The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 381-390

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 381

Leanna was dressed very beautifully tonight and she already had gorgeous looks herself, so as soon as she got out of the car, she outshone Crystal. When Crystal saw her, her expression immediately changed.

She recognized Leanna and knew who she was. Even though Crystal had always been the most beautiful girl in her school through the years, she was no match for Leanna. Whether it was looks, figure, family background or identity, she was far inferior to Leanna!

She really didn’t expect that even Leanna, who was once the most beautiful woman in Eastcliff, would be eyeing Matthew. At that moment, she finally understood what her grandfather meant when he spoke about selfishness. A genius doctor like Matthew was indeed popular!

Unfortunately, she had missed her opportunity. Seeing Matthew get in Leanna’s car and leave, the smile on Crystal’s face froze and she sighed in sorrow. After she climbed back into her car, tears silently streamed down her cheeks. In the end, she paid the price for her greed, vanity, and arrogance!

At the same time, Travis sat in the VIP room upstairs and he looked pale. This time, Eastshire had completely lost and once again ranked last while Eastcliff was the champion.

This comparison was enough to drive the Hughes crazy. He would definitely be in a difficult position once he returned home!

“How could this be? How could this be?” Travis kept mumbling to himself.

The people around him glanced at each other. After a while, one of the men said timidly, “Young Master Hughes, even though we have come to this, we can’t just sit back and wait for punishment!

Why don’t we talk to Matthew and ask him to give us the resources he won for Eastcliff? This way, we’ll have something to offer your family when we return.”

Travis gritted his teeth and said, “You’re talking nonsense. How are you going to persuade him to give us Eastcliff’s resources?”

The man continued softly, “Matthew treats his wife really well. Once we capture Sasha or her family, we can force him to do what we want!”

Furious, Travis yelled, “It’s easy for you to say. We couldn’t even capture his family before this. Do you really think you will succeed if we go now?”

The man replied, “Young Master Hughes, we didn’t fight till the end with them before because we already had two hostages. Now that we have no way out, we can only give it our all.

If we manage to kidnap his family, things will turn for the better. If we fail… Young Master Hughes, with our current situation, do we have any other options?”

Hearing this, Travis frowned and fell into deep thought. It was only after a long while did he nod and say, “You’re right. We really don’t have a choice! Well then, proceed to capture his family. You—”

Before he finished his sentence, the door was suddenly flung open and a group of young people rushed in. The person who led the group was Annie.

There was a flicker in her eyes when she saw Travis and she ran over to him excitedly. “Hello, Young Master Hughes. It’s an honor to meet you!”

With a frown, Travis asked, “Who are you?”

Annie quickly smiled and replied, “I’m Crystal’s best friend and we met downstairs a moment ago. Crystal led you upstairs just now and we couldn’t follow, so we waited downstairs. By the way, where is Crystal? Is she not with you?”

Travis couldn’t help but feel startled. This is Crystal’s best friend? Why is she here?

In fact, Annie and the others didn’t know what had happened after Crystal brought Travis upstairs.

They thought that Crystal had a pleasant conversation with Travis so they quickly sneaked upstairs after the conference ended.

Although they said that they were looking for Crystal, they were actually here to see Travis so that they could form relationships with the heir of one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire.

They had absolutely no clue what had happened at the conference.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 382
Travis frowned and wanted to kick Annie and the others out of the room.

Just then, the man beside him suddenly smiled and said, “Oh, so all of you are Miss Harrison’s best friends. After the conference ended, Miss Harrison went to handle some business and we haven’t seen her since. Why don’t you take a seat and wait? I believe that Miss Harrison will be back soon.”

Annie and the others were naturally keen to stay in a room with Travis. After all, he was the heir of one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire. If they really did form a relationship with Travis, they could use his family’s name when they were out and about in the future, and everyone would have to treat them with respect.

According to Annie, this was called networking! After Annie and the others heard what the man said, they immediately sat down. Meanwhile, Travis glared at the man with a frown.

Using the excuse of needing to go to the toilet, the man brought Travis to the washroom and whispered, “Young Master Hughes, these people are useful to us.”

With a frown, Travis asked, “What do you mean? I’ve met people like them before. They are just a bunch of vain losers. We have to create a plan to capture Matthew’s wife right now. We don’t have time to waste on them!”

The man lowered his voice and said, “It’s hard to say whether we’ll be able to capture Matthew’s wife. However, at least we still have these people as hostages.

We can use them to trick Crystal to come over. I heard that Matthew owed Joseph Harrison a debt in the past, and Crystal is Joseph’s granddaughter. If we capture her, we might be able to use her to threaten Matthew!”

Travis gave it some thought before he nodded and said, “Great, let’s proceed with your plan!”

After they left the washroom, Travis pretended to want to drink at the club and he brought Annie and the others with him. Halfway there, Travis asked Annie to invite Crystal over. Furthermore, he told Annie to not mention his name because he wanted to give Crystal a surprise.

Annie never thought that the heir of one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire would treat her so politely, and she was pleasantly surprised. She immediately acceded to Travis’s request by calling Crystal and inviting her to the club.

At the moment, Crystal was walking next to Mr. Harrison with her head down. What happened tonight made her feel extremely embarrassed. However, what upset her the most was her wrong judgement.

She never thought that Matthew would make a big win at the conference! After her careful observation, she could tell that Matthew was at least a hundred times better than Travis!

He is powerful but he isn’t arrogant or impetuous. Moreover, he keeps things lowkey, which makes him much better than the wealthy dudes! Did I just lose the opportunity of dating such a great person?

After Mr. Harrison finished handling matters at the venue, he turned to Crystal and said, “Crystal, I have to treat all the representatives of each state to dinner tonight. You should join me.”

Hearing this, Crystal shook her head weakly and replied, “Forget it, I’m not going. I’m not in the mood!”

Mr. Harrison could tell what she was thinking so he sighed and said, “You should stop blaming yourself. It’s useless to force a relationship if it’s not fated.

I only hope that you can learn a lesson from this and don’t make any similar mistakes in the future. You have to understand and remember that you can’t judge a book by its cover!”

Crystal slowly nodded. She would definitely remember the lesson she had learned from her mistakes this time.

“Well then, if you don’t want to join me, you should head home now. Don’t go out and play. You’re not young anymore so you should stop going to nightclubs, understand?” Mr. Harrison said before he waved his hand to gesture her to leave.

However, Crystal was reluctant. “Grandpa, why are you so old-fashioned? I only go to nightclubs for fun. Dancing in the club and drinking wine with my friends help me relieve stress. Otherwise, I will be tense all day long. That isn’t good for my health either.”

Hearing this, Mr. Harrison frowned. “I’m not forbidding you from gathering with your friends but as the saying goes, a smart man will not enter treacherous grounds.

I don’t deny that there are indeed many people who only go to clubs to relieve stress. However, you also can’t deny that there are some people who go there with evil intentions. You might not be able to recognize danger straight away. What if you bump into those with bad intentions and something happened?”

Crystal smiled and replied, “Grandpa, you worry too much. I always go with my friends so nothing like that will happen.”

Joseph waved his hand impatiently. “Anyway, you are not allowed to go there anymore. Hurry home!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 383

After Mr. Harrison advised Crystal, he left in a hurry. Crystal then picked up her phone and saw a message from Annie, where she invited her to go to the club.

After a moment of hesitation, Crystal accepted her invitation. She was feeling depressed tonight so she wanted to drink some alcohol to drown her sorrows.

Meanwhile, Leanna sent Matthew to Sasha’s house and after they arrived, she pulled out a box.

“Mr. Larson, I got the Clemantis Grass that you wanted. When will my daughter’s disease be cured?” Leanna asked anxiously.

Matthew took the box and glanced at it before he nodded and said, “You can inform the blood donor. Remember, the person’s blood type must match your daughter’s blood type. After the arrangements are made, I’ll treat your daughter.”

Leanna was overjoyed to hear this because her daughter’s illness had troubled her for a long time. Now that there was finally hope that she could be cured, she was naturally happy.

After Matthew bid farewell to Leanna, he went upstairs. As soon as he opened the door, he saw the mess in the house.

James and Helen were sitting in the living room and they both looked worried. However, when they saw Matthew, they were stunned.

“Matthew, why are you back?” Helen asked in surprise.

They thought that Matthew would definitely lose the competition and be killed after the conference ended. They didn’t expect him to return. When Sasha heard noises, she immediately pushed her bedroom door open and walked out. As soon as she saw Matthew, she burst into tears and hurriedly ran over to hug him.

“Matthew, are you okay? I’m sorry… I know what I did was selfish but I can’t watch Demi die! No matter what, I’ll share all the burden with you. Regardless of the amount of debt, I’ll help you pay it even if I have to sell Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and work for my whole life!”

Hearing this, Helen frowned and said, “Sasha, stop talking nonsense. Cunningham Pharmaceuticals isn’t fully owned by you. Do you really think you can sell it because you want to?

By the way, Matthew, why did you return? Did you come here to hide because you lost the competition and have nowhere to go? I’m warning you, you better not drag us into your mess!”

Anxious, Sasha hurriedly said, “Mom, how can you say that? If it wasn’t for Demi, would Matthew be threatened? Our family brought Matthew harm. What right do you have to blame him?”

Helen sneered, “Our family harmed him? Sasha, let him speak for himself. Even if Demi wasn’t involved, could he have won? All the famous doctors from six states were there. How could he compete with them?”

Sasha shivered with anger. She never thought that her mother would be so ungrateful.

“Matthew, don’t worry. No matter what happens, I’ll bear the burden with you!” Sasha said loudly.

Hearing this, Helen instantly yelled, “Matthew, you have caused a huge disaster and brought trouble upon yourself, but here you are asking your wife to suffer with you.

Are you even a man? If you have conscience, you would bear the responsibility yourself. Don’t drag Sasha into your mess! If you really love her, you should give her a better life and not ask her to suffer together with you. Understand?”

Matthew sighed helplessly and muttered, “Helen, there’s no need to be anxious. I didn’t lose at the conference so what is there to suffer?”

The three people in the room were all dumbfounded and they looked at Matthew in a daze. After a while, Helen burst into laughter and said, “Matthew, have you lost your mind?

You didn’t lose? Are you saying that you won? Don’t tell me that your medical skills are even better than Dr. Ellis and Leonard’s medical skills!”

Sasha was also shocked. “Matthew, what are you talking about? What do you mean when you say you didn’t lose? Matthew, you don’t have to worry. I’ll be by your side no matter what!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 384

Matthew helplessly replied, “Sasha, I’m telling the truth. Eastcliff is the biggest winner of the conference this time!”

Sasha was stunned. Matthew doesn’t seem to be lying. Could he really be telling the truth?

Meanwhile, James frowned. “Matthew, you saying that you didn’t lose is already a big lie. How dare you say that Eastcliff is the biggest winner? What proof do you have? Were the famous doctors from all six southern states no match for the doctor you found? Who did you find? A reincarnation of Asclepius?”

Meanwhile, Helen roared with laughter. Then, with a look of contempt, she said, “If Eastcliff is the biggest winner, I’ll walk backward from now on!”

Just then, the phone on the table suddenly rang. James casually picked up the phone and said, “Hello, may I know who you’re looking for?”

An excited voice could be heard from the other side of the phone. “James, is that you? It’s me, Jefford!”

James was surprised to hear his voice. “Jefford? What’s the matter?”

Jefford was one of the shareholders of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

Back when Matthew founded the Eastcliff representatives, Jefford invested more than 10 million in it. He was one of the few people in the company who supported Matthew.

Jefford sounded extremely excited. “Where’s Matthew? Is he home? Help me pass a message to Matthew and ask him to make some time for me. We’re preparing to host a celebration banquet soon. Please tell Matthew that he must be there!”

James was confused. “What celebration banquet? How many people and who will be joining? Why must you invite Matthew?”

Jefford replied, “Haven’t you heard? Eastcliff made a big win at the Six Southern States Medical Conference and won first place. The return we are getting for the money we invested is at least six or seven times. All the shareholders who have invested are planning to gather together to host a celebration banquet.

Well then, James, I’ll stop talking to you now. We are heading out for drinks later. Tell Mr. Larson that he can choose anytime in the next two days for the celebration banquet. We can do it anytime. Tell him that he must come!”

After Jefford finished speaking, he directly hung up the phone. Meanwhile, James was dumbfounded and he stood frozen with the phone in his hand.

“What’s wrong? What’s the matter? What happened?” Helen asked anxiously.

After a moment of silence, James told them everything.

After hearing this, Sasha was overjoyed. “Matthew, you were telling the truth! Eastcliff is really the biggest winner! That’s amazing! What great news!”

As for Helen, she had a look of disbelief on her face. With her eyes widened, she muttered, “How is this possible? How could they win? Why did they win? Is it possible that Jefford got it wrong?”

James shook his head and replied, “I don’t think so. Jefford was there at the conference. Furthermore, he went with the other shareholders. Do you think that it’s possible that they all got it wrong?”

Helen stared at Matthew intently and asked, “What happened? Tell me what really happened. Did you cheat?”

Sasha was furious to hear this. “Mom, how could you say that? Matthew won because of his abilities. How could you accuse him of cheating?”

Helen angrily yelled, “Nonsense! How is it possible that he won because of his abilities? What abilities does he have?

This is the Six Southern States Medical Conference we’re talking about. Dozens of famous doctors participated in the competition. Tell me, what ability does he have that could help him win?”

Sasha was at a loss for words because she couldn’t figure it out either. Just then, the phone on the table rang again.

After James picked up the phone, he instantly heard Eric’s frantic voice. “James, you really are cruel! Why didn’t you tell me that Matthew knows Dr. Ellis? He even asked Dr. Ellis to withdraw from Eastshire Representatives and join Eastcliff Representatives that he founded instead.

Bstard! Eastcliff actually won! You are an unfilial son! How dare you trick me? You knew that he would win but you didn’t tell me and let me sell all of my shares in Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Do you know how much money I’ve lost? You bstard! I’m disowning you!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 385

Eric’s voice was so loud that even Helen, who was standing beside James, heard everything he said, causing her to be completely stunned. At the moment, the two of them didn’t even care that Eric was angry.

After James hung up the phone, he hurriedly asked, “Matthew, do you really know Dr. Ellis? Did Eastcliff win the competition because of Dr. Ellis?”

Matthew had no choice but to nod. After all, he couldn’t tell them that he was the one who won. Only people who attended the conference knew what really happened at the competition.

Moreover, Matthew already asked Dr. Ellis to urge the participants to not spread word about him, so not many people knew about his medical abilities. Meanwhile, Sasha was ecstatic as she finally believed that Matthew won.

“That’s great! Matthew, I knew that you would succeed!”

However, Helen was furious. “Matthew, how could you do this? You knew that you would win but you didn’t tell us so we withdrew all our investments. If Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had invested 200 million, we would have gotten at least a billion. Those are all money! Our money! Matthew, what have you done?”

Matthew instantly frowned. Doesn’t Helen feel ashamed?

“Helen, I did ask you to invest in us at that time. It was you who withdrew the investment!” Matthew replied calmly.

Helen angrily roared, “We withdrew the investment because we thought that you wouldn’t win. Since you already knew you would win, why didn’t you stop us?”

Hearing this, Sasha was annoyed. “Who said that we didn’t stop you? Don’t you remember that you threatened me with death so that I would withdraw the investment? What right do you have to blame Matthew now?”

All of a sudden, Helen was at a loss for words, but she quickly recovered and furiously said, “At that time, I indeed asked you to withdraw the investment but that was because I didn’t know who would win! Matthew, y-you are so cruel. You knew that you would win but why didn’t you tell us?

If only you told us that Dr. Ellis was helping you, we wouldn’t have withdrawn the investments. You purposely didn’t tell us because you want us to suffer, right?”

Matthew was speechless. Helen really can think of a million ways to put this on me.

However, Sasha spoke up and said, “Mom, you can’t blame Matthew for this. How could he tell you in that situation? Was he supposed to tell you that Dr. Ellis would help him?

Besides, Eastshire hired Leonard so it was not certain whether Dr. Ellis could win! Secondly, if outsiders heard about the news, they might’ve gone against Matthew. Wouldn’t that have brought trouble upon him?”

Helen anxiously replied, “Am I an outsider? We are a family. Why can’t he let us know?”

Pouting her lips, Sasha replied, “Mom, I think Matthew did the right thing. This was a matter of great importance. Matthew did the right thing by not simply disclosing information. Once the news is leaked, it’ll affect tens of billions of funds. Who can afford that?

Furthermore, at that time, Matthew begged you to invest in his plan but you didn’t trust him. Who else can you blame other than yourself?

Mr. Jefford and the others believed in Matthew and took a huge risk to invest in him so they deserve to have the rewards they earned. You said that you’re Matthew’s family but you don’t even trust him. It’s your own fault that you didn’t make this money!”

Helen shivered in anger. “How could you say that? Why are you siding him instead of your own parents?!”

Sasha replied, “I’m just stating the facts. Am I wrong? Shouldn’t we be reasonable?”

Helen was so infuriated, she couldn’t speak.

Just then, James suddenly yelled in horror, “Wait a minute. Matthew, how did you win? Didn’t Sasha call you and tell you that you were not allowed to get onstage?

Travis is keeping Demi hostage. They threatened us and told us that they will kill Demi if you make a move, but you asked Dr. Ellis to treat the patients and even won the competition. What’s going to happen to Demi?”

As soon as Helen heard this, she fell to the ground and started wailing. “Demi, my baby Demi! Matthew, you devil! You killed my daughter!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 386

Even Sasha’s expression changed instantly.

Dad’s right. Matthew asked Dr. Ellis to treat the patients. Doesn’t that mean that Demi will definitely be killed?

At that instant, the joy she felt immediately disappeared and her heart turned cold. She wouldn’t be able to accept it if her sister really died.

Matthew replied, “Don’t worry, I already asked someone to rescue Demi!”

Hearing this, Sasha immediately let out a sigh of relief.

However, James asked with his brows furrowed, “You rescued her? Then where is she now? Why don’t I see her?”

Matthew calmly replied, “I suppose she’ll be back soon.”

Helen screamed in anger. “Matthew, listen to me closely. If anything happens to my daughter, I’ll chase you to the ends of the earth! Hurry up and bring my daughter back. Do you hear me?”

Sasha hurriedly said, “Mom, there’s no need to panic. Matthew already asked someone to rescue Demi. This means that Demi is definitely safe now. We just have to wait patiently. I’m sure she’ll be back soon.”

Furious, Helen yelled, “How can I not panic? This is my daughter we’re talking about! How can I stay calm? Sasha, why are you like this? Demi is your sister but you’re not worried at all. Why do I have an ingrate as my daughter?”

Sasha was infuriated. “Mom, how could you call me an ingrate? If I’m not worried about Demi, would I have called Matthew? You two are just mean! After I made that call, you never cared about what might happen to Matthew and kept talking about Demi. Do you know how he would have ended up if he stayed put and lost? All you can think of is Demi. Which of you is concerned about Matthew? Now that he’s back home, you two blame him for winning! Will you only be happy if Matthew dies?”

The more Sasha spoke, the more angry she was. In the end, tears rolled down her cheeks as she felt really aggrieved. After making that call to Matthew, she had been filled with guilt.

Now that her parents were treating Matthew cruelly, she couldn’t take it anymore.

James and Helen looked embarrassed.

Seeing this, Matthew consoled her, “Sasha, I’m fine. No matter what, I should share the responsibility of family affairs with you. Everyone’s okay now and that’s what matters!”

Helen instantly chimed in, “He’s right. Matthew is standing here alive and well, so what else do you want us to do? On the contrary, Demi is not back yet. Shouldn’t we be worried about her?”

Sasha waved her hand weakly in response as she really couldn’t reason with Helen anymore. Just then, the door of the house was suddenly pushed open. Everyone looked over and saw Demi and Liam walking in with scars all over.

Helen immediately screamed and said, “Demi, you’re back! Are you okay? Do you know how worried I was?!”

James and Sasha also ran over and they anxiously checked Demi’s condition.

Demi pulled her parents’ into her arms and wailed. The amount of torture she suffered over the past few days scarred her so badly, she didn’t want to remember it for the rest of her life. After a while, Demi calmed down.

Seeing this, Helen anxiously asked, “Demi, Matthew said that he sent someone to rescue you long ago. Why are you back so late?”

Liam replied, “We went to treat our wounds first. Later, we took a bath and put on some clean clothes before we came here.”

Everyone was surprised to hear this. Then, Sasha nodded and said, “Matthew, the man that you sent is a pretty thoughtful person.”

Just then, Demi saw Matthew and she screamed as she pounced on him.

“Matthew, you’ll pay for this!”

She ran up to Matthew and stretched out her hand to claw and tear his clothes.

Seeing this, Matthew quickly dodged her and Sasha hurriedly stopped her. “Demi, what are you doing? It was Matthew who sent someone to rescue you!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 387

Demi screamed frantically as she struggled to rush toward Matthew.

“He sent someone to rescue us? That is something he is supposed to do! If it weren’t for him, would we have to suffer such torture? All of this happened because of him! I was locked in a dog cage for a few days and almost died there. It’s all because of him!”

James and Helen hurriedly went over to hold her back. With a frown, James asked, “Demi, what really happened? Tell me so I can help you decide what to do!”

Meanwhile, Helen was glaring at Matthew angrily and she gritted her teeth and said, “Matthew, you really brought harm to my daughter! Demi, what did he do? Tell us everything. I’ll do you justice even if I have to die!”

Sasha also looked at Matthew strangely. She really couldn’t figure out what could Matthew do to harm Demi.

Demi sobbed as if she was extremely aggrieved and said, “We were captured by the Hughes because of him…”

Hearing this, Sasha was immediately annoyed and she angrily roared, “Demi, you have to speak responsibly! Do you think that we don’t know that you fell into the trap yourselves? You went there on your own accord and that was how you were captured! Travis told us himself! Don’t even think about framing Matthew!”

Demi was startled and she looked slightly embarrassed. Indeed, she wanted to shift all the blame onto Matthew and she never thought that her family already knew the truth.

After a moment of silence, Demi gritted her teeth and said, “I haven’t finished talking yet. You’re right, we went to find Travis. We only wanted to explain the situation to him because we didn’t want the Hughes to become enemies with us. However, because he offended Travis, he vented his anger on us and kept us there. Matthew, you should be the one to suffer! Instead, Liam and I suffered for you. Don’t you think it’s your fault?”

Matthew was at a loss of words. How can this be my responsibility?

Meanwhile, Sasha was infuriated. “Demi, don’t you have a conscience? Nobody forced you to suffer for Matthew! You went there on your own two feet! If you didn’t run over to look for Travis, none of this would have happened. If Travis has a grudge against us, why didn’t he capture us and lock us in dog cages?”

After a moment of silence, Demi got furious out of embarrassment and roared, “Sasha, what do you mean? Why did we go and find Travis? It’s because of you and this family! According to you, both of us had nothing to do so we purposely went over to seek death, right? We deserve it, right? Sasha, do you have any conscience?”

Sasha gritted her teeth and said, “Stop talking nonsense because I know you. It’s all because you’re not willing to give up on your dream of becoming wealthy and you were trying to befriend one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire.”

With her face reddened, Demi screamed, “Sasha, you have no conscience!”

Sasha instantly rebuked, “Yes, I have no conscience! However, at least I’m not the kind of person who pretends that they didn’t see someone drug my family member’s drink and even deliberately urges her to drink it!”

This made Demi speechless. All of sudden, she whipped around and ran to the window. “I don’t want to live anymore! Whatever I do is wrong and whatever your loser husband does is always right! Forget it, just let me die! What’s the use of living?”

Helen hurriedly held Demi in her arms and anxiously said, “Sasha, how can you speak to your sister like that? She’s your little sister. Can’t you be more tolerant with her? Do you have to make us mad to feel satisfied?”

Sasha trembled with anger as she had always tolerated Demi ever since they were young. However, nobody had ever thought about her feelings, and now, she was not going to give in for the man who loved her!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 388

At that moment, James suddenly slammed his fist on the table and roared, “Are you done fighting? You haven’t stopped fighting ever since you came back! Do you think I’m dead and the master of the family is gone?”

Everyone in the room was stunned. Then, Helen hurriedly said, “Honey, Demi is right…”

“Shut your mouth!” James scolded angrily. “Demi, this time I support your sister. You indeed did the wrong thing. Travis almost r*ped Sasha last time but you still ran to find him! Is there something wrong with your brain? Are you desperate to kill your sister?”

Sasha was shocked. She never thought that there would be a day when her father would speak for her. Meanwhile, Demi lowered her head and said nothing because after all, she was deliberately causing trouble. If both her parents supported her, she would definitely make an even bigger fuss. However, now that James wasn’t supporting her, she couldn’t make a scene.

“James, can’t you be careful of the things you say?! Demi is badly hurt. Why are you still scolding her? Can’t you feel sympathy for your child?” Helen said angrily.

However, James furiously rebutted, “Since ancient times, loving mothers raised spoiled children! It’s your fault for spoiling her. Let me put this straight! Whoever is responsible for this matter will have to bear the consequences. Demi, this time, it’s your fault and you can’t deny that Matthew saved your life. Hurry up and thank him!”

Hearing this, Demi was annoyed. “Dad, you want me to thank him? On what grounds? He’s just a loser, so why should I thank him? Besides, the person who saved me is someone Stanley sent over and not him. What does he have to do with my rescue?”

James was infuriated. “If Matthew didn’t contact Stanley, do you think Stanley will give a crap? Do you really think you’re that important? If you really are capable, why don’t you call Stanley right now?”

Demi muttered something under her breath and didn’t talk back to James. After a while, she said with a reluctant look on her face, “Mom, say something!” Just when Helen was about to speak, she saw James warning her with a glance.

Helen was slightly startled but she quickly said, “Demi, I think your father is right. You shouldn’t have gone to find Travis. Furthermore, Matthew was the one who rescued you. Hurry up and thank him!”

Demi was stunned. Even my mother won’t support me?

“I don’t want to! Why should I thank him?! I will never thank him no matter what!” Demi shouted again and again.

James directly slammed his fist on the table and stood up. “If you don’t thank him, I’ll beat you up to teach you a lesson, you unfilial girl! Besides, I haven’t settled the account with you yet regarding what happened to your sister!”

Demi shivered in fear. Seeing that Helen wasn’t going to help her, she finally gave in. Gritting her teeth, she angrily muttered, “Thank you, Matthew!”

Hearing this, James angrily yelled, “Is this how you are supposed to express gratitude?”

Helen waved her hand and said, “Enough. The child is heavily injured. What else do you want her to do? We’ll always remember that Matthew helped us and learn from our mistakes. Matthew, you shouldn’t hold a grudge against her either. After all, Demi is much younger than you both.”

Matthew nodded with a soft smile but deep down, he was speechless.

Demi is only less than two years younger than us. How is that much younger? It’s obvious Helen is still siding with Demi. However, I can’t figure out James’s reaction. Why did my father-in-law, who always despised me, suddenly change his attitude?

In an earnest tone, James said, “Demi, Matthew saved your life this time. You must remember this. From now on, you have to be polite to Matthew whenever you see him, understand? He’s our family and our relationship with each other will always be stronger than the relationship we build with outsiders!”

Demi was confused. What’s wrong with my father? Since when did he start treating Matthew as family?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 389

Afterward, James asked Helen to cook a few dishes for a celebration. Matthew went to the kitchen to help but he was stopped by James.

“You are the hero of the day. How can I let you cook? Besides, Helen and I haven’t cooked in a long time. You should just rest and let us show you our cooking skills today!” There was a bright smile on James’ face as he spoke. Seeing this, everyone else in the house was confused.

After they entered the kitchen, Helen immediately closed the door and grumbled, “Honey, what are you doing? Why are you asking me to cook for that loser? He’s not worth it! Furthermore, what were you thinking when you asked Demi to thank him? This incident is all his fault. If he didn’t offend the Hughes, Demi wouldn’t have been locked up in a cage.”

Hearing this, James waved his hand and whispered, “You women are really short-sighted. Do you know what it means for us now that Matthew has won the competition? He brought tens of billions to participate in the competition. Now that Eastcliff won, do you know how much money he earned?”

Helen’s eyes immediately widened. “Now it all makes sense. Matthew is probably filthy rich right now! I understand what you mean now. Honey, you really are far-sighted.”

Hearing this, James chuckled and said, “This is why I said that Demi is ignorant. Why are you fighting with Matthew at a time like this? Demi could just ask Matthew for two hundred million to start a company and she would never have to worry about money ever again. However, she’s stubborn and wasn’t even willing to thank him. I’m telling you, you’ve spoiled her!”

Helen blushed in embarrassment. “I didn’t think of this just now! Why don’t I talk to Demi and ask her to officially thank Matthew?”

James directly waved his hand and replied, “Forget it. If Demi goes to thank him again, it will look like we have a purpose. We should take it slow.”

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Sasha said in a soft voice, “Matthew, I’m sure there is something behind my father’s change of attitude toward you. I suspect that he’s planning something after he found out you won the competition. If they ask how much you earned later, tell them that you didn’t earn any, understand?”

Matthew whispered, “Sasha, actually, I invested all three hundred million I had. Judging from the medical resources that were allocated to us, the three hundred million can almost rake in six or seven times the capital, so that’s more than two billion. Should I hide this from them as well?”

Sasha immediately replied, “Of course you need to hide it from them! Don’t you know my parents? They made a huge fuss about three hundred million last time.

If they find out that you earned two billion, what do you think they’ll do? Matthew, the three hundred million was compensation from the Jackson family to you. What you’ve earned is all yours. You can’t let them take your money away and you have to think about your own future!

Both of them are capable people but when they were supposed to help you, they dragged you down.

Now that you’ve made money, they want a piece of it. What right do they have to do that?”

Matthew chuckled softly because he was happy that Sasha was concerned about him. Initially, he wanted to give the Cunninghams two hundred million to save the trouble of James and Helen harassing him, but after some careful thought, he felt that Sasha was right.

James and Helen were like bottomless pits and it didn’t matter how much money he gave them. On the contrary, if he gave them money, James and Helen would definitely think that he secretly had investments behind their backs.

If they started investigating and found out that the three hundred million wasn’t used to compensate Old Mrs. Graham, there would be a riot, which was why it was better for him to keep it. Moreover, he needed a lot of money to rebuild the Larson family and it was time for him to start accumulating power!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 390

James and Helen cooked a table of dishes and called the rest of the family members for dinner when they were done. James even pulled out a bottle of fine wine that he had treasured for a long time.

This wine was drunk once when Liam’s parents came by so Liam had tasted it before, but Matthew didn’t even know he had it. It was obvious that James was really giving his all.

After three rounds of toasting, James sensed that they had chatted enough so he smiled and said, “Matthew, I didn’t expect you to be so close with Dr. Ellis.

No wonder you dared to make an investment of more than 10 billion. This time, the wealthy men of Eastcliff that invested with you all earned a ton of money. Sasha really has good foresight and didn’t choose the wrong man to marry. Matthew, Helen and I are really proud of you!”

Helen nodded in agreement. “He’s right! Jefford and the others even called to congratulate us. I estimate that Jefford probably made hundreds of millions this time. How about you, Matthew? How much did you earn?”

Hearing this, Liam and Demi instantly turned to look at Matthew. Just when Matthew was about to speak, Sasha interrupted him and said, “He didn’t earn anything because he didn’t invest any money after all. The people who earned money are the men that invested. Matthew is just a middle man.”

Hearing this, James and Helen’s expressions immediately changed.

“How could you not make any money? They’ve invested over 10 billion and the profit earned is a few times more than that.

However, you’re saying that you didn’t earn anything. Matthew, did you secretly stash the money away behind our backs?” Helen asked anxiously.

James hurriedly coughed a few times. It was then only Helen realized that she was a little too anxious, so she put on a smile at once and said, “Matthew, we are not greedy for your money. We’re just worried about you! Besides, we are family. There’s nothing that you can’t tell us.”

In a soft voice, Matthew replied, “Helen, I really didn’t earn much. I only received some bonuses from the investors so I only have a few million.”

A look of disbelief appeared on Helen’s face. “How is that possible? Their investments have tripled or even quadrupled! The 10 billion has turned into tens of billions but they only gave you a few million? Do they see you as a beggar? Matthew, you… you’re kidding me, right?”

James was frowning as well. He felt that Matthew was hiding a secret from them.

Just then, Sasha pouted and said, “Mom, do you think it’s easy to earn a few million? Those wealthy men took huge risks. Besides, do you really think that Dr. Ellis would help without asking for anything in return?

Even though it looks like those men had only invested around 10 billion, they secretly spent way more money than that! Isn’t this money considered an investment? They are already nice enough by giving Matthew a few million. The person who made the most money out of this is Dr. Ellis, understand?”

James and Helen glanced at each other and the both of them looked extremely upset. They had worked hard to please Matthew and made dinner just for the money. Now that they found out Matthew had no money at all, how could they accept it?

Helen anxiously said, “But it still shouldn’t be so little! You were the one who started this and made it work. Can’t you ask them for more? If you asked them for more, I’m sure they would give it to you. Why were you stupid enough to only take whatever they offered?”

Hearing this, Sasha immediately said, “How could he ask them? At the beginning, we said that we would invest 200 million but in the end, we changed our minds when the conference was about to start. Because of this, Stanley bought a lot of our company’s shares and took a great risk.

If we invested the 200 million back then, we would’ve earned more than one billion. It was you two who forced me to withdraw the investment. However, right now, you’re asking Matthew to ask Stanley for money. Dad, Mom, if you were in Stanley’s shoes, would you give Matthew money? Wouldn’t you hate people who go back on their word?”

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