The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 391-400

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 391

All of a sudden, James and Helen looked extremely embarrassed. In order to prevent Sasha from investing, they had made a huge scene; they kneeled before her and even threatened to jump off the building. In the end, Sasha finally withdrew the 200 million.

Moreover, at that time, in order to save on interest, they even distributed the 200 million to the shareholders who wanted to invest in Matthew. James and Helen had been extremely delighted then.

Everybody said that their plan had saved the company millions on interest, but who would’ve thought that Matthew would win? It was a shock to all of them!

Those shareholders who chose to invest in Matthew indeed made a lot of money. They even clamored to host a celebration banquet because of this while James and Helen were regretting not investing in him. They had just lost the opportunity to make billions!

When they thought back to how they forced Sasha to withdraw the investment, they blushed in embarrassment. They had no one to blame but themselves for missing out on earning billions.

After a while, Helen cleared her throat and said, “Saying all of this now is pointless because nobody can foresee the future. At that time, this investment didn’t look promising. Your father and I made the decision that we thought was best for you. We didn’t think that the investment would make money.

You can’t blame us for this. Besides, we’re now talking about Matthew’s commission. Matthew, you should talk to Stanley again and see if you can ask for more money. He has made tens of billions. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to ask for a few hundred million!”

Sasha was so furious that her hands were trembling. “Mom, you really are good at ordering people around! Why don’t you go and ask Stanley for a few hundred million?

Who says that he has to give someone a few hundred million because he earned a few billion? What if his investment failed? Would you compensate him for his loss?”

Helen was infuriated. “I’m talking to Matthew. This has nothing to do with you! Besides, do you think that the example you gave is the same with the situation right now? Matthew worked for him and as a result, he made a lot of money. Shouldn’t he give Matthew some of it? Why are you talking about failed investments? This investment he made didn’t fail!”

Sasha was speechless. She really couldn’t reason with her mother.

With a sullen expression, James then said, “Matthew, you’re not a child anymore, so don’t be fooled by a few words. You’ve helped Stanley make a lot of money.

No matter what, this commission should be collected by percentage. You’re a grown man so you should use your brain. You can’t just do whatever other people tell you to do. Go and find Stanley tomorrow and ask him to give you a five percent commission.”

Helen hurriedly nodded in agreement. Stanley made a few billion, so five percent would come to at least be a few ten million, right? With that amount of money, I can buy whatever I want.

However, Sasha was annoyed. “Dad, how can you ask Stanley to give Matthew five percent of his earnings?”

James angrily said, “Because it’s the reasonable thing to do! Matthew helped him make a lot of money so why can’t he give him commission?”

Hearing this, Sasha replied, “You should think about the risk he had to take for this investment. If his investment failed, he would lose everything. Would anyone give him money if that happened?”

Exasperated, James said, “Sasha, what are you trying to achieve? Why are you thinking about Stanley when you should think about your husband?

Since he chose to invest, he should know that there is a possibility of making a loss. The person who makes the investments should be the one who bears the responsibility. His loss doesn’t matter to us.”

Sasha replied, “I’m not thinking what’s best for Stanley. I just think that your decision is wrong. Don’t you know what kind of a person Stanley is? You’re asking Matthew to ask him for a lot of money. Do you think Stanley is an idiot? If you anger him, wouldn’t Matthew be in trouble?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 392

James frowned. “Matthew will only be reasoning with him, not riling him up. Besides, Matthew helped him to make a lot of money; he’ll definitely be willing to give it to Matthew!”

Sasha waved her hand and said, “Regardless, I won’t allow Matthew to go, and I won’t let him take the risk!”

Suddenly, Demi sneered, “Wow, Sasha, you really do love your husband. Since when did Matthew become so delicate? What happened to him being brave when fighting against the Jacksons and the Hughes?

You can give your all to protect your reputation, but now that we’re asking you to do something for the family, you turn into a coward and call it a risk!”

Sasha was furious. “Shut your mouth! If it weren’t for you, the incident with the Hughes would never have happened!”

Upon hearing, Demi yelled angrily, “You really are thick-skinned! If it weren’t for your husband, would I have to suffer? Matthew, I’m warning you. I’ll never forgive you for this!”

Seeing that the two of them were about to start a fight, James slammed his fists on the table and roared, “Shut it! The decision has been made! Matthew, you’ll talk to Stanley tomorrow.”

With that, an angry James went back to his room and the dinner ended on an upsetting note. Sasha and Matthew returned to their room, and she gritted her teeth as she sat on the bed angrily. “They really are too much. How can they do such a thing?

Matthew, you absolutely can’t give in this time! If you do, they will only ask for more in the future. I know them too well!” Matthew nodded slowly, knowing that Sasha was right.

He then asked, “But we can’t just sit back and do nothing at all, right?”

Sasha scratched her head and agreed, “You’re right. We have to think of something. Otherwise, they’ll annoy us to no end!” Giving it some thought, Matthew said, “What about this?

Let’s start a company and tell them that it is a reward from Stanley. This way, Stanley will have rewarded me, just not in cash, and they have no reason to make a scene anymore. What do you think?”

Sasha’s eyes lit up. “That sounds like a great idea.”

“Does that mean you’re willing to support me?” Matthew asked with a smile.

Sasha replied in a heartbeat, “Of course! I’ll support you no matter what!”

Upon hearing that, Matthew felt all warm and fuzzy inside, and he couldn’t help but pull Sasha into his arms. To have someone like Sasha as my wife, what more can I ask for?

Meanwhile, Sasha blushed profusely and was about to speak when Matthew’s phone suddenly rang. He answered the phone only to hear Joseph crying on the other end. “Mr. Larson, I beg you. Please save Crystal. I beg you…”

Startled, Matthew asked. “Calm down, Mr. Harrison. Tell me what happened. I’ll definitely help you!”

Joseph replied in a trembling voice, “Mr. Larson, I-I feel ashamed to ask for your help… But I only have one granddaughter and she’s my only reason for living… S-She was captured by Travis, and he made it clear that he wants you to personally head over, otherwise… O-Otherwise, he’ll cut Crystal up into pieces… I’ve already asked Master Newman for help and he has contacted the Hughes, but Travis won’t even pick up their calls… He’s going all out now and I really have no other choice…”

Matthew frowned. Has Travis gone mad? How can he do such a thing in Eastcliff? Does he want to die here? He won’t even answer calls from the Hughes, so this means that he’s going against them. In that case, he’s going to lose the Hughes’ protection!

Matthew started making plans in his mind. Travis was a dangerous and ruthless person. After suffering such a big loss this time, he wouldn’t let it go and would definitely find the opportunity to take revenge.

It was impossible for Matthew to be on his guard all the time. If he was careless and something bad happened to Sasha or Natalie, he would never be able to forgive himself. Which was why the best solution was to completely make Travis disappear, just like how he dealt with Xavier! And this was the perfect opportunity.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Harrison. Leave it to me; I’ll save your granddaughter!” Matthew said lightly.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 393

It was late at night and there was a group of people in a deserted factory located in Eastcliff’s northern suburbs. The person who led the group was none other than Travis Hughes.

Not far from where he stood was Crystal, who was being hung from a machine. She was in a bad state, with blood stains all over her body and her clothes in tatters. Meanwhile, Annie and the rest were curled up on the ground.

That night, Annie did what Travis asked, tricking Crystal into going to the nightclub’s VIP room. At first, she thought that doing so could lead to a good relationship. Once Crystal married into the Hughes family, her status would rise too. Little did she know that Travis would reveal his true colors as soon as Crystal stepped into the room.

Not only did he knock Crystal to the ground, he beat up Annie and the others when they tried to resist. However, it didn’t end there. Travis even brought them to this factory area and hung Crystal from the machine. Only then did Annie and the others realize what was going on. What was done was done; it was too late for regret.

During this time, Lucas’s girlfriend tried to run away but Travis’s men broke her legs. Till now, she was still wailing on the floor. These bunch of usually arrogant and domineering second-generation wealthy children were now curled on the ground, shivering in fear.

They liked to show off their power and thought that nobody could hurt them. At that moment, however, they finally saw what a real villain was!

There was a figure kneeling in front of Travis—it was Joseph Harrison.

Joseph put down the phone and trembled as he said, “Mr. Larson has agreed to come over. P-Please let my granddaughter go…”

Travis waved his hands and sneered, “You heard the man! Let Miss Harrison down!”

The man standing off to one side laughed as he cut the ropes, letting Crystal fall straight to the ground. A look of horror appeared on Joseph’s face.

Crystal was about three or four meters off the ground, and the fall caused blood to flow out from her mouth. Trembling, Joseph called out, “C-Crystal, are you okay?”

At that moment, Crystal felt pain radiating all over her body and tears streamed down her face as she muttered, “Grandpa, I’m sorry. I-I should’ve listened to you…” Crystal really regretted her actions now. In the past twenty years, she had never suffered and didn’t know what villains were truly like.

What happened that night made her fully understand the consequences of not heeding the elders’ warnings. However, at this point in time, what was the point of regretting?

Seeing her old and frail grandfather kneeling before Travis made her feel extremely guilty. If it weren’t for her stubbornness and disobedience, her grandfather wouldn’t have to suffer such hardship. At that moment, Crystal had the sudden desire to die. Joseph, on the other hand, was extremely distressed and angry.

Before leaving, he had repeatedly warned Crystal and advised her to return home early. In the end, she sneaked into the nightclub, causing them to end up in this mess. If she had gone straight home, none of this would have happened.

After all, they lived in Lakeside Garden, which was Billy Newman’s territory. No matter how powerful Travis was, it was impossible for him to kidnap Crystal from Lakeside Garden!

Travis laughed loudly. “What’s wrong, Miss Harrison? Are you starting to come to your senses? I’ll have you know that it’s pointless! Now that I’ve caused so much trouble here in Eastcliff, I probably won’t be able to leave easily.

Understand this when I say that if I can’t leave Eastcliff, you, your grandfather and Matthew will all lose your lives! If I die, I’ll drag you all down with me!”

Hearing this, Crystal gritted her teeth and roared, “If you want to kill someone, Travis Hughes, just kill me! Let my grandfather go! It was my fault for being so vain and greedy that I went to provoke you.

It is also my fault for not listening to my grandfather’s warnings. I deserve it! What does all of this have to do with my grandfather?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 394

Travis laughed coldly. “Crystal Harrison, are you telling me what to do? Do you need me to hang your grandfather up so that you understand who’s the boss around here?”

Upon hearing, Crystal immediately started to panic. Her grandfather wouldn’t be able to handle the pain. Just then, Annie said in a trembling voice, “Young Master Hughes, t-this matter doesn’t concern us… How about you let us go?”

Crystal was furious. “Annie, how can you be so shameless? You were the one who pushed me toward Travis back then! It was also you who tricked me and let Travis capture me. But now you’re asking to leave? Do you even have a conscience?”

Annie refused to be deterred. “Crystal, stop painting yourself as an innocent child. What do you mean by me being the one who pushed you toward Travis? If you didn’t want to do it, could I have tied you up and thrown you over my shoulder?

From the beginning, you were the one who went on and on about taking us to meet one of the heirs of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire. How can you deny that you weren’t planning to get close to Young Master Hughes all along?”

Crystal was at a loss for words because Annie was right, but the latter wasn’t finished. “And don’t you dare say that I tricked and lured you to the nightclub! Did I point a gun at you? It was you yourself who wanted to go! Besides, everytime you asked me out for drinks, when did I ever reject you?

Hmph, Miss Harrison, how innocent and pure do you think you are? Don’t forget, I know everything about the boyfriends that you had! Innocent and pure? Pfft! With no less than three boyfriends in your college years, how pure do you think you are? How dare you blame me?”

Crystal’s face flushed red in embarrassment. After all, she had been portraying herself as an obedient daughter in front of her family. Everything Annie just said had exposed her in an instant, making her feel ashamed. At that moment, Joseph was completely dumbfounded.

He never thought that his granddaughter would have dated so many men. Now that he thought about it, she was not worthy of Matthew at all!

Meanwhile, Travis stood to one side and applauded. “This is entertaining! Women are really interesting once they go against each other. Wow, Crystal, I didn’t know that you were just pretending all along. Tsk! How dare a fickle woman like you even dream of marrying into a wealthy family?

Do you take the heirs of the Ten Greatest Families in Eastshire as fools? Not only are you no match for us, but more importantly, which heir would marry a woman who fools around with men?”

Gritting her teeth, Crystal blushed and said nothing. Her reputation was completely ruined. Turning to Joseph, Travis smirked as he said, “Mr. Harrison, you’re asking Matthew to save such a woman? Frankly, I would pity Matthew if he were to die here!”

Mr. Harrison’s face flushed with anger and he was heartbroken. He couldn’t believe that the granddaughter whom he loved the most had become such a different person.

Suddenly, they heard a voice. “Travis, it’s time to end this!” Everyone turned around to see Matthew standing at the door, goodness knows since when. Seeing this, a look of shock appeared on Travis’s face and he yelled, “How did he get in here?”

In fact, Travis had arranged many men to guard the perimeter and it was this very reason that Billy couldn’t rush in. If Billy forced his way in, Travis would kill Crystal and go down with her.

This was why Billy didn’t dare to attack. Matthew, on the other hand, had entered without a sound and this alarmed Travis. He didn’t know that Matthew already dealt with all the men standing guard outside.

At that moment, his underlings all had silver needles in their important meridian points and they couldn’t move at all.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 395

Travis’ subordinates that were standing beside him quickly rushed over and surrounded Matthew. Meanwhile, Travis grabbed Crystal by the neck and lifted her up, holding a dagger to her neck. “Larson, I can’t believe that you came. Is it really worth risking your life to save a vain and fickle woman like her?”

Matthew slowly walked to the center of the room and raised his voice, “As a matter of fact, I don’t know Miss Harrison very well. The reason I came is because Mr. Harrison has helped me a lot, which is why his problems are my problems!

Travis Hughes, let’s stop with this nonsense. Since I’m already here, let Mr. and Miss Harrison go now, and we’ll settle the matter between us.”

Travis burst into laughter. “Matthew, do you really think you can bargain with me at a time like this?” To which Matthew replied, “Travis, do you really think that your people can kill me?”

Travis retorted, “Oh, Larson, you think too highly of yourself! Do you know who these people are? Let me get this straight. They are martial art masters and are personally trained by the Hughes. All of them are experts at fighting! Oh, and I know that you can fight, but compared to them, you’re nothing!”

Matthew chuckled. “I’m not planning to fight them. Travis, you better think wisely. I might not be a match for them, but if I wanted to run, they may not be able to stop me! Moreover, do you know how many people are outside right now?

If Mr. Newman finds out that you went against your word and didn’t set Mr. and Miss Harrison free, do you think he’ll have the patience to wait any longer? This is Eastcliff. No matter how strong these people around you are, are you a match for Mr. Newman?”

Travis was startled. He mulled over his options before he gritted his teeth and said, “Matthew, I’ll let them go if you want me to. However, I have to tie you up first! Otherwise, if you run after I set them free, I’ll be left with nothing.”

Hearing this, Joseph started to panic and he said anxiously, “Mr. Larson, d-don’t listen to him. Travis wants to take your life. If you are tied up, you’ll definitely die. I’m old and I won’t have many years left ahead of me. As for Crystal… She brought this upon herself. Don’t risk it for our sakes… Leave us, Mr. Larson. Let Mr. Newman come save us!”

Upon hearing that, Crystal was terrified. Even though her reputation was ruined, she didn’t want to die. She trembled as she looked at Matthew and started to wonder whether this man would choose to save her. As expected of him, Matthew didn’t hesitate and nodded in agreement.

“No problem! You can tie me up first before letting them go. Travis, I hope that you will keep your promise; Mr. Newman is watching. If you tie me up but don’t set them free, he will rush in immediately.”

Travis gritted his teeth and signaled to his men. They surrounded Matthew and pulled out the cowhide rope that they had prepared beforehand, tying him up firmly. During the whole process, Matthew didn’t struggle nor resist.

Seeing this, Joseph couldn’t help but cry out, “Mr. Larson, d-don’t listen to him… Hurry up and leave while you still can! It’s not worth it to risk your life to save us!

Mr. Larson, your life is more important than ours. You must not take risks for us…I’m sorry, Mr. Larson. I shouldn’t have called you…”

Crystal was also dumbfounded. She never thought that the man whom she regarded as savage and vulgar, not to mention ungentlemanly, would be so responsible!

It made her think about the so-called gentlemen that she knew and she realized none of them could compare to Matthew.

Matthew is a real man!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 396

Seeing Matthew tied up, Travis couldn’t help but smile. “Matthew, you really are quite courageous! So willing to risk your life in order to save such a useless old man and a fickle woman; I pity you! Very well then, since you are so cooperative, I’ll do as promised. Men, let them go!”

Travis loosened his grip on Crystal and kicked at her. “Leave!” Panicked, Crystal hurriedly ran over to help Joseph. However, Joseph pushed her away and said in a trembling voice, “Young Master Hughes…

If you’re looking for someone to kill, kill me… This has nothing to do with Mr. Larson. Please let him go…”

Travis flew into rage. “Old man, I’ve already given you a chance. Hurry up and leave! Don’t provoke me any further. Otherwise, you’ll be the first one I kill!”

Joseph was about to speak but Matthew cut him off, “Mr. Harrison, take Miss Harrison and leave. Mr. Newman is outside; he has a way to save me.” Joseph was rooted to the spot. He knew that Matthew was persuading him to leave. If Billy really had a way, he would’ve entered and saved them long ago.

“Mr. Larson…”

Matthew interrupted him loudly, “Mr. Harrison, stop wasting any more time. Go! Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Miss Harrison, hurry up and leave with your grandfather!”

Crystal studied Matthew before she forcefully dragged an unwilling Joseph away.

With a dagger in hand, Travis slowly walked up to Matthew and said, “Matthew, you’re finally at my mercy. Tell me, how should we settle things between us?”

Matthew looked at him calmly and asked, “What do you propose?”

Hearing this, Travis sneered, “It’s easy! Transfer all the resources that Eastcliff won this time to the Hughes family. From now on, you’ll join the Hughes family and work only for me. Rest assured, I’ll reward you handsomely. I can turn Cunningham Pharmaceuticals into the biggest pharmaceutical company in Eastshire and I’ll make you worth billions.

Starting from today, the people of Eastshire, even those from the Six Southern States, will not dare to look down at you! How about that? A fair enough deal, right?” Travis was a smart man, after all. He knew that Matthew’s medical skills could defeat Leonard’s. If he could make use of a man like Matthew, he would definitely be successful.

Matthew chuckled. “Young Master Hughes, it is indeed a decent proposition. However, it’s a pity that I am not a dog that’s always at others’ beck and call. You almost killed my wife, so it is impossible for the both of us to become friends! You must die!”

Travis was shocked upon hearing Matthew’s words. He didn’t expect that Matthew would dare to challenge him in a situation like this. “Matthew, I proposed an easy way out, but it seems that you want to do this the hard way.

I value talent, so I gave you a chance. When I return, I’ll definitely be punished by my family. But now that you have offended one of the Ten Greatest Families in Eastshire, do you think I’ll let you survive? The Hughes family will definitely not give up. When the time comes, you won’t be the only person who dies.

Your wife, Sasha, will join you in the afterlife! Cooperate with me, Matthew, and I promise you prosperity and wealth. But if you do not, don’t even think of leaving this place. I hope you think wisely before making a decision!”

As Travis spoke, he stabbed the dagger onto the ground directly in front of Matthew, obviously trying to pressure him even further. However, Matthew only smiled lightly. “Young Master Hughes, I’m really sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t cooperate with the dead!”

Travis was taken aback for a moment. “What do you mean? Who’s the dead?” asked Travis as he glared at Matthew.

Hearing this, Matthew chuckled and suddenly said, “Mr. Newman, you can attack now!”

As soon as he said those words, the windows around them shattered and a group of people rushed in. A look of horror appeared on Travis’ face as he hurriedly got up and shouted, “I’ll kill whoever dares to come in—”

But before he could finish his sentence, Travis collapsed to the ground.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 397

Travis was not the only one who fell to the ground. Even his subordinates, as well as Annie and the others, collapsed to the ground. All Travis could feel was numbness all over his body and he had no strength at all. Looking at Matthew in panic, he asked “W-What the hell is going on?”

Matthew chuckled and replied, “Travis, I can’t believe that you come from a family of doctors. Don’t you know that the better the medical skills, the higher the ability to poison others? Since I dare to come knocking at your door, do you think I would come unprepared?

When I came in, I scattered a colorless and odorless drug. By now, the drug has already filled this entire warehouse and you would have already inhaled a lot of it into your system.”

Travis asked, “You are here too and you have inhaled the drug, but how are you fine?”

“That’s because I took the antidote in advance,” said Matthew. It suddenly dawned on Travis and he couldn’t help but roar, “Matthew, y-you’re despicable!”

Matthew chuckled. “You call me despicable? Travis, you captured an old man and a few weak women to threaten me, yet you call me despicable?”

Travis’ face flushed red with embarrassment. Gritting his teeth, he said, “So what? The winner has yet to be determined! This time, I admit defeat.

Matthew, even if I don’t become the heir of the Hughes family, I’m still one of the Hughes. Once I have the time, I’ll definitely finish this little game of ours. Mark my words, I’ll kill you and your family myself!”

Matthew glanced at him and said lightly, “Travis, you can think about it if you return home alive!”

Travis was taken aback for a moment before he burst into laughter. “Matthew, who are you trying to scare? I’m one of the Hughes; who would dare harm me? Nobody can kill me!”

Matthew smiled and said nothing. Just then, a group of people rushed in and pushed Travis to the floor.

“You all better be f*cking careful. If I get hurt, the Hughes family will surely make you pay!” Travis roared, but nobody paid any attention to him.

Meanwhile, several others helped Matthew up and untied his bindings. Before long, they walked Travis and his men out of the factory to where dozens of cars were parked. He was then taken to one of the cars and pushed to his knees.

A lone person sat in the car, his aura terrifying. Glancing at him, Travis’ expression changed instantly. “M-Master Newman!” Travis’s voice finally started to tremble.

He knew that even the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire wouldn’t dare to offend Billy Newman, the First King of Eastcliff. At the moment, Billy glanced at him and muttered, “Travis, I gave you a chance. I personally called you and asked you to let Crystal go, but you didn’t heed my request.”

Terrified, Travis trembled as he said, “Master Newman, I-I must’ve lost my senses… I know that I’ve made a mistake. Please forgive me… Please spare my life for the sake of the Hughes. I won’t dare to do such a thing ever again!”

Billy sneered, “Do you think I’d do that?”

Travis turned completely pale. “Master Newman, I-I’m the heir of the Hughes family. If I die in Eastcliff, the Hughes family will—”

Billy continued on his behalf, “If the Hughes family is upset, they can come to me. Is it because I’ve been good tempered for the past few years that gave everyone the illusion that they can ignore my words? Have they forgotten how the Newmans forced their way into Eastshire and how the ten greatest families bowed their heads to me?”

Travis was terrified as he recalled what happened in the past. Billy Newman alone had fought the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire and forcibly controlled everyone. He was the First King of Eastcliff who almost became the First King of Eastshire!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 398

Travis finally started to panic. Kneeling on the ground, he said in a trembling voice, “Master Newman, I-I’ve made a grave mistake.

Please forgive me this once; just this once! You can treat me like a dog, but let me go. I-I will never dare to step into Eastcliff ever again! Master Newman, it’s not worth it to become enemies with the Hughes family on my account…”

Billy replied with a cold expression, “If I don’t kill you today, don’t you think that others would dare to cause me trouble in future as well? Travis, you’ve sentenced yourself to death from the moment you captured Crystal!”

Upon saying that, Billy waved his hand and a few men instantly dragged Travis away. He screamed and pleaded for mercy but nobody paid any attention to him. Seeing this, Travis’ subordinates shivered in fear, their faces pale. Nobody dared to say a single word the whole time.

Billy glanced at them and said, “Break their arms and legs, then throw them out of Eastcliff! Go back and tell the Hughes family that from now on, no one is allowed to step foot in Eastcliff.

Otherwise, I’ll pay a visit to the Hughes family residence myself!” With that, Billy spun and left. Travis’s subordinates immediately wailed and begged for mercy, but everyone ignored them.

It was later that the arms and legs of these men were broken, rendering them handicapped. After everything was said and done, Billy’s men left. Meanwhile, Annie and the others were still curled up in the corner inside the factory but no one paid any attention to them.

Annie and the rest were trembling with fright. After all, they had witnessed Travis’ death with their own eyes and saw those men from the Hughes family become handicapped.

They finally came to their senses on how ridiculous their once arrogant and domineering actions were in front of big shots.

Meanwhile, Matthew was standing outside the factory. He wasn’t there when Billy killed Travis earlier. This was something that Billy had made sure of. His thoughts were simple: since he killed Travis, this would be between him and the Hughes family. Matthew wasn’t there so he had nothing to do with this.

Even if the Hughes family wanted to seek revenge, they would look for Billy instead of Matthew. In short, Billy was protecting Matthew so that the Hughes family wouldn’t confront Matthew.

Billy asked Matthew to get in the car and he passed a box to Matthew. “Mr. Larson, this is the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus that you asked for. I also have the Fruit of Mandala with me. When can you save my daughter?”

Matthew immediately opened the box and saw the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus nestled within. Almost instantly, a refreshing lotus aroma filled the car, and Matthew was overjoyed. After all, the medical properties of the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus were strong enough to cure his sister’s illness.

“Mr. Newman, follow the instructions I gave you and leave the fruit of Mandala for three days. Three days from now, I’ll personally go and treat Miss Newman!” Matthew replied.

Billy was ecstatic to hear this. “Thank you, Mr. Larson!”

Matthew didn’t go home even after he received the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus. Truth be told, even Sasha went to stay in the office, for she couldn’t stand the pressure from her parents. Up until the minute that Matthew left, James and Helen kept hounding Matthew to ask Stanley for money.

After the whole fiasco, Matthew returned to Lakeside Garden alone. As soon as he arrived at the gates, he saw Joseph and Crystal standing at the entrance. Joseph looked exhausted while Crystal’s eyes were red and swollen.

As soon as Joseph saw Matthew, he let out a sigh of relief and rushed over to greet him. “Mr. Larson, you’re back! You’re okay. That’s great!”

Earlier, as soon as Joseph and Crystal left the factory, they were sent away by Billy’s men, which was why Joseph didn’t know what happened afterward.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 399

Matthew looked at the two of them in surprise. “Mr. Harrison, have you been waiting for me this whole time? Is anything the matter?”

Feeling embarrassed, Joseph replied softly, “Mr. Larson, I wanted to bring my unfilial granddaughter over to thank you. I’m truly sorry for what happened at the conference.

I heard that she talked back. It’s my fault for spoiling her too much and for not teaching her well. I did not expect that you would even save our lives. I-I…”

As Joseph spoke, his eyes turned red and his voice began to tremble; he was deeply touched that Matthew was willing to risk his life to save them. Matthew chuckled and replied, “Mr. Harrison, there’s no need to thank me.

Back when I was at my lowest, it was you who helped me out; there is nothing I can do to return that favor. Me saving the two of you was the least I could do. There’s no need to be worried!”

Hearing this, Joseph hurriedly said, “Mr. Larson, you took a huge risk tonight—I know that it was no small effort. I-I really don’t know how to thank you. If there’s anything you need help with in the future, just let me know. I’m at your disposal, Mr. Larson.”

Matthew smiled and replied, “Mr. Harrison, there’s no need to be so serious. You’re my friend, after all.” After chatting for a while, Joseph and Crystal left. Before they left, Crystal hesitated for a moment. She wanted to say something but was too embarrassed to say anything in the end. What was done was done and anything she could have said was pointless.

Besides, Matthew’s impression of her was already bad enough. After tonight, her reputation in Eastcliff was ruined. She had caused all of this by herself and it had nothing to do with anyone else. The least she could do was accept the consequences.

When Matthew returned to his villa, the maids had already retired for the night. He went to the room upstairs and saw that Natalie was still unconscious. Matthew gently caressed his sister’s hair and looked at her lovingly.

His heart ached when he thought back to the time when Natalie jumped off a building in order to stop being his burden. If he didn’t inherit the jade pendant, his sister would have died!

“Nat, you’ve suffered long enough. I’ll try my best to wake you!” Matthew whispered before he took the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus and headed downstairs.

It was not easy to concoct medicine with the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus, for it was cold by nature and required an extremely high temperature in order to develop its medicinal properties. However, Matthew had already made the necessary preparations a long time ago.

He created a separate room in the basement of this villa which had a special stove in it. The butane fuel used in this stove could create high-temperature flames that could be used to refine special medicines.

It was only at this high temperature that the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus could release its medicinal properties effectively. However, it was impossible to refine it directly because ordinary medicine refining containers couldn’t withstand such high temperatures.

And even if it could withstand such a high temperature, ordinary containers would heat up too quickly and burn the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus, making it lose its medicinal properties. Therefore, this process could only be done with a container that could withstand high temperatures and would heat up slowly.

Matthew had asked someone to buy a few special medicine pots. He didn’t know how effective the medicine pots were, so he had to try them out first. After everything was in order, Matthew turned on the stove and white flames roared to life.

He then put the medicine pot on it. However, Matthew didn’t use the Thousand-Year Snow Lotus, choosing to do a dry run with another herb instead.

Not long after, a burning smell came from the medicine pot. Matthew took a closer look and saw that the herb he threw in a moment ago was completely burnt because of this medicine pot. He frowned and wondered to himself, This medicine pot is not working. How can I concoct this medicine?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 400

Even after various attempts, Matthew was not successful. It seemed like the several pots he had prepared weren’t suitable. As such, he felt somewhat resigned. Although he had all the required herbs, there was nothing he could do as he had yet to find suitable tools to make the medicine.

He started recalling how his ancestors used to make medicine and remembered that there was a special cauldron they used which could withstand extremely high temperatures. The cauldron was the best tool for medicine making because the rate at which it was heated up could be regulated.

However, nobody had the skills to make such a cauldron now. In his opinion, that cauldron was a must if he wanted to succeed but it would be an arduous task trying to get one!

After some contemplation, he called Mr. Harrison and asked him for a favor to keep tabs on any clues about the cauldron. After all, Mr. Harrison had been a medical practitioner for decades and he had vast connections.

It would be much easier for him to get the information about the cauldron compared to Matthew himself. Since he could not make the medicine, he had no choice but to put aside the treatment of Natalie’s illness for the time being.

When he reached the hospital the next morning, he saw James and Helen standing outside his office door. No one knew how long they had been waiting for him. The moment they spotted him, they immediately walked over with mocking smiles.

“Matt, have you had your breakfast? Here you go; I bought you some porridge and buns on my way here. Why didn’t you come back home last night?

You really shouldn’t have stayed outside since the house is big enough for all of us,” Helen said with a wide grin on her face and none of her usual aggression.

Matthew knew them too well and was certain that they only behaved so amicably because they were thinking of asking him for money. As expected, after making small talk, they started steering the conversation to the medical conference again.

Helen smiled thinly and suggested, “Matthew, I really think you should pay Stanley a visit. Think about this—shouldn’t he be thankful because of the billions of profit that you got him? Forking out several hundred million is nothing to him but it is a whole different thing for our family!

With the money, you can at least get Sasha and yourself a new house. Also, it’s about time you buy a new car; a Porsche would be nice. It doesn’t look good on you when you travel around in that motorbike—ooh, and you should really get some new clothes as well!

In fact, James and I have been thinking of getting some branded clothes for you but we simply can’t afford it. Though… with the several hundred million from Stanley, everything would be solved!”

Deep down, Matthew was amused by how nicely Helen put it. Are you sure you want to get a new house, new car and new clothes for me? Come on, I know you’re the ones who want it. Are you sure that you guys have been thinking of buying me new clothes?

I’ve never even worn a pair of new socks throughout the three years I stayed with the both of you. You might not have been able to afford new clothes but couldn’t you afford even a new pair of socks?

Of course, Matthew kept all these thoughts to himself. Instead, he replied, “Mom, you’re right. How about this? I’ll ask President Carlson out for lunch to discuss this with him.”

Overjoyed, both James and Helen nodded vigorously. “Attaboy! I was right to say that Sasha made the best choice in her life by marrying you. You’re so much more reliable than Liam! Well, you ask Stanley out for lunch and we’ll wait for you to tell us the good news then!”

While the two left the hospital smiling, resignation was written all over Matthew’s face. This was their typical behavior—when he was loaded, they would treat him as if he was the king; when he was broke, they would treat him like rubbish that they couldn’t wait to get rid of.

Matthew let out a sigh and decided to give Stanley a call. As per the discussion with Sasha last night, the two of them had decided to fork out some money to establish a company, which they would then tell James and Helen that it was a reward from Stanley.

He reckoned James and Helen would not be able to make any fuss out of it because it was only a company and not cash.

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