The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 361-370

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 361

Meanwhile, James and Helen were pacing anxiously in the living room at the Cunningham residence.

“We only nagged her a little but why is she so angry that she won’t even pick up the phone? James, is it possible that something happened to her?” Helen asked worriedly. She had made a dozen calls to Demi but she didn’t answer any of them.

Frustrated, James yelled, “Ignore her! I’m her father so I’m only fulfilling my responsibility when I nagged her. How dare she hold a grudge against me?”

Helen glared at him angrily. “Stop saying nonsense. What good can come out from fighting with your children? You’re the elderly, so why can’t you just forgive her? Forget it, I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Sasha, drive us to Demi’s house later so we can see if she’s okay!”

Sasha shook her head. “Mom, I’m waiting for news about Matthew. I’ll take you there once I receive news from him, okay?”

Helen was infuriated. “Why do you want to waste time waiting? You already know the results so there is no need to wait. I can directly tell you the result. Matthew will definitely lose. Furthermore, this time, he will lose tens of billions. It’s hard to say if he’ll even come back alive! Stop waiting for him!”

Hearing this, Sasha was furious. “Mom, how can you say that? Has Matthew ever offended you? How can you curse him?”

Helen sneered, “I’m not cursing him, I’m just stating the facts. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your father whether there is any hope for Matthew.”

James pursed his lips and said, “There’s no need to ask me. Anyone in their right mind knows that Matthew is hopeless.”

Sasha was so enraged that she didn’t want to continue the conversation. Just then, Helen’s phone rang and she answered the call.

“Hello, who is this?”

On the other side of the phone, a deep voice said, “You’ll receive a video later. Once you finish watching it, call me!”

As soon as he finished talking, he hung up the phone and Helen was confused.

“Who was that? Why is he asking me to watch a video out of the blue? Is he insane?”

As she mumbled, she unlocked her phone and saw that she indeed received a video.

Then, Helen clicked on it and after a single glance, she immediately yelled in horror, “Demi!”

James jumped up from his seat and asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

With tears streaming down her face, Helen muttered, “See… See it for yourself…”

With that, James took the phone from her and when he saw the video, his face turned pale.

“What’s the matter?” Sasha walked over as well and after she took the phone and saw the video, a worried look appeared on her face.

The video was showing a huge dog cage, and there were two people locked inside it—Demi and Liam. At the start of the video, the two of them lay inside the cage, looking weak. Later, three huge wolfhounds entered the cage and barked at them. If the wolfhounds weren’t on leashes, they would’ve pounced on both Demi and Liam and bitten them to pieces. They could be seen huddled in the corner of the cage, shivering in fear.

Just then, a voice outside the cage sneered, “Lift your head up and say something to your parents!”

Demi looked up in a panic and she screamed as she begged, “Dad! Mom! Save me! Please save me—”

With that, the video ended and the frame froze on Demi’s panicked face.

“Wh-What is this? Where is Demi kept hostage? Why is she there?” Sasha asked anxiously.

With a teary voice, Helen said, “What should we do? What should we do? Hurry up and think of a way to save Demi!”

James frowned and in a serious tone, he asked, “Did the video come from the man who called you a moment ago? What did he say?”

It was then only Helen remembered. “Yes, he told me to call him after I finish watching the video.”

Anxious, James yelled, “Then hurry up and call him!”

Helen quickly dialed the number and soon, the call was connected and she could hear someone scoff. “Have you finished watching the video? Do you want your daughter to stay alive? Help me do one thing and I’ll free her!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 362

Crying, Helen said, “Please… Please don’t hurt my daughter. I’ll do anything you ask… I’ll do anything… Just let her go… How much money do you want? We… We’ll pay you. One million? Two million?”

The man sneered, “Who the f*ck do you think you’re talking to? Do you think that I care about a few million? Let me put this straight, I don’t want money! If you want your daughter to stay alive, tell Matthew that he is not allowed to represent Eastcliff to cure anyone tonight!”

Helen was dumbfounded. “What?”

What kind of a request is that? I thought they kidnapped Demi for ransom. Turns out that they’re doing this to attack Matthew.

Meanwhile, Sasha was in panic. “Who are you people? Why are you doing this? Why are you targeting Matthew? Are you one of Travis’ men?”

The man coldly replied, “Stop with the nonsense or else your sister dies! Listen carefully. If any representative of Eastcliff dares to cure a single person tonight, your sister will be ripped to shreds by these three wolfhounds! All of you will be dog meat too! One more thing, you are not allowed to call cops. If you do, she dies.”

With that, the man directly hung up the phone. Helen was so horrified that she fainted but not before she let out a scream, and James tried to help her recover. After some time, Helen woke up and grabbed Sasha’s arm while saying in a trembling voice, “Sasha, you have to save your sister… Only you can save her now… Please save her…”

Sasha looked troubled. She knew now that the man on the phone was definitely one of Travis’ men who was commanded to purposely target Matthew.

In short, Travis was no longer sure that he would win so he wanted to use despicable methods to force Matthew to lose the competition. Deep down inside, Sasha was at a loss. How am I supposed to choose between my sister and my husband?

After a moment of silence, Sasha muttered, “Mom, don’t panic. We should think of other ways. Why don’t we call the cops?”

Hearing this, James immediately yelled, “Didn’t you hear the man say that we’re not allowed to call the cops?! They may be keeping an eye on us right now. If we call the cops, they’ll find out. When that happens, they will kill Demi!”

Sasha mumbled in reply, “Then… What should we do?”

In a serious tone, James replied, “Didn’t he say that he would let Demi go as long as the representatives of Eastcliff don’t save anyone tonight? All you have to do is call Matthew and tell him not to let any of them representatives join the competition tonight.”

Sasha’s eyes widened in shock. “Dad, how could I do that? If I do that, Matthew will definitely lose.”

Furious, James yelled, “Why are you still hesitating at a time like this? Is Matthew’s competition more important than your sister’s life? He’ll just lose a competition, but your sister might lose her life. Is there even a need to think about it?”

Sasha anxiously replied, “Matthew spent tens of billions to join the competition. He’ll be dead if he loses!”

James and Helen couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Then, Helen lowered her voice and said, “Sasha, we weren’t thinking.

As you said, those people voluntarily invested in him and whether they get returns or not is at their own risk, so everything will be fine even if Matthew loses. However, if you don’t call Matthew, your sister will lose her life. Hurry up and call him!”

Sasha frowned hard because she really wasn’t willing to do so. After all, Matthew could use this chance to change his life around. He has suffered so much and put in everything he had just to win the competition. As his wife, how could I ask him to give it all up at a time like this?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 363

Seeing that Sasha wasn’t saying anything, James couldn’t help but panic.

“Why are you hesitating? Sasha, what are you thinking? She’s your sister, one of the closest people in your life! Is your sister’s life less important compared to an outsider’s win or lose at a competition?”

Sasha was infuriated and she yelled, “Oh, so you do know that Matthew is an outsider. Why are you asking an outsider to give up tens of billions to save my sister? If you were in his shoes, would you be willing to give up tens of billions to save a person who scolds and insults you all day?”

All of a sudden, James was at a loss for words. However, with a cold expression, Helen roared, “Sasha, why are you being so petty? He is our son-in-law so shouldn’t he be willing to sacrifice for us? How could you say that we were mean and rude to him?

We did all that for his own good. Everything we said is just to encourage him to be ambitious. Moreover, he has been living in our house for free for three years. Even a dog knows how to repay gratitude, so why doesn’t he know?”

Sasha was furious and she yelled, “He didn’t stay in our house for free! The two of you have always been in control of his salary from the hospital. For the past three years, he never bought a shirt, never bought new shoes, and never spent any money on himself.

He doesn’t even dare to get sick. Even when he does have a cold or fever, he will only stew a bowl of ginger tea and cover himself with a blanket, silently recovering without us noticing. Do you know why? Because he knows that both of you won’t be willing to pay for his medical bills!

Meanwhile, the both of you use all of his salary on buying clothes and makeup, and even use that money to buy clothes and furniture for Demi. Have you ever spent money on Matthew? What rights do you have to say that he has been living in our house for free?”

After hearing this, James and Helen felt extremely embarrassed. However, after a while, Helen roared, “Sasha, there’s no need to talk about this! After all, no matter how we treat him, we are still his elderlies, and it’s his duty to respect elders.

Besides, Demi was kidnapped and is being tortured because of him. If he didn’t go against the Hughes, they wouldn’t have kidnapped her! He’s the reason that Demi is suffering! Shouldn’t he be the one to save her?”

James nodded in agreement. “Your mother is right! Sasha, he is the cause of this mess so he should be the one to handle it! If it weren’t for him, our family wouldn’t be poor. If we joined the Pharmaceutical Union, we wouldn’t have to face problems like this!

Furthermore, we would’ve received a lot of business from the Union but Matthew ruined everything for us! Right now, this unlucky b*stard has dragged your sister into his mess. Shouldn’t he save her?”

Sasha frowned. “How do you know that Demi was captured because of Matthew? If the Hughes really wanted to threaten Matthew, wouldn’t it be a better option to kidnap me? Why did they capture Demi?”

Infuriated, Helen yelled, “What do you mean? Are you saying that Demi ran over there and asked them to lock her up? Are you saying that she deserves it?

Sasha, can’t you just think before you speak? Do you really think that’s possible? Demi is not that stupid and she wouldn’t fall into a trap. I can bet on my life that the Hughes definitely kidnapped Demi and Liam because of Matthew!”

Sasha frowned and muttered, “Mom, something just doesn’t seem right. Why did they capture Demi and not me?”

James furiously roared, “Sasha, their motive is not important right now! The most crucial thing to do at the moment is to save your sister! Just tell us, are you going to save your sister or not?!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 364

Sasha’s face turned red with anger and she gritted her teeth as she muttered, “I’ll save her but I will not do it by sacrificing Matthew! Remember this, Matthew doesn’t owe us anything. Instead, we’re the ones who owe him!”

Helen anxiously asked, “Then how are you planning to save her? The kidnappers have made it clear that they are targeting Matthew!”

Sasha didn’t say anything. Instead, she picked up her phone and dialed the man. Soon, the man’s deep voice could be heard. “What’s wrong? Have you not done what I asked yet? Are you trying to test my patience?”

Sasha took a deep breath before she said solemnly, “Name a price. How much money do I have to pay for you to set my sister free? Just tell me any number.

I’ll definitely gather the money even if I have to sell Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and all my assets. I can even get a loan!”

Sasha had already made a decision. She would save Demi even if she would be drowned in debt. However, no matter what, she would not allow Matthew to sacrifice himself for this!

The man sneered, “How much is Cunningham Pharmaceuticals worth? I don’t even care that Matthew has ten billion. All I want is for his reputation to be completely ruined!

Remember to do what I say and don’t call back anymore. Otherwise, with every call you make, I’ll take out one of your sister’s organs. If you think your sister can survive that, you’re welcome to try.”

After the man hung up the phone, Sasha’s face immediately turned pale. Now that the man had made it clear that he didn’t want money, there was nothing else she could do.

In a trembling voice, Helen mumbled, “I told you that it wouldn’t work…”

All of a sudden, Helen fell to her knees and she grabbed Sasha’s arm. “Sasha, I beg you. Please call Matthew now and ask him to save Demi! Demi is his family too!”

Sasha looked troubled and she helplessly said, “Mom, you’re doing it again! Can’t we just have a conversation? Get to your feet. We’ll think of another way.”

Helen anxiously said, “There’s no other way! The only way to save Demi is for you to call Matthew. Sasha, if you don’t call him, I’ll continue kneeling. If anything bad happens to your sister, I’ll die together with her!”

Seeing this, James furiously yelled, “Sasha, how can you be so cruel and cold? Your mother is already kneeling down to beg you but you still aren’t willing to call Matthew? Are you waiting for me to kneel down to you too?”

Annoyed, Sasha said, “Dad, Mom, can’t you two be reasonable? What right do we have to ask Matthew to sacrifice for us? You said that Demi is his family but have you ever treated him as family? Ever since we got married, all you do is scold him, hit him, and force me to divorce him every day.

Look at what you’ve done in order to get me to marry a wealthy husband and fulfill your dreams of living a luxurious life! If Matthew didn’t appear in time to save me, I-I would’ve been r*ped by Travis Hughes. By then, all your dreams would mean nothing! How could you ask me to call Matthew to ask him to give up everything?”

James and Helen looked embarrassed. After a moment of silence, James gritted his teeth and said, “Sasha, do you really have to be so petty?

We’re a family so blood relations are the most important! Perhaps we indeed have done something wrong in the past, but it was all for your own good! Besides, Matthew will lose the competition anyway. Since the results are already destined, why can’t we ask him to save Demi?”

Helen nodded in agreement. “Your father’s right! Since he is already destined to lose, why can’t he do us a favor and save Demi?! Can’t he do even one simple favor?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 365

Sasha hurriedly said, “How do you know he’ll lose? Stanley definitely hired several famous doctors to help Matthew. It’s hard to predict who will win this competition!”

James sneered, “Which famous doctors? Could they compete with Leonard the acupuncturist from Mightwater?

Sasha, you might not know him but I do. The people who have medical skills that can be a match for Leonard are definitely famous. Even Billy Newman can’t compare to him, let alone Stanley. How could they win against Leonard?”

Sasha gritted her teeth and said nothing.

Seeing this, Helen yelled in panic, “Sasha, say something! Hurry up and call Matthew already!”

Sasha angrily pulled out her phone and tossed it to Helen. “You can call him if you want to. I’ll never call to ask him!”

Helen was dumbfounded. I want to make the call but will Matthew listen to me? I’ve humiliated him and said cruel things to him for the longest time and was never kind to him. How is it possible that he’ll agree to help me?

“Sasha, are you deliberately trying to not save your sister?! Do you think that ingrate will listen to me? I’ve fed him for three years but he isn’t even thankful. How am I supposed to ask him for help?” Helen roared.

Sasha was also infuriated. “You’re too embarrassed to call him, aren’t you? Mom, if you had treated Matthew well, we wouldn’t be in this mess! Are you finally showing remorse?”

Helen was furious. “Sasha, don’t tell me all this nonsense. Just be straightforward and tell me, are you going to save your sister or not? If you don’t want to save her, just say it.

I’ll take the responsibility for being such a bad mother that even my daughter won’t listen to me. There’s no reason for me to live anymore. I… I should just run into the wall and die…”

As she spoke, Helen directly lowered her head and rushed to the wall at the side, as if she was really about to hit her head on the wall. Fortunately, James was quick to react and he stopped her in time.

“Oh, dear, you shouldn’t do such silly things! Sasha is an obedient daughter so of course she will help us. Don’t hurt yourself!” James said to purposely pressure Sasha.

Sasha was about to go mad. Her parents always used the same excuse to cause trouble for her. As long as she didn’t do what they said, the both of them would cry and beg to force her to bend to their will.

“Mom, can’t you be reasonable?! How could we ask Matthew to sacrifice everything to save Demi? Look into your conscience and tell me, since when has Demi ever said anything kind to Matthew? Has she ever done that? Has she ever done anything nice for Matthew?” Sasha said in panic.

Helen fell into silence but James roared angrily, “Sasha, what is the point of saying this? Do you think that your sister deserves death for not saying anything kind to Matthew?

Sasha, I know you have always sided Matthew but I never thought that you could be so cruel to abandon your sister. Fine, since you’re so cruel, we’ll just pretend that we never gave birth to you and raised you. You can leave.

This is my family’s personal matter so we don’t need your help. Darling, let’s go. We’re both old and not capable anymore so our child won’t even listen to us. There’s no reason for us to live anymore. Let’s jump off the building together. At least Demi will have us to accompany her in death!”

As James spoke, he dragged Helen toward the windowsill. Helen wailed and yelled, “Why is my life so miserable? Why did I give birth to such an unfilial daughter? Forget it, it’s my fault for not educating my child. I deserve to die…” She howled like a shrew as she sat on the ground.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 366

Sasha was so furious that her body was shaking and she was close to having a breakdown because of her parents’ threats. Just then, James walked toward the window sill.

Seeing that Sasha still wasn’t saying anything, he gritted his teeth and punched the window. The window instantly shattered to pieces and blood dripped from his hand.

“Dad!” Sasha screamed in horror as she hurriedly ran over.

Seeing this, James immediately put one foot out of the window and roared, “Don’t come any closer! Stay where you are! Just stay there! Don’t come close!”

Helen yelled, “Darling, have you lost your mind? Get down from there! We need to stop the bleeding…”

James roared at her angrily, “Why should I stop the bleeding? Just let me die so I don’t have to attend my daughter’s funeral!”

Sasha was extremely anxious. “Dad, don’t say that. Get down from there. Please get down from there!”

James shouted in reply, “I’m not coming down! Sasha, if you don’t save your sister, I’ll jump right in front of you! I’ll count to three. If you don’t make the call, I’ll jump.

Even though I raised you up, I don’t expect you to repay mel. However, after I die, please bury me next to your sister. I didn’t take good care of her when I’m alive but after I die, I promise I’ll take good care of her…” As James spoke, he started to wipe away his tears.

Sasha was about to lose her mind. After giving it some thought, she gritted her teeth and said, “Fine, I’ll make the call! I’ll do what you ask. I’ll call Matthew after you get down from there!”

James and Helen immediately glanced at each other and there was triumph in their gaze.

“Call him now! I’ll come down after you finish the call!” James yelled loudly.

Sasha was infuriated but there was nothing else she could do. Having no other choice, she pulled out her phone and dialed Matthew’s number, then told him everything that happened. After Sasha hung up the phone, she directly fell to the ground as if her soul had left her body.

“How was it? Did he agree to help?” Helen asked anxiously.

Sasha weakly replied, “He agreed…”

After hearing this, Helen was overjoyed. “Really? That’s great! Your sister will be saved! Hurry and call that man and tell him to free Demi!”

James jumped down from the window sill and hurriedly pulled out the phone. Then, he called the man.

After hearing the news, the man sneered, “Good, you’ve done a great job! However, we’ll keep the hostage here and only free her after the conference ends!”

Helen hurriedly said, “Can you please at least let them out of the cage? Please get the dogs away from them…”

The man sneered, “Don’t tell me what to do! Remember, if Matthew cures anyone, your daughter will be fed to the dogs immediately!”

Helen quickly muttered, “I-I understand. H-He’ll definitely stay put and do nothing…”

The man laughed delightedly. “That’s the right thing to do!”

At that moment, Sasha suddenly said, “I’ve already done what you asked. However, can you answer a question?”

The man was momentarily startled before he replied, “What is it?”

In a solemn tone, Sasha asked, “How did you capture my sister?”

The man instantly burst into laughter. “Capture? There was no need for us to capture her. Sasha, your sister came to us on her own and surrendered herself to us.

To be frank, we almost forgot that you had a sister. However, she and her husband came over to look for Young Master Hughes saying that they wanted to give him an explanation.

Sasha, I’ve worked for Young Master Hughes for many years but I’ve never met someone as stupid as her. There aren’t many people who would voluntarily court death! Hahaha…”

After Sasha hung up the phone, she turned to look at Helen who flushed red and mumbled, “Wh-Why did she do such a silly thing?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 367

Sasha was extremely angry. “Mom, you heard what he said! Demi went over herself and nobody captured her! What else do you have to say now?”

Helen looked embarrassed and she gritted her teeth. “So what? We have to look beyond the surface and get to the root of the problem.

All of this is Matthew’s fault! If Matthew didn’t provoke Young Master Hughes, he wouldn’t hurt Demi even if she went over! He only kept Demi hostage because Matthew hit him!”

Sasha was so furious, she grabbed the tea cup on the table and threw it to the ground before she roared, “All you do is put the blame on Matthew! Can’t you be reasonable for once?!”

Helen was stunned while James blew his top. “Sasha, what are you doing? Is that the right way to speak to your mother? How dare you throw things in anger in front of your parents? Have you lost your mind?”

With tears streaming down her face, Sasha gritted her teeth and said, “What else can I do to express my frustration? Let me put this straight, if anything bad happens to Matthew this time, I don’t want to live anymore! You two can just live the rest of your lives with Demi!”

After Sasha finished speaking, she directly went back to her room.

James and Helen looked at each other. After a moment of silence, Helen muttered, “It’ll all be fine. She’ll get over it after a while.”

James nodded in agreement. “You’re right. This child has fallen for Matthew’s tricks. Once she meets someone better, she’ll know our intentions are good! Oh, by the way, where is Sasha’s phone? Go and get her phone so that she doesn’t secretly call Matthew.”

Helen immediately started to panic and hurriedly said, “You’re right. We should go and take her phone away.”

With that, the two of them ran into Sasha’s room and took her phone away. Then, they scanned the room but they were still worried even after making sure there weren’t any other communication devices, so they simply stayed there and kept an eye on Sasha.

Sasha naturally knew what the both of them were thinking and she was mad. She was sick of their antics and didn’t even want to look at them, so she hid herself under the blanket.

Meanwhile, at Thousand Lakes Manor, after Travis heard the report from his subordinate, he grinned widely.

“Excellent! Once I finish with the conference, I’ll make sure to reward you for your good work!” Travis said with a chuckle.

The man was really happy to hear this and he thanked Travis repeatedly. Later, Travis led everybody to the Eastshire representatives’ room. At the moment, a group of people were already gathered in the room and they were all big shots in the state’s medical field. When they saw Travis, they got up one after another to greet him.

Just then, a man in glasses leaned in and asked, “Young Master Hughes, didn’t you say that Dr. Ellis is representing Eastshire to join the competition? Where is he?”

Hearing this, everybody turned to look at Travis hopefully. In fact, these wealthy men wouldn’t personally attend conferences like this in the past and only waited for the results. However, the news that Dr. Ellis was coming out of seclusion and joining this year’s conference had attracted a crowd because after all, he had a great reputation in the medical field of Eastshire.

Before Dr. Ellis went to practice in hiding, Eastshire was often in the top three in the annual Six Southern States Medical Conference, but after he stopped participating, Eastshire had ranked in the last place for several consecutive years, which caused everyone in the medical field of Eastshire to feel embarrassed. Now that Dr. Ellis had come out of hiding, everyone was naturally encouraged and confident so they rushed over to meet Dr. Ellis.

Travis let out a sigh and said, “Gentlemen, Dr. Ellis won’t be representing Eastshire for the competition!”

As soon as he finished speaking, it was as if a bomb had been dropped onto the crowd. Everybody was dumbfounded.

“Why? Didn’t you say that Dr. Ellis was participating in the competition? Why is he suddenly not participating?” the crowd asked in panic.

With a helpless look on his face, Travis replied, “Gentlemen, there’s nothing I can do. Dr. Ellis was bewitched by a man named Matthew, but I’m not sure how. Just a moment ago, he announced that he would be withdrawing from the competition at the last minute!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 368

Everybody was in shock after hearing this. “Matthew? Who’s Matthew?”

“What does he do for a living?”

“Why is Dr. Ellis following his orders?”

“What kind of a person is he? Is he deliberately trying to ruin Eastshire’s reputation? How could he do such a thing?”

Everyone was in a heated discussion and some with bad tempers even directly started cursing Matthew.

They had all rushed over to watch the competition, having full confidence that the Eastshire representatives would win. Furthermore, they had already invested a lot of money and were expecting to rake in a lot of profit.

If they lost the competition, they would lose a lot of money, which was why whether Dr. Ellis was participating in the competition or not was extremely important to them. After hearing Travis say that Matthew was the one who persuaded Dr. Ellis and stopped him from participating in the competition, everyone hated him to the core.

Meanwhile, Travis secretly chuckled because this was the result he wanted.

After a while, Travis gestured to the man beside him with a glance. Understanding what he meant, the man immediately yelled, “Matthew is from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals in Eastcliff.

Not only has he bewitched Dr. Ellis, but he also founded his own Eastcliff representatives group which is separate from the Eastshire representatives group so that he can participate in the competition.

In order to win and gain profit for himself, he has tricked Dr. Ellis to withdraw from the competition! It’s obvious that he’s going against the Eastshire representatives!”

After hearing this, everyone was even more furious and all of them started cursing Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. In fact, some people from the crowd had business relations with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and they were also angry after they heard the man.

Each of them swore to completely cut off ties with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, which made Travis delighted. He wanted to grab this opportunity to completely ruin Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and Matthew’s reputation.

This time, not only did he want to humiliate Matthew, but he also wanted to acquire Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. If his plan succeeded, he would have achieved something great. By then, his position in the Hughes family would definitely rise!

The crowd continued to be in a heated discussion when Travis suddenly waved his hand and said, “Gentlemen, there’s no need to panic!

Everything will be fine even if Dr. Ellis doesn’t represent Eastshire in the competition because we’ve already prepared a backup plan. Leonard the acupuncturist from Mightwater will represent us instead! As long as you support me, I promise that we’ll definitely win this competition!”

These words instantly made everybody feel excited. After all, Leonard was an even more famous doctor than Dr. Ellis. They had a better chance at winning if Leonard replaced Dr. Ellis in the competition.

“Young Master Hughes, you’re a genius and you’ve made a thoughtful arrangement!”

“We’re all at your disposal, Young Master Hughes. If you want us to do something, just ask!”

“Young Master Hughes always does things thoughtfully and meticulously. With you as the heir of the Hughes, we won’t have to worry about the medical industry in Eastshire.”

Everybody started to praise and flatter Travis.

With a delighted expression, Travis smiled and said, “Thank you all for trusting me. I hope that all of you will continue to support me in my future endeavors, but for now, let’s focus on the conference.

This time, not only do we have to win, but most importantly, we have to completely defeat the Eastcliff representatives! Otherwise, the weak and useless will continue to disturb us in the future!”

Everyone nodded in agreement to Travis’ words. Some of them even directly made a call back to their company and ordered their staff to immediately cut all business ties with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, which pleased Travis very much.

After this, the company would be hated by everyone in the Eastcliff medical industry. Not only did they want to win the Eastcliff representatives tonight, but they also wanted to completely ruin Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

Now that these people had cut ties with them, the company was pretty much doomed. By then, Travis wouldn’t even have to spend a penny to acquire it!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 369

The conference started as scheduled. All the representatives from the six southern states entered the venue, including Matthew and Dr. Ellis. Dr. Ellis then led Matthew to the first row of seats and sat down, and beside them were other famous doctors from other states.

The venue wasn’t big and there weren’t many people who could enter. Only representatives were allowed to enter and even so, taking the Eastshire representatives for example, only a dozen from the group were granted access.

Even though there were many investors at the scene, most of them couldn’t enter the venue as well, excluding Travis and a few famous doctors.

Not long after they sat down, they heard a commotion at the entrance. Everybody turned around to see what was happening and saw the security guards being pushed away by a group of aggressive people.

Then, the seats near the entrance were taken away and the people who sat there were also chased away. They wanted to fight back but were forcefully held down by the group of aggressive men.

Following that, the group of men divided themselves into two rows and stood at each side respectfully, as if they were waiting for someone. Seeing this, everybody was even more surprised.

Who can it be? Why does he or she need such a grand entrance? Under the eyes of the crowd, an arrogant elderly with white hair and white beard entered the venue. He was wearing a shining tuxedo and as his stern gaze looked around the room, there was a hint of disgust on his face.

“Is that Leonard the acupuncturist?!”

“Why is he here?”

“This is the Six Southern States Medical Conference and he is from Mightwater, so why is he here?”

“Could… Could it be that a representative group hired him for help?”

“Oh my! Which state hired Leonard? Are they crazy? Imagine how much they have to pay!”

Among the heated discussion, Travis directly stood up and walked toward the entrance excitedly.

“Uncle Leonard, welcome. Welcome!” Travis reached out to shake Leonard’s hand from a distance.

However, Leonard only glanced at him with a disgusted expression and didn’t shake his hand. Instead, he coldly asked, “Is your grandfather not here?”

Travis was slightly embarrassed but he didn’t dare to throw a temper. After all, Leonard’s status was much higher than his grandfather’s!

With a smile, Travis replied, “Uncle Leonard, I’m sorry but my grandfather hasn’t been feeling well so he’s staying home for recovery.

He won’t be coming to the competition but he repeatedly instructed me to serve you well. He said that your medical skills are the strongest that he has ever seen in his life and he even asked me to learn from you!”

Hearing this, Leonard seemed to be pleased. “Your grandfather sure has good taste. Since you’re so sincere, stay by my side later and I’ll show you my medical skills!”

Travis was overjoyed to hear this. “Thank you, Uncle Leonard! Oh, please take a seat!”

Leonard nodded and followed Travis all the way to the first row. His gaze only swept across the other so-called famous doctors but landed on Dr. Ellis. “Dr. Ellis, I see that you’re here early.

However, you’ve done the right thing. After all, the slow learner has to start early!” As Leonard spoke, he turned to look at his group of apprentices and said, “All of you can learn something from Dr. Ellis! Even though his medical skills suck, at least his passion is admirable.”

Leonard’s group of apprentices laughed and nodded as they looked at Dr. Ellis mockingly. Meanwhile, Dr. Ellis looked extremely upset but he gritted his teeth and said nothing.

He had competed with Leonard in the past and lost all three out of three rounds so he had nothing to say. However, after hearing this, Matthew frowned. This man sure is arrogant.

Leonard walked over to the side and sat down. Then, he smiled and said, “Dr. Ellis, later when it’s your turn to get onstage, let me know if there’s something you need help with.

After all, since Eastshire invited me over, it is my duty to help. There’s no need for you to be embarrassed to ask me for help. Otherwise, if Eastshire loses the competition because of you, it’s none of my business!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 370

With a cold expression, Dr. Ellis gritted his teeth and said, “Oh, Leonard, you can be rest assured! I’ve already left the Eastshire representatives group. Just focus on your own matters.”

Leonard was startled but he quickly laughed and said, “Why did you leave? Did you purposely leave the team after you found out that I was coming because you are afraid? However, it’s the smart thing to do.

After leaving the team, you won’t need to participate in the competition. With that, you won’t have to go on stage and nobody would compare us both so naturally, you won’t be humiliated. Dr. Ellis, I never thought that you would learn from your mistakes!”

Leonard’s apprentices once again burst into laughter and they looked at Dr. Ellis in contempt.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ellis was angered because he had never been insulted so badly before. However, it was common among the medical industry. His medical skills were weaker than Leonard’s so there was nothing he could do.

Just then, Matthew suddenly said, “Leonard, are you unwilling to leave because you’re planning to represent Eastcliff in the competition? I’m sorry but Eastcliff doesn’t have enough money to hire a greedy creature like you!”

Nobody expected that Matthew would dare to scold Leonard, and even Dr. Ellis and Travis were dumbfounded.

After all, Leonard was a big shot. He was the most skilled doctor in Mightwater and one of the top ten doctors in the country. Other than his noble status, he had relationships with wealthy families and nobody in the venue could compete with him!

Even though Leonard was arrogant, he was qualified to do so. Even Old Master Hughes had to treat Leonard respectfully and politely. Nobody had spoken to Leonard so disrespectfully in a long time!

With a cold expression, Leonard solemnly asked, “Who are you? How dare you speak up in front of me?”

Matthew chuckled and replied, “This is the seating area for the Eastcliff representatives. You’re standing in our area but you think that I have no right to talk to you? Leonard, you really are shameless!”

His words instantly caused the crowd to burst into laughter. At the same time, they looked at Matthew as if he was a fool.

Not a single person in the venue dared to go against Leonard and even a big shot like Dr. Ellis had to treat him respectfully. However, Matthew actually dared to yell at Leonard rudely. In their eyes, Matthew was seeking for death.

Sure enough, Leonard’s face darkened. He angrily turned to look at Travis and asked, “Why is there a team of representatives from Eastcliff?”

Travis hurriedly explained everything that happened with some exaggeration and in the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “This b*stard bewitched Dr. Ellis to completely destroy the Eastshire representatives team.

Fortunately, my grandfather was smart enough to invite you. Otherwise, I’m afraid the Eastshire representatives would lose terribly!”

Hearing this, Leonard glared at Matthew in disgust and said, “How dare an immature young b*stard like you act rudely in front of me? Is it because the elders in your family are all dead so nobody could teach you manners?”

Matthew chuckled and said, “Of course I know manners. However, I don’t think there’s a need to treat elders who don’t deserve respect with good manners.”

Leonard immediately flew into a rage. After all, Matthew was implying that he didn’t deserve respect. “You impudent b*stard!” Leonard roared angrily.

His apprentice at the side hurriedly kicked Matthew and yelled, “As*hole!”

However, Matthew easily dodged his kick and he sneered, “Leonard, as a elderly, you didn’t teach your apprentice well either!”

Leonard watched from the sidelines and he arrogantly said, “He is my apprentice. If he does nothing when someone humiliates me, that would be the true sin!”

Matthew’s voice suddenly turned cold. “Well, does that mean that you’re not planning to stop him? Since you can’t discipline them, I’ll do you a favor and teach them a lesson!”

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