The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 331-340

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 331

“Sasha, have a good rest at home. I’ll be back soon, don’t worry!” Matthew chuckled gently.

In response, Sasha nodded her head helplessly and said, “Well then, Dad, please pass the car key to Matthew. He’ll drive over there by himself.”

Upon hearing that, James’ eyes widened. “Are you out of your mind? Didn’t I say that we are not supposed to have anything to do with this?! People would think that we are supporting him if he drives our car over! Are you only going to be satisfied when our family are finally pushed into the fire pit?”

Sasha was agitated. “Dad, since when has that car become our family’s car? Don’t you remember that the BMW was a gift from Mr. Newman to Matthew?”

Sneering, Helen mocked, “Of course we remember! He used our company’s medicine to cure Billy’s daughter and managed to take all the credits! He forcibly turned those hundreds of millions of rewards into a mere dinner just to satisfy his ego. But guess what? In the end, he got himself a watch and a car. Without our company’s medicine, he wouldn’t have been able to save Billy’s daughter! How could he claim the rewards all by himself? Sasha, find anyone on the street to comment on what he did and tell us whether this car should belong to us or Matthew!”

Sasha was extremely furious that she couldn’t find a word to answer her mother. She had always known that her parents were bull-headed, but she had no idea what to do about them.

Waving his hand, Matthew said, “It’s okay, Sasha. Someone will come to pick me up later. Just take a rest first, and I’ll be back soon!”

Involuntarily, Sasha nodded. “Be careful then, Matthew. It doesn’t matter whether you will win; the most important thing is to come back safely!”

At that, Matthew bobbed his head and chuckled softly.

As James and Helen were watching his departure, the two of them suddenly laughed. “Of course it wouldn’t matter whether he wins or not! Because there’s no way for him to win!”

Sasha was annoyed by her parents’ attitude. She thus turned her head to the other side without bothering to talk to them.

Seeing her daughter’s reaction, Helen said to her earnestly, “Sasha, when this is over, I guess Matthew will be done as well. I know you don’t want to divorce him because you’re sympathetic toward him. But look at you. You’re still young and have a long way to go in your life! You need to think about your future too! Your father and I know a man with a good family background. He has a net worth of several billion and is now residing in the Lakeside Garden. He has a brilliant son who had just graduated from the University of Cambridge—”

Shivering with anger, Sasha interrupted, “Mom, can you please stop saying things like this again?! Listen, I’ll never get a divorce with Matthew!”

Trying to explain herself, Helen said, “I wasn’t asking you to divorce. What I was saying is that, if Matthew is dead, you need to find yourself a way out. Isn’t it—”

“Aaaah!” Sasha screamed. “Stop it! Stop saying that anymore!”

Though she was still trying to continue, Helen was stopped by James. “Forget it. Let’s talk about this later. Sasha’s is not stable right now. Don’t rush her.”

Without any choice, Helen nodded her head in agreement. She was silent for a while and later, she whispered, “Why haven’t I been seeing Demi and Liam around these two days?”

Displeased, James blasted, “Why do you want to meet them? They almost got Sasha into trouble last time and you still want them here to stir Sasha up?”

Helen shot him a glance and retorted, “How could you say something like this? Demi is also your daughter, your biological daughter! How can you be so biased? Besides, Sasha’s always by our side because she is the company’s president. But look at Demi, she’s married and has nothing. Shouldn’t you be giving her more of your attention?”

Helplessly, James sighed, “Whoever said I don’t care about her? But, look at the things she’s done—”

Shaking her hands, Helen interrupted, “Just let go of it. Tell me, who has never made a mistake? Can’t you just stop getting angry over it? Give Demi a call. Tell her to visit us with Liam in the evening.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 332

While Matthew was walking out of the house, he contacted Mr. Harrison and asked him about the location of the Thousand Lakes Manor.

Although he was representing the Eastcliff in this year’s conference, Matthew had been keeping a low profile, unprepared to let too many people know about it.

Matthew had rejected Stanley when the latter and the others had planned to send him to the conference illustriously.

Because Matthew had a lot of enemies, he would not want to reveal too much about himself before he had the power to take revenge.

If things hadn’t gotten to this point, he wouldn’t even have participated in the Six Southern States Medical Conference.

Right after Mr. Harrison picked up the phone, he said, “Mr. Larson, where are you right now? I’ll send someone to pick you up.”

Shaking his head, Matthew responded, “No thanks, I can just take a taxi. I wouldn’t want too many people to know about this.”

Sympathetically, Mr. Harrison answered, “I understand, Mr. Larson. But the Thousand Lakes Manor is extremely huge. Taxis can’t get into the compound and you’ll have to walk over on your feet. Let me send someone to fetch you so you can come straight into the parking lot. It would be easier this way.”

After giving some thought, Matthew agreed to the suggestion.

Putting his phone down, Mr. Harrison was beaming. Immediately, he called his granddaughter, Crystal Harrison.

Crystal was 23 years old this year. She graduated from a medical school and was Mr. Harrison’s most beloved granddaughter.

After a while, a beautiful young lady in a white dress walked into the office. It was Crystal.

Although Crystal wasn’t as pretty as Sasha and Leanna, she was undeniably a beauty.

She had been the campus belle in the medical school, and countless rich and handsome young men had been asking her to go out with them.

However, being born into a wealthy family, she had a heightened ego, especially when her grandfather was very reputable across Eastcliff.

Therefore, for a long time, she hadn’t laid her eyes on anyone in the Eastcliff.

“Grandpa, why are you asking for me in such a hurry? My friends are waiting for me down there!” Crystal pouted her lips in disapproval.

Upon hearing that, Mr. Harrison replied, “Can you please do me a favor and fetch a friend of mine from North Garden Street? The states’ representatives will be here in a moment, but I still have some work to do before the conference starts. Please get him here for me.”

Bewildered, Crystal asked, “What friend? Is he that important?”

With a solemn expression, Mr. Harrison answered, “Exceptionally important! His name is Matthew Larson, and this is his phone number. Take it down. When you guys are back, talk to him and show him around the house.”

After listening to her grandfather’s explanation, Crystal frowned. It was obvious that Grandpa wanted to match her up with this Matthew guy. Instinctively, she was wary of and disgusted at Matthew. “Grandpa, is this Matthew some big shot that you have to pick him up personally?”

Mr. Harrison said in response, “He’s a friend who used to help me in the past. Don’t worry so much, just make sure that you treat him well.” He left in a hurry after finishing his words.

With an unwilling expression on her face, Crystal went downstairs to inform her friends and was ready to go out.

“Wow! Who is this guy anyway? Even Miss Harrison herself has to pick him up in person!”

“Who in the whole Eastcliff had the nerve to do this?”

“Could it be one of the young masters from the ten greatest families?”

While laughing, a group of rich kids jokingly asked.

Curling up her lips, Crystal grumbled, “This person goes by the surname Larson, not someone from the ten greatest families.”

After getting the answer, the group was surprised. Crystal’s best friend, Annie Lee, suddenly voiced up, “Larson? Anyone heard anything about Larson?”

Everyone was shaking their heads.

Immediately, Annie laughed in response, “I’ve also never heard of any big shot that goes with the surname Larson! Forget about the Eastcliff; I don’t think there’s any Larson across the Eastshire. Crystal, who exactly was your grandfather trying to introduce you to? He is obviously trying to pair you up with him when he asked you to pick the person up! Maybe he’s someone from the countryside who had been engaged with you when you guys were babies!”

Right after Annie ended her lines, everyone burst into laughter.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 333

Annoyed, Crystal answered, “Guys! Enough! I’m already so hacked off and you guys are still making fun of me! I seriously don’t know what Grandpa was thinking about.

How could he ask me to pick up some stranger? Who the hell is he? Why can’t he just come here by himself? Ugh, forget it. I need to stop talking and go get him now.”

Immediately, some of the kids said, “Crystal, if you leave, what should we do then? Your friends are all here and you are going to pick up some bumpkin you don’t even know? Is this what you should do to your friends?”

Crystal was defenseless. “Then tell me what should I do? How am I supposed to reject when grandpa wanted me to go? If I don’t do it, he would scold me!”

At the moment, Annie had an idea and she grinned, “Crystal, you don’t have to do it. Lucas hasn’t arrived yet. I can give him a call and ask him to go get that bumpkin here.”

Crystal was puzzled. “W-Will that be alright?”

Laughing in response, Annie said, “It should be alright. He will be here either way. Besides, we can let Lucas test him out. If he is some nasty scumbag, it would be better for you to not meet up with him. What happened if he clung to you after today?

Arh, it would be a whole lot of trouble for you! Remember? Young Master Hughes will be here in a moment. Don’t you want to meet the heir of the ten greatest families in Eastshire? He is one of the most influential people of the younger generation around here. Crystal, we have high hopes on you!”

Crystal was in hesitation. It was true that she was really curious about Travis.

From what she had seen, the heirs from the Eastcliff’s noble families were mostly some foolish coxcomb and none of them was exactly her type.

Besides, as the heir of the ten greatest families, Travis was definitely the leader of the younger generations. Only this kind of man could stand beside her!

After thinking for a while, Crystal slowly nodded her head. “Okay. Give Lucas a call now!”

Instantly, Annie chuckled. “That’s my girl! Don’t worry, I’ll ask Lucas to check out whether he’s handsome or not. If he is neither handsome nor rich, then we can just shoo him away instead of allowing him to stain our vision! Hahaha!”

After waiting for almost half an hour, a car finally stopped in front of Matthew.

A tough-looking young man walked down from the car and looked around. Finally, he laid his eyes on Matthew. “Hey, are you Matthew Larson?” The young man asked.

Confusingly, Matthew replied, “Yes I am, and you are?”

Taking a look at Matthew from his head to toe, the young men did not answer. The corner of his mouth quirked after realizing that Matthew was wearing some off-the-rack clothing.

“I’m Lucas. Miss Crystal asked me here to give you a lift.”

Taking in the information, Matthew replied in surprise, “Oh, thank you! Sorry if I had given you trouble!”

Lucas glared. “I need to pick my girlfriend up later and she hates it when the car smells. So, you can’t ride in my car! Here are 100 dollars, go get yourself a taxi!”

Lucas pulled out a 100 dollar cash from his pocket, dumping it on the floor in front of Matthew and walked away.

Frowning, Matthew thought, What’s wrong with this person? Is he trying to shoo me off like I’m a beggar?

“Wait!” Matthew called out. “Even though you can’t give me a ride, I’ll still have to thank you for coming all the way here and notified me. Please keep this. I have the money myself.” Matthew left right after the talk.

Instantly, Lucas was baffled and he groaned, “Is he dumb? How could he reject my money? Fine, I’ll keep it then! It’s not my business if Crystal asks later.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 334

7 p.m. at the Thousand Lakes Manor.

A Maybach slowly approached the parking lot and came to a stop. The Cunningham’s siblings, Charlie and Lily , then got out of the car.

“Brother, how do I look tonight?” Lily asked excitedly.

“Amazing!” Charlie nodded in delight. “Don’t worry, you’re always the pretty one. There’s no way the others wouldn’t be fascinated by you!

There are going to be so many decent young men tonight, who will definitely be stunned by you! If one of the sons from the noble families likes you, this will be our chance to kick Sasha out!”

Eagerly, Lily answered, “Don’t be worried, Brother. I heard that Young Master Hughes will be here personally tonight.

I couldn’t talk to him when I met him in a rush last time at the Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Besides, I wasn’t looking my best that day, which was probably why he didn’t notice me. However, I’m going to take him down tonight!”

Charlie grinned, “Seemed like you were prepared. Well then, I hope we won’t let grandpa down. He took so much effort to get us here. We shouldn’t embarrass the Cunninghams today!”

Bobbing her head in agreement, Lily asked, “Oh right, is it true that Joseph Harrison will be emceeing this year’s conference?”

Upon hearing that, Charlie said, “Eastcliff is the host of this conference. Of course, our local famous doctor, the Master of the Watkins Family, is supposed to emcee tonight. But no one knows why the Watkins had all vanished suddenly. Even their residence was empty.

It seemed like the authority had got no choice but to ask either Dr. York or Mr. Harrison to handle the event. Unfortunately, Dr. York has been busy lately, so Mr. Harrison will be hosting the conference. But, I don’t think Joseph can handle the situation tonight, and so I guess our representative would be the long-lost Dr. Ellis!”

Lily’s eyes were enlightened in response to her brother’s answer. “Dr. Ellis?! He’s a real big shot! I heard that even the Old Master Hughes is a close friend of his. No one in the Eastshire’s medical industry would disobey Dr. Ellis if he ever says something.”

Like-mindedly, Charlie yearned, “It’s true. Don’t you know many people are here tonight just for Dr. Ellis!”

Suddenly, Lily said, “But Young Master Hughes said that Leonard the Acupuncturist from Mightwater will also be here tonight.”

Charlie shook his head. “Although the skill of Leonard the Acupuncturist can be ranked among the top 10 in the country, he is still from Mightwater, which means there’s no way he will be more influential than Dr. Ellis in the Eastshire.

Besides, he’s only here tonight to help out with the conference. He’ll only be doing something if there’s an emergency. The spotlight will still be on Dr. Ellis!”

In sudden realization, Lily chuckled, “But then again, Dr. Ellis’s influence in the Eastshire is prominent! Rumor has it that many people are trying their best to get in here tonight after they found out that Dr. Ellis would also attend the conference. Even the price of the tickets for tonight’s conference is incredibly high!”

Charlie responded as he nodded, “As expected, do you think it was easy for us to get the tickets? Grandpa bought them from an old friend of his with great effort, so don’t you ever waste the tickets. Your target tonight will be Young Master Hughes and mine… hehe… ”

“Nah, stop laughing so creepily. I know you better than you do! Allegedly, Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter, Crystal Harrison, will also be here tonight. You have always had your eyes on her, right? I’m going to see how pretty this legendary campus belle is!” Lily pouted.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 335

As the two were talking, they saw someone walking over on the road not far away from them.

“Huh, isn’t that Matthew? Why is he here?” Lily was surprised.

Glancing toward the direction, Charlie laughed, “I guess this dumbass walked here. The Thousand Lakes Manor doesn’t allow taxis to enter. He must have come by taxi and was blocked outside, so he had to walk in by himself.”

Lily burst into laughter. “Hahaha, that was interesting! The main gate was about six to seven miles away from here, did he really walk all the way here? How embarrassing!”

In the meantime, Matthew had already reached the entrance of the hall.

The security guards by the door were all looking at him cautiously.

Obviously, they had never seen anyone walking here.

The Thousand Lakes Manor was the most prestigious estate in the Eastcliff.

The residents here were extremely rich and the parking lots were always parked with luxury cars. They had never seen anyone coming over on foot.

Furthermore, Matthew’s outfit looked like they were from the stalls, looking way shabbier than the security guards here.

Stopping Matthew, one of the security guards yelled, “Hey you! Stop there! What are you doing here?”

Matthew responded, “I’m here for the conference!”

Exchanging glances with the others, the security guard in front frowned. “The conference? Supposedly, you should have the invitation letter. Do you have it?”

Matthew was puzzled. He did not have one of those invitation letters because the participants didn’t need them.

However, none of the participants had come over just as Matthew did.

The other participants had arrived in Eastcliff a few days in advance and were all staying in a five-star hotel.

The authority would send someone to pick them up when the conference is about to start. There was no reason why they would need an invitation letter.

It was the first time they had ever seen someone walking here like Matthew.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have the invitation letter, but I am here to participate in the conference,” Matthew answered.

Instantly, the security guards mocked, “Without the invitation letter, how are you going to attend the conference? Did you think that this is a market where you can come and go as you wish? Do you know how famous this conference is? Even the big entrepreneurs in Eastcliff couldn’t get their hands on the ticket. Who do you think you are? Walking here in empty hands, expecting us to let you in with your words?”

Frowning, Matthew thought, Why is he so rude?

At that moment, an insulting voice came from behind suddenly. “Oh, isn’t this Matthew? What happened? Didn’t the Cunninghams lend you one of their cars? You should’ve told us you are coming too.

We drove here by ourselves. If you told us earlier, we would’ve let you drive and you will be able to come in, isn’t it? Why did you come here by yourself? Look at you, sweating so much! Even your clothes are fading! Tsk, tsk! How pitiful!”

Turning his head, Matthew saw Charlie and Lily standing right behind him arrogantly.

The security guards were shocked. “Do you both know him? Is he here for the conference? He doesn’t have the invitation letter… ”

“We do know him, but we are not together. Here, this is our invitation letter. Please have a look,” Charlie answered and handed the letters to the guards at once.

Skimming through the letters, they nodded. “There’s no problem with your invitation letters, so both of you may enter now.”

With their nose in the air, Charlie and Lily entered the hall. They laughed and teased, “Matthew, we will get going then. If you really couldn’t make it, please wait for us out here. When the conference is over, we might need you to drive us back and we could drop you off along the way. After all, it’s not easy to get a taxi around here!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 336

The siblings left happily, leaving the security guards looking at Matthew with cautious eyes.

From Lily’s tone, they sensed mockery and were even more determined that Matthew was trying to sneak into the hall.

“Hey, if you don’t have the invitation letter, we will need to ask you to leave! Today’s conference is very important. Not everyone is allowed to come in!” The security guard in front shouted.

Knitting his brows, Matthew said, “I’m here for the conference, but I haven’t heard of the invitation letter. How about I make a call and ask?”

The head security guards cracked up, “Are you serious? Do you really think this is a market and anyone with legs can simply walk in? Enough of this nonsense! If you don’t have the invitation letter, you will have to leave now! Don’t interfere with our work here!”

A little annoyed, Matthew cautioned in a deep voice, “Watch how you talk! Didn’t you see that I’m trying to call?”

The head security guard was infuriated. “Who do you think you are! Look at you! You don’t even have an invitation letter, yet you are asking me to treat you with manners?

I have been good when I let you stay and talk, or else I would have thrown you out earlier. F*ck! Trying to call? How can it help? If you want to call, do it when you’re out of here! Stop bothering us!”

While he was yelling, the rest of the guards were about to lay their hands on him.

At that moment, the call went through, so Matthew immediately told Mr. Harrison his situation.

After hearing it, Mr. Harrison was startled. “Mr. Larson, I’m really sorry. This is my fault, and I’ll send someone to fetch you right now. Please wait for a moment!”

Ending the call, Matthew told the guards, “I’m sorry but someone will be here in a moment.”

The security guards exchanged a look and the head hissed, “Fine, let’s give him another 5 minutes! If no one is here, I’m going to drag him to the backyard and beat him up so good! Son of a b*tch, if you dare to lie to me, I’m gonna kill you!”

At the same time, in one of the rooms upstairs, Crystal and her friends were all there.

Lucas had just arrived and was recounting Matthew’s situation. “Guess what! When I saw that dude just now, I thought my housekeeper’s son was in town! He was wearing off-the-rack clothing which was urgh!

I don’t even know how many times he has washed his clothes; they were all fading white. His eyes were soulless, just like that retard from our class back then.

At first glance, I knew he was definitely some garbage from the bottom of society. Seriously, when Crystal wanted me to give him a lift, I thought he does not match my Panamera at all when he gets close to it! It cost me almost two million! So, I tossed him a hundred dollars and told him to get himself a taxi.

But that dude has some useless ego, for he refused to take my money and insisted on using his own money. Huh, I guess he’s probably still on his way. It takes about six to seven miles from the main gate to the hall, and he would probably be worn out when he arrives!”

The rich kids then burst into laughter.

Nodding her head in agreement, Annie praised, “Well done, Lucas! See! I told you there’s nothing to worry about. Lucas had never failed us. If that guy is handsome, Lucas would have brought him over. But like you have just heard, he was ugly and gross.

Why does he even care about his self-esteem when he’s already broke? How can this type of person be successful in society? He is meant to be at the bottom of society for the rest of his life! Crystal, don’t you ever get close to him. You’ll never know what trouble you’ll be getting yourself into!”

Crystal was also sighing in relief. She didn’t expect that Grandpa would arrange someone like this for her.

Abruptly, Crystal’s phone rang. It was grandpa!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 337

Once Crystal answered the phone, an elevated voice came from the other side of the phone instantly. “Crystal, didn’t I tell you to pick Mr. Larson up? What are you doing? Why is Mr. Larson standing alone outside right now and blocked by the guards? Do you even know how to get things done?”

The storm of abuse had got Crystal’s eyes watering.

Since she was a kid, she had always been grandpa’s favorite, which meant she had never been scolded by him.

But this time, she got scolded right after the call was connected and it almost got her crying.

“Grandpa, w-what’s wrong? I sent someone for him but he rejected it. It wasn’t my fault! Besides, w-what have I done that you need to yell at me like this? I’m your granddaughter,” Crystal sobbed.

“Shut up! Stop with all the nonsense! Go to the entrance and fetch Mr. Larson in, right now! And remember, entertain him well,” Mr. Harrison reprimanded and hung up the phone.

Crystal was confused. She never knew that her Grandpa, the one who loved her the most, would scold her like this for an outsider. Not even once in her dream!

Some of the kids nearby had also heard the conversation and Annie snapped, “What’s the matter with this dude? Talking behind your back to your grandpa? How disgusting! Urgh, I hate backstabber! What’s the big deal if we didn’t pick him up?

Besides, didn’t Lucas give him money for the taxi? Is he trying to set his feet on my brother’s car? That car is worth about two million! Did he think that we would let him ride it? How dare he backstab you for trivial things like this? Is he even a man?”

With the same expression, Lucas flung out, “Urgh, bastard, how cunning! He looked so friendly when I saw him just now.

I thought he was kind and honest. Never have I thought that he is so shameless! Huh, backstabbing? Crystal, fear not, I’ll go down right now and give him a lesson!”

Waving her hands, Crystal instantly said, “Forget it. Grandpa has never been angry at me. If he was so mad, it must have meant that this guy is really important. Please stop causing trouble now. If this goes big and grandpa snaps at me again, we would all be in trouble!”

Glancing at the others, Annie frowned and uttered, “I wonder who this guy is? Even your grandpa could scold you for him? Crystal, what is happening?

Why is your grandpa trying to pair you up with him? Is he someone your grandpa knew when he was in the countryside back in the days when he was short of money?

He might be the kid of someone from the countryside! If it’s true, you’d better be careful! What if you guys were engaged when you were kids? Lucas said that guy was poor and gross. He even tried to backstab you! You will be suffering if he clings to you.”

Helplessly, Crystal hollered, “I don’t care who the hell he is. For now, I’m going to listen to grandpa and pick him up. Can he ever cling to me?

Huh! In his dreams! I’ll never go out with some guy like him even if all the men in the world are dead!”

Upon hearing that, Annie giggled, “Of course you won’t! You are the legendary campus belle. What happens if Young Master Hughes falls in love with you at first sight tonight? It would be interesting if we could compare them later tonight!”

Crystal waved her hands and said, “Enough, stop making fun of me. You guys just wait for me right here. I’ll come back once I’m settled with him.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 338

After Matthew made the phone call, he was driven to the side by the security guards.

If it weren’t for Mr. Harrison’s name, he would have been kicked out.

Standing beside Matthew, the head security guard looked so worried as if Matthew was trying to steal something. “Hey, it’s been so long and no one has come out yet. Why don’t you just admit that you are a liar? Mr. Harrison, huh? Do you know where he went?

Oh wait, I should ask you like this instead: Do you know what Mr. Harrison looks like? Pfft, I’ve encountered many fibs, and your skills are just too low.

At least the others would dress up and hire some luxury cars to get here, but look at you! You don’t look even decent even when you’re in a suit! Who are you trying to deceive?” The head security sneered continuously.

Matthew couldn’t help but frown. “Why are you talking so much? You will find out who I am when someone comes out.”

Immediately, the head security guard was enraged. “Damn, what’s the matter with you? You tried to make up a story and couldn’t even stand my scolding? Fine, I’ll stop talking. Let’s fight then!” The head security guard rubbed his fist with a provoking expression on his face.

Matthew’s complexion went cold as he reached out and grabbed the guard. “Don’t you ever try to lay your hands on me!”

With his blood boiled, the head security guard yelled, “F*ck, how dare you punch me? Get him!”

The rest of the security guards surrounded him hastily.

Just then, Crystal ran out from the entrance.

Instantly, the security guards were stunned and looking respectfully at her.

That was Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter, the socialite of the Eastcliff’s high society.

“Miss Harrison, how can we help you?” The head security guard rushed over instantly.

Waving her hands at the guard, Crystal’s eyes swept across the crowd and fell on Matthew. “Y-You’re that… Larson… ”

“Matthew Larson!” Matthew responded.

“Oh, right, Matthew Larson. That was you, right?” As Crystal was saying, she didn’t forget to look at him from head to toe, only to be plunged into disappointment at the end.

Just like what Lucas had said, Matthew had no taste in his clothing style. Besides, when she came out, she saw Matthew was quarreling with the guards, which made her despise him even more.

A man should behave himself at all times. He almost got heated up and fought with the security guards. Where was his manner?

Nodding his head, Matthew answered, “Yes, I am. And you’re Mr. Harrison’s… ?”

In annoyance, Crystal waved her hands again. “Why are you asking so many questions? Let’s go, I’ll lead you to the hall.”

The security guards’ eyes widened in bewilderment. What was happening? Did Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter just come out in person to meet up with Matthew? Could it be that he really knew Mr. Harrison?

Without saying a word, Matthew followed Crystal into the hall.

The head security guard was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out. How did that poor guy in his off-the-rack clothing get to know some real big shot like Mr. Harrison?

After entering the hall, Crystal gave Matthew a brief introduction impatiently, “Over there is the buffet where you can get something to eat first. It’s all free, so just eat them without worry. Inside there is the leisure area. After the meal, you can watch some movies inside, which are free too. If you move further in, you will see the exhibition hall where the conference will be held. There are some rare herbs on display, so you can go in and see for yourself if you’re interested in that. I still have friends waiting for me upstairs. Do make yourself comfortable.”

Crystal had been stressing the word ‘free’ when she was giving the introduction. There was no doubt that she thought that Matthew was just here for the food and would be extra interested with free things. Therefore, after she finished with her talking, she ignored Matthew and left right away.

However, Matthew didn’t care about her attitude. He didn’t know Crystal anyway, and he was good with anything as long as he could enter the place.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 339

Crystal returned to the VIP room and everyone immediately gathered around and pestered her to share the gossip about Matthew’s situation. After she told them about how he almost started a fight with the security officers, her friends all had a disgusted look on their faces.

“Crystal, how is this kind of guy even qualified to join the conference?” Annie said indignantly. “I think you should discuss with your grandfather to drive him out, lest he affects the reputation of the conference!”

The others around her nodded in agreement to her statement and one of them said, “Annie is right. He has no right to appear in the same venue as us because his status is not on par with ours! It’ll be humiliating if the other attendees of the conference find out that it was your grandfather who brought him here.

As the person-in-charge of the conference, your grandfather needs to consider the bigger picture! The representatives from other states will definitely criticize the Harrisons for not doing their best if they know about this!”

Helpless in this situation, Crystal waved her hand and sighed. “Forget it, I really don’t have the guts to bring this up with Grandpa anymore after seeing how he blew his top earlier.

So be it and let him stay here. He’s not completely useless, though. At least he knows his place and doesn’t pester me!”

Everyone burst into laughter and Annie sniggered, “What good is that? He probably has the dignity of the poor and was a nervous wreck on the inside. Crystal, he didn’t dare to meet your gaze earlier, did he?”

Crystal hesitated before replying, “It’s true that he wasn’t looking much in my way!”

“That’s because he didn’t have the guts to look at you, and not because he didn’t want to!” Annie concluded immediately. “Just one look at you is enough to stun him so much that his heart will skip a beat. Do you think he’ll dare to take another look?

I’m telling you, he must have been stealing glances at you while you were not paying attention. I’ve seen enough men like him—frivolous, inferior and without any taste.

He didn’t even have the guts to stare at a beautiful woman. God knows what sort of indecent thoughts were going through his mind when he was peeking at you!”

Goosebumps broke out all over Crystal’s body as she cried, “That’s enough, stop with this topic. The more you say, the more disgusted I feel. Alright, don’t worry about me anymore. We’re out today to have fun and we shouldn’t let our mood be affected by someone like him.”

They laughed at her words before finally letting go of the issue.

Meanwhile, Matthew was already at the other end of the showroom. The reason he came this time was to look for the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus.

There were quite a few rare herbs here and back then, he didn’t understand their value because he didn’t know about them. But now, he knew herbs like the back of his palm. With just one glance, he could tell the value of each of the herbs clearly.

First, he found the Clemantis Grass which Leanna wanted and next, he saw the herb which Billy’s daughter needed for her treatment, the Fruit of Mandala. Of course, Billy had long spread the word that the Fruit of Mandala was not allowed to leave Eastcliff, and it was merely a formality for it to be on display in the showroom.

Regardless which state won the fruit in the end, it had to be sent to him. Even the medical families from the six southern states didn’t dare to cross him.

Finally, a white snow lotus caught his eyes—it was the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus. While he was carefully observing it in entrancement, a shout of surprise echoed from a distance.

Spinning his head to the source, he saw that wine had spilled all over a rich woman not far away from him. She was screaming and there was a broken wine glass near her feet.

Next to her stood a small, skinny girl in regular clothes who looked like she was at a loss of what to do. It seemed like they had bumped into each other and the wine spilled on the rich woman.

When he saw the girl, Matthew was stunned because he happened to know her.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 340

Previously, Matthew had brought Sasha to the food stall which was owned by Mr. John, who had a daughter named Ellie John.

She was two years younger than him and they were neighbors when he first moved to Eastcliff. Back then, she loved to tag behind him, but in the blink of an eye, she had blossomed into a fine young lady.

However, what was she doing here?

The woman in front of her was as enraged as a cat whose tail had been stepped on and was yelling at her. “Are you blind? Can’t you see that I’m standing here? How could you bump into me?”

“I’m sorry, it was an accident. I’m terribly sorry…” Ellie apologized frantically.

Still, the woman was furious. “There’s no point in apologizing. You must be blind! Do you know how much my dress is worth? An apology isn’t going to cut it! Stop bullsh*ting and compensate me!”

Ellie stammered as she spoke, “How about if I-I clean it for you…”

“Can’t you tell that this is a luxury dress? It’s worthless now that there’s red wine all over it. I don’t want to waste my time with you. This dress cost 170,000 so pay up, or I’ll call the police on you!” she shouted.

Stunned, Ellie never imagined that a dress could be this expensive! So, she hurriedly said, “Madam, t-this dress can still be worn after cleaning…”

“Nonsense!” the woman bellowed. “Nobody washes a luxury dress!”

The crowd who had gathered around started mumbling, “Looking at the way she dresses, it’s easy to tell that she doesn’t even know what a luxury item is! Where did she come from wearing those shabby clothes? How could such a person appear at such an important medical conference?”

Ellie’s face was scarlet as she said timidly, “Madam, I-I was standing still here earlier. You’re the one who backed up and bumped into me. Y-You can’t pin the blame on me…”

Glaring at her, she shouted, “So you mean it’s my fault? Fine, should I call the security officer over and ask for the security footage to see who is responsible?”

Looking horrified, Ellie quickly said, “T-There’s no need for that, but I really don’t have that much money.”

In another bout of anger, the woman burst out, “No money? I’ll have to call the police then, and you’ll pay with jail time! In life, one has to atone for the mistakes they make!”

Another woman who was watching bobbed her head and interjected, “That’s right! There are societal rules after all. You’ll have to shoulder your mistakes and don’t expect people to shed pity on you by just acting pathetic. That will just make you seem irresponsible.

I’ve seen one too many people like you who acts one way in front of somebody’s face and another when the back is turned. You may look pathetic to the eyes, but you’re actually rotten on the inside and don’t deserve any pity at all.”

Almost driven to tears, Ellie cried, “Madam, I-I came here for something important. I-I’ll save up and definitely pay you back when I’m finished here.”

The woman shook her head and said aggressively, “No, you either pay now, or I’ll call the police! It’s only 170,000 so don’t tell me you don’t have it! In this time and age, everyone should have this amount of money. Are you a beggar? Even the beggars on the streets have that amount on their bank cards.”

A round of laughter burst out from the people watching. To them, 170,000 was merely pocket money which they didn’t care about.

With tears in her eyes, Ellie cried, “Madam, I-I really don’t have that much money now. I’ll return it to you later. Will that do?”

“I already told you no!” she lashed out at her. “Forget it, I don’t want to waste my time with you. I’m calling the police!”

With that, she whisked out her cellphone and Ellie fell to her knees with a loud thud at the sight of that.

“Madam, I’m begging you! I-I really have something urgent to attend to. I need to save someone. Please give me a chance and I’ll definitely pay you back.”

Everyone was taken aback, not expecting that she would suddenly go down on her knees.

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