The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 231-240

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 231

The commotion went on outside as Jacob and his gang shouted around for a while. When Matthew didn’t step out, Jacob took a dozen men and broke into the VIP room, scaring James and Helen so much that they shot up from their seats.

“J-Jacob, I’m really sorry and I-I’ve already taught him a lesson,” James stammered, trembling all over.

“Scram!” Jacob pushed him aside and pointed at Matthew’s nose, shouting, “You don’t have the guts to come out, do you? Weren’t you really cocky earlier? Why are you so quiet now? Continue with your cocky ways! Come on, hit me!”

Drinking his tea leisurely, Matthew asked softly, “Jacob, do you believe that I’ll be able to make you kneel down and run three rounds around this hotel later?”

Stunned, James and Helen cried, “Matthew, what are you saying?”

Completely losing his top, Jacob flipped the table over and hollered, “You sure have some guts, lad! I’ve been around Eastcliff for so many years and have yet to meet someone with courage like yours! But you’ll also need to have the ability to go along with that boldness!

I have a few hundred men outside; is this the way you’re supposed to speak with me? If my men were to barge in, they could simply drown you by each taking a piss on you. Do you still think you have what it takes to pick a fight with me?”

Feeling fearful, blood had all drained from Sasha’s face as she said shakily, “Jacob, he didn’t do it on purpose. How about I-I give you ten million and you let us off?”

Helen shrieked, “Ten million? W-What are you doing, Sasha? Is this worth it for him?”

Gritting her teeth, Sasha stared fixedly at Jacob. “If ten million is not enough, I-I’ll offer twenty million, alright?”

Jacob burst out into loud laughter. “I don’t want money! You want to save him? Sure! If you could keep me company tonight, then I’ll let him live!”

The men around him also broke into a round of sinister laughter, turning Sasha’s face bright red as she had never met rogues like these before.

Placing down his teacup, Matthew stood up slowly and declared, “Jacob, I’ve changed my mind! Tonight, you’ll have to die!”

Startled, Jacob then recollected himself and yelled, “Have you lost your mind? You want me dead? What have you got?”

Right at this moment, a sonorous voice boomed from outside the room suddenly. “He’s got me! Is that enough?”

Everyone twisted their heads to the source only to see a big and thick man striding into the room in big steps. Spiky hair and big gold chains, that man was Tiger, and everyone was stunned when they saw him.

Annoyed and helpless, James cried, “Matthew, you really called him over? Don’t you think it’s embarrassing enough for us? What could he do by coming alone?”

However, something unexpected happened. Jacob’s face changed in an instant, losing all the arrogance and tyranny he had earlier, and turned into a complimenting smile instead. “M-Master Tiger, what brings you here?”

“Huh?” James and Helen were taken aback at how he was addressed.

Without saying anything, Tiger went to the table and picked up a wine bottle. Measuring it in his hands, he thought it weighed quite alright and then went straight to Jacob and smashed it on his head suddenly.

The hit sent Jacob staggering backward, blood flowing down his head while James and Helen screamed in shock. Did Tiger lose his mind? How dare he hit Jacob when the latter had brought so many people with him?

Although Jacob was beaten up, the men next to him didn’t even make a move. It seemed as if Tiger wasn’t satisfied, so he lifted another bottle and smashed it on Jacob’s head again, sending him sitting on the ground this time.

After making a round in the room, Tiger said, “Isn’t there anymore beer left? Hey you, go and bring me ten crates of beer!” He was pointing at one of Jacob’s men.

The man he was pointing at shivered and Jacob quickly grabbed onto Tiger’s leg. “Master Tiger, h-how have I offended you? Just say the word and I-I’ll apologize to you. P-Please spare me.”

Kicking him away, Tiger said, “Spare you? How could I spare you when you even have the guts to offend my boss? Go and bring me ten crates of beer!

Also, tell everyone who followed you to come over and kneel outside! Remember, if anyone runs away, I’ll send all of you to the bottom of Lake Eastcliff!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 232
The man scrambled out, trembling. In the room, everyone stood paralyzed on the floor, so shocked that they appeared like terrified birds, without even the guts to pass wind. Tiger brought over two chairs and invited Matthew and Sasha to take a seat. “Mr. and Mrs. Larson, please have a seat.”

While Sasha had yet to recover from shock, Matthew appeared calm and pulled her over.

Casting a glance at Jacob, Tiger said, “All of you, come over here and get on your knees!”

Under the stunned gazes of James, Helen and Demi, Jacob and his men obediently kneeled in front of Matthew and Sasha. “Master Tiger, I-I really didn’t know that he’s your boss. Please have mercy and let me off. I-I wouldn’t even dare to do it again in the future,” Jacob cried, sounding all choked up.

Just a while ago, he was still throwing his weight around, acting incredibly arrogant and domineering, but now he was as good as a pathetic worm.

What puzzled James and Helen the most was, he had a dozen men in the room, while Tiger was all by himself. Still, all of them didn’t even dare to make a move! What was happening here?

Tiger glared at him. “Future? Are you still thinking about the future? Jacob, it’s hard to say if you’ll even be able to make it back alive tonight!”

Scared to the point of desperation, Jacob started kowtowing endlessly. “Master Tiger, I-I realize my mistake now. Please take me as a passing wind and let me off. Mr. Larson and President Cunningham, I-I won’t do it again.

Please have mercy and spare me.” His forehead made a thudding sound as he bowed down ferociously until a fresh wound opened up and blood streamed out of it. Despite that, he didn’t dare to wipe it off and continued to beg for mercy.

Ignoring him completely, Tiger chuckled. “Mr. and Mrs. Larson, I’m sorry I arrived a little late because of the traffic congestion earlier. It was because I have failed to do my best and now, these craps have offended you. How do you wish to settle this?

Do you want to throw them into Lake Eastcliff or chop them up and feed them to the dogs? Just say the word and I’ll get it done for sure!”

Sasha had a blank look on her face, completely bewildered. She simply couldn’t understand just how a mere purchasing manager in her subsidiary company could have such power and capability.

Just then, a round of commotion came from outside. Standing at the doorway, James glanced out and saw a group of men in the hallway.

“T-Their men are here,” James whimpered, trembling.

Helen’s face was drained of blood. All their men had arrived, so how could they end this now? However, what shocked them was that the commotion only stopped in the hallway and no one came into the room.

Striding to the door, Tiger bellowed, “All you b*stards keep your voices down! You’re disrupting me!”

In an instant, the noises from the commotion stopped, while James’ and Helen’s eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.

Was Tiger’s influence that strong? Glancing out quietly, Helen was instantly dumbfounded. “A-Are they are all kneeling down?”

After James and Helen rushed over to have a closer look, Demi joined them while she peered outside, and saw how the corridor was packed with people all on their knees. They were stunned as they recalled that Tiger had ordered them to kneel outside on the hallway earlier.

These people were so obedient! Of course, there were not hundreds of men as Jacob had claimed, but there were still a few dozens of them and the sight of them all on their knees were pretty impressive.

Just then, the man who left earlier returned with the waiter to bring in ten crates of beer, and he quickly went on his knees as well when he saw the situation in the room.

“Mr. and Mrs. Larson, why don’t I take care of the situation first? Just let me know when the both of you are satisfied.

If you’re not, I’ll keep beating them up until you are!” As he spoke, Tiger picked up a bottle of beer and smashed it on one of the person’s heads.

Sasha was bewildered by what Tiger meant by taking care of the situation. The dozen men on their knees didn’t even dare to make a move, but merely trembled as they begged for mercy.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 233

After smashing one bottle, Tiger grabbed another and smashed the second one. Then the third, fourth and fifth…

Everyone in the room was shocked beyond words; he was not treating these people as humans at all. Finally, Sasha recollected herself and stammered, “S-Stop it. Someone will die if you continue like this.”

Tiger paused and looked at Matthew. Sighing, Matthew said, “Forget it. It’s frightening my wife.”

Placing the bottle down, Tiger glared at Jacob and his men. “Damn it. Thank Mr. Larson now!”

These people appeared as though they were saved and kowtowed in gratitude.

“I could spare you,” Matthew began, “but I would like to know who ordered you to do this!”

Unwittingly, Jacob was surprised as he quivered, “Mr. Larson, w-we’re just a bunch of small-time thugs trying to make a living. Wherever there’s a construction site somewhere, we’ll go over and make a scene just for money. We didn’t see you for who you are and offended you, Mr. Larson. We’re deeply sorry.”

It was then that James and Helen realized that these were not desperados at all, but a bunch of regular thugs. Compared to them, Tiger was the real ruthless man.

In a cold tone, Matthew remarked, “Jacob, do you really take me for a fool? If you’re really here to earn a living, then money would have solved the issue! You blew up this matter because you’re obviously targeting Cunningham Pharmaceuticals! I won’t force you if you refuse to speak the truth. Tiger, continue!”

The moment Tiger grabbed another bottle, Jacob was so terrified he almost wet himself. So, he hurriedly blurted, “I-I’ll speak. I-It’s Young Master Jackson w-who sent me to do it.

Mr. Larson, we can’t afford to offend these big shots. Please let us off, as w-we were merely doing the job after receiving some monetary benefits from others.”

Matthew frowned. “Zachary Jackson?” he asked and Jacob nodded his head while shivering.

After thinking it over, he nodded and said, “That’s great! Jacob, since you and your men are already here, I can’t let you make a wasted trip. Let’s do this, Tiger.

Tell the manager to bring all their beer. These people love to drink and party, don’t they? Keep a watch for me and let them finish all the alcohol here! They’re not allowed to leave until it’s finished!”

Laughing heartily, Tiger replied, “Alright! Leave this to me, Mr. Larson. Waiter, how much is the beer here? I’ll take all of it.”

“No need for that.” Matthew grinned. “Put it on the company’s tab! This is a treat from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.”

Matthew led Sasha away while telling James and Helen, “Mom, Dad, the environment here is not pleasant. Let’s have dinner at another place.” Subsequently, they regained their senses and followed him out in a hurry.

When he passed by Tiger, Matthew gave him a look and then glared at Jacob. Understanding what he meant, Tiger nodded immediately. Earlier, Matthew already said that Jacob had to die tonight, so he had to die!

At the door, Sasha couldn’t help but ask, “Matthew, w-would it be dangerous for Tiger if we leave him there alone and then matters get out of hand?”

With a faint smile, he replied, “Dangerous? Take a look around!”

Sasha gazed around in a daze and saw that many cars had stopped on the side of the road and blocked all the paths. “What’s happening around here?”

Softly, he told her, “All these cars are from Tiger’s men and they’ve surrounded the hotel even from the inside! Fight back? Do they have the guts to do so?”

The Cunninghams were all startled. Just who was Tiger?

However, they didn’t know that this was a small matter to Master Tiger of the South Street. It was only in front of them that he was respectful.

To others, he had an awe-inspiring reputation! After all, Stanley Carlson rarely got involved in these kinds of things anymore for the past few years.

Tiger was Stanley’s spokesperson while Stanley was one of Billy Newman’s men, so Tiger was as good as working for Billy. And in Eastcliff, was there anyone who dared to go against Billy?

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 234

The hotel waiters brought the beers over after Matthew and his family had left. If they had really transferred all the beers from the warehouse over here, not even a house could fit all of it.

Jacob and his men were close to tears. By the looks of it, it seemed like they each had to drink dozens and even a hundred bottles. No matter how great the capacity was, one could never drink that much.

Grabbing a bottle of beer, Tiger said, “Everyone, it was fate that brought about our meeting. I’ll set an example first, and it’s all up to you after this!” Then, he finished the bottle in a gulp. “I hope everyone will have a good time drinking.

This is a treat from my boss, so I hope nobody wastes it, but finishes every bottle. If you can’t, then just smash it on your head. Alright, you may begin now!” After he finished speaking, he pulled over a chair and watched with a smile on his face.

Staring at each other, everyone wondered how they could chug this huge amount of beer. Seeing that no one made a move, Tiger blew his top.

“Why aren’t you drinking? You’re not giving me face? Alright, if you’re not drinking, then I’ll smash it!” he said as he grabbed a bottle next to him. This scared everyone and they almost cried as they hurriedly grabbed a bottle and started drinking.

“That’s the way it should be! By the way, my boss is a generous person. Waiter, bring each of them three dishes of peanuts. Make it presentable, do you understand me?” Tiger instructed with a smile.

Before long, plates of peanuts were served and everyone got a share. Close to eighty people filled up the three other VIP rooms beside and started a drinking competition.

In this banquet, it was a repetitive cycle of throwing up and gulping more beer. Whatever it was, they couldn’t stop. By the time this was over, they might all abstain from alcohol for good!

Meanwhile, the Cunninghams were still shocked out of their wits even after they had left the hotel. “Matthew, j-just who is Tiger? Why are those people so afraid of him?” Sasha couldn’t hold back any longer and asked.

With a grin, he answered, “He used to mess around on the streets and knows a lot of people. Compared to him, Jacob and his gang are merely some minor characters.”

Surprised, she asked, “T-Then why is such a big shot working in our company?”

“There’s no future in messing around on the streets all day. He wants to correct his ways, which was why he came to work in our company. Don’t worry, Tiger is serious when it comes to work.

We’ll send him to watch over the site of the new factory later, and no one would dare to stir up anymore trouble for sure,” he explained and Sasha breathed a sigh of relief.

Taken aback, James and Helen never even dreamed that Tiger was actually so capable. When they recalled the situation with Liam and then compared it with Tiger, it was a difference between Heaven and Earth.

When Liam was sent to handle the situation, they even had to lower their voices and fawn on those people. Besides giving away money, they even had to send Sasha over to have some drinks with them. They were just a bunch of small-time thugs; this was the biggest insult to Sasha!

As soon as Tiger arrived, those people got on their knees and begged for mercy. If they were aware of this earlier, they wouldn’t have asked for Liam’s help!

Everything would have been solved with just one word from Tiger, so why bother going through the trouble?

Sighing, Helen lamented, “If we had known earlier, we should have just let Tiger handle the situation!”

James nodded in agreement and Sasha immediately pointed out, “Back then, Matthew wanted to send Tiger over, but you insisted on letting Liam go.”

“Nobody would have thought that Liam was so unreliable!” James cried.

This upset Demi and she exclaimed, “What do you guys mean by this? Isn’t Liam doing all this for our family? Moreover, all these happened because of Matthew, didn’t it?

If he hadn’t offended Zachary, would he have sent the thugs over to our site to cause trouble? Do you know how much loss we sustained when the work got stopped over the past few days?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 235

When James and Helen heard about this, their faces turned into a scowl. That was true; if Mathew hadn’t offended Zachary, none of this would have happened.

“Matthew, you’ll have to be mindful of your words with people in the future. Don’t offend others the moment you open your mouth to speak. As businessmen, we’ll only prosper in harmony. Do you understand?” James advised earnestly.

“Dad, how could you say that?” Sasha asked, annoyed. “Matthew just solved the matter for our family. What did he do wrong?”

Helen pouted. “He started this mess, so who should solve it if not him? Also, why did you offend someone like Zachary?

He’s the heir to the Jackson family, so just one word from him and it would be all over for Cunningham Pharmaceuticals! Matthew, you’re such a jinx. Look how much trouble we’re going through just because of you!”

“How could you blame Matthew for the trouble with Zachary? It was Zachary who came to seek trouble with us. So do you mean we should just let him walk all over us?” Sasha argued.

Sneering, Helen replied, “Everything happens for a reason. Why did Zachary target him instead of, say, me? It must be him who’s the problem!”

“Zachary was picking on me, and Matthew was helping me!” Sasha cried.

Helen was momentarily speechless and only said in a near whisper after a long while, “He could’ve helped without making him angry.

Can’t he be a little more courteous toward a big shot like him? If he had just bear with it a little, nothing like this would have happened.”

“Mom, you’re unreasonable!” Sasha exclaimed angrily.

“Sasha, watch your tone with your mother,” James warned.

The whole time, Matthew was silent because he did not care about this. It wasn’t the first time that James and Helen found him to be a nuisance, so he couldn’t be bothered to argue with them. What really confused him was actually Zachary.

Since he was no longer the heir to the Jackson Family, he didn’t have that much power to pick a fight with Matthew now. If this incident was his order, then there must be another problem behind this. No, this wouldn’t do. He had to investigate this incident thoroughly.

After dinner, Matthew sent everyone home and left by himself. He found Tiger and asked him about his investigations. Knowing that this incident was not so simple, he had already sent Tiger to look into it since afternoon.

According to Tiger’s investigations, the mastermind was not Zachary. He was merely a middleman while the real mastermind was actually Samuel, the same Mr. Hughes from the Pharmaceutical Union.

Since he couldn’t gain any advantage from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, he thought of this idea to get even with them. But he was from the Hughes Family in the provincial capital who didn’t know many people in Eastcliff, so he approached Zachary instead.

Coincidentally, Zachary hated Matthew to the core and it was a pity that he was powerless to go against him, now that he was no longer the heir to the Jackson Family. So the two of them hit it off immediately and Zachary found Jacob with his gang to stir up this incident.

After telling him all that had happened, Tiger added in a worried tone, “Mr. Larson, Mr. Hughes is not an easy opponent. He’s the most ruthless man from the Hughes Family, or else he wouldn’t be in charge of the Pharmaceutical Union!

In the past, there were many pharmaceutical companies who refused to join the Union, but he took care of them who all became obedient. There were even a few bosses in the pharma business who vanished together with their families, all as a result of Mr. Hughes’ vicious plot!

Back then, he personally came to seek trouble with Mr. Carlson who almost suffered a huge loss. If it wasn’t for Master Newman’s backing, his company would have been taken over by the Union!”

Matthew furrowed his brows; it seemed like he had unestimated Samuel. “In that case, he’ll use underhand tactics on us again because he didn’t get his way this time?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 236
Tiger nodded. “That’s for sure! Mr. Hughes is infamous for using unscrupulous methods to achieve his aim. After my appearance tonight, he’ll know that Mr. Carlson is helping you and may come up with other underhand tactics. Mr. Larson, why don’t you inform Master Newman? With him around, he wouldn’t dare to do anything!”

But Matthew shook his head. “This is my own problem, so I’ll solve it myself! If we even need Master Newman’s help just to take care of a mere man like Zachary, then we can forget about being successful in this life.

Remember this, perhaps we could solve this matter temporarily by relying on others, but that would never earn you the respect of others! Tiger, you’ll have to understand this rule in life when you’re working for me from now on.

If you run into any trouble in the future when you’re carrying out tasks for me, you’ll have to solve it yourself whenever you can. Only then would people respect you!”

While Matthew was telling him that, he couldn’t help but recall his father’s teachings; by relying on others, in the end he could only assume someone else’s authority as his own and unable to earn the reverence of others. A person had to rely on himself! The world would surrender to you after you had become strong!

Nodding his head vigorously, Tiger felt a surge of excitement in his heart. By telling him all these, it meant that Matthew really wanted to take him under his wing. Still, he was a little concerned as Samuel was from the Hughes Family. Could Matthew solve this matter?

Next, Matthew continued to ask Tiger in detail the information regarding Samuel, including his personality, his way of dealing with things and such. Thereafter, he sent Tiger to find out Zachary’s location and soon, Tiger came back with the information that Zachary was partying in a club right now.

“Mr. Larson, should I get someone to beat him up?” Tiger asked in a low voice.

With a wave of his hand, Matthew rejected that idea. “There’s no use in beating him up. With the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff as his backing, he’ll return to seek revenge later if we hit him now.

Furthermore, he’ll even use that influence against us and make things even more difficult for us. To solve this matter, the easiest way is to kill him and solve it from the root!”

Stunned, Tiger then said anxiously, “Mr. Larson, t-this is not such a good idea. He’s the heir to the Jackson Family and things will blow up if he’s dead.

When that time comes and the Jacksons investigate, the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff would definitely help them out. Although Master Newman isn’t afraid of them, this still breaks the rules. Even if he wants to lend you a hand, he might not be able to find an appropriate reason for that!”

“Did I say that I’ll kill him myself?” Matthew asked with a laugh. “Tiger, use your brains a little more when you handle matters in the future.”

Confused, Tiger asked, “Mr. Larson, you’re not doing it yourself? T-Then are you going to look for a killer?”

With a faint smile, Matthew shook his head and slowly told him about his plan.

Upon listening, Tiger’s eyes grew large and he gave him a thumbs-up. “Mr. Larson, I-I have no words to say. Your plan is flawless and kills many birds with one stone! Not only can you get rid of that troublemaker, Zachary, you can even take care of the Hughes. I take my hats off to you!”

Matthew patted Tiger’s shoulder lightly. “Alright, go do your job. Make proper arrangements for the strategy which I just told you, do you understand?”

Tiger immediately nodded. “Don’t worry, Mr. Larson. You can leave this with me!”

Bringing a group of men with him, Tiger left and started to get busy. As for Matthew, he found a car and stopped outside of a club.

A little more than two hours later, Zachary came out of the club in his drunken state. His arm was wrapped around a beautiful woman and he left driving recklessly with Matthew following closely behind him.

Tonight, Zachary was fated to die!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 237

Tailing Zachary until they came to a slightly remote road in the suburb, Matthew made sure that there was no one around before stepping on the gas pedal and crashed into him directly from behind.

“Damn you. Can’t you drive? B*stard, how dare you crash into me? I’ll kill you!” Zachary cursed as he got off the car with a strong stench of alcohol lingering on his body.

Keeping his head lowered, Matthew walked over and gave him a punch, knocking him out. Then, he dragged him into his own car and drove off, only dragging him out again when they reached a secluded part of the forest in the mountains.

By now, Zachary had already realized that it was Matthew and he panicked. “W-What are you going to do? I’m warning you, Matthew. I’m from the Jackson Family. If you dare to even touch me, the Jacksons definitely won’t let you off!”

Letting out a cold laugh, Matthew stepped on Zachary’s chest and said in a chilling tone, “Zachary, I’ve told you before that you’re a dead man if you ruffle my feathers again! It looks like you didn’t take my words seriously!”

“I-I don’t believe you have the guts to kill me!” he stammered frantically.

Matthew cast a look around at their surroundings. “If I’m not killing you, then why did I bring you here?”

After taking a look around, Zachary was finally struck with fear and he trembled. “Mr. Larson, I-I realized my mistake now. But I was ordered by someone this time; i-it’s Samuel from the Hughes Family. He was the one who told me to do it because he wanted to claim Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. He also promised me that he’ll help me to reinstate my status as the Jackson’s heir.”

Matthew feigned his surprise. “Samuel Hughes? We merely didn’t want to join the Union. Is there a need to do something like this? Are you lying to me?”

“I wouldn’t dare lie to you, Mr. Larson! It was really Mr. Hughes. Not only is he after Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, he’s also after your wife. This was all his idea and I was merely pulling the strings and bridging his ideas. This really has nothing to do with me.”

Matthew knitted his brows and appeared to be having an internal conflict, looking as if he was terrified of Samuel’s strength.

Trembling in fear, Zachary pleaded, “Mr. Larson, I-I’ve told you everything. You can let me off now. I swear I won’t go against you anymore. From now on, I’ll take a detour from you if I see you in Eastcliff. Please regard me as nothing and let me off.”

Looking at him, Matthew said in indifference, “Zachary, I could give you a chance, but remember, this is the only chance! If you step on my toes again, it wouldn’t be as simple as this!” Then, he patted his shoulder lightly and warned, “Don’t tell anyone about what happened tonight. Or else, I’ll come after your life!”

Nodding his head repeatedly, Zachary assured, “Don’t worry, Mr. Larson, my lips are sealed!”

After Matthew stood up and left, he returned to his car and gave Tiger a call, instructing him not to kill Jacob just yet.

Zachary kept his eyes peeled and watched until Matthew was long gone before the fear in his eyes gradually turned into fury. When the sound of his car engine had trailed off completely, he cursed in anger, “Just you wait, Larson! I swear I’ll kill you!”

Subsequently, he struggled to get up, but felt pins and needles in his legs and couldn’t bring himself on his feet at all. He thought that his legs were numb after squatting for too long, but the condition didn’t turn for the better even after he rested for a while. Helpless, he could only flash out his cellphone and called Samuel, briefly telling him his situation and asking him to send help over.

Soon, Samuel arrived quietly with a few other men, all appearing especially hidden in the darkness with their black attires.

“Master Hughes, you’re finally here!” Zachary cried. “That bstard Matthew actually had the guts to do this to me, so you’ll have to avenge for me! Let’s catch that bstard later and tear him to pieces, or else I won’t be appeased!” he added through gritted teeth.

Next to him, Samuel stared at him with a solemn face. “You blurted out my name?” he asked in a low growl.

The look on Zachary’s face changed and he explained, “Master Hughes, I-I was left with no other choice. He wanted to kill me and I had to save myself! But don’t worry, Master Hughes. Matthew was merely a bluff with no guts to do anything to me at all, and even threatened me to not tell anyone about what happened tonight. This shows that he was also afraid that people would find out that he kidnapped me.”

A twinkle glimmered in Samuel’s eyes as he bent down with a grin. “Really? So that means not many people knew that he kidnapped you?”

Zachary shook his head. “That’s impossible. There was another woman with me in the car earlier. If anyone investigates, it would definitely lead back to Matthew. However, everything will be fine as long as I return, and you won’t be exposed either. Get me out of here first, Master Hughes. I don’t know why but my legs are numb and I can’t stand up.”

An evil grin spread across Samuel’s face. “Since you can’t stand up, you might as well not get up forever.”

Zachary’s expression changed again. “Master Hughes, w-what do you mean?”

Ignoring him, Samuel muttered, “This Larson person is not an easy opponent at all! He’s smart and can put up a fight. He is a talented man indeed. Well, Eastcliff belongs to Billy Newman, so the Hughes can’t extend their influence here, either. Looks like we’ll have to make a kill using somebody else’s knife!”

“Make a kill with somebody else’s knife? Whose knife are you using?” Zachary asked, puzzled.

Samuel cast him a look and grinned, “Of course, it will be the knife from the Jacksons.”

Zachary’s eyes widened. “My family? I don’t think that’s possible, Master Hughes. That Matthew has something to do with Mr. Newman, so my family definitely won’t interfere in this matter.”

“It will be impossible to let the Jacksons deal with him directly, but what if someone from the Jacksons died in his hands?”

Surprised, he asked, “Who? Who did he kill?”

WIth a creepy look in his eyes, Samuel asked him in a whisper, “Who do you think?”

At first, Zachary was stunned, then his expression changed into one of shock and he exclaimed, “Y-You want to kill me and put the blame on him?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 238
Chuckling softly, Samuel remarked, “Zachary, you’re not that dumb after all!”

In sheer panic, Zachary said, “Master Hughes, you can’t do this. I work for you, so I’m one of your men. Y-You can’t kill me. Besides, I’ve already been abandoned by the Jacksons. There’s no point in killing me.”

“Regardless if you’re an abandoned child, you’re still a descendant of the Jacksons, and they’ll definitely seek revenge if you die in the hands of others. Even if Mr. Newman tries to help, it may not be of any use! Tonight, it was Matthew who kidnapped you here.

If you were dead, there’s no way he wouldn’t be implicated in this. That will work out fine, because without doing anything, I can just sit back and watch the show. How interesting!” Samuel then laughed in a shilling, cold manner which also carried triumph.

Trembling in fear, Zachary pleaded but it was of no use at all. Samuel’s men killed him and left his body in the wilderness. Thereafter, Samuel and his men cleared all evidence and left under the blanket of the night. This whole matter was executed without a single soul knowing about it.

It wasn’t until near his death that Zachary truly regretted his actions. Why did he pick a fight with Matthew out of the blue? Now, he even had to pay with his life.

More importantly, and the most frustrating part was, he died without knowing exactly why, and his death was even manipulated for the benefit of others. The next day, his body was discovered and the news spread like bushfire throughout the whole Eastcliff with everyone talking about it.

The Jacksons declared that they would definitely find the murderer and make him pay with his life. Subsequently, Jacob jumped out and told everyone that it was Matthew who killed Zachary.

He explained in detail the feud between the both of them, including the part where Zachary instructed him to stir trouble at the construction site of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. With that, Matthew would have the motive for killing Zachary.

Immediately after that, someone revealed that it was Matthew who followed Zachary that night, and the woman who was with him stood out and pointed out Matthew as the one who crashed into Zachary’s car and took him away.

All the evidence pointed at Matthew as the murderer. In the early afternoon, he was taken away for investigations and this topic became the talk of the town in Eastcliff.

Many members of the Jackson Family stood out and clamored for him to pay with his life, and Zachary’s parents even made a scene at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, demanding Sasha to hand over Matthew.

Because of this, work couldn’t be continued, and no matter how Sasha persuaded them, they refused to leave until she gave them an explanation.

When her family heard about this, they all rushed to the company and Demi was the first to exclaim the moment they stepped into the room. “Sasha, well isn’t your husband just amazing? I’ve told you to divorce him, but you wouldn’t listen.

Great, now he has killed someone and the whole of Eastcliff knows that we have a murderer as an in-law! Our family has been innocent all these while but with this, our reputation is completely tarnished!”

With reddened eyes, Sasha cried, “Don’t say things like that, Demi! How could Matthew be a murderer? He must be innocent and everyone else must have wronged him!”

“Wronged?” Demi snorted. “Are you saying everyone in Eastcliff ganged up to accuse him? How could he be wronged when so many people saw it and there’s concrete evidence? Sasha, you’re the only one who trusts him!

Take a closer look at him—pointy mouth, an ape-like chin, triangular eyes and high cheekbones with a vicious look in his eyes. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes a killer! With such a person at home, just the thought of it is enough to send chills down my back.”

James added in a disappointed tone, “I’ve never thought that he’s such a person! Sasha, I don’t expect you to marry into a noble family, but your husband should at least be a simple and kind person!

Look at him now, and he can even commit murder! T-This is terrifying! This won’t do. You must divorce him this time!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 239

“Dad, Matthew didn’t kill anyone! He merely took Zachary away, but did anyone see him commit the murder? This case isn’t concluded yet, so how could you say that?” Sasha cried.

“The police had already taken him in and you’re still claiming it’s not concluded? Why can’t you believe that he’s got the looks of a murderer?

I don’t care about anything else, but our family can’t have a killer as our son-in-law! No matter what, you’ll have to divorce him this time!” Helen commanded.

Nodding vigorously, James agreed, “That’s right, why would the police take him away if he didn’t kill anyone? Furthermore, why did he kidnap Zachary out of the blue? Isn’t he just asking for this?”

Bursting out in anger, Sasha retorted, “He only kidnapped Zachary because of our family! Jacob was sent by Zachary and Matthew merely wanted to solve our family’s problem once and for all! Don’t you have some conscience? He’s doing it for our family and all you’re doing is make a dig at him?”

“You’re saying we don’t have a conscience?” Helen lashed back at her. “What do you mean he’s doing it for our family? Did we tell or beg him to do it? He decided to act like a hooligan on his own and did something like this. How could you blame us?”

Sasha was speechless; she didn’t think that her parents could be so ungrateful. It was only because of her family that Matthew was now in this state, but her parents were not appreciative at all. Instead, they shifted the blame on him, and this made her bitterly disappointed!

Gritting her teeth, she hissed, “Fine! I’ll tell Matthew not to be so meddlesome in the future and not do anything for this family anymore!”

Laughing disdainfully, Helen went on, “What? Are you speaking about the future? Sasha, we don’t even know how much longer he can live. As a murderer, he has to pay with his life. Don’t you know that?

We want you to divorce him for your own good, because we don’t want you to carry the title of a widow! We’re so worried about you, but you’re not grateful at all and keep going against us because of this trash. How could you let us down like this?”

James kept nodding his head with a gleeful sneer, as if he was sure that Matthew would be dead this time.

Right at this moment, the door burst open and Matthew walked through under everyone’s shocked gaze. “Matthew, w-why are you back?” Helen stuttered in surprise and took a step back unwittingly, looking at him warily.

On the other hand, Sasha was delighted, and greeted him in a hurry, “How are you, Matthew? Are you fine?”

Reaching out, Helen grabbed her back. “Don’t go over. He’s a murderer! How dare a murderer like you roam around! I’ll call the police on you!”

“Mom, I just came back from the police station,” he said, annoyed. “I didn’t kill him. This has nothing to do with me!”

“See? I told you he definitely didn’t kill anyone. The police investigated and found out that it wasn’t you who did it and released you, right? That’s amazing, I knew it wasn’t Matthew who did it!” Sasha exclaimed in excitement.

Then, another person walked in and said in a cold voice, “The police only released him for now due to lack of evidence, but they didn’t say he was no longer suspicious! Larson, you may have fooled the police but not us! The Jacksons will make you pay with your life for killing my nephew!”

This person was from the Jackson Family who had a high standing in his household. His name was Harvey Jackson—Zachary’s third uncle—and he was here to investigate this matter under the order of his family.

Helen immediately chirped in, “You’re right, he has to pay with his life! Mr. Jackson, this incident has nothing to do with us. Take him away and w-we’ll not stop you!”

With an equally irked look on his face, James added, “The Cunninghams has nothing to do with such a shameless criminal!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 240

Sasha shot a furious look at her parents and exclaimed, “Dad, Mom, how could you do this? The police already released Matthew, which goes to show that he definitely wasn’t the killer! Mr. Jackson, I hope you’ll get things straight before saying anything! My husband is not a murderer for sure!”

Sneering, Harvey said, “B*tch, shut your mouth! He’s not a murderer just because you said so? Larson, it’s useless no matter how well you try to hide it. The Jacksons have already got hold of solid evidence which can prove that you’re indeed the murderer!

Let me tell you, you’re dead this time! However, it’s not just you, but also the Cunninghams. And especially you, Sasha Cunningham! This incident started all because of you. I’ll let you live a life worse than death itself!” Then, his face distorted into a cruel and solemn expression, looking as if he had already crushed her under his feet.

This struck James with panic and he cried, “Mr. Jackson, Matthew has nothing to do with us and we have no idea what he did. Every hatred has a cause, but p-please don’t hurt the innocent.”

As she wiped away her tears, Helen sobbed, “Matthew, you jinx! Look what you’ve done! Are you doing this because you think we don’t have enough trouble at home?

Do you want us to live the rest of our lives in shame? It’s fine if y-you’re tired of living, but why do you have to drag us along?”

Without saying anything, Matthew walked straight to Harvey.

Sniggering coldly, Harvey taunted him, “What is it? Are you not admitting it? That’s pointless anyway! This time, I’ll take your life, and that b*tch, Sasha Cunningham—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Matthew suddenly delivered a slap on his face and sent him rolling on the ground. “How dare you hit me!” Harvey shouted.

As he was about to get up, Matthew kicked him in the face and he fell to the ground again, looking incredibly pathetic with blood trickling down his nostrils.

Subsequently, a few men from the Jacksons came in and Harvey instructed in a holler, “Kill him!”

Sasha panicked and shouted, “Security, throw all these people out!”

Just when the company security officers were about to rush forward, James interjected, “Get back! This incident has nothing to do with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals!

Mr. Jackson, as you’ve seen, we won’t ever help this b*stard. You can do whatever you want and we won’t interfere at all!”

Staring at each other, the security officers were at a loss of what to do as awkwardness washed over them.

“Dad, what are you doing?” Sasha cried out.

“Shut up!” he shouted at her. “Do you want our whole family to go down with him? He’s a murderer and yet, you’re still helping him. Can’t you tell right from wrong?”

Pulling her back, Helen added, “Sasha, we’re doing this for your own good! We shouldn’t be involved in this incident.

He can even commit a murder, so this goes to show that he’s already lost his humanity. He may even kill you in the future if you insist on being with him!”

Just then, the men sent by the Jacksons dashed in and surrounded Matthew in a bout of commotion with James and Helen watching eagerly, wishing that these people would take him away directly. However, none of them was Matthew’s opponent and he took them down effortlessly, leaving Harvey to stare at the scene in shock.

“H-How dare you fight back! Larson, it’s useless even if you’re a good fighter! There’s nowhere you can run if the Jacksons wants you dead in Eastcliff!” Harvey bellowed.

Lowering himself to stare at him, Matthew said indifferently, “Don’t worry. I won’t run away! I didn’t do it so there’s nothing the Jacksons could do to threaten me!

But you’ll have to listen carefully that Sasha is my wife and the love of my life. You can insult me, but not her! If you dare condemn her again, Harvey Jackson, I’ll make sure you die a miserable death!”

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