The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 411-420

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 411

Sasha was shocked to hear that. “Tiger, you really shouldn’t have gotten us anything! We’re friends and we didn’t even get you anything for your effort that raked in so much money for Cunningham Pharmaceuticals!”

Tiger waved at her quickly dismissively. “President Cunningham, please don’t think of it that way. I used to be a gangster on the streets. If it wasn’t for Mr. Larson who invited me to work for him, I would still be gambling and drinking with my buddies somewhere right now and would never be able to get my life back on track.

I’m really grateful for Mr. Larson because I was only able to gain such a handsome return from the investment because of him. So, please do accept this little token of my appreciation or… or else I will quit tomorrow!”

Hearing his response, Matthew and Sasha couldn’t help but glance at each other and smile. Tiger was indeed an interesting man.

“Well, since Tiger is so sincere, we should accept his gift then!” Matthew said, gesturing to the gift.

Only then did Sasha nod at Tiger. Elated, Tiger took a step back and exclaimed, “Mr. Larson and President Cunningham, the gift is in the courtyard. Please come over and have a look!”

Matthew and Sasha were bewildered, wondering what sort of gift Tiger had prepared for them that could not be handed to them directly. When they reached the courtyard, they saw two luxurious cars parked there. One of them was a white Maserati Quattroporte and the other was a black Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Sasha was dumbfounded. Could they possibly be the gift from Tiger?

Tiger then handed them two files. “Mr. Larson, President Cunningham, I chose the gifts based on my own preference because I wasn’t sure what the two of you would like. Well, I’m a vain person who loves things that I can use to show off.

The Maserati Quattroporte suits President Cunningham perfectly and I’m sure Mr. Larson will look suave in the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Therefore, I decided on these two models. Please feel free to tell me if there’s anything the two of you want to change because I can get it done right away.”

Sasha widened her beautiful eyes and asked, “A-Are those two cars your gift to us?”

Tiger nodded. “Yes! I know they might look shabby, so I also had a pair of couple watches made for the two of you. However, the watches have to be custom-made at the headquarters, so it’s going to take a longer time. If my calculations are correct, it will only be ready in two months’ time.”

Sasha exclaimed, “W-What kind of watch takes such a long time to make?”

Tiger scratched his head and answered uncertainly, “I think it was called Pat Phillip?”

Sasha was stunned. “You can’t mean Patek Philippe?”

Tiger nodded right away and said, “Yes! That’s the one! Excuse me for my shallow knowledge in watches; the only brand I know is Rolex. However, I know Mr. Larson and President Cunningham are much more refined and getting Rolexes for the two of you would be a humiliation.

Therefore, I specifically asked for Stanley’s advice and it was him who introduced me to the brand. Only then did I know that custom-made watches could actually take so much effort and time to make!”

Sasha was completely dumbstruck to hear that because she knew watches of that brand were extremely expensive, even more so when it was custom-made.

“Tiger, h-how much did you spend on the two watches?” Sasha’s voice sounded weak from shock.

“Not much honestly; around three to four million.”

Sasha shuddered when she heard that. The two watches cost three to four million? Matthew and I are going to wear watches that’re worth two million each on our wrists?

“Tiger, t-the watches are too expensive! We can’t take them!” Sasha uttered anxiously.

However, Tiger insisted right away, “President Cunningham, you’re going to make me feel embarrassed. My gift is nothing compared to the mansion from Mr. Jefford and the other shareholders!

While the mansion is worth over fifty million, my gifts to the both of you only add up to slightly over ten million. Honestly, I was even embarrassed to come and give you the gifts. Now that you are rejecting them, I will be too embarrassed to work for you guys in the future!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 412

Looking troubled, Sasha said, “Tiger, it doesn’t work that way! Mr. Jefford and the rest of the shareholders shared the cost of the mansion but you bought all of these on your own! Your gifts are much too valuable!”

Tiger guffawed and replied, “President Cunningham, you can’t look at things that way. Mr. Jefford and the rest of the shareholders only invested 200 million altogether while I invested 100 million myself. The return I got was nearly the total of everything they earned.”

Sasha was stumped and had no choice but to throw a resigned look at Matthew.

Matthew chuckled as he said, “Well, Tiger, there’s no need for you to feel embarrassed and you really shouldn’t waste your money on buying gifts for us. Since you’re one of us, you don’t have to stand on ceremony with us because you’re different from the rest, got it?”

Looking delighted, Tiger nodded vigorously and responded, “Yes, got it!”

Sasha was confused because she thought Matthew would convince Tiger to keep the watches. To her surprise, he actually went on to accept the gifts. On top of that, he even asked Tiger not to feel embarrassed. Weren’t they the ones who were supposed to feel embarrassed?

What she didn’t notice was that Tiger was so thrilled that he was almost trembling. Matthew mentioned that he was one of them, and that was what mattered to him the most!

After leaving the two files in their care, Tiger left. Meanwhile, James and Helen came back not too long after Matthew and Sasha walked back to the mansion. “Wow, the courtyard is so huge that I’m sure it can accommodate three to five cars at the same time!” James remarked, a wide grin on his face.

Helen sounded even more delighted and said, “Of course! I was told by someone working at the property management that this mansion is the most expensive one in The Grand Garden!

The courtyard is a few hundred square feet and it contains a garage large enough to house several cars at one time. You should really take a look at the swimming pools; they are so beautiful!”

Demi chimed in happily, “Mom, why don’t I invite some of my friends over to admire the swimming pools? Hmph, they’ve always boasted about having rich friends who have swimming pools built in their houses. This time, I will show them what it really means to be a tycoon!”

Helen nodded in agreement. “You should do that. Hmph, so many people used to look down on us back then. This time, we will make them realize their mistake! James, I’ve decided to invite all my old friends here for a house tour after we settle down.”

James nodded in agreement. “Of course! Since we’re moving to a new place, we should hold a housewarming party for all our friends and classmates! I’ll even call my old buddies over and we can have a meal together!”

All three of them couldn’t wait to show off the mansion to their friends.

Curious, Liam questioned, “Why are there two cars parked in the courtyard?”

The rest of them turned around to look in the direction of the courtyard. Demi, who fell in love with the Maserati instantly, exclaimed, “That car is beautiful! I have a bestie who loves to brag about her friend who’s a lady boss that drives a Maserati. Wow, that car is so cool! If only I could take it for a spin.”

Meanwhile, just like most men who had a thing for SUVs, Liam was eyeing the Mercedes-Benz G-Class excitedly.

Helen didn’t know much about cars and asked confusedly, “Are those cars very expensive?”

Liam nodded and answered, “Yes, they are! Both of them are more expensive than the Panamera you used to own!”

Helen’s eyes lit up with excitement immediately. “Seriously? No wonder they look so beautiful! W-Who own those cars? Why are they parked at our courtyard? Are they new? There are no car plates on them.”

Something dawned on Demi and she quickly asked, “Mom, could they be the gifts for Matthew from one of the bosses? Since Mr. Jefford and the shareholders gave him this mansion as a gift, it only seems logical that the other bosses would send him gifts too.”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 413

Helen’s eyes gleamed with excitement. “That seems likely! Otherwise, why are there new cars with no car plates parked at our courtyard? Let’s go and get the car keys. James, I don’t care what you want but that Marshal Ratty is mine!”

James nodded. “It’s fine, I can have the Mercedes-Benz; suits me well with its suaveness!”

Demi pouted her lips and complained, “Dad, Mom, what about me? I need a car too to handle the pharmacy business on your behalf!”

James and Helen exchanged a glance before Helen said, “James, why don’t you let Demi have your BMW? She’s right, you know. She’ll need a car because she’ll be busy handling our pharmacy in the future.”

James nodded and agreed, “Right. Very well then, you may have the BMW!”

Demi looked unhappy with their decision because she would prefer to have the Maserati. However, judging from how much Helen loved that car, she knew she wouldn’t let her have it.

Meanwhile, Liam was green with envy as listened to their discussion. He wanted to have a car too. Problem was there was no way he could get anything since the cars weren’t even enough for the three of them. After a moment of silence, he surreptitiously tugged at Demi’s sleeves and shot her a look.

Understanding his look, Demi grabbed Helen’s arm and said, “Mom, please don’t go. I have something to discuss with the two of you.”

Helen questioned her with a frown, “Can’t we do it inside the house?”

Demi muttered, “Mom, I’ve been thinking about the entire matter and I think Stanley Carlson isn’t likely to give us cash now. Why don’t we just take the company?”

Helen and James glanced at each other with reluctance. However, both of them knew that the current situation was out of their control.

Helen grumbled resentfully, “Alas, it’s all Matthew’s fault. I wanted him to ask for some cash but in the end, he only managed to get a company. It’s peanuts in comparison!”

James waved at her dismissively and said, “Forget it. Let’s just take the company!”

Helen digested the decision with resignation. Demi, on the other hand, asked anxiously, “Dad, Mom, who do you think should manage the company? We can’t let it be managed by that useless Matthew, can we?”

Both James and Helen furrowed their brows at the same time; they had yet to consider the issue. Then, James suggested, “Why don’t I manage it myself? I’m sure I can handle it well.”

Helen nodded in agreement but Demi countered, “Dad, why are you taking on such a huge responsibility at your age? Is it usual for the chairman of a company to manage the company himself? Sasha does it because she’s young and she has to prevent the Cunninghams from sabotaging her company.

However, I don’t see the need for you to manage such a small company yourself. The process of kickstarting a new company is very tiring and you won’t even have time to meet your friends. Do you really want that?”

James glanced at Demi and asked, “Demi, why don’t you just tell us what’s on your mind?”

Demi confessed, “Dad, I’ll be helping the two of you manage the pharmacy in the future and Liam will have nothing much to do. Why don’t you let Liam manage the new company since he has experience in managing a business?

That way, you can be the boss of the company without worrying about anything because Liam can help you do the groundwork. He will give us every single cent of the profit and use the money to provide a good living for both you and Mom.”

James sounded slightly hesitant when he replied, “Are you sure? The company was established by Stanley Carlson for Matthew. It should be all right if I manage the company but if Liam is the one who’s going to manage it, I-I’m afraid Sasha will make a big fuss out of it again…”

Demi countered right away, “Dad, why do you care about whether she makes a fuss out of it or not? Can’t you see that the two of them have been trying to sever their ties with us? They moved over here without telling us.

If the company is managed by Matthew, all the money will be pocketed by them and by the time they get richer and have bigger egos, do you think you can still keep them under your control?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 414

Upon hearing, Helen nodded in agreement. “Demi’s right. James, we really should be more cautious with Mathew; he’s too cunning.”

James nodded too; Demi’s comment had put him on his guard. “You’re right. Well, let’s do it this way then! The company will be managed by Liam!”

Demi was elated to hear that and Liam looked excited about the prospect. After the four of them entered the mansion and unpacked their belongings, James and Helen went straight to Sasha to ask for the car keys of the two cars parked outside.

Sasha was pissed when she heard their request. “Dad, Mom, those cars are a gift from Tiger for the two of us. Why do you need them? Don’t you guys have your own car?”

Helen snapped at her, “What do you mean by that? Do we even have a car when the two of us have to share a rundown BMW? Whenever your Dad is out, I have to travel around by taxi and whenever I’m out, your father will be stranded at home. Can you even call that a life?”

Sasha was left speechless for several moments. “Dad, Mom, life went on perfectly fine even when we had no car. Back then, you guys didn’t have much to do and rarely traveled to places which needed a car! Why do you guys suddenly need a car so desperately now?”

Helen countered furiously, “Of course we needed a car at that time. We only decided not to tell you about it because we were worried that it might have distracted you from working. Do you really think we spent every day of our lives relaxing at home like a certain useless man who’s been depending on us for a living so far? Do you think it was easy to raise you up? We had plenty of things to do!”

James too yelled angrily, “What’s the point of telling her those things? If she were to be more considerate, we wouldn’t have ended up so miserably. When we couldn’t afford a car, we didn’t bring up the issue because we didn’t want you to feel stressed about it. Now that you own two cars, what’s wrong with letting your mom and I have them? No one is using them anyway!”

Sasha corrected him, “What do you mean no one is using the cars? I’m driving the Maserati to work while Matthew will use the Mercedes-Benz to travel to the hospital.”

Helen objected, “Why does Matthew need a car while he can continue using that motorbike? Won’t he be worried about becoming a laughing stock when he drives a luxurious car to work? You might be able to put up with the embarrassment but not us!”

Sasha was puzzled. “Why will he become a laughing stock by driving to work?”

Helen glared at her and challenged, “Why do you think? He’s just a live-in son-in-law but he drives a luxurious car that is worth several million to work. What will that do to our reputation if the news got out? They will assume you’re smitten by Matthew and you would rather spend lavishly on a live-in son-in-law like him and get him a luxurious car while the rest of your family are still traveling around by taxi. Sasha, you have to care about our reputation even if you don’t care about yours!”

Sasha really had no idea what to say. “Mom, I-I really cannot understand you. Matthew’s car is a gift from Tiger; how is it related to his identity as a live-in son-in-law? He earned that car with his own hard work!”

Helen sneered, “His own hard work? Who will know about that? People don’t have a clue what he has done. All they know is the fact that he is the live-in son-in-law of our family and they will assume you bought that car for him. People will talk, Sasha!”

Sasha was about to argue when Matthew cut in, “Sasha, since the hospital is just nearby, it’s fine for me to get there by motorbike.”

Helen clapped her hands joyfully and remarked with a smile, “See how sensible Matthew is! Sasha, you really should learn from him!”

Meanwhile, Sasha eyed Matthew with resignation because she knew he only chose to compromise so that she would not be stuck in such a difficult spot.

In reality, that was only one of the reasons behind his decision. The other reason was he preferred to stay low-key for the time being so that he could take his time to improve his medical skill.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 415

Demi immediately took the two files on the table. “Dad, Mom, here are the car keys. Dad, give me the keys for the BMW too.”

James nodded and fished out the keys for Demi who was delighted. Although the BMW could not compare to the two new luxurious cars, she would still have people’s admiration when driving it.

Dumbfounded, Sasha asked anxiously, “Dad, Mom, have the three of you just divided the three cars among yourselves? What about me? Which car do I drive to work?”

James and Helen were stunned to hear that. It was only then did they remember that Sasha would be left with no car after they divided the three cars among themselves. Feeling guilty, Demi said, “Sasha, why do you need a car since your company is just nearby?”

Sasha fumed, “Why do you need a car since you don’t even work?”

“H-How can you be so rude?” Demi snapped back at her.

James waved his hands dismissively and announced, “Sasha’s right. As the president of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, she indeed needs a car. Otherwise, it’s inappropriate for her to travel around meeting clients by taxi. Demi, give that BMW to her!”

Demi looked reluctant to hand over the car keys. At that moment, Matthew spoke, “Mom, you should let Sasha have the Maserati.”

Helen went bananas and shrieked, “Matthew, what are you talking about? Do you call the shots in our family? Are you trying to boss me around?”

Matthew clarified in a level tone, “Mom, the car doesn’t suit you because the model is geared for the younger generation. Also, since you can’t drive and usually sit in the back, that BMW will be more suitable for you. As for the Maserati, it will be the perfect fit for Sasha who is both the president and the chairman of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.”

Needless to say, Helen couldn’t be bothered to compare the comfort of the cars because what mattered to her the most was whether the car would let others envy her.

“How do you know I can’t drive? Can’t I start learning now? Matthew, since when do you get to decide what happens in our family?” Helen’s voice was shrill.

Sasha muttered to Matthew, “Forget it, Matthew. I’m fine with the BMW.”

However, Matthew did not give in. Instead, he insisted calmly, “Mom, I’m doing this for your own good because the two cars are a gift from Tiger. It’s fine for me to not have that Mercedes-Benz because I don’t really need to drive to the hospital which is just nearby. However, Sasha really needs that Maserati because Tiger is working at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals now. What would Tiger think if Sasha were to drive that BMW to work instead of the car he gave her as a gift? All of you know Tiger well enough to know that no one can hold him back when he’s worked up. If he were to make a big fuss out of it, not only would he take the two cars back, things might turn even uglier when he decided to deal with the problem the hard way!”

Helen appeared slightly flustered after listening to Matthew. They still remembered how Tiger had forced those people at the club to finish all the beer stocked at the place; it was through that incident that they witnessed how powerful Tiger was. Tiger was not someone they dared to offend!

At this juncture, James said decisively, “I think Matthew is right. Helen, you should take the BMW since it’s more suitable for you. As the president of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, the Maserati is perfect for Sasha!”

Looking reluctant, Helen mumbled under her breath, “Could people be so unreasonable nowadays? Since he already gave the cars to us, it isn’t right for him to ask them back. In fact, he shouldn’t have given the cars as a gift in the first place if he didn’t really mean it. Now that he already gave us the cars, he has no say in how we deal with them.”

Sasha was infuriated by Helen’s statement and countered, “Mom, if you think that Tiger shouldn’t have given us the cars, why don’t I just return the cars to him now?”

James panicked at her words. Helen could give up her car but he couldn’t bear to part with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 416

James stepped forward to mediate the dispute. “That’s enough. What’s the point of fighting? The car still belongs to our family in any case. It makes no difference who gets to drive it!”

Despite being reluctant to accept the outcome, Helen did not dare to make a scene. If Tiger were to take the cars back, none of them would get anything. The issue was settled but Demi looked exasperated because she ended up with nothing.

Holding the keys of the BMW in her hand, Helen snapped indignantly, “Sasha, you can get what you want but there’s one thing that you have to listen to us!”

Sasha frowned. “Mom, what else do you want?”

“Watch your tone when you speak to me! Why do you sound like I’m going to cause trouble?” Helen chided.

Sasha lamented in her heart, You literally come looking for trouble on a daily basis, don’t you know?

James waved his hands dismissively and spoke, “That’s enough, let’s get down to business. Matthew, as you’re now a department director at the hospital, you should focus on your work and not get distracted by other stuff.

In that case, why don’t you let Liam handle the company that Stanley Carlson established for you? Liam is the perfect candidate because he used to run a business and has experience in this.”

Both Sasha and Matthew were dumbfounded because they had never expected such a request from them. To be honest, they knew how greedy Liam and Demi were but they never thought they would be so shameless.

“Dad, what are you talking about? The company is a reward from Stanley for Matthew because he won the medical conference. Why should he let Liam manage that company?” Sasha said frantically.

James raged, “Didn’t I make myself clear enough? Matthew, it was with our great effort that you managed to be appointed as the department director at the hospital. Shouldn’t you work hard to repay us? If you have to manage the company, putting aside the possibility that you might not be able to manage the company well, you might end up not having enough time for your work at the hospital.

What’s more, since the new company aims at raking in as much profit as possible from its business, I’m sure Liam is the right person to lead the company to that goal considering that he’s more experienced in doing business than you.

Should we leave the company to you just so that you can bring it to bankruptcy? Sasha, all of you are adults and you should know that managing a company is no picnic.”

Sasha disputed right away, “How do you know Matthew doesn’t have what it takes to run a company? I was going to ask him to resign from the hospital so that he can have the time to manage the company. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Demi sneered, “Sasha, you can just cut to the chase by telling us that you want to have full control of the finances in our family! Hmph, I finally realize it’s true that people will start to change once they get rich.

Firstly, you moved over to this mansion without telling us so that you can have it yourself. Then, you refused to let Dad and Mom have the two cars, much less your sister. Now, you aren’t even willing to let my husband manage this new company.

It’s all because you’re worried that we might pocket all the money and you’re reluctant to let Dad and Mom control the finances of our family! Sasha, Dad and Mom aren’t too old yet for you to start seizing their rights! Do you even respect them?”

James and Helen looked enraged as well. Sasha felt helpless because she couldn’t figure out why she was suddenly being labeled as a dictator who wished to control the finances of their family. She was only trying to reason with them.

James smacked the table and growled furiously, “Sasha Cunningham, let me be very clear with you that you will not call the shots in our family as long as I’m alive! The company has to be managed by Liam.

Matthew, make the necessary arrangements if you’re fine with the decision or you may leave our family! I’m telling all of you that no one has any say in this family as long as I’m around!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 417

With that, James stormed off to the second floor of the mansion.

Demi glanced at Matthew and sneered, “Did you hear that? It isn’t your turn to call the shots in our family yet! Mind you, the company has to be managed by my husband, so you’d better give up any intentions to take what’s ours!” With that, she strutted off haughtily.

Sasha’s body trembled in anger. “Mom, h-how can Dad be so unreasonable? This won’t do; I have to go and talk it out with him now!”

Helen glared at her furiously and chastised, “What are you going to say to him? Do you want to drive him to an early grave? There isn’t anything wrong with what he said. Since he’s the head of our family, it’s only right for him to make all the decisions.

What’s gotten into you, Sasha? Why do you always go against your father? Will you be satisfied to see him fall ill because of your actions?”

Sasha retorted, “Mom, how did I go against him? I’m just stating the truth!”

Helen fumed, “Truth is, you’re colluding with Matthew to get rid of both of us! Sasha, let me tell you that it won’t be your turn to have any say in our family affairs as long as your Dad and I are still around!” With that, Helen too stormed off upstairs angrily.

Sasha’s eyes welled with anger and she exclaimed through gritted teeth, “I don’t care! I can’t allow something like this to happen!”

Matthew tugged at her sleeve and spoke in a soft voice, “Don’t be angry. Just let him have the company if that’s what he wants; I have no intention to run the company either.”

“Matthew, why can’t you think about yourself for once? Everyone thinks you are useless and incompetent. Don’t you want to keep the company and show them you can be excellent at running a business?” Sasha countered frantically.

Matthew chuckled lightly. “Sasha, what others think of me doesn’t matter as long as you know I’m not a useless man. What’s more, I love my job at the hospital and my passion lies with improving my medical skills. To be honest, I don’t really have time to run the company, so there’s no point arguing with Dad and Mom over this.”

Sasha continued furiously, “Matthew, can’t you see that this entire thing is Liam and Demi’s idea? It’s obvious that they are trying to rob you of your stuff! You should really adopt a hardball tactic to stop them from asking for more next time!”

Matthew shook his head and pointed out, “Sasha, I’m aware that this is their idea, but will playing hardball with them do us any good? With such a strong prejudice Dad and Mom have against me now, they’ll be even more angry with us if we insist on not letting Liam run the company.

If they were to fall ill because of that, wouldn’t we be guilty for the rest of our lives? Just let Liam have the company if that’s what he wants. It might not turn out to be such a good thing in the end too!”

It was only then did Sasha nod in agreement. She supposed Matthew knew what he was doing. In reality, what irritated her the most was the underhand tricks deployed by Liam and Demi with the aim to rob Matthew of his stuff. Therefore, she would be able to accept the outcome if Matthew had some ideas on how to teach them a lesson.

Suddenly, Demi suddenly stuck out her head from upstairs and shouted, “Sasha, I’m moving your stuff to the room next door!”

“Why are you moving my stuff?” Sasha was puzzled.

“Liam and I are having this room!” Demi responded.

Sasha nearly freaked out when she heard that because Demi was referring to the master bedroom on the second floor. The two master bedrooms on the first and second floor were the largest and most exquisitely renovated rooms in the entire mansion.

The one on the first floor was taken by James and Helen because Helen fancied how it was connected to the indoor swimming pool. As for the one on the second floor, Sasha chose it because the room came with a large balcony that covered an area of over thirty square feet, which was what she had always wanted.

However, Demi was trying to take their room now!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 418

“No way!” Sasha rejected Demi outright.

Demi retorted, “Why can’t we have the room? You know I love the sunlight and this room is perfect for me. It gets more sunlight and is more brightly lit. Sasha, the room next door is actually quite nice too. I’ll help you move your stuff over there.”

Sasha’s expression was cold and she snarled, “I’ve already said that you can’t have it! Don’t go overboard, Demi Cunningham! Why should we let you have our room? Come to think of it, who allowed you guys to stay here? Don’t you have your own place?”

Demi appeared affronted. “Sasha, what do you mean by that? Are you trying to get rid of me? Don’t forget it that it was Matthew who asked us to move back with Dad and Mom so that we could take care of them after he moved out!

So now we’re allowed to move back to the old house to take care of Dad and Mom but we can’t move into this new place? How can you do this to us?”

In a fit of rage, Sasha snapped, “Demi Cunningham, don’t forget that you nearly cost Matthew his victory at the medical conference! I really can’t believe you still have the guts to stay here.”

“My blood boils everytime you bring that up. If he didn’t offend Young Master Hughes, would I almost be killed by him? Honestly, you guys owe me one because of that! Why can’t I have the master bedroom? Liam, just move her stuff over because I don’t want to waste anymore of my time talking to her!”

Sasha exploded at Demi’s blatant attempt to snatch the room from her. Meanwhile, Matthew was pissed off by how much of a bully they were. He couldn’t care less which room he had but he wouldn’t allow Sasha to suffer any grievances! Seeing that Liam was about to head upstairs, Matthew went to block his way. “Stop right there!”

Liam was stunned for a moment before he pointed at Matthew and bellowed, “Who the heck do you think you’re talking to? You son of a b*tch—”

Before he could even finish his sentence, Matthew seized him by the neck and pushed him against the table. He simultaneously grabbed a fruit knife and pressed it at his neck menacingly. “If you dare to insult my mother ever again, I will kill you right away!” he growled.

Liam was petrified. As for Demi, she was stunned for a few seconds first before she roared, “Larson, what are you trying to do? If you lift a finger to my husband, I will…”

Matthew pressed the fruit knife closer toward Liam’s neck in frustration. Having felt a prickling pain, Liam was so horrified that he yelled frantically, “Shut up, Demi! Matthew, I-I’m sorry… I will not say that again…”

Demi looked at Matthew’s murderous look and refrained from saying anything else. At that moment, James walked out from the room and was furious as he saw the scene. “Matthew, what’re you doing?”

Demi urged, “Dad, p-please tell him off! H-He’s going to kill Liam…”

James went livid with rage when he heard that. “What?! Matthew, are you trying to take your revenge?”

Matthew glowered at him icily and seethed, “Dad, I’m one who does things based on facts and reason. You guys may talk as rudely as you want with me but do not humiliate my mother and my family! I won’t go easy on whoever dares to humiliate my late mother!” With that, he slammed the fruit knife onto the table forcefully.

James was frightened by Matthew’s angry outburst. Knowing that it was his first time losing it in front of them, James dared not accuse him anymore. He had no choice but to glare at Liam. “Liam, please watch your words next time. Matthew is one of us! You also have your own parents; how can you use such language?”

Demi said anxiously, “Dad, but he attacked Liam…”

“Keep your mouth shut! If the two of you don’t watch your language in the future, I’ll beat you guys up myself!” James scolded.

Demi looked dejected at once. Helen chose that moment to stroll out of her room. “Gosh, what’s going on?”

Demi put on a miserable look and started whining right away, “Mom, I just want to have that room upstairs. All of you know that my body is weak and I need more sunlight in my room. Not only is Matthew not willing to let me have it, he even attacked Liam because of that. He’s ridiculous!”

Helen said with a frown, “What’s the point of fighting over just a room? Sasha, why don’t you just have the room downstairs…”

Sasha exploded right away, “Why should I give up that room upstairs?”

“You know that your sister’s body is weak…” Helen replied.

Matthew smacked the table and yelled, “Just go back to her own house if her body is weak! In any case, this mansion has nothing to do with her!”

Helen was infuriated by what he said. “Matthew, what nonsense are you spouting? This mansion belongs to us. What makes you think you have the right to make any decision—”

Matthew cut her off, “This mansion is a gift to me from Mr. Jefford and the other shareholders. If you insist on letting Demi have the room, I’ll call them now and let them take back the mansion!”

Helen sputtered, “Y-You—”

James quickly cut in, “Hey, we’re a family. What’s the point of fighting over a room? Demi, just stay in the room downstairs!”

“Dad, why should I compromise?” Demi countered.

James rebuked angrily, “If you don’t like it, you can move back to that old house!”

Demi opened her mouth but decided to keep quiet in the end.

In the end, everything had been settled. While Matthew and Sasha had the master bedroom on the second floor, Demi and Liam took the second bedroom downstairs, albeit reluctantly.

Of course, the second bedroom was still much better than the place they used to stay. The room was nearly forty square feet and was even more spacious than the living room in their old house.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 419

After giving Demi and Liam a piece of his mind, James returned to his room, thereupon Helen eyed him with displease. “James, what’re you doing? What’s wrong with Demi asking for that master bedroom upstairs? Was it really necessary for you to scold her so?”

James glared at her and scowled, “Women really are a bunch of short-sighted creatures! Didn’t you hear what Matthew just said? He threatened to return this mansion to Jefford and the other shareholders! Do you really want him to go that far?”

Helen snapped furiously, “What gives him the right to return this place to them? Since we own this mansion, he has no right to deal with it! I can’t see why you’re so scared of him.”

James shot her a baleful glare. “Is there something wrong with you? Can’t you see why we have to handle this with care? Right now, Jefford and the rest gave this place to Matthew, not to us! If we allow things to escalate, Matthew is only one phone call away from telling Jefford to take this place back.

Can’t you see it? It’s just a room and it makes no difference who gets to have it because both Demi and Sasha are our daughters. Do we want to lose the entire mansion just because of such a trivial matter? Why can’t you understand something as simple as this?”

Helen was flustered and muttered, “W-What you say does make some sense.”

James added, “If Matthew really wants to get back at us, we won’t get anything, including the two cars parked outside and the company from Stanley Carlson. Seriously, you should think things through more often.”

Helen nodded in agreement. “You’re right. Sigh, Demi insists on having nice things because she’s spoilt by us. Fine, I’ll convince her to stay in the room downstairs for the time being. By the time we get the company and earn enough money, I’ll just use the money to get them another mansion in this area!”

James nodded and responded, “That’s more like it! At this hour, our priority is to keep Matthew happy before we have the company. It would be pointless to lose the company just because of a room!”

Meanwhile, Sasha was snuggled in Matthew’s arms blissfully in the master bedroom upstairs. “Matthew, you should have started treating them in that way sooner and not constantly compromising back then! People like them won’t ever be satisfied with what they own.

The more you put up with them, the more they will ask from you. You have to make sure they know you are no pushover! I must say you handled them very well earlier!” Sasha chuckled.

Matthew laughed lightly. “Sasha, I know how to handle things. There are things I can tolerate but there are also things I can’t.

I can be more forgiving to James and Helen because they are your parents but I don’t see the need to treat Demi and Liam the same way! What’s more, no one is allowed to bully the person I love the most. That’s where I draw the line!”

Sasha flushed because she knew Matthew was alluding to her. “Speaking of, what do you plan to do with the company? Are you really going to let Liam manage it?” she asked.

Matthew laughed lightly and replied, “That is just a temporary arrangement. Don’t worry, I’m sure we don’t have to wait for long before Liam asks to leave the company.”

Sasha glanced at him and her heart skipped a beat as she saw how confident he looked. At that moment, she was even more convinced that Matthew was an immensely talented guy.

Leaning her head on his chest, she murmured, “Matthew, you have my absolute trust no matter what you’re going to do. I only have one request—please don’t put yourself through any hardship just because you want me to be happy!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 420

Not long after Matthew finished unpacking his belongings, he was badgered by Helen to visit Stanley to finalize the details of the company.

Demi tagged along and spoke with a wide grin on her face, “By the way, Matthew, Liam has always been in the construction industry. You may want to tell Stanley Carlson to let him start a real estate business with the new company so that it will be a better fit for my husband’s expertise.

What’s more, a business in the real estate industry is really lucrative too. With Liam’s talent and his vast connections, I believe the company will be able to bring in a revenue of at least several hundred billion annually from now on!”

Elated to hear that, Helen nodded repeatedly and agreed, “That’s right. Matthew, since we have the power to decide what business is to be run by Stanley’s company, make sure you tell him we want it to be a real estate company, is that clear?”

Matthew nodded at her calmly. After leaving the mansion, he headed straight to Carlson Group. He stepped into Stanley’s office, only to find Connor Jackson sitting in a corner. Instead of looking dejected like he used to, Connor seemed to be in good spirits.

Prior to the Six Southern States Medical Conference, the Jackson Family was in a dire situation. At that time, the Hughes Family was threatening to buy over the Jackson’s family business. The rest of the Ten Greatest Families in Eastcliff also hit the Jacksons when they were down by absorbing their other assets.

An internal strife within the family started brewing because they had no means to deal with the crisis. Some of his family members even joined forces to force Connor to step down from his position as the master of the family. In the end, he had no choice but to surrender.

However, he had secretly invested in Matthew long before the crisis took place. Because of Matthew’s raging success in the medical conference, he actually ended up with a handsome return from the investment. Right now, the Jackson Family’s assets had multiplied and their power and influence had been boosted considerably.

Thanks to his wise investment, not only did he manage to get back his power, he even managed to elevate the status of his family in the Ten Greatest Families in Eastcliff.

Most importantly, the Hughes were banned from entering Eastcliff as per Billy Newman’s instruction after the fiasco. In other words, the Hughes Family had no means to take revenge on the Jackson Family at the moment.

Hence, Connor made use of this opportunity to eliminate the family members who usurped his position in the family. It was no surprise that the people who once tried to profit from their misfortune back then all came to offer their apologies and compensation.

Not only did the Jackson Family get back what they had lost, the benefit they gained was even more than what they used to own. Right now, Connor was treated with much reverence by the rest of his family members.

At the sight of Matthew, he rose to his feet and scrambled over. “Mr. Larson, you’re here!” he greeted Matthew excitedly.

With a chuckle, Matthew nodded at him. ”Old Master Jackson, why did you choose to make this trip over when you can just give me a phone call?”

“Mr. Larson, I won’t be able to show you my sincerity if I only gave you a call! How can I do something like that after you did my family such a huge favor and saved us?”

Flashing him a faint smile, Matthew responded, “It’s not a big deal. You also had to bear the risk when you decided to invest in me. You’re only able to enjoy everything now purely because you happened to make the right choice at that time!”

Connor sighed. “The main thing is that you didn’t hold grudges against me for what I had done back then! I was such a hopeless scumbag at that time!”

Laughing, Matthew took a seat at the desk. Connor followed him and said, “President Carlson is out signing an agreement and will be back soon. Mr. Larson, I really have no idea how to show my appreciation for all you’ve done. So, I’m thinking of offering you 10% of Jackson Group shares to you just as a token of appreciation. What do you think?”

Jackson Group was the foundation of the Jackson Family. Before the medical conference, the company had already been worth at least several billion. Its value was estimated to have reached over ten billion now. 10% of its shares would be worth around one billion!

Matthew was taken aback by Connor’s generous offer. “Old Master Jackson, I simply can’t accept it; it’s much too valuable!”

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