The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 421-430

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 421

Connor hurriedly waved his hands. “Mr. Larson, it’s nothing! If it weren’t for you, the Jackson Group would have been devoured! We wouldn’t be where we are today! Besides, I managed to earn so much money this time because of you! What’s a few company shares compared to that?”

Matthew declined a few more times, but Connor was very firm. Thus, Matthew accepted it in the end. To be honest, he knew what Connor was aiming for. Giving him the company shares was just a pretense; what Connor actually wanted was to tie him down to the Jackson Family.

Besides, the Jacksons had gotten to know the extent of his abilities from this incident. Since the Hughes were still fiercely eyeing the company, the Jacksons had to find a strong backer, and Matthew happened to be the best choice they had.

Hence, by giving him shares in the company, it was equivalent to tying him down to the Jacksons—if anything were to happen to the Jacksons, would Matthew simply stand and watch idly by the side?

For that reason, Connor was very optimistic when it came to the one billion worth of shares. After all, Billy had brought three billion over to the Jacksons.

Similarly, Timothy and Leanna had brought large amounts of money to support Matthew too. All three of them were the bigshots of Eastcliff, and they trusted Matthew so much. Compared to that, what’s one billion?

After chatting for a bit, Stanley came in. Grinning widely, he said, “Mr. Larson, I’m sorry for making you wait! This is a large victory for us! So many people have been coming and asking to collaborate with us. I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to eat!”

Following this incident, the Carlson Group had expanded again—their assets easily surpassed tens of billions now. More importantly, he now stood on equal footing with the ten greatest families. In the past, they had ignored him, thinking that he was nothing more than Billy’s subordinate.

However, now that he stood up with his own strength, who among the ten greatest families would still dare to look down on him?

Connor emotionally said, “In the beginning, you brought Mr. Larson with you and went to Travis, asking to join the Eastshire Representatives. However, Travis rejected you. The Hughes must be regretting it now that Mr. Larson has succeeded so spectacularly.

With their losses this time around, the Hughes have basically withdrawn from the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire. Furthermore, the strength of the Hughes will be greatly weakened too. Also, I heard that the Hughes are so mad that they are holding Travis’ parents accountable for everything.”

Stanley smilingly replied, “That’s only to be expected. Travis has been acting overly arrogant and conceited. Serves him right for ending up in this state! If only he had been a little humbler back then and allowed Mr. Larson to represent Eastshire.

If he had done that, the Hughes would have been the real winner. They would have gone from the Ten Greatest Families of Eastshire to the top five greatest families. His arrogance has led them to such a disastrous outcome. Naturally, they are furious. Travis is dead now. But, if he were still alive, his fate would have been far worse!”

They continued chatting for a bit, then Matthew told Stanley about his plans to establish a company. Stanley knew about Matthew’s position in the Cunningham Family, and he honestly felt that Matthew did not deserve to be treated in that manner. However, when it came down to it, it was Matthew’s family affairs—it wasn’t his place to say anything about it.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Larson. I will handle it for you perfectly. I think it will take some time to establish a new construction company right now. Why don’t I do it this way instead? I’ll acquire one. That will be the fastest way!” he replied.

In response, Matthew nodded. It was best if this matter could be settled as quickly as possible. Otherwise, Helen would continue nagging him endlessly.

Then, Connor leaned over. “Why do you need to acquire one? Mr. Larson, I have a small construction company. I can transfer it over to your name. Besides, this construction company has connections to the ten greatest families. Managed well, it will be extremely profitable. Conversely, the consequences will be dire if it’s managed poorly.”

Connor was a sly, old fox. He could tell that Matthew was dissatisfied with Liam. Therefore, the reason behind giving Matthew the company was to undermine Liam. Thus, Matthew smiled lightly and nodded in agreement. He had no intention of allowing Liam to take advantage of him either.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 422

The next morning, Connor finished preparing everything. Thus, he called Matthew and asked him to head over. At the time, Matthew had been having breakfast at home. Hence, the entire family was listening in on his conversation while he was on the phone.

Demi was elated. “Is it the company Stanley will be giving us? How is it? Is it a real estate company?”

Matthew nodded. “Yes!”

She was extremely happy. “That’s great! Where will the takeover take place? We’ll go over right now to sign the papers!”

Upon hearing that, Sasha was taken aback. “Why are you signing the papers? Stanley’s company was given to Matthew. So, it’s obvious that Matthew will be the one to sign the papers and take over the company! If you signed the papers, won’t the company become yours?!”

Demi immediately pouted. “Sasha, these are just trivial matters. Why are you getting so worked up?”

Rendered speechless, Sasha thought to herself, The ownership of a company worth millions is considered a trivial matter?! If it’s such a trivial matter, then why are you so excited to sign the papers for the company acquisition?

“We discussed this and agreed to let Liam manage the company. However, we’ve never said that the company will belong to him! Matthew will be the one to sign the takeover contract!”

Demi was enraged. “Sasha, what do you mean by that? Are you saying that we are greedy for the company? Are you looking down on us?!”

Sasha retorted, “H-How am I looking down on you? Logically speaking, shouldn’t Matthew be the one to go?”

Then, Demi snapped, “Logically speaking? What logic were you basing that on? I’m your sister! Do you need to be so hung up on the details?! You agreed to let Liam manage the company. But, if the company isn’t in his name, will his subordinates listen to him?

If you aren’t willing to let go of your authority, then how will Liam make the company profitable? I never could’ve imagined that you would become such a stingy person!”

Sasha was incredibly incensed. I’m the stingy person for not giving you a company worth millions?! Do you have a habit of giving millions away to others?!

At that moment, Helen piped up suddenly, “That’s enough. Stop arguing. No matter whose name the company is under, it won’t be suitable. So, why don’t we do this instead? To be fair, we should let your father sign the papers later. The company will be in your father’s name!”

Sasha looked dumbfounded. How is that fair?! It’s Matthew’s company! How did it become Dad’s?! She agitatedly said, “Mom, Stanley gave the company to Matthew! Asking Dad to sign the papers… T-This isn’t right!”

Helen furiously said, “What do you mean it isn’t right?! What’s wrong with your father signing the papers?! Matthew, what do you say? Are we not family? Is there a problem with your father signing a contract on your behalf?”

Sasha responded angrily, “Don’t drag Matthew into this! You know he will never deny you anything! Why are you pressuring him? If you have something to say, say it to me!”

Helen snapped vexedly, “Sasha, what are you saying? What do you think of your parents? If you have something to say, just be direct with it! Even if your father and I need to go out and beg for food on the streets, we will never trouble you! How is that?!”

Sasha was trembling with anger. Every time we try to reason with Mom, she will start making a scene. This is driving me nuts! At that moment, Matthew spoke up softly, “Sasha, it’s fine.

The company belongs to the family. It doesn’t matter who signs the papers. Dad, why don’t you sign the contract later? I’ll let Stanley know!”

James nodded in satisfaction. “Matthew, you’re so considerate. Sure; since you’ve already said so, I’ll go with you.”

Then, Helen glared at Sasha. “Did you hear that?! Look at Matthew, then look at yourself! Do you know how you look right now? I can’t believe you’re willing to sacrifice your family for a bit of money!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 423

Sasha was red-faced with anger. As soon as they finished lunch, she dragged Matthew out with her. Sitting in the car, she raged, “Matthew, h-how could you just hand the company over to them?

It was already a huge concession for you to allow Liam to manage your company! Now, even the ownership of the company has been handed over to somebody else! How could this be?!”

In response, Matthew smiled. “Sasha, don’t get so agitated! Regarding this matter, it might not be about who wins or who loses!”

She studied his expression and seemed to come to a sudden realization. Smiling, she said, “Looks like you’ve already planned everything out from the start. Alright then, I won’t say anything anymore. Don’t forget; you need to teach them a lesson! Otherwise, they will keep causing trouble. It will never end!”

After breakfast, James and Helen dressed up neatly and rushed to the Carlson Group. Stanley took out the contract and both parties signed it. With that, the company now belonged to James. Holding the contract in his hands, James looked jubilant. “Thank you, President Carlson! We’ve troubled you for this!”

In response, Stanley nodded with a faint smile.

On the other hand, Helen insultingly said, “What’s so troubling about this? It’s just a company; it’s but a drop in the bucket to President Carlson! Besides, you’ve profited greatly this time around, President Carlson. With so much investment, you must have made billions in profit, right?

Matthew did so much for you and made so much money for you. Yet, all you gave in return was a lousy little company! Tsk, tsk! President Carlson, your way of doing things is rather unkind!”

Stanley’s expression immediately turned cold, and he said sternly, “Are you telling me how I should be doing things?”

She did not notice the anger rising in him. Thus, she continued without care, “How am I telling you how to do anything? It’s just that I feel what you’re giving doesn’t correspond to what you’ve received, President Carlson. Although Matthew made you so much money, you—”

Then, Stanley furiously slammed the table and stood up to his full height. “So what?! My investment was so large. Are you telling me that the risks I bore shouldn’t be accounted for?! If you think I’m not giving you enough, then don’t accept it! I can take the company back right now!

Also, listen carefully. I, Stanley Carlson, might have been doing legitimate businesses for the past two years, but that doesn’t mean anybody can criticize me. I’m giving face to Mr. Larson. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be walking out of this building alive after saying what you just said to me!”

She shuddered in fear and kept her mouth shut, not daring to say another word.

Meanwhile, James was shaking in fear too. He tremblingly said, “President Carlson, p-please don’t get angry. Women are like this; they are not very knowledgeable. Please don’t take offense at her words. Let me apologize to you. I’m truly very sorry. Please overlook this mistake and have mercy…”

Glancing at Helen icily, he roared, “Listen to me carefully; if I ever learn that you’ve been talking about me behind my back, I swear I will completely crush the Cunningham Family and everything you represent into nothingness! If you don’t believe me, you can try me. I can make the Cunningham Pharmaceuticals go bankrupt right this instant!”

Upon hearing that, her face drained of color and she tremblingly said, “President Carlson, I-I won’t dare… I-I won’t dare do it again…”

He simply waved his hand irritably, gesturing for them to go away. “Get lost!”

Afterward, Helen and James ran out of the Carlson group with their tails tucked between their legs.

Meanwhile, Stanley sat at his desk and watched their retreating backs scornfully. If it weren’t for Matthew, I would have thrown them out the door this time around.

Back inside the car, James suddenly slapped Helen across the face and roared angrily, “You blabbermouth! Are you trying to get us all killed?! Do you know what kind of person Stanley Carlson is?

I don’t care if you’re cynical and sarcastic to people under normal circumstances. But, how dare you speak like that to Stanley Carlson?! Do you have a deathwish?!”

This time around, Helen didn’t dare to refute a single word he said. So, she simply lowered her head and kept quiet. Recently, she had been overly arrogant and had gotten ahead of herself, thinking that she could act that way with anybody. To her surprise, she had encountered a powerful and merciless opponent, and it had left her so scared that she nearly wet her pants from fear.

When Liam, who was sitting in the front, learned about what had happened, he was so scared that he was covered in a cold sweat. “Mom, you need to pay more attention when you speak in the future. Stanley Carlson is not somebody we can afford to offend!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 424

At Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, Matthew and Sasha had just arrived at the office when the secretary walked in. “President Cunningham, Theodore Clark and the others have been waiting outside for three hours now. They pleaded for me to tell you that they wish to meet with you.”

In response, Sasha frowned. Theodore and the others were the business owners who had previously cooperated with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. After Cunningham Pharmaceuticals fell into troubled times, they were the first to add insult to injury by withdrawing all their orders. They wanted to cause the company to fall to ruin completely.

However, Matthew had succeeded in his ventures, and Cunningham Pharmaceuticals shot up to the top. On the other hand, the Hughes suffered a great loss and were unable to enter Eastcliff. Hence, Theodore and the others’ dreams of piggybacking on the Hughes were crushed.

Moreover, they were not just faced with issues regarding debt repayment. At present, the most pressing issue they faced was the survival of their companies. Now, they were deeply regretting their actions. Had they known earlier, they would have chosen to support Matthew instead.

Then, they would be enjoying success like Jefford and the others. Unfortunately, their actions back then had led them to their current predicament. It was too late for them to feel remorse now.

At first, Theodore and the others had sent representatives to come and discuss things with Sasha. In the end, they came to beg for mercy themselves when Sasha ignored their representatives. However, she had been ignoring them. Thus, it was the third day since they started coming.

Scowling, Sasha was about to refuse them again. However, Matthew said, “Let them in.”

Thus, the secretary nodded and left.

On the other hand, Sasha was surprised. “Why are you letting them in?”

He smiled. “Sasha, when doing business, we must not be vindictive. Theodore and the others are nothing but small-time nuisances. Besides, it’s normal for them to be swayed by the circumstances around them. Ultimately, the most important thing for us is how much benefit we can get out of it.”

She slowly nodded her head. Then, she frowned again and said, “I get what you mean. But, I’m still mad at them. How can they look down on you like that?!”

Smiling, he replied, “That’s why I let them in. They looked down on me, so they have to pay a terrible price for what they’ve done.”

Soon, the secretary led several people into the office. They were the same group of people that had previously come and caused trouble at Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. The leader of this pack was Theodore. As soon as he stepped into the office, he hurriedly bowed and said, “President Cunningham, Mr. Larson, thank you for giving us a chance!”

Sasha’s expression was icy. “Get to the point if you have something to say. I’m having a meeting soon. You have five minutes!”

Upon hearing those words, Theodore and the others glanced at each other, the expression on their faces changing drastically. Then, Theodore said in a low voice, “President Cunningham, w-we came here mainly to apologize to you and Mr. Larson.

What we did in the past was a huge mistake on our part. We have reflected on our mistakes. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.”

Matthew lightly responded, “You don’t need to apologize! You stabbed us in the back during such a crucial time and now you want to seek our forgiveness? Do you think I will accept your apology?”

Theodore flushed red and continued in a low voice, “Mr. Larson, w-we didn’t know what got into us back then… I-I know what we did w-was over the top, and I sincerely apologize to you…”

Still, Matthew disdainfully sneered, “I’m afraid I don’t see your sincerity!”

Theodore’s expression shifted. All of a sudden, he fell on his knees with a thump. “Mr. Larson, I’m sorry! I have repented!”

The others glanced at each other. In the end, they knelt on the ground too. Facing the person who managed to crush the Hughes under his foot, they had no choice but to kneel!

Then, Matthew slowly nodded. “At least I can see a smidgen of sincerity now. Alright then, continue with what you wanted to say!”

Theodore sighed in relief and quickly said, “We hope that we can continue cooperating with your company. Also, we will only work with your company in all our future business ventures. We will not choose other pharmaceutical companies! So, we hope that President Cunningham and Mr. Larson can give us a chance to turn over a new leaf!”

However, Sasha sneered, “Back then, you were the ones that withdrew all your orders. Now, the ones asking to resume our previous cooperation are also you! Gentlemen, do you think that we are unable to sell the products of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals?!”

Theodore hurriedly replied, “President Cunningham, we are at fault. Back then, we were blinded by our greed. Please don’t hold it against us, President Cunningham. Please give us another chance. After all, we’ve worked with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals for such a long time.”

On the other hand, Matthew leisurely said, “President Clark, I’m afraid this isn’t about giving you another chance. The main point is that we’ve received too many orders recently. Even if we resume business with you, it will have to be in three years’ time.”

Upon hearing that, Theodore’s expression changed drastically. We’ll only get the product three years later?! Wouldn’t we be bankrupt by then? The group exchanged glances among each other and looked pained. They knew that there was no way to get through this without some sacrifice.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 425

Theodore and the others exchanged glances among themselves. After considering it for some time, one of them gritted their teeth and said, “President Cunningham, I… I’m willing to increase the price by 5%. I hope you can prioritize us and provide us with the goods.”

Then, the rest of them followed suit, clamoring to increase their prices by 5%.

Sasha was swayed. With the price increase, we will be able to earn a lot from this!

However, Matthew shook his head without hesitation. “I’m sorry. I’m afraid I cannot allow ourselves to breach our contract just because of a 5% price increase.”

They exchanged glances again. They could tell that Matthew was not satisfied with the price they offered.

Thus, Theodore gritted his teeth. “Then… 10%!”

Matthew continued to shake his head.

In response, Theodore’s expression changed slightly. “Mr. Larson, h-how much do you want?”

Matthew smiled and stretched out two fingers.

Everybody was shocked. “20%?! Mr. Larson, t-that price is too high! We won’t be able to make a profit at all!”

However, Matthew shook his head. “I wasn’t talking about 20%! I meant double the price!”

Their eyes widened in shock. We can’t even bring ourselves to accept a 20% increase. But, double?! Impossible!

Hence, Theodore hurriedly replied, “Mr. Larson, even if we take the medicine back, we can’t double the price. Add in labor costs, rental costs, as well as all the other overhead costs, we won’t even get a 50% profit. I-If you ask for twice the current price, w-we just can’t do that! It’s impossible!”

Matthew smiled. “It’s okay. If you can’t accept it, I won’t force you either. After all, business isn’t a charity! Gentlemen, Sasha has a meeting after this. Forgive us for not seeing you off!”

The others looked extremely troubled. They couldn’t leave. If they couldn’t get business from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, they would go bankrupt. Then, Theodore tremblingly said, “Mr. Larson, what about… 40%? Even if we don’t make a profit, you have to pass us a lifeline!”

Matthew sneered, “No! It’s double or nothing!”

One of the owners anxiously said, “Doubling the price… You’re asking us to die!”

Matthew threw a glance at him. “When you withdrew your orders from Cunningham Pharmaceuticals back then, wasn’t your intention for us to fall into ruin?”

Theodore pleaded, “Mr. Larson, we have reflected on our mistakes. For that reason, we have apologized and are willing to lose some of our profits. However, you need to leave us with a way to survive. We can only profit if everybody works together. How would Cunningham Pharmaceuticals benefit if we were forced into bankruptcy?”

Matthew replied, “Of course, I’ll give you a way to survive. Your price will be doubled. For one year, you only need to sign a contract for an order of 50 million with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. After that, you can purchase other products from other companies at will. I guarantee nobody will stop you.”

They glanced at each other. There was a way for them to survive now. By allowing them to purchase products from other companies, they could make some money from other aspects. In other words, they had to profit from other avenues to fill the coffers of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals.

Thus, they felt extremely helpless. It was clear that Matthew was using this method to make them work for Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. However, they had no other choice. It was a choice between bankruptcy or this. At least, being able to get by was better than bankruptcy.

They were deeply regretting their actions. How great would it be if they had not withdrawn their orders at the time? They were aware that one of the business owners had not withdrawn his orders. Due to that, he had cooperated greatly with Stanley.

Furthermore, Stanley had provided him with a lot of medical resources. Therefore, he was probably raking in a lot of money now. Looking at that business owner, then looking back at themselves, they couldn’t help feeling bitter. Still, what other choice did they have?

They could only blame themselves for being shortsighted and missing the opportunity for their businesses to skyrocket. They had to reap the fruits of what they sowed—they brought it upon themselves.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 426

Alas, Theodore and the rest agreed to Matthew’s terms. After they signed a contract of 50 million each, they left.

Not long after their departure, more people came to meet Sasha. This time around, it was Daniel and the others. Previously, they had approached Cunningham Pharmaceuticals to sign a three-billion-dollar order. However, they cut ties with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals after the incident with the Hughes occurred.

At the time, what they did dealt a huge blow to Cunningham Pharmaceuticals—the company nearly went bankrupt because Daniel and the others had breached their contracts. To be honest, with their strength and status, they did not need to fear the Hughes. However, the Hughes had promised them some benefits.

Moreover, they were certain that the Hughes would be able to bring down Cunningham Pharmaceuticals. Therefore, they chose to lend the Hughes a hand. As a result, they didn’t reap any of the benefits due to the miserable defeat of the Hughes. More importantly, Eastcliff gained a lot of medical resources.

At that time, if Daniel and the others had continued their business dealings with Cunningham Pharmaceuticals, they would be able to enjoy those medical resources too. As they were all businessmen, they naturally understood the way business worked.

Therefore, they did not hesitate to rush over to apologize to Matthew and Sasha. Afterward, they immediately began to discuss the terms for a new contract. In the end, they were successful in their negotiations and managed to renew their contracts with a 30% increase on their original terms.

Seeing as the original price had been three billion, the additional 30% was equivalent to 900 million. So, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals earned a pure profit of 900 million without doing anything.

Sasha was still in shock despite holding the contracts in her hands. She knew that Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would be able to make a lot of money after Matthew gained the upper hand. However, she had not expected it to be so easy.

After going back and forth, the renewed contracts had earned them a profit of 900 million. Combined with the contracts from Theodore previously, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had already made more than one billion.

In the past, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had total assets of no more than 100 million. In contrast, the company effortlessly made a billion in profit now. Who could have imagined it?

During the meeting in the afternoon, Sasha excitedly told the employees about the new contracts. Upon hearing the news, they were overjoyed too. After all, they, too, would receive generous bonuses if the company was raking in profits. Moreover, Sasha was very quick to make her decision. She immediately called up the shareholders of the company and discussed the matter of giving out bonuses to the employees.

When the shareholders heard that the company was going to be making a lot of money, they were equally happy too. As for the matter of giving out bonuses, they generously agreed to the proposal on the spot. Hence, Sasha instantly took out 10 million to hand out to the employees as a reward.

On that day, the entire Cunningham Pharmaceuticals felt very festive—nobody could hide the joy on their faces. Furthermore, their subsidiary company Wellness Herbary received bonuses too.

Naturally, where there was joy, there was sorrow too. Previously, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had dozens of smaller shareholders but only several were left now, including Jefford. Back when Sasha had invested in Matthew, those shareholders had been enticed by Eric into pressuring Sasha.

Afterward, Stanley had bought up all the shares from those shareholders and managed to guarantee Sasha’s position within the company.

At present, Cunningham Pharmaceuticals had progressed so much that the shareholders were regretting their decision. Many of them came looking for Sasha, asking to buy back their shares. However, she had turned them all down. Back when we needed their support the most, they abandoned us.

Not only did they sell off their shares and monetize their assets, but they also ridiculed and insulted me. Yet, now that the company has survived the difficult period and made a huge turnaround, they want to come back? Really?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 427

That afternoon, Matthew returned to the hospital. There was a new nurse, and a group of nurses was gossiping with each other in front of the reception counter.

“Hey, have you heard? I heard that the new nurse at our hospital is very pretty!”

“Your information is so outdated. I heard about that yesterday. The nurse reported in yesterday. At the time, many doctors in the hospital were amazed by her.”

“Right? I heard that dozens of doctors have been trying their best to get the nurse to join their departments.”

“Those b*stards don’t have any good intentions in doing so. Just looking at a gorgeous woman is enough to make them go weak in the knees.”

“Well, being beautiful is an advantage. You didn’t see that nurse yesterday. Apparently, she was the campus belle while she was in school. Even as a woman, I was amazed by her looks, so what more those b*stards.”

“That news is outdated. Let me tell you; this afternoon, a few of the younger doctors nearly started a fight in front of the vice director’s office. The reason was that they wanted the nurse to be assigned to their departments.”

“Seriously? All for the sake of a nurse? Do they need to go so far?”

“Sigh. When will they start a fight over me? That would be awesome!”

“Forget it. If you lost around 25 kilos, you might stand a chance.”

“Say; which department do you think she’ll be assigned to in the end?”

“I’m guessing that she would either be assigned to Tristan’s department or Steven’s department.”

“Yeah, I think so too. After all, Tristan Fields and Steven Newton are both famous doctors in our hospital. Moreover, they come from a good family and are single. They will definitely not pass up on such a good opportunity.”

“I’m sure you don’t know this, but I saw Tristan’s mother coming to the hospital this morning. I’m guessing that she came because of this.”

“Oh, wow! Was she here to check out her daughter-in-law?”

“Only Tristan would be a match for a beautiful woman like that. That’s quite suitable…”

Listening to their conversation, Matthew felt rather speechless. Nearly getting into a fight over a nurse? Don’t they feel embarrassed? Even so, he didn’t put much thought into it as he headed directly to his department. As soon as he entered his office, he felt that something was amiss.

His office had been cleaned—it was neat and tidy. Moreover, there was a strong scent of perfume in the air. Hence, he was very puzzled. I’m the only person in my department. Why would there be perfume in the air?

Amid his confusion, a nurse walked in. When he took a closer look, it turned out to be Crystal! Then, he was momentarily taken aback. “Miss Harrison, w-why are you here?”

Crystal wiped at the sweat beading her forehead and smiled. “Mr. Larson, I’m about to graduate soon and I need to start my internship now. So, I applied to be a nurse at this hospital. As your medical skills are excellent, I wanted to shadow you and learn some skills from you.”

His heart thumped slightly. Was the new nurse they were gossiping about Crystal Harrison? The campus belle? The beautiful woman? That must be her! Then, he replied, “I’m sorry. My department is usually pretty quiet, so I don’t need a nurse. If you want to have practical experience, you should go to the other departments.”

In response, she hurriedly said, “Matthew, I came here to learn from you. Don’t worry; I’m here to help you. I swear I won’t disturb you. Also, my office is right next door. If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to call for me.”

Watching Crystal as she left, Matthew felt a headache coming on. To be honest, he did not have a good impression of her. If she wasn’t Joseph’s granddaughter, he wouldn’t even bother giving her a single moment of his time.

Rather, he couldn’t believe she was so thick-skinned that she still dared to approach him despite everything that happened. Even so, he said nothing more on account of Joseph.

In any case, Matthew’s department was truly quiet. Despite sitting in his office for two hours, not a single patient came in. At 5 PM, Joseph rushed to the hospital and personally picked Matthew up. After that, they went directly to Billy’s home.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 428

Per their agreement, today was the day they were going to treat Brittany’s illness.

Inside the car, Joseph looked apologetic. “Mr. Larson, my sincerest apologies. I warned Crystal not to disturb you, but she refused to listen to me. To be honest, she wants to apologize to you as she knows that what she did before made you despise her.

She is trying to turn over a new leaf. For that reason, she is determined to train herself from the beginning again. Mr. Larson, please let me know if she inconveniences you in any way. I will drag her home immediately!”

Matthew had no choice but to respectfully give in since Joseph had gone so far as to reassure him. Thus, he casually replied, “It’s fine! It’s great if she can learn from her mistakes.”

Soon, they arrived at Billy’s villa.

Billy was already waiting for them in the front hall. As soon as he saw Matthew, he greeted him immediately. “Mr. Larson, I’ve prepared the Fruit of Mandala as per your instructions.”

Nodding, Matthew walked into the ward where Billy’s daughter, Brittany, was still lying on the bed. Although she had woken up, her body was still very weak. As the disease she had was an unmentionable disease, he had not given her a lot of medicine. For that reason, she was still not fully cured.

The Fruit of Mandala was placed on a table nearby. Moreover, there were other herbs and medicinal ingredients that Matthew had asked for too. Joseph himself had personally searched for and selected the ingredients through careful inspection. Thus, each and every ingredient was of the highest quality.

Then, Matthew placed the medicinal ingredients together, mashed them with a mortar, placed them into a medicinal pot, and slowly boiled them. After approximately 30 minutes, the smell of medicine wafted in the air. Pouring out the medicine, he placed the Fruit of Mandala into the medicinal liquid.

Meanwhile, everybody had been watching the entire process intently. To their surprise, the Fruit of Mandala reacted like ice dropped into hot water—it instantly dissolved into the liquid.

“H-How?!” Joseph exclaimed in astonishment. Although the Fruit of Mandala looked like a normal fruit, it was actually extremely hard. Even with a mortar, there was no way to break apart the fruit. Yet now, the medicinal liquid had completely dissolved the fruit!

In response, Matthew smiled. “Everything in this world reacts and counteracts with each other. The entire Fruit of Mandala is completely made of medicine. Therefore, if one were to boil it through normal means, its medicinal properties would not be utilized fully.

The medicinal effect of the fruit will then be greatly reduced. Only by using this method to completely dissolve the Fruit of Mandala and turn it into medicine can we obtain the greatest medicinal effect from the fruit.”

Joseph was shocked. If he had not seen Matthew working, he would never have known about this method. As the Fruit of Mandala completely dissolved, the medicinal liquid within the bowl changed color. It was originally black, but now it turned a bright red—as red as blood—and gave off a strange sense of beauty to it.

Afterward, Matthew took out his needles and made Brittany sit up straight. Taking out three silver needles with one hand, he stuck them into the three vital spots located at the top of her head, at the same time.

However, she did not look discomforted—a master acupuncturist would not cause his patients to feel any pain whatsoever. Then, he spoke in a low voice, “Feed her the medicine. Take one; no, two spoonsful.”

Thus, Billy personally took action and carefully fed Brittany two spoonfuls of the medicinal liquid.

Following that, Matthew took out another three needles and stuck them into the back of Brittany’s neck. “Feed her again; two spoonfuls.”

Once again, Billy fed his daughter two spoonfuls of the medicinal liquid. The cycle continued until about an hour later when the medicinal liquid was finally finished. By then, there were more than a hundred needles all over Brittany’s body.

Standing by the side, Billy looked extremely anxious. “Mr. Larson, how is she? She finished the entire bowl of medicine. Is she better now?”

Matthew smiled. “Don’t fret. Since she was sick for such a long time, she needs some time to recover. I think she should be fine after half an hour.”

Then, Billy let out a breath of relief.

On the other hand, Joseph curiously asked, “Mr. Larson, why did you have to feed her two spoonfuls of the medicine after every three needles? Couldn’t we have finished the acupuncture treatment before feeding her the medicine?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 429

Matthew shook his head. “After the Fruit of Mandala is completely dissolved, the medicinal properties are very strong. If one were to drink it all in an instant, it would be too strong. Miss Newman’s body is very weak. If she were to drink the medicine so quickly, it would not act as a tonic to replenish what she lacked.

Rather, it would become a poison to her. Therefore, I needed to use my needles to seal her meridians, then distribute the medicinal properties of the Fruit of Mandala to different parts of her body. With every needle I used, I was actually sealing her meridians.

This way, I can deliver the medicine throughout her body by feeding her two spoonfuls at a time. At the same time, it also prevents any negative impacts on Miss Newman.”

Seeming to reach a realization, Joseph sighed. “Mr. Larson, you really are godly! I never even imagined that there would be such a way to treat illnesses. After seeing your skills today, this old man has no more regrets in this life!”

Meanwhile, Billy was equally shocked too, and his respect and admiration for Matthew grew by leaps and bounds.

Half an hour later, Matthew took out the needles, one by one. During this process, everybody was surprised to notice that Brittany’s face was gradually regaining a rosy hue. Ever since she was born, she was afflicted with blood deficiency. Therefore, her complexion was always pale. Is Matthew’s treatment so effective?

Once all the needles had been taken out, Matthew gently asked, “Miss Newman, how do you feel?”

Brittany blushed slightly and whispered. “I… I’m so hungry…”

In response, Billy was taken aback. “Hungry? I-Is that true?”

Due to her physical condition, she normally ate very little. Throughout all these years, he had tried every method under the sky to make her eat a little more.

However, it was as if she lacked the very sense of hunger. Thus, it was the first time she had ever mentioned that she was hungry!

Then, Matthew nodded. “Looks like she’s cured now. Mr. Newman, please have the kitchen prepare some gruel for her.”

Billy was overjoyed and immediately waved his hand. “Hurry! Hurry! Ask the kitchen to prepare some gruel now! Prepare some gruel for the lady!”

The servants within the house were very excited. They immediately busied themselves with the preparations. After all, Brittany had always treated them very well. So, they were wishing for her recovery too.

After that, Billy emotionally said, “Mr. Larson, m-my daughter’s illness… Is it completely cured?”

Matthew replied, “We’ll know once we try.”

Billy was astonished. “How?”

Then, Matthew picked up a needle and said, “Miss Newman, I’m going to prick your finger.”

Upon hearing that, Brittany nodded and stretched out her right hand. Matthew used the needle to prick a small wound on her finger and blood immediately trickled out.

When Billy saw that, he was horrified. “Mr. Larson, m-my daughter has hemophilia. You can’t do that! She cannot suffer wounds on her body! Once there is an injury, it will be unable to heal and her blood won’t stop flowing…”

Matthew smiled. “Don’t worry. Just watch and see.”

Shockingly, Brittany’s finger bled for a short while, then it slowly stopped.

Thus, Joseph widened his eyes. “S-She’s really not bleeding anymore?! Mr. Newman, look! Look! It’s not bleeding anymore!”

On the other hand, Billy was so emotional that he was about to cry. Due to Brittany’s hemophilia, she lacked platelets in her blood. Hence, the blood from her wounds was unable to coagulate, and she would bleed non-stop. In the past, a small wound on her hand like that would bleed for a very long time.

Moreover, they needed to use a special method to stop the bleeding. His wife had the same disease too. For that reason, she had passed away during childbirth because they could not stop her bleeding.

Thus, he had been worried for so many years, living every day in fear that Brittany might receive an injury. Now that her wound stopped bleeding on its own, did that mean that her hemophilia had been cured?

All of a sudden, Billy stood up and bowed deeply to Matthew. In a trembling voice, he said, “Mr. Larson, thank you for saving my daughter! I will forever remember this debt! From today onward, please let me know if there’s anything I can help you with. Even if I have to go through hell and high water, I will never hesitate to help you!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 430

Matthew hurriedly helped Billy up. “Mr. Newman, you are being too courteous. All this time, you’ve helped me so much. Besides, treating Miss Newman is something I should do.”

Even so, Billy was still emotional. “Brittany is my everything—she is more important than my life! Therefore, saving her is more important than saving me. From today onward, I, Billy Newman, will put everything I have at your disposal, Mr. Larson!”

If those words of his were heard by people from Eastshire, they would be shocked beyond belief. After all, Billy Newman was somebody who nearly became the first king of Eastshire. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was tied down by the shackles of love, he would have strongly suppressed all the greatest families in the six southern provinces back then!

Even if he had remained in Eastcliff for many years without leaving the city, who in the whole of the six southern provinces would dare to disrespect him?

Soon, the kitchen finished preparing the gruel. Meanwhile, Brittany changed her clothes and finished two bowls of the gruel under the care of several servants.

Billy watched from the side with tears in his eyes. In the past, she could never finish that much food in an entire day. Now, she was truly cured of her disease.

After that, Matthew prescribed a prescription for her and asked Joseph to make the medicine per the prescription. It would act as a nutritional supplement for her. Although she was cured of her disease, she had been ill for so long that her body was very weak and deficient in many aspects.

Therefore, more time was needed for her body to recover to the point she could function like a normal person. Still, everything was much simpler now that her hemophilia had been cured.

Once everything was settled, Matthew left. Billy personally saw him out the door. Similarly, Brittany rushed over with the support of two servants. She sincerely said, “Thank you for saving me, Matthew.”

However, he hurriedly waved her off. “It’s nothing, Miss Newman. It was the least I could do.”

After saying his goodbyes to the Newmans, Joseph sent Matthew back to the hospital. “By the way, I have some information on the pill furnace you asked me to keep an eye out for, Mr. Larson. Nowadays, stuff like that is extremely rare. Only a few were preserved from the past.

Moreover, most are treated like antiques now. So, not many people would sell them. However, I heard that on the outskirts of the northern borders, there’s a place called Woodside. Somebody once brought a pill furnace to sell there.”

Matthew immediately asked, “Woodside? What sort of place is that? Is it far?”

Joseph replied, “It’s not that far. It’s right on the boundaries of Eastshire. However, that place is where the three provinces meet. So, there are all sorts of characters there. Due to the complexity of the people living there, many items that cannot be brought out into the open would be sold there.

After a while, the scale of its development became very big. Nowadays it’s an infamous underground black market. Moreover, the underground black market opens up once a month. If my calculations are correct, we still have some time to prepare until the next opening day.”

Matthew nodded. “Good. When the black market opens, I will take a trip down there.”

Then, Joseph sent Matthew back to the hospital and apologized once again for the things Crystal had done to him.

At first, he wanted to ask that Crystal be transferred to a different department, but he couldn’t say anything after Joseph had said so much. Even though he was dissatisfied with Crystal, he still needed to respect the old man.

Back at the hospital, Matthew noticed from afar that many hospital staff in white coats were pacing about in the vicinity of his office. Moreover, they were all men. These people occasionally pretended to pass by his office and sneakily tried to steal a glance inside.

They seemed to be searching for something. After that, they walked away in disappointment. Not long after, another batch of people came over and did the same thing.

In response, Matthew felt rather speechless. These people were undoubtedly here for Crystal. Rumors of her beauty had spread like wildfire within the hospital. Naturally, that attracted the attention of many. Still, Matthew ignored these people and walked straight over.

Meanwhile, everybody’s eyes were filled with jealousy when they looked at Matthew. Besides, they could not understand why such a beautiful woman had been assigned to his department.

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