The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 341-350

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 341

Immediately after that, they started another round of discussions.

“You’ll need some dignity as a person. You shouldn’t have gone down on your knees over such a small matter. Aren’t you ashamed at all?”

“Exactly, it’s just a small sum of money. How serious can it be? A real person doesn’t surrender easily. How could she kneel just like that?”

“I think she’s usually a shameless girl. Otherwise, she wouldn’t seem so well-trained at kneeling down.”

“Is she trying to guilt-trip others? She has to pay for soiling her clothes. Does she think that doesn’t have to pay just because she’s kneeling?”

A mean-looking woman even shouted loudly, “Don’t be taken in by her as she’s merely trying to earn your pity. Make her pay for it or we can be your witnesses if you call the police!”

As though empowered by the mutterings around her, the woman turned even more smug. “Don’t try this with me! You either pay me or I’ll call the police! It’s useless even if you’re down on your knees!”

Matthew’s face turned stone cold at the scene and was about to walk over when a few other people beat him to it. The one leading them was the manager of the venue, Mr. Wellington.

“What happened?” he asked.

After detailing to him what happened earlier with some exaggeration, the rich woman added, “She doesn’t look like she was invited here. I suggest you check if she has an invitation card!”

With his eyes fixed on Ellie, Mr. Wellington said, “Hi, please show me your invitation card!”

Ellie’s face was flushing red while her hands tugged at the hem of her clothes, speechless.

“I’m asking for your invitation card!” he repeated in a warning tone. “I’m calling the police if you don’t have one. Breaking into here is a crime!”

“N-No!” Ellie exclaimed in shock. “I-I…”

“Don’t waste your time, just call the police!” the woman shouted furiously. “I can tell from her sneaky manner that she must be a thief.”

“Yeah, call the police,” the crowd said. “How can such a person sneak into such a luxurious place? Take her away so she won’t ruin the ambience!”

With an indifferent look, Mr. Wellington took out his cellphone, but Ellie jumped up suddenly and made a break for it.

However, a few security officers swiftly pinned her to the ground and the woman rushed over and delivered a slap on Ellie’s face, shouting, “Are you trying to escape, b*tch? I could already tell that you’re a wretched thing from the beginning. Do you think that you don’t have to pay if you run away? Dream on! I’m going to beat you to death!”

She raised her hand and wanted to strike again, but a hand appeared and grabbed her by the back of her neck. Even before she could see what was going on, she was thrown to the side and a kick struck her lower abdomen, which sent her rolling across the floor.

It was Matthew who had beat her and he flashed the security officers a cold look as he paced toward Ellie, shouting, “Let go of her!”

Mr. Wellington’s face turned solemn at the situation. “Sir—”

But Matthew interjected, “I said let go of her!”

Bursting out in anger, Mr. Wellington exclaimed, “I don’t care who you are, Sir, but you hit someone and even want us to let a thief go. That’s utterly impossible!”

“Impossible?” Matthew sneered. Suddenly, he grabbed him by his throat and lifted him up, bellowing, “It should be possible now!”

The security officers all dashed over. “Release our manager!”

Without loosening his grip, Matthew swung his fists and kicked out, knocking down all the security officers. Stunned, nobody in the crowd had thought that he would have such amazing skills.

Throwing Mr. Wellington aside, Matthew then placed Ellie behind himself and asked gently, “Are you alright?”

Unable to hold back her tears, she whimpered, “Matthew…”

Matthew gave her a reassuring smile.

Mr. Wellington scrambled up and yelled, “How dare you beat up someone here? Do you know who I am?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 342

“I don’t need to know who you are!” Matthew scoffed. “All I know is, you guys are at fault for ganging up against a girl!”

“She’s a thief. What’s wrong with apprehending one?” Mr. Wellington barked in anger.

“Do you have proof that she’s a thief?” Matthew asked instead.

“She slipped in here without an invitation card. What is she if not a thief?”

“She came in with me!” Matthew rebutted.

“Uhh…” Mr. Wellington was tongue-tied. It was true that a person with an invitation card could bring guests, but he still chided, “B-But that doesn’t mean you can hit someone else!”

Pointing a finger at the rich woman, Matthew asked, “Why didn’t you say anything when she slapped someone?”

Mr. Wellington was embarrassed and couldn’t find any words to say.

Just then, a derisive voice sounded out of the blue, “She slapped her because she deserves it, but you’re in the wrong for hitting others!”

Heads turned and they saw Charlie and Lily pacing over with smirks on their faces.

“My beloved brother-in-law, we meet again!” Charlie said with a smile. “It must be destiny that we keep running into each other!”

What are these two up to this time? Matthew thought with a frown.

Someone who knew them asked curiously, “Mr. Cunningham, do you know these two people?”

“Of course I do!” Charlie snorted. “He’s Matthew, my brother-in-law. You know my cousin, Sasha, don’t you? She got herself a live-in son-in-law previously and he’s that man everyone has been calling a useless bum!”

The crowd broke out into a clamor at his statement.

“He’s the one? Goodness, so this is how the useless bum whom Sasha Cunningham is married to looks like!”

“He looks very ordinary and there’s nothing special about him. Even a person who relies on his wife can be so cocky. Is he that shameless?”

There was a trace of slyness in Mr. Wellington’s eyes. Earlier, he was stunned by Matthew, thinking that he was some important figure whom he couldn’t offend, but looking at things now, it seemed that Matthew had no background at all. Even though Charlie was a Cunningham, their family was still considered nothing!

“Mr. Cunningham, will the Cunninghams be held responsible for his actions?” he asked coldly.

“Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Wellington!” Charlie clarified hurriedly. “I don’t know what he’s been up to because his family is separated from ours and they are not part of the Cunninghams anymore. However, I think you should check him for an invitation card. As far as I know, his family didn’t receive any invitation! He’s just a janitor at a hospital, so how could he make it to such a luxurious place?”

Even Lily butted in, “When we were entering earlier, he was stopped by the security for not having an invitation card. Just how did he manage to slip in? Could the both of them be crime partners?”

Once again, the crowd started another uproar.

Matthew was a live-in son-in-law, a useless bum and a janitor at a hospital!

With all these labels on Matthew, the crowd was even more scornful of him.

Mr. Wellington’s face turned cold and he roared as he pointed at Matthew, “You b*stard! I thought you were someone important, but it turns out you’re just a useless bum! So you said that she came in with you? Fine, show me your invitation card so I can verify it!”

“I don’t have one!”

At first, Mr. Wellington was startled, then he blustered, “Damn it! You’re quite honest, aren’t you? Breaking in without an invitation card makes you a thief, and you even hit a guest and the security officers here! Are you planning a robbery? Someone, call the police! I’ll change my last name to yours if I don’t kill you this time, b*stard!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 343

Ellie grabbed Matthew anxiously, saying, “Matthew, y-you better leave first. I-It will be bad once the police get here…”

“No problem!” Matthew replied with a faint smile. “They can’t do anything to me even though I don’t have an invitation!”

Charlie sneered, “Matthew, do you really think you’re powerful now because Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is in Sasha’s hands?

This conference is an important event in the medical sector of the six southern states, and everyone here are giants in the industry. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is nothing here, so even Sasha won’t be able to protect you this time!”

Charlie deliberately avoided the topic about Matthew taking part in the conference to make him look bad, but Matthew simply snorted and didn’t say anything.

Subsequently, another group of security officers came up aggressively and Mr. Wellington, who was hopping mad, ordered, “That’s him! Get him for me and break his limbs! Damn you! How dare you cause trouble at Thousand Lakes Manor? You’re dead!”

The crowd which had gathered all looked at Matthew in disgust.

“He’s merely riding on his wife’s success, but he’s acting so insolently. Does he really think that he’s some big shot? Also, all those businesses belong to his wife’s family. Even if it belonged to him, it’s too small to make a difference!”

“He’s asking for it by causing trouble here! A lesson should be taught to a person like him; that should put him in his place!”

Someone chuckled and said, “It won’t be as simple as a lesson this time!”

The security guards were surrounding Matthew menacingly and were ready to strike when Crystal and her friends happened to descend the staircase.

Seeing her, Matthew immediately blurted, “You can ask that lady over there how I got in here!”

Turning to look at who he meant, everyone was startled to see that it was Crystal. Mr. Wellington immediately panicked and said anxiously, “Lad, don’t just point your finger at anyone!

Do you know who she is? She’s the granddaughter of Mr. Harrison and the Young Lady of the Harrison Family, Crystal Harrison. Who do you think you are to harass Miss Harrison? You must really have a death wish!”

Meanwhile, Charlie was stunned by Crystal’s beauty when he saw her and his eyes sparkled at the mention of her name.

So she’s Crystal Harrison? What a stunning woman! The Cunninghams will definitely be able to enjoy a meteoric rise if I marry her! he secretly plotted.

Seeing the commotion, Annie asked in a puzzled tone, “Who’s that, Crystal? Why is he pointing at you while speaking?”

In the midst of her laughter, Crystal turned her head to look and her face fell at the sight.

What’s wrong with this guy? Did he just get into trouble again immediately after entering the venue?

Lucas chuckled, “That’s the guy Crystal is betrothed to!”

Her friends burst into laughter and her face flushed a bright red as she glared at him. “Shut up! He merely knows my grandfather and that has nothing to do with me! What a troublesome person he is!”

“Miss Harrison, do you want me to throw him out, then?” Lucas offered with a grin.

Crystal hesitated before shaking her head. “Forget it, my grandfather already made his instructions clear. It will embarrass him if we throw him out now. Whatever, you guys go ahead while I take care of this matter!”

“Crystal is right,” Annie said while nodding her head. “Alright then, we’ll go to the entrance since Young Master Hughes is almost here. Crystal, make it quick and don’t miss meeting him.”

After giving her a nod, Crystal headed over to the scene and asked with knitted brows, “What happened here?”

Mr. Wellington put on a pleasing smile and greeted her, “Miss Harrison, these two slipped in without an invitation card and wanted to steal something. They even beat us up after they were caught and I’m taking care of the situation now!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 344

Crystal’s expression turned cold when she heard what happened.

After almost getting into a fight with the security at the entrance earlier, he’s beating up people once he got in? Where did such a barbarian come from? I wasn’t paying attention for only a second and he has already caused such a huge mess. Just what kind of person did Grandpa acquaint himself with? It’s not gentlemanly at all to hit someone in such a classy place!

Ever since young, Crystal received the most high-end education and the people she met were all from the upper class society who paid great attention to etiquette and mannerism. Thus, she held only contempt for people who were not chivalrous and not gentlemanly.

Everything which Matthew did made her feel extremely disgusted. If it wasn’t because her grandfather had instructed her, she really couldn’t be bothered with this mess at all!

Giving Matthew a glare, she said, “Mr. Wellington, I was the one who brought him into the venue. Is there a problem?”

“Huh?” Gasps could be heard echoing from the crowd and they all looked surprised.

What was happening now?

A wimpy live-in son-in-law like Matthew, who was just a janitor at the hospital, was actually brought in here by Miss Harrison!

What was the relationship between the both of them?

Why did Crystal know someone as insignificant as a janitor and even personally brought him into such a high-end conference?

The Cunningham siblings were equally stunned that Matthew actually knew Crystal, especially Charlie, who had turned pale.

What’s going here? How is Matthew even qualified to be acquainted with the goddess-like Crystal Harrison? Previously, it was Leanna who spoke up for him, and now it’s Crystal? What’s so great about him who’s merely a live-in son-in-law? There’s no way he’s better than me, the Young Master of Cunningham!

“Miss Harrison, did you make a mistake?” Charlie blurted. “Were you somehow fooled by this live-in son-in-law? Or maybe you got the wrong person because he looked like someone you know?”

Immediately, her brows furrowed into a tight knot; her grandfather even wanted to pair her up with him but he was already married, and a live-in son-in-law at that.

That’s downright nonsense, Grandpa!

No matter how outstanding he might be, Crystal could never take another’s husband! Moreover, she totally looked down on the fact that he was such a barbaric and unreasonable person.

There was not a single cell in Matthew that could match up to her, but she kept her opinions to herself and said indifferently, “Do you think I’ll mistake someone else for the person I brought in personally?”

“This…” Charlie was speechless while Mr. Wellington panicked. “Miss Harrison, t-this–”

She frowned and interjected, “Is there a problem? Do you still need to see my invitation even after I told you that I was the one who brought him in?”

“N-No, there’s no need…” Mr. Wellington replied, waving his hands frantically.

Mr. Harrison was the one in charge of this conference, which made Crystal one of the organizers by extension. So, who would have the guts to say anything about the person she brought in?

However, the rich woman refused to give up and cried, “But he beat up the people here while the girl he brought in soiled my dress! Not only did they refuse to pay, they even hit me! Miss Harrison, are they allowed to be so unreasonable simply because you brought them in personally?”

Just as Crystal thought it wasn’t possible anymore, her face turned even more solemn and her disgust for Matthew deepened.

He actually had the cheek to hook up with another girl when he is already a live-in son-in-law. How can such a shameless person exist in this world? In addition to that, he is also unreasonable. After denying compensation for soiling another person’s dress, he even beat her up? Shameless, barbaric and utterly ungentlemanly. Just what does Grandpa see in this guy?

Completely dismayed at Matthew, she couldn’t bring herself to help him anymore and declared, “I merely brought him in. Anything else he does is not my problem!”

Her words cracked up the crowd and Charlie breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that she had come over to get Matthew out of trouble.

Unexpectedly, she drew the line between the both of them in the end. Matthew was undoubtedly in deep trouble now!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 345

Matthew frowned as he was not anticipating that Crystal would say such a thing.

Straightening his back, Mr. Wellington scoffed, “Sir, I’ll take it that you have an invitation card, but you need to bear the legal consequences of beating up people. Why don’t we follow the legal procedures and let the police handle this matter?”

Everyone around sniggered as this would mean Matthew was still going to be thrown out at the end of the day!

“Hang on a moment. I’m making a call!” Matthew said.

“Why? Are you calling for help?” Charlie smirked. “Are you calling for Sasha to save you? Setting aside the question of whether she’s capable of that or not, just how are you going to explain to her about the girl next to you?”

The crowd started muttering among themselves and someone commented, “What a shameless guy. He still had the nerve to hook up with other girls when he’s merely a live-in son-in-law. What kind of man is he?”

“He’s already depending on his wife for a living yet he still has the spine to hook up with other women. I’ve never met such a brazen man!”

“What a piece of trash!”

When Crystal thought about the fact that she was the one who brought him in, she found it humiliating and her face remained stone cold.

However, Matthew held out his cellphone and paced toward her. “Your grandfather is on the line!”

“Why did you call my grandfather? Look at the mess you’ve racked up! I can’t believe you still have the cheek to call him!” she exploded.

With indifference in his eyes, he asked, “Are you taking the call or not?”

“You—” Although she was incredibly frustrated, she had to take the call. “Grandpa, why are you—”

“Shut up!” Mr. Harrison bellowed over the phone. “I told you to take care of Mr. Larson and this is what you did? How could you let Mr. Larson suffer humiliation? I’m telling you, you better take care of the situation now, or you can forget being my granddaughter!”

Almost instantly, tears stung her eyes because her grandfather doted on her the most ever since she was young and had never yelled at her. This time, for the sake of a wimp, he actually yelled at her twice. What was wrong with him?

“Grandpa, do you even know what he did?” she argued.

“I don’t need to know what he did becauseI have absolute trust in Mr. Larson!” Mr. Harrison chided. “Throw out that rich woman and also Mr. Wellington, Charlie and Lily Cunningham! Throw all of them out! Regardless of who it is, as long as they’re disrespectful to Mr. Larson, just throw them all out!”

“Grandpa!” she exclaimed furiously. “People will leave the conference if you do this!”

“You don’t have to care about that! Even if the conference might fail, we should never neglect Mr. Larson! Just do as I say and apologize to Mr. Larson. I’ll apologize to him personally about everything else after I return!”

With that, Mr. Harrison hung up the call. With tears in her eyes, Crystal felt incredibly mistreated, but she couldn’t defy her grandfather’s orders.

Stepping up to her, Mr. Wellington enquired, “Miss Harrison, what were Mr. Harrison’s orders?”

With an exasperated sigh, she said, “Mr. Wellington, bring her and the Cunnigham siblings out of the venue now!”

“What?!” everyone gasped in shock. What was happening?

“Why?” Mr. Wellington asked frantically.

Even Charlie panicked and retorted, “What gives? We are the ones with an invitation while he’s just a spineless wimp! Why is it that we have to leave and he gets to stay?”

“These are my grandfather’s orders. You can either walk out of here yourselves or I’ll get security to throw you out!” she said in frustration.

They all began bickering, which caused the already frustrated Crystal to send the security on them with a wave of her hand to end this fiasco.

Finally, silence returned to the venue after the four of them were driven out, but the ones who watched how the whole situation unfolded were still whispering among themselves. Obviously, they were unsatisfied with how Mr. Harrison handled the situation.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 346

Feeling unjustified and infuriated, Crystal lashed out, “You’re really capable to be able to make my grandfather threaten me, Larson! But let me tell you, I’m different from him. Although you managed to fool him, I won’t fall for your tricks! Don’t let me see you again after today!”

With a composed face, Matthew replied, “You should be thankful for such a kind grandfather. If you weren’t Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter, you wouldn’t even be qualified to talk to me!”

With that, he grabbed Ellie and left, leaving Crystal hopping mad.

“You’re really arrogant, aren’t you? You say I’m not qualified to speak to you? Who do you think you are? You’re merely a live-in son-in-law who’s riding on your wife’s successes and a janitor in a hospital. What’s more, you’re even hooking up with another woman!

I’ve never seen a man as shameless as you! If you’re really that great, then you should get in by yourself without Grandpa’s help. You’re just scum and a piece of trash, yet you have the nerves to put up such high airs and say that I’m not qualified to speak to you!

You’re the one who’s not qualified to speak to me! If it wasn’t for Grandpa, you wouldn’t even have the right to look at me! Go to hell, you useless bum! You’re trash!”

Matthew couldn’t be bothered with her insults and was not skilled in arguing with a woman either. He just brought Ellie to the side and asked, “Ellie, what brought you here?”

With her head lowered, she muttered, “N-Nothing.”

“It’s okay. I might be able to help you if you tell me,” he said gently.

“It’s nothing, really.” She forced out a smile. “Matthew, I only wanted to take a look around. It’s really nothing.”

Matthew frowned and asked in a low voice, “Is it about your mom’s illness?”

Previously, he heard Mr. John mention that his wife was sick and he already asked Stanley to send some money over, so why was Ellie here now?

“N-No,” she stammered, waving her hands. “Don’t ask anymore, Matthew. I’m fine, really. I-I’m going to take a look around now. Don’t mind me.”

As she took off in panic, Matthew watched her back suspiciously.

On the other hand, Ellie made a round in the room and only let out a sigh of relief when she could no longer see Matthew anywhere. After scanning her surroundings, she sneaked up to a man like a thief and asked, “Hi, may I ask if y-you know Dr. Ellis?”

The man cast her look and said, “I don’t know him!”

“I’m sorry to interrupt you and thank you!” Then, she turned to the other side and asked another person again. After several tries, she found a man who was in his forties and wearing glasses who knew Dr. Ellis.

“Dr. Ellis?” the man in glasses repeated as he looked her up and down. “Of course I know Dr. Ellis; he’s an old friend of mine.”

Overjoyed, Ellis asked softly, “In that case sir, may I ask you for a favor? Could you introduce me to Dr. Ellis?”

“Why do you want to meet Dr. Ellis?” he asked with knitted brows. “Do you know what kind of man is he? He’s not a person just anyone can meet!”

Embarrassed, her voice was timid as she said, “Sir, I’m begging you to please help me. My mother is terribly sick and the doctor said that the only person who can save her in Eastshire is Dr. Ellis. I-I’ll pay you thirty thousand as a reward if you introduce me to him. How about that?”

The man in glasses narrowed his eyes as he surveyed Ellie. Although she was skinny, she had a pretty, innocent face which made his heart flutter. “I can introduce you to him, but with the amount of people here, there will be too many who want his help.

It won’t work if you ask for his help here. How about this? Let’s go to the hotel next door and when Dr. Ellis arrives, I’ll get him to meet us in the hotel room. What do you say?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 347

“T-Then let’s go to a cafe…” Ellie suggested timidly.

The man in glasses waved his hand and said, “It’s inconvenient to have a discussion in a cafe. Instead, a hotel room is the best place because it offers the most privacy!”


“No more buts!” he cut her off impatiently. “Do you want to save your mother or not? You’ll have to do as I say if you want to save her.”

She hesitated for a long while. Even though she wanted to save her mother badly, she was not a fool. Judging from the crude way he was staring at her and what he said about bringing her to a hotel room, it was obvious that he had no good intentions at all.

In a murmur, she said, “Forget it, I-I’ll look for someone else…”

Her reply irritated him; she was this close to becoming his and there was no way that he would let her slip through his fingers. “Stop right there! Listen carefully. Dr. Ellis is a close family friend and he can treat your mother for my sake, but I can also make him do otherwise! There’s no one here who can help you except me, so choose wisely!”

All the blood rushed to her face as anxiety overwhelmed her. It was beyond her imagination that this man was so shameless as to threaten her so brazenly.


Seeing how panicky she was, the man in glasses inched in with a smirk. “You’re a filial child, so can’t you sacrifice a little to save your mother? Don’t worry, as long as you come with me, I assure you that your mother will be safe!”

While he was speaking, he had sneakily placed his hand on her waist.

Startled, Ellie jumped back and said shakily, “D-Don’t do this…”

However, her innocent expression just set his heart on fire and he grabbed her hand directly while threatening in a low growl, “Your mother will die if you take another step back! Do you wish for her death?”

Ellie’s heart wrenched in sorrow. Did she really have to make such a sacrifice?

Tears of despair welled up in her eyes and he could tell that this young girl was about to give in.

He immediately moved closer to her and was about to hug her when he felt a tight grip on his throat and was lifted off the ground.

Before he realized what was going on, he was thrown aside roughly, causing him to tumble to the ground pathetically.

It was Matthew who was eavesdropping on them when he got close to them earlier.

Not wanting to trouble him, Ellie didn’t tell him about what happened, but Matthew could not just walk away after running into this situation.

In just a second, this drew the attention of a small crowd and they gathered around.

“Is that him again? He’s a real barbarian. Why is he beating up people wherever he goes? What does he take this place for?”

“Living at the lowest level of society, that’s how people like him handle situations—with violence and brutality. Not a single trace of a gentleman’s demeanor! How is a rogue like him invited to such a high-end event?”

The crowd started a discussion as they threw scornful looks at Matthew. In their eyes, they were upper class elites while Matthew and Ellie were the lower class and as insignificant as dust.

The situation caught Crystal’s attention as well and she rushed over. When she saw what happened, her face fell and she yelled at him, “What are you doing, Matthew?”

“Why don’t you ask this guy what he did?” he argued instead.

“I don’t care what he did! You’re in the wrong for beating someone else!”

“Miss Harrison is right!” a young man said loudly. “As civilized citizens, nobody beats up someone the moment another comes up to them! No matter what mistake he made, you shouldn’t have hit him because that’s the bottom line as a human!”

The clamor continued and Matthew waited composedly until they quieted down before saying nonchalantly, “Are you guys done? If you are, then I’m continuing!”

Once again, he walked up to the man in glasses and slapped him twice across the face. Falling to the ground, the man spurted out a mouthful of blood along with a few teeth.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 348

Everyone was shocked because they did not expect that Matthew would hit him again under such circumstances.

“Matthew!” Crystal cried out angrily. “H-Have you lost your mind? How dare you hit him again? Do you really think that I wouldn’t dare to throw you out of here?”

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I beat him up?” he asked calmly.

Furious, Crystal shouted, “Why should I ask you that? Do I even need to? You’re in the wrong for striking him! Matthew, apologize to him this instant and if he forgives you, we can let this matter rest!”

Matthew knitted his brows, thinking about how conceited Crystal was.

Seeing how the matter had blown up, Ellie chipped in hurriedly, “Miss Harrison, t-this is all my fault. Let m-me apologize to that man. Sir, I’m really sorry. Please be the bigger person and d-don’t mind us. I’m begging you, please let us off…”

Scrambling to get up, the man in glasses lashed out, “No way! Listen carefully. I’ll never forgive you for what you did this time! Crystal, you have to give me a satisfactory answer or else I’ll inform Dr. Ellis that he can save his trip here! I would like to see how you can go on with the conference without him!”

“What’s your relationship with Dr. Ellis?” Annie asked anxiously.

With a smug face, he snorted, “Even though Dr. Ellis is a family friend, I address him as Uncle Ellis!”

“What?!” the crowd gushed in shock.

Crystal’s face turned pale; Dr. Ellis was the key figure of this conference and many were here solely for him.

If he was not coming, then the conference would be cancelled.

Throwing Matthew a furious glare, she fumed silently, This is a huge mess!

“H-How would you like to resolve this issue, then?” she asked politely.

The man twisted his face into a snarl. “You want me to forgive him? I will if you tell him to kneel down and kowtow in apology!”

He’s going overboard! Crystal thought with tightly knitted brows.

“You can’t do it, can you?” he said arrogantly. “Cut the crap if you can’t do it! Today, either he gets down on his knees or I’ll send my uncle home! The decision is yours!”

The crowd began clamoring again.

“Since he has the guts to beat him up, then he should bear the consequences. So what if he has to kowtow? Isn’t it normal for people in the bottom of society to do that?”

“Yeah, that girl did that earlier as well, so she can simply do the same again!”

“Miss Harrison, we’ll be greatly disappointed if you can’t even take care of this situation. If Dr. Ellis’ nephew is leaving, then we’ll leave with him!”

“Exactly, we’ll all leave and ruin the conference if this matter is not resolved!”

The crowd created a racket to threaten Crystal and they were all targeting Matthew, trying to force him to go down on his knees and kowtow.

Looking at Matthew with a grim face, Crystal’s gaze gradually turned firm as she said, “Matthew, clean up your own mess! Kowtow and apologize to him, and we can forget about this!”

The situation made Ellie panic and she interrupted, “Miss Harrison, this is all my fault. Let me be the one to kowtow. I—”

Before she could finish, Matthew pulled her to stand behind him and scoffed, “Crystal Harrison, I’ll repeat myself one last time.

If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter, you’re not even qualified to speak with me! What gives you the right to ask me to kowtow to him?”

Crystal was so infuriated that she almost suffered a stroke. “You’re too arrogant, Matthew!” she riled. “Don’t think that you can do as you please because my grandfather is backing you up. If the medical conference is ruined because of you, you won’t be able to bear the consequences!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 349

“So what? This bunch of trash isn’t even qualified to attend this medical conference!” Matthew spat. His words immediately angered the crowd.

“How dare a mere janitor like you look down on us? You’re the real trash and the real scum of society! It’s humiliating to even be in the same room as you!”

“Did Mr. Harrison lose his mind? How could he get such a person to attend the conference?”

Boiling mad, Crystal paced over to Matthew and warned, “My word of advice to you is not to shoot your mouth off on the spur of the moment! Don’t think that you’re above the law just because Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is backing you up!

Everyone here is an important figure in the medical field from various states, and they could force Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to shut their doors if you offend them! You can still salvage the situation if you kneel down and apologize now. However, if you spoil the conference, you’ll never ever get the chance to apologize again!”

Right at this moment, another commotion broke out from outside and someone exclaimed, “He’s here! Dr. Ellis is here!”

Racing after one another, people rushed to welcome Dr. Ellis in excitement while Crystal stood there with a crestfallen face. So what would happen now that Dr. Ellis had arrived but the matter concerning his nephew had yet to be resolved?

The people who had been watching were sneering at Matthew, confident that he would meet his end with Dr. Ellis at the scene now! So what if Mr. Harrison had his back? He was nothing when it came to Dr. Ellis!

Then, Dr. Ellis walked through the entrance where everyone was waiting. With excitement on their faces, they all greeted him with simpering smiles.

“Hello, Dr. Ellis!”

“Great to finally meet you, Dr. Ellis!”

“I never imagined I’d have the honor to meet Dr. Ellis today. My life is now complete!”

All they could do was greet him, and nobody dared to get close to him because they knew they weren’t qualified to do so.

Under everybody’s stare, the man in glasses paced over and bowed to him. “Greetings, Uncle Ellis. My father sent me to pass his regards to you!”

Dr. Ellis paused for a moment. “Oh, you’re Alan’s son. How’s your father doing?”

“Thanks to you, he’s fine and healthy!” he replied.

Dr. Ellis nodded in acknowledgement and the man in glasses took the opportunity to walk next to him with his head held high.

Of all the people who greeted him, Dr. Ellis only responded to him, and that was a symbol of status by itself. Thereupon, nobody had any more doubts about his relationship with Dr. Ellis.

Completely ashen, Crystal stared at Matthew with a menacing look. “Matthew, look at what you’ve done! Leave this place right now! If you ruin the conference, I’ll make sure you pay!”

However, her threats had no effect on him and it fueled her furiosity even more. Waving her hand, she gestured for the security. “Call the security and throw him out!”

Soon, Matthew found himself surrounded by a group of security officers who just rushed over. Putting on high airs, Crystal scorned, “Save yourself some embarrassment and walk out of here yourself, Matthew. Don’t force us to throw you out!

Dr. Ellis is already here and my grandfather can’t help you! Don’t blow this up any further because you can’t bear the consequences!”

However, the guy in glasses came over just then and smirked. “You can only dream about leaving now! You’re dead now that my uncle is here. Do you have what it takes to pick a fight with me?”

Embarrassment washed over Crystal’s face and she shot Matthew another angry look. “You didn’t leave when you had the chance so you can’t blame anyone. You totally deserve this!”

Looking at her from the corner of his eyes, a sarcastic smirk crept onto the corners of Matthew’s lips. “Crystal Harrison, do you seriously think that it’s your grandfather that has my back? You really have no idea about strength at all!” Subsequently, Matthew took a step forward and spoke so loud and clear that it reached Dr. Ellis, “Dr. Ellis, how are you?”

Trapped within the crowd, Dr. Ellis didn’t notice Matthew who was in a corner of the room at first and he was startled upon hearing his voice. He twisted his head around quickly and the moment he saw Matthew, he beamed.

As everyone gasped in shock, he strided toward Matthew, bowed to him and greeted him enthusiastically with respect in his eyes, “I didn’t see you there, Mr. Larson!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 350

Nobody could hide their astonishment at what they just saw.

What was going on?

Did Dr. Ellis know this hospital janitor? It seemed like they were more than just acquaintances. Dr. Ellis was so modest and respectful toward Matthew it was as though he was greeting a senior. What exactly was going on?

Dumbstruck, Crystal stared at Matthew in a daze. Could his real backing be Dr. Ellis?

But that didn’t look like the case since Dr. Ellis seemed to hold him in high respect. It was clear as day to anyone that he was the one in need of Matthew.

Just what was Matthew’s background and identity?

“Hi, Dr. Ellis. I’m here for some business,” Matthew said.

“Oh, really?” Dr. Ellis’ eyes sparkled. “May I be of any help?”

Matthew chuckled and said, “You can, actually.”

“Just say the word, Mr. Larson!” he replied hurriedly.

Glancing at the man in glasses, Matthew asked, “Is this man your nephew?”

By now, the man in glasses was so terrified that he was trembling all over, muttering some gibberish but couldn’t put a sentence together.

Dr. Ellis shook his head. “Only that his father is a patient of mine.”

“I see.” Matthew nodded knowingly. “I hope you won’t mind that I beat him up earlier.”

Shooting daggers at the man in glasses, Dr. Ellis said indignantly, “If it’s you who beat him up, that just means he deserves it. How dare this insolent b*stard offend you? Even death is too good for him! Somebody, take him away, break his legs and leave him on the streets!”

A group of men came up savagely and dragged him away, and nobody gave two hoots about his cries and pleas.

It was an order from Dr. Ellis himself, so who would have the guts to say anything?

Once more, everyone was shocked at how just one word from Matthew was enough to make Dr. Ellis break a man’s legs with no questions asked.

It seemed as though he was a subordinate of Matthew’s.

Chuckling, Dr. Ellis said, “Mr. Larson, let’s not dampen our spirits over such an insignificant matter. Why don’t we take a seat upstairs first?”

Matthew agreed with a nod and brought Ellie with him as Dr. Ellis led them upstairs. When he passed by Crystal, he gave her a bantering look.

The look on her face was complicated and unreadable. Initially, she was sure that he would be dead, but much to everyone’s surprise, things had taken an unexpected turn!

Soon, Mr. Harrison finally returned and asked, “Where’s Mr. Larson? You didn’t anger him, did you?”

With reddened eyes, Crystal stammered, “Grandpa, wh-who exactly is Matthew?”

“I told you he’s a highly important figure!”

“What do you mean?” she spat, upset at the situation. “What sort of important figure could a live-in son-in-law who’s just a hospital janitor be?”

Furrowing his brows, Mr. Harrison asked solemnly, “Did you do something to offend him?”

When he saw that she merely clenched her jaw tightly without a word, he blew his top. “I can’t believe it! I don’t know what else to say to you. I was giving you an opportunity when I told you to take care of Mr. Larson! Do you know how much of an important figure he is? He even saved my life! In Eastcliff, even Billy, Timothy and Stanley have to show him some respect! And y-you actually offended him?”

Startled, she was not expecting that even these three big shots of Eastcliff had to respect Matthew.

Just how powerful is he?

“But h-he’s merely a live-in son-in-law and a janitor. What right does he have?” she said indignantly.

“What right does he have, you ask?” Mr. Harrison said through gritted teeth. “Then tell me, what right do I have to be in my current position?”

“He can’t be compared to you!” she replied frantically. “You’re a great doctor in Eastcliff who has saved many lives! He’s nothing but a hospital janitor who relies on his wife, and he is not qualified to be compared to you!”

Sighing, he shook his head and said, “You have no idea about strength at all.”

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