The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 401-410

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 401

At noon, Matthew made his way to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals on his motorbike to pick Sasha up before heading to The Court Parlour.

Several shareholders of the company had booked a table at the restaurant to buy him lunch. By the time the couple entered the private room, the shareholders were already inside waiting for them, and everyone was in high spirits.

This time, all of them had made the decision to trust Matthew and invest in him. The result was that Eastcliff managed to seize an overwhelming victory in the medical conference and made a profit multiple times their capital. Although what they had received were purely medical resources, they could still make money with them.

“Mr. Larson, President Cunningham, you guys are finally here!”

“Come over and take your seat at the head of the table!”

Finding it hard to reject their offers, Matthew and Sasha sat down. Before long, the dishes were served and all the shareholders started toasting to Matthew as a token of appreciation for his effort.

Among all the shareholders who only owned an average amount of assets, Mr. Jefford was the wealthiest with around one to two hundred million worth of assets.

This time, he had invested approximately ten million in Matthew and ended up getting a return of around seventy to eighty million, which was multiple times the amount of his capital and almost half of his total assets.

As for the rest of the shareholders, some of them had even managed to double their total assets with this investment. It was easy to see how grateful they were for Matthew.

Halfway through the lunch, Mr. Jefford spoke with a smile, “Mr. Larson, it is all thanks to you that I am able to earn such a huge profit this time!

I can tell you are really talented and capable, and I’ve made up my mind to back you up in all your future investments! You just need to say the word and I will support you all the way, even if it means selling off everything I own!”

The rest of them nodded and chimed in, “That’s right, Mr. Larson. No matter what project you’re going to do in the future, just tell us if you need our help!”

Matthew chuckled and nodded at them, “Gentlemen, I should be the one thanking you all for the support we received. Without it, I would have to crack my head to deal with the crisis at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Here is a toast to all of you!”

With that, Matthew picked up his glass of wine and downed its contents, thereafter everyone followed suit. Even Sasha joined in by taking a small sip.

To be honest, Jefford and the rest of the shareholders had done them a huge favor this time. At that time, Sasha was facing the biggest crisis of all, in which the customers requested to cancel their orders and the shareholders demanded her to step down from her position as they doubted her abilities.

If it had not been for Jefford and the rest who were willing to offer their timely support to Sasha, things would have gotten out of control. The board of the company would have surely made a unanimous decision to remove Sasha from the company. Hence, Matthew and Sasha were deeply grateful for all of them.

Some time later, one of them suddenly laughed and said, “By the way, Mr. Larson and President Cunningham, Theodore Clark called me this morning and asked me whether he could extend his company’s contract with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. However, I rejected him outright without asking the both of you.”

Theodore Clark used to be a customer of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. When the Hughes were sabotaging Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, Theodore chose to hit them when they were down and terminate all the contracts he had with them.

The dispute between the two parties even escalated to the extent that they had to go to court to settle it. Right now, most of the companies which chose to terminate their contracts with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals during the crisis had already settled their dispute with them in court, except for a few who were ethical enough not to do so.

Matthew chortled and agreed, “You made the right decision. This time, Eastcliff has been given plenty of medical resources, so we’re planning to expand Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to cover all six states instead of confining its operations in Eastshire!

Gentlemen, I promise the revenue of the company this time will triple the previous amount within the coming three days. I really don’t see the need to do business with those companies that didn’t honor their promises!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 402

Everyone was elated to hear Matthew’s announcement. Truth be told, the revenue of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had already reached over three billion even before the medical conference.

If Matthew was capable of doubling that amount, they could expect a six billion revenue after this. With such a staggering amount of revenue, the company would surely make a great fortune this time.

As the shareholders of the company, their assets would be boosted again!

Jefford exclaimed excitedly, “See, I told you that nothing would go wrong by supporting Mr. Larson! Gentlemen, I believe all of you should be very much convinced right now. I’ve known that rascal, Theodore, for over twenty years.

When he told me he wanted to terminate his contract with our company, I wasted so much time trying to change his mind and got so smashed that I threw up twice during a drinking session with him. In the end, that scumbag still insisted on doing the same thing.

Now he’s trying to beg us to take his contract back when we no longer need his business. Hmph, tell that scumbag to dream on because Cunningham Pharmaceuticals won’t do business with him anymore!”

Everyone else nodded along, feeling exhilarated. Matthew chuckled and said, “This time, Theodore’s problem isn’t just about whether we want to do business with him or not. His company is situated in Eastcliff and Stanley now has full control over all the medical resources in Eastcliff.

If Theodore can’t work with us, he won’t have anyone else to do business with either. In other words, his problem now is preventing his company from going bankrupt!”

Everyone was shocked to hear that. “Could it be so serious? How is his business affected?”

Matthew nodded and explained, “Stanley is going to expand Carlson Group. The next thing he will do is restructure the entire medical industry in Eastcliff. By then, the less competitive companies will surely be ousted by him. Knowing Stanley, I don’t expect many companies will be able to survive in Eastcliff.”

All the shareholders glanced at each other in consternation.

Suddenly, Jefford commented joyfully, “If that’s the case, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals is going to hit it big this time! President Carlson is also one of our shareholders, so the more extensive his company becomes, the more revenue we will get from him. Gentlemen, it seems like the revenue of the company will increase even more than two times!”

Needless to say, everyone looked overjoyed to hear that more money was coming in. Sasha was pleasantly surprised too because it had never occurred to her that they could actually enjoy so many benefits from Matthew’s victory in the medical conference.

Just as the atmosphere inside the private room reached the merriest, the door suddenly opened, revealing Tiger who bowed and stepped inside.

“Mr. Larson, President Cunningham, gentlemen, I’m sorry for being late. I’ll have three glasses of wine as punishment!” Without hesitation, Tiger downed all three glasses before sitting down amidst the joyful clamor.

After a few bites, Tiger announced, “Mr. Larson and President Cunningham, I came here directly from Stanley’s place. The man has been keen to buy you a meal too but he has too much on his plate lately.

He’s been having a lot of business discussions with the representatives from the rest of the five states and he really can’t find the time. However, he asked me to bring a message to all of you here. He has come up with two ways to thank you all.”

Instantly, everyone put down their glasses and paid Tiger their full attention. This was what they cared about the most. Tiger glanced at Matthew, who signaled for him to continue with a nod.

“The first option is that all of you sell your share of medical resources directly to Stanley. He will pay for them at seven times your capital. Simply put, if your capital is ten million, you will be able to get back seventy million in return!”

Everyone looked ecstatic, their minds busy calculating how much they could gain from the first option.

Tiger then continued, “As for the second option, you may choose not to sell but have to continue working with Stanley, offering your medical resources to him as an investment.

He promised that whatever you guys invest in him will increase by fourteen times within a year’s time. In other words, if your capital is ten million, you will get back 140 million!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 403

Everyone was floored by the second option. Jefford was the first one to break the silence by saying, “I’ll definitely go for the second option.

The medical conference is an annual event. I’m sure President Carlson will make a good fortune out of having full control over the medical resources for the coming year. President Carlson is leading us to a gold mine! Only a fool would choose the first option!”

The rest of the shareholders also chose the second option excitedly. All of them were wise men who had been in the business for decades, after all. They knew very well that under normal circumstances, Stanley would not want to have anything to do with them and would only give them money in return for their medical resources.

He merely offered them the second option to give them a chance to make even more money as a token of appreciation for their support.

No one else would ever get a chance like this! Of course, they felt even more grateful for Matthew because they were aware that Stanley only offered them the option for Matthew’s sake.

Tiger nodded with a smile, their reactions well within his expectations. This time, Tiger had also made a great fortune himself too. He had invested nearly 100 million in the medical conference and if he continued to invest on Stanley, his capital would snowball into over one billion.

His biggest dream in life was to have such wealth. Never had he thought that he would be able to realize that dream just days after working with Matthew. Right now, he had nothing but admiration for Matthew.

The lot of them spent a jolly time together at lunch. When they were about to leave, Jefford and the shareholders exchanged glances among themselves. At last, he took out a file and handed it to Matthew with both hands.

“Mr. Larson, we’re really grateful for your effort in the medical conference. We know nothing can fully express our immense gratitude and have no clue how to show our appreciation. Therefore, this is a little token of our gratitude. You must accept it!”

Matthew looked at it curiously and questioned, “What’s inside?” He took the file and Sasha edged closer to him so that she could take a peek. Matthew then opened the file to find a bunch of keys and a booklet. He was stunned. “Is that a title? Are you…”

Jefford chuckled nervously, “Mr. Larson, this is a token of appreciation from all of us. It’s a mansion in The Grand Garden which we each contributed five million for its purchase. Of course, it’s nothing compared to what you’ve done for us.

Since the residential area is close to the company, we bought it thinking that it’ll be a great place for President Cunningham to go and relax whenever she wanted to.”

Sasha widened her eyes in shock. She was surprised to hear that the mansion actually cost over fifty million. A mansion in The Grand Garden was her dream house and it had never occurred to her that she would be able to live in it so soon. However, she gestured to the shareholders and said, “Gentlemen, we can’t accept this. I-It’s too valuable…”

Jefford insisted, “President Cunningham, it’s not a big deal. The price of the mansion is peanuts compared to the profit we earned thanks to Mr. Larson.”

Another shareholder nodded in agreement. “Exactly. Mr. Larson and President Cunningham, please accept it because we really have no idea what we should get you two as a gift. If the two of you refuse to take it, w-we will feel embarrassed everytime we see you!”

The rest of the shareholders nodded vigorously, sincere expressions on their faces.

Sasha felt helpless and realized that the best way to go about it was to accept their gift. With a grin, Matthew handed the file to Sasha and said, “Well, it won’t be polite to turn down their offer. Gentlemen, I really appreciate the gift!”

The shareholders responded right away, “Mr. Larson, we are the ones who should thank you!”

Meanwhile, Sasha hugged the file close, feeling beyond exhilarated. After all, that was her dream house! Not to mention that she and Matthew could finally have a place of their own!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 404

After lunch, Sasha and Matthew headed straight to The Grand Garden to view their new house. Tiger took them around the residential area personally because he was very familiar with the place. After all, he owned multiple mansions there.

On their way there, Tiger made use of the opportunity to give them a brief introduction on the specifics of the mansion. It was obvious that Jefford and the rest of the shareholders had carefully made their selection.

They spent over fifty million to purchase the most expensive mansion in the residential area; it was situated in a prime location, just beside the central lake.

The mansion covered a total surface area of more than 700 square feet and had a backyard that spanned over 600 square feet. The cherry on top was that the mansion came with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. As for the interior of said mansion, every room was renovated and outfitted in an extremely lavish manner.

From the gym to the bedrooms, the study to the nursery, everything was exquisitely furnished. Even the housekeeper room located on the ground floor was much more spacious and beautiful than the master bedroom in Sasha’s old house.

It seemed like Jefford and the shareholders were attentive enough to make sure the mansion only had furniture of the best quality. This meant that Matthew and Sasha could move in straight away.

Sasha darted between the first floor and the second floor, as happy as a child. As for Matthew, he was unruffled. The mansion he had at Lakeside Garden was much better than this one.

However, he had no intention of bringing Sasha over to that mansion for the time being as Natalie was still in a comatose state. Therefore, having this mansion was better than nothing. That way, Sasha wouldn’t have to stay at the office in the future.

Shortly after he took a seat in the living room, his phone started ringing. Taking it out, he saw it was from Helen. Sasha told him, “I’m sure Mom is going to ask you whether you’ve asked Stanley for money.

Remember to tell her whatever we agreed on last night—just say you’ve gone to visit him and that he has agreed to establish a company for you. End of story.”

Matthew nodded, picking up the call. Helen made small talk before cutting to the chase and asking whether he had visited Stanley to ask him for money. When he told her what Sasha had asked him to say, Helen was dumbfounded.

After a moment of silence, she said, “W-What’s wrong with you? What did you tell him? You were supposed to ask him for money yet he chose to open a company for you instead? Where’s the money?”

Matthew clarified, “Mom, President Carlson told me it wasn’t appropriate to give me money directly. After all, he received help from many. It wouldn’t be right for him to give me money but not the others.

Therefore, President Carlson agreed to open a company for me and if anyone asks about the company in the future, he will explain it as a partnership between us.”

Helen snapped at him, “How can a company do us any good? It does not bring us any instant benefits and we might have to wait for ages before we can start enjoying the profit from the business! Don’t you know that we’re desperate for cash at the moment?

Look at your Dad; he’s had his eyes on an Armani suit for over a month but has yet to buy it because he thinks it’s too pricey. As for me, I just found out that I was the only one who didn’t have any new jewelry when I met up with my friends some time ago.

I’m too embarrassed to hang out with them anymore! Not to mention our entire household is sharing one car and it’s simply not enough. Everytime Demi comes to borrow the car, your Dad and I will have to travel on foot.

How is that acceptable? Moreover, don’t you think it’s time for us to get a new house too? W-What is wrong with you? Don’t you know our family’s current predicament? Why did you ask for a company from him?”

Matthew was left speechless. Didn’t you say that you needed the money to buy a new house, a new car and some new clothes for me? How is it that you’re saying all of this now?

Matthew explained, “Mom, there’s nothing I can do. President Carlson has made his decision and the company is going to be opened soon. Judging from his attitude, I reckon he isn’t likely to give me cash!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 405

Helen raged, “Why is it unlikely? It’s only reasonable for him to give you a share of the enormous profit he earned because of your effort. Why are you being so stubborn?

Without you, how could he have made such a great fortune? Oh, did he refuse to recognize your effort just because he’s already received the money?”

“Mom, didn’t he offer to open a company for us? Would he do that if he refused to recognize my efforts?” Matthew retorted.

Helen fumed, “I don’t care! You have to get the cash from him by hook or by crook. Geez, no wonder they say the richer one gets, the stingier they become. I don’t want the company. Just tell him we don’t need one because we already have Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

Having another company won’t do us any good. Have him know that I will make a big fuss and make sure his reputation in Eastcliff is ruined if he refuses to give you money!”

Matthew was stunned. At this rate, are you going to make a scene or commit a crime? After a moment of silence, Matthew suggested in a low voice, “Mom, I don’t think we should have a fall out with President Carlson.

Right now, he’s in charge of the medical resources distribution in Eastcliff and he has the power to determine how big a share Cunningham Pharmaceuticals will receive. If we really make a scene and anger him, he might not give Cunningham Pharmaceuticals anything and when that happens, our company will surely go bankrupt!”

Helen exclaimed, “Huh? W-Will it come to that? But Stanley Carlson is just the owner of Carlson Pharmacy. I-Is he really that powerful?”

Matthew responded helplessly, “Before this, it wasn’t the case. But now, he’s the one calling the shots in Eastcliff’s medical industry!”

It was only after a lengthy moment of silence did Helen answer, “I-I think you should still try to talk to him again. You must have not been firm enough when you asked earlier. Now, all you need to do is play hardball with him and I’m sure he will cave in!”

At that point, Sasha could not put up with her mother any longer. She grabbed Matthew’s phone and snapped down the line, “Mom, who do you think you are? Do you know what sort of person Stanley Carlson is? Do you really think he’s the right person to play hardball with?

Up until now, Stanley still drowns people in Lake Eastcliff. Do you want Matthew to risk his life playing hardball with Stanley?”

Helen fumed, “That’s just ridiculous! Matthew, were you afraid to ask President Carlson for money because you were scared of getting killed?”

Sasha was so angry that she couldn’t even utter a word. After several beats, she chided, “I’m not wasting my time talking to you. After all, President Carlson has already shown his appreciation by offering a company to us. I won’t let Matthew risk his life to ask him for money again.

End of story!” Then, Sasha hung up, not giving Helen a chance to speak. She went even further and tapped on a few buttons on Matthew’s phone to block Helen’s incoming calls.

“Alright, let’s move in here tonight. Why don’t you take a few days off and skip going to the hospital? I’m sure my parents will stop bugging you after failing to locate you,” Sasha suggested.

Matthew chuckled, impressed by how good Sasha was at handling her parents.

Meanwhile, James, Helen, Demi and Liam were at home. They had all heard the conversation just now as the phone was on speaker mode. Helen was exasperated. “What’s wrong with that girl? She’s siding with an outsider instead of us!

Did I do anything wrong by asking Matthew to get money from Stanley Carlson? I did that for the good of our family! T-They are being ridiculous!”

Demi sneered, “Mom, why are you still pinning hope on Sasha? I’ve told you that she’s too obsessed with Matthew to even bother about us!”

Suddenly, Liam drawled, “Mom, I have a feeling that Matthew was lying to us just now. Stanley Carlson is a very generous man; I don’t believe that he won’t give Matthew any reward for helping him earn so much money! The only possible reason is that Matthew has secretly pocketed all the money!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 406

“What?” James and Helen exclaimed in unison, looking enraged.

James fumed, “What makes him think he can do that? How can he pocket the money that belongs to us? The nerve of him! Does he think we won’t do anything to him?”

Helen growled, “We have to confront that scumbag now! Does he want us to kill him? For the past three years he’s been living with us, enjoying our food and hospitality. Is he going to abandon us now that he’s struck gold? I won’t let that happen!”

Liam felt a dark satisfaction and realized that the two had never taken Matthew seriously. Their perception of Matthew would always be him being a useless man no matter how successful he became. They were so used to bossing him around and had no respect for him at all. As for Matthew, he would never have a fall out with them for Sasha’s sake.

Therefore, all Liam needed to do was infuriate James and Helen; they were capable of doing anything, including making a scene at Matthew’s workplace. Go on and make a scene! One day when Matthew finally loses his patience and decides to break up with Sasha, I will then stand a chance to have her!

James and Helen were still ranting and were ready to go and pay Matthew a visit. However, they were stopped by Liam who suggested, “Dad, Mom, I’m sure he won’t admit it if you guys confront him without having any evidence.

I think it would be better to observe him for some time and try to get hold of something concrete. By that time, he will have no choice but to admit everything!”

James and Helen stopped in their tracks and slowly nodded. “You’re right, Liam. But how are we going to find proof?” Helen asked.

Liam proposed with a smile, “Matthew does not keep secrets from Sasha. I have some buddies working at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals and I’ll ask them to keep an eye on the two of them. It’s simple as that!”

Helen’s eyes gleamed up with hope and she agreed, “Alright then. Liam, you have to get us the proof!”

In the afternoon, Matthew and Sasha went to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to move her belongings into the new house. As for James and Helen’s house, Sasha had decided that they would keep away unless it was absolutely necessary.

She would still go back to visit her parents occasionally but would not bring Matthew along. It hurt her to see him humiliated by them.

While Sasha spent the entire afternoon moving her things, she wasn’t aware that Liam had got wind about what was happening. The man had sneaked into The Grand Garden himself and saw Sasha moving her things into one of the mansions there. His eyes widened in disbelief.

That was a mansion in The Grand Garden! Liam had only visited The Grand Pavilion out front and never even stepped foot into The Grand Garden, which was even more luxurious than the former. Had Matthew and Sasha moved here? This must have been the reward from Stanley Carlson!

Liam made his way back instantly and told James and Helen about the mansion. They were both excited yet furious at the same time. “How dare that rascal lie to us! They are staying in a mansion at The Grand Garden! I’m sure it’s a gift from Stanley Carlson.

Although it’s not as good as the ones in the Lakeside Garden, it’s still one of the most luxurious residential areas in Eastcliff. He’s keeping us in the dark so that he can have the mansion all to himself! This cannot go on; we have to confront him now!”

Furious, James and Helen headed out and made their way to The Grand Garden. Liam and Demi tagged along excitedly. Never in their wildest dreams did they think that someday they would be living in one of the mansions at The Grand Garden!

If James and Helen managed to get it, they would move in with them too. Living in a mansion was so much better than living in that small house of theirs!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 407

Shortly after Matthew and Sasha finished moving everything inside, the doorbell rang. When they opened the door, to their surprise they saw James and Helen standing outside with sullen looks. Their hearts lurched because they knew the couple had come looking for trouble.

Indeed, Helen exploded as soon as she stepped into the mansion, “Matthew, what a selfish and ungrateful scumbag you are! Have you forgotten who took care of you over the past three years? How dare you treat us this way? Do you even have a conscience?”

Sasha frowned at Helen and questioned, “Mom, what’re you up to again?”

Helen fumed, “What am I up to? What do you think I’m up to? Do you think that I have no idea Matthew has received at least one billion in reward from Stanley Carlson?” Truth is, James and Helen had simply agreed on a random amount when they were on their way here. They wanted to see whether they could bluff Matthew into telling them the truth.

Both Matthew and Sasha looked puzzled. When did they ever receive one billion? “Mom, where did you hear this? Since when did President Carlson give me one billion?” Matthew asked curiously.

Looking equally bewildered, Sasha asked, “Mom, you must have been hoodwinked. President Carlson has only offered to open a company for Matthew; there’s no such thing as a one billion reward! If you don’t believe it, you may go ahead and ask President Carlson about it!”

James and the rest couldn’t help but frown at their reaction because it seemed like they really did not receive such a huge sum of money. Helen waved her hands dismissively at them and said, “There’s no point asking him.

I’m sure he won’t tell me the truth as you’re all in cahoots! Matthew, you said Stanley Carlson only gave you a company, right?”

Matthew nodded and said, “Yes!”

Helen pressed on, “What about this mansion then? I’ve asked around and I know this mansion is worth over fifty million! Matthew, don’t tell me it just fell from the sky!”

Understanding dawned on Matthew. “Mom, it seems like this mansion is what’s been bothering you! Well, this is a gift from Mr. Jefford and the shareholders of the company. They gave me the title of this house during the celebration party this afternoon.”

Both James and Helen looked flabbergasted. “This is a gift from Jefford and the rest? A-Are you sure? This place costs over fifty million, which means they had to fork out at least five million each to buy it. Why are they so generous?”

Lips pursed, Sasha answered, “They received a return ten times their capital this time. Every ten million they invested, they received over a hundred million in return.

This mansion came fully furnished. I’ve done some research and came to know that just the furniture cost around four to five million. Of course they are generous because they’ve got a handsome return from the investment! Our family can’t compare because we didn’t earn a penny at all!”

James and Helen looked awkward as they thought about how they had stopped Sasha from investing 200 million in Matthew back then.

If they had invested the money then, they would have a return of two to three billion now! In hindsight, they had only themselves to blame for missing out on such a lucrative opportunity.

After a moment of silence, Demi blurted, “Sasha and Matthew, why did the two of you move over here so secretively? You guys didn’t even inform Dad and Mom about this.

Do you guys plan to enjoy some romantic time alone at the mansion while you leave Dad and Mom behind at that terribly rundown old house, which is dingy and humid? Sasha, you used to be very filial. What’s gotten into you?”

Infuriated, Helen added, “Yeah, Matthew, what’re you trying to do? Are the two of you going to live in this mansion by yourselves? Are you going to abandon your dad and I even before we get too old to walk?

I should’ve known to not pin any hope on you to take care of us when we really reach that state. Pfft, I should be thankful if you don’t poison us to death!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 408

Sasha couldn’t help but interrupt, “Mom, what are you talking about? Since this mansion is a gift from Mr. Jefford and the shareholders to Matthew, what has it got anything to do with our family?

Matthew was the one who spearheaded the investment while Mr. Jefford and the shareholders decided to invest in him. At the time, I wanted to invest in him too but was stopped by the two of you. Hence, both our company and our family aren’t related to the investment in any way.”

Helen was stumped. When Matthew successfully treated Billy Newman’s daughter back then, they could still claim their credit by saying that he did it with the help of the drugs manufactured by Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. But this time, they really had no way to associate themselves with the investment.

At that moment, Demi laughed coldly. “Sasha, I don’t quite get what you’re saying. Why does that gift have nothing to do with our family? Even assets of a married couple are considered as jointly owned by husband and wife, so how can Matthew claim full ownership of this mansion while he is just a live-in son-in-law of our family?

When he depended on us for a living, why didn’t you say that the food, clothes and things he used belonged to us and not him? Now that he has become successful, all of these now belong to him? I’ve really never come across someone as ungrateful as him!”

Helen nodded repeatedly and agreed, “Demi’s right. Since he’s the live-in son-in-law of our family, his things will naturally be ours too! Back in the days, a live-in son-in-law like him would be considered as a slave of our family and he wouldn’t even be able to have anything to himself.

Mind you, even his life would be under our full control. If we wanted him to die, he would have to do so without complaining; do you understand?”

Sasha snapped, “Such things only happened in ancient times! Your outdated opinions don’t work in these modern times. The fact that he is the live-in son-in-law of our family doesn’t make any difference. Since we’re married, we are both equals. I don’t care what you guys think.

This mansion is a gift from Mr. Jefford and the shareholders for Matthew and it belongs to him only. It has got nothing to do with us!”

Helen seethed, “Sasha, w-what nonsense are you talking about? He has married into our family and everyone in Eastcliff knows that he is a live-in son-in-law. Why do you have to let him enjoy equal status as you in your marriage? If everything between the both of you are truly equal, why did he ask for one hundred thousand from us?”

Sasha raised her voice and countered, “If he were given a salary for the work he had done over the past three years, the amount would have already reached at least one hundred thousand. He’s long cleared the debt he owed us!”

However, James disputed angrily, “That’s a different story. We helped him by offering him the money when he was at his lowest. Shouldn’t he appreciate our kind gesture?”

Sasha exploded, “Hasn’t Matthew contributed to our family a great deal too? Back when he received an Armani suit from Billy Newman, you guys snatched it from him and amended the suit to give to Liam as a gift.

When we found out that it was actually a loan, you guys forced Matthew to face the music. Later on, you cost the company a three hundred million loss because of some investment and Matthew was the one who solved it for the both of you.

If it wasn’t for him who managed to get the money back, do you think it would be you or Matthew who went to jail? Also, would you have been able to attend the Cloud Nine Cocktail Party if it wasn’t for Matthew who did a favor for Leanna Sandel? And don’t forget the time Uncle Jason came…”

James’ face was red with embarrassment. Waving his hands, he bellowed, “That’s enough! We’re here just to talk about this mansion and we aren’t interested in the old scores! What is your point to all this?”

Helen grumbled, “Exactly! He did all those things on his own will; we didn’t force him into it!”

Upon hearing, Sasha was exasperated. Are you sure you guys didn’t force him into it? Yes, you didn’t do it directly but you were exerting pressure on me instead, which nearly forced me off the ledge.

Matthew only agreed to everything because he didn’t want to put me in a difficult spot. I can’t believe all of you refuse to admit all those things now!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 409

Sasha gritted her teeth and insisted in a solemn voice, “These aren’t old scores but the truth! My stance is still the same—Matthew has cleared the debt he owed us and he is the owner of this mansion. It has nothing to do with us!”

Enraged, James and Helen were about to lash out when Demi scoffed, “Well then. Dad, Mom, there’s no point of saying anything else. Can’t the two of you see what’s on her mind? Sasha, you said repeatedly that this mansion belongs to Matthew and it has got nothing to do with us.

Meanwhile, you have already moved over to this large and brightly lit mansion, leaving Dad and Mom behind at that old and rundown house. It’s obvious that you’re trying to get rid of them. Back then, we only thought of having a live-in son-in-law so that someone could take care of Dad and Mom when they grow old.

Now that Matthew’s got a company, a mansion and a luxurious car, he’s thought of abandoning them. I’ve now come to realize that anyone is capable of pulling off anything once they are devious.

Dad, Mom, please don’t get angry. Just forget that Sasha is your daughter; you still have me. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the two of you no matter how difficult life might get in the future. Liam, are you with me on this?”

Liam nodded right away. “You’re right, Demi! The most important aspect in life is to have a clear conscience. It took your parents a lot of effort to raise you and they suffered a lot over the years. Now that they’re getting old, it’s our obligation to take care of them well!

Dad, Mom, although I am not a live-in son-in-law, the two of you have always treated me like your own son. I’ve always thought of you as my own parents and I promise to take care of you two, even if it means I have to work harder!”

James and Helen were so stirred by their speech that tears started welling up in their eyes. “Look at them! See how sensible Demi and Liam are! My dear Sasha, do you still remember how your dad and I used to work hard in order to support your education?

Demi even decided to drop out from school just so that you could have the chance to further your studies. Alas, look at what you’ve become. It’s our fault for failing to educate you properly!” Helen lamented, wiping tears from her eyes.

What she said was driving Sasha crazy. Demi dropped out from school purely because she wasn’t interested in studying. Not to mention that back then they were still a part of the Cunningham Family.

The family owned Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, and it was natural for them to support her education. James and Helen clearly did not need to work hard to provide her the funds needed.

Also, she couldn’t help but be impressed by how good an actor Liam was. He promised to take care of James and Helen like his own parents. However, did he even take care of his real parents who were still working in the countryside? He was merely buttering James and Helen up because he was eyeing the company they owned.

Sasha grumbled to herself but dared not voice them out because that would only add fuel to the fire.

James slowly nodded his head and said, “The most important thing is, one shouldn’t be ungrateful no matter how rich one gets. I never expected my own daughter to be so ungrateful! Sasha, have you forgotten what happened when you were little?

A motorbike was driving in your direction and it was your mom who protected you by wrapping her arms around you and blocking you from the motorbike with her back. Till today, there is a scar on her back and everytime it rains, she always feels sore all over. Aren’t you letting your mom down by treating her in this way?”

Sasha’s eyes turned red as she couldn’t help but remember the incident. Honestly, her parents treated her well. She only loathed them because of their greed and how unfairly they had been treating Matthew. However, it was hard for her to treat them too harshly whenever she thought about the things in her past.

Understanding her dilemma, Matthew let out a sigh. After a moment of silence, he caved in and offered a soft voice, “Dad, Mom, the both of you can move in here too.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 410

The corners of Sasha’s lips twitched slightly when she heard what Matthew said. However, she didn’t stop him. She knew that he only did it for her sake and did not want her to feel bad.

However, she was certain that he would continue to be treated unfairly by her family if they continued to stay together in the future. She was deeply touched by his gesture and looked at him affectionately.

Back then, they married each other hurriedly and she had no feelings for him at all. But now, she had fallen for him completely. Getting a husband like him was really the luckiest thing that had happened to her.

Helen was overjoyed to hear that. “Matthew, do you really mean that? Oh my, you’re really as sensible as I’ve thought you to be. In that case, your Dad and I will move over here then. Liam, drive us back to pack up our belongings. Also, get some of your men to help us move things over!”

A slightly more composed James waved his hands and said, “It’s not necessary! We just have to bring some clothes over since this place is brand new and fully furnished. We can leave the rest at home!”

Helen nodded vigorously and agreed, “You’re right. With all this furniture, there’s no need to move the old stuff over. Let’s go back home quickly and pack our clothes!”

After four of them left excitedly, Matthew and Sasha were left looking at each other. Helen, who was tearfully complaining, had smiled as soon as Matthew allowed them to move into the mansion. Upon seeing this, Sasha sighed helplessly, “Matthew, I’m sorry.”

Matthew waved at her and said, “Sasha, I’ve told you before. It isn’t necessary to apologize because we are a married couple.”

“But they—”

Matthew cut her off by telling her, “It’s okay. We will only stay here for the time being because it’s close to the company. Let’s go and hunt for another house you fancy when we have the time after this, alright?”

Sasha chortled, “Seems like someone has really made a great fortune. Why do we need another house? This is beautiful enough.”

Matthew chuckled. “Although this mansion is beautiful, it isn’t good enough for you. I will get you an even better one!”

Sasha grabbed his hands and said in a low voice, “Matthew, I would be willing to stay anywhere as long as I get to be with you. You shouldn’t splurge on things that aren’t necessary, alright?”

Laughing, Matthew assured her, “Don’t worry, I’m not splurging. This time, we’ve invested 300 million in Stanley and he’s promised to give us 10% of Carlson Group’s shares.

Judging by the rate at which the company has been expanding its business, I’m sure it will soon be worth more than ten billion. By the time it happens, our shares will be worth several billion; using some of that money to buy a new house won’t be a big deal.”

Upon hearing, Sasha was floored. “Did S-Stanley really offer that? I can’t believe he’s so generous to offer us 10% of his company shares!”

Matthew said with a smile, “Don’t forget I was the one who introduced the investment to him.”

Truth be told, Matthew did not disclose everything to Sasha. The main reason why Stanley offered him the shares was because he wanted Matthew to work solely for Carlson Group. With his marvelous medical skills, Carlson Group would not have to worry about their medical resources in the future as long as they had him on board.

As long as the Six Southern States Medical Conference was held every year, Matthew would be able to get Carlson Group the medical resources they needed and that was what Stanley really wanted.

As long as Matthew worked together with Carlson Group, not only would the company never go bankrupt, it would even thrive and improve. After all, Stanley was a very shrewd businessman.

By giving out 10% of his company shares, he could get a huge enterprise which was worth over ten billion or even a hundred billion in return. Anyone would see it as a great bargain.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Sasha was stunned. “Have they made it back so soon?” She walked over to open the door, only to find Tiger standing outside with a wide grin on his face.

“President Cunningham and Mr. Larson, congratulations on the new house! I’ve got a little present here for the two of you.”

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