The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 301-310

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 301

The room plunged into a state of deadly silence. Sasha, with tears welled up in her eyes, dared not speak any further.

Charlie mocked, “Hey, Uncle Cunningham, did you just lose your temper? If you lost it and got rid of Matthew earlier, this mess wouldn’t have happened.

Sasha, you still decided to stick with Matthew, that useless crap, even after I introduced so many young and talented guys to you. Indeed, the gravest mistake a woman can make in her whole life is marry the wrong guy.

You really should learn the ropes from Lily because all her friends are eligible bachelors who are way better than Matthew.

Forget it, I can’t be bothered to advise you anymore because right now, you’re just a wilting flower whom no man will be interested in. There’s nothing you can do now even though you’ve finally realized I’m right.”

Lily chimed in with a smirk, “Charlie, can you please don’t take away the last remaining bit of Sasha’s dignity? Regardless of her life decisions, she’s still one of us.

If she realizes her mistake and decides to divorce Matthew now, she would still stand a chance to get a better life and with her beauty, I’m sure she could find a rich businessman even if she’s remarrying. Ha ha ha…”

Everyone around them roared with laughter because of the malicious remarks made by Charlie and Lily.

Silently, tears trickled down Sasha’s face because she felt extremely helpless.

At that juncture, an icy voice came from the direction of the door, “Leaving aside the issue of whether the guys are really talented or not, all I know is Lily has indeed had a fling with quite a number of rich young masters in Eastcliff!”

Everyone turned around to find Matthew walking into the room in large strides.

Looking affronted, Lily pointed at Matthew and growled, “Matthew, what did you just say? I dare you to say it again!”

Matthew sneered, “Of course I can do that. Did I put it wrongly? The year before last, you had fifteen boyfriends, and last year, you had nineteen. As for this year, you have thirteen so far. Lily, even public busses don’t always get so many passengers at one time!”

His comment made everyone erupt into laughter.

Meanwhile, Lily looked sullen and her whole body started trembling in rage.

Charlie snarled, “Larson, how dare you humiliate my sister? I’m going to kill you!”

Roaring, he lunged toward Matthew but he didn’t manage to get too far because he soon collapsed onto the floor after being kicked by Tiger, who was standing next to Matthew.

“How dare you threaten Matthew?! Do you believe I can break your legs now?!” Charlie was so frightened by Tiger’s intimidating face as well as his underlings who all looked strong and muscular that he dared not utter a word.

With an ominous look, Eric confronted Matthew through gritted teeth, “Matthew, what are you trying to do by bringing this bunch of gangsters here?

Are you going to do things the hard way after realizing you’ve failed to trick us? Mind you, our society is controlled by law and order! If you dare lay a finger on us, we will call the police immediately! You may try if you don’t believe me!”

The rest of the shareholders all stared at Matthew icily as well.

Matthew ignored Eric and headed straight to Sasha.

“Please don’t cry because everything is going to be alright,” he consoled her in a gentle voice.

Sasha felt hopeful again when she saw him.

She nodded vigorously at him but she refused to let his arms go.

Matthew turned around to face the shareholders before he spoke crisply, “Guys, I know what you’re worried about. I promise all of you with my life that the 200 million Sasha invested will definitely get a profit of at least double that amount! Therefore, I ask that you support Sasha and I!”

The shareholders glanced at each other as they started to waver.

Eric jeered, “Anyone can brag all they want! Why don’t you give me the money? I can even promise you a profit of 200 times the capital! Hmph, you’re just a useless man who depends on your wife’s family for a living.

What can you do other than cleaning toilets? Do you even understand how investments work and how to get profits from them? No one will believe you unless they are fools!”

Once again, the shareholders went uproarious again.

“Larson, stop blowing your own trumpet!”

“Do you think you are Warren Buffett? You can get a profit double the amount of the capital? Bah!”

“It’s not that easy to con money out of us!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 302

With a frown on his forehead, Matthew spoke solemnly, “Everyone, since we have worked with each other on some occasions before, I believe all of you here know me very well in terms of my personality as well as my style of doing things.

Once again, I can reassure all of you here that nothing will go wrong with this investment. Please believe me one more time and give me another chance!”

One of the shareholders couldn’t resist but curse, “I will give you no f*cking chance! Let me be very clear with you that I won’t approve this investment! Damn it, do you think you can scare us into approving the investment just by bringing a bunch of gangsters here? Kiss my ass!”

After listening to his crude statement, the rest of the shareholders started hurling obscene remarks at Matthew to express their displeasure.

At the same time, Matthew’s face turned frosty as he too felt slightly annoyed.

With a disdainful look, Demi taunted, “Matthew, do you think everyone else is as gullible as Sasha? Mind you, none of the shareholders of this company is a fool and they won’t be tricked by you! You can get ready to postpone your investment plan to your next life!”

James and Helen too eyed Matthew with indignance because in their perception, Matthew was the root of the problem.

Amidst the commotion, an icy voice came from the door suddenly, “Which one of you here doesn’t approve the investment?”

Everyone turned around to find Stanley standing by the door only God knew since when.

All of them looked alarmed to see him. Needless to say, Stanley was a famous figure to them because they were all involved in the pharmaceutical industry.

“President Carlson, it’s an honor to see you here!” Eric quickly greeted Stanley by offering him a bow.

Stanley, who ignored him, headed straight into the office and questioned in a frosty tone, “Tell me, which one of you here doesn’t approve the investment?”

No one dared to say anything because they were unsure why Stanley asked that question.

Looking awkward, Eric spoke, “President Carlson, this concerns the internal affairs of our company. Don’t you think…”

Stanley cut him off by snapping, “What’s the problem? Do you think I don’t have the rights to visit your company?”

Much frightened by his question, Eric quickly explained, “President Carlson, you’ve got the wrong idea. I didn’t mean it that way. But…”

Stanley waved his hands impatiently at him and chided, “Just keep your mouth shut then! Who are you to speak to me? Get lost!”

Despite looking slightly offended, Eric did not dare to refute Stanley.

Having scanned the shareholders, Stanley then said in a frigid tone, “Anyone of you who doesn’t approve the investment can tell me right now. I can purchase the shares they own with a premium of 10% and remember, this is the only time I’m offering this deal. Whoever doesn’t sell their shares to me will be deemed as having approved the investment. If you guys come here to look for trouble again in the future, don’t blame me for doing things the hard way!”

A commotion started among the shareholders right away because none of them had expected Stanley’s involvement in this.

They were all curios as to the reason behind his offer.

If someone had offered to buy their shares with a premium of 10% prior to this, they would have sold it without hesitation.

However, due to Stanley’s sudden offer to purchase their shares, they couldn’t help but wonder whether Matthew’s investment was really going to make money.

This time, even Eric hesitated as he wondered whether it was the right time to sell his shares.

Just as everyone was dwelling on it, the door to the room was pushed open once again. A young man wearing a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles walked into the room—Travis Hughes!

Matthew clenched both fists tightly the moment he saw him.

He had already managed to get to the bottom of the accident which happened to Julian earlier. At that time, Travis intended to sell a batch of defective herbs to Julian but Julian rejected buying them. Because of that, Travis secretly sent some of his men to bring about the accident which nearly cost Julian’s life.

Matthew really wanted to kill him then and there.

Nonetheless, he still managed to suppress the rage in him in the end.

Killing Travis himself was as easy as ABC but he needed time to sketch up a proper plan to deal with his family.

“Hey, what a lively occasion you guys are having here! Which one of you is Sasha Cunningham? Step forward and let me take a look!” Travis asked in a frivolous tone.

All eyes fell on Sasha.

After giving Sasha a thorough once-over, Travis looked impressed by her beauty.

“You really deserve to be hailed as the most beautiful lady in Eastcliff! My trip over here is very worthwhile indeed!

President Cunningham, I will be having a banquet on the ninth floor of Times Hotel and my driver will come and pick you up at 7p.m.. Please dress up nicely because you can’t embarrass me as my partner, got it?” Travis spoke in a commanding tone.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 303

Looking confused, Sasha queried, “H-Have you mistaken me for someone else? I don’t know you!”

One of Travis’ underlings spoke cockily, “Please allow me to do the introduction! This is Young Master Hughes from the Hughes Family in Eastshire and he is the successor to the family!”

Everyone gasped as soon as they heard that.

The Ten Greatest Families in Eastshire were a group of people with truly immense power.

Therefore, the successor to the Hughes Family was extremely powerful and influential.

Even the old masters or masters of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire were nothing in the presence of Travis.

None of them had expected to see such a big shot visit them.

Lily appeared green with envy as she fervently hoped that she was the one invited by Travis.

She was willing to do anything to get invited to a banquet by a successor to any of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire!

Meanwhile, James and Helen looked elated.

If Sasha could date the successor to the Hughes Family, they would be able to get what they wanted in the blink of an eye.

By the time it happened, even the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire would have to be respectful to them.

“Sasha, say yes now! Why are you just standing there? Young Master Hughes, don’t worry, we’ll be there on time! Thank you for your invitation, thank you very much!” Helen rattled on.

Travis nodded in satisfaction before he turned to leave.

Suddenly, Sasha exclaimed, “I’m not going!”

Travis’ expression changed drastically while one of his underlings snarled, “Say what?”

Sasha explained, “Young Master Hughes, I’m very sorry to say that I really don’t know you and I don’t feel like attending a banquet. So, I’m afraid you have to find yourself another partner but thanks for your invitation!”

Travis turned around, looking resentful as he warned, “Sasha Cunningham, I’m giving you one more chance to rethink your decision!”

One of his underlings growled angrily, “Sasha Cunningham, it’s an honor that Young Master Hughes is interested in you! You should appreciate it! If you say no again, I’ll demolish your company right now!”

Travis’ underlings advanced on her aggressively and they looked like they were ready to get their hands dirty any minute.

Sasha was slightly terrified by their threats.

Matthew put her behind him and snapped in an icy tone, “Travis Hughes, don’t you understand human language, or is there something wrong with your mind? My wife told you she won’t be going. It’s time you leave, get it?”

It was only then did Travis notice Matthew. “It’s you! Hey, Stanley Carlson is here too. Oh, I remember now. Last night, the two of you asked to represent Eastshire in the medical conference but you were rejected by me. I heard that you guys just founded a medical union with a 10 billion fund just so you can join the medical conference as a representative of Eastcliff. Are you guys ready to make yourselves an enemy of my family? Other than spending a huge fortune, do you guys really have the confidence that you can prevail over my family in terms of medical skill?”

“We’ll know the answer by testing it out during the conference!” Matthew responded in an icy tone.

Travis sneered, “It isn’t necessary! The prestige of the medical conference will be downgraded if a guy like you gets to participate in it! Come and break both of his hands now so that he won’t appear in front of me and be an eyesore again in the future!”

Several of his underlings pounced on Matthew immediately.

While the pandemonium was ongoing, Eric and the others were overjoyed to watch it as they were dying to see Sasha and her family getting beaten to death by Travis.

Stanley smacked the table and rose to his feet. “Travis Hughes, you shouldn’t bring this too far!” he yelled.

Travis kicked the chair beside him away and roared angrily, “What’s the problem? Stanley Carlson, let me remind you one more time that you aren’t Billy Newman! If you continue being so talkative, I’ll get them to beat you up too!”

Stanley looked bleak because he knew Travis had the rights to behave presumptuously because he was one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire.

Meanwhile, he was merely Billy’s subordinate. People might be respectful to Billy but it didn’t mean they would be respectful to him too.

At that juncture, a few of Travis’ men had reached Matthew.

Tiger, who put his hands in between them trying to stop the men from attacking Matthew, was slapped by one of them directly which caused blood to gush out from his lips.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 304

Matthew’s face darkened in an instant. The Hughes has really taken this too far!

Without hesitation, he moved his hands backward and grabbed the hands of the man who slapped Tiger as he executed the Bone and Tendon Splitting Skill.

Following several cracks, all the bones from the man’s wrist to his shoulder were dislocated by Matthew.

Then, Matthew landed a kick on his chest and sent him flying backward, knocking all his fellow buddies onto the floor.

Without stopping, Matthew took a step forward and clenched his right fist before he used it to punch at the face of another underling

The bone in the bridge of his nose was directly broken by that punch and half of his teeth fell off because of the impact; blood was seen flowing from both his mouth and his nose.

Next, Matthew moved his limbs around swiftly like a gust of blowing wind and finished off all the men within a short period of time.

Everyone around them only saw how aggressive Matthew was in his attacks but it was unbeknownst to them that in fact, Travis’ underlings were all trained in martial arts.

Travis went dumbfounded because he knew any one of his men could usually handle five to six people at one time.

But now, all of them could not even handle Matthew. How scary was that?

At that time, Matthew had already reached where Travis was standing.

Travis, who finally went flustered, was so frightened by Matthew that he took a step back and questioned in a trembling voice, “W-What are you going to do? Let me warn you that I’m the successor to the Hughes Family! If you hit me, you will be deemed to have offended my family and they will definitely kill everyone in your family if they are angry with you!”

Without saying a thing, Matthew took step after step toward Travis.

Horrified, Travis took step after step away from him. When he reached the door, he stumbled over the threshold and landed hard on his butt.

That sent everyone into fits of laughter.

Matthew crouched down and glared at him. “Travis Hughes, you’d better listen to me carefully—nothing will change the fact that I will be participating in the medical conference and you’d better behave yourself. Otherwise, you’ll suffer more than this the next time we meet each other!”

With that, Matthew rose to his feet and walked back to Travis’ underlings.

In front of everyone, he lifted the legs of one of them and stepped on his knees.

A crack signaled that his femurs were broken by Matthew’s kick and the pain was so excruciating that the man let out an agonizing howl.

Everyone shivered in fear.

Using the same way, Matthew then went on to break the legs of the rest of Travis’ underlings.

The way he did it did not cause only normal bone fractures or dislocations.

Because of what he did to their bones, their mobility would be permanently affected even after they went through a fracture setting.

In other words, they would lose their martial art skills completely.

Travis’ face was distorted with rage because he could do nothing but watch Matthew do that to his men.

“Larson, I will remember this! Fine, I’ll let you participate in the medical conference, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’ve hired two superb doctors for the conference this time around—one of them is Dr. Ellis who has lived in seclusion for years, and the other one is Leonard the Acupuncturist from Mightwater! Are you sure you want to compete with us in terms of medical skills? Hmph, I will make sure you lose everything this time and go back home without a single dime from your 10 billion fund!”

With that, Travis turned around and strode right out of the room, leaving his underlings behind.

The people inside the room went uproarious.

“Matthew, i-is the investment you’ve been talking about related to the medical conference?” one of the shareholders asked.

Matthew nodded and another commotion erupted among the crowd.

James spoke anxiously, “Matthew, a-are you crazy? Are you sure the investment can bring us profit? What makes you think you can compete with them in terms of medical skill? Not only is Dr. Ellis’ medical skill unparalleled in the entire Eastshire, Leonard the Acupuncturist, who is one of the top five medical practitioners in the entire country, will be there too. A-Are you sure you can compete with them?”

In fact, even Stanley looked alarmed too.

There was nothing to worry about if Dr. Ellis was the only one Matthew needed to handle.

However, could he still stand a chance to win with Leonard there too?

Leonard’s medical skill was way more superior to Dr. Ellis!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 305

Matthew still looked unflustered as usual.

He had not heard of Leonard the Acupuncturist, but he had absolute confidence in the medical knowledge of his family which had been passed down from one generation to the next.

“Everyone, please don’t worry because I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m sure we won’t be the loser this time!” Matthew promised.

“Who’re you trying to fool? Dr. Ellis is going to come out of seclusion and Leonard the Acupuncturist is going to be there too. Do you have any idea how much of a big shot they are?

The Six Southern States Medical Conference is going to be participated by people with the best medical skills from each state. What makes you think you can compete with them? This isn’t an investment and you’re just throwing our money away! We won’t approve this investment in any case!”

The shareholders started an outcry as they did not approve the investment.

Charlie sneered triumphantly, “Oh, Matthew, I didn’t think you were actually capable enough to compete with Leonard and Dr. Ellis. I’m really impressed by your guts to invest 10 billion in something that you know is sure to fail. Matthew, you have my admiration!”

The rest of the Cunninghams roared with laughter as they eyed Matthew in a disdainful way. In their perception, Matthew was clearly asking for trouble by participating in the medical conference.

Stanley smacked the table and chided, “Why are you guys making noise again? Didn’t I make myself clear enough just now?

I can purchase the shares from anyone of you who doesn’t approve of this investment with a premium of 10%! Just come over here and sign the share transfer agreement, and I will transfer the money to you guys right now!”

The shareholders glanced at each other, not daring to speak at the moment.

They had no choice but to behave themselves because Stanley was way above them in terms of social status in Eastcliff.

Stanley growled, “If none of you is going to say anything, I will assume that everyone approves!”

Finally, one of the shareholders couldn’t resist his offer and said immediately, “I-I don’t mean to object to the investment but it just so happens that my family is facing some issues and we’re in need of cash. I’ll transfer my shares to you…”

Following that shareholder who broke the silence, the rest of the shareholders soon went uproarious as all of them were eager to sell their shares to Stanley with various excuses.

Eric was more decisive than everyone else because he sold every single one of his shares of the company and left nothing behind.

In fact, Eric and his family had been thinking of selling their shares but they just had yet to find a suitable buyer.

They would be a fool if they did not sell their shares to Stanley, an easymark who offered to buy them at a premium of 10%.

At last, around 70% of the shareholders had sold their shares.

The remaining 30% of the shareholders decided not to sell after some contemplation.

Eric knew one of them and he couldn’t help but advice, “Jefford, why don’t you seize such a good chance to get rid of your shares? The shares you own can fetch you at least 10 million. Are you waiting for its value to spike? Let me warn you that no one will buy your shares after they suffer a crushing defeat at the medical conference.”

Jefford shook his head and explained, “Forget it. I think Mr. Larson is an honest and reliable man who does his work very dedicatedly. I don’t think an investment that can catch his attention will have problems. So, it’s better I keep my shares now because if he wins at the medical conference, the value of my shares will double at the very least!”

Another shareholder jeered immediately, “Are you sure he can win? Jefford, have you gone mad or are you still asleep? Putting aside Dr. Ellis and Leonard the Acupuncturist, the rest of the representatives are all superb doctors with great medical skills.

Despite having sent so many superb doctors to join the medical conference in the past years, Eastshire has always come bottom in the rankings. Even the Hughes Family can’t be sure they can make it to the top three. What’s so special with this Larson guy that makes him think he can prevail over them?

Jefford, you should really try putting on your thinking cap more often in the future! Otherwise, your family won’t be able to sustain the rate you squander away the money no matter how wealthy you are!”

His remark sent the rest of the shareholders bursting into laughter and their eyes brimmed with contempt when they stared at Jefford.

With his face reddened, Jefford snapped through gritted teeth, “Keep your nose out of my business! The shares I have is too little to mean anything.

Mr. Larson is the one I’m investing in instead of this project. I can afford to lose ten million but the potential in Mr. Larson can’t be bought by the same amount!”

With that, Jefford turned to face Matthew and proclaimed, “Mr. Larson, you will have my absolute support in all events! Go all out without the need to worry about anything. Even if we lose in the end, we can always start from the beginning and try again!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 306

Matthew felt grateful for Jefford deep down inside.

At that juncture, there weren’t too many people who would choose to take his side and hence, he would keep their kindness in mind.

“President Jefford, don’t worry because I am sure I won’t lose this time!” Matthew reassured him.

Smiling, Jefford nodded and replied, “I believe you!”

Charlie taunted him immediately, “Mr. Jefford, why do you believe he’s capable? Do you really think he can win the Six Southern States Medical Conference? Stop dreaming! I’m sure he can’t and I’ll let you sit on my head if he can!”

Once again, the rest of the shareholders around him went uproarious with laughter while they glanced at Matthew disdainfully.

In their opinion, Matthew stood no chance at all to win the medical conference.

Matthew being victorious was only wishful thinking!

Matthew nodded with composure and spoke, “Charlie Cunningham, you’d better remember what you just said. Don’t you regret it!”

Charlie let loose a frenzied guffaw before he snapped back, “Why would I regret saying that? F*ck you! If you win, I’ll change my name!”

Matthew put on a disdainful smirk in response to what he said.

In the meantime, the commotion among the shareholders was still ongoing as sarcastic remarks could be heard continuously.

Stanley smacked the table and growled, “Why are you guys still here after selling your shares to me and having received my money? I’m giving you guys three minutes to leave. If you’re still here after three minutes, I’ll have your legs broken!”

The shareholders looked displeased and one of them said in a soft voice, “President Carlson, this is Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Don’t you think it inappropriate to drive us away?”

Stanley glared at him and chided, “Are you blind or are you a fool? I’ve just bought the shares of this company from all of you here and I’m now one of the shareholders too. Now that you guys are making trouble here, why can’t I ask you guys to leave? Do I look like a pushover to y’all?”

The man was left stumped at once.

Impatiently, Stanley waved his hands at Tiger and instructed, “Tiger, keep your eye on the time. If they don’t leave this building within three minutes, just throw them off the building! Remember, they only have three minutes. When the time is up, just dump them from the building no matter which level they are at!”

Tiger immediately nodded in acknowledgement. “No problem!”

Those shareholders were horrified to hear that because they were on the sixteenth floor at the moment.

They might not be able to make it to the ground floor in three minutes.

Didn’t it mean they would fall to their death if they were really thrown from the building because they couldn’t make it to the ground floor in time?

In an instant, the bunch of people turned around and made a dash out frantically, eager to be among the first to get into the elevators.

As the elevators were limited, nearly half of them didn’t manage to get into any one of the elevators in the end.

Not daring to wait for the next ride, they sprinted to the staircase regardless of the fact that they were on the sixteenth floor and they made their descent hurriedly as though they were running for their lives.

During the process, some of them who took the stairs were so anxious that they stumbled and crashed into other people in front of them.

In the end, most of them made it out of the building, but their faces were swollen and bruised.

Some of them who were unlucky to get injured only managed to make it to the second or third floor because they were slower.

However, Tiger did not show mercy to them. Instead, he straightaway had them thrown off the building from the second or third floor.

Agonizing screams could be heard continuously from them due to the fall but none of them dared to voice out because they did not have the guts to set themselves against Stanley.

The entire Watkins Family were annihilated because of an instruction from Billy, and being Billy’s subordinate, Stanley had blood on his hands for a long time now.

If they dared to make themselves Stanley’s enemy, they might not be able to stay alive till the next morning.

After getting rid of all the shareholders, Stanley too left Cunningham Pharmaceuticals with Tiger.

Jefford and the other shareholders who took Matthew’s side also bid farewell to him.

At last, only Matthew, Sasha as well as her family remained.

Sasha let out a lengthy sigh before she slowly took a seat.

If Stanley had not helped confront the shareholders just now, they would have been in a huge mess.

James and Helen were in a trance just now because they were intimidated by Stanley, but now that he had left, the two started nagging again. “Sasha, you heard what they said. What Matthew is trying to do isn’t an investment at all, but a gamble!

Whether our company invests in his projects isn’t the crux of the issue anymore! The point is, can he afford to repay the 10 billion fund he gathered from the investors if he loses? No way, you must get a divorce with him! We can’t let you bear the debt with him!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 307

Sasha did not even get to relax for one full minute before she was so enraged by her parents’ statement again, and her face reddened at once.

“Dad, Mom, can the two of you please stop meddling with the business of the company? I’m sick of trying to persuade you two. Let me repeat this one last time—I will give Matthew my full support and I won’t divorce him! I’m begging you guys to go home and keep yourselves out of the affairs of the company, please?”

James snapped back furiously, “Do you think we want to do that? We are just worried that you might be misled into bringing trouble upon yourself! You are our daughter.

Do you think we would harm you? We’ve been through a lot and we’ve witnessed so much of the ugly side of this world. It’s okay to make minor mistakes in life, but we can’t allow you to make a grave mistake like this because it might affect your whole life adversely!”

Sasha disputed anxiously, “How do you know that Matthew’s investment is a mistake? What if he’s making the right decision?”

Helen straightaway waved her hands dismissively and concluded, “That’s impossible! He’s going to compete with Dr. Ellis and Leonard the Acupuncturist, but does he know a thing about medicine?

Even with Stanley’s help, Mr. Harrison who works for him is only a mediocre doctor and he isn’t even qualified to compete with Dr. Ellis, let alone Leonard! Sasha, please wake up and realize the silly mistake you’re making!”

Demi scoffed as well, “Sasha, I’m going to put it this way—I’ll admit that my judgment is faulty if Matthew wins at the medical conference, and I’ll dig out my eyeballs for him too. How about that?”

Sasha was so livid that her whole body was trembling. “I don’t want to listen to anymore nonsense from you guys! I call the shots around here and I get to decide what the company invests in! I don’t need advice from all of you!”

In her exasperation, Helen seethed, “Sasha, you’re really trying so hard to drive me mad, aren’t you? Fine, I’ll die in front of you right now! I’m going to kill myself!”

Wailing at the top of her lungs, Helen lunged toward one of the windows and lifted one of her legs as she got ready to jump off the building.

Sasha, who was frightened by her mother’s action, let out a squeal before running over to hold her back. “Mom, Mom, what are you doing? Get down from there now! P-Please don’t do this…”

Helen tried her best to break away from her. “Since you want me to die, I’ll jump off from here to kill myself! It took me so much effort to raise you girls up and all I want is to see the two of you having a safe and happy life. However, you are so insistent on ruining your own life and yourself.

I can’t consider myself a competent mother anymore because I couldn’t bring you back onto the right track. Therefore, I think it’s better for me to end my own life now so that my heart won’t hurt when I see you suffer in the future…”

Demi, who was trying to yank Helen away from the window on the other side, growled angrily, “Sasha Cunningham, are you an animal?

This is your mother who gave birth to you and raised you! Can’t you listen to her advice for this one time? Do you really have to destroy our family?”

Tears streamed down Sasha’s face because there was nothing she could do about her mother who only dealt with things by making a scene.

At that juncture, Matthew sighed and gave in. “Sasha, forget it. You don’t have to give me the 200 million from the company. It’s enough that I know you have the intention to do it.”

With tears still trickling down her cheek, Sasha let out a sigh forlornly and muttered, “Fine, Mom, I’m not going to make the investment. Are you happy now?”

Helen refused to yield to her and insisted, “Of course not! You have to divorce him too! Otherwise, he will get us implicated once he loses all the money! After you divorce him, we won’t have anything to do with the debt!”

Sasha stormed, “Mom, c-can you be more reasonable? This is an investment and all investments come with risks. Even if Matthew loses at the medical conference, those investors can’t do anything to us because they made the investment with their own free will.

Are you trying to force me to kill myself by asking so much from me after I’ve already agreed to cancel the investment?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 308

Just as Helen was trying to comment further, she was stopped by James who declared, “That’s enough! Since Sasha has decided to withdraw the investment, it shows that she still cares about us.

Helen, you shouldn’t be angry with her anymore. In fact, we can make sure we are safe just by getting Matthew to make a pledge that the plan won’t have anything to do with us.”

James was not that dumb to forget that the main purpose of their visit was to compel Sasha into withdrawing the investment.

Since she had decided to cancel the investment, it was about time they put a stop to the scene because it wouldn’t do them any good by letting it escalate.

At the same time, he was brewing his own scheme in his mind.

Sasha would wake up to the reality if Matthew failed in his investment.

Having caused so many investors to lose their money, there was no doubt Matthew would become the target of the resentment of all those investors.

When the time came, he reckoned Sasha would get a divorce with him even if they didn’t urge her.

Meanwhile, Helen did not actually have the intention to jump off the building and all she wanted to do was to give Sasha a scare.

She got down from the window and glared at Matthew. “Matthew, make a pledge now to say that the plan has nothing to do with us!”

Matthew muttered, “Mom, I don’t need the investment from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, but what about the profits?”

Demi cut him off by raging, “You better keep your mouth shut! Did you just mention profits? You must be having a daydream. Do you really think you can win? Let me be very clear with you that we don’t want to invest in your plan, and neither do we want the profit from it! Don’t you try to trick us because people will associate us with your plan once they know we want the profit! You just have to make a pledge to tell everyone that this plan is not related to our family and Cunningham Pharmaceuticals no matter what is the outcome of it!”

Both James and Helen nodded vigorously in agreement. “Demi is right! We don’t want your profits so don’t you try to get us implicated if you fail! We won’t be interested even if you manage to get billions in profit!”

Sasha said behind gritted teeth, “Dad, Mom, you guys said the same thing when we were at the Jacksons’ place last time but what did you guys do when Matthew later received a 300 million sum as compensation?”

James and Helen looked embarrassed at once because their shameful past was raked up by Sasha.

James flew into a rage. “Shut up! Do you think I want his money? Well, I will make myself very clear today—Matthew, regardless of whether you win or lose at the medical conference and how much money you manage to earn, I won’t ask for a dime from you and I won’t even mention the plan! If I regret my decision, I will be struck by lightning! Are you satisfied now?”

Sasha averted her face away from her father in a huff.

Matthew replied in a soft voice, “Dad, please calm down. Fine, I’ll make the pledge.”

Demi spoke immediately, “Hold on, I need to record this!” Then, she fished out her phone and aimed it at Matthew before she added, “You can do it now!”

With resignation written all over his face, he sighed, “I hereby pledge that this plan will not be related to the Cunninghams as well as the Cunningham Pharmaceuticals in any way. Is that enough?”

It was only then did James and Helen nod in approval. “Well, you should transfer the 200 million back to the company then! You rascal, you’ve incurred the company so much interest by just transferring the money back and forth. I think the amount of interest is enough to buy us a property.”

At that moment, Demi suddenly voiced her opinion, “Dad, Mom, I don’t think he should transfer the money back to us.”

Looking astonished, both James and Helen queried, “Why not? Have you gone mad?”

Demi explained with a smile, “Didn’t Jefford and the bunch say they wanted to invest in Matthew’s plan? We can treat the 200 million as part of their investment. In this case, we don’t even have to bear the interest payment. That’s one way to maximize our benefit!”

The eyes of James and Helen lit up. “Hey, that’s a good idea! We’ll do as you say. Sasha, give those shareholders a call and ask them to come back here and sign an agreement to avoid any future dispute.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 309

Letting out a sorrowful sigh, Sasha gave those shareholders who supported Matthew a call albeit reluctantly. Before long, those shareholders made a trip back and the signing of the agreement went on smoothly. To everyone’s surprise, the amount of the shareholders’ investment added up to more than 200 million.

Looking at the agreement which had been signed, James and Helen smiled in satisfaction. “Finally, this has been settled! We’ve managed to stop the disaster just in time!

Sasha, you will be thankful for us several days later! One of these days, you will realize that we will never harm you!” Taking the agreement with them, the two exited Sasha’s room looking elated.

Sasha slumped back onto the sofa and started sobbing with her face in her hands. She really felt exhausted after going through this mess. “Matthew, I’m sorry. I-I can’t offer you any help again in the end,” Sasha croaked.

Matthew drew her close to his chest gently and chuckled, “I told you not to apologize to me. In fact, it’s me who has let you down because I didn’t handle this with enough care. I let you get caught in between your family and I.”

Sasha burst into tears in response to what he said. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and lamented, “You are a fool who is so kind to everyone around you! Otherwise, they wouldn’t bully you!”

Matthew smiled and consoled her, “I’m fine. I think I’ll be able to change how they think of me after the medical conference is over.

By the time it happens, we will get ourselves a huge house. We’ll move into it and spend time with only each other before getting a dozen babies!”

Sasha stopped crying and broke into a smile. Giving him a gentle punch, she said while chuckling, “Do I look like a pig who can give birth to a dozen piglets?”

At the basement parking lot of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, Helen questioned right after they got into their car, “James, why did you ask me to get down from the window just now?

Sasha could have agreed to divorce Matthew if you allowed me to continue. Do you think she would let me jump off the building?”

James shook his head in disagreement and explained, “It would be pointless. You know Sasha’s temperament very well and no one is sure what she can pull off if she is being pushed too far. What’s more, there aren’t many days left in Matthew’s life.

He gathered 10 billion from so many people just so he could participate in the medical conference. If he loses all the money, his life will be targeted by many in Eastcliff!

His doomsday is getting near this time! We don’t even have to force them to divorce each other because Matthew might be stabbed to death on the streets!”

Helen nodded. “That makes sense. Alas, the only bad thing about it is that Sasha’s reputation will be affected as she will be a widow.”

James fumed, “We can’t do anything about it. How are you going to convince that stubborn girl to change her mind? Forget it, she will naturally realize our good intentions when she suffers in the future.”

Helen heaved out a sigh of resignation before she commented out of the blue, “By the way, I’m quite impressed by Young Master Hughes. He’s the successor to the Hughes Family, which is one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire and one that has produced generations of talents in the medical field.

I heard that his family owns intangible assets worth hundreds of billions! None of the other Greatest Families of Eastcliff can be their match. Although one of the grandsons of the Jackson Family was killed by Young Master Hughes last time, they could do nothing to him other than sending him back to his family unscathed.

If Sasha marries him, I think we’ll be able to enjoy a similar status as Billy Newman’s in Eastcliff! Hmph, that Newman guy didn’t even agree to meet us last time. If Sasha really marries Young Master Hughes, I will make sure he is ousted from Eastcliff!”

James nodded in agreement. “Indeed. Our family will get a meteoric rise to fame and wealth if we can be the relatives of the Hughes! However, Matthew just offended Young Master Hughes so badly. See how much trouble that rascal has caused us!”

After some contemplation, Helen spoke softly, “Why don’t we visit Young Master Hughes and apologize to him? After all, that was something done by Matthew and it wasn’t related to us in any way.

Also, we should make use of the chance to make sure he knows that he has our approval to date Sasha. If that doesn’t work, we can just arrange for him to have dinner with Sasha and let her apologize to him personally. How about that?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 310

James’ eyes gleamed with excitement. “That idea of yours is not bad at all! Young Master Hughes does look like a gentleman and he seems interested in Sasha.

I’m sure we can make peace with him if Sasha apologizes to him herself. On top of that, after we let him know that he has our approval to date Sasha, I’m sure he will be nice to us too!”

Looking overjoyed, Helen chuckled, “My idea is brilliant, isn’t it? Come, we shouldn’t head home first but visit Young Master Hughes. Liam, get some of your men to find out where Young Master Hughes stays and then all of us will make a trip there.”

Liam was slightly displeased with the idea because he had always been eyeing Sasha himself. If Young Master Hughes was going to date Sasha, he would stand no chance at all to have a relationship with her.

“Dad, Mom, I heard through the grapevine that Young Master Hughes is quite a philanderer. It might not be good for Sasha to be with him because he has relationships with plenty of women at the same time,” Liam muttered.

James and Helen couldn’t help but be stunned.

After a moment of silence, James opined, “It’s normal for guys to flirt and have several flings with women at the same time when it’s part of his work. It’d be weird if a talented guy like Young Master Hughes was not highly sought after by girls.

For a successful man like him, what he does outside doesn’t matter as long as he cares about his family, and a large family like his usually has a strong sense of togetherness. No matter how he fools around outside, family will still matter the most to him—that’s the greatest virtue a man can have!”

Helen nodded repeatedly and agreed, “You’re right. Just look at those tycoons who are worth over billions in Eastcliff. Which one of them has a relationship with only one woman?

In fact, this isn’t important at all. Matthew doesn’t flirt with girls, but that’s because no girls are interested in a useless guy like him.”

Demi scoffed, “Matthew is indeed a useless guy but he does lust after women too! Since a guy like Matthew has the guts to be eyeing Leanna Sandel, we can’t expect Young Master Hughes to keep himself out of reach of the girls, can we?”

Liam was dumbfounded when they heard the double standard employed by Demi and her family to deal with men. According to how all of you have phrased it, should I go out and flirt with girls too? Otherwise, will I be deemed as a useless man? he thought.

“Dad, Mom, you guys don’t understand them well enough. It’s a tradition of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire to arrange marriages of convenience among themselves.

From what I’ve heard, Young Master Hughes is already engaged to a young lady from one of the Ten Greatest Families who was chosen by Old Master Hughes himself. S-So, I don’t think Sasha will be able to marry him…” Liam stated, still trying to dissuade them.

James and Helen fell silent in an instant because they had never thought of this problem.

As a small and insignificant family, they surely couldn’t compete with one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire. There was nothing they could do to change that.

Following a lengthy silence, Helen suddenly spoke softly, “Still, Sasha will fare better by being Young Master Hughes’ lover than staying married to Matthew! Everyone in Eastcliff, including people from the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, has to treat Young Master Hughes respectfully.

If Sasha becomes his lover, no one would dare to mess with us! It doesn’t matter even if Sasha can’t be his wife because the most important thing is that he loves her.

I am sure that with Sasha’s beauty, she will be able to outshine that young lady from the Ten Greatest Families and by the time it happens, Sasha will be the one having all the glory instead of that out-of-favor young lady!”

James nodded continuously and agreed, “That’s right! The emperors in the ancient times had three thousand concubines but how many of them were actually in favor?

More often than not, some of the concubines even enjoyed a higher status and power than the empresses! History tells us that things like this are very common! Well, let’s make a trip to Young Master Hughes’ place first and see what he thinks about our plan!”

Liam rolled his eyes at their outrageous and distorted values.

Having no other choice, he could only get some of his men to find Young Master Hughes’ address. After he got it, he drove straight to the hotel where Young Master Hughes was staying.

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