The Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 441-450

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 441

Ellie immediately waved her hand. “It’s fine, Crystal. Don’t get into a fight with them. Just let my mom get her treatment, and we can leave. We will always remember your good intentions. They don’t have enough beds here, so… we won’t fall into dispute with them over it either.”

Crystal’s eyes were turning red. Ellie’s kindness made her feel even more guilty. Thinking about what happened to Ellie at the Thousand Lakes Manor made Crystal feel even more resentful toward herself.

“Don’t worry. Nothing is going to happen!” As Crystal was comforting Ellie, she took out her phone and sent a message to her own father.

Once they were in Matthew’s department, Crystal helped them deal with their matters first, including Mr. John’s wound. As soon as they were done with everything, however, several people rushed in through the door with Tristan and his mother in the lead.

“It’s them! The people who hit us earlier. Get them!” Veronica was quaking with anger.

Among the people behind them, the first one was a man with a buzz cut. One side of his neck was covered in tattoos and his face looked very fierce. He walked up to Matthew and scrutinized him. “Son, were you the motherf*cker who hit my sister?

Why don’t you go out and ask around about Michael Tuffin on North Street? How dare you hit my sister? Have you grown tired of living?”

At the side, Tristan yelled, “Uncle Michael, don’t go easy on him! This small fry is a pampered good-for-nothing. His wife earned a little bit of money lately and he thinks he’s the most accomplished person alive now. Let him know today that the little bit of property he has is worth nothing!”

The man with tattoos scoffed. “Is that so? Here I thought you were someone great, but you only happened to marry into a rich family!” He reached out to hit Matthew on the face as he scolded, “You worthless being. How dare you hit my sister?”

Matthew frowned and took a step back to avoid his slap.

Michael was livid. “Did you just take a step back? The fact that I’m talking to you only shows that I’m giving you face. D*mn! Kneel in front of me now!”

However, Matthew was not the least bit provoked. The few men behind Michael became unhappy in an instant.

“Did you not hear Michael? He wants you to kneel.”

“He needs a good beating!”

“Attack him!”

“Break his legs and see if he’s still unwilling to kneel!”

Several of the men fumed as they approached Matthew angrily.

At that moment, Crystal stood out and yelled, “Enough! This is the hospital and not a place where you can start fights! I’m warning you. Get out right now. Otherwise, I-I’m going to call someone!”

Michael’s eyes lit up. “Oh! This young lady looks rather pretty. Tristan, is this the one you’ve had your eyes on? Not bad. You have good taste, just like your uncle. But this character of hers needs to be tamed a little. With a personality like hers, she’s not fit to marry into our family!”

Veronica quickly interjected, “This uncultured delinquent wants to marry into our family? In her dreams! Hmph! No matter how beautiful she is, she’s not good enough for my son!”

Michael nodded along. “You’re right, Veronica. He has to marry a worthy wife. This uneducated thing is certainly unfit for my nephew! Hey, little girl. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Get out of my way or I’ll beat you up too!”

Crystal chided, “I dare you to touch me! Get these people out of here now and apologize to Matthew, then I’ll let you off for this today. Otherwise, I—”

Suddenly, Veronica ran toward her and slapped her across the face.

“Wench! Are you trying to threaten us? Looks like you need a good beating!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 442

Crystal was dumbfounded again. Being slapped twice in a day was something she had never imagined would ever happen to her.

On the other hand, Matthew was quite speechless. Crystal sure likes asking for trouble, doesn’t she?

Meanwhile, she held her face in her hands as her eyes reddened. Furious, she yelled, “H-How dare you hit me?!”

Veronica sneered, “So what if I hit you? Are you upset? I’m telling you; not only am I going to hit you today, but I’m also going to beat up that good-for-nothing! Michael, don’t waste time on them anymore. Break the legs of that good-for-nothing right now!”

Michael smirked. “Small fry, did you hear that? My sister has spoken. Since you didn’t appreciate the chance I gave you, I’m not going to hold back anymore! Teach him a lesson!”

With those words, the men standing behind Michael rushed forward to surround and attack Matthew. Matthew said nothing as he reached out and pulled Crystal closer to him. Then, he rushed forward abruptly.

Michael was standing right in front of Matthew. Thus, when he saw Matthew rushing toward him, he lifted his leg and kicked in that direction. However, Matthew was extremely swift. Using his left hand to grab Michael’s left ankle, he slammed his right elbow down on Michael’s knee.

Everybody heard a resounding crack, followed by Michael’s ear-splitting scream—his leg had been broken. The men behind him seemed taken aback. They were often involved in fights, but who could have expected a doctor to be so ruthless?

Amidst their confusion, Matthew made a move again. He punched the man on the left in the face, and broke his nose. With another kick, he sent the man on the left flying into the wall. That kick practically crushed his internal organs, and the man clutched at his stomach but was unable to get up again.

In quick succession, Mathew dealt with the other men too. It was almost effortless on his part. When he was done, those men collapsed to the ground—not one of them could stand up.

This was a situation nobody could have expected, especially Tristan and his mother. They were completely dumbfounded by the scene in front of them. Normally, it was Michael and his gang harassing other people. Who could have expected Matthew to be so strong that he could beat up so many people?

A short silence fell over them before Veronica shrieked, “H-How dare you beat them up?! Tristan, call the police! Call the police! Your uncle and his men have been injured! I’m going to send him to jail!”

Thus, Tristan took out his phone and hurriedly tried to call the police.

At that moment, an angry roar came from outside. “You don’t need to call the police. I’ve already called them!”

Everybody turned to look in the direction of the voice and saw the director walking toward them with a bunch of people following behind him.

Upon seeing him, Veronica was overjoyed. “Director, it’s great that you’re here! This doctor of yours started beating us up for no reason! How are you going to deal with this?! I’m warning you; you better handle this matter well! Otherwise, I’ll make sure you can never call yourself the director of this hospital again!”

The director sneered, “Don’t worry; I will definitely take care of this properly!”

Veronica immediately became arrogant. Glancing sideways at Matthew, she smirked. “Hmph; did you hear that? You’re dead meat! This time, I’m not just going to make you lose your job, I’m also going to send you to jail! Moreover, you’ll have to pay for all the damages!

Of course, you’re just a worthless good-for-nothing sponging off your wife. I’m sure you can’t afford to pay for the damages. But, your in-laws are rich, aren’t they? I’m going to claim these damages from your wife! How dare you fight with me? Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror? Do you think you have the right to go against me?”

Matthew simply smiled coldly at her without saying anything.

Just then, the director walked into the office. He immediately went over to Crystal and asked in concern, “Miss Harrison, are you alright? Director Larson, I apologize. I was late because I only just received the news. Allow me to apologize for the inconveniences!”

Upon hearing those words, Veronica was stunned. After a moment, she anxiously yelled, “Director, what are you doing?! I told you to give me an explanation for this matter. Why are you apologizing to them?! Even if you want to apologize, it should to me! Do you even know how to do your job?!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 443

The director glanced at the lady and coldly said, “Apologize to you? You brought your men to my hospital to stir up trouble, attacked my medical staff without rhyme or reason, and yet, you want me to apologize to you? You must be dreaming!”

The lady was stunned as she stared blankly at the director. All this while, it didn’t matter which hospital she went to as all the directors had been courteous toward her. What is going on? How dare this director take such an attitude toward me? Thus, she anxiously said, “Do you know who I am?!”

In response, the director icily replied, “I don’t need to know who you are! This is the hospital! Bringing your men here to cause trouble is against the law!

I’ve already reported this to the police. Besides, the surveillance cameras within the hospital, as well as the employees here, can prove that you are the ones causing trouble here! Hmph; just wait for the law to serve you your just rewards!”

Widening her eyes, she glared at the director in disbelief. Then, she gritted her teeth. “D-Do you know what you’re saying? How dare you speak to me in such a manner?! You’re digging your own graves!”

He sneered, “You don’t need to try and threaten me. The hospital is governed by rules! Causing trouble here is in direct violation of our rules! I will never condone something like this at my hospital!”

The director’s words were righteous and stern; he sounded like he didn’t fear her authority. To be honest, he only dared to speak so confidently because he knew who Crystal was.

However, the lady was unaware of that fact. Hence, she was livid. “Fine! You better remember this! My husband will be here soon! I hope you can still act so arrogantly in front of him!”

Still, the director looked indifferent as he gestured with his hands and instructed, “Apprehend those people!”

Immediately, the security guards rushed over to detain Michael and his men.

The lady gnashed her teeth as she snarled, “Fine! You’ve got balls! Just you wait! Just you wait! Once my husband gets here, I’ll see how you beg for mercy then!”

Tristan glared at the director furiously too. “My dad is an ill-tempered man. You will pay for what you’ve done!”

In response, the director simply smiled coldly. He did not seem to take Tristan’s threat to heart. A short while later, a commotion outside made the crowd restless. Immediately afterward, a fat man with a bulging belly walked toward them with a group of men following behind him. He yelled loudly, “What’s going on?! What is all this commotion?!”

Then, the lady burst into tears and wept, “Honey, you have to help me! We came to the hospital. As a result, the doctor here attacked us out of the blue for no reason! Not only that, but the director also brought these thugs to kidnap and hold us here! How dare they do something like that in broad daylight?! They’re completely lawless!”

Upon hearing that, the fat man lost his temper. Pointing at the director, he furiously yelled, “Jordan Burton, what is going on?! What are you doing as the director of this hospital?! You better give me a satisfactory explanation. Otherwise, you can immediately pack up your things and get lost!”

Under normal circumstances, the director would have been very respectful toward this fat man. After all, the fat man was in charge of all the hospitals—in other words, them. However, it was different today. Looking righteous, the director said, “Your wife brought her men here to cause trouble.

Moreover, she attacked my medical staff without any reason. My medical staff was simply acting in self-defense. Similarly, my security guards are acting per the law and detaining these troublemakers. Everything was carried out in accordance with the law. Is there a problem?”

The fat man roared in outrage, “Bullsh*t! Do you think I’m blind?! Who are the injured ones here?!”

The director replied, “We were acting in self-defense—”

The fat man roared again, “Shut up! Did I ask you that?! I’m asking you who are the injured ones here?! Are you stupid? Can’t you understand what I’m saying?!”

At that moment, Crystal stepped forward and said in a loud voice, “Me! I’m injured!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 444

The fat man glanced at Crystal and frowned. “Who are you? I’m speaking with Jordan right now. Who do you think you are? How dare you interrupt me?!”

The director immediately replied, “This is Miss Harrison. She is one of the nurses here!”

Upon hearing that, Veronica sneered, “Nurse? What nurse? That b*tch is but an intern! Hmph; she pretended to be innocent and tried to trick my son, but I saw through her. So, her dreams of marrying into wealth were crushed. As a result, she insulted us behind our backs out of rage and embarrassment. Moreover, she instigated her loverboy to attack us. Now, she wants to slander and falsely accuse us! A woman like that is utterly vicious!”

For a moment, Crystal was completely stunned. She never imagined that Veronica would turn everything around on her. You were the ones who came to me and tried to make me your daughter-in-law! Because I rejected you, you acted out in embarrassment and anger. How can you turn it around and say that I was at fault?!

Thus, the fat man glanced at her scornfully, “This b*tch? An incompetent little nurse dreamed of marrying into wealth? How impudent!”

The director immediately said, “That’s enough! Miss Harrison is a nurse at our hospital! She is not somebody you can insult as you wish! I’m warning you; apologize to her now. Otherwise, I will never let you off the hook!”

The fat man burst out laughing. “Jordan, did you just say you will never let me off the hook? Why don’t you look at the situation carefully? Do you think I will let you off?! Hark my words; you have reached the end of your career as the director of this hospital! Also, that btch of a nurse, as well as that bstard of a doctor had better start packing!”

Veronica bared her fangs. “It won’t be so simple! They dared to harm us! They need to go to jail for that! Moreover, I’m going to sue them! Don’t think any one of you will get away!”

The fat man nodded repeatedly. “Don’t worry; we’ll kick them out of the hospital for now. Then, we’ll send them to jail! As if I’ll let them off for daring to hit my son!”

Upon hearing that, Veronica sneered and glanced at Matthew. “Hey, small fry! Weren’t you acting so arrogant just now? Why don’t you do it again now?”

Meanwhile, Tristan glanced at Crystal and shook his head scornfully. “The most important thing in life is to never go down the wrong path. I gave you such a great opportunity, but you threw it aside. Not only that, but you also chose to walk down the wrong path.

For that reason, your life will end here. It is as good as finished! Still, this was the choice you made. If you want to blame somebody, you can only blame yourself!”

The doctors and the nurses surrounding them were watching the entire thing go down and gossiping among themselves excitedly. “It looks like the director is a goner now!”

“Yeah. He dared to offend Tristan’s parents! Looks like he is sick of his job!”

“That dumb*ss Matthew is all to blame. How dare he hit Tristan?! Isn’t that just asking for death?!”

“In my opinion, everything was caused by that b*tch, Crystal. After she came here, she stirred up a hornet’s nest and caused so much trouble. Serves her right!”

“Yeah. I could tell that that b*tch was a woman of loose morals at a glance! She’s nothing but trouble!”

“There were so many she could have sunk her claws into, but she chose Tristan. Haha… I wonder what will happen to her…”

Whilst the crowd were discussing among themselves, the fat man began calling on his connections in preparation to deal with this matter. The murmuring noise in the room continued. All of a sudden, there was a commotion coming from outside. Immediately afterward, a middle-aged man walked out from among the crowd.

At the sight of that man, the fat man’s eyes brightened. He immediately went forward to greet the man, “Mr. Harrison, why are you here? My, it’s an honor to meet you here…”

The fat man reached out and intended to shake hands with the man. However, that man ignored him. Instead, he made a beeline for Crystal. Reaching out, he gently caressed her red and swollen cheek. “I’m sorry I was late!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 445

When that middle-aged man appeared, exclamations of shock immediately went around. “I-Isn’t that Ted Harrison, the son of Joseph Harrison?”

“Who is Ted Harrison?”

“Oh, my God! I can’t believe you don’t even know who Ted Harrison is! One of the top ten most outstanding youths in Eastshire; the most promising doctor of this generation in Eastshire; one of the most influential people in the healthcare industry in Eastshire; the person in charge of Harrison Pharmacy! That Ted Harrison!”

“Oh, my God! That’s him?! H-He can make the entire healthcare industry in Eastcliff tremble if he so much as stomped his feet!”

“More importantly, his father, Joseph Harrison, has practiced medicine for decades. He is a revered guest among many influential people. Furthermore, he has friends all over the world, as well as a wide network of connections. Even the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff have to be careful around him!”

“Why would such a bigshot come to our hospital?”

As the crowd murmured among themselves, even those who had no idea who Ted Harrison was soon came to know about him. Thus, their gazes were full of respect and admiration when they looked at him. Tristan’s parents might be bigwigs too, but compared to Ted, they were no more than ants crawling on the ground!

Then, everybody froze in shock when they saw Ted’s intimate gestures toward Crystal. After a moment, they exclaimed, “W-What’s going on? What is their relationship?!”

Similarly, Veronica widened her eyes in shock and anxiously murmured, “Honey, t-that b*tch can’t be his lover, right?”

In response, the fat man’s expression changed abruptly. “Shut up! Don’t talk nonsense!”

Still, Veronica wasn’t having it. “Why won’t you let me speak? Look at them; their ages are so far apart. Moreover, they are acting so intimate with each other. If that isn’t his lover, then who is she to him? If they dare to do something like that, they shouldn’t be afraid of people talking about them!”

The fat man’s face turned red with anger. He was tempted to slap Veronica across the face. Just as the crowd was feeling confused, Crystal threw herself into Ted’s arms and whimpered, “Dad, i-if you came any later, they would have killed me!”

That one sentence left everybody reeling from the shock. “W-What?!”

“W-What did she call him?!”

“Did I hear wrongly? Ted Harrison is her father?!”

“Huh? They both have the same surnames. I-It can’t be… Is he really her father?”

Upon hearing those words, the fat man’s expression changed drastically and his limbs trembled in fear. Crystal Harrison is the daughter of Ted Harrison?! Oh, my God! What kind of bigwig have we offended this time?!

However, Veronica spoke up at that moment. In an insinuating manner, she mockingly said, “Hmph. Are you for real? Could he be her sugar daddy? In today’s society, anybody with a little bit of charm will rush to be somebody’s little mistress. No wonder she dared to be so arrogant and bossy! I see now it’s because she has a powerful sugar daddy backing her! Tsk, tsk. What a woman. Being beautiful truly is an advantage. As long as she is willing to spread her legs, plenty of men will be willing to back her up!”

Upon hearing those words, the surrounding crowd began whispering among themselves again. “Her sugar daddy?”

“You know; that’s a huge possibility! Think about it; why on earth would Ted Harrison’s daughter come to our hospital for her internship?”

“That’s right. If she really were Ted Harrison’s daughter, she could go to any hospital and they would welcome her with open arms. Why would she come to our hospital as an intern nurse? That’s just not possible!”

“Looks like he really is her sugar daddy then.”

“With her looks, it’s normal to have a sugar daddy.”

“Women nowadays sure don’t have any self-respect!”

The murmurings of the crowd made Veronica even more delighted. “Did you hear that? Everybody is looking down on her! She’s just a little mistress! Why are you so scared of her? I don’t believe somebody as great as Ted Harrison would throw aside his pride and cause trouble with our family, all for the sake of his mistress!

Then, the fat man let out a breath of relief. The panic he had vanished, only to be replaced by a cold smirk. Ted Harrison has a mistress? This is breaking news!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 446

Just as the crowd was fervently gossiping among themselves, the director rushed forward. Standing in front of Ted, he respectfully said, “Mr. Harrison, I’m very sorry. When Miss Harrison came here, she repeatedly insisted that I must not reveal her true identity.

That’s why things were blown out of proportion. As this incident occurred at my hospital, I am partially responsible for it too. Please rest assured; I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer to this matter!”

After that, the crowd was shocked again. It looked like the director was aware of everything. Moreover, listening to his respectful tone… It seemed like Crystal Harrison was indeed Ted Harrison’s daughter.

Ted gestured dismissively. “You don’t need to blame yourself. Besides, this isn’t something you can handle. Since it’s related to my daughter, I’ll personally deal with it!” Then, he walked over to the fat man. “Just now, who was it that hit my daughter?”

The fat man was so scared that he was trembling non-stop. He hurriedly tried to explain, “Mr. Harrison, it’s a misunderstanding. Actually—”

However, Veronica became annoyed. “Why are you so scared of him?! That wench is just a little mistress! What’s so great about her?! Mr. Harrison, you’re a respectable figure. Doing this for the sake of a lowly b*tch that can never be disclosed to the public… Is that necessary—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Ted slapped her across the face. Shock, she stood there blankly for a moment. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined that Ted would lift his hand against her. Thus, she shrieked, “H-how dare you hit me?!”

On the other hand, Tristan picked up a chair by the side. Pointing the chair at Ted, he roared furiously, “How dare you hit my mother?! I’m going to get you!”

Before he could do anything, the director instructed a few people to apprehend him and restrain him on the ground.

Then, Veronica anxiously yelled, “What are you doing?! Release my son immediately!”

However, nobody paid any attention to her. Instead, Ted said in a cold voice, “Listen carefully. If I hear another disparaging remark about my daughter coming out of your mouth, I’ll knock out all your teeth!”

In response, the fat man panicked and tremblingly said, “Mr. Harrison, i-is she really your daughter?”

Ted replied frigidly, “What do you think?”

Upon hearing those words, the fat man instantly turned as pale as a sheet. If she truly were Ted Harrison’s daughter, then they had, without a doubt, stirred up a hornet’s nest.

At that moment, a frail, old voice sounded from nearby. “I only have three sons and no daughters. In all three generations of the Harrison Family, there exists only one girl!

Crystal might not be born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she is well-loved by the entire Harrison Family! Let me ask you this: what wrong has my granddaughter done that you would slap her in front of so many people?!”

Everybody turned to look in the direction of the voice. Seeing Joseph Harrison walking over slowly, the scene became chaotic once more. With Joseph’s arrival, Crystal’s identity was unquestionable. She wasn’t a mistress; she was indeed Ted Harrison’s daughter! Moreover, Joseph had indicated something very clearly—in all three generations of the Harrison Family, there existed only one girl!

Therefore, was there any need to say just how loved Crystal was among her family? Although the Harrison Family was not as influential as one of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, they were still rather powerful.

With Crystal’s status within the Harrison Family, she was more than qualified to marry one of the heirs of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff. Compared to that, what did Tristan’s family amount to?

Thus, the fat man felt his legs giving out from under him. Holding on to a table beside him, he barely managed to remain standing. Trembling, he stammered, “Joseph… I-It’s a misunderstanding!”

However, Joseph looked cold and indifferent. “A misunderstanding? Just now, who was it that said my granddaughter deliberately pretended to be innocent to trick her son and marry into wealth?”

The fat man was sweating profusely as he glared furiously at Veronica standing next to him. Similarly, Veronica was so scared that she was trembling uncontrollably.

How could I have imagined that Crystal came from such an influential family?! As such, every single lie she uttered just now had crumbled apart! With Crystal’s status and wealth, why would she need to trick her son? They were the ones that could not match up to her in status!

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 447

Everybody was feeling a little excited as they whispered among themselves. “Joseph himself came here! Is there still a need to question Crystal’s identity?”

“She really is Joseph’s granddaughter! Oh, Lord! S-She is the very definition of having both looks and money!”

“Oh, stop it! What other rich and beautiful lady could begin to compare with Miss Harrison? Whether it be her family background or her own abilities, nobody can compare to Miss Harrison!”

“A young, rich lady like her trying to marry into wealth? She herself comes from wealth!”

“Bah! Tristan, that b*stard! Wasn’t he saying something about giving Miss Harrison a chance and that she failed to grasp it? Look at the situation now; how does he match up to her in status?!”

“Don’t joke around. Can Tristan even be compared to Miss Harrison? That small bit of assets belonging to the Fields Family can’t even be considered as pocket money in front of the Harrison Family!”

“Tristan’s mother sure is shameless. Just now, she actually dared to say that Miss Harrison tried to trick her son. Now, it looks like her son failed to court Miss Harrison, so she’s deliberately kicking up a fuss in retaliation!”

“We’ll see how they end up!”

Listening to the conversation going around, Veronica was embarrassed beyond words, and her face was flushed beet-red. Normally, she had never suffered a loss whenever she threw her weight around in front of others. Who could have thought that she would meet her match here? More importantly, now that things had been blown so far out of proportion, there was no way for them to get out of it!

Pondering over it for a while, she looked at Matthew suddenly. All of a sudden, she got an idea. Thus, she hurriedly explained, “Mr. Harrison, you’ve misunderstood us. To be honest, this matter is not entirely our fault! This entire fiasco started because this Larson guy was intentionally causing trouble with us! Miss Harrison is a natural-born beauty.

With her gorgeous looks and her magnanimous nature, anybody can tell that she is a perfect lady. Thus, my son was deeply attracted to her and wanted to get to know her a little better. That’s not wrong, right? However, this Larson guy deliberately came between the two of them and beat my son up.

For that reason, I was so furious that I came here to demand an explanation from him. W-We had no intention of harming Miss Harrison in any way. Truthfully, we have been very respectful toward

Crystal was taken aback. She had never expected that this lady could turn the truth on its head and push all the blame onto Matthew. Thus, she furiously yelled, “Y-You liar

Then, Veronica quickly replied, “Miss Harrison, I apologize for offending you previously. But, all of this was caused by that worthless good-for-nothing! Mr. Harrison, you are an understanding man. Besides, our company has many business dealings with Harrison Pharmacy.

Furthermore, my husband is in charge of these aspects. Since we are so closely acquainted, how could I possibly try to harm Miss Harrison in any way?! All these troubles were caused by this good-for-nothing that leeches off his wife! Mr. Harrison, what do you think?”

One couldn’t help but admit that Veronica was extremely intelligent. With a few words, she brought up the relationship between the Fields Family and the Harrison Family, reminding the Harrison Family about the cooperation between them. At the same time, she threw Matthew under the bus.

She kept emphasizing that Mathew was a good-for-nothing. It was clear to see that she was hinting to Joseph that the Harrison Family should bring this issue up against Matthew.

After that, the Fields would give the Harrison Family a lot of benefits! It was the modal way of solving issues between businessmen. However, it was a pity that she was up against the wrong opponent this time around.

Upon hearing those words, Joseph’s expression gradually turned colder. “On my way here, I was wondering if there was some sort of misunderstanding. However, after listening to your explanation, I am certain that there are no misunderstandings whatsoever!

I’ve never met anybody as shameless as you! Do you truly believe you can manipulate everything? Do you think you could turn the truth on its head?! I’m telling you: that won’t work on me! Don’t think you can weasel your way out of this matter!”

Veronica looked troubled and embarrassed. Then, she roared, “Mr. Harrison, the Fields Family is fairly respectable too. Is it worth making a mountain out of a molehill over something as trivial as this? The Harrison Family might be influential, but even you would inevitably suffer losses if you make such a huge deal out of this!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 448

Joseph sneered, “Hmph; now that things have come to this, you’re still trying to threaten me? How does the Fields Family count as respectable? Did you really think that just because you became the general manager of a small company, and your husband has some power, you can act as lawlessly as you please? Let me tell you: those are nothing to me!”

In response, Veronica raged, “Mr. Harrison, are you really planning to make a huge fuss out of this?! Fine! If you stubbornly want to go your own way, then the Fields will be happy to oblige! It will be a life and death struggle!”

Then, Joseph laughed. “A life and death struggle? You’re overconfident! Why would it be a life and death struggle for us to deal with a small fry like your family?”

At that moment, Ted walked over and announced coldly, “Dad, the acquisition of the Griffin Enterprise has been completed!”

Upon hearing that, Veronica’s expression changed abruptly. The Griffin Enterprise was the company she was working at! At the same time, an uproar swept through the crowd.

As expected of the Harrison Family! They’re truly deep-pocketed! For the sake of righting an injustice done toward his granddaughter, Joseph had bought over an entire company! Who would dare to stand against him?!

Veronica gritted her teeth and snapped, “So what if you bought over my company? Do you want to fire me? Don’t worry; even if I don’t work at Griffin Enterprise, I can go to another company. People will still hire me! So, using such methods to threaten me is useless! Go ahead and buy over all the companies in the world if you can!”

However, Joseph simply smiled faintly. “Rest assured; I don’t intend to fire you. Ted, send somebody to audit the company since it now belongs to us. Keep this in mind; you have to check for every single cent in that company!

Report it to the police immediately if you discover that somebody is filling their pockets by embezzling the company funds, getting kickbacks, or whatnot.”

Then, Veronica’s expression changed abruptly. She was finally starting to panic. As the general manager of the Griffin Enterprise, she had done many unspeakable acts and pocketed a lot of the company’s funds throughout her tenure.

Her previous boss had not been too bothered by her misdemeanors. Besides, he had been pressured by her husband’s authority. For that reason, he had not pursued the matter. However, if the matter was thoroughly investigated, she would inevitably be bound for prison!

Thus, she anxiously said, “Harrison, you a*shole! Since the company has fallen into your hands, there’s no point in me working there! I’m resigning right now! I refuse to work for you!”

Smirking, Joseph sneered, “Even if you wish to resign, it will take half a month for your resignation to be accepted per the proper procedures. Half a month is enough to finish auditing the company’s account books. Also, even if you leave, you won’t be able to escape from what you’ve done in the past!”

By now, Veronica was in a complete panic. In a trembling voice, she said, “D-Don’t… You’re going overboard… M-My h-husband…”

Joseph laughed. “Oh, that’s right. I forgot to inform you. Your husband doesn’t have a good record either. We’ve already submitted some of the evidence to the authorities. Judging by the current situation, he might be imprisoned for a longer time than you.”

Those words left Veronica reeling with shock. Her husband had been her greatest shield. Now that her husband would be going to jail too, it was really over for her!

On the other hand, the fat man sagged to the ground. Not even in his wildest dreams had he dreamt that things could reach this point. Thus, he glared at Veronica viciously and furiously snarled, “This… This is all your fault!”

Veronica shuddered. “Honey, w-what do we do now…”

However, the fat man ignored her. Struggling to get up, he shakily begged, “Mr. Joseph Harrison, Mr. Ted Harrison, t-this has nothing to do with me… I-I don’t know what happened. T-This b*tch deceived me. I-I really didn’t mean… Please, have mercy… P-Please forgive me this once…”

Despite his pleas, nobody paid any attention to him. Meanwhile, Ted glanced sideways at Tristan. “Right; there’s still you to deal with. We discovered that all your academic qualifications are fake.

Working with falsified academic qualifications… is not a small misdemeanor. The way I see it, your family of three will be reunited in prison!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 449

Tristan slumped to the ground. He had not expected that Ted would be able to discover something as obscure as that. It seemed like they had completely underestimated the Harrison Family. Now, they finally understood the vast difference between their family and a true family of the upper society.

Just by exchanging a few words, the Harrison Family had turned everything they held dear into nothingness. Recalling what he had said to Crystal just now, he couldn’t help feeling embarrassed beyond words.

He had told her that she had missed the chance to marry into wealth. However, he was finally learning now that her family was the real deal! No wonder she had not been fazed at all when he introduced his parents to her.

In the end, Tristan and his family were thrown out of the hospital by the security guards. As for Michael and his men, they were sent directly to the police station. As they had not only caused trouble at the hospital but also carried weapons on them, they were charged with various criminal charges.

Combined with the pressure exerted by the Harrison Family, Michael and his men would be locked up for quite a while. This time around, the Fields Family was finished.

When the crowd dispersed, they found the fat man beating up Veronica in the courtyard. Meanwhile, Tristan stood by the side. He seemed to be in shock and did not try to stop his father. Besides, nobody pitied the lady. Seeing her rolling on the ground in pain, begging for mercy, they only had one thought in their hearts: Serves you right!

After a while, the fat man stopped hitting his wife, squatted on the ground, and wailed loudly. It had not been easy for him to achieve what he had today. However, everything vanished instantly all because of his wife and son. All it took was but a moment for him to fall from the grace of heaven into the pits of hell.

At this moment, he was filled with regret—he deeply regretted not disciplining his wife and child. Due to his neglect, they had brought about such a huge and irreversible mistake upon the family.

Just as the Fields Family were sitting on the ground in despair, Steven brought another group with him and aggressively rushed into Matthew’s office. He had no idea about what had just gone down. After being hit by Matthew, he had been boiling with rage.

Hence, he immediately gathered his men to retaliate. The fierce nurse from before was following after him closely too. Her expression was extremely agitated, and she gritted her teeth. “Young Master Steven, please grab that Larson and hold him down later. I want to personally hit him a few times myself! That’s the only way I can vent my anger!”

Steven sneeringly replied, “Don’t worry! I’m going to break his legs later! Once he’s kneeling on the ground, you can hit him however you like!”

The fierce nurse was overjoyed. “That’s great! How dare that worthless, good-for-nothing leech go against you, Young Master Steven! He sure doesn’t know his place! Not to mention Crystal, that b*itch! To be favored by you should be her greatest honor! Yet, she didn’t even appreciate the goodwill you showed her! She’s asking for it!”

As they were conversing, they arrived at Mathew’s department. Looking at the people gathered around, Steven felt a little puzzled. However, he couldn’t care less about them. The strength of his family’s influence was no lesser than that of Tristan’s. Therefore, he feared nobody within this hospital!

Upon entering the office, Steven immediately noticed the director’s presence. Hesitating for a moment, he said coldly, “Director, so that’s where you were!

It just so happened that I was looking for you. This saves me the effort of going to you. I’m telling you right now: this matter is a private affair between me and Larson. It has nothing to do with you. Please leave.”

The director frowned. He knew about Tristan’s incident, but what was with Steven? Besides, Steven was the son of one of his old friends. Therefore, he naturally did not want Steven to kick up a fuss right now. Thus, he shouted, “Steven, what are you saying?

What private matters could you have with Mr. Larson? This is the hospital; what private matters are there? Leave immediately with all the people you brought with you!”

Matthew Larson: Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 450

Steven’s expression changed and he boiled with rage. “Director, what do you mean by that? Are you trying to protect him? He beat me up in front of so many people!

If I don’t get even with him over this, will I still be able to raise my head high in front of everybody else next time? I’m telling you: even if the Gods were to stand before me today, they won’t be able to protect him!”

The fierce nurse standing beside him immediately piped up as well, “Don’t forget about Crystal, that wench! She is Matthew’s accomplice!”

The director’s expression became very troubled. When he was speaking just now, he had quietly given a look of warning to Steven, indicating for Steven to leave with his men.

To his surprise, Steven had ignored his warning look and went so far as to raise his voice instead. Before the director could say anything, Ted frowningly asked, “What? Does this matter relate to Crystal as well?

Then, Crystal immediately replied, “Yes!”

Afterward, she recounted everything that had happened previously. Listening to her story elicited a wave of derision from the surrounding crowd. Steven, there’s nothing wrong with trying to court Crystal. However, how could you use such despicable methods to threaten her after she rejected you? That’s going overboard!

Similarly, the director was rendered speechless too. What Steven had done was so over the line that there was no way for him to help Steven anymore.

Meanwhile, Steven puffed out his chest and said coldly, “Crystal, don’t twist the facts and explain it clearly. The hospital has its own rules. That hospital bed was assigned to another patient with a prior appointment. Now that the patient has arrived, isn’t it only right that I allow them to use the hospital bed that was reserved for them?

Everything works on the basis of first come first served. Since they had a prior appointment, that hospital bed was cleared for their use. What’s wrong with that?”

Ted nodded slowly in response. “That’s not wrong. Everything works on first come first served after all. If you say that the hospital bed had already been assigned to someone else previously, then there’s nothing we can say about that. However, the patient was in the middle of receiving an intravenous drip.

For you to remove the needle just like that… Is that in compliance with the rules? Also, Ellie’s father injured his head just now. As a medical staff, why didn’t you take any action to treat his wounds? Is that in compliance with the rules?”

Steven was criticized to the point of being unable to refute any of those words. Thus, he furiously yelled, “Who are you?! What has this got to do with you?! Who are you to say whether or not my actions comply with the rules?! I came here looking for Matthew! It has got nothing to do with you, so scram! Otherwise, I’ll beat you up together with him!”

Upon hearing those words, the director’s expression changed greatly. Is Steven trying to kill himself?! How could he even dare to yell at Ted?

Then, without giving Ted a chance to say anything, the director immediately spoke up, “Steven, how dare you bring your men here to cause trouble at the hospital? Are you taking the hospital to be a lawless zone? Go! Get all these people out of here now!”

Immediately, the security guards aggressively rushed over and forcefully removed the people Steven brought with him.

In response, Steven lost his temper. “Director, are you determined to protect Larson, that b*stard?! I was trying to be respectful toward you; that’s why I didn’t tell my parents anything about this. If they knew that I was attacked at the hospital and that you’re protecting my attacker… Why don’t you take a guess at what they’ll do?!”

The director was rendered completely speechless by those words. I’m trying to help you! Why are you reacting as if I have a grudge against you? “I’m warning you: this is no place for you to go wild! Besides, this person is Crystal’s father—”

Before the director could finish speaking, the fierce nurse immediately interjected, “Oh! So, this is that wench’s father? You can tell immediately that there’s nothing good about him. It surely is as the saying goes: ‘a fish rots from the head down’!”

Following her outburst, the director nearly went mad with anger. He furiously yelled, “What are you saying?! Do you know who he is?! H-How dare you insult Mr. Harrison?! Hurry up and apologize to him right now!”

In response, the fierce nurse vexedly snapped, “Me? Apologize to him? Why should I?! His daughter kicked up a fuss at our department and sullied my reputation! They should be the ones apologizing to me!”

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