The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 191-200

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 191
The Everlasting Group of Eastcliff belonged to the Leigh Family, one of the Ten Great Families of Eastcliff. It was Isaac Leigh, the heir of the Leigh family, who now managed the company.

Isaac was at work in the morning when a phone call came. “Mr. Leigh, there is a young man outside looking for you, saying that he has something important to report to you!” said his secretary. “Is there an appointment?”

asked Isaac, to which the secretary answered, “No.” Isaac was angry. “Why did you call me when there’s no appointment then? Don’t you know my rules?”

The secretary paused for a moment and said in a low voice, “The young man said that it has something to do with President Sandel.” Isaac froze. After a moment of silence, he said, “Let him in!”

It wasn’t long before the secretary led Charlie Cunningham in. Charlie was stunned as he looked around the 200 square-meter office.

He thought to himself, This is exactly the life that successful people should lead! What is that little Cunningham Pharmaceuticals in front of all these? If I can befriend Isaac Leigh, I will definitely be better off than Eric Cunningham in the future!

“What is this about?” Isaac looked impatient. If it wasn’t something to do with Leanna, he would never have let this bumpkin into his office. Charlie nodded and leaned forward. “Nice to meet you, Master Leigh.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Charlie Cunningham and my grandfather is Eric Cunningham, the chairman of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.” Isaac waved his hands and said, “I don’t need to hear all this nonsense.

I’m not interested in your identity, so just tell me something useful.” Charlie seemed like a child to Isaac, and he really couldn’t care less about him. Charlie didn’t want to anger Isaac, so he quickly began. “Master Leigh, it’s like this.

I got news that a guy recently wanted to hook up with President Sandel.” Isaac looked impatient and said, “There are so many people chasing after Leanna. What kind of news is this?” Charlie nodded and continued, “Of course, but this is unusual. The problem is, President Sandel also seems taken with this guy.”

Isaac’s expression changed and he stood up immediately. “What did you just say?” Everyone in Eastcliff knew that Isaac Leigh had been chasing Leanna Sandel all this while, and no one was allowed to get between them.

Charlie was also aware of this, and that was why he chose to come to Isaac. He was very satisfied with Isaac’s reaction, and it seemed that he had come to the right person. Isaac approached Charlie aggressively and shouted, “Do you know what you’re talking about?

How dare you insult Leanna in front of me! Do you think I wouldn’t dare to drown you in Lake Eastcliff! I don’t care who your family is. I can obliterate your whole family with just a snap of my fingers!”

Charlie shivered in fear, and quickly said, “Master Leigh, I am speaking the truth. If you don’t believe it, you can send someone to investigate.” Isaac yelled at him, “Fck! There have been many who chased Leanna for years, and Leanna has rejected all of them! How can Leanna fall for this small piece of sht?”

Charlie rushed to add, “Master Leigh, things are different this time. Usually, President Sandel would not fall for these kinds of tricks. However, this guy chose a different angle—he approached her daughter first.”

Isaac’s expression changed. He knew that Leanna’s daughter was the apple of her eye. If someone really approached her daughter, it might really move her. “What the hell is going on?” he asked angrily.

Charlie quickly summarized what he knew. “Master Leigh, this incident was completely planned by Matthew Larson. It was Matthew’s relative who hit the car, and he himself who sent the child to the hospital, which also happens to be the hospital that he works at. Just think, is this all a coincidence?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 192

Isaac furrowed his eyebrows. After Charlie related the incident with embellishment and spices, he indeed sensed some conspiracy going on.

“Did you say that Leanna broke the rules and invited Mr. Larson to Cloud Nine Cocktail Party? But didn’t she invite his wife there too? If his wife was also there, what outrageous act could Mr. Larson do?” Isaac asked.

Charlie waved his hand in disagreement. “President Leigh, you shouldn’t compare Mr. Larson with some common pretty kept man. He’s a live-in son-in-law in the first place, so he’s naturally obsessed with vanity and seeks a life of pleasure.

He’s only interested in Miss Cunningham’s family fortune. Now that he has a connection with President Sandel, do you think he’ll still be interested in Miss Cunningham’s petty family fortune? He is an expert in deceiving women.

Most importantly, President Sandel isn’t repelling him. If both of them were to spend more time together, there’s no guarantee that nothing will happen if she’s drowned in his honeyed words. After all, women are naïve and easily deceived, President Leigh.”

Isaac was inwardly shocked. Immediately, he stood up and said in a deep voice, “How dare this kept man try to take advantage of Leanna? I’ll surely make him regret what he did!”

Charlie was overwhelmed with delight because the sole purpose that he came to meet Isaac was to use him in dealings with Matthew.

“President Leigh, you are the only one that is worthy of a goddess like President Sandel! Mr. Larson is just a loser. How dare he try and take advantage of President Sandel? B*stards like him should die!” Charlie sucked up to Isaac.

Isaac glanced at him. “Tonight, you’ll come with me to the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party. If what you say is true, you’ll start working at my company from now on. I will give you your due.”

With overloaded happiness, Charlie quickly bowed. “Thank you, Young Master Leigh. Thank you!” It was out of his expectations that he could be qualified to attend the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party.

This time, he could go home and show off about that. At least he wouldn’t be looked down upon by James and his family.

Without any delay, Charlie went back home and put on his best suit and wrist watch, before hastily seeking Eric to borrow his Maybach.

Looking at his neat clothes, Jason couldn’t help but feel astonished. “Where are you going?”

Charlie replied with beaming joy, “Dad, I’m invited to the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party tonight!”

“What?!” the whole family shouted in astonishment.

Eric stared at him with wide eyes. “W-What are you talking about? Did you collude with James and the others? I’m warning you. If you ever mix with that ingrate, y-you’re no longer my grandson!”

Jason was fuming with rage as well. “Charlie, how could you do such a shameful thing? Don’t you know what kind of person James is? He is disrespecting and embarrassing us, including the whole family!”

Charlie was helpless. “Grandpa, it’s not what you think! I’m not invited by James but Isaac Leigh, the heir of the Leigh Family, also known as the President of Everlasting Group!”

Everyone was stunned. That was a big shot! As the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, the Leigh Family ranked third. Isaac Leigh, an outstanding individual among his peers, far surpassed those dandies like Zachary Jackson.

Even Eric was not qualified to meet such a significant person like Isaac. Yet, he invited Charlie to join Cloud Nine Cocktail Party.

“A-Are you dreaming?” Jason asked anxiously.

Charlie replied with a smile, “Dad, I won’t lie to you. It’s true. Young Master Leigh invited me to the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party!

And, it’s not only that. He even promised that he’ll drive James and his family out of Cloud Nine Villa tonight. You’ll just have to sit back and enjoy the show. I’ll prove with my ability that James’ family is far inferior than us!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 193

Cloud Nine Villa was located at Cloud Mountain. It was the highest mountain in Eastcliff, piercing through the clouds. Its peak was enshrouded by vapor and mist all year long, so its scenery high above the ground was a spectacle, the greatest wonder of Eastcliff.

The villa was located in the area with the most breathtaking view of Cloud Mountain. It was not easy to build a villa at a place with such a well-known scenic sight, not to mention when the private club house-like villa was built in the most beautiful area.

This was also the reason that it became a symbol of status and position for one to be able to visit this property.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, Matthew was driving the Panamera that belonged to Wellness Herbary to Cloud Nine Villa. As soon as they entered the car park, Helen exclaimed in astonishment, “H-Have all the luxury cars from Eastcliff arrived?”

“Even if it’s a car exhibition, it’s rare to see so many of them!” Even Sasha was stupefied.

In this spacious car park, uncommon luxury cars could be seen everywhere. Even Rolls-Royce and Bentley were a common sight.

Most importantly, there were plenty of racing automobiles each worth more than ten million, which could only be glimpsed on the television.

But now, there were at least 20 of those vehicles, costing more than ten million, that were parked here! James was overwhelmed with excitement. This was the actual high-status community at the peak of Eastcliff!

Right after they stopped their car, a young man in an Armani suit walked over. “Staff’s vehicles are not allowed to park here. You must park in the basement over there.

Plus, what are you wearing? Where is the Armani attire that the company prepared for you? Didn’t they tell you that security personnels should uniformly wear the same suit? Go and change your clothes now!”

James and Helen were once again dumbfounded. They thought that this young man was some young dandy since he was wearing clothes that cost a few hundred thousand.

To their astonishment, he was just a staff member here. Even the employees had such high status?

It seemed like he had mistaken Matthew as one of his colleagues. Yet, it wasn’t strange. This Panamera that Helen bought was considered a luxury car among her friends.

However, it was nothing but a disgrace in this place. The cheapest car here cost twice or thrice the price of hers. Therefore, it was only natural that the staff had mistaken them as part of the employees too.

Matthew said, “Hi, we’re here to attend the cocktail party.”

The young man was stunned. “Y-You came to attend the party driving this car? Stop kidding. Even I drive a Cayenne to work here. Who would drive such a low-grade car to this event?

I’ve been working here for two years, and this is the first time I stumbled upon your car model here!”

Matthew replied, “I’m serious. Miss Leanna Sandal invited us here.”

The young man’s expression changed when he suddenly recalled something. “A-Are you Mr. Matthew Larson?”

Matthew responded with a nod.

At once, the young man’s expression changed drastically and quickly bowed. “Mr. Larson, please forgive me. I failed to recognize that you’re a person of eminence. Please forgive me if I’ve offended you earlier. I-I didn’t know that y-you…”

The young man began to stammer toward the end of his sentence. He was trying to explain that he didn’t know Matthew would drive such a car here. In his opinion, those who could attend the event here were prestigious figures.

It was a symbol of prominence to be able to attend this Cloud Nine Cocktail Party, so all the attendees would come with their luxury automobile here, contributing to the social status of this place.

Therefore, it was surprising that Matthew was only driving one that cost only two or three million. Besides, he also showed up in casual attire.

Matthew waved his hands. “It’s alright. Can I park my car here?”

The young man quickly nodded. “Yes, of course you can. Mr. Larson, you may enter the hall now. I’ll park the car for you. If you have any other requests, please tell me anytime!”

After Matthew and the others got down the car and casually passed the car keys to the young man, they directly walked into the hall. Meanwhile, the young man was left with bewilderment.

“You really can’t judge a book by its cover!” the young man exclaimed in a whisper.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 194
At the hall entrance stood a few beautiful hostesses in gowns. All the girls here were exceptionally stunning. With a height of at least 1.75 meters, all of them were tall and their beauty was undoubtedly classified as the prettiest in the school.

Most importantly, all these girls were highly educated, at least possessing a postgraduate degree. They were all meticulously chosen by the Ten Greatest Families to increase the social status of this cocktail party.

Apparently, Leanna had informed the staff that Matthew would be coming. Therefore, after he mentioned his name, one of the girls immediately led them into the cocktail party.

The hall was already partially occupied and the guests were all gorgeously dressed. The clothes that James and Helen wore which they had bought using their savings seemed low-graded here, and it was far incomparable with the others. Even so, the couple was exhilarated because it showed that this party was elite.

“Look there. That’s the Chairman of Lightluster Group. Our father visited him more than a dozen times in the past, but he only got to meet him once. He’s a big shot!” James gasped in a whisper.

“Look. That’s Ian Lambert, who ranked seventh among the ten richest people in Eastcliff. Now that’s what you call a big shot!” Helen squeaked in excitement as well.

“The one over there is the Chairman of Wealthora Group!”

“Look here. That’s Faye Labrie, the A-list actor!”

Both of them couldn’t stop exclaiming in amazement like bumpkins who visited the city for the first time. They couldn’t cope with the sight that they were seeing with their own eyes.

Anyone here was a presence that they could only look up to in the past. But now, these people were attending the same cocktail party as them. No wonder Eric was desperate to attend this event; even he had been struggling for more than ten years. It was all because this was a symbol of one’s prestige!

No one at this place recognized them. Naturally, no one came over to talk to them since they entered the hall.

James and Helen wanted to strike a conversation with the others, but they were fearful and perturbed. They didn’t have the courage as their status was far lower than the others.

On the other hand, Matthew was rather calm. He could even chat and joke with Billy. Would anyone here surpass Billy even if they had status and prestige?

Green with envy, Helen glanced at Matthew. “Matthew, look at them. These are the real big shots, the true people of high society. Any random person here is far more superior than your dubious friends. If you cultivate a friendship with one of them—anyone will do—you’ll benefit for life.”

Sasha couldn’t help but grumble indignantly, “Mom, why do you have to relate everything to Matthew?”

James immediately glared at her. “Why can’t she? Is there anything wrong with what your mother said? It’s the truth! Look who Matthew mingles with.

What kind of people are they? That Julian, Tiger, Patrick. Who are they even? If you have the time, why don’t you make friends with a few significant figures instead? With that, our enterprise can grow and develop better.”

Sasha refuted, “Dad, I feel that they’re fine. Julian and Tiger manage Wellness Herbary well and gain a hefty amount of profit. Besides, Patrick and his family treat us well.”

Helen pursed her lips. “So what if they treat us well? They’re only obsequious to you because you’re the Chairman of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

Even worse, they only give you a bracelet worth 20 or 30 thousand as a gift for taking you, a Chairman, as their goddaughter. When did a Chairman become so valueless?”

James nodded repeatedly, looking contemptuous.

Sasha was about to rebut but right at that moment, a voice suddenly came from the entrance. “Old Mrs. Graham has arrived!”

Upon hearing this, those who were in the hall rushed there almost at the same time, seemingly to welcome someone.

James and Helen were astonished and perplexed. “Which Old Mrs. Graham has such great influencing power that even these eminent figures would gather and welcome her?”

Under everyone’s gaze, Patrick Graham’s mother, Old Mrs. Graham, walked in with a smile.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 195

Upon seeing Old Mrs. Graham, James and Helen almost popped their eyes out. What was happening? Was it really Patrick’s mother?

Was there something wrong with their eyes or had this group of people gone crazy? Why did such a large crowd gather around to welcome the arrival of such an elderly woman? Did they mistake her for someone else? Or was there another Old Mrs. Graham behind her?

Just when they were shocked and confused, Ian Lambert, who ranked seventh among the ten richest people in Eastcliff, walked over to her.

“Old Mrs. Graham, I heard that you’ll be attending the party tonight, so I rushed here all the way from Europe through the night to welcome you! How are you?”

James and Helen were stunned. A prominent figure like Ian Lambert took such a huge effort just to welcome the elderly woman? What made this Old Mrs. Graham so impressive?

Old Mrs. Graham smiled faintly. “I’m fine. Thank you for your good wishes. Ian, you should focus on your career. I’m just here for an occasional stroll, so you don’t have to show such great attention toward me.”

Ian quickly replied, “Old Mrs. Graham, please don’t say so. If Old Mr. Graham hadn’t lent me a helping hand in the past, I might still be working as a poor laborer at some shabby place now.

In my eyes, Old Mr. Graham and you are my savior, so how could I not come here and welcome you when you’re attending this cocktail party?”

Old Mrs. Graham smiled and nodded. “That’s very thoughtful of you.”

At this moment, the others had gathered around and started to greet Old Mrs. Graham at the same time. Surrounded by the crowd, Old Mrs. Graham looked like an Empress Dowager that oversaw the country’s affairs. No one dared to disrespect her.

James and Helen were totally dumbfounded. That was the old woman whom they totally looked down upon. Who would have thought that she had such a mind-blowing influence?

! Any of these significant people were top-notch figures in their own fields in Eastcliff. Yet, they were all reverent toward her. Most importantly, they respected her from the bottom of their hearts. What was going on? Who was she actually?

Even Sasha was dumbfounded. Grabbing Matthew’s shirt, she didn’t dare to address Old Mrs. Graham as her godmother. In the past, she always thought that Patrick had some power in the bank system. That was why he could settle the company’s account for her.

Besides, Sasha and Old Mrs. Graham had good feelings toward each other, so she appreciated her as her godmother. It was utterly shocking that Old Mrs. Graham was such an impressive figure! At that moment, she didn’t even dare to go up and greet her.

Meanwhile, Old Mrs. Graham was surrounded by the crowd and was directly sent to the room, so she didn’t notice Matthew and the few of them.

Bewildered, Sasha grabbed Matthew’s shirt. “Matthew, w-who exactly is my godmother… I-I mean Old Mrs. Graham?”

Matthew chuckled. “I don’t know either, but I heard that her family owns great power in the banking industry. Patrick and Old Mr. Graham in the past are in charge of all banking business in Eastcliff.

Everyone here has to deal with the banks especially when it comes to loan applications or any other transactions, so it seems that they all have received favors from her family.”

Sasha widened her eyes in disbelief. “R-Really?”

James and Helen were shocked too. They knew very well that if someone could be in charge of all the banking business in Eastcliff, he or she must have extremely great abilities. In the past, they often had to deal with the banks when they were handling the company with Eric.

Even an insignificant manager in the bank had to be treated with utmost reverence, not to mention a significant figure that managed all the banking business in Eastcliff!

Recalling their attitude toward Old Mrs. Graham in the past, James and Helen were drowned in embarrassment.

“Matthew, why didn’t you tell us earlier? If you did, I wouldn’t have treated her with that kind of attitude. It’s all your fault.

If you hadn’t kept it from us, I wouldn’t have misunderstood that she was harboring any evil intentions!” Helen scolded him angrily.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 196

Matthew was speechless. You are the one who looked down on them in the past. You thought that they only took in Sasha as their goddaughter because she was a Chairman. So how could you blame me for that?

Sasha refuted, “Mom, Matthew told us before that Patrick has an extraordinary background, but you didn’t believe him at all and thought that he was lying to you.

Do you remember what was your attitude toward Old Mrs. Graham and her family? Heck, you shouldn’t be so sarcastic even if they’re just common friends.”

Sasha’s words were literally exposing the bad side of Helen, who was instantly enraged. “What’s wrong with my attitude? How would I know that she has such an identity?”

James waved his hand. “That’s enough. Stop quarreling, both of you. Sasha, Old Mrs. Graham is a pleasant person. She’s modest and unassuming. You should visit her more often in the future. Do you understand?”

Sasha looked speechless. “Visit her? She treats me like her own daughter and even gives me the jade bracelet, which is their heirloom. However, you sold it away. How do you expect me to meet her without feeling ashamed?”

Helen’s face was overtaken with embarrassment. If she had known Old Mrs. Graham’s identity earlier, she wouldn’t have sold that jade bracelet.

“Isn’t it just a jade bracelet? What’s so great about it? I’ll just redeem it back tomorrow!” Helen said angrily.

Sasha rebutted, “You’re thinking of redeeming it? That shop isn’t open today. Mom, don’t you understand what that means?”

Helen gave her a glance. “What can I do now? It’s just a jade bracelet. How costly can it be? If I truly can’t redeem it, then I’ll just buy you a better one next time.

What’s wrong with that? I’m your mother anyway. Is it illegal to sell off one of your jade bracelets?”

Sasha almost choked in fury. Refusing to say another word to her parents, she just brought Matthew to the other side. James and Helen ignored her too.

Following the crowd, both of them wandered around Cloud Nine Villa and went to the back to enjoy the scenery.

Meanwhile, Matthew and Sasha stood at the corner of the hall for a moment. In the meantime, a few young men came over to strike a conversation with Sasha.

They were all in suits and leather shoes. Plus, all of them had an influential background; they were either the heir of the Ten Greatest Families or the descendants of the entrepreneurs. When they spotted Sasha, they were all amazed by her beauty.

On the contrary, Matthew—who was beside her—wore ordinarily, so they didn’t bother about him. In fact, they even tried to flirt with Sasha in front of him.

Unfortunately, Sasha wasn’t friendly toward them at all. Thus, they had no choice but to go off in a huff.

While Sasha and Matthew were strolling together leisurely, a group of young men suddenly walked up to them. The lead of the group was a young lad with a cunning look in his eyes.

When he glanced at Sasha from head to toe, his eyes gleamed. He immediately got near to Sasha and said with a smile, “Hey, beautiful, you don’t look familiar. Is this your first time attending this Cloud Nine Cocktail Party? May I give you a tour around here?”

Sasha hated this kind of glib-tongued womanizer the most, so she rejected in disgust, “No, thanks.”

Enraged, the young man asked coldly, “May I know how do I address you?”

Sasha turned her head to a side and ignored him. Humiliated, the young man’s rage grew. “I’m Jaden Lach, one of the organizers of this Cloud Nine Cocktail Party.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I know everyone who comes here, but you’re the only one person I don’t know. May I ask if you have the invitation card to this event?

Do you know the consequences of illegally sneaking into such a high-class place without an invitation?”

The few young men beside him started to surround them and fiercely glared at Sasha. Judging from their actions, it seemed like they were watching a thief. While Sasha started to panic, Matthew walked over and blocked her behind him.

“We’re invited by Leanna Sandal, President Sandal. Do you have a problem with that?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 197

Upon seeing Matthew, Jaden instantly put on a face of contempt. He was the heir of the Lach Family, which was one of the Ten Greatest Families in Eastcliff.

Naturally, he had always been arrogant and judged people by their appearances. In Jaden’s impression, since Matthew wore ordinarily, he was just like a beggar from the streets who was in no place to talk to him.

“Bullsh*t. When does Leanna invite guests? Why didn’t I know about it? Do you think that you could talk nonsense in Leanna’s absence? Let me tell you, Cloud Nine Cocktail Party is a top-notch event and the security level here is extremely strict.

It can be considered as a serious case of trespass if you recklessly sneak into this event. If I report you to the police, you’ll suffer dreadful consequences!”

While Jaden was speaking, his eyes kept glancing at Sasha. He was always lustful, so he would never give up such a beautiful woman when he met one.

Matthew replied, “Why don’t you ask around to find out if President Sandel invited us or not?”

Jaden chided angrily, “Who do you think you are? How dare you command me? Why should I ask around as per your command? Am I your underling?”

Matthew furrowed his eyebrows. “Then what do you want to do?”

Jaden replied, “Show me your invitation card. Otherwise, I’ll have no choice but to ask you to leave!” A scheme was drawn at the back of his mind that after he sent them to the security room at the back, he would carry out his plan to violate Sasha. All these years, that was nothing uncommon to him.

Noticing that Jaden kept roaming his eyes on Sasha, rage simmered in Matthew’s heart. So, he asked coldly, “Does it mean that you regard President Sandel’s invitation as of no account?”

Jaden sneered, “I don’t care who invited you. As long as you don’t have the card with you, you are not allowed to attend this party! Enough. It seems like you don’t have it, after all. Somebody, send them to the security room for me. I’ll interrogate them in person!”

The few followers of his smirked lewdly because they knew what Jaden was planning to do. At once, they surrounded Sasha and one of them even reached out to grab her.

Matthew’s face became icy. He then threw a slap on that person’s face, smacking him to the ground. Even half of his face started to swell. All the surrounding people were stunned while they looked in this direction.

Jaden’s expression changed instantly as he bellowed angrily, “How dare you?! You got the nerves to hit people here even when you sneak into our party without a valid reason. You’re not a thief but a robber. Somebody, seize them! If they dare to resist, beat them to death.”

His followers surrounded them with fierce eyes.

Right at this moment, an icy voice suddenly came from behind. “What are you doing?”

Everyone turned around, only to see Leanna, who was breathtakingly stunning in a gown, walking slowly toward them. With a cold face, Leanna glanced at the crowd. Yet, no one dared to look at her. She was like a queen now with an intimidating aura.

Jaden immediately said, “Leanna, you’re here just in time. These two people were acting furtively at the cocktail party. I suspected that they’re stealing, so I wanted to investigate.

Unexpectedly, they started to strike one of us! For the safety of our guests here, I’m going to bring them to the security room so that they won’t cause any more nuisance here.”

Jaden was as cunning as a fox. He completely made no mention about the invitation card and targeted the fact that Matthew had hit someone instead.

That was because judging from Leanna’s eyes, she seemed to know Matthew. If he had continued about the whole invitation-card issue, he would definitely be asking for a snub.

However, Matthew had indeed hit a person earlier. If that was enquired, the guy would not be let off the hook.

Leanna looked icy. “Jaden, when did you start to manage the security department of the cocktail party? These two are my distinguished guests. How dare you suspect that they’re stealing? Do you think that my friends are despiteful people who have dirty tricks up their sleeve?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 198

Jaden’s expression took a great turn. Initially, he thought that Matthew was just a common friend of Leanna. Therefore, Jaden was convinced that Leanna would take his side for the sake of her pride, even if he firmly accused Matthew of hitting someone. Unexpectedly, Leanna defended them.

Jaden’s family, the Lach Family was on good terms with Leanna’s family, the Sandel Family. By right, Leanna wouldn’t rebut him, just to save his dignity in public.

But now, Leanna didn’t spare him any respect at all, and that showed the importance of these two in Leanna’s heart.

Jaden’s face was flushed red in embarrassment. Yet, he couldn’t give in because everyone was looking at them.

“Leanna, since they’re your friends, then I might have made a mistake. However, they shouldn’t hit someone at such a high-end cocktail party, even if they are your friends. All the guests here are eminent figures from the high society of Eastcliff, and we’re all civilized. Isn’t it inappropriate for him to strike an innocent person?”

Whispers could be heard from the surrounding crowd. Indeed, hitting people was wrong.

Leanna sneered, “Jaden, are you insisting to make a big fuss out of it? Do you think that I’m a fool? Mr. Larson here is a gentleman. If you don’t violate his bottom line, he won’t fight for no reason.

If my guess is right, the person that was beaten must have tried to violate Mrs. Larson. That must be why he was hit, am I right? In that situation, if Mr. Larson didn’t attack, is he still a man?”

Once that sentence was spoken, most of them acknowledged with approval, especially those who attended the cocktail party with their female partners. If their girl friends were harassed, wouldn’t they be angry too?

Embarrassment appeared on Jaden’s face while he clenched his teeth and refuted, “Leanna, we’re just asking them to move over there so that we can settle things peacefully. What’s wrong with that? It was him who attacked us for no reason. How can it be our fault?”

Leanna replied, “Justice is in everyone’s heart, and they’ll judge who is right or wrong. Jaden, if you’re not happy with that, I can retrieve the surveillance footage of the cocktail party. Shall we ask the public to determine who is right or wrong?”

Upon hearing that, Jaden immediately shrank in dispiritedness. If that was the case, the true situation would be clearly revealed.

Not only his underlings, but even his speech and conduct would be exposed. By that time, he would be completely embarrassed!

Leanna ignored him and walked directly toward Matthew and Sasha in an apologetic look. “Mr. and Mrs. Larson, I’m sorry that I came late. Now that these ignorant servants have offended you, please allow me to apologize on their behalf.”

Everyone was stupefied. It was unbelievable that Leanna, a prominent figure, would humbly express her apologies to this couple. Who exactly were they?

Sasha quickly replied with a smile, “Leanna, you’re too courteous. It’s actually not a big deal. We should thank you for inviting us here tonight instead!”

Leanna smiled. “It’s my honor that both of you are able to attend this cocktail party. Mr. and Mrs. Larson, let me introduce a few people of the same medical profession to you later on. They’re all great entrepreneurs from Eastcliff, and even Eastshire.”

Sasha was overjoyed. “Thank you, Leanna!”

Leanna smiled faintly but before she could speak further, an icy voice suddenly came from behind.

“Leanna, I think that you don’t have to introduce those people to them anymore because they’re not qualified to attend this cocktail party!” Followed by this voice, Isaac arrogantly walked toward them with a group of people trailing him, who was made up of the younger generations of the Ten Greatest Families.

Even Zachary was one of them. Besides, Charlie was also strutting among the group with his chin up as if he was part of their possy. Upon seeing Matthew and Sasha, Charlie even sneered smugly.

When Leanna saw Isaac, her face sank into coldness. “Isaac, what are you doing here? I invited Mr. and Mrs. Larson to attend the party. Why did you say that they’re not qualified?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 199

Isaac replied softly, “Leanna, the Ten Greatest Families entrusted you to manage the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party, but not for all of this nonsense. The qualifications for attending the party are extremely strict, so not just anyone could attend it.

These two own only a small pharmaceutical company, so they are not fit to enter this event at all! Besides, this man is just a live-in son-in-law that lives off his wife. It’s a humiliation to the distinguished guests here that you allow a toy boy in who depends on a woman!”

Once that remark was made, everyone around them raised a ruckus.

“What? That man is a live-in son-in-law?”

“He’s worse than a live-in son-in-law. He’s just a toy boy!”

“I just remembered something. If I’m not mistaken, this woman is Sasha Cunningham, the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff. It seems like she really did marry a useless live-in husband!”

“Oh, it’s them. Aren’t they poor? Why did they come to the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party?”

“Has the qualification of the function become so lenient nowadays that even any Tom, Dick and Harry could attend it?”

“I think that we shouldn’t attach such great importance to this cocktail party anymore in the future. Cloud Nine Cocktail Party has lost its standards.”

Everyone clamored to speak and their voice was filled with despise and contempt. Leanna’s expression changed instantly because she realized that Isaac was deliberately finding fault this time.

“Isaac, what are you trying to do?” Leanna asked solemnly.

Isaac replied, “Leanna, I’m doing this for your own good. The Ten Greatest Families trusted you by making you the person in charge of Cloud Nine Cocktail Party.

In return, you should live up to everyone’s expectations rather than inviting any ordinary people in general to the party. If you do that, you’ll just be disappointing the elders who trust you!”

Sasha and Matthew knitted their eyebrows, thinking that Isaac was shockingly arrogant. Both of them were standing right there, but Isaac disregarded their presence and insisted to insinuate them as any Tom, Dick and Harry. He was obviously chiding them.

Leanna scolded angrily, “Isaac, please be respectful with your words! Mr. and Mrs. Larson are my friends. Most importantly, Mr. Larson is my daughter’s life savior. If you disrespect them, you’re humiliating me!”

Isaac sneered, “A life savior? It’s just a cunning trick pulled by a mean, vile person! Leanna, are you truly ignorant of it or are you just feigning it?

This Larson brat here is just a toy boy who plans to use your daughter as an excuse to approach you. It’s a shame that you’re gratified toward him. Leanna, you’re too ignorant, not having an idea how evil the people in this world can be!”

Leanna flew into rage. “Isaac, that’s enough! If you continue to speak disrespectfully, don’t blame me for bringing on the real deal.”

Isaac’s expression became glum. “What? You don’t believe what I say?”

Charlie immediately came forward. “President Sandel, Young Master Leigh is right. He’s doing all these for your sake, so you shouldn’t disregard his acts of thoughtfulness toward you. If I were you, I’d just chase these two out.

Young Master Leigh is your heaven’s match, whereas Matthew is just a toy boy that lives off you. Inviting him to the cocktail party is not only a humiliation to the function, but to you as well!” While speaking, Charlie even cast a smug glance at Matthew and Sasha.

He was planning to drive those two out in front of everyone. In that case, he would be the only one from the Cunningham Family who attended the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party.

Fury erupted in Leanna’s heart. “Who are you? Are you in the right place to speak on this matter? Isaac, is that how your guests behave?”

Feeling embarrassed, Isaac shot daggers at Charlie. “What gives you the right to speak? Get out!”

Charlie couldn’t help but stand stupefied. Never did he expect that he would end up getting yelled at after he spoke up for Isaac. “Young Master Leigh, I-I’m just speaking for you!” Charlie answered anxiously.

Isaac bellowed, “Shut up! Who do you think you are to speak for me?”

Charlie paled in dismay. Only then did he understand that in Isaac’s eyes, he was even more insignificant than a petty dog.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 200

After Charlie was dismissed, Isaac said, “Leanna, I’ve asked my guest to leave as they misbehaved. Now, it’s your turn to do so. These two are not qualified to attend the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party. I hope that you can ask them to leave as well!”

Leanna replied coldly, “Never! I personally invited them here and that’s their right to be present!”

Other people who stood beside Isaac looked annoyed. Zachary shouted, “Leanna, if you insist to do things your way, don’t blame us for acting against you.

The Ten Greatest Families bestowed you the power to manage the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party. Yet, you invited some with no justified qualifications to this place. Hmph! If the elders find out about this, don’t you think that they’ll strip off your power?”

Leanna’s face became cold because Zachary was obviously threatening her. However, the people beside Isaac were all glaring maliciously at Leanna. Apparently, if Leanna insisted on carrying out matters her own way, these people would contact their family’s elders.

To be honest, many of the people in the Ten Greatest Families weren’t happy with Leanna managing the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party. However, unity was lacking between the Ten Greatest Families in the past.

Besides, Leanna had always been steady and reliable in managing the affairs, so no one could overthrow her. This time, however, if the Ten Greatest Families got something against Leanna, she would be in great trouble.

Right at this moment, a woman glanced at Matthew. “Hey, can’t the two of you be more considerate for Leanna’s sake?

Can’t you see how awkward her position is? Why are you two still standing here? If you sincerely care for Leanna as your friend, both of you should leave on your own instead of bringing trouble to her!”

Leanna’s expression changed while she instantly chided, “Sheryl, stop being disrespectful toward Mr. and Mrs. Larson.”

Feeling embarrassed, Sasha suggested in a whisper, “Matthew, shall we leave?”

Sheryl nodded in satisfaction. “That’s right. It is most important to be mindful about one’s self-worth! If you stubbornly stay here without having the qualifications to attend Cloud Nine Cocktail Party, what’s the point of it?

You should just hang out with those of your own level. If you forcefully squeeze into higher society, you will only make a fool of yourself!”

Everyone nodded in agreement. With a face that was flushed red in embarrassment, Sasha tried to pull Matthew away and leave. Unexpectedly, Matthew, who had always been mild, gently stopped her.

Matthew then glanced at Isaac while asking softly, “May I know how could I be considered as qualified to attend this Cloud Nine Cocktail Party?”

Isaac sneered, “The particular qualification is quite complicated. However, I can responsibly tell you that both of you are absolutely not eligible to attend this event! Especially you, a toy boy who lives off women. It’s the greatest humiliation to this party even with you standing here.”

Matthew’s face became icy. Before he could speak, a hubbub of voices suddenly came from upstairs. Then, an old voice rang. “Who humiliated this cocktail party?”

Everyone turned their heads, only to see Old Mrs. Graham walking forward with a group of people surrounding her. Everyone from the Ten Greatest Families were stunned and perplexed.

Why did Old Mrs. Graham, who had been isolating herself in the house for years, suddenly attended this function? Isaac immediately walked up and asked in a smile, “Old Mrs. Graham, when did you arrive? Why didn’t you inform me so that I could welcome you in person?”

However, Old Mrs. Graham ignored Isaac and just walked over directly while saying aloud, “Initially, I didn’t plan to show up today.

However, I heard that my beloved daughter will be here, so I should come as well, regardless of my old age. Besides, I need to check on my daughter if someone bullies her.” Once that sentence was spoken, everyone gasped in shock.

Isaac widened his eyes. “Old Mrs. Graham, when did you have a daughter? Where is she and why haven’t I met her before?”

Smiling, Old Mrs. Graham walked toward Sasha and held her hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce someone to you. This is my goddaughter, my precious one—Sasha Cunningham!”

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