me. She wanted to pass it down to her own daughter, so she took me in as a goddaughter and gave it to me.”

As she spoke, however, she did not notice the look that flashed across the owner’s eyes.

He took a breath and smiled. “Miss, since you know the primary source of this jade, it is easy to negotiate. This jade bracelet is not of good quality, and it is very common. However, I have a similar jade bracelet here.

Combined, it might have a bit more value. So, I can give you a higher price for this. What about 18,000?” The owner spoke in a low voice, seemingly hesitant with his words.

Demi was stunned. She thought the bracelet would be worth one to two thousand at most. She didn’t expect it to be more than ten thousand.

But she wasn’t a fool either.

The owner’s first bid must be a little false.

Demi pursed her lips and said, “18,000? Are you kidding me?! How can this jade bracelet be worth so little?”

“H-How much do you want then?” asked the boss, his expression changing slightly.

Demi thought carefully before saying, “35,000!”

The owner had been observing Demi closely, and saw that she looked uneasy. He knew that she did not understand a thing about jade.

He wanted to accept the bargain, but he was worried that he would seem too eager, and Demi wouldn’t sell it.

“I can’t give you that price! Well, let’s make a compromise. I’ll give you 25,000! This is also the maximum amount that I’m willing to pay, so think carefully!”

The owner pretended to hesitate, which made Demi panic.

Finally, after some bargaining, this jade bracelet was sold for 28,000.

Demi took the large sum of money and happily walked out of the store.

Meanwhile, the owner took the jade bracelet and immediately went into the backyard, making a phone call.

“Honey, pack up our things quickly! Don’t worry about anything else; just take the valuables along. Pick up our child and wait for me downstairs, quickly!

Don’t ask questions. If we were able to leave, we are going to be rich! I just got a jade bracelet worth more than a hundred million. If we can sell it, our family will be able to live a lavish life!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 183

Demi took the 28,000 and returned home happily.

“Mom, this jade bracelet is somewhat valuable. I managed to sell it for 28,000!”

Helen was surprised. “Really? You were able to sell it for 28,000? Which fool was willing to pay such a high price? You’re joking, right?”

“Mom, it’s real. I sold it in the jade shop. The owner has been in the business for years. In the beginning, he only offered 18,000, but I managed to push the price to 28,000!” Demi replied.

Looking at the money in Demi’s hands, Helen had to believe it, though she was very surprised. She couldn’t help but mutter, “I really did not expect that the jade bracelet given by Old Mrs. Graham was slightly valuable.”

Demi nodded in agreement. She, too, did not expect that this jade bracelet would be worth so much.

“Mom, looks like this bracelet is not cheap. If Sasha knew that we sold it, would she be upset?”

Helen pursed her lips and said, “Why would she be upset? The bracelet is so old-fashioned and ugly, plus she doesn’t even wear it. What a waste keeping it in a box. She should be happy that it was at least worth something.”

“I meant that if Old Mrs. Graham knew about it, wouldn’t she be unhappy?” Demi asked.

Helen waved her hands. “I don’t care what she thinks! This jade bracelet was given to Sasha, so it belongs to our family. Whatever we do with it is up to us; it has nothing to do with her. Do you think she would just openly break relations with us over a few thousand?”

“You’re right.” Demi nodded. “Mom, what should I do with this 28,000 then?”

Helen smiled. “Since you’re the one who sold it, you can keep it. You and Liam have no jobs right now, so you certainly have no money to use.

Go and buy a few decent clothes. When we finally open the drugstore and you two are the managers, you would have to dress properly then!”

Hearing that, Demi took the money excitedly and went out shopping.

It was evening when Sasha returned home.

When she entered her room and saw the box on the bed, she was startled. She immediately opened the box, only to find that the jade bracelet was gone.

“Mom, where’s my jade bracelet?” Sasha asked anxiously.

Helen replied coldly, “It’s been sold.”

“What?!” Sasha was rooted to the spot. You sold something so important? “W-Why did…Why did you sell my jade bracelet?

That was given to me by Old Mrs. Graham as a gift. It’s an heirloom, and I wanted to pass it on to my daughter in the future. W-Why would you sell it?” Demi yelled anxiously.

James was reading a newspaper at the table. As soon as he heard Sasha’s words, he immediately chided, “Sasha, how can you talk to your mother like that? Is this the way to treat your elders?”

“What attitude should I have then, Dad? It was such an important thing to me, yet you didn’t even ask me before selling it? How do you expect me to explain it to Old Mrs. Graham?” Sasha asked helplessly.

Helen pursed her lips in disdain. “Explain? It’s just an old jade bracelet; what’s so great about it? She gave it to you, so it’s ours now.

We can do whatever we want with it. She’s just your adoptive mother, while I’m your biological mother. I’ve never seen you this sentimental when it comes to me!”

Sasha flushed red with anger. “Mom, stop it with this nonsense! Since when have I not cared for you? The key thing is, this is a jade bracelet given by my adoptive mother. You can’t just sell it! Forget it, I’m ending this conversation. Just tell me where you sold it and I’ll go get it back.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 184

“How dare you! I gave you so many things, yet I don’t see you keeping those properly. You don’t even wear the jade bracelet. It’s such a waste of space, so why keep it?” Helen asked angrily.

“How can you compare it that way? I still keep what you’ve given me. Moreover, this jade bracelet was given from my adoptive mother, and it’s a family heirloom, passed on for generations at that. If I’m the one who loses it, wouldn’t I be a sinner?” said Sasha.

Helen pursed her lips. “Bullsh*t! It is just a piece of trash, and you’re making such a big fuss! The Cunningham Family is well known and has power in Eastcliff. Don’t lower yourself over a mere jade bracelet.”

Sasha waved her hands around. “Forget it, you just won’t see sense. Tell me where you sold it, and I will go get it back!””

However, Helen simply ignored her.

Sasha insisted on knowing the name of the shop. Only after a long while was she able to find out which shop it was. Hurrying downstairs, she ran to the jade shop, and to her dismay, it was closed.

Sasha dialed the phone number on the signboard, but it had been turned off.

She then asked the shop next door, but they too were surprised.

The jade shop usually closed around eight o’clock in the evening. It was now only slightly after six, which was unusual.

Having a bad feeling about it, Sasha quickly called Matthew and told him everything.

Matthew had just left work and was on his way home.

After hearing her out, he did not dare to make any assumptions.

He inherited the family’s ability of appreciating antiques, and he knew a thing or two about them.

At that time, he knew that the jade bracelet was not as simple as it looked.

He even reminded Sasha to keep it well.

He did not expect that Helen would actually make a scene and sell the jade bracelet.

On one hand, he comforted Sasha and asked her to return home first.

On the other hand, he hastily called Tiger and asked him to deal with the matter.

The jade shop was located in South Street, which was Tiger’s territory. Thus, it seemed best to let him handle it.

As expected, Tiger was indeed efficient.

Before Matthew could even reach home, he received a call from Tiger.

The owner and his family had left hurriedly in the morning, and were no longer in Eastcliff.

Matthew frowned; no doubt the owner must have known the true value of the jade bracelet.

Afraid that someone would eventually come knocking, the owner immediately left with the jade bracelet.

Matthew then ordered Tiger to have people start looking for the owner immediately. They had to get the jade bracelet back, no matter what.

Worse comes to worse, they could turn to Billy Newman and Timothy Wayne for assistance.

Tiger was shocked when he received Matthew’s order.

He knew that Billy Newman looked up to Matthew Larson, but he did not expect that Matthew could even mobilize Timothy Wayne’s people.

It seemed that Matthew’s power went far beyond his imagination!

Tiger agreed readily, then personally led a team to hunt down the owner and his family.

As soon as Matthew returned home, Sasha ran up to him.

“Matthew, how is the situation?”

Helen pursed her lips. “How serious can it be? Sasha, you’re overreacting! It’s just a jade bracelet! The jade in that shop is probably worth a hundred times more.

Do you think he would really run away with that measly jade bracelet of yours? Besides, why do you still want that cheap jade bracelet?”

Matthew sighed and said in a low voice, “The owner seems to have taken off…”

“What?” Sasha staggered back, nearly falling down.

Helen was also a little stunned. “Run away? What are you talking about? Is it necessary to run off just for that jade bracelet? Matthew Larson, are you trying to scare me? If you’re lying, I won’t let you go so easily!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 185
James leaned over and asked, “Matthew, do you know the owner? You’re saying he ran away, but do you know where his family lives? Do you know what his name is? Do you know him very well?”

Helen couldn’t help but feel smug and nodded in agreement. “Yes, that’s right! Do you know what the boss’ name is? You even said he ran away. Aren’t you afraid that they’ll sue you for slander?”

Matthew ignored them and gently patted Sasha on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, Sasha. I’ve asked a friend to track him down. We will definitely be able to get the bracelet back!”

Sasha nodded helplessly. There was nothing much anyone could do now.

“Those friends of yours again? Matthew, you better watch out! The Cunningham Family has fame and prestige in Eastcliff, and are considered high society.

If you want to go associate with those scumbags, then you can leave the Cunningham Family and divorce Sasha. We Cunninghams do not want to associate with those who are not cultivated and civilized!” Helen pursed her lips.

Sasha was annoyed. “Mom, what are you talking about? How can you say that Matthew’s friends are not civilized?

Also, when did the Cunningham Family become high society in Eastcliff? Don’t you know our position? Have you seen any high society people that still live in a three-bedroom house?”

Helen was tongue-tied at that.

James, on the other hand, angrily said, “Sasha, that’s very wrong of you. We’re only in a temporary rut, and this will soon be over. We can’t expect life to be smooth sailing. Experience the twists and turns, and overcome it proudly!

We just got hold of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. This year’s company dividends will definitely be tens of millions, maybe even hundreds of millions. By then, we can live wherever we want. We could even buy a villa in the Grand Garden!”

Helen nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, let’s buy a property in the Grand Garden. After a few years when our business is bigger and we are on par with the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, we could even stay in Lakeside Garden!

By then, our family would really be at the top of the Eastcliff pyramid! Hah, we’d have to get a Lakeside Garden pass for your dad’s car and make a trip back to the Cunningham family home. I can’t wait to see their faces then!”

James had a longing look on his face.

In recent years, the Cunningham Family had suffered too much. As such, he looked forward to the day that he could raise his head proudly.

If they could live in Lakeside Garden, driving a luxury car with a Lakeside Garden pass back to the Cunningham home, it would be his proudest moment.

When the time would come, he would be able to clear all the past grievances and start anew.

Eric, Jason and the entire Cunningham Family will have no choice but to look up to him then!

Sasha, however, couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

Have both of them gone crazy?

They wish to live in Lakeside Garden by using Cunningham Pharmaceuticals’ qualification?

Even The Grand Garden would be a long shot!

She couldn’t find the energy to argue with these two, so she took Matthew’s hand and went back to their room.

Sasha then looked at Matthew sincerely. “After this year’s dividend is out, I will buy a new house. Even if there is only one room, it would still be ours! We’ll move out then; I can’t bear to see you suffer any longer!”

Feeling warm, Matthew smiled gently at her. “When we are done with all our work, we will move into Lakeside Garden!”

“Are you crazy?” Sasha rolled her eyes at him. “Even if we had the money, Lakeside Garden would still be out of our reach. I highly doubt we’ll be able to buy it even in this lifetime.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 186

“If we work hard enough, we might even be able to live in The Grand Garden. When that day comes, I will be really content. By the way, I heard that the villa at the Grand Garden has an attached swimming pool.

Matthew, imagine our future children playing in the pool, while we lounge about and to watch the sunset; how enjoyable it’ll be! I really hope we can have that someday!”

Sasha’s face was full of longing as she gazed off into the distance.

Matthew looked at her beautiful face and made a promise in his heart. Sasha, this day is coming! After I cure Natalie, we will go live in the Grand Garden. Everything that you want will be yours!

During dinner, Matthew’s phone rang.

He took out his phone and looked at it. Turned out it was Leanna who was calling.

Matthew got up and was about to go into the bedroom to answer the phone when James yelled angrily, “Wait! Pick it up right here! Why so secretive about it?”

Matthew was irritated. After all, they had an argument last night because of Leanna Sandel, hence his decision to go into the bedroom to answer the call.

“Dad, it’s Matthew’s personal phone call; why do you have to butt in?” said Sasha as she glanced at him.

“What personal phone call? Just pick it up here! We won’t disturb him,” said James.

Sasha was about to speak when Matthew interrupted. “Okay.” He answered a phone call and turned on the speakerphone. “Miss Sandel, is anything wrong?”

Leanna’s voice came over the speaker. “Hello, Mr. Larson.”

As they heard her voice, James and Helen’s expressions grew cold, and they wanted to throw a fuss. However, the two were afraid of Leanna, so they did not dare to make a sound.

“There is a cocktail party tomorrow night, and some businessmen will be in attendance. I’d like to invite you and Mrs. Larson to attend. I wonder if the both of you are free?” Leanna asked.

James and Helen shook their heads vigorously and motioned for Matthew to not accept.

However, Sasha interrupted. “Thank you for the invitation, Leanna. Let us know the details, and Matthew and I will be there!”

Leanna chuckled. “Hello, Mrs. Larson. It’s tomorrow night, seven thirty at Cloud Nine Villa. Just give my name once you have arrived.”

Eyes wide, James and Helen couldn’t help but stutter, “C-Cloud Nine Cocktail Party?”

“Who is that?” asked Leanna, surprised.

Sasha was also shocked, so Matthew hurriedly said, “Sorry, we are having dinner with our family. Miss Sandel, we’ll be there on time tomorrow. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome. I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow!” said Leanna.

Leanna hung up the phone, and James and Helen were still in shock. “Did I hear her correctly? D-Did she say Cloud Nine Villa?”

James was shocked to no end, while Helen was tongue-tied.

Sasha looked to Matthew and asked, “Did Leanna just invite us to the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party? D-Did I hear her right?”

“What is this Cloud Nine Cocktail Party?” Matthew was slightly confused.

James stared at Matthew. “Don’t you know? It’s a banquet that has existed for more than 20 years in Eastcliff, and is where Eastcliff and Eastshire’s businessmen and entrepreneurs gather.

A lot of big businesses are negotiated in this cocktail party. This is the best place to expand your network! It is held once a month, and the venue is always in Cloud Nine Villa. The banquet was initiated by the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff.

Each family takes turns each year to be in charge of the banquet reception. However, after Leanna Sandel rose to power, the reception has been managed by her for three years in a row. In Eastcliff, the only way to know if you’re considered as high society is by participating in the cocktail party at Cloud Nine Villa!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 187
Matthew was at a loss for words. He really had never heard of Cloud Nine Cocktail Party.

It was not surprising, in reality. This was something that only Eastcliff’s businessmen and entrepreneurs would know.

Matthew was poor in his younger days, so how would he know the ins and outs of high society?

Helen was slightly emotional. “I remember when Old Master Cunningham wanted to attend the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party more than ten years ago. He came up with all kinds of ways and contacted everyone he knew, but he still didn’t manage to get in.

The reason being the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party Committee thought that the Cunningham Family was not qualified to enter the high society of Eastcliff!

Who would have thought that not long after getting Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, we would be invited to the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party! It seems that their committee still recognizes Cunningham Pharmaceuticals!”

James nodded enthusiastically, feeling full of himself.

Sasha was a little annoyed. “Mom, what are you talking about? Leanna specially invited Matthew. She respects him, and that’s why he was invited. How can it be related to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals?”

Helen gave her a look. “Bullsh*t! Cloud Nine Cocktail Party is only open to businessmen and entrepreneurs. Matthew isn’t a businessman nor an entrepreneur. If he wasn’t your husband, and if it wasn’t for Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, you think he’d be eligible to attend Cloud Nine Cocktail Party?

Although Leanna Sandel is in charge, however, they also have a strict internal audit team. She is not in charge of the whole thing. How could she have invited you if you didn’t get the team’s approval?”

James nodded in agreement. “Your mother is right. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is the key. It does not come as a surprise though, as we recently signed a contract worth three billion. Our company has also become a leader in the pharmaceutical industry in Eastcliff.

The committee is not daft; they must have investigated thoroughly before inviting us. Leanna Sandel just used this as an opportunity. Do you really think it’s all because of her?”

Sasha wanted to argue, but was stopped by Matthew.

Arguing was pointless anyway, for those two would not be rational at all.

Even if they knew that this was because of Matthew, they would never admit it.

Seeing the two of them did not say anything, James said smugly, “Right then, your mother and I will join you tomorrow!”

Sasha froze. “Why? Miss Sandel only invited Matthew and I!”

“Sasha, you are too ignorant! Is this an invitation for just the both of you? It’s an invitation for the whole Cunningham Family! After all, your mother and I are the elders of the family.

I’m still in charge. If I don’t go, it would seem that I do not care about the event. By then, people would spread around that the Cunningham Family is rude! If you want to enter high society, you have to play by their rules, understand?” James said.

Sasha wanted to object, but Matthew nodded. “Dad is right. The elders of the family should attend these events!”

James did not expect Matthew to agree with him.

He froze for a moment before nodding his head. “At least Matthew here is sensible. Okay, that’s it then.”

Sasha looked puzzled. After going back to their room, she immediately asked Matthew. “Why did you agree with them? Miss Sandel did not invite them, and it’s not polite to bring others along with us!”

Matthew chuckled. “It’s not a big deal. It’s just two extra attendees. Besides, don’t you see? Mom and Dad really look up to this Cloud Nine Cocktail Party, and care very much about it.

They have suffered so much in the Cunningham Family. This is a great opportunity for them to be proud. If we don’t bring them along, we’ll never hear the end of this!”

Sasha looked at him helplessly. “Matthew, you’re too kind! When they treat you like this, you really do not have to consider their feelings at all.”

“Don’t worry. It’s just a small matter, and they are your parents after all!” Matthew smiled.

Sasha teared up. Being able to find someone who loved her completely was the greatest thing that could have happened to her in this lifetime.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 189
Everyone in the Cunningham family was stunned. It was Leanna Sandal who had personally invited James and Helen? Seeing everyone’s expressions, James’ ego was satisfied. He finally got his long lost dignity back through this invitation.

Helen said smugly, “Dad, if I remember correctly, participating in the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party is something that you have always dreamed of.

Although you failed to make it happen, we have helped you achieve that dream. You should be very happy, right?”

Eric turned pale with anger. He could not accept that this son, who was chased out of the house, would have such a day! Just like James, he could not reconcile to the fact that Matthew Larson was invited by Leanna Sandel!

James and Helen left happily. It wasn’t long before Eric slumped in the chair and almost lost consciousness. Those standing nearby quickly went to his aid. “Dad, don’t believe him. James likes to brag, and we don’t know how far it is true.

Cloud Nine Cocktail Party is not a joke. Why would Leanna Sandel invite them personally? He is definitely day dreaming!” said Jason.

The others nodded in agreement, not able to accept the fact.

At this moment, Lily Cunningham came over and whispered, “Dad, I-I’m afraid what they said might be true…”

Jason got mad and shouted, “What are you talking about? Lily, how can you side them? How is he qualified to attend Cloud Nine Cocktail Party?”

Lily looked embarrassed. “Dad, I met Matthew two days ago.”

“H-He and Leanna Sandel seemed to have a good relationship; she even taught Zachary Jackson a lesson because of him…”

“What?!” Everyone in the room exclaimed in unison.

Zachary Jackson was the heir of the Jackson family. Even Eric Cunningham had to be respectful whenever he saw him. Yet, Leanna Sandel had actually warned Zachary, just for Matthew’s sake?

What was going on between them?

Charlie asked anxiously, “Did you recognize the wrong person? Was it really Leanna Sandel and Zachary Jackson?”

Lily nodded. “Yes. I’ve seen Zachary Jackson before, and I am definitely not mistaken. I don’t know Leanna Sandel, but Zachary Jackson must know her, so there is no mistake at all.”

Everyone looked at each other. It seemed that they could not be wrong.

They were also stunned. What was going on between the useless live-in son-in-law and Leanna Sandel? Why did he have connections in such high places?

“What’s their relationship?” Charlie couldn’t help but ask.

Before Sasha Cunningham, Leanna Sandel was the top beauty in Eastcliff. She was the eldest daughter of the Sandel family—the top family in Eastcliff.

Her beauty was incomparable. With her background and appearance, some large families in Bainbridge even had their eye on her.

There were several huge families who wanted to marry a Sandel, which spoke for Leanna’s importance. After that, Leanna Sandel single-handedly started the Creative Cloud Group, and was now standing at equal level as the Sandel family.

Being a widow, she brought up her own daughter herself. However, countless people still regarded her as their dream woman.

Not only the heirs of third-rate families, even some heirs from the top ten families continued to chase after Leanna.

A chairman in her own right, and the dream woman of countless people had a very good relationship with Matthew, a useless person?

What was that all about? Charlie couldn’t accept it at all. He was feeling angry and frustrated.

At this moment, Lily said in a low voice, “I heard that Matthew saved Leanna’s daughter. Leanna pampers her daughter to no end, so she declared Matthew her savior!”

Charlie’s eyes widened, “No way. Matthew is just someone who cleans toilets at the hospital! How can he save someone else?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 190
“He rescued her daughter from a car accident and sent her to the hospital,” explained Lily. “You think he’d be able to save her himself?”

Charlie suddenly realized what had taken place. “Oh, no wonder. Matthew is very lucky. Tsk, he managed to capture her attention.” Charlie couldn’t hide his envy.

Eric frowned and asked, “So, Leanna Sandel invited them to Cloud Nine Cocktail Party to thank Matthew?”

Lily nodded. “That sounds about right.”

Eric sighed heavily. “I really didn’t expect that after putting in so much effort for so many years, I can’t even compare myself to Matthew who was lucky enough to be there to help! It seems like there is zero chance for us to get Cunningham Pharmaceuticals back in the future.”

Suddenly, something flashed in Jason’s eyes and he smiled. “Dad, it may not be a bad thing.”

“What do you mean?” asked Eric in surprise.

“Why do you think Matthew is so close to Leanna?” asked Jason.

It suddenly dawned on Eric, and Charlie replied eagerly, “He’s obviously into Leanna Sandel! In terms of looks, she is as beautiful as Sasha, and her family backing is much stronger.

Someone like Matthew who lives off a woman is likely to have chosen Leanna instead.”

Jason nodded. “That’s right! Matthew has turned his sights onto Leanna, and eventually approached her. Although their family is going to the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party, when he hooks up with Leanna for real, what do you think will happen to James’ family?

Matthew is not as simple as he looks. Having been ill-treated by James and Helen for so many years, do you think he will not retaliate when he gets a chance?”

Eric’s eyes lit up. “It seems like that’s the case. They are boasting about entering high society, but they are not aware that it is all because Matthew is planning to hook up with Leanna. Once he does, he will definitely leave Sasha.

Maybe then he would even take over Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. I can’t wait to see the expression on James and Helen’s faces.”

Jason smiled and nodded. “Dad, Cunningham’s Pharmaceuticals is just a temporary loss. We have enough money to start all over again.

What does Sasha have? She has just become the chairman of the board a few days ago, and Cunningham Pharmaceuticals has already been taken from her grasp. She is left with nothing right now! Let’s wait until their family comes to us, begging like before!”

Eric exclaimed with joy, “That’s great! That’s really great! It’s a pity for Cunningham Pharmaceuticals though.”

Jason smiled lightly as he said, “It’s okay. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is finished. As long as we have money, we can open a new one.

I think right now we should focus on getting out our money first. Let’s sell the company’s shares before they become worthless later on!”

Eric pondered for a while, then nodded slowly. “You’re right. Anyway, the company is no longer in our hands, and keeping these shares is useless.

Even if there are dividends at the end of the year, James will not give us much. It’s better to sell the shares and leave as soon as possible, so that we don’t suffer eventually!”

As Eric and Jason were discussing the sale of the shares, Charlie stood alone in a corner, feeling extremely depressed.

He saw Leanna Sandel in a photograph before, and had always wanted to pursue her. Seeing that his dream woman was now about to be with Matthew, how can he not be bothered?

Charlie made a vow to himself. No, I definitely can’t let Matthew succeed! I have to find a way to stop him! Anyone can be with Leanna, just not him!

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