The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 281-290

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 281

Resignation was written all over Matthew’s face because he knew no one could reason with a person who refused to listen.

Sasha was irritated by what her mother said. “Mom, how could you say something like that? Matthew just offered his opinion out of kindness. How did he offend you by doing that?”

Helen rolled her eyes and she didn’t bother to answer. Demi sniggered right away and commented sarcastically, “Does he have the right to offer his opinion when Dad and Mom are here?

Why doesn’t he look at his own reflection in the mirror first to see whether he has the right to speak up? Does he know what it means by being a live-in son-in-law?

In ancient times, his status will be similar to a girl who stays with her husband’s family, and will not be allowed to have meals at the dining table with the rest of the family. Besides, he isn’t allowed to talk when her parents-in-law are talking. That’s the rule. Doesn’t he understand that?”

Sasha, who was exasperated by Demi’s comment, retorted, “Demi, what nonsense are you talking about? We are in modern times now! We are a married couple and we enjoy equal statuses in our relationship.

Mom, since you are the senior in our family, we are obligated to respect you, but you should remind yourself to behave like one too. Would you please quit thinking that everyone else is inferior to you? Marrying me doesn’t make Matthew any different from everyone else, not to mention he isn’t less respectable than anyone!”

Helen was angered by what Sasha said. “What do you mean? Oh, are you saying I have to be respectful toward him in the future? Do I need to get down on my knees and offer him kowtows everytime I meet him from now on?”

Sasha, who was left stumped for a moment, clarified herself, “Mom, when did I say such a thing? What I mean is, you should at least pay Matthew some respect since he has such high regard for you!”

Demi snickered right away, “Sasha, I can’t believe you said something like that. Why should Mom respect him? He’s just a useless kept man who freeloads on our family.

Why do Dad and Mom have to pay him any respect? Even a random beggar from the streets is more capable than he is, because at least the beggar tries to earn himself a living with his own effort. But, what about Matthew?”

Sasha was so offended by her comment that her whole body was trembling. “H-How could you say something like that… What has Matthew done that made you so unhappy with him?

Since when did he depend on us for a living? Can’t you guys see how he has been working and earning money for the past few years?”

Seeing that the argument was getting bitter, James quickly spoke to mediate the dispute, “That’s enough for the both of you.

Demi, how could you speak to your elder sister like that? Sasha, you should watch your words too. Demi is your younger sister, so you should be nicer to her!”

Sasha was so enraged that she was on the verge of breaking into tears. Her parents had been telling her since she was little to treat Demi in a nicer way because she was her younger sister. However, Demi was no longer a child now!

“Well, let’s get down to business then. Sasha, your Dad and I have found several suitable shop lots after roaming around the city. You may transfer the 10 million to our bank account because we’re preparing to purchase the shop lots later today!” ordered Helen.

Sasha was left speechless at once when she heard her mother. “Mom, I don’t think it’s not the right time to transfer the money today…”

Just as Sasha tried to explain her decision, Helen looked displeased at once when she demanded, “Why is it not the right time? Are you going to change your mind after we’ve already agreed on it?”

Demi aimed her question at Matthew directly, “Did you say something to trick Sasha into changing her mind? Matthew, what exactly did we do to offend you so badly that you had to sabotage us in this way? Dad and Mom just want to open a pharmacy. Why did you stop Sasha from providing them the funds to go about it?”

Matthew showed her a confused look. What have I done?

Sasha explained anxiously, “Demi, what have you been thinking? This has nothing to do with Matthew because Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is having a crisis right now!”

James asked immediately, “What sort of crisis is that?”

With resignation, Sasha then recounted what had happened to the company to them. James and Helen were stunned to learn about the news. The company was their biggest hope to improve their lives. If the company collapsed, did that mean they would have to return to their previous impoverished life?

After a moment of silence, James suddenly roared angrily, “I told you guys so! I’ve said before that we couldn’t afford to offend the people from the Pharmaceutical Union!

The two of you just refused to listen because you were too proud to accept my opinion and thought too highly of yourselves. Now that they are trying to finish us off, I’ll see how the two of you are going to deal with that!

We have all our hopes in our entire lives in this company but it is soon going to be destroyed in your hands! I’m really impressed by how talented the two of you are!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 282

Sasha spoke anxiously, “Dad, the crisis didn’t happen because we’ve offended them! Do you know what the Pharmaceuticals Union demands? They want half of our business!”

James was confused when he heard her. “W-What do you mean by that?”

After Sasha gave him an account of the encounter with the Pharmaceutical Union earlier, James went dumbfounded at once, who never expected that the Pharmaceutical Union would actually make such a greedy request.

After a moment of silence, Demi voiced her opinion all of a sudden, “I think the Pharmaceutical Union can’t possibly be so angry with us just because we refused to join them!

I think this crisis must have something to do with Mr. Hughes whom Matthew offended! Matthew, how did you upset such a big shot in the Pharmaceutical Union? He is now angry with you and because of that, he wants to finish our company off! Matthew, how are you going to handle this?”

“Demi, how could you pin the blame on Matthew?” Sasha questioned.

Demi snapped back, “Who else should I blame if not him? If he hadn’t offended Samuel Hughes, this crisis wouldn’t have happened! Matthew, oh, Matthew, you’re really a jinx to our family. Look at the trouble you’ve caused us because of what you did.

Firstly, the project at the construction site was forced to take a halt, causing the reputation of our company to be tarnished. Luckily, we received a compensation of 300 million for all the losses we suffered, but you decided to give the money to somebody else.

Now, the company has to face another crisis because of you. Will you only be satisfied after breaking our family apart?!”

Matthew couldn’t resist revealing, “Mr. Hughes has died!”

“Huh?” Demi was stunned before she queried, “How did he die? Did you kill him?”

Matthew was so taken aback by how Demi associated Samuel’s death to him that he was left speechless. Why do you think that I must be the one who killed him? You just can’t wait to pinpoint me as a murderer, can you?

Sasha challenged Demi, “Demi, what nonsense are you spouting? How is Matthew related to his death? Mr. Hughes was killed by Young Master Jackson’s parents!”

James, who was shocked to hear that, doubted, “That’s complete gibberish. Why would Young Master Jackson’s parents kill Mr. Hughes? He is after all a big shot from the Hughes Family!”

“It’s because Young Master Jackson was killed by Mr. Hughes!” replied Sasha.

“What?!” James and Helen exclaimed at the same time.

“Therefore, as I’ve told you guys before, this crisis isn’t related to either Mr. Hughes or Matthew. The Hughes is looking for trouble because they are eyeing our company and our business.

Dad, Mom, the company really can’t afford to fork out 10 million at this juncture. Why don’t the two of you go back home first and we’ll talk about it after I finish dealing with this situation?” Sasha suggested.

James and Helen glanced at each other, looking reluctant to accept that.

“Sasha, t-the Hughes are way out of our league in terms of wealth and power! Why don’t we just offer half of our business to them directly?

At least in that case, we can still keep the remaining half! Although our company might become smaller, it’s better than ending up having nothing!” Helen suggested in an undertone.

Sounding resigned, Sasha insisted, “Mom, we must have some backbone! Should we be intimidated just because they are stronger than us? This time, they are asking for half of our business. What should we do if they want the entire company next time?”

Helen was unconvinced. “Baloney! After giving them half of our business, we’ll naturally join the Pharmaceutical Union and become one of them. Will they sabotage one of their own? What you just speculated won’t happen at all!”

Sasha got so frustrated that she went speechless. Waving her hands continuously at them, she said, “Forget it. You guys should go home first and I’ll contact you after I am done handling this matter.”

Despite looking reluctant, Helen had no other choice but to accept that the company really couldn’t fork out 10 million for investment at this hour.

“Matthew, you are a jinx and you should stay as far away from my sister as possible! Look at how much trouble you’ve brought upon the company! You aren’t allowed to step foot into the company in the future. Do you understand?” Demi accused angrily before leaving the place together with James and Helen.

Matthew looked baffled as he wondered why he was to blame for the ongoing crisis.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 283

Matthew then gave Sasha some advice to handle the crisis—he reminded her not to panic and calming down the existing customers should be her first priority. After that, Matthew left the company as he planned to seek direction and counsel from others.

As soon as he reached the lobby of the building, he spotted James and Helen from afar. Just as he tried to avoid them, to his dismay, the two were heading his way. “Matthew, stop right there!” Helen roared.

Matthew had no choice but to stop. “Mom, how can I help you?”

Helen nodded at him and yelled, “James has something to say to you!”

James, who looked sullen, first glared at Matthew before asking solemnly, “Matthew, what do you think about the way to solve the crisis at this time?”

Matthew reassured him in a soft voice, “Dad, I’m trying to come up with a solution. Don’t worry. I’ll handle this well and I won’t make the company suffer any loss!”

Demi sneered and scoffed, “Pfft, I can see that you’re getting better and better at bragging! Did you say that you will handle the crisis? How are you going to do that? Don’t you know who’s behind the Pharmaceutical Union? It’s the Hughes, one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire! The family is so powerful and influential in Eastshire that even Billy Newman is not their match. Who can help you this time? That old lady from the Graham Family is nothing compared to the Hughes. In what way are you going to settle this?”

With a frown, Matthew responded, “Demi, there is a solution to every problem. Please don’t panic because I’m sure I can handle this!”

James waved his hands dismissively at him. “Stop boasting about something you can’t do! Matthew, this is what I want to discuss with you. I’m sure that you can’t handle this, so I have a solution which can save the company as well as Sasha out of this predicament. Now, it all depends on your willingness to go along with my plan!”

Matthew was stunned for a second before he quizzed, “Dad, what is your proposal?”

James uttered, “I’m sure you know very well about this whole issue surrounding the Hughes. They dare to bully us because we aren’t powerful enough when we don’t have a strong foundation! If we have a strong backup, will they still have the guts to oppress us?”

A crease appeared on Matthew’s forehead because he could see that James was trying to imply something else.

“Let me be very honest with you—I met a big boss, President White at the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party several days ago. He enjoys a very respectable status in Eastshire and he is very close with the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire. His son is a graduate from the University of Cambridge, who is now the Vice President of the company of his family. Also, he is still single and he will be a perfect match for Sasha. If Sasha marries his son, our family will have a strong backup. President White will only need to pull some strings to solve the little crisis that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is facing.” Staring unflinchingly at Matthew, James continued, “Matthew, we just need to carry out something before we start the plan—you must get a divorce with Sasha first! She can only marry his son after you’ve divorced her. With this plan, we could help both the company as well as Sasha.”

Helen nodded her head vigorously in agreement. “That’s right. It’s the only solution for the time being. On top of that, Sasha can get a perfect husband too after this. Matthew, you’ve always claimed that you love Sasha but if you really love her, you should let her pursue happiness instead of keeping her in your life! Now that Sasha is going to meet her perfect man, I don’t suppose you will do anything to stop that from taking place, right?”

Matthew was puzzled because he really couldn’t figure out how they managed to utter things as outlandish as this. Weren’t they embarrassed at all by making suggestions like these?

Seeing that Matthew was keeping quiet, Demi spoke through gritted teeth, “Matthew, I know what’s in your mind! Let’s do it this way—as long as you’re willing to give up your marriage with Sasha, we will let you manage Wellness Herbary as a compensation. On top of that, we won’t stop you from having a relationship with Leanna Sandel too. Mind you, such a good chance won’t come by again in the future if you let it slip away this time!”

Then, Liam eyed Matthew meaningfully and advised, “Matthew, making right choices is the most important thing in life, while golden opportunities will only appear once in a lifetime. If you make the right choice, you will strike the jackpot but if you don’t, you might not be able to redeem your mistake for the rest of your life! I hope you will think twice this time!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 284

Matthew was left speechless knowing that James still wanted to compel him into getting a divorce with Sasha. On top of that, James even made it sound so noble by telling him that he should let Sasha go if he loved her. In conclusion, all James wanted was to realize his dreams of living a life of the riches.

Judging from their attitude, Matthew reckoned they had long planned for this while they merely made use of the crisis to exert more pressure on him. “Dad, I’m not going to do that! I really love Sasha and I won’t divorce her. As for the crisis, I’ll handle it well, so please don’t worry about that!” Matthew answered.

Demi was annoyed at once by what he said. “You will handle it? How are you going to do that? If you were a capable man, you wouldn’t have depended on us for a living for the past three years!

You are only good at bragging! Instead of letting you handle the crisis, I’d rather just shut the company down right now!”

Helen chided, “Matthew, you kept telling us how you love Sasha, but is this your way of showing your love for her? Don’t you understand that you should let her live a better life instead of keeping her to yourself?

It seems like you don’t love her at all but rather, you just want to fulfill your own possessive desires of her! Would you only be happy to see Sasha be drowned in debts and be announced bankrupt? Would you only be satisfied to see her go through hell?”

Sounding resigned, Matthew emphasized, “Dad, Mom, I really meant what I said and I will really settle this problem!”

Demi flung her arms angrily and fumed, “I can’t believe you are still bragging at this juncture. Matthew, we don’t expect you to become a very successful man, but at least we hope you can be more down-to-earth.

You are the reason why this crisis happened, so you have to help us to settle it! We know you can’t handle it, which is why we provided you with a solution in the first place. However, you refuse to go along with it. How could you be so irresponsible?”

Matthew reiterated solemnly, “I really can handle this! Please just give me some time to do that!”

Helen snapped angrily, “Matthew, I can see you’re living in your own fantasy. Do you really think you’re capable of handling the crisis? You’d better stop dreaming!

Fine, if you could solve this in the end, both of us would treat you like a big boss in the future. Otherwise, you will have to divorce Sasha and you will never step foot into our house again. What do you think?”

James nodded his head vigorously thinking that there was no way Matthew could resolve the crisis.

Matthew shook his head and rejected Helen’s offer, “Mom, Sasha is the love of my life and I won’t use her as a stake to bet on something!”

Demi taunted him immediately, “I knew you were a coward! You’re good at nothing other than bragging! What makes you think you are capable of handling the crisis? Bah! Matthew, I’m so disgusted with you!”

Matthew shot Demi a furious glare. If it wasn’t because James and Helen were around, he would have already landed several vicious slaps on her face. After taking a deep breath to suppress his rage, he declared in a grim tone, “No matter what, I won’t bet on Sasha.

But if you guys insist on getting an assurance from me, I can offer that! If I can’t handle this, I will jump off from that building. How does that sound?”

Helen glanced at the building Matthew was pointing at, consisting of more than ten levels. Anyone who plunged over from such a height would surely die!

Helen and James glanced at each other before nodding their heads immediately in agreement. “Great, you’d better remember your promise! Matthew, you can’t go back on your words when the time comes!”

Matthew let out a sigh in resignation, lamenting the fact that the old couple were really keen to see him die as long as they could get rid of him. However, he did not make any comment in the end.

All he did was nod his head slowly to acknowledge his promise. After all, they were Sasha’s parents and he couldn’t get into an argument with them, because that would put Sasha in a difficult position between her parents and himself.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 285

Demi looked delighted at once to hear Matthew’s pledge. “Matthew, I’ve kept what you said in my mind. You’d better honor your promise or I won’t let you go easily! Dad, Mom, let’s go!” She let out a loud disdainful snort at Matthew before leaving in a buoyant mood.

Watching as the four of them left, Matthew let out a sigh again. He then headed straight to visit Stanley in order to gain some insights from him about the crisis.

As Stanley had been running a business in the pharmaceutical industry for a very long time, he had a better understanding about the Hughes Family than Matthew himself. In fact, Stanley had long been aware of the Hughes’ intention to punish Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

After Matthew arrived at his place and informed him of the purpose of his visit, Stanley stated right away, “Mr. Larson, there are two ways to solve this.

The first solution which is also the most straightforward one, you may ask Master Newman for help. Although the Hughes are very powerful, I don’t think they have the guts to pay no respect to Master Newman.”

Matthew shook his head slowly because he had dismissed this solution right from the beginning; he did not want to owe too many favors to Billy as he wanted to enjoy equal status with him in their relationship. “What about the second solution?”

Stanley revealed, “The second option is, you represent Eastshire to participate in the Six Southern States Medical Conference and score one of the top three rankings for Eastshire.”

Matthew frowned and doubted, “Will that work?”

Stanley sighed and explained, “Mr. Larson, you might not know about this, but Eastshire has always been at the bottom of the ranking in the medical conferences for the past few years. Therefore, medical products from the rest of the five states can be sold in Eastshire, but those from Eastshire are not very marketable in all six states.

This situation is very disturbing for the Hughes because their own interests are threatened. Over the years, they have been trying hard to seek a famous doctor who can help them get a good result in the medical conference.

Mr. Larson, if you can help them get what they want, I’m sure they will treat you as a very important guest. Then, I guess you won’t have to worry about the crisis that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is now facing.”

A crease formed on Matthew’s forehead. Did that mean that he had to offer help to the Hughes Family? To be honest, he did not have a favorable opinion of them and he was unwilling to assist them. “Is there no other solution besides this?”

Stanley shook his head and replied, “Other options will be even more tricky. You can only solve this crisis if you are able to persuade one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire to help you. Otherwise, there is no one else other than Master Newman in Eastcliff who is capable of making the Hughes compromise!”

Matthew went lost in thought because he was really reluctant to help the Hughes. At that juncture, his phone rang suddenly; it was Joseph Harrison who was trying to reach him.

Joseph could hardly contain his joy in his voice when he exclaimed, “Mr. Larson, I’ve found the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus that you are looking for!”

“Say what?!” Matthew cried out. The Thousand-Year Snow Lotus was the key to save his sister’s life, who had been unconscious all this while because his prescription for her was short of that one ingredient. “Where did you find it? How much does it cost?” Matthew asked anxiously.

Joseph responded, “Mr. Larson, it isn’t for sale. I was just told that it’s the prize for the winning state who comes first in the Six Southern States Medical Conference!”

Matthew’s eyes widened in surprise to learn about that. It seemed like he had no choice but to participate in the medical conference after all. He glanced at Stanley and stated, “It seems like I really have to join the conference this time!”

Stanley was overjoyed to hear that. “Mr. Larson, if you are going to show off your medical skills, I’m sure Eastshire will be in the top three of the medical conference this round.

By the time it happens, not only the medical industry in Eastshire will gain tremendous benefits out of it, but even Cunningham Pharmaceuticals will enjoy their share of gains too.”

“Could you arrange that for me?” Matthew asked.

Stanley nodded his head right away and agreed, “By all means! Eastcliff has the right to recommend a suitable candidate to represent its city, while every other state too is represented by their own candidate to take part in the conference.

As people from the Hughes are coming tonight, I’ll introduce you to them. From then on, you will then be able to represent Eastshire in the medical conference!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 286

At seven at night, members of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff arrived at the ninth floor of Times Hotel to welcome the successor to the Hughes Family who came from Eastshire.

As the representative of Billy, Stanley attended the function together with Matthew. All of them waited for a while before they heard a commotion coming from outside.

Shortly after that, a group of people flourishly strode into the ballroom. The group was led by a young man who was wearing a gold-rimmed spectacle.

His manner was decorous but there was an indescribable air of brutality concealed deep in his eyes. He was none other than the successor to the Hughes Family—Travis Hughes.

Everyone of the Ten Greatest Families walked over to greet him, but Travis couldn’t even be bothered to glance at them as he headed straight toward the private room deeper inside the ballroom.

Despite feeling slightly embarrassed, those people did not voice out their annoyance. After all, the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire were way more superior than the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff in terms of their power and wealth.

Stanley brought Matthew to the private room where he greeted Travis and introduced Matthew to him. “Young Master Hughes, Mr. Larson here is a man with unparalleled medical skills. If he represents Eastshire to take part in the medical conference, I’m sure we will be able to seize the victory this time!”

Travis put down the glass of wine he was holding to glimpse at Matthew. The corners of his mouth curled up briefly with a trace of contempt before he remarked, “Stanley Carlson, why have you been living your life in a backward manner all these years?

How dare you claim this young lad as a superb doctor? Is there something wrong with your mind or are you trying to fool my family?”

Looking slightly affronted, Stanley explained, “Young Master Hughes, you’ve misunderstood me. Mr. Larson is a man with the best medical skills I have ever come across in my entire life. Several superb doctors in Eastcliff are all blown away by his talent…”

Travis waved his hands dismissively at him and snapped, “That’s because there aren’t many talents in Eastcliff! When the cat’s away, the mice will play. How dare you recommend some nobody to me as the candidate to participate in the medical conference?

! Stanley Carlson, I merely allowed you to come here and talk to me for Mr. Newman’s sake, but you actually brought such a man here to humiliate me. Do you think my family are just a bunch of pushovers?”

Matthew frowned, annoyed by how presumptuous Travis was. “Young Master Hughes, how can you be sure that I have no talent without having witnessed my medical skills?” he quizzed.

Travis glanced at him and put on a frown as he responded, “There’s no need to verify it! I can be sure because I was born in a family which has produced generations of talents in the medical field.

There’s no shortcut in the path leading to exceptional medical skills, where one can only be a superb doctor through years of experience. I only manage to have the skills I’m having now because I’ve started learning medicine ever since I was little.

Who do you think you are? Could your medical skills possibly be more exceptional than mine? Only idiots like Stanley will believe you, but you’re just too young to deceive my family and I!”

Stanley, who was irritated by his comment, spoke, “Young Master Hughes, we can get a better idea of Mr. Larson’s medical skills just by giving him a test. I’m afraid the way you judge Mr. Larson’s talent might not be thorough enough.”

Looking sullen, Travis confronted Stanley, “Are you trying to show me the way of doing things? Do you really think you can behave so arrogantly because you have Mr. Newman behind your back?

Mind you, I am respectful of Mr. Newman but you aren’t him! Get out of here and don’t spoil my mood!”

Stanley was so enraged by what he said that his fists were clenched tightly. Despite that, he was not audacious enough to start an argument with Travis, the successor to the family business who enjoyed a very respectable status in his family. If the dispute escalated, Stanley did not suppose Billy would have a feud with the Hughes just to protect him.

Right after they left the private room, Stanley landed a forceful punch on a wall to vent his frustration and cursed through gritted teeth, “I’ve long heard about how snobbish and arrogant that spoiled brat is, but I’ve never thought that he is actually this cocky!”

As for Matthew, he put on a frown and queried, “Is there another way for me to participate in the medical conference, since the Hughes aren’t agreeing to help us?”

After a moment of contemplation, Stanley stated, “There is another way to go about this but once we use this plan, we might make ourselves the arch rivals of the Hughes in the future!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 287

Matthew asked curiously, “What’s the plan?”

Stanley only revealed it to him after some hesitation, “You can take part in the medical conference as the representative of Eastcliff. However, this requires more effort from us because we have to convince the Eastcliff Medical Association to support you to be the representative of the city.”

“I have no idea at all about the existence of such an organization in Eastcliff,” Matthew replied.

Stanley chuckled and imparted, “This organization has already been in existence for a very long time and Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is also one of its members. The organization used to be managed by the Watkins Family, who used to be one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff.

However, ever since the Watkins Family went through a bloodbath because of Master Newman, the organization has been operating without a leader up until now.

As the wealth and business owned by the Watkins Family are shared by the other nine families, the Eastcliff Medical Association is considered to be co-managed by the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff.

Therefore, if you want to gain the support from the organization, you will have to convince all the Ten Greatest Families to support you too.”

Matthew put on a frown looking distressed because his relationship with the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff had not been too pleasant ever since what happened between him and the Jacksons. It might be an uphill task trying to get the support from all of them at this juncture.

After pondering over it for some time, Matthew spoke in a solemn tone, “We have to give it a try in any case. Please help me gather the people of the Ten Greatest Families, because I’d like to have a discussion with them myself.”

Stanley nodded his head and agreed, “I’ll do that. But Mr. Larson, I hope you don’t expect too much from this method because it’s highly unlikely to work. Every year, the Eastcliff Medical Association is capable of raking in two to three billion of profit for the Ten Greatest Families.

If they were to supportyou, it means that they would have to set themselves against the Hughes Family. Furthermore, if the Hughes Family decides to suspend the activity in the medical industry of Eastcliff, the one who will lose all that profit is the Eastcliff Medical Association. I’m sure the Ten Greatest Families won’t be willing to give up such a lucrative business!”

Right after Travis left the ballroom following the end of the banquet, Stanley immediately rushed off to approach the masters of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff. He gathered them in a big private room and gave them an account of Matthew’s intention.

As soon as he finished his statement, one of the masters snapped furiously, “Stanley Carlson, is there something wrong with your mind? Do you want the Eastcliff Medical Association to make itself an enemy to the Hughes Family?

Do you have any idea that they are controlling the profit distribution in the medical industry of Eastcliff? Once we make them angry, all our drugs and medical equipment won’t be marketable in other cities!

This is a business involving a revenue of over tens of billion and it concerns the survival of the drug manufacturing companies, medical equipment companies, medical organizations and chinese herbs companies of various sizes in Eastcliff!

Do you want all these companies to go insolvent just to let Matthew participate in the medical conference this time?”

Stanley looked embarrassed because he understood very well what the consequences of the plan was. “Gentlemen,” he stressed at the top of his lungs, “I understand what all of you are thinking. But, have you guys actually thought about the possibility of us emerging as the winner in the medical conference?

If we actually won, how much from the medical resources in the six states would be allocated to Eastcliff? We will be talking about a business which is worth up to or more than several hundred billion instead of only ten billion!”

Everyone inside the room roared with laughter right after he said that.

“Stanley Carlson, I think it’s about time you book an appointment with a doctor. What actually happened that turned you into a mad man? Winning at the medical conference? How are we going to win? Are we going to rely on Mr. Larson here?

Don’t you have any idea that the medical conference is going to be participated by superb doctors from all the six states? Even Mr. Harrison, who has been working closely with you, is just a nobody in the medical conference. What makes Matthew Larson special?” one of the masters of the Ten Greatest Families challenged.

Stanley proclaimed determinedly through gritted teeth, “I believe in Mr. Larson’s medical skills! If he gets to participate in the medical conference, I am sure he can bring us victory!”

Another master sneered, “You believe him? If I am not mistaken, he used to be just a toilet cleaner at the hospital.

Do you think he’s a prominent man who lives in seclusion? This ain’t no fairy tale!” His remarks made everyone burst with laughter once again.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 288

Stanley looked livid with rage but he couldn’t come up with anything to refute them. Only he himself as well as several others knew how excellent Matthew’s medical skills were. As the members of the Ten Greatest Families were not aware about it, they would not believe it no matter how hard Stanley tried to convince them.

At that juncture, Matthew spoke, “Gentlemen, all of you will know whether I can win at the medical conference by giving me a chance to try. I can make a pledge for all of you here—if I am defeated in the medical conference, my life will be all yours.”

Master Sandel jeered right away. “Matthew Larson, do you think your life is that valuable? This is a business which is worth up to ten billion and every year, the medical association can bring in around two to three billion profit for us.

Are you trying to convince us to use such a staggering sum of money as a stake to bet with your life? Are you even worth the money?”

Because of Matthew’s relationship with Leanna, Master Sandel had always found Matthew an eyesore. Therefore, there was no doubt he would make full use of this chance to taunt and mock Matthew the best he could.

Looking bleak, Matthew advised, “Master Sandel, I don’t think you should make your stance too absolute. Today, I’m asking for a favor from all of you here. If you guys are willing to offer me help, I’ll keep that in my mind. But, if you refuse, I’ll remember it too!”

Everyone burst out laughing at once. “Oh, it seems like you’re one who holds grudges! But, so what? Are you going to set yourself against all of us in the future?

Mr. Larson, we’re here just because you’re a friend of Master Newman’s. But, you have to remind yourself that you aren’t him! Your favor means nothing to all of us!”

Master Sandel rose to his feet and bellowed, “Let’s go! Let’s not waste our time talking with that crap!”

When he reached the door, he stopped in his tracks suddenly to cast a glimpse at Matthew. “Larson, you’d better listen to me carefully!

Stay as far away as possible from Leanna in the future because I don’t want people to start talking about how a member of our family has an affair with a kept man! I think you know what I mean!”

With an icy look, Matthew challenged him, “Master Sandel, is your power extensive enough to control that?”

Master Sandel scoffed, “You may give it a try. Mind you, my family is way more superior to some other families!”

The master of the Jacksons looked slightly offended because it was very obvious that Master Sandel was mocking his family but he did not voice out his displeasure.

The Jacksons had suffered a substantial loss after what had taken place between them and the Hughes. At the moment, they couldn’t even be sure whether they could still remain part of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff.

The masters of the rest of the families all rose to their feet and left the room in between laughter. The way they stared at Matthew was brimming with contempt as if he was an idiot.

After watching them walk away, Stanley couldn’t resist but to land a forceful punch on the table and cursed, “These bunch of gaffers are such bullies! Mr. Larson, shall we visit Master Newman to see whether he’s willing to persuade them himself?”

Matthew shook his head and said, “Master Newman has helped me on too many occasions and I can’t always rely on his help whenever I have a problem. President Carlson, can you think of any other ways to go about this?”

With a deep crease on his forehead, Stanley mulled it over for a long time before he stated in a soft voice, “There’s another way I can think of, but I’m afraid this might be e-even more unlikely to work.”

“What’s that?” Matthew asked.

Stanley proposed, “If you can establish a new medical association to take the place of Eastcliff Medical Association, you will then have the full say in deciding the affairs in the medical industry in the city. With that, you will have no problem representing Eastcliff to join the medical conference!”

Matthew was stunned for a moment after listening to Stanley’s suggestion. “C-Can this work? How does one establish such an association?”

Stanley continued, “Establishing the association itself is as easy as ABC. The more challenging part will be to replace the Eastcliff Medical Association—who owns an asset of almost 10 billion—to participate in the medical conference. Therefore, your association must own a fund of at least that amount before it can replace the Eastcliff Medical Association.”

Matthew frowned, thinking that a fund of 10 billion was quite a significant sum.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 289

Stanley first glanced at Matthew before he added in a soft voice, “The 10 billion fund will be in the form of a direct investment. Once you take part in the medical conference, you will have to offer the fund at the medical conference as the medical resources of Eastcliff.

In the event you lose at the medical conference, a part of that money will be seized by the other five states. Coupled with the oppression from the Hughes Family, it’s highly likely that the 10 billion fund will all go down the drain in the end. So, I think it will be challenging trying to get people to invest in the association.”

Matthew looked even more troubled because he had never expected that Stanley’s method just turned out to be more and more strenuous.

Seeing that Matthew was keeping silent, Stanley spoke suddenly, “Mr. Larson, if you’ve really decided to do this, I can offer an investment of 1.5 billion! I’m going to get the money by putting up Carlson Pharmacy as collateral to the bank. Mr. Larson, you will have my full support even though I might have to sell off all my assets!”

Matthew was deeply moved by Stanley. To be frank, Stanley really trusted him a great deal. Based on the wealth owned by Stanley, 1.5 billion was the maximum he could allocate for the investment and he probably had to take on loans to get cash. If Matthew was defeated at the medical conference, Stanley might be bankrupt too.

Matthew nodded at him in gratitude. “President Carlson, I’ll keep your kind gesture in my mind! I’ll come up with ways to gather the rest of the fund.”

After saying goodbye to Stanley, Matthew went on to visit Timothy, who agreed to offer an investment of 2 billion to support Matthew very decisively. Together with what Stanley had offered, Matthew had a total of 3.5 billion at the moment.

Next, he made his way to visit Billy. Being very confident with his strong financial foundation, Billy asked Matthew to try finding himself more investors first because he would offer him whatever amount he lacked in the end.

Matthew heaved out a sigh of relief. All in all, he was really impressed by how much those three trusted him. After doing a calculation in his mind, he estimated that he could get another 500 million from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and with that, he would have a total of 4 billion. In other words, Billy had to fork out another 6 billion to bring up the total to 10 billion.

Matthew felt slightly resigned about this. Although Billy trusted in his medical skill a great deal, to fork out a sum of 6 billion at one go was very challenging, and it was a risky gamble even to Billy. Just as he was cracking his brain for solutions, Leanna called him to invite him to her office to have a chat.

Matthew rushed to Creative Cloud Group and he saw Leanna’s secretary waiting for him when he arrived at the building. Instead of bringing him to Leanna’s room, she brought him to a secluded room located in the basement parking lot. Matthew was bewildered and he wondered what Leanna was going to pull off this time.

Right after he stepped into the room, the first person he saw was not Leanna but Old Master Jackson, whose first name was Connor. The man looked like he had aged a great deal within the past two days because he looked frail with his back hunched.

Matthew scanned his surroundings in astonishment and found no one else in the room.

“Mr. Larson, you don’t have to look around because you and I are the only ones here,” Connor spoke in a deep but weak voice.

Feeling doubtful, Matthew asked, “So, you are the one who wants to meet me?”

Connor nodded slowly and said, “You can think of it that way. Mr. Larson, please have a seat.”

As soon as Matthew sat down, the secretary exited the room and closed the door.

“Old Master Jackson, how can I help you?”

Connor coughed several times before he muttered, “Mr. Larson, do you know how heavy the price my family has paid this time?”

Matthew put on a frown and countered, “Old Master Jackson, I can’t see why you’re telling me this. I don’t think this has anything to do with me.”

Connor laughed bitterly and recounted, “Yesterday, Master Jackson and I made a trip to Eastshire planning to talk it out with the Hughes. But, you know what? They’ve already captured my son and my daughter-in-law, who are Zachary’s parents.”

Matthew’s heart gave a lurch. Was he going to be exposed soon?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 290

Connor’s eyes went red-rimmed as he told his story, “The two of them were already in bad shape when I was there. My son, whose whole body was covered with blood, was thrown into a pool of mud full of ants which were crawling all over his body. The moment he spotted me, he actually begged me so hard to kill him!”

Tears started streaming down his face when he got to that part because it hurt him.

After a sharp intake of breath, he wiped away his tears and continued, “As for my daughter-in-law, all her limbs were chopped off before her torso was squeezed into a jar. The Hughes fed her medicine to keep her alive and sober so that she could experience every bit of the pain and torture.”

Matthew frowned at the cruelty of the Hughes in seeking revenge.

No wonder none of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff had the guts to set themselves against them; it seemed like he had indeed underestimated them.

However, it actually served as a reminder for Matthew to take this more seriously.

This was no longer just a competition in business with the Hughes.

If he turned out to be the loser this time around, he would definitely end up very badly.

Connor mumbled, “At that time, I knelt down in front of Master Hughes begging him to let my son and my daughter-in-law go, but he ignored me and continued chatting with me happily.

I watched how my son and my daughter-in-law went through the torture for the entire day. At night, Master Hughes handed me a knife and asked me to kill my son myself as compensation for their family. You know what?

The moment I stabbed the dagger into my son’s chest, he actually looked so grateful to be freed of the misery instead of looking pained. That was not all. In the end, they dumped their bodies to a pack of dogs and I had to witness how their bodies were devoured by the animals…”

Connor choked with sobs at that moment.

It was then Matthew realized why Connor had aged so much in just two days.

“Old Master Jackson, what do you want me to do for you?” Matthew queried.

After wiping away the tears on his face, Connor explained, “The Hughes demanded us to hand over 70% of our business to them. There’s no turning back for my family at this point.

Mr. Larson, I’ve decided to go all out to fight them! However, we aren’t strong enough to do that on our own so I’d like to work with you. I know you’ve been trying to gather funds recently and my family is willing to offer you a sum of 3 billion to fully support you!”

Matthew was stunned because he had never thought that Connor would actually offer him something like that.

Knowing well that Connor was a very cunning and shrewd man, Matthew was sure he must have guessed that he was involved in the incident.

Under such a circumstance, it was only reasonable for him to loathe Matthew. Why would he want to work with him instead?

Were there any hidden traps in his offer?

Just as Matthew was deep in thought, he received a call from Tiger.

Matthew, who was taken aback by the call, picked it up and Tiger’s croaky voice came from the other end immediately. “Mr. Larson, I-I’ve let you down…”

Looking alarmed, Matthew asked anxiously, “What’s going on? What happened?”

In a trembling voice, Tiger answered him, “Something happened to Julian! His car was knocked into by a huge truck when he was on his way to pick up his daughter…”

Matthew felt as though his brain was jammed all of a sudden and something nearly exploded in his head. That was his best buddy!

“How did it happen?” Matthew questioned in a grim tone.

After taking a deep breath, Tiger spoke in a soft voice, “I reckon the Hughes was the culprit. This morning, some people from their family came to Wellness Herbary and offered to sell some chinese herbs to us, but Julian rejected their offer.

Because of that, they warned him to be careful and t-then, the accident took place. Mr. Larson, I’ve let you down. I-I didn’t manage to protect Julian…”

Matthew clenched both fists tightly to learn that once again, the Hughes was the culprit behind the accident. “Travis Hughes, I will make sure you won’t be able to leave Eastcliff alive!” he bellowed.

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