The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 31-40

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 31

In a quiet private room at Gracious Restaurant, Matthew and Sasha were having dinner with Jeffrey. “Director Zimmerman, can you tell me what you know?” Sasha asked anxiously.

Jeffrey glanced at Matthew as he explained with a faint smile, “I heard that someone from your company has offended Timothy Wayne from Eastcliff. As such, he was furious and made these 17 companies cancel your orders!”

So it was Mr. Wayne’s doing! Matthew suddenly realized. Timothy Wayne was also a big shot in Eastcliff. Although he was not not as powerful as Billy Newman, he was capable enough to be on equal footing with the Ten Greatest Families. Thus, many were willing to obey his commands.

“Mr. Wayne!?” Sasha’s face turned pale. “W-Who offended him?”

“Ha ha…” Jeffrey glanced at Matthew and slowly said, “Sasha, there’s no point for you to hold anyone accountable now. But don’t worry. I’m close with Mr. Wayne, and I can help you settle this matter.”

Sasha was overjoyed. “Jeffrey, thank you very much!”

“C’mon, aren’t we friends? You don’t have to thank me!” Jeffrey had a smile on his face while his eyes lustfully wandered over Sasha’s body.

Sometime after, Sasha went out. Jeffrey took the opportunity and leaned closer to Matthew as he said with a smile, “Matthew, if you want me to help Sasha, ​​you have to promise me two conditions. First, leave Sasha from now on. Secondly, provide treatment for Young Master Wayne! Otherwise, I will ruin Sasha’s company. Hehe, you should know that her company is in a lot of debt. Once she’s held accountable, she will face jail time!”

Despite hearing the threat from Jeffrey, Matthew looked calm. “Jeffrey, is this your idea or Mr. Wayne’s?”

Jeffrey’s expression changed slightly. He used Timothy’s power to seek help from the seventeen companies to cancel their orders. Then, he used this to intimidate Matthew and Sasha. “Don’t ask so many questions!” Jeffrey continued coldly, “If you don’t agree, I can send Sasha to jail in just one day!”

Hearing this, Matthew said coldly, “Jeffrey, you can confront me if you have any grudges against me, but don’t involve my wife in this! I’ll make you die a terrible death if you do anything to harm her!” With that, Matthew got up and left.

“Matthew, I hope you don’t regret this!” Jeffrey was furious. “If you don’t come forward and provide treatment for Young Master Wayne before ten o’clock tonight, I will make you regret it!”

Matthew didn’t even look at him and went straight off.

At half past two in the afternoon, when Matthew and Sasha arrived at the company, they saw Sasha’s parents, James and Helen. “Dad, Mom…” Sasha was about to greet them when the two of them ran over.

“Matthew, you… Are you trying to stir up even more trouble for Sasha?” Helen rushed up and scolded.

“What’s the matter?” Matthew looked confused.

“You’re acting dumb, eh?” Helen roared, “Did you forget what you did in the hospital earlier today?!”

Curious, Sasha asked, “Mom, calm down. What did Matthew do?”

Helen said angrily, “He raised his voice to the wife of Mr. Timothy Wayne in the hospital this morning. For his own selfish reasons, he also nearly killed Mr. Timothy’s son. Mr. Wayne was so angry that he cut off all businesses from your company!”

On second note, Both James and Helen had in fact gone to see Billy today, but he didn’t make time to meet them. Moreover, Billy even asked his men to let them know that he and Matthew were even now, not owing each other favors anymore. Leaving in disappointment, they head home. On the way back, they learned about what had happened in Sasha’s company, so both James and Helen immediately rushed over furiously.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 32

Sasha was stunned. It turned out that Jeffrey was talking about Matthew all along. No wonder Jeffrey stopped her from holding anyone accountable. He was trying to spare Matthew’s dignity!

Everyone was whispering around them, “So it is all because of him!”

“This incompetent, useless trash keeps causing us trouble.”

“He’s going to cause us our jobs!”

“Sigh, Sasha is actually quite capable, but she was dragged down by this useless piece of garbage!”

Helen shouted angrily, “Matthew, I’m not expecting you to help Sasha, ​​but could you stop dragging her down with you? She has been busting her a*s off for this family, but how about you? Not only have you not contributed to our household, you even caused us trouble. Are you trying to ruin our family?!”

“Mom, who told you all these?!” Matthew frowned. “Was it Jeffrey?”

Furious, Helen replied, “Hmph, if Director Zimmerman hadn’t told me, I would still be left in the dark!”

“Mom, Jeffrey is just deliberately trying to drive a wedge between us. Don’t believe him!” convinced Matthew.

“Matthew!” Sasha continued in a disappointed tone, “I don’t care if you’re rich or not. I just hope that my husband is an honest and kind man. Director Zimmerman also told me not to hold anyone accountable. He’s obviously taking your side. H-How could you say such a thing?”

Matthew sighed. Jeffrey is indeed a clever, sinister man.

“I don’t care!” Helen roared. “You better go to Mr. Wayne right now and settle this matter. I don’t care if you have to kneel and bow down to him. Make sure you do everything it takes to seek his forgiveness!”

“Mom, why should I do all this just for a trivial matter?”

“Are you sure this is a trivial matter?” James lashed out, “Do you know that you caused the company to lose 17 orders? We have lost 50 to 60 million in profit. That’s an astronomical sum of money. You… You’ll never be able to earn that even in a few lifetimes!”

Matthew retorted, “We just lost a few orders, didn’t we? I’ve already said that I’ll nab some worth at least 300 million within three days!”

“Oh, my brother-in-law, stop tooting your own horn.” Charlie smiled as he continued, “And quit daydreaming. Nab orders worth 300 million in three days? Tsk, you sure love flattering yourself!”

“Exactly. I have never seen such a huge booking in my life!”

“Our company only gets a few sales in a year. Don’t you think you’re exaggerating?!”

The people around them started to kick up a fuss, excited to watch the drama unfolding before their eyes.

Exasperated at Matthew’s incompetence, Helen jabbed, “Matthew, could you please stop embarrassing us? How could you say such a foolish bluff in front of so many people? Don’t you have no shame?”

Hearing this, James gritted his teeth. “That’s enough. Don’t bother arguing with the likes of him. He’s shameless anyway.”

At this time, Eric walked out. What happened last night really shocked him. He immediately sent someone to find out what was going on. When he learned that James and Helen had gone to find Billy, and that Billy had drawn a clear line with Matthew, Eric was finally at ease. With an arrogant look, he glanced sideways at Sasha. “Sasha, I entrusted ​​the company to you, and yet this is how you manage it? You really disappointed me!”

Sasha’s face darkened, and she clenched her teeth without speaking a word. “I don’t think you’re capable enough to manage such a big company!” Eric exclaimed. “Forget it. You are my family, after all. Let me help you. I will pay you half a million to buy over all the shares in your hand, and deal with this crisis in the company!”

“What?” Sasha’s eyes widened. The shares in her hand were worth at least 50 million. But now, Eric wanted to acquire them for 500,000. Wasn’t he taking advantage of her difficult situation?

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Seeing this, Charlie sneered, “Sasha, hurry up and thank Grandpa! In a while, many ingredient suppliers will come and ask for payment. If this matter cannot be resolved, you’ll lose all your shares!”

Sasha was dumbfounded. It was clear that Eric had already planned this beforehand; he contacted the ingredient suppliers in advance and urged them to ask for payment, which would leave Sasha no choice but to hand over the shares.

But the issue was that she did not have any money to pay them now! If she couldn’t afford to settle the payment, she would probably have to go to jail even with her current position as the chairman.

With that, James whispered, “Dad, the shares in Sasha’s hands are worth… 50 million, but you’re offering only half a million. T-That’s too little…”

“Haha…” Charlie sneered. “She’s the one who dragged the company into this mess. I’m already being generous by offering half a million. If we don’t take over the business now, she would have to go to jail!”

“Exactly. Grandpa just wants to help you. He even offered 500,000!” Lily pursed her lips. “In my opinion, you should be the one paying us money for us to take over these shares.”

“But, the shares are valued at more than half a million!” retorted Helen.

“Then you can sell it off if you want to!” Eric asked slowly, “But are you sure that you can leave here today?”

At the same time, a group of people had arrived at the company’s entrance; they were the ingredient suppliers. “Where’s Sasha? Block the door. We won’t let her go if she doesn’t pay us today!”

James’s expression soured. “Forget it, Sasha. Just accept Grandpa’s proposal. Perhaps you’re not destined to be the chairman of the board. Just sell them your shares!”

Helen couldn’t help but agree. “Yes, at least you can earn half a million!”

Sasha gritted her teeth; she was very unwilling to accept the offer.

“Come on! Sign the contract and the 500,000 will be yours!” With that, Eric took up a contract that had been drawn up in advance.

Looking at Matthew, Sasha hoped that he could give his opinion. “Don’t sign it!” said Matthew frankly.

“Matthew, are you crazy?” Helen was annoyed. “Don’t sign it? Look at the current situation. Does she even have a choice? Do you want Sasha to go to jail?”

James roared, “Do you really think that you have the right to speak about our family’s matters? You are just a live-in son-in-law. In ancient times, someone like you would not even qualify to dine with us at the same table!”

Everyone laughed and looked at Matthew mockingly. At that juncture, Matthew walked over to the ingredient suppliers and began, “Everyone, we’ve agreed that the payment will be settled every six months. It has only been three months, and yet you’re now knocking on our doors. Isn’t this unreasonable?”

“Stop talking nonsense!” an ingredient supplier shouted. “The company used to be managed by Old Master Cunningham of whom we trust deeply. We don’t even know where this Sasha woman came from. Why should we agree to let you settle the payment every six months?”

“That’s right! She’s just an immature person. How would she have the ability to manage such a big company? If it goes bankrupt, who do we turn to?”

“I heard that all their orders have been cancelled. This company is definitely going to collapse!”

“But, she is indeed a beautiful woman. What a waste that she decided to climb the corporate ladder. Isn’t she more suited as a prostitute?”

“Hahaha, if she was one, I’d be sure to book her every day…”

The group of ingredient suppliers laughed capriciously.

“In that case, are you insisting on being paid today?” Matthew’s voice turned cold.

They all responded unanimously, “Isn’t that obvious?”

“Very well!” Matthew nodded. “We shall do so. But, please remember that from now on, you guys are no longer our company’s suppliers!”

One of the ingredient suppliers lashed out, “Are you intimidating us?”

“It’s uncertain whether your company can continue to manufacture the products. Do you think we’re stupid enough to continue our contracts with you?”

Another one of them maintained, “Don’t worry, we won’t deal with you anymore or supply you with our ingredients!”

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“Matthew, are you crazy? How are you going to get so much money?” Helen asked furiously. “H-How can you say such foolish things to these suppliers at such a critical moment?”

James also chimed in, “Exactly! The most important thing to do now is to beg them to give you guys a few more days. Hurry up and apologize to them!”

“There’s no need to apologize!” Matthew shook his head. “Mom, Dad, remember everything that they said today. Don’t have mercy on them when they come begging later on!”

“W-What are you talking about?” James and Helen were at a loss.

Charlie yelled, “He has gone nuts! He has gone nuts! He’s even starting to talk nonsense!”

“Come begging? Hahaha, did you guys hear that? He said we’re gonna beg them?” The group of suppliers started laughing.

Everyone around looked at Matthew as if he was an idiot. With a pale face, Sasha whispered, “Matthew, forget it, I… I’ll sign it. Maybe I’m really not destined to be the chairman!”

However, Matthew took Sasha’s hand and assured, “Trust me. No one can take away what truly belongs to you!”

Tears welled up in Sasha’s eyes. She was unwilling to give up, but what else could she do now? Billy had already cut all ties with Matthew. How could Matthew be so confident?

At this moment, there was a sudden uproar outside the door. The group of ingredient suppliers, who were blocking the entryway, were pushed aside by a group of men in black. Behind them, an old man with gray hair hurried forward. “Which of you here is Miss Cunningham?” the old man anxiously asked.

Sasha was at a loss; she didn’t know who he was. “I am Miss Cunningham. You are?”

“So you are Miss Cunningham!” The elderly man walked over quickly with a respectful stance. “Hello, my name is Daniel Edwards!”

“Daniel Edwards!?”

Everyone around suddenly exclaimed, as it was a familiar and reputable name in the medical field. He was the largest pharmaceutical distributor in Eastshire, as well as a distinguished person in the medical industry. Even the Carlson Group was insignificant compared to his business!

“So you’re Old Master Edwards!” Eric came over quickly. “Hello, Old Master Edwards, I’m Eric Cunningham…”

Daniel didn’t even look at him and instead looked at Sasha respectfully. “Miss Cunningham, I am here this time to make a deal with you. I would like to be an agent for the new drugs developed by your company. Of course, I dare not hope to become the exclusive agent nationwide. Therefore, I’d like to discuss with you whether I could have the privilege of being one of your agents at three southern provinces.”

Everyone was stunned. Even a renowned corporation like the Carlson Group would not be viewed highly by Daniel, who considered them as insignificant as a weak ant. Daniel always had the final say when it came to dealings with any pharmaceutical company he cooperated with. He had never given the other party any room for discussion, let alone bowed down his head to them. Yet, he was addressing Sasha so politely. What was going on?

“Is he really Daniel Edwards?” Charlie was puzzled.

“For sure!” Eric gritted his teeth. “I’ve met him a few times when I participated in the Pharmaceutical Industry Meeting back then…”

“W-What’s going on?”

“New drug? Could it be the drug that saved the life of Mr. Newman’s daughter?”

With a darkened face, Eric suddenly realized that things were out of his control. As for Sasha, she was puzzled. “N-New drug?”

“Yes, the new drug!” Daniel smiled. “Miss Cunningham, I know that this is a trade secret, so let’s discuss the details in private. I have brought the contract with me as an expression of my sincerity. I’m offering 500 million for the agency rights of the three southern provinces. What do you think?”

After he said this, everyone was in an uproar. He was offering five hundred million? Didn’t that mean that the company would be rolling in dough soon?

Meanwhile, the ingredient suppliers started to be short of breath. If they had supplied the ingredients for such a large order, wouldn’t they gain a huge profit too?

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Sasha was stunned. All the previous orders were canceled, and the company was on the brink of collapse. Yet, she received an order worth 500 million out of the blue. Why was God blessing her so suddenly?

“Sasha, quick… Agree to it…” Helen’s lips trembled with excitement.

Matthew suddenly uttered, “Five hundred million is just the agency price for Eastshire!”

“W-What are you talking about?” James almost wanted to curse at him in rage. “Who asked you to speak? D-Do you think that you’re qualified to voice out your thoughts about this matter?”

Anxious, Helen roared softly, “Don’t you know who Old Master Edwards is?”

“You… You are too bold for your own good!”

“The order is worth five hundred million… I-If you ruin this order, I… I will fight you till the end!”

Sasha’s complexion also changed drastically. Was Matthew crazy? But to her surprise, Daniel hesitated for a while and slowly nodded. “Very well. Then, I’ll offer one billion for the three southern provinces. Miss Cunningham, this is not a small amount after all. The subsequent market expansion will also cost a lot of money, so I have to take the cost into consideration!”

Everyone was shocked again. Daniel agreed to raise the price? James and Helen almost fainted. Meanwhile, Matthew didn’t speak a word, though in his opinion, the price was still too low. However, Daniel was already showing his sincerity by showing up in person. Thus, Matthew didn’t mind earning a little less.

Excited, Sasha nodded immediately. “Old Master Edwards, we have a deal.”

“Okay, great!” Daniel was overjoyed. He then took out a contract and said, “Miss Cunningham, please sign the contract, and I will immediately transfer the 30% deposit!”

The deal was worth one billion, so the deposit was three hundred million! Sasha was so emotional that she was on the brink of tears. There was only 200,000 left in the company’s account, and suddenly they would be getting an extra 300 million? Didn’t that mean that all the problems the company was facing had been solved?

However, Eric was not reconciled. “Old Master Edwards, were you scammed or something? That new drug has been abandoned by the company…”

Daniel glanced at him and responded coldly, “Are you questioning my judgment?”

Frightened, Eric broke out in cold sweat as he hurriedly said, “Of course not, I-I’m just worried that you might be maliciously deceived by some people…”

“Please don’t bother. Since I personally came to sign a contract with Miss Cunningham, it means that I trust her!” Daniel smiled calmly. “Miss Cunningham, when can we sign the contract?”

“Sasha, ​​y-you should sign it as soon as possible…” James urged with a trembling voice.

Sasha finally recovered from the surprise. With a look of excitement, she nodded again and again. “Yes, we shall do it immediately. W-We can sign it now…”

“Ahh, Miss Cunningham is decisive indeed!” Daniel laughed and handed over the contract. “Please have a look at it and see if there’s anything that you’re not satisfied with!”

Sasha took the contract and read it carefully. She was completely satisfied with the terms and conditions. Plus, Daniel had given them generous benefits, so the Cunningham Group had profited massively from this deal.

“The contract is fine!”

“Great. It’s an honor for me to be able to work with you, Miss Cunningham!” Daniel laughed. “Let’s sign the contract!”

Sasha nodded and signed her name at the bottom, followed by Daniel.

“Miss Cunningham, I’m looking forward to cooperating with you!” Daniel beamed.

“Thank you for your trust, Old Master Edwards!”

Suddenly, Matthew interrupted, “Old Master Edwards, we gave you a great deal this time!”

Helen quickly rebuked, “Matthew, what are you talking about?”

“Old Master Edwards, he is just a cleaner, an ignorant fool, so don’t bother listening to him!”

Turning to face Matthew, she urged, “Hurry up and apologize to Old Master Edwards!”

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Instead of getting mad, Daniel smiled. “Mr. Larson, the early bird catches the worm. Since I came early, I must make a small profit, right? Miss Cunningham, the deposit will arrive in ten minutes. Please check the accounts then!”

James and Helen were shocked. Did Daniel really get a good deal? Sasha started to be short of breath. The deposit alone was 300 million. There had never been such a large sum of money in the company’s account before. However, the matter was not yet over.

Before Daniel’s deposit had been transferred, a group of people rushed in from the entrance. The leader was a middle-aged man, who laughed as soon as he walked through the door and said, “Sure enough, Old Master Edwards managed to reach before me. I’m impressed!”

Daniel glanced at the group of people and smiled. “You arrived quite soon yourself, as you just departed from Linden a while ago. Did you charter a flight?”

“Hahaha, I just bought a plane some time ago, so I can take off anytime!”

Everyone was astounded. He could afford a private jet, so he was obviously not just any ordinary man. Moreover, he could strike a conversation with Daniel as equals. This man must have a powerful background.

“Which one of you here is Miss Cunningham?” the man asked.

“That’s me!” replied Sasha.

He walked over immediately and introduced with a smile, “Hello, Miss Cunningham, I’m Charles Wesley!”

Everyone exclaimed in shock. Charles was just as famous as Daniel in the medical industry. While Daniel was reputable in Eastshire, Charles was second to none in Jersey. Although he was not from Eastshire, everyone there was familiar with the name. And now, Charles actually showed up in person here. What was he going to do?

Sasha exchanged a few words with Charles in astonishment. Thereafter, Charles went straight to the topic. “Miss Cunningham, I’m here to talk about a collaboration with you. This is about my being one of the agents for the new drug developed by your company. What do you think?”

Everyone was again astounded. Another person had come for the same purpose to be the agent as well? Plus, they were all big shots! Sasha looked confused. Still, she finally completed the negotiation with Matthew’s help.

In the end, Charles bought the agency rights of two provinces with 800 million. He signed the contract on the spot, who then immediately paid a deposit of 250 million. As soon as the contract was signed, Daniel’s three hundred million deposit was transferred to the company as well.

Everyone around was dumbfounded. The company earned 1.8 billion in less than an hour? Yet, this was not the end of it.

As soon as Charles had signed the contract, several other leaders in the medical industry rushed over to ask for a deal too. In the end, the company signed contracts worth three billion within two hours. They received nearly one billion just in deposit alone.

Sasha was in daze while all of this was happening. Her main task was to read and sign the papers. As for James and Helen, they were grinning ear-to-ear throughout the whole ordeal. On the other hand, Eric and the others looked upon the situation with sour expressions. Eric even almost had a heart attack.

After they were finally done signing the contracts, the big shots also left. Then, the employees of the company ran over to congratulate Sasha. Tears had welled up in Sasha’s eyes; she was so excited that she was at a loss for words.

Matthew walked over and announced loudly, “Everyone knows that the company has undergone a tremendous change today. The employees who remain loyal to us are the greatest support. So, the company will spend 10 million to reward every employee who continues working with us!”

Everyone was stunned.


“Ten million?”

“Gosh, just h-how much will each employee be rewarded?”

“Thank you, Miss Cunningham!”

Helen was annoyed. “Matthew, what are you doing? Do you think that you’re the chairman of the board? What rights do you have to spend this amount of money as their reward?”

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Everyone immediately fell silent. That was right; Matthew didn’t have the right to do so. At this time, Sasha said in a loud voice, “Matthew’s words are my words. I’ll take out ten million to reward them tonight. Also, from now on, everyone’s salary will increase by 30%. As for researchers, their salaries will be doubled!”

“Sasha!” Helen was anxious. Is Sasha refuting my words?

“Mom!” Sasha whispered, “The employees who choose to stay in the company are my greatest support. If we don’t reward them after earning such a huge profit, wouldn’t they feel unappreciated? Also, we have to let those who left the company see how big a mistake it was for them to leave us in the first place!”

Helen felt furious as she thought of those people who had forced Sasha to resign. “Yes, we’ll make them regret it!” Helen agreed. “However, you shouldn’t listen to Matthew. He is just a live-in son-in-law. What right does he have to speak on such an occasion?”

Fuming, James butted in, “If others find out about this, they’ll think that the Cunningham Family’s rules are not strict enough!”

Helen nodded repeatedly. “Exactly, what qualifications does he have to voice out his opinion? I’ll drive him away!”

James waved his hand. “Forget it, there are so many people watching now. They might think that we’re being unreasonable if we do so. We’ll just let him off the hook for now. We’ll teach him a lesson when we get back home tonight!”

Looking at this from a distance, those ingredient suppliers felt envious. Others had just signed deals that totalled up to 3 billion, which meant that the company would be buying a lot of supplies! If they managed to strike a deal with the company, they would gain more profit for sure! As a result, they went ahead to congratulate Sasha.

“Miss Cunningham, congratulations on getting such a large order. Don’t worry, we will definitely supply you the necessary ingredients so that your company’s production will not be affected!” One of them assured her with a pat on his chest.

Sasha frowned. They were just asking for payment a moment ago, clamoring to send her to prison.

“Thank you, but I’m afraid you’re no longer our suppliers!” Matthew declined.

“Why not?” The ingredient supplier’s expression changed as he said anxiously, “Miss Cunningham, we have been working with your company for so long. We’ve known each other for some time now. Isn’t it inappropriate for you to suddenly change your suppliers?”

Matthew said, “You’ve been cooperating with Eric, not Sasha. While Eric is allowed to pay you the ingredient fee once every half a year, Sasha isn’t permitted to postpone it for even a day. Since this is the case, I don’t see why we should cooperate any further!”

The ingredient suppliers had a dark expression on their faces. Thinking about how they forced Sasha to pay just now, they all wanted to slap themselves out of frustration. Who would’ve imagined that Sasha would actually be able to strike so many deals within one day? If they had known about this, they would’ve even worshipped Sasha as a god. Who would dare to persecute Sasha?

“Miss Cunningham, w-we know that we were wrong. Seeing that we’ve worked together for so many years, please give us a second chance…” persuaded an ingredient supplier.

“I’m sorry, but no!” Matthew stepped in and replied on Sasha’s behalf, “We will look for other ingredient suppliers to collaborate with. We’re not qualified enough to work together with you anyway!”

“Miss Cunningham, please give us another chance!”

“Miss Cunningham, we can negotiate the price of ingredients.”

“Miss Cunningham, this was all Eric’s idea. We were forced to do this…”

The ingredient suppliers pleaded, but Sasha turned a deaf ear as she thought to herself, For God’s sake, you guys were aggressively asking me to pay you the debt just now. How dare you ask for another chance?

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With no other choice, those ingredient suppliers could only turn to James and Helen for help, who drove them out instead out of frustration.

Back then, the security guards wouldn’t obey Sasha’s words. Now that Sasha had taken down such a large order and was willing to spend 10 million in rewarding them, these guards immediately responded to her commands.

Next, Sasha did not sit back in an idle manner. She gathered the company’s employees for a meeting. At the conference, Sasha fired other members of the Cunningham Family, including Charlie and Lily. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals was now completely controlled by Sasha. After what happened, she was much revered, and all her subordinates supported her.

Although the members of the Cunningham Family were unwilling to accept it, they were left with no choice but to pack up their belongings and leave. That night, Sasha held a celebration banquet. The venue was chosen at Times Hotel, which was suggested by Matthew.

Feeling a little nervous, Sasha knew how high the threshold of booking a hall in the Times Hotel was. A small company like theirs might not even be able to enter the hotel’s first floor. However, as soon as she rang them up, Times Hotel immediately booked the banquet hall on the ninth floor, which was beyond her expectations. According to their manager, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals was now a leading company in the medical industry in Eastcliff, so they were fully qualified to enter the ninth floor.

When the company employees heard the news, they were all excited. It was the famous Times Hotel, after all. Most of the people in the company had never been there. Even if someone was lucky enough to go in, they could only access the first and second floors. Yet, they were holding the banquet on the ninth level, which was a place where only the best of the best of Eastcliff residents could go. This matter was enough for them to show off for a lifetime!

Sasha was also very pleasantly surprised, who thereafter arranged for her employees with preparations for the banquet. While Matthew was busy working, Helen came up to Matthew and said, “Matthew, you should go home. The clothes at home have not been washed yet!”

Matthew was stunned. “Go home?”

“Yes. What’s the problem with that?” Helen glared at him. “This is Sasha’s company’s celebration banquet. What does it have to do with you?”

“Sasha is now the Chairman of the company. She has just signed deals worth 3 billion, and she is now an established business woman in Eastcliff. With her own capabilities, she can even host a banquet on the ninth floor of the Times Hotel. What about you? You’re just a live-in son-in-law who has done nothing worthwhile. You work as a cleaner in the hospital, and you live off Sasha’s earnings. Are you going to attend the banquet to embarrass her?”

Matthew was slightly annoyed. How he wished to tell her the truth. However, at the thought of the tragedy that befell his family, Matthew finally chose to remain silent. He still had to take revenge, so now was not the time to expose his identity. Otherwise, he would be doomed if he was found by his enemy, as he was still not powerful enough. In the end, Matthew left the company alone, for he didn’t want Sasha to get embarrassed. However, instead of going home, he went to the lakeside villa.

His sister, Natalie, was still in a coma. Joseph Harrison had collected nearly all the necessary medicinal ingredients. He was lacking one more element—the rare Thousand-Year Snow Lotus.

Stanley Carlson had already mobilized all his acquaintances to look for the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus. As long as they found it, Matthew could wake Natalie up. All Matthew could do now was administering Natalie with a mini Rejuvenating Pill to maintain her vigor.

After sitting in the small courtyard of the villa for a while, Matthew suddenly received a call from his mother-in-law, Helen. “Matthew… Where are you?” Helen sobbed.

“What’s wrong?” asked a surprised Matthew.

“Sasha… Sasha is gone…”

“What?!” Matthew stood up instantly. “What’s the matter? Where are you guys now?”

“We’re at the Times Hotel. We just realized that she wasn’t here.”

“Wait for me. I’ll be there soon!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 39

On the way to the hotel, Matthew gave Billy Newman a call. Matthew guessed in his heart that Timothy Wayne must have had something to do with this incident. As a result, Billy’s people had already rescued Sasha even before Matthew arrived.

Just as Matthew guessed, it was indeed Timothy’s doing. Jeffrey had spoken ill of Matthew in front of Timothy, who attempted to catch hold of Sasha to force Matthew to surrender.

The Times Hotel was also owned by Billy, so these people were stopped by Billy’s men before they could even leave the scene. After Matthew rushed there, he finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Sasha was fine.

When Helen saw Matthew, she immediately scolded, “Matthew, where were you? Do you know what danger Sasha was in just now? You’re such an irresponsible husband. You can’t even protect your own wife.”

Matthew explained, “Mom, but you… You asked me to go home…”

Helen couldn’t help but be stunned. Feeling slightly embarrassed, she scolded again, “Then it shouldn’t have taken so long for you to come here from home. Don’t you care about Sasha at all? Even under such a major incident, you were still dilly-dallying around!” It took a little longer for Matthew to come from Lakeside Garden.

“Okay, Mom, stop it,” Sasha whispered; she was still a little shaken.

Exasperated at Matthew’s incompetence, James yelled, “Matthew, oh, Matthew, if you are truly a man, you should protect your wife!”

Clenching his fists, Matthew blamed himself. He had clearly underestimated Timothy; he didn’t expect him to do such a thing. It seemed that he had to thoroughly solve this matter! Walking out of the Times Hotel, Matthew called Billy and asked him to resolve the dispute with Timothy.

At the hospital, an evil plan was being concocted.

“Mr. Wayne, just capture Sasha and leave the rest to me! By the time she is in my hands, Mr. Larson will surely have to surrender,” Jeffrey said excitedly.

However, Timothy just kept mum. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wayne was getting impatient. “I don’t care what methods you use. You must save my son!”

“No problem. Don’t worry, Mrs. Wayne!” Jeffrey nodded repeatedly, already thinking about how he would deal with Sasha in a while. However, they waited for more than half an hour before finding out that Sasha had not been successfully captured. Instead, Timothy’s men came back badly bruised with swollen noses.

“What happened?” Mrs. Wayne exclaimed. “Didn’t you seize the woman? Where is she?”

Hearing this, the several bodyguards looked at each other. One of them whispered, “Mr. Wayne, let’s talk in private!”

Timothy frowned. Why is he being so discreet about it? Leading the bodyguard into the ward, Timothy asked in a solemn voice, “What’s the matter?”

“We have caught the woman, but we were stopped by Mr. Newman’s men.” The bodyguard trembled. “He also… asked me to tell you something. He said that Mr. Larson is his good friend…”

“What?” Timothy’s eyes widened. Billy was basically saying that he would protect Matthew. Although Timothy was very strong, he did not dare to confront Billy.

The bodyguard continued, “I heard that it was Mr. Larson who rescued Mr. Newman’s daughter!”

Timothy’s eyes widened. “So is Mr. Larson that talented? No wonder he managed to save my son from dying. Sigh, but he is too arrogant. He even asked me to kneel down in front of him. Otherwise, I don’t mind making friends with him. Forget it. I’ll just wait for the genius doctor from Bainbridge!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 40

When Timothy walked out of the room, Mrs. Wayne was giving orders. “How bold of the man surnamed Larson. Get a few more men and knock him out!”

Jeffrey nodded repeatedly. “You can’t play nice with that sort of person. Mrs. Wayne, you made the right decision!”

Timothy shouted angrily, “Stop right there!”

Everyone stopped in their tracks immediately, while Mrs. Wayne was shocked. “Dear, what’s the matter?”

“Let’s just wait for the doctor in Bainbridge to come over,” Timothy whispered.

Hearing this, Mrs. Wayne said, “We must take revenge. Even if the doctor in Bainbridge arrives, I must make sure that the man surnamed Larson is crippled!”

“You zip it!” Timothy cursed furiously. Billy was involved in this matter, so he dared not tell her about the specifics of the matter.

Early the next morning, the doctor from Bainbridge finally arrived. This doctor was personally invited here by Divine Doctor York, and he was a well-known doctor in China.

After taking a look at Young Master Wayne’s injury, the doctor shook his head. “I can’t treat him. His injury is too serious, and you’ve delayed getting treatment for him for too long. Even if I start treating him now, there’s only a 20% chance that he’ll recover. This is too risky!”

“What?” Timothy and the others were dumbfounded. Even the doctors from Bainbridge couldn’t save him. Didn’t that mean that Young Master Wayne was doomed?

“This is bad!” Dr. York’s expression was solemn. “Young Master Wayne’s situation is getting worse and worse. He can hold on for two hours at most. Mr. Wayne, the only person who can save Young Master Wayne now is that cleaner!”

Mrs. Wayne’s face turned pale, “H-How could this be? How can a toilet cleaner save my son?”

Timothy watched his son whose breathing was getting weaker with a solemn expression, and finally gritted his teeth and left the ward.

Meanwhile, Matthew remained at the Lakeside Garden, as he didn’t go to the hospital. Instead, he came here to look after his sister. Suddenly, a Rolls-Royce stopped outside the yard. Thereafter, Timothy walked out of the car. He had inquired about Matthew’s residence from Joseph and rushed over immediately. As soon as he entered through the door and saw Matthew, Timothy kneeled on the ground with a thud. “Mr. Larson, please, save my son!”

Matthew was a little confused. “Who are you?”

“I’m Timothy Wayne!”

“Mr. Wayne, you’re here.” After realizing this, Matthew helped Timothy up. “Mr. Wayne, why are you kneeling on the ground? You already expressed your sincerity by coming here and asking me in person. Why do you have to kneel before me?”

“Huh?” Timothy was taken aback. “Mr. Larson, didn’t you ask me to kneel down and beg you?”

Matthew asked, “When did I say that?”

Hearing this, Timothy said, “You told Jeffrey yourself!”

“Mr. Wayne, you were deceived.” Matthew frowned and explained the situation back then, including how he was driven away by Mrs. Wayne.

After listening to his explanation, Timothy was so enraged that he almost coughed out blood. Infuriated, he said, “Jeffrey that b*stard. So he was the one stirring up trouble behind the scene! Mr. Larson, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know about this. As for what my wife did, I apologize to you on her behalf. Please forgive us if we’ve offended you!”

Matthew waved his hand. “Mr. Wayne, I can sense your sincerity. Since you have come in person, I’ll forget about what happened previously. Let’s go. We have to save your son!”

Timothy was overjoyed. “Thank you, Mr. Larson!”

When the two rushed to the hospital, Young Master Wayne was already in an extremely critical condition. Mrs. Wayne was feeling anxious. When she saw Timothy coming back with Matthew, she immediately scolded him in rage.

“You finally came. How dare you throw a tantrum like that! If my son dies because of you, I’ll have you killed!”

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