The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 241-250

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 241

When Matthew was finishing his last sentence, a cold glare emitted from his eyes and his face filled with hostility in a ferocious expression which was rarely seen.

Harvey trembled as he came to the sudden realization that the man in front of him was not a useless bum he could easily manipulate!

“I-It’s useless for you to tell me these. Let me tell you, the Jacksons has all the evidence pointing to you as the murderer!”

Matthew snorted. “Since you have the evidence, then bring it out!”

“I dare you to show up at the Jackson’s Estate at eight tonight!” he challenged through a tightened jaw. “At that time, we’ll show you the powerful evidence which proves that you’re the murderer!”

“Alright, I’ll give you this chance and show up on time! However, I need to remind you of this, Mr. Jackson. You not only caused such a big scene at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, but also gave my wife’s family so much trouble and smeared my reputation greatly.

The Jackson Family has to pay for all these wrongs! In the end, if it turns out that I didn’t commit the crime, how does the Jacksons intend to compensate for all these?”

Laughing hysterically, he replied in glee, “Larson, stop dreaming! Do you really think you pulled it off flawlessly? I’m telling you, we have all the evidence which can crucify you!”

“Very well, then. I’m looking forward to seeing the evidence as well. But I’m telling you that if it can’t prove anything, then you’ll have to compensate for my loss!” Turning to look at Sasha, his voice softened.

“Sasha, shouldn’t they pay us 200 million for ruining the company’s reputation? And with the trouble he caused us plus some defamation claims, these should amount to 100 million! That’s it. If you can’t prove that I committed the murder, then the Jacksons would have to compensate us 300 million!”

Without wasting a moment, James interjected, “Matthew, don’t bring our name into this. This has nothing to do with us and we don’t want the compensation money, either! You can do whatever you want, but this incident has nothing to do with my family. Mr. Jackson, please convey to your father that the Cunninghams won’t be involved in this incident for sure!”

Sasha was furious and wanted to say something, but Helen covered her mouth.

“Did you hear that?” Harvey chuckled indifferently. “Your father-in-law doesn’t want to be involved in this at all. Larson, do you know what the meaning of betrayal is? And here you are, still hoping for that 300 million. I’m telling you, you’re going down tonight!”

With that, he waved his hand as he instructed his men, “Let’s go!” Then facing the Cunninghams, he declared, “James, Helen and also Sasha, listen carefully! Tonight, you’ll have to be there as well. If you dare give me the slip, I assure you that I’ll sink all of you to the bottom of Lake Eastcliff tomorrow!”

Both James and Helen fell sitting on the floor with a thud, completely stunned. They didn’t expect that they couldn’t detach themselves from the situation even though they had tried so hard!

Rushing to Matthew’s side, Sasha assured, “Everything will be fine, Matthew! I’m here for you no matter what! We’re not afraid of the Jacksons and even if we have to risk the entire Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, I won’t let them get their way!”

A warm sensation rushed into Matthew’s chest at her words. At the most crucial point, his wife still stood by him.

Hopping mad with rage, Helen scolded, “Sasha, you might as well send me and your father to our graves! Matthew, you jinx!

Why do you implicate us with the trouble you caused? Oh my, why is my life so difficult? How did I get involved with a murderer like you? How am I supposed to continue living now?”

“Mom, how could you say that?” Sasha asked angrily. “Matthew is doing this for our family! Even at a time like this, he still asked for compensation from the Jacksons on our behalf. Can’t you tell his sincerity?”

James burst into anger. “Who wants this compensation? I’m telling you, Matthew, don’t implicate us! Even if you get any sort of compensation in the end, we definitely won’t even take a single glance at it!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 242

In the end, Matthew was thrown out of the office by James and Helen. At the basement parking lot, Tiger was there waiting for him.

“Matthew, everything has been arranged as you instructed. However, Master Newman said that he could make the Jacksons shut their trap if you wanted to!” Tiger said.

Matthew waved his hand. “Thank Mr. Newman for me and tell him that I’ll handle this myself!”

Tiger’s face brimmed with admiration; by rejecting Billy’s personal offer to help, that showed that Matthew truly had a bold spirit.

But still, his heart was filled with agitation at the thought of Matthew’s plan. If everything went according as scheduled, not only Matthew, but even himself would rise a level above!

“By the way, Timothy Wayne called as well asking if we need any assistance!” he informed Matthew.

Chuckling, Matthew replied, “Thank him just the same, and tell him he can send some people over tonight to watch the show.”

“I got it!” Tiger answered with a nod.

After leaving Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, Matthew didn’t go to work and went straight to Lakeside Garden to take a break instead.

Natalie was still unconscious and he spoke gently to her at her bedside, “Nat, it won’t take long for me to heal you. In fact, I promise you that I’ll get back everything that our family had lost!”

Not much time had passed since Matthew returned home before he suddenly received a call from Helen, asking him to return to the company immediately. Puzzled, he rushed there and heard Liam’s exaggerated tone of voice at the door when he reached.

“Dad, Mom, there’s no doubt about it. This is definitely the work of that b*stard, Matthew! Last night, someone witnessed him kidnap Young Master Jackson. It was him who brought Young Master Jackson to the mountains, and then he died there.

There’s a witness and the tools he used for the crime. It’s the end for that b*stard this time!” Liam said, painting the picture for the rest of them with a gleeful look on his face.

Sneering, Demi added, “You may know everything about a person, but not what’s in his heart! Look at this guy, who may have an appearance of an honest chap, going about in his wimpy ways.

Nobody would have thought that he could do something so cruel secretly! Luckily, we discovered this early. Otherwise, he’ll remain as a ticking bomb in our home!”

Her statement received the nods of approval from her parents with shocked looks on their faces. Furious, Sasha asked, “Haven’t you guys said enough yet? Are you not done? Liam, don’t throw accusations at my husband based on hearsays.”

Liam cast her a look and said leisurely, “Sasha, those are not hearsays. I asked my friend who’s a policeman, and he told me that they have solid evidence.”

Demi scorned, “Did you hear that? This is the evidence from the officials! Sasha, my husband may accuse Matthew, but will the officials do it?”

Nodding, James and Helen agreed, “That’s right, Sasha. It’s impossible for the police to simply accuse him.”

Before she could rebut them, Matthew entered the room and cast Liam a look before asking in a low growl, “Liam, are you sure this is the evidence that the police have?”

Seeing Matthew, Liam was a little unsettled, but he squared his jaw and replied, “Yes, I’m absolutely sure!”

Glaring at him, Demi said, “You came at the right timing, Matthew. Sign these divorce papers quickly. From now on, it’s over between you and my sister! You’re a murderer, so don’t implicate my sister. You got that?”

Without giving two hoots about her, Matthew continued to ask, “Liam, don’t you think that your words are illogical? Since the police have such solid evidence, then why did they release me in the first place?”

With that, Liam was caught tongue-tied with his eyes widened, unable to rebut anything for a long while.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 243

Sasha cracked up. “That’s right! Liam, the fact that they released Matthew goes to show that he’s not the murderer. What do you have to say now?”

Tightening his jaw, Liam said in defiance, “T-They haven’t found these evidence when they released you! These evidence w-were uncovered just now.”

“Really?” Matthew sniggered. “If that’s the case, then call the police on me now!”

Liam was speechless. He was simply telling tales; these were not the evidence the police got at all!

When she saw the look on his face, Sasha giggled. “Why are you quiet now, Liam? Call the police if you have the evidence. What is holding you back?

Are you afraid to verify the tale you just made up? If you’re not calling the police, then I will! You’re spreading rumors and slandering others. Do you know what crime that is?”

The look on his face changed instantly as he blurted, “I-I remembered it wrongly. This isn’t the news from the police. T-This is the information from the Jacksons, but these evidence are absolutely true!”

Sasha snorted and questioned him, “Information from the Jacksons? Can you believe anything they say?”

“As one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, their words carry the weight worth more than a thousand gold. Will they spout nonsense?” he spat angrily.

With that, Sasha simply snorted indifferently as a reply, which angered him as he shouted, “You don’t trust me, do you? Fine, I dare you to make a bet with me!

You’re the loser if Matthew is the one who did it, but if you lose, you’ll have to hand over Wellness Herbary to me! How about that? Do you have the guts?”

Matthew knitted his brows at the sight of Liam who got all fired up, still coveting after Wellness Herbary at this time.

“Why would I be afraid?” Sasha burst out furiously. “I’m telling you, Liam, if it’s Matthew who did it, not only Wellness Herbary, but I can even hand over the entire Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to you!”

Matthew’s heart filled with warmth as he stared at her. Even in critical moments, she never left his side and supported him! Meanwhile, Liam was overjoyed because he felt that he was sure to win!

Then, Matthew asked him instead, “Liam, what happens if you lose?”

“If I lose?” Liam jeered.

“Since you want to make a bet, then you’ll have to make it clear. Without telling what you will do if you lose, then how can you make a bet with someone?”

Glaring at him angrily, Liam chided, “This is a bet I made with Sasha. What has this got to do with you?”

“She’s my wife, of course I can’t watch in vain if someone tries to fool her!”

Gritting his teeth, Liam hissed, “Fine, so tell me what you want.”

“That’s simple!” Matthew chortled. “If you lose, just kneel in front of us and kowtow in apology to us three times!”

“Larson, are you insulting him?” Demi lashed out at him.

Instantly, Matthew slammed the table and shouted, “Your husband wants to take away Wellness Herbary worth tens of millions with just one word, and yet he didn’t want to fork out anything.

So who’s being insulting now? Demi Cunningham, do you really take everyone else as an idiot? You want to snatch away Wellness Herbary with just one word?”

Demi was dumbfounded as she had never seen him lose his temper so greatly before. On the other hand, Liam hurriedly stopped her with his hand, smiling from ear to ear.

Kowtow in apology was nothing because he was confident that Matthew would be proven to be the murderer. Basically, he didn’t have to do anything and still be able to make a windfall!

“Fine, it’s a deal! Since James and Helen are here, how about if we let them be the witness?” Liam suggested with a sneer.

Catching each other’s eyes, James and Helen then nodded slowly.

“Liam, remember what you said today!” Sasha warned, sniggering.

With a conceited face, he promised, “I won’t take back anything I said and I’ll do it since I’ve already spoken it. Unfortunately for you, it’s destined that I won’t lose!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 244

In the evening at six o’clock, Tiger arrived all out of breath at Lakeside Garden. “Mr. Larson, the preparations are done. We can act now!”

Tiger was unable to hide his excitement knowing that after tonight’s incident, Matthew’s name would be able to hold down the Ten Greatest Families! Besides, this would also be his opportunity to rise up.

Composedly, Matthew nodded in acknowledgement and stood up. After changing into the clothes he brought with him, he paced leisurely toward the doors.

In the area outside of Lakeview Garden, a few dozen cars driven by all of Tiger’s men were waiting. Tonight, all of them would bear witness as to how Matthew could finally crush the Ten Greatest Families under his feet!

At seven o’clock, Liam drove the Cunninghams to the Jackson’s Estate, and everyone was dumbstruck by the scene which greeted them when they arrived. Built on the beautiful mountainous region in the northern suburbs of Eastcliff, the Jackson’s Estate included a lake at the side of the mountain with a mesmerizing environment.

The estate covered more than a hundred acres and kept many of its original decorations and construction, but every corner didn’t look simple at all.

At this moment, the parking lot outside was already filled with more than a hundred luxury cars. Even though Liam was driving the Panamera from Wellness Herbrary, it was nothing next to these vehicles.

“Why are there so many luxury cars? Are the Jacksons that rich?” Helen asked in a whisper.

Liam chuckled. “This is not the wealth of the Jacksons. All these cars belong to the Ten Greatest Families! Basically, all the heads of the families are here for the event tonight.”

Shocked, she asked, “The heads of the Ten Greatest Families are here? Do they actually take this seriously?”

“The Ten Greatest Families have always been a coalition, and whenever something major happens, they would solve it together. Zachary was once the heir to the Jacksons and held a high status in his family.

That was why the Ten Greatest Families can’t just look the other way with regard to his death! Also, Matthew had some connections with Mr. Newman preciously, so they’ll definitely make a grand scene because they’re worried that he’ll help Matthew out!”

James snorted, “Matthew already had nothing to do with Mr. Newman since a long time ago. So, forget that he’ll receive any help from Mr. Newman. Even if he does, what could Mr. Newman do, now that the Ten Greatest Families are here?”

Liam nodded his head smugly. “That’s for sure! Looking at the setup tonight, it seems unlikely that Matthew will get away with it. Sasha, why don’t you sign the divorce papers now so that you won’t have to be widowed when he dies later?”

In a cold voice, she replied, “Cut your crap! I’ll never divorce him and he’ll definitely be alright.”

“Looks like you’ll only give up at the sight of the gallows, Sasha!” Demi said sarcastically.

They entered the estate and saw that it was brightly lit, filled with people. Acting ignorantly, they were giddy with everything they saw, as though they had never been in such a setting before. Finally, they reached the inner atrium where many people were seated in the hall, including the heads of the Ten Greatest Families.

Harvey was among them and when he saw James and his family, he instantly sneered, “Wow, I thought you would never show up! Who would have thought that you actually have some guts and came!”

“Mr. Jackson, t-this incident has got nothing to do with us. We don’t know anything about it,” James hurriedly clarified.

Waving his hand impatiently, Harvey dismissed him. “Enough with this nonsense! This time, not even the death of Mr. Larson can settle this! The lives of the Jacksons are very valuable! It’s not even enough if you pay with every single life of yours!”

James and his family were shocked, and Helen was so terrified that tears started to well up in her eyes. Suddenly, a voice bantered from behind them. “Hey, isn’t this President Cunningham? You appear even prettier in just a few days’ time!”

Everyone spun their heads around, only to see Samuel with a group of men marching toward them in big strides.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 245

The people around all stood up and greeted Samuel, and even the heads of the Ten Greatest Families nodded in his direction as a sign of respect.

With a look of envy, James asked, “Sasha, who’s this? Look at him. Now that’s how a truly important figure should be!”

Samuel paced to her and said, “President Cunningham, I’ve already heard about what happened. I am also made aware that the Jacksons not only want Matthew dead, but also to destroy the Cunninghams. How could your husband get so reckless?

I could already tell from the last time I visited your company that this guy has a problem somewhere up in his head, but I didn’t expect him to create such a big trouble within a few days’ time. How could he do such a thing?”

Sasha pursed her lips tight and didn’t speak. But James stuttered, “Excuse me, sir. You seem to be really familiar with the Ten Greatest Families. Could y-you please put in a good word for us?”

Glancing at him, Samuel said casually, “Of course I can put in a good word for you, but the problem is, I need a good reason to involve myself in this matter!

If you had joined the Pharmaceutical Union a few days ago, even the Ten Greatest Families would have to show us some face! However, since you’re not one of our members, I-I’m afraid I’m not in the position to speak up for you!”

Surprised, James asked, “You’re from the Pharmaceutical Union? It’s a good thing to be a member of the Union! Sir, c-can we join the Union now?”

“Well, that’s not impossible,” Samuel replied with a smirk. “However, I’m afraid the procedure will be complicated because you want to join so suddenly. If it’s not handled properly and someone finds out, I’m afraid even the Ten Greatest Families wouldn’t even spare me some dignity.”

“T-Then what should we do?” James asked, gripped by anxiety.

In a whisper, Samuel answered, “The only way now is to get the procedure done in the dark. But we’ll have to get it done quietly at a secluded place. President Cunningham, why don’t you come to my car with me and we’ll get the application done there?”

Sasha’s face turned bleak. Of course she knew what Samuel was thinking about; he purely wanted to take advantage of her!

With a troubled look, James agreed, “That’s fine. Sasha, it’s a good thing to join the Union, and it can even solve our current crisis. That’s hitting two birds with one stone. Go with this gentleman quickly and get it done.”

Sasha was so frustrated that she almost burst into tears. How could her own father be such a fool? She lamented silently in her heart, Can’t you tell that this man wants to take advantage of me? Besides the company and your own interests, don’t you even care about your daughter anymore?

On the other hand, Samuel was gazing expectantly at her with a smile. From the moment he first set eyes on her, he had already decided that he would make her his own. Everything was falling together nicely now.

He could kill three birds with one stone—besides getting rid of Matthew and having his revenge, he could take Sasha with him and even seized Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Just the thought of all these were pleasing to him!

“That’s impossible!” she said through gritted teeth. “Save your crocodile tears! I’ll never ask for your help even if I’m going to die here!”

Samuel’s face froze as he glared at her viciously. “President Cunningham, you have quite a strong and determined character! Fine, then I’ll wait and see what will happen to the Cunninghams tonight!” With that, he stomped off in a huff.

“Have you lost your mind, Sasha?” James cried angrily. “This man is an important figure from the Union who can help us. H-How could you make him angry? Do you really wish for your mom and I to die here and our whole family to perish together with Matthew?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 246

Sasha shot James a furious look. “Am I the one who lost my mind or is it actually you? Can’t you tell what Mr. Hughes meant with that?

By asking me to get in his car to complete the application, do you think that’s how it should be done? Dad, do you think that I should set aside my dignity and chasity for the sake of the company?”

James froze for a while before lashing back, “What are you speaking about, Sasha? Mr. Hughes is not that kind of person. You’ve misunderstood him! He really wants to help us out!”

With a forlorn look, Sasha chuckled. “He’s not that kind of person? Dad, how long have you known him? Are you so close to him to be able to tell that he really wants to help us out?

Why would he do that? Is it simply because you fawned on him a little? How did you live your life all these decades, Dad? In the world of reality we’re living in, interest comes first and there are no fairy tales!”

James’s face was pale from anger as he chided, “Sasha, what kind of attitude is this? I fawn on others for the sake of our family and for the both of you! How much longer could your mother and I live and how much money can we still spend? I’m doing all this for the both of you! Sasha, you’ve disappointed me greatly!”

“Sasha, how could you speak to Dad that way?” Demi asked immediately. “Mom and Dad have worked hard their whole lives and did everything for us. Sasha, you’ve changed! Look at what you’ve become now!

You were not like this in the past. Previously, you were really obedient to Mom and Dad! It must be Matthew’s fault. Don’t you know that you’re completely under his spell now?”

“Look how mature your younger sister is, Sasha,” Helen praised. “How did you become like this? But that’s alright since Matthew doesn’t have longer days to live. Our family will return to normal and I won’t have to see the wretched face of that jinx anymore!”

Sasha trembled with anger as she began to realize that she should move out of the house. If she was to continue living with her family, she would suffer a mental breakdown soon.

In the midst of the noises around, the people began to take their seats, where only Sasha and her family were standing in the hall. No one came to welcome them and they were now in an incredibly awkward position without even having a place to sit.

Finally, the noises died down when Old Master Jackson appeared. He greeted the heads of the Ten Greatest Families and some other important figures of Eastcliff before settling down on his seat.

“I guess everyone knows why you’re invited here tonight, so I won’t say much. Our time is precious, so let’s not waste it on small talk. Let’s begin!” he announced in a booming voice.

Everyone present nodded their heads and Harvey stood out. “I’m terribly sorry, but Matthew is not here yet. He probably has fled to escape punishment and didn’t dare to show up. But I’ve already sent our men to look for him and they should be back soon. To not waste everybody’s time, I’ve decided to let his wife and family stand trial on his behalf!”

Everyone nodded in agreement while James exclaimed fretfully, “Mr. Jackson, we’ve cut our ties with Matthew since a long time ago!

My daughter has already divorced him and we have nothing to do with him! He’s a wicked criminal, whereas we are law-abiding and kind people! H-How could we stand trial on his behalf?”

Harvey snickered, “James, you seem to be pretty close with him the last time you attended the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party together!

So have you now parted ways with him because a great calamity is at hand? It’s useless, I tell you! Your family cannot distance yourselves from this incident! Men, bring their whole family forward!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 247

A group of men came over and wanted to grab them without waiting for an explanation. Panic-stricken, James cried, “Everyone, what I said is true! We have nothing to do with Matthew at all.”

“This jinx really got us into deep trouble,” Helen said furiously. “He committed a crime, fled to escape punishment and left us here to be his scapegoats. I’ve never seen such a despicable person!”

Through gritted teeth, Demi berated, “Sasha, is this the husband whom you trust? Do you consider his actions as humane? We’ve told you so many times not to rely on a person like him, but you refused to listen! Great, now we all have to pay for it. You must be happy now!”

With a solemn face and tightened jaw, Sasha said, “You can save your sarcasms! Mr. Jackson, Matthew is my husband and his problems are mine as well! If there’s a trial, then I alone will stand trial on his behalf. This has nothing to do with my family! Let them go and I’ll step forward!”

Harvey sniggered. “I’ve told you this before, Sasha; the lives of the Jacksons are very valuable, but yours alone is not enough to pay for it!

Your whole family has to pay this time! Stop these small talk and bring all of them here! If they refuse to come forward, then break their legs and drag them here!”

The men flashed out their weapons aggressively and seemed like they were ready to attack them straight away. Terrified, James and Helen pleaded shakily, “Please don’t hit us. This has nothing to do with us.”

Sasha tightened her jaw and placed herself in front of her parents. “Mr. Jackson, a life for a life. If you could prove that we killed your nephew, then I’ll pay with my life. What has this got to do with my family? The Jacksons have to be reasonable!”

Immediately, he laughed and sneered, “Reasonable? You want me to be reasonable? A life for a life? Can your cheap lives be compared to my nephew’s? It’s the same as comparing you to a beggar on the streets. Is your life the same as a beggar? If I compare your life to a dog, are they of the same value?”

Upon hearing that, the whole room burst into laughter and Sasha’s face turned pale. The Jacksons were such tyrants!

Just then, a chilling voice came from the door, saying, “Mr. Jackson, your life is worth less than a dog in my eyes!”

Everyone spun their heads around only to see Matthew pacing in slowly and they broke into an uproar. The sight of him sparked Harvey’s anger as he yelled, “You sure have some guts, Larson! How dare you insult me at my home! This is as good as insulting my whole family!

Men, slap him!” He was already holding a grudge against Matthew after getting beaten up by him earlier, and he wanted to use this opportunity to deliver the first hard blow on him directly.

A dozen men from the Jacksons rushed over aggressively and surrounded him.

Matthew snickered, “What now? You’re already starting a fight without even a trial? Is this how unreasonable the Jacksons are?”

“I’m beating you up because you insulted us!” Harvey shouted. “As for the trial, that will come later!”

In a cold voice, Matthew argued, “So are you going to slap me because I insulted your family? Then should I slap you for insulting my wife earlier?”

Caught dumbfounded, Harvey retorted, “This is the Jackson’s Residence.”

“So what if it is?” he asked indifferently. “So are you saying that you’re above everyone else in your own home? Based on your logic, is everyone here tonight also a level below your family?

The heads of the Ten Greatest Families are all here and you’re using your family’s rules to suppress people instead of speaking sense and justice. Do you really think that the Ten Greatest Families are just as unreasonable?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 248
Matthew’s words received the approval from everyone present as they nodded their heads. Frowning, Old Master Jackson shot Harvey a displeased look. When it came to verbal argument, Harvey was a far cry from Matthew.

“Anyone who arrives is a guest. Harvey, invite Mr. Larson in!” he ordered softly.

Harvey’s face flushed with embarrassment. Since Old Master Jackson had spoken personally, it meant that he was unhappy with him. Hence, he threw a fierce glare at Matthew, as his hatred for him grew greater.

The Jackson’s men retreated to allow Matthew into the hall and he went next to Sasha. With tears in her eyes, she grabbed his arm tightly and refused to let go. Matthew grinned at her and assured, “Don’t worry, silly. Everything will be alright. Trust me!”

Sasha nodded her head earnestly while her family’s faces were drained of blood. At this moment, Demi peeled Sasha away from Matthew as she shouted in anger, “Didn’t you run away to escape punishment, Matthew? What happened? Did you realize that you can’t make a run for it so you came back to take a chance? I’m telling you, be responsible for your own actions. This has nothing to do with us! It’s your business if you live or die. Remember, don’t implicate us!”

“Demi, how could you say that?” Sasha cried anxiously.

“Did I say anything wrong?” Demi snapped.

Harvey strode over and said in a gruff, “Larson, since you’re already here, then let’s begin!”

Composedly, Matthew gave a nod and walked to the middle of the hall with his head held high. Seated all over the room were the heads of the Ten Greatest Families.

With half-closed eyes and Mala beads in his hands, Old Master Jackson appeared as if everything going on was none of his business. In fact, the person holding the highest authority in the Jacksons was not the head of the family, but this old master who had lived for more than eighty years. Seated at the side was Samuel who sniggered and threw a look at Matthew, and he had an inexplicably smug and gleeful look on his face.

At this time, Harvey’s voice boomed throughout the hall, “Everyone, I’ll present the evidence first! These are the several surveillance footages we obtained from the places where it happened. It clearly recorded Matthew kidnapping my nephew, brought him to the crime scene and then left by himself. Also, we found the car that Matthew was driving at that time. These are all solid evidence!” As he spoke, he played the surveillance videos onto a projected screen, as well as pictures showing the car which Matthew drove.

Everyone across the room nodded when they finished viewing the display on the screen, agreeing that these were indeed the most straightforward evidence.

With a smug face, Harvey continued, “In addition to that, we also have a witness. She’s the woman who was in my nephew’s car that night. Bring her here!”

A couple of minutes later, a woman in thick makeup was brought over and he asked her loudly, “Let me ask you, what exactly happened that night?”

She quickly replied, “Young Master Jackson was sending me home that night. On the way back, Matthew crashed into us on the road. He even beat him up and muttered something about killing Young Master Jackson, and then he took him away. I was so terrified I didn’t dare to leave the car at all.”

Still with a conceited look on his face, Harvey said, “Everyone heard that. Now, with the evidence and witness here, what else do you have to say, Matthew?”

Everyone turned their gazes on Matthew. The way they looked at it, these evidence were enough to give Matthew the death sentence.

Demi scowled, “What do you think now? I’ve told you so— he’s a murderer! Sasha, is this the husband whom you place your trust with? Do you know that this blind faith of yours will ruin our whole family? Why don’t we look for Mr. Hughes and speak with him properly? We still have a chance if we join the Union now!”

Gritting her teeth and holding her palms into tight fists, Sasha declared, “I don’t believe it! Matthew must be innocent!”

Demi responded with a snort. “Sasha, you won’t give up until all hope is lost, will you? Fine, I’ll see if you can still trust him like this when he dies later!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 249
Matthew laughed it off lightly. “Mr. Jackson, isn’t it too arbitrary to nail me as the murderer with just these evidence?”

In a fit of rage, Harvey shouted, “Larson, are you still trying to deny even when we’re presented with these solid evidence? Let me tell you, it’s useless even if you refuse to admit! With the members of the Ten Greatest Families here tonight, they’ll make a judgment about this incident!”

The members of the Ten Greatest Families began voicing out their opinions, “I think these evidence are enough.”

“That’s right. Everything was caught clearly on tape. It’s definitely enough to sentence him!”

“I agree. These evidence are sufficient. What else is left to say?”

Delighted, Harvey felt at ease with the support from the Ten Greatest Families.

Subsequently, James stood up and asked loudly, “Matthew, are you still unrepentant at this time? All the evidence has been laid out, so what else do you have to say?”

Helen nodded. “That’s right. It’s useless even if you try to deny it!”

“Mom, Dad, what are you talking about?” Sasha asked, distressed. “How are these considered as evidence? These do not prove anything!”

Demi scoffed, “Why aren’t these considered as proof? So many people agree that they are, yet you’re the only one who says otherwise. Do you think that you’re smarter than everyone else?”

Before the incident even concluded, the Cunninghams had already started a brawl. Old Master Jackson knitted his brows lightly and cast a look at them. Harvey roared, “Shut up, all of you! Matthew, even your own family wants you to admit your crimes. What else do you have to say now? I’ll give you a chance to confess honestly. Then, you can go to the mourning hall and pay your respects to my nephew by bowing three times and kowtowing nine times. With that, I can give you an easy death, or else, I’ll make sure you suffer before you die!”

Grinning, Matthew said, “Mr. Jackson, do you still remember what I said? If it’s proven that you have wronged me tonight, then you’ll have to compensate my family and I for the damages you caused us mentally as well as to our reputation. That amount is 300 million!”

Immediately, Helen chirped in, “Matthew, don’t drag us in! Old Master Jackson, Matthew did all of this and we have nothing to do with it. And we don’t want any compensation, either. You’re still thinking about money at a time like this? Matthew, I was right about you being a money-grubber!”

“Mom, could you please not say anything?” Sasha pleaded in frustration. “Matthew already said that he was wronged and is merely asking for the rights he deserved. What’s wrong with that? Furthermore, this compensation includes us. The Jacksons blew up this incident and Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is slandered like this. Shouldn’t they compensate for this?”

Hopping mad in anger, James cursed, “Darn it, would we be in such a state if he didn’t kill anyone? Sasha, tell him that he doesn’t have to look out for us. Even if he could get the compensation, I don’t want that money at all! My family has nothing to do with him!”

“Dad, how could you do this?” Sasha exclaimed and the Cunninghams started another round of dispute.

Finally, Old Master Jackson couldn’t stand it anymore and chided coldly, “You are making too much noise!”

Harvey sprang into action and ordered, “The Jackson’s Estate is not a place for your petty squabbling! Men, bring them to the backyard and await further instructions!”

A group of men came over and brought James and the rest to the backyard. On the way, he was still clamoring together with Helen, “Old Master Jackson, we’re not connected with Matthew! We’ve cut our ties with him!”

But everyone ignored them. In a cold voice, Harvey said, “With this solid evidence, it’s proven that Mr. Larson killed my nephew! It’s only natural that he pays with his life for the murder. Men, take him down and bring him to my nephew’s mourning hall. We’ll deal with him later!”

As a group of men got near, a clear, cold voice echoed through the hall. “Mr. Jackson, we’re now only hearing your side of the story. Shouldn’t we also listen to what Mr. Larson has to say?”

Spinning their heads around, everyone saw the beautiful Leanna striding over in a mighty aura!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 250

The appearance of Leanna amazed many at the scene. Once the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff, she had an extra charm of a matured woman which made her seem a little more captivating than Sasha.

Narrowing his eyes, Samuel felt his heart beat with desire. He had seen quite a few beauties on this trip to Eastcliff! However, why are all these beauties speaking up for Matthew?

The head of the Sandel Family frowned and said solemnly, “Leanna, don’t act presumptuously! The evidence that Mr. Jackson presented is sufficient. There’s no need for Mr. Larson to say anything else! You shouldn’t be here. Go home!”

Completely unaffected, she chuckled in indifference. “Uncle, you’re just here as a witness. Is there a need for you to speak up for the Jacksons like this?”

“What do you mean by that?” he shouted angrily,

“I mean, you need to have your own judgment in everything you do. Even if you don’t, you shouldn’t simply jump to conclusions. It’s nothing if you embarrass yourself, but you’ll be condemned if you embarrass the entire family!”

Hopping mad with anger, he berated, “Are you lecturing me, Leanna? Don’t forget that I’m your father’s elder brother and you’re my junior. How dare you disrespect me like this?”

Giving him another chuckle of indifference, she snapped, “Don’t you forget this as well, Uncle. Back then, who was the one who drove me out of the Sandel Family and was completely ruthless toward me?”

“Y-You!” he stuttered.

Everyone present watched in amusement as there was nothing they loved more than a family conflict. Leanna’s return had caused a huge increase in the Sandel’s strength and it steadily suppressed the other nine families. If she had an argument with the Sandels, their power would definitely decrease greatly and the other nine families would be happy to see such a situation happening.

So, even though the head of the Sandel Family was hopping mad with anger, he knew about this fact very well. Having a fallout with her would only embarrass themselves and cost a huge loss to their family. In the end, he could only glare at her fiercely and swallowed his pride in silence.

Knitting his brows, Old Master Jackson gave Harvey a look and immediately said, “What do you mean by that, Leanna? Do you want to interfere in this incident between the Jacksons and Mr. Larson?”

“No, I’m not,” she replied with a chuckle. “I’m merely here as a witness in case somebody tries to convict others with some weak evidence!”

Enraged, he barked, “Leanna, look carefully. These are all conclusive evidence!”

Another deep voice came from outside the door at this moment, saying, “Conclusive? How so? Did your surveillance tapes capture Mr. Larson commit the murder? You’re randomly convicting others based on some assumptions! Do you even know what conclusive evidence is? It seems to me that the Jacksons can do nothing more than making irresponsible remarks and foolish talks!” As he spoke, Timothy marched into the room and made a grand entrance with his group of men.

Old Master Jackson’s face instantly switched when he saw one of the big shots of Eastcliff; none of them from the Ten Greatest Families could match up to him. It was said that Timothy was in pretty good terms with Matthew, so was he here to help him out?

Losing his composure, Harvey stuttered a little as he spoke, “M-Mr. Wayne, someone from my family was murdered. Shouldn’t we ask for justice?”

Timothy gave an indifferent laugh. “I didn’t say that you shouldn’t. I’m only here tonight as a witness. Everyone, continue!”

The scene became a little unsettled with the appearance of Timothy and Leanna, which went to show that the event tonight wouldn’t be that simple anymore.

Harvey gritted his teeth and shot Matthew an infuriated look. “Since Miss Sandel thought that that is just my one-sided opinion, then I’ll give you a chance. Mr. Larson, you claim that we’ve wronged you, but do you have evidence?”

“Of course,” he replied with a smirk. “Not only do I have the evidence, I can even prove that Zachary’s murderer is in our midst tonight!”

His words immediately sparked an uproar among everyone present.

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