The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 311-320

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 311

After suffering a humiliation at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, Travis returned to the hotel and smashed everything in his room in a fit of rage.

Just as he was venting his anger, a man stepped into his room—he was Travis’ uncle, Xavier Hughes.

According to their family tree, Samuel was Travis’ uncle too.

“What’s going on? Why are you throwing a tantrum?” Xavier asked with a frown.

Travis plopped down on the sofa angrily and fumed, “It’s all because of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals! Out of kindness, I visited them myself to dissuade them from participating in the medical conference and to invite Sasha Cunningham to the banquet, but that b*tch didn’t show me any respect at all.

Not only that, they even beat up the men I brought with me because they outnumbered us! It’s very clear that they don’t take us seriously at all!”

With a crease on his forehead, Xavier waved his hands dismissively and advised, “Well, they are just a bunch of nobodies whom you should not care about. Don’t forget why you are here! The medical conference this time is going to be held in Eastcliff and you were sent by our family to spearhead the mission!

I believe you know very well about the current condition of our family—if we can’t make it to the top three this time, our wealth and power will come last among the Ten Greatest Families! The reason we spent a huge fortune to hire Leonard the Acupuncturist is so that he can guarantee us a spot in the top three.

As the successor to our family, you have to take this seriously because you are going to have the position of the future master of the family in your tight grasp if we succeed. Otherwise, Travis, I have to remind you that the Old Master has been paying a lot of attention to your two cousins too!”

Looking alarmed in an instant, Travis challenged through gritted teeth, “What does that old man mean by doing this? The master of the family has always been assigned to the eldest sons of every generation. Why is he supporting those two useless craps since I am the eldest son of my generation?”

Xavier’s face turned dark before he chastised, “Keep your mouth shut! Why haven’t you understood that a loose tongue might cause you a lot of trouble?!”

Travis scanned his surroundings in puzzlement. “Uncle Xavier, why should I be worried since only the two of us are here?”

Xavier waved his hands and rectified, “Whether someone is eavesdropping on us or not isn’t the issue. The point is, you have to watch your behavior and words as the successor chosen by our family.

Since nothing is for sure yet, anyone could replace you and emerge as the master of the family anytime! You should be careful in everything you do before the day you become the master.”

Travis nodded impatiently and responded, “Fine, I got it. But Uncle Xavier, how should we deal with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals?

That Larson guy has actually managed to establish a medical association so that he can represent Eastcliff in the medical conference. Obviously, they want to be independent from us and we can’t allow them to do so!”

Xavier sneered, “You don’t have to bother about that because I’m here exactly for this matter. I was worried that you might have screwed up but fortunately, I arrived just in time before you forced them to dissolve the medical association.”

Travis, who looked confused, questioned, “What does that mean? Uncle Xavier, are we allowing them to participate in the medical conference this time as a team independent from Eastshire? Isn’t that going to embarrass our family?”

Xavier shook his head and lamented, “You are so ignorant! All the cities in Eastshire are under the control of the Ten Greatest Families except Eastcliff. Our family only has a very weak control of the medical industry in Eastcliff mainly because of Billy Newman.

This time, Stanley Carlson has put up Carlson Pharmacy, which is everything he has, as collateral to the bank for money to invest in the medical association.

If they lose, it will be right and proper for us to take over the business in the medical industry of Eastcliff and even Billy will have no grounds to make an objection. This is a great opportunity—since Stanley is offering the entire Eastcliff to us himself, how can we reject him?”

Travis’ eyes glinted with excitement. “Uncle Xavier, this makes sense! Stanley Carlson is clearly paving his way to his own destruction!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 312

Xavier sneered, “For the years Billy Newman has been dominating over Eastcliff, he has prohibited the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire from meddling with the business in the city, and the families have long been annoyed by the stalemate.

This time, let us make the breakthrough before everyone else so that our status in the Ten Greatest Families can be elevated.

At the same time, you will be the hero that brings about the success, and that will be a ground we can use to compel the Old Master to appoint you as the master in advance.”

Travis, who was elated to hear that, exclaimed, “Uncle Xavier, that would be great! I’m impressed by how meticulous you are!”

Travis smirked triumphantly at him and said, “That’s why I’ve always said you’re still too young. Why do you care so much about Cunningham Pharmaceuticals?

Is it because of Sasha Cunningham, who is hailed as the most beautiful girl in Eastcliff? By the time you become the master of our family, I can assure you that she will get down on her knees and beg you to date her, and she will do whatever you want her to do.”

Travis nodded repeatedly and said, “You’re right. Uncle Xavier, you are truly wise!”

Just as the two were hatching up a plan excitedly, a woman stepped into the room suddenly. “Young Master Hughes, someone at the lobby claimed to be Sasha Cunningham’s parents and they said they are here to apologize to you.”

Travis frowned in response to that. Prior to this, he would have wanted to humiliate them as badly as he could to avenge what he had suffered.

However, he knew he had to focus on the serious stuff at the moment after listening to Xavier’s advice.

“Ask them to get lost because I am not in the mood to meet them!” Travis replied.

Just as the woman was about to walk away, Xavier said, “Hold on. Bring them to the room next to ours.”

Looking puzzled, Travis queried, “Uncle Xavier, why do you want them here? Didn’t you just say we should stay away from trouble at this hour?”

Xavier gestured for the woman to leave before he chuckled and said, “Travis, I’m going to show you the ropes today! According to The Art of War, knowing ourselves and our enemies well enough is the key to success.

I’m sure that Larson guy must have something up his sleeves that gives him confidence to participate in the medical conference. Since Sasha Cunningham’s parents are here, it will do us good by making use of this chance to gather some information on Larson.

In that case, we won’t be caught off guard if he really has a hidden trump card up his sleeves. If they really manage to win at the medical conference this time, our family will be doomed!”

Travis pouted his lips and doubted, “What trump card can they possibly have? I’ve asked around about Matthew before. He’s just a live-in son-in-law who depends on his wife’s family for a living. How talented can such a guy be?

Someone told me that Timothy Wayne has also invested in him and I reckon they will send Mr. Harrison and Dr. York to attend the medical conference. Those two guys are quite established in Eastcliff but they are nothing compared to those real superb doctors! We shouldn’t be worried about them!”

Xavier replied, “That would be the best scenario. However, we still need to get as much information as we can from them. Let’s get changed before we go and meet them next door.”

Travis nodded. After getting changed, they went to the room next to theirs.

James and his family had long been waiting inside. As soon as they saw Travis, they immediately rose to their feet and flashed him simpering smiles.

“Young Master Hughes, please pardon us for coming here uninvited. We’re here to apologize to you. In fact, we’ve long planned to oust Matthew, that hopeless scumbag, from our family, but somehow, he always manages to stick around.

For your information, everything he did has nothing to do with us and I hope you won’t associate us with him,” James spoke with reverence.

Looking arrogant, Travis snapped, “Matthew really is a very audacious guy huh! How dare he establish a medical association himself so that he can compete with us? Do you think he can prevail over our medical talents?”

James responded immediately, “How’s that possible? Matthew is only a useless guy who didn’t even graduate from a technical school, so there’s no way he knows anything about medicine!

He has indeed been working at the hospital for three years, but he only works as a toilet cleaner there. They are only so arrogant because they are pinning their hopes on Mr. Harrison who works for Stanley Carlson!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 313

Travis’ eyes lit up with joy because James’ answer matched his guess.

As for Xavier, who was much more steady and mature, continued probing for more indirectly.

James and Helen insisted that Matthew knew nothing about medicine and he also did not know any superb doctors.

It was only then did Xavier feel more assured.

Seeing that Travis did not get angry after chatting with him for a while, James thought his apology had worked wonders and it prompted him to propose, “Young Master Hughes, I’d like you to buy you a dinner tonight to show the sincerity of my apology.”

Travis frowned because in his perception, James was just a nobody who wasn’t qualified at all to buy him a meal.

Just as he was about to turn him down, James spoke again, “I’ll get Sasha to be there tonight and apologize to you personally.”

Travis’ eyes glinted with excitement when he heard that.

He was blown away by Sasha’s beauty after meeting her earlier today and ever since then, her face had been etched in his mind.

He would have the chance to spend time with her if he agreed to have dinner tonight with James and his family.

Therefore, he nodded at once. “That’s great! Since you are so sincere, let’s have dinner together then.”

James and Helen, who were overjoyed to hear that, thanked Travis repeatedly before they left.

After watching them go, Travis sniggered and jeered, “I don’t even have to look for Sasha myself because his parents are bringing her to my doorstep! Uncle Xavier, do you think Matthew will freak out if I screw Sasha tonight? Let’s mess up his mind so that the victory will be in our hands!”

Xavier nodded slowly and said, “That might be a good idea but don’t overdo it.”

Travis chortled and countered, “Uncle Xavier, how can I possibly overdo it by only bringing a woman to bed? It’s her honor to spend the night with me and I reckon she’ll be very grateful for that.

I had flings with so many women in Eastshire before and I’ve come across women with all sorts of personality, including those aggressive ones, but what happened to them in the end? All of them still succumbed to my charm at last!”

Xavier clarified, “I’m referring to Larson, not that woman! Please keep this in mind: you may do anything you want to that girl but you have to keep Larson alive because we need him to be there at the medical conference. If you get him killed, our plan will be ruined.”

Travis nodded immediately in acknowledgment. “Uncle Xavier, please don’t worry because I know what I’m doing! By the way, I can tell that Sasha has quite an aggressive temperament. Uncle Xavier, do you still have that Libido Powder with you?

I will feed her some of that powder so she will do as I say obediently no matter how chaste she is! Then, I’ll snap some photos or videos and send them to Matthew. Do you think he will go mad on the spot?”

Xavier criticized him in between laughter, “You’ve always had so many wicked ideas up your sleeves. However, you have to handle the Libido Powder with care because its effect can be very strong.

If you don’t handle the dosage well, I’m afraid you can’t even get a minute of rest tonight.”

Travis laughed wickedly and said, “It’s fine. If I can’t handle it, I can summon some of my buddies over to help. After all, I’m just having some fun with her, and it’s not like I’m going to marry her after this. The ultimate purpose is to anger Matthew and make him lose his cool!”

Xavier chuckled again. “Fine, just be careful not to overdo it. By the way, James Cunningham is a really thick guy. This is my first time coming across a man who willingly offers his daughter to be screwed by someone else!”

Travis snorted disdainfully. “Uncle Xavier, do you think they did it without having some ulterior motives? From what I’ve heard, James and his wife are an outright materialistic couple. The ultimate goal of their life is to marry their daughter to a man of a wealthy and prestigious family so that they can get themselves a higher social status.

They want to associate themselves with our family but the problem is, he’s overestimated himself and his family background, and he should have reflected on himself before he tried to do that.

In my opinion, girls who come from poor families are just fated to be screwed and played around by guys. They are not even qualified to associate themselves with the servants of our family.”

“Do they think their daughter is Cinderella? Oh come on, the Cinderella story can’t possibly happen to everyone in the world, can it? People like them must have read too many fairytales to think that they are living in one!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 314
Looking thrilled, Helen and James exited the hotel to where Liam and Demi were waiting for them in the car.

“Dad, Mom, how did it go?” Demi asked with anticipation written all over her face.

Helen spoke with a smirk, “Of course it went well! We’re talking about your father and I! Well, Young Master Hughes was very polite to us. He made us tea and was very welcoming.

As the successor to a prestigious family, he’s indeed different from ordinary folks. In terms of the way he spoke and his demeanor, he is a far cry from those bumpkins in Eastcliff.

On top of that, he seemed very interested in Sasha because he immediately said yes when we told him that Sasha wanted to buy him a meal. In my opinion, Sasha can surely date him this time!”

Demi was elated to hear that. “Seriously? D-Does that mean Young Master Hughes will be my brother-in-law in the future? That’s fantastic!

With him as my brother-in-law, let’s see who will have the guts to be rude with me in Eastcliff in the future! Mom, please bring me along tonight because I have to seize the chance to chat with my future brother-in-law and bond with him!”

Helen shot her a supercilious glance and turned her down. “No way! Why do you need to be there? Tonight is very important for your sister and you’d better not interfere!”

With her lips pouted, Demi persisted, “Mom, I just want to be there to put in some good words for Sasha. Judging from Sasha’s personality, she might not be respectful to Young Master Hughes even if she is willing to be there tonight.

If the dinner is ruined by her attitude, the hard work you guys did will go in vain! With me around, I can at least help with mediating the dispute and making the atmosphere less awkward!”

James nodded and agreed, “Demi’s right. It’s only reasonable for Demi to be there because Sasha is her sister. The dinner later will be the first official meeting our family has with Young Master Hughes.”

It was only then did Helen agree. “Okay, let’s do it that way. Liam, remember to come and pick us up later at night.”

Reluctantly, Liam nodded and said, “Okay. I’ll go back and get changed.”

Helen glared at him and questioned, “Why do you need to get changed? You’re not attending the dinner and just need to drive us there.”

Liam was dumbfounded. “I-I don’t have to be there?”

Helen snapped, “That’s right! Young Master Hughes only wants to meet the people of our family. As our son-in-law, it’s not appropriate for you to be there.

What’s more, your reputation is bad because you used to mingle with gangsters and thugs from the streets. The Hughes is a prestigious family and they only want to be associated with families with a clean background. You might spoil our plan if you are there, do you understand?”

Liam was infuriated by Helen’s comment. Damn it, now you think my reputation is bad? Back then when your family were down in the dumps, the two of you literally begged me to marry your daughter!

Every time I pulled the strings to help you guys settle your problems, you would spread good words about me around and tell everyone I was the best son-in-law one could get!

Now that you guys have found another man from a prestigious family as your son-in-law, I’m suddenly deemed as someone who will embarrass the family. If I had not been eyeing Sasha back then, I wouldn’t even have married a girl like Demi! Of course, he could only think this.

The Cunninghams were no longer the family which were down in the dumps before and he had no choice but to put up with them.

Demi, who did not see any problem with the arrangement, concluded, “Mom is right. After driving us to the restaurant later, you can find another spot to grab something to eat but don’t go too far away because you will have to pick us up after we are done with the dinner.

Although our family isn’t as prestigious as the Hughes, our image will be affected adversely if people know that we don’t have a driver. Liam, please don’t screw this up, alright?”

Liam nodded but no one noticed the bleakness in his eyes.

Demi went on to discuss with her parents how they should dress up for the occasion, and no one cared about Liam’s feelings.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 315

When Sasha was just preparing to leave the office at six thirty in the evening, she saw Demi who was dressed up to the nines standing at the door of her room.

“Demi, why are you here?” Sasha sounded astonished.

“Sasha, I’m here to pick you up for dinner because Dad and Mom have booked the most luxurious private room at Zen Garden for us to have a family gathering,” Demi told her with a smile.

Sasha widened her eyes in shock and echoed, “Zen Garden? Why are we having dinner at such an expensive place? Also, why are we having a gathering all of a sudden in the first place?”

Flashing her a mysterious smile, Demi said, “Of course it’s because we have some good news. Well, I don’t have time for any more of your questions because Dad and Mom are waiting for us. Let’s go!”

Demi then dragged Sasha into the car without giving her a chance to ask questions.

Soon, they reached Zen Garden and walked into the private room where James and Helen had long been waiting for them.

After greeting them, Sasha asked them what the dinner was about with a puzzled look.

“Oh, every one of our family has to be here because we’ve invited a distinguished guest to join us for dinner,” James remarked casually.

Looking confused, Sasha pressed on, “A distinguished guest? Who’s that?”

Helen and James first glanced at each other before declaring with a smile, “He’s Travis Hughes from the Hughes Family in Eastshire!”

“Say what?” Sasha looked alarmed at once before rising to her feet immediately. “W-Why are you guys buying him a meal? It’s so obvious to me that he’s not a decent man!”

James was enraged by her comment in an instant. “That’s rude! Sasha, how can you say something like that? Why isn’t Young Master Hughes a decent man?”

Sasha explained herself anxiously, “You guys witnessed how he behaved at the company earlier. Is that how a decent man should be?”

Helen rectified her with a smile, “Sasha, you are wrong to think of it that way. Young Master Hughes visited our company in order to invite you to a ball. In other words, he did that because he has feelings for you. Sasha, is it wrong for a guy to have feelings for you?”

Sasha countered, “Mom, I don’t think so because he literally commanded me to attend the ball with him. What’s more, who am I in his eyes? Why do I have to be his partner even though I’m already married?”

Helen waved her hands dismissively. “Sasha, Young Master Hughes is the successor to his family and he is used to behaving condescendingly, so we can’t blame him for talking in a commanding tone. However, doesn’t that show how powerful and confident he is? Do you prefer men who are timid and talk softly like Matthew?”

Sasha was exasperated. “Mom, what’s wrong with Matthew? He’s a nice guy who doesn’t want to be harsh to other people.”

Demi sneered, “He’s a nice guy? He’s more like a useless guy! Even if he wants to be harsh to other people, does he even have the ability to do that?

He was indeed quite bold earlier today to beat up Young Master Hughes’ men. Obviously, he didn’t take the Hughes Family seriously at all. There’s no way the Hughes Family will go easy on him for what he did!”

Sasha looked slightly concerned because she was really worried that something bad might happen to Matthew following the fracas that had taken place earlier.

James, who knew what Sasha was thinking about judging from her expression, stated, “Sasha, we invited Young Master Hughes tonight so that we can apologize to him.

As things turned out really ugly at the company earlier, our family will end up badly if we really anger the Hughes Family. Sasha, if you don’t want to see Matthew get killed on the streets, you should put in some good words for him with Young Master Hughes later so that he will forgive Matthew!”

Sasha wavered because she was really worried that something bad might happen to Matthew because of this.

She didn’t mind yielding to Travis by apologizing to him if that could solve the problem.

But the problem was, would Travis let them go so easily?

After some contemplation, Sasha asked, “Dad, Mom, why don’t I give Matthew a call first?”

James snapped immediately, “No way! Are you crazy? If Matthew knows about this, he will definitely come over and make a scene. By the time it happens, Young Master Hughes would get him killed on the spot. Do you want Matthew to die here?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 316

Much frightened, Sasha dared not call Matthew in the end.

With a smile, Demi reassured her, “Sasha, it’s going to be alright because Young Master Hughes seems like a nice guy. Since he’s willing to attend this dinner, it shows that he’s ready to let this matter ago.

Sasha, everything can be settled if you drink with him and put in some good words on behalf of Matthew when he’s here later.”

Sasha held her head low without saying a word because she was really reluctant to do that.

However, she had no choice but put up with the humiliation for Matthew’s sake.

At the same time, she made up her mind secretly that she could accept having dinner and apologizing to Travis, but if he asked her to do anything other than that, she would never agree in any event!

Seeing that Sasha had implied her willingness to stay by her silence, James, Helen and Demi exchanged a glance and a triumphant smile.

At the same time, Liam was sitting in the car alone at the basement parking lot, looking extremely despondent.

Following what happened earlier today, he finally realized that James and Helen had never taken him seriously!

He could still get some advantages from them with Matthew in the family now, but once Sasha married Travis, he could foresee that his status in the family would become similar to Matthew, and he would be deemed as a useless guy too.

When the time came, he couldn’t even be sure how long he could remain in the family, let alone trying to get Sasha as his wife or seizing the assets owned by the family.

Therefore, he had decided that he couldn’t allow the Cunninghams to succeed in their plan tonight by hook or by crook!

He left the car and strolled around the parking lot where he found a teenager.

“Hey, lad, I’ll offer you two hundred bucks to help me do something.”

The teenage boy perked up immediately and asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Liam handed a piece of paper to him and instructed, “Help me give a call to this number and tell the man that Sasha is having dinner with Travis at Zen Garden and he’s free to decide how to deal with it. By the way, don’t tell him what I look like, understand?”

After memorizing his words carefully in his mind, the boy took the paper together with the cash before he jogged away to make the call.

Liam hid somewhere behind him and secretly left after making sure the boy had finished the call.

The number belonged to Matthew because he was the only one who could do something to change the situation.

Needless to say, Liam would not make the call himself because if James and Helen found out that it was him who sabotaged their plan, they wouldn’t go easy on him.

At seven thirty, Travis swaggered into Zen Garden with a bunch of underlings.

The bunch of underlings, who had just been transferred here from Eastshire, were specifically in charge of his safety.

The moment Travis spotted Sasha after he stepped into the private room, his face broke into a triumphant grin.

“President Cunningham, we meet again!”

Sasha responded to his greeting with an awkward smile whereas James and Helen were putting on an adulatory smile as they led Travis to the table.

Travis behaved himself and he did not put Sasha in any difficult situation.

During the dinner, Sasha apologized to him but he did not address her apology.

When Demi came back from the toilet halfway through dinner, she spotted two of Travis’ underlings hiding at a corner surreptitiously.

She stole a glance at them and found that they were sprinkling some powder into a bottle of wine.

Looking alarmed, Demi wondered whether Travis was going to drug Sasha.

The two guys then brought the bottle of wine back to the private room without noticing Demi’s presence.

Demi pretended to look calm when she returned to the private room to find the two men handing the bottle of wine to Travis before giving him a look.

Holding the bottle of wine, Travis laughed heartily and said, “President Cunningham, since your apology is so sincere, I have to do my part too. Fine, I can forgive Matthew but President Cunningham, you have to finish this glass of wine!”

While he was talking, he filled the wine glass to the top before offering it to Sasha.

Demi was so shaken by the sight that she felt as though her heart was thumping in her throat. Was Travis going to drug Sasha?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 317

At first, Demi had the intention to stop Sasha from drinking it but she soon dismissed that idea after she analyzed the situation from another perspective.

She was sure Travis wouldn’t poison Sasha so what was inside the wine must be some sort of psychedelic drug.

Obviously, the purpose of him feeding her with a drug like that was to claim her body.

It actually suited their purpose because they organized the dinner tonight just so they could encourage Travis and Sasha to be together!

Judging from Sasha’s attitude, she did not seem the least bit willing to date Travis and if that was the case, their plan would no longer work.

But if Travis could claim Sasha’s body by drugging her, they would be able to achieve what they wanted immediately.

By the time Sasha spent the night with Travis, it would be too late for her to turn him down.

With that, their dream of becoming the relatives of the Hughes would come true.

Thus, not only did Demi not inform Sasha of the drug, but she even egged her on, “Sasha, since Young Master Hughes has said so, you should just finish the glass of wine.

It’s not an easy decision for Young Master Hughes to spare Matthew’s life so you really have to appreciate his forgiveness!”

Having no other choice, Sasha could only take the glass of wine over and tried hard to suppress her reluctance when she downed it.

Travis put on a crafty smile at once because he knew the glass of wine contained Libido Powder.

He was sure Sasha would not be able to escape him tonight!

Not long after having the wine, Sasha started finding it hard to focus her mind and vision and her body started feeling swelteringly hot.

Travis knew the drug was taking effect judging from how red her face was.

Immediately, he rose to his feet and announced with a smile, “Everyone, I think it’s time we put an end to this dinner. Shall we have a drink at my hotel?”

James and Helen, who had no idea about the drug, immediately said yes thinking that it was a positive sign to get invited by Travis.

Demi held Sasha back to the car and they then made their way to the hotel Travis was staying.

Halfway along the journey, Demi secretly informed James and Helen about how Travis had drugged Sasha just now.

Both of them were startled by the news.

“Demi, why didn’t you tell your sister the wine was drugged since you knew that?” Helen questioned anxiously.

With a smile, Demi explained, “Mom, why are you panicking? Doesn’t that show just how eager Young Master Hughes is to get her? With that personality of Sasha’s, do you think they can be together without Young Master Hughes using some tricks?

I am inclined to see it as something positive. Since Sasha and Matthew’s marriage has been existing only in name, I’m sure she will accept her fate after offering her first night to Young Master Hughes because it will then be too late to change anything.

Without the drug, how are they going to progress in their relationship with Sasha still staying loyal to Matthew?”

James and Helen fell silent in an instant and they exchanged a glance with each other.

Although Demi was right, the idea still did not sit right in their minds because after all, Sasha was their daughter.

By the time Sasha was brought to Travis’ room, she was already in a state of semi-unconsciousness.

Demi held Sasha to the bed and walked back to the door while saying with a wide grin, “Young Master Hughes, why don’t you have a nice little chat with my sister? We’ll go somewhere else in the meantime!”

Travis laughed heartily and waved at her. “Very well, you all may wait for us in the room next door.”

Looking satisfied, Demi walked over and tried to drag her parents out of the room. “Dad, Mom, let’s head over to the room next door and give Young Master Hughes some space to bond with Sasha.”

Demi tried hard to haul them away because they were reluctant to leave.

At that juncture, a squeal came from the room and it was Sasha’s voice.

Looking alarmed, James and Helen quickly scurried over to open the door to find around six to seven guys standing beside the bed.

Sasha was sitting on the bed looking horrified, and the jacket she had been wearing was already removed.

As for Travis, he was sitting on one of the sofas sipping red wine with relish.

Panic-stricken, James yelled, “W-What are you guys doing?”

With tears welling up in her eyes, Sasha said in a quivering voice, “Dad, t-they are trying to touch me…”

Demi, who was also taken aback by the sight of the men, asked, “Young Master Hughes, why did you allow so many people to be here?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 318

Travis shot them an impatient look. “Didn’t I ask you guys to wait in the room next door? Who allowed you guys to be here? Get lost!” he chided.

James and Helen were stunned because of the sudden change in Travis’ attitude.

Sounding apprehensive, Demi stammered, “Young Master Hughes, w-we will go, but I don’t think these guys s-should be here…”

“Why can’t they be here?” Travis retorted.

Demi widened her eyes in shock because she thought the issue was obvious. “Young Master Hughes, they are here together with the two of you. I-I don’t think…”

Travis sneered, “What’s the problem with them being here? They won’t be having nothing to do later. I am a very loyal friend and I always share my fortune with my buddies. It would be a waste to have the most beautiful lady in Eastcliff to myself, so of course I have to share her with my boys!”

The bunch of guys started roaring with laughter at once.

James and Helen were horrified because things were going contrary to what they had expected.

“Young Master Hughes, how can you do something like this? Sasha is going to be your wife!” Helen spoke anxiously.

Travis snorted in disgust before he cursed, “F*ck you! That’s disgusting. Who does she think she is? Is she even qualified to be my wife? Damn it, she’s married. Even if she isn’t, she is just a toy in my eyes!

I can’t believe poor people like you are actually thinking of becoming my relatives! You guys should look yourselves in the mirror first before having such an intention! It’s enough of an honor for your family that I’m interested in screwing her, got it?”

James and Helen were shocked because it was only then did they realize Travis had always seen Sasha as a toy!

It had never been possible for them to have a kinship with the Hughes!

And the most laughable thing was, they had even offered their daughter to Travis themselves.

Suddenly, James stood bolt upright and roared angrily, “Since we are unworthy of having any relationship with your family, just take it that we were idiots! We shouldn’t have come! Sasha, let’s go!”

One of the men straightaway kicked James, causing him to collapse onto the ground before Travis walked over and stepped on his head.

“Dumbass, do you think you can still walk away at this juncture? To tell you the truth, I added Libido Powder to her wine just now.

She needs men tonight, or she will die of high blood pressure. I’m getting so many guys here just to save your daughter’s life, so you’d better appreciate it!”

After that, Travis cast a glimpse at Demi before he added with a snigger, “Oh, by the way, your youngest daughter witnessed us drugging the wine just now. You can ask her if you don’t believe me!”

Demi was exasperated because she had had no idea of Travis’ arrangement at that time.

“Young Master Hughes, how can you do something like this? My sister can be your lover even if she can’t be your wife. How can you let some other guys humiliate her?!” Demi confronted him anxiously.

“A family like yours doesn’t even have the rights to be my pet dogs! Forget it, I’m not going to waste my time talking crap with you guys. Hey, get it started now!

Turn on the camera and make sure the video is clear before sending it to Matthew!” Travis instructed in a smug tone.

In between giggles, the guys who stood beside the bed started closing in on Sasha.

At that juncture, Sasha let out a scream and sat bolt upright. With one of her hands, she grabbed the table lamp and smashed it into pieces.

Everyone in the room was taken aback by her action whereas Travis widened his eyes in shock. “Damn it, are you still trying to put up a fight? B*tch, can you see what kind of situation you are in? There’s no way you can escape this!”

Gritting her teeth, Sasha tried hard to focus as she picked up one of broken glass pieces and suddenly slashed her wrist with it.

Blood started gushing out from her wrist which stained her shirt red.

She snapped through gritted teeth, “I won’t allow myself to be humiliated by you guys even if I have to die!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 319

James, Helen and Demi paled with shocked and screamed, “Sasha, don’t do anything stupid!”

“Sasha, don’t do that!”

Travis appeared stunned as well, but the next second, he burst out laughing. “Oh gosh, what a character! Fine. I like a fiery personality anyway. Sasha, do you think that you can die?

I come from a medical family. As long as I want you to live, you can’t die. Let me tell you something. Stop struggling because you can’t run from this! What are you waiting for? Do it!”

Tears gushed out of Sasha’s eyes. Then, she grabbed that piece of glass and slashed her neck without hesitation. She would rather die than be humiliated! However, a man beside her forestalled her and snatched that shard of glass from her.

“B*tch, I haven’t even had my fun yet, and you want to die already? Even if you want to die, you must gratify me first. Otherwise, it would be a waste for the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff to be gone just like that!” that man cursed while extending his hand to remove Sasha’s shirt.

James, Helen and Demi quivered with rage but they could not do anything to stop it. Meanwhile, Travis sat on the sofa with a wine glass in his hand.

A smug smile appeared on his face and he seemed to be enjoying the show. The men closed in around her, and Sasha was in despair because she knew that she didn’t even have the right to die.

Right at that critical moment, a loud bang suddenly came from the door.

Everyone was stupefied while Travis stood up and bellowed, “Who the hell is that?! Don’t you know that this is my room—”

Before he could end his sentence, a deafening noise came from the door again. Immediately after that, the door was shattered and someone rushed in from outside. It was none other than Matthew.

Travis’s expression changed because he was surprised that Matthew would arrive at this critical moment. Helen was the first to regain her senses. “Matthew, quick! Save Sasha!”

As soon as Matthew saw Sasha in the room, his eyes glowed in anger. At the same time, he clenched his fists and veins throbbed on his forehead. At that moment, he wanted to murder everyone there.

“Quick, stop him!” Travis shouted anxiously.

The few men beside the bed charged at Matthew at once and the frontmost man, who was burly and muscular, launched a kick at him.

Matthew didn’t dodge immediately. Instead, he took a step forward and raised his right elbow from his waist. It was only then he sidestepped and dodged the burly man’s kick, and his right elbow struck the burly man’s chin right after.

While everyone heard a cracking noise, the burly man that weighed almost 100kg flew backward. Then, he landed painfully on the marble coffee table behind him, which was crushed into pieces.

He ended up bleeding through his mouth, nose and eyes, and his eyes almost dropped out of his eye sockets. Even if he managed to be alive, he would be crippled for the rest of his life, or at least he would be blind.

Everyone was greatly shocked. That burly man was the strongest among them and had the greatest ability to withstand hits. However, he was beaten to a pulp by Matthew with just a blow. Who exactly was Matthew?!

Travis grew even more panicked so he shouted, “Quick, kill him! Kill him now!”

The few men exchanged a look. Although they were scared, they still charged forward, planning to attack Matthew all at once. Matthew clenched his fists so tightly that they made a cracking noise while he walked forward step by step.

Suddenly, someone took a chair and smashed it on Matthew from behind. Matthew dodged it immediately and at the same time, he turned his body around to face the attacker.

Then, he grabbed the back of the attacker’s neck with his right hand and smashed his head mercilessly into the wall.

That attacker had a concussion from that but Matthew didn’t stop. He continued to smash the attacker’s head into the wall until his head was covered in blood and he dropped to the floor.

Seeing this, a few other men charged toward Matthew. However, Matthew’s speed totally surpassed their imagination.

After settling the guy who wanted to hit him with a chair, Matthew directly charged toward the other men like a ferocious tiger attacking a helpless flock of sheep.

After a few rounds, he managed to finish them off and all of them lay unconscious on the ground.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 320

This time, the way Matthew fought was different from the time he fought at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

Previously, Matthew didn’t go all out although his strikes were strong.

This time, Matthew was aiming to kill.

Since these people had the nerves to humiliate Sasha, why would he let them live?

Standing at a side, Travis was terror-stricken as he watched his underlings getting knocked down.

When Matthew stood in front of him, he tried to be calm. “Matthew, what are you trying to do? I’m warning you, I’m the heir to the Hughes Family—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Matthew landed a punch on his face. At once, Travis’s face was covered with blood.

“How dare you hit me?! The Hughes will never let you off!” Travis screamed.

But all he got was another punch from Matthew.

Finally, Travis quieted down and stood at a side while clutching his mouth.

Matthew walked deeper into the room and looked at Sasha. With just a glance, his expression instantly changed.

“Libido Powder?! Travis, how insidious and ruthless you are! This is an extremely poisonous drug. You gave her such a huge dose that even if she makes it tonight, she will be delirious in the future and become a dolt! Travis, how has she offended you that you had to do this to her?” Matthew yelled frenetically.

James, Helen and Demi were stunned. They thought that it was just a simple knockout drug, and they never expected that it would be poisonous! This was terrifying!

Travis stuttered in fear, “Matthew, d-don’t you try to intimidate me. I-I’m one of the Hughes—”

“So what if your last name is Hughes? Even if I kill you today, the Hughes Family can’t do anything to me!” Matthew roared while charging toward him.

Right at that moment, someone suddenly dashed in from the door and stopped in front of Matthew.

That person had the speed of lightning and he immediately threw a punch.

Fortunately, Matthew had quick reflexes and instantly blocked his attack. After exchanging a few blows, both of them stepped back simultaneously.

Upon seeing the comer, Travis was overjoyed. “Uncle Xavier, thank god you’re here! Quick, save me! Uncle Xavier, he’s going to kill me. Please kill him, Uncle Xavier. Kill him for me!”

The comer was Xavier Hughes. He was glaring coldly at Matthew with his eyebrows knitted.

“The Northern Eight Fists! Who did you learn that from?” Xavier asked solemnly.

Matthew looked icy. “Save all your nonsense. Step aside or you shall die!”

Xavier’s face grew grave. “Young man, you’re rather arrogant. Do you really think that you are undefeatable after practicing a few techniques? Let me tell you, your skills are nothing in the eyes of the Hughes!”

Matthew didn’t waste his time in replying Xavier and just charged toward him.

Both of them started to fight again.

Xavier’s ability was among the top in the Hughes. He had quick punches and kicks, which surprisingly made him well-matched with Matthew.

However, Xavier soon realized that Matthew’s punches accelerated and he could barely defend himself.

Xavier had no idea that Matthew was actually skillful, but he had never fought anyone before. Therefore, he didn’t have any experience in battling.

After fighting for some time, Matthew started to sharpen his skills. Naturally, he gained the upper hand.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Xavier suddenly shouted, “Travis, get out now! I’ll cover you!”

Travis couldn’t help but feel stunned. Is it possible that even Uncle Xavier is no match for Matthew?

Without hesitation, he turned and fled.

“Not on my watch!” Matthew shouted and wanted to run after him.

Xavier anxiously said, “Matthew, I have the antidote for Libido Powder! Do you want to save Sasha?”

Matthew immediately stopped and said coldly, “Xavier, your nephew has escaped. Today, don’t you dare think about leaving! The Hughes must pay the price with blood for this matter.”

Xavier looked icy. “Do you know the consequence of opposing the Hughes?”

Matthew retorted, “Stop blabbering. If the Hughes are not happy with that, I won’t hesitate to exterminate all of you.”

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