The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 371-380

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 371

Leonard scoffed with a look of disdain on his face. Just then, the rest of Leonard’s apprentices rushed over, ready to attack Matthew. The security guards on site immediately ran over to stop them but they were held back by Leonard’s men.

“Beat him to death!” one of the apprentices roared as he grabbed a chair and threw it at Matthew.

Matthew finally fought back and with one kick, the chair shattered to pieces. At the same time, he stepped forward and clasped the apprentice’s wrist, grabbed his shoulder with his other hand, and pushed it all the way down.

Everybody could only hear cracking noises before they saw the apprentice’s hand go limp as if it had no strength. However, Matthew didn’t stop there and he continued what he was doing.

Leonard’s eyes widened in horror. He suddenly had a feeling that something wasn’t right because the cracking noises were actually the sounds of bones dislocating. The cracking sounds rang one after another, which meant that every bone in the apprentice’s arm were all dislocated.

What kind of strength does he have? Only people who have deep knowledge about the bones of the human body can do such a thing! Even a man like Leonard didn’t have the skills to do it!

Just when he was in deep thought, the apprentice fell to the ground with his bones all dislocated by Matthew. The apprentice was in so much pain that he was wailing constantly. However, he couldn’t even move a finger. The other apprentices still wanted to fight Matthew but they were directly stopped by Leonard.

Then, Leonard frowned and looked at Matthew coldly as he said, “What a talented young lad! I have underestimated you! Dr. Ellis, where did you find such a genius to be your apprentice?”

Dr. Ellis looked joyful as he replied, “Leonard, are you blind?! What qualifications do I have to dare take Mr. Larson as my apprentice? I’m not even worthy to be his apprentice!”

Leonard frowned hard. He could tell that every bone in the apprentice’s body was dislocated before he even checked his body. At the moment, he suddenly thought of a skill that he heard in the past called splitting tendons.

This skill could dislocate every bone in the human body and force the person to completely lose the ability to move. However, it was a legend that nobody had seen before, and he never thought that he would witness such a skill from a seemingly ordinary young man today.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I never thought that a man like you can have such skills at a young age. You sure are extraordinary! However, this is a medical skills competition. So what if you’re good at fighting? In the end, you’re just a rude, uncultured man!”

Matthew sneered, “Leonard, aren’t you one yourself for teaching your apprentice the same thing? He started the fight without much reason. Do you accept dumb donkeys as apprentices?”

A cold expression appeared on Leonard’s face and he glared at Matthew angrily. “Young man, you better know your place!

Do you really think that you can look down on everyone else just because you have some skills? I’m not even worried about competing with a man with skills like yours! Remember this, there are some people in this world that you can never afford to offend!”

Matthew nodded and replied, “You’re right! However, there’s one thing you should remember. When push comes to shove, I don’t know what I’ll do. You’re standing right in front of me right now and I wonder if you’ll die first, or will your men kill me first.”

Leonard was shocked and he staggered back in fear. After a moment of silence, he gritted his teeth and waved his hand. “Get him out of here.

I came here to attend the conference, not fight with you! Later after the conference starts, I hope that you can still be so arrogant!”

Travis walked up to him and warned, “Matthew, it’s best that you don’t do anything on impulse. I believe that your wife already called you. Don’t disappoint her!”

Matthew glared at him coldly and his hands clenched into fists. “Travis, you really are despicable!”

Hearing this, Travis chuckled and said, “Warriors do not hate despicable methods. Matthew, you’re still too immature to fight me!”

After that, the venue fell into peace and quiet and everybody took their seats. Then, Mr. Harrison appeared and started his speech.

After a few sentences, a man from the Eastshire representatives team suddenly said, “Mr. Harrison, stop this nonsense. May I ask what do you mean by this seating arrangement? Are you looking down on us?”

There was an instant commotion. After all, things like this rarely happened at such an event.

With a cold expression, Mr. Harrison asked, “What’s wrong with it?”

The man sneered, “What’s wrong? Who’s the man sitting next to Dr. Ellis in the first row? What qualifications does he have to be able to sit there?”

Everybody turned to look at Matthew and they started discussing. Those who were arranged to sit in the first row were all famous doctors of each state, which was why everyone wondered why a nobody like Matthew could sit in the first row too.

Even if he was good at fighting, he had no right to sit there! Meanwhile, Travis was smirking because he was the one who had arranged for the man to ask that question so that he could embarrass Matthew.

Mr. Harrison replied, “Matthew is a famous doctor from Eastcliff. Is there a problem for him to be seated in the first row?”

The man sneered, “Famous doctor? Mr. Harrison, do you really think that I know nothing? He is just a cleaner at the hospital! How could you let him sit with all the real famous doctors?! Mr. Harrison, this is an insult!”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone in the venue was stunned. Those who came to the conference had gone directly upstairs when they arrived so they didn’t know what had happened in the hall downstairs. Therefore, nobody knew about Matthew’s identity.

After hearing that Matthew was just a cleaner, the crowd went uproarious. They were all famous doctors from various states so they couldn’t understand what qualifications a cleaner had to be able to sit with them.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 372

Leonard flew into rage. “I can’t believe that you let a hospital cleaner sit with us! Mr. Harrison, are you looking down on us? Since Eastshire doesn’t attach importance to this conference, there’s no reason to continue this conference anymore!”

After Leonard finished speaking, he walked away. The others also got up one after another, preparing to leave with Leonard. Seeing this, Mr. Harrison started to panic. Once those people left, they wouldn’t be able to continue with the conference.

Just then, Matthew said, “We who study medicine always let our ability speak for us. It doesn’t matter where you sit. What’s important is how many people can be treated and how many illnesses can be cured. Are you all in a hurry to leave because you’re afraid of losing to me and you’re scared to be embarrassed?”

His words instantly enraged the crowd, while Leonard pointed at Matthew and growled, “Boy, nobody has dared to speak to me like that in years! You’re the most arrogant person I’ve met in my entire life! Judging by what you said, are you challenging me?”

Matthew shook his head and replied, “I have no intention of challenging you!”

Leonard’s subordinates immediately started yelling at him. “F*ck! If you don’t have the courage to challenge our master, what’s with all this nonsense?”

“He’s right. You act so arrogantly but in the end you’re just a coward.”

At that moment, everyone looked at Matthew with derision.

With a calm expression, Matthew replied, “A man like you is not qualified to challenge me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the audience went wild. Even the best doctor in the country didn’t dare to speak to Leonard so arrogantly. Has Matthew gone mad?!

Leonard was so furious, he chuckled instead. “Boy, you really are boastful! You said that I’m not qualified to challenge you. Well then, can you tell me who is?”

Matthew sneered, “Stop trying to lure me into your trap. Leonard, if you’re really afraid of losing to me, there’s still time for you to leave!”

Leonard was infuriated. “Me? Lose to you? Matthew, you really are big-headed! Very well, I’ll stay here and compete with you today. I dare you to make a bet with me. We’ll compete one-on-one. If I win, I will kill you!”

Matthew frowned. “Leonard, this is the first time we’re meeting and we have no grudges against each other. Don’t you think it’s too much to bet our lives?”

Leonard sneered, “Are you afraid?”

A cold expression appeared on Matthew’s face. “Leonard, I know that you look down on everyone because of your great medical skills. The fact that you dared to bet your life means that you know that you’ll definitely win. You just want me dead!”

Leonard didn’t deny it because he had always been arrogant and ruthless. After hearing Matthew shame him, he naturally wanted him dead.

Matthew continued, “However, I think there’s no need to bet lives in such an elegant venue. How about this? Leonard, do you dare to compete one-on-one with me? If you lose, you have to apologize to Dr. Ellis! If you win, I’ll apologize to you. What do you think?”

Dr. Ellis was startled because he never thought that Matthew would help him win some reputation back. At that moment, he was deeply touched and his respect for him deepened.

With a cold expression, Leonard roared, “Who do you think you are? How dare you challenge me? You’re comparing a beggar to a wealthy man here. Do you think the apologies from both of them have the same value?”

Matthew replied indifferently, “In my eyes, there is no distinction between the noble and the inferior!”

Leonard sneered, “But in my eyes, they do! Only the poor will fight for equality!”

Matthew glared at him and said, “Leonard, you are so arrogant! In that case, I will compete with you. If you win today, my life will be at your disposal! However, if you lose, you’ll have to get on your knees and apologize to Dr. Ellis. Do you agree?!”

Hearing this, Dr. Ellis started to worry and he hurriedly said, “Mr. Larson, you can’t do that! You can’t bet your life! Bet with mine! If you lose, I’ll put my life at his disposal!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 373

Leonard burst into laughter. “Dr. Ellis, you said it yourself. If I win, your life will be at my disposal!”

Dr. Ellis gritted his teeth and said, “That’s right, I said it. However, if you lose, you’ll have to get on your knees and apologize to me!”

Leonard chuckled and said, “Do you really think that I’ll lose? Dream on, Dr, Ellis! I will completely convince you that you’re a loser today!”

The people around them started to chatter.

“Has Dr. Ellis gone insane? He couldn’t even win Leonard. Why is he putting all hope on that young man?”

“He even put his life on the line! Even if Leonard doesn’t kill him, how will he be able to face anyone after this?”

“In my opinion, it’s all that young man’s fault. If he didn’t continuously provoke Leonard, things wouldn’t get to this point.”

“This young man doesn’t know the dangers of the world. In the end, he’ll have to pay a high price!”

“He deserves it! After all, he’s just a loser who cleans hospital toilets for a living. Yet, he dared to treat the elders of the medical industry so rudely. He’ll pay for his sins!”

“Hey, let’s just watch the show. We don’t need to care if he’ll live or die.”

Everyone was in a heated discussion and all of them didn’t have hope for Matthew. As for Travis, he was extremely delighted as everything was going according to plan. Even if Matthew had great medical skills, he wouldn’t be able to get on stage so the result was already predetermined. However, there was one thing that exceeded his expectations—he never thought that Dr. Ellis would dare to make a bet with Leonard.

Travis was scolded by Dr. Ellis just a moment ago and he was still holding a grudge, wondering how he could retaliate. Right now, he didn’t have to worry because Leonard was going to help him get revenge.

With that, the conference continued. After some polite remarks, the patients that were brought from each state were led onstage. The conditions of these patients looked so serious that common doctors wouldn’t know how to treat them. Later, the patients’ medical records were handed to the representatives from each state. After reading through it, everybody got ready to get on stage.

Dr. Ellis received a copy of the medical records too and he hurriedly handed it to Matthew. “Mr. Larson, please take a look.”

“There’s no need!” Matthew didn’t take it from him. Instead, his gaze circled around the six patients. After he inherited the jade pendant, not only did he receive the medical knowledge of his ancestors, but he also received his ancestors’ decades of experience in medicine. Under normal circumstances, Matthew could roughly understand a patient’s condition with just a glance. Furthermore, medical records often affected judgements and they weren’t really helpful to Matthew, who usually only used them for reference. After a while, Leonard was the first to get up and he directly went onstage and started treating the patients. Leonard was a skilled acupuncturist and that was how he got his nickname of Leonard the Acupuncturist.

Dr. Ellis started to panic. “Mr. Larson, should we start too? Competitions like this not only take into account medical skills, but also speed. There are only six patients. If other people cure them first, we’ll lose!”

With a calm expression, Matthew replied, “There’s no need to panic. Let me observe a little longer.”

Dr. Ellis was in a daze. We’re in a crucial moment right now. What else does he need to observe?

Meanwhile, Leonard walked up to the first patient. The patient had been in a strange coma and the doctors had tried various methods but still couldn’t wake him up.

Everyone stared intently at Leonard. All of them had read the patient’s medical records and had no idea how to treat him, but Leonard was already about to start.

With a triumphant smile, Leonard opened his silver needle pouch and pulled out three silver needles. Then, he punctured three acupuncture points on the patient’s body.

In order to put on a show, he even purposely did it at a quick speed without any hesitation. He found acupuncture points fast and punctured the needles firmly. Seeing this, the audience immediately applauded.

“No wonder he’s called Leonard the Acupuncturist. Not many people in the country can compete with him when it comes to acupuncture skills!”

“I agree! Leonard’s acupuncture skills are considered to be the top three in the country.”

“He is no doubt the most skilled doctor in Mightwater. I’m definitely no match for him!”

Everyone praised Leonard and at the same time, they glanced at Matthew. Now that they had seen Leonard’s skills first hand, they looked down on Matthew even more. Everyone thought that it was outrageous that he dared to challenge Leonard. Just then, the patient suddenly moved a little. Then, he slowly opened his eyes.

“H-He’s awake?!” the attending doctor standing nearby exclaimed.

There was an instant uproar from the audience! This patient had been unconscious for over a month and his doctor had tried several methods, but he still couldn’t wake him up. However, with just three needles, Leonard had awakened the patient. Leonard indeed lived up to his fame!

Travis immediately turned to look at Matthew and with a triumphant grin, he asked, “Will you admit defeat now?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 374

Everyone was in shock from seeing Leonard’s medical skills. However, Leonard was calm and he casually prescribed some medicine to the patient. He even told the patient that he would be cured after recuperating for a few months.

“Leonard deserves to be respected. He really isn’t a simple man!” a doctor exclaimed in awe. At the same time, he glanced at Matthew in disdain.

“You’re right. Only youngsters who don’t know his own place would dare to challenge Leonard so arrogantly! This time, Leonard will show him that no matter how strong you are, there is always somebody stronger.” The audience all started mocking Matthew.

At that moment, Leonard already started treating the second patient and the doctors from other states started getting on stage one after another.

Anxious, Dr. Ellis hurriedly said, “Mr. Larson, should we get on stage?”

“There’s no need to hurry!” Matthew replied with the same answer.

Dr. Ellis was startled. Why isn’t he worried?

Not long after, Leonard cured the second patient.

However, he didn’t stop there. Instead, he continued to treat the third patient.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ellis was really anxious. If Leonard cured the third patient, he would have successfully treated half of the patients.

By then, unless Matthew cured all the remaining three patients, they would definitely lose. However, how was that possible? The doctors from other states would also try their best to treat the patients! Soon, Leonard finished treating the third patient.

At the same time, another doctor at the side had also cured a patient. With that, four out of six patients were cured.

Leonard put down everything in his hands and gave Matthew a sideways glance. “Young man, do want to continue?”

The audience immediately roared in laughter. Leonard had cured three patients while Matthew hadn’t even gotten on stage yet, which made the results of the bet clear. At the moment, Dr. Ellis felt hopeless and he lowered his head in disappointment. He dared to make a bet with Leonard because he trusted Matthew. However, in the end, Matthew didn’t even do anything and just threw him into the flames.

Surprisingly, Matthew was calm. “Why are you in such a hurry? The conference hasn’t ended yet!”

Leonard sneered, “Young man, it seems that you won’t admit defeat until the last minute! I’ve already cured three patients and there are only two patients left to be treated. Even if you cured both of them, you will still lose. Although the conference has not ended yet, the result of the bet is already clear!”

Travis stood up too and he coldly said, “Mr. Larson, you have to be willing to admit defeat. Since you’ve already lost, it’s time to fulfil your promise. Dr. Ellis, I’m truly sorry but I can’t help you. It’s your own fault for not believing in the Hughes. Why did you put your trust in such a loser?”

Dr. Ellis looked depressed and he lowered his head without a word.

“What is there to talk about?! My master has won the bet! Mr. Larson, hurry up and get on your knees to apologize!” one of Leonard’s apprentices yelled.

Other people were also staring at Matthew and they were whispering to each other. “This young man really knows how to boast. He’s just a nobody. How dare he go against Leonard?”

“I think it’s because he’s too naive to be afraid. Youngsters nowadays are all like him. He thinks he is so powerful but in reality, his ability is no match in front of a true master!”

“I pity Dr. Ellis for putting his trust in a loser. Dr. Ellis used to be a skilled doctor with a high reputation, but now it is all ruined!”

“I think he deserves it. He chose to believe in a loser who spits out lies rather than believe in Leonard. Who else deserves punishment other than him?”

Meanwhile, Mr. Harrison who was at the side was staring at Matthew in confusion. After all, he knew about Matthew’s ability. Why is he not showing them his skills?

At the same time, Crystal was watching everything that was happening downstairs from her VIP room upstairs. Seeing that Matthew wasn’t saying anything to rebuke them, she couldn’t help but frown. She really thought Matthew had great medical skills before this but he didn’t even make a move. She couldn’t help but secretly feel contemptuous of him.

“He’s definitely a con man. I wonder what methods did he use to trick my grandfather? However, deception is completely useless in front of a real master! A medical conference is already enough to reveal your true colors! Well, it seems like it’s not a bad thing that I didn’t get acquainted with you!” Crystal mumbled to herself.

Just when everybody was in a clamor, a man suddenly entered the venue from the entrance; it was none other than Tiger. He was drenched in sweat and he panted as he waved his arm at Matthew.

It was then when Matthew finally smiled. Next, he stood up and said, “Since everybody wants an outcome, I have no choice but to join the challenge. Leonard, you asked if I wanted to continue with the bet. To be honest, I was giving you an opportunity because you’ve already lost the moment you punctured the first needle!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 375

As soon as he finished speaking, there was an uproar in the crowd and the doctors started yelling in anger.

“B*stard, what did you just say? Leonard has just cured three patients and all of us saw it with our eyes. How dare you say that he has lost? There are plenty of doctors here. How dare a loser like you lie to us? Do you really think we’ll be fooled?”

There was a cold expression on Leonard’s face as well and he pointed at Matthew while saying, “I have practiced medicine for many years and I’ve never met someone as arrogant as you! What do you mean, I’ve lost?! Give me a reason. Otherwise, I’ll definitely make sure you lose your life right here!”

Travis was also furious and he yelled, “Mr. Larson, you have to take responsibility for your actions!”

Matthew chuckled and replied, “Of course I’ll take full responsibility! Travis, you captured my wife’s sister and sister-in-law and used them to threaten me from treating any patients. You really are despicable! However, we’re in Eastcliff and your tricks mean nothing to me!”

Everyone gasped and turned to look at Travis in shock.

As for Dr. Ellis, his expression changed drastically and he roared, “Travis, how could you do something so despicable?”

At that moment, Travis looked humiliated and he immediately said, “Mr. Larson, how dare you accuse me of something I didn’t do? Are you trying to frame me? You have just insulted my whole family. I’ll make sure you pay for this!”

Hearing this, Matthew coldly replied, “Travis, you better think before you speak! Since I dare to stand up and tell the truth, you should know that I’ve already rescued my family members. Do you want me to show the audience evidence that you’ve kept them hostage and completely ruin the Hughes family’s reputation?”

Travis started to panic as he didn’t expect Matthew to act so fast. Did Matthew really rescue Demi and Liam in such a short time? Seeing that Travis was silent, the audiences’ expressions changed. After all, this meant that he admitted Matthew’s accusation! With that, the way they looked at Travis changed. This was a fair competition but Travis had used despicable methods to stop Matthew from treating patients. He truly is despicable!

Leonard instantly flew into a rage too. He slammed his fists on the table and roared, “Travis, what did you do? I wanted to have a fair competition with Matthew. How dare you use such despicable methods? Are you trying to ruin my great reputation? Go back and tell your family that I’m not representing Eastshire for this competition! Moreover, I will never let you and your family go so easily!”

Travis was stunned and he started to panic. “Uncle Leonard, I-I didn’t do it on purpose… Besides, you’ve already cured three people. Th-That counts for something, right?”

Leonard wasn’t having it. “If I say it doesn’t count, it doesn’t count! Why? Are you planning to threaten me too?”

Travis immediately turned pale. After all, how would he dare to go against Leonard?

Leonard turned to Matthew and said, “Young man, the last three patients that I just cured doesn’t count. Now that there are only two uncured patients left, why don’t we compete on these two patients? What do you think?”

Matthew slowly shook his head and replied, “No! This is the Six Southern States Medical Conference so doctors from all six states should have the right to treat these patients.”

Hearing this, Leonard frowned and asked, “Then what do you propose? Are you suggesting that we find another few patients and compete another day?”

Matthew shook his head once more and said, “There’s no need! Leonard, I’ve already told you, you’ve already lost the moment you punctured the first needle into the patient!”

A cold expression appeared on Leonard’s face. “Boy, you have to take responsibility for your words? Why did I lose?”

Matthew smirked as he walked toward the first patient. Then, he lightly patted the patient’s shoulder and said, “Leonard, haven’t you noticed that these are two people?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 376

Matthew’s single sentence made the audience dumbfounded. Everyone stared at him in a daze, not understanding what his words meant.

Leonard frowned and asked, “What are you talking about?”

With his voice lowered, Matthew replied, “It’s normal that you couldn’t tell. After all, having two lives in a body is a rare illness. Furthermore, his illness is really special.”

Leonard was even more confused. “What are you mumbling about? What do you mean that there’s two lives in one body?”

Matthew didn’t reply to him. Instead, he reached out and patted the patient’s left shoulder. Then, he suddenly grabbed a syringe from the side and directly punctured it into the vessel on his left neck and took some fresh blood.

Seeing this, Leonard yelled in horror, “What are you doing? I just cured him and he hasn’t fully recovered yet. The illness will recur if you move him around like this!”

The other doctors present were also frowning in confusion. After all, as doctors, they knew that Matthew’s actions were dangerous.

However, Matthew ignored them and passed the syringe to Dr. Ellis. “Get someone to test it. I want to know his blood type!”

Dr. Ellis was at a loss and didn’t know what Matthew was trying to do but he quickly made the arrangements as Matthew asked.

There was a lot of medical equipment and many professionals waiting on site so the results for a simple blood type test would come out really quickly.

One of the doctors frowned and said, “His blood type is written in his medical records. Why are you testing his blood type now? Besides, does his blood type have anything to do with his illness?”

The other doctors nodded in agreement. They had been practicing medicine for many years but they had never seen Matthew’s treatment method before. However, Matthew only smiled and said nothing. Not long after, the test results came out but the results were surprising.

The blood drawn by Matthew was different from the blood type written on the medical records! Instantly, everyone broke into a clamor.

“How is this possible? How can the blood type be different? Is there a mistake? Is there a problem with the blood test? I’m sure there is a problem. Test it again!”

Dr. Ellis was also stunned. “Mr. Larson, what is going on?”

Hearing this, Matthew raised his voice and replied, “There is nothing wrong with the test or the results because there are indeed two blood types in his body!”

Everyone was dumbfounded and they exclaimed in shock, “What?! How is it possible that there are two kinds of blood flowing in one person’s body? Are you really a doctor? Don’t you have the basic knowledge of medicine? Where did this con man come from?”

Leonard was also frowning hard. In a solemn voice, he said, “Matthew, if you don’t know anything about medicine, just admit defeat. There’s no need to waste our time!”

In a soft voice, Matthew replied, “I know all of you don’t believe me. Fortunately, we have equipment on site. You can take his blood again and test it yourselves to see whether I’m right!”

Everyone glanced at each other in confusion, wondering where did Matthew’s confidence come from.

Leonard frowned for a while. In the end, he nodded and ordered the staff to carry the equipment to him so they could do an on-site blood test.

Someone in the audience drew some blood from the patient and just when he was about to draw some blood from his neck, Matthew stopped him. Then, Matthew patted the patient’s shoulder again before he quickly drew some blood.

Afterward, both syringes were taken to be tested and everyone watched closely. Not long after, the results were out, and they stunned everyone!

The two samples were indeed different blood types, as if they were blood from two different people! Everyone on site almost lost their minds. Based on their medical knowledge and clinical experience they had accumulated over the years, this was simply impossible.

Leonard was also in a daze. In a trembling voice, he asked, “H-How is this happening? How is this even possible?”

Hearing this, Matthew replied, “I told you that two lives are living in this body! He’s not a single person. Instead, he is made up of two people.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 377

Everyone was looking at Matthew in shock.

“What do you mean by two lives living in the same body?”

“What do you mean that he’s made up of two people?”

Matthew calmly explained, “In short, he should be a pair of twins.”

A man at the side immediately yelled, “Nonsense! He is the only child in his family and he doesn’t have any siblings at all.”

There was an uproar in the audience while Travis gritted his teeth and said, “Matthew, are you a doctor or a magician? Can you tell whether he has brothers or sisters just by looking at his face?”

Matthew chuckled and slowly explained, “This twin is something special. During the embryonic development process, due to nutrient deficiency or some other reason, one of the embryos fused with the other embryo. As a result, two children merged to become one child. After being born, it seems that there is only one person, but the fused embryo is not dead and still exists inside him.”

“Generally, the fused embryo is stored in a certain part of the body, and it is harmless. But in this man’s case, the embryo of his twin brother is stored in his heart. This has led to his heart producing two different kinds of blood, one belonging to each of the two people.

Usually, the second blood type is inactive and hidden in the heart. Under normal circumstances, it would not appear and it would not have any effect on this person.

However, once an accident happens, for example, if he encounters some disaster and bleeds heavily, the second type of blood will automatically supply blood to the body, which will cause him to get sick. This looks like heart disease, but if you treat it as you would a heart disease, it will kill him!”

After he finished, everyone gasped in astonishment and couldn’t come back to their senses for a long while. Even Dr. Ellis was dumbfounded. This situation was even more bizarre than Patrick Graham’s worm illness! Just then, a doctor suddenly said, “Mr. Larson, what you said is absolutely correct.

I’m his attending doctor. He indeed had a car accident that caused a lot of blood loss before the onset of this disease. Back then, he almost died and all of us thought that we couldn’t save him. Unexpectedly, he miraculously survived. However, after he survived the accident, he went into a coma.

We treated his illness like a heart disease but we didn’t see any improvement. Could it… Could it be that there’s really a twin living in this body?”

Everyone on site once again gasped in awe. They couldn’t believe that everything that Matthew said was right, and even Leonard was stunned. With a deep frown, he asked, “How could there be such an absurd medical case? Matthew, did you make all of this up?”

Matthew replied, “Even if I made it up, could I have made up a person with two blood types in his body?”

Leonard was instantly at a loss of words. After all, they had tested and proven this in public.

Matthew continued, “If you really want to prove it, it’s easy. The identification of the epidermal cells of his heart can prove whether his heart belongs to one person or two people. However, we are mainly treating diseases today, and the key is not to prove this.”

Hearing this, the patient’s attending doctor hurriedly asked, “Then how should we treat his illness?”

Matthew replied, “There are two treatment methods. The first is a complete solution, which is to cut off the part that belongs to his brother.

However, this part grows on the heart and is not easy to remove. The other is to directly suppress that part so that his brother’s blood does not circulate in the body.”

Everyone looked at each other in confusion. It was completely impossible to cut off one part of the heart. However, how was Matthew going to suppress his brother’s blood?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 378

One of Leonard’s apprentices standing by his side suddenly shouted, “What’s the point of saying so many grandstanding words? All of us are here today to cure patients, not to listen to your story telling. Matthew, if you have the ability, just cure him. If you don’t, just admit defeat. Can you stop wasting our time?!”

Everyone nodded and agreed that the most important thing to do was to cure the disease. Matthew smirked before he pulled out three of the silver needles that Leonard punctured into the patient’s body.

Afterward, he grabbed one of the silver needles and punctured it into the patient’s left chest without any warning. What came next was the patient’s low growl before he slowly stood up.

The audience was dumbfounded. Even though Leonard said that he had cured the patient, in truth, he was only temporarily suppressing the illness and the patient still didn’t wake up from his coma.

However, Matthew managed to wake the patient up in just a short time. This showed the difference between their abilities, and it made Leonard panic. Was my treatment method really wrong?

At the moment, Leonard’s apprentice reluctantly said, “So what if he has woken up? It’s an easy thing to do! Besides, being conscious doesn’t mean he’s fully cured!”

Hearing this, Mr. Harrison instantly rebuked, “We have various medical equipment and doctors with high reputation from all six states on site, so we can examine the patient’s condition right here and now. The results of the examination will show whether or not Mr. Larson’s treatment is effective!”

Everyone nodded in agreement. With that, a group of doctors and nurses rushed over and quickly performed various examinations on the patient.

Soon, the preliminary examination results were out. The treatment was so effective that all the symptoms of the patient’s illness were gone, as if he was fully recovered.

At that instant, everyone was shocked. A moment ago when Leonard finished treating the patient, he only said that the patient should return home and slowly recover, and he couldn’t directly cure him. However, Matthew completely cured him with just one needle.

The patient’s attending doctor excitedly yelled, “Mr. Larson, you’re truly a genius! I’ve spent almost a year observing and treating this patient but my methods didn’t work at all. I didn’t expect that you would be able to cure him with just one needle. Mr. Larson, I’m fully convinced by your medical skills!”

The other doctors were also in awe. All of them were truly stunned by Matthew’s skills, and even those who mocked him and looked down on him were astonished.

Nobody expected that the young man would have such amazing medical skills. Meanwhile, Crystal, who was in the VIP room upstairs, gasped in shock. She finally understood her grandfather’s words because Matthew’s medical skills were indeed brilliant.

If Matthew was announced to have defeated Leonard, it wasn’t hard to imagine his future achievements. Deep down, Crystal hated herself for missing out on a genius doctor.

However, the most devastated person was none other than Travis as he never dreamed that Matthew would have such incredible medical skills.

If I had known sooner and invited Matthew to join the Eastshire representatives, we would have been champions! I would have been the hero of the Hughes and I would have directly become the master of the family.

However, because of Travis’ arrogance, he had missed the opportunity. Most importantly, he even had a vengeance with this genius doctor and turned him into his enemy.

Thinking about this, Travis felt the desire to bang his head against the wall and die. What have I done? Why did I force myself into a dead end?

As for Leonard and the others, they were all extremely embarrassed.

Unwilling to admit defeat, one of Leonard’s apprentices angrily roared, “Matthew, you only cured one patient. My master cured two!”

Matthew sneered, “Are you sure that your master cured two patients?”

Hearing this, Leonard felt his heart skip a beat. Did I make a mistake again?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 379

Matthew directly walked toward another patient.

“Your master’s treatment method for this patient was right but he didn’t puncture the needle at the right acupuncture point!”

Hearing this, Leonard was furious. “Young man, I know that you have great medical skills but that doesn’t mean you can talk nonsense. I have studied acupuncture for over fifty years and know the meridian points of the human body very well. I may make mistakes but I would never get an acupuncture point wrong.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. After all, Leonard was one of the top acupuncturists in the country, which was why the audience found it hard to believe in Matthew’s words.

With a smile, Matthew replied, “Is that so? Well then, Leonard, come and touch his left rib yourself and tell me how it is different from a normal person’s rib!”

Doubtful, Leonard walked over and felt the patient’s ribs for a moment before a look of shock appeared on his face. “W-Why is his rib slightly out of place?”

Matthew answered, “In acupuncture, remembering acupuncture points isn’t that meaningful. This is because the human body moves. Because of this, acupuncture points occasionally move around too.

For example, in his current situation, the ribs are slightly misaligned, so the acupuncture points of this part of the meridian will also move with it.

Therefore, the position of your needle has deviated a little. Of course, the impact is actually not big and he can still recover fully albeit slowly. However, for treating a patient, your needle placement is a bit wrong.”

After Matthew finished speaking, he pulled out one silver needle and punctured it into the patient’s body again. Everyone was staring intently so they saw that he had only shifted the needle slightly. However, even though it was just a small change, it made a great impact on the patient’s condition.

Before this, Leonard only treated him with a few needles, prescribed some medicine for the patient and asked him to return home and recuperate slowly. However, with a single needle from Matthew, the patient looked energized. It was easy to tell at a glance that the patient’s condition had improved a lot.

Leonard staggered a little and in a trembling voice, he said, “I never thought that there would be so much more to acupuncture. Mr. Larson, I have to admit that I’m not as good as you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the audience gasped in shock. Leonard was one of the best doctors in the country but he had just admitted that his medical skills were not as good as Matthew’s. This was enough to show that Matthew’s medical skills were brilliant!

Right now, everyone was looking at Matthew excitedly. They couldn’t believe that a person as young as him could possess such excellent medical skills. It wasn’t hard to tell that he had a bright future ahead of him!

With a calm expression, Matthew said, “There’s nothing wrong with your treatment method for the third patient, but I have a comment. From what I’ve seen, you used the Three Gathered Suns Acupuncture Skill. This treatment method has great results, but it’s a pity that you’re so concerned about using the three-needle treatment that sometimes you deliberately do not use the fourth needle.

Doing this is good for your reputation but sadly, it may not be the best for the patient. You have to remember that the key to the Three Gathered Suns Acupuncture Skill is not the three-needles, but the gathered energy that will help the patient recover.

As a medical practitioner, you should always place the treatment of the patient first. There is no need to care about your reputation so much.”

Leonard felt as if he was struck by lightning. Back when his master taught him this skill, he had asked the same question. Was the three-needles more important or was the gathering of energy more important? After hearing Matthew’s words, the doubts that had lingered in his mind for decades were finally solved.

After a moment of silence, Leonard suddenly bowed and respectfully said, “Mr. Larson, thank you for your teachings! Your words have taught me more than the studies I’ve done for the past ten years. Mr. Larson, please accept my gesture of respect!”

As soon as Leonard finished speaking, he fell to his knees and kowtowed, causing everyone at the scene to be dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe that Leonard actually kneeled before a young man!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 380

Everyone at the scene was shocked. Travis and Crystal were even more flabbergasted. Who would’ve thought that the ordinary-looking young man would possess such great medical skills? Even Leonard bowed to him in respect!

The most excited person was naturally Dr. Ellis because after all, he had bet on Matthew with his life. When Matthew didn’t do anything a few moments ago, he thought that he would definitely die and didn’t expect that things would turn around so drastically.

Matthew turned out to be the champion in the end. Since Leonard had kneeled before Matthew, it meant that he admitted defeat and Dr. Ellis won the bet. This was the first time he won in a competition against Leonard!

Soon after, Mr. Harrison made an announcement. “Now that the outcome is determined, I hereby announce that the winner of this conference is Mr. Larson! Representatives from each state, does anyone have any objections?”

The audience all shook their heads in reply. The medical skills that Matthew presented were much stronger than them and nobody was a match for him!

A famous doctor who was a representative of Eastriver stood up and said, “The representatives of Eastriver and I acknowledge Mr. Larson as the winner of this conference!”

One after another, the representatives from other states also stood up and expressed their agreement. Naturally, these people were not fools. The reason they acknowledged Matthew as the winner was because that way, they wouldn’t need to pay too high of a price.

Matthew represented Eastcliff and his city didn’t have much medical resources. Even though the distribution of medical resources was based on ranking, it also depended on the resources the winner owned.

If Eastshire won, the other states would be in big trouble because each state would have to give up a lot of resources to them. However, if Eastcliff won, it would be inconsequential. After all, Eastcliff was a small place and they wouldn’t be able to accept so many resources, which meant that the other states didn’t have to give him a lot of resources.

This was why they agreed upon the winner. After all, acknowledging Eastcliff’s victory in this conference was the best outcome for each state. Mr. Harrison was ecstatic to see this. The results were determined and Matthew had won. This meant that Stanley’s investment would receive a huge return! At the same time, he felt a little sad. If only Crystal didn’t mess things up with Matthew.

Meanwhile, Matthew was relatively calm. Afterward, he cured the remaining two patients and once again proved his abilities. Next, the only thing left was the distribution of medical resources but it was not something Matthew had to worry about because Stanley would personally follow up with them.

After everything was handled, Matthew asked Dr. Ellis to stay behind to deal with the remaining matters. He requested Dr. Ellis to urge the representatives from each state to keep his identity a secret because he didn’t want to cause too much of a commotion. Then, Matthew made a call to Tiger and asked him to prepare a car to pick him up.

Later, he walked out of the venue alone. As soon as he arrived at the entrance, he saw a white Maserati parked at the door and next to it stood a slender woman—Crystal Harrison. After she saw Matthew leave the venue, she had hurriedly drove her car to the entrance.

She knew that Matthew took the taxi over so she planned to drive him back. That way, she would have a chance to apologize to him and explain what happened before.

With a soft smile, Crystal said, “Matthew, it’s not easy to hail a taxi at this hour. Why don’t I drive you home?”

Matthew frowned slightly as he didn’t have a good impression of Crystal.

“There’s no need. Somebody is coming to pick me up!”

Hearing this, Crystal sighed and said, “Matthew, do you have a negative opinion of me? Actually, what you think about the situation is misguided. I specially came here to explain it to you…”

Matthew directly waved his hand and interrupted her, “There’s no need. We’re not close so there’s no need for you to explain anything to me.”

Hearing this, Crystal instantly felt utterly embarrassed. She had been spoiled ever since she was born and nobody had talked to her that way before.

“Well… At least let me drive you back as a gesture of apology!”

Just when Matthew was about to speak, a Lamborghini screeched to a stop before him. The car door was opened and Leanna, who was dressed in a black maxi dress, got out and said with a smile, “Mr. Larson, I’m here to pick you up.”

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