The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 251-260

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 251

A displeased look flashed across the faces of the heads of the Ten Greatest Families because everyone here tonight was from their family. By saying that the murderer was among them, wasn’t that as good as saying that a person from the Ten Greatest Families had killed Zachary?

In the meantime, everyone was silently judging others around them, watching their expressions and trying to look for a trace of a tell-tale sign.

Mad with fury, Harvey burst out, “Mr. Larson, you’re still trying to sow discord among us when you’re at the brink of death? Everyone present is a friend of the Jacksons, so how could they have killed my nephew? Don’t try to frame others, I tell you!”

Matthew retorted with a small laugh and said, “There’s no need for me to frame another. I am telling you that I have the evidence! Weren’t you speaking about conclusive evidence earlier? Fine, I’ll show you what a real conclusive evidence looks like!” Pointing a finger at Harvey, he questioned him, “Let me ask you, did you check Zachary’s cellphone and his call records?”

Startled, Harvey stammered, “O-Of course I did!”

“Really?” Matthew sneered. “Since you’ve checked it, then you should know that Zachary made a call after I’ve left. May I ask, how could he have made the call if I’ve already killed him?”

Again, his words created a commotion in the room. Everyone from the Ten Greatest Families were stunned. Was there going to be a turn in the chain of events now?

Harvey flinched and rebutted in a cold tone, “What call? I’ve checked Zachary’s cellphone and there were no calls made after that at all! Mr. Larson, don’t try to confuse the people here!”

“Mr. Jackson, I’ve always thought that you’re just harboring malicious intent and picking on me, but now I realized that that’s not the case. The truth of the fact is, you’re just really dumb!” Matthew ridiculed.

“What did you say?!” Harvey exploded.

“I’m praising you!” he exclaimed. “What a dumb piece of trash you are! If you were the killer, wouldn’t you clear the scene? If there was unfavorable information to you in the cell phone, wouldn’t you delete it? So what’s the point of checking his cell phone then? Don’t you know how to check his call records from the service provider? That can show where the real problem is, and it’s also something which can’t be deleted!”

Samuel who was seated nearby suddenly froze when he saw how the situation had spun out of his control.

Timothy clapped and agreed, “Well said! The Jacksons must have been blind to put you in charge of the investigations, Harvey! You actually have the nerve to investigate with just that little intelligence you have?”

Unable to rebut, Harvey’s face flushed bright red. “I-I…”

Old Master Jackson let out a deep sigh seeing that this son of his was actually not that capable after all. “Mr. Larson, you said that Zachary made a call, but it was merely a call. That only proved that you didn’t kill him, but what happened afterward? After you left, couldn’t you have turned back?” he pointed out calmly.

Matthew glanced at him; it was true that the older was wiser— Old Master Jackson was much sharper than Harvey.

Delighted, Harvey nodded earnestly. “That’s right, that call can’t prove anything!”

Meanwhile, Samuel breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed like the Jacksons would speak up for him and he didn’t have to find a way out himself.

Snorting, Matthew agreed, “It’s true that the call can’t prove anything. I raised this point only to demonstrate Harvey Jackson’s stupidity, and it was a success!”

The whole room roared with laughter and Harvey’s face was scarlet from anger, yelling, “Enough with your nonsense, Mr. Larson! If you don’t have other evidence proving your innocence, I’ll kill you with my own hands!”

Matthew snickered. “Don’t rush, I’ll show you the evidence now! May I borrow your computer for a second, Mr. Jackson? I happen to have a piece of footage to show everyone.”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 252

However, Harvey waved him off immediately. “Cut your crap, Matthew! We don’t want to see any footage. Just show us your evidence.”

Matthew laughed. “Idiot, the footage which I want to show is the real evidence!”

Another round of laughter broke out which turned Harvey’s face as bright as a tomato in embarrassment, completely basked in shame at the event tonight.

“T-This is the Jackson’s Residence, and I can’t let you play some footage just because you want to!” he hollered in his feeble attempt to salvage some dignity.

When he finished, Old Master Jackson shut his eyes straight away and sighed again while the room continued to clamor.

On the other hand, Timothy slammed the glass heavily on the table and scorned, “How great the Jacksons are! If you want Mr. Larson dead, you could have just sent someone to kill him. Why do you have to go through the trouble of a public trial? Even now that the Ten Greatest Families are here, you’re the only ones who are allowed to speak without giving a chance to Mr. Larson to present his case as a rebuttal. Is this the way the Jacksons handle matters or is it the same for the Ten Greatest Families as well?”

Unhappy faces from the heads of the Ten Greatest Families flashed across the room and one of them said, “Harvey, even if Mr. Larson was the real killer, he has the right to speak up for himself. But, you’re forbidding him from playing the footage and displaying the evidence. What’s the meaning of this?”

Another nodded in agreement. “That’s right. Even if this is your turf, you can’t just act like a tyrant!”

The other heads of the families spoke up one after another, turning Harvey into the subject of public criticism. Utterly taken aback, he finally realized the outcome of shooting his mouth off in a rush of the moment. Looking at his father, he saw his closed eyes and a shiver went down his spine, for he knew that his father was about to give up on him.

Taking a deep breath, he hurriedly explained, “Everyone, you’ve misunderstood me! It’s not like I’m not allowing him to display his evidence, but I was just refuting his attitude. After all, the Ten Greatest Families are all here and we can’t just let him do as he wishes. That’s a show of disrespect to us!”

Nobody cared for his wimpy excuse and one of them said, “Enough with all these nonsense! Mr. Larson, you can play your footage, but I hope that it will really turn out to be evidence!”

With a faint smile, Matthew nodded and strode over to the computer. After connecting his cellphone to it, he played the recording. It showed the dark forest in the mountains and although the lighting was dim, one could still make out what was happening in the surroundings.

Samuel’s face fell. Wasn’t this the spot where Zachary died?

In a clear, loud voice, Matthew began, “Everyone, it’s true that I kidnapped Zachary, but I merely wanted to figure out who instructed him to go against us. As a precaution, I set up a camera at the scene and recorded all of this as evidence. Furthermore, it was also this same camera through which I recorded a heinous murder!”

As everyone watched the footage, some could tell that that was indeed the crime scene and soon, Matthew appeared with Zachary on the scene. They continued to watch as Matthew forced a confession out of Zachary and then left before Zachary made a call. It was then that they came to the realization that Matthew was really wronged.

Blood rushed to the face of the head of the Sandels in shame when he recalled the words from Leanna earlier; it was true that he was too arbitrary at that time. Now that Matthew had proven his innocence, it was like a slap to his face, and it even brought shame to the Sandels. The other heads of the families also carried the same look of embarrassment and frustration.

One of them suddenly asked, “So if you’re not the one who killed Zachary, then who’s the real murderer?”

Chuckling softly, Matthew turned to look at Samuel who had silently walked to the door and cried out, “Mr. Hughes, where are you rushing off to when this is not over yet? Aren’t you curious to find out who the real killer is?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 253

Having sensed that something was not right, Samuel intended to take to his heels right away.

However, he had no chance to do so because Matthew had been fixing his gaze on him.

All eyes were on Samuel at the moment.

Some of them who were sharper than the rest could see that Samuel must have had something to do with the murder.

Old Master Jackson’s face turned ominous all at once.

In the beginning, he thought the murderer was Matthew, who was a man without a powerful background.

Even though he was backed by both Timothy Wayne and Billy Newman, he still didn’t have a strong foundation in the city.

Killing him would not result in too big a fuss.

However, things would be different now that the murder had something to do with the Hughes.

Samuel Hughes was quite well respected in his family. If they killed him, they would have to face the revenge from the Hughes Family.

That was one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff who was way more powerful and influential than the Jackson Family. Therefore, they could not afford to let that happen.

At the moment, the Jacksons were left in a very awkward position in the current stage of events.

Should they avenge the death of Zachary Jackson?

Zachary was just a member of their family who had lost the right to inherit the family wealth. It was not worthwhile to offend the entire Hughes Family for his sake.

However, people from the Ten Greatest Families were here observing their actions.

If they decided to give up avenging Zachary’s death, the reputation and status of the Jackson Family in the Ten Greatest Families would suffer a tremendous blow.

On top of that, their family would be deemed as a bunch of cowards who feared the strongs and only had the guts to bully the weaks.

The prestigious reputation which had taken them a great effort to build would dissipate all at once!

Suddenly, Old Master Jackson realized the gravest mistake he had made was his refusal to let Matthew go and his mistake had put his family in a very difficult situation.

He opened his eyes and cast a secret look at someone standing next to him.

Understanding what he meant, the man then walked over to the table and pretended to spill a glass of water on the computer accidentally.

The computer was switched off directly, the screen darkened at once and the video came to an abrupt halt.

The people at the scene went uproarious at once.

Old Master Jackson seized the chance to rise to his feet and criticized, “Scott, how could you be so careless? How could you make such a blunder at such a crucial moment? Alas, it seems like we won’t be able to continue watching the video tonight! Ladies and gentlemen, should we carry on tomorrow?”

Some of them sniggered contemptuously when they heard his statement.

None of them at the scene was dumb. It was very obvious to them that the Jacksons had deliberately damaged the computer so that the matter could be postponed for the time being.

Otherwise, what should they do if Samuel Hughes was proven to be the murderer?

At that juncture, Timothy rose to his feet and said, “Old Master Jackson, a faulty computer is not a big problem because we can solve it by just getting another computer here, isn’t it? In such a huge mansion, I don’t think this is the only computer you have?”

Scott, who had damaged the computer just now, spoke immediately, “Our family has never followed the trend of technology and our mansion is renovated in a traditional and simple way. Therefore, that’s the only computer we have. I’m afraid it will be a waste of time to get another computer here from somewhere else because this area is quite far away from town. Guys, it won’t make any difference to continue the investigation tomorrow!”

Leanna sneered, “Mr. Jackson, you guys were so anxious to bring Matthew here tonight. Not only do you guys want to confront him in public for Zachary’s death, you guys want to get him killed too. Why do you guys become suddenly so patient when it’s Matthew’s time to prove his innocence? If we postpone this to tomorrow, all of us will have to make the trip over here again. Isn’t that a waste of our time too?”

Looking embarrassed, Scott said solemnly, “Guys, anyone who’s busy tomorrow is allowed to be absent tomorrow. My family will get to the bottom of this ourselves and by the time we have the result, we’ll give everyone a satisfactory answer!”

Everyone burst out laughing after listening to his statement because what he said did not even sound believable to a kid.

At the moment, a powerful voice suddenly came from the entrance, “Conner Jackson, I have just one question for you—do you still think Mr. Larson is the murderer?”

That voice caused a commotion at the scene right away.

Connor Jackson was Old Master Jackson’s name.

Who had the guts to address him directly by his name in Eastcliff?

Even the old masters of the rest of the nine families would not be so rude to him.

However, no one had the guts to rebuke the owner of the voice.

It was because there really existed a man who was audacious enough to do that in Eastcliff—he was none other than the most powerful man in the city, Billy Newman!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 254

After the voice came Billy Newman, whose tall and muscular figure exuded a domineering aura when he stepped into the mansion.

Everyone felt as though the steps Billy took were hitting right at their hearts.

The nearer he got to them, the more stressful they felt.

When Billy reached the living room, even the masters of the Ten Greatest Families had to keep their heads held low submissively in his intimidating presence.

That was the aura belonging to the First King of Eastcliff!

The Ten Greatest Families were nothing in his presence!

Billy Newman was someone who could easily wipe off any of the ten families just by giving out an instruction to his men; he was a big shot in the city who had unparalleled power and influence.

Old Master Jackson widened his eyes as he slowly rose to his feet and held his head up to look at Billy.

“I’m surprised that a trifling matter of my family is important enough to catch Master Newman’s attention! Master Newman, did you make this trip over to defend Matthew Larson?” Old Master Jackson asked in an icy voice.

Billy sneered, “Old fox, it’s no good trying to trick me into saying anything. Mr. Larson doesn’t need to be defended at all! Everyone here can see what’s right and wrong according to their own judgment! I’m here to defend Mr. Larson if he’s really the murderer. But if he isn’t the murderer, I’m just here to witness how justice is done!”

Looking distressed, Old Master Jackson said through gritted teeth, “If that’s the case, my family will show you the justice you would like to see. But, it’s getting late now and there’s no point continuing the investigation. Why don’t we carry on tomorrow…”

Billy cut him off directly by saying, “Connor Jackson, just cut the crap, will you? I just have one question for you—do you think Mr. Larson is the murderer? If you think he is, we should continue watching the footage but if you don’t, just point it out directly what you’re going to do next. You’ve been so wishy-washy all your life. No wonder the Jackson Family is going downhill at your helm.”

Old Master Jackson went so livid with rage by his comment that he nearly puked blood. No one else had the guts to say something like that to him over the decades.

However, he dared not refute Billy considering that he was the First King of Eastcliff.

After taking a deep breath, Old Master Jackson confessed through gritted teeth, “In fact, the outcome has already become very clear. From what we saw from the video shown by Mr. Larson just now, we can see that Mr. Larson wasn’t the murderer. It’s someone else who did that!”

Leanna broke into a grin immediately before she stood up to congratulate Matthew, “Mr. Larson, congratulations for having your innocence proved!”

Matthew flashed her a faint smile with a nod.

In an airy tone, Timothy said, “Since Mr. Larson isn’t the murderer, don’t you think your family owes him an apology?”

Looking affronted, Old Master Jackson countered, “Mr. Wayne, I don’t quite understand what you meant. Someone from my family died and all the available evidence implied that Matthew was the murderer. Therefore, it’s totally reasonable for us to carry out an investigation on him. I don’t quite get it—have we done something wrong by investigating a murder suspect?”

“Of course you may do that but didn’t you have any idea how the people from your family carried out the investigation? Didn’t you know how they made a fuss outside Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and how they threw mud on Mr. Larson’s name? On top of that, Mr. Larson was just a suspect. Was it right to humiliate him and his family before you could even be sure he was the culprit?”

Old Master Jackson was left stumped by Timothy’s confrontation. After a moment of silence, he waved his hands innocently and said, “Harvey was the one who brought our men to do all those things and I had no idea what they did. Harvey, you carried out the investigation too aggressively! Now, you should apologize to Mr. Larson for the things you did!”

Harvey Jackson looked at a loss in response to Old Master Jackson’s critique. Weren’t you the one who told me to do those things? Why am I the one who needs to apologize to Matthew Larson?

At last, he had no choice but to keep his head low and apologize to Matthew, “Mr. Larson, I’m sorry.”

Matthew waved his hands dismissively and said, “Harvey Jackson, I don’t need your apology. Let’s just cut to the chase and talk about the compensation. I said before that you guys had to compensate for whatever loss suffered by my family. Do you remember it was 300 million? Since my innocence has been proven, don’t you think it’s time you fork out the money?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 255
Harvey went stupefied at once.

He had not taken Matthew’s words seriously before this thinking that he was just spouting nonsense.

It was only after the shocking plot twist unfolded did he realize that Matthew really meant what he said because he had had everything premeditated!

“Are you crazy? I can’t believe you have the face to ask for 300 million from us. We merely interrogated you as a murder suspect and the most we can do is to prove that you aren’t the culprit. What makes you think you have the right to ask us to pay you 300 million?” Harvey confronted him anxiously.

Matthew shook his head and clarified, “Nothing is wrong with interrogating me but you have to offer something to compensate for defaming Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and myself.”

Harvey snapped through gritted teeth, “I-I don’t suppose they are worth a compensation of 300 million? How much is Cunningham Pharmaceuticals worth? Even as compensation, tens of thousand will be more than enough. Why do we need to pay you a sum of 300 million?”

Matthew scoffed, “Harvey Jackson, let me ask you—are the evidence in your hands enough to prove that I’m the murderer?”

Harvey opened his mouth but he could not come up with anything to say.

Before this, they had been very adamant that Matthew was the culprit but they only realized all the evidence they found was in fact useless.

Matthew then added, “Although the evidence you have can’t prove that I’m the culprit, you guys still dragged me here to carry out the investigation and even threatened to kill me! That’s a person’s life we’re talking about! I have to risk my life here to undergo the investigation. Now, do you still think 300 million is too much as my compensation?”

Exasperated, Harvey argued, “Y-You’re just trying to spin the story to make it sound logical… As long as your innocence can be proved, we’ll let you go. Who told you that we’re going to kill you?”

Timothy offered his opinion by saying, “It was Mr. Larson who proved his innocence with his own effort. If he was not capable of doing that, he might have had to die an unjust death.”

Harvey, who was left speechless, made an excuse, “But we didn’t kill him in the end, did we?”

Snickering, Timothy challenged, “So, you will only pay the 300 million after killing him, is that what you mean? Harvey Jackson, why don’t I kill you first and pay you 300 million after that?”

With a frown, Old Master Jackson interrupted by saying, “Mr. Wayne, what you said is too far-fetched! After all, this is our family affair. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate of you to meddle with it?”

“I won’t intercept the affair of your family but Mr. Larson is my friend. Since Mr. Larson is involved, I just can’t stand doing nothing to help him. We just want an answer—are you guys going to pay him the 300 million or not?!” Timothy insisted.

Looking ominous, Old Master Jackson confronted him, “Mr. Wayne, are you going to snatch the money from us by force?”

Billy spoke at that juncture, “You’ve described it with too much exaggeration. All we want is justice! Mr. Larson is my friend. He was blamed for something he didn’t do, he was humiliated and he was nearly killed by you guys. Now, he is merely asking for a sum of 300 million as compensation for his loss. I don’t think his request is outrageous.”

Harvey went livid with rage while he refuted, “What he suffered isn’t worth that kind of money. Is his life even worth 300 million?”

Billy jeered, “It seems like you don’t think anyone’s life is worth 300 million, do you? In that case, I’ll offer 300 million to buy your life as well as Connor Jackson’s! How about that?!”

After saying that, Billy suddenly let out a roar which resounded the entire mansion as though an explosion had just occurred somewhere.

Shortly after that, a group of men stormed in from outside carrying one huge box after another into the living room.

They placed all the boxes on the floor close to each other, forming a small heap.

After putting them down, they then opened all the boxes at the same time.

The sight sent the living room uproarious at once while everyone widened their eyes in astonishment.

All the boxes were filled up to the brim by hundred-dollar notes.

How much money was actually contained in all those boxes?

Billy pointed at the boxes and roared, “Here’s 3 billion and I’m buying the lives of the ten members of your family! Are you going to sell them to me?!”

He let out a growl which sent everyone petrified.

Everyone was flabbergasted by the scene which was taking place in front of them.

It was only then did they finally realize how powerful and domineering the First King of Eastcliff was!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 256
Old Master Jackson’s face turned as pale as a sheet.

Although the Jacksons was one of the Ten Greatest Families of the city, the family was nothing in the presence of Billy.

There was nothing he could do now that Billy was threatening to take the ten lives of his family.

At that juncture, Harvey remarked indignantly, “Billy Newman, it was Matthew Larson who wanted to exchange his life for 300 million. My family didn’t say anything of that sort! What’s more, his life can’t be worth the same as my family members!”

Old Master Jackson was so pissed off to hear Harvey’s remark that he nearly puked blood. “Keep your mouth shut!” he boomed angrily.

Harvey looked baffled not knowing what he had done wrong.

Billy first glimpsed at Harvey before challenging him in an icy voice, “Why do you think so? Do you think that my friend isn’t as respectable as the people of your family? Harvey Jackson, do you think too highly of yourself or do you have too low an opinion of me?”

Looking shaken, it suddenly dawned upon Harvey why he was criticized by Old Master Jackson just now.

His statement just now was akin to a humiliation to the First King of Eastcliff!

With resignation written all over his face, Old Master Jackson caved in with a sigh, “Master Newman, of course he’s worth 300 million since he’s your friend! Scott, go and get the money ready and apologize to Mr. Larson on my behalf!”

A slight commotion ensued among the people present seeing that the Jacksons had yielded to Billy.

Billy sneered, “Connor Jackson, I’m impressed by how flexible you are. But, your son humiliated me just now. Don’t you think you have to do something about that?”

Old Master Jackson asked, “Master Newman, what would you like me to do?”

“At first, I’d like to offer 300 million to buy his life. But since you’re willing to offer the compensation together with the apology to Matthew, I’ll help you salvage whatever is remaining of your dignity. Well, just beat your son up until he loses all his teeth and I will then forget about everything that has happened today!”

Old Master Jackson’s face looked grim when he heard Billy but in the end, he still waved his hands to summon his men and ordered through gritted teeth, “He deserves to get such a punishment for having the guts to humiliate Master Newman! All of you, come and do exactly as Master Newman said!”

Harvey trembled with horror as he pleaded, “Dad,! Dad, please don’t do this to me, please don’t…”

Old Master Jackson shut his eyes because there was nothing he could do despite the intense pain in his heart.

Harvey would not have received that punishment if he had not made that statement just now.

However, since he had said that, he had no choice but to accept the punishment!

Soon, someone from the Jackson Family passed a card to Matthew informing him that they would transfer the 300 million to the card.

That was the end of the dramatic saga and Matthew decided to keep the pendrive with him.

He would leave it to the Jacksons to deal with Samuel.

Seeing that the issue had been solved, Billy and Timothy bid farewell with Matthew before leaving with their men.

Instead of leaving, Matthew made a dash to the backyard to pick up Sasha and her family who were locked up inside a room.

Sasha was so anxious that she kept on pacing back and forth.

Demi scoffed, “Sasha, why’re you panicking? Don’t you believe that Matthew isn’t the murderer? Why have you lost your confidence all of a sudden? Everything will be alright. I’m sure Matthew will live a long life, even longer than a turtle! Ha ha ha…”

Sasha looked grim when she heard Demi’s frivolous remark.

Liam taunted, “He will live a long life? I guess we’ll be asked to collect his dead body soon!”

Sasha, who was enraged to hear that comment, confronted him, “Liam, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Demi snapped back immediately, “Did he say anything wrongly? The evidence clearly shows that Matthew is the murderer and I’m sure the Jacksons will get him killed by tonight! Let me tell you right now that I won’t help him collect his body!”

James nodded his head slowly in agreement. “She’s right. He has nothing to do with our family! None of the Cunninghams is allowed to collect his body or I’ll sever any ties with the person and the person will be asked to leave my house immediately!”

Sasha panicked and exclaimed, “Dad, how could you say something like that? Matthew has always done everything for the good of our family. He’s still trying to ask for compensation for our family even at this hour! Can’t you just pray for something good to happen to him?”

Helen countered with her lips pursed, “Who cares about the compensation he can get us? I’m making my stance very clear right now—even if he manages to get us the compensation, I won’t even look at it and I won’t use a single cent of it!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 257
Sasha said through gritted teeth, “Well, I’ll remember what you just said! You won’t ask Matthew for a dime from the 300 million compensation!”

Helen laughed out loud when she heard Sasha. “Sasha, is there something wrong with your mind? When did I ask money from Matthew before? Does he have money? He has been relying on our family for a living for the past three years. Will I ask money from him?

You must be kidding! Do you think he’s the same as Liam? Liam is the best son-in-law one can get. Time and again he will send us stuff and bring us gifts. What about Matthew?

What did he buy for our family? Other than asking money from us to pay for his sister’s treatment, which is a debt that can never be fulfilled, what else is he capable of?”

Liam let loose a guffaw before he said, “Mom, please save Matthew some face because we shouldn’t be angry with a dying man! But, Sasha, I don’t think you should focus too much on the 300 million compensation. Why don’t you think about the shares of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals instead? I’ve contacted a lawyer and we can get the shares transferred to Dad just by signing some documents!”

Sasha felt disheartened as all her family could think about was Cunningham Pharmaceuticals’ shares while Matthew’s life was put on the line.

Meanwhile, James was nodding his head in approval as he was getting more and more satisfied with Liam.

Suddenly, the door to the room was flung open.

Demi was the first to stand bolt upright. “Sir, how was it? Has Matthew died? How did he die? Sir, please tell Old Master Jackson that we aren’t related to Matthew in any way and we won’t go and collect his dead body…”

Looking pale, Sasha asked in a quivering voice, “W-What happened to my husband? He isn’t the murderer, is he? It’s just a misunderstanding, right?”

The man from the Jackson Family who stood by the door did not make a voice while he maintained a bleak expression.

At that juncture, a man stepped into the room and it was none other than Matthew!

All of them inside the room were stunned to see him.

Sasha scurried over and wrapped her arms around Matthew. “Matthew, how are you feeling? Are you alright?” she asked in a croaky voice.

Caressing her smooth hair gently, Matthew muttered in a soft voice, “You silly girl, I told you I was blamed wrongly by them. Now, they have already apologized and compensated for my loss. We’re allowed to go home!”

James and his family were dumbfounded.

“H-How’s this possible? Isn’t the evidence conclusive enough to show that he’s the murderer? Have you guys made a mistake? Have you guys been deceived by Matthew?” Helen squealed in a fit of panic.

However, none of the Jacksons responded to her. Instead, one of them yelled at them through gritted teeth, “You guys may go now!”

Demi questioned in an anxious tone, “What do you mean we may go now? What about Matthew? Isn’t he the murderer? Can he go too?”

Assuming that she was taunting them, the Jacksons couldn’t help but snap angrily, “Stop pretending as if you knew nothing! Yes, we indeed made a mistake and mistook Mr. Larson as the murderer. But, we have already compensated and apologized to him. What else do you guys want from us?”

All of them in the room were puzzled. Did the Jacksons really apologize and compensate Matthew?

Liam said urgently, “How did you guys make such a mistake? Did Matthew show you guys some proof? I’m telling you it can only be fabricated! He is the murderer! My friend, Jacob, told me he was the one who killed Young Master Jackson! Don’t believe what he said! Just do some checking on the proof he offered. I’m sure it must be fake!”

With a frown, Matthew challenged, “Liam, are you really this keen to see me getting killed?”

Liam couldn’t help but be speechless.

Demi raised her voice and shouted, “We’re trying to make sure justice is done! Since the Jacksons are holding such a conclusive evidence against you, how can they make a mistake with that? You’re a murderer, so how can we allow you to get away with this? What should we do if you just decide to kill my family and I in the future?”

Sasha interrupted immediately by saying, “Demi, what nonsense are you talking about? Why would he do such a thing?”

With a contemptuous look, Demi snapped, “Everything is possible since he is an evil and unscrupulous murderer! Sir, whatever he showed you guys must be fabricated. Please do look into it!”

The Jacksons roared angrily, “Shut up, b*tch! His video captured the murderer very clearly, even his face. Can he fabricate that? Damn it, all of you here must be a bunch of fools!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 258

After hurling a barrage of curses, the Jacksons left the room leaving behind Helen and her family who were exchanging blank looks at each other.

It was only after a while did Helen mumble under her breath, “I-Is it just a misunderstanding? Liam, didn’t you tell us that the evidence against Matthew is conclusive?”

Looking puzzled, Liam stammered, “I-I have no idea what this is all about too… I wonder why they could still make such a mistake although they claimed they were holding a very strong evidence against Matthew. I-I guess his video is fabricated?”

Sasha, who was annoyed by his comment, challenged, “Is there something wrong with your mind? Could a video which captured a man’s face be fabricated? If you think it’s fake, try making a fake video yourself with a human’s face captured!”

Liam was left stumped.

Grinning triumphantly, Sasha gloated, “Now, I don’t think you guys have any other comments to make, do you? I told you guys that Matthew wasn’t the murderer before this!”

Holding their heads low, they did not make a sound because there was nothing else they could say in the face of the truth.

Demi remarked disdainfully, “Hmph, what’s so big a deal that he has now proven his innocence? I would pay him more respect if he were the murderer. Now, he’s shown everyone that he’s a useless guy who doesn’t even dare to kill someone!”

Sasha, who was furious to hear her comment, challenged, “Demi, what did you mean by that?”

“Nothing special. He’s just an eyesore to me. What’s the problem with that?”

Exasperated, Sasha snapped, “Why is my husband an eyesore to you?”

“Just because my husband is more competent than him! Your husband is a useless kept man who doesn’t even have the guts to kill someone. Why do I have to think highly of him?” Demi asked.

Sasha was quivering with rage. “Y-You…”

Looking proud, Demi confronted her, “What is it you’re trying to say? Did I say something wrong? Just correct me if you can!”

Sasha, who was looking furious at first, suddenly jeered, “I almost forget about one thing without your reminder. Liam, didn’t we make a bet before this? According to what we agreed before, you have to kneel down and offer kowtows to Matthew as an apology, right?”

Liam looked rattled in an instant. He only dared to make the bet with Sasha because he had never expected to lose.

Who would have thought that Matthew would actually turn out to be innocent, which meant he had lost the bet.

Demi panicked too because she had totally forgotten about the bet and she only remembered it when Sasha mentioned it just now.

Immediately, Demi said with a smile, “Sasha, why are you taking the bet so seriously? Since we are a family, the bet is just a joke and we shouldn’t take it too seriously.”

With a long face, Sasha refuted, “It’s just a joke? Your husband has already found himself a lawyer and got the share transfer agreement drafted only waiting for my signature! Now, you’re trying to tell me it’s a joke? Do you think I would buy it?”

Looking embarrassed, Demi couldn’t help but regret being too mean just now. Now, there was nothing else they could do to excuse themselves.

Sasha urged, “Liam, what’re you waiting for? Honor your promise now!”

Liam looked extremely distressed as the idea of offering kowtows and apologizing to Matthew seemed outlandish to him.

He then glanced at James and Helen for help.

James only furrowed his brows without saying anything whereas Helen’s heart went out for Liam. “Sasha, just forget it! Since we are a family, I don’t see the need to make a fuss out of it. Well, since everything has been solved, let’s head home!”

Liam took to his heels immediately but he was stopped by Sasha. “That’s not the right way to go! A man must honor his promise!”

Demi was annoyed. “Sasha, do you really have to be so fussy?”

Sasha scoffed, “Demi, I don’t want to be fussy. In fact, I thought of forgetting about the bet at first because nothing else matters as long as Matthew managed to make it back safely. However, as you kept making humiliating comments about him just now, I have no choice but be fussy. Since you said that my husband is a useless man, I want your husband to offer kowtows and apologize to my husband as compensation!”

Demi was stunned. It was only then did she realize that she had put herself in such a mess just because she had failed to watch her mouth!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 259

Helen furrowed her brows and growled, “Sasha, you should know when to stop your tantrum! What’re you trying to achieve since we’re a family? Isn’t demanding Liam to kneel down and offer kowtows too humiliating for him?! Will you only be pleased to see our family be broken apart?!”

Sasha went fuming when she heard her mother. “Am I trying to break this family apart? I’m just trying to reason with y’all! Why is he allowed to avoid the responsibility after losing the bet while I would have to honor my words if I were the one who lost?”

Helen snapped furiously, “Sasha, you’ve never meant well by having this bet right from the beginning. While Liam has to lose his dignity by kneeling down and offering kowtows to apologize to Matthew if he loses the bet, all you have to do is let Liam manage Wellness Herbary if you lose. You won’t suffer any loss because the company is still an asset belonging to our family but Liam has to pay the price for losing his dignity! See how forgiving and gracious Liam has been to you! How can you insist on making him do such a thing?!”

Sasha went dumbfounded because she had never thought that her mother would actually make such a nonsensical statement.

While her company was at stake in the bet, it was still nothing compared to Liam’s dignity in Helen’s eyes.

You guys said nothing’s going to be different because the company is merely transferred within the family. Do you guys think I have no idea what you guys have been thinking? If the company is really transferred to the two of you, it will be seized by Liam and Demi any minute. Do I look like a fool to the two of you?

However, Sasha did not voice even a single sentence of that out.

She knew very well that her parents had always favored Liam.

If she really said her thoughts aloud, her family would really be broken apart.

With a sharp intake of breath, Sasha said through gritted teeth, “Mom, please save your effort to make it sound so noble because I believe all of us here have a very clear idea of what’s the truth! There’s only one thing I want—Liam has to kneel down and offer kowtows to apologize to Matthew!”

Helen was so incensed that she was having difficulty trying to speak. “What have I done to have such an unfilial daughter like you?!”

While Helen started stomping, patting her chest and wailing in tears, Demi put on a disgusted look and exclaimed, “Sasha Cunningham, I finally realize who you really are! I’m deeply sickened by how you behave now!”

Amidst their uproar, Sasha looked ominous but she was determined not to cave in.

This time, not only did she want to make sure what they promised in the bet was honored, what was more important was she wanted to protect Matthew’s dignity.

Meanwhile, Matthew put on a frown. In fact, he didn’t care at all whether Liam did kneel down in front of him or not.

However, since Liam had agreed to take the bet with his wife, he was not allowed to go back on his promise!

Amidst the commotion, Matthew suddenly waved his hands and shouted, “Sasha, forget it! Since Liam is unwilling to kneel down, don’t force him to do it!”

Liam looked elated at once. “Sasha, did you hear that? Since your husband has already said so, there’s no reason for you to be so persistent.”

Sasha, who was annoyed, shot Matthew a glare and demanded, “Matthew, why are you being so kind to him? He caused you so much trouble and made so many slanderous remarks about you. Why do you want to spare him the punishment?”

Matthew chuckled and shook his head leisurely, “Sasha, I’m not interested in seeing him getting down on his knees. By the way, my friend, Tiger, has already called the police. Defamation isn’t too big a deal. Tiger will get his lawyer to represent me during the trial and by the time it happens, Liam will just have to be sent to prison for several years. It’s nothing since his dignity is what matters the most to him, isn’t it?”

As soon as he said that, Helen and the rest looked shaken at once.

While Liam became so terror-stricken that his whole body was trembling, his wife said anxiously, “Matthew, d-don’t you bring this too far! What did my husband say that made up to defamation on you? D-Do you have any proof?”

Matthew chuckled softly and said, “Oh, I’ve forgotten to tell you about this—I switched on the voice recorder when he made that slanderous remark about me that day.”

Both Liam and Demi were left stupefied at once.

Helen asked apprehensively, “We’re a family. Mathew, do you really need to do that?”

Looking unruffled, Matthew explained, “Mom, it’s no use persuading me because it’s Tiger who called the police. Some friends of mine just couldn’t help but take actions because they couldn’t stand me suffering such an injustice. If you aren’t happy with what Tiger did, you may visit him and confront him yourself!”

Helen’s face turned pale at once. Just the thought of how Tiger had dealt with Jacob and the rest last time was enough to send her a gust of fear.

There was no doubt she would not have the guts to visit Tiger!

Sasha laughed out loud immediately. “I see! Very well, I won’t ask him to get down on his knees again. Liam, remember not to kneel down and apologize to Matthew!”

Colors drained from Liam’s face as he pleaded in a trembling voice, “Matthew, we’re a family. D-Do you really need to do that?”

Matthew drawled, “A family? Did you think of that when you were trying to get me killed?! Liam, I’ll give you two choices right now—either you get down on your knees and apologize to me or you will be sent to jail. Make the choice yourself!”

Demi freaked out when she heard him. “Matthew, d-do you really have to be so harsh?!”

Matthew first glimpsed at her before answering her with each and every word sounding crisp and clear, “I can be even harsher. Do you want to have a taste of it?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 260

Much intimidated by Matthew’s threat, Demi trembled and she was deterred from making any further comment once she thought of Matthew’s friendship with Tiger.

In the end, Liam decided to yield to Matthew.

He got down on his knees and held his head low when he apologized, “Matthew, I’m sorry. I-I’ve made a mistake…”

Matthew sniggered disdainfully as he couldn’t be bothered to respond to Liam who was just a piece of crap.

Demi, who was enraged, looked grim thinking that Matthew must have deliberately hatched this plan to sabotage them.

She hauled Liam up to his feet and snapped furiously, “Well, now that my husband has already kneeled down and apologized, are you happy now?”

Sasha, who finally had her grievance avenged, commented icily, “He brought that upon himself! He only has himself to blame for gloating over people’s misfortune!”

Liam did not say anything to refute her with his teeth gritted whereas Demi said crossly, “Just cut the crap! Is your husband any better? Yes, my husband did that but at least he’s better than someone who only knows how to brag! Your husband has been telling everyone that he will get a 300 million compensation for our family. What happened to it now? Did the Jacksons pay him a dime?”

James and Helen glanced over at Matthew. The thought of Matthew claiming that he would ask the Jacksons for compensation was hilarious to them.

The Jacksons were one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff. How could they be willing to compensate them?

Matthew muttered, “They did!”

“Huh?” Helen was stunned first before asking out of instinct, “How much did they pay you?”

“300 million!” Matthew announced.

Helen and the rest first exchanged looks among each other before they soon roared with laughter.

“Matthew, are you so traumatized by them that you have lost your mind? Compensating you with 300 million? Why did they need to do that? Do you really think that they’d look at you in that kind of light?” Demi said in between laughter.

Sincerely, Matthew emphasized, “It’s true. The Jacksons really promised to pay me 300 million compensating for the loss of reputation our company and our family suffered as well as our damages of distress! Dad, Mom, this sum of money belongs to our family and I am thinking of giving the money to the two of you…”

Helen cut him off by saying, “No way, please don’t give it to us! You can keep the money to yourself and please don’t give us a dime because we aren’t worthy of that money! Ha ha ha, do you guys want the money?”

Liam and Demi, who were laughing heartily, shook their heads and said, “Matthew, just keep the money to yourself. We don’t want a dime from you!”

James shook his head and sighed regretfully. “Matthew, do you know why you’re so detestable? It’s because you’re too cocky, too presumptuous and you brag too much! Even if the Jacksons did accuse you wrongly, you should consider yourself lucky to have an apology from them. Why would they pay you 300 million? Is the money in joss paper?”

Once again, the other three let out a round of guffaw because they did not believe the Jacksons would compensate them with a sum of 300 million at all.

Looking indignant, Sasha held one of Matthew’s arms and confronted them through gritted teeth, “What are you guys laughing at? Why wouldn’t they pay us the money? I’m sure what Matthew said was true and I believe him!”

Demi laughed out loud and remarked, “Sasha, you’re so pathetic. Do you really believe something so illogical? Do you really think the Jacksons would pay him 300 million? Tell me why did they need to do that?”

James waved his hands dismissively and said, “Well, that’s enough of embarrassment for one day. Let’s go! What’re you guys waiting for? Do you really think they will give you the money now?”

The rest of them burst out laughing again before turning around to head toward the exit.

Just as they reached the door, they saw a group of people from the Jackson Family coming their way and they were led by Scott.

They were carrying someone whose face was fully covered with blood on a stretcher—Harvey.

Scott looked anguished but when he saw Matthew, he tried hard to squeeze out a faint smile.

“Mr. Larson, according to Old Master Jackson’s instruction, we have beaten Harvey up and made him lose all his teeth. Once again, I offer my apology to you on behalf of the Jackson Family.”

James and the rest widened their eyes in astonishment as they were surprised by how sincere the Jacksons offered their apology.

Scott then added, “By the way, we’ve transferred the 300 million compensation to your card and you may check the balance anytime!”

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