The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 211-220

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 211

Matthew shook his head. “Sasha, don’t you know Mom and Dad’s character? If they are aware that the jade bracelet has been found, they’ll definitely aim at it and sell it again one day. This jade bracelet was given to you by Old Mrs. Graham and it has a profound meaning, so we must never sell it!”

Sasha nodded repeatedly. “You’re right. We must conceal this matter from them. This will serve as a lesson to them so that they won’t get into any trouble again!”

Once she got back the jade bracelet, Sasha could finally be at ease. She carefully kept it away, planning to bring it to the company tomorrow and store it in the company’s safe.

Suddenly, Sasha laughed. “So does it mean that you don’t have to bear the responsibility for this matter anymore? Then why did you request for Liam and Demi to move back home?

Demi has never been fond of you while Liam is never a kind person. If both of them were here, how could we live peacefully?”

Matthew chuckled. “If they came, only then we could move out. Aren’t you thinking of having your own place for a long time?

We could find an excuse to do so once they move in. Since Mom and Dad are still making me bear the consequence of this matter, they definitely won’t leave with us. With that, we’ll have our own space and spend some alone time together!”

Sasha’s eyes lit up in excitement while she gently punched Matthew. Then, she said gleefully, “Matthew, you’re wicked! If Liam finds out, he’ll surely die of anger.”

Matthew grabbed Sasha’s delicate hand and replied with a chuckle, “He’s always trying to victimize me. It’s now my turn to let him have a taste of his own medicine!”

Sasha nodded vigorously. “We shouldn’t be soft-hearted toward this kind of person! Matthew, actually, you don’t need to treat them so politely. You should have taught him a bitter lesson a long time ago. Otherwise, he’ll always scheme to bully you.”

Matthew sighed softly. “He’s Demi’s husband. If I had taught him a lesson, Demi would surely make a huge fuss! Besides, Mom and Dad have always favored him. If they made a scene, we would be at a disadvantage in the end. Therefore, there’s no point in doing that. After all, with a little forbearance, we’ll find calm and peace.”

Sasha sighed in helplessness because Matthew was absolutely right. Even she couldn’t deal with Liam. “Oh right, Matthew, why did Mr. Newman and Mr. Wayne suddenly show up tonight?”

Matthew replied with a smile, “Because I saved Mr. Newman’s daughter some time ago. Plus, I’ve told you before about saving Timothy’s son as well, which I did so by chance. That is why he’s extremely grateful toward me.”

Sasha was still confused. “Yes, you told me about Mr. Wayne. But what about Mr. Newman? Hasn’t he gotten even with you?”

Matthew laughed and continued, “Perhaps Mr. Newman feels that I’m a kind man, so he views me as his friend.”

Sasha still wasn’t fully convinced but she didn’t ask him further about it.

The next morning, Liam and Demi went home with piles of luggage. Liam was the most excited. This time, he could finally stay at home for a justified reason and to get closer to Sasha.

After having his breakfast, Matthew informed James and Helen that he would be visiting Old Mrs. Graham to tell her the truth.

Unctuously, James and Helen squeezed a few teardrops as if they sincerely cared for Matthew. Right after Matthew left, Sasha carried a luggage out.

“Sasha, where are you going?” Helen asked in surprise.

Sasha put on an icy face. “Matthew’s return is uncertain this time. It’s inconvenient for me to stay at home since there are so many people here. From now on, I’ll stay at the company!”

Liam was struck dumb. What was going on? You’re leaving right after I came? Then what’s the point of me coming here? Am I obligated then to take care of this old couple?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 212
Helen asked anxiously, “How are you going to stay at the company? How is it inconvenient for you to stay at home?”

Sasha rebutted angrily, “Matthew is not home. Plus, Liam and Demi are back. Do you think it’s appropriate for me to stay? Mom, if this news was spread out, aren’t you afraid that people would talk behind our backs?”

Helen was left speechless because Sasha was right. With two daughters staying under the same roof with Liam, it would indeed be disgraceful news.

They were hoping that Sasha could marry into a wealthy family in the future. If her reputation was tarnished, how would their dreams come true? At last, Sasha left with her luggage.

Liam cried tearlessly in regret because he couldn’t escape now even if he wanted to. After some time, while they were having their meal, James put down his bowl after he had finished eating. “Liam, wash the dishes and remember to prepare lunch earlier.

There’s only half a portion of the chicken left in the fridge, so go and buy some fish and prawn from the supermarket later on.

We’ll have lunch at 12 noon sharp, so please prepare it prior to that!” After that, James strode out the door with his hands crossed behind his back.

Helen commanded a second later, “Liam, wash the clothes that are in the bathroom. My coat must not be machine-washed, but hand-washed.

Plus, the three white shirts must not be exposed under the sun, so just hang them somewhere airy. Oh, and please take out the trash.”

The two elders went out, leaving Liam and Demi looking at each other. Only now did they understand that moving back to stay was a huge mistake. However, it was too late to regret it.

On the other side, Matthew didn’t go to Old Mrs. Graham’s house. Instead, he directly went to the hospital to work. Meanwhile, Sasha carried her luggage back to the company.

For the following days, she would be temporarily staying there. She had a huge bedroom behind her office. In the past, she would put up a night there if she worked until late at night.

According to Sasha’s plan, after she received the bonuses from the company that would be distributed two months later, she would buy a new house and move in with Matthew.

Her dream house was The Grand Pavilion. She was still considering if she should discuss with Tiger to rent one of his houses where she and Matthew could temporarily stay in. In the future when she had more money, she could buy her dream house and be absolutely content.

On the other hand, Matthew was planning to move to Lakeside Villa with Sasha a few days later, but only after helping Natalie to regain her consciousness once he found the last Thousand-Year Snow Lotus.

When he returned to the emergency room and sat down, a nurse came in with a stack of test reports. “Mr. Larson, this is the test report of the patients from the previous car accident. Please have a look.”

Matthew knew that the patients of the car accident were Leanna and her daughter. After a brief glance, he noticed a shocking problem.

The test report showed that Leanna’s blood type did not match with her daughter’s. If it was any other situation, Matthew wouldn’t feel so astounded. After all, a child’s blood type could either match with the mother or the father. However, Leanna’s blood condition was more complicated.

In her blood, there was a special substance called Sigma Blood Element, which had no record in modern medicine at all. However, this kind of blood element was described in the knowledge that Matthew inherited from the Holy Doctor, Christopher Larson.

Leanna was an unparalleled beauty who emits a rare scent from her body. Her skin was so fair that it almost seemed transparent, smooth and glossy.

Furthermore, she almost didn’t look like a human. Although Sasha’s skin was already flawless, hers was still slightly inferior compared to Leanna’s. That was due to the Sigma Blood Element.

This kind of blood element would only appear in the female’s blood. It could improve their skin condition and slow down the aging process. Most importantly, females who had the Sigma Blood Element would emit a special fragrance.

In the past, there was a concubine named Fragrant Concubine. She had Sigma Blood Element as well, so her body would emit a rare scent.

Children who were born by women with this element would unnecessarily inherit this property. However, the children’s blood type would surely be the same as the mother and that was indubitable. Therefore, there was a great problem when Leanna’s daughter had a different blood type with her.

After pondering for a while, Matthew decided to meet Leanna and tell her about that.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 213
Today at Creative Cloud Group, Leanna’s office, she wore a smart office attire with her hair tied back, revealing her perfect body.

She emitted a special scent which filled the air in the office. After what had happened last night, Leanna once again learned about Matthew’s power. In the past, she thought that Matthew’s backing was only the Cunningham Family and that he was just a common person. Only now did she realize that she was too ignorant.

When she met Matthew again, she couldn’t help but sigh with emotions. Although last night didn’t end well, she still received the commendation from the Ten Greatest Families.

The reason for her commendation was none other than the presence of Billy and Timothy at the party, which heightened the standard of the function. In the future, the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party that was organized by the Ten Greatest Families would attract even more prominent figures.

As for Isaac and the rest, they were brought back by their respective family masters in person. Needless to say, punishment was inevitable when they got home. Isaac and Zachary suffered the worst punishment; both of them were stripped off their identity as the heir.

Isaac was even expelled from the company. Now, the ex-president had lost all his position and privileges. His family immediately supported Isaac’s brother to take over the company.

Not only that, Isaac and Zachary’s social status dropped drastically. They were once the top-notch dandies in Eastcliff but now, they sank directly to the bottom.

Those that they looked down upon in the past even dared to boss them around now. They bitterly regretted it at this instant. Even in their wildest dreams, they had never thought that Matthew would have such great abilities. If they had known about it earlier, they wouldn’t have the nerve to mess with Matthew!

“Mr. Larson, you never cease to amaze me! I have never imagined that Master Newman and Mr. Wayne would appear at the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party for you.

This party can be said to have the highest standard since it has been founded!” Leanna laughed while saying.

Matthew replied, “President Sandel, I came to meet you to tell you something.”

Seeing that Matthew looked serious, Leanna sat upright as well. “Please go on, Mr. Larson.”

After hesitating for a while, Matthew asked discreetly, “President Sandel, have you ever tested your daughter’s blood type?”

Leanna’s expression changed subtly. “Why did you ask about this, Mr. Larson?”

Solemnly, Matthew replied, “Because I suspect that your daughter might not be your biological child!”

There was a huge change in Leanna’s expression while she stared at Matthew in great astonishment as if she had witnessed something unbelievable.

Seeing Leanna’s expression, Matthew couldn’t help but feel perplexed because she wasn’t surprised but bewildered. Could it be that Leanna knew about that too?

After a moment of silence, Leanna asked in a low voice, “Mr. Larson, h-how did you find out?”

“The hospital has both of your test reports from your injuries.”

“But that means that only both of our blood types are shown, not her father. How can you conclude that she is not my biological daughter?” asked Leanna.

Matthew glanced at her. “President Sandel, I came here just to remind you. If I offended you in any way, please ignore whatever I say. I will keep my mouth shut too.”

Leanna immediately said, “Mr. Larson, I-I’m not blaming you… A-Actually…” Leanna was obviously hesitating but at last, she clenched her teeth and went on, “Actually, you’re right. Gemma is not my daughter!”

Matthew couldn’t help but feel astonished because Leanna indeed had known about that! But what was going on?

Why was she willing to withstand loads of infamy and humiliation for a child who didn’t belong to her? What was she trying to get out of it?

After a sigh, Leanna related Gemma’s story in a low voice.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 214
So Gemma was actually the child of Leanna’s best friend. In her early years, the Sandels wanted Leanna to marry into a big family in Bainbridge to enhance the status and strength of the Sandel Family through her marital arrangement.

However, the other party was a prissy young master with a notorious reputation in Bainbridge, and Leanna could not bring herself to marry such a man. Upon hearing that Leanna was a beautiful woman, the young master came to Eastcliff immediately to look for her.

On that night, he ganged up with one of Leanna’s aunts and drugged her with the intention of taking her as his own. Leanna almost fell into the trap, but managed to make a call to her best friend at the most critical moment.

Her best friend rushed over to save her and accidentally stabbed the young master. The matter blew up and she had no other choice but to flee the city.

In order to break themselves away from this ordeal, the Sandels offered Leanna two choices—she could either marry that young master or sever her ties with the Sandles and be responsible for her own life and death! And this was the reason why she left the Sandel Family years ago.

While she was drifting around for a few years on her own, her best friend got married and had a child, Gemma.

But just a few years ago, the young master from Bainbridge still managed to locate her best friend and tortured her whole family to death, leaving Gemma barely alive as the sole survivor of the incident.

Leanna’s best friend left her a text message before passing out, asking her to take care of Gemma. She then found Gemma and made the burial arrangements for her best friend and the rest of her family.

In order to survive, Leanna had no other way but to return to Eastcliff and announce to everyone that Gemma was her child. That young master lost interest in her the moment he found out about the news.

Back then, Old Mr. Graham was still alive and the matter only came to rest after he helped her by pulling some strings. With his assistance, Leanna started Creative Cloud Group and built it up little by little.

Later, when the Sandels saw how Creative Cloud Group was getting stronger and stronger, they came to solicit Leanna and the situation ended up like how it was now.

After hearing all these, Matthew was shocked; he didn’t think that there were actually so many secrets hidden behind this incident.

Such a painful past lay behind Leanna’s glamorous front, but the Sandels—the first family of Eastcliff—was actually posing as people with high morals who were greedy for fame and gains!

“President Sandel, you don’t have to tell me any of this, actually. I’ll keep Gemma’s background a secret and won’t tell anyone about it!” Matthew assured.

Leanna said with a sigh, “Mr. Larson, you definitely have my trust, but I have another reason for telling you all these.”

“What is it?” Matthew asked.

“Mr. Larson, you’ve already met Gemma, so what do you think of her health?” she asked gently.

Matthew gave it a thought before answering, “Her congenital heart condition is not a serious disease. I can treat her!”

But Leanna shook her head instead. “Gemma’s condition is not that simple, Mr. Larson.”

“Really?” Matthew was startled. Did he not see it correctly?

“How about if I ask her to come over so that you could examine her more closely?” she suggested.

Matthew nodded and her secretary brought Gemma into the room after a while. Gemma had recovered quite a lot, but she still walked slowly and didn’t dare to exercise vigorously. Looking at her once again, Matthew’s brows suddenly knitted tightly together.

This child looked a little similar to Julian’s, but there was no life at all in her eyes. Her whole body was pale and she was exuding a strange scent.

It wasn’t perfume, but a special kind of Chinese herbal smell and it was very peculiar. It was then that Matthew suddenly realized that he had made a wrong diagnosis.

That night, he was mad and agitated by Jojo and the others. In addition to the darkened lighting, he couldn’t see clearly and didn’t pay special attention to Gemma’s condition. But when he looked at her again now, he saw that her condition was very serious!

Leanna held Gemma and played with her for a while before asking the secretary to take her out. “So what do you think, Mr. Larson?”

With furrowed brows, Matthew fixed his gaze on her and said, “President Sandel, this child is probably not alive!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 215

If it was anyone else who had heard that phrase, they would have been shocked beyond words. She was not alive? Could she be a dead person, then?

But when Leanna heard that, she was overjoyed instead of shocked. “Mr. Larson, y-you could really tell Gemma’s condition. Looks like you’re the only one who could save her, just as the old miracle doctor had told me!”

“What do you mean?” Matthew asked, surprised.

Suppressing her excitement, she asked him in a low voice, “What do you think of Gemma’s condition now, Mr. Larson?”

Matthew thought about it for a while before asking her instead, “Was Orleans the last hiding place of your friend?”

Again, he surprised her. “How did you know that?”

Matthew let out a small sigh and explained a shocking tale to her, “Gemma no longer has a heart and the only way to keep such a person alive in this world exists only in Orleans.

In Orleans, there is a Heart-linking Remedy, which places a mother worm into a person’s body in place of a heart, while another child worm is placed into the heart of another person. The child and mother worms are connected, and when the child worm beats, so will the mother worm.

This is the Heart-linking Remedy, where the beating mother worm residing in the person without a heart will now be used as a heart.

Although the results are not as good as a regular heart, it could still keep a person alive! However, this method is akin to killing one’s life to save another, because the person with the child worm has to take the burden of two persons’ heartbeat, and is destined to lie in bed forever, suffering more than just a person in comatose!”

Shocked, Leanna stared wide-eyed at him.

“What’s wrong? Was I mistaken?” he asked.

Taking a deep breath, she said in a shaky voice, “Mr. Larson, e-everything you said is true. That’s indeed the case with Gemma’s current condition.”

“So what happened?” Matthew pressed on with a frown.

Leanna’s eyes turned red as she related to him in a low voice, “Actually, I was hiding some details from you just now. My best friend didn’t pass away back then, but the young master tortured her to the brink of life with only one last breath left.

Right in front of her eyes, that young master stabbed into Gemma’s heart and then cut off my best friend’s wrists, leaving her there to watch as Gemma’s heartbeat slowly died down. Fortunately, an old miracle doctor happened to meet them by chance and saved them. My best friend begged for him to save her daughter and he used this Heart-linking Remedy to save Gemma. But the price was, she has to remain in comatose forever!”

Matthew couldn’t help but lament at how great her best friend was—able to bear all sorts of suffering for the sake of her daughter!

“Back then, the old miracle doctor had said, if there was anyone in this world who could tell that Gemma isn’t my daughter, he would most probably be the only person who could save her! Mr. Larson, c-could you please save Gemma and my best friend?

As long as you are able to, I-I’m willing to be a slave to repay you.” Before she finished speaking, she was starting to choke up. So many years had passed and she was already feeling hopeless. Unexpectedly, hope found its way to her again!

Sighing, Matthew said, “President Sandel, your best friend is a good mother indeed. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely help you, but it’s not that easy to save them. The hardest part about removing the Heart-linking Remedy is giving Gemma a heart.”

“C-Couldn’t this be done through a heart transplant?” she asked anxiously.

Matthew shook his head. “She can’t last long with a heart transplant. Moreover, she has been living on a mother worm, which has to be kept alive by feeding it with certain herbs.

The accumulated toxins over time from these herbs could harm her life. It’s not a problem while the mother worm is still there to counter the toxins, but once the mother worm is removed and the toxins are not controlled, it would be so lethal that it could poison a few adults!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 216
“S-So what can we do?” Leanna asked, puzzled.

Matthew replied, “The only way is to let Gemma regenerate another heart. While the heart grows, it will squeeze into the living space of the mother worm. In order to survive, the oppressed mother worm will consume the toxins to feed herself.

By the time the heart has taken its form, the toxins would have been consumed by the mother worm, and that’s when the mother worm can be removed. With that, Gemma will have a new heart and will be able to live like a regular person!”

Dumbstruck, Leanna stammered, “C-Can this be done? Can a person grow a heart again?”

Matthew shook his head. “Of course you can’t grow another heart, but you can plant one.”

“Plant one? What are you planting?”

“A heart!” he exclaimed. “It’s the same as planting the fields—sowing, germinating and then it grows fruits.”

This got her more confused than ever. “W-What do you mean by that?”

Chuckling, he explained, “It means planting a developing heart into her body, and the process while the heart grows gradually is called planting the heart.”

Still bewildered, she pressed on, “I-Isn’t this a heart transplant?”

“It’s not the same,” he said while shaking his head again. “A heart transplant involves a fully formed heart, but to plant one, you need an undeveloped heart.”

The look on her face changed suddenly. “S-So does it have to be a heart from a child?”

Matthew laughed and continued, “What are you thinking about? There are some evil doctors who would use this method, but such a harmful technique is detrimental to one’s merits. What I mean is, cultivating a heart from a maternal body.”

Only then could Leanna breathe a sigh of relief when she heard that. She really couldn’t bring herself to do it if the heart of another child was needed, as her conscience wouldn’t allow her to proceed with this method.

“So how does the maternal body cultivate a heart?” she asked.

“This is the most complicated part!” Matthew sighed. “First, you must find someone who is willing to cultivate the heart, and she must have a matching blood type with her.”

“I-I’ll think of a way,” Leanna said immediately.

He cast her a glance and went on, “You can do all that by spending some money. The truly difficult part in cultivating a heart in a maternal body is to get hold of a type of herb called the Clemantis Grass, which is rare and hard to find.”

In her anxiety, Leanna grabbed him and asked, “Mr. Larson, what’s the Clemantis Grass? W-Where can I find it?”

With a nod, Matthew assured her, “I’ll keep a lookout for this herb for you. In the meantime, I’ll give you some prescriptions for Gemma’s mother to help ease her suffering temporarily.”

Overjoyed, she exclaimed, “Really? T-Thank you so much, Mr. Larson!”

“President Sandel, I’ll definitely do what I promised you before, but c-can you please first release your grip?” he asked, slightly irritated.

It was then did Leanna realize that she had unknowingly gripped his hand from all her excitement, and her face blushed from the warmth she was feeling from his hand.

At the same time, she also felt an unusual emotion passing through her chest. She was once the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff with countless men chasing after her, like bees on flowers, looking at her as if they wanted to strip her naked.

After all these years, Matthew was the only man who looked at her with clear eyes full of sincerity and without anything unusual, so she couldn’t help but scrutinize the man in front of her now.

This good-looking man who looked a little ordinary had an inexplicable charm about him. For many years, Leanna’s heart, which had been still like the waters, suddenly skipped a little at this moment.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 217
Matthew wrote some prescriptions for Leanna and told her the way to boil the medicine. After keeping the prescriptions away carefully, she chuckled and said, “It’s such a waste of talent for a person with your medical skills to stay in that small hospital, Mr. Larson. Why don’t you come to the city hospital instead? That’s where you’ll be able to help more people.”

A faint smile spread across Matthew’s face as he shook his head. “Not at the moment. I don’t like to be in the limelight and there are some things which are sufficient if I’m the only one who knows about it.”

Leanna’s heart skipped a beat as she could tell that it was a hint at her. “I understand, Mr. Larson. Don’t worry, I won’t let any other people know about your excellent medical expertise!”

Matthew nodded with a smile. Right now, he was still not strong enough and didn’t want to expose himself, lest his enemies found their way to him.

And this was also the reason why he didn’t dare to reveal his true identity to James and Helen. He didn’t even know who was the enemy of his family and he might be targeted any minute if he had exposed himself!

Something seemed to cross Leanna’s mind and so she asked, “That’s right, Mr. Larson. Will you be participating in the Six Southern States Medical Conference in the next few days?”

Matthew was surprised. That same conference again? Previously, Stanley Carlson had mentioned to me, but he was a person in the medical field after all.

So, Matthew was not expecting Leanna to know about this as well. It seemed like the people in Eastshire really took this conference seriously. Shaking his head, he answered, “I have no plans of doing that for now.”

“But Mr. Larson, with your medical skills, it will be a huge loss to Eastshire if you don’t participate!” she said, taken aback. “Also, being in the medical industry, there’s no way that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals can avoid the Pharmaceutical Union of Eastshire. If you don’t take part in this, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would inevitably suffer some losses!”

Matthew frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Hadn’t the Pharmaceutical Union of Eastshire contacted you?” she asked curiously, and he shook his head.

Astonished, she said, “That’s strange. Back when Cunningham Pharmaceuticals was not widely known, the Union wouldn’t have cared for sure.

But they must have noticed you now since Cunningham Pharmaceutical has been in the limelight recently! I think it won’t be long before they come looking for you.”

“Why would they come looking for us?” he enquired, puzzled.

“The world is bustling and everyone gathers where there is profit. It’s no longer news that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals’ sales have spiked sharply recently.

The Pharmaceutical Union, who is responsible for the distribution of benefits among the pharmaceutical industry in Eastshire, would definitely ask for a share from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. It seems likely that they’ll ask you to fork out a part of your profit for the Union!”

“How could they do that?” he exclaimed with a frown. “Isn’t this robbery?”

Leanna placed her hand over her mouth to cover her chuckle. “You’re right. They are robbers! But they can do this because they have huge fists.

The one behind the Union is the Hughes—one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire—who controls up to 60% of the business in the medical field of Eastshire. If the Hughes wants to go against you, then you can forget all about surviving in the pharmaceutical industry in Eastshire!”

“The Hughes are such tyrants!” he growled.

“With such huge fists, anyone is a tyrant!” she replied softly. “The Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff used to be tyrants as well in the past, but they couldn’t even lift their heads and became docile under the pressure of Mr. Newman.

The Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire are much more prestigious than the ones in Eastcliff! You’ll know it when you meet them in the future! However, I suggest you should participate in the conference this time, Mr. Larson, because a lot of rare and precious herbs will be available at the conference every year.

I’m going to take a look as well, and maybe I could find some Clemantis Grass there!”

Matthew’s eyes lit up. If that was the case, then he must make a trip himself, since he still needed to find the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 218
By the time Matthew left Creative Cloud Group, it was close to noon and he went straight to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Sasha was now staying in the company and wouldn’t go home for her meals either. So, Matthew planned to pay her a visit and spend some alone time with her.

Just as he reached the company doors, a few men in suits and leather shoes followed behind him. The person leading the group was a medium built, middle-aged man wearing gold-rimmed glasses.

He looked refined and cultured, but an inexplicable evil was lurking deep within his eyes as his gaze swept over the female employees of the company. He displayed the typical traits of a wolf in sheep’s skin.

“President Larson, you’re here!” Sasha’s secretary greeted Matthew.

Even though the Cunninghams looked down on him, the employees were very respectful toward him, because he was the reason that they all received at least thirty percent raise in their salaries.

Furthermore, he made the Wellness Herbary profitable and that brought in a huge gain to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, increasing their income even further.

Matthew acknowledged her with a nod and asked curiously, “Who are these people?”

“Oh, they’re from the Pharmaceutical Union looking for President Cunningham to discuss something,” she answered.

Matthew knitted his brows. Speaking of the devil! Right after Leanna had told him about the Pharmaceutical Union, these people were already here.

The man with gold-rimmed glasses cast his eyes at Matthew with a haughty look on his face, as though he was above everyone else.

The secretary led the men into Sasha’s office and announced, “President Cunningham, Mr. Hughes and his team are here!” Then, she left the room.

Sasha stood up hurriedly. “How are you, Mr. Hughes? Welcome!”

The man with gold-rimmed glasses was Samuel Hughes, whose eyes twinkled with joy instantly when he saw Sasha. “President Cunningham, I’ve heard about you for such a long time. It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Even from a distance, Samuel already extended his hand and wanted to grab Sasha’s. Flinching slightly, Sasha could see the greedy look in his eyes and it made her uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Matthew stepped in and blocked her from view and grabbed Samuel’s hand instead. “Mr. Hughes, how are you? Please take a seat, everyone!”

Samuel was taken aback and frowned. “President Cunningham, what’s the meaning of this? I’m here to discuss something with you, so could you please send unrelated employees out of the room?

Unless of course, you think that the Pharmaceutical Union of Eastshire isn’t worth your respect.”

With a laugh, Sasha explained hurriedly, “You must be kidding, Mr. Hughes. This is Mr. Larson, my husband, and we make the decisions together in the company. You can discuss anything with the both of us!”

The look on Samuel’s face changed a little and he threw a look of jealousy at Matthew before retreating with gritted teeth.

“Ahh, I see. We’ve received the application from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to join the Union previously. After the screening done by our organizing committee, we’re happy to announce that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is one of the pharmacies who will be joining the Union!

Congratulations, President Cunningham! It is the dream of everyone in Eastshire belonging in the same industry to join!” he declared smugly.

Sasha was delighted. Eric Cunningham had made the application many times before but it never passed the screening, and she didn’t think that they would be successful just a little while after she made it as President of the company.

This was a piece of good news. However, before she could say anything, Matthew asked, “Mr. Hughes, what do we need to do to join the Union?”

Clearly unhappy, Samuel threw a look of disdain at him while he replied, “You only need to fill out the form and submit the relevant documents.”

Then, he paused and grinned out of the blue. “Oh, that’s right. President Cunningham, you may need to make a trip to the provincial capital personally to complete some necessary procedures!”

From the look on his face, Matthew could tell that he was cooking up tales. There was no need for Sasha to go to the provincial capital at all; he merely wanted to trick her there so that he could find an opportunity to make a move at her.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 219
Dizzy with delight, Sasha couldn’t even tell the ulterior motives behind Samuel’s words. “No problem. All these are not a problem at all! I’ll get everything done as soon as possible and send it over to the Union!” she chirped happily.

Samuel instantly broke into a smile. “That’s great, President Cunningham. You can contact me once you’re at the provincial capital. I’ll help you get everything done!”

Sasha bobbed her head eagerly. “Thank you, Mr. Hughes.”

“Don’t mention it. This is my duty! President Cunningham, don’t forget to contact me once you’re there!” he replied with a chortle.

In a gruff voice, Matthew said, “Don’t rush matters, Mr. Hughes. You still haven’t made it clear about joining the Union. Do we have to contribute anything upon participation?”

“What do you mean?” Samuel asked with a frown.

Even Sasha tugged Matthew at his sleeve, implying that the question was impolite.

“I was just asking for a rough idea! Is there anything you can’t mention now, Mr. Hughes?” Matthew questioned with a smile.

“Do you have any doubts about our Union?” Samuel queried in a low growl. “You could choose not to join the Union if you don’t want to, and we definitely wouldn’t object to it!”

This made Sasha anxious; how could they pull out now when they went to such great lengths to join the Union? But Matthew simply answered, “Alright, then. We’re not joining! I’m sorry that your trip here was wasted, Mr. Hughes!”

Samuel was dumbfounded. Every other pharmaceutical company would be overjoyed to hear that they could take part in the Union. The things he said earlier was just to taunt Matthew, and he wasn’t expecting him to turn down his offer for real.

If Cunningham Pharmaceuticals really wasn’t joining the Union, he wouldn’t be able to explain it either when he returned!

Looking ardently anxious, Sasha uttered, “Matthew, y-you shouldn’t spout nonsense.”

Seeing how worried Sasha was, a surge of confidence welled up in Samuel instantly. “You’re not joining the Union? Fine, I’ll give you a chance.

Let’s go back, everyone, and we’ll report that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals isn’t interested and won’t be joining the Union forever!” With that, he turned around and left.

Sasha wanted to stop them from leaving, but Matthew held her back. “Trust me and leave them alone!” he said in a hushed voice.

Although startled, she didn’t chase after them in the end because she trusted him. When Samuel and his team reached the door and saw that no one chased after them, he immediately sank into panic.

The Union was here to get a share of that three billion deal which Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had made. If he messed it up, he definitely wouldn’t be able to explain it when he returned! He sauntered a little more, but still no one came after them. Left without any other choice, they turned back into the office.

The moment he stepped through the door, he instantly said, “Forget it. I’m not stooping myself to the level of the younger generation.

President Cunningham, in the business world, there’s no need for us to spoil the bigger plans because of an act of impulse. I’ll give you another chance and you can fill up the forms now. You don’t even need to make a trip to the provincial capital and I’ll get everything done for you. How about that?”

Becoming a little wary, Sasha wondered why they seemed so eager for them to join the Union and thought that it seemed very fishy.

“Mr. Hughes, my question remains the same. What do we have to offer in order to join the Union?”

In a deep and low voice, Samuel explained, “By joining the Union, you’ll have access to all the resources of the Eastshire medical industry, and the Union can help Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to grow stronger.

When everyone stays in a group, they can assist each other and cooperate. This is the dream of all pharmaceutical companies in Eastshire!”

With a chuckle, Matthew repeated, “Mr. Hughes, are you not understanding my question? I wasn’t asking about what we’ll benefit from it. I was asking, what do we have to offer?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 220
“Why do you keep asking this? Did anyone ask you to fork out a sum?” Samuel retorted fretfully.

“Is it not true then?” Matthew chuckled. “So do you mean that we don’t have to contribute anything at all after joining?”

“How is that possible?” asked Samuel with a trace of anger in his voice. “In order to enjoy the benefits, you’ll have to contribute something. If everyone doesn’t contribute and only enjoys the benefits, how could the Union continue to operate?”

“So what I want to know is, what do we have to contribute?” Matthew repeated.

Furious, Samuel questioned him, “W-What do you mean by this?”

“We just want to get a clear picture. Isn’t that a legit question?” Matthew continued, “How could we simply join when you’re not telling us what we have to contribute?

It’s as if you went shopping and someone told you how awesome a product was, without telling you the price. Would you buy it, then?”

Blood rushed to Samuel’s face as he finally began to take Matthew seriously; the young man in front of him was not an easy fool at all!

Taking a deep breath, he replied, “You’ll definitely have to contribute something after joining the Union. Everyone must share a portion of their sales. In other words, you’ll get to enjoy the profits of others!”

Sasha’s face fell when she finally understood Matthew’s concern.

Sharing of profits? Cunningham Pharmaceuticals just clinched a three billion deal. How much would they get back if they had to share this profit? Putting it bluntly, wasn’t this just sharing the profits of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals?

“So how much do we have to fork out?” Matthew asked.

“According to our usual regulations, the new member would have to submit fifty percent of their profits, but as a special treatment for Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, you’ll just need to submit forty percent!”

Sasha was close to lashing out at him when he finished. For Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to submit forty percent of their three billion sales, that would be 120 million.

In other words, even before they could enjoy any benefits from joining the Union, they would have to first fork out 120 million for others.

It would be fine if it happened to the old Cunningham Pharmaceuticals when their sales were low; forty percent would be a mere ten to twenty million and then it would even out when they received some benefits from the Union. However, if they had contributed 120 million now, she estimated that they would be making a loss of 1.1 billion!

It made sense now why Matthew kept stopping her; he must have known about this beforehand. “I’m sorry, Mr. Hughes,” she said immediately. “Cunningham Pharmaceuticals won’t be joining the Eastshire Pharmaceutical Union for now!”

Samuel’s face turned stone cold. “President Cunningham, you have submitted the application and we’ve approved it.

In order to allow you to join, we even screened out others who were qualified. But now, you’re saying that you want to back out. Are you taking us as fools?”

“The application was submitted last year,” Sasha began, clearly annoyed. “You didn’t approve it when our sales were merely tens of millions last year.

Yet, you came right away after we just signed a three billion deal. Mr. Hughes, tell me if you don’t know who’s taking the other for a fool now.”

Embarrassment crept over his face as she had hit a nail on the head. They only eyed the business from Eastshire after seeing that the pharmaceutical industry was profitable, and it was only recently that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had caught their attention.

So they dug out their application from last year, slapped an approval stamp on it and came straight here. Simply put, they dashed here for interests and there was no screening done at all. Still, how could they bow down to others when they were used to being arrogant?

“Sasha Cunningham, what you just said is an insult to the Union! Hmph, how dare you insult the Pharmaceutical Union of Eastshire when you’re in the same industry!

That just means that you’re the enemy of the whole pharmaceutical industry of Eastshire! Mark my words, if you’re not joining the Union but are still able to continue your operations, it means that I, Samuel Hughes, is incapable!”

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