The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 201-210

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 201

Old Mrs. Graham’s words struck everyone on the scene like a thunderbolt. Even Leanna widened her beautiful eyes to look in stupefaction at what was happening.

Initially, she thought that Matthew and Sasha had no significant backgrounds. Who would have thought that Sasha had such a godmother?

Frankly speaking, the Graham Family was not rich and powerful in Eastcliff. However, when Old Mr. Graham was still alive, he was kind and generous. He helped plenty of people and had extremely high prestige.

Even Leanna received Old Mr. Graham’s favor in the past. Therefore, Old Mrs. Graham’s esteem in Eastcliff wasn’t any inferior to the masters of the Ten Greatest Families.

In fact, even those Old Masters of Ten Greatest Families were reverent toward Old Mrs. Graham. Surprisingly, this old woman was Sasha’s godmother? With such an identity, who would dare mock Sasha and say that she wasn’t eligible to attend the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party?

Leanna’s eyes brightened immediately while she walked over.

“Old Mrs. Graham, Sasha is your goddaughter? In that case, Mrs. Larson is absolutely eligible to attend this cocktail party! I was worried that she would be chased out.”

Old Mrs. Graham’s face became cold at once. “What’s wrong? Did someone think that my daughter is not eligible to attend? Who dares to speak so arrogantly? Come. Step out and show yourself. You want to chase my daughter out? Why don’t you chase me out as well?”

Everyone looked at Isaac at the same time, whose face flushed red. He didn’t expect that Sasha was truly Old Mrs. Graham’s adopted daughter. If he had known about it earlier, he wouldn’t have the guts to find fault with her even if someone forced him to do so.

“Old Mrs. Graham, I-I really had no idea that President Cunningham is your daughter. President Cunningham, you should’ve told me earlier. I’m truly sorry for offending you. President Cunningham, I-I was terribly wrong.

Please don’t take it to heart!” Blushing, Isaac apologized in extreme embarrassment. His arrogance and tyranny from before had completely vanished. Now, he was just like a pitiful beggar, bowing his head to beg for mercy.

Sasha was stunned too because she had never thought that her identity as a goddaughter would bring her such great respect. With only this identity, she could make a significant figure like Isaac to apologize?

Only now did she understand that in the past, Old Mrs. Graham took her as her goddaughter wasn’t simply because the old woman liked her, but she was actually repaying her gratitude for Matthew!

Matthew chuckled while replying, “Young Master Leigh, there’s no need for that. Didn’t you say just now that we’re humiliating this cocktail party? You also told us to get out and that you could easily kill us like a matter of crushing ants, didn’t you?”

Isaac’s face turned pale instantly. Matthew’s words were definitely driving him to a corner.

Old Mrs. Graham’s expression became cold while she chided icily, “Hmph! Young Master Leigh, you’re indeed arrogant and domineering!”

Isaac’s face was overtaken with embarrassment while replying in sweats, which he kept wiping off, “Old Mrs. Graham, I-I was just joking…”

Matthew added softly, “You didn’t look like you were joking when you brought a large group of young people from the Ten Greatest Families here. They even almost started to attack. Was that just a joke?”

Old Mrs. Graham said furiously, “What? You even tried to hit people? Are you concerned that your standard will be affected if my daughter attended this Cloud Nine Cocktail Party? If you really believe that she is not eligible to attend, you can just tell me.

I’m not an insensitive person, so I’ll just leave with my daughter right now!” While she was halfway speaking, Old Mrs. Graham held Sasha’s hand and planned to leave.

The people from the Ten Greatest Families started to panic. After all, Old Mrs. Graham had finally attended the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party tonight after being absent for a few years.

If she withdrew because of them, they would definitely not be let off the hook. The elders of their families would surely punish them mercilessly!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 202
“Old Mrs. Graham, you’ve misunderstood. We didn’t mean it that way.”

“Old Mrs. Graham, we were just kidding!”

“President Cunningham, we’re truly sorry. Please persuade Old Mrs. Graham to not fuss with youngsters like us!”

These young men apologized repeatedly, swallowing all their pride and arrogance from before. Sasha was dumbfounded because she could only look up to all these people in the past.

But now, she was treated as equals with them, just because she was Old Mrs. Graham’s goddaughter. Even more surprising, these people had to apologize to her, which was beyond her wildest dreams.

Right at that moment, Zachary, who had been standing at the furthest, suddenly shouted angrily, “Old Mrs. Graham, you’ve heard wrongly. We didn’t say that President Cunningham humiliated the cocktail party.

We were talking about President Cunningham’s toy boy. Old Mrs. Graham, you’re also one of the organizers of this cocktail party. Don’t you think that it’s a humiliation to everyone here if you allow a loser that lives off a woman to attend the party?”

Listening to that, those young men from the Ten Greatest Families were delighted. Great idea! Wouldn’t it be fine if the topic was averted to Matthew? Sasha was Old Mrs. Graham’s adopted daughter, so they couldn’t afford to offend her.

Therefore, they would rather bully Matthew. With that, not only they could explain what had happened previously, they could also chase Matthew out. Anyway, their main motive was to chase him out so that he couldn’t take advantage of Leanna.

Besides, it would be even better if he was chased out now. Once no one was beside Sasha, wouldn’t they have the opportunity to flirt with her? In the past, Sasha was just a Chairman of a small company, so they looked down on her and just wanted to have fun.

But now, Sasha was Old Mrs. Graham’s daughter. If they could marry her, it would be a marriage arrangement with another family of similar backgrounds! At once, everyone aimed at Matthew.

This time, Old Mrs. Graham was stunned too. Sasha was her adopted daughter, so it was reasonable for her to defend Sasha. However, it would be unreasonable if she defended a live-in son-in-law.

As Zachary said, it was indeed inappropriate to allow a live-in son-in-law that lived off his wife to attend the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party. Old Mrs. Graham was inwardly deliberating on what to do next. Even Leanna looked anxious.

However, before a solution hit upon them, a voice suddenly rang by the entrance. “Timothy Wayne, Mr. Wayne has arrived!”

Upon hearing that, everyone in the room was stunned. Timothy Wayne was the real boss of Eastcliff, and was crowned as the second most powerful man after Billy.

His individual ability had surpassed anyone from the Ten Greatest Families. In Eastcliff, no one dared to offend him.

Similar to Billy, Timothy would receive an invitation card for every Cloud Nine Cocktail Party. However, both of them had never once attended it. So what was going on today?

Could pigs fly? It was unbelievable that Timothy would attend the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party. Most importantly, he attended in person instead of asking his wife or son to attend on behalf of him.

Everyone turned around and saw Timothy strode over in a suit and leather shoes.

“Uncle Timothy…” Isaac quickly approached him and extended his hand while smiling dryly. “It has been a long time since we’ve met…”

However, Timothy turned a blind eye to him and directly walked past him to Matthew. He first greeted Old Mrs. Graham. Then, he looked at Matthew and said with a smile, “Matthew, you’re here early! Let’s sit together later and have a few drinks.”

This time, everyone on the scene was stupefied again. Not only did Timothy ignore someone from the Ten Greatest Families and greeted Old Mrs. Graham in a simple way, but he treated Matthew so cordially? What was happening? Why would Timothy politely treat a live-in son-in-law that lived off his wife?

However, before anyone could make any sense out of it, a voice rang from the entrance again. “Billy Newman, Master Newman has arrived!”

The person who was announcing the arrival was even trembling when he spoke. It was apparent that he was extremely shocked and excited! Everyone burst into an uproar while their minds went blank.

The First King of Eastcliff came to this Cloud Nine Cocktail Party too? Wouldn’t that heighten the standard of their event tonight to an unprecedented peak?

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Everyone turned around and saw the entrance was thronging with people. Then, a flock of them walked in. The person at the front most had a sturdy physique and an imposing manner.

As soon as he appeared, he stole the limelight. Even those who didn’t know him would be intimidated by his aura. That was a unique air of a long-time ruler!

He was none other than the King of Eastcliff! An absolute King!

The crowd started to be restless and most of them shuddered in excitement. Many people had only heard about the First King of Eastcliff, but they had never met him.

Therefore, their encounter today would definitely contribute to their topics of boasting in the future.

At once, Isaac bubbled with joy. He was smoldered with anger earlier when Old Mrs. Graham scolded him, not to mention that Timothy had ignored him too.

But now, Billy was here and that was the true limelight of the scene. If he could just exchange a few sentences with Billy, all his previous humiliation would be swept off and everyone would have to look up to him!

Coincidentally, he had visited Billy twice with his grandfather in the past, so they were well acquainted with each other. Therefore, Isaac quickly walked up to him under everyone’s gaze.

“Uncle Billy, it has been a long time since we’ve met! I’m truly surprised that you’re attending the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party. Your presence is the honor of the Ten Greatest Families!

I’ll call my grandfather after this and urge him to come too and have a few drinks with you, Uncle Billy.” Isaac bowed while speaking, so he didn’t notice that Billy didn’t even stop a second by his side.

When he raised his head, Billy was already beside Matthew. “Mr. Larson, how are you?”

Everyone was utterly shocked again. What was happening? Did they just witness something unbelievable? Not only did Timothy treat Matthew politely, but now even Billy?

Billy didn’t even give Isaac a quick glance when Isaac addressed him reverently. Yet, the man went over to Matthew and greeted him? What was happening exactly? What abilities did this live-in son-in-law have? How could he make the First King of Eastcliff approach him this way?

Even Old Mrs. Graham widened her eyes in disbelief. Timothy’s presence was already surprising, but Billy’s appearance was even more astounding because he was the real King! What was the big deal of the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party?

With just one sentence, Billy could effortlessly dismiss the entire event. This prominent figure who stood above the Ten Greatest Families had absolute control over Eastcliff!

Even in Eastshire, no one had the audacity to disrespect Billy. However, why would such a big shot treat Matthew so politely?

Not only Old Mrs. Graham had this question, but everyone felt the same way. Isaac was especially shocked. He could still accept it when Timothy treated Matthew with respect.

But when Billy did that too, he was truly driven to the brink of breaking down! What kind of person had he messed with?

Leanna’s expression had changed completely. Initially, she thought that Matthew and Sasha were just common people. However, it turned out that she had totally underestimated them. Old Mrs. Graham, Timothy and now, Billy!

All of them were more powerful than the one before. With such background, the Ten Greatest Families would be nothing to them! It was even the honor of the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party that Sasha and Matthew graced them with their presence!

Meanwhile, Matthew looked calm and just said slowly, “Mr. Newman, Mr. Wayne, I’m sorry. I’m afraid that I can’t join you for dinner.”

Timothy asked in astonishment, “Why not?”

Old Mrs. Graham snorted angrily. “Because someone is mocking Mr. Larson as a toy boy who lives off his wife, and his presence will only deteriorate the standard of the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party.”

“What?!” Timothy bellowed in anger. “Who said that? Come forward!”

Billy’s face grew grave as well when he asked coldly, “What standard does the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party have? Do you feel humiliated by my friends’ presence? What a ridiculously great prestige the Ten Greatest Families have!”

Everyone on the scene looked at Isaac and Zachary at the same time. At that moment, the young men from the Ten Greatest Families were trembling in fear. None of them had expected that things would turn out this way.

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Especially Zachary, he almost peed himself from fright because he was the one who deliberately aimed at Matthew. If Timothy and Billy asked about it, he would definitely be doomed.

Even the entire Jackson Family couldn’t withstand the consequences of offending these two prominent figures at the same time.

By then, to put out their anger, his family would surely strip off his right of being the heir. This time, he had truly dug his own grave.

“Isaac, did you say that?” Timothy asked sternly.

Isaac trembled in fear and shook his head frantically. “N-No. It wasn’t me!”

Timothy shouted angrily, “Then who did? If all of you, the Ten Greatest Families, fail to offer me an explanation, I definitely won’t let you off the hook!”

Billy’s voice was even colder when he warned, “Either you, the Ten Greatest Families, give me a good explanation for this, or this will be the last Cloud Nine Cocktail Party ever.”

Everyone paled in fright because Billy truly had the ability to dismiss the event. The surrounding guests just quietly stood beside Billy and stared teasingly at the members of the Ten Greatest Families, who were shaking like a leaf. Finally, one of them could no longer withstand it and uttered, “Z-Zachary said it…”

Zachary panicked. “F*ck you, Kyle! How dare you frame me?”

Isaac glared at him. “Shut up! It’s true that you said that. Do we need to look at the surveillance footage as evidence? Be a real man. You should admit it since you did that!”

Everyone nodded, trying to blame everything on Zachary. Zachary almost exploded in anger. Although he did say those words, everyone echoed him as well.

So how could they pass the buck to him alone? Besides, this incident happened because they wanted to help Isaac, so how could Isaac sell him out in this situation?

The more he thought of it, the angrier he got. Therefore, Zachary said loudly, “Master Newman, Mr. Wayne, I admit that I said it! But I’m not the one who started this tonight. Isaac is the leader, who deliberately gathered us to chase Matthew out of the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party! We were just assisting him in the action. That’s all!”

Isaac started to panic too. “Zachary, y-you’re slandering me!”

Zachary rebutted loudly, “Be a real man. Since you have the guts to do it, you should have the guts to admit it! Isaac, I’ve admitted what I’ve done. Shouldn’t you do the same?”

Isaac said, “I…”

Billy nodded slowly. “So it seems like Isaac was the mastermind, and all of you took part in this matter? That’s impressive, truly impressive.

Somebody, drag all of them out! Call the Masters of the Ten Greatest Families to retrieve them before 10 p.m.. If anyone is left behind, break his legs and throw him off the mountain!”

The group of people behind Billy immediately charged forward and dragged all these people away without mercy. Deadly silence took over the scene.

This was the domineering aura of the First King of Eastcliff! At that moment, no one dared to look down upon Matthew.

On the other hand, Billy disregarded the presence of everyone else and just said with a smile, “Mr. Larson, let’s go in.”

Matthew nodded and they went into the VIP room at the end of the hall. Leanna followed behind them even though she was actually the host of the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party.

Now, she was the most insignificant person among them. Old Mrs. Graham, Timothy and Billy were all she could look up to.

Fortunately, Timothy and Billy didn’t stay for long. After sitting for a while, they left. However, this was sufficient to shock everyone because it was literally the greatest honor of Cloud Nine Cocktail Party, even if they just graced their presence for a short while.

Actually, they came here to provide support for Matthew. They knew very well of the attitude of the people in the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party and they were concerned that Matthew would be bullied here. Therefore, they rushed here in person. After they left, James and Helen walked out from the back garden along with some other people.

“Oh right, did you ask for President White’s number? His son seems to have admirable qualities, who will be a great match with Sasha!” Helen exclaimed jubilantly.

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James nodded repeatedly. “Yes. Definitely, I’ve asked for it. President White has a worth of a few billions, so our family backgrounds are on par with each other.

His son is an outstanding student in the University of Cambridge and is the Vice President of the company. It’s only a matter of time before he takes over the company. Taking all these into account, it seems like he’s much better than Francis Cooper. With our family’s situation, he is indeed a suitable son-in-law.”

Helen replied gleefully, “I have the same thoughts as you! Oh right, I heard that President White lives at Lakeside Villa. Oh my goodness, that’s the most high-end residency in Eastcliff!

Our father once visited that place before and he boasted it for years. If we get to frequently visit it in the future, those Cunninghams will surely die of anger. Don’t you think so too?”

Meanwhile, Sasha gave Helen a call. Only then did Helen find out that Sasha and the rest had gone to the VIP room. They were initially bewildered. After all, only the real significant figures in Eastcliff could enter the VIP room of the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party.

This was the first time that Sasha and Matthew attended the party, so why were they eligible to enter the VIP room? However, when Helen and James saw Old Mrs. Graham in the room, they instantly understood what had happened.

“This elderly woman does have power!” Helen gasped softly.

James nodded repeatedly. “Luckily she took Sasha as her goddaughter. We should speak politely to her later on as she’s our family’s distinguished guest. Do you understand?”

Helen chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’m not a fool.” Once both of them walked to the table, Helen immediately approached Old Mrs. Graham and greeted her cordially, which was totally different from her indifferent attitude earlier.

Standing at the side, Sasha was speechless. Before tonight, Helen and James would always have a contemptuous look on their faces whenever they mentioned Old Mrs. Graham.

But now, they flattered her unceasingly and spoke to her affectionately, just like she was their family, which made Sasha uneasy.

The few of them sat down and the food was served. Raising the glass, Leanna said while smiling, “Sasha, you have no reason to reject the first toast with me!”

Sasha was perplexed. “President Sandel, why is that?”

“Why is that?” Leanna glanced at Old Mrs. Graham before replying in a smile, “A few years back, I asked Old Mrs. Graham if I could be her goddaughter. However, I left before she could agree.

When I returned, Old Mrs. Graham already had you as her daughter. Since you snatched away my godmother, shouldn’t you propose a toast to me?”

Sasha finally understood it and replied, “President Sandel, that’s a nice joke. Here, let me offer you a toast!” The two ladies raised their glasses and the environment was harmonious.

There were a few millionaires sitting at the table as well and all of them exchanged a toast with Matthew and Sasha. After a small chat, the seventh richest person in Eastcliff, Ian, suddenly asked, “Old Mrs. Graham, why aren’t you wearing that jade bracelet that was passed down from the ancestors?” Everyone’s attention was attracted because all of them knew the origin of that priced jewelry.

Old Mrs. Graham laughed. “That jade bracelet that was handed down from generations would be passed down to my daughter. In the past, since I didn’t have a daughter, I could only wear it myself. But now that I have one whom I can call my own, of course I’ll give it to her!”

While speaking, Old Mrs. Graham gazed benignly at Sasha, who was blushing in guilt. It turned out that the jade bracelet Old Mrs. Graham gave her had profound meanings. However, she failed to keep it safe and was extremely embarrassed of that.

James and Helen felt awkward too, but they didn’t take it to heart. Wasn’t that just a jade bracelet? How expensive could it be? It was strange that these people reacted dramatically and made such a huge fuss about it.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 206

However, everyone in the room was utterly shocked. Especially Ian, who trembled when he asked, “Old Mrs. Graham, did you give the jade bracelet that has been passed down in the family to President Cunningham?”

Leanna gasped in astonishment as well. “Old Mrs. Graham, are you serious? Did you really give it to her?”

Old Mrs. Graham nodded. “Of course! She’s my only daughter. Who else should I give it to?”

Everyone looked at each other whereas Leanna looked at Sasha and advised earnestly, “Sasha, Old Mrs. Graham really doted on you. You mustn’t ever let her down.”

Ian nodded and sighed. “Speaking of the jade bracelet, I thought of Old Mr. Graham. Sigh. Back when my business failed, I got into a debt of over 200 million and I was trapped in a corner.

If Old Mr. Graham hadn’t used that jade bracelet as a guarantor for me to make a comeback, I’m afraid that I would’ve left the world!”

Clank! The spoon fell onto the floor from Helen’s hand.

“What happened?” Everyone looked at her. Helen stayed stunned and speechless while James looked frightened.

Leanna asked, “Is there something wrong? Do you need help?”

James came back to his senses and waved his hand repeatedly. “N-Nothing’s wrong. She just accidentally dropped her cutlery. Er… President Lambert, d-did you say that you owed over 200 million?”

Ian nodded. “Yes. My business failed that year.”

James asked again, “But it was more than 200 million. H-How was that jade bracelet used to help you with your debt?”

Ian cast him a glance. “Mr. Cunningham, don’t you know the worth of Old Mrs. Graham’s jade bracelet? That’s a treasure that the former Queen loved the most, which has been handed down from several dynasties.

It’s a precious treasure in the palace. Ten years back, someone asked to buy it for 300 million but Old Mrs. Graham turned down the offer. Since then, it has been 10 years and I bet that the price of this jade bracelet has increased by 30%!”

This time, Helen dropped the bowl again that she had just picked up from the floor. She was totally flabbergasted. Even James was stunned on the spot too and he couldn’t make a word out of his mouth.

The jade bracelet that was worth over 300 million was sold by them at 28,000? They had truly got into a huge trouble this time.

At that moment, both of them couldn’t help but have the urge of strangling themselves to death. Only now did they understand why that jade shop stopped its operations.

The only reason would be that the shop owner had fled! Anyone else would do the same too if they had bought a treasure worth over 300 million with just 28,000! If they had sold it off again, they would earn a fortune of a lifetime!

“Mr. Cunningham, are you okay? Why do both of you look so pale and why are you two sweating so heavily? The temperature of the room seems fine. Should I lower the temperature of the air conditioner?” Ian asked in perplexity.

However, James and Helen had completely lost their senses so they couldn’t reply. Sasha understood the most what they were thinking about. This time, they had really gotten into an outrageous trouble. In fact, Sasha was shocked as well.

She had never expected that the jade bracelet Old Mrs. Graham gave her was worth a king’s ransom. Before this, she thought that it was just Old Mrs. Graham’s heirloom, which had profound meanings but wouldn’t cost much.

Only now did she know that Old Mrs. Graham had assigned her such great honor! Most importantly, she failed to keep the valuable item safe and was sold by her parents.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Sasha mustered all her courage and said softly, “Old Mrs. Graham, I’m sorry but this jade bracelet—”

Sasha planned to reveal the truth but Matthew interrupted her confession, “The jade bracelet is at home. She didn’t wear it here because it’s priceless. In fact, she didn’t dare to wear it anywhere.”

Everyone burst into laughter. Well, that was true. Who would dare to wear a jade bracelet—one that was worth over 300 million—and wandered about in the streets?

Bewildered, Sasha looked at Matthew. What was the point of telling lies in this situation?

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Because of the jade bracelet, Sasha lost her appetite for this meal. As for James and Helen, they didn’t even speak for the rest of the dinner as if they were mute. Finally, the cocktail party came to an end. As soon as they got into the car, Helen directly burst out wailing.

“Sasha, l-let’s go back immediately… The shop owner of that jade shop must not have gone far. If we could locate him earlier, we could still get that jade bracelet back. Hurry! Matthew, start the car and let’s go now!”

James turned pale with rage. “It’s worth over 300 million, 300 million! Helen, what have you done? How could you sell such a valuable treasure?

Even worse, you sold it for only 28,000. How clever!” In the past, James would never have the guts to speak rudely to Helen, but he just couldn’t hold it any longer this time.

Helen bowed her head. Needless to say, she was engulfed with regret. If she had known about it earlier that it was worth 300 million, she would have worshipped it like a valuable treasure.

Sasha sighed. “What’s the point of finding it now? That shop owner has been dealing with jade business all his life. How would he not know the price of that jade bracelet?

After buying it from you, he must’ve fled the next second. It has been two days since then, so he might’ve gone at least thousands of miles away from here. How are we able to find him?”

Helen gaped in disbelief. “T-Then, it’s lost just like that? That is worth over 300 million! T-Think of another solution. Or why don’t we report it to the police?”

James immediately stopped her. “No, we can’t report it to the police! If we do that, this incident would become widely known.

Once Old Mrs. Graham finds out that we lost the jade bracelet, she’ll definitely kill us! By that time, if she asks us for compensation, w-what can we offer?”

Helen was completely lost. “T-Then what should we do?”

James sighed. “Let’s try our best to find it. If we could, it would be the best. Otherwise, we’ll just keep this matter concealed forever.

Sasha, you must remember not to let Old Mrs. Graham find out that the jade bracelet is lost. Otherwise, we won’t be able to pay it back even if we offer everything we have.”

Sasha looked despondent. “Dad, it won’t work. We can’t conceal the truth forever, and Old Mrs. Graham will find out sooner or later.

I think that I should tell her the truth in person and apologize to her. In addition, I will find a way to pay the price of the jade bracelet back to her. It would be a better solution than concealing the truth!”

James felt like ants on hot bricks. “Sasha, are you crazy? That jade bracelet costs over 300 million. How are you supposed to pay it back? Is our company worth that much?”

Sasha replied, “But we shouldn’t hide the truth from her. Old Mrs. Graham gave that jade bracelet to me because she trusted me. Yet, I am lying to her instead. Does that even make sense?”

James tried to convince Sasha. “This is a white lie. Do you understand? For the sake of such a trivial matter, do you have to break up and destroy the family?”

Rage overtook Helen’s face. “That old woman is just ridiculous! How could she give such a valuable item to us? Isn’t she deliberately hoodwinking us?”

Sasha became anxious. “Mom, what are you talking about? The jade bracelet was bestowed upon me out of Old Mrs. Graham’s kindness to us. How is that hoodwinking us?”

Helen pursed her lips. “Hmph! If she really cared about you, why didn’t she just give you 300 million instead?

We have to worry about keeping the jade bracelet safe now that she gifted it to us. Once we lose it or break it, we can’t afford to pay her back. Isn’t that like hoodwinking?”

Sasha was speechless. They were truly on a different page!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 208
Soon, everyone reached home and coincidentally, Liam and Demi were chilling. “Mom, Dad, you’re back! Look at the new clothes that I just bought. Aren’t they beautiful?” Demi said excitedly.

However, no one gave her a response. Demi couldn’t help but feel astonished. “Mom, Dad, why are you so quiet? Oh, I bought you some clothes too using that 28,000 from yesterday. Why don’t you try it on?”

Upon hearing that, James’s rage erupted immediately. “That’s enough! Shut up.”

Startled, Demi asked in a trembling voice, “Mom, what’s wrong with Dad?”

Helen sighed. “Demi, do you remember anything about the shop owner when you sold that jade bracelet yesterday? Liam, could you try and locate him?”

Demi and Liam felt astonished. “Why do you want to look for him?”

After Helen explained the incident of the jade bracelet, Liam and Demi were stunned on the spot. Yesterday, they were still overjoyed that they earned a fortune by selling off the jade bracelet for 28,000. Unexpectedly, they were actually at a loss!

“Mom, did you mishear it? How could a jade bracelet be sold at such an exorbitant price?” Demi asked anxiously. “Even if I were to buy a whole piece of jade and carve a few hundred jade bracelets, it wouldn’t be marketed at such a high price!”

James chided angrily, “How could you compare a bracelet that you carve to that jade bracelet? That is the treasure that belongs to the Queen of the previous dynasty, and it has always been the treasure of the palace. It cost 300 million ten years ago. Now, only God knows how much it’s worth!”

Demi gaped in astonishment and asked in a trembling voice, “W-What should we do?”

James flew into rage. “What should we do? What should we do?! You’re just like your mother, who is good at nothing except asking what we should do. You’re the one who sold off the jade bracelet, so you should tell me what to do!”

Demi was panic-stricken. “B-But Mom’s the one who told me to sell it…”

Helen shouted in rage. “Did I tell you to sell it?”

“It was you who suggested selling it…”

Seeing that the both of them were about to get into a row, Liam suddenly interrupted, “Mom, this is not the time to argue about that. We should come up with a solution to settle this matter first.”

Helen asked angrily, “It’s easier said than done. Do you have any solution?”

Liam glanced at Matthew. “Isn’t Matthew close with the Grahams? Why not let him talk to them about this? Matthew, just tell them that you accidentally lost it. Patrick and you are on good terms, so I bet that he won’t make things difficult for you.”

Sasha’s blood boiled in anxiousness. “What are you talking about? You are the one who lost the jade bracelet. Why should Matthew bear the consequences of that?”

Liam shrugged his shoulders. “Sasha, we have no other choice. After all, we’re not really close to the Grahams. Besides, we have such a huge company. If the Graham Family insists him to pay for it, he can’t afford it either. With that, wouldn’t our family assets be saved? Matthew, this involves our family fortune. You would be willing to sacrifice a little, wouldn’t you?”

Sasha was struck dumb with shock. What kind of logic was that? How thick-skinned did one have to be to be able to give such insensitive remarks?

Matthew looked displeased. “Liam, why go through such a hassle? You are the one who sold the jade bracelet, so you might as well turn yourself in. The worst case scenario is that you’ll be sentenced to a few years in prison, which is not quite a big deal. This involves our family fortune. You would be willing to sacrifice a little, wouldn’t you?”

Liam muttered softly, “I-Isn’t that unnecessary? Why do you have to make me suffer in jail when you can solve it with the ties you have with them?”

Matthew rebutted coldly, “That’s 300 million. If I couldn’t settle it by making use of my relationship with them, wouldn’t I be jailed? If that’s the case, why don’t we do things straightforwardly? You’re the one who did it anyway, so you should bear the responsibility. Even if you’re sentenced to jail, that’s just reasonable!”

At once, Liam was lost for words, so he bowed his head without answering back. Demi immediately turned to her parents. “Mom, Dad, I-I think that my husband has a point. W-We should try our best to minimize the loss to a minimum. If Matthew goes and talks to them, there is a great possibility that he won’t be jailed. Therefore, we should just let Matthew settle it!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 209
Sasha’s expression changed while she shouted angrily, “Demi, shut up! Let me tell you, whoever did it should assume the responsibility. I would never let Matthew bear the burden for this matter!”

Demi was utterly annoyed. “Mom told us to do that. According to what you say, should Mom and I be accountable then? You might as well throw us into prison!”

Sasha was speechless for a while before she finally made out a few words in a low voice, “You and Mom should hold full responsibility. I-I’ll think of a way to settle the money!”

Demi refuted coldly, “You’ll settle it? How are you going to pay back such a huge sum? I bet that you’ll only manage to compensate the full amount after the both of us finish our prison sentence. Sasha, do you want Mom to die in jail?”

James scolded furiously, “Demi, watch your words! How could you curse your mother?”

Looking angry, Demi muttered softly, “That’s the truth!”

Liam waved his hands. “Demi, you don’t have to argue. No matter how much we say, only Matthew’s decision will matter in the end. Why don’t we ask him if he is willing to do it?

If he isn’t willing to sacrifice himself for this family and Sasha, I’ll just cast this idea aside. Worse comes to worst, I’ll just go all out and bear all the hardships for this family, even if it means risking my life!

After all, Mom and Dad care so much about me, just like you did. How could I stand by the side and watch them get hurt?” While speaking, Liam even faked a few tears and acted to be staunchly righteous.

Demi was moved to tears. On the contrary, Sasha almost burst in anger because Liam was just too disgusting. Whatever he said was just a tactic of deliberately prodding Matthew into action.

If Matthew refused to bear the responsibility, he would be seen as unwilling to sacrifice for the family and Sasha. It was purely a moral coercion.

Even Helen glanced at Matthew, looking forward to his answer. Just when Sasha was about to reject on behalf of Matthew, he unexpectedly replied, “I’m willing to!”

“What?!” everyone exclaimed in chorus.

Demi burst out laughing. “That’s awesome! Matthew, you didn’t let us down in the end. You’re worthy of receiving all our kindness all these years!”

A smug sneer appeared in Liam’s eyes while he pretended to look helpless. “Sigh! I’m so useless. I can’t even help in this matter.

Matthew, I think I should do it instead. After all, Demi and I were the ones who sold the jade bracelet. For Demi’s sake, I’m willing to do anything!”

Demi covered her mouth and sobbed emotionally.

Sasha became anxious. “Why should he? You are the one who made that mistake. Why should Matthew bear the consequences?”

James coughed lightly. “That’s enough, Sasha. Don’t be too agitated. Didn’t we mention earlier that Matthew is close with the Grahams? Perhaps nothing will happen to him!”

Sasha rebutted angrily, “You know it too that there’s no guarantee for it. What if something happens to Matthew?”

James flew into rage due to embarrassment. “Do you have to argue about this with me? Why are you doing this? You feel that your mother and I should bear the responsibility and suffer in jail, don’t you?

Very well, then. After all these years of taking care of you, you’re all grown up now ready to oppose us. That’s fine. Since your mother is weak, I’ll go to prison instead. Is that better? Are you happy now?”

Helen sighed in dejection. “Old man, if you go to jail, I won’t live either. Forget it. Let us pay the debt with our lives. Anyway, we’ll just be an eyesore staying at home. I give up on living…”

At once, Sasha was at a loss as to what to do. Facing her parents’ unreasonable actions, she really ran out of ideas to deal with them.

At that moment, Matthew said, “Mom, Dad, don’t be angry. I’ll bear the responsibility of this matter.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 210
James and Helen’s expression slightly warmed up. Helen glared at Sasha before saying, “Sasha, look at how sensible Matthew is! Matthew, I know that you’re aggrieved and I feel bad too.

Actually, all these three years that you’re with us, I’ve taken you as my son. This is just sad…” While sighing, Helen’s tears overflowed from her eyes.

Sasha couldn’t feel anything but stayed speechless. Helen’s acting skill was indeed superb to the point of easily controlling her tears. When Matthew could be of use to her, she claimed that she cared for him as her son.

When she didn’t need him back then, she was dying to chase him out. How could she be so insensitive and unashamed? Sasha was truly helpless inwardly. Why did she have such parents?

“However, I have a condition.” Matthew suddenly uttered.

Everyone was stunned while James frowned. “What condition do you have?”

Matthew replied, “Mom, Dad, this is a huge problem. I’m not sure if I’m able to settle it either. If I failed, I might really have to be imprisoned. It’s not a big deal for me though. But if I go to jail, who would take care of the both of you?”

James and Helen exchanged looks, surprised that Matthew was still concerned for them. Helen quickly said, “Sweet child, that’s very thoughtful of you. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of ourselves. Just go without worrying about us.”

James nodded repeatedly as if Matthew would definitely be imprisoned.

However, Matthew shook his head. “That’s not okay. Both of you are weak, so there must be someone at home to care for your needs.

Why don’t you ask Demi and Liam to move back home? They could take care of you at the same time. What do you think?”

Everyone in the house was stunned by Matthew’s suggestion. On the contrary, Liam was struck with delight. Was Matthew crazy? Why did he ask him to move back home? To be honest, Liam had been yearning to stay in Cunningham Residence.

Firstly, he could approach Sasha and win her over with the advantage of being closer to her. Secondly, perhaps he could even manage Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. That would be killing two birds with one stone, obtaining both wealth and pleasure. Matthew was just a fool who invited an enemy in.

James hesitated for a while. “I-I don’t think that is appropriate…”

Matthew said, “This is my only request. I hope that you can agree to it, Dad, Mom.”

After exchanging looks, James and Helen nodded at last after a moment of hesitation.

“Alright. Liam, Demi, from tomorrow onward, you shall move back and stay here.”

“Alright! Mom, Dad, don’t worry. Demi and I will surely be extremely filial to you,” Liam immediately replied and he couldn’t even conceal his huge grin.

Once the decision was made, everyone was dismissed. Excited, Liam and Demi rushed home to pack their luggage.

As soon as Matthew went back to the room, Sasha grumbled angrily, “Matthew, are you crazy? H-How could you agree to their request?

No way. I can’t let you go to jail. Forget it. I’ll call Old Mrs. Graham and tell her the truth. I’ll let her decide on the consequences that we should bear!”

Sasha scooped out her phone. However, Matthew stopped her. “There’s no need to call her. I’ve retrieved the jade bracelet.”

“What?!” Sasha shouted in shock.

Matthew showed her a gesture, reminding her to keep quiet. “Lower your voice. Don’t let Mom and Dad hear us!”

Sasha was still in shock and she asked softly, “D-Did you really get it back?”

Matthew nodded and took out a box. In the box, there lay none other than the jade bracelet. Sasha almost cried in overwhelming emotions. “H-How did you get it back?”

Matthew chuckled. “That shop owner went back to his hometown so I told Tiger to visit him there and redeem the jade bracelet.”

Sasha was astonished. Tiger had such great abilities? Little did she know that it wasn’t that easy to get the jade bracelet back; Tiger alone could not do it at all.

It was Billy, who utilized his connections and sent out troops of men to locate that jade shop’s owner. Only then did they manage to redeem that valuable treasure.

Sasha grabbed the jade bracelet tightly in her hand. “T-This is great news! No wonder you stopped me from telling Old Mrs. Graham the truth. It turns out that you’ve got it back long ago. But why didn’t you tell Mom and Dad about this?”

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