The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 221-230

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 221
After leaving his intimidating words behind, the people from the Union left in a huff. Sasha wanted to stop them, but Matthew held her back again, saying, “Just let them go.”

“Matthew, this is the Pharmaceutical Union we’re talking about!” she cried out with a worried look. “Many pharmaceutical companies in Eastshire are their members and it would be very troublesome if they publicly oppose us! Even if we’re not joining the Union, we could at least speak respectfully with them instead of offending them.”

Shaking his head, he told her, “It’s useless. Obviously, the Union is here to grab a share of our profits. If you have pleaded with them, they would think that we’re weak and pushovers and would be even more audacious!”

“T-Then what could we do?” she asked anxiously.

With a small chuckle, he assured her, “Don’t worry, I’ll think of a way. Just finish the job you have to do for now.”

As she fixed her gaze on him, she felt a sense of assurance inside. Although she didn’t know what plans he would come up with, her trust for him was absolute.

“By the way, how’s the construction of the new factory?” he asked. The original factory which they had was no longer able to supply the demand after they signed such a huge deal.

So, they had bought a piece of land and planned to build a new factory there to expand their business.

Sasha beamed at him and said, “Everything’s going smoothly and the construction has started. In less than six months, the factory will be completed and start its operations!”

Nodding his head, Matthew contemplated transferring Tiger to the new factory to watch over the progress of the construction. After all, this was a huge project and it was inevitable that some thugs might create accidents on purpose to get some compensation.

With someone to manage the scene there, they wouldn’t have to worry about other trivial matters. However, he didn’t dare to let Tiger go there directly. If Helen and James knew about this, they would assume that he was trying to make money from the construction by sending his friend over, and they would definitely make a huge fuss again.

Meanwhile, after the men from the Union left Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, they went straight to look for a few pharmaceutical companies in Eastcliff, who were all members of the Union.

The owners of the pharmaceutical companies kept their heads low and bowed respectfully when they saw Samuel.

When Samuel told them roughly that he wanted to go against Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, they became very excited. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had been in the limelight lately and they all knew about their three billion deal, wondering how they could get a share of that profit.

But since they were not strong enough, it only remained as a thought. Now that the people from the Union were here, they might be able to get some benefits even by just being on the sidelines, while the Union was the frontline.

In a small voice, one of the owners said, “Mr. Hughes, he who has wealth speaks louder than others, and that is true for Cunningham Pharmaceuticals now. I’m afraid you can’t tackle them with regular methods.

Why don’t you just make a move from the Union and order for the removal of products from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals from all pharmacies in Eastshire? That way, you could cut off their sales from its roots and put that Cunningham woman in her place!”

“That’s some futile remark!” Samuel exclaimed with a frown. “Don’t you think I know about this? The Union sent me here to handle the business with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if I return empty-handed and ask for help from the Union?

Since I’m already here personally, I’ll take care of that b*tch myself. The few of you know Eastcliff the best, so let’s think of a good way to deal with them.”

The owners looked at each other and sank into deep thought for a while until one of them suggested solemnly, “Perhaps we could make a move on their new factory which is under construction!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 222

Surprised, Samuel asked, “What new factory are you speaking about?”

“It’s the new factory the Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is building,” the other answered. “Mr. Hughes, you’re a prominent man from the Hughes Family in the provincial capital. You could appear personally to a few other important figures in Eastshire, so that they could stop the works at the new construction site.

Not only would this drag their progress and cost them a lot of money, they also wouldn’t be able to produce the orders which they signed, and have to pay liquidated damages in return. Before long, that would definitely put that Cunningham woman in her place!”

Samuel’s eyes twinkled. “That’s not a bad idea. Let’s give it a shot. Alright, that’s what we’ll do. The few of you should start arranging this for me by finding out more information. Don’t worry about anything and just go all out. I’ll back you up no matter what happens!”

The other pharmaceutical owners were delighted when they heard this. What could hold them back now that they have the backing from the Hughes Family?

In the afternoon, while Sasha was having lunch with Matthew, her secretary dashed in with a worried look on her face. “President Cunningham, this is bad. There’s trouble at the construction site!”

Matthew frowned. Just after Samuel Hughes had left, trouble cooked up at the construction site. The first thought that popped into Matthew’s mind was that the culprit was the Hughes. With a tensed expression, Sasha asked, “What happened?”

“A few people came and claimed that our new factory is affecting the Feng Shui of their house and started a scene there.

Maybe it’s due to the hot weather, so everyone got easily irritated and started a fist fight after exchanging a few words. One person from the other party is wounded and is at the hospital now.”

Sasha was immediately panic-stricken. Having only been in sales before, she had never run into such a situation and didn’t know that so many troublesome situations would occur at the construction site of a factory. “S-So what is the situation now?” she asked anxiously.

“A group of people have surrounded the site to stop us from continuing with the works, and they even removed quite a few of our construction machines! They also dragged the manager who is in charge of the site to the hospital, claiming that he should pay with his life!”

The stress in Sasha’s voice was clear as she asked, “It’s just one person who’s injured, isn’t it? H-How did it turn into such a huge mess now?”

Her secretary hesitated for a moment before answering, “President Cunningham, I heard that this group of people are the local thugs in that area, and they’re most probably just feigning some injuries deliberately to make a fraudulent claim. How about this, I’ll take a look at the site first and report to you in more detail when I get back?”

Sasha nodded in approval and her secretary left. Looking at her, Matthew asked in a soft voice, “Sasha, why don’t I take a look myself?”

Shaking her head, she said, “Don’t go there. It’s a mess right now and the situation might become worse if you went. Furthermore, those are some rogues. What happens if they hurt you?”

Matthew laughed. “Hurt me? I don’t think it’s that easy!”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Whatever it is, you shouldn’t take the risk! Go back to work for now and I’ll take care of this issue!”

A grin spread across his face when he saw how concerned she was for him. After he said his goodbyes, he went straight to look for Tiger instead of going to the hospital. If the other party wanted to resort to underhand methods, then he would like to see if they had the capacity!

More than an hour had passed before the secretary rushed back and reported to Sasha that the situation at the construction site was more complicated than she had thought.

Those people who had occupied the site and stopped them from continuing with the works were a group of rogues who all disappeared when the police were called in. But once the police left, they would return and prevent the works again, and the construction was now basically in a state of suspension.

Sasha was in deep distress as they had invested a huge amount into that construction. If the works couldn’t be completed according to plan, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would suffer huge losses. In addition, the most important point of the new factory was to meet the demand of the three-billion order.

If it couldn’t be completed as scheduled, it seemed like the three-billion order couldn’t be delivered as scheduled, either. If that happened, just the liquidated damages alone could topple the whole Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, but there was no solution at the construction site now.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 223
While she was worried sick, she received a call from Helen. “Sasha, how are things going with the jade bracelet? What did the Grahams say? Matthew had admitted to it, so now it has nothing to do with us anymore, right?”

Sasha was almost driven to tears with frustration. How could her parents be so selfish? All they were concerned about was if they would be implicated without even asking about Matthew? “I don’t know!” she cried through gritted teeth.

Fretful, Helen stressed, “How could you not know? Didn’t you ask Matthew? Otherwise, you could ask Old Mrs. Graham about it. Why are you not concerned at all, my child?”

“Mom, could you please concern yourself with something more important?” she hollered in frustration. “It’s hard to tell if Cunningham Pharmaceuticals can even survive for now, so could you please stop adding on to my troubles?”

“What happened?” Helen asked in a fret. “D-Does the Grahams want to go against us because Matthew couldn’t solve the situation? Goodness, how did it end up like this? W-What should we do? Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is our family’s hard work. H-How are we supposed to live from now on if it’s gone?”

“That’s enough! Stop spouting nonsense!” Sasha was hopping mad. “Did I mention that it had anything to do with Matthew? This is our own family’s problem!”

Taken aback, Helen asked, “What could be the problem with our family?”

In a huff, Sasha told her what happened at the construction site and Helen was dumbstruck at the end of it. She had worked in the company for a while, after all, so she knew the importance of the new factory clearly. “S-So, is there any way to solve this situation?” Helen asked in distraught.

In an unpleasant tone, Sasha snapped, “I have no idea! That’s it. I’m busy right now so I’m hanging up.”

Casting a stressful gaze at James next to her after she hung up the call, Helen whimpered in a choked up voice, “You heard what happened over the phone earlier.

What do you think we should do? It wasn’t easy for us to get to this point and if anything happens at the new factory, w-would we be done away with, having to pay for liquidated damages? Why is it so difficult to run a business?”

On the other hand, James appeared rather calm. “Such situations are normal. Back when we were building the old factory, there were also people trying to stop us! Putting it bluntly, these people merely want some work to earn a living.

Just give them some small projects and they would stop! More importantly, we have to get someone who knows how to handle such situations to deal with it properly.”

Just then, Demi happened to come out of her bedroom and suggested, “Just let Liam handle this! He used to work in construction and had seen many of such situations before when he went around with his boss, even frequently helping his boss out to handle such things. It’s very simple!”

James’ eyes lit up. “That’s a good idea. Give him a call quickly and tell him to rush home after doing the groceries to take care of this situation.”

Demi promptly gave Liam a call and before long, he was back with bags of groceries. For the whole day, he had been busy with laundry and cooking, which made him all so miserable.

Finally now, the chance he had been waiting for had arrived. So after placing down the bags, he immediately went ahead and occupied himself with this matter.

Until late afternoon, Sasha made no progress with the situation although she had been trying to solve it this whole time. Out of her wits, she made a call to Matthew.

When Matthew rushed to the office, he ran into James, Helen and Demi at the door, who also rushed there. With a haughty look, Demi merely cast him a look from the corner of her eyes while Helen knitted her brows and questioned him, “Matthew, what are you doing here? Aren’t you at the Grahams? What’s the situation there now and what did the Grahams say?”

Caught speechless momentarily, he thought, Look at your expression. Are you so dissatisfied that I didn’t end up in jail?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 224
“Old Mrs. Graham wasn’t home today, so I haven’t gone there yet,” Matthew said, simply fabricating an excuse.

Even though they seemed unhappy about it, there was nothing else they could say. The moment they stepped into the building, Helen straight away started, “Sasha, you’ll really have to thank your brother-in-law this time!”

Sasha knitted her brows, puzzled. “Thank him for what?”

“He has settled the situation at the site of the new factory for you,” she replied with a grin. “The one leading the group there is called Jacob Lawrence, an old friend of Liam’s and they’re on good terms.

With just one word from Liam, the situation was settled and he’s attending to him now! He said that these all would come to a rest if we buy him dinner tomorrow night!”

Matthew was surprised that Liam could settle the situation. According to his sources, it was indeed the Hughes who was the one behind it, causing all the trouble. So how did Liam settle it?

“Really?” Sasha exclaimed, startled.

With a smug look on her face, Demi replied, “Of course! With such a small issue, it was an easy catch with my husband at the scene! Do you think he is a wimp like Matthew?”

Sasha couldn’t help but feel startled at how blatant Demi was at mocking Matthew. “Demi, mind your words! What’s wrong with Matthew?

He was also very worried about the family and already sent Tiger to find out about the situation. It’s just that he didn’t manage to handle it in time!”

Snorting, Demi scoffed, “Tiger? Hmph, Matthew, did you get your head foolishly nipped by the doors? Why are you sending Tiger? Don’t you know who the other party is? They’re a group of local thugs who gets into fights and commits all sorts of crimes on a daily basis.

Tiger looks big and thick, but you can’t settle this kind of situation with looks alone. Could he be compared with Liam? Did you say you wanted to let Tiger handle the situation? I think he’s just making an embarrassment out of himself!”

James and Helen also had disdainful looks on their faces. The way they looked at it, Tiger was just Julian’s friend without any capabilities and was only relying on the herbary to make a living.

“Demi, you better watch your tongue!” Matthew warned with a frown. “If Tiger had heard what you just said, he wouldn’t show you any mercy!”

“So what if he heard me?” she snorted. “Even if he’s standing right in front of me, I would still say it the way I did. Do you think that I’m afraid of him when you say he won’t show me any mercy? Hmph, he has to get past my husband first!”

Matthew couldn’t be bothered with her; Demi was just saying things recklessly and had no idea what she was doing at all.

“That’s enough, Demi. Say no more,” Helen persuaded, still with a smile on her face. “Sasha, thankfully Liam was there to handle the situation this time. How about this?

I’ll look for a restaurant and arrange for dinner tomorrow night to buy them a meal. Liam has made a great contribution by resolving this issue! Why don’t you put him in charge of the construction site after this?”

Simultaneously, Sasha and Matthew knitted their brows together in concern. They both knew Liam’s character quite well; he was a greedy person who would try to scrape off as much money as he could once he was given the power.

“Mom, we’ll talk about this later. Let’s settle the issue with the new factory and let the construction resume at the site,” Sasha replied.

This made Demi very unhappy as she scorned, “Why are you putting this off to later? We’re a family and you can answer directly.

Are you going to let Liam be in charge of the construction site or not? Just tell me straight away if you’re unwilling, and don’t put up a false pretense here!”

Sasha was in an extremely awkward position now. She couldn’t offend them now that Liam had helped to resolve the situation. However, if she were to send Liam to the site, the losses might be even higher than expected.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 225
There was a momentary silence as Sasha considered the situation before saying in a soft voice, “Don’t be so anxious, Demi.

Tiger is also over there and he must be trying to sort out the situation now. Why don’t we take care of the company’s situation first before we speak about anything else, alright?”

Demi burst out in anger. “It’s that Tiger again! Why are you so slow-witted, Sasha? Why are you allowing him to stay there when my husband is almost done dealing with the situation? Tell Tiger to leave quickly so he doesn’t ruin all the plans!”

“Tiger has many friends, so he could be of help, “Matthew said gently.

“What else could he help out with?” she snapped furiously. “Why is Tiger needed now that my husband is there personally? You don’t trust him, do you? Forget it if you don’t. How about I tell him to come back and just leave the matter alone?”

James and Helen were immediately struck with distress and they urged fretfully, “Sasha, the situation is almost resolved by Liam, and it’s inappropriate for you to send another person over there now. The other party might think that we are incapable and need someone else’s help.

Or worse, they might even demand for a bigger amount of settlement. Moreover, what’s the meaning of this when you’re asking for someone else’s help while your brother-in-law is tackling the situation?”

“Dad, in fact, Tiger is more suitable to handle this situation,” Sasha argued.

This immediately set Demi off again and she sneered, “That’s interesting what you just said, Sasha. So you think that my husband is incapable and can’t handle this situation, don’t you?

Fine, I’ll give him a call now and get him to come back instantly instead of wasting all his efforts there!” Whisking out her cellphone, she wanted to make a call when her startled parents hurriedly stopped her.

“Don’t act rashly, Demi! Sasha, look what you’ve done! Don’t send Liam over if you don’t trust him. Why doubt him now after you’ve asked him to handle the situation? What sort of President are you?” James chided in a deep voice.

Sasha was stunned speechless. I’ve never asked him to handle it! Aren’t you the ones who sent him over? Furthermore, what’s the problem if I just wanted another person there to find out about the situation?

In the end, she couldn’t dissuade them and neither did she dare ask for Tiger’s help, but that didn’t bother her too much. It didn’t matter to her who she was asking help from, as long as the matter could be resolved.

As for sending Liam over to the new site, that was something she would definitely not agree with. However, she was thinking about giving him a huge compensation later, just so that Demi wouldn’t keep bringing up this issue.

When they stepped out of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, Demi chastised, “Damn it! Who does Matthew think he is? He just can’t stand to see my husband do well! Liam has finally settled the issue and yet, he kept trying to bring Tiger into the situation.

Without a doubt, he’ll be asking for credit when the issue is resolved, and maybe even put Tiger in charge of the new site later! Simply put, this beast is still coveting after our family’s properties even at this time!”

“Alright now, Demi, don’t be angry over it anymore,” James comforted her. “Don’t worry. Your mom and I will speak up for the both of you!

Liam would have made a huge contribution to the company as long as he could settle the situation. Nobody can take away what you both deserve!”

After hearing James’ words, Demi sneered, “That’s right, just let him flaunt around a little and see how much longer he can skip around. It’s simply an insult to my character if I stoop down to the level of someone who is about to go to jail!

He’s here to be our scapegoat anyway, so what’s the problem of saving him some dignity? Even if we’re keeping a dog to look after the house, we should feed it a little as well, shouldn’t we?” Then, she laughed loudly while walking away.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 226

James promptly started preparing for the dinner arrangements for the next evening after he returned home. He made a reservation for a VIP room at a very high-end hotel in the city, and bought all sorts of cigarettes and alcohol, bustling around the whole day.

The next evening, Matthew went to pick up Sasha right after work. Tonight was the night that they would be buying dinner for Jacob and his gang.

James didn’t want Matthew to show up initially, but Sasha was worried that something unexpected might happen, so she insisted Matthew to come along. When they reached the hotel, they could hear a bout of commotion coming from the inside even before they entered the VIP room.

“Mr. Cunningham, with Liam around, that makes all of us good friends here. I’m not bluffing when I tell you that my words definitely carry some weight in my turf!

Only the ones whom I approved are allowed to go ahead with their works. Without my permission, that construction site has to stay still as it is!”

Pushing the door in, Matthew and Sasha stepped straight into a smoke-filled room. Around seven or eight men with tobacco breath sat around a huge round table. They all had a buzzcut and wore thick, gold chains around their necks, while showing off their tattoos on their shirtless bodies.

On their arrogant faces, the only thing missing was the word ‘nasty’ inscribed on their foreheads. Sitting amongst them was Liam, who was behaving in the same manner, smoking and hooking shoulders with them as if they were well-acquainted with each other.

In the middle there sat James and Helen, passing cigarettes around with a pleasing smile on their faces. The one speaking with them was Jacob, who appeared to be the leader of the gang, seated in the main seat with a conceited look.

Everyone in the room was stunned and couldn’t hide the surprise in their eyes when Matthew and Sasha walked in. Liam instantly sprang up from his seat and walked over to Sasha with his hand extended. Smiling, he introduced, “Jacob and everyone, let me introduce you.

This is my sister-in-law whom I mentioned to you earlier, the president of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, who was also once the top beauty of Eastcliff, Sasha Cunningham!”

Stepping directly in front of Sasha, Matthew blocked her away from Liam so he couldn’t grab her while her face distorted into an angry scowl and she glared at Liam.

In an instant, the men broke into an uproar and cried, “Wow, she’s very pretty indeed! Liam is so fortunate and lucky to have such a pretty sister-in-law!

Not only is she young and beautiful, she’s also the president of a company. Liam, check with your parents-in-law if they would like another son-in-law.”

They laughed loudly before continuing, “It makes sense now why Liam stopped going out to have some fun after his marriage. With such a gorgeous sister-in-law, you probably even wouldn’t want to get out of bed, do you?”

Full of foul language from their mouths, it unsettled Sasha so much that she frowned deeply and was so close to walking out of the room. Meanwhile, Matthew’s face had turned stone cold as he had picked up a wine bottle from the table, ready to fling it toward them when she stopped him in time, shaking her head helplessly at him.

Fully aware of the importance of the dinner tonight, she couldn’t allow a moment’s fury to spoil the bigger plans! So, he placed the bottle down slowly with an icy look in his eyes. There was no way that he would forgive these people tonight!

After clamoring for a while, Jacob remarked casually, “You’ve been standing around since you entered and refuse to take a seat, President Cunningham. Are you looking down on us?”

“Come over here and take a seat, Sasha,” Liam urged. “Let me introduce you, this is Jacob and that’s Rocky. Next to him is Big Sam…” After a round of introduction, the thugs in the room all carried a smug look on their faces as if they were some important big shot.

The manner in which they stared at Sasha made it extremely unbearable for her; it was as though they couldn’t wait to rip off all her clothes.

Although she was feeling uncomfortable all over, she still greeted them courteously and sat down next to her mother, Helen.

To her surprise, Jacob slapped the table the moment she sat down and exclaimed, “President Cunningham, how are you supposed to entertain your guests if you’re seated over there?

It’s not a wonder now why your site is unable to continue its works. You don’t even know how to treat your guests and you want to buy us dinner? Let’s go, my brothers!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 227

The men all banged their hands against the table and stood up, acting as though they wanted to leave while Liam hurriedly said, “Everyone, don’t be angry! Come on now and take a seat for my sake.

Sasha, you’re too much. How could you be so ignorant? You’re the host and Jacob is the esteemed guest tonight, so you’ll have to sit next to him! Come over here and sit next to Jacob.”

Jacob patted on the chair next to him triumphantly, showing off his yellow teeth while staring at Sasha with an inexplicable wretched look on his face.

The few men next to him were also staring at her expectantly in a manner as though they couldn’t wait to pull her right next to themselves. Utterly disgusted, she found it impossible to seat herself next to these people.

Pulling her behind himself, Matthew cast Liam a look from the corner of his eyes. “Liam, aren’t these your friends? In that case, shouldn’t you be the one seated there to attend to them?

After all, Sasha is a girl and she can’t drink. She’ll be a hindrance to your conversations if she’s seated there.”

Liam slammed the table abruptly in anger at him. “Matthew, do you have a place to speak? We’re here to settle an issue with the Cunningham Family and Sasha is the president of the company.

Don’t you think it’s reasonable if she attends to the guests personally? So what do you mean by that? Are you looking down on my friends or myself?”

The man next to him also banged the table and stood up, then he whisked out a dagger and stabbed it into the table. The people in the room were startled, especially James and Helen, whose faces had turned pale.

When he saw everyone’s expressions, he was immediately pleased with himself and hollered, “Damn it, you should go and ask around if anyone has the nerve to disrespect Jacob in Eastcliff.

Who do you think you are, speaking so insolently to Jacob?! Darn, do you really think we’re carrying only blunt knives around?”

The men around him cheered him on and cast triumphant looks at Matthew, appearing incredibly arrogant.

Trying to ease the situation, James anxiously chirped in, “Jacob, don’t get angry. He’s young and ignorant. I’ll get him to apologize to you! Why are you still standing around, Matthew?

Hurry over and apologize to Jacob! Liam, say something to Jacob as well. Why bother being angry with this since you’re all friends?”

But Liam also appeared gleeful, as though he was proud to have friends such as these. “Dad, I’m staying out of this!

Jacob already did us a favor by showing up tonight, but you can’t blame him for getting mad if Matthew made him look bad as soon as he arrived!” Detaching himself from the situation, Liam glanced smugly at Matthew.

James could only glare at Matthew and chided, “Keep your mouth shut if you don’t know what to say! Do you have a problem with your head, offending people the moment you open your mouth? Why are you still standing there? Hurry up and apologize to Jacob!”

But the man next to Jacob spoke again, “Do you think we’ll let the matter rest with merely an apology? Young lad, kneel down now and kowtow three times to apologize to Jacob. If he’s in a good mood, he’ll let you live! Otherwise, I’ll take after your family name if you could walk out of here alive!”

With a frown, Matthew thought that these people were really pushing their luck! Just as he was about to speak, Sasha was one second quicker than him and said fretfully, “Jacob, we’re in the wrong earlier.

I’ll apologize on his behalf and please don’t take any offense. We’re here for a discussion and there’s no need to spoil the atmosphere over such a small thing.”

Matthew sighed; Sasha was carrying too much burden upon herself for the sake of the company.

Laughing heartily, Jacob exclaimed, “Since the young lady has spoken, then I’ll let him live! Young lady, come and sit next to me.

As long as you attend to me well tonight, I assure you that your construction will finish its works smoothly and no one will dare to stir up any trouble there!”

All the blood rushed to her face as she was really unwilling to go over, but looking at the situation now, could she really reject the offer?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 228

Seeing how Sasha was hesitating for so long without showing any willingness to go over to him, Jacob furrowed his brows and said, “Young lady, looks like you’re not giving me any face.

That’s fine! If that’s the case, that just means we’re not friends. Liam, I’ve done my best for you, but your family is looking down on us.

So let it be this way then, that no matter what happens at the construction site afterward, it has nothing to do with us!”

With a slam on the table, all the other men stood up and the one with the dagger earlier pulled it out of the table and glared menacingly at Matthew. “Damn it, kneel down now and apologize to Jacob! Otherwise, I’ll make sure you’re all dead!”

James and Helen were shaking in fear as Liam yelled angrily, “Look what you’ve done, Matthew! Damn it, you should just shut your mouth if you’re dumb! Sasha, it’s not that I don’t want to help you out with the company, but with an attitude like yours, not even a deity can help you out! You’re on your own now, Matthew!”

All the other men glared threateningly at Matthew, appearing as if they were ready to pounce on him anytime and take his life. With an ashen face, Demi chided in, “Matthew, just shut your mouth if you can’t say anything! Sasha, sit over there and save Jacob some dignity!”

Immediately, Jacob broke into a smile. “That’s the way! Young lady, let me tell you that I treat people well. If everything goes fine today, not only that construction site, no matter what problems you’ll have in the future, I’ll make sure it goes smoothly for you!”

Bursting into a round of laughter, the other men stared expectantly at Sasha. However, Matthew pulled Sasha behind himself and stared coldly at Jacob. “Jacob, I’ll give you a chance now! If you kneel down and kowtow in apology, then I’ll let you off!”

Everyone was stunned and Jacob’s face turned sullen as he pointed at Matthew and yelled, “You b*stard, you must be seeking death! Get him!”

The one with the dagger flashed out his knife and appeared in front of Matthew, swinging around in a stance, but didn’t dare to bring the dagger anywhere near him.

Nonchalantly, Matthew could already tell that he was merely putting up a show. All the man knew was just to shoot his mouth off without any true ability, but it was enough to frighten the likes of James and the others. In the face of someone capable, they were all a bunch of trash without any use at all.

In the meantime, Sasha was so frightened that she stammered anxiously, “Matthew, d-don’t play around with them. A-At the most, we’ll abandon this construction site! I don’t care about the money as long as you’re safe!”

Chuckling, Matthew asked, “Why should we abandon the construction site? Can these few pieces of trash affect Cunningham Pharmaceuticals?”

Infuriated, the man with the dagger shouted at him, “B*stard, I’ll kill you!” Aiming the blade at his arm, he lunged forward. Being the coward that he was, he didn’t dare to stab him at his vitals and merely wanted to give him a cut to frighten him.

But even before he could stab him in the arm, Matthew made his move first and swiftly clasped him by his wrists, twisting it and breaking it directly. The crisp sound of broken bones rang in everyone’s ears and the men fell howling to the ground while holding his wrist.

Stunned, everyone was unsure of the situation now. The one with the dagger was defeated by the one without it?

Hopping mad, Jacob slammed the table and sprang up. “Damn it, how dare you touch my men? Get him!” The other men rushed forward simultaneously.

Placing himself in front of Sasha, Matthew grabbed the wine bottle next to him and stepped forward, beating all the men to the ground. Everyone watched in shock as they didn’t expect him to be such a good fighter.

While grabbing his head, Jacob threatened in his pathetic state, “Lad, you’re something! Just wait. Just wait here for me and I’m going to call for backup now! Don’t run away if you have the guts! I’ll kill you in a while!”

Then, they all escaped in panic while the ones left in the room stared at each other. After a stretch of silence, Liam laughed coldly.

“Well, isn’t that just great, Matthew? You beat up Jacob and his gang after they got tipsy and couldn’t put up a fight properly. Hmph, I’ll stay here and watch how they’ll take care of you when they return later!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 229

At Liam’s words, James and Helen looked accusingly at Matthew. “Matthew, why are you so reckless? Can’t you talk things out properly? Why do you have to beat them up?

Don’t you know that this would implicate the construction of our new factory? What are we supposed to do now after you’ve offended them?” James chided.

“Not a problem. I’ll just make a call!” he said calmly.

Glaring hard at him, James shouted, “You’re going to ask for backup? Can your friends be stronger than Jacob?

Don’t you know that Jacob and his gang could kill a person without even batting an eyelid? They’re the true big shots, while the shrimps you’re calling are just an embarrassment!”

Matthew couldn’t help but retort, “Dad, do you think that a true big shot who kills without batting an eyelid would resort to such petty methods to make a living?

These are merely a bunch of small-time thugs, making a living by taunting others! You don’t even have to take them seriously!”

At his words, Liam was instantly displeased. “Oh my, Master Larson, look how good you are at bluffing! Are you even aware of Jacob’s status?

Let me tell you, with just a call from him, he could gather more than a thousand people like it’s child’s play. Small-time thugs? Taunting others? Later when they return, I hope you could still continue to bluff like what you’re doing now!”

Both James and Helen were shivering from fear and started blaming Matthew. “Look what you’ve done, Matthew! This was supposed to be solved over dinner but you messed it up so much. How are you going to end it now?

What should we do about the construction site? That’s the hope for the Cunninghams, but it’s all shattered now in the hands of a wimp?”

“Mom, Dad, I’ve done my best!” Liam cried. “Everything was agreed upon, but Matthew spoiled it in the end. I’ve already reminded you not to bring him to this dinner, but you just had to. Look what has come about now. Later on, if anything should happen to the new factory, don’t come looking for me!”

“Sasha, didn’t I tell you not to bring Matthew along?” Helen reprimanded.

“Why shouldn’t I bring him along, Mom?” Sasha asked through gritted teeth. “This concerns our family and what’s wrong that he’s coming along as my husband?

Also, did you see what kind of people they are? They are just a bunch of shameless and disrespectful hooligans. What would I do if Matthew wasn’t around?”

“Sasha, as the president of the company, how could you not understand such a simple rule? It’s normal to take part and join in the fun in the business world.

You’ll be facing all sorts of situations when you entertain other customers in the future. You’ll have to learn to adapt to this, do you understand?” James lectured.

Unable to hold back anymore, Matthew lashed out at him, “Dad, Sasha is your daughter! Those people obviously had ulterior motives and you want her to entertain them? What would you do if anything should happen?”

James wanted to argue, but he couldn’t find the words. Even a fool could tell that Jacob and his gang were harboring evil designs.

“So what should we do now?” Helen cried as she wiped away her tears.

Suddenly, a round of commotion came from outside of the hotel. Thereafter, a loud voice hollered, “B*stard, come out right now! Damn it, how dare you touch me! If I don’t cripple you today, I’ll take after your family name!”

Liam poked his head out and stole a glance. “T-There are hundreds of men outside. Matthew, y-you’ve caused a huge trouble this time,” he stammered in panic.

Having never seen such a scene before, James and Helen trembled in fear.

“Matthew, y-you should leave through the back door quickly,” Sasha urged.

However, Matthew shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’ve called for backup as well and they should be here soon.”

James shouted furiously, “With hundreds of people out there, who could you call for backup to that? Matthew, I’m putting it out now that the Cunninghams have nothing to do with this matter! Sasha, stay away from him or you’ll be implicated later!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 230
Fretful, Sasha asked, “How could you say this, Dad? All this started because of me. Should I let them take me away instead?”

Bursting into anger, James shouted, “What do you mean by that? I only said that to save you! Did I say anything wrong? Matthew started this, so he should answer for it himself by bearing the full responsibility!”

By now, Sasha was also in a fit of rage and shouted, “Since you’re putting it that way, then what about the matter with the jade bracelet?

You were the ones who sold it off, but did you bear the responsibility? So, let Matthew be accountable for this matter while you guys can take the burden for the jade bracelet!”

Everyone was suddenly speechless when they were reminded that the issue with the jade bracelet had yet to be resolved, which they had pinned their hopes on Matthew all this while.

“Why don’t I go out there and look into the situation?” Liam asked tentatively. “I think they most probably just want some money. So why don’t we give them some to avoid trouble?”

Sighing sadly, James said, “Whatever, this is all we can do now. It’s so difficult to earn a living nowadays, and you made us lose so much money within such a short period of time. You’re quite capable, aren’t you?”

Liam went out into the lobby and stood in front of Jacob with a pleasing smile as he explained his purpose of coming out.

Despite that, Jacob pushed him aside in a rough manner after he finished speaking and yelled, “Scram off! We were all beaten up and you think money can solve the issue?

You think I’ve never seen money in my life? Liam, if you still treat me as a friend, then you should leave quickly since this has nothing to do with you! But Matthew and Sasha have to stay!”

Awkwardly, Liam started, “Jacob, we’re all friends—”

Jacob straight away whisked out a knife and pointed it at him, shouting, “Who’s your friend? I’ll kill you if you don’t leave!”

Liam jumped back in fright and wanted to return, but when he saw so many people on Jacob’s side, he spun around again and ran out of the hotel. If he had returned now, something serious might happen to himself when a fight broke out later.

He was not that silly to put himself into the face of danger for nothing in such a group fight. Still, he also knew that James and Helen would definitely hate him later for leaving just like this. So a little while after he left, he made a call to James.

“Dad, Jacob wouldn’t take up any offers! I don’t think it will be easy to settle this issue, so I’ll need to get help from others. Don’t ever get out of there. I’m getting someone to come and save you immediately!”

After picking up Liam’s call, a wave of anxiety washed over James and he cried, “This is bad! They don’t even want money now and are after our lives! Matthew, you really put us into deep trouble this time!”

“Dad, don’t worry,” Matthew assured. “I’ve already called my friend and nothing will happen to us!”

“Who did you call?” Helen chastised in anger. “At this time, who could be of help to us? Do you know who we’re facing now? That’s Jacob with at least a few dozen lives under his belt. Who can go against that?”

Even Sasha was speaking fearfully, “Matthew, hurry and leave now. We’ll be fine.”

Chuckling, he said, “You don’t have to worry. I’ve already given Tiger a call and he’ll be here immediately!”

Dumbstruck, Helen questioned him, “Tiger? The one from Wellness Herbary? Matthew, are you right in your mind? Even if he looks big and tough, what is he capable of? Do you have any idea what kind of people are out there? Those are all desperados! What can Tiger do even if he’s here?”

With a look of contempt on her face, Demi sneered, “Matthew, you’re only capable of getting trash like that now! Forget it, it’s better to just wait for my husband! He knows many people and will definitely get us out of this!”

Nodding eagerly in agreement, James and Helen sighed. “That’s right, we could only rely on Liam at crucial times like this! Matthew, look how selfless your brother-in-law is.

Despite how you treated him, he’s still going around to look for help for you. Aren’t you ashamed at all?”

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