The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 271-280

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 271

Casey was so enraged by what Demi said that he nearly blew his top. “That’s b*llshit! When did I take your money? How dare you accuse me! Call the police now! I’m going to sue them!” he yelled harshly.

At this juncture, Casey would never admit to taking the bribe.

After all, what he had received from Liam was all in cash. No one witnessed how he had taken it, and he had already taken care of the money.

Without any proof, no one could do anything to him!

Deep down inside, however, Casey developed a deep resentment toward Liam.

That b*stard backstabbed me after pretending to offer me money to get things done. He wanted to sabotage me!

Demi only knew that Liam had given money to an assistant director named Casey, but she couldn’t recognize the man.

So, she was rattled when she heard Casey’s threat.

However, it took her only a short time to regain her composure. “What’s going on? You have the guts to take the bribe, but you aren’t brave enough to admit taking it? You accepted the money quite happily when my husband offered it to you! Can you still consider yourself a man by trying to deny it now?”

Casey was livid. “B*tch, how dare you frame me? Do you have any evidence that can prove that I accepted money from you? If you can’t show me anything, I’ll sue you for defamation!”

Demi looked stunned. There was no way she could find any evidence.

Her expression boosted Casey’s confidence because he knew she did not have anything on him.

Casey shouted at the top of his lungs, “You don’t have anything, do you? Hmph, how dare you defame me in public without having any evidence! Do you think all of us at the hospital are just a bunch of pushovers? Sir, you have to do something about it!”

With a deep frown on his forehead, the director snapped in an icy voice, “This is outrageous! Do all of you think you can just come here and humiliate our medical personnel? Someone call the police right this instant!”

Demi and her parents panicked. They would get in big trouble if the police got involved.

They quickly fled the scene, not daring to linger at the hospital any longer.

As they just reached the hospital’s entrance, they saw Liam headed their way.

“Dad, Mom, what happened? I tried calling Casey but he didn’t pick up my calls. Did you manage to get the card?” Liam asked anxiously.

Demi angrily gave him the rundown on what had taken place just now.

Liam was infuriated after listening to Demi. “Is there something wrong with Matthew? That money doesn’t belong to him alone. What gives him the right to give it all to the Grahams? No way, he has to get the money back from them!”

Demi dismissed him with a wave of her hand. “That’s enough, there’s no point in talking about this now. By the way, who’s that Casey guy that you contacted? Not only did he not help us, he even wanted to call the police and get us arrested!”

Liam was stunned to hear that. “Are you sure? But he took the money. Even if he refuses to help us, I don’t think he will betray us. What on earth has happened?”

Looking slightly embarrassed, Demi kept her mouth shut.

Liam only managed to get to the bottom of it after pestering Demi for a long while. He went speechless once he realized what had taken place.

“Demi, h-how do you expect him to help you? His identity was exposed when you told everyone that he took our money! Anyone in his position would have done the same!” Liam said helplessly.

Even so, Demi was reluctant to accept her mistake. “But there was nothing wrong with what I said! He did take our money, didn’t he? Since he had the guts to take our money, why wasn’t he brave enough to admit it?”

Liam was having difficulty coming up with anything to say. How was he going to reason with someone so unreasonable?

James waved at them and said, “Forget it, there’s no point in discussing any of this! I think Liam is right—we have to get Matthew to take the money back from the Grahams!”

Helen challenged, “Have you lost your mind? How is he going to take the money back? If somebody were to give you 300 million, would you return it?”

James answered her, “Why is it impossible? Only a part of that money belongs to Matthew. He gets 10 million at most. The rest is ours.

Even if he wanted to compensate the Grahams, he should just use his share. What gives him the right to deal with the rest of the money which belongs to us?

It’s illegal for him to misuse money which doesn’t belong to him! If the Grahams refuse to return the money to us, we’ll sue them and protect our rights using legal means!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 272

Meanwhile at Sasha’s room in Cunningham Pharmaceuticals; when Sasha saw her parents, she immediately knew what they were up to.

“Dad, Mom, are you guys here to ask about the 300 million compensation from the Jacksons? I can save you guys the trouble of asking because we have given the money to the Grahams,” Sasha told them directly.

James and Helen were exasperated when they heard what she had to say.

“Sasha, you’ve known about this long before us? W-Why didn’t you stop him from doing so?” Helen asked her anxiously.

“That’s because I was the one who asked him to do it!” said Sasha.

Helen was dumbfounded. “You asked him to do it? Are you mad? That’s 300 million we’re talking about! Y-You asked him to give 300 million away to someone else?”

Sasha snapped, “What’s wrong with that? The jade bracelet the Grahams gave to me was worth more than 300 million. Since the jade bracelet went missing because of you guys, shouldn’t you compensate them for their loss?”

Helen answered her back, “Why should I compensate them? What will we do after you give the money to them? How are we going to survive?”

“Mom, what are you talking about? We’ve managed to survive for so many years, and we don’t really need money that urgently. We used to be employees at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, but now we own it. Do we still have to worry about how we are going to survive?”

James challenged her furiously, “Can’t you see what your mom really means? Sasha, are you just playing dumb or are you really this thick? Don’t you have any idea the condition of our house? The house we’re living in is terribly run-down, so isn’t it time we move to a better house? The furniture and electrical appliances were bought years ago, so shouldn’t we buy new ones to replace them? All of my old friends are all traveling around in luxurious cars, wearing Rolexes and Armani suits. What about me? Your mom doesn’t even have any decent clothes. As our daughter, don’t you care about us?”

Sasha was left speechless after listening to her father. “Dad, why do you have to compare yourself with others? We’re just an average family; why do we have to compare ourselves with the rich? What’s more, Mom just spent over seven thousand on clothes last month. Does she still not have any decent clothes? Look at Matthew—have you seen him buying any clothes for himself? We should try to think about other people before we start complaining about our lives!”

Demi pursed her lips and commented sarcastically, “He’s just a live-in son-in-law who depends on our family for a living. Why does he need to dress so nicely? Last time we didn’t have the means. But since you have the money now, shouldn’t you spend some to take care of our parents?”

Sasha gritted her teeth. “Haven’t I been doing that? I’ve been giving all the money I earned to our family! Do I have to buy them luxurious cars and mansions to be considered as a filial daughter? All of you know very well that Matthew will be sent to jail if we don’t compensate the Grahams for the jade bracelet! Won’t you guys feel guilty spending the money in exchange of sending Matthew to jail?”

James shouted furiously, “Sasha, you know nothing! Do you even know how to calculate? By sending Matthew to jail for several years, we can get 300 million in return. Don’t you think it’s a good bargain?”

Sasha exclaimed without hesitation, “Of course not! He’s my husband! Since he won’t let me go through any suffering, I won’t either!” Sasha looked unusually determined as she said that.

Ever since that first time Matthew planted roses for her as her birthday gift, she had already regarded him as her husband.

And she had truly fallen in love with this man when he proposed to her at Times Hotel.

I won’t give up on you as long as you don’t! Since you are doing everything you can to prevent me from suffering, how can I be willing to let you suffer?

Both James and Helen started shaking with rage.

With her teeth gritted, Demi smacked the table and roared angrily, “You would rather see us suffer, rather than him, right? Oh Sasha, what did Dad and Mom do to have such an ungrateful and unfilial daughter like you? Forget it! Mom, Dad, we shouldn’t waste any more time trying to persuade her! Let’s head straight to the Graham Residence to ask for the money back! Liam, gather your men along. If they refuse to give us the money, we’ll destroy their mansion!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 273

Liam hesitated slightly when it came to the Grahams.

Old Mrs. Graham was respectable in Eastcliff. If they destroyed their mansion, the consequences could be dire!

Seeing that Liam was quiet, Demi lost her patience. “Dear, what are you waiting for? Call your men now!”

A disdainful voice came from the door, “Are you tired of living? You really want to go look for trouble at the Grahams?”

Everyone inside the room turned around to find Matthew standing by the door.

While all of them looked stunned, Demi snapped through gritted teeth, “Matthew Larson, are you trying to scare us for no reason? Liam’s men are all tough guys who fear nothing—”

James cut her off directly. “Demi, stop being foolish! We aren’t bringing any men with us and we aren’t going to get physical with them! Instead, we will try to negotiate with them! We will tell them Matthew only has the right to give them 10 million, and the remaining 290 million is out of his hands! Therefore, they must return the rest to us or we will get it back through legal means. Hmph, I don’t believe the Grahams are powerful enough to be above the law.”

Liam chuckled. “Dad is right. Reputation and image matters the most to a prestigious family like the Grahams. I’m sure they will be smart enough to know they will definitely be the losing party if we bring this to court. Therefore, I reckon we’ll just need to throw some threats at them for them to return the money to us obediently.”

Elated to hear that, Demi exclaimed, “In that case, what’re we waiting for? Let’s go and pay them a visit right now!”

Just as they were ready to set off, Matthew suddenly laughed. “Are you really going to visit the Grahams? Liam, I suppose you still remember that you were the one who sold the jade bracelet? If the Grahams really want to hold someone accountable for its loss, let’s see who will be arrested and sent to jail in the end!”

Both Liam and Demi looked shaken at once.

After a moment of silence, Liam suddenly jeered, “Matthew, you have to make your allegation based on proof! Do you have any evidence that can show that we were the ones who sold the jade bracelet? Clearly it was you who took it and sold it!”

Demi smirked triumphantly and chimed in, “That’s right! You were the one who sold the jade bracelet; why are you trying to pin the blame on us now?”

Infuriated, Sasha shouted angrily, “Liam, stop throwing the blame at Matthew! You wanted proof, right? I’m the witness! I can prove that you and Demi were the ones who sold the jade bracelet!”

Demi said anxiously, “Sasha, h-how can you be so cruel? Are you really going to throw your younger sister under the bus?”

Sasha gritted her teeth. “I make my judgments based on facts, and the fact is you really did do it!”

Demi didn’t dare say anything. How could she endure life in prison?

With a frown, Liam suddenly laughed out loud and concluded, “Sasha, your testimony won’t be of much use. As Matthew’s wife, your testimony won’t be given any weight! But it will be a different case for Dad and Mom. Dad, Mom, did you guys witness Matthew selling the jade bracelet?”

James and Helen glanced at each other before nodding their heads with bleak expressions.

Sasha was taken aback by her parents’ reaction. “Dad, Mom, h-how could you lie?”

Liam sniggered because it was Helen who asked them to sell the jade bracelet. Therefore, Helen had no choice but to shove the blame to Matthew or she would get implicated too!

With a smug look, Demi sneered, “Sasha, what else can you say now? Hmph, are you trying to sabotage me? Do you have the means to do that?”

Sasha felt disheartened by how shameless her family was.

Demi announced with a triumphant look, “Well, we shouldn’t waste anymore time talking! Now, let’s visit the Grahams and ask for the money back! You’ll be going to jail soon enough, Matthew!”

When they reached the door, Matthew chuckled suddenly. “You guys had better give up on wanting to visit the Grahams.”

Demi questioned him immediately. “What happened? Are you afraid? Didn’t you appear very cocky just now? Are you feeling scared now?

Matthew shook his head and clarified, “I’m not afraid, but I just want to give you guys a heads up—the jewellry shop has CCTV cameras inside.”

While Demi and Liam looked stunned, Sasha appeared overjoyed to hear that.

“I’ve looked through the CCTV footage a long time ago, and it showed very clearly that it was the two of you who went to sell the bracelet! Do you think your testimonies will overwrite the footage as evidence?” drawled Matthew.

Demi and the rest stood rooted to the spot, stunned.

Sasha spoke with a smile, “In fact, I have a solution. You want the money, right? You can get it back by letting Liam shoulder the responsibility and going to jail.”

James and Helen exchanged a look before turning to look at Liam in unison.

Liam was rattled. He knew that the greedy old couple had the intention to send him to jail in exchange for the 300 million!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 274

Helen cleared her throat before saying, “Sasha’s solution sounds workable too. Liam, you’ve always been very nice to us, and we know that very well.

But this time, the two of you really did take the jade bracelet and sell it off, so it’s perfectly reasonable for you to take the blame for its loss. Why don’t you just admit to selling it? The Grahams look like a bunch of generous people, and they might not hold you accountable for it.”

James nodded in agreement. “Yes, Liam; she’s right. We will remember what you’ve done for our family. Even if the Grahams are really going to get you arrested, we will get you the best lawyer to reduce your sentence!

By the time you’re released from prison, our family will become one of the prestigious families in Eastcliff! As our son-in-law, you’ll become a member of high society too!”

Liam cursed them continuously in his mind for how nice they tried to make it sound.

If he was going to be sent to prison, they might ask Demi to marry another man right after that.

By the time he was released, he wasn’t even sure whether they would still recognize him as their son-in-law.

Liam knew the old couple well enough just by seeing how they had treated Matthew. There was no way he was going to take the blame for the loss of the jade bracelet.

However, he also understood the need to maintain a friendly relationship with the two. After all, he was still trying to get his hands on Cunningham Pharmaceuticals!

Pretending to be respectful, Liam agreed, “Dad, Mom, you are right. I’ll do whatever you tell me to.”

James and Helen were overjoyed to hear that from him. They were worried at first that it might be challenging trying to convince Liam.

They never thought that Liam would readily take the blame.

Helen pretended to wipe the corners of her eyes as she said, “You’re really such a nice kid. In fact, I wouldn’t be willing to put you through this if it wasn’t the last resort. Don’t worry, as soon as we get the 300 million back, we’ll try our best to get you out of prison. In future, we’ll treat you as our own flesh and blood!”

James nodded his head vigorously. “Liam, you really didn’t let me down! You are a tough guy who’s willing to shoulder responsibilities, so much better than a certain useless guy who depends on our family for a living! Sasha, look at him. Your husband is a far cry from Demi’s!”

Looking smug, Demi snickered, “Sasha, take a look at what true love is!”

Sasha looked bewildered. She had not expected Liam to agree with the arrangement so readily. “Something’s off. I wonder why he accepted it so quickly,” Sasha told Matthew in a low voice.

Matthew only shook his head. “He didn’t really mean it. I’m sure he won’t allow himself to be put behind bars. Just wait and see, he’ll soon find himself an excuse to get away with that.”

Moments after Matthew said that, Liam exclaimed, “Oh dear, I suddenly remember something. Dad, Mom, if I’m going to take the responsibility, I’m afraid that Demi will have to be sent to jail too…”

Demi was frightened. “Why would you say that?”

Liam explained impatiently. “Try to think about it—the CCTV footage shows the both of us taking the bracelet to sell at the shop! Since everything is on tape, it won’t be convincing even if I wanted to shoulder the responsibility alone! Demi won’t be spared if the Grahams get to the bottom of this! What’s more, it was Demi who handed over the jade bracelet at the shop. When the footage is shown in court, Demi will surely be assumed as the principal of the crime. I’m afraid she will even get a heavier sentence than mine!”

Instantly, Demi’s face turned extremely pale. She questioned in a quivering voice, “W-What should we do about this? Dad, Mom, I-I can’t be sent to jail! My whole life will be doomed if I am sent to jail at such a young age!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 275

James and Helen frowned at the idea immediately. Although fortune was their top priority, they still loved their daughters a great deal. They would not hesitate to send an outsider to jail, but if it was their own child, things would be different because it would hurt their hearts to do so.

Helen asked anxiously, “Is there no other way out? Liam, can’t you take the blame by yourself?”

Liam did a smart shrug and murmured, “Mom, I really want to bear the responsibility alone, but we have to consider all possible scenarios that might take place. If they really wanted to get to the bottom of it, Demi would be in a very dangerous situation.

Sigh, I should have taken the jade bracelet to the jewelry shop alone at that time! Now that Demi is going to be implicated, I really am a very incompetent husband!”

Sasha, who was much disgusted by Liam’s statement, grabbed one of Matthew’s arms and whispered to him, “Matthew, your guess is right. This man is really shameless!”

Matthew chuckled because he knew Liam well enough to know that there was no way he would take the blame alone because he was an extremely selfish man. What he just said was merely an excuse to get away with it.

He purposely mentioned Demi’s involvement in the issue so that James and Helen would give up the plan to make him the scapegoat. On top of that, he made himself sound so helpless about it as if he didn’t want it to happen too.

In other words, he just wanted to avoid being sent to jail and at the same time, everybody would think that he avoided it due to a noble reason!

Demi sighed. “Well, the best way to deal with this issue is to let Matthew take the blame! What a shame it is! Indeed, we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others. It feels so bad to see the money slipping off our hands just like that. It’s 300 million! The money with which we could buy ourselves plenty of things has just gone away like that!”

Helen, who was triggered by Demi’s comment, freaked out. “Matthew, I’m asking you one more time—are you willing to take the blame or not?!”

Before Matthew could even speak, Sasha intercepted by exclaiming, “I won’t let him do it!”

In a fit of boiling fury, Helen snapped, “Very well, then. I’ll sever my ties with you and we won’t be mother and daughter in the future anymore!”

Sasha was so incensed to hear what Helen said that her face reddened. “Mom, will you cut it out already? How many times have you threatened me with that within this month?

I know what’s in your mind—you’re trying to force Matthew to get himself sent to jail so that you could realize your dream life of being a rich lady, am I right?

Let me tell you that it isn’t going to happen! If you are going to push me further, I’ll give the company to somebody else for free, and leave Eastcliff together with Matthew for good. I’ll follow my husband no matter where he wants to go and I won’t ever be back again. Are you happy to hear that?!”

Matthew’s heart was filled up with warmth in an instant. No matter how Sasha’s family had been treating him, it was enough for him to see Sasha taking his side all the while.

Helen, who was taken aback by Sasha’s aggressive reaction, went so enraged that her body was shaking, but she could not come up with an answer.

James’ anger hit the roof and fumed, “You’re outrageous! You want to give the company to somebody else for free, don’t you? Come and show me how you’re going to do it! I’m your father and I don’t believe I can’t make you listen to me!”

Sasha raged through gritted teeth, “Please remember that you’ve said so yourself! Great, since you’re pushing me to do this, I’ll do it. I’ll donate all the dividends of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals this year for charity! From today onward, I’m not going to give a single cent more to the family!”

James smacked the table and growled, “How dare you do that?! Do you think you are all grown up now to stop listening to your father? Let me remind you that you will always be my daughter no matter how rich you get, and you will have to listen to me in any case!”

Tears welled up in Sasha’s eyes thinking how she had struggled under her father’s strict way of education ever since she was little. She didn’t expect that her parents still treated her this way, even though everything she had done so far was for the good of the family.

Gritting her teeth, Sasha took out her phone all of a sudden and made a call. “Hello, Bonnie, please help me contact a charity organization…”

Helen, who was rattled by the phone call, immediately pressed her hand on the speaker of Sasha’s phone and confronted anxiously, “Sasha, are you crazy? Do you really want to give the company to somebody else for free? Our family owns this company. Do you want to see your father and I starve to death?”

With tears glistening in her eyes, Sasha declared, “Mom, I’ll provide a living for the both of you even though it means I have to go out and seek a job. But, my stance hasn’t changed—Matthew didn’t do anything wrong, so I won’t allow him to be sent to jail!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 276

James intended to continue criticizing Sasha but he was quickly stopped by his wife, Helen, who waved her hands to stop the argument. “Well, we got it.

Sigh, we’ll forget about the money because we probably aren’t lucky enough to have it. But, Sasha, you have to think about us from our perspectives. We can’t just stay at home doing nothing else but wait for your allowance to support our lives, can we?”

Sasha heaved out a sigh of relief. As long as they were willing to compromise in terms of the money, she would accept their other requests more readily.

“Mom, the two of you should really live a relaxed life at home at your age. Although our company doesn’t earn much, it’s enough for all of us, so both of you don’t have to worry about your finances,” Sasha reassured.

Helen waved her hands dismissively and clarified, “Sasha, you don’t quite understand what I meant. I’m trying to say that it’s not good for your father and I to idle at home all the time. In fact, both of us are thinking of working on something.”

Sasha looked slightly alarmed because they established Wellness Herbary after they mentioned something like that previously. Yet, in the end, their company nearly made a costly blunder. What trouble were they going to stir up this time?

However, she decided to welcome her parents’ idea with more willingness when she thought about the 300 million.

“Mom, what are you guys interested in doing?” she asked them tentatively.

Helen first glanced at James and muttered, “We’re thinking of opening a pharmacy since we happen to have a company that manufactures drugs.

We will hire professionals to handle all the internal affairs while we will just man the cashier. Moreover, I don’t think anything can go wrong with having a pharmacy since the drugs which are allowed to be sold are approved by relevant agencies and their quality is assured. Sasha, what do you think?”

After mulling it over, Sasha thought it was a good idea. To open a medicinal company, they had to have a deep understanding about all the herbs, but they needed not worry about that with having a pharmacy.

Nothing could possibly go wrong if they hired a group of competent staff to manage the store when all the drugs sold were approved by the relevant agencies.

Sasha was not concerned whether it would bring a lucrative business or not, because the main purpose was to let her parents have something to work on. Otherwise, they would pester her time and again, causing her constant headaches. Still, she first glanced at Matthew for his opinion instead of deciding it right away.

Matthew nodded his head slightly in approval. It was only then did Sasha nod and announced, “Mom, this idea of yours is great and you have my support.

Let’s do it this way—I will arrange everything for the pharmacy within the next two days. With my savings of several hundred thousands together with the dividends I am going to draw from the company in advance, I guess I have enough money to open a pharmacy.”

Helen shook her head immediately and ventured, “Sasha, you are referring to a small pharmacy but what I am thinking of having is a huge one with multiple franchised stores.”

Sasha went dumbfounded when she heard her mother. “Huh? W-Why do you guys need to own such a large-scale business?”

Helen stressed anxiously, “Sasha, you’re a president of a large company. If we were going to have a small pharmacy store, we would bring you embarrassment when people know about our relationship. Also, all of our old friends and old classmates might deem you an unfilial daughter. While you’re a president of a company, your parents are just having a small pharmacy store. How embarrassing will that sound?”

Sasha looked puzzled because she couldn’t see why it would be embarrassing. However, she dared not argue with her mother at that juncture. It was with much effort did she manage to steer the conversation away from the 300 million and she couldn’t risk angering her parents anymore. “In that case, how extensive do you guys want the business to be?” Sasha asked extensively.

After a moment of contemplation, Helen declared, “At least as large as Carlson Pharmacy!”

Sasha was so taken aback by her mother’s comment that she nearly burst a blood vessel. “Mom, do you have any idea of the market value of Carlson Pharmacy? Our Cunningham Pharmaceuticals isn’t even worth one-third of its value! I can’t afford to buy you a business worth as much as Carlson Pharmacy even after I sell the entire Cunningham Pharmaceuticals!”

Helen appeared flabbergasted. “Really? Is Carlson Pharmacy worth that much? Isn’t it just a pharmacy? How can it be worth so much?”

Sasha was left speechless in response to that. Was Carlson Pharmacy just an ordinary store? It was Stanley Carlson’s most lucrative business out of everything he had!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 277

Liam pointed out, “Mom, Sasha’s not bluffing. Carlson Pharmacy is a listed company which has a market value of over one billion and it’s still increasing. There’s no way you can have something like that but you can still have one with multiple franchised stores albeit on a smaller scale.”

Helen quizzed, “Can it be done? How small do you mean? Sasha, we would rather stay idle at home than having a small-scale business!”

Sasha was helpless. All in all, her parents wanted to have a chain of franchised pharmacy stores purely for vanity reasons. However, it seemed like she could no longer express her objection to the plan at that juncture.

At the same time, she thought about the two advantages of opening the pharmacy stores—firstly, it was highly unlikely that anything could go wrong with it and secondly, the business wasn’t likely to incur much loss too.

Hence, Sasha nodded her head and declared, “Well, let’s start a chain of multiple franchised stores then. I’ll allocate ten million from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals as the seed money for the business.”

Helen looked displeased to hear that. “Ten million is too little. We were given thirty million to work on Wellness Herbary back then!”

Sasha explained herself eagerly, “Mom, that’s only the seed money. When the business gets better, I’ll then allocate more investment on it.”

Helen glanced at James, who nodded his head to approve the idea despite still looking sullen. The saga was finally put to an end with Sasha’s allocation of ten million for them to initiate the pharmacy stores.

Even with that, James was still angry with Sasha judging from how he stormed out of her office furiously.

After walking them to the door, Sasha faced Matthew with an apologetic look. “Matthew, I’m sorry about what they did to you…”

Matthew waved his hands at her and muttered, “I told you before not to apologize to me. You will have my support no matter what you do!”

Feeling warm from within, Sasha wrapped her hands around Matthew tightly and rested her head on his shoulder, feeling as though she was having the entire world in her arms. Matthew felt thrilled deep down inside because it was the first time that Sasha hugged him.

However, the silence was soon broken when someone knocked on the door. She quickly loosened her hold from him with her face still flushed. Having tried hard to regain composure, she uttered in a gentle voice, “Come in!”

Her secretary pushed the door open and stepped inside. “President Cunningham, I’ve sorted out the conference room and the meeting will start in ten minutes as per your instructions. Can I help you with anything else?”

Sasha nodded at her and said, “Well done! I have nothing for you at the moment and you may go ahead and work on something else first!”

After the secretary walked out of her office, Sasha couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw how reluctant Matthew appeared to leave.

“Oh come on, I have serious work to get back to,” Sasha cooed as she grabbed one of his arms.

Putting on a feign miserable look, Matthew retorted, “Aren’t we doing serious work right now?”

Sasha gave him a supercilious glance before saying, “Of course nothing can be as important as our own matters! But, I really have work to do now. I’ll make up to you next time!”

It was only then did Matthew nod his head with a grin. “By the way, Sasha, what should we do with the 300 million?”

“You keep it! Didn’t I tell you before? The money is all yours. You can deal with it in any way you want and you don’t have to get my permission!”

Matthew rectified her in a gentle voice, “Of course I have to get your permission before I do anything with the money, because you’re my wife.”

Sasha smiled bemusedly and remarked, “You’re really a fool. Well, just keep it with you first and the money will become our private fund. Is that a good idea?”

Matthew nodded at her with a subtle smile. Just as Sasha was ready to walk out of her room after gathering some files for the meeting, she suddenly queried, “By the way, how did you actually become the head of a department at the hospital?”

Matthew chuckled and responded, “The director made me an exception to the general rules by promoting me to the position because of my superb medical skills!”

Sasha burst out laughing immediately when she heard him. She stretched out a hand and poked a finger at his forehead before she criticized, “You’ve never been serious in answering me! Well, I’m off to attend the meeting. Please wait for me to have dinner together later!” With that, she turned around and headed to the door. However, she suddenly swung around when she reached the exit.

From there, she scurried back to Matthew, stood on tiptoe to give him a peck on his cheek before leaving the room with her face going blushed. Matthew was elated at once!

Soon after, he received a call from Tiger. “Mr. Larson, something bad has happened!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 278

Looking alarmed, Mathew asked in a grim voice, “What happened?”

“It’s related to the Hughes…” Tiger said.

Matthew cut him off before Tiger could finish his sentence, “I’ll wait for you at the hospital!”

After ending the call with Tiger, he headed straight to the hospital. Although he did not kill Zachary and Samuel himself, they had indeed died because of his scheme.

As the Hughes were a very powerful family, they might have already started investigating Samuel’s death. Considering the possibility that his phone might be tapped, Matthew dared not mention anything about the Hughes to Tiger over the phone just now. It was best to have a face-to-face discussion about the issue thoroughly.

Ever since Matthew was transferred to the Department of Chinese Medicine, life became less hectic than the time he was working at the Emergency Department. At the moment, he was the only one working in that department. Not too long after he arrived at the hospital, Tiger secretly made his way there too, who then gave Matthew a brief account of what had taken place recently.

The bodies of Samuel and his men had already been discovered. Also, the Hughes had also managed to find out that Zachary’s parents were the murderer. Needless to say, the Jacksons were caught by surprise when they learned about this.

Without further ado, they sent some of their men to look for Zachary’s parents so that they could offer them to the Hughes to put an end to the issue. However, the Jacksons could no longer locate the both of them because they had left Eastshire last night.

The Hughes were of course enraged to learn about their runaway. Master Hughes even threatened to seek revenge on the Jackson Family himself.

In the afternoon, Old Master Jackson and Master Jackson rushed to Eastshire themselves, probably to visit the Hughes to settle the dispute. No matter how they were going to settle it, the Jacksons were highly likely to be removed from the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff after this incident.

As the people from the Hughes were not a bunch of pushovers, the Jacksons would not be able to solve the issue without paying a hefty price.

Matthew nodded his head slowly because everything was within his expectations. “What did you mean by something bad has happened?” Matthew quizzed in a solemn tone.

After taking a deep breath, Tiger revealed grimly, “It’s the Hughes. I was just told that the Pharmaceutical Union has issued a notice informing all pharmacies in Eastshire to stop selling drugs manufactured by Cunningham Pharmaceuticals!

It’s obvious that the Pharmaceutical Union is going to give Cunningham Pharmaceuticals a very hard time this time!”

A crease immediately formed on Matthew’s forehead because he had never expected they would be targeted by the Hughes first. It seemed like the Hughes were very decisive and direct in their way of handling matters.

Tiger, who stood next to Matthew, couldn’t help but suggest in a soft voice when he noticed Matthew was keeping quiet, “Mr. Larson, s-should we ask Master Newman for his help?

The Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire aren’t allowed to meddle the business in Eastcliff—this rule was set by Master Newman decades ago! I’m sure the Hughes will not have the guts to make a big deal out of the issue if they are warned by Master Newman!”

Matthew shook his head slowly and responded in a soft voice, “Since I’m the one who started the dispute, I should bear the responsibility of it myself.

Tiger, I told you before that we should try our best not to rely on other people’s help unless it’s the last resort. Although what we are having now is a very serious problem, we can see it as a chance for us to shine! If we manage to get through this hurdle, everyone will be impressed by our capability!”

With resignation written all over his face, Tiger replied, “Mr. Larson, I understand what you mean but the H-Hughes are after all one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire.

The wealth and power of the Hughes is way beyond what the Sandels as well as Leanna Sandel have in total! I-I’m afraid it will be an uphill task for us to battle it out with the Hughes on our own…”

Matthew shook his head and reassured, “When there’s a will, there’s a way! We should just give it a try regardless of the outcome. Tiger, I’m afraid your life will get very hectic in the near future.

Now, what you need to do is gather some information about the Hughes for me, especially for the more important members of the family and I want to know everything about them!”

Tiger was stunned for a second because he realized Matthew had done the same thing before when he dealt with Samuel Hughes. Was Matthew going to use the same way to deal with the Hughes Family too?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 279

Sasha’s phone call came not too long after Tiger left the hospital. “Matthew, s-something terrible has happened… All the drugs by our company have all been returned and p-people are demanding to cancel the orders they made earlier…” Sasha sounded very anxious.

The crisis was disastrous because it came at a time when the company was in the middle of rapid development and everything had been going smoothly.

Matthew immediately rushed his way to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and found that it was in a state of chaos at the moment. The representees of various medical institutions in Eastshire swarmed to the company demanding to cancel their orders.

They were all requesting to terminate the agreements they had signed with the company before. And, the Pharmaceutical Union was the reason behind the mayhem.

Inside Sasha’s room, more than ten people formed a circle around the table demanding her to allow them to cancel their orders.

“President Cunningham, you can spare the effort of talking about compensation with us because I just want to cancel my order by today. Either you give me my deposit back or I’ll bring this to court to ask for it!

Hmph, if your company is going to be involved in lawsuits with all medical institutions in Eastshire, you won’t have any hope to survive in this industry in the future!” yelled a man at the top of his lungs in a snobbish manner.

Everyone else present nodded their heads in agreement, looking smug as if everything was under their control.

Appearing panic-stricken, Sasha inquired, “Gentlemen, w-what’s this about? Why are all of you suddenly demanding to cancel your orders since we’ve been cooperating well so far?

There’s no problem with the drugs manufactured by our company. What’s more, the new drug we’ve just developed and manufactured is going to be released into the market soon and all of you here will remain as our main working partners. I don’t think now is the right time for all of you to cancel the orders…”

Another man sneered, “Sasha Cunningham, it seems like you haven’t had any idea, have you, of that notice issued by the Pharmaceutical Union to inform us to cancel our orders with you immediately?

On top of that, all the drugs manufactured by your company will never be allowed to be sold in the future. Sasha Cunningham, why did you offend the Pharmaceutical Union out of so many other people? You’re trying to bring trouble upon yourself!”

Sasha appeared restless in response to that. As news usually didn’t travel fast on her side, she did not know that the mayhem was caused by the instruction issued by the Pharmaceutical Union.

It was only then did she realize how powerful the Pharmaceutical Union was; they actually had all medical institutions in Eastshire under their control.

“Just cut the nonsense and refund us the deposit! Let me warn you now that you won’t be able to step out of this room unless you pay us back by today!” The room went uproarious as the people were shouting loudly to compel Sasha into refunding them the money.

At that juncture, Matthew headed toward the room.

He pushed Sasha behind his back and glanced at the people in front of him. In a crisp and clear voice, he announced, “You guys want a refund?

Of course it can be done! But, we have to go through the formal procedures to process it. Since agreements were signed between us for the orders of the drugs, all of you here will be deemed as breaching the agreement by requesting to cancel the orders unilaterally.

According to the agreement, all of you here have to pay us 30% of the damages as agreed in the event of termination. Not only that, the refund of the deposit will be transferred to you guys in a fortnight’s time after going through the formal procedures.

You guys aren’t supposed to just barge in here and ask for a refund directly. Do you guys actually honor the spirit of contracts?”

Everyone couldn’t help but go dumbfounded at once. The man who led the group pointed at Matthew and rebuked, “Who are you to offer your opinion here?

Sasha Cunningham, just tell us directly whether you’re going to refund us or not?! Otherwise, I’ll get my men here to ruin this place!”

These people were emboldened by the fact that the Pharmaceutical Union was going to punish Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have the guts to adopt such a cross attitude.

Matthew, who couldn’t be bothered by what the man said, picked up the desk phone and ordered, “Ask the security officers to come in and get these people out of here! For those who refuse to go, call the police to get them arrested!”

A commotion ensued among the group of men immediately. “Damn, how dare you chase us out of this place! Who the heck are you to have the guts to speak with us so rudely? Get Sasha Cunningham, that b*tch, to talk to us or I’ll finish you off!”

An icy glint flickered in Matthew’s eyes immediately before he turned around abruptly to face the man who was talking.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 280
Amidst the cacophonous voices, the group made up of around ten men advanced on Matthew. The man who led the group even picked up a handicraft from the table and waved it in Matthew’s direction.

Suddenly, Matthew turned around and landed a kick on the chest of the man who hurled humiliating remarks at Sasha just now. The man was sent flying some distance away directly. After going through a brutal landing on the floor, he couldn’t even get to his feet even after a long while.

Everyone else was horror-struck by the scene. In fact, all of them were not bold enough to hit Matthew for real because they were only good at bragging and boasting.

At that juncture, Tiger entered the room together with his men. “What’s going on, Mr. Larson?”

Matthew waved at him and seethed, “These people here caused a mess and they were just threatening to beat us up just now! Drag them all out and teach them a lesson!”

Tiger went outraged at once. “Dammit, how dare you bunch of asholes try to make a mess at our place?! Somebody, come and drag them all out! Sht, I’ll adopt your surname if I fail to make you guys learn from your mistakes today!”

The group of men was so terror-stricken by Tiger’s threats that they all went dumbfounded. One of them appealed urgently, “President Cunningham, w-we are just here to cancel our orders with your company as instructed by the Pharmaceutical Union, and we don’t dare to disobey it.

I-If you are going to deal with us in such a way, who else will have the guts to do business with you in the future if people realize this is how you handle your customers?”

Much intimidated by what the man said, Sasha was just about to rebut when Matthew spoke first, “You don’t have to worry about that because those who are sincere in working with us will naturally carry on with their business with us.

But, I can say for sure that all of you here have lost the rights to work with us in the future! Somebody, drag all of them out!”

Tiger then tugged the bunch of men out of Sasha’s office. Looking anguished, Sasha quizzed, “Matthew, a-are you sure we should do this?

They are only here to cancel the orders, which is a completely normal reaction under their circumstances. If we really beat them up, the reputation of our company would be adversely affected if things escalate to something more serious!”

In a gentle voice, Matthew clarified, “This time, the problem doesn’t lie with these people but the Hughes. We won’t be able to solve the issue even though we treat these people politely, unless we deal with the Hughes first. In fact, if we were lenient with their attitude, they would only have their foot on our necks.

They are the first group of people who showed up today to cancel their orders. How is the company going to continue its operations if we have people coming here everyday to demand their orders to be canceled?

This time, we’re teaching them a lesson to set an example for others, as well as to let them know that they have to go through the formal procedures before getting their money back. It’s a no-no for them to barge into the company and demand for money directly!”

Sasha nodded her head slightly and sighed helplessly. “What should we do now? The Pharmaceutical Union managed by the Hughes has control of 90% of all medical institutions in Eastshire.

If all of them were to cancel their orders with us, o-our company would be finished! We can’t afford to pay the debt even with all the cash our company owns now!”

At that juncture, James, Helen, Demi and Liam suddenly pushed the door open and stepped into Sasha’s room.

“Sasha, why is it so noisy outside? This is a workplace, not a wet market. Is this how you’ve been managing your employees so far?

You have to fix some rules for them to follow, reminding them to be serious during office hours. It’s not appropriate for the office to be this clamorous,” James criticized, looking annoyed.

The sight of them put Sasha in an even more depressed mood. “Those people who are making trouble aren’t our employees!” Sasha couldn’t resist but clarify.

“Who are they then? Are they from other companies?” James looked confused.

Sasha waved her hands at her father and said, “Forget it. That’s not something you should bother about. Why are you guys here?”

Demi snapped immediately, “Sasha, what do you mean by that? Is that how you’re supposed to speak to Dad and Mom? Oh, do you only allow Matthew to be here while Dad, Mom and I are not welcomed?

What’s your problem? Do you think you don’t have to respect us anymore just because you’re the president of the company?”

Helen too frowned at Sasha and asked, “Yeah, Sasha, what do you mean with that tone of yours?”

Sasha was left speechless as she wondered how her random remark could cause so much misunderstanding. Matthew quickly chimed in, “Mom, Sasha didn’t mean it that way.”

Helen went livid with rage at once when she saw Matthew, as the sight of him reminded her of the 300 million. Pointing at him with her finger, she chastised, “Keep your mouth shut because we aren’t talking to you!”

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