The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 21-30

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 21

While everyone present was stunned at once, Helen asked puzzledly, “W-What suit are you referring to?”

“It’s the one that Mr. Larson wore last night…” Speaking of which, Mr. Walker suddenly spotted Liam and said, “Ah yes, the suit that this gentleman is wearing is the one!”

“T-This suit?” Liam was dumbfounded. Did the suit have to be returned?

“That’s right! Mr. Larson was just trying it on last night. If all of you would like to have it, please purchase it directly!” Mr. Walker said with a smile. “The total price of this set is seven hundred and thirty thousand!”

Liam trembled as he could not fork out that kind of money.

“Have you made a mistake? This suit is a gift for us from Mr. Newman!” Helen said anxiously.

“I’m sure that I’m not mistaken!” Mr. Walker nodded as he explained, “It was indeed collected by Mr. Newman, but he didn’t make a payment for it.”

Helen was left speechless as she went wide-eyed and open-mouthed in shock. Since Billy Newman had sent them a car which cost several millions and a watch which cost nearly a million, she was surprised to learn that he did not pay for the suit which cost only several hundred thousand.

“Forget it, we’re not keeping the suit!” James snapped indignantly.

Reluctantly, Liam removed the attire and handed it to Mr. Walker. Suddenly, Mr. Walker exclaimed in surprise, “T-There’s something wrong with the suit! D-Did you guys alter it?”

Liam was so frightened by Mr. Walker’s question that he quivered and stammered, “I-I only had a very slight alteration done to it. It can be undone…”

“You must be crazy!” Mr. Walker glared at him and snapped. “This is a suit from Armani and it’s purely handmade by Italian tailors! You actually amended the suit?! It has been completely ruined by y’all!”

“It can’t be that serious. We only got a couple of stitches done to it…” replied Helen.

Mr. Walker refuted her furiously, “It can’t be that serious? No alterations should be done to suits like these because they are all custom made! Now, you guys have no choice but to purchase it, because it won’t be merchantable anymore even if I take it back to my store. The price is seven hundred and thirty thousand. Would you prefer to pay it by credit card or cash?”

Every single one of them was stupefied. There was no way they could afford it.

“Y-You’re being rather unreasonable!” In her agitation, Helen confronted him, “What’s so big a deal about doing a couple of stitches to the suit? What’s more, the suit is a gift from Mr. Newman, so why should we pay for it ourselves?”

“I’ll just ask for payment from whoever is in possession of the attire. If you guys are unhappy with this arrangement, please visit Mr. Newman and ask him to pay for it!”

Helen was left speechless because there was no way she had the guts to visit Billy for such an issue.

“If you all refuse to make the payment, I’ll have no choice but to call the police!” Mr. Walker fished out his phone in a threatening manner.

Helen and the rest went panic-stricken, especially Liam, who was so shaken that his forehead was covered with beads of sweat and he looked like he was on the verge of crying. Never had he thought that he would bring such a great mess upon himself by getting the suit altered earlier that morning. Meanwhile, Sasha was pleased to watch the ensuing drama. Finally, she understood what Matthew meant last night—it really wouldn’t do Liam any good by taking the suit as his own.

Out of the blue, Helen shouted at the top of her lungs, “In fact, you should ask Matthew to pay for the suit!”

“Mom, what has this got anything to do with him?” Sasha was eager to defend Matthew.

“Why not?” With her eyes widened, Helen emphasized, “This was given to him by Mr. Newman. Matthew was the one who wore it back and he even sent it as a gift to Liam. Obviously, he was trying to sabotage Liam by giving it to him without paying!”

“He didn’t give him as a gift; it was Liam who snatched it from him!” Sasha countered.

“He was wearing the suit last night. If he didn’t remove it, could Liam strip it off him? I was wondering why he was willing to give it away so readily last night. It turns out that it was his plot to sabotage your brother-in-law! Matthew, I really have no idea you’re actually so poisonous!” Helen spat furiously.

“Mom, t-this is too much…” Sasha chimed in.

“Hmph, I don’t see why? Don’t you understand how a debt should be settled by its debtor? Well, Liam, you may go first and we’ll let Matthew handle this!”

Liam took to his heels immediately.

“Mom…” Just as Sasha wanted to interject, she was stopped by Helen, who reproached angrily, “Matthew, I’ll leave this to you. You have to clean up the mess you created yourself!” With that, Helen dragged Sasha into one of the bedrooms without giving a chance for Matthew to speak.

“Mom, you’re being too mean! How could you do this to Matthew?” Sasha confronted her mother indignantly.

“What’s the problem with the way that I am treating him? How do you think we should deal with this matter? Are we going to let Liam bear the heavy price tag of that suit? Sasha, do you think Liam can fork out that kind of money?”

“He can’t afford it, but can Matthew? It’s such a huge sum, so he might have to go to jail if it can’t be solved properly!” Sasha said angrily.

“That’s a different story. Liam is a businessman and he can earn up to two to three hundred thousand per year, but Matthew only gets an annual salary of around thirty to forty thousand. Can’t you see who’s more important in our family?”

“How could you see it this way? Whoever caused the problem has to bear the responsibility of it. What gives him the right to push that to someone else?” Sasha retorted.

“Matthew is a live-in son-in-law. Since he depends on our family for a living, he’s obligated to step up when we’re in trouble.”

“W-What sort of nonsense is that?!” Sasha was exasperated.

“This is common sense. As a live-in son-in-law of our family, what’s the point of keeping him if he’s not contributing anything to our family, or, if he refused to step up when we’re at the most desperate of situations? Even if I am keeping a dog, it would lunge forward and bite a stranger who yells at me!”

“How could you speak in this way? I don’t care! Matthew hasn’t got anything to do with this and I can’t allow him to take the blame!” Sasha declared angrily.

Just as she was heading for the door, Helen suddenly pushed the window open and yelled furiously, “I’ll jump off the building through this window if you go out of that door. So, do you want to save my life or do you want to help that useless man?!”

Much frightened by her mother’s behavior, Sasha immediately retrieved her hands from the doorknob with tears of anger streaming down her face. “Mom, h-how could you do this to me…”

At the same time, James too had fled into his own bedroom. All three of them only opened the door secretly to a slit to take a peek outside the room when the voices seemed to finally die down after a long time. Now that Mr. Walker had left, Matthew was alone at the living room sipping tea. Sasha was the first to dart out to the living room. “Matthew, how was it? Are you alright?” she asked anxiously.

“I’m fine,” he said with a smile.

“You’re fine?” asked Helen as she edged closer. “How did you settle it?”

“I gave Mr. Newman a call just now. He forgot to pay for the suit yesterday and he arranged for someone to settle the sum just now!”

“Huh?” Helen widened her eyes in shock who then confronted him all of a sudden in a furious tone, “W-Why didn’t you make that call earlier?”

“You didn’t ask me to.” Matthew shrugged and continued, “Moreover, the suit was taken away by Liam yesterday. How should I put it when I call Mr. Newman? Do I ask him to pay for Liam? Wouldn’t he assume that I am trying to bluff him?”

Helen got so enraged that she was left stumped. James immediately came over to join the conversation. “Matthew, you’re actually allowed to call Mr. Newman? I-In that case, could you ask him for more items like some money, for example?”

Helen too held her breath while she eyed Matthew with great anticipation.

“I’m afraid not.” Matthew shook his head and said, “From the earlier phone call we had, Mr. Newman told me that we’re even now.”

James and Helen, who were greatly disappointed, criticized him angrily, “You’re hopeless!”

“Forget it. We shouldn’t waste our time speaking to a useless man like him!” Helen picked up the suit left on the floor and said, “Give Liam a call and ask him to get the suit back.”

James called up Liam but to his surprise, Liam was so traumatized by the incident earlier that he dared not take it back anymore. “Never mind then. This Liam is not any better either!” James remarked angrily. Just as he was about to thrust his phone away in exasperation, he received a call.

“It’s from my father!” James, who was pleasantly surprised to get Eric’s call, quickly calmed himself down before he picked it up. “Dad…”

“James Cunningham, you really have a marvelous pair of daughter and son-in-law!” Eric roared. “How dare they steal our newly invented drug and use it to cure people?! All of you, get ready to be put to jail for leaking the confidential information of the company!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 22

Last night, Matthew had Billy Newman make a public announcement that his daughter had been cured by Matthew with the use of a drug so that his medical skill could be kept as a secret.

Just like Demi, Eric and the rest of the Cunninghams thought of the drug manufactured by their company as soon as they learned about Billy’s announcement. It was invented two years ago but the research was later put to a halt after it failed to pass the required quality review. However, that was not important because the point was, the drug had cured Billy’s daughter!

That was to say, the glory and honor of being invited to the ninth floor of Times Hotel last night should have belonged to the Cunninghams. In the end, they had been robbed of it by Matthew and Sasha’s family. The Cunninghams went livid with rage when they realized this. At the same time, Eric made up his mind to make Matthew and Sasha’s family pay a heavy price for this.

James trembled with fear after receiving Eric’s phone call. “Well done, Matthew! Look at the mess you brought upon us!” Helen’s eyes went red-rimmed when she chastised, “If you’re looking for trouble, why didn’t you just involve yourself in this? Why did you implicate all of us as well?”

“Matthew, will you only stop after getting all of us killed?” Demi confronted him resentfully.

Sasha stood next to Matthew looking just as bleak as the rest of them. As one of the managing executives of the company, she knew very well how dire the consequences of this matter could be. Once it escalated into something huge, Matthew would surely be sentenced to jail! “Matthew, you really acted too rashly this time!” Sasha muttered.

“That’s not rash. It’s something only dingbats would do!” James slammed the table and challenged Matthew, “Matthew, tell us now, how are you going to settle this?!”

“It’s not a big deal.” With a faint smile, Matthew reassured them, “All of you, please don’t worry because I’ll solve this!”

“Will you? How are you going to talk your way out? I’m surprised to see that not only are you keen to pursue vanity, you’ve also learned how to brag. Since Mr. Newman told you that he no longer owes you anything, do you think he will help you?

The Cunninghams are going to take the dispute to court! And once things get messy, our entire family will get implicated! What wrong has our family done to have our life cross paths with a good-for-nothing guy like you?! You have no talent and all you do is constantly bring trouble to us. Goodness gracious, life’s just getting harder and harder…” Helen started crying her heart out hysterically.

“That’s enough!” James roared angrily. “We should focus on settling the issue at hand!”

“How’re we going to settle it? Don’t you know your father well?” doubted Helen.

James had difficulty coming up with a reply, knowing well that Eric had never been one who cared about kinship and family ties.

“In fact, there’s a solution to it…” Demi spoke suddenly.

“What is it?” asked an anxious Helen.

Looking at Matthew, Demi said leisurely, “Matthew was the one who did the stealing. If he was willing to shoulder all the responsibility for it, our family would no longer be implicated.”

“Demi, what nonsense are you talking about?” Sasha found her suggestion unacceptable.

“I think she’s right!” Helen’s eyes brightened up with hope as she continued, “He was the one who stole the drug, so why should it be associated with us? Matthew, why don’t you turn yourself in and take the blame yourself?”

“Mom! How could you ask him to do that?” Sasha asked anxiously.

“What’s wrong with that? Did I put it wrongly? We have no idea about what he did, so why are we getting implicated by him? Why should we suffer the repercussions together with him?”

Sasha, who got so enraged by Helen that her face turned red, countered, “W-Why didn’t you say so when all of you followed him to the ninth floor of the hotel last night? Also, you guys can’t excuse yourself anymore after taking the car and the watch from Matthew!”

“We had no idea about his theft last night. As for the car and the watch…” James carried on somewhat reluctantly, “We can give them back to him…”

“What are you saying?” Helen raised her voice and said crossly, “He owes us that car and that watch. Shouldn’t he make some contribution to our family after living off us for such a long time? Matthew, don’t you think so?”

Matthew’s heart was seized by a surge of bitterness as he realized that not only did Helen want to benefit from what he did, she also wanted him to take all the blame alone and be sent to jail. It was way beyond his imagination how bold and shameless his parents-in-law could get.

“Matthew, please don’t worry!” Sasha grabbed one of his arms and whispered, “I won’t allow you to bear this responsibility alone.”

Sasha’s words of support warmed up his heart substantially. Caressing her long and smooth hair, he said with a smile, “It’s alright. Sasha. You don’t have to worry about me. I’ve told you before that I wouldn’t let you go through anymore suffering for the rest of your life and I’ll honor that promise!”

“You may continue to brag all you want!” Demi criticized with her lips pursed. “The summons from the court are reaching soon, Matthew. If you really don’t want to see my sister suffer, you should take the blame upon yourself!”

Helen’s eyes gleamed up with inspiration when she heard Demi. “Yes, if you love Sasha, you should just turn yourself in!”

“Everyone, please don’t worry because I’ll settle it!” With that, he headed straight out of the house.

“Matthew…” Sasha wanted to go with him.

“Stop right there!” Helen blocked the door and warned Sasha angrily. “Sasha, this is the best solution for the time being. Our family can only clear our names with Matthew taking on the responsibility himself.”


“I don’t want to hear any buts! Do you want to see your parents being sent to jail at such an old age?”

Looking lost, Sasha’s eyes went red-rimmed at once.

Meanwhile, at the Cunningham Residence situated to the north of the city, Sasha’s cousin, Charlie, was gesticulating excitedly as he said, “Grandpa, I’m sure this plan will be watertight! We have Sasha under control now that we have something to threaten her with! If she refuses to obey our instructions, then we’ll just send her as well as her family to jail!”

“Sasha, that b*tch has been unwilling to contribute to the family with the good looks she has. It’s all her fault trying to play a virtuous girl that costs us so many profitable businesses!”

“Exactly! If it wasn’t for her, our wealth would have already been multiplied by several times!”

“This time, let’s see whether she’s willing to cooperate.”

“President Smith from Midshire contacted me two days ago, saying that he will give us the project worth 3 million in Midshire as long as Sasha is willing to go on a holiday trip with him for a fortnight.”

“That’s nothing. President Ferguson from Northgulf has just offered me a project worth 50 million!”

“Ha ha ha, there’s no rush. We can arrange them one by one and fill up her schedule!”

The Cunninghams were talking excitedly about it.

With a smile, Eric tapped the table softly and announced his decision, “We should put off those projects from other cities and focus our attention on seizing the projects available in Eastcliff first.

Jason, call up those bosses and invite them over to have a gathering here. Charlie, make a trip to Sasha’s place and ask her to dress up to join the dinner with the bosses.”

Jason, who was slightly confused, asked, “Dad, how many bosses should I call? Didn’t we just decide to arrange them to meet Sasha one at a time?”

Eric glared at him and snapped, “You know nothing! As Sasha is still a virgin, she’s at her most valuable moment. We will hold an auction for the bosses later to let them bid for a night with Sasha so that our benefit can be maximized!”

Jason’s eyes sparkled with excitement as he said delightedly, “Dad, you really have great foresight! Fine, I’ll arrange it. Ha ha, we must fetch a good price from that b*tch tonight!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 23

At the lakeside villa in Lakeside Garden where he was staying, Matthew was looking at Natalie in silence with eyes brimming with affection as she was lying on the bed.

Natalie had already recovered from her injury but in order to cure her illness, he had to get her the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus, which was one of the herbs needed in the prescription.

Having no choice, Matthew could only keep her in a state of unconsciousness to maintain her current condition for the time being, and he would then wake her up once he found the herb.

Stanley Carlson, who was standing in front of Matthew respectfully, was sent here by Billy Newman to provide assistance to him.

“Mr. Larson, I’ve made some inquiries around.” In a grim voice, Stanley told him, “The Cunninghams invited the bosses of some pharmaceutical companies in the city to participate in an auction at Cunningham Residence to bid for a night with M-Miss Cunningham…”

An icy glint flickered in Matthew’s eyes. “Will it be participated by many?” he asked in a frosty tone.

“There’re a total of eight bosses who are all quite reputable in the healthcare industry. But, I can ensure that they won’t be able to make it out of their homes if you like!”

“It’s not necessary.” Matthew waved his hands dismissively and snapped frigidly, “How dare these people be eyeing my wife! There’s no way I will forgive them!”

“Mr. Larson, how would you like to punish them? Please don’t hesitate to give me instructions. Or, should I get them thrown into Lake Eastcliff?”

“I would be letting them off too lightly by doing that!” In a soft voice, Matthew continued, “It’s eleven thirty in the morning now. By seven tonight, I want them to be announced as bankrupt. Can you do that?”

“Hmm…” Stanley hesitated, thinking that the task was quite challenging.

“The large Rejuvenating Pill is a pill which is more effective than the mini Rejuvenating Pill by ten times!” In an icy voice, Matthew continued, “If I give you the recipe for it…”

As the recipe for the mini Rejuvenating Pill was valued at almost two billion, Stanley was sure that the large version one must be worth over ten billion! Immediately, Stanley perked up and said agitatedly, “Mr. Larson, please don’t worry. You’ll receive news of my death if I can’t get them bankrupt by five in the evening!”

“You don’t have to do it before five.” Matthew waved his hands and emphasized, “Just do it at seven tonight as I said. I want them to know that they are made bankrupt because of joining the auction!”

“You can rest assured that I’ll get it done well!” Stanley said.

At six thirty in the evening, Sasha and her family rushed their way to Cunningham Residence. Charlie visited them personally to give them the ultimatum that the Cunninghams would straightaway call the police and get them arrested if they didn’t make it to Cunningham Residence tonight.

Before they stepped into the mansion, Helen reminded James again, “When we meet your father later, remember to make it very clear to him that Matthew was the culprit and we have nothing to do with the theft. They should aim their punishment at him!”

James nodded his head vigorously in acknowledgement. Just as Sasha was about to say something, she was stopped by Helen, who snapped furiously at her daughter, “You’d better keep your mouth shut or your father and I will kill ourselves in front of you!”

With resignation, Sasha had no choice but to stay silent with tears welled up in her eyes. As soon as they stepped into the mansion, they found Eric and the rest of the Cunninghams waiting for them.

“Dad…” James immediately approached Eric and spoke, “Please listen to me, it’s all…”

“Say no more!” Eric waved his hands to stop James from talking. “After all, we’re a family and I’ll never be so ruthless to y’all!”

James and Helen were overjoyed. “Thank you, Dad! Thank you very much!”

“But, since all of us are one household, we have to do things for the benefit of the whole family!” Eric cast an oblique glance at Sasha and said, “Sasha, we’ve invited some bosses over here tonight to have a business discussion. Do serve them well later!”

“Huh?” Looking deeply rattled, James questioned, “Dad, w-what do you mean by that?”

“What do you think?” Eric glared at him and countered.

“Dad, s-she’s your granddaughter…” Helen interrupted eagerly.

“That just adds to the reason why she has to make some contribution! After enjoying a comfortable life provided by the family for so many years, shouldn’t she offer something back?”

“But, t-this is…” Helen tried to come up with a reason to rebut him.

“Enough!” Frustrated, Eric snapped. “It’s very straightforward: either she serves the bosses well later or you guys will be sent straight to jail tonight!”

James and Helen, who were intimidated by Eric’s menacing tone, kept their heads low and dared not speak. Eric had always favored boys over girls in his household.

He only cared about his grandsons whereas he deemed having granddaughters as something that could only bring him losses. Therefore, he would not hesitate at all to sacrifice a granddaughter to exchange for benefits for the entire family!

Sasha pleaded in a croaky voice, “Dad, Mom, what should I do…”

The eyes of both James and Helen reddened because they were at a loss of what to do to save their daughter out of the predicament.

“It’s all Matthew’s fault!” Demi blasted angrily. “If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be involved in such a huge mess like this!”

“He’s a jinx who only brings trouble. How useless is he? He ran away after getting us in this hot mess. How can he call himself a man by being so irresponsible?!” Helen remarked angrily.

“We asked you to get a divorce with him much earlier than this, but you refused to listen. See, this is how you end up by being wilful!” James criticized.

Sasha, who was being bombarded by complaints from her family, felt anguished and disappointed. Matthew had yet to be back after he left in the morning. He promised me that he will not let me go through anymore suffering, but will he be able to honor his oath?

At that juncture, eight men stepped into the living room from outside. At the sight of Sasha, all their eyes gleamed up with lust as they stared at her lasciviously. The eight men had done business with the Cunninghams before. Back then, basically all of them had offered Sasha with various projects but with the condition of Sasha keeping them company. However, their offer had all been rejected by her.

Charles sneered, “So, Sasha, have you made your decision? Are you going to sacrifice yourself or let your parents be sent to jail with you?”

In between sniggers, Lily said, “In fact, it’s an easy choice to make. What’s so big a deal about spending some time with the bosses? I’m sure they will treat you very gently! You might even get addicted to it by the end of the day!”

“She’s right!” One of the bosses who was quite plump said with a smile, “Miss Cunningham, please don’t worry; I’m known to be very gentle with girls!”

“Hey fatso, you might not be able to get Miss Cunningham to spend the night with you.”

“Hmph, we’ll see later! Anyone of us who makes the highest bid will get her!”

The eight men grew uproarious, absorbing in a heated discussion as though one of them would surely get Sasha to spend the night with him. Sasha, who went livid with rage listening to their chatters, emphasized through gritted teeth, “I won’t let you guys touch me even it means I have to kill myself for that!”

“Hmph, you may give it a try!” Charles sneered. “If you refuse to cooperate with us, I can guarantee you that your parents as well as your sister will be punished by something even worse than death!”

Sasha felt bitter at once after listening to what Charles said, realizing that her family was her Achilles’ heel. Did it mean that she would really be violated and humiliated by those guys this time?

Demi, who was trembling out of fear, mumbled, “Sasha, w-why don’t you just accept it? As long as you get more businesses for the family, o-our family will be highly respected by the rest of the Cunninghams in the future!”

“Say what?!” Helen reproached angrily, “She’s your sister, h-how could you say something like that?”

“I don’t want to, but w-what should we do now?” Demi said, her face went as pale as a sheet of paper.

Tears started streaming down Helen’s face as she cursed, “Matthew Larson, you deserve to be sliced and slashed into a thousand pieces! You can’t even protect your own wife. What sort of man are you?!”

“It’s no use mentioning that useless piece of crap at this hour!” James gritted his teeth and said, “I’m sure that coward must have gone hiding somewhere! He definitely won’t show his face now!”

“Have you guys finished your discussion?” Charles yelled in an icy voice, “Since our guests are all here, you should get inside the room! Sasha Cunningham, let me remind you one more time: if you dare to refuse any demands later, you and your family will be sent straight to jail!”

Clenching her fists tightly, an icy glint shone in Sasha’s eyes as she was even planning to kill herself by knocking her head onto the wall.

Just then, a level voice rang out. “Are all the guests here? Indeed, I have to to get inside the room as soon as possible or I won’t be able to catch the drama in time!”

At this crucial moment, Matthew made his way to the living room at a leisurely pace.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 24

“Matthew, how very bold of you to be here?!” Charlie’s face turned sinister at once when he ordered, “Seize him!”

“Hold on!” The plump-looking guy suddenly spoke, “Isn’t this Miss Cunningham’s husband? Since he’s here to attend the dinner too, he should be invited in together with us!”

“Hey, is there something wrong with your mind to allow him in?”

“Hmm, you don’t understand this, do you? Try to imagine how exciting it will be to see her husband offering her to us himself!”

“I’m impressed by how dirty that idea of yours is. You’re right, we should let her husband in!”

“Ha ha ha, it seems like we can’t commence the dinner without her husband, huh.”

“The night is getting more and more interesting…”

The Cunninghams stared at each other, disgusted by how shameless the eight bosses were.

“In this case, just let him go into the ballroom together with us!” Eric waved his hand and announced.

With a disdainful look, Charlie remarked, “Dear brother-in-law of mine, did you hear that? You have to help Sasha to review all the bosses here and select the best one out of them for her!”

Everyone burst out laughing as they eyed Matthew contemptuously, who ignored the rest of them and headed straight to Sasha, looking composed.

“Matthew, d-do you have any idea what you just said?!” Helen questioned him furiously. “Do you know what’s the purpose of this dinner you’re asking Sasha to attend?”

Matthew nodded his head, signaling that he knew what the dinner was for.

“Why do you still allow her to go anyway?” Exasperated, Helen cursed, “You really let me down. You’re not a useless crap but an outright coward! Do you still consider yourself as a man?!”

Disappointment was written all over Sasha’s face at the same time.

“Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen to her. I promised Sasha that I wouldn’t let her go through anymore suffering and I’ll surely honor it!” Matthew said in a soft voice.

“D-Doesn’t this fall under the same category too?” James criticized angrily, “Don’t you know she’s about to suffer the greatest humiliation of all her life?!”

Matthew glued his eyes on Sasha and muttered, “Sasha, please believe me!”

“Believe you? It was you who caused her to fall under this predicament. Why should she believe you?” Demi doubted.

Sasha, whose face reddened in agitation, declared through gritted teeth after some contemplation, “Fine, I’ll believe you this time!”

“Sasha…” Helen grew anxious.

“That’s enough!” Looking determined, Sasha said, “Since we can no longer run away from this trap tonight, I should go in and fight for a chance to survive. The worst case scenario is to die fighting!”

Then, they stepped into the ballroom where a banquet had been arranged by the Cunninghams. Sasha and her family were seated at the main table with Eric, which was a rare opportunity.

“Ladies and gentleman, I guess everyone already has an idea of the reason we’ve gathered here tonight.” With a smile, he continued, “Without further ado, let’s begin the auction!”

“Mr. Cunningham, I have a project worth 30 million this year…” The plump-looking man was the first to speak.

“Fatso, do you think you can have Miss Cunningham’s first night with just 30 million? Mr. Cunningham, I have a project worth 50 million!”

“I have one which is valued at 60 million!”

“70 million…”

“80 million!”

Amidst the continuous mayhem, the projects offered by the bosses got increasingly higher in value with the highest being a project which was valued at 150 million. The Cunninghams were elated to hear those offers, thinking about the huge fortune they could earn from those contracts. Carlson Group was terminating all the contracts with the Cunninghams. So what? The money they could earn from the bosses here was a lot more than what Carlson Group could offer.

At the same time, Sasha and her family were looking ominous. Helen sounded frustrated when she confronted Matthew, “You useless piece of crap! Do you want us to suffer all the humiliation here?”

James chided in, “You’re the most useless person I’ve ever come across so far! If you still see yourself as a man, just shoulder the responsibility for the mistake you’ve made, so that your wife can be spared from such disgrace!”

Sasha stared at Matthew with her eyes brimming with despair.

“Don’t worry, they will get their retribution!” Matthew said.

Helen echoed in a shrill voice, “Retribution? Matthew, are you waiting for God to give you a hand?”

“Ha ha ha, Matthew, I don’t suppose God’s help will arrive in time!” Charlie edged closer to him and whispered, “It’s too late trying to change anything now. Mr. Hamilton has successfully bidded Sasha’s company with a project valued at 150 million. Matthew, why don’t you send Sasha over to Mr. Hamilton’s place personally?”

All at once, James and Helen burst into tears. Was their daughter really going to be humiliated in this way? With her teeth gritted, Sasha made up her mind to take her own life if she was to be violated by anyone.

“150 million?” Suddenly, Matthew rose to his feet and doubted with a chuckle, “Can you afford it?”

“How dare you speak so rudely!” Eric blasted angrily, “Who gives you the permission to talk?”

“Mr. Hamilton is a very successful businessman in the healthcare industry in Eastcliff; 150 million is just peanuts to him!” Jason tried very hard to butter Mr. Hamilton up by commenting. “All the projects offered by Mr. Hamilton are at least worth 100 million. How dare you doubt his wealth?”

“Hmph, why are we even wasting our time trying to explain this to him? He’s just a useless guy who can’t even fork out 150 bucks. How does he have any concept of what 150 million is worth?!”

“Matthew, here’s a chance for you—send Sasha to Mr. Hamilton’s place personally later, and we’ll reward you a sum of three hundred thousand so that you can use it for your sister’s treatment!”

Both James and Helen, whose faces looked as pale as sheets of paper, couldn’t believe that Matthew was bringing even more embarrassment to himself. Looking unperturbed, Matthew spoke softly, “Mr. Hamilton, if I’m not mistaken, you have already become bankrupt!”

Everyone went dumbfounded for a while before they started to roar with laughter.

“I have become bankrupt?” Mr. Hamilton let loose a guffaw and asked, “Why don’t I know about this? When did it happen?”

Matthew checked his phone before he announced, “Eight minutes ago!” Once again, his statement started a round of uproarious laughter among them.

“This must be the funniest joke I’ve ever heard in my entire life!”

“Oh, I can’t take it anymore. Matthew, could you please stop being so hilarious? Are you a fool?”

“He went bankrupt eight minutes ago. How precise is that? Matthew, do you see yourself as God who can decide on anyone’s fate as you wish?

While the faces of James and Helen reddened with embarrassment, Demi muttered under her breath through gritted teeth, “What a clown!”

Without speaking a word, Matthew tapped on his phone and shared his screen with the television next to him to display a news broadcast. “You’re watching Eastcliff News. Hamilton Pharmaceuticals is reported to be facing a debt crisis at the moment and the company has now started the liquidation process…”

Everyone went stupefied as they clearly heard the announcement from the television.

“C-Could the news be fake?”

“I don’t think so. This is the local financial news broadcast and the anchorman has been hosting the news for five years.”

“Goodness gracious, has Mr. Hamilton really become bankrupt?”

Looking flabbergasted, Mr. Hamilton hastily fished out his phone but he soon received a call before he could even dial a number. “Hamilton, what kind of big shot have you offended? Why are we being sabotaged all of a sudden? The person behind this exposed a lot of scandals about our company to the public out of the blue, and he even gathered all our creditors to ask us for repayment all at once! Do you know that our company has been destroyed?! Our family is finished!” A woman’s agonized voice was heard very clearly by everyone present.

“T-This is Mrs. Hamilton’s voice…” One of the bosses looked horrified as he asked, “Mr. Hamilton, h-have you really become bankrupt?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 25

Everyone started to take out their phones and ask around. Soon, the news was verified and Mr. Hamilton had indeed gone bankrupt.

Mr. Hamilton, who was initially beaming with joy, instantly fainted on the floor while his heart attack was triggered. He was then carried out of the venue. Everyone was utterly shocked whereas Sasha looked relieved. She glanced at Matthew, sighing that this must be retribution.

Looking pale in embarrassment, Eric waved his hand. “Forget it. Mr. Hamilton quits. Who’s the second bidder earlier on?”

Jason Cunningham replied, “It’s President Wallace. He has 130 million projects—”

“President Wallace has gone bankrupt too!” Matthew cut him short.

“Bullsh*t!” President Wallace leaped in anger. But just before he could continue to curse, his wife called him.

After answering his phone, President Wallace suffered the same fate as Mr. Hamilton, plopping onto the floor and was thrown out. Everyone at the scene started to panic. Wasn’t it too coincidental that two people went bankrupt in a row?

Eric’s face turned grave. “Who’s the third bidder?”

Jason replied, “It’s President Zale. He—”

“I quit, I quit!” President Zale leaped up as well. “I give up!”

“President Zale, I’m afraid you aren’t able to bid even if you wanted to.” Matthew continued softly, “Because you’ve just gone bankrupt too.”

“What?!” Completely panic-stricken, President Zale immediately took out his phone to make a call. A moment later, he sat slumped on the floor as well.

The remaining five bosses almost peed their pants in fear. Several of them went bankrupt successively. It happened either as an unbelievable coincidence, or someone was scheming secretly behind all of these. But who would have such power and ability to make them lose all their property without them noticing?

Eric asked again, “The fourth bidder—”

“Old Master Cunningham, please excuse me. I’m leaving!” a boss shouted in a fluster.

“I’m leaving too…”

Everyone else got up at once because they were afraid to stay there any longer.

“Everyone, there’s no need to panic.” Matthew smiled faintly. “The ending is fixed even if you leave. All five of you have gone bankrupt as well!”

“What?!” The five of them went paralyzed in fear. Now, no one doubted Matthew’s words. Soon, their phones rang and all five of them were declared bankrupt as well.

“T-This…” Helen looked delighted. “Is this their karma?”

“What karma?” James clenched his teeth. “Someone is definitely pulling strings behind this. Oh my! How powerful is the wire puller that he’s able to make these eight bosses undergo such a fate?”

“Do you mean…” Helen took a deep breath and continued, “Mr. Newman?”

James nodded slowly while glaring at Matthew. “Matthew that b*stard, he must be hiding something from us. He even lied to us that he severed ties with Mr. Newman so that we won’t demand any benefits from him. It turns out that he’s trying to swallow all of it by himself. How hateful!”

Helen’s face turned icy. “No way. That belongs to our family, so we can’t let him get it!”

“Mr. Larson, c-can’t we back out?” a boss pleaded in his trembling voice.

“Back out?” Matthew turned cold in anger. “From the second you schemed against my wife, you should be dead!”

“How dare you?!” Eric slammed his hand against the table while bellowing, “Matthew, you’re here today solely to stir up trouble! Do you still respect me as your grandfather?!”

“Hmph!” Matthew sneered. “Eric Cunningham, why don’t you tell us if you still cared for your granddaughter? For your own selfish sake, you’re willing to sell her off. Even a beast wouldn’t do such an inhuman act!”

“How dare you talk to me like that?!” Eric jumped up to kick Matthew. However, Matthew slapped Eric’s face, sending him flying off six meters backward.

“How dare you hit someone?!” The members of the Cunningham Family flew into rage.

“Why not?” Matthew grabbed the edge of the table and lifted it while bellowing angrily, “Come on. Fight me!” His resounding voice was as loud as thunder, buzzing in everyone’s ears.

Looking at the god-like Matthew, the members of the Cunningham Family shrunk in fear at once and none of them dared to approach him.

“Call the police! Call the police!” Rage seared through Eric. “Matthew, I’ll definitely throw you and your entire family in jail for stealing the company’s secret!”

“Pfft!” Matthew sneered again. “Old man, you should use your phone to check, so you’ll know that your medical company is no longer under your name. You want to press charges against me? Hmph! What rights do you have to do so?”

“What?!” Eric hastily took out his phone to call a few shareholders of the company. To his despair, he was unanimously informed that these few shareholders had sold off their shares.

The total of these shares was around 60%, which means that the Chairman of this company was no longer Eric. Lying paralyzed on the floor, Eric thought how among all of his expectations, none of it predicted such a situation.

“The company is no longer under the control of Cunningham Group?” Helen was flabbergasted with joy. “Does that mean that they can’t press charges against us anymore?”

Matthew replied, “That depends on the decision of the new Chairman.”

“Who is it then?” Helen asked anxiously.

In a faint smile, Matthew softly replied, “Sasha Cunningham!”

“What?!” The whole scene was struck with astonishment! The new Chairman of the company was Sasha?

Even Sasha was stupefied while she stammered, “W-What’s going on?”

“I told them to buy those shares using your name.” Matthew explained softly. “I know that this company is the fruit of your painstaking effort, so from now on, you’ll be in charge of this company!”

“T-This…” Sasha was caught in a whirlpool of surprise and bliss. “C-Can I do that?”

“Of course, you can!” Matthew gave her a firm nod. “No matter what happens, I will stand by your side and support you forever!”

Relief washed over Sasha while she gazed at Matthew. He truly contented her with a sense of security.

Matthew chuckled. “Old man, it turns out that your banquet isn’t that fun either! Forget it. We’d rather go home now. Oh right, old man, please report to work on time tomorrow, which is the first day for Sasha as a Chairman. If any one of you comes late, you’d be disrespecting her!”

Eric’s blood boiled with rage to the point of triggering his hypertension, which resulted in him fainting on the spot. As a consequence, the Cunningham Family went into a turmoil.

On the way, James and Helen could hardly contain their excitement. They couldn’t stop calling their friends and family, announcing that Sasha had become the Chairman. Especially Helen, who called each and every one in her family.

“Hello, Jane. Sasha has become the Chairman. Yes, the Chairman of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Do you know that? It’s worth more than a hundred million in the market!”

“Jeremy, your niece, Sasha, is now the Chairman of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Do you know that? You don’t? Well, since she’s the Chairman, this Cunningham Pharmaceuticals belongs to us now. Do you understand?”

“Jacob, I have amazing news. Sasha has become the Chairman, the Chairman of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals! If you face any problems from now on, feel free to seek my help. Sasha is now the Chairman, so she can settle anything for you…”

Sitting beside her parents, Sasha was speechless hearing them show off. However, right after they had reached home, Helen’s expression changed instantly. “Matthew, tell us honestly, how much have you been keeping from us?”

Matthew was stunned. “Mother, what’s wrong?”

Helen said in anger, “You told us that you’ve cut ties with Mr. Newman but now, you’ve asked him to pull so many strings again!”

“You’ve been lying to us. How much benefit have you demanded from Mr. Newman without our knowledge?”

Demi chimed in to reprimand him, “Matthew, although I feel that you’re useless in the past, you’re at least an honest person. I’ve never thought that you’re also evil and cunning. How could you use our medicine to seek financial gain? You’re truly shameless!”

“Enough. Stop wasting your time talking nonsense with him!” Simmering with rage, James said angrily, “Matthew, you have two options.”

“Either you surrender all the benefits you get from Mr. Newman, or we’ll seek him on our own and explain everything to him. In the future, you’ll have nothing to do with the Cunningham Family at all!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 26

“Dad!” Sasha interrupted anxiously. “Matthew helped us a ton. How could you do this to him?”

Helen rebutted furiously, “He helped us? Who does he think he is? Is he even able to help us?”

“Those are our company’s medicines, and all of it belongs to us. He’s just a clown, who assumes over unwarranted authority on the basis of some pretext. Why should we thank him when he pockets all the benefits?”

Demi nodded repeatedly. “Sasha, don’t be deceived by this kind of person. He’s treacherous and cunning, mean and shameless. He even used that set of clothes to extort money from my husband earlier today. Would an empathetic person do that? Don’t forget that we’re a family!”

The three of them raced to grumble, causing Sasha to shiver in exasperation. She didn’t even have the chance to reason with them.

“Matthew, don’t think that everything’s fine as long as you keep quiet. If you don’t speak, we’ll look for Mr. Newman tomorrow. By that time, how would you settle that?” After spitting the sentences in an icy tone, James stormed into the room.

Matthew returned to his own bedroom and finally got a moment of peace. Sasha walked beside him while asking in a soft voice, “Matthew, are you mad?”

“Mad?” Matthew laughed. “Of course, I am. But as long as you’re here, nothing else matters.”

Sasha blushed. “You’re just too accommodating. Actually, y-you can try to resist…”

“What for?” Matthew shook his head. “If I quarrel with them, in the end, you’ll just be the one struggling between us. Sasha, I promised not to let a single harm get to you. So if I ever put you in that situation, I will be breaking my promise.”

At once, tears welled up in Sasha’s eyes while she thought, This is true affection! “Matthew, thank you!” Suddenly, Sasha leaned nearer to Matthew and left a light kiss on his cheek before she hid in the bathroom, blushing shyly.

Matthew was stunned on the spot and he couldn’t help but giggle. It has been three years and she finally kissed me! Judging from their progress, consummation might be near.

The next morning, James and Helen woke up early. Noticing that both of them were all dressed up, Sasha couldn’t help but feel astonished. “Dad, Mom, where are you going?”

James replied, “We’re going to seek Mr. Newman for an explanation!”

Sasha was speechless, though she tried to reason with James. “Dad, stop messing around. That’s Mr. Newman you’re talking about.”

James glared at her. “So what if he’s Mr. Newman? His daughter is cured by our medicine. Why shouldn’t he offer us some benefits? Hmph! They are all swallowed by Matthew, this cunning person, as the middleman. What did we get?”

Helen waved her hand. “Enough, Sasha. Stop nattering. You just focus on your work. Your uncle will be visiting a few days later. I reckon that they are looking for a job in the company. Put some thoughts into it and arrange some suitable positions for them.”

Sasha was even more dumbfounded. Her uncle and his family would be visiting right after her first day of work? “Mom…” She had more to say but James and Helen had left hurriedly.

“Matthew, should I go with you to meet Mr. Newman?” Sasha dropped her voice and explained, “I’m not sure what they will say in front of him. If they slander you…”

“Don’t worry.” Matthew shook his head in a faint smile. “Mr. Newman won’t acknowledge them.”

Since Matthew looked confident, Sasha stopped asking. After the meal, Matthew sent Sasha to the company. Obviously, he was still using that electric scooter because James took his BMW.

Standing at the lobby, an excitement pulsed through Sasha’s heart. In the past, although she was a high-level executive in the company, anyone in the Cunningham Family still pointed their fingers at her and gave her commands. But now, she had finally become the owner of this place!

“Matthew…” Sasha suddenly suggested, “Why don’t you work here too? Shall I appoint you as the Chairman’s secretary?” Right after she finished her sentence, she was amused by herself. After all, she was the Chairman, which meant Matthew would be her assistant.

Matthew chuckled as well. “Sure. However, I’ll be your secretary who cares for your wellbeing, not your work.”

Sasha’s face was flushed red while she teased, “You mischievous little sh*t.”

“Hahaha…” Matthew burst out laughing. “I’m just joking with you. I think I should stay at the hospital for now. When everything’s steady here, I’ll come and help you.”

“That’ll work too.” Sasha nodded. Indeed, she hadn’t gotten hold of the situation here. If she had suddenly transferred Matthew over, people might start to complain about it.

After that, Matthew returned to the hospital. He didn’t stay with Sasha for long because he still wanted to master his medical skills in the hospital. Even though the skills handed down from his ancestors in the jade pendant were brilliant, he still had to practice them in reality, and only then could his expertise be enhanced. Matthew’s return at the hospital stirred up quite a commotion.

“Why is he here again?”

“Hasn’t his sister died from jumping off the building?”

“Definitely, she died. After all, she suffers from leukemia. Even if she’s not dead, she’ll be crippled now after that incident!”

“Sigh. What a pity.”

“Pity? To be honest, this kind of person is better off being dead. Otherwise, they’ll just be a burden to others.”

With the discussion going on, Jeffrey walked over. Once he saw Matthew, he instantly strode toward him. “Matthew, you got quite a nerve to come to work again. However, you’ve been absent without a valid reason for three days, so the hospital has decided to fire you!” After that, Jeffrey chuckled. “But, since you were introduced here by Sasha, I’ll definitely do her a favor. How about this? If you call Sasha over, I’ll plead on your behalf so that the hospital will not dismiss you.”

Matthew glanced at him. This guy is really itching to die! “Jeffrey, please don’t make things difficult for Sasha.” Matthew tucked his lips. “She told me that she wants to throw up when she sees you.”

“What?!” Jeffrey’s anger flared. “What did you say? Why would Sasha say that? Wait, I’ll call Sasha now. How dare you sow discord between us? Let’s see how she punishes you!”

“Pfft…” Matthew sneered. “Director Zimmerman, I advise you not to call Sasha because she isn’t willing to answer your call.”

“She won’t answer my call?” Jeffrey laughed hysterically. “Is it my call or your call that she wouldn’t answer? Come. I’ll call her and show you now!” Jeffrey immediately dialed Sasha’s number. However, with only two beeps, the call was rejected. “What’s going on?” He couldn’t help feeling stunned. Did Sasha just reject my call? This has never happened before!

Sasha was doing medical business and she had business dealings with Jeffrey’s hospital. Therefore, she had to answer Jeffrey’s call prior to this. However, she was now the company’s Chairman. On the first day of her post, she had to attend a board of directors’ meeting, obviously. So why did she have to respond to Jeffrey now?

Jeffrey refused to give up, so he called again. However, it was rejected immediately. After several attempts, Jeffrey was dumbfounded. It does seem like she’s declining my calls.

“Director Zimmerman, stop wasting your energy.” Matthew smiled. “With such a horrendous look of yours, Sasha will puke by just hearing your voice. Why do you have to make things awkward for her?”

Some people nearby started to roar with laughter.

Jeffrey was about to explode from exasperation. “How dare you belittle me?!” Then, he raised his palm and wanted to slap Matthew.

However, Matthew took a step back, causing Jeffrey to miss and stagger forward. Pretending to be inadvertent, Matthew hooked Jeffrey’s calf, tripped him over and caused him to land on the floor. Blood started to flow from his face.

“H-How dare you hit me?!” Jeffrey screamed with a hoarse voice, “Matthew, you’re doomed! I’ll not let this go. Quick, call someone from the Department of Safety and Security! ”

Soon, a group of security guards rushed over. “Who hit my cousin?” A plump-looking man took the lead by shouting arrogantly, “Are you seeking your own death?! How dare you hit someone under my territory? Most importantly, you hit my cousin. I’ll definitely have you killed today!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 27

This stout man was none other than Jeffrey’s cousin, Damian Zetts. He was in charge of the Department of Safety and Security. In the usual days, he was domineering and rude.

He often flirted and took liberties with young nurses. In the years of his working here, he claimed to have often spent the nights with them, besides also being known as the scoundrel around this area.

“Damian is here. I bet Matthew is going down!”

“Serves him right! Who does he think he is, trying to oppose Director Zimmerman?”

“Exactly! Everyone knows that Director Zimmerman’s father is the Vice President of the hospital. Can he afford to offend him?”

“Some people will never learn humility before being taught a lesson.”

The surrounding crowd continued to whisper while looking at Matthew in a bantering manner. This time, Matthew would definitely be doomed!

Jeffrey had his backup now, so he instantly stood straight and pointed at Matthew while cursing, “That’s him! This b*stard has the nerve to hit me. Beat him to pulp now!”

Damian roared angrily, “F*ck you, loser! How dare you hit my cousin?!”

Matthew refuted, “I didn’t hit him. He was the one who tried to hit me but accidentally tripped himself. How is that my fault?”

“Bullsh*t!” Jeffrey rebutted furiously. “If you hadn’t stepped back, would I have fallen?”

Matthew knitted his eyebrows. “According to your logic, I shouldn’t step back when you wanted to hit me, should I?”

“F*ck you! Who do you think you are? You should be honored that I hit you. How could you be unhappy with that?” Jeffrey was boiling with anger. “Damian, stop wasting time with him. Beat him up now!”

Damian squinted at Matthew. “Did you hear that? My cousin is asking me to beat you up. However, if you’re willing to kneel and bow down to apologize to my cousin, I’ll only break one of your legs.”

Matthew answered, “Never!”

“Then you shall die!” Damian bellowed and raised his feet to kick Matthew.

Matthew stepped aside to dodge the attack. At the same time, he landed a kick on the back of Damian’s waist. After Matthew practiced the Divine Skill, his strength increased significantly. With just a strike, Damian was directly sent flying and crashed onto the wall. Immediately, his face was covered in blood.

“F*ck! How dare you resist?!” Damian roared, “Beat him to a pulp!”

A group of people charged from behind and fiercely besieged Matthew. In the past, when Matthew was working as a cleaner in the hospital, he was often bullied by them. Naturally in the current situation, he wouldn’t have mercy on them in his attacks. In just a blink of an eye, this group of people were lying on the floor, crying in pain.

The crowd around them were all stunned. They thought that Matthew would be beaten up, so this outcome was completely out of their expectations. In fact, many of them were secretly cheering for him. After all, quite a number of them in this hospital were bullied by Damian.

However, some busybodies hurriedly went upstairs to seek the leader. Within minutes, Jeffrey’s father, Ivan Zimmerman, rushed over. He was the Vice President of the hospital.

“How dare you take up a fight at the hospital?!” Ivan bellowed in fury, “What sort of a place do you think the hospital is? Somebody, call the police and arrest him!”

A few ingratiating underlings immediately took their phones out. Right at this moment, a Rolls-Royce drove up the entrance of the hospital. With just a glance at the car plate, excitement instantly overtook Ivan’s face while he trotted there.

“Mr. Harrison, what makes you honor us with your presence?” Ivan asked in a flattering manner.

The person who had just arrived was none other than Joseph. At once, everyone on the scene was struck with emotions. After all, Joseph was highly reputable in the medical industry in Eastcliff. Even the presidents of other big hospitals had to be reverent to Joseph when they met him, not to mention those working in only such a small hospital.

Joseph didn’t even glance at Ivan and just walked into the lobby with his arms crossed behind his back. Under everyone’s gaze, he trotted toward Matthew and bowed with cupped hands. “Greetings, Mr. Larson!”

This time, everyone on the scene was stupefied. Why did such a big shot like Joseph act so reverently in front of Matthew? What was going on?

“Mr. Harrison, did you mistake him for someone else?” Ivan quickly ran over. “He’s just a cleaner at our hospital…”

Joseph chided in displeasure, “Do you think that I’m dim-sighted from old age?”

“O-Of course not…” Ivan trembled in fear while hastily replying, “Mr. Harrison, I-I…”

“Get lost!” Joseph angrily denounced.

Pale in fright, Ivan immediately retreated to a side. Joseph cupped his hands. “Mr. Larson, I’ve discussed this with the President. From now on, you’re the Director of the Emergency Department.”

Everyone was dumbfounded. The Director of the Emergency Department? Are you serious? But Matthew is just a cleaner!

In fact, Matthew requested it himself. In order to practice his medical skills, he had to work in places like the Emergency Department, where he could get into contact with all kinds of patients. “Mr. Harrison, I’m afraid that I can’t work in the Emergency Department anymore.” Matthew sighed. “I’ve been fired.”


Matthew added, “Not only that, but they’ve even tried to hit me just now, so I dodged a few times. They are mildly injured because of that. I guess I’ll be jailed too as they even wanted to call the police and arrest me.”

“Outrageous!” Joseph bellowed. “Who has the audacity to hit Mr. Larson and even put him to jail?”

Everyone looked at Ivan and Jeffrey at the same time. In a ghastly pale face, Ivan stammered, “Mr. Harrison, you’ve misunderstood. H-He’s causing trouble in the hospital. Look at my son and the injuries of these people…”

Jeffrey chimed in too, “Exactly. Mr. Harrison, everyone here can be a witness. We didn’t attack him. It was him who attacked us!”

After that, Jeffrey gave the people beside him a meaningful glance. A few of them understood his intention, so they instantly came forward. “That’s right, Mr. Harrison. We can testify that it was Matthew who attacked them!”

“Bullsh*t!” Joseph cursed in anger. “Do you think that I’ve become a fool due to old age? How is he able to fight you all alone and injure more than ten of you? Are all of you retards? Besides, so what if Mr. Larson hits you? You’re just some nonentity anyway. Yet, you’re still thinking of imprisoning Mr. Larson? Fine. Go on and call the police, then. I can’t wait to find out who will go to jail in the end!”

Ivan and the others paled in despair. They didn’t expect that Joseph would fully support Matthew.

“What’s the matter? Isn’t anyone calling the police?” Joseph glared angrily. “Fine. I’ll call instead since no one is doing so. Louise, call the lawyer, Mr. Cage as well as the police to arrest them!”

Ivan almost peed himself while he fearfully persuaded, “Mr. Harrison, please calm down. I-It’s just a small matter. There’s no need to get angry…”

“Shut up! Who do you think you are to talk to me?” Joseph chided in rage.

Soon, a troop of police came over and arrested Damian and the others. Mr. Cage went with them in person and Matthew didn’t even have to make a written record. Everything was shown on the surveillance footage of the hospital that was taken away by Mr. Cage.

Matthew was just rightfully defending himself when the group of people attacked him. Therefore, he would certainly be spared, whereas Damian and the others were in big trouble.

After everything was done, Matthew settled in the Emergency Department. Jeffrey wasn’t brought away by the police, and he was lucky enough to be let off the hook. However, he wasn’t satisfied with how things ended, so he hid in Ivan’s office and grumbled, “Matthew is just a cleaner. How can he be the Director of the Emergency Department? Does he have any clue in diagnosing and treating patients?”

Ivan replied, “Enough. Stop making a fuss. It’s actually a great thing that he’s transferred to the Emergency Department!”

“What do you mean?” Jeffrey was perplexed.

Ivan sneered. “The Emergency Department is most prone to accidents. If several cases of medical malpractice happen, can he afford to bear the responsibility? He’s just digging his own grave by working there when he isn’t equipped with medical skills.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 28

Matthew was sitting in the emergency room while many people were whispering.

“That’s so strange. Why would a significant figure like Mr. Harrison speak up for Matthew?”

“Hmph! That brat is nothing. I bet it’s the effort of his wife behind this. Don’t forget that she is the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff!”

“I’m impressed by his ability in living off a woman.”

“However, one doesn’t work in the Emergency Department by having close connections with an influential person. Only urgent cases are admitted here. If he’s unskilled, he might be in great trouble!”

“Who cares. He’s the Director anyway. He can take all the blame!”

“Haha. I can’t wait to see how he is going to settle it when medical malpractices happen.”

Matthew turned a deaf ear to the discussion that was going on outside. Instead, he leisurely sat and enjoyed his cup of tea. There were a few emergency patients this morning but all of them were only having common ailments.

At half past ten in the morning, an accident happened, where a blood-covered young man was rushed to the hospital. He was no common patient, for he was Young Master Wayne, son of Timothy Wayne, who was a famous entrepreneur of the city. Most importantly, he was severely injured and was at the verge of dying.

This incident was immediately reported to the Vice President, Ivan. The doctors evaluated the patient’s condition and concluded that it was peril, so they suggested transferring him to the municipal hospital. However, Ivan immediately stopped them and directly commanded his subordinates to send the patient to the emergency room instead, which was where Matthew was at the moment. If anything untoward happened to Young Master Wayne, Matthew would definitely be doomed. Although Joseph had a strong reputation, he was still inferior to Timothy.

“Trying to challenge me?” Ivan sneered. “Matthew, you’re not in the place for that!”

When Young Master Wayne was admitted to the emergency room, his situation had worsened. He was spurting mouthfuls of blood when the equipment that was connected to his body beeped. Everyone in the emergency room was shocked while a doctor asked in panic, “With such a critical condition, why is the patient sent to the emergency room instead of resuscitating him?”

Accompanying Young Master Wayne were a few young men, and one of them answered hastily, “Stop wasting time. I don’t care which department this is but you must rescue Young Master Wayne right now! If any mishap happens to him, I’ll kill all of you!”

The few doctors pale in fear but none of them dared to step forward.

“What are you waiting for? Rescue him now!” A young man rushed over and grabbed one of the nurses’ hair while shouting angrily, “Rescue him now. Otherwise, I’ll kill her!”

The nurse shivered in fear while looking at the doctors for help. The few doctors shivered even more vigorously while terror gnawed their throat. That dragged the nurse to a deeper despair.

Right at that moment, an icy voice rang, “Let her go!” Everyone turned, only to see Matthew standing by the door in a cold face.

The young man shouted angrily, “Why should I let her go? Let me tell you—”

Suddenly, Matthew took a few steps forward and dashed toward the young man. Then, he violently grabbed the young man’s wrist and flung it, which directly slammed him toward the floor. Finally saved, the nurse frantically hid behind Matthew in fear.

“How dare you hit me?” The young man flew into rage, but before he could continue erupting in anger, the few people at the side stopped him because Matthew had stood beside the hospital bed.

Matthew pressed on Young Master Wayne’s chest, seemingly examining him. A doctor mocked, “A layman is indeed a layman. How can he recklessly press on the patient under such a dire situation?”

“Who cares? He’s the one to blame if anything happens. We have nothing to do with that!”

“Totally. Don’t meddle in this incident. He’s Mr. Wayne’s son. If anything happens to him, our hospital can’t afford to bear the responsibility!”

The nurse that was saved just now looked worried while discreetly reminding Matthew, “Mr. Larson, his condition is critical. I-I’m afraid that it’s too dangerous. Why don’t we ask them to transfer him to the other hospital?”

“It’s just a small matter. There’s no need for transferring him.” Matthew smiled and suddenly patted Young Master Wayne’s chest.

Pfft! Young Master Wayne spurted a mouthful of blood.

“What are you doing?!” the few young men yelled.

Matthew ignored them and casually took out five silver needles. Then, he poked all of them into the chest area. At once, the equipment stopped beeping and Young Master Wayne was no longer vomiting blood. Even his breathing became smooth and steady.

“W-What happened?”

A doctor mustered his courage and walked over. Then, he exclaimed in astonishment, “Young Master Wayne has passed the critical period?!”

“What?” Everyone gasped in shock. Just a moment ago, he was desperately fighting for his life but at the next second, he has passed the critical period?

The young man asked anxiously, “So is Young Master Wayne fine now?”

“His broken ribs pierced his lung lobe, so he needs surgery.” Matthew continued, “Send him to the operation room and get a skilled surgeon to conduct the surgery.”

“T-That’s all?” The young man was stupefied. But earlier, they said that Young Master Wayne was dying!

Right before Matthew was able to reply, a group of people ran in hurriedly. Among them were Ivan and Jeffrey. The one running in the lead was a middle-aged noble woman. As soon as she reached there, she shouted, “How is my son?”

“Matthew, answer her!” Ivan yelled. “For the sake of your achievement, you forced us to send the patient to your department. Don’t tell me that you didn’t do anything!”

“What do you mean?” Rage boiled in the noble woman’s heart. Was he still competing for achievement in such a situation?

The doctors on the scene knew what had happened but none of them dared to speak. Obviously, Ivan was trying to get Matthew into trouble.

“The patient has passed the critical period,” Matthew said.

“Huh?” Ivan was stunned. According to the evaluation he obtained, Young Master Wayne was basically dead. Even if a highly skilled doctor like Joseph was here, there would be only less than 10% of a success rate to rescue Young Master Wayne. So how could he suddenly pass the critical period?

“Matthew, don’t speak recklessly!” Jeffrey shouted. “You’re just a cleaner that is transferred to the Emergency Department and you’re not professionally trained. This is the matter of the patient’s safety, so you mustn’t take it lightly!”

“What do you mean?” The noble woman’s face turned grave. “You allowed a cleaner to treat my son?”

Ivan quickly replied, “Mrs. Wayne, I’m truly sorry but there’s competition between each department of the hospital…”

“I don’t care about that. Let me tell you. If anything happens to my son, I won’t let all of you off the hook!” The noble woman shouted angrily. Then, she pointed at Matthew. “Especially you. If my boy is in danger, you’ll have to pay with your life!”

Matthew furrowed his eyebrows. “Your son is fine now—”

“Shut up. You know nothing as a petty cleaner!” The noble women continued to shout, “President Zimmerman, get him out of my sight. I don’t want to see him!”

Ivan was drowning in happiness because this was exactly what he was hoping for.

“But he’s Mr. Harrison’s…”

The noble woman said, “I don’t care who he is. If Mr. Harrison is unhappy with that, ask him to see me!”

Ivan could barely conceal his laughter when he glanced at Matthew. “Did you hear that, Matthew? You’re fired!”

At that moment, Jeffrey ran into the emergency room as well, who was shocked to see Young Master Wayne’s condition. He had indeed passed the critical period. If surgery was done now, the success rate would be extremely high. He immediately decided to conduct this surgery himself. In that case, the credit would all belong to him!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 29

When Jeffrey explained the situation to Ivan, Ivan was filled with delight. This time, not only could he chase Matthew away, but he could also share the contribution, killing two birds with one stone.

“Mrs. Wayne, don’t worry. My son is a specialist in this area. He has decided to conduct the surgery for Young Master Wayne!” Ivan said with a smile, “I guarantee with my life that Young Master Wayne will be fine.”

“Really?” Bliss swept through the noble woman. “President Zimmerman, I’ll count on you. As long as you save my son, I promise that from now on, I’ll donate at least 30 million to your hospital every year!”

Ivan almost burst out laughing. If he had received such a donation, his position in the hospital would definitely surpass the President in the future! Ivan then personally arranged and sent Young Master Wayne into the operating room, where Jeffrey would conduct the surgery personally. When the operation began, only did Jeffrey notice the silver needles on Young Master Wayne’s face.

“What are these?” Jeffrey exclaimed in doubt.

A doctor replied, “They’re the silver needles that Mr. Larson put in just now.”

As soon as he heard Matthew’s name, anger surged in Jeffrey’s heart. “What era is it now? Who is he trying to deceive, using this ancient method?” Jeffrey then pulled out all five of the silver needles.

Right at that moment, Young Master Wayne spurted a mouthful of blood and the equipment alarm went off again.

“Oh no! The patient is in a crisis. He needs to be rescued immediately!”

With just a glance, Jeffrey almost peed himself. Young Master Wayne had returned to his critical stage. If Jeffrey were to treat him now, the success rate would be even lower than 1%! Panic-stricken, Jeffrey ran out of the operating room. Upon being informed of the situation, Ivan’s hypertension was almost triggered.

Right at that moment, a few people walked into the room again and the lead was none other than Timothy. “How is my son?” Timothy yelled, leaving Ivan and Jeffrey shuddering in fear. Behind Timothy was a grey-haired elderly man.

“It’s Divine Doctor York!” someone gasped in astonishment. Divine Doctor York ranked second in Eastcliff whose medical skills were even higher than Joseph’s.

Letting out a long sigh of relief, Ivan hurriedly invited Divine Doctor York to the operating room.

Once Divine Doctor York saw the situation, he frowned. “How did this happen? Didn’t he pass the critical stage just now?”

“I-I don’t know either…” Jeffrey stuttered, “I-It happened suddenly after we brought the patient into the operating theater…”

“What did you do?” Divine Doctor York asked sternly.

Jeffrey replied, “I didn’t do anything!”

“Director Zimmerman, you pulled out the silver needles from the patient just now…” A doctor beside him interrupted.

“Silver needles?” Divine Doctor York instantly knitted his eyebrows. “What silver needles? Where did you pull it out from?”

The doctor described the location points to him. Upon hearing that, Divine Doctor York’s expression changed drastically and exclaimed, “Who put them in?!”

“It’s a cleaner in our hospital named Mr. Larson!” Ivan immediately added, “He almost killed Young Master Wayne, so we’ve fired him.”

“You idiot!” Divine Doctor York chided angrily. “What do you know? These are the five silver needles that hold on to his life. If you remove them, you’re killing him!”

“Huh?!” Everyone paled in shock while the noble woman started to panic. “Dr. York, p-please save my son…”

Divine Doctor York shook his head. “If the needles are still attached, he’ll be fine under any skilled doctor’s treatment. But now that the needles are gone, there’ll only be 1% of success rate even if I personally treat him.”

“W-What if we put the needles back in?” Jeffrey asked anxiously.

“Don’t touch it recklessly!” Divine Doctor York anxiously continued, “Do you think the needles can be simply inserted? The method of acupuncture, points, strength, depth and the order of the needles are particular. If you just randomly place them, it will only speed up his death!”

The noble woman cried in panic. “What should we do now?”

Divine Doctor York replied, “Find that cleaner. He must have a solution!”

“That cleaner?” The noble woman’s expression changed. She was the one who chased him away earlier but now they had to find him?

“What are you waiting for? Locate him now!” Timothy commanded anxiously.

Before Matthew could walk far from the hospital, Jeffrey had caught up to him and shouted, “Larson, stand right there! Mr. Wayne wants to meet you!”

Matthew didn’t even give him a glance and just continued his pace.

“I told you to stop walking. Didn’t you hear me?” Jeffrey yelled angrily, “Stop him!”

Behind Jeffrey were a few of Timothy’s bodyguards. They rushed forward like a ferocious beast and blocked Matthew’s way. The lead bodyguard shouted angrily, “You’re just an insignificant doctor from a poor hospital. It’s your great honor that Mr. Wayne extends his invitation. Shouldn’t you go back quickly and thank our Mr. Wayne?”

“Pfft…” Matthew chuckled mockingly. “You want me back? Sure. Ask your Mr. Wayne to personally invite me back!”

“What did you say?” the bodyguard shouted in fury. “Don’t you know who Mr. Wayne is? Who are you to ask him to invite you personally? Let me tell you. If you don’t head back there, I’ll break both of your weak legs and drag you along the way!” After that, the bodyguard pressed his hand on Matthew’s shoulder.

With a backhand, Matthew grabbed the bodyguard’s wrist and casually twisted it. As a crack was heard in everyone’s ears, the bodyguard’s wrist was immediately dislocated. “How dare you hit me!”

A few bodyguards at the side charged toward Matthew and besieged him. Within three minutes, they were all attacked and lay paralyzed on the floor, unable to stand up.

Upon seeing that, Jeffrey jumped in shock and quickly ran back to the hospital. “Mr. Wayne, bad news!” Jeffrey embellished the incident. “We politely invited Mr. Larson back but not only did he refuse to do so, he even injured all of your underlings. Most importantly, he arrogantly demands you to go to him personally and kneel down to beg him!”

“What?!” Mrs. Wayne was the first to curse, “He wants my husband to kneel at him? Who does he think he is, ordering such bold demands? Does he know that I can kill him anytime?”

Ivan was inwardly filled with delight. In that case, he could use the Wayne Family in his dealings with Matthew. “How outrageous this Mr. Larson is!” Ivan scolded. “He’s acting arrogantly and looks down on everyone just because he has the support from Mr. Harrison. This is ridiculous!”

Timothy sneered. “Mr. Harrison is nothing! In Eastcliff, there’s no one I respect other than Mr. Newman. Somebody, send him here right now!”

Divine Doctor York shook his head and sighed in disappointment. “It’s the duty of a medical practitioner to save the injured. Without good ethics, he’s not a good doctor even if he’s an expert in medicine.”

“Mr. Wayne, Mr. Larson is nowhere to be found!” Jeffrey said anxiously.

“What?” Timothy started to panic. “Then what about my son?”

“Er…” After pondering, Jeffrey suddenly said, “Although Mr. Larson has left, his wife and family are still here. I’ll be able to find them. As long as Dr. York can maintain Young Master Wayne’s life, I can bring Mr. Larson back!”

Divine Doctor York slowly nodded. “Even though I can’t cure him, I can still hold him on for a while. However, it can only last for at most a day!”

“One day is enough!” Jeffrey said gleefully, “Mr. Wayne, I’ll need your cooperation. With that, I’ll only be able to make Mr. Larson treat Young Master Wayne!”

Timothy nodded. “No problem!”

Jeffrey was overjoyed. With the support from Timothy, he could pressure Sasha. By that time, perhaps he could use that opportunity to get a kiss from her!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 30

In Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, Sasha, as the current Chairman of the company, was totally knocked out by work on her first day. This company belonged to the Cunninghams after all, so plenty of their family members held key positions in the corporation.

Although Sasha was promoted as the Chairman, her family members were openly resisting her commands and boycotting her. They even expressly guaranteed that they would drive Sasha off from her position within three days.

To make matters worse, Sasha couldn’t even enter the Chairman’s office. Now that her room was inaccessible, she had to work at a table at the corner. Because of that, her subordinates disrespected her even more. Besides, a few companies had canceled their collaboration with the company that morning.

Undoubtedly, the Cunningham Family was behind all these. Their objective was none other than to completely strip away Sasha’s power as the Chairman, hoping that it would force her to give up. However, Sasha was headstrong and stubborn. Despite suffering these setbacks, she still clenched her teeth and held on.

For the whole morning, Sasha was busy making calls to expand her client base. Meanwhile, the other staff of the company were sitting idly with crossed legs while banteringly looking at her. At noon, Matthew came to the company. As soon as he stepped in, he was showered by disdainful gazes.

“Isn’t he Miss Cunningham’s useless husband?”

“Why did he come here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He must have come to show off and swagger in front of us since his wife has become the Chairman.”

“Bah! Who does he think he is? He’s just a loser who lives off his wife. What’s there to flaunt?”

“It’s still uncertain how long Miss Cunningham will hold on to her position as the Chairman, so why is he so eager to show off? This is a common trait of the poor.”

When Matthew got upstairs, Sasha was still busy with her work. “What brings you here?” Sasha was perplexed.

With a smile, Matthew replied, “It’s noon. I came to invite you for lunch.”

“Do you still have the mood to eat?” Charlie walked over with a sneer. “Sasha, I received a few calls just now and another 17 companies have canceled our orders.”

“Really?” Lily mocked while laughing, “Oh no. Just by doing simple math, we can tell that all our company’s orders are gone!”

“Exactly!” Charlie sneered. “Just on your first day as the Chairman, our company has lost all the sales. Sasha, I’m truly impressed!”

Roaring with laughter, Lily and Charlie walked away while Sasha’s face turned grave. Soon, a few staff approached her.

“Chairman, we are tendering our resignation! Could you please settle our salary?”

“What?” Sasha’s expression changed as these were among the company’s most outstanding workers.

“Why would you suddenly want to resign?”

One of them replied, “The company isn’t receiving orders now, and everyone knows that it is going bankrupt soon. If we stay, we’re afraid that we might have to suffer the implications.”

“T-This is just temporary…” Anxiously, Sasha assured, “I’m trying to secure the other orders, so we will not go bankrupt!”

“Hmph! Those are just words of comfort. But will it be that easy to close a sale now?” A staff member uttered loudly, “Enough, Miss Cunningham. Stop saying nonsense. I must resign today and you shall settle my salary right now. Otherwise, I’ll press charges against you!”

“Exactly. Settle our salary now!”

“If you dare to overdue our pay, you shall expect to be imprisoned!”

Everyone was shouting at the same time. At that moment, more and more employees started to gather around and voiced out their intention to leave. Sasha’s face looked glum. If they all left, wouldn’t the company be empty?

At that moment, Matthew walked over. “Everyone, please calm down. Miss Cunningham just said that they will have new orders coming in soon. Why are you being so anxious about it?”

“Who do you think you are? You have no say in this place!”

“You’re just a live-in son-in-law of the Cunningham Family, a loser who lives off his wife. Who gives you the right to meddle in our company’s concerns?”

“Hmph! Doesn’t that make him the Chairman’s wife? How hilarious. He’s like a concubine meddling in state affairs!”

Charlie and Lily wouldn’t stop sneering. They were the ones to instigate these staff to gather here. With knitted eyebrows, Matthew announced loudly, “I won’t waste my time talking with all of you. If you decide to leave, we won’t stop you. If you decide to stay, I guarantee that the company will clinch orders of at least 300 million within three days. By that time, you won’t miss your bonuses either.”

After a moment of silence, someone instantly sneered. “That’s hilarious! As a live-in son-in-law, you’re not only skilled in living off your wife, but you’re also an expert in boasting!”


Everyone roared with laughter while Sasha looked anxious. “Matthew, what are you talking about?”

Matthew gestured at Sasha to calm down, while saying in a faint smile, “Alright. It’s up to all of you whether to stay or to leave.”

In the end, most of them decided to remain in the company while a small number of them opted to leave immediately, and they were shouting at Sasha to settle their wages. That gave Sasha a headache because there was not much money left in the company’s account. All the orders were canceled, so that required a huge amount of refund. If there were no new sales, the company would have no liquid assets, which would lead to bankruptcy!

Matthew said, “You could resign, but we’ll need to process your salary. Within five working days, it will be banked in to your account.”

After everything was settled, the crowd started to dismiss.

“Matthew, w-what were you doing just now?” Sasha complained in a low voice, “Don’t you know what the current situation of the company is?”

Laughing lightly, Matthew consoled, “Sasha, don’t worry. Within three days, I’ll surely clinch at least 300 million worth of orders.”

“How is that possible?” Sasha asked anxiously. “In the past, our orders didn’t even exceed 200 million altogether.”

Matthew replied with a smile, “That’s in the past.”

“It’s even harder now! Plus, why did you agree to their resignation earlier on?”

“Don’t worry. They’ll regret it!”

Sasha glanced at Matthew in doubt. Where did he get his confidence from?

Matthew walked to the corner and took out his phone to send a message to Stanley. ‘Announce it to the public that our company is launching a new medicine that can heal three types of cancer and we’ll be accepting bookings from nowon!’

After that, Matthew pretended as if nothing happened and took Sasha out for lunch. As soon as they walked out of the company, a black Audi drove near. “Sasha!” Jeffrey stuck his head out. “Hop in. I’m treating you to a meal!” He completely ignored Matthew.

Holding Sasha’s hand, Matthew rejected Jeffrey’s invitation with a smile and said, “I’m sorry, but Sasha will be having lunch with me this noon.”

Jeffrey knitted his eyebrows. When did Sasha start to treat Matthew so well? Rolling his eyes, he smiled and insisted, “It’s alright. The three of us will have lunch together then.”

“I’m afraid it’s going to be only the two of us, and it’s not convenient to bring you along,” declined Matthew.

“We can discuss your company’s order as well.” Jeffrey beamed before he queried, “Sasha, aren’t you curious as to why so many orders were suddenly canceled?”

Sasha’s expression changed while she asked anxiously, “Why was that?”

Jeffrey smiled smugly. “Hop in and I’ll explain it to you.”

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