The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 261-270

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 261

“What?” James and the rest exclaimed in unison.

Did they really compensate them with 300 million?

They then made it back to their car in a state of confusion. Just as Matthew was about to get into the car, Demi asked, “Matthew, what’re you doing? This car is a five-seater, and we happen to have five people here. Can’t you understand what this means?”

Before, it would have been fine for Demi to make such a statement.

But this time, James was annoyed as soon as she said that. “Shut up! You and Liam should go back home by yourselves. Matthew, please drive us back home tonight!”

Demi was baffled by her father’s behavior.

Looking puzzled, Helen grabbed onto James’ arm. Just as she was about to say something, he raised three fingers in a hand gesture.

Helen was stunned for a moment before it suddenly dawned upon her.

300 million in compensation!

Helen quickly chimed in, “Your Dad is right! Demi, since you’ve already gotten married, you shouldn’t keep asking us for help! Well, we’re heading home first. The two of you should settle it among yourselves!”

The four of them then departed in the car, leaving Demi standing rooted to the spot, a blank look on her face.

“Dear, what’s wrong with Dad and Mom?”

Liam sighed, resignation written all over his face. “Can’t you tell? They must be eyeing the 300 million that Matthew has.”

Demi looked stunned all of a sudden, realizing that Matthew had now become a changed man.

It was completely quiet in the car on their way home.

James and Helen—who were sitting in the back passenger seat—were embarrassed beyond words.

What had taken place earlier that night was beyond their expectations.

Not only was Matthew innocent, the key was that he also managed to get a 300 million compensation for their family.

There were plenty of things they could do with that money.

It was time they upgraded to a better house from their current crammed and dilapidated old house.

It was time they bought themselves a car to travel around, because so far they had been using company cars.

Also, it was about time they bought some new furniture and electrical appliances.

Getting clothes, jewelry and everything they had ever wanted used to be something out of their reach.

However, things would be different with the 300 million!

The money would be enough to fulfill all their dreams.

They could purchase a lavishly renovated mansion that came with new furniture and electrical appliances. They could also afford to have luxurious cars, new clothes and all sorts of jewelry.

With the 300 million, the Cunninghams would be able to live their life like the riches!

However, the card was in Matthew’s hands.

And not too long ago, they just told him loud and clear that they didn’t want a dime from him. So, how should they ask for the money from Matthew now?

When they drove past a bank, James shot a look at Helen.

Despite feeling slightly embarrassed, Helen braced herself and said, “Matt, please stop the car.”

Both Matthew and Sasha looked bewildered because Helen had never spoken so politely to him before.

After pulling up the car, Matthew asked, “Mom, is there anything wrong?”

Face red, Helen said hesitantly, “Hmm… I’m thinking that the Jacksons might not have honored their promise. Although they said they had transferred the money, it might not be true. Since we happen to pass by a bank, let’s go and check it out. If we don’t see the money in the account, we should go look for them as soon as possible. We simply can’t give them a chance to go back on their words!”

Matthew chuckled and explained to Helen, “Mom, nothing will go wrong! Since the Ten Greatest Families were all there to witness when the Jacksons made the promise, I’m sure they would honor it, and I believe they must have already transferred the money!”

Helen was embarrassed, but at the same time, her curiosity was killing her.

She was dying to take a look at the 300 million.

“Matthew, I-I think it’s better we take a look at it so that we can all be at ease!”

Laughing softly, Matthew then parked the car by the roadside.

Both Helen and James followed Matthew closely and went to the bank. The compartment that held the ATM machine was so small that they couldn’t even close the door after squeezing themselves in.

James and Helen then craned their necks, trying to see as Matthew inserted the card into the machine. He then entered the password before clicking on the screen to check the account balance.

James and Helen were trembling with excitement, their eyes glued to the screen.

Shortly after that, several figures popped up.

It was a number three followed by a string of zeros.

They couldn’t be sure how much that figure meant, even after trying to count it twice. In the end, Helen pressed her fingers on the screen and counted the zeros with her fingers.

“I-It’s really 300 million…” Helen’s voice was trembling because she had never witnessed that much money in all her life.

Although the Cunninghams claimed their family was worth over 100 million, most of what they owned were properties. In reality, they did not hold much cash.

However, what was inside the card was all cash!

Matthew took the card out of the machine and said with a smile, “Dad, Mom, now that the money is in the account, there’s nothing to worry about. Come on, let’s head home!”

James and Helen followed Matthew back to the car, the both of them stuck in a trance.

When they finally reached home, Helen suddenly spoke, “Matthew, y-you told us before that you would give the money to us…”

Sasha cut her off directly and said, “Mom, both of you made it very clear just now that you don’t want anything to do with this money!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 262

James and Helen were left speechless.

The two of them felt a pressing urge to slap themselves for making such a statement earlier, leaving them with no room to maneuver now.

After sending the both of them home, Matthew turned around and drove Sasha to the office.

Just as Helen was about to persuade them to stay for the night, she was stopped by James.

After they entered the house, Helen questioned James immediately, “Old man, what were you thinking just now? That was such a good chance to ask them to stay for the night. We could have had a chance to discuss the money matter with Matthew, and it would’ve been perfect if we managed to get him to hand the card over to us. Why did you allow him to leave?”

James glared at her and snapped, “Do you think everyone else are fools? You’re still thinking of asking money from him after we made things so ugly just now. Do you really think he’s that stupid?”

Looking lost, Helen countered, “B-But, we can’t give up that money, can we? That’s 300 million we’re talking about. With that money, our wealth will surely surpass your father’s! Although we have Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, we don’t really own much assets. Once we have the money, we will finally be able to hold our heads high in the Cunningham family! How can we let this chance slip by us?”

James waved his hands in the air and said, “You don’t have to tell me all that; I understand the situation. The problem is, tonight is not the time to ask for the money. Matthew nearly got himself killed at the Jacksons’ place, and we just had a dispute with him. It’s not right to ask him for the money directly. On top of that, it will be harder for us when Sasha is around. You know her personality very well; she only listens to her husband now. Will she allow Matthew to give us the money if you ask him for it now? Not only will we not get the money, we might even start another argument with them, and any hopes to get our hands on that money will be completely dashed by then!”

Scratching her head, Helen let out a resigned sigh. “Alas, what’s wrong with Sasha that makes her take the side of an outsider? What do you think we should do now? Surely we can’t let Matthew have the money, right?”

After a moment of contemplation, James told her, “Let’s pay a visit to Matthew tomorrow; just the two of us. If we manage to flatter him and shower him with enough compliments, he might just give us the card. Matthew is much easier to manipulate.”

Helen was delighted to hear his plan, and nodded her head vigorously. “Yes, you’re right! We should butter him up first and then get the card from him. There’s nothing else he can do after giving us the card!”

Meanwhile, Matthew sent Sasha back to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, where she had been staying recently.

“Sasha, please take the card!” Matthew handed her the card given to him by the Jacksons.

She shook her head and rejected him immediately. “I can’t take the card! You should keep it, since the Jacksons gave it to you as compensation.”

Matthew smiled. “Since we’re a married couple, what difference will it make?”

With a solemn expression, Sasha answered him in a serious tone, “Of course that’s going to make a huge difference! When you had no funds, people around us kept on labeling you as a man who relied on a woman for a living. Now that you have money, let’s see who still dares to make such a comment about you! Besides, men who have no money have no confidence. Why would you do that?”

Matthew laughed and said, “I don’t need so much money to be confident!”

Sasha shook her head and insisted, “No matter how much money is inside that card, it’s yours, and it goes without saying that you should keep it. By the way, I’m sure Dad and Mom will come up with some ways soon to seize this card from you. Promise me you won’t give it to them no matter what happens! Once you give it to them, you’ll not be able to get it back!”

Matthew pretended to look troubled when he asked, “What should I do then? I can’t disobey what they tell me to do. Why don’t I just leave the card with you?”

Sasha waved her hands and said, “I told you I can’t keep it. Hmph, I’m sure they will force you into giving them the card. Why don’t you just tell them that you lost the money?”

Looking befuddled, Matthew questioned, “Losing 300 million at one go? Do you think anyone would believe me?”

“Don’t we have the issue with the Grahams regarding the jade bracelet? You can just tell them that you’ve given the money to the Grahams as compensation for the bracelet. By doing this, we’re killing two birds with one stone!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 263

Matthew left after walking Sasha upstairs to her room.

It was not appropriate of him to stay and keep Sasha company. After all, it was her workplace.

On top of that, he had a more pressing matter to attend to.

After leaving Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, he had a feeling that he was being followed by a car.

He pretended not to notice by leisurely making circles around the city with his electric motor.

At last, he arrived at a secluded construction site on the outskirts of the city.

All of a sudden, a thundering sound of a car engine came from behind as it accelerated toward him.

As the pathway was not much wider than the width of a car, there wasn’t enough space for Matthew to avoid said car which was charging in his direction.

The car crashed squarely into his motor, which sent him flying. He fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

Several men came out from the car. The group was led by none other than Samuel Hughes.

With a sinister expression, he waved at the rest of the group who immediately carried Matthew into the car.

Just shortly after they sped away, another car came to take care of Matthew’s motor.

With Matthew in his car, Samuel and his men took a route which avoided all CCTV cameras, and finally reached a secluded spot in the suburbs.

Matthew, who had been tied up tightly, was woken by Samuel pouring a cold bucket of water on him.

“Larson, here we are again! Are you surprised to see me?” Samuel said with a sly smile.

Matthew glimpsed at the men around him and said lightly, “Samuel, you really managed to leave the Jackson Residence? Seems like the Jacksons are more timid than I imagined. I can’t believe they actually let you go although you murdered one of theirs.”

Looking ominous, Samuel snapped, “Larson, stop sounding so sarcastic. Do you have any idea the price I had to pay? All the business in Eastcliff owned by the Pharmaceutical Union will be given to the Jacksons in the future! That was the price I paid in order to stay alive! This is all your doing! How do you think I will kill you?”

Matthew chuckled. “Samuel Hughes, you think too highly of yourself, and you’ve underestimated me. Do you really think Zachary Jackson’s death came as a surprise to me?”

Looking skeptical, Samuel asked, “W-What do you mean?”

“Zachary Jackson’s death was all planned by me! To be honest, I really wanted to kill him. However, if I were to kill him myself, it would just bring about endless trouble for me. But things would be different if you were the one who murdered him! I was glad that you really went along with my plan by killing Zachary Jackson. You see, I managed to finish both you and Zachary off at the same time!”

Samuel went livid with rage.

At that time, he thought he had successfully framed Matthew by murdering Zachary and pushing the blame on Matthew. With that, he would be able to sit on the sidelines and watch them dispute over Zachary’s death.

Little did he know, he was the one who had fallen into Matthew’s trap and was sabotaged by him.

“Matthew, y-you are despicable!” Samuel was so furious that his entire body was trembling.

By falling for Matthew’s trap, not only did he fail to seize Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, he also had to pay a huge price to exchange for his life, not to mention being punished by his family later on.

Matthew shrugged and clarified, “I didn’t ask you to kill him; you did it out of your own free will. You willingly took the bait and fell into my trap. If you didn’t have the intention to sabotage me, you wouldn’t have to suffer so badly.”

Samuel, who was gritting his teeth in rage, suddenly roared with laughter. “You’re right! I was the one who willingly took the bait! But, no matter how shrewd and cunning you are, you’re still my captive! You must pay the same price as what I have paid! Don’t go worrying about things after your death because I’ll take over the responsibility of caring for your wife and Leanna Sandel…”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 264

Matthew laughed out loud and commented, “Samuel Hughes, it seems like you aren’t any better than Harvey Jackson! Both of you are as dumb as doornails!”

His statement sent Samuel into a boiling rage. “What did you say?”

Matthew rose to his feet. Under Samuel’s unflinching gaze, he jerked his hands and broke the ropes that were tied around his body tightly.

Samuel’s eyes nearly popped out in astonishment. The ropes he used were sturdy. How strong did Matthew need to be in order to rip them off?

He did not know that Matthew’s physique and capabilities had become so extraordinary after the Divine Skill cultivation. It went way beyond one’s imagination.

Matthew stretched and laughed lightly. “Samuel, do you know why I took that lane instead of the main road just now? I was giving you the chance to kidnap me, you idiot!”

Looking deeply shaken, Samuel suddenly realized he was being manipulated by Matthew yet again.

“Get him!” After giving that instruction to his men, he immediately made a dash toward his car, getting ready to flee the scene.

However, after only taking a step forward, his whole body felt weak and he slumped to the ground.

His entire body felt numb, with not a single ounce of energy left, but he could still think clearly.

He glanced at his men standing next to him and found they too had all collapsed onto the ground.

Samuel was dumbfounded. He could not figure out what was going on.

Matthew crouched down and stared at Samuel. “Samuel Hughes, there’s no use trying to move, because I drugged all of you inside the car just now. I used a colorless and odorless poison, which is capable of making one feel weak and lose all energy. Most importantly, the poison will disappear without leaving a trace after two hours. No doctor, no matter how skillful he is, is able to find out which poison it is!”

Looking flustered, Samuel questioned, “Y-You were prepared for this? Did you know that I would kidnap you all along?”

Matthew sniggered and said, “Oh, Samuel, you should know your enemy as well as yourself in order to succeed. Before you make a move, it’s a good practice to know thy enemy. Not only do you have to know how powerful he is, you also need to understand his personality as well, not to mention his style of doing things.”

Samuel looked deeply shaken, and suddenly realized that Matthew was way out of his league.

In an airy tone, Matthew elaborated, “Ever since the incident at the construction site took place, I’ve started making the effort to carry out an investigation on you to learn about your personality, as well as your style of doing things. You’re a very cocky and cunning man. On top of that, you like to use cruel and nasty means to settle things. Therefore, I specifically designed a plan to lure you into my trap. I kidnapped Zachary Jackson but I didn’t kill him, giving him the chance to call you. Looking at how you did things, you would surely kill Zachary and frame me for his murder.”

Samuel was stupefied. It was only then did he learn what exactly made him inferior to Matthew.

In a soft voice, Matthew continued, “As for the Jacksons, I knew all along that they wouldn’t be too harsh on you. And you, after paying such a heavy price because of it, surely wouldn’t let the matter go so easily. You would want to seek revenge on me. Therefore, I deliberately took the lane just now to lure you into kidnapping me. Samuel Hughes, you really didn’t let me down! You managed to step right into every trap that I set for you. Don’t you think you’ve been cooperating very well with my plan so far?”

Dejectedly, Samuel let out a sigh and mumbled, “Matthew, I’ve really underestimated you all this while. This time, I’m willing to accept my defeat. If you’re willing to let me go, I won’t ever treat you as my enemy.”

Matthew shook his head and said, “Samuel, you have no chance to accept your defeat anymore. Do you remember what I told you before—you can do anything you’d like to me, but you’re not allowed to be disrespectful to my wife, else I will finish you off!”

Looking restless, Samuel reminded him through gritted teeth, “Matthew, don’t you forget that I’m one of the Hughes! Even the Jacksons don’t have the guts to kill me! If I die in Eastcliff, my family would not let you get away with it!”

Matthew chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you!”

Samuel heaved a sigh of relief.

Matthew then added in a soft voice, “But I can’t say the same for the Jacksons!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 265

What Matthew said made Samuel froze before sneering, “The Jacksons? Hmph, do you think they have the guts to do anything to me? They finished watching the video last night, but what happened next?

They still allowed me to leave in the end! Matthew, you really think you can make use of the Jacksons to kill me? Dream on!”

Looking indifferent, Matthew explained, “The Jacksons might have let you go, but it doesn’t mean Zachary’s parents won’t do anything to you. Samuel, didn’t you notice his parents’ expressions just now?

At first, they looked like they couldn’t wait to kill me, but when you were later proven to be the murderer, they started to fix their gaze on you. Per my calculations, they should be here any minute now. When they kill you later, the Hughes won’t be able to link your death to me, no matter what happens.”

Matthew reached out to poke Samuel’s neck.

“I’ve got to go. Enjoy now!”

Matthew walked away laughing, leaving behind a horrified looking Samuel. He suddenly realized that he could not make a single sound.

About half an hour later, a car suddenly appeared.

“There! That’s their car!” a shrill voice shouted.

The car immediately drove in their direction. The two people who got out of the car were none other than Zachary’s parents.

With their eyes brimming with bitter resentment, they gritted their teeth as they glared at Samuel who was lying on the ground.

A terror-stricken Samuel was eager to spill the beans and tell them it was all part of Matthew’s plan.

However, he couldn’t utter a single word.

“Why are they all lying here? Why can’t they move?” Zachary’s father asked curiously.

As for Zachary’s mother, she snapped with hatred in her eyes. “How is that relevant? He murdered my son! I will kill him to avenge my son’s death!”

Meanwhile, Zachary’s father looked worried. “I just worry that someone might be trying to make use of us to kill him.”

Samuel sighed in relief, glad that Zachary’s father was not dumb.

As for Zachary’s mother, she muttered through gritted teeth, “I’m fine with being used as long as I can avenge my son’s death! Have you not given up on that family of yours already? Not only did they take away our son’s right to be the successor to the family business, they also decided to give up avenging his death just because they were offered some benefit in return. Can they still be considered as our family? Do you still want to do things for their good? Our son would be so disappointed in you!”

His expression turning icy, Zachary’s father fished out a dagger and said through gritted teeth, “You’re right! Since they treated us that way, they shouldn’t blame us for betraying them! Forgive me, Father, I’m not trying to bring trouble upon our family; I’m just forced to do this because of your cruel actions!”

With that, he stabbed the dagger into Samuel’s chest.

Samuel couldn’t even let out a shriek, but it didn’t change the fact that the pain was unbearable.

Before long, they managed to kill Samuel between the two of them.

Glancing at the men beside them, Zachary’s father frowned as he asked, “What do we do with them?”

Zachary’s mother snarled, “Since they are together with Samuel Hughes, they were all his accomplices who murdered my son! We shouldn’t spare any of them!”

Zachary’s father nodded his head in agreement. By then, it made no difference between killing only one or all of them.

Soon, they finished off all of Samuel’s underlings.

After getting their revenge, they left immediately. Instead of heading back to Eastcliff, they drove in the opposite direction.

They knew very well that their family would not forgive them for killing Samuel and his men. Therefore, there was no way they could stay in Eastcliff.

This was part of Matthew’s plan too.

After Zachary’s parents killed Samuel and his men, they would have to run away from here without leaving any trace.

The poison in Samuel and his men would soon dissipate.

By the time the Hughes started investigating Samuel’s death, they would only trace it to Zachary’s parents, instead of himself.

With that, Matthew could wash his hands off the issue, and it was no longer related to him in any way.

However, he could already foresee a looming battle between the Hughes and the Jacksons in the future.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 266
Early the next morning, Liam and Demi returned home just as James and Helen were about to pay a visit to Matthew.

In fact, Liam and Demi had been staying with them all the while, but they dared not go back home the previous night for fear of the possibility of being punished.

The sight of the both of them made Helen’s expression turn icy. “Why are the two of you here? Don’t you two know that Matthew is not happy with you? Did you guys come here on purpose to make him angry?”

Liam lamented deep down inside. Indeed, money makes all the difference! Prior to this, James and Helen were always annoyed to see Matthew; but now, they are asking us to avoid him so that he won’t be angry because of our presence!

Despite holding a grudge, Liam was still all smiles.

“Mom, we are here because we know that Matthew has left for work. Remember that jacket you fancied last time? We happened to have some spare time, so Demi and I went and bought it for you. Dad, we bought you that pair of leather shoes you’ve been eyeing too.”

With a wide grin, Liam handed the gifts to them.

It was only then did the tension in Helen’s face ease up a little. “Liam, to be honest, it’s not quite appropriate for you to keep heading back home, seeing how you used to be very harsh on Matthew. Also, how could you refuse to honor your word after losing the bet with Sasha?”

Demi said anxiously, “Mom, didn’t Liam kneel down and apologize to him already? What else do you guys want him to do?”

James muttered, “Hmph, since he did bet with Sasha, he should have accepted his defeat more gracefully! A man is only as good as his word. Since he promised to kneel down if he lost the bet, I am not impressed by how he hesitated and was reluctant to get down onto his knees in the end!”

Demi looked indignant, and was just about to refute when Liam stopped her. “Dad is right. A man has to honor his promise, in any case. Dad, please don’t worry because I’ll take note and try hard to become a man of my word in the future, just like you. As for Matthew, did he mean what he said?”

James and Helen glanced at each other before asking, “What do you mean?”

Liam explained in a low voice, “Dad, Mom, didn’t Matthew say that part of the 300 million was compensation for our company, and the other part was for our family? In other words, our family’s compensation will not only include his share, but also the share that belongs to the two of you. But where’s the money now?”

James and Helen’s expressions changed slightly. Truth be told, they had also been thinking about the money too.

It was 300 million, after all! After having a discussion that lasted throughout the entire night, they had already come up with a plan on how to spend the money.

However, they still had no idea how to get it from Matthew.

Helen said impatiently, “Liam, we know what you’re on about. Hence our visit to ask him for the money now!”

Liam replied immediately, “Mom, are you going to ask him for the money without a proper plan? You just told him that you wanted nothing from him last night, but you’re going to ask him for the money now directly. Aren’t you guys making a joke of yourselves?”

“But it’s not right to let him have so much money!” Helen exclaimed, looking embarrassed.

Liam chuckled and said, “Mom, what I meant was, we can adopt another strategy.”

Eagerly, Helen asked him, “What’s your strategy?”

With a smile, Liam proceeded to elaborate, “We have to offer him some benefits first before we ask him for the money. Mom, he is still working as a cleaner at the hospital, isn’t he? I’m quite close with the assistant director of the hospital, who is in charge of human resources. I can offer him some money to arrange for a better position for Matthew. When you pay Matthew a visit, the two of you can tell him that it was arranged by you guys. It will be easier to ask him for the money by making things pleasant first.”

Helen’s eyes lit up with hope as she commented, “Hey, this is actually a good idea!”

James nodded his head slowly and said, “Well, let’s do it this way then. Liam, you may start making the arrangements with the assistant director of the hospital.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 267

At the villa in Lakeside Garden, after giving his sister Natalie a mini Rejuvenating Pill, Matthew went to the furnace room located on the third floor.

The furnace room was used as a storage place for the rare and uncommon medicinal herbs that Matthew found, and it was usually locked.

Last night, he had started making some pills in the room and he thought that it was about time that the pills were ready.

However, he didn’t get the aroma of the pills when entering the room.

He opened the ceramic jar to find that the mixture inside was still in a gooey state; it needed more time before it could take the form of pills.

Feeling resigned, Matthew realized the problem lay with the temperature of the fire, which was not high enough.

However, there was nothing he could do about it because the ceramic jar could not withstand too high a temperature.

Using the ceramic jar to make pills was definitely not the right way. The proper way to make pills required a furnace.

As the medicinal herbs used were more common, he could still use the ceramic jar to make them.

For those rare medicinal herbs which required a higher temperature or special conditions, the ceramic jar would not be suitable.

He checked his watch and found that it was about time he went to the hospital.

Therefore, he had no choice but to put out the fire which was warming the ceramic jar, to avoid burning everything within.

After rushing to the hospital, the first thing he did was visit the director and requested to be transferred to a different department.

The emergency ward used up a lot of his time, and the work there wasn’t too meaningful for him because most of the patients there could be taken care of by any doctor.

He wanted to transfer to a department with a lighter workload, so that he would have more time on his hands.

He planned to offer his service to patients whom the other doctors could not handle, because that was the only way he could hone his medical skills.

There was no doubt the director was willing to accede to his request, because it was Joseph Harrison himself who brought Matthew in.

The director immediately rang the assistant director of the hospital in charge of human resources—Casey Fleming—to arrange for Matthew’s transfer.

While Casey was still thinking of how to sort things out, Liam went to pay him a visit with a file in his hand.

Coincidentally, Casey was Liam’s old friend that he mentioned earlier.

In reality, Liam was not very close to Casey; the two had only met each other at a private gathering before.

“Director Fleming, how are you doing?” Liam greeted him with a wide grin.

Curious, Casey went on to make small talk with Liam. It wasn’t long before Liam told him the purpose of his visit. “Director Fleming, I understand this is a rather difficult thing to ask of you. In fact, you may just assign him a role with a light workload, but not anything too important. Please accept this small gift in exchange for your hard work!”

With that, Liam placed the file on the table.

Casey could see several stacks of cash peeking out from the file.

He found Liam’s offer puzzling.

Hasn’t the director already asked me to take care of the transfer? Why am I getting a bribe to do the exact same thing? Is Liam worried that I might not take care of it properly?

Putting on a contemplative look, he asked, “Liam, who’s this Matthew Larson to you?”

Liam answered him with a smile, “Oh, he’s my brother-in-law. His wife is my wife’s elder sister!”

Casey was shocked to hear that Matthew and Liam were related. No wonder Liam was giving him a bribe to do the arrangement.

Judging from how Liam made this trip specifically just to offer him a bribe, it seemed that Matthew Larson was really keen to get a good position in the hospital with a light workload.

No matter what, he should get his hands on the money first!

Pretending to look troubled, Casey said, “Liam, as your buddy, I’ll definitely do you this favor since you asked me to! Let’s see… a new Department of Chinese Medicine has just been established at the hospital. How about I transfer him to be the head of that department?”

Liam’s eyes gleamed with excitement at once.

At first, he had only expected Matthew to be transferred to a random department to handle some menial tasks.

It had never occurred to him that his friendship with Casey was actually strong enough to make Matthew a head of a department in the hospital. He had accomplished this task way beyond his own expectations.

Liam saluted him and expressed his gratitude. “Thank you very much, Casey! Rest assured, you can ring me anytime if you need assistance in the future!”

While Casey was making small talk with Liam, deep down inside, he was feeling elated.

As Matthew was the current head of the Emergency Department, it was not difficult at all to transfer him to be the head of the Department of Chinese Medicine, as it did not involve a promotion.

However, Liam was still willing to offer him a large sum of money as a favor for him.

Was he a fool?

After leaving the hospital, a clueless Liam called James excitedly and told him about the arrangement.

James was thrilled to hear about it.

“Liam, you’re indeed very reliable! You actually got him promoted from a toilet cleaner to the head of a department. Can you imagine how happy Matthew will be when he knows that? He’ll surely be embarrassed if he doesn’t give us the card when we ask it from him!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 268

Matthew was informed that he had been transferred to the Department of Chinese Medicine not long after starting work that morning.

In fact, he was slightly taken aback by how efficient the hospital director had made the arrangements.

However, he was not too bothered by that.

As his medical skills were mainly based on traditional Chinese medicine now, the role at the Department of Chinese Medicine would actually be more suitable for him.

After barely settling into his new office, James, Helen and Demi visited him with smiles on their faces.

With a wide grin, James asked, “Matthew, how do you feel now that you finally have your own office?”

After looking at her surroundings, Demi nodded her head in approval. “Needless to say, he must feel very good about it! It feels very comfortable being in this room; it’s so spacious and bright. Don’t you think so, Matt?”

With a slight frown, Matthew asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Helen waved her hands dismissively and said, “Nothing much, we’re just here to look around. We’ve never been here to visit you, even after you’ve been working here for such a long time. Alas, we’ve been too busy! So, we’ve finally squeezed out some time today to come here and visit one of our old friends who works here. We spent a huge effort in persuading him to get you transferred and be the head of this department! But Matt, you don’t have to thank us because that’s what family is for, right?”

Matthew was puzzled. He had no idea how his transfer could be related to them.

In an earnest tone, James said, “Matt, you’ve been addressing us as your Dad and Mom so far. We don’t expect you to repay us, as long as you do your best in this job!”

With his lips pursed, Matthew grumbled in his head. What do I owe the two of you? When I was working as the toilet cleaner here several years ago, you guys would always avoid getting too near to the hospital so that no one would know we were related. I know the 300 million is the reason why you guys are suddenly here showing how much you care about me.

Matthew couldn’t be bothered to pay much attention to them, and only responded with some perfunctory remarks.

After making some small talk, James and Helen thought it was about time to mention the money. Helen asked Matthew directly, “Matt, do you still have the card that the Jacksons gave you yesterday?”

“Yes, it’s with me. What’s the matter?” Matthew asked.

Overjoyed to hear that, Helen told him, “We just had a brief discussion with Sasha earlier today about our house. We think it’s really too small, and the two of you can’t even have your own personal space. So, we were thinking of using our savings to upgrade to a better house, but our savings isn’t enough. I was wondering whether you could contribute some funds to the purchase of the new house?”

“How much more do you need?”

“We have about 500,000 in savings, but prices of a decent house in Eastcliff can vary. What about giving us the card, and letting us buy the house with it? We’ll return it to you after that. How about that?”

Matthew did not say anything.

Demi, who had her gaze fixed on Matthew right from the very beginning, immediately sneered when she noticed he was keeping quiet. “Hey, Matthew, I don’t suppose you are being wary of Dad and Mom? You’re being so quiet right after they asked you for the card. What’s wrong? Do you think Dad and Mom will use up all your money?”

Matthew shook his head. “Of course I believe Dad and Mom!”

Helen smiled immediately. “You’re indeed a very sensible man! Don’t worry, we won’t take more than what we need. Why don’t we do it this way—you hand us the card first, and we will let you know later on how much we’ve spent?”

With resignation, Matthew told them, “The problem is, you guys came here too late. There’s no more money left in the card…”

“What?” Helen and James exclaimed in unison.

Demi yelled, “It’s 300 million! How did you spend it? You couldn’t have spent all the money overnight! A-Are you trying to bluff us by transferring the money to another account? Mind you, the money isn’t meant as a compensation for just you, but it also includes our share! I-I will never forgive you if you’ve lost all the money!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 269

Matthew feigned a helpless look and said, “You guys have gotten the wrong idea. I didn’t spend a single cent of it.”

Helen asked him furiously, “Where did the money go, then?”

“I gave it to the Grahams!”

“The Grahams?” James and Helen echoed in surprise.

“Yes! Have you guys forgotten about that jade bracelet belonging to the Grahams? It’s worth more than 300 million. They only agreed not to hold us accountable after I tried very hard to persuade them and offered them the money. Without the money, we would’ve been in big trouble!” said Matthew.

James and Helen were stunned for a moment before collapsing onto their chairs.

It was only after a while did Helen ask in a quivering voice, “W-Why did you give them so much money as compensation?”

“Mom, that jade bracelet is worth much more than 300 million! What I offered them was peanuts!” Matthew replied.

Demi smacked the table as she rose to her feet. “I don’t care how much that bracelet is worth; you should use your own money as compensation! The 300 million includes compensation for Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and for our family, which includes Sasha, Dad, Mom, Liam and me. If we were to divide it, you would only have a few hundred thousand, or one million at most. Who gives you the right to offer the whole 300 million to the Grahams?!”

Matthew was so enraged by Demi’s statement that he was left speechless.

Do I only get one million in compensation in exchange for my life?

Matthew asked in a low voice, “What has this got anything to do with Liam?”

Demi snapped back furiously, “Of course it has. He’s my husband and he’s the son-in-law of our family. Because of you, his reputation has been tarnished by being labeled as the relative of a murderer. He’s the owner of a big company. Do you know how badly his company has been affected by that?”

Matthew was left stumped by how Demi tried to relate Liam to the whole incident.

Liam took the Jacksons’ side right from the start, and he couldn’t wait to see me killed. Don’t you all have any idea about that?

After taking a deep breath, Matthew said solemnly, “Demi, since you’ve brought it up, we should really settle the scores between us! Even though I don’t fully own the 300 million, you shouldn’t blame me for what happened to the jade bracelet! It was you and Liam who sold it, so shouldn’t the two of you bear the responsibility? I’ve suffered a loss myself by offering the 300 million to the Grahams as compensation for the jade bracelet. What gives you the right to accuse me of doing that?”

Demi was left speechless, and she felt guilty for what happened to the jade bracelet.

After some time, she spoke through gritted teeth, “Matthew, we agreed before that you would shoulder the full responsibility of that! What are you trying to say now? Are you going back on your words? Do you want to push the responsibility back to us?”

Matthew countered in an icy tone, “Demi Cunningham, all of us agreed to let me bear the responsibility because we didn’t have the money to pay them back at that time. But why shouldn’t we pay them now that we happen to have the money?”

Demi retorted angrily, “No matter how you phrase it, you’re just a coward who refuses to honor your promise! In order to avoid prison time, you took the 300 million to compensate the Grahams without telling us! Matthew Larson, if you’re a decent man, you should do what you promised and take the responsibility. I don’t understand what you’re trying to do now. Not only do you refuse to honor your promise, you’ve lost our 300 million. H-How can you be so despicable? What gives you the right to decide what to do with the money?”

Matthew replied with a cold expression, “I don’t have the right? Since Dad and Mom are here as well, let me make myself clear. When I told all of you about the 300 million compensation from the Jacksons last night, what did you guys tell me?”

Demi and her parents looked guilty all at once.

Matthew continued in a frigid tone, “You guys told me that you wouldn’t take a dime, no matter how much the Jacksons offered me! Even the Jacksons heard it last night! As you guys don’t want a dime of it, it means I have the 300 million all to myself! Why don’t I have the right to deal with it since it’s my money?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 270

Demi’s mouth fell open. After a beat, she snapped at him. “Matthew, what do you mean by that? Are you bringing up the past to settle the old scores?

Very well then, let’s get started. How much do you owe us in the past three years you’ve been living with us? How much do you owe us by wasting three years of my sister’s life? Also, how much do you owe us by tarnishing the reputation of our family?”

Matthew muttered softly, “Demi, if you really want to calculate, I can hire a professional accountant to help you with that. Whatever I owe you, I’ll pay it all back! But, I must warn you beforehand.

After paying the sum I owe to your family, I won’t give a damn about that jade bracelet. I’ll get the 300 million back from the Grahams, and the lot of you just have to settle the issue with them. How about that?”

Demi was left dumbfounded.

She would be doomed if she was held accountable by the Grahams for what happened to the jade bracelet.

After a moment of silence, Demi spoke, “Why are you bringing the past up? Have we not been treating you well enough? It’s Liam who arranged this job you’re having right now.”

Feeling frustrated, Matthew snapped back, “What has this job got anything to do with all of you?”

Helen countered anxiously, “Matthew, h-how can you be so ungrateful? Your current position is all thanks to Liam, who got one of his friends to help. Just think about it—how could you possibly be promoted from a toilet cleaner to be the head of this department without pulling some strings?”

Demi finally lost it and yelled, “I told you guys that he was just an ungrateful b*stard! Forget about the job! Get out of here! Go back to cleaning the toilets! You don’t have the right to have such a nice office! Why don’t you go and take a look at yourself in the mirror? You’re just a guy who didn’t even graduate from vocational college! Do you really think you’re some sort of a big shot? You aren’t qualified to have this room and be the head of this department! Mark my words, you will only be able to work as a toilet cleaner for the rest of your life! It’s no use being kind to you because you won’t appreciate it at all!”

Matthew said with a hard expression, “Demi, don’t go overboard! This is a hospital, not a place for you to make trouble!”

Demi growled angrily back at him, “I’m the one making trouble? You ungrateful b*stard! I’m calling my husband now to get you back to cleaning the toilets!”

Their argument attracted the attention of many onlookers.

The hospital director arrived as soon as he got word, and he was taken aback by the mayhem.

Joseph Harrison himself had instructed the director to take care of Matthew while he worked at the hospital!

The hospital director reprimanded angrily, “Hey, what’re you guys doing here? Where’s security? Get them out of the hospital! This is a hospital, not a place for you to cause a scene!”

Demi immediately approached the director and said, “Director, I’ll have you know that this lad here is just a toilet cleaner. He isn’t qualified to be the head of this department. He only got the job after bribing someone here. You have to fire him immediately!”

It was at that moment that the assistant director Casey arrived at the scene.

He trembled in fear when he heard Demi’s statement.

How dare that b*tch tattle on me?

However, something unexpected happened.

The director glared at Demi. “Shut up! Watch your choice of words! Director Larson is one of the best doctors in our hospital, and he is more than qualified to be the head of this department. We can and will exercise the rights to hold you lawfully accountable for the slanderous remark you just made regarding one of our doctors!”

Demi and her parents were stunned. What is going on here?

Since when could a toilet cleaner be hailed as one of the best doctors at the hospital?

Did the director say so just to spare his hospital from embarrassment?

Demi anxiously added, “What I said is true! He really knows nothing about medicine! He only got the job after we bribed Casey Fleming, the assistant director!”

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