The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 351-360

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 351

Mr. Harrison was full of reverence. “Mr. Larson is definitely the person with the highest medical skills among the people I have met or even heard of in my life! He can bring life and death to all beings with just a snap of his fingers. As someone who can control one’s life and death, what rights do you think he has?”

Crystal was stunned because she had never thought that Matthew would have such unbelievable medical skills.

“If he has such medical skills, wh-why did he become a live-in son-in-law? And why is he working as a janitor at the hospital?”

Mr. Harrison replied softly, “In this world, capable people will do things we don’t comprehend. Crystal, I’ve dotted too much on you and this has caused you to be arrogant! Let me just make it clear. Judging from Mr. Larson’s ability, within ten years, his achievement will definitely surpass Mr. Newman’s. Sending you to host him is also my biggest selfish motive but to my disappointment, you ruined the whole thing. Sigh, I can only hope that Mr. Larson doesn’t hold a grudge against me!”

Crystal gaped in shock. After a while, she said softly, “Grandpa, even if I underestimated him due to my arrogance, you shouldn’t have done that either. H-He’s already married. Why did you bring us together?”

Mr. Harrison shook his head. “His marriage with Sasha is just a show. Back then, Mr. Larson needed 100,000 to save his sister so he had no choice but to marry into the Cunningham Family. During the three years of their marriage, they haven’t even consummated. Perhaps their marriage will end at some point and if you have already approached him and built a relationship, you’ll be able to get yourself a fine husband by then, won’t you? Silly girl, you’re surrounded by a group of dandies but you missed the most skillful person. Perhaps he’s just not meant to be yours.”

Crystal regretted her actions but she refused to admit it. “I don’t care that he’s not meant to be mine. He is not gentlemanly at all and beating up someone at a prestigious event like this is just barbaric and violent. I don’t think I would be happy if I was with this kind of person.”

Mr. Harrison then asked, “Do you know why he hit someone then?”

Crystal replied contemptuously, “I don’t know and I don’t need to know. Regardless of the reason, it’s wrong to hit someone!”

Shaking his head, Mr. Harrison sighed. “Crystal, let me just give you another piece of advice. Don’t ever ask someone to be kind if you haven’t experienced what they’ve gone through. Even if you’ve experienced it, you might also not be as kind as them! You should check the surveillance footage to figure out the reason before jumping to conclusions.”

Crystal refused to yield so she ran to the security room at once to check the surveillance footage, trying to find out what had happened at that moment.

The first thing she checked was the scene where Matthew hit that rich woman, and she made sure to rewind it to watch the entire incident.

After watching it, Crystal’s expression changed.

Just as Ellie said, that rich woman indeed bumped into her when she stepped backward.

However, that rich woman pinned all the blame on her instead and refused to let that accident pass.

Even after Ellie knelt down and apologized, that rich woman still hit her.

Upon seeing that, Crystal almost exploded in anger and was itching to beat that rich woman.

No wonder Matthew had hit her. Anyone would have the same reaction if they saw what happened.

After that, she checked the footage of the man in glasses.

Thankfully, the venue was equipped with high-quality surveillance cameras which came with a voice recording function.

Besides, it so happened that there was a camera at that place the incident happened and their conversation was clearly recorded.

After listening to what the man in glasses said, Crystal couldn’t stop trembling in rage.

People like the man in glasses, who took advantage of others’ misfortune, deserved to be beaten to death!

Closing the video, Crystal was devoured in guilt.

She finally understood her grandfather’s advice of ‘don’t ever ask someone to be kind if you haven’t experienced what they’ve gone through’.

If one had no idea what others had gone through, one had no rights to comment on what others did!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 352

Walking up to the room upstairs, Ellie took the opportunity to implore Dr. Ellis to cure her mother.

Since Ellie was with Matthew, naturally, Dr. Ellis didn’t reject her. He then asked his driver to fetch Ellie back first and he would go over to cure her mother after he settled his work here.

In the room, where only Matthew and Dr. Ellis remained, he immediately asked curiously, “Mr. Larson, since that lady is your friend, why don’t you personally cure her mother?”

Matthew replied, “I’m not too fond of showing my face. If there’s a choice, I won’t do it myself.”

“I see!”

Dr. Ellis finally understood the reason and felt that Matthew was indeed humble and low-profiled.

“With you attending the medical exchange conference this time, Eastshire can finally win!” Dr. Ellis said emotionally.

Matthew didn’t clarify to him that he would be representing Eastcliff in the competition and only enquired how the competition worked in this medical exchange conference.

So, Dr. Ellis gave him a detailed description.

In every year’s conference, each state would provide a special medical case and the representative of each state would make a diagnosis and give treatment.

The medical skills of each state would then be ranked according to the number of cured patients, and the amount of resources distributed to the medical industry of each state for that year would be decided according to that rank.

The resources included medicine, medical instruments, medical institutions and many more.

In short, the state that won would get the biggest piece of the pie from the resources pooled together by the medical industry of the six southern states.

If they failed, they had to give up their portion to the others.

Eastshire had been the bottom for seven consecutive years, which made it impossible for the medicines that were produced at Eastshire to be exported out of the state.

That in turn caused most of the medicine manufacturers to go bankrupt.

This time, Eastshire had invited Dr. Ellis to represent them in hopes of winning this competition, and thus, gain some benefits for Eastshire.

Enlightened, Matthew smiled.

It seemed that the situation was not favorable for the Hughes either.

Downstairs, when Annie saw Crystal’s red eyes as she walked out, she couldn’t help but feel surprised. “Crystal, what has happened? Did your grandfather scold you again? What’s wrong with him? Why did he insist on matching you up with that barbaric, lewd and rude man? He just walked up to people and hit them! Most importantly, he even hit women. He’s even worse than a beast! If he dares to hit women in public, he’s eventually going to abuse his wife at home! No way. I have to look for your grandfather and tell him that your future is not to be trifled with!”

Annie wanted to dash up the stairs in a huff but was stopped by Crystal.

“Don’t go. We were wrong about him!”

Annie was stunned. “Wh-What do you mean?”

Sighing, Crystal related what she saw in the surveillance footage.

Everyone was stunned because they had never expected that things would turn out this way.

After a long silence, Lucas said in a low voice, “Even so, he shouldn’t have hit people. Can’t he just talk reasonably with them? Besides, how can he hit women? Men that hit women are the worst!”

At once, the few girls beside him nodded in approval.

On the contrary, Crystal cast him a glance, thinking that Lucas was indeed a bootlicker to women who lived up to his fame.

Right at that moment, a young man suddenly said, “Although hitting women is wrong, we still have to consider the situation. In that incident, the rich woman was the one who bumped into Ellie, but she pinned the blame on her instead and even demanded Ellie to compensate her. Even after Ellie knelt down, she refused to let it pass and slapped Ellie. She’s completely mad. I think Matthew was right to hit her. If he didn’t hit her, Ellie would have been slapped for nothing!”

At once, his words agitated the girls nearby.

Annie glared at him. “Bernard, serves you right for being single! You’re ignorant and a chauvinist. Do you really think that hitting women is right? Isn’t your mother a woman too?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 353

Bernard started to feel annoyed. “This is our discussion. Why did you mention my mother? Besides, don’t we need to put ourselves in another person’s shoes when we judge others? Annie, when you were bullied by the girls at university, your brother hit them too. Why didn’t you condemn your brother as barbaric and rude?”

Annie immediately refuted, “How can you compare that brat to my brother? My brother did that to get revenge for me. Besides, that b*tches deserve to be beaten to death!”

Bernard shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah. Your brother was right to hit those girls because you were bullied by them. Now that Ellie was hit, you think it’s unforgivable that Matthew took revenge for her and hit the rich woman. Listen to yourself. Who’s being unreasonable now?”

Annie opened her mouth but couldn’t say a word.

In the end, she grumbled angrily, “What kind of attitude are you showing and how can you speak like that? I’m a girl. Can’t you let me win this argument?”

Bernard helplessly said, “I’m just being reasonable with you!”

Annie rebutted furiously, “Are you saying that I’m unreasonable? I’m talking about your attitude issues now. Are you even on the same page with me?”

Bernard was utterly speechless.

Lucas immediately mediated the dispute. “Alright, alright. Annie, don’t get mad over such trivial matters. Let’s talk about Crystal instead.”

Annie pursed her lips. “Who cares who’s right or wrong. Anyway, Crystal, this kind of man is definitely not a good match. Look at his face. He looks boorish and has no taste in clothing.

Most importantly, he’s a live-in son-in-law who cleans toilets at the hospital! Oh god. What was your grandfather thinking? How could he allow such a low-class man into this place? Even Dr. Ellis talks to him so politely. That’s just unbelievable!”

Lucas sneered, “Annie, didn’t you notice? Those who trust that brat are all elderlies. Do you think that he’s a con man that specifically targets elderlies? Nowadays, those elderlies are stubborn and are easily deceived by others, especially professional con men.”

Annie’s eyes lit up. “Now that you mention that, it seems possible! Crystal, your grandfather seems extremely reverent toward him. You have to be careful because these con men are highly skilled in tricking others.

There have been a lot of cases where elderlies were scammed. Why don’t you remind your grandfather and Dr. Ellis as well?”

Crystal furrowed her eyebrows slightly because she had heard about these cases too.

However, she had never thought that her grandfather would be a victim too one day!

After pondering for a while, Crystal shook her head. “Forget it, I think it’s better not to remind my grandpa. He’s furious at me now. If I talk to him now, I’ll just be asking for a scolding. Let’s not bother about him and we’ll just let him do whatever he wants.”

Annie nodded. “You’re right. Elderlies don’t like to be lectured. If you advise him, he might even think that you’re sabotaging him or disrespecting him.

Only after he’s been deceived and has suffered great loss will he realize who genuinely cares for him. Let it be. They’ll regret trusting that brat after they find out he’s a con man!”

Lucas smiled and said, “Alright, Crystal. It’s not worth getting angry at this kind of person. Let’s go to the entrance now as Young Master Hughes is arriving soon.

That Larson brat is nothing compared to Young Master Hughes no matter how skillful he is. It’s totally not worth delaying our meeting with Young Master Hughes.”

Crystal’s eyes brightened up, completely convinced by Lucas.

Amongst those who attended the conference, no young person could be mentioned in the same breath with Young Master Hughes.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 354

Not long after the few of them reached the entrance, a parade of luxury cars pulled up, causing a great sensation at the scene.

Annie sighed in astonishment, “The heirs from the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire are indeed special. Their extravagant presence is unparalleled in Eastcliff!”

Just then, someone got out of the frontmost car which cost over 20 million, and it was none other than Travis.

Looking at Travis, who was surrounded by the crowd, Crystal’s eyes glimmered.

Which woman didn’t wish that her man was the one in a million?

Travis’s current aura far surpassed every man Crystal had ever met in the past!

“He’s so wealthy and handsome. Oh gosh, I can’t resist it anymore. I’m falling head over heels!”

Annie was totally infatuated with Travis while she nudged Crystal. “Crystal, this is your chance. You should go up to him!”

Despite blushing, Crystal straightened her clothes and put on the prettiest smile she had while walking up to Travis.

“Young Master Hughes, nice to meet you. I’m Crystal Harrison, the granddaughter of Joseph Harrison. My grandfather told me to come over and greet you, so on behalf of everyone in Eastcliff, welcome.”

Crystal extended her hand with a smile.

However, Travis was stunned for a while before he sized Crystal up. Then, a bantering smile appeared on his lips.

Of course he had heard about Joseph Harrison. He was Stanley’s supporter.

This time, Stanley supported Matthew, which meant that he was opposing the Hughes Family.

In this situation, Joseph’s granddaughter was still here to welcome him. What were they up to?

However, seeing how beautiful Crystal was, Travis sneered inwardly.

Are you laying a honeytrap for me?

Fine. I’ll have fun with you!

“Oh, so you’re Miss Harrison. It’s my honor to meet you!”

In a chuckle, Travis held Crystal’s hand. It seemed like he was just shaking hands with Crystal, but he didn’t let her hand go even after some time.

Crystal was dumbfounded as she only offered a handshake out of politeness. Wasn’t Travis too disrespectful to hold onto her hand?

Could it be that he was attracted to her?

“Miss Harrison, this is my first time here. Can you show me around?” Travis asked smilingly.

Crystal felt awkward but she quickly regained her composure and replied with a smile, “Sure!”

Followed by the crowd all the way, Crystal gave him a tour of the place with her hand held by Travis.

From the beginning to the end, Travis didn’t let her go and Crystal didn’t forcefully pull her hand out of his grip either. They looked like a real couple.

Annie and the rest were exhilarated. If Crystal could get together with Travis, they could then establish a connection with the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire!

After the tour ended, they went to a huge room upstairs. It was actually a meeting room, and each state had their own meeting rooms.

Matthew was also sitting in the room. Dr. Ellis had gone out to visit an old friend so he wasn’t here at the moment.

Walking into the room hand in hand with Travis, Crystal seemed slightly awkward when she saw Matthew.

Subconsciously, she wanted to let go of Travis’ hand but he held her even tighter and even wrapped her in his arms.

That made Crystal feel even more awkward. However, she was just a girl so she didn’t have enough strength to push Travis away. Having no choice, she could only say embarrassedly, “Young Master Hughes, this is the resting room for Eastshire. You can take a rest here.”

Wrapping his arms around Crystal’s shoulders, Travis glanced at Matthew from the corner of his eyes. “Miss Harrison, is this how your grandfather hosts a conference? Even any Tom, Dick and Harry can enter the resting room of Eastshire?”

Crystal quickly explained, “Young Master Hughes, that’s Mr. Larson. He’s—”

Travis cut her off unapologetically. “He’s what? He’s not related to Eastshire at all! Matthew, if I’m not mistaken, you should be representing Eastcliff. What’s the matter? Are you seeking refuge with Eastshire because you know that there’s no hope for Eastcliff?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 355

Ever since both of them came into the room, Matthew only gave them a glance. After that, he completely ignored them.

Upon hearing Travis’ words, Matthew put down the tea cup in his hand. “Travis, you’re the one who came to the wrong room. This room is for Eastcliff Representatives.”

Travis flew into rage. “Bullsh*t! Eastcliff Representatives are just nonsense. How can you have an individual room? Please have some self-awareness. You only deserve a toilet to sit in!”

Beside him, Crystal was dumbfounded.

When they were outside, Travis behaved like a gentleman who spoke politely and scholarly.

Unexpectedly, he cursed and lashed out right after coming into the room.

Did that mean he was just pretending to be a gentleman when he was outside?

At that moment, all the good impressions she had of Travis vanished at once.

She tried to free her hand from Travis’s grip but he held her even tighter, completely hugging her now.

“Miss Harrison, tell him whose room is this,” Travis said with a sneer.

Crystal looked extremely awkward. “Young Master Hughes, Mr. Larson is also from Eastshire…”

Travis burned with anger. “Shut up! He’s not from Eastshire at all. He’s just a pathetic loser. How can you mention him and Eastshire in the same breath? Are you humiliating me?”

Crystal paled in fright. She had no idea about the grudge between Matthew and Travis so she didn’t know how to settle this.

Matthew chuckled. “Travis, we’ll settle our issue between ourselves. Why do you have to make things difficult for a girl?”

Matthew’s words caused Crystal to change her mind about him.

Travis laughed. “I’ll make things difficult for her as I please! She willingly came up to me to be humiliated anyway. What can you do about it? Matthew, let me tell you something. After today, not only will she lie meekly in front of me, but so will your wife!”

Crystal’s expression changed again. She had no idea that Travis’ true colors would be so terrifying.

Taking a step back, she tried to yank her hand away.

Unexpectedly, Travis clenched her wrist tighter and twisted it, almost fracturing it.

“Ouch! L-Let go of me. You hurt me!” Crystal scolded angrily.

With a ferocious face, Travis turned to her and slapped her across her cheek while cursing furiously, “B*tch, shut up and stand still! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Crystal had never met someone like him in her life and she was so terrified she couldn’t even make a sound.

Matthew knitted his eyebrows. Although he didn’t like Crystal, she was Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter after all.

Also, Mr. Harrison did do him a lot of favors in the past and he would always keep that in mind.

“She’s just a girl. What’s the point of making things difficult for her? Let her go. We’ll settle our issues on our own!” Matthew said coldly.

Travis sneered, “We definitely have to settle our issues. However, you don’t get to tell me what I should do! This btch asked for it so why should I let her go? Get the fck out now. After I’m satisfied, I’ll settle accounts with you!”

Crystal shouted angrily, “Travis, wh-what did you say? Who did you say asked for it?!”

Travis burst out laughing. “Is that incorrect? Btch, don’t tell me that your grandfather really asked you to welcome me! You’re just a slt that came up to me shamelessly, trying to carry on with me so that you can ride on the coattails of an heir from the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire. Do you really think I’m so stupid that I’ll have any woman?”

At once, Crystal’s face flushed red.

Her grandfather indeed didn’t tell her to welcome Travis and she had done it on her own.

In retrospect, she only got into this situation because she wanted to establish a connection with an heir from the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 356

Helpless, Matthew sighed. This kind of simple-minded woman got what she deserved.

Even so, she was Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter so he must save her.

“Let her go! Otherwise, I won’t hold back,” Matthew warned coldly.

Travis laughed wildly. “Matthew, are you trying to intimidate me? Do you know how many of the Hughes are here today? I’m amazed at your boldness to be rude. Since you insist, just come at me! I’m really itching to beat you to a pulp before the conference starts!”

Matthew put down the tea cup in his hand and slowly stood up. At the same time, his face turned cold.

Travis waved his hand and a group of people rushed over, fiercely surrounding Matthew.

They were all experts from the Hughes Family who were specifically sent here by the Hughes.

After Xavier was killed, the Hughes didn’t dare to put their guards down anymore.

Crystal’s expression changed drastically. She had never expected that Matthew would oppose Travis in order to save her.

At that moment, all her contempt and displeasure toward Matthew vanished.

Finally, she understood her grandfather’s well intention.

This man might seem common but his courage and sense of responsibility were greater than any other person.

Even if he was poor, he was still a thousand times better than Travis, who was a sanctimonious dandy.

Smugly, Travis pointed at Matthew. “How are you going to fight me? Beat him to death!”

When the Hughes were about to attack, an icy voice suddenly came from the door. “What are you doing?”

Everyone turned to look, only to see Dr. Ellis walking in with a frosty face.

Reverence immediately overtook Travis’ face. “Dr. Ellis, you’re here! Nothing’s going on. It’s just trash causing trouble in the Eastshire Representatives’ resting room. Please take a seat. I’ll chase him out right now.”

Dr. Ellis’s expression changed while he questioned in a deep voice, “Mr. Larson is my friend. Who are you referring to as trash?”

Travis was stunned. Matthew was Dr. Ellis’s friend? That was unbelievable!

“Dr. Ellis, did you make a mistake? Did you just say Matthew was your friend? But he’s just a coward who lives off his wife. How can he be your friend? Besides, you’ve been in seclusion for almost ten years and have never visited anyone for the past decade. Even if Matthew knows you, how old was he when he met you?”

Dr. Ellis scolded angrily, “Travis, watch your words! If you disrespect Mr. Larson again, I won’t let you off. Don’t think that you can act arrogantly outside just because you’re from a reputable family. It might work for others but you definitely won’t get away when it comes to me. Apologize to Mr. Larson right now and I’ll pretend that nothing has happened today. Otherwise, although I’m a loner, I’m still able to change the heir to a family!”

Travis’s face turned pale.

Although Dr. Ellis was alone, he still held an extremely high status in Eastshire.

Even Old Master Hughes was Dr. Ellis’s junior.

In the past, Dr. Ellis had helped Old Master Hughes in taking over the Hughes Family.

Besides, Dr. Ellis had extraordinary medical skills and saved plenty significant figures in Eastshire, which earned him many debts of gratitude from others.

Although the Huhges Family was powerful, they wouldn’t dare to offend Dr. Ellis.

Travis truly couldn’t understand why a prominent figure like Dr. Ellis knew Matthew.

Most importantly, Dr. Ellis even scolded him for Matthew’s sake.

After all, Dr. Ellis and the Hughes had always been on good terms, and he would always take their side.

So why was today an exception?

After pondering for a while, Travis said in a low voice, “Dr. Ellis, do you know what Matthew has done? He illegitimately established Eastcliff Medical Association and is attending Six Southern States Medical Conference in an attempt to split up Eastshire’s Pharmaceutical Union! He harbors wild ambitions and is obviously targeting the Hughes. If you ask me to apologize to him, you’re just asking the Hughes to submit to him!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 357

With just a sentence, Travis put all the blame on Matthew and even involved the Hughes.

Now, if Dr. Ellis still insisted him to apologize, he would be supporting Matthew in opposing the Hughes.

Undeniably, Travis was cunning and crafty as he was trying to force Dr. Ellis to change his mind using his family.

However, he underestimated Matthew’s ability.

Dr Ellis furrowed his eyebrows because he didn’t expect this to happen.

Despite that, he quickly made a choice.

“Mr. Larson, you’re representing Eastcliff in this competition, right? I’m so sorry. I didn’t know about that. Since you’re joining the competition, I’m definitely not qualified to join the competition anymore. Travis, please inform Mr. Harrison that I can no longer represent Eastshire in the competition.”

Travis was dumbfounded at once.

I was just intimidating you and pressuring you into making a decision. I didn’t say that you were not allowed to join the competition!

How am I supposed to explain to my family if you quit?

“Dr. Ellis, I-I was just joking. If you’re not taking part in the competition, what is Eastshire going to do? Besides, you promised my grandfather. How am I supposed to tell him about this? This matter concerns the future of Eastshire’s medical industry. Y-You can’t act on impulse!” Travis said anxiously.

Looking earnest, Dr. Ellis said loudly, “I didn’t act on impulse. However, since Mr. Larson is joining the competition, I shouldn’t shamelessly show off my mediocre skills in front of an expert like Mr. Larson!”

Matthew said softly, “Dr. Ellis, you don’t have to break your promise because of me.”

Dr. Ellis immediately explained, “Mr. Larson, you’ve misunderstood. I didn’t promise the Hughes anything. I only decided to come out of seclusion because I can’t bear to see Eastshire continue being at the bottom. This time, since everything is in your good hands, I won’t show off my meagre skills in front of you. Mr. Larson, please feel free to join the competition. If you need any help, please tell me and I’ll definitely do the best that I can!”

With a smile, Matthew nodded, and he started to have a good opinion of Dr. Ellis.

Although Dr. Ellis was rather haughty, he had a sincere attitude.

On the contrary, Travis was stunned because he knew that Dr. Ellis was true to his words.

Could it be that there was more to Matthew than met the eyes and he was an expert in medicine?

Travis found it hard to believe and couldn’t help but say, “Dr. Ellis, did you make a mistake? Matthew is just a janitor at the hospital. Besides, how can he be an expert in medicine at his age? Years of training are required before one can master medical skills. He’s just an immature brat. How can he be compared to you?

Dr. Ellis’s face grew grave while he scolded angrily, “What do you know? Your father is many years older than me and has trained in medical skills over ten years earlier than me. However, are his medical skills on par with me?”

Travis was embarrassed. “T-That’s because you’re a genius in medicine who only comes by every hundred years. Naturally, my grandfather isn’t your match…”

Dr. Ellis said seriously, “My meagre skills are nothing compared to Mr. Larson’s skills. If I’m a genius who only comes by every hundred years, Mr. Larson is one who only comes by every thousand years. I mean, he’s a prodigy in medicine!”

Travis widened his eyes in disbelief. In this world, who had ever received such a comment from Dr. Ellis?

Even experts like Leonard the Acupuncturist had never received such respect from Dr. Ellis.

But now, Dr. Ellis expressed such great admiration toward Matthew, who was only a young man. What was going on?

Could it be that he had indeed made a mistake and Matthew was truly a genius in medicine who had been hiding his light under the bushel?

If that was the case, had he just caused the Hughes Family to miss out on a genius in medicine due to his arrogance?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 358

Previously when Travis arrived at Eastcliff, Stanley purposely brought Matthew to meet him as he wanted Matthew to represent Eastshire in the competition.

Back then, Travis despised Matthew and directly rejected him before humiliating him.

After that, when Matthew represented Eastcliff in the competition, he still looked down upon him.

Unexpectedly, Matthew was an expert in medicine!

As the heir of the Hughes family, Travis had been given an important assignment concerning this medical exchange conference.

If they won, he would be the master of his family.

If they lost, not only would he lose his identity as the heir, but he would also be expelled from the core power of his family and became an insignificant member.

The medical exchange conference was extremely important to the Hughes because if they were victorious, they could rise again and advance by leaps and bounds among the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire to become the top five, or even the top three families.

If they lost, the Hughes would be in trouble because the other families behind them might surpass them and even kick them out of the Ten Greatest Families.

Therefore, the result of this competition was extremely crucial for both Travis and the Hughes.

However, due to his arrogance, Travis had stopped Matthew from representing Eastshire.

If Matthew had meagre medical skills, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

However, if Matthew was an expert in medicine and rose to prominence during this conference, there would be trouble.

By that time, the Hughes Family would lose and Travis might not only lose his identity as an heir.

If the Hughes found out that he was the culprit who led to their crushing defeat due to his arrogance, he might even lose his life.

Clenching his teeth, Travis’s face became ferocious.

No way. I can’t let Matthew win no matter what!

Right at this moment, a group of people walked into the room and Mr. Harrison was among them.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry but this meeting room belongs to the Eastcliff Representatives. Eastshire Representatives’ resting room is there. Shall I lead you there?” Mr. Harrison asked while smiling apologetically.

As soon as he finished his sentence, he noticed that his granddaughter’s wrist was being grabbed by Travis.

At once, his face froze and he looked extremely angry.

Tonight, he had deliberately arranged for Crystal to welcome Matthew with the sole objective of allowing her to spend more time with Matthew.

If Crystal could get together with Matthew, that would be the best because Matthew was definitely the best grandson-in-law he could ever wish for.

Even if both of them couldn’t make a pair, befriending Matthew would also greatly benefit Crystal’s future.

However, he had never expected that Crystal would get involved with Travis after offending Matthew.

How could she stand beside Matthew’s enemy?

What was she trying to do?!

“Crystal, what are you doing? We’re in public! A-Are you trying to drive me mad?!” Mr. Harrison trembled in anger while scolding her.

Crystal’s face flushed red. “Grandpa, i-it’s not my fault. He doesn’t want to let me go and even tried to sexually harass me! Grandpa, save me!”

Mr. Harrison’s expression changed instantly and he condemned angrily, “Travis, how dare you humiliate my granddaughter? Do you really think that the Hughes can dominate the world?

Even though I’m not as powerful as your family, I’m not someone who you can humiliate as you wish! If you fail to give me an explanation, don’t even dream of walking out of Eastcliff even if it costs my life!”

Travis glanced at Mr. Harrison and sneered, “Mr. Harrison, don’t vent your anger on me. I’m not the one to be blamed for this matter. It was your granddaughter who willingly flirted with me in an attempt to carry on with the heir from the Ten Greatest Families.

Since she came up to me on her own, why should I reject her? You should blame yourself for failing to educate your granddaughter, who proves to be materialistic and vain. Since she foolishly dreams of marrying into a wealthy family, she deserves to be humiliated!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 359

Stupefied, Mr. Harrison looked at Crystal in perplexity. Crystal’s face flushed red while she anxiously denied, “W-When did I flirt with you?”

Travis sneered, “You didn’t flirt with me? Since your grandfather is here too, let’s ask him about that. Mr. Harrison, did you ask your granddaughter to welcome me on behalf of everyone from Eastcliff?”

Mr. Harrison looked even more sour and he glared at Crystal because he had basically guessed what happened. Clenching his teeth, he said in a low voice at last, “Travis, I’m the host for this conference.

I’ve been too busy welcoming all the representatives so I asked Crystal to assist in welcoming significant guests from every state. If she has offended you, please tell me. However, don’t you think that you’re stepping over the line with what you’re doing now?”

Tears welled up in Crystal’s eyes because she knew that her grandfather was saving her from being thoroughly discredited. In reality, Mr. Harrison had submitted to the Hughes Family by saying that. That couldn’t be helped because she was indeed the one who had approached Travis. Who else could be blamed?

Looking at the scene from the side, Dr. Ellis knitted his eyebrows. “Travis, that’s enough. The conference will be starting soon. Don’t go overboard.”

Travis glanced coldly at Dr. Ellis. He wanted to lash out but held his tongue in the end. Although Dr. Ellis no longer represented Eastshire in this competition, he still owned extensive connections so he couldn’t afford to offend him.

“Forget it, I have no interest in ugly women. Mr. Harrison, please tell the women of Eastcliff that if they want to flirt with me, please look in the mirror first.” After that, Travis pushed Crystal away and left arrogantly with his men.

Falling onto the floor, Crystal’s tears couldn’t help but flow from her eyes. What happened tonight was the greatest humiliation she had ever received in her life.

Looking at her, Mr. Harrison couldn’t help but sigh in disappointment. “Crystal, you should go and rest.” With that, he waved his hand, instructing someone beside him to bring Crystal away.

He then turned to Matthew and bowed at him, looking embarrassed. “Mr. Larson, I’m truly sorry that my unfilial granddaughter has troubled you. It’s my fault for failing to educate her. Please forgive me.”

Matthew didn’t take it to heart. To him, Crystal was just Mr. Harrison’s granddaughter. On the contrary, Mr. Harrison was utterly disappointed. After tonight’s incident, Crystal would never have a chance to get together with Matthew, let alone be his friend. Sighing disappointedly, Mr. Harrison felt helpless.

For his granddaughter’s sake, he had done something selfish. In the end, Crystal ruined it herself and there was nothing he could do. He could only blame Crystal for judging a book by its cover and seeking vanity.

In order to join the so-called upper class society, she ended up in this situation, which she completely deserved!

Meanwhile, Travis didn’t go to the resting room for Eastshire Representatives. Instead, he found a quiet secluded place and called his father, Simon Hughes, and informed him about Dr. Ellis.

“Dad, I really had no idea that Matthew was actually an expert in medicine. If he wins, we’re doomed! We have to find a solution to prevent that from happening,” Travis said in a low voice anxiously.

Simon pondered for a long time. “It’s impossible to ask Matthew to help our family now. Therefore, the only solution is to stop him from winning. Find a way to capture his friends and family. We’ll use them to threaten him so that he won’t win!”

Travis’s eyes lit up and he immediately smiled. “Alright, I got it!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 360

After putting down the phone, Travis instantly yelled, “Go and capture Sasha Cunningham!”

Travis’s subordinates at the side glanced at each other before one of them muttered, “Young Master Hughes, I’m afraid that that won’t work… We’ve sent some groups of men over not long ago and found more and more people are guarding her home to protect her.

Tiger brought his men there personally to stay guard and even Stanley sent a large number of men over. I think it’s because Matthew found out about our previous visit and specially prepared protection against us!”

Hearing this, a cold expression appeared on Travis’ face. “This bastrd is quite cunning. Fck! If I had directly kidnapped Sasha when we first arrived at Eastcliff, he wouldn’t be so proud!”

Travis’ subordinates lowered their heads and said nothing. If you had known earlier, you would’ve just asked Matthew to represent Eastshire for the competition and things wouldn’t turn out this way.

Just then, one of his subordinates suddenly said, “Young Master Hughes, actually, we don’t need to kidnap Sasha.”

Surprised, Travis asked, “What do you mean?”

“Young Master Hughes, have you forgotten that Sasha’s sister and brother-in-law, Demi and Liam, are still in our hands?!”

It was only then Travis remembered. “Oh, those two? Didn’t you lock them in cages? How are they still alive?”

The man replied, “Young Master Hughes, you didn’t ask us to take their lives so we only locked them in cages and didn’t kill them. We can actually use these two people to threaten Matthew!”

Travis immediately shook his head and said, “Nonsense! Haven’t you seen how badly those two treat Matthew? I’m sure that Matthew wants them dead. Do you really think we can use them to threaten him?”

With a smile, the man said, “Young Master Hughes, we don’t have to directly threaten Matthew. We can change our aim and use them to threaten Sasha instead.

Demi is Sasha’s sister after all. Will she really abandon her sister? I heard that Matthew treats Sasha really well and everything he does is for her. If we threaten Sasha, we’ll be threatening Matthew too.”

Travis’ eyes lit up. “That’s a good idea. However, do you think it will work? Sasha treats Matthew well too. If she decides to give up on her sister, it will be troublesome.”

The man chuckled and said, “Sasha indeed treats Matthew well and may follow his wishes but what about her parents?

We can target them instead and let them pressure Sasha. By then, once those two make a commotion, Sasha will have to obediently obey them.”

Travis nodded and said, “It’s actually a good idea. Kid, you have a bright future ahead of you. I’ll leave this to you. Make sure it all goes smoothly!”

The man was overjoyed to hear this. “Young Master Hughes, you can be rest assured that I’ll make sure Matthew won’t be able to join the conference!”

Travis instantly waved his hand and said, “Don’t! He must join the conference! However, I want him to fail at curing even a single person at the conference.

I want him to be humiliated in front of the whole Eastshire, including the representatives from the six southern states! I want him to be too ashamed to walk the streets of Eastshire!”

The man immediately nodded and said, “I understand. Young Master Hughes, don’t worry. I’ll make sure you get what you want!”

Delighted to hear his reply, Travis sneered, “Matthew, you’re not qualified to fight me at all! Dr. Ellis, how dare you look down on me? This time, I’ll embarrass you in front of everyone! I’ll show you who made the right choice!”

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