The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 431-440

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 431

Not long after Matthew sat down, he heard a familiar voice coming from outside the door. “Matthew works here?” Thus, he hurriedly stood up and opened the door. Then, he saw that Ellie and Crystal were walking over together.

Crystal tugged at Ellie’s hand and smilingly said, “Isn’t that Matthew?”

Looking at Matthew, Ellie blushed furiously, lowering her head as she greeted him, “Hi, Matthew.”

On the other hand, Matthew was feeling curious. “Ellie, why are you here? How is Mrs. John doing? Is she in better condition?”

Ellie smiled and replied, “Crystal transferred us over to this hospital. She claimed that this hospital has better facilities. Moreover, she helped us pay for the medical expenses too.

Crystal is such a nice person. Also, Dr. Ellis has been treating my mom, and Mom seems to be completely healed. She will be discharged from the hospital in a few days. Mom is still considering, but she plans to invite you over for dinner.”

In response, Matthew immediately replied with a smile. “Of course, I’ll go! It’s been such a long time since I ate Mrs. John’s cooking.” When he had been neighbors with Ellie in the past, he often went over to her house for free meals.

Ellie said, “Matthew, I-I actually came here to apologize to you… If it wasn’t for you, I-I—” As she spoke, her eyes reddened. Previously, she had sneaked into the medical exchange conference and nearly caused a huge ruckus.

Crystal looked awkward as she said, “To be honest, that was my fault, Ellie. Don’t worry; I’ve learned from my mistakes after what happened! I will never make the same mistakes again!”

Her words were meant for Matthew. Even so, he didn’t react—he didn’t care about her situation at all. Unfortunately, his lack of reaction made her feel a little sad.

After chatting for a while, Matthew went to the wards upstairs to visit Ellie’s mother. It so happened that Mr. John was there too. He was extremely grateful toward Matthew and thanked him profusely.

They chatted for a short while, then Matthew took his leave. As he passed by the director’s office, he heard a raging voice coming from inside. “Sir, why should that new nurse be assigned to the department of that piece of trash, Matthew?! The Department of Chinese Medicine doesn’t even have a single patient!

As a director, he is redundant. So, why was a nurse assigned to him?! In my opinion, he should be cleaning the toilets! What right does he have to be the director of a department?!”

Matthew frowned. He could tell that the voice belonged to Tristan Fields, an attending physician in the hospital. Rumor had it that Tristan came from a family with a large network. For that reason, he tended to throw his weight around and act rather unreasonably within the hospital.

Still, Matthew had not had much contact with him before. So, there shouldn’t have been any conflicts between the two. Therefore, it was surprising that Tristan was going about slandering Matthew behind his back.

“Tristan, you don’t understand much about Matthew’s situation. Besides, these matters are arranged by the hospital. So, you shouldn’t poke your nose into it so much!” the director replied earnestly.

Tristan immediately snarled, “Director, I couldn’t care less about all that! I came here to say one thing. Our department is sorely in need of nurses. You should transfer Crystal Harrison over to our department!”

Upon hearing that, Matthew finally understood the situation. Tristan had nothing against him. Rather, he was aiming for Crystal. Hence, Matthew couldn’t be bothered about that. You can cause all the trouble you want, Tristan. If you manage to get Crystal transferred out, that’s even better.

I can’t drive her away because of my relationship with Joseph—I need to be considerate of his feelings. But, if you get her out of my hair, won’t that make my life easier?

When he returned to the office, Crystal was busy wiping down his table.

“Miss Harrison, you don’t need to do that. I can do something as simple as that myself,” he said.

She smiled sweetly. “Don’t mind me, Matthew. I came here to be a nurse. So, I should be starting from the basics. Besides, I should be the one doing these kinds of things. Why don’t you take a break? I’ll make you some tea in a bit.”

He was surprised. Did Crystal really change? Still, he couldn’t be bothered to say anything, Thus, he casually sat by a chair nearby and read the newspaper.

All of a sudden, the door opened, and a six-foot male doctor walked in. Matthew recognized him—it was Steven Newton. Steven came from a powerful family and was very handsome to boot.

He was also famously known as the prince charming of the hospital. Without even bothering to glance at Matthew, he directly went up to Crystal and smilingly said, “Miss Harrison, it’s your first day at work. It must be tiring, right? I bought two cups of milk tea. Shall we have tea together?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 432

Crystal had her fair share of boyfriends back in her schooling days. Therefore, she could tell what Steven was trying to do at a glance. Even if this was in the past, she wouldn’t have been attracted to somebody like him no matter how many boyfriends she had.

Moreover, she had changed a lot after what happened the last time. At the very least, she now knew what it was she was looking for. Thus, she refused him politely, “I’m sorry, but I still have work to do.”

Steven looked slightly embarrassed, but he immediately said, “Miss Harrison, how could you be doing such menial tasks? Matthew, how could you make Miss Harrison wipe the tables?! Can’t you do such stuff yourself?! Miss Harrison, give him the cloth. He can do it on his own!”

Joseph and the director had deliberately and strongly suppressed the information on what had happened to Matthew at the hospital previously. Hence, not many people knew about the incident involving Timothy Wayne.

For that reason, most of the people within the hospital were unaware of Matthew’s current situation. Rather, they assumed that he had obtained his position through his connections, especially after James and Helen came to the hospital to kick up a ruckus.

Since that incident, everybody at the hospital looked down on him even more. Moreover, people like Tristan and Steven had never even considered Matthew to be their equals from the beginning. They came from excellent families and were a great catch themselves. So, why on earth would they think highly of a rumored useless live-in son-in-law?

Matthew frowned slightly. I’m not stopping you from courting Crystal. But, you come to my department and order me about. Do you think that I’m working for you?

Meanwhile, Crystal frowned too. “Dr. Newton, Matthew is the director of our department. How can I allow him to do such menial tasks? Besides, these tasks are part of my duties. If you have no business here, I would like you to leave. Please don’t interfere in the daily operations of our department!”

Steven looked very embarrassed. He had never been humiliated in this manner before whenever he courted girls in the past. Still, he didn’t dare to lash out at her. So, he could only direct his anger toward Matthew. “Director Larson, as far as I am aware, the nurses at our hospital don’t need to do any cleaning for you!

Did you think that you can take advantage of Miss Harrison’s naïvete and bully her just because she is a recent graduate? Is that why you pushed such hard labor on her? Do you actually consider yourself a director?! Hmph; have you forgotten? Not too long ago, you were just a janitor cleaning the toilets at the hospital! So what if you found yourself a rich wife?

Did you think you can assert your newfound authority just because your in-laws bribed the hospital to make you a director? I’m telling you. This is the hospital; it’s not your home! I don’t care about how you sponge off your wife at home, or how you act all high and mighty at home.

The hospital has its own rules! Making Miss Harrison clean for you is going against those rules! Apologize to Miss Harrison immediately, and I’ll graciously pretend that this never happened. Otherwise… Hmph; believe it or not, I’ll get you kicked out of the hospital!”

Upon hearing those words, Matthew scowled. This guy sure is vicious. He doesn’t hesitate to insult me just to hook up with Crystal. Besides, what does he mean about cleaning the toilets, or bribing, or sponging off my wife?

If it were a newcomer who didn’t know me, she would immediately find me despicable. Moreover, how could he say that I’m picking on the newcomer by making her do menial tasks? Isn’t he openly trying to sow discord? Then, he smiled superficially as he glanced at Steven. “Are you trying to create trouble?”

Steven’s expression changed greatly. “Who do you think you’re talking to? Do you know who I am—”

Matthew waved his hand dismissively. “I don’t care who you are! This is my department! Get out!”

Furious, Steven was about to lose his temper when Crystal spoke up suddenly, “The director has asked you to leave! Didn’t you hear him? Besides, I’m willingly doing these tasks! Who are you to butt in? Dr. Newton, I’m saying this again—please, leave! Don’t disrupt the daily operations of our department!”

Then, Steven was completely stunned. What is going on? I was speaking on her behalf. Moreover, I told Matthew off for her too. Why is she angry at me? Why is she defending this useless b*stard?!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 433

Hesitating for a moment, Steven leaned over to Crystal and whispered, “Miss Harrison, did Matthew threaten you? You can tell me anything. There’s nothing I can’t do in this hospital. As long as I’m willing, I can make that guy pack up and leave at any time!”

Crystal was absolutely furious. I wanted to make a good impression in front of Matthew, but this Steven is hurling all sorts of insults at Matthew! He is putting me in a difficult spot! Thus, she angrily yelled, “Dr. Newton, please leave!”

Upon hearing that, he was beyond humiliated. He gritted his teeth and growled, “Fine! Since you don’t appreciate the kindness I’m showing you, I guess I was being presumptuous!

I’m warning you; in this hospital, even the director has to show respect to me. How dare you disrespect me? Hmph; I’ll make it so you can’t even dream about getting a permanent position here!”

After that, Steven left in a huff. Then, Crystal apologetically said, “Matthew, I’m so sorry. That man was straight-up ridiculous!”

Matthew pursed his lips, feeling rather annoyed too. Steven, if you want to court a woman, then court her. Why did you have to insult me too? What do I have to do with your affairs? You’re making it seem like I’m not allowing you to court her!

However, things were not over yet. Not long after Steven left, Tristan entered.

Tristan glanced at Matthew contemptuously. Then, he walked over to Crystal. “Miss Harrison, can I speak to you for a moment?”

She was surprised. “Dr. Fields, can I help you?”

He replied, “It has something to do with work. Miss Harrison, let’s talk outside.”

Despite her confusion, she put down the cloth in her hands. “Matthew, I’m going out for a bit.”

Matthew nodded in response. He couldn’t care less. Besides, Tristan probably came here for the same reason Steven did.

After that, Crystal followed Tristan out the door and saw a middle-aged lady standing there. The lady was dressed very extravagantly. She had two large diamonds on her fingers as well as a string of pearls around her neck. Thus, she gave off the sense that she was richly bejeweled.

All of a sudden, Tristan proudly said, “Miss Harrison, allow me to introduce you. This is my mother, Veronica Tuffin. She is the general manager of the Griffin Enterprise.”

Although Crystal felt very confused, she politely greeted the lady, “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Fields.”

Veronica sized her up and seemed rather satisfied. Nodding her head, she said, “Nice to meet you. Miss Harrison, your family is from this city, right?”

Crystal nodded. “Yes.”

Veronica asked, “What do your parents do?”

Crystal replied, “Uh… My parents are doctors.”

Then, Veronica’s eyes brightened. It was clear that she was happy with the answer as she continuously nodded her head. “I see. So, they are in the medical field. That’s good; that’s good. No wonder you entered this field too.”

Meanwhile, Crystal looked confused. What has my parents’ work got to do with you?

Then, Veronica gently said, “Miss Harrison, my husband works at the Public Health Bureau. He is mainly responsible for managing hospitals. Tristan came to this hospital to work because he needs some training. In the future, we will transfer him to a better position.

Since your parents are doctors, you would be quite a good match with our family. Let’s do it this way then; why don’t you transfer over to Tristan’s department and get to know him better for a period? If things work out, we can invite your parents over for a meal to get to know each other.”

Crystal was at a loss. “Mrs. Fields, w-what is this about? I’m doing quite well in this department. I have no plans to transfer departments. Also, my parents are very busy. I don’t think they can make time to join you for a meal.”

Veronica frowned. “Busy? No matter how busy they are, can they be busier than us? My company is worth hundreds of millions. As the general manager, do you know how many things I am in charge of?

Besides, my husband is in charge of all the hospitals in the entire city! No matter how busy your parents are, can they be busier than him? We’re willing to spare some time for a meal, but your parents aren’t?! Child, where are your manners?! How did your parents teach you?!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 434

Tristan grumbled, “Crystal, be more respectful to your elders. You come from a family of well-educated doctors, so you should understand these principles. Mom, please don’t get angry. Crystal just graduated. She isn’t familiar with the rules of the world.”

A scornful look flashed across Veronica’s face. “That’s why I told you that a person’s background is extremely important. A girl from a small family like her will never be quite up to standard.

He immediately said, “Mom, please overlook it! Give her a chance!”

Then, Veronica waved her hand dismissively. “Forget it; I can’t be bothered to waste my time on this. Since my son asked me to, I’ll give you another chance. Pack up your things and go to my son’s department right now. I’ll handle the rest. Also, don’t you dare use our family name to show off to others before this matter is confirmed.”

At that moment, Crystal finally seemed to understand what was going on. So, she blurted out, “Wait! Mrs. Fields, a-are you trying to make me your daughter-in-law?”

Veronica sneered in response, “Things aren’t confirmed yet. Don’t make it sound so certain. Although your parents’ work is acceptable, they still can’t match up to my family. Whether or not you become my daughter-in-law will depend on your performance!”

Tristan nodded too. “Crystal, my dad actually wants me to marry the daughter of a company chairman. But, I don’t have any feelings for her. Rather, I fell for you the moment I set eyes on you. So, you need to do well and make my parents accept you!”

At this point, Crystal was so furious that she smiled and pointed at Tristan as she said, “Dr. Fields, please don’t trouble yourself. Hurry up and go to that chairman’s daughter. I am not worthy of you. Anyway, I still have work to do. I’ll be taking my leave!”

Then, she turned to leave. However, Veronica became enraged and roared, “Stop! What’s with that attitude?! What’s with that manner of speech?! Is that how you talk to your elders?!”

Similarly, Tristan anxiously said, “Crystal, h-how can you act in this manner? This is my mother!”

Crystal retorted, “So what if she’s your mother? It’s not like she’s my mother! Dr. Fields, do you think of yourself as some sort of God? Do you think all women are scrambling to marry you?

Let me say this; you’re not worth my time! The two of you should leave. Please stop being an eyesore here!”

Upon hearing those words, Veronica exploded in anger. “What are you saying?! How dare you speak to me in that manner?! Believe it or not, I can kick you out of the hospital at will! I can even make your parents lose their jobs!”

Thus, Crystal sneered, “Well, I’m looking forward to it! Hmph; I’ve never met people as shameless as you. Are you threatening me because I rejected your son?

Go on then; try it. Don’t go easy on me. I want to see just what you are capable of that you can make my parents lose their jobs!”

Veronica was furious beyond words. She yelled in anger, “B*tch, you’re asking for it! Fine! Just you wait! I’ll make it so you come groveling at my feet later! Let’s go, Tristan! A woman like that doesn’t deserve to enter our family!”

In response, Tristan glanced at Crystal regretfully. “Crystal, beauty isn’t everything. There are many beautiful people in this world, but those that can marry into wealth are few. Do you know what kind of opportunity you’ve just missed?”

All of a sudden, Crystal burst out laughing so hard that she doubled over. “Oh, my; I didn’t know. Did I just miss the opportunity to marry into wealth? Tsk, tsk. Looks like I really don’t have much luck in that aspect. Dr. Fields, thank you for your kindness. Still, marrying into your family? Just forget it; hahaha…”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 435

Both Tristan and his mother could discern the ridicule behind Crystal’s words. Thus, they were absolutely livid. Veronica angrily berated, “B*tch, how dare you mock us? Hmph; at first, I thought I could still give you a chance.

But, it looks like trash like you will never be more than what you are! Fortunately, my son is not marrying you. Otherwise, it would have been the greatest humiliation to our family!”

On the other hand, Tristan nodded repeatedly too. Gritting his teeth, he said, “You’re nothing but a pretty face. Hmph; somebody like you doesn’t deserve to work at this hospital. Crystal Harrison, listen carefully: you’re fired! Pack up your stuff and get out of here! There is no place for you in this hospital!”

Pretending to be scared, Crystal cried, “Dr. Fields, please don’t threaten me! It wasn’t easy for me to obtain this internship opportunity! If you fire me, how am I going to explain it to my family?!”

What she said was the truth—she had a hard time trying to convince Joseph before he agreed to let her carry out her internship here.

However, Tristan thought that she was truly panicking. Thus, he scoffed, “Are you scared now? It’s too late! You shouldn’t have offended my mother! An uncultured swine like you should be taught a lesson. Otherwise, people might think that your parents brought you up poorly!”

Upon hearing those words, her expression changed. You can say all you want, but why did you drag my parents into this? Then, she warned in a low voice, “Tristan Fields, watch what you say!”

If she was her usual self, she would not hold back against him. However, her temper had become much more moderate after the incident at the Thousand Lakes Manor. Besides, she was in front of Matthew right now. She did not want his impression of her to worsen.

Veronica immediately glared at her. “Who are you asking to watch what he says? You’re just a trainee nurse. Do you think you’re a regular nurse here? Let me tell you this: even if you were confirmed as a permanent worker, you’ll still lose your job if I so much as said so! People like you don’t deserve courtesy from us!”

Crystal was incensed. However, she did not lose her temper. Instead, she said, “Alright; you’re amazing. I can’t afford to anger you, but I can avoid you. Please go on with your business. I’m leaving!” Returning to the office, she looked depressed as she said, “What’s with them? Matthew, why does your hospital have so many weirdos?”

Matthew was about to reply to her when he noticed Veronica and Tristan walking in. It just so happened that they heard what Crystal said. So, they were livid.

Veronica roared furiously, “Who are you calling a weirdo? B*tch, where are your manners?! How dare you curse at us behind our backs?! I’m warning you: this incident today won’t be solved just by having you leave this hospital!”

On the other hand, Tristan glared at Matthew. “Matthew, what is with the nurse in your department? Don’t you know how to teach the newcomers?! Don’t tell me you are unaware of the fact that newcomers should, at the very least, have respect for the doctors of this hospital?

Is this the kind of behavior you teach the newcomers? Matthew, you better give me a proper explanation!”

Then, Crystal panicked slightly and quickly said, “D-Don’t go overboard! This matter is between you and me. If you want to solve our issues, then we should solve them between us. Why are you dragging Matthew into this?”

Veronica chuckled at her words. “Matthew? Look at that; aren’t you pretty close? Why? Did you enter this hospital through his connections?”

Similarly, Tristan sneered, “Hey, Matthew. Even you can pull some strings to get somebody into the hospital now? If I remember correctly, you were still cleaning the toilets half a month ago!

That father-in-law of yours went through so much trouble to give Director Fleming a large donation and finally managed to put you into a good position in the hospital. Yet, you immediately start throwing your weight around? Have you gone mad? Don’t you know what kind of situation you’re in?”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 436

As soon as Veronica heard that, she immediately exclaimed, “What?! He became a director through his connections? Moreover, he used to clean the toilets?!”

Tristan nodded vigorously. “Yeah. He used to be a janitor cleaning the toilets at our hospital for three years. Afterward, he found a good family and became their live-in son-in-law. Since then, he has been sponging off his in-laws and serving his in-laws well.

For that reason, his father-in-law came to the hospital and donated a large sum to the vice director, Casey Fleming. Thus, he was assigned to become a director of this department. To be honest, his position as a director is nothing more than a decoration. This department has no patients at all!”

Veronica’s expression was full of contempt. “Oh, so it was a position gained through his connections. And here I was, thinking that he had real skills! There are two kinds of people I hate—incompetent people and people who sponge off others. You are both incompetent and a leech!

Just looking at you makes me sick. Hmph; Casey Fleming sure is brave. How dare he go so far as to appoint a janitor to become the director of a department? What a joke! Looks like this hospital is worth investigating. Tonight, I’m going to tell your father about this.

I’ll ask him to investigate this matter. Some people are not suitable to be the vice director of the hospital. Therefore, they should just get lost! In the worst case, there is no need for this hospital anymore!”

Veronica was arrogant when she said those words. It was as if she could determine the life and death of the hospital with a single word. Similarly, Tristan looked delighted too. He was very proud of his family’s connections. On the other hand, Matthew looked annoyed.

If Tristan wants to court Crystal, that’s his problem. Why did he drag me into this? Besides, why is he ordering me around and throwing all sorts of abuse at me after barging into my office? Isn’t he underestimating me too much?

Meanwhile, Crystal looked very embarrassed. She had not expected to meet such a pair of weirdos. “Matthew, I’m sorry. I’m really so sorry. Please, wait for a bit. I’ll handle this…”

However, Matthew waved it off. “It’s fine. Why don’t you go back to work? Tristan Fields, as well as this… madam? If there’s nothing else, please leave. Don’t disrupt the work at my department!”

Veronica became incensed. “W-Who are you calling a madam?!”

Similarly, Tristan became furious too. “Matthew, what are you saying to my mother? Moreover, how dare you chase us out of here? Who do you think you are? Did you think that just because you’re a director, you are on equal footing with me? I’m warning you; apologize to my mother immediately!

Also, chase that b*tch out of this hospital right now! If you do that, I’ll at least let you off for today. Otherwise, don’t blame me for teaching you a lesson!”

Then, Matthew lost his temper too. He coldly said, “Apologize? For what? This is my department! Since you are not here as patients, then you are disrupting my work. Asking you to leave is well within the rules of the hospital. Is there a problem?

Whether Miss Harrison leaves or stays is up to the hospital. It’s not your place to decide what happens to her! I’m warning you again: leave immediately! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rough with you!”

All of a sudden, Tristan burst out laughing. “Patients? Here? Matthew, do you even know what patients look like? Also, you claim you’ll be rough with us? Sure; try me! I want to see just how you plan to be rough with us!”

By now, Crystal looked very troubled. Thus, she walked over and anxiously said, “Please don’t cause trouble here anymore! If you have beef with me, please take it out on me. These matters have nothing to do with Matthew! You—”

Irritated, Veronica slapped Crystal’s face and roared angrily, “Get lost! Who do you think you are?! This is no place for you to speak!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 437
After getting slapped, Crystal became extremely baffled, as she was always the center of attention growing up as the daughter of the Harrison Family in Eastcliff.

Not only that, but she also had many friends by virtue of the Harrison Family’s wide connections, even though they were based in Eastcliff where the successors of the Ten Greatest Families were. She was also always backed by Stanley, which was almost the same as being backed by Billy.

As such, even the successors of the Ten Greatest Families would always treat Crystal well.

Apart from that one time when she was told off by Travis, no one else had ever mistreated her since she was little.

Not to mention her parents, who would never tell her off whenever she was being a difficult child.

However, she did not expect Veronica to have the audacity to slap her, so it took her a while to process that.

This bothered Matthew as even though he had never really liked Crystal, she was nonetheless Joseph’s granddaughter.

Besides, Crystal worked in his department, so as her staff, it would look bad on him when she was slapped by someone in his presence.

As such, Matthew pounded the table and yelled, “Enough! How dare you hit someone at the hospital?”

Looking arrogant, Veronica responded, “So what? She’s just an intern. Why? Are you unhappy with that? I can hit you too if you’d like that!”

As she continued, she lifted her hand and went in Matthew’s direction.

This lady had always got things her way. As the general manager of her company, many of her employees had been slapped by her.

Furthermore, being the wife of the person in charge of all hospitals, she thought she could do whatever she wanted here.

Just before this incident, she had slapped several doctors and nurses, who could not do anything about it.

As such, in her perspective, hitting an intern nurse and a useless man who lived off a woman was no big deal.

However, she didn’t manage to hit Matthew as he kicked a chair next to him out of the way, hitting Veronica in her tummy and sending her to the ground.

Being treated in this way for the first time, Veronica began howling while lying on the ground, “Ah! How dare y-you hit me! I’m not done with you… Someone, please call the police! Call the police! I’m going to put you behind bars. I’m going to kill you!”

Being extremely upset, Tristan pointed at Matthew and shouted, “Larson, how dare you hit my mother! I swear I’m going to kill you!”

Tristan then reached for a stapler from the desk and threw it at Matthew.

Matthew frowned before kicking Tristan in his belly, causing him to fall over.

“H-How dare you hit my son! You son of a b*tch. I’ll make you pay!” Veronica let out a howl of anguish.

Right now, cheeks looking utterly red, Tristan proceeded to yell hysterically, “Matthew, just wait! I’ll make you pay! I’ll change my last name if I don’t f*cking make you pay!”

Then, Tristan held Veronica and they left together.

Crystal’s heart pounded in her chest as she watched all of this unfold.

However, to be honest, she thought that these situations were nothing to her as Tristan and Veronica were insignificant in the eyes of the Harrison Family, so she could easily settle this issue with just a phone call.

It was the fact that Matthew beat them up that caused her emotions to fluctuate.

At this moment, she felt somewhat strange as she looked at Matthew with admiration in her eyes.

All of a sudden, she recalled the incident that took place in Thousand Lakes Manor where Matthew hit that lady and the guy.

At that time, she felt that Matthew was being unreasonable. Even though she later found out what really took place, she still thought he went overboard with the way he handled things.

However, now that something similar had happened to her, she felt that Matthew was very manly.

When a woman was being wronged, all that she wanted was a man to fight for her, right?

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 438

Following that, Tristan helped Veronica to walk to the director’s office.

The moment they entered the door, Veronica began murmuring, “Director, I give you one chance to fire Matthew and Crystal right away. Also, please ask the security to bring them here and teach them a lesson. Otherwise, I’ll make you lose your job!”

The director frowned and responded in a deep voice, “Stop messing around! Matthew is a department director, and Crystal is our nurse. It’s not up to you whether they stay or go. Also, what do you think the hospital is that I can just ask security to bring them over and teach them a lesson?

Let me tell you; I don’t care who you are, but this hospital is definitely not where you can just throw your weight around.”

The director’s words stunned Veronica.

Prior to this, whenever the director saw her, he would always be respectful.

What’s going on now?

How dare he go against me?

“Fine. Since that’s what you said, don’t regret it later. I’ll see how you’re going to explain to my husband when he’s here in just a moment!” Veronica growled, departing angrily with Tristan.

Seeing the two leave, a cold grin flashed across the director’s face.

He knew about Crystal’s real identity all along, just that he had never told anyone, and as for Tristan, he had been displeased with him for a long time as Tristan had been getting whatever he wanted in this hospital based on his family background. Besides, he was disrespectful toward everyone around here, including the director.

This time around, the director felt that he should use this incident to chase Tristan out of the hospital.

“He deserves it,” the director whispered before he started humming.

Meanwhile, while Crystal was helping Matthew clean his office, her phone rang.

She took out her phone and saw that it was Ellie.

“Ellie, what’s going on?”

Then, Ellie’s sobbing voice sounded out from the phone, “Crystal, p-please help me… m-my mother got chased out of the ward…”

Crystal’s countenance dropped, asking, “What happened? Who did that to you?”

“Ellie responded, “It’s a chief physician named Steven Newton. H-He said that this bed was reserved for someone else… My mom was still on a drip, and he just unplugged it… Crystal, I don’t have the courage to tell Matthew about this… Can you perhaps send us back to the previous hospital?”

Her words stunned Crystal. It took her a few moments to recall who Steven was, and she finally recalled that he was the person who bought her milk tea earlier.

He did say something out of anger when Crystal chased him out earlier, but Crystal did not take what he said seriously. Much to her surprise, Steven played dirty by going after Ellie.

No doubt he had found out about the arrangement Crystal made for Ellie to come to this hospital, so he decided to go after Ellie by chasing her out of this hospital to make things difficult for Crystal.

“Ellie, don’t panic. I’m coming over right now.”

Putting down her phone, Crystal rushed to the inpatient department in front of the hospital.

The moment she arrived in the hallway, she immediately saw Ellie, who was holding her mother, standing in the hallway.

At the same time, Ellie’s father was sitting on the floor with his hands over his forehead with blood between his fingers.

It was truly chaotic.

Upon seeing this, Crystal panicked and asked, “W-What’s going on?”

Then, a peeved-looking nurse walked over and sneered, “This patient’s family is trying to make a scene here. He even wanted to beat someone up. While that didn’t happen, he fell over and knocked his head. So, he decided to just sit here and blackmail people. We’ve already called the police. You can continue to stay here. I’d like to see what you can do.”

Ellie quickly responded, “W-We’re not trying to make a scene… They threw out all our belongings and they chased my mother out of the ward… My mother was still on a drip, but they wanted to unplug it. My dad was afraid that it would be bad for my mother, so he tried to stop them. Then, t-those people beat him up and pushed him against the wall…”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 439

The nurse was infuriated. She pointed at Ellie and chided, “Watch your words! “I’m telling you. All these people here can attest that your father was the one who used violence first! If you keep saying things like that, I can sue you for slander!”

Ellie was frightened. She knew that the people there would not stand up for her.

A look of horror flashed across Crystal’s face. She could guess what had happened. Taking a deep breath, she said in a serious manner, “For the time being, let’s not point fingers at one another and have a talk first. He’s sitting here injured.

Does that mean you can falsely accuse him? You’re all medical workers. This old man suffered an injury to his head and is bleeding non-stop. But instead of helping him, you’re just spectating? Do you not have any medical ethics?”

The nurse was annoyed now as she pointed at Crystal. “Who are you talking about? As an interning nurse, how dare you lecture us? Do you know who I am? I’m telling you. Even when you become a registered nurse, you’ll still be under me!”

Crystal rebuked, “I don’t care who you are. This old man is hurt. It’s not right that none of you are tending to him!”

The nurse yelled, “Are you trying to teach me how to do my job?”

“Yes, I am teaching you how to do your job. Why? Do you think your actions are right?”

The nurse did not know that Crystal had so much attitude in her.

Clenching her teeth, she said, “You smooth-talking wench! Who do you think you are? I’ll have you know that I’m not going to dress his wounds today. What can you do about it?”

Just as Crystal was about to snap back, Steven walked over smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh, what happened here? What is this argument all about? Tsk, tsk. Look at this poor patient. Why is he sitting in the corridor?” he bantered with a smile.

Crystal fumed. “Dr. Newton, tell me; why did you kick them out of the hospital room? I’ve settled the hospital transfer procedures and paid the money. What right do you have to kick them out?”

Steven glanced at her. “Excuse me, but this is my department. The bed you took up was already booked by another patient, so she can’t stay there.”

Crystal refuted, “Booked? Why didn’t I know about this when I was going through all the procedures?”

He scoffed. “Ask whoever did the administrative work for you; don’t ask me! I know my department and my patients best. I know who should be in which hospital room, and likewise, I know who shouldn’t be there!

Miss Harrison, you may be an intern at the hospital, but there are conventional practices at the hospital too! This is my department. Even if it was the director, he can’t force me to do anything!”

She scowled at him. He had made his implications clear.

This department was under his jurisdiction—he decided who stayed in the rooms there. If he did not want to let someone stay there, then they could see themselves out.

He was hinting at her. If she wanted to put someone in a hospital room, she had to go through him first.

Seeing the state that Ellie’s parents were in, she urged, “Dr. Newton, let’s not talk about right and wrong for now. Ellie’s mother is not in good condition; she needs a bed to rest on.

Mr. John also needs to get his wound tended to immediately. Why don’t we get these things sorted out first?”

However, Steven let out a boastful smile. “Miss Harrison, I’m afraid that won’t be possible. Why don’t you come to my office and I’ll help you find a solution?”

She had a chilling expression on her face. The audacity this man has.

“Steven, listen to me. I’m not asking you right now! I’ve done the hospital inpatient admissions and paid for the stay here. You have no right to kick them out!” Crystal bellowed.

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 440

Steven laughed aloud. “You weren’t asking me? Were you ordering me then? I must say, you’re quite brave! Do you think you’re invincible because Matthew is protecting you? Or because Tristan likes you? Let me tell you something. Tristan is nothing to me, much less that good-for-nothing Matthew!”

Crystal flew into a rage. “Watch your words, Steven! Matthew did not do anything to wrong you. How dare you insult him?”

“Insult him? Is he even worth that much? Okay, that’s enough. I’m not going to keep up this nonsense with you. There’s no way that patient can come into this room. If you can’t accept that, then you can bring Matthew to see me.”

When Steven turned around to leave, he realized that Matthew was already standing behind him.

“Oh! Is that you, Director Larson? What brings you here? You left your post for personal reasons during work hours. Do you even know hospital rules? Here; remember to tell our director about this when he comes by later!” Steven scoffed.

The nurse from before started laughing. “Of course. Even if the director doesn’t come here, I’ll go over and tell him myself! After buying your way in as director, do you really think you amount to something now? I just can’t accept this!”

Trusting that Steven had their backs, the nurses did not take Matthew seriously.

His expression was cold as he walked over to Mr. John and helped him up by the arm.

Then, he looked across the crowd and questioned, “Who hurt him?”

That same nurse immediately spoke up, “Larson, don’t get it wrong! This old geezer wanted to hit me but accidentally ran himself into the wall. He deserved it. He’s lucky he didn’t die.”

As soon as she said that, Matthew slapped her across her face.

The nurse was bewildered. In this hospital, she was the most savage woman.

On normal days, she was like a virago as no one dared to mess with her.

With Steven behind her back, she was even more domineering.

Who would have thought that Matthew, the one people thought of as a good-for-nothing, would dare to hit her?

“D-Did you just hit me? It’s over for you!” She charged at him, but he easily got rid of her with one kick.

Steven yelled, “Larson! How dare you hit someone in this place? Do you really think I won’t dare to touch you?”

He rushed up to Matthew and was going to grab him by the throat.

But Matthew punched him bluntly on the face and brought him to his knees; he was cradling his mouth that was now bleeding.

“How… How dare you? Q-Quick! Go get the director,” the medical staff in the area yelled out in a panic.

With an apathetic look on his face, Matthew reprimanded, “You bunch of degenerates! You’re supposed to treat all patients equally, yet you didn’t even treat this injured patient in front of you! A beating from me is exactly what you were asking for!”

Cradling his mouth, Steven fumed, “Larson! You better remember this. I… I’m not done with you! Just you wait. If I don’t send you behind bars today, then I’ll have to finish you myself!”

Steven stormed off to look for some help.

Meanwhile, Matthew did not concern himself with them. After helping Mr. John up, he said, “Let’s go to my department for now.”

Crystal quickly helped support Ellie’s mother as they followed behind Matthew.

Ellie looked distraught. She had no idea that things would unfold that way.

“Matthew, w-will everything be okay?” Ellie’s voice trembled.

Crystal answered her instead, “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen! I will definitely seek justice for you for what happened today!”

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