The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 291-300

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 291

Trying his best to suppress the raging fury inside him, Matthew questioned in a somber tone, “How’s he now?”

“The ambulance has already brought him to the hospital but I have no idea of the specifics. I’m on my way to the hospital now,” Tiger answered.

“Which hospital?”

“The hospital you’re working at!”

Matthew hung up on him and rushed to the hospital without hesitation.

When he reached the place, he could see Tiger and some of his men standing outside the surgery room from afar.

“What’s the situation now?” Matthew asked anxiously.

In a quivering voice, Tiger responded, “The little girl is fine because Julian protected her with his body when the accident happened, but his condition is somewhat critical. The doctors are still trying to rescue him…”

Without another word, Matthew pushed the door to the surgery room open and barged inside, where Mr. Harrison was busy carrying out the surgery.

There was no doubt Mr. Harrison was there to help out considering Julian was Matthew’s friend.

Matthew observed Julian’s condition and found that he was gravely injured. If it wasn’t for Mr. Harrison, he might have already passed away.

However, at least he was still alive now, which meant there was still hope to bring him back.

After letting out a sigh to clear his head, Matthew immediately got to work and helped stabilize Julian’s injury himself.

Together with Mr. Harrison, the two soon got Julian through the critical stage.

Matthew then took out a mini Rejuvenating Pill he had prepared recently and fed Julian with it.

Because of the accident, all the organs in Julian’s body had been injured. The mini Rejuvenating Pill could nourish his organs and help him with a speedy recovery.

After Matthew cleaned up, he walked out of the surgery room.

Tiger, who was standing outside with a group of his men, apologized with a remorseful look, “Mr. Larson, I’m sorry that I’ve failed to protect Julian well.”

Matthew waved his hands at him and clarified, “This has got nothing to do with you. Never have I expected that people from the Hughes Family would actually dare to pull off something like this in broad daylight! It seems like it’s about time I have closure with the Hughes Family. Tiger, I’m afraid you will get busier in the coming days. Please send some of your men to keep a lookout here as well as my wife’s place because I’m worried that the Hughes Family might be up to mischief again!”

Tiger nodded immediately and promised, “Mr. Larson, please don’t worry. I’ll dispatch all my men to keep them safe from now on and if anything bad happens again, I’ll offer you my life!”

Matthew nodded slowly at him. With Tiger who could offer protection to his closest ones, he could be spared from worrying about them.

Now, he should focus his attention on dealing with Travis Hughes!

He headed back to Cloud Creative Group where Connor was still waiting for him.

After stepping into the room, Matthew cut to the chase by asking, “Old Master Jackson, why did you choose me?”

Connor took a deep breath before answering, “Mr. Larson, I must be lying to you if I tell you I chose you because I saw the potential in you. I chose you purely because I have no other option. The Ten Greatest Families in Eastcliff might be friendly with each other on the surface but in fact, we’re divided. Although my family is still surviving, the other nine families have already started discussing how to share the pie of my family business. On the other hand, Master Newman is the only man in Eastcliff who is capable of competing with the Hughes, but he can’t make himself an enemy to them. Right now, you’re the only one in the entire Eastcliff who has a feud with the Hughes and who’s battling it out with them. Therefore, you’re my only option!”

Matthew nodded at him slowly because he found his statement believable.

Connor then muttered, “Mr. Larson, there might have been some misunderstanding between my family and you but that doesn’t matter anymore now. This time, you and I are on the same boat to get even with the Hughes. I don’t expect you to repay or reward me for the money I am going to offer you as investment because I only want you to help me salvage my family business! My family business has been in existence for a century and I can’t allow it to be destroyed in my hands!”

While he was talking, he suddenly got down on his knees and declared, “The fate of our family lies in your hands, Mr. Larson. I don’t have many days left now and I only wish that Mr. Larson can help us. If my family manages to get through this and survive, we will be willing to work for you without any complaint!”

Instead of answering him right away, Matthew gazed at Connor and asked all of a sudden, “Why is Miss Sandel related to this?”

Connor replied in a soft voice, “Although I am a man blinded by greed now, I did do some kind deeds years ago. At the time when Miss Sandel was ousted by her family, I offered her help out of kindness. It was her who helped me arrange this meeting today.”

Matthew nodded slowly.

He did not trust Connor but things were different if Leanna was involved in this.

It was not because Matthew trusted her but because she still needed him to save the lives of her daughter as well as her bestie.

Therefore, he was sure Leanna wouldn’t sabotage him.

“In this case, it’s a deal! You shall contribute 3 billion for me and we will join forces to deal with the Hughes!” Matthew announced.

Connor, who was elated to hear that, thanked him immediately. “Thank you so much, Mr. Larson!”

Matthew nodded at him before glancing at the door. “Miss Sandel, why don’t you just come in and join the chat since you’re here?”

A chuckle came from somewhere outside the door before Leanna, who was wearing a full-white attire, pushed the door open and walked inside.

“Mr. Larson, it seems like I really can’t keep any secret from you. To be honest, I’m really sorry for asking you to be here so hastily without informing you in advance. It’s because I’m not in the position to interfere with things between the Jacksons and you. Therefore, I thought I should let Old Master Jackson discuss his plan with you directly so that you can decide what to do on your own will!”

Matthew nodded in approval because he thought it was right for her to do this.

If she was there just now to put in words for Connor’s sake, Matthew’s judgment would have been affected because he had to consider her feelings.

“Mr. Larson, I can invest 1.5 billion in your medical association.”

Her offer caught Matthew by surprise because it had never occurred to him that Leanna would actually want any part in this.

“Miss Sandel, we’re facing superb doctors from all six states this time and your money might go down the drain in the end. Are you sure you want to do this?” Matthew asked.

Leanna waved her hands dismissively at once and confirmed, “There’s no need to think about it. Mr. Larson, I can only offer 1.5 billion mainly because I don’t have much free cash available with me at the moment. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even hesitate to invest 10 billion because I have full confidence in your medical skill!”

Connor was shocked to hear that. Leanna had told him about Matthew’s excellent medical skills before but he had no idea she actually trusted in his medical skills so much!

After leaving Cloud Creative Group, Matthew did a calculation.

With the 1.5 billion from Stanley, the 2 billion from Timothy, the 3 billion from the Jacksons, the 1.5 billion from Leanna together with the 500 million from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, he had already gathered 8.5 billion in total.

He only needed another 1.5 billion from Billy to have a total of 10 billion.

He gave a call to Billy, who was so decisive that he offered to invest 3.5 billion straightaway, which brought Matthew’s fund to a total of 12 billion.

Matthew was taken aback by his offer. Indeed, Billy was different in his way of doing things compared to the ordinary folks.

All the money was transferred to his bank card that night.

He then rushed to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to meet Sasha and discussed his plan with her.

Without disclosing anything about his medical skills to her, he only told her it was for an investment.

Sasha agreed to fork out the 500 million without hesitation because she trusted him completely.

Of course, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals did not actually fork out 500 million.

As Matthew had the 300 million compensation sum from the Jacksons, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals only needed to invest another 200 million.

After getting the money ready, Matthew gave Stanley a call informing him to start handling the administration procedure which followed next.

The medical conference would be held three days later. As Stanley was handling it himself, three days were enough for him to complete everything which was required to kickstart the association.

Matthew went to the hospital to work as usual the next morning.

As soon as he stepped into the office, he saw James and the others sitting inside.

His heart gave a lurch as he wondered what had happened again which was grave enough to bring them here.

Demi, who was the first to notice him, shrieked, “He’s here! That b*stard is here!”

Helen went bananas like a furious beast. “Matthew, you scumbag! How dare you try to sabotage my daughter? Why did you ask her to get a loan of 200 million for you? Are you trying to get her killed?!” she yelled.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 292

Matthew was dumbfounded because he did not ask Sasha to take out a 200 million loan at all.

“Mom, what’re you talking about? When did she take out the loan?” he asked anxiously.

“I can’t believe you’re still trying to play dumb! I-I must teach you a lesson…” Helen squealed and lifted one of her arms in an attempt to slap Matthew.

Matthew quickly dodged her attack and beseeched, “Mom, calm down and talk to me! What’s going on?”

Helen did not stop pouncing on Matthew as she growled, “Stop right there! You’d better stop right there now! Only one of us will survive today! Stop him from moving about!”

Liam immediately scurried over and stretched out both arms to stop Matthew from moving around.

With a sly smile on his face, he couldn’t wait to see Matthew being beaten up by Helen.

Matthew dared not get physical with Helen but he didn’t need to be careful with Liam.

He knocked his body against Liam’s by pretending to stumble, causing Liam to collapse onto the floor and blood to gush out of his head.

Demi immediately helped Liam to his feet before she let out a squeal in fury, “Matthew, how dare you hurt my husband? I’m going to kill you!”

With that, she grabbed a glass from the table and advanced upon Matthew.

At that juncture, several security officers barged into the room and subdued Helen and Demi directly.

The man who led the group was Casey Fleming, who was interrogated by the hospital director for several days after he was ratted out by Demi for bribery.

As he had long held a grudge against the Cunninghams, there was no doubt he would not treat them too nicely when he saw them at the hospital again.

“What the heck are you guys doing? Pin all of them down now! Just beat them up if they dare to get physical again! I’ll bear the responsibility if anything happens!”

Several security officers who looked intimidating pressed Helen and Demi onto the floor and kept them there by pressing their feet on them.

The two couldn’t break free from their hold no matter how hard they tried.

James asked frantically, “What are you guys doing? Let my wife and my daughter go, o-or I’ll call the police!”

Casey sneered, “Are you sure you want to call the police? I was just about to do that! I have the right to stop you guys from assaulting a man at the hospital! Hmph, let’s see who will be arrested if the police are here!”

James was left stumped at once because they had indeed started assaulting Matthew as soon as they were here.

If they called the police, the hospital would not be held accountable whereas he and his family might be sent to the detention center and kept there for several days.

James glared at Matthew and demanded, “Matthew, are you going to watch your mother-in-law and your sister-in-law being bullied without doing anything to help? Can you still consider yourself a man?!”

Matthew was left speechless. You didn’t say a thing when the two of them tried to assault me. Now that my colleague is trying to do justice for me, do you expect me to offer them help? Why would I get them released? So that they can continue beating me up?

Without responding to James, Matthew glanced at Casey.

Casey understood what he meant immediately. After all, it wasn’t appropriate of Matthew to criticize them because they were his family, so he needed Casey’s help to handle this.

Casey first glanced at James and rebuked in an icy voice, “Old thing, you’d better behave yourself too! Anyone at the hospital has to abide by its rules. If you continue cursing Matthew for no reason at all, I’ll call the police and get you arrested too!”

Looking alarmed with his mouth wide open, James was deterred from making further comments in the end.

Seeing that Casey was about to call the police, Helen quickly pleaded, “Director Fleming, please don’t be angry. We indeed made a mistake this time and I-I’m sorry about that. Why don’t you let us go first? W-We promise we won’t do it again!”

Casey glanced at Matthew, who nodded slightly. In fact, all he wanted was to give them a scare and it was not his intention to call the police and get them arrested.

It was only then did Casey nod and say, “Since you have apologized, I will give all of you another chance.”

“Let them go!”

“However, we’ll be waiting outside. You guys are welcomed to have a discussion but if any of you decide to get physical, the officers from our security department won’t go easy on you!”

Casey waved at the security officers and brought them out of the room with him.

Helen and Demi looked humiliated as they tried to get up. Letting out a shriek, Helen was ready to advance upon Matthew to slap him again.

The door was pushed open immediately and Casey stuck his head in. “What’s going on? Are you going to slap him again?”

Helen adopted her best behavior at once because she did not feel like being stepped on again.

“James and Helen, what exactly happened?” Matthew queried.

Helen confronted him through gritted teeth, “Matthew, just stop playing dumb with us. Did you ask Sasha for money for an investment? Do you have no idea that the company is having a crisis?

In order to raise 200 million, Sasha charged all the shares of the company to the bank to get the loan. If she fails to pay back the loan, not only will she lose the company, but she will be sent to jail too! Will you only be satisfied if Sasha loses everything and our family breaks apart?!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 293
Matthew was stunned. Didn’t the company still own over a billion of cash in its account?

Although there was a group of customers who cancelled their orders, their refunds would only be processed a fortnight later according to rules.

Therefore, Matthew was sure the company still had a billion in its account.

“Mom, I really needed money for an investment and the company had enough cash for that. Why did she need to take out a loan?” Matthew asked curiously.

James roared angrily at him, “That’s bullsh*t! It seems like you really have no idea of the current condition of the company, huh? Do you know that the orders worth 3 billion the company had prior to this have all been cancelled?

Those big shots forced us to refund their deposit early, so the company only has over one million in its account right now. So tell me, where the hell did Sasha get 200 million?”

Matthew was confused as to why he was not informed about this.

“When did it happen? When did those people ask to cancel their orders? A lot of them come from other states so they don’t have to follow the instructions from the Pharmaceutical Union. Why would they want to cancel their orders?”

James snapped angrily, “Matthew, stop playing dumb with us because I don’t believe you know nothing about this. So what if they are from other states? The Hughes have dealings with all the famous families in all six southern states which have business in the medical industry!

The Hughes are capable of making every medical company in all six southern states shun Cunningham Pharmaceuticals! Our company could have risen to greater success with the 3 billion orders that we managed to seize with huge effort.

If it wasn’t for you who b-brought misfortune on us by offending the Hughes, our company w-wouldn’t be in this situation!”

Matthew put on a frown because he was shocked by the extent of the power the Hughes had.

Also, he realized they were very harsh in the way they did things.

They had actually pulled so many strings just to sabotage Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

“James and Helen, I really didn’t know about this. I will call Sasha now and tell her I don’t need the money anymore!”

Matthew fished out his phone and called Sasha but she straight away hung up on him without saying anything.

Meanwhile, James and Helen gazed at him unflinchingly. “What did Sasha say? Did she agree to it? What should we do about the loan? The interest charged on a 200 million loan must be staggering!

Matthew, although Sasha doesn’t have to give you the money for the investment now, how should we deal with the interests?” Helen shouted at the top of her lungs.

Overwhelmed by a sense of guilt, Matthew assured, “Helen =, please don’t worry because I’ll deal with the interest!”

Demi taunted him right away, “Did you just say you would deal with it again? Do you know how much the interest can be for a loan of 200 million? I see you’ve really thought of yourself as some sort of big shot after becoming the head of a department at the hospital.

Can you handle so many things at a time? You’d better remember that you only got this job thanks to my husband. Do you really think you got this job because of your talent? What talent do you have?

In the end, you still have to rely on my husband! Not only did you not appreciate his help, you even beat him up. I’ve never come across such an ungrateful rascal like you in my entire life!”

Matthew was left speechless at once because he couldn’t see how his job was related to Liam.

However, he couldn’t be bothered to bicker with Demi.

Helen waved her hands to stop the argument. “Well, Demi, you shouldn’t waste your time talking crap with him. Matthew, let me warn you beforehand that you will be responsible for the payment of the interests.

You have to pay for it by hook or by crook, and I don’t care even if you are going to gather the money by selling your blood or your kidney!”

Demi sniggered and commented sarcastically, “Sell his kidney? I suppose he can’t afford to pay the interest even after selling all the organs in his body!

Matthew, I’ve never met a walking disaster like you in all my life. Not only do you have no talent, but you also keep causing trouble and implicating the people around you!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 294

In the midst of the heated discussion, Sasha suddenly pushed the door open and walked in.

Helen was surprised to see her. “Sasha, why are you here?”

Sasha confronted them through gritted teeth, “Dad! Mom! What on earth are you guys trying to do?! Can you guys please just stop meddling in the business of the company?

I’m the president of the company and I have the complete say in deciding how it is going to develop and how to invest its profits. What exactly are you guys trying to do by making unwanted comments on how I deal with the funds of the company?!” Sasha’s voice trembled out of fury.

James and Helen looked grim in an instant.

“Sasha, how could you say something like that? What do you mean by unwanted comments? Everything we’ve done is all for your good as well as the company’s.

Do you solely own the company? It belongs to our family! Of course your mother and I have to keep an eye on the company’s development as well as the investment it’s involved in!” James chided.

Sasha refuted him anxiously, “Since when does the company belong to our family? The company consists of the board as well as the shareholders, which means it actually belongs to all shareholders!”

Helen countered, “Yes, we have the board as well as the shareholders, but you’re the president of the board and you’re the biggest shareholder of the company, which means the company belongs to our family!”

Demi remarked scornfully, “Dad, Mom, can’t the two of you understand what she’s trying to imply? What she’s trying to say is, the company is hers and not our family’s because she’s the president. In other words, the company is owned by her alone and it has nothing to do with the two of you!”

James and Helen freaked out at once when they heard Demi.

“Sasha, do you really think so? It took us so much effort to raise you. Is this how you’re going to repay us? Are you going to sever ties with both of us just because you’re all grown up now and you’ve become the president of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals?

Do you think we are holding you back? Fine, you can think of us that way. We’ll find ourselves a nursing home and stay there. You don’t have to pay for our stay because it’s none of your business, and you don’t need to care even if we starve to death!” Helen chastised in a fit of rage.

Many onlookers had gathered by the door to watch the show and they were discussing softly.

Sasha was so enraged that her entire body was trembling because she couldn’t stand this behavior of her mother the most.

She would always make a big fuss over a trivial matter, paying no regard to the timing and the place she was at.

As what her mother said was heard by the onlookers outside, they probably already deem her as an unfilial daughter.

“Mom, can’t you keep your voice down? Was that what I meant just now? What I was trying to point out was, all decisions regarding the company’s development and investments are to be made by the board of the company.

Why do the two of you have to be so concerned with the company’s development instead of staying at home and enjoying a leisure life?” Sasha muttered.

James retorted in a grim voice, “We don’t have any comments on the company’s development and investment. The problem is this time, we are sure that this investment you’re going to make is not going to work. Can’t we say something to remind you of that?

You can picture it as if you were walking along a road with your eyes shut and there was a pothole ahead of you. Do you think we should watch you fall over without reminding you about its presence?”

“Dad, how do you know for sure that this investment is not going to work out?” Sasha challenged anxiously.

James sneered, “It’s not that hard to tell. Matthew is a conman to begin with. Can the investment he suggests be anything good?”

Sasha snapped, “Why is Matthew a conman? Why can’t the investment he suggests be something good? Do you understand what he is going to invest in?”

James waved his hand dismissively and explained, “I don’t have to understand the investment because I just need to understand him well enough to know that.

How can a useless man like him find anything good to invest in? As a man who can’t even earn more than a few thousand a month, he’s now talking about an investment of several hundred million. Would anyone find this believable?”

Sasha clarified in an urgent tone, “That was his past but now he’s different. On top of that, everyone needs a chance to succeed in life.

Several years ago, Matthew didn’t get his chance but it didn’t mean that he didn’t work hard for it. Now that he’s found his chance, shouldn’t I offer him my full support as his wife?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 295

Helen scoffed, “He worked hard? Yes, you’re right, he’s been working quite hard to get people to give him money.

While he is depending on us for a living, he is eyeing Leanna Sandel as another source of income at the same time. I’ve never come across such a shameless man in my whole life!”

Demi taunted as well, “Sasha, I’m not being mean to you but to be honest, you’re the only one who has been fooled by him. You may ask anyone outside whether they believe a useless kept man is capable of having a successful career.

It’s so obvious that he’s just trying to con the money out of you instead of building a career. After getting all he can get from you, he will then move on to Leanna Sandel because you are no longer worth anything to him!”

What she said started a commotion among the onlookers immediately and many of them started eyeing Matthew with contempt.

Matthew frowned in annoyance. Whenever they humiliated him at home, he would always try to put up with it for Sasha’s sake.

However, they had brought it too far by coming to the hospital to humiliate him in front of so many outsiders.

He cast an icy glimpse at Demi and warned, “Demi, you’re no longer a kid now and you have to be responsible for the things you say. The remark you made just now was a serious slander to not only me, but President Sandel too. If she wants to hold you accountable, you won’t be able to get off the hook!”

Demi looked rattled at once. Although she wasn’t intimidated by Matthew, it didn’t mean she was not afraid of Leanna Sandel!

Looking unperturbed, Helen snapped back, “What’s the problem? Since you are bold enough to do such a thing, why can’t we comment about it? What’s more, is it a crime to talk?”

Matthew responded, “Talking isn’t a crime but making slanderous remarks is. Just look at how many of them outside are taking a video of us now.

Whatever you guys said earlier has been recorded by them and the videos are proof of you guys committing the crime.”

Helen looked alarmed in an instant when she found that many of the onlookers were aiming their phones at them to take video of their argument.

If their comments reached Leanna, Helen and Demi would surely end up badly.

After a moment of silence, Demi was the first to speak, “I-I didn’t mean what I said… I was just trying to warn you not to eye President Sandel because she’s way out of your league!”

Helen quickly nodded and chimed in, “That’s what I meant too!”

What they said sent the onlookers outside roaring with laughter at once.

Because the two had rectified their comments so hastily, it was obvious that they were lying.

The faces of Helen and Demi reddened in embarrassment and they dared not say anything else.

James then gritted his teeth and said angrily, “Sasha, let’s move on from Leanna Sandel and focus on Matthew instead. Mind you, you can trust anyone in this world but not a kept man who depends on a woman!

I don’t buy your story about him working hard and was just waiting for a chance to succeed because he’s just a hopeless guy! If he was talented, he wouldn’t have depended on us for a living for so many years. Not only do we have to support him, but we also have to support his sister.

On top of that, it was also us who got him the job at this hospital. After spending three years at the hospital, he didn’t improve himself at all and he was arranged to be a toilet cleaner in the end.

If it wasn’t for us who pulled the strings for him, could he have this spacious and brightly lit room to himself? He would still be scrubbing the toilet bowls in the toilet right now! How can you expect someone like him to own a successful career?”

Looking confused, Sasha questioned, “W-When did you guys make the arrangement for him?”

Helen declared at the top of her lungs, “We bribed the assistant director of the hospital, Casey Fleming. Otherwise, do you think he could have gotten the job?”

The door was flung open from outside all of a sudden and Casey stepped into the room with a dark face. “Say it one more time. Who did you bribe?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 296

Looking affronted, Casey complained, “Mr. Larson, I really can’t stand it anymore. I transferred you to this department because I thought you were a superb doctor who would be able to strengthen and expand this newly-established department of the hospital.

But I really can’t see what they are trying to do by repeatedly accusing me of bribery. They are bringing this too far by throwing mud at me all the damn time. Is it because they think I am a pushover?

There’s a limit to one’s tolerance no matter how good-tempered one is! If I can’t clear my name today, how am I going to continue my career here?”

Helen sneered, “Hmph, you phrased it so well. Did you just say Matthew was a superb doctor? What does he know about medicine? You only said so because you wanted to cover up the fact that you took a bribe from us! Bah, if he were a superb doctor, I would be the reincarnation of Hippocrates!

Now, I finally realize that all of you working at the hospital are just a bunch of shameless people. You guys are capable of spinning the story as long as it suits your purpose!”

Her comment sent the crowd outside into an uproar at once because many of them were offended and everyone was annoyed.

Casey went livid with rage because of her comment. “Y-You claimed that I took the bribe, didn’t you? Very well, do you have proof? Without proof, what you said is a slanderous remark!”

Helen yelled like a mad woman, “That wasn’t a slanderous remark! Fine, you want to argue your way out of this, don’t you? Great, let us make a pledge to God now.

Point your fingers toward the sky and pledge that you didn’t take the money. If you did take the money, all your family members will die! Come on, make the pledge now!”

Casey was so angry that his face reddened. “Do you think I’m scared? I can make the pledge but you must repeat that slanderous remark you just made. I will record it and call the police in case you refuse to admit it later on!”

Exasperated, Helen demanded, “Liam, you tell him! Ask him loudly and clearly whether he took your money or not! Then, describe how you offered the money to him, how he accepted it and how he got the job done! Spare no details and tell everyone!”

Liam was so stunned that he nearly puked blood. Do you actually want me to describe the bribery I committed while what I say will be recorded by Casey?

Nothing will happen to him after he makes that pledge but I will be deemed as making a slanderous remark by accusing him of bribery. If the situation escalates, I might be arrested and detained by the police! You’re really smart by making me a scapegoat for the trouble you created, huh!

“Mom, why are you wasting time fighting with this guy? Forget it if he doesn’t want to admit taking the money. Just pretend that we gave the money to a beggar.

He might not be worried about the possibility of losing all his family members but we have to think for ourselves, right?” Liam muttered.

Casey was boiling with rage and he smacked the table before saying, “Who the hell are you alluding to? Say it to my face again! I’ve never been bullied this way in all the years I’ve worked here! Mr. Larson, I tried to tolerate them for your sake but they are bringing this too far!

If I don’t call the police to clear my name today, I-I’ll kill myself here by knocking my head against the wall!” While Casey was shouting, he fished out his phone.

Both Helen and Liam went panic-stricken at once because they would be in a huge mess if Casey really called the police.

Although Casey really did take their money, they did not have any proof to show that.

On top of that, they gave him cash instead of transferring the money to him electronically. Without any voice recording or video to prove the bribery, how were they going to sue him?

However, they couldn’t avoid being charged with defamation because all the onlookers outside had heard how they accused Casey of bribery just now.

Liam shot a look at Helen.

Helen spoke immediately, “I can’t be bothered to argue with a rat like you anymore. Forget it, I’m visiting the restroom.” With that, she walked out of the room directly.

Liam stretched and said, “I’m going to take a cigarette break.” He too left the room after Helen.

It was only then did Casey sense that something was fishy. “Locate them and stop them from running away!” he ordered immediately.

By the time the security officers dashed out of the room, Helen and Liam were seen running away from the room at lightning speed and it was already too late for the security officers to reach them.

As for James and Demi, they made use of the time when the security officers were away to flee the scene.

At last, only Matthew and Sasha were left in the room.

Looking apologetic, Sasha said, “Matthew, I’m sorry. I didn’t know they would come here to create a scene. I haven’t been telling them anything that’s happening in Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and I wonder where they got the news about the loan.”

In a solemn tone, Matthew queried, “Sasha, why didn’t you tell me what happened to the company?”

Sasha first let out a sigh in resignation before she explained, ’Matthew, you’ve already done so much for the company. As the president, it’s my obligation to handle the company’s problem on my own.

I can’t always rely on you whenever I face an issue because you are busy building your own career as well. Even though I can’t be a wife who can offer you help, I mustn’t be a burden to you!”

Matthew lamented, “Sasha, I know you did this for my sake but you have to remember that we are a married couple, and we are each other’s dearest person.

We are supposed to face all the problems in life together and no one is a burden to the other. As husband and wife, shouldn’t we support and help each other if we want to make our lives better?”

Tears welled up in Sasha’s eyes as she muttered, “Matthew, thank you very much. You know what? Meeting you is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me!”

Touched by her confession, he held her hands and responded in a gentle voice, “You don’t have to thank me for the things I do for you, and you don’t have to worry about the company’s crisis because I will be able to settle everything soon. What you need to do now is to repay the loan you just took.”

Sasha shook her head immediately and insisted, “No way! You need the investment and I have to help you in any case. I won’t repay the loan. It’s already approved anyway.”

Matthew reassured her with a smile, “Sasha, you don’t have to worry about me. In fact, I’ve already gathered enough money because I’ve found myself a lot of investors.”

Sasha was stunned for a few seconds before she exclaimed, “That’s all the more reason for me to invest in you! If others trust you, shouldn’t I trust you even more?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 297
Matthew was deeply touched by Sasha.

In fact, at the time he told her about the investment, not only did she agree to contribute without even asking him for the details of the investment, but she even took out a loan for him.

Could anyone else trust him so unconditionally like her?

“Sasha, thank you! Don’t worry, I won’t let you down!” Matthew promised sincerely.

Sasha chuckled bemusedly and said to him, “When have you ever let me down? Well, I have no time to talk to you now as I am up to my neck at the moment.

If Dad and Mom visit you again, just ignore them or you can just get the security officers to haul them away if they become too much of a nuisance. I will try to talk some sense into them if they get unhappy. Don’t just allow them to bully you!”

After smoothing out the creases on Matthew’s shirt, Sasha turned around and left.

Watching her back as she walked away, Matthew clenched his fists tightly.

Sasha was indeed the best wife in this world.

This time, he must destroy the Hughes completely because he couldn’t let anything bad happen to the woman who loved him the most.

After spending some time in his office that morning, Tiger knocked on the door and visited him out of the blue.

“Matthew, it seems like you’re in the middle of something!” Tiger greeted him with a smile.

“What’s up?” Matthew asked him curiously.

Tiger answered him right away, “Oh, Stanley told me about the investment he made on a project you’re working on and I was wondering whether I could contribute too.

Together with the 50 million cash I have, I have roughly 200 million in total after putting up some of my properties and companies as collateral to the bank. Matthew, I’m going to invest all of them in your project!”

Matthew eyed him with astonishment because he had never expected Tiger to be this rich.

“Tiger, I don’t think Stanley has explained my project very clearly to you. This time, I’m going to compete with the superb doctors from all six states and the outcome is uncertain. If I turn out to be the loser, all the money invested in this will go down the drain! Are you sure you want to invest all your assets?” Matthew doubted.

Tiger nodded immediately and insisted, “Matthew, I don’t know much about stuff like that and Stanley has told me all about the risks of the investment. But Matthew, you have my absolute trust ever since I’ve decided to work with you.

Since you want to run this project, you’ll have my full support even if it means I have to sell everything I own. Money is not a big deal because I can always make more. The thing is, since you see me as your buddy, I can’t see myself as a decent man if I don’t offer my support when you need it!”

Tiger’s statement came as a surprise for Matthew because he had never thought Tiger would be so loyal to him.

What he didn’t know was Tiger already deemed him as his backer completely.

Ever since Matthew got through the public confrontation on Zachary’s death held by the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff unscathed and successfully compelled the Jacksons into paying him a 300 million sum as compensation, Tiger had seen the potential in Matthew and he had made up his mind to work for him.

Matthew nodded and agreed, “Very well, I won’t stop you from contributing seeing how loyal you are to me. You can participate in this investment and I promise I won’t let you suffer any loss!”

Overjoyed to hear that, Tiger expressed his gratitude, “Matthew, thank you very much!”

Then, Tiger transferred the 200 million to Matthew’s bank card.

When Matthew checked the balance of his account, he noticed that Sasha had also transferred the 200 million to his account.

Together with the money he had gathered earlier, he now had a total of 12.2 billion, which was way more than what Eastcliff Medical Association had.

The key element in joining the Six Southern States Medical Conference was having huge funds.

It was because the top talents from the six states would be dividing the medical resources from the six states during the medical conference, and everyone wanted to grab a slice of the cake.

One would have no right to join the conference if they did not have a huge capital because there was no way the other participants would allow someone to gain benefits from the conference without first offering some.

Matthew then instructed Stanley to start the preparation to establish the medical association. The medical conference would be held three days later and Matthew had already fully prepared himself for it.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 298

After leaving the hospital, Sasha headed straight to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, which was in a turmoil at the moment.

As soon as she stepped into her room, she saw her parents as well as her sister sitting inside.

She nearly broke down at the sight of them.

Did they come here right after they fled from the hospital?

“Dad, Mom, let’s talk about whatever issues you guys are having when I get back home later! My plate is full right now and I have no time to squabble with you guys!” Sasha snapped.

Looking affronted, James smacked the table and bellowed angrily, “Sasha, watch your words. Who is having a squabble with you?”

Helen, who looked furious too, chided, “Sasha, how could you phrase it that way? Are we having a squabble with you? We are trying to talk some sense into you for your own good! Can you please just listen to what we say? Will your parents try to harm you? Why do you only listen to an outsider and see us as villains? Do you know that good advice usually sounds unpleasant?”

Demi scoffed, “Sasha, you’re the scholar in our family and Dad and Mom have always thought you were the bright kid. However. I’m starting to doubt that judging from your recent behavior. As a guy who didn’t even graduate from a technical school, Matthew’s been working as a toilet cleaner at the hospital for several years and he’s depended on our family for a living for a very long time. Anyone can tell he is a useless man. How did you get fooled by him? You decided to give him 200 million to invest in a project he casually mentioned but you were not willing to give Dad and Mom, the two people who love you the most and are the closest to you, a sum of 10 million to open a pharmacy store which is unlikely to suffer loss. Alas, I really have no idea how to comment on your decisions. You know what? There should be a limit even if you decide to be an unfilial daughter. While you gave your husband a 200 million investment, you weren’t even willing to offer 10 million to your parents. Is this what you’re supposed to do as a daughter?”

James waved his hands indignantly and yelled, “That’s enough! Sasha, we don’t expect you to be very filial to us because we’ve never expected anything from you in return as your parents. However, we just can’t watch you getting lied to by someone and losing everything you own in the end without doing anything to stop you. Sasha, I’m begging you…”

While James was speaking, he suddenly got down on his knees, producing a thump when he landed on the floor.

“Dad!” Sasha exclaimed in shock. She hastily walked over to help him to his feet but she was stopped by Helen.

“Let him be! Listen to the sincere words from your father!” Helen shouted at the top of her lungs.

In a quivering voice, James implored, “I’m begging you to withdraw the 200 million investment and get a divorce with Matthew. We will surely find you another husband who is better than Matthew by a thousand times. As long as you get a good husband, your mother and I will be able to die in peace even if we pass away now!”

Tears streamed down Sasha’s face because James was forcing her to do what he wanted instead of begging her.

“Sasha, are you an animal? Dad is kneeling down to beg you but you’re still standing there without feeling guilty at all. Can’t you listen to Dad just this time? He’s doing this for your sake! Why can’t you appreciate it?!” Demi snarled angrily.

With her face reddened, Sasha too got down on her knees and pleaded in a trembling voice, “Dad, can you please believe in me and give another chance to Matthew too? I’m also begging all of you to stop forcing me to do what I don’t want to! Can’t you guys believe in Matthew for once and stop being so prejudiced?”

James growled angrily, “Are we really prejudiced? It’s been three years! Three whole years! What has he done over the years? What talent has he shown? How can we believe in him?”

Just as Sasha was about to say something, a disdainful voice suddenly came from the door. “Hey, Uncle Cunningham, what are you guys doing? Your daughter and you are kneeling down in front of each other. Are you swearing an oath?”

All of them turned around to find Charlie standing by the door with a crafty smile on his face, and behind him stood the rest of the Cunninghams.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 299

James and Helen quickly rose to their feet. There was a need for them to maintain their image in front of the rest of the Cunninghams because they had once been badly bullied by them.

James chided through gritted teeth, “Charlie Cunningham, what are you doing here? Where’re the security officers? Aren’t you guys prohibited from coming here without our permission?”

Eric stepped forward from somewhere behind Charlie and scoffed, “James, I see you’ve developed a temper since we last met each other several days ago!

Are you the king father of this company because your daughter is the president? How dare you meddle with the company’s development without first reflecting on your own capabilities?”

With his face reddened, James snapped back through gritted teeth, “Dad, I’m different from you. I am not the king father, and neither do I meddle with the business of the company. However, Sasha is the one who is managing the company now and I don’t think she’s too happy to see you guys here!”

Eric jeered, “Ha, she has no say in this because today, I’m not here alone. All the shareholders of the company are here. Are you going to chase them all out of the company?”

Looking alarmed, it was only then did James notice there was a crowd standing outside the door and they were made up of the shareholders of the company.

How did Eric manage to summon all the shareholders here? What exactly was he trying to do? At that juncture, those shareholders strode into the room.

“President Cunningham, I was told that our company is facing some sort of problem at the moment. Many of our customers demanded to cancel their orders and even the contract which was worth 3 billion that we got some time ago was terminated.

Despite the crisis, you still decided to put up all the shares of our company as collateral for a loan of 200 million from the bank to invest in some shady project. Is that true?” one of the shareholders questioned in a grim voice.

James looked despondent all at once. Things were going to get more complicated as the shareholders were now aware of the investment.

Demi shot a contemptuous glance at Sasha and whispered to her, “I told you to withdraw that investment but you refused to listen. Look at what you’ve gotten yourself into! I’m looking forward to seeing how you will handle this!”

Helen then said quickly, “Nothing of that sort happened! Ladies and gentlemen, you guys must have gotten the wrong idea. The company is going in the right direction and everything is running smoothly…”

Lily snorted at her and cut her off by yelling, “Shut up, you old hag! I can’t believe you have the face to say that the company is going in the right direction.

Do you think all the shareholders are blind or dumb enough to believe you? Do you dare to let them have a look at the accounts and balance sheets of the company?”

Helen was left stumped at once.

Lily then cast Sasha a sideways glance and challenged, “What’s the problem? Do you have the guts to do something but aren’t brave enough to admit doing it? Sasha, aren’t you very talented? Come on, tell all the shareholders how you’ve been running the company.

Hmph, do you think you’re superior to everyone else just because you somehow managed to get the deal that was worth three billion with your good looks?

Let me remind you that using your body to exchange for contracts isn’t going to work in the long term because being competent is the only way to survive in this harsh real world! Without competency, men will be sick of your looks one day no matter how beautiful you are!”

Many of the shareholders burst out laughing and their eyes were brimming with malice when they stared at Sasha.

Sasha, whose face reddened in embarrassment, rebuked through gritted teeth, “Lily Cunningham, you’d better watch your words! I fought for all the contracts with my own ability.

And yes, the company is having some issues right now but I’m trying hard to settle them. Also, I believe I can steer the company out of this predicament!”

Charlie sneered, “Sasha, I’m really impressed by how good you are at bragging. Can you tell me how you are going to solve the issue?

Also, I want you to explain to all of us here about the purpose of the 200 million loan that you took by putting up our shares as collateral.

Don’t tell me it’s for an investment because we’re not dumb! It’s obvious to us what you’re trying to do. You’re going to seize all the cash and run away because you know the company is going to be done for, aren’t you?!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 300

Charlie’s statement sent all the shareholders uproarious at once.

“She is so evil. Aren’t we going to be implicated by her scheme?”

“She put up all the shares of our company as collateral and gave the money to Matthew. What are we going to do if they run away with the huge sum of money later on?”

“Exactly. When the time comes for the bank to ask for loan repayment, we will have no choice but to sell off the company to pay for it. How much will our shares still be worth by the time it happens?”

“I’ve never really expected something like this to happen. The way she does things is so harsh and aggressive despite her good looks. She’s a femme fatale! She must be!”

Sasha quickly clarified, “Everyone, you have misunderstood me. I offered the investment to Matthew because I saw potential in his project.

As long as Matthew’s project succeeds, our company will get back onto the right track. On top of that, I only put up my own shares as collateral and all of you here won’t be implicated!”

Charile sneered, “Sasha Cunningham, stop trying to play dumb with us! Do you think this only concerns you even though you only put up your shares? In fact, the entire company will be affected!

If you can’t afford to repay the loan, the market value of the company will decrease. By the time it happens, how much will our shares still be worth?

You might be able to save your ass because you have put up your shares as collateral in advance and get back the loaned money, but it’s not right for you to throw us under the bus!”

A commotion erupted among the shareholders once again after they heard his statement.

Sasha was so panic-stricken that her face had turned as pale as a sheet. “Everyone, I really don’t have such an intention! Please believe me when I say that nothing will go wrong with Matthew’s project!

If the investment turns out to be successful, not only will it save the company from its current plight, the company will also get a lucrative profit out of it! Everything I’ve been doing is for the good of our company!”

One of the shareholders scoffed, “Sasha Cunningham, stop trying to paint a rosy picture of the outcome of the investment. All of us aren’t kids and we aren’t buying your story!

Don’t think that you are allowed to do whatever you please just because you’re the president. All of us from the board aren’t going to approve this investment! Also, I think you’re not the right person to manage the company and we hope you can hand over the official seal!”

The rest of the shareholders too started an outcry demanding for Sasha to hand over her power.

Of course, some of them took Sasha’s side mainly because they trusted Matthew.

An argument then started between the two opposing parties.

Standing in the middle of the crowd, Eric was wearing a sly smile while watching the mayhem.

He had waited a long time for a chance like this, and he was thinking of making use of this incident to get Sasha ousted from the board so that he could take over the company again.

While James and Helen were looking dejected, Demi snarled angrily, “Sasha, look at the mess you’ve made! I warned you not to believe Matthew a long time ago, but you refused to listen to me and thought we were trying to harm you!

How are you going to handle this mess? What will our family have if you’re ousted from the company while your shares are with the bank?

Dad and Mom finally own everything they have now after working hard for most of their lives, but they are going to lose all of it because of you! Will you only be satisfied when they fall?!”

Sasha gritted her teeth and felt an urge to say something to refute Demi.

What do you mean, Dad and Mom are going to lose everything because of me? What does everything that’s happening now have anything to do with them working hard for the most of their lives?

Wiping away the tears from her face, Helen lamented, “I told you Matthew was a jinx but you didn’t believe me.

Alas, Sasha, you’re really too wilful. It’s all our fault for making such a rash decision back then. We shouldn’t have found such a scumbag to be your husband!”

Sasha, who was annoyed by her mother’s comment, challenged, “Mom, can you please stop criticizing Matthew? What exactly has he done wrong?”

James knocked over the table as he was infuriated. “I can’t believe you’re still defending him! A-Are you trying to drive us mad?!” he growled.

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