The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 41-50

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 41

Hearing this, Timothy was so shocked that he almost peed his pants. He ran over, slapped Mrs. Wayne twice, and yelled, “Shut up, b*tch!”

Dazed by the strike, Mrs. Wayne covered her face. “W-Why did you hit me…”

Timothy roared, “Why did I hit you? Just be glad that I didn’t kill you. If it wasn’t for you, would my son turn out like this?”

With that, Mrs. Wayne anxiously pleaded, “W-What did I do? He was the one who delayed my son’s treatment. What does it have to do with me…”

“If you had shown some respect to Mr. Larson, our son would have been cured a long time ago. He wouldn’t be in such a state now,” Timothy said angrily. “Didn’t you drive Mr. Larson away yesterday?”

“Uhm…” Mrs. Wayne stammered, “Well, he is just a cleaner…”

Timothy jabbed, “So what if he’s a cleaner? He stabilized our son’s condition, so I consider him a doctor. On the contrary, the doctor you invited from Bainbridge couldn’t even cure our son!”

Mrs. Wayne lowered her head and said unwillingly, “It is his honor to be able to treat my son. If he cures him, I will give him 10 million!”

Timothy was so furious that he almost vomited blood. Matthew was Billy’s good friend. How could someone like him be short of money?

Matthew sneered, “Mrs. Wayne, since you are so rich, you can go hire a better doctor then!”

Mrs. Wayne started to become anxious. Where would she be able to find another doctor in such short notice? “Then… how much do you want?”

“No amount of money can make me change my mind. Goodbye!” Matthew turned around and left. Timothy was so troubled that he was on the brink of tears as he quickly stopped Matthew. “Mr. Larson, I’m sorry. Please don’t bother listening to the likes of her. I beg you, please save my son!”

“This is bad. Young Master Wayne is starting to vomit blood again!” An exclamation came from the ward.

Mrs. Wayne’s face turned pale, and she begged anxiously, “Save my son. Hurry! Save my son…”

No one paid any attention to her, and even the doctors dared not approach the ward. Timothy’s complexion flushed red. He suddenly turned around and slapped Mrs. Wayne’s face before yelling, “Kneel down!”

Coming back to her senses after the smack, Mrs. Wayne kneeled on the ground and implored, “Mr. Larson, please save my son. I was wrong. Please forgive me. I-I will never be rude to you again…”

Matthew gave her a cold glance. “Alright, then. I will give face to Mr. Wayne today!”

Striding quickly into the ward, Matthew picked up a few silver needles nearby and pierced them into Young Master Wayne’s body, whose condition quickly stabilized. His breathing became steady, and his vital signs returned to normal. Dr. York, who was watching from the side, was shocked to the extreme. He had heard Timothy talking about what happened previously, about how Matthew had been insulted and driven away by these people. At this instant, his dissatisfaction toward Matthew quickly vanished.

“Mr. Larson, you’re indeed a great doctor. Your technique of acupuncture has broadened my horizons. You’re impressive indeed!” Dr. York complimented with a sincere tone.

Matthew replied, “Dr. York, you’re flattering me!”

Next, Dr. York personally operated on Young Master Wayne, and quickly resolved everything.

Feeling grateful to Matthew, Timothy took out a card and handed it to him. “Mr. Larson, this is the Supreme Card for all of my companies. With this, you won’t be charged with whatever purchase from all companies under my name. Mr. Larson, please accept it!”

Matthew rejected again and again, but Timothy still forced the Supreme Card into Matthew’s hands. Seeing this, Ivan and Jeffrey were extremely envious. They had also heard of this Supreme Card. After all, Timothy only sent out two copies throughout the entire of Eastshire. One was given to Billy, and one was given to a big shot in the city. Now, this third one was passed to Matthew.

Jeffrey couldn’t reconcile with that fact. “Mr. Wayne, Mr. Larson just did what he ought to do. Why are you giving him such a huge reward?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 42

Timothy’s expression changed, and he gave Jeffrey a kick. “I nearly forgot to settle the account with you since you were so quiet. Jeffrey, how dare you drive a wedge between Mr. Larson and I!”

Trembling, Jeffrey’s face changed drastically. “Mr. Wayne, what are you talking about? I-I don’t understand…”

Timothy was furious. “You’re still acting dumb, eh? You motherfcker! Mr. Larson told me everything. You bstard, you almost killed my son. How can I ever forgive you?! Guards, drag this b*stard out and feed him to the dogs!”

A group of people rushed in and immediately started heaving Jeffrey out. Ivan panicked and hurried over. “Mr. Wayne, please don’t be angry with him. He… He didn’t mean it. Please let him go for my sake…”

“Who do you think you are? Do you really think that you’re so great that I have to let him go for your sake?!” Timothy waved his hand angrily. “Drag out this useless trash and feed him to the dogs too!”

Ivan and Jeffrey wailed and begged together, but no one paid any attention to them. On second note, Dr. York originally planned to invite Matthew to the city hospital, but Matthew didn’t want to work at such a high-profile place, so he stayed in the emergency department here.

To express his gratitude, Timothy donated 50 million to the hospital on the spot. Not only that, he would donate 30 million to the hospital every year in the future.

The dean, who was still on a business trip, was extremely happy to hear the news and immediately called Matthew to thank him. Of course, Matthew did not disclose the truth about what had occured; he still wanted to keep them hidden. The people at the hospital only knew that it was Dr. York who rescued Young Master Wayne in the end. Everything else was kept a secret.

Since Ivan and Jeffrey were gone, Matthew had a much better time working in the hospital. After leaving work at noon, Matthew rode on his electric bike and came to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. As soon as he arrived at the entrance, he heard a rant from inside.

“Why are you refusing to let us in? We are the employees here. Why aren’t you letting us go to work?”

“Exactly. We just went home and took a break yesterday. A huge sum of bonus was given out the day before. Why weren’t we given our bonuses too?”

“We were working hard to develop new drugs for the company, but now that you are making profit, you just pushed us aside like that? How could the company be so unreasonable?”

“Sasha Cunningham, ​​come out! If you don’t make this clear today, we will fight with you until the end!”

Matthew glanced at them. These people were the ones who chose to resign yesterday. It seemed that they wanted to resume work after finding out that the company had made deals worth 3 billion.

“You all have already resigned, and yet you guys are here to make trouble. You are too shameless!” Matthew chastised loudly.

The group of people immediately turned their heads, and thereafter the leader of the group yelled, “Aren’t you that live-in son-in-law? Don’t think that you can lecture us here just because Sasha that b*tch favors you!”

“If you want to rebuke us, at least change your last name to Cunningham first!”

“In ancient times, when a woman was married into the man’s family, she had to change her last name. You should change yours too since you’ve married into the Cunningham Family!”

Everyone laughed and mocked Matthew capriciously. However, Matthew didn’t speak and walked toward them one step at a time. Suddenly, he grabbed the man by the head and kicked him down the steps.

“How dare you hit him?!” The crowd was furious.

Feeling enraged, Matthew yelled confidently, “If you dare to insult Sasha again, I will get you killed!”

The group of people were immediately frightened. They had never seen Matthew being so mad before.

“I’ll give you three minutes. Get out of here immediately, otherwise I’ll call the police! Remember, you are no longer employees of the company, and you have signed your resignation letters. If you make trouble here again, hmph, I will send you all to jail!” With that, Matthew entered the company with his head held high without taking another look at them.

The group of people looked at each other and finally left in despair.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 43

As soon as he reached the door to Sasha’s office, Matthew met James and Helen. James wore a brand new suit, and he trotted around proudly with Matthew’s Rolex watch on his wrist.

Helen was also wearing the clothes she would only wear for high-end banquets with an expensive-looking necklace around her neck. She was dolled up in jewels from head to toe.

“Sigh, do you really need to trouble Sasha for such a trivial matter? Just ask him to come find me!” James threw out a portfolio and waved his hand. “Next!”

The employee silently picked up the portfolio from the ground and left with his head held low. Another employee walked over. “Mr. Cunningham, this is a new order form. It requires Miss Cunningham’s signature!”

James didn’t even look at it. “Put it here. I can sign it.”

The staff replied, “But this… this really requires Miss Cunningham’s own signature.”

Hearing this, James became furious. “Tsk, what’s the meaning of this? Sasha is my daughter, and she is the Chairman of the company. Since the company belongs to her, it’s mine as well. What’s the difference if I signed it instead of her?”

“I didn’t mean that…” the employee said awkwardly. “This transaction involves the company’s account, so it needs… the company seal…”

James was stunned for a moment. With an upset expression, he uttered, “I see. You can leave it here. I’ll go ask her for the official seal later on!” Seeing the employee hesitating slightly, James bellowed angrily, “Didn’t you hear me?”

The employee put down the file in a panic, and James continued to wave his hand. “Next. Can you hurry up? With this kind of efficiency, do you really think that you deserve the bonus you received yesterday?”

The group of employees dared not speak; they just handed over their documents hastily. Seeing this, Matthew was speechless. Sasha had just become the Chairman of the board, but James and Helen had already started to stir up trouble. Judging the current situation, people who didn’t know better would think that James was the Chairman.

Helen saw Matthew at a glance, and immediately looked displeased. “Matthew, what are you doing here?”

“It’s noon. I’m here to have lunch with Sasha.”

“Why aren’t you sweeping the floors at the hospital? What’s the matter? Are you here for a free meal because you dislike the food provided there? Matthew, oh, Matthew, I can turn a blind eye when you’re out for small advantages at home, but this is Sasha’s company. Could you please stop embarrassing her?” Helen was annoyed.

Everyone around looked over, and the mockery continued.

“This live-in son-in-law is so thick-skinned. He even wants a free meal for lunch?”

“He’s an incompetent man who relies on his wife. He’s just leeching off the Cunninghams!”

“Sigh, Miss Cunningham is such an excellent person. She’s capable and beautiful. Why did she find herself such a useless husband?”

“Bah, this trash came to our company for a free meal? Has he even made any contribution? How shameless!”

Hearing their mockery, Matthew was furious. If it wasn’t for me, the company wouldn’t even have been able to make the deal worth 3 billion! Have I ever made any contribution to the company? I am the one who contributed the most! However, he couldn’t say these words to them.

“Mom, I’ll go look for Sasha.”

“Stop right there!” Helen stood directly in front of him. “Didn’t you hear what I just said? You are not allowed to enter Sasha’s company in the future! Guards, pay close attention to this man. He’s not allowed to enter the company from now on!”

“Yes, ma’am!” the several security guards responded loudly.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 44
At this moment, someone suddenly ran over to the door. It was Matthew’s brother-in-law, Liam. “Dad, Mom, it’s getting late. Let’s go have lunch,” Liam said joyfully.

Seeing Liam, Helen’s expression eased up. “Have you made the arrangements?”

“Yes. I ordered your favorite Chinese cuisine.” Liam was trying to flatter her.

“Aww, Liam, you’re so sensible. I feel more relieved with you in the company from now on!” Helen nodded in satisfaction. “Dear, let’s go. Let’s have lunch!”

James put down the files without even looking at Matthew or showed consideration for his feelings. With hands behind his back, James left with Liam and Helen with an arrogant look on his face.

Matthew was annoyed. I’m also their son-in-law, but my presence was an embarrassment to them, while Liam was praised as being sensible. The difference in treatment is too huge! However, he had long been used to these. Liam loved to flatter them, so James and Helen liked him a lot. To Matthew, none of these matter; the most important thing was Sasha’s attitude toward him.

Suddenly, Liam came over with a triumphant smile. “Matthew, stop fooling around. Sasha is out.”

Matthew frowned. “Where did she go?”

“She went to the bank to negotiate some business.” Liam smiled as he continued, “Matt, why are you looking for Sasha? If there’s anything you need from her, you can call me. I am now Sasha’s personal secretary and driver!”

“What?” Matthew asked with knitted brows.

“Sasha believes in my abilities and hired me to help her!” Liam smiled. “So, if you have any issues in the future, just let me know.”

Matthew’s face turned slightly cold, and he gave Liam a deep look full of doubts. To be honest, he didn’t quite believe Liam’s words. Why would Sasha ask Liam to be her secretary?

“Matt, we are going to have lunch now. Don’t come to the company if you don’t have anything urgent. Look at the shabby clothes you’re wearing. You’re negatively affecting the company’s image!” Then, Liam left triumphantly.

Matthew thought for a while before taking out his mobile phone and called Sasha. He wanted to ask her about this. Despite a few attempts in calling, Sasha didn’t answer her phone. She was probably in the midst of discussing business matters.

With no other choice, Matthew left Cunningham Pharmaceuticals alone. He was looking for a place to eat when a BMW with loud engines passed by him suddenly. Fortunately, Matthew reacted quickly enough, otherwise he would have been hit.

The BMW stopped in front of Matthew. There were two people in the car—a man and a woman.

“Dear, you are the best. You brought them here because you know that I like Chinese cuisine. Thank you, dear. Muacks!” The girl acted coquettishly. She was dressed revealingly, exposing her fair and slender thighs. She had heavy makeup on, and she looked quite beautiful.

Matthew looked at her with a cold expression. This girl was none other than Elaine Ziegler, the former beauty in his class. In high school, Matthew had a sense of inferiority. When he reached puberty, he had a crush on Elaine. At that time, a classmate of Matthew had a crush on Elaine as well and asked Matthew to help him send a love letter to her. This was initially a trivial matter. However, his friend did not write his name on the letter, so others mistakenly thought that Matthew was the admirer.

Plus, that classmate wouldn’t admit that he was the one who sent the letter, so Matthew took the blame. Then, Elaine’s friends told everyone in the school about it. One time, Elaine even threw a glass of water at Matthew in public and rasped, “Matthew, who do you think you are? Do you think that a trash like you deserves to have a date with me?”

From then on, Matthew got the nickname ‘trash’ in school. Elaine also became a sore spot in Matthew’s heart. To his dismay, he actually met her here today!

Seeing Elaine, Matthew couldn’t help but think of his two buddies in school. During his schooling years, he had only two friends, who were so close to him that they were willing to take a gunshot for him. Unfortunately, after graduation, they gradually lost contact.

Now that he saw this former classmate of his, he couldn’t help but lament how fast time flew. How great it would be if those two buddies were still around! Thinking of this, Matthew suddenly had an urge in his heart to return to the place where he used to live; he wanted to get in touch with his two companions again.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 45
Elaine also noticed Matthew at this time. She froze for a moment, and then sneered, “Oh, isn’t this Matthew? What are you doing here? Are you working as a valet?”

Next to Elaine was a man with a tattoo sleeve. He seemed about forty years old, and he had a shaved head. He wore a chunky gold chain, a big gold watch, and black sunglasses. He seemed like a thug at first glance. The man’s name was Logan, nicknamed Mr. Logan.

Back in Matthew’s schooling days, Logan would lurk around the school and blackmail the students. At that time, he claimed to be the boss in that area, who had relations with many of the female students. Elaine dated him when she was still studying. At that time, she relied on Logan’s reputation to swagger before others in school.

After Matthew helped his classmate pass the love letter to Elaine, Logan’s lackeys even came to teach Matthew a lesson. If it hadn’t been for Julian Davis, Matthew’s friend, Matthew would have been injured to the point where he wouldn’t be able to attend school. To his surprise, Logan had become rich after so many years. He was even driving a BMW.

“Who is he?” Logan glanced at Matthew with an arrogant expression.

“He’s the trash I told you about. He had a crush on me back when we were still in school.” Elaine proudly said, “He wrote a love letter to me, but he didn’t have the guts to put his name on it. Then, he even refused to admit that he was the one who wrote the letter. Plus, he kept peeking at me all day. How I wish to gouge his eyes out.”

Matthew frowned, for he had never peeked at Elaine. This girl was clearly exaggerating the story!

“So that’s the guy!” Logan suddenly smiled. He grabbed Elaine’s slender waist with one hand and looked mockingly at Matthew. “Boy, I can’t believe that a trash like you was fantasizing about dating a goddess like Elaine. Do you know how much money she spends on clothes and cosmetic products every month? Our expenses at the bar for one night exceeds your salary for one year. Yet, a useless pauper like you is thinking of dating her. You’re unworthy of her.” After Logan cursed at Matthew, his hands were still on Elaine’s waist as he smiled. “Forget it, Elaine. Let’s not bother getting upset over such lowly people. Let’s go. Don’t let this kind of garbage affect your mood!”

Elaine had a smug look on her face. “Matthew, stop following me around. You make me nauseous!”

Proudly, Elaine and Logan walked into the hotel next to him. With that, Matthew, who was scolded for no good reason, was infuriated. He looked up and realized that it was the Shanghai Nights restaurant.

Matthew had also heard of this eatery before. It was a very high-end place in Eastcliff. A meal there would cost two to three thousand per capita. He had never entered this diner previously, but at this juncture, he was truly angered. He thought about the card that Joseph gave him which contained tens of millions worth of credit.

Since they were flaunting their wealth and looking down on him, he had to make his move too. It was not like he was short of money anyway. He walked over with his head high, but to his surprise, when he arrived at the door, he was stopped by security.

“Sir, what are you doing?” The security guard was quite polite.

Matthew said, “I’d like to have my lunch here!”

“Sorry, our shop has rules that people who are shabbily dressed are not allowed to enter.”

“How am I shabbily dressed?” Matthew was annoyed; it wasn’t like he came here naked.

“I’m really sorry, but your attire is too casual. Please forgive us for not granting you access.”

“Isn’t he wearing casual clothing too?” Matthew pointed at Logan.

The security guard immediately explained, “Mr. Logan is different. He is a Gold Card member here!”

Matthew was annoyed. Why were there so many rules at a restaurant? “I just have to become a member, right? Tell me how much a membership costs. I will apply to become one now!” Matthew took out his wallet from his pocket and yelled while rummaging through it.

The security guard smiled. “Sir, not everyone can become a member. If you want to, you must first have two members to…” Suddenly, the security guard stopped talking when his eyes instantly brightened when he saw a black card in Matthew’s wallet.

That was the Supreme Card given by Timothy Wayne!

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 46
“You were saying?” Matthew asked.

The security guard swallowed nervously with a shocked expression. “Sir… M-May I take a look at your card?”

“This card?” Matthew was puzzled as he pulled out the black card. It was given to him by Timothy. Matthew didn’t take it seriously, so he just kept it in his wallet.

When the security guard took a closer look, he became even more shocked. “Sir, pardon me. Would you like to come in and take a seat?”

“Take a seat?” Matthew was surprised. The security guard did not allow him to enter just now because he was not dressed properly. What was going on? Matthew followed the security guard into the restaurant, who did not dare to mistreat the former. He brought Matthew to a place by the window where it was comfortable and pleasant.

“Sir, I’m so sorry to make you wait. If you need anything at all, please ask our waiter!” uttered the security guard respectfully before he hurriedly left with the card.

Matthew was confused; he didn’t know what had happened. But since he was already shown his way in, he picked up the menu and started ordering some food at ease. Sitting not far away, Logan and Elaine caught a glimpse of Matthew; both of them were taken aback.

“How did this lad come in?”

“Obviously it’s because he saw us earlier. He was not willing to let the matter go, so he followed us in to show off!”

“One has to spend a minimum of two thousand per meal at this restaurant. Can he afford it?”

“Hehe, whatever. Let’s just stand by and watch for now. It’ll be funny when he can’t pay the bill later!”

The two were laughing and joking around. Logan even took Elaine in his arms and looked at Matthew mockingly.

Meanwhile, the security guard ran to the office upstairs in a state of panic and asked in a trembling voice, “Is Mr. Moses here?”

“What is it?” The man at the door glared at him, dissatisfied. “The manager has something to do, so he went out. What’s the matter?”

“Hurry up and ask him to come back!” urged the security guard anxiously.

The man stared back at him. “Are you f*cking crazy? What right do you have to ask him to come back?!”

The security guard gritted his teeth and handed out the card immediately. “Hurry up and ask the manager to return!”

The man took a look, and his expression changed instantly. “I-Isn’t this our director, Mr. Wayne’s Supreme Card? Who came here? Mr. Newman, or the one from Sheffield?”

The security guard answered in a troubled tone, “Neither!”

“Neither? Someone stole their Supreme Card?” The man gasped. “My goodness, this is not an issue that we can solve by ourselves. You wait here. I will ask the manager to come back!”

On the other hand, Matthew wasn’t aware that his card had shocked these people so much. He had ordered the food and was about to have a bite when Sasha called. “Did you call me? What’s the matter?”

Matthew said, “It’s nothing. I wanted to have lunch with you. Are you busy?”

“I was in a meeting. Where are you now? I’ll come meet you.”

“Shanghai Nights restaurant!”

Sasha was taken aback for a moment. “Shanghai Nights? Do you mean the one next to it?”

Matthew repeated, “No. I’m talking about Shanghai Nights restaurant itself!”

Sasha exclaimed, “Stop kidding me! Only members are allowed to enter.”

“I mean, I don’t know. The waiter let me in.”

Sasha fell silent for a while. “Wait for me. I will be there soon.”

Matthew then put down his phone. Within ten minutes, Sasha, who was ​​wearing a professional suit, walked into the hall. As soon as Sasha entered, she immediately attracted everyone’s attention. After all, she was the number one beauty in Eastcliff. Sasha was absolutely flawless in her looks and temperament.

Logan’s eyes were fixated on her. Compared to Sasha, ​​Elaine was like an ugly duckling. Indeed, Sasha turned many heads, especially the men who were all thinking about how to flirt with her. Under the gazes of everyone, Sasha came straight to Matthew’s table and sat down in front of him.

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 47

The men at the scene were all looking at Matthew with envy.

“What’s going on?” Logan blurted out. “What is the relationship between this beauty and Mr. Larson?”

Elaine was also at a loss. Although she was beautiful, she knew that she was still miles behind Sasha. The woman was as beautiful as an angel, but she was sitting with the trash that Elaine so despised. Elaine was utterly confused.

What qualities does the trash have to attract such a beauty? Could it be that I have misjudged him? Perhaps he is actually a wealthy and powerful man. No, definitely not. He is just a pauper, so she must have mistaken him for someone else! It must be so!

“She must have mistaken him for someone else!” Elaine couldn’t help but voice out her mind. “That Larson dude is a pauper without a father, so how could he possibly know such a superb stunner?”

“You’re right!” Logan had a look of passion on his face, thinking how fortunate he would be if he could have her, even if it would cost him a few years of his life.

“I’ll go give her some insight!” Logan said with a smile. In fact, he wanted to flirt with Sasha.

Elaine knew what Logan was thinking. Although she was feeling upset in her heart, she didn’t dare to speak her mind. After all, all her meals and clothing were paid for by Logan. Logan picked up the wine glass and walked over with a smile.

Meanwhile, Sasha looked around blankly. “Matthew, d-do you have a membership card here?”

Matthew shook his head. “No.”

Sasha was puzzled. “Then how did you come in?”

Matthew recounted what had happened just now, and Sasha was even more confused upon hearing it. She knew exactly how difficult it was to become a member of Shanghai Nights. Most people couldn’t become one even if they tried, so why would the waiter allow Matthew in?

Sasha thought for a while, waved her hand and said, “Forget it. Let’s stop worrying about this for now. Are you hungry? Why don’t you order some food first?”

“But, about the membership card…”

“It’s okay, I have one, so let me give you a treat. I will help you to apply for one too once I’m done with work. The rules of Shanghai Nights restaurant states that couples can share the cards!”

Matthew nodded, looked at Sasha’s expression, and whispered, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Sasha sighed as she nodded her head helplessly. She was worried about the company’s affairs.

As soon as Logan walked over, he overheard Sasha and Matthew’s conversion about sharing the membership cards. He was completely confused. So this lady didn’t mistake him for someone else, but she’s actually his wife? What the hell? A beauty like her is married to this trash. How?!

He backed away blankly. Seeing his return, Elaine asked, “What’s the matter? Didn’t you go over there to talk to her?”

Logan was furious. “Talk to her my a*s! Those two are husband and wife. They’re both married!”

Elaine secretly rejoiced in her heart. “How can this woman be so blind and marry such trash? Look at how helpless she looks. I guess that she must be suffering in her marriage!”

Seeing Sasha’s expression, a blink of hope suddenly arose in Logan’s heart. Yes! So what if they’re married?A pauper like him doesn’t deserve to be with such a beautiful woman. I’ll flirt with her in front of him. How about that?

“Waiter!” Logan slammed the table, attracting the eyes of many people around him.

A waiter hurried over. “Hello, sir. How may I help you?”

“I don’t like this seat. I want to change my table!” ordered Logan as he pointed directly at Matthew’s table. “The seat by the window is quite nice. I want that seat there!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 48

“Huh?” The waiter couldn’t help but be taken aback. This was the first time he had witnessed such a situation. He then whispered, “Sir, someone is already sitting there…”

Logan insisted arrogantly, “Ask them to move away then!”

Hearing this, the waiter asked, “Isn’t this a little inappropriate?”

“How so? I’m a Gold Card member here. Don’t I have the right to do this?” Logan glanced at Matthew. “Moreover, I don’t think he is qualified to eat here. Go and ask him if he has a membership card here at Shanghai Nights.”

The waiter looked at Matthew suspiciously. Judging by his clothing, he didn’t look like a rich man indeed. Did he sneak in?

Elaine said loudly, “I know him. His name is Matthew Larson, who is just a useless pauper. He probably can’t even pay for his meal here, let alone get a membership card! Yet, you’re still letting him order? Haha, you’ll be in deep trouble when he can’t pay for his meal later on!”

The waiter’s expression changed as he looked at Elaine. “Miss, do you really know him?”

Elaine arrogantly answered, “Of course, he is my former classmate. He had a crush on me back in school. His nickname is trash!”

The people around suddenly burst into laughter, and they all looked at Matthew mockingly. Hearing this, Sasha frowned and looked up at Matthew, who looked embarrassed. “That’s not true. I was just helping someone pass their love letter to her. I was misunderstood.”

Sasha rolled her eyes at him. “You were quite busy in school, eh? You were already sending love letters to girls when you were supposed to focus on your study!”

Hearing this, Matthew was speechless. Soon, the waiter came over. “Sir, I’m really sorry, but could you please show me your membership card?”

“What’s the meaning of this?” Sasha asked coldly.

“Sorry, we have a membership system. You need a membership card to have a meal here.” The waiter seemed respectful, but in fact he was just putting on a fake smile.

Sasha frowned. “Are you suspecting that we don’t have a membership card?”

Elaine smiled and said, “If you have one, just let the waiter take a look. What’s the big deal?”

The people around also clamored, “Yeah! The waiter is just doing his job. Why are you putting him in a difficult position?”

“That’s right! Take it out if you have it. What are you afraid of?”

“It had happened before when someone managed to sneak in. They didn’t have a membership card and couldn’t afford the bill. In the end, the waiter was punished. What’s the difference between this kind of person and a thief?”

“You can’t even take out a membership card. How did you two get in then?”

They were all kicking up a fuss. Sasha’s complexion flushed red. She immediately opened her purse, took out a card and handed it over. “Look clearly. I have a membership card!”

The waiter examined it and smiled. “Thank you. Please pardon me!”

“Wait a minute!” Logan suddenly shouted. “I want their seats!”

“Sir, they have a membership card!” the waiter reminded him.

“I know that!” Logan nodded. “However, their card seems to be the most common membership card here. And since I’m a Gold Card member, I should have the right to choose whichever seat I want, right?”

“Uhm…” The waiter had an awkward look on his face; he had never encountered a predicament like this before.

“What’s the matter? You can’t even solve such a simple problem?” Logan asked angrily. “Do you want me to call Mr. Wayne and tell him about this?”

A thought flashed across Matthew’s mind. This restaurant belongs to Timothy?

The waiter’s expression changed suddenly. This person actually knew the boss? Then, he couldn’t afford to offend him! Striding over to Matthew and Sasha’s table, the waiter politely asked, “Sir, Miss, pardon me, but could you please move to another seat?”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 49

Sasha was furious. “Why should we?”

“Miss, your card is the most common membership card here. According to the rules, you can dine here. However, ordinary members need to provide convenience to higher-level members. So, please move to another seat!”

The waiter had an arrogant look on his face. In this restaurant, the ordinary card members are of the lowest-ranking. Only Silver Card members or above could sit in the hall. Even these waiters didn’t pay much attention to the ordinary card members.

“There’s such a rule here?” Sasha frowned. “Why don’t I know about this?”

“This is an unspoken rule!” The waiter smiled. “After all, members are divided into levels, and naturally there are differences in the rights of the members of each level!”

Sasha asked solemnly, “Then, that gives the higher-level members a right to drive away the lower-level ones at will?”

The waiter explained, “Something like this rarely happens. However, if there is a conflict between a higher-level member and a lower-level one, then we will prioritize the higher-level member!”

Hearing this, everyone around applauded.

“That’s right!”

“Higher-level members should have better rights. Otherwise, why should we upgrade our membership?”

“Hehe, she’s just an ordinary member. How does she have the audacity to come here for lunch?”

“They should only be allowed to dine outside!”

Logan walked over with a smile. “Hey beautiful, actually you don’t need to move to another seat. I am a Gold Card member. I’ll treat you to this meal!”

Sasha’s face soured. This man was going too far. In fact, Matthew was the one who irritated her the most. Why did he choose to eat at such a place? Could they even afford it in the first place?

However, Matthew was still calm as if everything had nothing to do with him. He glanced at the waiter and inquired softly, “Are you sure that higher-level members can evict lower-level members at will?”

The waiter looked arrogant. “Not to that extent, but they should enjoy better treatment at the very least!”

“Very well!” Matthew nodded in satisfaction. He glanced across the crowd and suddenly shouted, “Then I want all of them to get out!”


Everyone exclaimed and scolded, “What rights do you have to give such an order?”

“Damn it. How dare a low-level member show such pride?”

“Kick them out. Throw them all out!”

The waiter also looked furious as he said solemnly, “Sir, please mind your words. If you insult our higher-level members, we can revoke your membership at any time!”

Elaine laughed and sneered, “He needs to have a membership card to begin with! Have you not realized? Only the woman has a membership card. He is just relying on her. He’s not a member!”

Everyone burst into laughter. Seeing this, Sasha’s complexion flushed red as she whispered, “Matthew, let’s go!”

“We don’t have to go!” Matthew grabbed Sasha and said with a chuckle, “They’re the ones who should go!”

Sasha was clearly irritated. “Matthew, there is no need to quarrel with them. We will only embarrass ourselves when this matter blows up in our face…”

Matthew calmly assured her, “Trust me. It is not us who will be embarrassed!”

Sasha looked at Matthew suspiciously, wondering why he was so confident.

There was a fierce look in Logan’s eyes as he commanded, “Get out now! Believe it or not, I’ll break your legs before throwing you out!”

The crowd clamored, “Yes, throw them out!”

“How dare they insult the higher-level members! Don’t they know that we have a higher priority?”

“Shanghai Nights must give us an explanation for what happened today.”

“How can a dog be allowed to come in and bark at such an upscale place?!”

The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 50
Sasha’s face soured; she was utterly embarrassed.

“Please leave!” The waiter ordered with arrogance, “You are not welcomed here in Shanghai Nights! Get out!”

“How dare you ask them to leave?!”

A roar suddenly sounded. The voice was so loud that everyone’s eardrums started buzzing. As they turned their heads to look around, they saw a group of people rushing over. Walking at the front of the group was a man in a suit and leather shoes; he was the manager of Shanghai Nights.

When everyone saw him, they all smiled and greeted, “Good day, Mr. Moses!”

Logan immediately put on a smile as he stretched out his hand to greet him. “Greetings, Mr. Moses!”

However, Mr. Moses just acted as if he didn’t see him and went directly to Matthew’s table. The security guard ran in front. Panting, he said excitedly, “Mr. Moses, the card belongs to this gentleman!”

In full view of the diners at the restaurant, Mr. Moses bent over and greeted respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Larson. It’s an honor to meet you!”

Everyone was stunned. Mr. Moses was Timothy Wayne’s right-hand man. He was a powerful figure as well. He was mainly responsible for the affairs of Diamond Card members. Even if Logan was a Gold Card member, he was not eligible to meet him in person. Those people who were eating in the hall would definitely show their reverence when they saw Mr. Moses. But now, he was bending down and bowing in front of Matthew. What was going on?

Logan was stunned. “Mr. Moses, have you made a mistake? This Mr. Larson is just a pauper… What do you mean that you’re honored to meet him?”

“How presumptuous!” Mr. Moses refuted with a cold expression. Angrily, he continued, “Mr. Logan, mind your words! Mr. Larson is the holder of our Supreme Card. If you are not respectful toward him, we can revoke your membership at any time!”

“What?” Logan was stunned. His Gold Card was actually obtained through his extensive network; he himself wasn’t powerful enough to procure it. Often using this card to show off, Logan also used it to flirt with many women. If it was revoked, wouldn’t it be equivalent to taking his life?

“There is a Supreme Card here?” Logan asked unwillingly. “Why haven’t I heard of it?”

Mr. Moses jabbed, “Who do you think you are? What rights do you have to be aware about these things? This Supreme Card was personally issued by our boss, Mr. Wayne. A Supreme Card holder has the highest authority in any industry owned by him.”

Everyone exclaimed in shock. They had never heard of such a Supreme Card either. However, since Mr. Moses said it himself, then it must be true!

“C-Could this Supreme Card of his be fake?” Elaine was unwilling to admit defeat. “He is just a pauper. What qualifications does he have to get hold of the card? He must have stolen it!”

With a frown, Mr. Moses glanced at Elaine. “So far, my boss has only issued three Supreme Cards. Each card holder has to go through identity verification. I have verified this, and it is indeed Mr. Larson’s!”

“Huh?” Elaine staggered, almost falling down to the ground. She couldn’t figure out how Matthew had the ability to acquire such a privileged card.

Sasha was also at a loss, for she had to go through great lengths to get her own membership back then. She had used it on previous occasions to have meals there with important clients to at least gain some respect or honor from them.

Therefore, she knew exactly how difficult it was to qualify for signing up as a member in Shanghai Nights restaurant. Even Old Master Cunningham could only get hold of a Gold Card through his connections. But now, Matthew actually had a Supreme Card in his hand?

How did he get it?

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